Dish Best Served Cold 306-310


Chapter 306

"Stop it all!"

  Under Zhang Zhengfu's drink, the entire company hall was quiet for a moment.

  For a moment, those people under Wang Xingduo really put down their work and all looked up to the front.

  Wang Xingduo also frowned, "Who are you?"

  "What? You're not going to stop us from performing our duties?"

  "By the looks of you, you're just a junior employee of this company, right?For the sake of a small shabby company, you're hindering our law enforcement, you can think about the consequences."

  "Maybe, your actions today will be the one to cut off your future!"

  The young man who suddenly stood out in front of him, Wang Xingduo's words were icy cold, but coldly warned.

  Faced with Wang Xingduo's words, but Zhang Zhengfu smiled, "Director Wang, my future future, there is no need for you to worry about it.My father will pave the way for me."

  "I just hope, Director Wang can give me some face.That redneck has offended you, that's his business and has nothing to do with our Chief Qiu.Moreover, our CEO Qiu and that country boy are now separated and about to divorce, and have nothing to do with each other."

  "So Director Wang, I think this matter of seizing the company today, let it go."

  "If Director Wang can give me this face, in the future, my father Zhang Xiaosong and I will definitely pay a visit and personally bring a heavy gift to express our gratitude."

  As he said these words, Zhang Zhengfu deliberately said his father's name, "Zhang Xiaosong" extra heavily.

  As expected, upon hearing the three words Zhang Xiaosong, Wang Xingduo was then stunned and repeated in a low voice, "Zhang Xiaosong?"

  Zhang Zhengfu was delighted at the sight of it.

  It looked like there was indeed a show.

  His father, Zhang Xiaosong, was not considered extremely prestigious in the Yunzhou entrepreneurial circle, but he was also a little famous.

  Not only was he the CEO of a state-owned enterprise, he had even been Yunzhou City's Economic Man of the Year!

  This Wang Xing Duo, however, was just a small director, not much of a leader.

  Where, in Zhang Zhengfu's view, to his father's fame, has been enough to hold down Wang Xingduo.

  Now it seemed that the truth was just as Zhang Zhengfu had expected!

  Sure enough, after he said his father's name, this Wang Xingduo was shocked and flabbergasted, not moving anymore.


  "Not bad for a big entrepreneur."

  "A name with such a big reputation."

  "Mu Orange, look, look at people Zhengfu, from a wealthy family, yet still self-reliant.Not gnawing on the old, not being proud of himself, coming out to work on his own, working from the ground up, that's called upward mobility!"

  "Which is like that wimp, born in the countryside, and still lazy all the time, not knowing how to advance."

  "Compared to other people's righteous husbands, he's nothing compared to them?"

  "Mu Orange, I think that Zhengfu is a good person, talented, and although his family is not as good as that Sun family's young master, it's enough to be considered a member of the elite in this Yunzhou.Nowadays, people even go out of their way to help you, if this kind of person is married as a husband, I'm afraid he'll enjoy a lifetime of blessings."

  "Mu Orange, in the future, you have to have more contact with people's Masafu."

  After seeing Zhang Zhengfu shaking Wang Xingduo, Han Li's face also overflowed with smiles and a long sigh of relief.

  The rest of the company's employees were also all delighted at the sight, and for a moment, the eyes of the people present then looked at Zhang Zhengfu differently.

  With admiration, with respect, and even many of the female employees were already in love with him.

  "Manager Zhang is amazing~"

  "Thanks to Manager Zhang this time, or else our entire company would be finished, right?"

  Many people sighed in admiration, their words carrying worship.

  Feeling the fiery gazes around him, Zhang Zhengfu was actually somewhat floating for a moment, the corners of his mouth turned up, and the pride on his handsome face was naturally even greater.

  He stood proudly, looked at Wang Xingduo in front of him, and continued, "Director Wang, since you know my father, then give me face and my father's face as well, let's end today's matter here."

  "Also, that approval for Mu Fan's property, you guys should give it a pass as well."

  "When the time comes, my father Zhang Xiaosong and I will both remember this favor from Director Wang."

  Zhang Zhengfu said indifferently, and how distinct was the pretentious tone in his words?

  However, as soon as Zhang Zhengfu's words fell, who would have thought that the next one, but Wang Xingduo kicked up, directly knocking Zhang Zhengfu over.


  Everyone was confused at that time.

