The King of Kungfu in school 1221-1230


Chapter 1221

Tang Zichen knew about Mu Qianji's Burial Moon Sword, it was a sword full of mystery, presumably related to the material of the meteorite outside that day, and it was because it was a sword full of mystery that Tang Zichen's friends had been allowed to transform their physiques before, otherwise, most of them wouldn't have been able to reach the Unity Realm, let alone the Master Realm.Therefore, it was because of this sword's extraordinary nature that something unusual happened to Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen asked again, "Other than this, you don't have anything else?"

"Windy, I really can't remember,"Temple Yan said.

"Hmph, I told you, if you can't recite the contents of that letter, in its entirety, I'll kill you, do you think I, Tang Zichen, am joking with you?"

"Feng Shisun, I."

"Pah, try calling me Feng Shisun again, I'll twist you to death, who are you."

Temple Yan was very depressed and looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen raised his sword and said, "Temple Yan, I'll give you ten more breaths of time, if you don't recite the contents of the letter, I'll kill you immediately."

Temple Yan tried to remember, right now he really regretted not reading the letter properly back then, although he took a casual glance at it, he couldn't remember anything at all after so long.


"Two." One second to remember to read the book


Temple Yan was sweating nervously, thinking with his eyes closed.

"Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine."

"There, there."Temple Yan was busy shouting, and sure enough, under life and death pressure, one's potential came out.

"Say, what else."

"I remember, Mu Qianji's letter also said something else about whoever, whoever, forced to take her away, as if to a very, very far away place, and she said that if there was really a fate in the future, we might be able to meet again.But that whoever sarcastically mocks her for being naive and says that it's impossible for you to meet again, because with you simply don't have that ability or something.Then Mu Qianji seems to say that she believes that you will meet her one day.Mu Qianji also seems to say something like, if it's not meant to be, just consider her dead, because the possibility of meeting again is really very slim, so that you don't have to wait for her and marry another woman soon.However, she also told you to never give up, she said that although the possibility of meeting again is very slim, but she will wait for you for the rest of her life, right, right, for the rest of her life, I'm not sure about anything else, but the words 'for the rest of your life' I'm sure that it's in the letter."

"Wait for me all my life?"

"Yes, that's what was at the end of her letter."

"Hmm, so the words before that mean you're not sure it's in the letter anymore?"

"Ah, I, I really can't be sure, I just remembered it based on my first instincts, I can't guarantee that this is what it's about, but I guess it means something like that, even though I can't guarantee it.The line at the end that she'll wait for you forever, so you'll never give up, that I can be sure is true."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed straight.

This son of a bitch, Temple Yan, if he hadn't burned the letter, Tang Zichen would have known exactly what Mu Qianji had told him, and then what had happened to her.Now, it was all nonsense, who knew if what he said was true or not.

"Wind Lightning, you have to believe me, that's pretty much what Mu Qianji's letter was about,"Temple Yan pleaded.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked the Temple Yan over and said angrily, "You he?

You can't fool me with just a few words?How do I know if you're lying to me?"

Temple Yan cried out, "With your intelligence, do you think I can fool you?"


Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't follow me on this."

"Wind Lightning, Shigong swears, that's really all I can come up with, it's useless for you to kill me, although some of the contents I can't be completely sure of, but I can assure you that the general meaning of that letter is like this, I was just glancing at it hurriedly, I can only say a general idea based on my first feeling, please, let Shigong go."

"I don't have a master teacher like you, so if you stick gold on your face again, don't blame me for being rude."

"Fine, fine, I won't say anything."

Tang Zichen saw that Temple Yan didn't look like a liar, and thought to himself to forget about it and spare him the trouble, anyway, the beating was over and the scolding was over.

"Temple Yan, if I were to find out that you are trapping me, don't blame me for being rude."

"Absolutely not, I can swear."

"Get out."

"Yes, Master Shigung, get out immediately."Temple Yan pulled his legs out and ran.

"Nima, still daring to mention Shigong in front of me."Tang Zichen looked at the back of Temple Yan's escape and cursed angrily, Temple Yan was so scared that he didn't pee, but he had already fled far away and Tang Zichen didn't catch up with him.

And at this time, in the Divine Dragon Sect Council Hall.

"Puff."Yan Xinyi pierced Zhu Yong's eyes with a sword, then the sword came out through the back of his head, so that Zhu Yong died unable to die.

Many of the uncles and teachers in the main hall looked at Yan Xin Yi in horror, unable to believe the scene before them.Once upon a time, Yan Xin Yi was nothing more than the wife of their senior brother Ding Ru, the woman who had been living silently behind Ding Ru, apart from her beauty and medical skills, everyone also used to ignore her, but today, she had defeated and killed the headmaster's master, Zhu Yong.Everyone looked at Yan Xinyi and suddenly felt a valiant air, and at the same time, felt that Yan Xinyi was so beautiful and charming at the moment, and that Ding Ru had really lucked out by marrying her back then, and was actually a bit jealous of Ding Ru, even though Ding Ru was dead.

"Phew."Yan Xinyi looked at Zhu Yong's corpse and said inwardly, "Husband, go on your way, Feng'er and I, have already killed Song Dingtian and Zhu Yong for you, I believe that Feng'er and I, in the future, will find the strong man who captured you and take revenge for you."

After killing Zhu Yong, Yan Xin Yi was much more settled inside.

At that moment, a loud roar came from the doorway, "Dare."

Everyone didn't notice when a person was standing at the door, and when she shouted out bold, everyone was shocked and looked in panic.

They saw that it was an extremely old and pale old man, and it was a woman.

Yan Xin Yi also immediately looked towards the door, her heart was horrified because she didn't notice it either, and the fact that she had just shouted 'bold' almost made her heart skip a beat, which meant that this person was not at all on a level stronger than her.

Sure enough, seeing this pale woman at the entrance, everyone bowed, "See Ancestral Master Wang Yang."

Everyone was incomparably excited to see the Ancestor Master appear, in fact, everyone in the main hall hadn't seen an Ancestor Master in the Grand Master realm for at least twenty years, and even, they didn't know if the two Ancestors of the Divine Dragon Sect had already died.And today, one of the Ancestors suddenly appeared, everyone was incomparably excited.


Even Yan Xin Yi unknowingly knelt down, seemingly, as if she couldn't stand up straight in front of a powerful person of this level.

That pale woman's body moved as if it was a string of shadows, and in the blink of an eye, she went from the doorway, to the front of the palace, looking at everyone in the palace.

"Ancestor, you're still alive, great."A grandson of a teacher said, of course, from Tang Zichen's point of view it was Uncle, Tang Zichen's generation, the fourth generation of Ancestral Master's apprentice.

But the pale woman didn't say anything, looking at Zhu Yong who was dead on the ground, she slowly spoke, "When Zhu Yong was young, his daughter-in-law, or I introduced her, but now in a flash, he's gone before me, phew."The pale woman exhaled deeply before locking her gaze on Yan Xinyi.

Yan Xinyi felt uncomfortable and had a bad feeling inside.

The pale old woman looked at Yan Xinyi and said, "Who are you?"

It was normal for the old woman not to recognize Yan Xinyi, Yan Xinyi used to be only Ding Ru's wife, and did not throw herself away, and was two generations apart.

Yan Xinyi said with trepidation, "Back, back to Master Wang Yang, I, I am the wife of Liu Pingzhi Master Sitting Disciple Ding Ru."

"Nephew Liu Pingzhi."

"Exactly."Yan Xin Yi busy nodding, Liu Ping Zhi was Ding Ru's master, only, long dead, otherwise, Ding Ru was no more than a hand Song Ding Tian bully, Liu Ping Zhi in this pale woman's eyes, was just a nephew.

"My nephew Zhu Yong, did you kill him?"The pale woman suddenly asked aloud. First URL

Yan Xin Yi was shocked and fearful, "I, I."


Yan Xinyi gathered her courage and said, "I killed him, Zhu Yong connived at his disciple Song Dingtian, killed my husband Ding Ru, and also imprisoned me in the Heavenly Prison for a year, and finally even killed me to silence him."

