The King of Kungfu in school 1091-1100


Even though this Cheng Quan was strong, so strong that he was like a sect master, as if he was the master of the Divine Dragon Sect.

However, it was impossible for Tang Zichen to kneel down to him.

This was an outcome that Tang Zichen had already thought of at this moment.

When the teacher's wife saw that Tang Zichen was still not quick to kneel down, she was busy saying, "Feng'er, kneel down and make amends with Senior Cheng."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Make amends, what crime is that."

"You."Master Shifu was also annoyed, it's such a time, Tang Zichen still has such a wild tone, what sin is there?Offend the strong and you need to sin?

Cheng Quan harrumphed, "Feng Qingyun, if you kneel down and beg for mercy, I'll look at the face of your master and mistress, as well as your Divine Dragon School, and so many martial artists on the scene, I might spare your life, but unfortunately, you don't know how to value your own life."

Tang Zichen said, "City Lord, it's useless to talk too much, if you want to kill me, no matter who's face is involved, besides, I don't think, you can really kill me, I, Wind Lightning, am not a soft persimmon."

"Fine, let's give it a try then."Cheng Quan's gaze was cold and he shouted.

Tang Zichen felt an icy coldness in his back, if you didn't count Cheng Xiao Ju, master teacher and aunt included, Tang Zichen didn't have any confidence in self-preservation.

Cheng Quan ton slashed Tang Zichen with a palm. Remember the URL

"Don't."Cheng Xiao Ju, as expected, rushed towards Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's teacher and mentor, rushed to help Tang Zichen block Cheng Quan's power.

The thick granite of the ground on which Tang Zichen was standing blew out a hole, showing how boring the punch was.

The crowd was incomparably surprised to see Tang Zichen actually manage to dodge it, if it were anyone else, I'm afraid that anyone who hadn't stepped into the sect master's shoes would never be able to dodge it, knowing that Cheng Quan was comparable to a sect master's level.

After dodging the blow, Tang Zichen's entire body flew back outside the city's main residence and disappeared in the blink of an eye, but in the next second, Tang Zichen's voice could be heard in the air, "Cheng Quan, today's punch, another day, I'll return it tenfold, farewell."

Cheng Quan's face was drawn, in full view of the public, first Tang Zichen dodged and escaped, and then he was threatened in such a way, it was really disgraceful.

Tang Zichen's master and master's wife were both relieved to see that Tang Zichen had escaped, just now they thought that Tang Zichen would have to be seriously injured if he didn't die, but as a result, Tang Zichen had escaped, what a surprise, Feng'er's skills were really great.

"Brother Wind, wait for me."Cheng Xiao Ju immediately flew up and attempted to chase after Tang Zichen.

However, Cheng Quan pulled his daughter down in one fell swoop, slapped her hard, and ordered someone to keep an eye on her.

Jin Yuanlu, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen, so naturally, this marriage today could not continue.

Cheng Quan said to the crowd, "I'm sorry everyone, I've made you all come for nothing."

"It's fine, it's fine, then we'll leave first."

"City Lord Cheng, we'll be leaving first, goodbye."

Many people from many sects took their leave.

Tang Zichen's master teacher didn't even say anything, he just left, and as he walked out of the gate, his little sister shouted, "Master, master teacher."

"Rei'er, why are you here?"

"I, I went down the mountain with Brother Wind."

"Hmph, going down the mountain privately, I'll deal with you when I get back."

"Master, I don't dare."

The teacher's wife asked, "Rei'er, your Senior Brother Wind just escaped, do you know where he is?"

"Well, I know, Master Shifu come with me."

At this time, however, Ding Ru said, "Let's not go to Windy now, I

Afraid that Cheng Quan will be unwilling to send someone to follow us, now let's go back to the Divine Dragon Sect immediately, and Feng'er himself will return."


Just like that, Tang Zichen's master teacher did not go looking for Tang Zichen, but took his little sister straight back to the Divine Dragon School, the little sister was so depressed that she should have known not to show up.

And now at the City Lord's Palace, the City Lord ordered to a man, "Follow Mr. and Mrs. Ding Ru and see where that Wind Lightning is."

"City Lord, you want to kill him?"

"Hmph, I'm bound to kill him when I find him, if there weren't so many people just now, I would have just chased him out, but next time, he won't be so lucky."

"Fine, I'll go track down Mr. and Mrs. Ding Ru."

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's master had already anticipated this and didn't go looking for Tang Zichen at all, directly leaving Rangzhou City.

Right now, Tang Zichen was at the inn where he had stayed before.

Tang Zichen was here waiting for his master's wife to arrive.

However, after Tang Zichen waited for half a day, he couldn't see Little Sister bring her Master and Master's wife.

Tang Zichen seemed to have thought of something and smiled, "It seems that Master Teacher's wife is afraid that Cheng Quan will send someone to follow her and has no intention of coming to find me, so she must have gone straight back to the Divine Dragon School.This also means that Cheng Quan is really trying to get me killed."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, but beneath the smile, what was hidden was anger.

Tang Zichen felt that he hadn't offended Cheng Quan, and it wasn't Tang Zichen's fault that today's marriage was ruined, it was just his daughter's problem.Cheng Quan had put it all on Tang Zichen's head, and Tang Zichen would never agree to that.

"Since he is unkind, then don't blame me for being unjust, Cheng Quan, I will remember you."The teacup in Tang Zichen's hand was crushed.

Tang Zichen did not leave Rangzhou City for the time being and stayed for another night.

At the City Lord's residence.

"City Lord, since yesterday, we have been tracking Ding Ru and his wife for a day and a night, they didn't meet with Wind Lightning, it looks like they went straight back to the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Hmph, he should be on guard that I will send someone to track them."

"Then what now?"

"Then let's talk about it later, anyway, in the future Fang Lightning's current strength, even if his talent is strong, he still has at least thirty years before he can catch up to me, and I'll have plenty of opportunities to kill him in secret."

"But what if the Divine Dragon School?"

"I killed him in secret, what can the Divine Dragon Sect do to me, the devil is lurking everywhere, specializing in killing the genius juniors of the righteous, who says it wasn't the devil.How's it going over there Miss?"

"Alas, Miss doesn't know what's going on, she keeps clamoring to find Wind Lightning, I really doubt that Miss has been poisoned by compulsions, otherwise why would she be so obsessed, normally, even the most genius person wouldn't worship and obsess over a person to such an extent ah."

"A compulsion poison?"Cheng Quan looked thoughtful.

Tang Zichen Qiao Zhuang had left Rangzhou City.

Tang Zichen was planning to go all the way back to the Divine Dragon Sect from another route, his trip down the mountain, passing through Zongnan Mountain, Flag Mountain Sect, and Rangzhou City, three incidents, I'm afraid that the prestige of the world's number one youngest has returned.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen sat on a carriage and smiled pleasantly.

Tang Zichen was able to be so strong and spike Guo Qingan, Qi Renxuan, and Jin Yuanlu, this was thanks to the powerful martial dao he had comprehended ah, ten thousand changes, constant and unchanging, this was a very profound martial dao.

If Tang Zichen hadn't traveled to another world, experienced from weakness to peak, and finally returned to this world, almost three lifetimes, such a legendary and incredible experience, then Tang Zichen might not have been able to comprehend such a profound and incomprehensible martial dao.

Moreover, Tang Zichen felt that he could comprehend another even stronger martial dao.


After twenty days of traveling day and night, Tang Zichen returned to the foothills of the Divine Dragon Sect.

"Ah, I'm bursting with exhaustion."Tang Zichen jumped off his horse and sat down on the ground with his buttocks, even though he was already at the foot of the mountain, Tang Zichen was still too tired to hold on.

"Twenty days, day and night of non-stop running, and my ass has been turned upside down.This would have been less than an hour's ride on a flying ship in another world, I really miss flying ships in another world."Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

After resting for a while, Tang Zichen flew up to the Divine Dragon Mountain.

"Master and Mother, Brother Wind has returned."

Tang Zichen went straight to a certain main hall.

Tang Zichen's master teacher was the master of a certain palace in the Divine Dragon Sect, and underneath the Divine Dragon Sect's door master were the fifteen temple masters.Regardless of whether it was a door master or a temple master, they were all brothers and sisters of the same generation.

For example, the Gate Master of the Divine Dragon Sect was the elder brother of Tang Zichen's master, but it was not under the same master.

Tang Zichen's master was the Thirteenth Palace Master.

