The King of Kungfu in school 1081-1090


Chapter 1081

Intuition told Qi Ren Xuan that Tang Zichen's martial dao was incomparably stronger than the 'violence' he had comprehended.

Tang Zichen faced Qi Renxuan's sword strokes with lightness and gentleness, just like using a light, weightless reed, allowing your strength to be as strong as a muddy ox entering the sea and instantly crushing it.

One move, two moves, three moves.

"Boom."The sword in Qi Renxuan's hand came off, and with a swoosh, it nailed onto a beam above the main hall.

"Ah!"Everyone was stunned, three strokes down the sword, and everyone looked incredulously at the sword on the beam.

Just at this moment, there was a sudden 'pop' sound.

Everyone immediately turned their heads and found that Tang Zichen had viciously slapped a sword on Qi Renxuan's ass, and Qi Renxuan's ass was a striking bloodstain as if he had been whipped.

"You."Qi Ren Xuan's master stood up.

Tang Zichen said, "Qi Ren Xuan, do you know why I spanked your ass?Because, you kid, how dare you pry into the wall of the youngest when the youngest is not here, don't you know that the youngest grew up bathing and sleeping with his sister?How dare you get engaged to Ben Shao's senior sister, which onion are you, this ass is a lesson to you for not knowing how to behave."

Qi Ren Xuan's master trembled with anger.

Little Sister also felt helpless and ashamed at Tang Zichen's words of bathing and sleeping together, so vulgar. The first website

Qi Ren Xuan touched his hot and painful buttocks, a touch, oh my, there was blood all over his hands, Tang Zichen's sword slapped his buttocks.

Qi Ren Xuan said furiously, "Wind Lightning, don't go too far, my marriage contract with Qin Ren is based on the orders of my master, the words of the matchmaker."

"That's why I'm spanking you, if it wasn't for the fact that it was ordered by my Master Teacher, I wouldn't be as simple as spanking you."

"Yah yah yah, Master, make a decision for me, Wind Lightning wants to come and snatch the marriage."Qi Ren Xuan looked to his master.

Qi Ren Xuan's master was cold, "Wind Lightning, I'm asking you, have you come to snatch the marriage?"

Tang Zichen knew that at this time, he would have to hold back for a while, after all, Qi Renxuan's master was a strong clan master, if Tang Zichen did not know how to behave right now, he would definitely be killed by him, Tang Zichen could not be a clan master opponent no matter what.

Tang Zichen said, "When I go back, I will naturally report to my Master Teacher's wife and ask for a withdrawal, you will just wait for my Divine Dragon Sect to come and withdraw the marriage, what's the hurry.I came here today, not to make trouble, I just want to see if Qi Renxuan is worthy of my senior sister, now I have confirmed that Qi Renxuan has not passed me, want to marry my senior sister, I am the first one to refuse, farewell."

Tang Zichen embraced his senior sister and flew out of the main hall with his feet in the air.

Tang Zichen expected that the clansmen of the Flag Hill School wouldn't dare to do anything to him, because although Tang Zichen had beaten Qi Renxuan's ass, it was because Qi Renxuan's own strength wasn't good enough, plus Tang Zichen had lost his childhood sweetheart, it was normal to take revenge on Qi Renxuan, if Tang Zichen was here to cause trouble, no one in the Jianghu might be on their side, besides, the Divine Dragon School wasn't weak, and most importantly, even if he left Tang Zichen behind, so whatHow about it? Do you dare?So, one could only watch Tang Zichen leave.

"Master, why didn't you kill him."Qi Ren Xuan roared unwillingly.

Qi Ren Xuan's master was furious, "It's you who is not as skilled as the others, what do you want me to do, he has neither openly said that he's coming to retreat, nor is he making trouble here, you want me to kill him because you have a grudge against the Divine Dragon Sect?If you destroy the unity of the righteous, Master will let me go.

Us?It's all because you're useless.If you have the ability to break his legs today, let's see how arrogant he still is."

"Ahhhh."Qi Ren Xuan yelled in anger.

Tang Zichen hugged Little Sister and went down the mountain.

Little Sister didn't say a word.

"Senior Sister, why are you silent?"

"I don't want to ignore you."

"Ew, why are you ignoring me."

"Just ignore you, you've made me lose face, how will the people of the Flag Hill School look at me from now on and say that I'm such an ungrateful person."