"Bang."Yan Xinyi hadn't finished speaking when a strong palm wind suddenly struck, and then suddenly her entire body flew away and hit one of the pillars of the main hall, which immediately broke at the waist, and even the roof trembled as if it was about to fall down.

"Poof."After Yan Xin Yi landed on the ground, she was already severely injured, and a mouthful of blood spurted wildly.

This Zongshi Grand Perfection, her strength was truly unfathomable, no, it shouldn't be strength anymore, but the realm was unfathomable, as she didn't use a sword at all, in fact she didn't need to use a weapon at all, she was completely crushing against the lower level Zongshi Perfection.

The other uncles and teachers in the palace felt trembling when they saw the Ancestor Master's anger.

The pale woman walked up to Yan Xin Yi and said, "I don't care for any reason, any reason, in the Divine Dragon Sect, if you commit an offense below and kill a fellow disciple, I will clean up the house."

Yan Xinyi spat blood in her mouth and coldly snorted, "Only allowing him to harm others, not allowing me to kill him, the Divine Dragon Sect Ancestral Master, really reasonable enough."

The pale woman sneered, "Reasonable?Where in the world is there reason, reason is made by the strong, and if I think there is reason, then there is reason, you killed your elders, although it shows that your talent is still okay, but unfortunately, this kind of person does not deserve to live in the world, because people like you will kill more people someday."

After saying that, the pale old woman raised her palm, as soon as she slapped it, Yan Xin Yi was afraid that she would be smashed into pieces.

"Old witch, stop it."At this moment, Tang Zichen's voice came from the entrance of the main hall.

Tang Zichen had just rushed back and didn't

To think that there was even such a big event, the Divine Dragon Sect's grand master ancestor was alarmed.

Shiniang was not an opponent at all, and the scent coming from this Ancestor was so terrifying that don't even think about it, Tang Zichen was not a match for the Great Perfection at all, this was the difference in realm, not martial skills.

However, at this moment, when the Ancestor was a matter of life and death, Tang Zichen would not hesitate even though he felt danger.

As expected, Tang Zichen's call to the old witch alerted the pale woman who was about to kill Yan Xingyi.

The pale woman looked at Tang Zichen, her brows half furrowed, and said, "Who are you again."

A man of the Divine Dragon School's generation of uncles was busy saying, "Ancestor, he is Ding Ru's disciple, called Wind Lightning."

"Feng Qingyun, it turns out he's a fourth generation apprentice, so unruly."The pale woman's gaze gazed, a hint of tyranny appeared in her eyes all of a sudden, she was definitely not a good tempered person when she was young.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Who the hell are you an apprentice grandson, I don't belong to the Divine Dragon Sect anymore, remember, I'm the first head of the Endless Gate, Wind Lightning."

"Endless Gate, actually built its own mountain gate, not bad, worthy of a boy who dares to call me an old witch."

"Hmph, old witch, come at me with whatever you have, I killed Song Dingtian."

"Do you think, you can't escape?"The old woman looked at Tang Zichen and said indifferently.

Tang Zichen's mind was racing at the moment.

Tang Zichen judging from the extent to which his teacher's wife had just been hurt by her, he also definitely couldn't block that move, Ancestor Perfection, it was simply not something that could be dealt with by Ancestor Perfection, when practicing to the level of a Ancestor, there was no possibility of overstepping, because between the same realm, between different people, there were times when the strength was already vastly different.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I don't believe that you can hurt me, you can try if you don't believe me."Tang Zichen deliberately irritated her in order to get her to make a move against Tang Zichen, but so that she wouldn't make a deadly move once she did, Tang Zichen could then take the opportunity to save his teacher's wife.

"Really? Then I'd like to see what you're capable of."The pale woman slapped her palm at once, and the air whipped towards Tang Zichen in strong waves.

Tang Zichen was already prepared and rushed towards the teacher's wife with an arrow step.

However, in the next moment, the old woman's disdainful voice could be heard in his ears: "Trying to save someone from my hands, ridiculous."

"Bang."Tang Zichen also somehow managed to fly out of the main hall with a whistle of his body.

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "No good, this Zongshi Grand Perfection is too strong, he can crush me in just his realm, what should I do, how to save Shisuniang, is Shisuniang really doomed to go along with Master?"

"No, I will never allow Shiniya to die as well."Tang Zichen roared hysterically, in midair, Tang Zichen suddenly flipped over to steady himself, Tang Zichen immediately used Life Blood Hidden, this was the first time he had used Life Blood Hidden since more than a decade ago, of course, in the Memory Stone didn't count.

After using Life Blood Hidden, Tang Zichen's strength skyrocketed.

Tang Zichen rushed into the main hall, the pale woman's brows furrowed as she didn't expect Tang Zichen to defuse her slap so quickly and rushed in, seemingly even increasing his strength by a lot.

However, in her eyes, Tang Zichen, despite using Life Blood Invisibility, was still only much stronger than before, and was not a threat at all, because perfection and great perfection, the realm of difference was not a little.


"Hmph."The old woman sneered, seemingly very ridiculous at Tang Zichen's mantis.

Just at this moment, the palace suddenly thumped a few times, as if smoke bombs had been dropped, and the entire palace, in the blink of an eye, was filled with smoke.

At this moment, at a window in the main hall, Mu was holding a handful of smoke pellets in his hand, constantly throwing them inside.

"Good opportunity."With such a good opportunity, Tang Zichen picked up his teacher's wife and crashed into the ceiling roof, the reason why Tang Zichen didn't flee at the entrance of the main hall was because he guessed that the old witch would definitely be the first to guard the entrance of the main hall, so Tang Zichen chose to directly crash through the roof, in addition, since Mu appeared to help, it meant that the Fire Demon Beast and Black Jiao, must be in the sky.

As expected, that old witch guarded the entrance to the main hall the first time, preventing Tang Zichen from escaping.

However, she didn't expect that Tang Zichen would not go through the gate and just crashed through the roof and rushed out.

The old witch snorted, "Good boy, you don't even go out of the ordinary way, but unfortunately, you still can't escape from me."Saying that, the old witch dashed towards the roof.

However, Tang Zichen was now seen sitting on the back of an unknown creature, it was Little Fire, who was already waiting above the roof to catch Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and his wife's brothers already knew what had happened in the palace, and came to try to rescue them.Mu was in charge of releasing the smoke bombs, Little Fire was in charge of catching them, and Black Jiao, carrying the others, waited far in the sky, lest that old hag capture Tang Zichen's loved ones and threaten them.

Sitting on Little Fire's back with his teacher's wife in his arms, Tang Zichen's heart was much more at peace, but cold sweat still broke out on his forehead as Tang Zichen grunted, "Old witch, it's a pity it's not so easy to kill me."

"Is that so."The old witch snorted without moving, she also took out a flying dagger-like object in her hand, perhaps she thought she could shoot Tang Zichen in an instant. Remember the URL

"Stop."At that moment, another voice came from the roof not far away.

The old witch looked towards the man and said, "Brother, you're out of the gate."

"Wang Yang, what's going on?"

That old man that the old hag called senior brother was also a strong Ancestor Grand Perfection, and it seemed that he was even stronger than this old hag.

He was the Divine Dragon Sect, the other Zongshi Grand Perfection now.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that both Divine Dragon School's two Ancestral Master Perfection strongmen were out, Tang Zichen didn't quite believe that it was because he had triggered it, they had been out of the gate, it must be for other reasons, it just so happened that Tang Zichen had come to kill Song Dingtian and Zhu Yong at this time.

"Senior brother, I'm clearing the portal.This unfilial apprentice grandson has killed the elders of his master and has no remorse."

That old man looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "What's your name?"

"Wind Lightning, I'm sorry, but I've already been expelled from the sect, and I'm just returning today to take revenge."

"Wind Lightning, how old are you this year."

"Fifty, what."

"Only fifty years old, stepping into the Ancestor Perfection at such a young age, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, it would be unbelievable."

