Dish Best Served Cold 186-190


Chapter 186


  "Sister Han, is all of this true?"

  "No, I have to go to this auction."

  "I must find a way to take Mr. Chu's mysterious lot."

  Suzy clutched her palm and vowed.

  Han Wenxue saw the situation, but shook her head and laughed, "XiXi, you're thinking too simply.This Yunzhou Mid-Autumn Night Auction is attracting a lot of attention, and the bigwigs from the entire Jiangdong are flocking to it, so it can be called a gathering of giants, and it's definitely hard to get a ticket."

  "Those who can enter these auctions must be worth at least a billion."

  "And even then, it's by no means one hundred percent to get in."

  "Fortunately, my husband has a lot of connections and is well-connected, so he got two tickets to the outer arena early on."

  In between the words, Han Wenxue could also carefully take out two tickets for the Mid-Autumn Night Auction from the bag in her bosom and shake them in front of Suzy.

  "Wow, Sister Xue's husband is awesome!"

  "You can get all these tickets?"

  "What envy."

  At this time, the few sisters around Han Wenxue, however, were complimenting and exclaiming, full of envy.

  Suzy was even more wide-eyed, but she didn't brag to Han Wenxue like those women around her, but called her brother.

  She knew that Han Wenxue was showing off her husband's power so that she could get bragging from others and satisfy her vanity.But Suzy wouldn't let her have her way, she didn't believe it, Han Wen Xue could get it, couldn't she, Suzy, get a few tickets?

  "Brother, I heard that Mr. Chu will be there for the Mid-Autumn Night Auction?"

  "You can get me a couple of tickets."

  "Two will do."Susie begged for a while.


  "Brother, how could you do that?"

  "I don't care, I want it."

  Suzy played sexist for a while, but it seemed like she didn't get her way and hung up the phone dejectedly.

  Han Wenxue saw the situation, and the smile on her face became even greater, "Xixi, how about it, I've told you, this auction is the venue of the top dignitaries, ordinary people can't even enter."

  How arrogant Han Wenshe said this, her entire pride was like that of a princess.

  "But well, I have exactly two more tickets, so if any of you want them, you can let me know?"


  "Snow, give it to me.I also want to go in and see the world."

  "Sister Snow, I want it too~"

  As soon as Han Wenxue's words fell, the few women who had traveled with her scrambled to beg, their words full of stammering and flattery.

  Su Xi saw Han Wenxue's arrogant and complacent appearance, but she was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

  She was doing this on purpose, deliberately making others beg for her.

  Hmph, who cares about her vote.

  She, Suzy, would never whisper and beg anyway.

  The worst thing she could do was to go home again and figure out how to get a ticket, she didn't believe it, couldn't she really get a ticket?

  Susie turned her head proudly and turned around to leave, not wanting to stay here and watch Han Wenxue's arrogant and unstoppable appearance.

  "Orange, let's go."


  "Orange, what are you doing?"

  However, just as Suzy was about to call out to Autumn Mu Orange to leave, she found that Autumn Mu Orange ignored her and instead walked up towards Han Wenxue.

  At this time, Autumn Mu Orange, with her shell teeth clenched on her red lips, seemed to have made a great deal of determination, facing Han Wenxue and whispering, "Hello, Mrs. Han, could you, give me a ticket for the Mid-Autumn Night Auction?"

  "Oh?You're the only one who still wants tickets?"Upon hearing Autumn Mu Orange's words, Han Wenxue laughed at that time, teasingly retorting.

  The tone of that voice carried contempt, defiance, and a sneer, as if she had heard the world's best joke.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange continued, "I can buy your tickets, of course, if you're willing to sell them."

  Qiu Mu Orange lifted her head and looked towards Han Wenxue, but there was an inexplicable insistence in those beautiful eyes.

  "Yo, you still want to buy my ticket?"

  "Sisters, the wife of a door-to-door son-in-law who says she's buying my tickets?"


  Han Wenxue's face smiled even more.

  The other women who were dressed demonstrably brightly were also all laughing, and the mocking laughter was particularly harsh.

  "Miss Qiu, this ticket for the outer arena, my husband even spent close to two million in total for the treats plus gifts."

  "However, since Miss Autumn wants to buy it, how about this, I'll give you a discount and sell it to you for one million, how about it, can you afford it?"Han Wenxue's teasing voice continued to come.

  Qiu Mu Orange's face then went white.

  She was silent and eventually lowered her head.

  Just now, she had decided that she would buy this ticket as long as it was within a hundred thousand.However, she had underestimated the value of this ticket after all.


  "Miss Autumn, why don't you talk?"

  "Is it unaffordable?"

  "You can't even come up with a million dollars and you have the nerve to go to such a high end occasion?Aren't you afraid of embarrassment?"

  "I've long said that this auction is full of powerful tycoons from all the cities around Jiangdong, either rich or noble, and worth a billion dollars are the worst of the worst.You're a small market citizen, or the wife of a door-to-door son-in-law, take my advice, that circle is simply not for the likes of you to go to?"

