Dish Best Served Cold 301-305


Chapter 301

In normal days, Han Dongmin would be mean to him whenever he saw him playing games on his phone.

  So now, feeling the sharp eyes of the crowd, Han Shao Jie subconsciously thought that he must have upset his father again by playing with his cell phone.

  So, in fear, Han Shaojie immediately lowered his head and whispered, "Dad, I was wrong."

  Han Shaojie had thought that what would inevitably follow would be his own father's splitting, angry scolding.

  However, Han Shaojie had never expected that Han Dongmin would say in a deep voice, "No, Shaojie, you're not wrong, it's me who's wrong!"


  At that time, Han Shaojie was stunned, thinking to himself, the always strong old man, why is this suddenly an apology to himself.

  Could it be, that it was the right thing to say?

  Han Shaojie became even more terrified and said bitterly, "No, Dad, you're right, I was wrong."

  Han Dongmin: "No, son, you're really not wrong.It's Dad who's wrong."

  "Don't, Dad.You really aren't wrong, and I'm the one who's wrong."Han Shaojie was so frightened that he was about to cry, thinking to himself that his old man was furry, if he wanted to beat him, he would beat him, if he wanted to scold him, you don't play with your son like that ah?

  "Shaojie, it's really Dad's fault~"

  "No, Dad, it's my fault!"

  The people next to me were confused.

  I thought to myself, "Is this father and son addicted to this game?

  Finally, Han Dongmin ran out of patience and smacked away, "Shut up, you!"

  "If I say it's my son's fault, it's my son's fault!"

  Han Shaojie was honestly slapped in the face by his own dad, but he felt much better then.

  I thought, "Is this normal?

  This was what his father should be like.

  At this time, however, Han Dongmin continued, "Shaojie, I'm sorry.It was me who misunderstood you, and it was Dad's dog's eyes that misunderstood that friend of yours, Master Ye."

  "You have to help Dad find him, and we have to apologize to Master Ye in person."

  "And it's up to Master Ye to see if your dad can get past this disaster."

  "You're my son, you have to help me find him,"

  Han Dongmin said softly, no longer having the same hateful anger towards Han Shaojie that he had before, and his tone was much lower and calmer.

  Only when Han Shaojie heard this did the party completely understand.

  After all the fussing, his old man had come to beg him to find Ye Fan ah.

  "I'm not going!"

  "Love who goes?"

  "I'm just a scrappy thing, I make fox friends, I don't know any Master Ye?"

  Han Shaojie was also in a temper at the time.

  After all, his previous filial piety had made it hard for him to invite Ye Fan to help.But what was the result?Not to mention that he was beaten up, but people came to help Ye Fan with good intentions and ended up being chased away instead?

  "You didn't believe me before when I said that Van was a master of the highest order, but now that you've forced him away, you regret it?Thinking of me again?"

  "When you treated the friends I invited that way, did you ever fear a single point of your son's face?"

  When he remembered what had just happened, Han Shaojie was filled with anger in his heart.

  Before, he was afraid that Han Dongmin would beat him up, so he didn't dare to say anything.

  Now that Han Dongmin was asking for his help, he simply said all the anger in his heart.

  Ye Fan and Shen Fei and the others were, after all, his friends, and he had invited them.But his father, Han Dongmin, didn't have the slightest regard for his son's face, insulting the human world like that in public, and even using armed police to drive people away.

  This undoubtedly made Han Shaojie lose face in front of his friends.

  He didn't even have the face to meet Ye Fan and the others now.

  Hearing these words from Han Shaojie, Han Dongmin's heart was also filled with guilt, bowing his head and saying ashamedly, "Shaojie, it's Dad's fault, it's all my fault, I misunderstood you and made you lose face in front of your friends."

  "Dad knows it was wrong, all that's why he thought to ask you to take me to Master Ye, we apologize to people in public."

  "It's more than just saving your face, it's saving your father's career path ah."

  "Son, your father is in real trouble right now, you can't not help."

  Han Dongmin put down the mayor's frame in a rare move, and spoke bitterly to Han Shaojie, persuading him.Knowing with compassion and moving with reason, it was almost as if he, the father, was crying and begging him.

  "I'm not going!"Han Shaojie was still angry.

  "Shao Jie, you just put up with it?"Han Dongmin said in a bitter voice.

  Han Shaojie remained resolute: "No go!"


  Han Dongmin slapped past the paste and said sternly, "Bastard, are you going or not?"

  Han Shaojie covered his face and was on the verge of tears, wincing then, "Dad, can't I go?"

  "You bastard, you don't listen to me when you're told nicely that you won't listen, but you have to let me do it?You brat just needs to smoke."Han Dongmin said in an angry voice.

  Then, he forced his son to find Ye Fan.