"Heh, it's just that you have low insight, Ancestor Master, I'll call you Ancestor Master for the last time, today I have avenged my master's death, I won't bother your Divine Dragon Sect again, as to why I killed Song Dingtian, you can go ahead and investigate.If you want to come and kill me, I, Wind Lightning, will accompany you at any time, farewell."Tang Zichen immediately had Little Fire dash to the far side of the sky.

That old witch wanted to chase after him, the old man was busy saying, "Sister Wang Yang, don't chase after him."

"Senior brother, this apprentice grandson has so little regard for the Divine Dragon Sect, are you just going to let him go?"

"Sister, no matter what, the Divine Dragon Sect will not wrong anyone, first have someone investigate why he was expelled from the division and why he killed the division head, and then

Make a decision, and if it's true that he's ten times worse, it's not too late to kill in the future."

"Hmph."The old woman grunted and didn't say anything else.

Tang Zichen had already flown far away.

"Madam, are you alright."

"Feng'er, I'm fine, the Divine Dragon Sect's Ancestor was too strong, I thought that I was at least a complete Ancestor and had experienced in the Memory Stone, I should have a little resistance, but as it turned out, there was no resistance at all."The teacher's wife said with palpitations.

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher's wife, don't say you, I didn't have any resistance at all after I cast Life Blood Hidden, I can only say that the Ancestor Perfection, no matter how powerful, is no match for the Great Perfection."

"Well, it's fortunate that Mu and Little Fire helped, otherwise we would all have been killed by that Wang Yang."

"Yeah, I must step into Zongshi Grand Perfection as soon as possible and stand at the pinnacle of this continent, so that our Endless Gate can be passed down."

The teacher's wife only nodded, but it was very difficult to step into Ancestor Great Perfection again, and it was estimated to take decades, if not longer.

Tang Zichen's body didn't feel any discomfort at the moment, his heart was shocked, "I cast Life Blood Hiding, but I'm fine, could it be that after changing Little Black's meridians, I can really cast Life Blood Hiding freely?"

Black Jiao was waiting in the distant sky.

"Shisun, Brother Wind, are you guys okay?"Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were busy asking when they saw that Little Fire was carrying Tang Zichen and his wife.

"I'm fine."

Tang Zichen asked, "Where's Muyoung?"

"I'm here."Mu Yi Yao was lying on his claws underneath the black jiao.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Free Yao, thanks to your help just now, otherwise I'm afraid that me and my wife won't be able to escape from that old witch's claws, Ancestor Grand Perfection, it's too strong, we don't have any resistance at all."

Mu smiled, "It's fine, I should have done all this, the Ancestor Grand Perfection is already incredibly strong, to be a rival to the Ancestor Grand Perfection, you have to reach the Ancestor Grand Perfection."

"Well, let's go now then, we've had our revenge anyway, Song Dingtian and Zhu Yong are both dead."

Little Sister asked, "Husband, will the two ancestors of the Divine Dragon School come after you guys."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I don't know about that man, that old witch called Wang Yang, but I'm not sure it won't be, this old witch, she's very unreasonable, anyway, let's go back to the Endless Gate first, we'll talk about it later.We have to have someone now, hurry up and break through to Ancestor Great Perfection, we, Endless Gate, will have a foothold in the rivers and lakes."


Tang Zichen's group of people, carried by Black Jiao and Little Fire, flew towards the ocean of the continent.

It was just that Tang Zichen had an unspeakable sadness inside, naturally it was about Mu Qianji, if Temple Yan didn't lie, then Mu Qianji's letter said that she was forced to go to a far, far away place, where was that place?And it looked like it was almost impossible for Tang Zichen to meet her again, although Mu Qianji said that she would wait for Tang Zichen for the rest of her life, she also said that she would tell Tang Zichen not to wait for her and to marry another woman soon.

Tang Zichen really couldn't figure out what had happened to Mu Qianji.

Sitting on Little Fire's back with Tang Zichen, Mu Qianyuan asked expectantly, "Windy, did Temple Yan say anything?What the hell happened to my daughter?"

Tang Zichen spoke the temple's strict words to Muyoung.

"Alas, where the hell did she go."

"Uncle Easy, don't worry, since Qianji believes that I can find her one day, then I won't let her down, I will never give up on my martial arts training, one day, I will meet her, for sure, she also said that she will wait for me for the rest of my life."


Tang Zichen and the others flew out of the continent to a group of islands a few hundred kilometers away from the continent.

This group of islands was the address of the Endless Gate that Tang Zichen had already found back then.

A sign of the Endless Gate that had been erected here more than a decade ago was still there at the moment.

Mu looked at this group of islands and said, "The scenery here is quite nice, but it's a pity that it's at sea, so it's mostly inconvenient to move around, Windy, if you want the Endless Gate to develop in the long run, you must move back to land ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Why must it be on land, you can start a sect here too."

Mu smiled, "It's certainly possible to open a sect, but if you want a hundred generations of inheritance, the biggest problem is talent, you need to constantly have younger genius disciples join, so that a sect can be permanently inherited.Now this island, the scenery is beautiful, but where are the people?You can't recruit sea monsters from the sea as Endless Gate disciples when there is no human population."

"Of course the disciples go to the continent to recruit, and when they meet the ones with strong talent, they bring them back."

Muyoung asked again, "Then what are we going to eat here?One or two years is fine, but what about the long term?There's no land here, and we eat seafood every day.Even if you eat seafood, you have to have fishermen to go out to the sea to fish, who do you let as fishermen, do you let those students recruited from the mainland, while training martial arts, but also have to fight the fish themselves to make a living?Besides, you can't just go back to the mainland to recruit disciples, that's not enough.How many disciples do you think we can bring back from the mainland with just twenty of us?Even if we each recruited back ten disciples, there would only be two hundred in total, these two hundred and two hundred disciples, if all of them are geniuses, that's fine, but if they're all stupid, the strongest they will be in the future will only be able to reach the Unity Realm, what's the point of such a sect, it's only developed to the second generation and then it's gone."

"Ah, it's true that I haven't thought carefully about these depths."Tang Zichen said depressingly, initially Tang Zichen was planning to, bring people over from another world, and then make this group of islands, into a very luxurious and wealthy modern city, compared to the mainland, this place is heaven on earth, so as to attract people from the mainland, however, this idea has been shattered, for no more reasons to be said.

If you take into account all of the people who are sent down to the mountain as management and those who remain in the sect as housekeeping, the number of disciples, that's hundreds of thousands of people.Only with such a huge base, it is possible for dozens of these disciples to reach above the Ancestor realm in the future, and these dozens of disciples are the ones who support the sect's legacy from generation to generation.And if you want to recruit a few hundred disciples just by traveling to the continent, the probability of producing dozens of disciples in the future who are above Zongshi and able to support the sect is almost non-existent.What's more, the issue of food and life is not guaranteed here at all, and there's also the most important issue that you've neglected."

"Uh, what problem?"Don Zichen asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Mu smiled, "Which part of the continent are you planning to recruit disciples to?"

"Uh, wherever there are geniuses, just recruit them."

Mu asked, "How many geniuses do you think there are in a continent with such a large population?"

"This, of course, is very rare."

"That's right, every genius is the most important thing for each sect to cultivate, do you think, which sect would let you recruit the geniuses in their territory?"

"This."Tang Zichen scratched his head, yes right, there weren't many geniuses, and to think that Tang Zichen wasn't a genius back then

It was still a very sensational world's number one less.Even if he couldn't recruit a genius of Tang Zichen's level, but a genius of a lower level was a treasure for each sect.

"Uncle Free, it's impossible for all the geniuses to have been discovered by the continental sects, there's always some that haven't been discovered by the various sects, right?"

"Yes, with such a large population, it's true that it's impossible for every genius to have been discovered, but think about it, every sect in the continent manages their respective territories, they establish government offices, private schools, and various institutions in the towns of their respective territories, if even they haven't discovered the geniuses, then what makes you think that you'll be able to discover them?Even if you're lucky and go around the continent and find a few buried geniuses, but there's only a few, can a few people hold up a sect?This is a matter for a thousand generations, only if future children and grandchildren can hold on to it."