  Zhang Zhengfu was also lying there with his stomach covered, and his entire body was about to cry, "Director Wang, what are you doing?"

  "What for?Fuck you!"

  "And Zhang Xiaosong?"

  "That's bullshit!"

  "Someone I've never even heard of dares to bring it out to crush me?"

  "You're not a big jerk, but you've got a big mouth!"

  "Give you back your face?"

  "Do you have an ass face?"

  "Just a lowly businessman, who also dares to take orders in front of this director?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  Wang Xingduo cursed furiously and finally smacked him again, frightening Zhang Zhengfu to shut his mouth immediately, a face red from the beating, lying on the ground and not even daring to move.

  The scene in front of him shook everyone.

  No one had expected that this Wang Xing Duo would not even give face to Zhang Xiaosong's son, and now he was even more directly beating him.

  "Seal it for me!"

  "All documents, information, bills, all sealed."

  "All company executives are brought back, one by one, for inspection and interrogation."

  "If there is any more ungrateful obstruction, all of them will be forcibly seized and taken away by me for obstructing official duties."

  "I'd like to see if there's still that ungrateful thing who dares to stop me?"

  Wang Xingduo was obviously completely furious.

  Just now, that idiot Zhang Zhengfu so arrogantly called out Zhang Xiaosong's name, that tone, at that time, Wang Xingduo was really frightened, and really thought that the one in front of him was the son of some big shot's family.

  Then he thought about it for a long time, but he had no idea who this Zhang Xiaosong was.

  Never even heard of it, that's a big shot?

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

  Subsequently, Wang Xing Duo even gave an order for his men to seize Mu Fan's property.

  For a while, Qiu Mu Orange and the others were already near despair.

  Han Li and the others even cried out and cursed Ye Fan furiously, blaming Ye Fan for dragging his daughter into trouble.

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, just stood, always silent.However, no one noticed that at this time, Ye Fan's brows and eyes had already been as cold as ice.The entire demeanor of the man was even more chilling, so much so that Lu Wenjing, who was on the side, was so scared that her small face was white when she saw this scene.

  "Ye...Brother Ye Fan, what's wrong with you?"

  Ye Fan didn't reply, just lifted his footsteps and walked towards Wang Xingduo and the others.

  It was as if the swordsman was about to, draw his sword and kill the enemy!

  Morbid, but with a chilling gust of wind!

  However, just as Ye Fan was about to make his move, there was a vehicle stopping outside the company building.

  Immediately afterwards, a few men in suits then walked in.

  "Excuse me, Master Ye Fan Ye, can you be here?"

  The assistant Meng Guang and the driver, Xiao Liu, walked in with full respect, while the two of them asked politely to the people in the room.



  The sudden intrusion of these people in front of them, but the crowd was slightly shocked.

  Three times being disturbed, those men of Wang Xingduo were also suddenly annoyed, indiscriminately turning their heads and directly angry, "Where are the bastards!"

  "Can't you see we're on official business?"

  "How dare you, even~"

  In between the angry scolding of his men, Wang Xing Duo was also a bit impatient to look back.

  But after seeing the person, he was shocked, his body immediately trembled, and he even shouted, "Little Six, stop!"

  "Mouthing off stuff?"

  "What man do you dare to insult?"

  Wang Xingduo immediately snapped at his men, while hurrying up to the front with a genial smile on his face, while taking out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and handing it up, "Brother Liu, long time no see."

  "Did Han City give you a holiday today, how come you have the time to come here?"

  In the middle of the conversation, but Wang Xingduo has handed the cigarette to the driver Xiao Liu.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  After all, it was Han Dongmin's driver who was usually the one who reported to the bureau and delivered documents to him.

  As time went by, they did get to know each other.

  "Director Wang, what a coincidence.You're here too.I'm here to run some errands.What about you?"Little Liu obviously also recognized Wang Xingduo, then smiled back.

  In between jokes, Xiao Liu received Wang Xingduo's cigarette took the fire and began to light.

  This Wang Xingduo, although the position was small, there was always some power under his hands.He was not qualified to contact Han Dongmin, but one of Han Dongmin's drivers, Wang Xingduo was still able to get acquainted.

  Although Xiao Liu is just an idle position driving for the leadership, there is no fart power in his hands.But he can't help but feel that he is the person beside Han Dongmin.

  This moment alone can accompany Han Dongmin's side of the identity, but also enough to make a lot of people deliberately to befriend him.

