Dish Best Served Cold 181-185



And then, with a cold smile, he turned and left as well.

  "This country bumpkin, finally gone."

  "Great aunt, this kind of person you are still not driving him away, are you planning to keep him for the New Year?"

  "It's better to have him divorce my sister Autumn as soon as possible."

  "Otherwise, in case one day, this country bumpkin's mental imbalance goes to extremes and violates my sister Autumn, then it'll be too late to regret it."

  After Ye Fan left, Han Fei Fei and the others said in disgust as they looked at the back of the man who rode away on the electric bicycle.

  "He dares?!"

  "If he dares to show the slightest disrespect to my Mu Orange, I'll break his dog's legs."Han Li said in an angry voice, then looked to the side at Sun Yuhao.

  "Yuhao, don't worry, I'll do the work on Mu Orange's side."

  "In front of us, she's just shy and doesn't dare to get too close to you.When you ask her out alone in a few days, she'll definitely not be so uptight."

  "As for that wimp, you don't have to worry, I'll urge Mu Orange to divorce that poor country boy as soon as possible."

  Han Li spoke kindly to Sun Yuhao to reassure her.

  Sun Yuhao smiled faintly, "Mom, it's fine, I'm not worried.I have confidence in myself."

  "I believe that between me and that hillbilly, Mu Orange will definitely make the right choice in the end."

  To Ye Fan, Sun Yuhao had never looked at Ye Fan in a positive light, much less treated him as his rival.

  What was a rival, an evenly matched enemy to be called a rival?

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, was nothing at all.

  In Sun Yuhao's eyes, Ye Fan was not qualified to be his opponent from the start.


  "With you saying that, I'm just relieved."

  "My Han Li's son-in-law should have the pride you have."

  Han Li laughed.

  At this time, all those special dishes he had ordered earlier were also coming up.

  Even Peng Zhenhua sent up another bottle of wine that he treasured.

  "Little sir, although this wine isn't as good as the first bottle, it was purchased by me from an auction at a heavy price."

  "I've kept it for ten years, and I've never been willing to drink it, but today, Mr. Little is here..."

  Far away from the wine table, Peng Zhenhua began to speak with a pleasing smile on his face.

  But after walking up to the table, Peng Zhenhua found that Ye Fan was not even there, and frowned.


  "Where is the little gentleman?"

  "What people?Isn't my son-in-law here?Is Chief Steward Peng also too drunk and confused?"Hanley shook her head and smiled.

  "No, I mean where was the guy sitting over there?How many people are missing?"Peng Zhenhua continued to ask.

  Han Li saw the situation, and then it suddenly dawned on her: "Hey, so you're talking about them.My brother had a little too much to drink, so my daughter accompanied him to the hospital.As for that one over there, a poor country bumpkin, we told him to get lost."


  "Did you chase him away?"

  "And let him roll?"

  Phen Zhenhua stayed there then, a pair of old eyes staring at him, pupils crinkling.


  "A mere wimp, scrounging around here for food and drink, it looks bad."

  "Besides, he's a hick, eating here will also lower the grade of this restaurant for Head Master Peng.If my daughter hadn't been stupid enough to keep stopping him before, we would have kicked him out long ago."

  "Don't mind Head Manager Peng ha, next time we promise not to bring this kind of ungrateful wimp to your restaurant."

  "And don't worry, we didn't let him drink a single bite of that classic grade wine you just gave him, it wasn't spoiled by that wimp."

  Seeing Peng Zhenhua's furrowed brow, Han Li thought that this head manager Peng was angry because they had brought a poor country bumpkin to dinner, all she explained evenly.

  She knew that upscale restaurants like these were very protective of their reputations, and they didn't allow guests who weren't three or four to enter at all.

  However, hearing these words from Han Li, Peng Zhenhua's old eyes widened, his old face was livid to the extreme, and in the end, he even cursed, "Sub-O!"

  "What the fuck did you say?"

  "You didn't let him have a bite of that bottle I gave him?"

  "That's right, Head Master Peng.That's the wine you gave us, and it's so precious, of course we cherish it.For a lowly countryman like him to drink it would be a waste, and even more of a disappointment to the Head Steward."-

  Han Li was still talking there.

  But Chief Steward Peng's entire body was about to cry, but his heart was dripping blood ah.

  These two bottles of wine, both of which he had treasured as treasures for over ten years, were classic grade wine.This kind of wine was simply not something that money could buy, it was completely priceless.

  But in order to suck up to Ye Fan, Head Manager Peng also fought hard.

  But Peng Zhenhua was deadly unaware that all of his hard work had been fed to the dogs, and Ye Fan didn't drink a mouthful of it, and it was all spoiled by the group of turtles in front of him.