"Hoo, Uncle Free, stop talking and leave me alone."Tang Zichen was depressed as he was struck by Muyoung Yao.

Indeed, how could a sect be established so easily, it was quite unrealistic for Tang Zichen to think that a sect could be built by marking a piece of land on an island.

Mu Yi Yao consoled, "It's okay, don't be depressed, at least you have the heart for it, I used to be the head of the Devil Sect at any rate, in this regard, I always have more experience than you, everything can be done slowly."

"Uncle Easy, then according to you, our Endless Gate, we must change land."

"Right, the first element of the sect's location is not how scenic it is, but how populous it is.This island, completely deviates from the sect's site selection requirements, with no population, this kind of place, even if it's beautiful, is meaningless."

"This was also told to me by my teacher's wife at first, but any land on the continent is already a masterpiece, there's no place for us to build a sect, besides, according to what you mean, even if the continent gave us a mountain to build a sect, it wouldn't work without a vast territory and a rich population."

"Yeah, it won't work, so if you really want to erect the Endless Gate's plaque, the only way is to go back to the continent and we'll plan from the long term."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed deeply, it seemed that everything was not as easy as it seemed, just came to this island, and then have to return to the mainland?

"Uncle Easy, there's no place for us to stand on the continent ah, how can we discuss going back, why don't we stay here first and think about it before we go back."


Tang Zichen instructed the crowd to build wooden houses, to live on their own, and to help finish the first after.

Just like that, Tang Zichen's group of people, everyone began to cut down the trees and build the wooden houses.

But Tang Zichen brought Black Jiao to the surface of the sea.

"Blackie, help me get a whale up here, everyone can only grill fish to eat at night."Tang Zichen to.

"Good."The black jiao burst into the sea floor, and soon after, Little Blackie was wrapped around a huge whale that was still struggling desperately.

Tang Zichen and Little Black brought the whale back to the spot, leaving the whale on the ground.

Tang Zichen sighed, it seems that Mu was right, on this island, you don't even have food to eat, and you still practice martial arts, it's not like the mainland doesn't have any sects anymore, who would come to this poor and remote area to practice martial arts.

But Tang Zichen was not convinced inside, he must build the Endless Gate.


It took half a day, everyone built a wooden house, sloppy, able to shelter from the wind and rain, but not much of a grade, because there was not even a basic bed, blanket anything.

Tang Zichen saw this, how can this work, and said, "Little Fire and Blackie and I will go to the mainland, get some sheets and quilts, as well as some cooking utensils back, and you guys can manufacture some tables and chairs and beds and other tools."

Saying that, Tang Zichen then took care of Little Black and Little Fire and headed to the mainland.

Although the island was about three hundred kilometers away from the mainland, but with Little Black and Little Fire's speed, it would only take fifteen or sixteen minutes to arrive, after all, Little Black and Little Fire's speed was comparable to that of a flying machine before they were upgraded.

When they reached a city on the mainland, Tang Zichen began to make purchases, buying many clothes, blankets, and furniture and such.Little Fire and Little Black were very depressed, they were tied up like a pack full of stuff like a camel, when they flew back to the island, they couldn't fly too fast, it was too easy to blow off their backs, they flew for several hours before finally returning to the island.

At this moment, the wooden house is also all built, some basic furniture and so on are done, after all, we are all strong, do not want to look beautiful or not, so the speed is very fast.

Putting up the furniture of each room, beds and so on, only then did it finally feel a little bit like home.

After that the kitchen is also done, Li Xuan'er and others began to cook, in terms of cooking, or Li Xuan'er most will, other women, several are not into the kitchen at all, but now must also engage in housework.

After this day, everyone was engaged like a maid, where was the appearance of a master realm powerhouse.

Tang Zichen also felt deeply guilty about this, following him through this hardship, but everyone was also enjoying the bitterness.

After dinner in the evening, Tang Zichen sat on the roof and seemed to be thinking about something. The first website

Mu flew up, sat next to Tang Zichen, and said, "This roof, there are no tiles, it's just splitting the wood with a sword, laying it on top, and getting some thatch and other fillings.If it rains, some parts of the house are bound to leak occasionally, and if it's a very strong typhoon, I'm sure the wooden house will be blown apart, so we're here, and we'll only be able to do short-term scratching."

"Well, I understand."

Mu smiled hehely, "Now you experience the hardship of life, we, in the eyes of the world, are strong and high above the world, but it's not surprising that we leave the people at the bottom, but we live like pigs and dogs, so we have to treat the people and the people well, all those years I was the Bishop, I always instructed the people at the bottom to never make life difficult for the common people at the bottom."

"Oh, we're civilians too, it's just who we're in the eye of."

"Windy."Not far away, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife called out to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said to Mu, "My teacher's wife is looking for me, I'll go first."

Mu Yi Yao said, "Your teacher's wife, the more beautiful she gets, seeing her working with those women of yours today, it's really a different flavor."

Tang Zichen immediately warned, "No hitting on my teacher's wife."

"Wind Lightning, what you're saying is that now that your teacher's wife is also single, you can't stop your teacher's wife from having the right to happiness just because she's your teacher's wife.Don't worry, I'm not the kind of person who messes around, if your teacher-mother has no intention, I will never make the slightest advance on her, of course, if my charm conquers your teacher-mother in the future

Mother, your teacher's wife is in love with me, so it's not something you can stop."

"Forget it, I won't talk to you yet."Tang Zichen flew away.

Tang Zichen was really worried that Mu Ziyao would pick up his Shiniang ah, after all, Mu Ziyao had said before that he had a crush on his Shiniang when he was young and was willing to risk his life to the Righteous Alliance just to see her.Now that his teacher's wife was single, it was only reasonable that Mu Yihao would really want to pick up his teacher's wife.After all, Mu had once been the Patriarch, there was still a bit of charisma, and being the same age as Shiniang, this.

To be honest, Tang Zichen also had to think that it was still very possible for Mu Free Yao to capture the heart of his teacher's wife.

Tang Zichen shook his head speechlessly, in his heart amused: "Why am I worried about this, it's Mu Free Yao's wife who should be worried, if other people's wives don't even mind, what do I get involved in.The first time I saw him was when he was a young man, and he was a young man who had no idea what he was going through.

After Tang Zichen thought about it this way, he was no longer worried about Mu getting his teacher's wife.

"Shisuniang, I'm coming."Tang Zichen flew to his teacher-mother's side.

"Feng'er, when we ate dinner today, I saw you looking melancholy, what's wrong with you?"The teacher's wife was concerned.

Tang Zichen looked melancholy, but naturally, Mu had completely shattered his dream of building a clan.

"Shisuniang, it's like this."Tang Zichen told his teacher-mother what Mu had said during the day today.

The teacher's wife smiled, "I thought it was something, but it's this, it seems that you've really found the right person to find Mu, and when you really build the Endless Gate in the future, you'll really have to trouble him in terms of how to run and manage it."

Tang Zichen asked, "Shizuo, what do you think of this person Mu Yihao?"

The teacher's wife said, "Before, I only heard that the devils are all demons, and he is the head of the devil sect, so naturally he is a demon among demons, but now after being exposed to more, I feel that my previous thoughts were all too arbitrary, the devil sect and the righteous sect are all just people, there is no good or evil in people, what divides them is just the human heart.Mu I feel like he shouldn't be a bad person."

Tang Zichen oh, so it seems that the teacher's wife doesn't feel repelled by Mu, at least, and doesn't spend much time with Mu, and the teacher's wife doesn't feel repelled, it seems that Mu and the teacher's wife are really possible, Tang Zichen feels as if this is the will of God in the underworld, Mu, Yan Xingyi, the names all seem to match quite well.

"Feng'er, what are you thinking about?"

"Oh, it's nothing."

"Feng'er, you don't have to worry, there's still a long day ahead of us, we're all tired today, so go rest first, we'll talk about it in the long run later."

"Okay, Auntie."

Tang Zichen returned to his room and slept with his little sister in his arms.

The next day, everyone woke up normally, then practiced martial arts, and did their household chores.