  However, Han Shaojie hadn't known Ye Fan for long, and the only knowledge he had about Ye Fan was through Shen Fei.

  Now if you want to find Ye Fan, you can only contact Shen Fei again.

  But Shen Fei did not answer Han Shaojie's phone, obviously because of today's events, to revive Han Shaojie's anger.

  There was no good way to do that either?

  Han Shaojie could only shamelessly continue to make contact.

  In the end, he even asked his own father to step in and contact Shen Jiuyi.Let Shen Jiuyi bring Shen Fei in again.



  While Han Shaojie's family was frantically searching for Ye Fan's residence, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing and the others had already returned home.

  "Brother Ye Fan, you're amazing."

  "How can you tell that the raw stone is scrap?"Along the way, Lu Wenjing recalled what had just happened, but she couldn't stop sighing.

  After just a few days together, Lu Wenjing had discovered that this brother-in-law that she had once despised was not at all as incompetent and mediocre as the Qiu family had said.

  Rather, Lu Wenjing felt that Ye Fan was particularly powerful and capable.

  Not only could he see if the painting was real or fake, but he could also determine if the original stone was good or bad.

  Looking at the confusion written in Little Lori Lu Wenjing's big bright eyes, Ye Fan rubbed her head and spoiled her, "Jing Jing, actually you, brother Ye Fan, have fire eyes."

  "Back then, I peeked at your sister Autumn's bath, and when I was discovered, I put it in a pressure cooker and burned it with a raging fire for seventy-seven and forty-nine days, and eventually the iron pot exploded, and the world changed dramatically.Your Sister Qiu didn't burn me to death, but instead helped me practice my fire eyes and golden eyes divine power."

  "These eyes of mine can not only distinguish truth from falsehood and good from bad, they can also see into people's hearts and see into the past and future."

  Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

  Lu Wenjing blinked her eyes and was stunned, then puffed out a laugh.

  The silver bell-like laughter was only like a flower branch trembling like a spring breeze.

  "Brother Ye Fan, you're so funny."

  "Living with Brother Ye Fan, living life together, it must be interesting too."

  "Before, I always felt unworthy for Sister Qiu, but now, I'm starting to think that it might be Sister Qiu's good fortune to marry you, right?"

  Lu Wenjing tilted up her snow-white, young and pretty face, the infatuated Ye Fan, but he was smiling.



  "Is that how you feel now, you ninny?"

  They were joking around and soon returned home as well.

  It was just in time for the noon cooking time.

  At this time, there were only two people at home, Han Li and her husband, and as soon as Ye Fan came back, the couple asked Ye Fan to hurry up and cook.

  And at this time, Lu Wenjing would take the initiative to come over and give Ye Fan a hand.

  "Brother Ye Fan, is Sister Qiu back for lunch?"

  While Ye Fan was cooking, Lu Wenjing was curious and asked.

  Ye Fan shook his head, "Your sister Qiu is busy at work and rarely comes back for lunch.It's almost always just a takeaway at the office to get by."

  Lu Wenjing got worried when she heard that.

  "How is that okay?"

  "Our teacher said that takeaways are very unclean, and it's easy to get sick from eating them all the time."

  "And my sister Autumn doesn't even bother to buy cosmetics, so she won't be willing to buy good ones when she orders take-out, right?"

  "Brother Evan, why don't we go to the office today to deliver food to Sister Qiu?"

  Lu Wenjing suggested.

  However, after what she said, Ye Fan also felt that it made sense.

  In the past, Ye Fan had also taken the initiative to deliver food to Qiu Mu Orange, but Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't let him do so, saying that she didn't want to make it too troublesome for Ye Fan, so she could just order a takeaway for herself if she wanted to eat something.

  Now the company's business situation, the approval is delayed, under these circumstances, Ye Fan estimated that Qiu Mu Orange is afraid that she really has to be like what Lu Wenjing said, not willing to eat and wear.

  In fact, Ye Fan helped Han Shaojie this favor today, so he thought that after the completion of the matter to Han Dongmin, let them give Mufan property approval to pass.

  Han Dongmin a deputy mayor, and divided into industrial and commercial industry, like this approval is nothing more than a sentence.

  But who would have thought that Han Dongmin's dog's eyes would see people, and in the end, Ye Fan directly fell out with them, so this matter would naturally have no chance to be said.

  If Qiu Mu Orange and the others couldn't handle it anymore, Ye Fan thought of giving Li Er a call.

  After all, Li Er had some influence in Yunzhou, and he should have some people in the government who could speak to him.

  It shouldn't be difficult to help Mufan Group get a certificate of qualification.

  "However, it would be much easier if Xu were here."

  "She's been mixed up in the Yunzhou shopping mall for so many years, so I guess this kind of thing is just a phone call for her, right?"

