Dish Best Served Cold 196-200


Chapter 196

Suzy was simply so angry.

  This Ye Fan, with no money, no skill, and no less skill, and he's still making a mess.

  Isn't this a disgrace?

  Isn't that self-defeating?

  Suzy had already decided that when this auction was over, he would make sure to make Ye Fan, a hillbilly, leave his lady friend.


  "Just you, a poor country bumpkin, door-to-door son-in-law, with money to buy a diamond ring?"

  "What diamond ring, show it to us?"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Autumn Mu Ying and her husband and wife were like hearing a joke.

  However, Ye Fan wasn't angry, since they wanted to see it, they simply did as they wished: "Mu Orange, raise your hand, let your sister see."

  "What are you looking at? Look!"

  "Are you an idiot?"

  "Mu Orange, let's go, ignore this idiot!"Susie was going to be furious.

  A fake ring, and this guy had the nerve to show it to anyone?

  "You're shameless, what about Mu Orange's face?"

  Suzy's pretty face reddened with anger, she scolded Ye Fan fiercely, then pulled up Autumn Mu Orange and left.

  "Mu Orange, let's ignore him and let this idiot embarrass himself here."

  However, what Suzy didn't expect was that not only was Autumn Mu Orange not angry at all, but she was also smiling lightly.

  "Sissy, it's fine.If they want to watch, just let them watch."

  "It won't be a missing piece of meat."

  After hearing that, Suzy was confused at the time and lowered her voice at Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, are you crazy?"

  "It's just as well that redneck was stupid, but why do you-"

  "It's not like you don't know what the hell you're wearing on your hands."

  "Aren't you afraid of being embarrassed?"

  Suzy just felt that her best friend was really crazy, not normal at all.

  And Qiu Mu Orange just said that it was fine, then really raised her hand, and the diamond ring on her ring finger suddenly shone with eye-catching brilliance and appeared in everyone's sight.

  Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife looked at it and were slightly shocked, but then the smile on their faces was even greater.

  "Yo, what a big diamond ring!"

  "It's such a big size, at least nine carats."

  "Expensive, isn't it?"

  "I think it's at least a million."

  "Third sister-in-law, you're so rich.I'm envious of my third sister."Qiu Muying mocked and said.

  Ye Fan nodded with a smile, "Well, you also have a good eye."

  "This diamond ring is the latest model of Shen's jewelry mainstay, the price is about three million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand.The multicolored diamonds, set in gold, interpret high elegance."

  "This diamond ring, both in design and style, highlights dignity and elegance."

  "In particular, the 9.9 carat diamond is the essence of this diamond ring.It symbolizes my long-lasting happiness with your third sister, and it also means that my friendship with Mu Orange is stronger than gold."

  "In my name, crowned between your fingers.A lifetime of companionship, a lifetime of love."

  "This diamond ring is my gift to Mu Orange to make up for the loss from that wedding three years ago."

  As he said these words, Ye Fan's gaze always landed on Qiu Mu Orange's body.

  The soft words, however, carried an endless amount of affection and indebtedness.There was even an inexplicable light in the deep brows and eyes.

  Yes, just like what Qiu Mu Ying had said, at that wedding three years ago, Ye Fan owed Qiu Mu Orange too much.

  The wedding should have been a woman's most glorious moment, but what Ye Fan had given her back then was only shame.

  "I'm going!"

  "Are you stupid?"

  "Can't you hear that she's being ironic?"

  "And 9.9 carats, and 3.99 million?"

  "God, you made that up!"

  Su Xi listened to Ye Fan's words, but she was so angry that she wanted to incite a slap on it and wake up this daydreaming guy.

  Sure enough, the two next to her, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, were also bent over with laughter.


  "No way, lmao."

  "A fake ring, and you have the nerve to blow it here?"

  "And a lifetime together?And noble and elegant?"

  "Where is the nobility and elegance in a broken glass bead?"

  "And three million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand?"

  "How dare you?"

  "I think it's nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, after all, is it a long time?"

  "A poor country bumpkin with a fake diamond ring acting like a lover?It's simply laughable!"

  Qiu Mu Ying almost snapped with laughter, unable to straighten her back at all.

  She was just saying a few sarcastic words back at Ye Fan before, but she didn't expect this hillbilly to take it seriously.

  And it was a serious act there.


  How in the world can there be such an oddity?

  "What? You don't believe me?"

  "If you don't believe me, you can ask that sister on the counter to check the authenticity of it."

  "A real diamond ring and a fake one, naturally one test will tell?"

  Ye Fan's appearance remained calm, and he didn't look any different due to the ridicule of Qiu Mu Ying and the others.

  "Alright, shut up you!"

  "Isn't that embarrassing enough?"

  "And you're sticking your face up for a beating at this hour?"

  "Mu Orange has simply had eight lifetimes of bad luck marrying you."

  Suzy didn't think that that Ye Fan still wouldn't give up, but she even thought of having her authenticity checked.