Although to establish the Endless Gate, this wasn't a good place, but currently, Tang Zichen didn't know where to go, there was no place to gain a foothold on the continent.Every sect now had at least one Ancestral Master Great Perfection, and Tang Zichen couldn't afford to provoke any of them yet, so he could only settle down on this island first.

"Wang Xing, Liu Yue, let's go out to the sea and go fishing."Tang Zichen greeted.


"Good, go fish, or you won't have anything to eat at night."

Tang Zichen crafted a boat with his own hands, and although it was oddly ugly in appearance, the quality was certainly not bad.

Tang Zichen rowed the boat, taking Wang Xing and Liu Yue with him, and went out to sea.

Wang Xing said, "The sky is beautiful, the sun is full, Zichen, this world, really the air is better than over there, sitting on the bed at the moment, sunbathing, it's very pleasant."

"Yeah, it's quite comfortable this day."Liu Yue also said.

Wang Xing smiled, "It's just that there's something missing."

"Uh, what kind of thing?"Liu Yue was puzzled.

Wang Xing Dao: "Women."

"Go, thinking about women again, how many women have you slept with in the other world's memory stone, and you're still thinking."

"Ugh, that's exactly why I suddenly wonder if I should find a decent woman."

"Ah, Uranus, you want to start a family."Liu Yue laughed. Remember the URL

"Nonsense, look at Tang Zichen, ever since he married his first wife, his quality of life is not even on the same level as ours, Qin Ren bites a philanderer and shows affection all the time."

"This is indeed enviable."

Tang Zichen listened to the conversation between Wang Xing and Liu Yue, speechless: "Who shows love, the women of this world, after getting married and calling their husbands, is originally the husband's husband's looks and appearance off, usually will not call the name, and, the women of this world three from four virtues, after getting married, everything is only the husband's head."

Wang Xing said, "So, I also want to marry a woman of this world, I should also start a family, Zichen, what do you think?"

"Of course it's good, you're not young, it's time to start a family and reproduce."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Yue said, "But where are we going to find women, on this island, most of the women are Tang Zichen's women."

Tang Zichen gave Liu Yue a blank look, do you need to say it so badly.

Liu Yue retorted, "Originally it is, on this island, there are only a few women, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Liu Xiangyun, Qi Xueyun, Xiao Meng, Qin Ren, your senior sister A Ju, and your teacher's wife, and Mu Yihao's wife, Flower Fairy.Look, half of them are Tang Zichen's women."

Tang Zichen said, "Hasn't Xiaomeng been single all this time, and you don't have a single one to look at?"

Wang Xing was speechless, "Can Xiao Meng see us?You underestimate her vision, Xiaomeng's vision is so high, I'm afraid that no one but you will enter her eyes."

Liu Yue said, "Xiaomeng definitely likes Tang Zichen, Zichen, are you really not going to rescue her from her loneliness?"

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed, Tang Zichen could now also be pretty sure that Xiao Meng had always liked him, and seemed ready to just keep liking him until old age, not ready to like anyone else.

This silly girl, Tang Zichen was helpless against her as well.

However, having Tang Zichen actually marry her didn't seem right, or perhaps unfair to her, because Tang Zichen's heart wasn't in her, and it wouldn't be better to find a man who was wholeheartedly good to her alone.

Wang Xing said, "Right, there's also Song Yu'er, although I don't know where she's gone, but I'm sure I'll meet her sooner or later, Song Yu'er is also not bad, that body, it's really great, even if her face above her nose is disfigured, I still like it."

Liu Yue immediately warned, "Wang Xing, Song Yu'er is my woman, don't you dare hit on her, then don't blame me for not thinking of brotherly love."

"Che, Song Yu'er doesn't even like you, okay, if he really likes you, who can hit on you."Wang Xing said.

"I plan to keep chasing anyway, one day I'll move her."

Wang Xing trailed off, "By the time she's moved, I guess you'll be ready to put it in a coffin, what's the point."

"Wang Xing, you're still not a brother, it's fine if you don't help me, but you're still cursing me like this."

Tang Zichen was busy: "Okay, what's the quarrel, the future is ever-changing, who knows what the future will be like, okay, fish."

Wang Xing laughed, "I just deliberately irritate him, haha, Liu Yue, don't be angry, I wish you will catch up with Song Yuer tomorrow, okay."

Liu Yue speechless white eyes like Wang Xing, so many years of affection, naturally impossible to really because of a woman to turn the other cheek, just everyone is used to mouth a handful of cheap.

Tang Zichen slapped on the sea, more than a dozen fish were shaken out of the sea, Liu Yue Wang Xing flew out to catch a few fish and threw them into the boat.

In this way, they leisurely rowed the boat while sunbathing and chatting, occasionally one of them slapped a palm on the surface of the water, and the other two flew out to catch a few fish.

Unconsciously, they rowed far away and saw a large boat passing in front of them.

Liu Yue was busy, "There's a big ship over there, go over and see what kind of big ship it is, whether it's a merchant ship or a cargo ship, see if there's any food supplies we need, we'll pay for it."

Tang Zichen nodded, this place was just the edge of the continent's sea, there were often merchant ships and the like passing by.

However, before Tang Zichen and the others could row up, there was another large ship coming from the other direction.

"Ohhhhh."Another large ship suddenly appeared with many pirates.

Tang Zichen was startled, "Pirates?"

Sure enough, in the next moment, the pirates on the other ship flew to that merchant ship and started robbing and killing people.

The three Tang Zichen saw this and immediately flew up to stop them.

"Stop."Tang Zichen shouted.

This group of islands were very strong, and the strongest one, the leader, was actually at the early stage of the clan.

Clerics were even working as pirates, Tang Zichen was a bit unbelievable.But Tang Zichen this idea is obviously narrow-minded, not everyone is drunk on martial arts, some people have no future in life, poor character, everyone is shouting everywhere, or they have offended certain clans, they have no way to go in the mainland, and then there is no possibility of martial arts progress, so naturally they run overseas and find an island to become an earth emperor.Moreover, this world is a little different from the other one, in the other world, strong people will be hired by big companies to be bodyguards or family guests or whatever, while in this world, no one will hire you at all, and if you are misbehaved, you will be killed if you are encountered by a stronger one.

The group of pirates saw Tang Zichen and Wang Xing Liu Yue appear, they were all shocked.

How could this be, they had obviously gotten word that there were no Zongshi experts guarding the merchant ship, so why would three Zongshi appear?Moreover, it seemed to be a very strong Zongshi realm, what was going on.

"If you don't stop helping, don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen warned.

The sea islands stopped and looked at Tang Zichen.

The leader of that early Zongshi pirate, who had a face with thieving eyebrows, arched his hands at Tang Zichen, "This senior, how do I address you."

"Hmph, it's none of your damn business how I address you, do I need to tell you?"Tang Zichen snorted, naturally not having a good feeling towards the pirate, and his tone was naturally bad.

The pirate was very upset with Tang Zichen's tone, and said, "Senior, I am Jin San Monkey, a member of the Haiyun Bend, and today I was ordered to come out to plunder, so I hope that senior will be more accommodating and not block our brothers' way to fortune.I'm not hiding anything from Senior, our Haiyun Bend, is also one of the top fifteen overseas powers in the Jianghu world, and the head of our Haiyun Bend must be no less powerful than Senior, I hope Senior won't make things difficult for us."


"Yoo-hoo, Haiyun Bend?Never heard of it."Liu Yue said with a sneer.

That early Zongshi realm sea island also snorted, "You guys are haunting this area, and you don't even know about our Sea Cloud Bend."

"What Sea Cloud Bend, it's just a nest of pirates, Zichen, what do we do with this group of pirates?"Wang Xing asked.

Tang Zichen roughly scanned the group of pirates, there were almost fifty of them, except for this pirate leader of the early Zongshi realm, the rest of them were all Unity realm pirates.

Tang Zichen said, "Kill this island leader, the rest of the shrimps and crabs throw them into the sea, Wang Xing, Liu Yue, you two take turns killing this pirate leader."