"Feng'er, you came back so soon, I was so worried, I was really afraid that Cheng Quan sent someone to catch you up."The teacher's wife, Yan Xinyi, came up in a panic.

Tang Zichen worshipped, "Unfilial disciple Wind Lightning pays his respects to his master and master's wife." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Get up get up."

Ding Ru smiled, "Alright, don't be so polite, your little sister has already told us all about you, so you don't need to tell us any more."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen thought he had to explain some more.

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, I didn't expect that even though you went to the other world and delayed so much, you were still so powerful when you came back, worthy of being my disciple."

"Hehe, I was in the other world, and it didn't take me much time to retrain, it was only a year or two."

"Anyway, you're just amazing lah."The teacher's wife pinched Tang Zichen's face and said.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was a childlike person, usually with Tang Zichen and the others, she was like sisters, not like a teacher's wife at all.

Ding Ru said, "Alright, Xinyi, pay attention to your image."

"I'm going back to my own home, what image is there to pay attention to, Feng'er, let's go, tell Shini-san what the other world is like, listen to you, it seems like a lot of fun."


Ding Ru said, "Windy and I still have something to talk about, the idle chit-chat will come later."

The teacher's wife threw out her tongue and led her little sister away, Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly, the teacher's wife still looked like a mischievous and cute young girl.Master back then to be able to marry Shiniang, the beautiful Jiang Hu divine doctor, is also really lucky, although Shiniang is sixty years old, but her talent is good, coupled with understanding of medicine, will maintain, looks like a thirty-year-old woman, rhyme still remains, the beauty of the extreme.Not afraid of jokes, it is estimated that those girlfriends of Tang Zichen in the other world, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, etc., are not as charming and young as Shiniang.This is still now, if it were ten years later, they would be even older than Shiniang, not to mention Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen thought of them and sighed inwardly.

Ding Ru said, "Feng'er, sit down."

"Yes, Shisun."

"Oh, your teacher's wife, she's always been such a character, once she returns home, her nature is liberated, and when she goes out, she'll even act mature to give me face."Ding Ru said with some embarrassment.

"Uh, Master, it's a good thing, how nice that Shiniang always keeps a young girl's heart."


What does a child know, to put it nicely is to keep a young girl's heart, to put it badly is to be childish."

"Master ah, you are really in a good fortune, ah, now in the Jianghu, how many people envy you to marry Shiniang, a beautiful divine doctor ah, back then the people who pursued Shiniang, I heard that you can circle around the Divine Dragon Mountain.Now many famous seniors in the Jianghu Lake have pursued Shiniang back then, and you are still too seven to eight."

"Oh."Ding Ru would smile, indeed, marrying Yan Xinyi was the greatest achievement in his life, back then Yan Xinyi's fame in the Jianghu was as good as the current Qin Ren, and even a bit more famous than Qin Ren, because not only was Shiniang's talent powerful, she was also a female divine doctor.In the end, she was married off by the Divine Dragon School's Ding Ru, and for a while, countless people in the Jianghu hated Ding Ru.

Now, it's been nearly thirty years, and the Ding Ru of that year has also gone from being a disciple of the Divine Dragon Sect, to becoming a temple master and a middle ranking member of the Divine Dragon Sect.

At that time, Ding Ru was about the same age as the current Tang Zichen, around thirty, and at that age, he was also one of the genius prospective masters.

"Master, what do you have to say to me?"Tang Zichen asked.

Ding Ru came back to his senses and smiled, "What, do I have to have something to say to keep you here, we haven't seen each other for eleven years, shouldn't we have a good chat."

"Master, then let's talk while we make tea."


Tang Zichen poured tea for his master.

"Master, please have some tea."

Tang Zichen asked, "Master, Little Sister didn't say anything to you, did she?"Tang Zichen wondered if it was because Little Sister had told him about his affair with the Demonic Mou Qianjie that Master had deliberately left him behind to talk.

"Uh, what?"

"Oh, no no."

"Come on, I know you're on the other side of the world and have married several wives."

"Uh."Tang Zichen laughed, and Master thought that was what Tang Zichen was talking about.

"You kid, I didn't think you'd be so flirtatious."

"Master, I am."

"No need to explain, it's normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines.By the way, Feng'er, you really give your master credit, now in the Jianghu, your great name is widely spread again, it's as sensational as when you were the number one young man in the world."

"Hehe, it's just a false name."Tang Zichen said modestly, now that he knew it was a fictitious name, why did he ask people to hype it up before.

Ding Ru smiled and looked at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's heart thumped, Little Sister must have told his Master Teacher, Tang Zichen was depressed, he really wanted to spank Little Sister.

"Master, what kind of meeting are you guys going to this time down the mountain?"Don asked.

"A meeting about the deviltry."

"Uh, about the Demon Sect."

"Yes, the Devil Cult has become more and more rampant in recent years, moving around and killing our righteous geniuses, there have been two outstanding geniuses of the righteous sect who died at the hands of the Devil Cult before."

"How is the devil religion like this, alas, the righteous devil, is there a point, how good is it to live happily together, why fight?"Tang Zichen said.

Ding Ru's eyebrows furrowed and reprimanded, "Feng'er, how can you say such words, it's dangerous for you to think like that, demonic demons, anyone who is of my righteous path, everyone can be killed, they cannot coexist.Your senior sister's brother, Uncle Yan, died at the hands of the Demonic Demons, don't say that just now, don't say it again, if your senior sister hears it, I'm afraid she will be unhappy."


"Oh!"Tang Zichen nodded, it seemed that Master didn't know about his affair with Mu Qianji, or else he wouldn't be speaking so politely now.

This Jianghu, the thousand year old grudge between the righteous and the devil, was no longer something Tang Zichen could resolve, because there were too many righteous people who had died at the hands of the devil, likewise, the devil also had many, many people who had died at the hands of the righteous, for a thousand years, the grudge was too deep.

Tang Zichen was afraid that if he made his relationship with Mu Qianji public, he would be hampered by countless obstacles, even though Tang Zichen was very determined in his heart and would never give up on Mu Qianji.

Ding Ru said, "This time, when we went down to the meeting, the Martial Alliance Master proposed that we also have to counterattack, and that every sect and power in the Righteous Alliance must send a person to split into five groups to infiltrate the Devil Sect and assassinate some of its geniuses."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, the Righteous Alliance was going to send someone to the Demon Sect.

Tang Zichen was worried that he didn't have an excuse to go to the Demon Sect's territory, if Tang Zichen could go to the Demon Sect's territory, he could find that Jedi in the Demon Sect and travel to the other world.

"That, Master, disciple is willing to travel."Tang Zichen was busy.

"Nonsense."Ding Ru snapped.

"Disciple isn't making nonsense, disciple hates the people in the Devil Religion very much, let disciple go."

"Alright, I'm just arrogant with my mouth to tell you, this is a major matter for our Divine Dragon Sect, it's not up to me to decide who to send, it's up to the Gate Master, after tomorrow's Divine Dragon Sect meeting, a decision will be made."Ding Ru said.

"Oh, anyway, Master, you must fight for me, disciple hopes to be one of the people going on a mission to the Devil Sect."Tang Zichen was busy. The first website

"Windy, you do you want to go that badly?"


"You should know that this is a very dangerous mission, no one knows how many of the people who went on this mission will come back alive, it's very risky for you, as a genius prospective master, to do something like this, it's impossible for the Divine Dragon Sect to send you there."

"I really want to go, there are both dangers and opportunities, staying in the Divine Dragon Sect every day is not like raising pigs, to become an excellent hunter, you must strike out."

"Alright, I'll convey your message."

"Thank you, Master."

"Alright, you get busy with your work, I won't keep you."

"Oh, then I'm leaving."Tang Zichen left the main hall.

Tang Zichen's heart desperately wanted to go to the devil territory, so that he would have the chance to meet Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen's heart ran hot when he thought of Mu Qianji, and he could not wait to kiss her face.

Moreover, he could also take the opportunity to find the entrance to the other world.

Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall, and immediately saw Little Sister and Senior Sister holding hands and laughing in front of him, as if they were a pair of sisters, and they were both so beautiful.Little Sister was a budding beauty, while Shiniang was a mature and intellectual beauty, and that mature flavor seemed to owe nothing to her master.

