Dish Best Served Cold 191-195


Chapter 191

Not long after, the dining table was already full of food.

  After Han Li smelled the fragrance of the rice, she then greeted the crowd and took a seat to eat, but there was no intention of waiting for Ye Fan to finish cooking and eat together.

  Perhaps, in the eyes of Han Li and his wife, Ye Fan was purely an underling of their family.

  "Mom, it's better to wait for Ye Fan.After all, he's been busy all night, it's a bit bad that we don't wait for him to eat straight away, right?"Qiu Mu Orange, however, was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

  Han Li sneered and directly interrupted Qiu Mu Orange's words, "What's so bad about it."

  "Isn't it logical for that wimp to eat us, drink us, and cook for us?"

  "We don't owe him anything!"

  "Yes, yes, sister Autumn we eat our own, what do we care?"Han Fei Fei also spoke up in agreement.

  Then, Qiu Mu Orange didn't persuade the crowd after all, Han Li and the others had already picked up their chopsticks and ate.

  "By the way, brother, are you still drinking?"

  "There's still half a bottle of Maotai left at home?Shall I bring it to you?"

  Speaking of this Maotai wine, it was still a few days ago when Master Han brought it up in order to beg Autumn Mu Orange to go back and talk to Red Flag Group about cooperation.

  Now that Han Li thought of it, she asked Han Hai if he still drank it.

  Hearing the wine again, Han Hai's old face turned blue then.It seems to be remembering again the incident a few days ago when he sparred with Ye Fan in Haiyuan Pavilion until he was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

  This matter now remembered, Han Hai felt humiliated.

  Han Li this obviously which pot can't mention which pot, Han Hai was suddenly unhappy, no good humph, "No more drinking, quit."

  "Eh?Brother, why have you quit, didn't you drink quite a bit last time at Haiyuan Pavilion?"Han Li was confused.

  Han Hai was nearly angry.

  "Okay, shut up you!"

  "No one will treat you as dumb if you say less."Qiu Lei glared at Han Li from the side, instructing him to say less.

  At this time, the last dish was also ready, and after Ye Fan brought it up, he took his seat to eat.

  "How was it?"

  "It tastes okay, doesn't it?"

  Ye Fan smiled and asked the crowd.

  But no one paid any attention to him at all.

  Han Li and her husband and wife had already wanted Ye Fan to get lost, so naturally they wouldn't give him a good face.

  As for Han Hai, Sun Yuhao and the others, there was even less need to say that they had a grudge against Ye Fan for more than a day or two.

  And Qiu Mu Orange, who was obviously still sulking because Ye Fan had just disliked him, angrily glared at Ye Fan and ignored him.


  Just ignore it, just as I'm eating.

  Ye Fan wasn't angry, and a light laugh and ate on his own.

  "Useless thing!"

  Han Li and the others looked at Ye Fan with disgust and cursed in a low voice.

  Han Li then looked to the side at Sun Yuhao, when she pulled up an amused smile and chuckled, "Yuhao, didn't you say you had something to tell Mu Orange tonight?"

  When Sun Yuhao heard this, it came to mind, "Mom, I almost forgot if you didn't say anything."

  "Mu Orange, tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th of August, do you have time?"

  "I'll take you up for a walk."

  "The Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, movies, dinner and such, and there's a surprise for you in the evening."

  Sun Yuhao looked towards Qiu Mu Orange with a soft smile on his lips, extending a sincere invitation to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange was stunned, not expecting that the purpose of Sun Yuhao and the others coming tonight was to invite themselves to go out tomorrow.

  However, before Autumn Mu Orange could reply, Han Li was busy.

  "It's fine!"

  "What could it be?"

  "Mu Orange just happens to be on company holiday tomorrow, a rare opportunity."

  "Having said that, you personally invited Yuhao, Mu Orange even if she has something to do, then she has to put off accompanying you."

  "Is it Mu Orange?"

  "What are you waiting for, don't thank Yuhao for his kindness yet."

  Han Li was excited, as if Sun Yuhao invited not Qiu Mu Orange, but herself.

  "Yuhao ah, my daughter is good at everything, but she's just too hard working."

  "Working day and night, I've long wished I could meet someone to take him out to play and relax."

  "Tomorrow, you guys go ahead and play as late as you want, it's best to come back the next day and spend the night out."

  While saying this, Han Li, however, was making eyes at Sun Yuhao's non-stop.

  That meaning was already obvious.

  It was that she wanted Sun Yuhao to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the night of the flowery moon to do everything that needed to be done.

  This woman, ah, if you conquer her body, you can also conquer her heart.

  Sun Yuhao was also smiling, "Mom, don't worry.I'll take Mu Orange to relax tomorrow."

  However, no one noticed that Ye Fan had raised his head at this point, his eyes always looking at Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you, you child, you still haven't said thank you to Yuhao, see how good people are to you?"Han Li is furious.