  "I've really fucked the dog!"


  Peng Zhenhua's face turned black at that time, and ten thousand straw horses raced through his heart.

  But there are so many customers around watching it, he still endured his anger and didn't curse the few bastards in front of him, and turned his head and left!

  "Hey, Head Manager Peng, don't go, you haven't left us this wine yet, why are you taking it with you?"Han Li was obviously still thinking about the bottle of wine in Peng Zhenhua's hand, and got up to chase after her, reaching out to grab the wine from Peng Zhenhua's hand.

  She was going to take the wine home with her and try to sell it later, she was sure she could sell it for quite a bit of money.

  "Bring you paralysis!"

  "Get out~"

  "You stupid bitch, I'm glad I didn't whip you, and you have the nerve to ask me for a drink?"

  "You really think this wine is for you bastards."

  "You're nothing without the little mister!"

  Peng Zhenhua cursed angrily, wishing he could kick these turtles in front of him to death.

  He had put in almost ten years, a mouthful didn't give up a drink, but in the end, these guys were actually cheap, which put aside everyone's anger.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

  Naturally, Peng Zhenhua couldn't stand it any longer and directly pushed Han Li aside, cursing and then leaving.

  And Han Li and the others were all confused at that time.

  What's going on here?

  Just now, you were so respectful like a servant. Why the sudden change?

  How dare you push her?

  "You've got a lot of nerve!"

  "Sun Shao is my son-in-law, and you, a cheap businessman, dare to push me?"

  "Yuho, go, make that old thing apologize to me!"

  Han Li was livid, full of anger, and only felt disgraced.

  Still, Qiu Lei held her back: "Okay, you can say less, you really think this is your home ah.Besides, Yuhao isn't even our son-in-law yet, after our daughter actually marries Yuhao, it won't be too late for you to play tough and have Head Manager Peng apologize to you."

  Qiu Lei advised evenly.

  In his opinion, the only person at their table that Peng Zhenhua respected was Sun Yuhao.Like everyone else, it was normal for Peng Zhenhua not to see it in his eyes.

  Under Qiu Lei's persuasion, Han Li eventually endured.

  But the meal was clearly unbearable.

  "That's enough for today, Qiu Lei, you go settle the score."Han Li deliberately said very loudly, but her eyes were secretly looking at Sun Yuhao on the side as she spoke.

  "Mom, Dad, let's treat this meal as my treat.In the future, I'll expect the two old men to put in a few more nice words for me in front of Mu Orange."

  As expected of Han Li, of course Sun Yuhao wouldn't let Qiu Lei and the others pay the bill.

  "That's not a good idea~" Han Li was still excusing herself.

  Between a few jokes, they soon arrived at the cashier.

  "Miss, the table by the window, pay the bill."Sun Yuhao said as he took out a credit card from his wallet and prepared to swipe it.

  The customer service at the front desk smiled, then said, "Sir, your spending tonight, total..."


  Sun Yuhao was flabbergasted when his old face smacked against it.



  "How much do you think we ate?"

  Inside the Haiyuan Pavilion, Sun Yuhao was a bit confused, but frowned and asked the front desk attendant again.

  The waiter still white teeth lightly dew, a professional smile, once again, "Hello, sir, your consumption this time totaled 693,600 yuan, may I ask what is the problem?"

  At first Sun Yuhao thought that he had heard wrong, but when he heard the waiter's words again, Sun Yuhao was confused at that time.

  "Six hundred ninety thousand?"

  "You guys are fucking kidding me!"

  "For those dishes, it's only tens of thousands of dollars to hold up, may I ask where you got the sixty-nine thousand?"

  "Although I, Sun Yuhao, am rich, I'm not fooled by you guys as a wrongdoer."

  Sun Yuhao was anxious then.

  Although this Haiyuan Pavilion was a high-grade restaurant, it wasn't like he had never been to any high-grade restaurant before, back then when he had a banquet with his father to invite a city bureau leader, it only cost him over seventy thousand, but he had never thought that he would eat almost seven hundred thousand today?

  "I'll fuck it up!"

  "Where's the head steward, tell your head steward to come over."

  "I do ask, is this how he greeted me as a noble guest?"

  "Holding me up as a pit?You really think I, Sun Yuhao, am stupid and rich!"Sun Yuhao was filled with indignation, this feeling of being treated like a fool, no one would not be angry.

  However, Han Li reassured at this time, "Yuhao, it's fine.It's only sixty-nine thousand, and with a 10% discount, it's only sixty thousand."

  "You've forgotten, but just now, Head Manager Peng promised to give us a discount."

  Han Li's words reminded Sun Yuhao instead.