  "Even if you go, you're just humiliating yourself and embarrassing yourself."

  Han Wenxue laughed without fear, looking at Qiu Mu Orange in front of her in a superior tone.The mockery and ridicule in her words were so distinct.

  It was as if a lofty noblewoman was looking down on a beggar and a mole.

  Those words, however, didn't leave any face for Qiu Mu Orange at all.

  "That's right, just her, she also wants to participate in this kind of luxurious gathering?"

  "Not even looking at what status you have, worthy or not."

  "A poor bastard who can't even get a million dollars has the nerve to say that he'll buy the tickets in Snow's hand?"The women beside Han Wenxue also scoffed and mocked.

  In a split second, Qiu Mu Orange's head hung even lower, his pretty face as pale as paper, only to feel a great sense of powerlessness grip him deeply.

  "Shut up, you guys have gone too far!"

  "How can you talk like that?"

  "Mu Orange, let's go and ignore them?"

  When Su Xi on the side saw her best friend being humiliated, she became furious and yelled at them, pulling Qiu Mu Orange to leave.

  Han Wenxue and the others, however, were still laughing coldly, "XiXi, you're also the Su family's eldest miss by all accounts, why are you so careless of your identity and get so close to a wimp woman?"

  "Aren't you afraid of dropping the price and losing your Su?"

  "Hmph, who am I friends with, it's none of your QQ's business?Don't you worry about it!"Suzy snorted coldly, her eyes full of anger.

  Qiu Mu Orange, on the other hand, was silent, but who could know the sourness in her heart?

  Only then did Qiu Mu Orange realize that compared to those rich and powerful people, she really was so humble and insignificant.

  She couldn't even buy the tickets that other people could easily get, even though she had everything she had.

  Perhaps, this was the difference between people.

  At that moment, Qiu Mu Orange was filled with heartbreak.

  "Xixi, stop talking about it, let's go back."With a loss, Qiu Mu Orange turned around in a lonely manner and was about to leave.

  However, at this moment, at the entrance of the mall, there were a few men in suits who walked in, and after looking around, they then walked straight towards Qiu Mu Orange's direction.

  "Excuse me, could you be Miss Qiu Mu Orange Qiu?"

  "Well?I am, why?"Qiu Mu Orange was a little confused, not knowing why these people were looking for her.

  Only when he saw Qiu Mu Orange nod did Dabao breathe a sigh of relief and said with great joy, "My God, Miss Qiu, we've finally found you."

  "It's a good meal to find~"


The entrance to the mall.

  The sudden appearance of several men in suits naturally attracted a lot of people's attention.

  "I go, KITON's suit."

  "It's tens of thousands for one."

  "Who the hell are these people?"

  "And a respectful look, it looks like it's probably just a few underlings."

  "Even the underlings are wearing these fancy suits, what kind of person must their boss be?"

  "God, who the hell is in our mall?"

  As Jinbao and the others came in, the people nearby exploded with discussion and sideways glances.

  Even Han Wenxue was frowning at this point.

  Although in her eyes, a suit that cost tens of thousands of pieces wasn't something rare, and his husband had several hundreds of thousands of custom-made suits.But the key thing was that these people in front of her were obviously just a few of the men working for someone.

  Even the mud legs underneath were dressed in extravagant clothes, so what kind of person did their boss have to be?

  Especially seeing these people walking straight towards Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy after entering the door, they were undoubtedly even more curious.

  Could it be that they were people from the Su family?

  But based on Han Wenxue's understanding, even the Su family definitely didn't have the financial resources.

  Until Han Wen Xue was shocked when she saw Jin Bao and the others looking respectful towards Qiu Mu Orange.

  They were looking for that door-to-door son-in-law's wife?

  What's going on here?

  Han Wenxue and the others were even more confused and looked on.

  In fact, they weren't the only ones, even Qiu Mu Orange herself felt unimaginable.

  "Excuse me, what do you guys want from me?"Autumn Mu Orange asked curiously.

  "Miss Qiu, good news, good news."Jin Bao smiled heedlessly, then took out two admission tickets from his bosom, "Miss Qiu, we are the organizers of the Mid-Autumn Night Auction, and we are now sincerely inviting Miss Qiu to attend on the Mid-Autumn Night.When the time comes, we hope that Miss Autumn will bring Mr. Zun to definitely appreciate the visit."

  In between words, Jin Bao handed two luxurious and exquisite admission tickets to Autumn Mu Orange.


  A ticket to the Midwinter Night Auction?

  Hearing this, Suzy was shocked then.

  Even Han Wenxue was filled with amazement and surprise.

  Qiu Mu Orange was even more beautiful with astonishment.

  She didn't expect that someone would come to give her a pillow when she was this sleepy.

  She had just been begging for an entrance ticket to this auction, but in the blink of an eye, someone had sent it over.

  However, after a moment of surprise, Qiu Mu Orange eventually shook her head and said bitterly, "This ticket, it must be very expensive."