When the teacher's wife saw Tang Zichen walk out of the main hall, she immediately ran up and pulled Tang Zichen's hand and said, "Feng'er, come here, tell me, what's so fun about the other world, listening to your little sister, the other world is like heaven, making you come back and complain about how bad it is here."


Little Sister blinked.

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Tang Zichen said angrily, "Little Sister, what exactly did you say to your master and master's wife, did you want your brother to spank you."

Little Senior Sister laughed, "You dare."

Tang Zichen said, "The other world ah, it is indeed more advanced than this world, so when I first crossed into the other world, ah, not even two days, I actually fell in love with the life of that world."

Sensei stared, "How exactly is it advanced."

"First of all, the houses are advanced, the houses there, dozens of stories, it's like coming from the foot of the Divine Dragon Mountain, layer upon layer up to the mid-levels."

"Impossible, is the wind bad enough to blow it down?"Shisame shook her head and said.

"Haha, of course not, this involves expertise, so I won't go into detail.In the other world, the food is far more abundant than here, the use is more advanced than here, and the means of transportation to go out is also more advanced.In the other world, there is something that can fly in the sky, that speed, it only takes half an hour to ride a horse for twenty days."

The teacher's wife pinched Tang Zichen's arm and said, "Good for you, you dare to brag in front of the teacher's wife, where in the world is there something so fast."

"Aigoo, Shisun, what I said is true."Tang Zichen was speechless, Tang Zichen hadn't even said phone, where was the TV.

Someday, I really want to take them to the other world to see it.

The teacher's wife snorted, "According to you, our world is really useless."

"That's not true, in the other world, no one has ever stepped into the clan master realm, in our world, any genius prospective clan master can dominate the world in the other world.I'm not going to lie to you, I'm considered to have dominated the world in the other world, and I've been an emperor for a while, hehe."

"What is an emperor?"The teacher's wife frowned.

In this Jianghu, there is no emperor or any country, only different sects and other forces.

Tang Zichen said, "An emperor is the leader of a country, equivalent to the ancestor of our Divine Dragon Sect.In addition, the country I'm in, the Yanhuang Empire, is estimated to be equivalent to our entire Jianghu.This world doesn't have airplanes and cars, so it feels like the entire river is huge, but in the other world, with airplanes and cars, it doesn't seem huge."

The teacher's wife left her mouth, "Don't brag in front of me, our world is so big that it's infinite, I heard that there's another continent, or even several continents, across the distant ocean, but it's just that our ships are crude and sea beasts are rampant, we don't even know about it."

"Oh, I know, this world is also big."Where Tang Zichen and the others were now was a continent in the ocean, the size of this continent was probably not far from the Yan Huang Empire, because this world had no planes and could not cross the distant ocean, so everyone's perception of it was this continent as well.

Once upon a time, one of the ancestors of the Divine Dragon Sect, in order to pursue the martial arts after the Ancestor's realm, attempted to go to another distant continent, and finally disappeared, not knowing if he died on the ocean, after all, it's too far away, not to mention the ship of this world, even if it's a flying ship of another world, I'm afraid it would take nearly a month to fly, such a distant distance, not ordinary people can cross.

Regarding what kind of world was on the other side of the distant ocean, no one knew either.Whether or not there really existed strong people who surpassed the Ancestor realm was also a legend.

If a flying ship from another world could be brought here, it would be possible to fly over and take a look.


Tang Zichen and Sifu talked until evening, Sifu was like a curious little girl, although her mouth said that Tang Zichen bragged, but still listened to the nourishment.Tang Zichen really made the other world, talking like it was more paradise, in fact, it wasn't so good at all, although some aspects of life were more advanced, but in terms of martial arts, after all, it was a much lower place, and after a long time, it would be boring, unless one went there to retire.

"Alright, Windy, thank you for compensating your teacher's wife for talking so long, it's getting late, go back and take a shower and eat dinner."

"Okay Le."The teacher's wife turned around and walked away, Tang Zichen looked at the back of the teacher's wife shook his head and laughed, with this posture and figure of the teacher's wife, the master also really dared to take her outside, fortunately, people in this world are obviously higher in manners, if another world, with such a beautiful woman going out, being seen by the strong man, he would have robbed her in minutes.

Tang Zichen went back to his own room, took a shower, and then went to the dining hall, with his senior brothers, as well as his master and master's wife, everyone ate dinner together, the food specifications were not high, four or five dishes, no big fish or meat, but for the first time in so many years, people were so aligned, everyone seemed to be eating happily.Before the meal was finished, big brother Xie Yong moved out a jar of wine and prepared to pour it for everyone.Sifu paused to glare at him, and Sifu thought, "Ding Ru, forget it, it's rare for everyone to be happy today, well Feng'er is back, let them have a good drink tonight."

"Hmph."Shifu snorted and didn't say anything more, everyone knew that Shifu was equally gone.

"Yay."All of the senior brothers, including Tang Zichen, cheered.

Little Sister sat next to Tang Zichen, seeing the cheering Tang Zichen and the others, she looked at the senior brothers speechlessly and said, "Bunch of drunks."

As the eldest senior brother drank his wine, he said, "Master ah, what are you going to do about the wedding between the youngest senior sister and Qi Renxuan?"

"Yeah, this time, when Brother Feng came down, he's already gone up to the Flag Mountain School to beat up Qi Ren Xuan, so why didn't you squeak back?"

"Cough."Tang Zichen coughed.

The teacher's wife said, "I've already talked to Rei'er about this matter, Rei'er's meaning is that she also doesn't want to marry Qi Ren Xuan, we all know that Rei'er and Feng'er are childhood sweethearts, don't worry, your master and I are not desperate people, but after all, this is a major matter between the Divine Dragon School and the Flag Mountain School, it's not up to us to decide, we'll do our best to speak to the head master to try to lift thisMarriage.Moreover, now that the news is boiling in the rivers and lakes that Qi Renxuan lost to Feng'er and has no face to marry Rei'er, I think Qi Renxuan will be forced to withdraw from the marriage automatically due to public pressure." Remember the URL

"Oh, that's good."

Tang Zichen and Little Sister looked at each other, both of them smiled slightly, and Little Sister lowered her head with a blush.

Tang Zichen and his senior brothers drank late into the night.

Master and Senior Sister also seemed to be very happy today, the first time in years that they were so happy, so they turned out the lights early and rolled over each other in that blanket in the dark room, and from time to time, there was even a gasp from Senior Sister, they were venting their happiness in this way.

By the time Tang Zichen opened his eyes, it was already the next morning.

"Exhale," Tang Zichen exhaled deeply to clear the residual alcoholic energy from his body.

"Brother Feng, good morning."

"Little Sister, good morning."

"Senior Brother Feng, I've fetched you some washing water, so hurry up and wash up, or else you'll go to the cafeteria later and have no food to eat."

"Haha, Uncle Li from the canteen, is he still so stingy, he often puts in less rice."

"Well, you still don't hurry.

Go wash up."

Tang Zichen laughed out loud, all of this, it was quite kind.The one in charge of food in the canteen was Uncle Li, who was Master's older brother, but then, because of his low talent, he hadn't achieved much in martial arts, so he simply gave up practicing martial arts and took charge of the food.Also in his sixties, there was a big difference between Master Uncle Li and Master Ding Ru.Uncle Li is very stingy, often put less rice, so every time late, no food.It was not easy for the master to say anything about this, but now eleven years later, this uncle Li is still the same.

After Tang Zichen finished washing up, he hurried to the canteen, where his little sister had already finished eating.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the canteen, Master Uncle Li said, "There's still the last bowl of porridge."

Tang Zichen asked, "Uncle Li, am I the only one who hasn't eaten breakfast yet?"

"Your big brother, second brother, and fifth brother haven't eaten yet."

"I go, how much rice did you put in less, they're going to be hungry."Tang Zichen smirked, fortunately he came just in time, there was still a bowl of porridge.

Of course, this cafeteria, which was a small cafeteria in the thirteen temples, was only used by Tang Zichen, his brothers and sisters, as well as some of his servants.Each of the fifteen halls of the Divine Dragon Sect had its own canteen.

At this time, big brother Xie Yong came.

"Uncle Li, is there no more porridge?"Xie Yong asked depressedly.

"No more, who made you get up so late."

"I'm depressed."Xie Yong had to grab a piece of garlic and eat it away.