  "It's also true that sixty-nine thousand is just sixty-nine thousand, so let's give a discount and swipe sixty-nine thousand."Within 100,000, although it was also a bit expensive, but at least Sun Yuhao could accept it.

  But the waiter was confused, "Discount?"

  "Sorry sir, we don't have a discount today."


  "Fuckin' bullshit!"

  "You know nothing about a waiter, so call your head manager."

  "Tell him that Mr. Sun has come to pay and have him come down to greet him."Han Li Ton scolded.

  At this time, Peng Zhenhua just happened to come down to get something, and when he heard Han Li's words, he raised his eyebrows, "Who's looking for me?"

  "Chief Steward, it's these guests.They didn't want to pay after eating and insisted that we give them a 10% discount."Seeing Peng Zhenhua, the front desk attendant said at once.

  Han Li obviously noticed Peng Zhenhua walking over at this time, and said coldly, with arrogance in her tone, "Head Manager Peng, you're just in time.This Mr. Sun is my son-in-law, tonight's dinner is for our family, since you know my son-in-law, as we agreed before, you don't have to give us a free ticket, a 10% discount will do, as a gift to me, to my son-in-law.Don't worry, my son-in-law and I will both remember this favor from you."

  Han Li thought that Peng Zhenhua had just disrespected her because she didn't know that she was Sun Yuhao's mother-in-law.So this time, as soon as they met, Han Li revealed her identity.

  "Mr. Sun?Which Mr. Sun?"Peng Zhenhua raised his eyebrows, just now he heard Han Li and the others kept talking about Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, could it be that the little gentleman they chased away was surnamed "Sun"?

  "Which other Mr. Sun could it be?"

  "Naturally, it's you who honors and respects Mr. Sun Yuhao Sun, the one who sent the wine, which is my son-in-law."Han Li raised her chin high and said proudly, and in between her words, she also reached out her hand to point at Sun Yuhao on the side.

  Sun Yuhao also had a touch of pride on his face at this time: "Head Manager Peng, hello."

  "Hello you sister, hello!"

  "Who was I then?"

  "So Mr. Sun is you, huh?"

  "You're nothing!"

  "And let me honor it?Do you fucking deserve you?"Peng Zhenhua was happy then.

  He finally figured it out now, the group of emotional idiots thought that the little gentleman he was talking about was this frothing young man named Sun Yuhao in front of him.

  "Xiao Xin, have they come out with the bill yet, don't forget to include that bottle of wine, and the one teacup they damaged.That's a set of tea sets made by a famous family in Jingdezhen, and one broken full set is useless.Let them pay for it at the price of a full set."Peng Zhenhua then looked at the waitress at the side of the cashier.

  The waitress nodded, "Well, Chief Steward, as you instructed before, it's all accounted for, totaling 693,600."

  "Very well, take a whole, six hundred and ninety thousand.Take the money, Young Master Sun!"Peng Zhenhua stood with a negative hand and laughed coldly.

  But Han Li and the others were confused, "What sixty-nine thousand?Didn't you just say you'd give us a 10% discount?"

  "And the wine, you gave it to us, didn't you, so why the charge?"

  "You're a fraud, a deceit~"

  Cheat you out of your mind!

  Seeing this stupid woman shouting again, Peng Zhenhua finally couldn't endure his anger, and slapped past, directly on the ground Han Li.

  At that time, Han Li was confused, covering her face and crying there.

  However, where did Peng Zhenhua pay attention, still cursing angrily, "And a discount?"

  "And give you guys wine?"

  "You guys are nothing!"

  "In the eyes of this head honcho, you guys are just pieces of shit."

  "I'm sticking up for Mr. Little, not you idiots."

  "What shame do you have for me to give you a discount!"

  "Besides, my wine was given to Mr. Little.The little gentleman didn't drink a single bite, he let you guys drink it all.If you don't take the money who will?"

  As soon as he remembered the previous incident, Peng Zhenhua became furious.Now these fools even dared to mention it, Peng Zhenhua was naturally furious, and in his rage, he slapped them with a slap and directly smacked them silly.

  Peng Zhenhua's monstrous might undoubtedly shook everyone, and Sun Yuhao and the others were pale and terrified, too stunned to say a single word.

  "Why don't you bring some to get money?!"

  "Not a penny less!"Peng Zhenhua drank again.

  Sun Yuhao's old face shivered and trembled as he said, "Peng...Mr. Peng, do you think it's okay to call the money over tomorrow?I don't have enough money in my card."

  Sun Yuhao only had a hundred thousand in cash in his card.Almost seven hundred thousand all at once, even he would need time to turn it around.

  After all, when he came to eat before, he didn't expect to eat that much all at once, and he had thought that 100,000 was more than enough to eat?

  But who would have thought this would be the result.