  "Eh?"Jin Bao was stunned at that time, and only after a moment did he understand the meaning of Qiu Mu Orange's words and smiled, "Miss Qiu misunderstood, this is a gift, no money."

  "It's already a great honor for us if you and Mr. Zun can attend this auction.We're already sorry that we didn't give you an appearance fee, how could we still charge you?"

  Jin Bao spoke slowly, but the more Autumn Mu Orange and the others listened, the more frightened they became.

  Hearing the end, she was close to suspecting that she had misheard and said incredulously, "It's really a free gift?"

  "Sure."Jinbao continued to return.

  But then there was a disdainful snort of laughter from behind Han Wenxue.


  "I thought who are they, but it turns out they're a bunch of crooks."

  "How precious are the tickets for the Mid-Autumn Night Auction?It's hard to get ten thousand gold, are the organizers idiots for letting the money go and giving it away for free?"

  "Besides, all the tickets for this auction are red, and the one he's holding is black, so it's a fake at a glance."

  "This forgery isn't serious either."

  "You frauds, you're being too unprofessional, aren't you?"

  At first, Han Wenxue trembled in shock, but then laughed when she saw the admission ticket in Jinbao's hand.The sarcasm in the words was undoubtedly even more distinct.

  "I go, it's really?"

  "It really looks like a lie."

  "Too bad, I thought it really was a ticket to the Mid-Autumn Night Auction?"

  Suzy also deliberately compared them at this time.As expected, the admission ticket in Qiu Mu Orange's hand was completely different from Han Wenxue's, even the color was different.

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyes, which were originally delighted, were also then dimmed, lost and full of heart.

  "As expected, is it a lie?"

  Autumn Mu Orange shook her head, mocking herself.

  To be honest, she really thought that happiness had hit her just now.But now it seemed that it was still empty happiness after all.

  Thinking about it, she was an ordinary body, how could she be qualified to have the organizer personally present the entrance ticket and invite her to come?

  Qiu Mu Orange eventually returned those two admission tickets to Jin Bao, and without saying a word, she was ready to leave.

  Jin Bao was on the verge of tears, so he hurriedly chased after her, "Miss Qiu, we're not liars, these entrance tickets are real ah."

  "That's enough~"

  "I've seen a lot of crooks like you.Dressed like dogs, but your hearts are filthy."

  "How dare you openly cheat in broad daylight?"

  "Don't leave yet."

  "If you pester us, we'll call the police!"

  Seeing that after the Kimball and other people's scam was debunked, they not only didn't leave, but also pestered, Susie Ton chided and took out her cell phone to call the police.

  The commotion here has naturally attracted the attention of the mall.

  At this time, there is a noble woman with noble temperament eyebrows and eyes, stepping on delicate high heels, walked in from outside the mall.Several black-clothed bodyguards followed behind her.

  "Hello, Mr. Zhang!"

  Seeing this noblewoman, the mall staff all bowed in respectful greeting.


  "What's going on over there?"Seemingly disturbed by the commotion over there, the noblewoman wrinkled her brow, took off her sunglasses, and looked forward, but coldly.

  Then, the noblewoman even walked over, just in time to hear Han Wenxue and the others say that the entrance ticket was a fake.

  "Hello, can I see this admission ticket?"

  The dame then stepped forward and said politely.


  "This woman, is she the CEO of this Golden Tripod Merchant Mansion, Zhang Yuxin?"

  "The top ten on the Cloud State Rich List!"

  "Famous strong woman, huh?"

  "It's said that half of downtown Yunzhou was bought by her."

  "I go, why is this kind of big shot here?"

  "I never thought I'd see a real person!"

  After seeing this woman, the surrounding crowd was in an uproar, with many people exclaiming, and there were even people who were secretly gulping at that noblewoman's slender and slender figure.

  But as if Zhang Yuxin did not feel the esteemed gazes of the surrounding crowds, her slender figure stood there, looking at the two admission tickets that Jin Bao had given her, then looking at Qiu Mu Orange, she smiled and said, "This lady, he did not lie to you, this admission ticket, it's true."


  When they heard this, Qiu Mu Orange Su Xi and the others were shocked, quite surprised.

  Han Wenxue, who was originally proudly drinking tea, even more immediately stared at them.

  "This is impossible!"

  "Zhang, you must be joking, right?"

  "Do you really believe that the organizers will give away millions worth of admission tickets for nothing?"

  "Not to mention, the auction entry tickets are all red, it that's black, they're all different colors, how can they be real?"Han Wenshe still didn't believe it.

  The dame heard it, but she looked at Han Wenxue and said softly, "This lady, may I see your entrance ticket?"

  "Of course.My husband spent close to two million dollars to get this admission ticket.If her free gift is real, can't I get a fake one for this heavy price?"Han Wenxue was confident.

  She would never believe that the admission ticket she had paid for was fake instead.

  A moment later, the noblewoman returned the admission ticket to Han Wenxue while saying, "Yours, too, is indeed real."

  "I'll tell you.This entrance ticket of mine is a fake, but my husband found someone he knew and spent a lot of money to get it, so how could it be fake?"