"But, Brother Feng didn't lie ah, you forget, when you were seven years old, we went to the creek to bathe together, or I helped you put on your pants, and when you were eight years old, we went to the creek to catch loach, you were clamped by a crab on your buttocks, or I helped you take it off."

"Ahhhh, you still say that."Little Sister said with a blushing face.

"Alright, if you ignore me again, I'll see someone and tell them that we bathed together when we were kids."

"I'm really scared of you."

"So you're ignoring me?"

"Rational is always okay."

Tang Zichen laughed, remembering his childhood, it was also quite interesting, when he was young, he and his siblings didn't need to practice martial arts all day long like some of the other senior brothers because they were younger, so they played around most of the time, catching birds, pulling out birds' eggs, going down the river to touch fish, everything.Of course, after the age of ten, like their older brothers, they also practiced martial arts under the supervision of their master and mistress, ending their free and easy childhood activities.

Little Sister looked at Tang Zichen pouting her lips and smiling, as if she was also thinking of her childhood and felt warm and sweet inside.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen took the opportunity to hold Little Sister's hand.

"Let go of me, it's not good to be seen by me."

"What's bad about it, you'll have to marry me sooner or later."

"Who's going to marry you."

"You, of course."

"I don't want to."Little Sister thought of the witch, her heart suddenly pulled back from sweetness, the witch was a hurdle for her and Tang Zichen to be together, Little Sister didn't believe that she could really ignore it and serve with the witch?

However, Tang Zichen would never give up on his little sister, nor would he give up on Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen would only have the two of them now, and he would wander the world with them from now on.

Tang Zichen didn't know that the four girlfriends from the other world might not be dead yet.

"Brother Feng, are you still going to find the seventh place genius paramount master now?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I'm not going, I'm tired of riding horses every day, I'm really out of shape.Besides, now that I've fought off Guo Qingan with one sword and picked off Qi Renxuan with three moves, that's enough to spread my fame, and in a month or two at most, the appearance of the world's number one youngest will be spread around the righteous sect."

"Then shall we return to the Divine Dragon Sect now?"

"Of course not."

"Where else to go?"

"Sister, ah, if we go back now, now that my reputation hasn't spread, if we go back now and Master Sister also goes back, then Master Sister will definitely punish us.Wait another month or two, by that time, my fame will have spread, and my master and master-mother will know about it, and they will definitely feel quite proud of us, and the punishment will definitely be very mild la."


"Well, it seems to make some sense, Brother Wind, why do I feel like you've gotten smarter."

"Hahaha, that's, after all, a man of insight."

"Go on, narcissism."Little Sister gushed.

"Let's go, let's go to Liangzhou City."

"Why are we going to Liangzhou City?"

"Liangzhou City is the largest city, the most populous, and the most developed in terms of information dissemination, ah."

"But what are we doing there?"

"Silly, of course I'm spreading the word about my world's number one youngest, you think the Flag Mountain and Zonan Mountain will be so active in helping me publicize ah, even if this can't be kept secret, but I'm afraid it will take many more months for Zonan Mountain and Flag Mountain to spread the news to the rivers and lakes."


Tang Zichen knew that this kind of practice of his, in another world, was called 'speculation', I guess everyone in this world didn't have the concept of speculation yet.

Tang Zichen and Little Sister, while eating and drinking, slowly made their way, and after about half a month, they arrived at Liangzhou City. Remember the website

Regarding Liangzhou City, Tang Zichen was no stranger to it, having been here several times.

This was the center of the rivers and lakes, from this place, countless news was spread in all directions.

This Jianghu, to be precise, this continent, there is no country, there are only sects, below the sects there is naturally a certain range of management land, some unmanaged land, the population of the city, will appear city lord, of course, the city lord in a sense is also considered a power, but not sects so fixed, the city lord may be killed one day, seize the city, and become the city lord himself.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of Liangzhou City and said, "It's been so many years since I've been here, Liangzhou City is still the same as it was in the past, nothing has changed, the speed of development in this world is really slow."Tang Zichen lamented, just like the Divine Dragon Sect, eleven years ago and now, little had changed.

"Brother Feng, let's go, into the city."

"Oh."Tang Zichen walked into Liangzhou City, people were coming and going on the streets.

Only, Tang Zichen sighed inside.

Little Sister smiled, "Brother Feng, it's not like you've remembered someone."

"Haha, nothing can be hidden from junior sister, indeed, I remembered someone, I wonder how she is now."Tang Zichen sighed.

