Dish Best Served Cold 291-295


Chapter 291

The next day.

  After Qiu Mu Orange went to work, Ye Fan also went to Shen's group to look for Shen Fei, to see how Shen Fei's jadeite raw stone is getting on, and whether the things he wanted to give are ready.

  The first day of the week, the police found a man in the street with a knife.

  Ye Fan also had no choice but to let her go.

  However, as soon as he arrived at the door of Shen's house, he saw Shen Fei and Han Shaojie walking out with a burning fire.

  Seeing Ye Fan, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were shocked, followed by great joy.

  "Brother Fan, you're just in time!"

  "Shaojie was just about to call you?"

  Evan frowned, wondering for a moment, "Well, what do you guys want with me?"

  However, as soon as Ye Fan finished asking this question, Han Shaojie and the two of them had already put Ye Fan in the car.

  "Brother Fan, it's too late, get in the car first, we'll talk on the way."

  Soon, Ye Fan somehow got on Han Shaojie's two thieves' boat.

  At this time, Shen Fei was sizing up Lu Wenjing, who had come with Ye Fan, and suddenly lowered his voice and showed a wry color at the corner of his mouth, "Brother Fan, you can."

  "It's been a few days since I've seen you, there's been a change of people around ah."

  "And, a change of taste?Not sister-in-law's mature imperial sister style anymore, but now you like petite lolita?"

  "The red flag at home is not falling and the flags are flying outside."

  "Brother Fan, I admire you!"

  "I finally understand now, what did you buy so much big tonic medicine for at the last Mid-Autumn Night Auction."

  "It's also true that I have to accompany Lori during this day and I have to go home at night to turn in my homework.This kidney uses a lot of it, and it does need to be toned."

  Shen Fei smiled with a nasty old prude smile, while Han Shaojie also restrained some, but looked at Ye Fan with admiration, apparently also admiring Ye Fan's ability to handle girls.

  "Go go go go, get lost!"

  "What nonsense?"

  "Jing Jing is Mu Orange's sister."

  Ye Fan, however, didn't have the good fortune to say back, thinking to himself what kind of things these two second generations had in their heads.

  However, it was fine that Ye Fan didn't explain, but with this explanation, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were even more shocked.


  "Or your sister-in-law's sister?"

  "Awesome Van!"

  "Shut up, it's not what you think, Jing Jing is not even fourteen yet, how could I..."Ye Fan still had to explain.


  "Not even fourteen yet?"

  "Van, fierce!"

  Shen Fei and Han Shaojie's mouths opened even wider.

  Even the driver who was driving in front of them, also gave a thumbs up to Ye Fan, full of admiration.

  Ye Fan: "........"

  Ye Fan was speechless, thinking that it was really two dirty things, looking at others who were also dirty.

  Seeing that it was getting darker and darker, Ye Fan didn't bother to follow the two old prudes' explanations and just kicked Shen Fei and told him to get lost.

  When Shen Fei and the others saw this, they naturally kept their mouths shut honestly, but after a while, they laughed hehehe, "Brother Fan, don't worry, what kind of relationship we brothers have, Shao Jie and I definitely won't say anything to my sister-in-law!"

  "And say?Are you guys trying to get me to kick you out of the car?"Ye Fan glared, scaring the two second generation ancestors into being honest.

  "Tell me, what is it?"After seeing Shen Fei and the others honestly, only then did Ye Fan ask them what they were looking for themselves for.

  "Shao Jie, what about your father?"Shen Fei looked to Han Shaojie.

  Han Shaojie nodded and then explained his intentions to Ye Fan.

  It turned out that Han Shaojie's father was the city's vice mayor.Recently, the city needed some precious jade for some reason, but the budget would be a bit insufficient if he bought it directly.

  So Han Shaojie's father, Han Dongmin, was thinking of buying some raw stones for the city from some raw stone merchants, from which the jadeite could be opened, after all, the price of the raw stones was much cheaper than buying the jadeite directly, in that case, the funding was undoubtedly more than enough.

  But Han Dongmin had bought two batches of raw stones in a row, and the funds had been spent quite a bit, but there were no decent emeralds to open up.

  This time, Han Dongmin was undoubtedly anxious.

  In case this matter was made known to the higher-ups, the consequences would undoubtedly be serious.

  However, there was no turning back with a shotgun.Having spent half of his funds, it was undoubtedly too late for Han Dongmin to stop now, and he could only make a last-ditch effort to purchase another batch of raw stones.

  He had lost a lot of money because of his inexperience, but this time, Han Dongmin had learned a lot and was looking for someone who knew how to handle stones.