"Yes."Wang Xing immediately went to the pirate leader to kill, Liu Yue on the side on guard, in case the other side is too strong appear instantly kill Wang Xing risk, Wang Xing and Liu Yue are Zongshi early stage, with that pirate leader, Tang Zichen let the two of them take turns to kill him, is to train them, otherwise Tang Zichen once shot dead.

Tang Zichen said to the remaining pirates, "If you don't want to die, then jump into the sea immediately."

The group of pirates jumped into the sea to survive.

Tang Zichen flew to the pirate's large ship not far away.

Since Tang Zichen had run into it, the large ship was confiscated.

Tang Zichen opened the locked steel hatch on that large ship and discovered at once that there were many items in the cabin, and they were all household items, including all kinds of cloth, tea, porcelain, rice, salt, lard, frozen meat, vegetables, and even live cattle, all kinds of household items, and of course, naturally, there was no shortage of gold, silver, and jewelry and so on. A second to remember to read the book

"Haha, great, the goods on this pirate ship, it's really like a gift in snow for me, it's not from the right place anyway, confiscated, with this cargo, I won't have to worry about food for at least half a year, yay."Tang Zichen was very happy, he didn't expect that he, as a strong Ancestral Master Perfectionist, would be happy for a boatload of goods, it seems that Mu was right, no one can do without grains, unless they really cultivate to the point where they don't have to dress, eat, and sleep.

At the moment not far away from that first robbed merchant ship, Wang Xing and that pirate head fiercely fought, Liu Yue while vigilant.

Although this pirate head is thief eyebrows and rats eyes, but the strength is not to be underestimated, Wang Xing long unable to take him down.

"Liu Yue, it's your turn, you come too."Wang Xing shouted.

"Good."Liu Yue rushed up to kill, while Wang Xing retreated.

Tang Zichen wasn't worried about them, if the two of them couldn't deal with that pirate head, it would be too useless, of course, mainly because Tang Zichen had observed that this pirate head wasn't a very powerful early cleric.

In the pirate ship's cabin, Tang Zichen pulled open another hidden inner compartment, and discovered at once that this hidden inner compartment held a group of people, both men and women, a total of thirty people, around ten men and twenty women.

"You are?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Senior, help."The group of people panicked and knelt down to Tang Zichen.

"Alright, get up and talk."

"Senior, we are all coastal residents, pirates entered our village and burned and looted, all the goods on this ship were taken from our village, our village is not big, only a few dozen people, most of them were killed, only we are left, they were all arrested."One of the women cried out.

Tang Zichen said, "Arrest you for what?"

"Senior, that group of pirates captured us and must have gone to

They pirate nests do hard labor, and we have women here who are younger and more beautiful, and they take us just for their pleasure."A man said.

"This group of pirates are really lawless."Tang Zichen really hated that he had just let those crab soldiers go.

Don Zichen said, "Alright, you're free now."

"But our home, it's gone."A woman cried.

"We'll talk about this later, you guys go out first."

Tang Zichen sent all the people to the deck, and they saw at once that on another merchant ship, the pirate leader was fighting with someone.

"Senior, it's that pirate leader, he's incredibly cruel, please senior avenge our villagers."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and flew to that merchant ship.

"Liu Yue, Wang Xing, why haven't you killed this bastard yet."

"Brother Chen, this son of a bitch is a bit strong."

"Alright, I'll do it."In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen rushed up and hoisted that pirate leader up.

That pirate leader gritted his teeth and said, "Son of a bitch, our big boss of Haiyun Bend won't let you go."

"Clack."Tang Zichen snapped his neck, then split him in half with a sword, leaving his corpse to float into the sea and become food for the fish.

The rescued people on this merchant ship knelt down and kowtowed in gratitude.

Tang Zichen said to them, "Remember, we are from the Endless Gate, from now on, as long as this sea is with us, no pirate will be able to invade the passing merchant ships.You guys can go to our Endless Gate to rest your feet if you pass through this sea in the future, our Endless Gate is just a few dozen kilometers ahead of this."

"Thank you, thank you Endless Gate's seniors."

Tang Zichen said to Uranus Liu Yue, "Let's take the pirate's ship back."

"Hehe, Zichen, there should be quite a bit of cargo on the pirate's ship."

"Huh, I can still see many of them.Haha, this is good, we can add some more manpower to our Endless Gate, otherwise we have to do our own laundry and cooking for household chores every day, how can we afford it."Wang Xing said.

Tang Zichen said, "Those people are residents of a certain coast, we can't force them to go to our Endless Gate."

Tang Zichen flew onto the deck, and the thirty or so residents were busy kneeling and kowtowing in thanks.

Tang Zichen said, "You are saved, now I give you two choices, first, I'll ask that merchant ship across the street to do you a favor and send you back to your village; second, come with us, our Endless Gate is on an island not far away, don't worry, we won't be bad people, we are a newly established clan, and we are also in need of manpower."

"Senior, our village is gone, and it's a long way to go back this time, so I'd better go with you."

"Yes, senior, our village has been burned down and my wife and children have been burned alive, I don't have the courage to go back, so you should take us with you."

"Good, since all of you are willing to come with me, I will take you back to the Endless Men, we will send someone to teach you some profound martial arts, and you will also be a disciple of the Endless Men in the future."

"Thank you, Senior."

Liu Yue said, "His name is Wind Lightning, also known as Tang Zichen, he is the first Head of the Endless Gate, you can call him Head Master."

"Yes, thank you palm master."


Tang Zichen took the group of villagers and drove the pirate's large ship for a few dozen kilometers, then returned to the Endless Gate.

On the island of Endless Gate, everyone saw Tang Zichen returning in his big ship and gathered around curiously.

Tang Zichen told everyone what had happened and then said, "They will also be part of our Endless Gate from now on, with the status of Endless Gate disciples, and will also learn the Endless Gate's opening martial art, Endless.Now, let's welcome them to join our Endless Gate."

"Pah-pah."Everyone immediately clapped their hands in welcome.

Tang Zichen added, "Today, we'll all help them, build houses, and let them settle down as soon as possible."


Just like that, the Endless Gate welcomed its first batch of people, and from the initial twenty people, it had grown to over fifty people.

Tang Zichen believed that in a few more years, it would definitely grow to even more people.

Tang Zichen called his teacher's wife, Muyoung, Flower Fairy, and his little sister Qin Ren, Xiao Meng, and all his brothers and friends to a meeting.

"Zichen, what's the meeting for, everyone's here."Yang Yijian said.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, it's a great pleasure to welcome the first group of people to our Endless Gate today, even though they aren't any martial arts practitioners.Now I have something to tell you all." The first website

"You said."

"Before, I didn't think that there are still so many pirates overseas, and this part of our sea belongs to a pirate gang called Sea Cloud Bend that occupies it.I now have an idea, let's go to Haiyun Bend and end this pirate nest, then, we screen and expand, even if they are pirates, not all of them are evil, we will admit some pirates who are interested in reforming their evil ways to the Endless Gate, in this way, our Endless Gate can grow further.Moreover, Haiyun Bend definitely has quite a few possessions that can also be used as our Endless Gate's property.What do you all think?"

Qin Ren worriedly said, "Can you really trust the character of those pirates?"

"Pirates aren't necessarily all bad people, some people go as pirates, perhaps they are forced to do so, but of course, we will never be soft on the really evil ones."

Wang Xing smiled, "I think Zichen's proposal is very good, after we have annexed the Haiyun Bend, we can continue to annex various other pirate forces of various sizes around, and in the end, our Endless Gate will grow stronger and stronger."

Tang Zichen looked to Mu, Mu thought about it and nodded, "I agree with Zichen, even though they are pirates, they may be bad if they are in a pirate nest, but if they are in a decent house, they will become decent too, as long as they are not really evil villains, they can expand to our Endless Gate.Okay, let's do that, but I have a suggestion."

"You say."

"We'll go and annex the Sea Cloud Bend, kill only one of the strongest pirate leaders, and the rest of the leaders, make them submit to us, and then kill them again if they don't."

"Can do."

"Then, let's set out now, now, we might even be able to catch a few pirates on that sea before and have them lead the way to the Sea Cloud Bend."