  "On the other hand, that Miss Qiu, what kind of person she is, doesn't she have any idea?Even if the organizers do give it away, how can they give it to you?That coupon of yours is a fake at a glance."Han Wenxue was so proud of herself that she looked at Qiu Mu Orange and grinned disdainfully.

  However, the noblewoman's next words caused the crowd to tremble again.

  "This lady, I'm afraid that you've misunderstood."

  "The admission tickets for both of you are real."

  "It's just that this one of yours is an outside admission ticket."

  "And Miss Autumn's two are much more expensive entrance tickets for the inner court.The natural color and workmanship are different."

  "As for what confuses you, the question of whether the organizers will give away admission tickets for free, I can responsibly tell you that the organizers really do give them away for free."

  "You're afraid you don't know, this Mid-Autumn Night Auction, all the entrance tickets for the inner arena are free.Only the outer admission tickets are sold at high prices to the outside world."

  "Of course, free things are often much harder to get, even if you have money, you can't buy them.Just like the entrance tickets for this inner arena, every single one of them was actually already chosen, and in the end, the organizers sent someone to personally deliver it to the designated person.Only the distinguished person who truly stands at the peak of power can receive it."

  The noblewoman said with a smile that was both graceful and dignified, then also took out an admission ticket that was exactly the same as the one in Qiu Mu Orange's hand from inside her bag.

  It seemed to be telling others that she, Zhang Yuxin, was the kind of person she said was truly on top of the power hierarchy!It's more synonymous with elegance!


"Mu Orange, so these two admission tickets you have are real?"

  After hearing those words from Mr. Zhang, Suzy was undoubtedly mad with excitement.Qiu Mu Orange was also filled with trepidation and joy.

  Originally, they had doubted the authenticity of these two admission tickets, but now that the Jin Ding Merchant Mansion had personally verified and personally said that the admission tickets were real, how could they still be fake?

  And while the two of Autumn Mu Orange's best friends were delighted, Han Wenxue, on the contrary, was embarrassed.

  Because of the shame, but her face was blushing red, she only felt humiliated.

  Originally, she wanted to show her esteem by belittling Autumn Mu-Orange.

  But Han Wenxue never thought that this pretending didn't work, but instead, she was slapped in the face by someone else.

  After messing around for half a day, not only was Qiu Mu Orange's entrance ticket not fake, but it was instead an insider ticket that was even more precious than hers.

  What was even more ridiculous was that she had just looked arrogant and mocked Qiu Mu Orange for being humble and poor.

  The current Han Wenxue was undoubtedly completely reduced to a laughingstock and disgraced, where there was still half of her previous arrogance.

  Sitting there with her head bowed, like a frosty eggplant, where else would she dare to say a word?

  It was just that she couldn't figure out how she could have an infield ticket like this, which only a truly powerful bigwig could possess, and this Autumn Mu Orange, how could she possess it?

  Could it be that behind the seemingly ordinary appearance of this Autumn Mu Orange, there is a monstrous background hidden behind her?

  Or was this Qiu Mu Orange also like that Golden Tripod Merchant Mansion's CEO Zhang Yuxin?

  Han Wenxue was full of puzzlement.

  "Miss Autumn, congratulations."

  "This inner admission ticket is more than just a ticket to the auction.It's more of a symbol of status and position."

  "In the entire Jiangdong, there are only a hundred people who are qualified to enter the inner court."

  "And you, you are one of those hundred people."

  "Moreover, Mr. Chu may even appear in the inner arena again."

  "As for the outer arena, it is all a gathering place for some profiteers, and Mr. Chu would not appear in the outer arena at all."

  At this time, Zhang Yuxin also looked at the beautiful woman in front of her, who was much younger than her, with a slight appreciation and said softly.

  That tone of voice did not contain any kind of shelf, nor did it contain the slightest hint of authority, but was instead exceptionally polite.

  It was obvious that Zhang Yuxin had already treated Mu Orange as someone of equal status to herself, and even took the initiative to shake hands with Autumn Mu Orange to get to know her.

  "My name is Zhang Yuxin, the president of Golden Tripod Merchant Mansion, and I'm pleased to make the acquaintance of Miss Qiu."

  "As a gift for our first meeting, all of your purchases today will be paid for by me."

  "I look forward to meeting Miss Qiu again at the next auction."

  Zhang Yuxin said with a smile on her face, her manners were decent, her speech elegant, and she exuded an inexplicable affinity all over her body.

  Worthy of being a successful person in the shopping mall, this charisma alone was far beyond normal people.

  After that, Zhang Yuxin went upstairs amidst the respectful and admiring gazes of the crowd.

  But Suzy, who was on the side, was already mad with excitement.

  "I'm going, Mu Orange, you're going to fly~"

  "Zhang Yuxin is an aristocrat on the mall, if you get to know this kind of person, why don't you worry about soaring to great heights in the future?"

  "You know, when my father sees this woman, he has to respectfully call out to General Manager Zhang."

