Dish Best Served Cold 296-300


Chapter 296

However, before Liu Chuanzhi could get angry, Han Dongmin was the first to explode.


  Hearing only a muffled sound, Han Dongmin stood up as soon as he scuffed the table and said angrily to Ye Fan and the others, "Why aren't you guys leaving yet?"

  Han Dongmin was furious.

  He had thought that, after accusing his son Han Shaojie just now, these people would naturally know better and leave on their own.

  But Han Dongmin had never thought that these bastards hadn't even rolled over, and now they were even more audacious to not only interject themselves into their affairs, but also speak out to offend Master Liu?

  Whether or not he, Han Dongmin, could survive this calamity, but it all depended on Master Liu alone.

  If Master Liu were to go off in anger because of Ye Fan's offense and ruin his big day, then he would be too late to cry for Han Dongmin!

  So, when he heard Ye Fan interjecting nonsense to offend Master Liu, Han Dongmin was naturally furious!

  "You unworthy thing, look at the fox friends you've made?"

  "Get out of here with them yet!"

  "What a mess!"

  In a fit of rage, Han Dongmin, however, kicked the side of Han Shaojie on the ground.

  Ye Fan, Shen Fei and the others are outsiders after all, he is the vice mayor, naturally, it is not good to hit outsiders.But Han Shaojie's son, Han Dongmin naturally had no scruples.

  He was so angry that he kicked over.

  He was already bored during this time, having trouble sleeping and eating because of the procurement of jadeite.

  But this unfilial son of his, who couldn't share his worries, also brought in a few fox and dog friends to pose as masters, isn't this adding to his troubles?

  Han Shaojie was now on the verge of tears, grieving, "Dad, I really didn't mean to cause you any trouble, my brother Fan is really a master in the gambling stone industry ah, really opened the emperor green ah~."

  "That's right, even though my brother Ye Fan is from the countryside and joined the family as a son-in-law, you guys can't look down on people like that.My brother Ye Fan is very powerful."Hearing Han Dongmin and the others insulting their own brother Ye Fan with such contempt, Lu Wenjing finally couldn't hold back, bulging her pretty face and shouting angrily at Han Dongmin and the others.

  A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger!

  When Lu Wenjing said these words, she was only thinking about maintaining Ye Fan's face, not thinking much about it at all.

  But when she heard this, Shen Fei beside her slapped her thigh, "This is bad!"

  I knew it.

  When they learned that the young man in front of them who called himself Master Ye was a country bumpkin and a superfluous son-in-law, the disdain in the eyes of the crowd became even greater, and Zhou Sheng and the others looked at Ye Fan with a few jokes and sneers in their eyes.

  It was a pity that they had thought that this Ye Fan, no matter how bad he was, should be a rich family like Shen Fei, Han Shaojie and the others?

  You're just a country bumpkin!

  No wonder he was so poorly dressed.

  "Dad, listen to me explain, my Brother Fan is from a poor background, but..."

  "But your father's head!"Naturally, Han Dongmin was even angrier, ruthlessly scolding even himself, "Bastard, you still have the nerve to explain to me, a country boy, you also dare to give me an impersonation of a master, look at me break your legs today!"

  In a fit of rage, Han Dongmin tried to teach his son a lesson again.

  At this time, the assistant Xiao Liu hurriedly pulled Han Dongmin, asking him to stop beating Han Shaojie, Shaojie is also a filial piety, but was deceived.

  At the same time, the assistant Liu turned back to Ye Fan, anxiously said: "What the hell are you still standing there for?Hurry up and apologize to Master Willow ah."

  "Master Liu is a generous man, so naturally you won't meet with a country bumpkin like you."

  "Otherwise, not only will you suffer, but also Shao Jie will be punished with you!"

  Seeing this situation, Lu Wenjing's face went white.

  Then she looked in fear at Shen Fei who was pulling her to hide in the doorway at all times and was ready to run away, choking with guilt, "Brother Shen Fei, did I say the wrong thing ah?"

  Shen Fei sighed, "Wen Jing, forget about it for now, let's see what your brother Ye Fan does, shall we?"

  But Shen Fei didn't expect Ye Fan to be able to settle today's matter.

  After all, Ye Fan's words just now were indeed a bit too much.

  After all, that Liu Chuanzhi is also a famous stone connoisseur in the gambling industry, it's strange that Han Dongmin and the others aren't angry if Ye Fan offended him like this.

  Thinking of this, Shen Fei couldn't help but pull at the corner of Ye Fan's coat.

  Let him apologize and forget about it.

  More is better than less.

  But Ye Fan sneered, "Apologize?"

  "Why am I apologizing?"

  "Is it time to apologize even here in Korea City, truth be told?"


  Hearing this, Shen Fei was scared silly then, his face pale and his whole body was so scared that he was about to cry.

  Secretly muttering to himself why was Ye Fan suffering?

  "So just?"