  "This woman, why did she leave somehow?"

  "Not even a greeting."

  Ye Fan at this time, but rang out that mature and graceful woman from before, Xu Lei, the CEO of the Red Flag Group.

  This Mu Fan real estate was what Xu Lei had helped Ye Fan set up.

  Ye Fan originally thought to let Xu Lei help Qiu Mu Orange more in the future, but who would have thought that Xu Lei would suddenly leave without saying goodbye.

  Xu Lei's departure was very sudden, and Ye Fan had asked Li Er about some of Xu Lei's situation, and it seemed that someone from the family had come to take her away.

  This departure was so long.It looked like she was afraid that she wouldn't return in the future.

  "It's rather cheap for Qiu Mu Ying and the others."

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, he was thinking of waiting for Xu Lei to come back and directly ask her to tear up the contract and suspend the cooperation with the Qiu family.To properly teach this group of white-eyed wolves of the Qiu family a lesson.

  After all, the cooperation that his wife had worked so hard to get was a dowry for someone else, not to mention Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan was also quite indignant in his heart.

  "Brother Ye Fan, why don't you say something?"

  "Are you going to deliver food to Sister Autumn or not?"Lu Wenjing's voice, however, pulled Ye Fan back from his thoughts of running away.

  Only then did Ye Fan nodded, then returned, "Okay, Jing Jing.We'll go bring your sister Autumn food in a moment."

  "Mm, give Sister Autumn a big surprise~" Lu Wenjing seemed to be looking forward to this.

  Soon, after the meal was done, Ye Fan took a bento box and filled it with the portion that belonged to Qiu Mu Orange, and later on, after they finished eating, they were going to send it over to Qiu Mu Orange.


  "What are you doing there if you're not eating properly?"Han Li couple but the two are confused, Ye Fan this guy is in such a hurry to finish dinner out what.

  Lu Wenjing, however, said, "Auntie, I went with brother Ye Fan to deliver food to sister Qiu."


  "You're going to Mu Orange?"Han Li was slightly shocked after hearing this.

  In the past, Qiu Mu Orange had always gone down to the restaurant or ordered take-out at noon outside, but now could it be that she couldn't even afford take-out anymore and had to have her food delivered by Ye Fan?

  Han Li almost instantly realized that the company her daughter is in, I'm afraid that something has happened, right?It wasn't at all as smooth as what Autumn Mu Orange had told them.

  "No, I have to go over there and take a look."

  "If this company is really going to collapse, I'll have to get Mu Orange to resign quickly."

  "Save it from being delayed."

  Now that their family depended almost entirely on Autumn Mu Orange to support them, if Autumn Mu Orange couldn't make any money, how would they live in the future?

  We're going to drink the wind.

  Therefore, of course, Han Li was particularly concerned about Qiu Mu Orange's work issues.

  With this thought, Han Li then decided that he and Qiu Lei would also go over to deliver dinner together and take a look at their company's situation.


  With his mother-in-law giving the word, Ye Fan had no choice but to go over with them.



  The Mufan property is now just recently established.

  Whether it was still the office building, or the decoration and such, it was all new.

  Originally, Qiu Mu Orange and the others planned to hold the opening reception as soon as the approval was done.

  Even the invitations had been written at first!

  However, plans cannot catch up with changes.

  Who would have thought, after everything is ready, the approval of the qualification certificate is stuck.

  Approval to do not down, their company will not be able to do business, or else it is illegal, a lawsuit.

  Just like that, everything was delayed.

  Now Mufan real estate, completely sitting empty, the cash flow is almost all cut off.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange just finished a meeting with the company's executives, and then opened the phone ready to order a takeaway to make ends meet.

  At this time, a man's enthusiastic voice came from behind.

  "Mr. Qiu, haven't you eaten yet?"

  "Don't order takeout."

  "I had my babysitter make two meals, why don't you join us?"

  In the middle of the conversation, a young man in a suit, however, was smiling, facing Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange politely returned: "Manager Zhang, no need, I've already ordered takeaway."

  Qiu Mu Orange was about to refuse, however at this time the colleagues passing around saw this, but smiled inexplicably, "Mr. Qiu, Manager Zhang is taking great pains, so you should stop refusing?"

  "People have persistently brought you lunch for a month, and you've refused for a month in a row, Mr. Qiu.Manager Zhang is showing this kindness to CEO Qiu, and if CEO Qiu is refusing, we won't be able to see it."

  The surrounding company employees burst into laughter.

  Being told so by them, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly a bit embarrassed as well.

  It would indeed be somewhat unkind if they didn't accept any more.

  "Alright, Manager Zhang, I'll take it this time.I'll transfer the money for the meal to you later.But in the future, you really don't need to bother so much."


Today, it was lunch break time.