  This Wang Xing Duo, naturally, was one of them.

  That Brother Liu called, however, was exceptionally kind.

  "I, ah, I'm also here on some business."

  "This Mu Fan property has committed a crime and is suspected of illegal business, I brought someone over to seize him first and then slowly investigate."Wang Xingduo said casually without caring.


  "What did you say?"

  "You're bringing people to seize this Mufan property?"However, the side of the small Liu heard, but shocked, the cigarette held in his mouth are snapped to the ground, playing the fire almost burned the nose hairs.

  "Director Wang, are you crazy?"

  "Do you want to get Han City killed?"

  "Do you know who owns this Mufan property?"

  "That's Master Ye's!"

  "You really have a lot of nerve, how dare you touch Master Ye's property?"

  "Take your men and get out of here yet!"

  Xiao Liu was undoubtedly instantly shocked after hearing Wang Xingduo's words, and his old face was green with fright.

  What were they doing here today?

  Just to get an apology from Ye Fan!

  But Xiao Liu never expected that this Wang Xing Duo would not know how to live, and would lead people to seize Mu Fan's property?

  According to their investigation, this Mufan property was Master Ye's wife's company, in other words, it was actually Ye Fan's property.

  You know, the industrial and commercial department is under Han Dongmin, in the morning they just offended Ye Fan in Han City, and now this afternoon, Han Dongmin's subordinates come to provoke?

  Such an act would undoubtedly ruin Han Dongmin's plans!

  Now, after learning about it, Xiao Liu, of course, angry, without saying a word, directly told Wang Xingduo to bring people to get out.

  Then, after scolding, Xiao Liu and his assistant Meng Guang, they looked around for Ye Fan's location.

  Until, when they saw Ye Fan's figure, they immediately went forward to worship each other bitterly, "Master Ye, I'm sorry."

  "This Wang Xingduo's actions are all his own personal actions, nothing to do with anyone else!Nor was it authorized by anyone else."

  "And please don't ever blame Master Ye."

  "I'll let them roll."

  Little Liu, the driver, said in fear, his words full of panic and awe.

  He was now truly worried that because of the stupidity of Wang Xingduo and the others, Ye Fan would then vent his anger on Han Dongmin's head.

  After all, this industrial and commercial department was under Han Dongmin's control, if Ye Fan really blamed him, their plan to apologize and beg for forgiveness from Ye Fan would be ruined.

  Under such consideration, Xiao Liu and Meng Guang were naturally worried and spoke to Ye Fan in a respectful tone.

  Seeing such a scene, Qiu Mu Orange and the others were stunned.

  Especially, Han Li and Zhang Zhengfu and the others were even more confused.

  Did these two, come to find Ye Fan?

  Returning Master Yip?

  Ye Fan is just a poor country boy, a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law, a master of shit?

  "You guys, you're not mistaken, are you?"

  "This guy is just a poor loser from the country, that's worth letting you guys treat him like that?"Han Li looked as if she had seen a ghost and stared in awe.

  However, as soon as Han Li's words fell, the driver, Xiao Liu, smacked her.

  It smacked Han Li right off the bat!

  "You bastard, you dare to insult even Master Ye?"

  "With your words, we can arrest you and punish you for the crime of provocation!"

  Driver Xiao Liu coldly snapped, that overpowering frame but scared Han Li covered her face, not daring to say a word.

  Afraid that she had really provoked some big person.

  And then, the driver Little Liu glared at Wang Xingduo and others, cursing angrily, "A bunch of idiots?What are you waiting for?"

  "Aren't you going to apologize to Master Ye?Then get the hell out of here!"

  "Inconsiderate thing, what kind of people do you dare to investigate too?"

  Little Liu drank angrily and scolded repeatedly.

  For a while, those men of Wang Xingduo were really bluffed by this person in front of them.

  Wang Xing Duo, however, but his face sank as well.

  With a gloomy face, he looked forward to Little Liu and smiled coldly, "Brother Liu, you really are a great official, aren't you?"

  "But you, a little driver, have neither real power nor real position.Before, it was me who gave you face, and the party smoked good cigarettes and spoke good words to you.But if I don't give you face, what the hell are you?"

  "And now you dare to yell at me and boss me around here?"

  "A broken car driver, you deserve that?"

  Previously, Wang Xingduo respected him and respected him, giving Han City face.

  But since now, this little Liu gave face and shame, Wang Xingduo simply has no scruples, and directly tore his face.