  "That's the deputy mayor,"

  "As the saying goes, the people don't fight the officials."

  "Brother Fan, if you play this way, I'm afraid that sooner or later the cart will turn over and the second master won't be able to fish you out!"Shen Fei was about to cry in fear.

  In Shen Fei's opinion, although Ye Fan was the noble of Jiangdong.The name looked loud and clear, but in the end, it was only lifted by a few rich merchant tycoons.He could get by in front of the ordinary people, but in the eyes of people of Han Dongmin's level, I'm afraid that if a team of armed police drove over, Ye Fan would have to be as powerful as he was, and he would have to be honestly in jail!

  "How dare you contradict me?"

  "Insensitive thing!"

  At this time, Han Dongmin was naturally even angrier and was about to call security to directly drive Ye Fan away, but behind him came Liu Chuanzhi's cold voice, "Han City, let him speak."

  "Maybe, it's really as your son said, this young man in front of him is a master superior in the gambling stone world?"

  The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to have it on my desk.A boy from the countryside, or the son-in-law of a wimp, how could he know about such high-end things as gambling stones?Master Liu, you suck up your anger, and I'll get rid of this group of bratty bastards."

  Han Dongmin was afraid that Liu Chuanzhi was really angry, so he quickly apologized and kept on saying nice things.

  "Han-shi, don't."

  "Who says that a countryside can't produce a tall person?Who says a door-to-door son-in-law can't be a master?"

  "What if this Mr. Ye, is really the Hidden Master?"

  "It's not easy for Master Ye to come here, so why not give him a chance to show off?"

  "Don't we all?"

  Zhou Sheng clasped his hands, looking as if he was watching the fun, and his words were full of ridicule.His words trailed off, causing the hall to snicker.

  "This..."Han Dongmin was also a bit hesitant.

  "Han City, no harm done, let him speak."

  "Just as well, I was just about to see what this Master Ye is capable of."

  "With what, exactly, are you questioning my authority?"

  Liu Chuanzhi sat on the sofa, his eyebrows slightly closed, and that arrogant look was so distinct.There was a hidden anger in the low words.

  Only then did Han Dongmin nod, "Still, Master Liu is generous."

  But at this time, Ye Fan smiled and looked at Liu Chuanzhi as well as Zhou Sheng and the others, "You guys, seriously let me speak?"

  "That's natural!"

  "Don't you call yourself Master Ye?"

  "I thought you said I was full of shit."

  "Then let me see if you are worthy to be called Master."

  "Tell me too, where is my husband talking nonsense again?"

  Liu Chuanzhi returned in a cold voice.

  Evan nodded, "Good, as you wish!"

  "Holy shit!"

  "How dare this country boy say that?"

  "Is it real stupid or fake stupid?"


  "A door-to-door son-in-law who also dares to be so rigid?"

  "What a newborn calf!"

  "Not afraid to get off the stage later."

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, a snort sounded in the living room.

  The crowd shook their heads and laughed, looking at Ye Fan with even more disdain and ridicule, as if they were looking at idiots.


Ignoring the snickers of the crowd, Ye Fan turned around, looked at Liu Chuanzhi and the others, and said in a light-hearted manner, "There's actually nothing to say."

  "But I just want to remind Mayor Han that Master Liu's words just now, "This raw stone in front of you, if you buy it, there's no guarantee that you'll make a big profit, but you definitely won't lose", are pure nonsense."

  "This stone can't produce glass seeds, nor can it produce orthodox green, nor can it produce emperor green!"

  "In other words, this raw stone in front of us is actually just a piece of scrap."

  "Not to mention two hundred million, it's a loss if you buy it for twenty thousand dollars."


  Ye Fan's words made the crowd present, all of them were shocked.

  The faces of Liu Chuanzhi and Zhou Sheng were even more pale.

  Especially Zhou Sheng, the original ridicule on his face suddenly dissipated, and the gaze towards Ye Fan had become a little more angry and hateful.

  "Stinker, even if you're talking nonsense here, you have to see if you have the qualifications?"

  "Before Master Liu questioned me, I had nothing to say because he was a highly respected senior in the gambling stone world."

  "And you, a country bumpkin, a son-in-law on the doorstep, would dare to trash my place here and question the stone king of my Zhou's jewelry?"

  "You fucking deserve that?"

  Zhou Sheng spoke in a cold, angry voice.

  The stone king of their Zhou family's jewels was now being described by Ye Fan as a worthless scrap of stone, how could Zhou Sheng not be angry?

  If Han Dongmin wasn't still here, with his temperament, he would have already had someone break this brat's dog's legs.

  Ye Fan ignored Zhou Sheng's angry rebuke, but looked at Han Dongmin and continued, "So Han City, if you don't want to regret it for the rest of your life, I advise you not to buy it.Otherwise, the loss of money is a small matter, and I'm afraid that Han City's own great future will be completely buried and reduced to a prisoner."

  "Insolent!How dare you speak to Han City like this, I see that you are..."