  Everyone in the company has also left work for lunch, and the entire office building is instantly empty.There were only a handful of people left, either waiting for take-out or eating the bento they had brought from home in the morning.

  "Mr. Autumn, this is salmon."

  "It's ribs."

  "And chicken soup~"

  "I specifically asked our nanny to make this stew, and I don't know if it's to Autumn's taste."

  In the room, Zhang Zhengfu smiled as he placed the food on the table for Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop saying thank you, "Manager Zhang, I can do the rest by myself, you can go busy with your work."

  "Mr. Qiu, I'm fine, I'm basically done with work, the only thing I have to do now is to eat with Mr. Qiu."Manager Zhang smiled.

  "This..."Qiu Mu Orange picked her eyebrows without a trace, but they were all colleagues of the company, and this Zhengfu in front of her was also the son of company patriarch Zhang Xiaosong, Qiu Mu Orange was too embarrassed to drive him away even though she minded it in her heart.

  But Zhang Zhengfu is sitting on the side, quietly looking at the woman in front of him, in his eyes, all the color of infatuation.

  From the time he first entered the company, he was captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Qiu Mu orange.

  During this period of time, Zhang Zhengfu had been secretly observing Qiu Mu orange, and found that whether it was going to work or leaving work, Qiu Mu orange was always alone.

  Therefore, Zhang Zhengfu was certain that Qiu Mu Orange must be single.

  Therefore, this was why he made up his mind and prepared to go on the offensive against Qiu Mu Orange.

  If he could chase this kind of woman into his hands, Zhang Zhengfu felt that he probably wouldn't have any regrets in his life.

  "Mr. Qiu, this rice..."

  However, just as Zhang Zhengfu was about to find something to say to chat with Qiu Mu Orange, all of a sudden, the office door was pushed open.

  Zhang Zhengfu was shocked, and when he looked back, he only saw a man dressed somewhat casually in ordinary clothes walking in carrying something.

  When Zhang Zhengfu saw this, he became angry then.

  "Where's that bastard?"

  "Can't you see that Autumn and I are having dinner?"

  "How dare you barge in without knocking?"

  "Where's the security?What's with the food, this kind of person is also put in the company?"Zhang Zhengfu angrily rebuked.

  When he saw this person in front of him, however, Ye Fan frowned.

  But didn't pay any attention to him and instead looked to the side at Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, I..."


  "You can call Autumn by her boudoir name, too?"Zhang Zhengfu was once again angry, but he directly interrupted Ye Fan's words, then he was filled with concern and reassured Qiu Mu Orange, "Qiu, don't worry, with me here, no one can hurt you."

  When Ye Fan heard this, he seemed to have understood some things and smiled, "This brother, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you.As for me, not only can I call your General Manager Qiu by her boudoir name, I can even come home at night and eat a meal cooked by your General Manager Qiu.Even the clothes I'm wearing are even bought for me by your General Manager Autumn, and I'm also the one who washes them when they get dirty."

  "And we'll also sleep in the same bed at night and rest in the same room."

  "In addition, your General Manager Autumn, is going to give me a son, for my Ye family, to carry on the family name?"

  It seemed as if Ye Fan was deliberately angry at Zhang Zhengfu as he said it with a cheap smile.

  The gaze that looked at Zhang Zhengfu was filled with contempt and banter.


  When Zhang Zhengfu heard this, his eyes turned red.

  He scuffled and stood up, his entire body almost furious.

  There was only one kind of anger in his heart, the anger of his goddess being blasphemed!

  "Where's the idiot?"

  "Full of filth and nonsense!"

  "And share a bed?And have children?"

  "Who do you think you are?Autumn's man?"

  "Don't you see what kind of virtue you have, Mr. Qiu is so heavenly looking that he's blind to marry you?"Zhang Zhengfu angrily rebuked.

  When Ye Fan heard this, his face smiled even more, "Hey, you're really right, I'm really the man of your General Manager Qiu."

  "What a bunch of nonsense!"

  "Just like that, you still covet our Chief Autumn?"

  "If you're Chief Autumn's husband, I, Zhang Zhengfu, will immediately jump from this fifth floor without saying a word!"

  Zhang Zhengfu laughed coldly and was filled with disdain.

  However, as soon as his words fell, outside the room, Lu Wenjing and Han Li and the others then walked in.

  "Sister Qiu, I've finally found you."

  "Brother Ye Fan is afraid that you won't eat well and has specially made a meal for you."

  "See how good brother Ye Fan is to you."

  "Sister Autumn, I'm envious that you have a husband like Brother Ye Fan?"

  Lu Wenjing threw herself into Qiu Mu Orange's arms and smiled in amusement.


  And when Zhang Zhengfu heard this, he was confused, as if he had been slapped in the face, and instantly stayed where he was, his eyes widening instantly.