  "Not enough?"

  "None of my business!"

  "I'll put the word out today, none of you will leave until you pay?"

  "Where's the security, keep them all under guard.Any of you let one of them go, you're going to fucking roll up and get out of here right now!"

  In the end, Sun Yuhao and his group were still controlled in the Haiyuan Pavilion, being watched like dogs.The surrounding patrons snickered and looked on, as if they were watching a bunch of jokes.

  When a good meal became like this, Han Li and the others naturally felt extraordinarily humiliated, disgraced, and almost ashamed of themselves.

  "Yuhao, aren't you a rich second generation?"

  "Call your father, ah, and ask him to pay you."

  "It's a shame to be held here when you can't pay~" said Hanli still there.

  "I need you to tell me?Can't see I'm trying to figure it out!"Sun Yuhao's face was livid, and he didn't have a good temper to return.

  If it wasn't for the fact that she was Qiu Mu Orange's mother, Sun Yuhao would have kicked the old woman to death long ago.

  She still has the face to say it?

  If it wasn't for the fact that she ordered so many dishes and broke people's teacups later on, and just wanted to take advantage of their drinks, how would they have ended up in this situation today?


That spending list just now, Sun Yuhao had already seen it all.

  The teacup in the hands of Ye Fan that Han Li had broken alone was worth eighty thousand.

  Sun Yuhao also didn't think that Peng Zhenhua was blackmailing them, after all, he had come across this kind of set of tea set.Whether it was the teapot or the teacups, they were all fired in the same furnace, and their finishes were exactly the same, what was more crucial was that this set of tea sets, the patterns on each piece were all implicated, and could form a complete pattern.

  Now that Han Li had shattered one of them, just like a rare blue and white porcelain with a hint of cracks, the rarity of this set of tea set was naturally greatly reduced.

  Destroying one was the same as destroying the set.

  It wasn't outrageous for Peng Zhenhua to make them pay 80,000.

  Of course, the most expensive one was still the bottle of classical grade wine.

  That bottle alone amounted to over four hundred thousand.

  Didn't the sum of these various items add up to over 600,000?

  So, after seeing that spending list, Sun Yuhao could only admit to it.

  However, he secretly vowed that he would never bring this fussy Han Li out to eat in the future even if he was killed.

  In the future, even if he did marry Qiu Mu Orange, he would have to stay far away from this Han Li.

  Definitely not live under the same roof with this kind of oddball.

  But while Han Li and the others were trapped in Haiyuan Pavilion, Ye Fan went to the hospital to accompany Qiu Mu Orange.

  Fortunately, Han Hai sent them there in time, plus the symptoms of alcohol poisoning were not serious, the doctor treated them a little, and gave them some medicine, and a nap was probably no big deal.

  "Uncle is he alright?"

  In the hospital room, Qiu Mu Orange was still at the bedside with her, and Ye Fan walked up and asked with a light smile.

  "Hmph, you still have the nerve to laugh."

  "My uncle is like this, he's still not filled by you."Qiu Mu Orange glared at Ye Fan and angrily snapped at him.

  Ye Fan spread his hands and looked innocent, "Mu Orange, I can't be blamed for this."

  "It's all uncle who's filling my drink, I'm the one who's drinking with him."

  "Who knew that uncle was so rigid, he could drink himself into alcohol poisoning."Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

  "Okay, just shut up you.When my mom comes with Fifi and the others, you'll be ready to be scolded."Qiu Mu Orange also knew that Ye Fan wasn't to blame for this, and that Han Hai was to blame for everything.

  But she knew what was the point, as long as it was Han Hai who was lying here now, then Ye Fan would not be able to avoid getting a scolding.

  "Just scold it, you're used to it anyway."

  "It's good as long as my wife understands me."Ye Fan smiled faintly, looking like a broken jar, seemingly unconcerned about the impending abuse.

  The room was suddenly quiet, the dim light swaying faintly.

  Qiu Mu Orange was guarding the side of the bed, while Ye Fan stood against the table, next to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Neither of them spoke, only the wind outside the window, blowing gently through.

  Han Hai was still sleeping, and it looked like he definitely wouldn't wake up until dawn.

  Having a rare chance to be alone with Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange dragged her cheeks, which were reddened because of the alcohol, and sighed quietly.

  "Ye Fan, you said how nice it would be if we had a house of our own."

  "That way, we wouldn't have to endure scolding from our parents and endless arguments all day long."

  "Just the two of us, how nice."

  Perhaps it was really drunk, but it was rare for Autumn Mu Orange to bare her heart to Ye Fan like this now.

  As Ye Fan listened, the corners of his mouth rippled with laughter, "Two of us?I don't feel good."