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Han Dongmin's assistant Meng Guang became anxious and coldly scolded.

  Ye Fan's words were clearly a curse on Han Dongmin.

  However, just as Meng Guang was about to chase this nonsense hick away, Han Dongmin stopped Meng Guang.

  "Han Shi, you don't really believe his nonsense, do you?"

  "This guy's a redneck, he knows shit about raw stone!"Unexpectedly, Han Dongmin stopped him, assistant Meng Guangton said in puzzlement.

  Han Dongmin waved his hand, indicating that he had his own decision, so he didn't need to say anything.

  And then, Han Dongmin looked at Ye Fan and continued to ask, "You said he is a waste stone, then why does Master Liu think he is a good stone, according to you, it's Master Liu's ability to look at stones that is not as good as yours?"

  Ye Fan laughed, "Han Shi, I think you shouldn't ask me about this, but should ask this Master Liu you hired, who calls himself "Shi Wang" Wei Fu's senior apprentice."

  "Ask him if he's really the Stone King's disciple, or if he's an impostor."

  "If it's not the real thing, then Han City has hired the wrong person."

  "If it is, then Han City is probably, believing in the wrong person."

  "Full of nonsense!"Upon hearing Ye Fan's words, both Liu Chuanzhi and Zhou Sheng almost exploded at the same time.

  "Han City, a wimp from the countryside, why listen to his nonsense?"

  "Dao full of compulsions, it's better to get rid of him before it's too late, save the nonsense here!"

  Zhou Sheng was no longer as calm as before, an old face angry.

  Liu Chuanzhi was even more unhappy, angry that Ye Fan is talking nonsense.

  "I, Liu Chuanzhi, have been following the "Stone King" as a teacher since I was a child, and no one in the entire Jiangdong Emerald World is ignorant of it, so how could it be false?"

  "Han-shi, this bastard is full of nonsense, what's the use of keeping him here, get him out of here!"

  Liu Chuanzhi said with the same anger.

  And Han Dongmin ignored the two of them's angry voices, but frowned and continued to ask, "What did you mean by that statement before?"

  "Just literally."Ye Fan put his hands in his pockets and smiled faintly, still looking calm, "If this Liu Chuanzhi is not a disciple of the Stone King but deliberately impersonates him, then naturally, Han City has hired the wrong person."

  "But if that Master Liu is really a high disciple of the Stone King, then I can only say that Han City has been deceived."

  "That Master Liu and Mr. Zhou are both in cahoots, working together to cheat Han City."

  "And after listening to what Master Han just said, it now seems that only the latter possibility remains."

  "Nonsense, if Master Liu and Zhou are in cahoots, why did they clash just now?If Han City had stopped them, the two of them, probably, would have fought.It's good that they're not enemies, how could they be in cahoots?"Assistant Meng Guang still couldn't and coldly questioned.

  Ye Fan shook his head and continued to laugh, "Isn't that the reason?Would you be so sure they were antagonistic if they didn't act that way?"

  "This..."Meng Guang only felt a thunderbolt strike down, when he was flabbergasted.

  He suddenly felt that what Ye Fan said was indeed reasonable.

  "Junior, how dare you...?"

  Hearing this, Master Liu could no longer care about his status and majesty, a palm of his old eyes stared furiously at him, Jairus!

  The resentment and remorse in his eyes was so thick.

  He was filled with remorse. He thought that he and Zhou Sheng had planned seamlessly this time, and that was indeed the case.

  He and Zhou Sheng's plan was about to succeed, but he didn't expect that a brat would be able to see the suspicion.

  Now that Ye Fan has told the truth, even if Han Donghai wouldn't believe it all, he would definitely be suspicious!

  Sure enough, Han Donghai's appearance had completely sunk by now, and he turned his head to look at Liu Chuanzhi and asked coldly, "Master Liu, Mr. Zhou, I wonder what explanation you two have for his words?"

  "Han City, I..."Zhou Sheng's face was one side, full of anxiety to explain.

  But Ye Fan's laughter, however, had already sounded: "Han City, what other explanation could there be?"

  "I reckon that Mr. Zhou's company is not doing well and is already on the verge of collapse and bankruptcy.So, before running away, Mr. Zhou plans to knock Han City for a sum."

  "As for Master Liu, either he's constrained or he owes Mr. Zhou a favor, and only then did he join forces with Mr. Zhou, singing and performing this wonderful drama."

  "After all, two hundred million ah, is by no means a small amount for anyone, let alone General Manager Zhou who is on the verge of bankruptcy, it's already enough for someone to take a risk."

  "So, Mayor Han, these two have been singing a double act to trap you from start to finish!"

  "What king of raw stone, a piece of deceitful scrap stone only."


  Ye Fan's words were only like a boulder falling into the sea, setting off a monstrous wave in the crowd.

  For a time, the hall was filled with horror.

  Han Dongmin's old face became even more unsightly, his hands were also slowly clenched, and his old eyes were completely chilled.