  "Chief Qiu, he...He...He really is, your husband?"

  Zhang Zhengfu's face was livid, and he looked towards Qiu Mu Orange in disbelief, his words trembling as he lost his voice.

  This smack in the face came so fast that Zhang Zhengfu was caught off guard!

  But Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was a bit indignant and blushing at this time.

  It was obviously because of the nonsense that Ye Fan had just said just now!

  This bastard is really shameless.

  In front of the chaos of his own staff, talking nonsense.

  Fortunately, there was only Zhang Zhengfu here, otherwise, if it was in front of the entire staff, her glorious and majestic image of Qiu Mu Orange would have all come in the hands of this bastard Ye Fan.

  In shame and anger, Qiu Mu Orange gave Ye Fan a fierce stare.

  That look seemed to be a warning to Ye Fan, if you talk nonsense again, you'll have a hard time at night!

  Then, Qiu Mu Orange looked towards Zhang Zhengfu, "Manager Zhang, my family has arrived, please return for a moment."

  Although Qiu Mu Orange did not reply directly, the words in front of her were undoubtedly an indirect admission.

  Ye Fan, was her husband!


  At that moment, Zhang Zhengfu only felt thunder strike down, half of his body went cold and his heart broke.

  A secret love that hadn't even started yet, and it ended like this?

  How could Zhang Zhengfu have never imagined that the normally majestic and aloof beautiful CEO was already a wife?

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company has been working hard to develop the new product.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.I'm your CEO Qiu's mother, I told her to divorce, she wouldn't dare not to."

  "By the way, I haven't asked you yet, what's your name?How are you?What do the parents do for a living?How many houses in the city?At most, how much bride price can I accept to take?"

  "Mom, what are you dabbling in, you're not playing the piano?"Autumn Mu Orange was all speechless at the sight of this.

  Here we go again!

  You're not ashamed to ask people about their family background and houses?

  "Auntie, are you serious?"

  "Did Chew and him really fake marriage?"Zhang Zhengfu, however, was stunned at the time, and his original heart, which had been disheartened, immediately saw hope again.

  "That's for sure.They've been married for three years and have been sleeping apart so far.That Ye Fan is a poor, wimpy door-to-door son-in-law from the countryside, if it wasn't for some initial bitterness, how would my daughter have fallen for him, let alone married him?"Han Li said with disdain.

  Zhang Zhengfu was even happier, and even introduced himself, "Auntie, my name is Zhang Zhengfu.I'm the sales manager of this company."

  "Oh, so there's only one sales manager."The smile on Han Li's face faded, just now, looking at his dress and the Mercedes Benz car keys he put on the table, Han Li thought that he was a rich gentleman just like Sun Yuhao.

  However, in the next moment, when she heard Zhang Zhengfu say his father Zhang Xiaosong's name, Han Li became nonchalant.

  "Zhang Xiaosong?"

  "Just that famous entrepreneur, Zhang Xiaosong?"

  "The head of a $10 billion national company?"

  "The Chairman Zhang Xiaosong Zhang who invited my Mu Orange to be president?"


For Zhang Xiaosong, Han Li had actually never heard of him before.

  But ever since that night when Zhang Xiaosong and the others went to the Qiu family's old mansion to invite Qiu Mu Orange to come and serve as the president of Mufan Real Estate, Han Li had only learned of this Zhang Xiaosong's power from Qiu Guang and the others.

  It was said that he was also Yunzhou City's economic figure of the year, and although he only worked for the state, the head of a state-owned enterprise had to earn a salary of ten million every year, right?

  Although he was not as good as Sun Yuhao, he was undoubtedly many times better compared to Ye Fan.

  Thus, after learning that the person in front of her was Zhang Xiaosong's son, Han Li's face burst out laughing.

  "Come, Zhengfu, sit down quickly."

  "Have a good chat with your aunt."

  "I heard that your father was previously the CEO of a state-owned enterprise, so did your family get a share in that state-owned enterprise ah?"

  Han Li is also a self familiar, this just know Zhang Zhengfu not long, but it is already enthusiastically pulling Zhang Zhengfu's hand, in that chatting.

  Qiu Mu Orange, who was on the side, was filled with speechlessness.

  She didn't bother to pay attention to this mother of hers, she wouldn't listen to what she said anyway, so let her go.

  "Sister Autumn, eat it while it's hot."

  "Or else it will be cold later."

  Lu Wenjing took out her bento at this time, so she placed it in front of Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Thank you Jing Jing."Qiu Mu-Orange smiled.

  "Sister Qiu, don't thank me.It's Brother Ye Fan who made it for you."Lu Wenjing smiled hehehe.

  Qiu Mu Orange looked at Ye Fan, and even though she was a little unable to say it, she finally gave Ye Fan a thank you.