  "Well?What's wrong with that? Do you want my mom to yell at you all day?"Qiu Mu Orange was a bit huffy, thinking that this bastard Ye Fan was really ungrateful, he was also thinking of him and he still didn't appreciate it.

  "Not that, I'm saying two is bad.Better, or have a few litters of big fat kids.Wife and kids with a hot bed, that's really good."

  Ye Fan was still saying that, but Autumn Mu Orange was already blushing with a pretty face, picking up a pillow from the nearby hospital bed and smashing it at Ye Fan.

  "Hmph, go to hell with you!"

  "Who's warming the bed for your wife and kids?"

  "And a nest?"

  "Dream on you!"

  "Not one of them will be born to you~"

  "Shame on you!"

  Qiu Mu Orange shyly cursed furiously.

  Under the dim light, Qiu Mu Orange's reddish and shy pretty face was so charming that even the osmanthus flowers blooming outside the window were ashamed of themselves and lowered their heads.

  For a moment, Ye Fan almost had an impulse to go forward and embrace this charming woman in his arms.

  And, he actually did so.

  What was even more surprising was that Qiu Mu Orange didn't even resist, let alone dodge, her slightly drunken pretty face with some charming fragrance, just like that, she watched Ye Fan's embrace approaching step by step.

  However, right at this moment, Qiu Mu Orange's cell phone suddenly rang.

  This sudden sound undoubtedly made Autumn Mu Orange wake up in an instant, her pretty face reddened even more, and between looking around in panic, she even avoided Ye Fan's embrace and answered the phone.

  "Mu Orange, come and save mom, mom is being detained."


  "Mom, don't cry, tell me what happened."Qiu Mu Orange was shocked and her face went white in a split second.

  In the end, Han Li wept and spoke for half a day, and only then did Qiu Mu Orange square up to the situation.

  "Seven hundred thousand?"

  "My God, what the hell did you guys eat?"After Qiu Mu Orange heard this number, her entire body was also shocked.

  With guilt, Han Li whispered, "I didn't eat anything either, just broke someone's tea set and drank a bottle of good wine..."


  Soon, Qiu Mu Orange also hung up the phone full of anger.

  "What's wrong, Mu Orange?"Evan, however, was curious as to what was going on.

  "Don't say that, piss me off.Can you believe that my mother and her family ate seven hundred thousand for dinner?"

  "I don't care, if they can afford to eat that themselves, they can pay it back, I can't get that much money anyway."Qiu Mu Orange was trembling with anger.

  When Ye Fan heard this, he was also then happy.

  He had almost guessed the beginning of the matter.

  Presumably, that Haiyuan Pavilion's head manager had charged them for the wine he sent.

  It was an easy thing to guess, that wine was a good wine, and Peng Zhenhua was biting to send such a good wine in order to pull a relationship with Ye Fan.

  As a result, Ye Fan's flattery didn't come to fruition, but instead Han Li and the others drank it, and more importantly, Han Li and the others drove Ye Fan away.

  In Ye Fan's absence, Peng Zhenhua naturally wouldn't be polite and would charge as much money as he should.Sun Yuhao and the others couldn't take it out for a while, so naturally they were detained.

  But there was no one else to blame, it was purely their own fault.

  Originally, Ye Fan wanted to accompany them to pay up and leave together, for his sake, even if that Haiyuan Pavilion headmaster didn't waive the bill, a discount or two would definitely be no problem, and the wine money would not be charged.

  But it can't be helped, who let Han Li and the others drive Ye Fan away, and now they are eating their own evil consequences, who can blame them?

  In the end, the Han Li couple as well as Sun Yuhao and Han Fei Fei were locked up in Haiyuan Pavilion for the night until the next day, when Sun Yuhao found someone to put money on the card and the four of them returned home in disgrace.

  But after losing such a big person tonight, Sun Yuhao was ashamed to stay at Qiu Mu Orange's house, so he went out to stay in a hotel.

  As for Han Hai, he slept until the next night.

  When he opened his eyes and saw Ye Fan again, Han Hai also had an old red face and couldn't say a word in shame.


  Trying to fill Ye Fan's drink, but Ye Fan had nothing to do with it, and instead he drank himself into alcohol poisoning and went into the hospital.

  It's fucking humiliating to think about!

  After waking up, Han Hai, just like Sun Yuhao, found a hotel outside and stayed there.

  The Mid-Autumn Festival would be here soon, and they still had to prepare for the main event, so naturally, they didn't have the heart to help Sun Yuhao with his girl anymore.

  Yes, this time he came to Yunzhou with Sun Yuhao, seeing Qiu Mu Orange was secondary, the main thing was still the Yunzhou auction on the mid-autumn night.