  Is it true, don't you have some compulsion in your heart?

  Do you have to have your face smashed in before you'll stop?

  "If I'd known, I wouldn't have brought such an idiot along!"

  Su Xi was so angry that her pretty face was red, and now she felt ashamed to stand with Ye Fan.

  Now she wanted to stay away from Ye Fan, a bumpkin.

  However, just as Su Xi was about to pull Qiu Mu Orange along with her, who would have thought that Qiu Mu Orange was really following what Ye Fan said and walking towards the counter.

  "Mu Orange, what are you doing?"

  "You don't really believe that's a real diamond, do you?"

  "Do you know how much a diamond ring this size would cost if it were real?"

  "That redneck couldn't afford it even if he sold himself!"

  Suzy was shocked, but no matter how much she tried to persuade her, Autumn Mu Orange ignored it and still walked forward.


  "You're really crazy~"

  "I don't care about you!"

  "You want to be embarrassed with him, go ahead."

  "It's not like he's my husband anyway~"

  Suzy's nose was crooked and she was angry at the back.

  Qiu Mu Ying and the others were also shocked at this point.

  "She really dared to test it?"

  "Did Autumn Mu Orange get kicked in the head by a donkey?"

  "It's just self-defeating!"

  Qiu Mu Ying's face smiled even more, then looked at the lady at the counter and grinned, "Give her the test."

  "Since people have taken the initiative to send their faces here, of course we have to accept it."

  Qiu Muying smiled coldly, her heart even more proud.

  She would like to see how Qiu Mu Orange and the others would get off the stage later.

  However, as soon as Qiu Mu Ying's words fell, the lady at the side of the counter suddenly called out in excitement.

  "This lady, it's simply a great blessing for you to find a husband who loves you so much and loves you so much ah.I look at all envious.If it wasn't for Auntie I'm already the mother of two children, otherwise I would definitely be stealing a husband from you."


  The counter aunt's words stunned everyone.

  "What do you mean, clarify?"Qiu Mu Ying eyebrows.

  The counter aunt was still excited, her hand holding the diamond ring was trembling: "I mean, this diamond ring is real."

  "Whether it's the quality of the diamond, or the design of the jewelry, it's superb."

  "And, just now this lady's husband said that it's a diamond ring that is the Shen Group's main item this year, and it's priced at three million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand."

  "Now I can responsibly tell you that the value of this diamond ring has nearly tripled today, and the market price has exceeded nine million."


  When Ye Fan heard this, he was also shocked.

  Ignoring the gazes of the crowd, the counter aunt continued, "As far as I know, this diamond ring is called "Lover's Tear", which is a joint effort between the Shen Group and the famous jewelry brand Lovis, designed and made by the world's top jewelry designer Mr. MacArthur himself and participated in the whole production."

  "Due to the complexity of the process, only two diamond rings were made in the first batch as well."

  "One of them was sold by Shen and the other was sold by Lovis Jewelry."

  "But, just the other day, Mr. MacArthur died of a heart attack.The 'Lover's Tears' became Mr. MacArthur's final piece."

  "Due to the suddenness of Mr. MacArthur's death, he was unable to document the most important steps in the making of the 'Lover's Tears', and the ring could no longer be produced.Only the first two that were made are still in existence."

  "The other one is now selling for as much as nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars on the Levee website."

  "So, this lady, congratulations.That diamond ring you're holding has become the world's only superb diamond ring!"


  Hearing this, the entire audience trembled.

  Everyone, all of them were shocked.



  "The only two best?"

  "Nine...Nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand?"

  Many people were confused at the time.

  Suzy, who was still full of anger, even more so, stayed on the spot, her beautiful eyes staring as big as copper bells.


  "This diamond ring, it's real?"

  "Still the best!"

  "But how is that possible, that hillbilly, where did he get the money to buy such an expensive diamond ring for Mu Orange?"

  Su Xi was simply hard to believe, as horrified, her entire petite body was undulating.

  As for Qiu Muying and the others, they were even more trembling, with their mouths wide open, like a rooster being strangled.

  She could barely believe her ears.

  Nine hundred and ninety thousand?

  Does this mean that the diamond ring that she was injured with less than half a million dollars is less than half of the others?

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Ying's old face turned red with shame.

  Naturally, Chu Wenfei's face wasn't pretty either, nearly blue into a porcine liver.

  Originally thinking of humiliating Qiu Mu-Orange and the others, he didn't expect to end up getting hit in the face by someone instead!

  The two men were suddenly humiliated and only felt ashamed.

  But the couple didn't give up and questioned again to the counter aunt in front of them, "There's been a mistake, right?"

  "Look again, look carefully."

  "A redneck who's so poor he sold himself, where did he get the money to spend millions on a diamond ring for Autumn Mu Orange?"

  "That's simply not possible!"

  "You must have misread it."

  Qiu Mu Ying roared with red eyes in disobedience.