  Just a mere driver, to be honest, Wang Xing Duo really did not put him in his eyes.

  However, Wang Xing Duo's words had just fallen.

  Right after that, a cold voice, but from behind him, quietly sounded.

  "What about me?"

  In the low and deep words, there was incomparable anger and majesty suppressed.

  The moment the words fell, a middle-aged man, surrounded by several people, stepped up the steps as if he were a king, and then appeared in the eyes of everyone.

  When he saw this person, Wang Xingduo's old face smoked, as if thunder struck down, his brain blasted, and then he was confused.Staring with dead eyes, he looked at the person in front of him in disbelief and trembled in disembodied voice, "Han...Mayor Han?"



  Hearing Wang Xingduo's words, Qiu Mu Orange, Han Li, and the others, were also instantly shocked, and a pair of beautiful eyes, immediately stared at them.

  The mayor?

  Could it be that this middle-aged man in front of him is their Yunzhou City's deputy mayor Han Dongmin, who is in charge of industry, commerce, security and other major departments?


  What's going on today? Mayor Han is here?

  Wang Xingduo was confused.

  The moment he saw Han Dongmin, without saying a word, he rushed over to greet him.

  "Han...Han City, you're coming, you should have said so earlier, so I could be prepared, no?"Wang Xingduo was full of smiles, a flattering and flattering face, but I don't know if it was because of horror or trepidation, but Wang Xingduo spoke with a tremor.

  However, where did Han Dongmin pay any attention to him, snorting coldly, he directly pushed Wang Xingduo aside, and with a heart full of respect and apology, he stepped forward, bowed and curtsied to Ye Fan, and immediately paid homage.

  "It was I, Han Dongmin, who was blind and ignorant, who offended Grandmaster Ye, and asked for forgiveness from the Grandmaster!"

  Han Dongmin's words were only like a boulder falling into the sea, raising a thousand layers of waves.

  Immediately behind Han Dongmin, Meng Guang, Shen Fei, and the group of leaders who came with him, all bowed and worshiped Ye Fan in unison.

  That esteemed voice, words of shame, gathered into a stream, but it trembled the entire hall!

  "Please, Master Ye forgive me!"


  "Please, Master Ye forgive me!"


  "Please, Master Ye forgive~"

  In the seven-foot hall, under the eyes of everyone, the municipal party committee leaders led by Han Dongmin, but all of them were bowing to Ye Fan.

  The low and solemn voice of apology only sounded like a monstrous volley of waves, exploding in everyone's ears.



  Seeing the scene in front of her, Qiu Mu Orange was stunned, Han Li was stunned, and Zhang Zhengfu was stunned.

  The entire Mufan Real Estate, the dozens of people up and down the company, were all stunned.

  Even Wang Xing Duo and the others, with their old faces, were instantly dumbstruck.

  It was as if they had been slapped in the face.

  The entire people, dumbstruck, just like that, frozen in the storm.

  At this moment, the entire company building, actually silent.

  The sound of a pin dropping could almost be heard as well!

  In the large hall, there was only Han Dongmin and a group of others, all in suits and full of respect.Bowing and stooping, they worshiped Ye Fanzun.

  In front, the cold, gloomy wind was blowing along the wide open doors and windows.

  Zhang Zhengfu, Wang Xing Duo and many others present, their bodies unconsciously trembled.

  It was almost impossible for anyone present to believe their eyes at all.

  What was wrong with this world?

  The head of a city is now so respectful to a country bumpkin, to a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law?

  Not only coming in person, but now even bowing and apologizing?

  "Mu...Mu Orange, is that...Is that Ye Fan?"

  Han Li had already looked dumbfounded, she stared at her dead eyes, unable to stop to draw cold air, and finally even more terrified all over, to Qiu Mu Orange, asking in a low voice.

  "I...I don't know."Qiu Mu-Orange was also a little uncertain.

  Apparently, the scene in front of them was too horrifying.

  So much so that even if they saw it with their own eyes, it was simply too hard for Autumn Mugwort Orange and the others to accept.

  Even they, let alone Wang Xingduo who had come to take revenge on Ye Fan today, were like this.

  Wang Xingduo's old face was already white and miserable!

  Especially when he saw Han Dongmin kneeling down at Ye Fan, his entire body was nearly scared out of his wits.


  Who has Wang Xingduo messed with?

  Even the deputy mayor himself came to pay his respects?