  Qiu Mu Orange but the heart is a little unhappy, only feel that their mother tube too much, and mouth so fast, even her company holidays to Sun Yuhao said.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange is apologetic: "That, I'm afraid I'm a little sorry.I have an important meeting at my company tomorrow that I have to attend, so I'm afraid..."


  "What meeting has to be mid-autumn?"

  "That company of yours is really a big fart too, a lot of fart, push push push push, it's important to accompany Yuhao!"Before Sun Yuhao could say anything, but Han Li was then dissatisfied.

  "Mom, I'm the CEO of the company.If I don't go, how can we still have that meeting?I've already informed the head managers of all the departments in the company."Qiu Mu Orange returned.

  Han Li was about to say something else, but Sun Yuhao stopped Han Li: "Mom, Mu Orange is heavily burdened, so don't force her.But I can wait until Mu Orange finishes his meeting in the evening and then just take him out to play."

  "That's fine."Han Li nodded.

  "That..."At this time, Autumn Mu Orange's apologetic voice, once again sounded, "That meeting will, I'm afraid, be open until nine o'clock at night.So tomorrow, I'm afraid that I really won't have time."

  "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?What a shitty meeting to have all day!"Han Li became annoyed and snapped at Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mom, isn't this where I have to prepare for the company's opening ceremony?After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company will have to hold an opening ceremony to prepare for official business, so of course there are many things in every aspect."Qiu Mu Orange explained.

  "You...Can't you just change the time?It has to be tomorrow, and lifelong events are delaying you."Han Li was full of dissatisfaction.

  "Yes, Sister Autumn.We're also going back to Jianghai after the Mid-Autumn Festival, but tomorrow is our last day in Yunzhou.How can you refuse brother Yuhao's generous invitation?"Han Fei Fei also advised again.

  Qiu Mu Orange was still full of apologies, "Sun Shao, I'm really sorry~"

  "It's okay, work is important.Just be busy if anything happens, we'll meet again next time."Sun Yuhao smiled, then picked up the wine glass and drank that wine directly in one gulp by himself.

  Obviously, Sun Yuhao's heart was by no means as calm and easy as it appeared to be.

  After dinner was over, Sun Yuhao and the others went back to the hotel.

  Han Li again counted on Qiu Mu Orange for a while when they met, saying that Qiu Mu Orange was ungrateful and didn't know how to cherish a great opportunity.

  "I've told you, the company is busy, you can't let me abandon my staff to play by myself, right?"Qiu Mu Orange was still using the company as a shield.

  After Han Li and the others returned to the room, in the living room, but Ye Fan was looking at Qiu Mu Orange smirked.That look caused Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face to blush.

  "What are you laughing at?"

  "No laughing or anything, I just didn't think my wife would learn to lie now, and it's really quite like that when it comes to fooling people, it's seamless.I've decided to move a little golden award for you later!"Ye Fan smiled faintly.

  "Bastard, how dare you sarcasm me, go to hell!"Qiu Mu Orange picked up the pillow on the sofa and smashed it at Ye Fan.

  Just like what Ye Fan said, their company didn't have a meeting tomorrow, and what she just said was just an excuse.

  Actually, Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to lie to them, but if she said that she was going out with Ye Fan tomorrow, her parents would definitely not agree, so naturally they would not be able to avoid a fight!


"And you have the nerve to laugh."

  "And it's not because of you?"

  "If you don't want to be scolded, be smart tomorrow and don't let my parents and the others see the suspicion."

  Qiu Mu Orange angrily instructed at Ye Fan, then went back to her room to rest.

  "Honey, I'm going to take a shower, don't forget to leave the door open for me!"Ye Fan shouted shamelessly from behind.

  However, it was good that he didn't say it.Ye Fan shouted this, but Autumn Mu Orange locked the bedroom door with a bang.

  "Get lost and go sleep in the study!"

  Ye Fanton smiled bitterly.


  Now there wasn't even the right to hit the floor in the bedroom.

  The night passed quickly.

  The next day, at the crack of dawn, Suzy had already driven her car to pick up Autumn Mu Orange.The horn was honking loudly downstairs.

  "Suzy, what are you doing?Are you crazy?"Autumn Mu Orange was filled with speechlessness, thinking that this crazy woman Suzy was in a hurry, rushing to reincarnate ah.

  "Mu Orange, go quickly, you won't be able to catch a good spot if you go late."

  "It's definitely especially crowded today."

  "I don't want to be like last time, sitting in the last row only to see a back."Suzy had obviously also left a shadow in her heart because of what happened last time, resulting in her being so eager to call out to Autumn Mu Orange this time.

  "But didn't you read that admission notice, the venue doesn't open for entry until after nine o'clock, right?"Autumn Mu Orange said.

  "So yeah, that's why we need to get ready while we have these few hours before we open."