  "I couldn't possibly be wrong, this diamond ring is indeed a precious piece from Shen's jewelry.Whether it's the purity of the diamond, or the material lining it, it's all of the highest quality.It can be said that none of the hundreds of diamond rings in our shop can be compared to this one!"

  "I haven't worked in the jewelry industry for twenty years, but I have worked in it for seventeen or eighteen years, so there's no way I could be wrong."

  "If you still don't believe me, you can go to that counter in the center and verify it again, that's exactly where the Shen's jewelry counter is."

  That aunt said slowly.

  However, her words reminded Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei.

  "Uncle Wang, aren't you the distribution manager of Shen's Jewelry?"

  "Come over here and take a long look and see if this diamond ring is actually sold by your Shen jewelry."Qiu Mu Ying looked at the middle-aged man at the side.

  The man didn't say anything, but his brows were locked and he looked as if he was pondering over something.

  Then, this man, whom Qiu Mu Ying addressed as Uncle Wang, walked over.Towards Autumn Muyoung, he said, "May I take a look?"

  Qiu Mu Orange looked at Ye Fan, and when she saw Ye Fan nodding, Qiu Mu Orange also gave a hmmm and handed the diamond ring to the middle-aged man.

  The man took it in his hand and looked at it.

  "How is it, Uncle Wang?"

  "Is this diamond ring a fake!"Qiu Mu Ying asked anxiously, as if she was anxious to verify something.

  The man returned in a deep voice, "That guide is right, this diamond ring is a precious item produced by my Shen Clan."

  "How is that possible?"

  When Qiu Mu Ying heard this, she wilted, and the fire in her heart then went out, only feeling frustrated.

  Originally, I wanted to rely on the diamond ring to properly humiliate Qiu Mu Orange and the others, but I didn't expect that in the end, the one who would be humiliated would be myself instead.

  "However, Miss Qiu, I would like to ask, when, where, and which store below my company did you purchase this diamond ring from?"

  "As far as I know, we at Shen's Jewelry don't have any record of this "Lover's Tears" diamond ring being sold."

  "So Miss Qiu, I have to doubt the legitimacy of the origin of this diamond ring in your hand!"

  "In other words, this diamond ring, you stole it."


  The middle-aged man's words fell, but it was as if a boulder had entered the sea, creating a monstrous wave.

  Su Xi and the others were shocked then.

  "I go, Ye Fan, you actually went to steal it?"

  "Don't buy it if you don't have the money to buy it, how can you steal it?"

  "Aren't you implicating Mu Orange?"


  "Mu Orange, I've already told you, you can't have this kind of man.Sooner or later, he'll kill you."

  "How about now?"

  Susie was terrified and her face was white.

  She was really worried that because of this, her best friend would go to jail with her.

  More than nine million ah?

  Such a huge amount of theft was enough to be imprisoned.


  "And I wonder where a redneck got the money to buy a million dollar diamond ring?"

  "After all that fiddling, it was stolen!"

  "Worthy of being a country bumpkin, net doing something like stealing."

  "You're just stealing, and you're showing it off, is that because you're afraid people won't know that you and your wife are thieves?"Qiu Muying and the others almost snapped with laughter, full of ridicule.Looking at Ye Fan and his wife was like looking at idiots.

  She should have thought of it, that wimp Ye Fan couldn't afford to buy it, and if he wanted to get this kind of diamond ring, he could only steal and rob it through illegal means.

  But- Stealing something and showing it off?

  Now it's done!

  Being caught squarely in the middle.

  Qiu Mu Orange sneered full of laughter, and finally said to Wang Liang, "Uncle Wang, do what you should do, don't worry about me and Wen Fei."

  "When our Qiu family produces such scum, we will never shield them and let you guys do what you want."

  Wang Fei nodded, then looked cold and stern as he glared at both Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, "You are suspected of stealing and causing my company to suffer huge losses.I will now take back this diamond ring on behalf of the company, and at the same time I will contact the company's legal department to call the police on you and prosecute you, so please cooperate with the investigation as a couple."

  Wang Liang's cold words were like a trial, but without a word, he directly received the diamond ring into his pocket, while calling the company's legal affairs to contact the police to deal with it.


  "It's none of my best friend's business!"

  "It was all done by him alone."

  "If he was going to steal it, he stole it too, Mu Orange couldn't have done such an illegal thing."

  Suzy was suddenly anxious and bitterly advised, her face pale as paper because of her worry.

  Qiu Mu Ying, however, looked as if she was gloating, smiling coldly, "That's not necessarily true, maybe it's the two of them working together and conspiring to steal?"

  "If you want me to say something, you'd better talk to the police."

  "Don't say it's our Qiu family, we're afraid of losing face."

  Qiu Mu Ying looked like she was watching the fun.

  Ye Fan ignored the words of Qiu Mu Ying and the others, he was still more concerned about that Wang Liang.

  This person had gone so far as to accuse them indiscriminately and ended up directly confiscating his wife's diamond ring.

  What rights did he have?