  Before, that Little Liu was just a driver, so respectful to Ye Fan, Wang Xingduo did not care at all, only thought that this Ye Fan was only acquainted with that driver, a purely personal relationship, not important enough.

  However, only now did Wang Xing Duo understand that this little Liu and Meng Guang had come to give a complete head start to Han Dongmin's arrival!

  Thinking of this, Wang Xingduo's heart was wow cool.While Han Dongmin and the others were not paying attention, Wang Xingduo led his men and was ready to slip away.

  At this time, however, facing the apology from Han Dongmin and the others, Ye Fan sneered.

  "Don't, Han City, I can't afford this apology from you!"

  "One of your subordinates, you disagree and want to seize my wife's company, and you say that you're going to make things difficult for our family."

  "I can't even mess with a subordinate like you, let alone your high and mighty deputy mayor."

  Ye Fan said the opposite of what he was saying and smiled coldly.

  "Ye Fan, don't talk nonsense, be polite..."Hearing Ye Fan's words that were full of ridicule, Qiu Mu Orange was so frightened that her face went three shades white.

  That was Han Dongmin ah, a big enough person to be ranked in the top three among the official powers of Yunzhou City.

  Normally, this kind of person, Qiu Mu Orange had only seen on TV.But now, her husband was talking to Han Dongmin in such a tone, of course, Qiu Mu Orange was terrified, and even pulled Ye Fan's sleeve behind him, telling him to speak more respectfully to Han Dongmin.

  However, to Qiu Mu Orange's surprise, in the face of Ye Fan's rude words, not only was Han Dongmin not angry at all, but he also frowned and glared at the assistant Meng Guang and the driver Xiao Liu at the side.

  "Say, what the hell is going on here?"

  The driver, Little Liu, immediately returned, "Han City, this is what happened."

  Immediately, Little Liu told Han Dongmin exactly what Wang Xingduo had done.


  "And this?!"

  "Wang Xingduo, come over here!"

  "I'd like to hear why you want to seize Master Ye's estate."Han Dongmin shouted coldly and immediately looked forward, rebuking angrily.

  Wang Xingduo, who had only just turned around, was immediately frightened when he heard Han Dongmin's words.Knowing that he was in danger, he had to face it with a hard scalp.

  "Han-shi, misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding~"

  "I really don't know, you and Ye...Master Ye..."

  Wang Xingduo, his eyes full of bitterness, explained to Han Dongmin.

  Han Dongmin's face was icy cold, still berating him, "What misunderstanding is not misunderstanding?I'll let you tell me, what has this Mu Fan property committed that makes you bring someone to seize it without asking for permission?"


  Faced with Han Dongmin's questioning, how could Wang Xingduo answer.

  After all, all along, the charge of Mu Fan's property had been added by him haphazardly.

  Now that Han Dongmin had asked him to speak, where did he dare to say anything?

  Eventually, Wang Xingduo knelt on the ground with a bitter face and begged Han Dongmin, "Han-shi, I...I was wrong."

  "It was a moment of confusion on my part."

  "I deserve to be punished~"

  "But please, Han City, for the sake of all the years I've served Cloud State, bypass me this time?"

  Wang Xingduo begged miserably.

  However, how could Han Dongmin spare him: "You have used public office for personal gain, abused your private power, and framed others."

  "Morally corrupt and behaving in the worst possible way!"

  "You have done such a heinous deed and you have the nerve to beg me to spare you?"

  "Someone, bring him down to me, dismiss him pending trial and punish him severely~"


  Han Dongmin's icy words were like a death sentence being pronounced.

  Wang Xingduo was flabbergasted on the spot, his eyes filled with despair, and in that instant, it was as if all of his strength had been taken away from him, and like a puddle of mud, he simply slumped there.

  Heart like, dead ashes!

  He had never expected that the position he had worked so hard to obtain for decades would collapse in this instant.

  One misstep, a thousand years of hatred~!


Before this, Wang Xing Duo originally thought that Ye Fan was just a poor loser in the countryside, a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law, whose only little achievement might be in the painting and calligraphy world.

  So, from the beginning to the end, Wang Xingduo didn't take Ye Fan into his eyes at all.

  After all, what could a door-to-door son-in-law from the countryside be able to do?

  Is it not as easy to deal with him as with a fish on the chopping block?

  So, he came here today, just thinking of using the seizure of Mu Fan's property to take revenge on Ye Fan and avenge his past shame!