  After Han Shao Jie learned about this matter of his father, he naturally thought of Ye Fan the first time.

  Naturally, Han Shao Jie will not forget that day, the original stone auction, Ye Fan, but to turn the tide, not only to help Shen Fei Shen Fei turn a profit, open a rare Zheng Yang green, help Shen Fei tens of millions of profits.Moreover, Ye Fan also turned a stone into gold, and opened the king of jadeite, the emperor green, shocking the audience!

  "Brother Fan, my father is having trouble sleeping and eating day and night because of this, and his hair is turning white in a hurry."

  "I, as a son, see it in my eyes and feel pain in my heart.I only hate that I'm shallow and can't help my dad, I have no choice but to come and beg you, Brother Fan?"

  "Brother Fan, just help my dad."

  Han Shaojie said almost as if he was requesting to Ye Fan.

  He also said that as long as Ye Fan was willing to help his dad through the difficult times, he would let him Han Shao Jie do anything in the future.

  When Ye Fan heard this, he shook his head and laughed, "That's nice, I think you're jealous of seeing Shen Fei being valued by his dad and becoming a director of the company, aren't you?"

  "So also thinking of making a merit to impress your father."

  Han Shaojie that bit of flirtation, but also fooled Shen Fei, but Ye Fan saw it at a glance.

  Han Shaojie saw that his mind saw through it and scratched his head, smiling apologetically.

  "Hehe, Brother Fan, it's still your fire eyes, not only are you great at seeing stones, you're even so accurate at reading people's minds."

  "This kind of goods like Shen Fei, relying on you, Brother Fan, have turned over at home to become a director, I can't be left behind either."

  "Brother Fan, you have to help me with this matter."

  "All these years my father has been saying that I'm useless, and all I've made are fox and dog friends, a net disgrace to her."

  "This time, I have to impress my father and let him know that there are powerful big shots among the friends I made with Han Shaojie!"

  Han Shaojie's words were firm, and he said in a deep voice.

  However, Ye Fan hadn't answered yet, but Shen Fei glared.

  "Han Shaojie, you heartless one, damaging me, right?What's wrong with me, Shen Fei?What kind of stuff is it?You have to tell me everything today!"

  "Hehe, Fei, I won't say this, Wen Jing loli is still here, I'm afraid I'll say it and you'll lose face."

  "You get out of here!"

  In the car, Han Shaojie and Shen Fei, the two brothers, got into a fight.

  But these two have been friends for years, and are used to each other's blackness.

  Otherwise, Han Shaojie's father wouldn't have them being fox and dog friends.

  "Since we're here, I'll simply go over and take a look."Ye Fan eventually agreed to Han Shao Jie's request.

  Although Han Shaojie was from a powerful family, his nature was quite to Ye Fan's liking.Having known each other, he went to help him once.

  "Thank you, Brother Fan."Han Shaojie was overjoyed and thanked him in succession.

  However, Ye Fan waved his hand, "Don't thank me yet, I'm only saying to go over and see if I can help, it's still uncertain."


Soon, Ye Fan took the car and followed Han Shaojie and the others to the vice mayor's residence.

  Like this kind of senior leader of a prefecture-level city, the place where he usually lived was naturally a single villa arranged by the city.

  Although this villa wasn't considered extravagant and luxurious, it was also majestic and majestic, and outside the residence, there were many, many uniformed armed police patrol guards.

  After all, the people living around here were all family members of prominent officials, so security was naturally extremely strict.

  Even the son of a vice mayor like Han Shaojie had to do registration if he brought people in.

  "Worthy of being a government compound, if you don't know anyone inside, you probably can't even get in, right?"Shen Fei looked at the tight security of the place and couldn't help but lament.

  Although Shen Fei was on good terms with Han Shaojie, he rarely came to Han Shaojie's home on a normal day.

  After all, he, Shen Fei, knew that he had a bit of a bad reputation in Yunzhou, and although he hadn't committed any major crimes, he had still made quite a few minor misfortunes, and he was really afraid that he wouldn't be able to go back once he entered this deputy mayor's home.

  In the middle of the conversation, Ye Fan and the others had gotten off the car.

  At this time, in front of the villa, there were luxury cars parked all over the place, Han Shaojie frowned when he saw this, "Brother Fan, it looks like my father and the others have already started examining the stone.Let's hurry in!"

  Han Shaojie saw at a glance that these foreign license plates were somewhat unfamiliar, and in his heart, he estimated that they should be those of the original stone suppliers.

  I thought my father would have to wait another day or two before he could check the stones, but I didn't expect it to be so soon.

  Has his own father already found a master who knows stones?