  But Ye Fan snorted and looked at Qiu Mu Orange, then asked, "This Zhang Zhengfu, does he often come to your office to eat with you?"

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything, just looked at Ye Fan's appearance and puffed out a laugh then.

  That smile was as bright and beautiful as a flower.

  This stinker, it turned out that he was still jealous?


  "How dare you laugh?"

  "Tell me the truth now!"

  "This is a serious matter."Ye Fan said in a stern voice.

  Autumn Mu Orange shook her head and laughed softly, "No.Today is just the first time."

  "He brought me a month's worth of food, and I rejected it all.Today it's too embarrassing to refuse, Fang..."

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't hide anything, but gave Ye Fan a clear explanation of the matter.

  Only then did Ye Fan nodded at ease.

  "Mu Orange, come over here, what is there to chat with that wimp, come over here and chat with Zhengfu."

  "You ninny, you're simply too disrespectful, if Zhengfu hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known that Zhengfu has been sending you meals for a month straight."

  Han Li's call came from the front, but Qiu Mu Orange pretended not to hear it and ignored it.

  Han Li was displeased, "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?Didn't you hear what I said? Get over here!"

  However, just as Han Li was unhappy, the office door was once again pushed open.

  Only a small clerk was seen, rushing in in a panic.

  "Chief Qiu, it's bad, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau is here."

  "And it's menacing, I'm afraid it's just a bad visitor~"


  "What are they doing here in all this goodness?"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows furrowed up, and in the end, it was too late for dinner, when she went downstairs and went to the company's entrance hall.

  Downstairs of the company, several cars of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce were parked there.

  In the lobby, there was only Wang Xingduo leading seven or eight people in uniforms, waiting at the company's entrance.

  "Hmm, is that him?"

  Seeing Wang Xingduo, Qiu Mu Orange's brows undoubtedly furrowed even deeper.

  The reason why they, Mufan Real Estate, were delayed in officially opening their business was because Wang Xingduo had stuck their approval and the certificate of eligibility was delayed, thus affecting the entire operation of their company.

  Before, Qiu Mu Orange had been trying to find him, but he refused to see.

  Now this how, but instead, he came to the door himself?

  "Director Wang, why didn't you tell me before you came."

  "As you can see on my side, there's nothing to prepare for, so please bear with me if the hospitality is poor."

  Qiu Mu-Orange said politely.

  "You're Qiu Mu- orange?"

  "The CEO of this company?That hillbilly's wife?"When he saw Qiu Mu Orange, but Wang Xingduo's eyebrows were gloomy and he asked coldly.

  But Qiu Mu Orange was slightly stunned.

  He asked himself if he was the company's CEO, this was understandable.

  But why did he, however, ask himself if he was Ye Fan's wife?

  Nearly instantly, Autumn Mu Orange had a bad feeling about it.

  "Yes, I am the president of this company, I wonder if Director Wang is..."

  "Hmph, you still have the nerve to ask?"

  "The reason why my Yunzhou City real estate industry is in chaos is because of unscrupulous businessmen like you again."

  Before Qiu Mu Orange finished her words, but Wang Xing Duo directly shouted in anger.

  Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was terrified and puzzled, "Director Wang, I don't understand, what have we done to make you so angry?"

  "Oh, it's pretty pretentious, isn't it?"Wang Xingduo sneered while saying sternly, "We received a report from the public that your Mu Fan Property is suspected of operating illegally.I have now decided to immediately seize Mu Fan Property, and all the company's top leaders will cooperate with the investigation."


  Seize the company?

  All the leaders are cooperating with the investigation?

  Hearing this, Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face went white.The other employees of the company were also instantly shocked.

  "Director Wang, just because a mass report was made, you just seized our company without any investigation?Isn't that a bit much?What if we're being framed?"Qiu Mu Orange then questioned.

  But Wang Xingduo grunted, "Seizing your company is to facilitate the investigation!"

  "As for whether it's a false accusation or not, we'll naturally give you a conclusion after we investigate it."

  "Now, everyone leave the company immediately."

  "The company building, seal it immediately!"

  When Wang Xingduo gave the order, all the men behind him had already brought out the white seal, and it looked like there was no room for discussion.

  "Then may I ask Director Wang, how soon can we be given a conclusion?"Qiu Mu Orange suppressed her anger and continued to ask.

  Wang Xingduo faintly replied, "It's hard to say.It's short for a day or two, long for a small half year.After all, the masses have not only reported your company for illegal operation, but also for substandard firefighting facilities, suspected forgery of official seals, and many other charges.It's naturally troublesome to investigate."

  Wang Xingduo said lightly.

  And when Qiu Mu Orange heard this, her eyes were red with anger at that time: "If you want to add a crime, why not?"