Tang Zichen immediately brought everyone with him and set off aboard the large ship.

A dozen kilometers away, he caught the pirates who had forced them to jump into the sea before, and then coerced them to lead the way straight to the Sea Cloud Bend.

"Who are the strongest people in Haiyun Bend?"Tang Zichen pressed the pirate who had arrested him.

"We, Sea Cloud Bend, have a big

Pawn, second pawn, third pawn, fourth pawn, fifth pawn, sixth pawn, seventy-eight or ninety pawn, a total of ten strong pawns."

"How strong are they all?"

"The head of our Haiyun Bend is a strong man at the complete level of the clan, and the second head all the way up to the tenth head are all at the late stage of the clan."

"I go, a pirate nest only, how come it's so strong."Tang Zichen was shocked, it seems, it really isn't a nest of rabble, it's a bit of a scale, the big bosses are already at the Master Perfection level."

The captured pirate said, "Our Haiyun Bend, with a total population of 10,000 people already, is the top 15 overseas power in the rivers and lakes, we've been inherited for over seventy years."

"Ah, that long."

"Yes, the head of our Sea Cloud Bend is now a hundred and forty years old, he went out to sea to fight when he was young, and only gradually had the power he has today for decades, even on the continent, ordinary sects wouldn't dare to mess with our Sea Cloud Bend too much.Once we provoke our Sea Cloud Bend, we'll also send people to kill those sects' disciples, and everyone will be damaged, that's those sects, they don't dare to easily provoke powerful overseas powers."

"Hehe, but unfortunately, the Sea Cloud Bend is destined to disappear today."

"Senior, do you think that just you guys are really enough to exterminate our Sea Cloud Bend?Don't forget, our big boss, who is a Zongshi completion level strong man, he was already a Zongshi completion decades ago, there are nine other bosses of late Zongshi realm, and then there are dozens of leaders of mid and early Zongshi realm underneath."

Tang Zichen snorted, "What are you a small pirate worrying about us for, I alone am enough to exterminate all of you pirates above the Zongshi realm, remember, the power is only based on the strongest, not the number.Moreover, these two beside me, both of them are Ancestral Perfection, and they're more than enough to exterminate Sea Cloud Bend."


"Cut the crap, what's your Grand Master's name."

"Our Grand Master's name is Jiang Laoblood."

"Good, Old Blood Jiang, it's time to let his old blood go."

Haiyun Bend was not far away, about eighty kilometers away on a secluded island, the fog was rather foggy, pirates liked secluded places.

Tang Zichen drove a large boat directly close to the dock, because the other side thought that this was their own people.

After Tang Zichen docked the boat, he immediately flew up into the air and overlooked the entire island, then shouted, "Jiang Old Blood, come out."

"Hahaha, hahaha."In the next second, an old man's laughter came from a corner, and then a shadow rushed into the air and stood in the air opposite Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at the old man in front of him, he was indeed very old and probably didn't have many years left to live.

"You're the grand master of Haiyun Bend, Jiang Laoblood, right."

"Kid, who are you?Why did you come to my Bowen?What's your business, it looks like you didn't come alone."Jiang Old Blood swept his eyes at a group of people a few hundred meters behind Tang Zichen and said.

Tang Zichen said, "I am a former disciple of the Divine Dragon School, Wind Lightning, but now that I have been expelled from the sect, I have formed my own sect, called the Endless Sect, and my temporary address is on an archipelago about seventy to eighty miles away from the Sea Cloud Bend.The first reason I came here today is to meet the legendary master of Cloud Bend, and the second is to select those pirates who are willing to change their ways and join our sect.I've made my intentions clear, if you have anything else to say, then let's do it.You should know that if I want to convert some of the pirates, I must do something that has a deterrent effect."


"Something of a deterrent, you mean to kill me."The old man laughed.

At this moment, the change in the sky had alarmed the entire island, and the pirates on the ground were looking up at the sky.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, the bird thief captures the king first, I'm sorry, I have no choice but to not take advantage of you, I'll let you have ten strokes."

That old man laughed loudly and didn't seem to feel very angry.

Jiang Laoblood said, "Wind Lightning, truly worthy of being the world's number one youngest who sensationalized the righteous alliance back then, magnanimous and genius enough."

"Uh, you've actually heard of me as well."

"I have also heard of the mighty reputation of the world's number one youngster back then, I never expected to be able to meet you in person when my life span is dying.To tell you the truth, more than thirty years ago, I had a granddaughter who was a fervent admirer of yours, but it's a pity that she has been killed now, otherwise she would have been very happy if she could have met you."A hint of unspeakable pain appeared in Jiang Lao-blood's eyes.

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed, he thought that this Jiang Oldblood would be furious and then he would be able to kill someone openly, but the situation was not what he thought, not only had this Jiang Oldblood heard of Tang Zichen's reputation, his granddaughter was also one of Tang Zichen's fans back then, which was a bit hard to do.

"Alright, Jiang Old Blood, don't play the sentimental card with me, I don't suffer from your set, my purpose of coming here today is very clear, it's to exterminate Hai Yun Bend and annex some of the pirates who sincerely choose to change their ways, not to mention your granddaughter, even if you're one of my fans, it's useless."Tang Zichen said as soon as he drew his sword.

"Hahaha, Wind Lightning, you've come at the right time, I'm worried that after my death, these brothers of my Haiyun Bend will break up sooner or later without their powerful family members, you're taking over now, it's just what I want."

"What do you mean." Remember the URL

"Wind Lightning, this group of pirates in my Sea Cloud Bend, not everyone wants to be a pirate, it's just for a living, or some choice of necessity.If there is a famous sect that is willing to take them in and reform them, not to mention them, even I would be happy for them.Wind Lightning, I'm very optimistic about you, I think you have great potential, and now that your self-built sect is willing to take in my brothers from Haiyun Bend, I, Jiang Old Blood, will be able to rest in peace with both hands, when I die someday."


"Wind Lightning, come on, let me see if you haven't let me down with your strength."The old man also drew his sword.

Tang Zichen said, "I said I'll let you do ten moves, it still counts."

"No need, do it."After saying that, the old man killed with a sword.

Tang Zichen greeted it, and with a clang, he directly picked off Jiang Lao-blood's sword.

"Ah."Jiang Laoblood's face changed greatly, never expecting that he was not even a match for Tang Zichen's move.

Many many pirates on the ground at this moment were all stunned, this Wind Lightning was too strong.

Many of the pirates on the ground were also people from the continent, most of them had heard of the name of the 'World's Number One Youngest', but most of them had never seen the real person, today they saw the World's Number One Youngest, who was a sensation of the Righteous Alliance back then, and defeated the most mysterious big boss of their Haiyun Bend with a single move, everyone was shocked.The number one youngster in the world really lived up to his reputation.

Jiang Lao-blood threw his broken sword and said, "Wind Lightning, no, the number one youngest under the heavens, I'm convinced."


Old Blood arched his hands and worshipped, "I pay my respects to the Head Master."

"What do you mean?"

"Wind Lightning, I'm already old, and my big day is just a few years away, today I willingly worship your sect, so as to clear my identity as a pirate until my death, I also hope that Young Master Wind will be willing to accept me.All the brothers of my Haiyun Bend, Young Master Feng is willing to accept as many as you want."

Tang Zichen did not expect that accepting Haiyun Bend would be so simple.

Tang Zichen said, "First of all, I don't want to be a pirate, I will never want some pirates with blood on their hands in Haiyun Bend."

"Good, I'm willing to help you screen, never let any blood-stained pirates into the Endless Gate, although the pirates of Haiyun Bend have killed people, but it's only a few, most of them just rob some money and goods, not all of them are evil, here, I have a request."


"Those who are unqualified, can you let them live, let them scatter, or, let them atone for their sins, I think, even the pirates who have killed people, if they have the chance, they would like to atone for their sins."

Tang Zichen hesitated and said, "It's fine to let them live, but they must abolish their martial skills and then merge into the Endless Gate and become the Endless Gate's tormentors to atone for their sins."

"Fine, then I'll thank the Head Master for them."