  "Zhou Sheng, Liu Chuanzhi, are his words all true?"

  "You two, are you really acting to trap me?"Ye Fan's words were so reasonable that even Han Dongmin had to start doubting them.

  Zhou Sheng was now frightened and confused, his old face was pale and he was swinging all over.

  He didn't expect that Ye Fan would see it all!

  Not only the acting was seen by him, but even what was in his heart and even his situation was seen by Evan!

  Who the hell is this guy?

  Is he really a hillbilly?

  Is it really a wimp's son-in-law?

  He's a fucking fairy who can read people's minds!

  At this time Zhou Sheng's heart that remorse ah, should he have known, he was just dead, he did not propose to let Ye Fan speak ah.

  It was all because of his own stinking mouth!

  However, all the plans were revealed, and Zhou Sheng had already panicked in his guilty conscience, and was about to confess to Han Dongmin and beg for forgiveness.

  However, it was at this moment...


However, at this moment, Liu Chuanzhi was angry, looking at Ye Fan and laughing up at him.



  "Worthy of being Master Ye, I'm not sure how much skill you have at reading stones, but this skill at making up stories is really not small."

  "Not to mention Mayor Han, even my husband himself, almost believed it!"

  "Master Ye, I'll call you Master Ye for now."

  "Yes, I admit, the story you just made up is indeed seamless and dripping with water."

  "Not to mention the bystanders, even the two protagonists of the story, Zhou and I, almost believed your bullshit."

  "But don't forget, all your speculations are based on the premise that this original stone is a waste stone."

  "I just want to ask you now, on what basis do you call me a bunch of nonsense, and on what basis do you question that this original stone is a waste stone?"

  "Moreover, there are so many people here.Apart from Mr. Zhou, Mr. Wang and Mr. Du and others, which one of them are also people who have been in the jadeite raw stone industry for decades.Just now this piece of raw stone crust crumbling, fallen python see green this after, can not only myself say good, the rest of the people also all praised marvelously."

  "According to Master Ye's meaning, don't you know that all of us, compelled by General Manager Zhou, have joined forces to hoodwink Han City?"

  Liu Chuanzhi laughed coldly, standing with a negative hand, his old face still with three parts arrogance, seven parts anger, looking at Ye Fan, asked in a deep voice.

  A number of questions in a row, but the sentence is fierce, the word put to death.

  Each and every sentence was also justified.

  The rest of the people also nodded their heads after hearing it.

  "Indeed, this brat just said that Mr. Zhou has teamed up with Master Liu to trap people, but he didn't explain in the slightest why he decided that Master Liu was talking nonsense, and why he decided that the raw stone was a waste stone?"

  "After all, this raw stone but all see green."

  "And it's also the material from the Pajang field area of Myanmar, falling python see green, this kind of raw stone is very precious and rare, I've been in the raw stone business for thirty years, but I've only seen it three times, but each time it skyrocketed, and one of them even opened the emperor green."

  "Such a stone, yet this bastard says it's a waste stone?"

  "Bullshit right!"

  "Almost got this kid to dodge and take a ditch, misunderstanding Master Willow?"

  Several other original stone merchants shook their heads in lament, unable to stop saying.

  Liu Chuanzhi's words, undoubtedly once again let's the crowd, directed the spear towards Ye Fan.

  Han Dongmin's clenched hands also slowly loosened at this point, he didn't question Zhou Sheng and the others anymore, but looked towards Ye Fan, apparently, he was likewise waiting for an explanation from Ye Fan again.

  However, silence, a long silence.

  Under the gaze of the crowd, Ye Fan didn't answer late.

  Shen Fei was all anxious and poked Ye Fan in the back: "Brother Fan, speak up!"

  "Hurry up and give them an explanation, hit that old man in the face~"

  Ye Fan, remained silent.

  In the entire living room, there was silence for a long time, only the wind outside the window, blowing coldly.

  At that time, Shen Fei's heart went cold.

  Paralyzed, his brother Fan, those words just now, can't really be nonsense, right?


  "Master Ye, you speak?"

  "Didn't you just talk eloquently and boastfully about it?"

  "Now, why are you mute and silent?"

  Zhou Sheng, who just now thought that he was on the run from the East Window, saw Ye Fan in such a state, and his previous trepidation was swept away, and he smiled arrogantly and wantonly.

  Liu Chuanzhi also sneered, full of disdain, "Say?"

  "I don't think he can tell!"

  "Gambling stones has been an entertainment activity reserved for the rich and famous since ancient times."

  "He's a country boy with no money or power, how would he know about gambling stones?I guess he's never even seen it before."

  "Not to mention a master gambler, I'm afraid he can't even tell the difference between ice and glass seeds, and he can't even distinguish between orthodox green and imperial green."

  "Not to mention dreadlocks and python bands."

  "As for Pajang Field and Houjiang Field, I'm afraid you've never even heard of these famous raw stone areas, have you?"