  But Wang Xingduo had never dreamed that it was this skinny man in front of him, who was looked down upon and despised by everyone, who was involved with Han Dongmin.

  Moreover, looking at Han Dongmin's awe and respect for Ye Fan, this Ye Fan, was obviously a big man!

  Now that he had provoked such a person, Wang Xingduo felt desperate.

  Between endless grief, but only endless remorse was left in his heart.

  If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have killed himself to target Mu Fan real estate, let alone provoke people like Ye Fan.

  Thinking of this, Wang Xingduo ton hated those Qiu Mu Ying and other Qiu family members to the bone!

  If it wasn't for those idiots in the Qiu family, how could he have offended Mufan Real Estate?

  If it wasn't for that dog couple of Autumn Muyoung and Chu Wenfei, how would he have messed with Ye Fan?

  At this time, Wang Xing Duo was so angry that he wanted to slaughter that stupid family of the Qiu family.

  "The Qiu family has harmed me, the Qiu family has harmed me~"

  In the hall, Wang Xingduo was filled with despair and couldn't stop weeping as he turned his face up.

  However, no matter how remorseful he was, what use was it?

  There are thousands of medicines in this world, but there is no medicine for regret.

  He has only himself to blame for ending up like this.

  And, after the arrest of Wang Xingduo, Han Dongmin had people again to assess the various qualifications of Mufan property, if there are no problems, the approval immediately issued without delay.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product.

  I thought today's calamity, Mufan real estate is inescapable again.

  Even a few minutes ago, Qiu Mu Orange was already desperate.

  The company's entire staff also thought that Mufan Property was afraid that it would collapse and die today, and at that time, many of them were already thinking about their own future.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.

  The approval will be released soon after Han Dongmin personally gave the word.

  Only on the second day, people from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce personally came to the door and issued a real estate industry development qualification certificate to Mufan Group, and at the same time, because of what Wang Xingduo had done before, here solemnly apologized to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Just like this, the predicament that had plagued Qiu Mu Orange for a long time was thus solved.

  Qiu Mu Orange and the others were well aware that this time, their company, was in the light of Qiu Mu Orange's husband, Ye Fan.

  "CEO Qiu, you've married a good husband."

  "Found a good home!"

  "I'm so jealous."

  "If my husband could be half as good for Autumn, I'd wake up laughing in my sleep."


  "If we had known that CEO Autumn's husband knew Mayor Han, we should have asked Mr. Ye a long time ago."

  "Where would it have been like this, a delay of almost two months before we got the approval."



  "That's great, now that all the documents are complete, we, Mufan Real Estate, can finally open for business."

  "Mr. Qiu, the time of the opening ceremony, is it possible to confirm it."

  "Let's also hurry up and send out all the invitations."

  The entire Mufan Real Estate Company was in a thriving atmosphere.

  The dark clouds that had previously permeated everyone's heart had undoubtedly dissipated as well.

  It was only as if the clouds were lifted and the blue sky was seen.

  Even Qiu Mucheng's own beautiful face, at this time, also revealed a rare smile of some comfort.

  The stone that had been hanging in her heart for a long time had finally landed on the ground.

  Especially now, when she heard her colleagues praise her for finding a good husband, no one could know the sweetness and happiness in Qiu Mu Orange's heart at that time.

  The happiest moment for any woman was when she heard others boasting about her man.

  But sweetness was sweetness, but in Qiu Mu Orange's heart, there were still doubts that hadn't dissipated.

  What exactly was the friendship between Ye Fan and Han Dongmin?

  Why did Han Dongmin bring so many people to the Mufan Group yesterday to look for Ye Fan, and with such a respectful attitude?

  Could it be that his husband really has a hidden power?

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly shook her head, no matter how much she wanted to, she was only guessing after all, it was better to go home tonight and ask Ye Fan about it in person.

  As for Ye Fan, after experiencing yesterday's incident, he saw that this Han Dongmin's apology was also sincere, so he didn't meet him again and forgave Han Dongmin for the offense he had given him in the villa before.

  And, Ye Fan also helped Han Dongmin procure some raw jade stones to help him out of his current predicament.

  After a day of purchasing, even with Ye Fan's long eyes, Han Dongmin did not open the best emeralds like Zheng Yang Green or Emperor Green.

  After all, a clever wife couldn't cook without rice.