  "Picking out clothes and putting on makeup, won't a few hours go by quickly?"

  "I submit to you!"Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop twitching at the corners of her eyes as she listened.

  "Oh, Mu Orange, please, just come with me, help me see what clothes to wear?Your best friend has been single for so many years, you have to help me this time~" Suzy hugged Autumn Mu Orange's arm and didn't chase after the begging.


  "What's a good location, Mu Orange?"

  "What are you guys doing up so early?"Mr. and Mrs. Han Li were also woken up by Suzy and their movement, vaguely heard their conversation, and came out to ask.

  "Auntie ah, it's today's mid-autumn night shoot...Woohoo~"

  As soon as Suzy was halfway through her sentence, her mouth was covered by Qiu Mu Orange, pulling her along and heading downstairs, "Mom, let's stop chatting for now, we're going to the office to prepare for a meeting, we'll probably be back late today, don't worry."

  "This Niko, engage in what moths~" looking at the back of this lady friend two far away, Han Li only felt baffled.

  Then Han Li didn't think about it anymore and went back to her room to continue sleeping.

  As for Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange called and told Ye Fan to meet outside the Shan Shui Club at 9am.

  A few hours passed quickly.

  At 9 am, Ye Fan undoubtedly appeared outside the Mountain Water Clubhouse as well.

  At this time, the entire street was already filled with people.

  These people, without exception, were all people from privileged families.Pulling out any one of them, they were probably all prominent and respectable figures in Jiangdong.

  Thinking about it, what kind of occasion today, ordinary people had never even heard of it, and the ones who knew about it alone were already people of small influence in Yunzhou, let alone these who had come to attend today.

  "Wen Fei, there are so many people."

  "Nonsense.You don't even think about what the occasion is today, it's said that Mr. Chu will be here at night."

  "Who is Mr. Chu, the day of Jiangdong.This gimmick alone is enough to get big names from all sides to gather here!"

  "Now that it's caught up with the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone is on holiday, so naturally, we all want to come over for the fun."

  Not far ahead, a couple was however clinging to each other, looking at the noisy and lively scene around them and sighing in amazement.

  These two, naturally, were Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying.

  "Wenfei, are you really unable to get tickets for the evening auction?"

  "I really want to see it."Qiu Mu Ying was thirsty.

  The Mid-Autumn Night Auction was held at night, and the Yunzhou Hall would also hold some events during the day, but undoubtedly, both in terms of specifications and level, it was much inferior to the night auction.

  That was why, like Chu Wenfei and the others, they were able to come to make it happen.

  After all, the barrier to entry during the day was still relatively low.

  Chu Wenfei paralyzed his hands, "Ying Ying, this is not easy to get, my father and the others didn't even get it, let alone us."

  "But don't worry, in less than ten years, I guarantee that I, Chu Wenfei, will definitely stand at a height that is unattainable by normal people, so that he organizer will personally invite me to the Mid-Autumn Night Auction."

  "Well, Wenfei, I believe in you."Looking at Chu Wenfei's firm side face, Qiu Mu Ying was touched and enchanted for a moment, and fell deeply into Chu Wenfei's embrace.


  "No wonder I saw a cow flying in the sky?"

  "So it's someone blowing on the ground ah."

  While Chu Wenfei was arrogantly pretending/forcing himself, an inexplicable laughter came from the front.

  "Hm?"Hearing these words, Autumn Muyoung and Chu Wenfei were both stunned.

  This voice, how was it so familiar?

  "Evan, is that you redneck?"

  "It's really bad luck!"

  "I'll still run into you on Midwinter?"

  "You're a real cunt, you wimp!"

  After seeing that it was Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Ying was instantly shocked, then she broke into a rant.

  "What are you doing here?"

  "Is this a place you can come?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  "Seeing you makes me angry."

  Qiu Mu Ying scolded.

  Ye Fan, however, ignored them, and at this time he just happened to see Qiu Mu Orange arriving and greeted her.

  Today's Qiu Mu Orange wore a pair of white high heels, snow-white ankles exposed, but sexy and charming.

  The dress was a black dress with lace edging on the collar, and the waistband design showed off Qiu Mu orange's perfect body to the fullest, while the silk dress was even more noble.What was even more striking was the huge diamond ring on Qiu Mu Orange's left ring finger, shining with a dazzling light.

  In the split second that Autumn Mucheng appeared, nearly all the eyes in the area were attracted to it.

  With a cool temperament and a stunning face, Qiu Mu Orange standing there was the most dazzling star under this side of the world.

  "I go, whose noble lady is this?"

  "So pretty!"

  "Must be the wife of a mansion."

  Quite a few people around were talking sideways.

  However, it had to be said that the dressing of Qiu Mu Orange today was chic.

  Simple, yet elegant.

  Elegant, yet dignified at the same time!