  In between thoughts, Han Shaojie immediately took Ye Fan and the others towards the villa and walked in.

  At this time, in the living room, four or five middle-aged men were sitting peacefully, in suits and suits, with ties around their necks, but between their words and actions, they all carried a few points of dignity and majesty.

  Obviously, these people who are sitting, outside of the estimated various are all respectable figures.

  The man sitting in the middle, with glasses, looks a bit refined and refined, but the majesty and temperament of a superior between the eyebrows, is the most transcendent.

  Yes, this man, naturally, was Han Shaojie's father, Han Dongmin, the deputy city of Yunzhou City.Next to him, nearest to him, was an old man with white hair, wearing a tang suit, sitting there with narrowed eyebrows and a very high posture.

  And not only was Han Dongmin not angry, but he politely poured tea for this old man several times, acting as if he was extremely respectful.

  On the table in the middle of the living room, on the other hand, there were nearly ten pieces of original stones, all covered with red cloth.

  And just as a few people were speaking, the living room door was suddenly pushed open.

  Han Shaojie, with Ye Fan and the others, then walked in.

  "Dad, it hasn't started yet, right?"


  "Good thing it's just in time."Seeing the neatly placed original stone in front of him, Han Shaojie sighed with relief.


  Han Shaojie's sudden intrusion undoubtedly caused everyone in the living room to be shocked.

  Han Dongmin's eyebrows furrowed instantly, "What are you doing here?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  "Unworthy thing, can't you see I'm in the middle of a meeting with some of the chief executives, is this a place you can come?"

  Seeing this bastard son of his, Han Dongmin was suddenly furious.

  All day long, he doesn't do his job and hangs out with that second son of the Shen Clan day and night.If it wasn't for the fact that his mother had been protecting him, Han Dongmin would have broken the dog's legs of this traitorous son long ago.

  Sometimes Han Dongmin couldn't help but lament how he, Han Dongmin, who had been so wise all his life, ended up giving birth to this undisputed son!

  "Dad, don't worry yet, I'm not here to ask you for money this time, I'm here to help you."

  "Weren't you looking for a master who knows stones before, I found it for you."

  "It's this Master Ye Fan Ye!"

  "I'll tell you what, Master Ye Fan is amazing.With just a glance, Master Ye can tell if the stone is waste or treasure.It's water or ice seed, orthodox green or emperor green."

  "At the auction a few days ago, Master Ye was so powerful that he was able to turn the tide, opening the positive sun green first and then the emperor green, shaking the entire auction house in one fell swoop!"

  Han Shao Jie couldn't stop bragging and could even give him the title of Master Ye in order to enhance Ye Fan's power.

  At this time, Han Shaojie was waiting for Han Dongmin to praise him as he looked at his father smiling like he was inviting credit as he spoke.

  And Han Shaojie's words naturally drew the attention of the crowd present.

  Even the old man in the Tang suit who had a tall posture with narrowed eyebrows before, his cloudy old eyes opened wide when he heard the words Zhengyang Green and Emperor Green.


  "And where is this Master Ye you speak of, where is he?"Han Dongmin then asked.

  "Dad, it's this guy over here, Master Fan Ye, my best brother!"

  Han Shaojie then looked to the side, and the rest of them all followed Han Shaojie's gaze.

  Only a skinny youth, plainly dressed, was seen standing there with a calm appearance.Behind him, Lu Wenjing was wearing a plain white dress, perhaps seeing this kind of scene for the first time, and somewhat recognizing it, with a bit of fear in her beautiful eyes, but tightly grasping Ye Fan's hand.

  "You mean, him?"Han Dongmin's eyebrows sank.

  Han Shaojie immediately nodded his head and said with a smile, "Yes, Dad, he is Master Ye, his stone reading skills are particularly impressive, definitely the best in our Yunzhou, no, the best in Jiangdong!"


  However, as soon as Han Shaojie's words fell, Han Dongmin was completely furious, so angry that he wanted to kick his own bastard son to death.

  A brat who was just starting out as a donkey and was still looking at Master Shi?You're still number one in Jiangdong?

  A sunny green?Open emperor green?

  This bastard, is he playing his father for a fool?

  You know, in this line of gambling, talent is instead secondary, the most important thing is experience, experience from millions of gambling and stone solving.

  And this so-called Ye Fan in front of him is only in his early twenties, a hairy kid, what experience can he have?

  But now his bastard son is talking nonsense, and talking about Cloud State's number one?Number one in Jiangdong?

  Han Dongmin now only felt that his old face had been disgraced by this unworthy thing!

  "Bastard, why don't you get out of here?"

  "Don't embarrass me here!!!"