Tang Zichen asked, "Old Blood Jiang, you're not playing some kind of conspiracy trick, are you?"

"Oh, Young Master Wind, if you only had a few years left to live, what would you choose to do?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen hadn't thought about it.

"So, it is my long-held wish that people will die and their words will be good, but I just hope that before I die, I can do something meaningful to change them from their evil ways."

"Good, then I'll believe you for once."

Tang Zichen and the others returned to the ship, and although Jiang Oldblood invited Tang Zichen to have tea at Haiyun Bend, Tang Zichen declined.

Yan Xinyi said, "Feng'er, is this really good?"

"Sifu, I didn't expect it to be like this ah, I can see that Jiang Lao-blood really wants his people to change their ways, besides, with my reputation back then and my current strength, he is very optimistic about my future, if his people follow me, it will definitely be a good landing, Jiang Lao-blood is even more hopeful than I am."

"Feng'er, you let him screen those pirates who are not tainted with blood, he will definitely cheat, he will definitely screen in those he thinks are more talented or more likeable, not all of them may really be completely untainted with blood."

"Sensei, since we plan to expand our disciples from the pirates, that's all we can do, after we merge into the Endless Gate in the future, we'll observe again, and once we find the unqualified ones, we'll cull them out.And the pirates that are stained with blood, abolish their martial arts, when our Endless Gate's suffering until death, it can be considered atonement, otherwise, what else can we do, we're not God, really go sentence those people to death ah."

"Well, good."

Mu also nodded, "I very much agree with the Head Master's approach, in this way, our Endless Gate will expand to ten thousand people at once, there will be more than half of them just for the suffering laborers, and then pick some outstanding talents from them to focus on cultivating.Although there are definitely some that aren't completely good people, we have to know that even famous sects still have bad people, such as Song Dingtian, so we'll just have to turn a blind eye, as long as we don't endanger the sect's interests, it's fine."


A day later, Haiyun Bend had sifted through six thousand pirates, which was six thousand pirates that were completely untainted with any blood.

The remaining 4,000 or so were more or less bloodstained, or had done bad things like defiling the women of the people.

Tang Zichen looked at the list and wondered if there were any false ones in Jiang Lao-blood's list, but even if they were false, the number should be small, and they would be gradually checked later.

After that, Tang Zichen and the others nullified the martial skills of those 4,000 pirates, making them become the Endless Gate's hard laborers to atone for their past sins.

There were a total of ten thousand people in Haiyun Bend, and Tang Zichen relocated them to the Endless Gate in batches.

It took a month before the ten thousand people were transferred to the Endless Gate, and of course, all the money as well as goods hoarded by Haiyun Bend were also transferred to the Endless Gate.

After a month, Tang Zichen looked at the island of tens of thousands of people and smiled slightly, this month was indeed a busy month.

Tang Zichen took all of those nine late clansmen in charge of the Sea Cloud Bend as disciples, and then they took pirates with outstanding talent as disciples, and so on, Endless Gate had three generations of disciples.

Tang Zichen and his brothers and sisters, as well as that Jiang Old Blood, were the first generation.

Those nine late Ancestor dons of Hai Yun Bend, as well as some other Ancestor powerhouses, were the second generation.

The outstanding pirates who were accepted as disciples by the second generation were the third generation. One second to remember to read the book

Mu walked to Tang Zichen's side and said, "Wind Lightning, we have three generations of disciples in one month, after walking the path that others have only been able to develop for decades."

"Let's hope that these pirates, at heart, have really turned from pirates to clan disciples."Tang Zichen said.

"So far, this adaptation is very successful, and no one has rejected it, even those nine late Ancestor dons have willingly worshipped you as their master, perhaps, they are tired of being pirates themselves."


Five more months passed in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen and the others had already spent half a year on this overseas archipelago.

After these months of constant management, the Endless Gate now had more and more the appearance of a sect, a world away from the chaotic appearance of the previous pirate nest.

Of course, all of this was the result of Mu's governance, as well as Tang Zichen's older brother, and all the brothers and sisters working together.

"Yay, cheers."One night six months later, Tang Zichen gathered all the first generation disciples together to celebrate the success of these six months, and everyone raised their glasses in celebration.

This first generation of disciples was actually Tang Zichen, his brothers and sisters, his friends, plus one more Jiang Laoblood, just twenty-one people in total.

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you all for your contributions to the Endless Gate over the past half year, after half a year of reorganization and management, our Endless Gate, it can be said, is not far from a clan, and has gradually gotten on track, thank you all."Tang Zichen said with a bowl of wine.

"Wind Lightning, the Endless Gate is not just your heart and soul, it is also the heart and soul of all of us, talk about gratitude, we are all first generation disciples of the Endless Gate."

"Fine, cheers again."

Everyone drank to their heart's content once again.

Mu smiled, "Now that our Endless Gate has spread to all corners of the continent, every sect in the continent knows about our existence, this is a very good thing, for that, drink another bowl."


After everyone finished drying off, Muyoung said, "There's one more thing, I'm sure many of you here don't know about it or have forgotten."

"What is it, Senior Freeza."

Muyoung said, "The Thirty-Yearly Jiang Hu Conference, I don't know if everyone remembers it."

"Ah, the River Congress?"

Everyone suddenly remembered, only those who came from the other world, Tang Zichen, didn't know anything.

Xu Mei Qian asked, "Can you tell us what the Thirty Yearly Jiang Hu Conference is?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Let me tell you, this Jiang Hu of ours, I don't know when we used to circulate a convention without a convention, called the Jiang Hu Assembly.During the Jiang Hu Assembly, strong men from each sect would come to showcase their respective sect's strength, so during the Jiang Hu Assembly, there would be many strong men from both the righteous and the devilish sects."

"Strong people from Sect Master Perfection and Great Perfection will also come?"

"Yes, the ancestors of sects that are at the Grand Perfection level will also attend, and if the old vassal of any sect doesn't go this time, then everyone will think that a certain ancestor of that sect is dead.Therefore, those old ancestors who hadn't shown up for decades would definitely show up on this day so that the other sects would know that he wasn't dead and maintain their respective sects' jianghu status.Of course, since they hadn't shown up for decades, it was hard for them to show up, so they would naturally cut and dry with the other sects' ancestors.Since they'd cut and matched, there would naturally be a level of strength, so this was how the ranking came about.This is a, rare, Jiang Hu event where both the righteous and demonic sides are involved and all of the Sect Master Great Perfection will also participate, so we, the Jiang Hu people, call this the Jiang Hu Assembly."

Muyou said, "This Jiang Hu Assembly, no one knows the inheritance for many years, it should be a long, long time ago, a strong master master of the grand completion, closed for decades, couldn't stand the loneliness, then came out to consult, gradually formed the scale, after that every generation, all came out at about this time, slowly, it became the Jiang Hu Assembly.The address of the Jiang Hu Assembly was at the junction of the two factions, a place called 'Hero Town'.In the last Jiang Hu Assembly, which was thirty years ago, the one who won the strongest title in the Ancestor Grand Perfection level actual battle, was the number one strongest Demon, Bony Old Man."

There was still a pang of pride inside of him when Mu spoke of the Bony Old Man, because he was from the Devil Sect, and although he had now joined the Endless Gate, he still admitted that half of him belonged to the Devil Sect.

Mu continued, "Thirty years ago, I hadn't yet become the head of the Devil Religion, but at that time, my master was the head, and my master liked my daughter so much that he named her the Devil Religion Princess, hehe, well, let's not talk about it.Thirty years ago, at the Jiang Hu conference, the old man without bones was less than 110 years old.Today, he is not 140 years old, I think, this session of the Jiang Hu Conference, Bony old man will be reappear, just to know his old man, can not regain the prestige of that year.Of course, in addition to Bony Old Man, among the great perfection level strongmen, there is also the strongman of the Yanshan School, Wang Rufang, back then, Wang Rufang also hasn't reached 110 years old, and now I guess he's still alive, so perhaps he will still reappear.These two, one is the strongest of the Righteous Alliance and the other is the strongest of the Demon Sect, back then they fought for a long time before the winner was decided by a difference of half a move."


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