  "I have nothing to say about your previous card approval of our company, we are subject to it, that's your right!"

  "But now, just because an inexplicable crowd is holding it, you don't investigate, you don't discern right from wrong, you just come up and shut down our company, and you have to investigate for six months?"

  "Director Wang, do you know what that breezy little half year in your words represents for our company?"

  "What does it mean to those of us who work hard for our families, for our lives, and for what we do?"

  "Is that not just the life or death of a private company, but the livelihood of dozens of people up and down the company?"

  "But now, because of a decision you made so casually, you're going to end the future of a company and the livelihoods of dozens of employees who depend on it to support their families?"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red, looking at Wang Xingduo, saying angrily and questioning incessantly.

  Six months of seizure, for a small company like Mufan Real Estate that was just starting out, it was already enough to destroy it.

  However, not waiting for Wang Xingduo to reply, but Autumn Mu Orange suddenly laughed and continued, as if talking to herself.

  "Oh, I almost forgot.You're the leader, you're a big man in high places, and a single word from you can decide the life and death of an enterprise and the livelihood of countless people."

  "A big man like you wouldn't understand this, nor would you want to~"

  Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and smiled, but that smile was so sad and full of self-deprecation.

  So long of grievances, at this moment, undoubtedly burst out as much as possible.

  At this time, Qiu Mu orange, but will this period of time, the heart of all the grievances and helplessness, all said out.

  Hearing these words from Qiu Mu Orange, Wang Xingduo then laughed, his face full of mortification and coldness, and said in a sardonic voice.

  "You're really right!"

  "I just don't get it, and I don't want to."

  "To you, I'm the one who's above it all, and I'm the one who can decide whether this company of yours lives or dies."

  "Today, this Mu Fan property of yours, I'm seizing it!"

  Wang Xingduo laughed fiercely, his gaze full of gloom and coldness unbridled as he looked at Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, you must be confused, why did I have to mess with you?"

  "If you want to blame it, blame your wimpy husband!"

  "If he makes me feel bad, I'll make your whole family feel bad!"


Wang Xingduo can be said to hate Ye Fan to the bone.

  Last time, if Ye Fan didn't target him and reveal that the painting was fake, how would Wang Xing Duo's face be disgraced?And how could he become the laughingstock of the entire painting and calligraphy world, and now even more so by the entire Yunzhou painting and calligraphy world to be shut down.

  Now Wang Xingduo's former friends in the calligraphy and painting industry saw him as if he were a joke.

  After all, holding a cheap forgery and claiming it to be Tang Bohu's painting, this kind of behavior would only be done by an idiot.

  Therefore, the current Wang Xing Duo, in front of those former friends, but could not hold his head up at all.

  And the direct cause of all this was Ye Fan!

  This matter was nagging at Wang Xingduo, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

  Wang Xingduo is a person who will never let go of Jairus, and now that Ye Fan is messing with him like this, Wang Xingduo will not let go.

  Therefore, after learning about the relationship between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, Wang Xing Duo thought of getting revenge on Ye Fan by hitting Qiu Mu Orange.

  Therefore, early this morning, after finding out the address of Mu Fan's property, Wang Xing Duo directly brought his people over.

  "If your husband brings my reputation into disrepute, I'll make this company of yours yellow!"

  "Waiting to go out of business you~"

  Wang Xingduo laughed fiercely, the gloomy and cold voice echoing in the ears of Qiu Mu Orange and the others for a long time.

  After Qiu Mu-Orange heard it, she was undoubtedly then stunned.

  She had never thought that this matter would be related to Ye Fan?

  However, before Autumn Mu Orange could say anything, Han Li and the others who were behind her instantly exploded.


  "You're a wimp, so it's because of you!"

  "I was wondering before, my Mu Orange has always been honest and law-abiding, so how could he operate illegally and be targeted?"

  "After all that fiddling, it was you!"

  "You're a wimp, not only are you incompetent and unable to make any money, but you're also causing trouble for my Mu Orange?"

  "Success is not enough, you bastard, my family had eight lifetimes of bad luck to get a wimp like you, huh?"

  After Han Li learned that this matter was because of Ye Fan, her entire body went mad at that time.

  An old face had almost twisted in anger, pointing at Ye Fan and cursing.

  The spirited look was as if she wanted to tear Ye Fan alive.

  "Auntie, you can't blame Brother Ye Fan.They were the ones who bullied us first, they were the ones who hoodwinked everyone, and my brother Ye Fan was just helping me out~" but Lu Wenjing was defending Ye Fan.

  However, where did Han Li listen to these words, her red eyes still scolded Ye Fan.

  "Three years ah, three years, you came to my Qiu family for three years, what have you brought us?"

  "It's all doom and gloom!"

  "Because of you, we were kicked out of the Autumn Family."