After breakfast, all the senior brothers and sisters consciously went to the front hall to practice martial arts, Tang Zichen also came to the front hall, the junior sister, the third senior brother, and the fourth senior sister were all practicing martial arts in earnest, especially the junior sister, she was like a hardworking little bee every day, she got up before dawn to practice martial arts, now, she had been practicing for several hours, while the other senior brothers had just arrived, even the second and fifth senior brothers were still sleeping.

Tang Zichen didn't immediately join the martial arts practice team.

"Brother Feng, come over here to practice martial arts, what are you still thinking about?"Little Sister asked.

"That, where's Master and Sister?"Tang Zichen asked.

Little Sister said, "Master Teacher has gone to a meeting, the sect meeting."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, yesterday, Master Shifu had already said that the Righteousness Alliance, each sect had to send a person to the Devil's territory to assassinate the Devil's geniuses to show their counterattack, they couldn't keep letting the Devil's kill the righteous geniuses.

At this moment, Master Teacher's wife went to the sect meeting, she must be discussing this matter.

Tang Zichen was very eager to go to the Demon Sect territory, so where was the mind to practice martial arts at the moment.

Tang Zichen turned around and left.

"Uh, Brother Feng, what are you going to do?"Little Sister was busy shouting.

"Something's up, you can practice your martial arts until I come back with you."

"Oh."Little Sister somewhat meaningless oh, as if Tang Zichen wasn't there to practice martial arts together, instantly feeling meaningless, Tang Zichen wouldn't be like this until he returned.

Tang Zichen headed straight for the Divine Dragon Sect's main hall of deliberation.

At this moment, the fifteen hall masters of the Divine Dragon Sect, as well as many mid-level powerhouses, all from Tang Zichen's uncle's generation, were all seated in the Hall of Deliberation, and it seemed that the meeting hadn't started yet, as they talked to each other.

At that moment, there was a coughing sound, everyone looked and busily said, "See the head master."


The Divine Dragon Sect's Gate Master was called Song Dingtian, and Song Dingtian, along with Ding Ru and the other fifteen temple masters, were all brothers and sisters of the same generation, and held the position of Gate Master because Song Dingtian had the highest martial arts skills.As for those of a higher generation, those of the Master Teacher's generation had all been promoted to the position of Master Teacher Elder, and were fully committed to understanding martial arts and were not involved in managing the sect.

Song Dingtian looked at the crowd in the palace, nodded and said, "There is no need to be polite, all of you division brothers, sit down and convene."

After sitting down, Song Dingtian said, "Senior Brother Ding Ru, tell us the main contents of this meeting of the Righteous Sect Alliance."

"Good."Ding Ru stood up and said, "The main content is just about one thing, every sect power in the Positive Sect Alliance must send a representative to the Devil's territory to assassinate some of the Devil's geniuses, thus countering the rampant actions of the Devil's Sect in our Positive Sect Alliance.Before the fifteenth of next month, each sect power will send someone to gather at Qingzhou, of course, the person sent must be good at assassination and not too strong, because in case of failure, it's not cost effective for the Righteous Alliance to lose a strong person."

Song Dingtian nodded and said, "Everyone knows about it, our Divine Dragon Sect, who are we sending forward?"

Everyone was silent for a while.

Song Dingtian said, "We, Divine Dragon Sect, excluding those head teacher uncles and the like, there are only eighteen Zongshi realms among us brothers and sisters, and every Zongshi realm is precious, so we can't risk the Zongshi realm to assassinate the geniuses of the Devil Sect.If nothing else, the other sects will definitely not send a clansman realm there as well, and although the main sect alliance is working together, we all have our own thoughts, I'm afraid, mostly sending a disciple of the Unity Realm to deal with the matter."

"Then, our Divine Dragon Sect, will we also send a disciple of the Unity Realm?"

"Of course, the other sects are so smart that they wouldn't send a clansman realm to risk their lives, so why would we in the Divine Dragon Sect be so stupid."

"But what if all the other sects send their clansmen realms?"

"Hahahaha, there's no what if, I know these decent alliances too well, it's another thing to talk a good game, but to actually act."Song Dingtian laughed. A second to remember to read the book

Ding Ru wanted to say something but didn't, although Tang Zichen strongly requested to go, but he didn't want Tang Zichen to go for something so dangerous.The other sects probably wouldn't send their talented disciples either.

"Then, who will be sent?"

Song Dingtian said, "Send a disciple whose strength is almost capped, neither strong nor weak, whoever of you has a suitable candidate, recommend him or her yourself or each other."

The hall was silent for a while, this kind of errand was likely to be a dead-end job, who would recommend their own disciple to go.

Song Dingtian smiled, as if everything was in his expectation.

Song Dingtian said to a man, "Brother Liu Mao, that disciple of your highness called Ah Biao, I think he can handle this matter, he's already forty-six this year, the Unity Realm is complete, quite suitable, why don't we, let your disciple Ah Biao go."

That uncle called Liu Mao was busy saying, "Master Brother, my disciple Ah Biao, he just got married a few months ago, in case he didn't come back, what should he let his daughter-in-law do, or else, think about other disciples, is there any suitable one."

Song Dingtian nodded and said, "Alright, since he just got married, it's really not quite suitable, who else do you have disciples that are suitable?Hey, Junior Brother Ding Ru, that big disciple under you called Xie Yong, I think he's quite suitable, he's also over forty this year, he hasn't become a family, his realm is the Unity Realm Great Perfection, I think he's quite suitable to go on this mission."

r /> Ding Ru was shocked, busy saying, "Master Teacher Brother, my eldest disciple Xie Yong, he is as addicted to alcohol as life, going to the devil's territory for such a thing, I'm afraid he's hardly capable of handling it, I think we should pick a thoughtful person, otherwise it's like going to die, what do you think, brothers and sisters?"

In the main hall, everyone was kicking around like a ball.

Tang Zichen was super speechless from outside the main hall.

No wonder the Righteous Alliance couldn't handle the Demon Sect, now even one sect was like this, let alone looking at the entire Righteous Alliance.

Just as everyone was kicking the ball, a shout came from the door, "No need to fight, I'll go."

Everyone looked towards the door and saw Wind Lightning walk in.

Ding Ru shouted, "Feng'er, what are you doing here, fooling around, go back."

Tang Zichen looked at his master and smiled, he knew that his master wouldn't really recommend him to go, as expected.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

Song Dingtian smiled and said, "Nephew Feng, you are the future hope of our Divine Dragon Sect, the future of the Divine Dragon Sect will still be in your hands, you stay honestly on the mountain."

Tang Zichen said, "Master Teacher Uncle, disciple has already decided to go, this time the righteous sect alliance sent people to assassinate the devil genius, if every righteous sect is like the Divine Dragon Sect, they don't want to take any risks and send a weak disciple with no future, try to ask how to deal with the devil sect.So, this time, the disciple is willing to go."

"Nonsense."Several people in the hall said at the same time, it seemed that everyone disagreed with Tang Zichen's going, after all, Tang Zichen's future, I'm afraid, would be the head of the Divine Dragon Sect, how could he let the future head do such a thing, in case of death of the Divine Dragon Sect wasn't a big loss.The other sects randomly sent a not very promising one, but the Divine Dragon Sect lost a successor to the head of the sect, it's too much of a loss.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncles and uncles, disciples are prepared for everything, disciples will definitely go.Besides, disciple is good at concealment, assassination is not a difficult task for me, alright, this matter is decided without further discussion, various uncles and teachers, the meeting is adjourned."

Tang Zichen turned around and flew away.

Song Dingtian was depressed, "Who's in charge."

Everyone looked at Song Dingtian.

"Master Teacher, did you really send the wind and clouds?What if he died there, wouldn't it?"

"It's just that since he insists on going, let him go, anyway, we, Divine Dragon Sect, had thought that the wind was gone before, if he really died, let's pretend he never came back, we still have Qin Ren, and the future is not worse than other sects."

Everyone acquiesced, and Ding Ru sighed.

Tang Zichen's trip to the Devil's Territory was confirmed.

Before the fifteenth of next month, Tang Zichen must travel to Qingzhou to gather with the other sects.

The next day, Tang Zichen was ready to depart.

The teacher's wife instructed him with a thousand words, "Feng'er, be careful with everything, everything is about your own safety, whether or not you can assassinate the Demon Cult's genius is a small matter, your own life is the big deal."

"Well, I know, I won't die, Little Sister is such a beautiful beauty that she hasn't even married yet, if I die, wouldn't it be a great loss."

Dao: "Just you nonsense, if you don't come back alive, I'll marry someone else right away."