  "A punk kid, who knows nothing, but also dares to come out here to trick and deceive, and even more so to talk nonsense to compel people, you have the guts to be a dog?"

  Liu Chuanzhi's arrogant and cold voice resounded through the four directions.

  It was as if a sword was stabbing all the way to the front of Ye Fan.

  There were already faint snickers of disdain in the surroundings, and the color of Han Dongmin's eyes as he looked at Ye Fan was becoming icy cold.

  Finally, Ye Fan laughed.

  "Yes, what Master Liu said is right."

  "I come from a humble background, not a wealthy nobleman anymore.Even but only last month, I started to get into gambling stones."


  Hearing this, many people already couldn't help but snicker and laugh.

  I thought it was really a gambling stone genius, a hidden master of the highest order.

  After half a day's work, it's just a gambling stone huckster who has been involved in gambling stones for less than half a year, no, even less than a month.

  Only now, did the crowd understand that the previous Ye Fan seemed to be ready to talk endlessly for half a day, I dare say it was all just a fabricated story.

  Han Dongmin's face was also extremely ugly, looking at Ye Fan, his eyes completely sunk.

  Originally, he had already believed all of Ye Fan's words, but now it seemed that it was all just a joke.

  And Ye Fan ignored the snickers around him, he still stood peacefully, and his faint voice, continued to echo.

  "I really don't know anything about gambling stones."

  "I don't know what an ice seed is and what a glass seed is."

  "And I can't tell the emperor's green from the orthodox green."

  "And I don't know the Pajang field area, the back river field area."

  "But it doesn't matter."

  "All I know is that the stone, it's a waste stone.Your words, they are all nonsense, and that's enough!"

  "If you have to have a reason, ask me what makes me say that."

  "I, for one, can tell you!"

  "I rely on, feeling!!!"

  What? !


  Ye Fan's words were only like a boulder falling into the sea, and the crowd, all of them, were shocked.

  "Shit, frakking?"

  "Idiot, you!"

  The driver, Xiao Liu, didn't hold back and cursed out.

  "Still feeling?"

  "And I fucking feel like you're a fury?"

  At this moment, many people were undoubtedly angry.

  There was only a sense of, the anger of being played with!

  Just now, they had thought that Ye Fan was so certain that he could really say something about the road?

  Now it turns out he's just an idiot!

  Still relying on feelings?

  You're a hairy kid, a gambling punk, and you have a sense of what's going on?

  In particular, Liu Chuanzhi, who was so questioned and teased by Ye Fan, became furious.

  "Stinker, do you know who I am?"

  "How dare you be so arrogant as to say "Feelings" in front of me now?"

  "Do you know anything about gambling stones?"

  "Can you see the field area, can you tell the crust?"

  "How dare you question my authority here even though you don't know the water species of the ice species?"

  "Call me nonsense, call me a bunch of nonsense?"

  "Who the hell gave you the courage!"

  In the hall, Willow Chuanzhi drank in anger.

  Proud and full of cold eyes.The monstrous momentum, just like a golden stone falling to the ground, clanging, but throwing sound.

  The words of anger, the low voice, is even more deafening, as if thunder cracked, exploding the entire hall.


However, after a series of questions, Liu Chuanzhi did not have the slightest intention of resting.

  The old body, however, took a step forward, and his entire demeanor, once again, soared by three points, while facing Ye Fan and drinking again in a furious voice.

  "I, Liu Chuanzhi, come from a family of gambling stones!"

  "At the age of three, I looked at stones, and at seven, I had already opened the ice jade."

  "At the age of ten, I apprenticed with someone else."

  "In just three years, my master is inferior to me!"

  "At the age of 15, I studied under Wei Fu, the King of Stones, and inherited his mantle."

  "In the past 50 years, I've seen countless stones."

  "In my hands, I've seen countless green ones."

  "Even if it's never been opened in imperial green, I wonder how many ice and glass emeralds have been solved?"

  "Even I don't dare judge people by their feelings alone!Broken Rock is good or bad!"

  "And you, a yellow-mouthed, incompetent son-in-law, who has been involved in gambling for only a month, dare to speak out again, insulting me and offending me?"

  "Did your parents, did they not teach you to respect your elders?"

  "Did your teacher, did he not teach you to respect a higher being?"

  "Without even a minimum of manners, you, how can you behave?!!!"

  Without saying a word, Liu Chuanzhi's entire demeanor rose by several points.

  Until the end, it was already so furious that he directly scolded Ye Fan for not being qualified to be a human being!

  The resounding words of anger shook this entire hall.

  Watching such a scene, many people knew that this time, Master Liu, was afraid that he was truly angry!

  At this point, facing Liu Chuanzhi's monstrous rage, Shen Fei and the others had already peed themselves, and he was filled with fear, pulling the little loli Lu Wenjing, ready to run away at all times.

  However, Ye Fan was still calm.

  On his clear face, there was no joy or sadness, only a majesty and pride that defied the world.