  Of course, the reason why Qiu Mu Orange dressed up today was not to attract Mr. Chu like Suzy did.She was merely considering it out of politeness.

  After all, today's occasion was different from the previous ones, especially the Mid-Autumn Night Auction in the evening, where there were many big shots.

  Such a formal occasion, of course Qiu Mu Orange didn't dare to slow down, or else she wouldn't be laughed at.

  "What the hell a luxury wife!"

  "She's just the wife of a superfluous son-in-law."

  "Her husband is just a door-to-door son-in-law."

  "Or a country bumpkin with no money or power."

  At this time, however, the crowd was filled with Qiu Mu Ying's sneering laughter.

  Then, Qiu Muying came over and smiled, "Third sister, how does it feel to be a lost dog?"

  "The clothes are nice, or a brand name, they cost a lot of money, right?"

  "It's better to advise you to be frugal, lest you have no money to buy rice in the future."

  "By the way, I wonder what Third Sister is doing here today?The people who are here today are all upper class people, either rich or noble."

  "Third sister with your status, you're not here to find a gap so you can motivate yourself to strive for excellence, are you?"

  "And with this wimp, no shame, eh?"

  Autumn Mu Orange's eyes were full of mocking laughter.



  "So it's a redneck's wife!"

  "I thought it was some big shot's wife?"

  "You're just a poor bastard after all the fuss."

  "No money and poor dressing up, also really vain."

  Hearing Qiu Mu Ying's words, the surrounding crowd also shook their heads and laughed.

  Suddenly, they felt that the woman in front of them didn't look so noble anymore.Apart from being pretty, she was actually useless.

  However, to the ridicule of the surrounding crowd, Autumn Muyoung turned a deaf ear.

  After going through so many things, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly didn't care about the opinions and words of others as much as he used to.

  Instead, he looked at Qiu Mu Ying and faintly said back, "I'm really sorry, I'm afraid I've disappointed you."

  "I came here, not to find a gap, but to be invited by the organizers to come and participate in tonight's Mid-Autumn Night Yunzhou Auction."

  "It just so happens that I have nothing to do during the day, so I simply came over early."


  "Invited to the evening auction?"

  "I think you're talking nonsense you!"

  Qiu Mu Ying frowned and said unhappily.

  She would never believe that someone like Autumn Muyoung Orange would be invited by the organizers to attend the evening auction?

  None of them were eligible to attend.

  His husband's father wasn't invited either.

  A door-to-door son-in-law's wife, an abandoned daughter of the Autumn family, a small owner of a purse company, would be invited by the party?

  This is bullshit!

  "Just you?"

  "No money, no power, and you're invited to a meeting?"

  "This sub is put on by Second Master Li of Yunzhou, my husband wasn't even invited, you're a little person, and Second Master Li would invite you?"

  "It's a joke!"

  "Lying and not finding something to make people believe."

  "I see you, not to mention the auction at night, you can't even get into this daytime clubhouse!"

  Qiu Mu Ying was full of cold smiles, but she spoke rudely.The eyes that looked at Qiu Mu Orange and the others were also full of disdain.

  Qiu Mu Orange also ignored her and only returned a faint sentence, "Whether you can enter or not, it's not bothering you to worry about it."

  At this time, the time had already arrived at the hotel.

  The staff inside had finally opened the door, and there were nearly a hundred security guards nearby to maintain order.

  In order for today's Mid-Autumn Night Auction to be held smoothly, Li Lao Er had contacted the traffic police department and closed the entire nearby road, only pedestrians could walk, and any vehicles were strictly prohibited from entering.

  "Ladies and gentlemen."

  "Please don't crowd the area."

  "Due to the sheer number of people, please enter in an orderly fashion as per the notice."

  "Now, for those VIPs invited to the auction tonight, please come to the front desk with your entrance tickets and enter through the VIP lane!"


  "Ladies and Gentlemen~"


  A staff member's booming voice came from the front .

  When Qiu Mu Ying heard it, she looked towards Qiu Mu Orange and mocked, "Third sister, what are you waiting for?"

  "What do people call you?"

  "Didn't you say you were invited to come to the evening auction?"

  "Then go ahead!"

  "And a VIP passageway. How glamorous is that?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were full of sarcastic laughter.

  Chu Wenfei, who was beside her, was also watching the joke: "Ying Ying, you say you too.Your third sister is just relying on bragging and lying to get some confidence back in front of you, and you're still exposing people now?"

  "How do you get your third sister off the stage?"


  The couple sang and sang together, causing the surrounding crowd to laugh.

  For a while, everyone looked at Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan with mockery and ridicule.In the eyes of the crowd, these two had just become the laughing stock of the place.

  "What's the use of looking good?"

  "It's too vain."

  "It's not good to be honest and lie down at the bottom when you're just a poor bastard and married to a hick, is it?"

  "Come here to brag about lying."