"Don't worry, I won't let you have the chance to marry another man."

Ding Ru said seriously, "Alright, don't joke around, everything that I should have told you has been told, after that it's up to you."

"I understand, senior brothers and sisters, as well as master and junior sisters, I'm leaving, wait for me to return."


Tang Zichen flew onto his horse, only Little Sister was alone, and seemed to know, what was the significance of Tang Zichen so actively going to the Demon Sect to lead the teachings, I'm afraid he was looking for Mu Qianji to go and find another passage to the other world.

Little Sister kept this secret in her heart, want to say can not say, too painful.

Tang Zichen rode on his horse and left in extinction.

Tang Zichen went straight to Qingzhou.

This is a long way to Qingzhou, less than half a month of running, Tang Zichen is also helpless, hasn't been back for two days, the buttocks will be tortured again.

About sixteen days later, on the fourteenth day of the following month, Tang Zichen arrived at Qingzhou City.

Qingzhou City was also a big city, belonging to the Tang Shan School, and the lord of Qingzhou City was an uncle of the Tang Shan School. The first website

Tang Zichen went directly to the designated reception location, a residence of the Tangshan School.

"Your Excellency is?"

"Hello, I'm the Divine Dragon Sect, Wind Lightning, heading to gather and head to the demonic territory."Tang Zichen said as he jumped off his horse in front of the residence.

"What? You're Wind Lightning from the Divine Dragon Sect?The number one youngest in the world?"


"How is that possible, there's no way the Divine Dragon Sect would send such a strong genius to the Demon Territory to die."The Tang Shan Sect brother who received it said.

"Heh, I'm afraid that you Tangshan Sect, you're only sending one to deal with it, alas, every sect is like that, what's the point of sending someone to the demonic territory, complete formality.But it doesn't matter, I, Wind Lightning, am on a mission, this trip will definitely complete the assassination mission, so don't lead me in yet."

"Brother Feng, please."That receiving brother of the Tangshan School panicked and invited Tang Zichen inside.

Entering the residence, Tang Zichen saw more than a dozen disciples from various sects.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd, the dozen or so disciples from various sects were all Unity Realm disciples, aged around forty or so, with realms around Unity Realm Completion.

Without a doubt, Tang Zichen was the strongest existence among the people who went to the Demon Sect's territory this time, and the various other sects had sent a disciple with little future to deal with it.

Tang Zichen was disappointed with the various sects of the righteous path, and it was very apt to describe them as a scattered mess.

Many people saw Tang Zichen, and a few of them were busy saying, "This disciple, are you the Divine Dragon Sect's Wind Lightning?"


"Ah, it really is Wind Lightning, the Divine Dragon Sect actually sent you."

"Damn, the Divine Dragon Sect is too generous."

"No way."

Everyone was incomparably surprised that Wind Lightning went to the Devil's Territory.

"Brother Feng, please sit down, please sit down, although we are all older than you, we are all your admirers."Everyone worshipped Tang Zichen.

A human being said, "Haha, now that Wind Lightning is coming with us, I suddenly feel inside, full of hope and sunshine ah."

"Yeah, before I was worried that this trip to the Devil's territory was bound to be a trip with no return, I even wrote my last will and testament and hid it in my division, but now that junior brother Wind Lightning is going with us, it seems that I won't be able to use my will, hahaha."


sp; Everyone was very happy to see Wind Lightning go, after all, Wind Lightning's strength was known to everyone, as if there was a sudden guarantee of life.

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow brothers, don't be too happy too early, I can't guarantee your safety when we arrive at the devil's territory, it's good that you don't drag me down to complete the mission."

"Don't worry, we will never drag you down, and we hope you will complete the mission."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, this trip to the devil territory, to assassinate those people?Can there be a list?"

"Yes, yes, please look at it, Brother Wind."

Immediately someone brought up a list.

Tang Zichen looked at it and there were five people on the list.

"The first one, disciple of the Demon Cult Poison Elder, Red Scorpion, this person is the target of the assassination."

"The second, disciple of the Demon Cult Living Death Sect, Wu Zhengcheng, this person is the target for assassination."

"The third, disciple of the Demonic Cult's Hopeful Sect, Bone Truth, this person is the target for assassination."

"The fourth, Demon Cult's Ten Thousand Dead Bones disciple, Ghost Eye Man, this person is the target for assassination."

"The fifth, the eighteen elders of the Devil Sect closed disciple, Mo Ming Dao, this person I assassinate as the target."

"For the time being, these five targets, these five targets, are not considered very, very difficult, nor are they considered the most genius existence of the Devil Cult, I'm sure our righteous alliance also knows that very genius existence, we can't possibly complete the mission, it's just meaningful, give the Devil Cult some warning.However, this five goals, to be honest, if it wasn't for the arrival of Brother Wind, I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to complete it at all.Although these five targets are all just stepping into the Unity Realm, geniuses in their early twenties, they are definitely under a lot of protection."

Tang Zichen put the list away and said, "Alright, I already know, serve me wine and meat, I want to eat."

"Yes, yes, come, bring up the best wine and dishes immediately."The Tang Shan Sect's reception brother immediately ordered.

Everyone was busy pouring wine and toasting to Tang Zichen, making it look like Tang Zichen was the boss, and in fact was indeed the boss, and this assassination mission could really only rely on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had his own plan, he was going to the Devil's territory, assassination was only one of them, meeting with Mu Qianji was the second one, finding the way to the other world was the third one.

But, did Tang Zichen really take this group of burdens with him?

No, Tang Zichen really want to bring this group of burdens, I'm afraid that how he will die, besides, if they know that he has a connection with Mu Qianji, and spread back to the righteousness alliance, he will probably be executed by all the sects, these righteousness alliance, killing their own people is probably very active, sent to deal with the devil, are afraid of the hands.

After that, one after another, disciples from other sects came.

The Righteous Alliance, there were about thirty sect forces, so there had to be more than thirty disciples in total this time to go to the Demon Cult territory.

The next day, Tang Zichen led more than thirty disciples and set off.

The original plan was that the more than thirty people, divided into five groups, would set off separately.

But Tang Zichen was now the boss, and directly ordered everyone, to follow him and set off together.

More than thirty people, each riding a horse, roared onto the road like a bandit team.

About twenty days later, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the westernmost town of the Righteous Alliance, which was the border with the Devil's territory.

It happened to be late in the day, and Tang Zichen ordered everyone to rest in this small town.

"Everyone eat at once, after dinner, come to my room for a meeting, tomorrow you will officially enter the Devil's territory."Tang Zichen said to everyone.



After dinner, everyone came to Don Zichen's room.

And Tang Zichen was bathing in a wooden barrel, sitting in the barrel and meeting with everyone.

"Brother Feng, don't just take a bath, tomorrow you will be entering the Demon Sect to claim the teachings, how do you plan to divide into five groups as the Righteous Alliance had formulated before, or is it some other plan?"

"Other plans, of course."

"What plans."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said, "Fellow brothers and sisters, we're about to enter the Devil's territory, are you afraid?"

"Nonsense, this trip may not come back, who wouldn't be afraid."

"Very well, I'm afraid too.But it's not that I, Wind Lightning, look down on you, I'm afraid that you all belong to the muddling fry in your respective divisions."

"Ugh."Everyone was embarrassed.

"Brother Feng, just say what you have." Remember the URL

"Okay, then I'll say it, brothers and sisters, don't go this time when you enter the Devil's territory to assassinate five geniuses."

"What?Shall we not go?"

"Yeah, you guys stay in this town to meet me, let me go into the demon territory by myself, and I'll meet you here when I'm done."

"But?"Everyone looked at each other.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It seems that you guys are also very narrow-minded, alright, in that case, whoever of you don't want to stay and meet me, follow me into the demonic territory.Starting from the left, one by one, say, choose to receive or choose to come with me."

"I choose to receive."





After more than thirty 'receive' calls, everyone finished stating their position.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, thinking that there was anyone who disagreed with this plan, but as a result, they were given the choice and everyone chose to take over.

More than thirty people looked at each other, embarrassed with each other, what, all of them chose to take over, how embarrassing it was for everyone, how did the wind lightly look at them, but, already lost a little life compared to, a little embarrassment this is nothing.

One of them said: "Brother Feng, then we'll meet you here, can you cope with it alone?If you can't handle it, you choose a few people to go with you."