The her Tang Zichen was talking about was the daughter of the city lord of Liangzhou City, Cheng Xiao Ju.

Back then, Tang Zichen's reputation as the world's number one young man had spread throughout the world, so countless young girls loved and adored Tang Zichen, all of whom had started out as Prince Charming.A certain little girl cried, her mother just need to say, not cry child light clouds, hey, the little girl really did not cry.Of course, this may be a joke, but the side reaction to the fame of the wind light clouds.

In Liangzhou City, there was a girl named Cheng Xiao Ju, who was also one of the young girls who adored Tang Zichen, and the thing that Tang Zichen remembered most was that she chased after Tang Zichen for ten days and nights on a fast horse in order to see him, and when she finally delivered the flowers to Tang Zichen herself, she cried with excitement.Of course, Cheng Xiao Ju also expressed her love for Feng Xiaoyun, hoping that Tang Zichen would let her be a bed-warming girl.

Tang Zichen refused, and later heard that Cheng Xiaoju was depressed and didn't know how.

Tang Zichen was quite impressed with this Cheng Xiaoju because Cheng Xiaoju was indeed quite good-looking, and although she didn't have the title of the world's best beauty like her little sister, she was still a first-rate beauty in Jianghu.

"If you miss her, you can go see her.".


; "You're not jealous."

"What's there to be jealous of, I'm not who you are."

"Forget it, maybe they're married, don't bother them."

"Back then you but you made her depressed, I heard she never spoke again after that."

"Uh, that serious."Tang Zichen had crossed over to another world, so he didn't know anything about what happened afterwards.

Tang Zichen first arrived at one of the largest restaurants in Liangzhou City.

Tang Zichen pulled an old man who was about to enter the restaurant into a corner.

"Senior, what do you want?I can tell you that my uncle is the head instructor of the dart board."

"Alright, I won't do anything to you, I need you to do me a favor, and I'll give you a hundred taels after the job is done."

"What is it, you say."

"You help me go to the restaurant to promote one thing."

", I go to Liangzhou's first restaurant every day to drink, I know all the restaurant's regulars."

"You're the one I'm looking for, you go in and help me promote it, and say, the famous Wind Light Cloud, who was famous back then, is back in the world, he was at Zongnan Mountain, he fought off Guo Qing'an with one sword, and Guo Qing'an peed his pants on the spot.Also at the Flag Hill School, he picked off Qi Renxuan's sword in three moves, and Qi Renxuan said on the spot that he lost to Wind Lightning Cloud and had no face to marry Qin Ren."

"Wow, no way, are you serious or fake?"

"Nonsense, of course it's true."

"Ten years ago, Wind Lightning was the world's number one youngster who was a sensation, he wasn't just handsome and conquered the entire Jianghu people, his martial arts talent also conquered everyone, this person was my idol back then.Then he disappeared, and the entire Jianghu was sensational."

"Haha, so much nonsense, go and spread the word, remember to spread the news about Guo Qingan pissing his pants and Qi Renxuan announcing his faceless marriage to Qin Ren in public, oh."


Tang Zichen directly gave him a hundred taels, this matter was already a big news, it was just added to by Tang Zichen, not afraid that he wouldn't go publicize it.

Of course, Tang Zichen was hiding his true face at the moment.

Little Senior Sister was speechless, "Senior Brother, you took the initiative to have it publicized and added to it, wouldn't that be a bit that."

"Senior Sister, you don't understand, this is hype.After this has been spread, there's no longer any need for me to look for a fight, people will naturally come to me.Besides, I purposely had people spread the word that Qi Ren Xuan lost to me and has no face to marry you, so using the pressure of public opinion to force Qi Ren Xuan to withdraw from the marriage."

"You're despicable."Little Sister laughed, if Qi Ren Xuan heard this kind of rumor, he would really die of anger.

"Hahahaha, I'm also me if I'm not despicable, so how can I be despicable."

"Here we go again with this."

Tang Zichen said, "Little sister, don't look down on my set, comprehend my set well, if you can also comprehend the essence of it, maybe, you can also pick off Qi Renxuan in three moves."

"Mm, fine, I'll try."Little Sister nodded, unfortunately, it was so difficult, if it was that easy, then all the martial arts practitioners in the world would have already unified to comprehend the 'no move is better than a move', 'the four two strides', and 'the sword is natural''This type of martial art has been incredibly powerful since ancient times.