  "Embarrassed now that it's been revealed, isn't it?"

  The crowd shook their heads and sneered.

  Faced with the mockery of the crowd, Qiu Mu Orange remained calm and just looked at Qiu Mu Orange and her husband and wife, "Fine, as you wish."

  "Ye Fan, let's go over there together."

  Seeing Qiu Mu Orange and his wife walking over towards the VIP passage in front of them, the crowd was suddenly shocked.


  "And they really dared to go?"

  "And with that hillbilly!"

  Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were also full of surprise, then burst out laughing.

  "Ying Ying, your third sister doesn't look like she's got a good head on her shoulders."

  "With this casual excitement of yours, they'll pass."

  Qiu Muying sneered, "Let them go."

  "Let's see how they'll end up later."

  Qiu Mu Ying didn't expect that when she said that, Ye Fan's couple would really go over like idiots.

  "Waiting to make a fool of yourselves!"

  At this time, dozens of pairs of eyes in this area all landed on Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.

  Just like this, under the attention of thousands of people, Qiu Mu Orange moved forward with Ye Fan with a lotus step.

  "Miss, sir, please show your admission ticket."The staff said politely.

  Qiu Mu Orange nodded with a smile, then took out two exquisite tickets from her bag.


  "Do they really have an admission ticket?"

  "Fake, right?"

  Seeing that scene, Autumn Muyoung simply couldn't believe it and said in shock.

  They watched as the two of them, Autumn Muyoung Orange, showed their entrance tickets and the staff let them go immediately.

  Just as they continued to move forward, the staff, however, reached out their hands to stop them.

  The crowd laughed at the sight of them.

  "What did I tell you?"

  "It must be fake!"

  "How could they have an entrance ticket?"Qiu Mu Ying and the others sneered and laughed.

  Behind them, they were already booing, all of them harshly laughing.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also a bit bottomless at that time.

  Was there really something wrong with that vote?

  If that's the case, it's going to be a real humiliation today!

  While Qiu Mu Orange was nervous, the staff, however, reached out and pointed at Ye Fan's feet: "Sir, your shoelace is open!"


  Ye Fan's old face smacked hard then, near to rotting.

  You paralyzed to stop us to say this?

  The corner of Qiu Mu Orange's eyes also trembled.

  And then gave a fierce stare at Ye Fan, telling him to tie his shoelaces and hurry inside.

  And then, the two of them entered the club without any further hindrance, very smoothly.

  Here, it was calm again, leaving only the crowd behind them, looking at each other.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "Did they really go in?"

  "Or do you take the VIP lane?"

  "A country bumpkin, an abandoned daughter of the Autumn family, what do they have to offer?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were red, and it was simply hard to accept.

  The rest of the people were equally trembling.

  From the looks of it, the girl from just now was by no means as bad as what Autumn Muying had said.

  "Wen Fei, go."

  "Let's go over there as well, I don't believe it, even she, Autumn Muyoung, can go over there, but we can't leave?"

  Qiu Mu Ying, however, was full of discontent and pulled Chu Wen Fei and walked over.

  But without any surprise, the two of them were blocked by the security guards as they walked over.

  "Sorry, you guys can't enter."

  "By virtue of what?"

  "If that hillbilly can get in, why not let us in?"

  "Honey, tell them who you are!"

  "Bunch of dog-eyed things."

  "You guys who pretend to be big shots put it in, but you guys who are really tall stop it instead?"Qiu Mu Ying roared in anger, then even more so, she asked her husband to reveal his identity.

  "What's going on here?"Jinbao was then attracted by the commotion here and then asked.

  Jin Bao was the security captain here, specifically in charge of security and order in the clubhouse.

  The subordinate hurriedly reported, "Captain, he said he's a big shot, and he had to go in without an entrance ticket."

  "Oh, a big shot?"Jin Bao frowned and looked at Chu Wenfei.

  Seeing Chu Wenfei with his hands in his pockets and his waist straight, he looked like he had a posture of a tall person, indeed he had the appearance of a few big men.

  When Jin Bao saw this, he then became much more respectful.

  After all, it wasn't unheard of for big shots to forget their entrance tickets.Therefore, facing these two people in front of him, Jin Bao certainly didn't dare to slack off and asked politely, "Sir, I wonder who you are?If you forget your entrance ticket, as long as you give your name and we'll check the records here, you can just as well enter through the VIP passage."

  Jin Bao's respectful appearance instead fueled the arrogance of the two of them, Qiu Mu Ying, even more.

  Chu Wenfei was arrogant and unhappy, "You guys are really insolent."

  "And you dare to stop me?"

  "Do you know who my father is?"

  "My father is Chu Yang, the CEO of Yangtian Real Estate!"

  "And I, Chu Wenfei, am my father's only son.The CEO of the Shen Clan, Shen Jiuyi, is all respectful to me."