Tang Zichen looked at the thirty or so people standing in the room and nodded, "Fine, then, whoever is standing will come with me."

"Wow."Within a second, all of the thirty or so people standing were instantly sitting on the floor, and the speed of that sitting down was as fast as lightning.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, the Righteous Alliance, what kind of disciples were they sending, just this group of greedy disciples could complete the assassination mission?

"Alright, you all go rest, tomorrow I'll be alone and enter the Demonic Territory alone, you guys take care of me here."

"Okay, everything is under the arrangement of Senior Brother Wind."

Everyone left in droves, everyone's faces celebrating the fact that they didn't have to go into battle.

Tang Zichen would have preferred to go alone so that he could do his own thing.

Tang Zichen's plan was to kill the five targets on the list first, then do his own thing and find Mu Qianji and the channel.

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up before dawn and then entered the demonic territory.

And right now, in many parts of the Righteous Alliance, word was already spreading about Wind Lightning going to the Demon Sect to complete the assassination mission.


bsp; Everyone praised Wind Lightning, praised the Divine Dragon School, even the other sects had to praise the Divine Dragon School, what a struggle.

The crowd of the Divine Dragon Sect, however, was beginning to worry about Tang Zichen's safety, especially the master teachers, junior sisters, and other brothers and sisters.

Two days later, Tang Zichen appeared in a small town in the Devil's Territory.

This small town was called Wind Blade Town.

Tang Zichen dressed up like a demon demon and also wore a human skin mask, although the demon territory was dangerous and often encountered strong demons, but as long as one was careful and well hidden and not noticed, the town in general was not too dangerous.

Tang Zichen had a map of the Devil's Territory in his hand.

"Windblade Town, then, the closest demonic sect to here is the Living Death Sect.On the target list, there's a man named Wu Zhengcheng, a disciple of the Living Death Sect, let's take care of this man first."

After Tang Zichen made up his plan, he Qiao Zhuang became an ordinary person and traveled a little bit in the direction of the Living Dead Faction.

Five days later, Tang Zichen arrived at the range of the Living Dead Sect.

Tang Zichen was surrounded by high mountains, so he didn't know where the Living Dead Faction was, let alone where Wu Zhengcheng was, and it wasn't that easy to complete such an assassination mission.

Tang Zichen sat down and slowly analyzed.

"Since the Positive Alliance can draw up this list and know about this character Wu Zhengcheng, it means that Wu Zhengcheng is a somewhat famous genius in the Devil's territory, just like when I became the world's number one youngest, I was also famous in the Positive Alliance, and many people in the Devil's religion have also heard about me, and there are even people from the Devil's religion who want to kill me.Likewise, this Wu Zhengcheng is more famous in the Devil Sect, and I'll be able to find out if I ask around a bit.Right now, I'll first find a place like a restaurant where the news is most developed."

After searching for half a day, Tang Zichen finally found a small tea shop in a mountain nook, on a major traffic road that ran north and south.This tea shop was doing quite well, and there were thirty or forty people drinking tea there at the moment, most of them coming over.

"Guest, what would you like to drink."After Tang Zichen sat down, a voluptuously dressed woman asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Isn't this a tea shop?Is there any other service besides tea?"

That voluptuous woman smiled and said, "What service does the guest want?"

"Hahaha, eh?This place is in the middle of nowhere, I've searched for half a day to find a tea shop, what services."

"Guest, you're from out of town, right?"

"Yes, passing through here, unfortunately, this place is too desolate, there isn't even a decent restaurant."

"Guest, if I really want to find a place to get away, you really can't find it without a local to lead the way.How about this, you give me fifty taels and I'll take you to a nice place."

Tang Zichen didn't move, "At least I need to know what a good place it is first, what if I get screwed."

"Guest, at a glance you are a martial arts practitioner, can you still be trapped by me?Of course it's a good place to get away for a while."

Tang Zichen said, "I'll drink my tea first, and then I'll make a decision after I've finished my tea."


Tang Zichen sat there and drank tea, then listened to the other people talking around him, Tang Zichen's main purpose was to gather information about the Living Death Faction Wu Zhengcheng, only by understanding the other side could he find the opportunity to kill him.

Unfortunately, to Tang Zichen's disappointment, he had been drinking tea in that tea shop for an hour, and the surrounding customers left and came again and again, and no one had talked about the Living Death Faction.

It seemed that this was not a good place to get information, Tang Zichen had the need to go to another place with more numbers and more fish and dragons, the demoness of the tea shop had just said that there was a place to get away with it, perhaps, that place was a place for fish and dragons.


"Boss lady, check out."


After Tang Zichen paid the bill, he suddenly made a mesmerizing attack on the demonic boss lady.

Tang Zichen wanted to try to see if he could get the information through mesmerism, which would greatly cut down the time.

"I'm asking you, do you know the genius of the Living Death Sect, Wu Zhengcheng?"

The voluptuous boss lady said in a confused voice, "Know."

Tang Zichen was shocked, not expecting that he really knew.

"How do you know each other?"

"He's my uncle's son."

"I'll go, is it true that stepping into the shoes of a man is not an easy task?"Don couldn't believe the good news.

"So, what do I have to do to find him?" One second to remember to read the book

"I can't find him, he went to the Living Dead School to practice martial arts."

"Where is the Living Dead School?"

"In the Valley of the Dead, I can't find out exactly, it's very tight."

"Then when will U Zhengcheng leave the Valley of the Living Dead?"

"In half a month, it's our village's annual deworming festival, he should be back to visit his parents."

Tang Zichen got a series of information and then left, the demonic boss lady woke up and felt like she had fallen asleep.

"Strange, why did I fall asleep."

Tang Zichen went straight to Wu Zhengcheng's hometown, he only had to wait for half a month, he would return home for the Deworming Festival, at that time, that's when Tang Zichen wanted his little life.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Wu Zhengcheng's hometown was bustling with drums and gongs, and the annual Deworming Festival had arrived.

Tang Zichen had been waiting at the entrance of the village since two days ago, and if Wu Zhengcheng came home for the deworming festival, he would surely pass through the entrance.


"Who are you?"

"I'm the one who wants you dead."

At the entrance of the village, Tang Zichen stopped a man of about twenty years old, this man was Wu Zhengcheng.

"Hmph, do you have the qualifications to want my life?"Wu Zhengcheng snorted, but, although he said so, he was very nervous inside.

Tang Zichen sized up Wu Zhengcheng, he was indeed a genius, only twenty years old, he had already reached the early stage of the Unity Realm, if this kind of person grew up, he would definitely be a strong generation in the future.

"Die."Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, so as not to cause any complications.

"Ah."Tang Zichen killed Wu Zhengcheng with a sword.

After all, Tang Zichen was so much stronger than him, it was too easy to kill a twenty year old genius.

After Tang Zichen finished killing him, he immediately took Wu Zhengcheng's corpse and threw it into an empty corner to avoid prematurely exposing his target and being chased by the strongest people from the Living Dead Faction.

Tang Zichen's work was watertight, and five days after Wu Zhengcheng's death, the Living Dead Faction had yet to discover it, and Tang Zichen was already far away from the place.

The next target, the Hopeful Sect disciple, Bone Truth.

Another half month passed.

The news of Wu Zhengcheng's murder spread in the Devil's Territory.

The Living Dead Sect was furious and sent many strong men to investigate and track down the killer.

And right now, Tang Zichen was already in one of the cities in the Demon Territory.

Tang Zichen was sitting in front of the window drinking by himself.

The Acacia Sect was in the depths of the city, and Tang Zichen's second target, Bone Matrimony, was close at hand.

However, Tang Zichen would not act rashly.

Because the news of Wu Zhengcheng's murder had spread and had put all the sects of the Devil Sect on alert, Tang Zichen tried a good

Several times without success, so I could only choose to wait for my chance.

At this moment, at the Demon Sect's main altar.

"Report to the Patriarch."

"How is the investigation going?Who killed the genius of the Living Death Faction, Wu Zhengcheng?"A very powerful looking man asked.

The subordinate said, "Patriarch, the initial suspicion is that it was done by the Decent Alliance."

"The Righteous Alliance?"

"Yes, our people hiding in the Righteous Alliance sent word that the Righteous Alliance sent people to infiltrate our Demon Cult territory and assassinate the geniuses of the Demon Cult, and we were given an assassination list.There are five people on the assassination list, and one of them is Wu Zhengcheng, so we highly suspect that Wu Zhengcheng was killed by someone sent by the Positive Alliance."