  Even if Ye Fan had fire eyes, but the quality of the original stone was not good, Ye Fan naturally couldn't give Han Dongmin to conjure up such precious jade out of thin air.

  However, the day was still quite fruitful for them.

  Although there was no positive sun green, some emeralds with good seed water such as glass and ice seeds did open up.

  In just one day, Han Dongmin had not only recovered all his previous losses, but had also completed the jadeite purchase target issued by the city ahead of schedule.

  In the evening, Han Dongmin opened a banquet to invite Ye Fan as a token of his gratitude.


  "Thanks to Master Ye this time."

  "If it wasn't for Master Ye's help, not to mention this black hat on my head, I'm afraid that my clear name in this life would have been ruined."

  "In the future, Master Ye will be the benefactor of my Han Dongmin, and will be reborn to me."

  "At any time, at any matter, whenever Master Ye visits my home, I, Han Dongmin, will serve Master Ye, as a guest!"At the wine table, Han Dongmin thanked him repeatedly.

  After being on edge for so long, the knot was finally untied by Ye Fan today.

  Of course, Han Dongmin was excited, but he, who normally didn't drink, drank three glasses of liquor in a row tonight, and his eyes were slightly red.

  To Ye Fan, Han Dongmin was truly grateful.

  "Han City, why do you need to say thank you?You helped my wife, I deserve to return the favor.I, Ye Fan, don't like to owe people."

  "Hey, Master Ye, you can't say that, your wife is operating legally, the qualification is up to standard, and the approval and issuance is already a matter of course, I'm not helping at all, but just acting impartially.Master Ye's help today is the real help.I, Han Dongmin, will never forget such a favor."Han Dongmin still thanked Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan smiled lightly, but didn't argue with Han Dongmin any more.After eating a little bit of food, he also got up to take his leave.

  "Before leaving, Han City, but I have to remind you of a few things."

  "Things that are opportunistic and take shortcuts are better done sparingly in the future."

  "If a shortcut is taken, it's certainly good.But if you didn't take a shortcut, you're afraid that you won't be able to bear the consequences."


"Yes, yes, what Master Ye said is extremely true."

  "With this lesson, I'm afraid that I, Han Dongmin, will remember it for the rest of my life in the future."

  "Will never do such a desperate thing again."

  Recalling the things that had happened during this period of time, Han Dongmin couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat.

  Fortunately, he had met Master Ye's, otherwise, he was afraid that he would not be able to get through this calamity.

  That day, if it wasn't for Ye Fan's words, Han Dongmin was afraid that he would have really believed Liu Chuanzhi's words and used two hundred million to buy a piece of scrap stone.

  If things really came to that point, where would Han Dongmin have the chance to sit here and eat and chat with Ye Fan as he is now, he would probably have already ended up in jail.

  Afterwards, Han Dongmin and Han Shaojie, father and son, sent Ye Fan away.

  Originally, Han Dongmin wanted to send them back with a special car, but Ye Fan refused and went back by himself.

  Unable to resist Ye Fan and the others, Han Dongmin had no choice but to follow Ye Fan's wishes.

  "The next generation is truly fearsome~"

  "Shao Jie, since you are fortunate enough to know a friend like Master Ye, in the future, you must get to know each other more."

  "As the saying goes, the one who is close to the vermilion is close to the black, I hope you can become more successful under the influence of Master Ye's ears and eyes, until you can help me to be alone, right?"

  Under the moonlight, looking at the back of Ye Fan leaving, Han Dongmin, however, was full of admiration and even lamented.

  Beside him, Han Shaojie nodded, "Well, Dad, I'll learn more from Brother Fan in the future."

  Hearing this, Han Dongmin smiled in relief, "Very good, Shaojie, I'm happy that you can think like this, I'm a father."

  "Also, this time, you have indeed made a great achievement for my father to survive this calamity.If you hadn't helped me to introduce Master Ye, I'm afraid that I, Han Dongmin, would have been ruined, right?"

  After so many years, it was the first time Han Shaojie had heard his father praise him so much.

  No one knew how happy and excited Han Shao Jie was at this time.That sense of gain and pride, that feeling of finally being acknowledged by his own father, was more precious to Han Shao Jie than the original stone expelling the emperor green!

  "Shao Jie, work hard.In a few days, I'll have Little Liu send some books over, so you take a good look at them and prepare for the exam."

  "I have an opportunity here, as long as you pass the exam, I can let you go.Help you officially step into the career path."