  "Everyone else respects me, Mr. Chu!"

  "Mr. Chu?"Jin Bao was stunned.

  Jin Bao's appearance made the two of them think that he was afraid, and Autumn Muyoung held her hands and smiled condescendingly, "You know how powerful my husband is, right?Get out of the way and make way!"

  I'll paralyze you!


  As soon as Qiu Mu Orange finished saying this, Jin Bao, however, kicked the couple directly over.

  "Where's the idiot?"

  "How dare you impersonate Mr. Chu?"

  "You fucking deserve it!"

  "You don't know what you're doing!"

  "Why don't you get out of here?"


When Jin Bao became angry, the two couples of Qiu Muying were naturally too frightened to say anything anymore, getting up from the ground and quickly running into the crowd in ashes.

  Qiu Muying also shouted while running in color, "Wait, I want to complain about you, I want to complain about you beating people~"


  "And complaining about us?"

  "Impersonating Mr. Chu, and I'm glad I didn't arrest you and bring you before Mr. Chu for questioning?"

  While looking at the couple who were slipping faster than a rabbit, Jinbao sneered, full of disdain.

  "Lost I thought it was really someone's family?"

  "So it's just two idiots."

  "How dare you impersonate Mr. Chu even in front of my Jinbao, do you really think that buddy I've never seen Mr. Chu's real face?"

  "I, Kimball, am a man who has been trained by Mr. Chu on demand."

  Jinbao smiled smugly.For someone like him who was a security captain, to be dabbed by a big shot like Ye Fan was undoubtedly enough to brag for the rest of his life.

  The noise outside, however, Ye Fan and his wife were unaware of it.

  The two of them were currently strolling around in the Shan Shui Club.

  Although the evening auction was the main event, the Mountain and Water Hall was also extremely lively during the day.

  There were all kinds of merchandise and department stores as well as entertainment and leisure facilities.

  Qiu Mu Orange and the two of them found a resting place, ordered two cups of coffee, and drank it while waiting for Suzy to come over.

  Previously, due to the road being closed, Suzy only had to drive her car to find a parking lot to park, allowing Autumn Mu Orange to come over first.

  "Today's Shan Shui Hui Hall is really busy."

  "All kinds of brand counters have even set up temporary counters here."

  "Only Yunzhou's Li Er has such great appeal, making so many trade and commerce companies come to visit the venue."Qiu Mu Orange looked around at the dazzling array of luxury goods and couldn't help but exclaim.

  But Ye Fan smiled lightly, "What appeal, it's all about making money."

  "The people coming here today are all rich people from all over the world, there's no need for Li Er to call on them, these merchants are afraid that they'll be scrambling to get together."

  Qiu Mu Orange nodded, then looked at the line that was still forming outside the clubhouse and laughed as if laughing to herself, "I've only now felt that there are so many rich people in Yunzhou."

  In the past, Qiu Mu Orange hadn't felt much, only that all around her were ordinary working families like her, and even if there were rich people like Chu Wenfei and even Sun Yuhao, they were afraid that there were a few.

  But now when she saw the black crowd outside, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly realized that she was the one who was sitting on the well.

  "They're right, everyone belongs to their own circle.We're born ordinary, so the world we live in is a world of ordinary people, and all we see are ordinary people."

  "And those of the upper class elite, the people or things they come into contact with in their day-to-day lives are difficult for us to see."

  "Just like today's auction at the Shan Shui Club, I didn't even know about it before this."

  These days, Qiu Mu Orange had come into contact with many people and experienced many things.

  The Han family's birthday banquet, she had personally witnessed the respectful worship of countless big shots.

  At the Taishan Martial Association, he witnessed the Lord of Jiangdong's battle for fame.

  However, the more he experienced, the more Qiu Mu Orange felt how big the gap was between himself and others.

  "Having seen the grandeur of the mountains, one only knows how small one is."

  "Only after seeing the magnificence of the sea, do you know that you are so insignificant."

  "Ye Fan, we have to work hard."

  "Not to have great power and wealth, only to have a better life in the future."

  "Let the descendants be the next generation to have a better start."

  "And let all those who once looked down on us regret it."

  Qiu Mu-Orange said in a ghostly manner, but the beautiful eyes were filled with an enchanting light.

  There had never been a moment that made Qiu Mu Orange look forward to the future and be full of hope for life like she was now.

  Without the shackles of the Autumn Family, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly much more relaxed than before, just like a fish entering the sea and letting it roam.

  Ye Fan didn't say anything, his deep gaze was just as quiet as this.

  It turned out that an upwardly mobile woman was also this charming.

  Not long after, Suzy also walked in from the VIP passage, looking for Qiu Mu Orange only after half a day.

  Perhaps she was tired, Suzy came up and took a cup of coffee from the table and drank it straight from the table in one gulp.

  "Sissy, you~"

  Autumn Mu Orange was stunned then, looking like she was about to stop talking.

