The unknown Heir 909


Chapter 909

 "Is it?So you're going to kill me, are you?Do you think you have it in you?"

    After a pause, Chen Hao then looked at Guo Yun with a wordless question, full of disdain.

    In Chen Hao's opinion, Guo Yun was no match for himself, not to mention taking out himself, it was impossible to hurt him.

    "Yes, I won't be able to kill you, but I can kill others!"

    Guo Yun spoke with the feeling of a dark smile surfacing in his tone.

    After saying that, Guo Yun charged straight towards Chen Hao.

    When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately drew his Star Profound Sword and slashed out at Guo Yun.

    Only to see Guo Yun instantly disappear in front of Chen Hao.

    By the time Chen Hao reacted, he had already disappeared Guo Yun's figure, so it seemed that Guo Yun should have escaped.

    But Chen Hao also knew that a series of things would definitely happen next, and that Guo Yun's game with himself hadn't ended before it had truly begun.

    On the way back.

    As they sat in the car, Brother Chen was still in an agitated mood.

    "Brother Chen, why are you so powerful?"

    Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao with an adoring expression and asked.

    "Is it powerful?"

    Chen Hao was very humble and asked a rhetorical question.

    In Chen Hao's opinion, this was all just trivial matters that could be solved in a matter of minutes, so why bother?

    If it had been the once initial Chen Hao, then maybe Chen Hao would have been afraid and wouldn't have the strength.

    But today's Chen Hao was different, dealing with Zhang Hu and these people wouldn't have the slightest bit of fear at all.

    "Of course it's powerful, my god, brother Chen, you can actually fight a dozen people by yourself, and so fast, I didn't even see when you did it!"

    Just a moment ago, Brother Chen only felt a gust of wind whipping by his side.

    Then there was a quick flash of a shadow, and within the instant he blinked his eyes, all he could see was that all those people brought by Zhang Hu had fallen to the ground, and only Chen Hao was standing there intact.

    So this was really too shocking for Brother Chen, who was getting more and more convinced that Chen Hao was a magical figure and that he had made a good decision to follow Chen Hao.

    "It's fine, it's just that they're too weak!"

    Chen Hao responded humbly.

    "Right, Brother Chen, what exactly do you have in your hand and why do they want it so badly?"

    Then Chen Hao was curious again, looking down at that brother Chen and asking, because this really made Chen Hao curious.


    When he heard Chen Hao ask this, suddenly Brother Chen was also a bit hesitant, he didn't know whether he should go and tell Chen Hao or not.

    "If it's going to be really inconvenient then forget it, I won't force you!"

    Seeing that Brother Chen was so hesitant and embarrassed, Chen Hao didn't go to force Brother Chen to talk to him.

    He felt that the fact that Brother Chen was so embarrassed must mean that this thing in his hand must be very special and must be very different, otherwise Brother Chen wouldn't be so hesitant and nervous.

    "No, Brother Chen, it's like this, because this thing in my hand is indeed very special, and I'm afraid of causing you trouble."

    Brother Chen hurriedly just looked at Chen Hao and explained.

    It wasn't that Brother Chen didn't want to tell Chen Hao, but he was afraid of bringing unnecessary trouble to Chen Hao.

    In case it caused any kind of trouble, then Brother Chen would really have to be very self-conscious.

    Hearing Brother Chen say that made Chen Hao even more curious.

    "It makes me even more curious when you say that, go ahead, don't worry, my strength is beyond your imagination, I might even be able to help you solve and share this trouble, and it's a big risk for you to take it on by yourself, isn't it?"

    Chen Hao was again speaking persuasively towards Brother Chen.

    "Alright, since you've said so, Brother Chen, I'll tell you."

    Hearing Chen Hao speak like this, so sincere and caring, Brother Chen decided to tell this secret to Chen Hao.


    Chen Hao also immediately stepped on the brakes and stopped the car.

    It was only then that Brother Chen took out a wooden box from his backpack.

    There was a spider-like pattern on the wooden box.

    Brother Chen then opened the wooden box, only to see a black bead placed inside.

    "This is the bead!"

    Brother Chen handed the wooden casket to Chen Hao and preached.

    Chen Hao received the wooden box and stared straight at the black beads inside the wooden box.

    At that moment, a slight red light flashed inside the black bead.

    Seeing this red light, Chen Hao looked at Brother Chen, and looked at each other at the same time with Brother Chen.

    That's right, that hint of red light just now, Brother Chen and Chen Hao both saw it.

    "Where did you get this thing from?"

    After a pause, Chen Hao asked towards Brother Chen.

    "I accidentally picked it up by a small stream when we went on a field trip once."

    Brother Chen immediately replied towards Chen Hao.

    "But then it was discovered by Zhang Hu and the others, and then they kept trying to get me to hand it over."

    Brother Chen continued to narrate again.

    "Then after you took it back, did anything weird and special happen to you?"

    Chen Hao also continued to ask.

    As Brother Chen listened, he fell into deep thought.

    It was only after a while that Brother Chen recalled.

    "I remember, I remember one time I happened to be coming back from outside and this black bead was emitting a red light, it was so dazzling, I thought it would explode, but then it quieted down on its own again, and the red light never appeared again."

    Brother Chen recounted the situation he had encountered earlier to Chen Hao.

    "Is that the red light that we both saw together just now?"

    "Yes, that's right, that red light just now, Brother Chen, according to your analysis, what exactly do you think this black bead is?"

    Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao curiously and asked.

    Chen Hao also shook his head slightly, he actually didn't know what this black bead was.

    Just.There was just one thing, this black bead was filled with the scent of an evil spirit, and Chen Hao felt that it was definitely not a good thing.

    After looking at it for a while longer, Chen Hao closed the wooden casket.

    Chen Hao returned the wooden casket to Brother Chen.

    "Brother Chen, keep this thing for now, and when we return, I'll find you another person to take a good look at it, I'm sure I can find out the origin of this thing!"

    Chen Hao righteously preached towards Brother Chen.

    Brother Chen also nodded his head in understanding.

    "Well, I know, Brother Chen, I'll take good care of it!"

    After saying that, Brother Chen put the wooden box away and put it back in his backpack.

    Only after the conversation was over did Chen Hao start the car again to return to the office.

    Back at the office.

    Only to see that Zhen Ji had already prepared the three people's equipment along with everything.

    "Chen Hao, all the equipment is fully prepared."

    Zhen Ji reported towards Chen Hao.

    "Well, we'll leave immediately in the morning!"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and Brother Chen and commanded them.


  1. What the hell I get the story to the celestial arc then chen hao went to a journey to save the world but now I feel like he has become a detective and also where is he now? Also I feel like many scenes are missing hereor the author skipped some


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