"Let's go, Sister, let's go find lodging, and after we stay, we'll think about it and look out for Cheng Xiao Ju."

"Mm."Little Sister nodded and followed behind Tang Zichen nicely, but of course, they were all hiding their true faces at the moment.


Tang Zichen and Little Sister first found an inn to stay in, still two inns adjacent to each other.

After staying there, Tang Zichen went to the City Lord's Mansion alone, and Little Sister did not follow Tang Zichen to the City Lord's Mansion.

"Stop, who is it?"The City Lord's guards stopped Tang Zichen.

"Is Cheng Xiao Ju here?"

"Uh, what do you want with our lady?"

"I'm friends with your lady, can you tell me how your lady is today."

"What a coincidence that you've come, is our Miss going to be everywhere in the City Hall tomorrow making preparations for the wedding?"

"Uh, marrying in, so late?"

"What's the matter, our lady is only twenty-seven, twenty-seven is the right age for a martial artist."

"Oh, married, huh, that's nice."Tang Zichen smiled, now that she had found happiness, Tang Zichen was happy for her.

Tang Zichen turned around and left, since she was getting married, he didn't want to bother her. One second to remember to read the book

"Hey, don't you want to see our lady?Why go again?"

"Since your lady is getting married tomorrow, she must be very busy, so I won't bother ."

"Busy is a servant, our lady has nothing to be busy with, who the hell are you?Why do you see me for a while and not for a while."

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "Well, since I'm here, let's meet, please help me pass the word, let's say, I'm a good friend of hers from the old days."

"You wait, I'll go in and inform."

A moment later, that guard came to a courtyard where a young man was playing Cuju with a beautiful and attractive woman, with a few maids beside him watching.

That guard greeted the young man, and the young man stopped Cuju (playing football) and said, "You continue to play."

That guard walked up to the young man and said, "My aunt."

"What is it?"

"A man came outside, he said he was a former friend of Miss and wanted to meet with her, and asked her what her situation was now, I said she was getting married, so he was ready to leave, but after being suspicious, he said he would meet then and let me pass on the message.By the way, that man looks like he's not weak."

That young man's heart thudded, and he got a wary heart and snorted, "Which son of a bitch, on the eve of my wedding, dared to intrude on my woman, where is he now?"

"He is waiting outside the gates of the house."

"Take him to the Moon Gazing Pavilion and set up an ambush, I don't care who he is, he must not be good if he dares to come to Xiao Ju the day before my wedding, I'm going to break his legs."

"Aunt, is this really necessary?Don't forget your identity, you're twenty genius quasi-priests strong, and in the Righteous Alliance, ranked seventh, what if that person is really Miss's former friend?"

"Hmph, do what I tell you to do, go on, take him to the Moon Gazing Pavilion, and don't tell Kook about this."

"Oh, good."

After the arrangements were made, Little Ju's husband's face was fierce and showed a hint of ruthlessness, his name was Jin Yuanlu, and he was considered a prominent figure.He was the prized son-in-law of the city lord of Rangzhou City, and this year, he was thirty-three years old, becoming one of the twenty genius prospective masters of the Righteous Alliance.The city lord of Lianzhou City, Cheng Quan, was also a well-known figure, and his ability to become the lord of the largest city was completely as powerful as the

The master of a sect, even the master of the Divine Dragon Sect, might not be able to beat Cheng Quan.Cheng Xiao Ju was Cheng Quan's daughter, and when Cheng Xiao Ju was sixteen years old, she was madly infatuated with the legendary world's number one youngster, Feng Qingyun, and for this reason, she even staged a story of 'chasing after a man for three thousand miles', a story that was a laughable tale to others, but to Cheng Quan, it was a complete disgrace.

Because, in terms of strength, he was no less than the master of the Divine Dragon Sect, and in terms of beauty, his daughter Cheng Xiao Ju was one of the three most famous beauties in Jianghu, and was probably just a little less talented than the first beauty Qin Ren.Therefore, the story of chasing a boy for three thousand miles made him very unhappy with the character of Wind Lightning.

Later, now that his daughter was not so young, Cheng Quan was contented to find a nice man for his daughter, namely Jin Yuanlu, and fortunately, Cheng Xiao Ju seemed to have quite a crush on Jin Yuanlu, and so the two of them were close, and would be married tomorrow.