"Son of a bitch, who are the other four people on the assassination list?"

"They are the Bone Truth, the Red Scorpion, the Ghost-Eyed Man, and the Mo-Mo Road.Any one of these four could be the next target."

"Hmph, the Righteous Alliance, how dare they come to this, have you found out who they sent out?"

"There's no news on that yet, but the people we have lurking in the Righteous Alliance will immediately send news back as soon as we get any information."

"You immediately inform the other four people on the assassination list, be sure to be careful."


That subordinate retreated.

At that moment, a woman of unparalleled beauty came out.

The Demon Cult's Patriarch smiled and said, "Thousand Extremes, you're here."

"Father, what is it?"

"Oh, it's nothing, we have a genius dead from the Living Death Sect of the Devil Sect, and now we've found out that it was killed by someone sent by the Righteous Faction Alliance.We also got an assassination list, besides Wu Zhengcheng, there are four other geniuses, by the way, your younger brother Red Scorpion, is also on the assassination list of the Positive Alliance."


"Your uncle's disciple, Red Scorpion, the genius disciple of the Demonic Poison Elder."

"Oh."Mu Qianji just ohed, seeming a bit tired.

"Qianji, ever since you came back, you've been looking wrong, what's wrong with you?"The Demon Lord asked.

"It's nothing, maybe I've been enlightening myself and I'm a bit tired.Father, I'm going back first."

"Well, don't get too tired."

Mu Qianji nodded and walked away from the teaching altar.

Mu Qianji herself didn't know why, she no longer had the same passionate mindset she had eleven years ago, and this time back, she felt like she was resisting the world.

Hearing the people around her, every day either righteous or evil, feeling so annoyed.It's either good or evil, whether it's tired or not.

Of course, there's another reason, Mu Qianji really misses being alone, all the time.She is a woman after all, not so strong inside, she has been thinking about to collapse, but that person, but is in the righteous path, she really wants to go to the righteous alliance to find him.

However, there were countless pairs of eyes staring at her from behind, and if she dared to take half a step onto the land of the Righteous Alliance, then she knew incomparably what was waiting for her.

Moreover, she was the daughter of the Demon Cult Master, as long as she took half a step onto the land of the Righteous Alliance, there would be countless swords that would slice her head, imagine what a victory and glory it would be if the Righteous Alliance was able to kill the Demon Cult Master's daughter.

Mu Qianji felt so tired of living, every day was spent in suffocation.

Mu Qianji felt like she was, again, about to be driven mad.

But she wouldn't be possessed again, because the sword in her hand had become one with her heart.

Moreover, Mu Qianji herself didn't know how strong she was at the moment, she felt that her talent and comprehension had increased by many times, her body also seemed to have changed greatly, her meridians were almost stronger than eating a hundred emperor worms.


Therefore, Mu Qianji herself didn't know how strong she was at the moment.I'm afraid that becoming the first day of the Demon Sect's first genius quasi-patriarch was a matter of minutes.

Mu Qianji knew that her Burial Moon Sword was by no means simple.

Mu Qianji returned to her room, lying on the window sill, looking at the distant sky, in her mind, a scene of Tang Zichen dying for her in a life-or-death situation flashed in her mind.

Each scene impacted her heart.

Mu Qian never knew if Tang Zichen had crossed back here as well, or if, indeed, he had died.

The people that Mu Qianji sent out to find out the news hadn't come back, and if she wasn't wrong, it was probably discovered by her father, but she wasn't afraid of her father's suspicions, because before she crossed over, she liked the wind and light clouds, which was known to all.

Mu Qianji was lying on the window sill, murmuring to herself, "Little minister, sister misses you so much that she's going crazy, whether or not you've come back like me, or if you're really dead.If you're really dead, there's no point in my sister living."

Immediately, Mu Qianji smiled bitterly again, "Maybe I'm sentimental, you have so many lovers, where would you think of me, even if you crossed back, it's not my turn yet, you still have a little sister who is the number one beauty of the righteous alliance, what am I.Besides, I killed the woman you had in that world."

"Ahhh, it's so painful, why does fate always have to torture me, why do you want me to be possessed, it's just as well to be possessed, why do you want me to be his enemy."

"Let me die in pain, in silence, I have no more false hopes for myself, for this world."Mu Qianji silently shed a few tears, she felt that her fate was miserable, everything bad was piled on her.Now it was even more so that she had to suffer from the torment of thoughts every day, and besides, this thought was still a fruitless thought, or maybe even a hateful thought, because she didn't know if Tang Zichen had forgiven her.

Several days later, in the city where the Hephaestus Sect was located. First URL

"Puff."Tang Zichen cut off the head of a demon girl with a single slash.

This demon girl was very pretty, but unfortunately, she was reduced to a chicken, going around seducing men and then sucking their essence to use for her cultivation.If not, Tang Zichen would not have been able to kill her because this demon girl, who tried to seduce Tang Zichen, turned out to be the one who killed her.

The demon girl fell to the ground, her eyes looked at Tang Zichen, her death was unnerving, she was still disheveled in her clothes, if she hadn't suddenly been killed, she might have become one with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked up and covered her corpse with his clothes, sighing inwardly, "Such a beautiful woman, what a pity, the devil, what a harm to others."

Tang Zichen drifted away, this demon girl, I'm afraid that her appearance and figure were as good as any of Tang Zichen's girlfriends in the other world.

Tang Zichen did not leave after he killed Bone Matter's mother-in-law, but hid in a hidden place in the city.

The reason Tang Zichen didn't leave was for safety reasons.

As expected, after the discovery of Bone Matter's murder, numerous strong men from the Hephaestus Sect were sent out to chase after him in all directions.

If Tang Zichen left, he would definitely be caught up, and there was no way to avoid the spider tracks along the way, but staying in the city was instead the safest thing to do.

Tang Zichen looked at the two people who had died on the list, Wu Zhengcheng, Bone Mother, and then smiled slightly.

It had been exactly two months since Tang Zichen had entered the Devil's territory, and he had also killed two of the Devil's geniuses.

Now, there were three left, Red Scorpion, Ghost Eye Man, and Mo Ming Dao.

Among them, Red Scorpion and Mo Ming Dao, both of them were from the Demon Cult's head office, and Ghost Eye

The people were disciples in a sect of the Devil Cult called Ten Thousand Dead Bones.

This meant that Red Scorpion and Mo Ming Dao were the most difficult to kill, because to kill these two people, Tang Zichen would have to lurk at the Demon Cult's headquarters.

Not to mention that Tang Zichen was a Unity Realm person, even the head of the Divine Dragon Sect might not be able to do it.

However, Tang Zichen also had the advantage of being weaker, so he wouldn't attract as much attention.

Regardless, Tang Zichen would try his best to try.

If he couldn't complete the assassination mission, then he would give up, after all, his little life was at stake, and if he died again this time, I'm afraid he would really die.

At the Magic Sect's main altar.



"Report to the Patriarch, the Bone Matrimony of the Haphazard Sect is dead."

"What? Didn't I tell them to be careful?Why do you still die?"

"Patriarch, the person sent by the Righteous Alliance this time must be by no means an ordinary person, very good at concealment and assassination, so even though the Hephaestus Sect was prepared for everything, they were still able to find the slightest crack, thus killing the Bone Matter of Truth."

"Rubbish, the Haphazard Sect is really rubbish, Bone Matter's death is a trivial matter, but it greatly affected the majesty of our Devil Sect, undermined the confidence of our various sects, and made the Righteous Alliance strike."

"Reverend Master appease your anger, this is guaranteed to be the last time, the remaining three people on the assassination list, no one will ever die again."

"Go down and tell Ten Thousand Withered Bones that if Ten Thousand Withered Bones' Ghost Eye Man is assassinated by someone sent by the Righteous Alliance again, then don't blame me for being rude."


The news of the second death of the Devil Sect completely spread throughout the Devil Territory.

Similarly, the news also spread back to the Decent Alliance.

At this moment, the Righteous Alliance was also rejoicing, having been suppressed by the Devil Religion for so many years, it seemed that this was the first time that the Devil Religion had been so quick to fight back, making the Devil Religion furious.

However, at this time, the Righteous Alliance also learned the news that the person who had successfully assassinated the two geniuses of the Devil Sect was not someone sent out by the various sect forces, but a single person who had done it, namely, the Divine Dragon Sect's Wind Lightning.