  "That's the kind of woman, she could have taken the initiative to shake your hand just now."

  "This kind of treatment, not to mention me, my father doesn't even have it!"

  "Mu Orange, I'm envious of you."

  "Tell me quickly, are you hiding something from me?"

  "Tell me honestly, did your biological father who is the richest man in Dubai come to your door and tell you that they are your biological parents?You're the daughter of the richest man in Dubai?"Susie questioned one after another.

  If that wasn't the reason, she couldn't understand what was wrong with her best friend and why she was suddenly so awesome.

  The auction organizers were personally giving away admission tickets, or insider tickets that no money could buy.

  Now even noblewomen like Zhang Yuxin had taken the initiative to shake hands and treat each other as equals.

  Su Xi was a little doubtful, was this still the Qiu Mu Orange she knew, was this really her best friend?

  "Sissy, what are you talking about?"

  "You've been reading too much fiction."

  "How could this really happen?"Qiu Mu Orange was speechless, she knew that this lady friend of hers liked to read online novels, but she didn't expect to be so engrossed in them that she couldn't tell reality from fiction.

  "Then what happened?"

  "I...I'm not sure."Autumn Mu Orange was also confused, completely unaware of the situation.

  "Alright, let's not worry about that, the admission ticket is real.Mu Orange, we're good sisters, right, I took you on a trip last time you were in a bad mood, I was also the one who comforted you when you were crying, I remember your birthday every year, right..."Suzy suddenly became extra attentive, saying good things to Qiu Mu Orange while walking over so as to give Qiu Mu Orange a back and shoulder rub.

  "Alright, I'm convinced of you.Hypocritical, it's just miss that admission ticket, I'll save one for you."Qiu Mu Orange cried and laughed.

  Although Autumn Mu Orange had wanted to save one for Ye Fan, but Suzy wasn't mean to her, and even when she begged her brother just now, she also missed herself and asked for two at once.

  Although she couldn't ask for it in the end, but this kindness warmed Qiu Mu Orange's heart.


  "It's still Orange who understands me."

  "Thank you Orange, my Mu Orange is the best~" Suzy was simply mad with joy, and gave a kiss on Autumn Mu Orange's forehead along with it.That excited look was exactly like a brain-damaged fan who had just grabbed tickets to an idol concert.

  But when Jin Bao beside her saw this scene, she became anxious at that time.

  But the second master had specifically instructed that the purpose of giving Qiu Mu Orange two tickets was for her to bring Mr. Chu along with her.

  Now that that ticket was given to Suzy, what would Mr. Chu do?

  "No, something has to be done."

  So, Jinbao then went up and once again gave Qiu Mu Orange an entrance ticket to the inner arena.

  This time, he specifically instructed, "Miss Qiu, this admission ticket is for your husband.When the time comes, Miss Qiu had better bring Mr. Zun along, it's safe to have someone to accompany and protect, isn't it?"

  Qiu Mu Orange then thanked her incessantly, delighted, "Thank you, you're so nice."

  And seeing that Qiu Mu Orange got another infield ticket, Han Wenxue and the others were all jealous as hell and looked straight.

  Finally, Han Wenxue couldn't help but get up and walk over with a friendly smile on her face, "Miss Qiu, there was some misunderstanding just now, you don't mind.I really didn't mean any harm."

  "Mm.Madam Han, it's fine, it's good that the misunderstanding is resolved."Qiu Mu Orange smiled back as well.

  Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was fine with a little coaxing, Han Wenxue was delighted, and even started to get close, "Miss Qiu, you and Xi Xi are friends, and I'm also friends with Xi Xi, so we're considered good sisters."

  "Look, you gave Xixi one, shouldn't you give me one too."

  "Anyway, that wimpy husband of yours, it's useless to go there, but instead he spoiled an entrance ticket, so he might as well give it to me, just as a friend.I'll remember this favor."

  Han Wenxue said shamelessly, reaching for the inner ticket in Qiu Mu Orange's hand between words.

  She had the outer field ticket, but Zhang Yuxin had just said that the outer field tickets were all riff-raff, and the really big names would be in the inner field, as would Mr. Chu.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

  At this time, however, Suzy was stepping forward, blocking in front of Han Wenxue, coldly smiling, "Sister Han, didn't you just look down on my best friend, how is this now, instead of lowering your status to beg my best friend?"

  "Sissy, look what you just said, wasn't that a misunderstanding?"Han Wenxue returned.

  But Autumn Mu Orange was now shaking her head and laughing, "Madam Han, this admission ticket is reserved for my husband.Of course, if you really want it, it's not like you can't have it."

  "How about this, you take one hundred million and I'll sell you this admission ticket, how about it?"

  "You...You~" Han Wen Xue's face was green with anger.

  One hundred million?

  How dare she?

  You really think the money came from the wind!

  Even if Han Wenxue's husband was rich, he couldn't take 100 million to buy an admission ticket.

  What's more, it's not even certain if his husband will come up with that much money?


  "Mrs. Han couldn't get it out?"