  He looked at Liu Chuanzhi and smiled coldly, "You say a lot, but what's the point?"

  "I still say, as much as you talk, it's all nonsense!"

  "No matter how loud you are, that stone, it's still a waste stone!"


  "Arrogant little child, simply nonsense!"Ye Fan's words made Willow Chuanzhi nearly die of anger.

  "Fuck, idiot!"

  The others, too, shook their heads and scolded and ridiculed incessantly.

  "Han City, I think this punk is just here to cause trouble."

  "Full of unfounded nonsense!"

  "What's the point of keeping him here when he's such an idiot?"

  "It's long overdue to be evicted!"

  Zhou Sheng was also extremely angry, and said in a cold voice to Han Dongmin.

  Even the driver, Xiao Liu, and the assistant, Meng Guang, also felt that Ye Fan was idiotic.

  He was purely here to cause trouble and disturbance.

  "Han City, what Mr. Zhou said is right."

  "Such idiots should be arrested for the crime of provoking trouble."

  "A country boy, door-to-door son-in-law, what a big dog's guts, also daring to come to the mayor's house to cause trouble?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  For a time, the crowd was furious.

  The crowd, who were present, were accusing and scolding Ye Fan.

  Who would have thought that Ye Fan, who was originally invited to help out with good intentions, would end up being accused by a thousand people.

  Everyone was insulting him, scolding him, and telling him to get lost.

  How could Han Shaojie Shen Fei have never thought that it would end up like this?

  But now, it wasn't the time to be surprised.

  Now that Ye Fan had incurred the wrath of the public, I guess Han Dongmin was already on the edge of anger.

  In fear, Shen Fei pulled Ye Fan behind him and shivered, "Brother Fan, what the hell are you still waiting for?"

  "Let's go!"

  "If we don't leave, we really will have to squat in jail."

  Shen Fei was now frightened white, with cold sweat all over the back of his spine, and said bitterly to Ye Fan.

  But Lu Wenjing was filled with righteous indignation!

  Ye Fan remained silent and just watched quietly.

  Watching the angry and angry rebuke of Liu Chuanzhi and the others, watching Zhou Sheng's cold and gloomy sneer, and even more watching Han Dongmin's increasingly gloomy face.

  Finally, the suppressed anger in Han Dongmin's heart instantly exploded.

  The gloomy cold eyes, however, glared at Ye Fan.

  "Still not leaving, are you?"

  "In that case, don't blame the City for being rude!"

  The words trailed off as Han Dongmin immediately picked up his phone and broadcast a call.

  "Team Liu, bring someone over."

  "Right, my house."

  "There's a bastard causing trouble here, come over and kick him out for me!"

  Just a few dozen seconds after the phone hung up, outside the Han villa, more than a dozen armed police, loaded with guns and bullets, had rushed in and surrounded Ye Fan, Shen Fei and the others as ordered by Han Dongmin.

  With such a formation, Shen Fei had been completely befuddled.

  It had always been thought that it was him, Shen Fei, who led people to fuck others, but now for the first time, he was surrounded by others.

  And it was armed police ah, the guns were real!

  "Van, shall we fucking go?"

  "I really don't want to die!"Shen Fei was already crying in fear.

  Thinking that he was afraid that he was going to be trapped by Ye Fan this time.

  Had he known that, he would have been killed, he wouldn't have come here to get into this muddle!

  While Shen Fei was frightened, Lu Wenjing, who was on the side, was angry and her beautiful eyes were red.

  "Brother Ye Fan, they've gone too far.

  "You helped him with good intentions, but they did this to you?"

  "They're dog-eat-dog~"

  Lu Wenjing was filled with righteous indignation, feeling only unworthy and indignant for her brother Ye Fan.

  Han Shaojie, on the other hand, was even more confused already, staying there and not daring to say a word.

  He had never thought that his father would be so angry.

  Even the armed police on duty for the security of the community, directly transferred, and now even surrounded Ye Fan and the others.

  Seeing that these people were about to capture and throw Ye Fan and the others outside according to Han Dongmin's order, a cold laughter, however, quietly sounded.

  Everyone could only see, in the middle of the crowd, that skinny youth, standing with his hands in the negative, even though he was facing the group of people, he was still smiling calmly.

  It was just that smile, but it was so cold and eerie!

  "Han Dongmin, originally, in consideration of your son's filial piety, I agreed to come and help you."

  "But I, how could I have never thought that you, Han Dongmin, would not respect and honor me, but instead I insulted and drove me away?"

  "Now it seems that I, Ye Fan, am meddling in my own affairs and making a fool of myself!"

  "In that case, why should I stay?"

  Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, full of self-deprecation and ridicule.

  Finally, he looked to Han Dongmin, to Zhou Sheng, to Liu Chuanzhi, and to everyone present.Morbid gaze, like a sword, swept the four directions.

  In the next moment, an eerily cold laughter had the sound of thunder, exploding the heavens and earth.