  Ye Fan frowned and looked at Wang Liang, "This gentleman, is it too much.If it's not bought, does it have to be stolen?What if I said the ring was from the prince of your company?"


  "Just you?A door-to-door son-in-law, our Shen Clan's crown prince would give you such an expensive item?"

  "I'm afraid I can't even be bothered to take care of you."

  "Do you believe that yourself?"

  Wang Liang said disdainfully, full of sneers, and at the same time hid the ring in his pocket, looking like he was going to take it for himself.

  Just as Wang Liang was speaking, two handsome youths walked in from the VIP passage.

  These two were dressed in extravagantly expensive clothes, and at a glance, they were the sons of rich families.

  "Young Jie, this jade auction is lively."

  "All of them are raw stones pulled from Myanmar, and the likelihood of them coming out green is definitely far beyond the past.Even the jade exhibition over in Jianghai can't compare to our Yunzhou."Shen Fei stuck his pockets in and chatted with his best friend on the side.

  "Wang Liang, isn't that Shen Shao?The prince of your group, you've caught the thief, won't you go over and give him a word?"It was still Autumn Muyoung who was sharp-eyed and immediately saw Shen Fei who walked out from the VIP passage.

  "That's right!"

  "Stinky brat, stealing from our Shen Group, waiting for your death."

  "Our crown prince has arrived."

  Wang Liang sneered at Ye Fan, then he quickly put on a flattering and pleasing appearance and shouted in the direction of Shen Fei.

  "Young Master Shen, come this way."

  "I caught a thief who stole something from our company."

  "Just waiting for you to dispose of it!"Wang Liang said obsequiously, looking like he was taking credit for it.

  "Oh, and this?"Shen Fei then frowned and walked over with a straight face.

  He would like to see which ungrateful thing dared to steal from them, the Shen Clan!


Shen Fei's face was sullen and with a bland look in his eyes, he then walked over.

  "Young Master Shen, I'm the distribution manager of the Shen Group, my name is Wang Liang."

  "Today, I accompanied some friends to play, but I didn't expect to run into two thieves who stole our company's jewelry."

  "Now that the stolen goods are caught, we're just waiting for Young Master Shen to dispose of them."

  Wang Liang hurriedly came up to Shen Fei, his old face piled with smiles, and invited him to take the credit.

  "Mm."Shen Fei nodded and praised, "Good job, I will naturally ask the personnel department to promote and reward you when we go back."

  "Haha, thank you young master!"Wang Liang was so happy that his old face was grinning out.

  "Where's that thief you mentioned, bring him to me."

  "Dare to steal from my Shen Clan, I think he's tired of living."Shen Fei had his hands in his pants pockets, and his Mori's tone was inexplicably chilly, standing there but pretending to be / to be.

  "Young Master, it's those two over there.A poor countryside pervert, stole our company's millions of things, but also in this poor show off.This kind of person young master must be severely punished ah, as a warning to others!"Wang Liang hurried to identify Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

  Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, the two of them were also pushing the envelope, "Yes, Shen Shao, Uncle Wang is right, one should never be merciful in dealing with this kind of morally corrupt poor countryside pervert, it's best to just send him to prison and let him spend his life in endless remorse and regret."

  "This is natural."

  Shen Fei faintly returned as he followed Wang Liang's gaze over.

  But in the next moment, Shen Fei's old face, which was originally calm and relaxed, stayed there.As if he had been struck by lightning, his face then went white, and his entire body immediately trembled.

  He blackened his face, the corners of his mouth drawn fiercely, and whispered, "You...The thief you're talking about, that's him?"

  "Yes, young master."

  "That's the hick, all poor and a hapless superfluous son-in-law.Didn't have the money to buy a diamond ring for his wife, so he thought of stealing it."

  "And he stole our Shen's Jewelry Precious Diamond Ring, Lover's Tears."

  "That's a superb diamond ring worth nearly ten million dollars."

  "Fortunately, I was quick-eyed and recognized our group's item at a glance, and I was able to steal it right back from them, making up for our group's loss of nearly ten million dollars."

  "And, Young Master, I've just contacted our company's legal department, so I guess they've already called the police, and the police will be here soon.At that time, I'm not afraid that this poor countryside loser won't admit it."

  Wang Liang was full of complacency and couldn't stop saying that he was waiting for Shen Fei to praise and compliment him.


  "And you contacted the legal department?"

  "And the police?"

  When Shen Fei heard this, his heart nearly jumped out of his chest, and his eyes stared at him with a pair of dead eyes, near Jairus.The entire man was near to going insane.

  "Yes, Young Master, you don't need to praise me or reward me, as an employee of the company, it is the duty of every employee to safeguard the interests of the company."

  Wang Liang also licked his face and smiled at Shen Fei hehehe, then glared at Ye Fan on the side again and shouted angrily, "Stinky brat, what are you waiting for, Young Master Shen is right here, stealing from our group, why don't you come over and apologize to Young Master Shen and ask forgiveness?"

  "Are you blind, no eyes at all!"