This news also shocked the various forces of the righteous sects, the Divine Dragon Sect actually sent Feng Qingyun out, and also, it was Feng Qingyun who went to the devil's territory alone, the rest of the people, were waiting at the righteous devil's territory to receive them.

For a while, the Divine Dragon Sect received many, many accolades, and Wind Lightning was praised and worshipped by countless fellow martial artists of the Righteous Alliance.

At various restaurants and whorehouses, some people could be heard shouting, "Good for you, Wind Lightning."

"The world's number one youngster, I love you."

"Keep up the good work Young Wind, try to kill a few more demonic geniuses, you are the hero of our Righteous Path Alliance."

And so on and so forth, in various places of the Righteous Path Alliance.

In a short while, Wind Lightning's fame spread throughout the four seas.

Of course, since the people of the Righteous Path Alliance knew that it was only Wind Lightning who had completed the assassination mission, the Demon Sect would soon find out as well.

And right now, on a certain main road.

Tang Zichen was masquerading as a roadside tea vendor.

Not long after, a group of people passed by, and as expected, that group of people sat down to drink tea, after all, after climbing over the mountains for so long, it was hard to come across a tea stall, it would be strange if they didn't stop to drink tea.


However, among this group of people, three of them were Ancestor Realm powerhouses, and there were seven or eight others who were Unity Realm powerhouses.

Among these seven or eight Unity Realm powerhouses, the weakest of them was Tang Zichen's target, the Ghost-Eyed Man.

This Ghost-Eyed Man, who only had one eye, was very terrifying, but he was a genius.

Tang Zichen would set up an ambush here, naturally, he had heard that this group of people would be passing through here in the next few days.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy your meal."Tang Zichen said in a low voice.

"Wait a moment, let's see if there's any poison."At this moment, a man said.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Sir, I'm a small businessman, but I wouldn't dare to wrong me, so just verify it."

After verification, there was no poison in Tang Zichen's tea.

Only the lowest level of people used poison, the devil territory, everywhere is full of experts who use poison, Tang Zichen was foolish to use poison.

So, how did Tang Zichen use this opportunity to kill the Ghost Eye Man?

Tang Zichen can only win dangerously and rely on luck. Remember the website

Tang Zichen quietly sprinkled some powder into the trouser pocket of the Ghost-eyed Man when he was giving him tea.

The powder Tang Zichen sprinkled will cause the Ghost Eye's root of life to itch unbearably.

Tang Zichen could only bet that after the ghost-eyed man's root of life was extremely itchy, he would look for a latrine to see what was going on and scratch it in passing.

After Tang Zichen finished delivering the tea, he quietly went to a latrine not far away and waited in the latrine.

If the ghost-eyed man didn't come, then Tang Zichen's plan failed this time and everything was gambled as usual, after all, it was too difficult to find other opportunities to kill the ghost-eyed man in this situation.

About five minutes later, the ghost-eyed man's legs kept clenching, because it was too itchy and he was too embarrassed to reach in and grab it with his hands in full view of the public.

"Master, I'm going to go over there to the latrine."Ghost Eyed Man said.

The ghost-eyed man's master was a clan master realm, and he took a look at a few hundred meters away, a thatched house that had been built up, and a sign hanging outside the thatched house that said "Thatched House".

"Well, go ahead."

With such a conspicuous latrine, this was nothing to be suspicious of at all, and they didn't know what the ghost-eyed man was there for, thinking he just wanted to go to the toilet, but if they knew the ghost-eyed man was there because of a strange itch down there, they might have thought of something cautiously.

Tang Zichen was waiting at the latrine, over at the tea shed, there were two workers Tang Zichen had hired a few days ago, so they wouldn't arouse suspicion at the moment.

The ghost-eyed man walked step by step towards the latrine.

"Branch ah."The ghost-eyed man pushed open the door of the latrine.

Because it was too itchy down there, his concentration was also distracted, and once he entered the latrine, he withdrew his pants and scratched it to death.

And then, on the roof of the latrine, a silent sword suddenly stabbed down.

It was hard to wait for this opportunity, but of course no noise would occur in Tang Zichen.

Moreover, after killing the ghost-eyed man, Tang Zichen suddenly jumped down from behind the thatched roof.Because, this latrine that Tang Zichen chose was right on the edge of a cliff, this was to facilitate his escape.

Next, it was time for Tang Zichen's frantic escape, whether or not Tang Zichen would die here today would depend on whether or not he would be caught up.

Fortunately, below the cliff was a river, the river could hide many of Tang Zichen's traces, which was why Tang Zichen chose this place to do it.

Three days later, Tang Zichen appeared in a small town with serious injuries.

Yes, Tang Zichen had survived these three days, narrowly escaping death, but in the end, he had relied on his own wit and some skill to escape.

Tang Zichen was sure that the group would not chase after

Here it is.

Tang Zichen collapsed in a haystack behind a house and immediately fell into a coma.

And at the Magician's headquarters.


"What is it again?"

"Reporting to the Patriarch, the ghost-eyed man of ten thousand withered bones, is dead."

"What."The Demon Sect Patriarch was suddenly furious.

"Three days ago, when Ten Thousand Withered Bones' men were passing through Tian Gang Mountain, the assassins of the Righteous Alliance found a slight opportunity to kill the Ghost-Eyed Man by taking advantage of the Ghost-Eyed Man's visit to the latrine.After that, Ten Thousand Withered Bones' people pursued the murderer with all their might, but unfortunately, despite seriously injuring the other party, they still let him escape."

"Rubbish, what a waste, immediately send the Ten Thousand Withered Bones' doorkeeper to find me to claim the crime."


The death of the Ghost Eye Man once again shocked the Devil Sect everywhere.

If the first time, Wu Zhengcheng's death could be said to be unprepared, then what about the second time Bone Mistress?Where's the third ghost-eyed man?All were killed by the assassins of the Righteous Alliance when they were already prepared.

No wonder the Demon Cult Master was so angry.

Of course, on the other hand, it also showed that this time, the assassins of the Positive Alliance were a very powerful person with an unimaginably high overall quality.

"Report the Patriarch."


"From the side of the Righteous Alliance, news has been sent back regarding the identity of the assassin sent by the Righteous Alliance this time."

"Who is it."The Demon Cult Patriarch yelled, he was also curious as to which person from the Righteous Alliance was so powerful, this person must be a great enemy of the Demon Cult in the future.

The hand said, "It's Wind Lightning of the Divine Dragon Sect, this person disappeared for a long time, only some time ago did he suddenly appear and took the task of coming to our Demon Sect to assassinate.The dead Wu Zhengcheng, Bone Truth Mother, and Ghost Eye Man were all his work."

"What? Wind Light Cloud."The Demon Cult's body trembled.He was no stranger to Wind Lightning Cloud, more than ten years ago, his daughter was infatuated with Wind Lightning Cloud, and for this reason, she even sneaked into the Righteous Alliance, fortunately at that time, his daughter wasn't famous in the world and hadn't yet attracted the attention of the Righteous Alliance, otherwise, she would have been killed by the Righteous Alliance.

"It's him, Wind Lightning."

"Yes, Patriarch, this person is very famous in the Righteous Alliance and was once known as the world's number one youngest."

The Demon Sect Patriarch's face was cold, some time ago, he found out that his daughter, secretly sent a person to the Positive Faction Alliance to find out about Wind Lightning Cloud, but that person had already been dealt with by him, he would never allow his daughter to interact with someone from the Positive Faction.

"Wind Lightning, very good, just in time."The Demon Cult Master's eyes showed killing intent, he had long wanted to finish off Wind Lightning and cut off his daughter's illusions, but he didn't expect his daughter to come back after being missing for eleven years and still hadn't forgotten about Wind Lightning, sending someone to find out about Wind Lightning as soon as he returned.

At this moment, in one of the back gardens of the Demon Sect's head office.

Mu Qianji was practicing her sword, her Buried Moon Sword in her hands, as if it had become a part of her body.

At this moment, a man came along.


"What is it."

"The assassin sent by the Righteous Alliance is already known who it is."

Mu Qianji frowned, "Not interested, go away."

"Princess, didn't you ask your slave to keep an eye on the news about Wind Lightning?"

"What do you mean?"

"Princess, what the slave means is that the assassin sent out by the Righteous Alliance is Wind Lightning."

"What."Mu Qianji was shocked, and the sword in his hand fell to the ground.


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