  "Behave well, I hope, in the future, I, Han Dongmin, can proudly tell everyone that you, Han Shaojie, are my Han Dongmin's son!"

  Han Dongmin patted his own son's shoulder and said in a deep voice.

  At that moment, Han Shaojie's eyebrows were actually slightly red.

  Only this time did Han Shao Jie Fang truly feel the infinite expectation and intense fatherly love that his father had for him.

  As they say, a father's love is like a mountain!

  Perhaps, this kind of feeling will not be as obvious and tender as a mother's love.But the thickness and intensity of it was as strong as any sincere emotion in the world.

  "Dad, I'll try my best."

  "Son will never embarrass you!"

  Under the moonlit night, Han Shaojie clenched his palms, and in his eyebrows was all determination.

  Now, Shen Fei has entered the management of the Shen Clan, no longer like the old idle dude, officially started his own business, preparing for the future to take over the mantle of Shen Jiuyi.

  As for Han Shaojie, who was Shen Fei's best friend, naturally he was not willing to be left behind by Shen Fei.

  He had decided that he would also work hard, just like his father, to open up his own business.

  However, while father and son were talking, Han Dongmin seemed to have realized something and suddenly slapped his thigh, "Bad!"

  "Dad, what's wrong with you?"Han Shaojie was suddenly confused.

  "Quickly, Shao Jie, go with Dad and go after Master Ye."

  "Just now, I was just focused on drinking, and I forgot to tell Master Ye about something important."

  "It might not work, Master Ye will be in danger of losing his life."

  Han Dongmin's face changed drastically, between his old pale face, then he shouted Han Shaojie together and drove off in a mad chase towards the direction Ye Fan left.

  On the other hand, after Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing left Han Dongmin's villa, they also headed home against the night.

  During this time, Qiu Mu orange went to work during the day and Lu Wenjing was alone at home with no one to accompany her, so as long as Ye Fan went out, Lu Wenjing followed like a follower.

  Naturally, today was no exception.

  Ye Fan followed Han Dongmin to buy stones for a day, and naturally Lu Wenjing followed beside him for a day.

  I thought that this little loli would complain about being tired or something like that, but to Ye Fan's surprise, this little girl not only didn't feel tired, but she was also lively and seemed happy.

  "Brother Ye Fan, you're too powerful."

  "If you don't make a move, you're amazing."

  "Any stone you fancy, they all surprisingly soared out of the green."

  "No, brother Ye Fan, I have to take a look at your eyes, let me see if you have fire eyes or not."

  At this time, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing were walking on the streets of Yunzhou.

  It was seven o'clock at night, when the Yunzhou nightlife was bustling, there were pedestrians coming and going everywhere, and all the people going in and out of the shops by the roadside were also guests of couples.

  At this time, Lu Wenjing, wearing a printed shirt, the following with a black and white checkered small skirt, black shoes da da knocking on the ground, cute look like a small sparrow in June, the delicate look is very charming.

  Between the two jokes, but passing by a barbecue restaurant, the rich aroma of meat to the nose.So much so that Lu Wenjing, who was on the side, couldn't walk at that time, drooling with gluttony, kept asking Ye Fan to go in and eat the barbecue.

  "You nippy, didn't you just finish your meal and eat again?"

  "No!You guys were just there talking and talking, and you didn't even eat much.You guys don't eat, I don't dare to eat, I've barely eaten a few bites."

  "Brother Ye Fan, just take me, you haven't taken me out to eat since I've been here?What's more, I'm leaving tomorrow night, so just think of it as tramping for me a day early, okay?"Lu Wenjing said grudgingly, an inexplicable light shining in those thirsty beautiful eyes.

  Under Lu Wenjing's pampering, Ye Fan had no choice but to take him to a barbecue.

  "First, let's agree, save your food, I don't have much money on me."

  "Hmph, brother Ye Fan is so stingy!Don't worry, I won't eat you poorly."

  "Heh, you're stingy for buying you a barbecue, you ninny?I'm not even happy about this effort."

  Ye Fan smiled helplessly, then went into an open air barbecue restaurant on the side with Lu Wenjing.

  While the two of them went in, but no one noticed, going to a short distance away, there was always a pair of eyes, watching them at all times.

  After seeing the two of them go in, this person immediately picked up the phone and called out, "Brother Zhou, the Le-Hua BBQ restaurant on Liaoyang East Road."

  After a long silence, the phone, but only a cold "good" word came out.


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