  Wang Liang cursed and scolded.

  Hearing this, Shen Fei's face turned green at that time, turned around and smacked over, slapping Wang Liang directly onto the ground with a sound.

  "Young Master, what are you doing?"Wang Liang was confused then, squatting on the ground and asking bitterly, full of frustration.

  "What for?What did I do!"

  "What kind of person would you dare to mess with, you stupid bitch?"

  "Don't hurt us if you're looking for death, huh?!"

  "And compliment you?"

  "Kudos to you, my ass!"

  "I'll kick your heart out."

  Shen Fei's chest was about to explode with anger.

  Who was Ye Fan, that was the sky of Jiangdong today.

  Second Master Li all respected him like a father, and Chen Ao of Jianghai all respected him like a god.

  This kind of monstrous figure, Shen Fei and the others still can't wait to suck up to him?But Wang Liang, a fool, framed Ye Fan as a thief.

  After slapping over Wang Liang, Shen Fei quickly turned around and went to apologize to Ye Fan with an apologetic face.

  "Brother Fan, I'm sorry."

  "It's our Shen Clan that offended Brother Fan by using unknown people."

  "Don't worry, I'll call the HR department and fire this dog-eyed jerk."

  "Our Shen Group, although not one of the top companies in Jiangdong, is by no means a place to hide dirt."

  "This kind of dog's-eye looking thing is absolutely not to be retained."

  Shen Fei apologized repeatedly, but in his heart, he had the heart to kick Wang Liang to death.

  These days, their Shen family had a hard time easing their relationship with Ye Fan, and if it was because of this Wang Liang that their efforts for so many days went down the drain, their Shen family was afraid that they would have no place to cry.

  Looking at Shen Fei's respectful appearance towards Ye Fan, the crowd at the side had already been dumbfounded.

  "Really...It's really a gift?"

  Susie's beautiful eyes were wide and incredulous, her heart swept by waves.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "The crown prince of the Shen Clan actually called that country bumpkin Van...Van?"Qiu Muying was confused, her brain was blank, and she only felt that the world was too disillusioned.

  As for Wang Liang, he was even more dumbfounded.

  Looking at that Shen Fei who was brother to Ye Fan and full of congratulations, Wang Liang was suddenly filled with regret.

  It was only at this moment that he realized what kind of person was that so-called countryside superfluous son-in-law in front of him?

  I'm afraid he's a big shot who can't even offend the Shen family!

  Thinking of this, Wang Liang was so angry that he wanted to kick the couple of Qiu Mu Orange to death.

  Is this the countryside loser you guys are talking about?

  This is what you call a son-in-law?

  Even the crown prince of the Shen Clan is so respectful, this is afraid that he is a monstrous person!

  Wang Liang almost cried.

  But Ye Fan smiled faintly at Shen Fei's apology, "It's fine, the forest is big, so naturally there are all kinds of birds.In the future, more strengthening of staff education is."

  In the middle of the conversation, Ye Fan walked up to Wang Liang and extended his hand: "Manager Wang, is it time to return the things to me."

  Now Wang Liang, where there is still the slightest bit of arrogance and complacency before, in the face of Ye Fan's words, not daring to let out a fart, obediently took out the ring from the bag and gave it to Ye Fan.

  After Ye Fan got it, he looked to the side at Shen Fei: "Young Master Shen, I think it's better for you to explain to him, so as to save the person from being treated as a thief indiscriminately."

  Shen Fei hurriedly agreed, then a pair of cold eyes stared fiercely at Wang Liang who was lying on the ground, "Listen carefully, this ring is given to Brother Fan by this young master."

  "You also really have a lot of guts, a gift from this young master and you dare to steal it?"

  "You dog-eyed thing, now go to finance to settle your salary and get out of here!"

  "The temple of our Shen Clan is small, it can't tolerate someone as bullish as you."Shen Fei roared angrily.

  Wang Liang was about to cry, "Don't, young master~"

  "I've worked at Shen for half my life, and I'm about to run five, now that you've fired me, which company still wants me?"

  "Young Master, I was wrong, please detour me this once~"

  Wang Liang hugged Shen Fei's thigh and begged incessantly.

  "Fuck off!"

  "Does anyone want you, what do I care?"

  "Almost ruined my event, it's good that you didn't have to pay for it."Shen Fei said in annoyance and kicked Wang Liang away.

  Having no choice, Wang Liang could only go and beg Qiu Mu Ying, Chu Wen Fei and the others, "Wen Fei, Ying Ying, help me beg your sister and brother-in-law, let them put in a good word for me ah."

  "I've ended up in this situation today, it's still for you two, you two can't be heartless ah~"

  Wang Liang was close to begging.

  He was also sick and desperate, but he had asked Qiu Mu Ying and his wife to beg Ye Fan and the others?



  Hearing Wang Liang's words, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were also flabbergasted, their faces livid and unsightly.

  But, for them to whisper and beg for a hick?To woo Autumn Mu Orange?and

  How is that possible?