  "You can't even come up with a hundred million, and you have the nerve to participate in the inner auction, aren't you afraid of losing face?"

  Qiu Mu Orange smiled faintly, but returned Han Wenxue's humiliating words just now to Han Wenxue intact.


"Madam Han, as you said before, everyone has their own circle."

  "The inner circle is filled with top dignitaries from all over Jiangdong, and even if they are worth a billion dollars, they aren't qualified to step into it.This kind of circle was never meant for Lady Han.-"

  "Even if you go, it's just a self-inflicted disgrace and humiliation."

  A faint voice that echoed here for a long time.

  Qiu Mu Orange looked at Han Wenxue in front of her with a smile, the smile on her exquisite pretty face so genial that it was like a spring breeze.

  However, the Han Wenxue in front of her, hearing such familiar words, was blushing with shame on her old face, lowering her head and speaking dumbly, nearly at a loss for words.

  Of course, Han Wenxue could hear that all of the words that she had just said to humiliate Qiu Mu Orange were the same words that she had used to humiliate Qiu Mu Orange.

  And now being returned intact, Han Wenxue was of course ashamed, feeling only disgraced, her old face reddening almost like a pig's foot.

  The surrounding passersby also shook their heads and laughed at the situation, looking at Han Wenshe as if they were looking at a joke.

  Naturally, Han Wensetsu no longer had the face to stay here and quickly took his things and walked away ashen.


  "Mu Orange, dislike her well."

  "Already looking at her?"

  "Look at how arrogantly unstoppable she was just now."

  "A junior is only on top, I really don't know where she gets her pride from."

  Seeing Han Wenxue blush and slink away with her old face, Suzy only felt smooth.

  The two of them then didn't stay long and turned around and left the mall as well.

  "What are you waiting for, carrying your stuff away?"

  "Damn, you're a dork, and you're asleep?"

  "Wife is insulted, and you're a husband who can still sleep, what a big heart!"

  "People like you, Mu Orange has simply had eight lifetimes of bad luck marrying you."Suzy glared at the man who had been sleeping on the sofa, and was suddenly annoyed and angry, only feeling unworthy for her best friend.

  And then Suzy didn't wait for him, pulling Qiu Mu Orange and quickly rushed to the parking lot.

  Ye Fan smiled bitterly and stretched his waist, so he also lifted his stuff and prepared to catch up.

  However, just as Ye Fan bent down to lift those things he bought, a man in a suit didn't pay attention to his feet and directly crashed into it, kicking down several bags, and the man in the suit even stumbled a few steps and almost fell over.


  "Where's the unsightly thing?"

  "Don't you dare trip me!"

  "Don't want to live?"

  Jin Bao was furious then and turned around to curse.

  However, when he saw the person in front of him, the anger on Jin Bao's face froze.

  The entire man was like a leaking ball of air, and then he wilted.

  "Chu...Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, I didn't see it was you~"

  Jin Bao was scared to pee then, the whole person was close to crying out, swinging all over, terrified.

  Previously, he was patronizing Qiu Mu Orange, but he completely didn't notice that Ye Fan was also here.

  Now that the water had washed away the Dragon King Temple and accidentally offended Ye Fan, Jin Bao was scared silly and kept bowing and apologizing to Ye Fan with a bitter face.

  The passers-by were stunned when they saw this scene.

  Wasn't this the husband of the one called Miss Qiu just now?

  Not just an incompetent son-in-law?

  How did that make those people so fearful and respectful?

  "Could it be that the one who is truly awesome is not that Miss Autumn, but this seemingly ordinary and common man?"

  "Or was that auction admission ticket given entirely to this man?"

  Many of the onlookers just now were all staring at each other, their hearts stirring up waves of shock and horror.

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, was oblivious to all of it.

  He just squatted there, quietly picking up the packages that had been knocked over by Jinbao, completely ignoring a word from Jinbao.

  Jinbao became even more terrified, and his entire body was close to crying out, "Mr. Chu, don't be like this, if you want to fight or punish, say something~"

  Ye Fan remained silent.

  When he saw that Jin Bao was so frightened that he was about to cry out, Ye Fan Fang got up and patted Jin Bao's shoulder, "Have you forgotten what I told you before?Still, you have to be a calm person."

  "Remember remember remember, be a calm person, be a kind person, be a person whose smile is always on her lips."Jinbao fell back like garlic and said it repeatedly.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Very good, it seems you do remember."

  "However, your second master's tactics are quite high today.He couldn't invite me at the auction, so he asked my wife to pressurize me.That's a nice little trick.Go back and tell your second master that this man, it's good to be smart, but I'm afraid of being too smart."

  "I should have punished you guys a bit, but seeing that my wife was quite happy to receive that entrance ticket, I'll let this go."

  Ye Fan said indifferently, but Jinbao was near scared out of his wits and was shivering.

  He had never thought that the second master's thoughts would be seen through by Mr. Chu with a single glance.

  But fortunately, Mr. Chu wasn't angry, otherwise he was afraid he'd have to plant this today.