After Han Hai and the others left, the life of the Qiu Mu Orange family these past few days had undoubtedly returned to its previous calm, and at night it was just Han Li who often muttered a few words at home, complaining about that day when the Haiyuan Pavilion's head manager set them up.

  "Also Haiyuan Pavilion head manager, heart really dirty ah, in order to sell that bottle of wine, even pretend to know Yuhao, but also pretend to respect the wine and food delivery, the routine play really deep.One pit has screwed us almost seven hundred thousand."

  "What kind of f*cking high-class restaurant, I think it's a pit of a restaurant."

  The matter of the Haiyuan Pavilion banquet that night, Han Li felt nagging nostalgia now that she thought about it.It was being played as a fury, and the wine sent to them also charged money, just hitting a broken teacup made her pay so much money, before the promised 10% discount were also lying bullshit, what's worse, tomorrow to give them money they are still not happy, and finally even detained them in the restaurant for a night.

  Han Li had never been so humiliated in her life.

  "What do you think, how will Yuhao have to look at me after eating so much money for one meal?"

  "Will they think we're people who don't know what they're doing in their hearts and therefore have a bad impression of us?"

  During the evening meal, Han Li but was full of worry.

  Qiu Lei was there to comfort, "It's fine, seven hundred thousand is a huge amount of money for us, but the Yuhao family is rich and won't be impressed with us just because of this small amount~"

  This old couple of self-comforting, afraid of the son-in-law ran away.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at your parents' words.

  As for Ye Fan, is also silent boring head to eat, but the heart but only feel funny.

  He obviously didn't expect that the restaurant's chief executive Peng Zhenhua was also a ruthless person, seeing that he wasn't there, he even asked for so much money for Sun Yuhao and the others, and in the end, he even directly detained the person.

  "Guess, that Sun Yuhao, he's so humiliated that he's embarrassed~"

  Ye Fan smiled inwardly.

  But even now, it looked like Han Li and the others hadn't figured out what was going on that day.

  They only thought that it was Peng Zhenhua who was setting them up, first pretending to know Sun Yuhao, then using that as an excuse to give away the wine, and then when they finished the wine, they ended up charging directly without acknowledging the debt.

  "This fucking trap is so deep!"

  "How shrewd our two old men are, but they've been tricked as well~" qiu Lei lamented for a while, only feeling that the city people's routine was too deep.

  Ye Fan listened from the side and just laughed without saying anything.

  Qiu Mu Orange seemed to see Ye Fan's gloating smile at this time, and glared at him, whispering, "Laughing peat!Eat well and come with me to the mall later."

  "As you command, honey!"Ye Fan promised to do so very quickly.

  Now that the Mid-Autumn Festival was upon us, Qiu Mu Orange naturally had to buy something for her family.

  Just half an hour ago, Qiu Mu orange's best friend Su Xi called and asked Qiu Mu orange to go shopping with her, and even asked her to take Ye Fan with her.

  The first thing you need to know is that you can't be too sure about the quality of the food you're going to buy.

  But Chu Yun didn't bother with them, and readily agreed.

  After all, it was not a natural thing for a husband to lift something for his wife.

  Naturally, Ye Fan was obligated to do so!

  Soon, not long after dinner, Suzy's car arrived at the downstairs of the community, then Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan went to the mall together.

  The Mid-Autumn Festival was getting closer and closer.

  Today in the major stores, the air is filled with the atmosphere of the upcoming festival.

  All kinds of festive rushes, mall activities, box after box of moon cakes but nearly piled up at the entrance of the major stores, placed in the most prominent position.

  "Nowadays in this society, it's only in the mall that you can see a few festive and lively atmosphere."At the entrance of the mall, Ye Fan carried a big bag and small bag, looking at the lively atmosphere inside the mall, but he couldn't help but shake his head and sigh.

  "Hey, I say, what are you dilly-dallying for?Why don't you catch up?"

  "What do I need you for, even lifting something so slow?"There was another impatient urging sound from Suzy from the front.

  Ye Fan was speechless and wailed, "I say Miss Su, Su Beauty, can we buy less no, we can't spend money like this?"

  "How many more of these big bags have you had to buy?"

  Ye Fan now finally saw the fighting power of the defeated women, at this time Ye Fan was almost drowned by those handbags, but Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange did not have the slightest intention to stop.

  Qiu Mu Orange is a little better, although the purchase is also quite a lot, but are some household practical things, the most expensive is only a two or three hundred lipstick, but Suzy is a crazy ah, a single high heel shoes bought five pairs, and also the same style.

  She also made excuses that she had a phobia of choice and didn't know which color to choose, so she simply bought a pair of all colors.

  At that time, Ye Fan was dumbfounded, this fucking can still play like this?