  The always strong and arrogant Qiu Mu Ying naturally couldn't accept this at all, nor could she open this mouth.

  After all, she and Qiu Mu Orange had fought with each other for so long in the Qiu family, they were almost incompatible, how could she possibly beg for someone she despised?

  This wasn't just a matter of begging, it was also a matter of saving face between women.

  If she opened this mouth today, it would mean that she, Qiu Mu Ying, admitted that she was inferior to her.

  So, of course, she couldn't do it.

  As for Chu Wenfei, a rich young man, naturally, he would not whisper to beg Ye Fan and the others even more.

  A humble door-to-door son-in-law, how could he be qualified?

  But Wang Liang was still friends with them anyway, and Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife couldn't see death without saving them.

  In the end, it was Qiu Mu Ying who stepped forward and said directly to Shen Fei, "Young Master Shen, for the sake of knowing each other, give face and forgive Uncle Wang this time."

  "Yes, Young Master Shen.Just give us some face.Besides, Uncle Wang is doing it for the good of the company, there's no need to be so desperate."Chu Wenfei also advised.

  When Shen Fei heard this, he laughed and looked coldly at Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife, "Give you guys face?"

  "You guys are nothing!"

  "Today, no one can save him unless Brother Fan opens his mouth personally."

  "Besides, he's one of my young master's men, and it's not your turn to dictate what I do to him, you two turks!"

  Shen Fei spoke harshly, not saving any face with the two of them, Qiu Muying, at all.

  This was Yunzhou, apart from a few people, Shen Fei really didn't have anything to fear.

  Just like this Qiu Mu Ying, even if she was the most favored daughter of Master Qiu, but so what?

  Shen Fei didn't even care about that old man Qiu, let alone a mere Qiu Mu Ying?

  "You...You..."Qiu Mu Ying was so angry that her pretty face was red and her petite body was trembling.

  She was used to flying around in the Qiu family, how had she ever been humiliated like this.It was still in front of Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

  In anger, Qiu Mu Ying wanted to curse back, but she opened her mouth, but didn't dare to say a word back.

  She could scold Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan with impunity, but the crown prince of the Shen Clan, Qiu Mu Ying didn't dare to offend after all.

  In the end, the couple no longer had the face to stay here, and they turned ugly and left.Before she left, Qiu Mu Ying glared coldly at Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Hmph, Qiu Mu Orange, don't think I'll be impressed with you after today."

  "Wretches like you can only rely on others."

  "If you're capable of relying on yourself~"

  But Qiu Mu Ying's words were clearly bottomless, like a wilting eggplant.

  Naturally, Ye Fan and the others didn't care about Autumn Mu Ying's words.

  A person like this, who always finds all kinds of excuses to belittle others, always unwilling to acknowledge the excellence of others, narrow-minded and deceiving herself and others, will definitely find it difficult to achieve success in the future.

  And yet Master Qiu left the company in her hands, afraid that sooner or later, she would have to be played by her.

  Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, not wasting any more time on such an insignificant woman.

  "Brother Fan, you're here so early?Are you here for the jade show, too?Today in this Shan Shui Hui Hall, apart from the auction at night, the most popular thing was the jade exhibition during the day.At this jade exhibition, there is also jade bidding, that is, gambling on stones.A lot of people are good at this, one cut heaven, one cut hell, it's very exciting.What about Shao Jie who is the master of the gambling stone world?"

  "If you want to know about gambling stones, you can ask Shao Jie for advice."

  Seeing Ye Fan, Shen Fei almost subconsciously assumed that Ye Fan had come to the clubhouse to gamble on stones just like them.

  After all, the only activity that could be held in this clubhouse during the day was that stone gambling conference.Many bigwigs and dignitaries would come to have a good time.

  But unfortunately, Shen Fei was clearly overthinking.

  "I'm here to accompany my wife."Ye Fan calmly said.

  At this time, there was a call from his wife from the front, and Ye Fan quickly waved in response, "Coming wife, I'll be right there."

  Ye Fan shouted, then said to Shen Fei, "That, my wife is calling me, I have to go over first.It's too late to say more, we'll meet later and talk."

  At this time, Shen Fei was still thinking of introducing Han Shaojie to Ye Fan, but where did Ye Fan have the time to say a word back and then hurried over to find Qiu Mu Orange.

  The two men's eyes drew in unison as they looked at the man who had almost no "authority" in front of his wife, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie.

  Han Shaojie: "Fei, is he the big shot you're talking about?"

  Shen Fei: "I guess."

  Han Shaojie: "Why doesn't it feel like it?Rather like a frustrated door-to-door son-in-law."

  Shen Fei: "Maybe...Big people are like that, there are always little traits that normal people don't have.For example, fear of dogs.Or, afraid of their wives?"

  Shen Fei struggled to find a reason to explain.

  Han Shaojie thought, "I think it's more dignified to be afraid of dogs."

  Shen Fei: "........"