  "Alright, you guys go."

  Ye Fan didn't make things difficult for them and waved his hand, so he let them go.

  "Right, I almost forgot, that woman called Han Whatsit just now, you guys saw that, right?"

  "She messed with my wife, you know what to do, right?"

  Ye Fan smiled and said indifferently.

  Jin Bao immediately nodded, "Don't worry Mr. Chu, I will report this matter to the second master immediately when I return.The result of handling it will definitely satisfy Mr. Chu."

  Soon, Jinbao and the others left as well.

  Ye Fan also went to the parking lot to find Qiu Mu Orange and went home together.

  "Why are you so slow, what did you do?"Qiu Mu Orange asked to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan hehely smiled, "It's fine, I ran into some trouble, it's all solved."

  Qiu Mu Orange gave a hmmm and didn't ask carefully, then said indifferently, "You should have time on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival to go out with me."

  "Yes, sure I do.It's a big deal to accompany your wife, you have to squeeze in even if you don't have time."Ye Fan smiled.

  But Suzy on the side snorted, "You guy, do you know where Mu Orange is taking you?"

  "How many people have begged for that place, you're in the Mu Orange limelight!"

  "But Mu Orange really doesn't understand you, and you're really taking him?"

  "He's a poor, incompetent door-to-door son-in-law from the countryside, you're not afraid to bring him to shame you ah."

  Suzy shook her head for a while and sighed, only feeling that giving that entrance ticket to someone like Ye Fan was simply a reckless waste.

  "I really don't know what blessing this poor kid had in his last life, but he got lucky in this life to marry you Mu Orange?"

  Susie even sighed, but Autumn Mu Orange told her to say less.

  "Say less, why should I say less?"

  "Just have to let this redneck know he's in your good graces."

  "Otherwise, he won't even have the heart to thank you,"Suzy angrily returned.

  Ye Fan just listened on the sidelines, smiling imploringly.

  I'm afraid that Suzy and the others would never have thought that Li's second gift of an entrance ticket to Qiu Mu Orange was completely aimed at Ye Fan.

  If it wasn't for Ye Fan, not to mention the entrance ticket for the inner arena, they wouldn't have gotten one for the outer arena.

  Therefore, where it was Ye Fan who got their light, it was completely Su Xi and her sisters who got Ye Fan's light.


There are still a few days to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival, so Suzy can't wait to call Qiu Mu orange all day long, asking her to go to see clothes, go shopping and get her hair done.

  She said that she was just going to the auction, not a blind date, so what's the big deal?

  "Who says it's not a blind date?"

  "What if Mr. Chu takes a fancy to Miss Ben?"

  "This is our first chance to meet Mr. Chu up close and personal, and we must treat it solemnly."

  "I must show my most beautiful side in front of Mr. Chu."

  "I will use my beauty and charm to completely conquer this most powerful man in Jiangdong and make Mr. Chu completely bow down to my lady's pomegranate skirt."


  Qiu Mu Orange was eating and then on the phone with Suzy, her phone on speakerphone.

  Next to him, Ye Fan's expression was wonderful, but still pretended not to have heard, and had been moping around eating.

  However, when he heard Suzy's final words of conviction, when he heard Suzy say that she wanted to conquer Mr. Chu and make him completely worship her pomegranate skirt, Ye Fan finally couldn't hold back, and the rice to his mouth puffed out all over, spitting across Han Li's face.

  The chewed steamed bread mixed with vegetable juice down Han Li's face that green into liver, unable to stop flowing down.

  Sub o!

  Ye Fan was confused.

  Not only Ye Fan, Qiu Lei, Qiu Mu Orange, and even Han Li herself, all stayed there.

  Still, Ye Fan reacted first and smiled hehehe, "That, Mom, we're out of soy sauce, I'm going to the supermarket to make soy sauce.Just keep the pots and bowls, I'll come back and brush."

  After saying that, Ye Fan quickly slipped away.

  Crap, don't slip, stay and wait for death?

  Sure enough, the moment Ye Fan snatched the door out, Han Li's howl of rage that was like an ear-piercing devil's voice came from behind him.

  "Ye Fan, you wimp, you come back to my mother!"

  "I'll kill you!"


  "He just did it on purpose, he must have done it on purpose."


  "This wimp has no good intentions at all~"

  "Autumn Mu Orange, look at the good husband you've raised."

  "What's the point of keeping this kind of trash?"


  "Divorce is tonight~"


  Han Li's angry voice echoed long and loud throughout the floor.

  Downstairs, Ye Fan was suddenly glad that he had slipped away quickly, otherwise I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to have a meal of chopped wood and stewed meat.

  As such, Ye Fan stayed outside for a day and didn't dare to go back.

  In the end, it was Qiu Mu Orange who called him at night after work and told Ye Fan to just come back.

  "My uncle and the others are coming to the house, in front of the guests, my mother doesn't dare to do anything to you."As she said these words, a faint smile even filled the corners of Qiu Mu Orange's mouth.

  "I'm going, and you're laughing."