  Han Dongmin scolded with an angry voice that reverberated throughout the living room.

  The other people in the living room were also shaking their heads and laughing from the side, looking at Han Shaojie with some obvious laughter in their eyes.

  Obviously, they hadn't expected that someone so shrewd as Han City would have such an interesting and superb son.

  The old man, who had been silently silent, even sneered at this time.

  "The young people nowadays are really becoming less and less humble."

  "After reading a few books and touching a few stubborn stones, he also dares to call himself the number one in Jiangdong?"

  "Even my teacher back then, the "Stone King" of Jiangdong, Mr. Wei Fu Wei, who had opened countless greens in his life, definitely didn't have such a big mouth."

  The old man shook his head and laughed, the mockery and ridicule in his faint words distinctly distinct.

  Being looked at as a joke by so many people, Han Dongmin's face naturally became even more unbearable to hang onto, his face ugly.

  In the end, he was so angry that he went up to kick Han Shaojie, "You're an adversary, aren't you embarrassed enough?"

  "Take your fox friends and get the hell out of here!"


Han Dongmin was truly enraged, his old face livid.

  This adversary, not being able to help, was still adding to the mess here.

  "A twenty-something hairy kid, and a master?What the hell is this!"

  Han Dongmin didn't even pay attention to Ye Fan and the others, this son of his, Han Dongmin couldn't know him better.What kind of superior person could he know for such an unlearned jerk?

  "Mayor Han, why the outrage?"

  "Your Eunuch is also a filial son."

  "It's just that he was compelled by someone and used by a riverside liar."At this time, the person who spoke was a bald man .

  Shaking his head and laughing lightly, but advising Han Dongmin.

  Han Dongmin's assistant, Xiao Liu, also took the opportunity to put in a few good words for Han Shaojie: "Yes, Han City.Shao Jie also has good intentions, so don't be angry with me.It's better to deal with business first."

  Under the reassurance of the crowd, Han Dongmin's anger dissipated a bit, and a pair of cold eyes still glared at Han Shaojie as if he would go home at night and fix you.

  After that, Han Dongmin sat back down and went back to his business.He didn't pay any attention to Ye Fan and the others at all anymore, and directly left them dry there, not even letting them sit down.Instead, he let them all hang out to the side.

  If it wasn't for the fact that there was still business to be done, Han Dongmin would have already kicked these bratty kids out.

  But in front of so many people, there was no need to make too much of a fuss.Han Dongmin secretly reckoned that after hanging them out for a while, they would probably leave of their own accord if they felt embarrassed.

  Han Shaojie, who had been scolded with a splinter in his face, felt his heart being poured down by a basin of cold water, and no longer had the joy he had when he was inviting merit, standing there with his head hanging down, saying nothing, like a frosty eggplant.

  In front of Han Dongmin's majesty, Han Shaojie was too frightened to say a word.

  Instead, the little loli behind him, Lu Wenjing, was suddenly furious and only chanted for Ye Fan, "Brother Ye Fan, this person is too much, you came to help them, and he didn't know how to thank without saying anything, but instead..."


  "Sister-in-law, be careful what you say~"

  Lu Wenjing hadn't finished her sentence, but Shen Fei was so frightened that she quickly shushed Lu Wenjing, telling her to keep her mouth shut.

  In case it angered Han Dongmin again, they were afraid that a few of them would really be thrown out by others!

  As for Ye Fan, he looked calm throughout, standing there as if he was out of the way, quietly watching.



  "Mr. Zhou, these, are these, the best raw stones you have?"

  "There's no hiding it."

  Han Dongmin sipped his tea, while looking at the bald man in front of him, he slowly asked.

  Zhou Sheng smiled back and said, "Look at what Han City said, the goods supplied to you, of course I have carefully selected them."

  "These eight raw stones in front of me can be some of our company's best materials!"

  "Look at this raw stone, dense with python bands and uneven all over, just like a python wrapped around the raw stone."

  "If there's a python, there's green!"

  "This stone, I can't say it's one hundred percent green, but at least it's ninety percent sure to be green."

  "Just yesterday, someone in Jingzhou offered fifty million for this stone, but I didn't even sell it, saving it exclusively for Han City."

  "After all, although I, Zhou Sheng, am now settled in Jingzhou, my father's hometown is from our Yunzhou side.Yunzhou City counts as half of my Zhou Sheng's hometown, and now that our Yunzhou needs raw stones, of course I have to keep them for our Yunzhou, just as a way to make a few contributions to my hometown."

  Zhou Sheng smiled, and one by one, like Han Dongmin, introduced the eight pieces of raw stones in front of him in terms of their region and form.