  Seeing Ye Fan leave, the two of them did not stay here for long, but went upstairs to the jade exhibition hall.



  "Have you returned the diamond ring I asked you to return to Young Master Shen?"

  "That gift is too expensive, we can't accept it."

  Seeing Ye Fan rushing here, Qiu Mu Orange then asked.

  She didn't expect that the "Lover's Tears" diamond ring was now so precious, reaching ten million dollars.

  Enough to buy half of Qiushui Logistics' assets!

  Such a valuable item, of course, Qiu Mu Orange didn't dare to take it.She had long wanted to find an opportunity to return it to Shen Fei, and now she just happened to encounter it, so just now Qiu Mu Orange simply asked Ye Fan to return it to someone.

  However, Ye Fan was laughing and telling lies with his eyes open, "I returned it, but he insisted on not accepting it, insisting that this diamond ring was made especially for you, and only you can match its nobility and elegance."

  "Then how did you return it?"Qiu Mu Orange asked.

  Ye Fan continued, "Not much back ah, I'll just say that he has a good eye, the hero sees the same thing."


  Next to her, Suzy had just taken a sip of the Farmer's Spring, but now she puffed it all out, laughing out loud.


  "Mu Orange, I find your door-to-door husband to be the ultimate, too improvised and shameless."

  "And heroic~"

  "Are you trying to laugh me to death for inheriting my ants?"

  The first time I was in the hospitality industry, I had to go to the hospitality department to find out what was going on.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also flushed with anger and glared at Ye Fan indignantly, "Is that what you say when others say so?Won't you be humble?"

  "I'm pissed off!"

  "And the diamond ring hasn't been returned yet or not?"

  "Didn't return it, he said so, how could I return it.A diamond ring only shines brightest when it's in the right hand.It suits you so well, naturally you wear it.As for the money, you don't need to feel any guilt, a diamond ring for the life of their entire Shen family, they made a blood profit!"Ye Fan said without a care in the world.

  "What for the life of the entire Shen family?Are you clear?"Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange were both slightly stunned.

  Ye Fan hehely smiled, "There's nothing to say, it's just that I saved their lives.The Shen family owes me a personal favor, isn't it only logical for me to accept a diamond ring from them?"

  When Shen Fei had offended Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan, in his anger, had originally asked Li Er to erase the Shen family in Yunzhou.

  In the end, seeing that they apologized sincerely, he simply let them go.

  From this point of view, didn't Ye Fan save the lives of their entire family?



  "I was just wondering what kind of status the young master of the Shen family has, and why he condescended to call you his brother?"

  "And an unprecedented gift for you?"

  "So that's why."

  "If you didn't tell me, I just thought you were some hidden big shot."

  When Suzy heard this, the doubts she had just had were resolved, and she shook her head and snorted with laughter.

  She just said, a country boy, where did he get the authority to be treated like this by the young master of the Shen family?

  So it was because of this.

  "But Mu Orange, it seems that this countryside superfluous son-in-law of yours isn't useless."

  "At least he's strong, thick-skinned, and can shield people from knives at critical moments."

  Although Ye Fan didn't say how he saved Shen Fei, Suzy also guessed.I guess it was like those goofy movies, in which some unknown dog's legs were promoted for carrying knives and blocking guns for the big boys and so on, and were heavily promoted.

  Of course, in the end, without exception, they died miserably!

  Therefore, Suzy almost subconsciously believed that Ye Fan was also relying on similar methods.

  After all, in Suzy's eyes, Ye Fan, a poor boy from the countryside, really didn't have anything that could help Shen Fei, a noble young man, other than his brute strength.

  "However, again, there's no such thing as a free lunch."

  "The more favors you receive, the greater the price you'll pay when the time comes."

  "Do you really think that this "Brother Fan" of the young master of the Shen family is so easy to be?"

  "It's a critical moment, but it's fatal oh."

  Suzy looked at Ye Fan, but she was full of disdain, and reminded him with a sneer from the side.The tone of her voice was full of inexplicable contempt and ridicule.

  "Don't bother worrying about this, Miss Su."For Su Xi's words, Ye Fan naturally didn't care and didn't even bother to explain.

  Anyway, no matter how much he said, I guess in Suzy's eyes, he was still a poor countryside man with no money and no power, an incompetent and useless son-in-law at the door.Not worthy of Qiu Mu Orange, and even less worthy of her Suzy's best friend.

  "You can still laugh?"

  "Although what Xi Xi said is hard to hear, it's not unreasonable."

  "You're not allowed to ask Young Master Shen for anything in the future, let alone take his favors.Do you hear me?"Autumn Mucheng Orange ordered in a cold voice.

  What Suzy had said was exactly what Autumn Mucheng Orange was worried about.

  Ye Fan could care less, but how could Qiu Mu Orange care less?

  She was really worried that Ye Fan would end up being trapped by a powerful son like Shen Fei.

  "Mu Orange, it's fine."