  "Your husband I almost got stomped by your mother."

  "If I die, you'll be widowed, and I'll see who will accompany you to make a man!"

  "Shut up you, you can't talk if you can't talk, there's no ivory in a dog's mouth!"Seeking Mu Orange's pretty face blushed then, full of indignation at Ye Fan.

  Growing up, it was only this bastard Ye Fan who said such shameless words in front of her.

  After speaking, Qiu Mu Orange hung up the phone.

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, naturally ran back home after getting the summons from Qiu Mu Orange.

  "You're a wimp, you still have the face to come back?"

  "Get out of here!"

  Qiu Mu Orange had underestimated her mother's dislike for Ye Fan after all, even in front of the outsiders, Han Li still scolded at Ye Fan angrily, not giving Ye Fan any face at all.

  "Mom, a few curses will do, the guest is still at home?"

  Qiu Mu Orange, however, came over and said unhappily to Han Li.

  Han Li didn't scold Ye Fan anymore and left with a cold snort and a straight face as well.Before leaving, Han Li glared at Ye Fan again and said in a cold voice, "Get out of here and cook!"

  In Han Li's eyes, the only thing that Ye Fan was useful for was perhaps being able to do housework.

  Otherwise, Han Li would have already kicked Ye Fan out of the house.

  In the past, with Master Qiu pressuring her, Han Li was scrupulous and didn't dare to let Ye Fan roll.After all, no matter how bad Ye Fan was, he was still the son-in-law that Master Qiu had personally chosen for Qiu Mu Orange.

  Now that their family had become self-reliant and independent out of the Qiu family, they naturally didn't fear Master Qiu.

  "Thank you wife for relieving the siege."

  Ye Fan let out a long sigh of relief.

  Although Ye Fan was not afraid of anything outside, but his mother-in-law he had to be afraid of.

  After all, she was his wife's own mother, of course he couldn't provoke this son-in-law.

  But fortunately, Qiu Mu Orange had just helped him out.

  But Qiu Mu Orange stared at him with no good temper: "Who said I was helping you out, I was afraid of embarrassment."

  "Why don't you go cook dinner?"

  "As you command, wife!"

  In the past, Ye Fan didn't dare to call Qiu Mu Orange his wife, and once he did, he would inevitably be scolded.

  But now, Ye Fan found that Qiu Mu Orange was no longer very resistant to her calling her wife, and seemed to have acquiesced to this fact.

  This subtle change might not have bothered Qiu Mu Orange, but Ye Fan was feeling distinct.

  "Shut up!"

  "Did you shout for your wife?"

  "And without looking at what kind of virtue you have, what qualifications do you have to make my sister Autumn your wife?"

  "The only person who can match my sister Autumn is someone as good as my brother Woo Ho."

  "The most you can do is be a maid who sweeps and cooks!"

  However, Qiu Mu Orange hadn't said anything yet, Han Fei Fei, who was playing with her phone on the side, was suddenly displeased when she heard it and scolded at Ye Fan in an angry voice.

  Next to Han Fei Fei, Han Hai had a stern face, ever since Ye Fan came home, Han Hai's face didn't look good, he didn't even look at Ye Fan.

  As for Sun Yuhao, he also treated Ye Fan as air and ignored it.

  The shelves weren't even small.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he naturally ignored them and then went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

  Ever since the last Haiyuan Pavilion dinner made a big scandal, this time, but no one proposed to go out to eat, so cooking this thing, can only fall to Ye Fan.

  Although Ye Fan didn't feel comfortable with Sun Yuhao and the others, he was always his wife's relative, so he didn't look at the monk's face to see the Buddha's face, so he made it for them.

  However, while Ye Fan was washing the dishes, Qiu Mu Orange entered the kitchen and took the initiative to brush up the pots and dishes.

  When Ye Fan saw this, his heart was suddenly beautiful.

  Still, his wife was good, knowing how to love him!

  However, Ye Fan's happiness only lasted for a second, and in the next second, Ye Fan's entire face went black.


  "What are you doing?"


  "Where's the washing powder for scrubbing pots!"


  "Voorhees, who the hell told you that tomatoes are still peeled?"


  "Momma's chicken, the fire isn't even on, cooking peat rice~"


  "Nima, how many lifetimes have you never eaten salt?"

  "Fry a tomato and pour half a bag of salt?"

  "You want to salty us?"


  "Okay, you'd better get out."

  Ye Fan was about to cry.

  This Nima, it was fine not to come to help, but now it was fine, the more you help, the more you help.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange was kicked out of the kitchen by Ye Fan in a million dislikes.

  "Where cool and stay!"

  "You~" Qiu Mu Orange's nose was going to be crooked at that time, and finally gave Ye Fan a fierce stare and left angrily.


  I'm cooking for you, and you don't appreciate it, but you don't mind me?

  "Tired you out!"

  "My lady swears she'll never help you again."

  "Angry as hell!"

  Qiu Mu Orange drummed her cheeks and angrily walked away, running into the living room to watch TV and sulk by herself.


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