  Each piece, almost exaggerating the flowers.

  The feeling was as if the eight pieces of raw stone in front of him could all produce emeralds.

  And Han Dongmin just listened quietly, not saying anything.

  After all, although Han Dongmin didn't have much research on this stuff, he had suffered a lot of losses from the first few purchases of raw stones, and he knew that he couldn't believe all the words of this kind of raw stone merchant, but only as a reference.

  Now the city only had half of the funds left for him to buy jadeite.Before because of the lack of funds, he took a risk and did not choose to directly buy the jade already good, but to choose to buy the original stone with a small amount of money, and then solve the stone to open the jade.

  Han Dongmin had thought that with his energy, it wouldn't be easy to find a few more highly respected stone watchers in Yunzhou City to open the high-quality jadeite.

  Perhaps the funding given by the city would not only be enough, but he would still have plenty left over?

  If this is done right, it will be a promotion later!

  However, Han Dongmin had underestimated the risks of gambling on stones after all.

  So much so that almost half of the previous funding had been paid in tuition, and the good quality jadeite hadn't opened a few at all.

  Now he had just two hundred million left in his hand, and if these two hundred million could not open some jadeite of excellent color, he would not be able to complete the task given to him by the city, and the higher-ups would certainly ask him about his sins if they tracked him down.

  You know, the above let him buy the jade.

  He opportunistically took the funds to take the gambling stone.

  This is a private misappropriation of a huge amount of public funds ah.

  At that time, once the matter was revealed, the suspension punishment would be light instead, and he might even spend the rest of his life in jail.

  So, this time, Han Dongmin could be extra cautious and careful.

  He had found four raw stone suppliers in a row and asked them to bring the best stones over.

  He even invited Master Liu Chuanzhi Liu, the senior apprentice of Wei Fu, the "Stone King", from Jingzhou to be his eyesight.

  Han Dongmin didn't believe it, this time, could he not open the precious jade?

  After Zhou Sheng introduced the raw stones he had brought, the other three raw stone suppliers then brought out the stones they had brought, and also successively introduced the condition of each stone to Han Dongmin.

  For a time, dozens of raw stones were placed in front of Han Dongmin's eyes.

  After hearing the narrative, Han Dongmin nodded his head and did not comment.

  Instead, he turned to Liu Chuanzhi, who had been quietly resting his mind with his eyebrows slightly closed behind him, and respectfully said, "Master Liu, I, Han Dongmin, am not talented enough to see anything.The rest can only depend on Master Liu."

  Hearing this, Liu Chuanzhi's eyes, which had been closed, slowly opened, and finally just gave an old-fashioned hmmm, his shelf greatly set.

  And then, accompanied by Han Dongmin, Liu Chuanzhi touched and looked among the dozens of stones in front of him, shaking his head for a while, nodding, and shining a light every now and then.

  "Master Liu, how is it?"

  "Is there a good stone in here?"After seeing Liu Chuanzhi, Han Dongmin immediately looked over, and the rest of the eyes fell on Liu Chuanzhi as well.

  After a long silence, Liu Chuanzhi, then shook his head, "Present, a total of twenty-eight original stones."

  "Those who can enter my eyes, not a single one!"


  Hearing Liu Chuanzhi's words, everyone present was shocked.

  Han Dongmin was even more stunned, "Master Liu means that so many raw stones are all scrap?"


"No way!"

  "Master Willow, you can eat this stuff, but you can't talk nonsense!"


  "That's right, our company's stones, that's famous for being good."

  "Even if we produce a few scrap stones, how can they all be scrap stones when there are so many?"


  "Master Willow, you must be mistaken!"


  For a moment, not only Han Dongmin was surprised, even Zhou Sheng and a few other raw stone suppliers scuffled to their feet and said urgently to Liu Chuanzhi.

  However, in response, Liu Chuanzhi only laughed, "I only said that no stone can enter my eyes.But didn't say that they are all waste stones."

  "Well, what does Master Liu mean?"Zhou Sheng and the others continued to pursue the matter.

  Ignoring the few raw stone suppliers, Liu Chuanzhi instead looked at Han Dongmin and said in a deep voice, "Han City, these 28 stones are not bad in color.A few of them, however, are also likely to produce ice seed emeralds, and glass seed emeralds are not impossible."

  "But unfortunately, I'm afraid it's very difficult to decipher the grade of Glass Seed Zhengyang Green jadeite.As for imperial green, it's even less likely."

  Hearing this, Han Dongmin burst out laughing, "Worthy of being Master Liu, his eyes are high when it comes to looking at more green, and jadeite other than positive sun green imperial green is already difficult to get into Master Liu's eyes.However, for me, the Ice Seed Jadeite is enough."