  "Your husband isn't an idiot, don't worry, I'll take care of myself."Ye Fan comforted from the side.

  "Shut up!"

  "Are you the husband of Mu Orange?"

  "Are you ashamed?"

  "A poor country boy, you have the nerve to call yourself Mu Orange's husband?"

  "If you're not ashamed, I'm still ashamed with Mu Orange?"

  When Su Xi heard that Ye Fan actually called himself Qiu Mu Orange's husband there, a touch of anger in her heart inexplicably emerged.

  The feeling was as if it was as if she herself had suffered some strange humiliation.

  "Ye Fan, I hope you have some self-awareness.Your marriage with Mu Orange was originally a mistake, and Mu Orange was unable to divorce you in the past due to her grandfather getting in the way."

  "But it's different now, Mu Orange has left the Qiu family and is no longer under anyone's shackles, she's free to choose her own life."

  "So, in a few days, Mu Orange will divorce you and there will be a better man to take care of him."Suzy said coldly at Ye Fan, the hard tone of her voice as if she was giving Ye Fan an ultimatum.

  "Xixi, come on, stop in moderation~" qiu Mu Orange felt that Suzi's words were a little too hurtful, and glared at Suzi to make her stop in moderation.

  "I'll go, Mu Orange, why do you need to stop in moderation?You're just too kind, and that's what this hick has been pestering you about.I'm telling you, you're so womanly, sooner or later you'll suffer a big loss."Su Xi ton felt helpless, and in an angry tone, she said to Qiu Mu Orange incessantly.

  "Xi Xi, so you're here?"

  While the two Qiu Mu orange lady friends were talking, there was a sudden call from the front.

  Immediately afterwards, a group of people walked over.

  The one who walked in front of it was an old man and a young man, all dressed in a straight suit and tie, appearing extremely formal.

  But to say it was an old man and a young man, it might as well be father and son.

  The father's face has been gradually showing the old state, the rigid face with a kind of long-standing high authority, the momentum is not comparable to Li Raoji, Shen Jiuyi and others, but it is much more powerful than Qiuguang, Qiuluo and others, a look is not ordinary people.

  The son, however, was magnificent, and his capable eyebrows carried a bit of steadiness.

  "Dad, brother?"

  Seeing those two, Suzy was delighted and walked over to them with a smile on her face.

  "You ninny, you still know I'm your father?Just now at the door, I asked you for an entrance ticket, but you're acting like you don't know me, you're really a woman with big wings?"Su Yuanshan slightly huffed and rebuked at his own unruly and unruly daughter.

  Su Yuanshan was so angry that his liver hurt when he remembered what had just happened.

  He was just standing outside in line, and this old arm and leg ached from standing for a long time.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.

  But who would have thought that the ninny would not exchange with him even though she was dead, and finally pretended not to know him.

  "If it wasn't for the fact that I'm still physically tough, otherwise I would have been pissed off at your bastard daughter sooner or later."

  Su Yuanshan snapped at Su Xi.

  Of course, Suzy knew that her father wasn't really mad at her, so she was holding her own father's arm on the side, spitting her tongue, laughing hehehe, and pampering her old man.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product for a long time.And now that XiXi has relied on herself and got the admission ticket that we couldn't even get, dad you should be happy, why are you still blaming this?"

  Su Nan said with a smile.

  When Suzy saw this, she quickly echoed, "Dad, look, it's still my brother who is reasonable."

  "Come on you guys, I didn't know that you two siblings, joined forces to be angry with me."Su Yuanshan sighed helplessly, then asked to Susie, "Right Susie, I haven't asked you yet, where did you get that entrance ticket for the inner court?"

  "As far as I know, every single one of these entrance tickets is reserved by the organizer for a fixed big shot, and there are only ninety-nine of them in the whole of Jiangdong, so you can't necessarily buy them even if you have money."

  "You ninny, how can you have one?"

  Su Yuanshan was full of curiosity, and Su Nan was also confused and looked at his sister.

  When Suzy heard this, she raised her chin proudly and said proudly, "Hey dad, just because you can't get it, doesn't mean I can't get it either as your daughter."

  "I can't help it, who let your daughter I'm good with people?"

  "I got this ticket from my best friend, in my best friend's honor."

  "Well, your BFF?"Su Yuanshan and his father and son were both slightly stunned, they were busy with company affairs all day long, they really weren't very clear about Suzy's friendships.

  "Yes, that's my best friend, Qiu Mu Orange."Between the words, Suzy but quickly pushed Qiu Mu Orange in front of her father and brother.

  "Dad, brother, the best friend I'm talking about is this beauty."Su Xi smiled hehehe and introduced Su Yuanshan and the others.

  "Hello, Mr. Su."Qiu Mu Orange smiled in amusement and greeted politely.

  Looking at the girl in front of her, who was similar in age to Suzy, Rao Yuanshan and Su Nan couldn't help but feel slightly shocked.

  This young girl in front of them, in terms of her posture, was not even remotely inferior to his daughter, Su Xi.


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