  "Because of you, Mu Orange was swept out of the house!"

  "Now, or because of you, Mu Orange's business is going down."

  "You son of a bitch, do you have to ruin our family to be happy?"

  Han Li's red eyes were yelling madly at Ye Fan.

  If she hadn't been pulled by Lu Wenjing, I guess Han Li would have gone up to do something to Ye Fan.

  To Ye Fan, Han Li originally didn't have the slightest good feeling.Now that Ye Fan couldn't earn any money, not to mention, he also caused trouble for their family, and now even more so for her daughter, of course Han Li was angry.

  The eyes that looked at Ye Fan almost spewed out fire, wanting to burn Ye Fan to death.

  Qiu Lei was also full of anger, and looked at Ye Fan in disgust, and coldly snorted, "You wimp, if my Mu Orange loses her job again because of you, our family is not finished with you!"

  Not only the couple and the two of them, within the company, the other employees were also looking at Ye Fan with resentment, pointing and complaining, "Hey~"

  "It's a pity, Miss Autumn is so good, how did she end up with such a wimp husband?"

  "Other people's husbands cover up for their wives, but he's good, he can't help, he's still out there getting into trouble, and now he's finally implicated Chief Qiu?"

  "This kind of man is a disaster to keep, he's not even good enough for Chief Qiu."

  "It should have been kicked long ago~"

  "What about the fact that we're spoiling ourselves like this to marry this kind of person, Mr. Autumn?"

  For a time, the resentment in the hearts of the crowd, but they all vented it on Ye Fan.

  The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with dislike and resentment.

  After all, they were expecting the company to eat?

  Now that the company was closed, they were probably unemployed.Of course they hated Ye Fan.

  "Heh, brat, so you're here too?"

  "You're still a man too?!"

  "Your own wife's company is about to be shut down, but you're a grown man hiding in the back, too scared to even come out and say a word?"

  "Weren't you quite arrogant at the art show the other day?Isn't that pretty awesome?"

  "Now why are you wasted, why have you wilted, why are you afraid to speak?"

  Wang Xingduo also noticed Ye Fan who had been standing behind the crowd at this time and burst out laughing.

  With his hands in his trouser pockets, his cold gaze looked over, and his words were full of wanton mockery and ridicule.

  In the end, he even scolded with disdain.

  "A wimp is a wimp is a wimp!"

  "A wimp at home and a loser outside."

  "People like you can only be a humble and despicable door-to-door son-in-law."

  Wang Xingduo pooh-poohed and spat a mouthful of phlegm towards the ground, how arrogant and wanton was that contemptuous look?

  Then, with a single order, Wang Xingduo had his men begin to forcibly seize Mu Fan's property.

  For a moment, the entire company panicked.

  "What should we do?"

  "If the company is gone, how will Mu Orange make money in the future?"

  "Is Mu Orange going to jail?"

  "Blame it on that wimp!"

  "What did our family do to become a family with that son of a bitch?"Han Li was also panicked, anxiously turning a pair of old eyes red.

  At this time, Zhang Zhengfu, who had been silent and quietly watching the show from the side, a smirk of arrogance then appeared above the corner of his mouth.

  It was time.

  It was also time for him, Zhang Zhengfu, to appear.

  Yes, the reason why Zhang Zhengfu has been silent is because he is waiting for everyone to be helpless, for Qiu to be desperate and terrified, and for this last moment to come completely.

  If you want to pretend, naturally you have to pretend big!

  Only when the crowd is most desperate, his appearance will give people more tremors.

  As the saying goes, pulling the waves from falling, and helping the building to fall.

  Zhang Zhengfu is going to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pull back the crazy lanes.With the most unrestrained attitude, he will conquer Qiu Mu Orange, Han Li, and all the people present in one fell swoop.

  Just like this, Zhang Zhengfu came out, and he reassured Han Li, "Auntie, don't be anxious.Although someone has made a big mess, it's useless to complain when things have come to this, so we can only find a way to solve it."

  "Masafu, do you have a solution?You're helping Orange?A colleague can't see death without rescue ah."Seeing Zhang Zhengfu, Han Li seemed to have grasped the last straw as if she had fallen into the water, grabbing Zhang Zhengfu's hand and unable to stop saying.

  Zhang Zhengfu nodded, "Well, auntie, don't worry, I'll help."

  Zhang Zhengfu then looked to the side at the pretty face of the somewhat pale Qiu Mu Orange and softly reassured, "Don't worry, Mr. Qiu.Leave the rest to me."

  At this time, Wang Xingduo's men had already taken out the seals and were ready to seal the room.

  After Zhang Zhengfu finished speaking to Qiu Mu Orange, he immediately took a step forward and proudly shouted in a cold voice, "All of you, stop!"


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