  "Please recommend a few pieces to Master Liu, and I'll buy them."

  Han Dongmin said with a smile.

  He had just thought that these traitors like Zhou Sheng had teamed up to trap him with waste stones, but hearing it now, Han Dongmin was relieved.

  He originally didn't have extravagant hopes for such rare and unattainable emeralds like Zhengyang Green and Emperor Green.

  To him, as long as he could produce some good quality ice emeralds, he would be satisfied.As for being able to open a glass variety, that would undoubtedly be a great surprise.


  Liu Chuanzhi responded, and then he clicked six of the twenty-eight raw stones in front of him.

  "These six raw stones, whether it's the color, the crust, or the dreadlocks, they're all the best of the twenty-eight."

  "If Han City wants to get into it, you can choose from among these six pieces, and ten percent of them will be at least ninety percent, which will be able to come out green and look up."

  Liu Chuanzhi stood with a negative hand and said indifferently.Confident words, but majestic words.

  However, after Liu Chuanzhi said this, the bald man, Zhou Sheng, stood up with a cold face and stared at Liu Chuanzhi with eyes full of anger, "Master Liu, what do you mean?"

  "I, Zhou Sheng, have never offended you before, have I?"

  "But each of the four major suppliers, you ordered two raw stones, but not one of my family's?"

  "Are you insulting my Zhou City Jewelry?"

  Zhou Sheng's words were cold and cold, and his old face was filled with monstrous anger.

  After all, the four raw stone suppliers present, Liu Chuanzhi had picked six pieces of raw stone most likely to be green, but not one of their Zhou family's.

  What did this mean?

  This was clearly telling Han Dongmin that he, Zhou Sheng, was bringing all the hard to green waste stones.

  This is undoubtedly like a slap on Zhou Sheng's face, making it difficult for him to behave in front of Han Dongmin.

  In the face of Zhou Sheng's questioning, Liu Chuanzhi, however, faintly returned, "You think too much, my husband looks at the stone, and has always been right about things, not people."

  "A good stone is a good stone, a waste stone is a waste stone.Why care which family it comes from?"

  Hearing Liu Chuanzhi's words, Zhou Sheng undoubtedly became even angrier, "Master Liu means that my Zhou family's original stone is a waste stone?"

  "I didn't say that, you said it yourself."


  Seeing that Zhou Sheng was about to turn against him, Han Dongmin, however, smiled and advised, "Mr. Zhou, why get angry?Master Willow didn't mean anything against you, and besides, the stone Master Willow just ordered was just a guess on his part."

  "What he ordered, it's not necessarily good.What this doesn't order, isn't necessarily bad either."

  "What's more, even if Mr. Zhou really missed the mark this time and didn't bring any good quality raw stones, I wouldn't blame you.After all, a man's got a bad hand and a horse's got a bad hoof isn't it."

  Under Han Dongmin's persuasion, Zhou Sheng could only swallow his anger in his stomach and coldly reminded Han Dongmin, "Han Shi, one must be careful of one's guard.This Master Liu, even if he is a disciple of the Stone King, you can't believe everything he says."

  "Maybe he joined forces with others and pointed to scrap as a way to screw Han City?"Zhou Sheng sneered.

  When Liu Chuanzhi heard this, he also looked indignant, "Does Zhou always doubt my character?"

  "In that case, how about I designate a stone and unlock it on the spot?"

  "If it goes up, what you earn counts as Han City's."

  "If it collapses, what you lose counts against me, Ryu!"

  Liu Chuanzhi, who was also of a rigid temperament, took out one of the six original stones he had ordered earlier after saying that, and then he began to unscramble the stone in public!

  Soon, a dazzling green color was revealed.

  "Green!Out of the green~"

  "I go, this Master Willow can ah."

  "Saying green is really green."

  "It's not precious jade, but it's obviously gone up."

  "It seems that the "Stone King's" disciple is indeed not bragging."

  Seeing the scene in front of him, Shen Fei couldn't help but exclaim, looking at Liu Chuanzhi's eyes differently all of a sudden.

  "Mr. Zhou, now, what else do you have to say?"Liu Chuanzhi looked at Zhou Sheng and asked in a stern voice.

  Zhou Sheng's old face was blue and dumb, and finally apologized to Liu Chuanzhi, "Master Liu, I'm sorry, it's me, Zhou Sheng, who is a villain."

  Zhou Sheng then looked to the side of Han Dongmin and said shamefully, "Han City, I, Zhou Sheng, have made a joke and have no face to stay any longer, so I'll take my leave."