  "However, before I leave, I have to show you what I, Ye Fan, can do!"

  "Let it be known to you that it was that Willow who was talking nonsense?Or am I, Ye Fan, confusing right and wrong?"


  As Ye Fan's words fell, a majestic momentum exploded immediately.

  Han Dongmin and the others, their faces instantly trembled.

  "You...What are you doing?"

  Right in the middle of the crowd's panic, only Ye Fan, a foot lifted, and then ruthlessly, stomped into the ground.


  A low, muffled sound that was like thunder exploding.

  In the midst of that deafening sound, the crowd only felt that a wave of air swept across.


  Immediately afterwards, there was a sound like something cracking.

  When everyone looked again, they saw that the so-called "King of Original Stones" worth 200 million in front of Zhou Sheng, thumped and exploded.

  Ebony gravel was splashed everywhere.

  Seeing such a scene, the crowd was startled in place.

  Especially Han Dongmin himself, his face was even more livid, unsightly to the point of death, looking at the shattered raw stone everywhere.

  Where was there any precious emerald?

  The glass seed positive sun green, except for that little green mark on the skin, the whole original stone, but there is no green at all?

  Like Evan said, it was a piece of scrap rock!

  It was just a piece of scrap that couldn't collapse.

  And it was this piece of scrap that Han Dongmin had almost taken out 200 million to buy just now.

  Thinking of this, Han Dongmin's spine chilled and he was covered in cold sweat.

  Zhou Sheng, on the other hand, saw the defeat of the original stone, and his face swished white.

  As for Liu Chuanzhi himself, his old face was even more terrified, his head buzzing, staying in place!

  The look was terrified, but there was no longer any of the arrogance and arrogance that had been present when he angrily rebuked Ye Fan.

  As if, being caught in bed!


The wind was chilly, and sand and stones were everywhere.

  The blasted gravel, however, scattered the world.

  It was like a frightened leaf falling, dashing down the rain.

  Or like the water of the Yangtze River, rolling down!

  And in the midst of the rain falling debris, there was only Ye Fan, standing peacefully.Profoundly cold eyes, with an endless majesty.That monstrous aura was only like the Profound Sea, sweeping the heavens and earth!

  Above the clear face was all the dominance and arrogance that defied Zhou Sheng, defied Han Dongmin, and defied everyone present!

  And amidst the terrified gazes of the packed hall.I saw Ye Fan, standing with his hands in the air.

  His brow and eyes were majestic!

  He sneers proudly!

  The Starfire Dragon's chant of Heaven and Earth changes, the Nine Whistling Dragon's chant of My Heavenly Fan!!!!


  At this moment, the full hall was horrified.

  Under Ye Fan's majesty, everyone was dumbfounded.

  Only as if thunder had struck!

  They stared at each other with dead eyes, with a heart full of fear, but for a long time, they could not say a word.



  I don't know how long had passed.

  Ye Fan and the others, however, had already left.

  The only thing left in this hall was the horrified and silent crowd, and the black gravel scattered all over the floor.

  Dead silence.

  Deadly silence.

  The entire living room was silent.

  A pin drop could almost be heard.

  It was only after a long time that the crowd, the sound of cold air being poured out, rang out.

  Han Dongmin was flabbergasted, until now, he hadn't recovered from the shock, he was just dumbfounded, looking at the gravel all over the ground, as if someone had slapped him hard in the face.

  On top of his old face, a fiery pain!

  A few minutes ago, he was questioning Ye Fan, questioning him for talking nonsense and confusing right and wrong, but now, Ye Fan was using the naked reality to hit everyone present in the face.

  The driver, Xiao Liu, as well as the assistant, Meng Guang, and the others, were also looking at the scene in front of them with their mouths wide open, unable to stop drawing cold air.

  "Actually...Surprisingly, really...Really scrap?"

  The snickering as well as the reprimanding sounds against Ye Fan just now were gone, and all the sounds of attacks against Ye Fan came to an abrupt end after the fast raw stone exploded.

  Before this, who would have thought that what Ye Fan said was all true?

  As Ye Fan said before, maybe he doesn't know how to gamble stones, can't tell the difference between ice species and water species, can't identify the emperor's green orthodox green, and doesn't know the Pajang field and Houjiang field.

  But, so what?

  Even though Ye Fan didn't know anything about gambling stones, he now, without a doubt, proved with facts that no matter how much Liu Chuanzhi talked, it was all nonsense!

  No matter how loud it is, that stone, it's still a waste stone!

  Ye Fan had already proved to everyone present that he was capable of doing so with his actual actions.

  The entire living room was still quiet.

  No one spoke, and not knowing what to say, everyone looked at each other.

  And while everyone was still in shock and hadn't recovered from the shock, Zhou Sheng saw the situation was not good, but he quietly turned around and was already preparing to take the opportunity to slip away.

  "Is Zhou always going to prepare to leave without saying goodbye?"