  It seems that the ancients were right, in this world, it is true that only the villain and the woman are difficult to raise.

  "Still, my own wife is good, she will live her life and knows how to save money for her husband."

  Ye Fan's heart was self-satisfied.

  Sure enough, this wife was all about comparison.

  "Shut up!"

  "Did you shout for the pretty girl?"

  "Are you accosting Miss Ben?"

  "Tell me honestly, do you covet my lady's beauty?"

  "Hmph, a country bumpkin like you really isn't a good thing, eating from a bowl and looking at the pot.Don't men like Mu Orange change to keep for the New Year?"

  Suzy also seemed to be very confident in her charm, and Ye Fan only casually shouted, and then Suzy thought that Ye Fan was seducing and hitting on her.

  In the end, Su Xi raised her snow-white chin and looked at Ye Fan condescendingly, arrogantly saying: "This lady looks like a person who is loved by everyone, and the flowers are blooming.It's normal for you to covet me.But still, I advise you, you should die before it's too late."

  "Not to mention that you're not good enough for a humble family, the most important thing is that Miss Ben already has someone in mind."

  "I, Su Xi, can only be Mr. Chu's woman in this life."

  "Not married to Mr. Chu!"

  "You know what, Mr. Chu?In the beginning, one person at the foot of Mount Tai saved the whole of Jiangdong, and made all the big men in the 18 cities of Jiangdong to serve as their honored lord, standing on top of the power of Jiangdong."

  "That's an ordinary figure in the sky, I guess a turtle like you has never even heard of it, right?"


  When Su Xi started to say these words, Ye Fan did not pay much attention to it, only to find a seat and drink water there.

  At first, Ye Fan thought that the Mr. Chu in the mouth of Su Xi was her classmate or childhood sweetheart or something like that, but when he heard what Su Xi said behind the back of the Tarzan martial battle to save the world, Ye Fan's entire body was shocked, to the mouth of the mineral water puff, a mouth directly sprayed out.


  "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"

  "It's not...And not...Not married to him?"


  At that time, Evan's face went black, and he almost cried in misery while choking on water and coughing violently.


  My wife's best friend, she's gotten herself into trouble?

  What the fuck is this?

  If my wife knew, she'd stomp herself.


"Evan, you bastard!"

  "What do you mean?"

  "What, you look down on Miss Ben and think that Miss Ben is whimsical?"

  Ye Fan's behavior had undoubtedly completely angered Suzy.

  Angry at Su Xi, her body trembled and her pretty face reddened as she roared directly at Ye Fan.

  "With this moneyless, powerless son-in-law at home, what qualifications do you have to mock me?"

  "You wait, sooner or later, when I marry Mr. Chu, I'll hold Mr. Chu's hand and come and hit you hard in the face."

  "Angry as hell~"

  "Mu Orange, look at that good husband of yours."

  Suzy said angrily, exasperated as if she was a fried kitten.

  She never thought that Ye Fan, a country bumpkin, would dare to mock her own ideals.

  Ye Fan knew that he had been misunderstood, so he quickly explained, "You misunderstood, I didn't mean that."

  "Then what did you mean?"

  "I just said I'm going to marry Mr. Chu and you're reacting like this."

  "If you don't look down on me and think Mr. Chu doesn't like me then what else can you be?"Su Xi was so angry that her pretty face turned red, and she viciously yelled at Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan was full of bitterness and knew that he was afraid that he had poked a hornet's nest, so he quickly said something nice, "Miss Su, you really misunderstood.It's not that I don't think you're good enough for Mr. Chu, but Mr. Chu is not good enough for you."

  "Look at you, you were born with great natural talent, young and beautiful, while that Mr. Chu might be a little old man of forty or fifty years old, how do you think an old thing can match such a young and beautiful youthful woman like you?"

  In order to dispel this idea of Suzy, Ye Fan also fought hard and started to black himself out.

  However, Suzy was firm with her eyebrows, "What's wrong with the old man?"

  "Older men are more charming and know how to love people better, I just like old ones.None of your QQ business ah?"

  "I...I..."Evan looked startled and still had to speak.

  "You...You what you, you can shut up!It's infuriating to hear you talk!"Because of this incident, Suzy was obviously treating Evan even worse, and seeing him was annoying.

  "Geez, annoying, I'm not strolling."

  "Mu Orange, let's go, let's go have milk tea."

  Being so disturbed by Ye Fan, Suzy was not even in the mood to stroll around the mall, so she checked out and went to a water bar next to the mall to have milk tea.


  "Sissy, did you come to the mall to shop, too?"

  "What a coincidence."

  "Come on, come sit with us,"

  But Susie did not expect, this just entered the door, see a few women also carrying bags and bags sitting in the water bar laughing and drinking coffee.