  With his words, Zhou Sheng immediately summoned his men and took his original stone with him, ready to leave.

  However, just as Zhou Sheng was loading the stone, his hand suddenly slipped, and a piece of raw stone from Pajang in his hand suddenly turned over on the ground.This shock, but the outside of the band python shell quietly shook off.A crack was opened on the stone, and vaguely, a dazzling green color was revealed.

  "This...This is~"

  The others didn't care about this scene, but Liu Chuanzhi, but his old face trembled, and his whole body ran straight over, and with that stone he saw it.

  "Black Ursa, with waxy shells, Pajang Nanchi out of good stuff!"

  "Big lump of python, colored hidden, falling python seeing green makes you crazy!"

  "Han City, good material, good material~"

  At this time, Liu Chuanzhi, his entire body was as excited and overjoyed as if he was crazy, touching the original stone while urgently saying to Han Dongmin even.

  Such a reaction from Chuanzhi Liu caused the entire crowd in the hall to be shocked.

  And Zhou Sheng was also shocked at the sight of it.Immediately afterwards, he snatched the original stone from Chuanzhi Liu's hand and said in a cold voice, "Master Liu, I'm afraid I'm mistaken, just like you said before, our Zhou family's original stones are all scrap, no good material!"

  After that, Liu Chuanzhi picked up the original stone and was leaving.

  "Mr. Zhou stay, Mr. Zhou stay~"

  "It was all a misunderstanding before, so why take it personally?"

  "How much is this raw stone, I, Han Dongmin, bought it!"


See Zhou Sheng seems to be still angry, now even more unconcerned to turn his head and leave, but Han Dongmin quickly pulled.

  After all, to make Master Liu so excited, Zhou Sheng's original stone, is probably remarkable.

  If he could open an excellent jadeite, then what he had lost into, this time he would get it all back, and he could also over-achieve the jadeite procurement task given to him by the city.

  Thinking of himself, Han Dongmin certainly wouldn't let Zhou Sheng go.

  "Yes, Mr. Zhou, why are you angry?"

  "It was all a misunderstanding before.Besides, Han City has never doubted your integrity throughout, so why are you mad at Han City?"At this time, Han Dongmin's driver, Meng Guang, also spoke out to persuade him.

  Seeing the people persuading each other, Zhou Sheng, who had originally left, finally sat back down again.

  He looked at Liu Chuanzhi and snorted, then looked to the side at Han Dongmin, "Han City, it's also because you're here that I'm giving you face.Otherwise, if I were anywhere else and was insulted like this, I would definitely lift my leg and leave."

  Han Dongmin was busy smiling and placating, "Haha, then I, Han Dongmin, on behalf of the Yunzhou City Government, as well as the people of Yunzhou City, would like to thank Mr. Zhou for giving this face."

  "I just don't know, what's the price of this raw stone, Mr. Zhou?"

  Zhou Sheng didn't answer directly, but instead asked back, "Han City, seriously want to buy this raw stone?"

  "Of course!Is the city even kidding you?"Han Dongmin smiled.

  Zhou Sheng returned, "Han City, this raw stone was bought by my company last month at a high price from a Burmese merchant, the material of the old field of Pajang.The python band all over the body, there is a jargon, called ten python nine green.No matter the origin, or the quality, this raw stone has been rated as "King of Stones" within our company, the King of Raw Stones."

  "The previous price tag, two hundred million!"


  Two hundred million?

  Hearing this price, Rao Han Dongmin couldn't help but change his complexion slightly.

  The funds he had in his hands right now had only two hundred million left at full count.

  If he were to buy it, wouldn't it be that just this one stone would have spent the entire budget given by the city?

  However, Zhou Sheng's next words caused Han Dongmin's face to look even more shocked.

  "But Han City, the original stone is now partially cracked, and it's clearly green.Although it's only a crack, the color of the spill out is enough to conclude that it's at least a glass variety of jadeite.So, in this situation, it was almost impossible for two hundred million to buy.At the current price, it would have to be at least another fifty million!"

  Zhou Sheng's words were by no means sensational.

  Before the original stone was green, and after it was green, when it was sold outside, the price was undoubtedly different.

  Just like now, that original stone had come out of the green, the risk of gambling on the stone was greatly reduced, so naturally the price had to go up a bit.

  "However, if Han City really wants to buy it, I can still give it to you at the original price.However, you must have the payment settled immediately within today."

  "Han City, as you know, two hundred million is not a small amount, and even if we delay it for a day or two, then I'll have to lose tens of thousands every day just from interest alone.Therefore, we must need to settle immediately today."