  "Mu Orange, don't talk yet, let me have something to drink first."

  Suzy sweated profusely, patted her chest and panted, "I'll go, I'm exhausted?There were so many people, I had to run so far to find a parking spot, and I walked all the way back in heels, my ankles were rubbing red."

  "But it's a good thing we had insider tickets, so we didn't have to wait in line and the VIP access came right in."

  "Hahaha~" jokingly, Susie took another sip of coffee from the table.

  "Xi Xi, you~"Autumn Mu Orange still wanted to say something, but was once again interrupted by Suzy.

  "Mu Orange, you don't know, I came in just as I saw my father and the others lining up to enter."

  "When they saw me take the VIP lane, my dad and my brother were staring at me then.Made me give them the infield ticket.And said to trade it for a Maserati sports car."

  Susie looked smug.

  After all, her father and brother had always chastised her for not being upstanding, for eating and drinking all day long, and for not giving them any face.

  "How now?"

  "They couldn't get the ticket, I got the ticket?"

  "I'll see if my father and brother and the others still dare to belittle me."

  "It's in my best friend's light though."

  "Mu Orange, you're so nice~"


  Nearly proud of herself, Susie took another sip of coffee from her porcelain cup, this time finishing it straight away.

  "Mu Orange, your coffee."

  The voice of Ye Fan came from behind him, only to come over with a refilled cup of coffee and place it in front of Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Hm?"Susie was stunned then, the coffee cup in her hand was empty, and wondered, "Mu Orange, did you order two cups of coffee?"

  However, before Autumn Mu Orange could reply, a confused voice from Ye Fan came from the side, "Strange, Mu Orange, where's my coffee?"

  Qiu Mu Orange's face was expressionless, and her green jade fingers pointed towards Suzy's hand.

  Nearly instantly, an ear-piercing scream then sounded.


  "Evan, you bastard, have you defiled me?"

  "You compensate me for my innocence~"


  Suzy was going crazy.

  She had never thought that what he just drank was the coffee that Ye Fan had drunk.

  Wouldn't that mean that she and Ye Fan, had kissed indirectly?

  Su Xi only felt a buzz, her brain instantly pale, only to feel a huge sense of blasphemy, after cursing Ye Fan, quickly went to the toilet to gargle, preferably also spit out those coffee stained with Ye Fan's saliva.

  Ye Fan looked, but was speechless, "Please, you drank my coffee, I haven't made you pay for it, but instead you blame me?"

  Women, as it turns out, are a bunch of abnormal creatures.


Suzy gargled in the bathroom for a full half hour before she came out.

  This also showed how much Suzy disliked Ye Fan.

  Come to think of it, Suzy was a rich girl from a wealthy family, born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

  As for Ye Fan, in his opinion, he was just a turtle from the countryside, and even more of a wimp son-in-law, with almost all the labels she hated.

  When she walks with Ye Fan, Suzy is full of dislike.

  And now, she actually used the same porcelain cup with Ye Fan, the key also drank Ye Fan's leftover coffee, you can imagine how devastated Suzy's heart should be.

  "Orange Orange, what to do, I've been blasphemed by this hillbilly, I'm not pure."

  "Do you think Mr. Chu would dislike me if he knew~"

  After Suzy came out of the bathroom, she slumped her head and looked like a deflated ball.

  The other part of the story was that the man in charge of the house was a man who was not a member of the family.

  This silly girl, you just drank the coffee that "Mr. Chu" drank, okay, and is still worried about being disliked?

  But Ye Fan would definitely never tell Suzy that he was Mr. Chu to death.

  He would rather be treated as a wimp than be pestered by this unruly woman Suzy all day long.

  Of course, in fact, Ye Fan also knew that even if he told them, they probably wouldn't believe him.

  But Suzy's sadness only lasted for a moment, and soon she was attracted by the shiny and dazzling diamond rings in front of her.

  The first layer sold mostly gold and silver jewelry, not only this Shan Shui Hui Hall, several hundred years that those large shopping malls, jewelry ornaments are also often placed on the first layer.

  "Mu Orange, quickly help me look, if I marry Mr. Chu, what kind of diamond ring should I buy that looks good?"

  "How about this?"

  "Actually, a sapphire diamond ring is pretty nice."

  "Purple diamonds are better, highlighting my nobility."

  The diamond ring was something that felt most important to any woman.

  After all, it was a symbol of love and the start of happiness.

  It was just that Qiu Mu Orange was a bit speechless: "Xixi, isn't it a bit too early to be thinking about this.After all, we haven't even met Mr. Chu in person yet."

  "Oh my, it's not too early.I call this planning ahead.If you want me to say ah Mu Orange, pick out a look too, you'll definitely come back to buy a diamond ring later when you divorce that poor kid and remarry someone else."

  "Pick it out now, and buy it directly then."