  "Shouldn't I get an explanation?"

  Just as the saying goes, what to be afraid of, Zhou Sheng had just turned around, and before he could leave, Han Dongmin's cold voice had come.

  "Han City, this is a misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding ah."

  "The original stone is something that is inherently risky.Until it's unraveled, no one knows what can come out of it, right?"

  Zhou Sheng was still making his final struggle, looking at Han Dongmin with a guilty heart and smiling in fear.

  However, Han Dongmin didn't listen to his explanation anymore, and directly asked his men to arrest Zhou Sheng and Liu Chuanzhi first.

  After that, Han Dongmin sent his men to investigate Zhou Sheng's company.

  Sure enough, within a short while, someone from the Industry and Commerce Bureau came over.

  "Han City, we've already contacted Jingzhou."

  "Jingzhou Zhou's Jewelry Group, three months ago, because of the company's inexperience, the financial chain has broken.It is now on the verge of bankruptcy."

  "Moreover, upon investigation, Liu Chuanzhi had been secretly working as the original stone consultant for the Zhou City Jewelry Group.Some time ago, he was being secretly investigated by the Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau because he was involved in a workplace sexual abuse scandal.And the location of the scandal is the Zhou Jewelry Group!"


  "Going bankrupt?"

  "A sexual assault scandal?"

  Hearing this, the crowd, all of them were shocked.

  "So, all of them are swollen?"

  When Han Dongmin learned of all this, his face also grew more and more livid, and when he heard the end, Han Dongmin's face, condensed and sunken, almost dripped with water!

  The hands clenched, the fingertips were close to plunging into flesh, and the whole thing was bad.

  It had come to this, and the truth was clear.

  All hit!

  Chow is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Ryu is under control.

  The two collude with each other to make a trap!

  All of this was said by that Grandmaster Ye.

  It could be said that if it wasn't for that Grandmaster Ye, Han Dongmin wouldn't have dared to imagine what the consequences would be at this point.

  By then, it won't just be a simple matter of being screwed 200 million.It's going to end up in jail!

  Like Ye Fan had said, if he didn't listen to Liu Chuanzhi, he would only regret it for a moment!

  If you hear it, you'll regret it for the rest of your life!

  Thinking of this, Han Dongmin was covered in cold sweat.

  His entire body trembled, his feet went limp, and he stumbled, his entire body even closer to sprawling out again.

  "Han...Han-shi, you...Are you alright?"Assistant Meng Guang and Little Liu and the others, hurriedly came to assist.

  Han Dongmin, however, waved his hand, while lamenting incessantly, "Noble man, noble man~"

  "That Master Ye, he is the true master!"

  "Without him, I, Han Dongmin, would be finished with my life~"

  Han Dongmin's body trembled, his entire body agitated, and his eyes were red.

  "It's just a pity that Master Ye is such a noble man, yet he is so insulted by us."

  "I, Han Dongmin, have a shame in my heart, I'm ashamed to face others!"

  "We're the ones who have eyes for the dog, we're the ones who are sorry for people~"

  Han Dongmin couldn't stop saying it, but he was filled with remorse.

  Ye Fan was almost a life and death gift to him.

  It was just that just now, he didn't know how to thank without saying anything, but he still didn't know how to be ungrateful and ordered them to be arrested and driven out.

  Thinking of this, Han Dongmin was filled with guilt and self-loathing.

  "I, Han Dongmin, have no shame in my life.But after today, I'm afraid that in this life, I'll be sorry to that Master Ye and ashamed of myself."Han Dongmin sighed repeatedly, only feeling afraid that this matter would become a regret for his entire life.

  "Han City, don't be so discouraged yet.We can go to Master Ye and apologize to him in person, just ask for forgiveness."Assistant Meng Guang spoke out to advise.

  But Han Dongmin shook his head, "This Huaxia is so big and there are billions of people, where can we go to find Master Ye to apologize?"

  Hearing Han Dongmin's words, everyone present also sighed, "Yes, the world is so big, finding someone is like finding a needle in a haystack.It would be nice if someone among us knew Master Ye."

  Meng Guang and the others shook their heads and sighed, only feeling that it was too difficult to find a complete stranger when they knew nothing.

  However, as soon as Meng Guang's words fell, Han Dongmin and the others were all agitated, as if they had thought of something.

  For a time, the dozen or so gazes present, but they all turned in unison and landed on Han Shaojie, who was hiding in a corner with a dumb look on his face.

  Han Shaojie was a bit confused, standing there with his head hanging down, feeling the gazes of the crowd, and was suddenly filled with fear and confusion.

  He had just been playing a game on his phone and hadn't been listening to what Han Dongmin and the others were saying.

  Now all of a sudden so many people were suddenly looking over, Han Shaojie was naturally a little panicked.

  I thought to myself, I'm not causing any trouble ah?

  What are you looking at him for?

  Was it because he was just playing games on his phone and not doing his job?


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