  "Of course, you can also follow the previous agreement to settle half first and the remaining half within half a year.But for the price, you'll have to settle at 250 million dollars.After all, I have to answer to the company as well, don't I?Although Yunzhou is my hometown, but if I give in too much, I can't account for the company's side, and I hope Han City understands!"

  Zhou Sheng said in a deep voice.

  But Han Donghai frowned, "Mr. Zhou, I'm afraid that this 200 million is a bit too much.The budget given to me by the city doesn't even have two hundred million, and this price of yours is too much for me to bear."

  "Is that so?"After hearing this, Zhou Sheng also shook his head and sighed, "Han City, if that's the case, then I'm sorry.If the company is mine alone, how much of this raw stone I will sell to Han City, even if it's a free gift, as a gift back to my hometown parents.But I still have several major shareholders behind me, tens of millions of stockholders.So, Han City, I'm really sorry."

  With a sigh, Zhou Sheng picked up the stone and turned around to take his leave.

  "Han City, do you really not want to think about it?"

  "I feel like the original stone should be a treasure!"

  "And with Master Willow all so excited, I'm afraid it's not impossible to produce an emperor green?"Han Dongmin's driver, Meng Guang, spoke out to advise him.

  Han Dongmin didn't say anything, just looked at Liu Chuanzhi and whispered, "Master Liu, what is your opinion?"

  Liu Chuanzhi looked at the original stone again and nodded, "This stone is already green, and through that crack, I reckon the emerald is at least glass variety orthodox green.It's a guaranteed bottom, and with any luck, imperial green is a possibility!"

  "I can't guarantee a big profit if you buy in for two hundred million, but a loss is impossible."

  "You can enter~"


  A long silence.

  Even after hearing Ryu Chuanzhi's opinion, Han Dongmin still hadn't made up his mind to buy it.He just watched as Zhou Sheng had his men carefully wrap up the piece of raw stone and prepare to take it away.

  "Han-shi, decide quickly~"

  "Zhou is really leaving!"Driver Meng Guang is also anxious, afraid that his mayor will miss this chance to turn over a new leaf.

  After all, Meng Guang is also well aware of how much pressure Han Dongmin is now taking on, misappropriating funds to gamble with stones, if the gap is not filled to complete the city's mission, even if Han Dongmin conceals it well, it is bound to be exposed.

  By then, the consequences would be unthinkable.

  And now, it was almost the last chance for Han Dongmin to turn over a new leaf.

  Zhou Sheng had already started shipping that stone out, and Han Dongmin remained silent.

  He looked again at Liu Chuanzhi, who this time ignored Han Dongmin, but turned around and sat back on the couch.

  "If Han Shi doesn't believe me, so be it.But in a word, if you don't buy this stone, you will regret it."

  Hearing these words, Han Dongmin finally made up his mind.

  He immediately turned around and looked back at Zhou Sheng, who had already reached the door, just as Han Dongmin's cry of "I'll buy this stone" was about to be uttered.

  A faint sneer, but from a corner of the room, came out quietly.

  "What a bunch of nonsense!"

  Dead silence.

  Deadly silence.

  As the words fell, a moment of silence filled the hall.

  Only, the breeze swept!

  This sudden sound caused the crowd to tremble.Han Dongmin was flabbergasted, Liu Chuanzhi looked shocked, and even Zhou Sheng, who had reached the door, stopped in his tracks and furrowed his brow.

  Immediately after!

  Swish, swish, swish.

  Several gazes looked together.

  Only by the window, there was a skinny youth, standing quietly, and a faint voice, continued to ring out.

  "Han Shi, this stone, if you don't buy it, you are regretting it for a moment."

  "But if you do buy it, it's regret for the rest of your life!"

  When he said this, the thin man, who always had his back to the crowd, stood by the window, always with his back to the crowd, with his hands in his pockets, faintly looking out of the window.

  A low, slow voice, following the breeze, spread throughout the room.

  After seeing the scene in front of them, the faces of the crowd sank, and there was almost anger rising in their hearts.

  Speak didn't even bother to look at them!

  What's this?

  It's contempt!

  It's an outright defiance of everyone here!

  It was as if they were telling everyone that they didn't even have the qualifications to make him look at them properly.

  In particular, Liu Chuanzhi's old face immediately sank, frozen and heavy as water!

  As soon as he finished speaking, the next best thing was a direct reply, a load of nonsense!

  And it was said in such a cocky, defiant manner.

  What is this?

  That's not a punch in the face, that's a kick in the face!

  It's an extreme provocation to his authority!

  How can this be tolerated by Willow, who has always been an authority figure?


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