  These women, one by one, dressed in a florid, a brand name, look at that look, either a wealthy gold, or luxury wives.

  Moreover, Ye Fan found that the things they bought were no less than Suzy's, and they even had a special attendant standing by the side to carry things.

  "Yes, Mrs. Lin, what a coincidence that we can even meet here."

  Suzy smiled warmly with a pretty face, but her heart was helpless.

  How did this run into them?

  "Sissy, they're your relatives?"Qiu Mu Orange at this time, looking at the front of those broad wife noble lady's, but confused.

  Su Xi explained in a low voice: "What relatives, is my father, and my brother their business friends.The one who spoke to me, called Han Wenxue, looked very young, perhaps not as old as the two of us.But she is a powerful man, a third wife, married to a company's CEO, a small old man in his fifties.She often accompanies her husband to dinner with my father and the others, and my father called me to accompany him to a dinner party last time, so naturally we got to know each other."

  "They're all a bunch of vain and scheming women, you can be careful later."

  Suzy was obviously not very impressed with them, especially a woman like Han Wenxue who married an older man twenty years older than herself for money, or a mistress who got on top and ruined someone else's marriage.But she couldn't help it, she couldn't lose her manners when she was her own father's friend.

  "Xixi, come over and sit with us."

  "Also, don't shout Madam from now on, it's rusty.Just call me Sister Han."Han Wenxue greeted Suzy and the others to come over and sit with her.

  But when she saw Qiu Mu Orange behind Su Xi as well as Ye Fan, she smiled and asked, "Xi Xi, you can, these two random attendants are so beautiful, and that little brother, although not well dressed, but born handsome and pleasing to the eye."

  "Little brother, how much does your family Su pay you in January, I'll double it, how about doing it with me?"

  Han Wenxue looked at Ye Fan with an almost playful smile.

  Suzy was embarrassed as she returned, "Sister Han, you've misunderstood.They're not my subordinates, this one is my best friend, Autumn Mu Orange, and that one over there, is Mu Orange's husband."

  "Qiu Mu Orange?"Han Wenxue raised her eyebrows, as if she was somewhat familiar with the name, and finally burst out laughing, "It can't be that third miss of the Qiu family, can it.Three years ago, the third miss of the Qiu family married a wimp and recruited a door-to-door husband, and it was quite a rumor in Yunzhou back then.That person wouldn't be you, right?"


  "I didn't expect to see you, I've heard of you for a long time, but it's an honor to finally meet you today."

  "Come, Miss Qiu, sit down.Little Fang, come order a cup of coffee for Miss Qiu."

  Han Wenxue was as enthusiastic as she could be, but a fool could see the sarcasm and playfulness in Han Wenxue's words.

  Looking at Autumn Mu Orange's gaze was also as if she was looking at a strange joke.

  Feeling the different gazes of the surrounding people, Qiu Mu Orange lowered her head and didn't say anything.

  Su Xi saw this, but she quickly changed the topic to help her best friend out.

  "Sister Han, this necklace you bought looks good, how much is it?"

  "This, ah, is it really pretty?I'll give it to you if it looks good, it's not expensive anyway, just a few hundred thousand."Han Wen Xue faintly pretended to be a man, chatting with Suzy and the others.

  But between the women, chatting is just some clothes jewelry bags and such, and of course, there are still men.

  "Xixi, do you know the recently famous Mr. Chu?"

  "It is said that just a few days ago, Fang rose to prominence and leapt into the entire sky of Jiangdong.Even our Second Master Li of Yunzhou honored it."Han Wenxue exclaimed.

  When Suzy heard this, she came to her senses, "Wow, Sister Han, do you know about Mr. Chu as well?"

  "I was still present at Mr. Chu's battle for fame, and I'm telling you, Mr. Chu was simply handsome, just like that to the sky, and that big bad guy flew out, just like watching a movie."

  It was as if Suzy had found a confidant, they both kept saying there.That radiant look was just like a naked little fan girl ah.

  The corner of Ye Fan's eyes couldn't stop twitching as he looked at the side.

  Thinking that it was better not to expose his identity, he didn't want to be pestered by Suzy and the other women.

  "What?You said that Mr. Chu will probably show up at the Mid-Autumn Night Auction, or in our Yunzhou?"

  "Oh my god~"

  "Really, Sister Han?"

  "Meaning I get to see Mr. Chu with my own eyes?"Suzy was almost broken with excitement.

  Han Wenxue nodded with a smile, as if she was speaking with pride and self-satisfaction because she was well-informed, "Yes."

  "And not only do I know that Mr. Chu will be there, I also know that there will be a mysterious lot from Mr. Chu at the auction."


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