  "But Mu Orange, you have to find a rich man when you remarry.Save yourself the trouble of being like that poor boy, and the diamond rings will be bought for you in fake ones."

  While saying this, Suzy was looking at the shiny ring that Qiu Mu Orange was injured with.

  It looked like Suzy was treating the diamond ring on Qiu Mu Orange's hand as a fake.

  But thinking about it, that diamond ring in Qiu Mu Orange's hand was really not small, if it was real, it would have cost at least a million.She knew the situation of Qiu Mu Orange's family, she couldn't afford to buy a diamond ring with that much money.

  "Yo, what a coincidence."

  "I can't believe we've met again."

  "What? You guys are also here to buy a diamond ring?"In the midst of the conversation, a distinctly familiar voice came from the front.

  The one who spoke was none other than Qiu Muying.

  Having taken a chance at Jin Bao's hands before, Qiu Muying and her husband naturally lined up honestly to come in.

  Apart from coming here today for fun, their other purpose was to buy wedding rings.

  After all, Autumn Muying and Chu Wenfei had been engaged for more than a month and were getting closer and closer to their promised wedding date.

  So they thought to come here today to pick a wedding ring.

  But what Qiu Mu Ying did not expect was that Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan were also there.

  "Third sister, it's been three years since you got married, isn't it a little late to be picking out wedding rings now."

  "Oh, right, I almost forgot, back then Ye Fan was enrolled in the Qiu family, he was a poor country bumpkin, he couldn't even get a bride price, let alone buy you a diamond ring."

  "At that time, I remember when Third Sister got married, she was so poor that she didn't even have a necklace?Coming to buy it now, it looks like you're here to make up for your regrets back then."Qiu Mu Ying laughed gloomily.

  Chu Wenfei also looked over and scoffed and laughed, "Have you brought enough money?If you don't have one, I can lend you a few thousand, don't worry, you don't have to pay it back, after all, you're Ying Ying's third sister, you still have to help out."

  "Don't, honey.She has been saving for three years, even if she saves a dollar a day, she still has over a thousand, it's enough to buy a ring that's not too big or small."

  "Uncle Wang, you can recommend some inexpensive rings to my third sister.Don't be too expensive, they won't be able to afford it if it's too expensive."

  In the middle of the conversation, Qiu Mu Ying, however, said to a middle-aged man behind her.

  This man, who was called "Uncle Wang" by Autumn Muyoung, was a jewelry dealer Chu Wenfei had specially brought along to help them select diamond rings.

  "Qiu Mu Ying, don't you go too far!"Seeing Qiu Mu Ying and the others humiliate their best friend like this, Suzy was suddenly furious.

  "Mu Orange is my best friend, if she wants a diamond ring I'll naturally buy it for her, no need for you guys to be hypocritical here."

  "Heh, I thought who is it, so it's Miss Su.Miss Su is really sisterly, but isn't Miss Su afraid of losing face when she's best friends with a door-to-door son-in-law's wife?"

  "Take my advice, it's better to stay away from her.Married to a wimp, this kind of woman is doomed to hold her head up for the rest of her life."Qiu Mu Ying sneered coldly, then looked forward to Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Three years into the marriage and you still don't even have a diamond ring, I have to say, Autumn Mu Orange, you're really a failure as a woman."

  "And now you're still letting someone Miss Su spend money on a diamond ring for you, don't you feel ashamed?"

  "I don't even think it's toothless!"

  Qiu Mu Ying was full of contempt.

  "Miss Qiu, this is the diamond ring you picked just now, the original price is forty-nine thousand two thousand, we offer two thousand discount, you can take it away for only forty-nine thousand."At this time, the counter attendant wrapped an exquisite gift box and placed it in front of Qiu Mu Ying.

  Qiu Muying waved her hand, "No need for a discount.That two thousand you can look at picking out a ring and send it over to my poor third sister.Save it for someone Miss Su to break the bank."

  Qiu Mu Ying smiled coldly, the words were like alms.

  "No need, my wife already has a diamond ring."

  "A few days ago, I just gave her one."

  At this time, Ye Fan's voice suddenly sounded and laughed faintly.

  "Ye Fan, you shut up!"

  "What are you babbling about?"

  "Are you stupid?"

  "Still not ashamed enough of Mu Orange?"

  "A fake diamond ring and you have the nerve to say it?"

  When Suzy heard this, she was on the verge of going mad.

  Originally, if Ye Fan didn't say anything, they could have taken Qiu Mu Ying's ridicule as unheard and just left.

  But now, Ye Fan's words were tantamount to pushing Qiu Mu Orange into the limelight.

  When the time came, if Qiu Mu Ying knew that Qiu Mu Orange was wearing a fake diamond ring, it would be tantamount to making her even more unbearable and disgraceful.

  "What a countryside fool!"Susie was flushed with anger.


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