As Cheng Quan was no less than the head of a faction, there was no shortage of people to attend his daughter's wedding.Needless to say, people from various righteous factions would definitely send people to the wedding, including the Divine Dragon Sect.

However, Tang Zichen happened to come to visit Cheng Xiao Ju at this exact moment.

Tang Zichen didn't have any other intentions, however, others didn't necessarily think so.

Tang Zichen was brought to the Moonwatching Pavilion by that guard.

"You sit here first, Miss should be here soon."


Tang Zichen was simply paying a visit, after all, the incident of 'Cheng Xiao Ju chasing after her son for 3,000 miles' back then had also been rumored by the people of the world.It was just that Tang Zichen had failed to live up to Cheng Xiao Ju's infatuation back then, and was also said to be desperate by some people in the rivers and lakes.

Now eleven years have passed, Tang Zichen only wishes her well, and has no other intentions.

And Tang Zichen didn't know that Cheng Xiaoju's fate was so good now that she found a genius quasi-clan master, so it could be said that she married no worse than her younger sister.

At this moment, Tang Zichen saw a young man strode over.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he sensed a hostile intent from this man walking towards him.

Soon, that man entered the Moonwatching Pavilion.

"Who are you?Where's Cheng Xiao Ju?"Tang Zichen asked.

The man's eyes shot angrily at Tang Zichen and said, "Take off your human skin mask."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was surprised, this man instantly saw that he was wearing a human skin mask, coupled with his imposing presence, he was by no means an ordinary person.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm here to see Cheng Xiao Ju, I was friends with Cheng Xiao Ju in the past."

"Hmph, on the day before my wedding, you suddenly came to meet with my woman, what are your intentions?Who the hell is that?On the count of three, if you don't pull off the dog mask, I'll rip your human skin off."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm afraid you don't have the ability to do that."

Jin Yuanlu suddenly made his move, tearing one hand towards Tang Zichen's face in an attempt to rip off Tang Zichen's human skin mask.

But unfortunately, Tang Zichen easily dodged his hand.

Jin Yuanlu was shocked to see that Tang Zichen Tang Zichen had some strength, which made him even more scrupulous.

Just as Jin Yuanlu was about to make further moves, a voice suddenly came out, "Stop."

It turned out that Cheng Xiao Ju had arrived, Cheng Xiao Ju heard a maid's report and hurriedly arrived, and upon arrival, she saw her fiancé about to fight with a strange man.


Kim Wonru was busy stopping, "What are you doing here, Juju."

"Wonru, there's a guest coming, why are you hiding it from me."

"Juju, don't get me wrong, I just didn't want to disturb your Cuju's elegance."

"Alright, the girl has told me everything, I know I have a visit from my former friend, go down first, I want to talk to this friend."


"Wonlu, I'm getting married to you tomorrow, what are you worried about?"

"Also, fine, then you guys talk, I'll go down first."Jin Yuanlu looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, I'll rightly consider you a friend of my wife, don't talk nonsense in front of my wife, or I won't spare you."

Tang Zichen didn't pay any attention to Jin Yuanlu and looked at Cheng Xiaoju and smiled.

The Cheng Xiao Ju who was chasing her husband for three thousand miles back then was relatively young and naive, no matter her age or psychology, but now, no matter her body or face, she appeared more mature, her temperament, and her beauty were worthy of being almost able to be on par with her senior sister.Cheng Xiao Ju's failure to be on par with Qin Ren was because her martial arts talent was not as good as Qin Ren's, however, her martial arts skills were not comparable to ordinary people.

Cheng Xiao Ju looked at Tang Zichen and said, "May I ask who you are?I don't seem to know you."

Tang Zichen said, "Oh, it's okay if you don't know me, after all, you and I, we were just friends who had a chance to meet, and I just happened to pass by Rangzhou City, so I came to see how you're doing nowadays, if you were having a bad time, I would be unhappy, but now that you're doing well, I'm happy and relieved.Also, you're getting married tomorrow, that's really good news, congratulations, Cheng Xiao Ju." First published at

"One sided?Who the hell are you, I want to know?"

"No need, Cheng Kook, bless you, then I won't bother you any more, goodbye."

"Wait."Cheng Xiao Ju shouted.

"Is there anything else?"

After being stunned, Cheng Xiao Ju said, "It's nothing, just, suddenly seeing your back, I remembered an old man."

"Oh, hehe, then I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen flew straight away.

Cheng Xiao Ju hesitated and shouted, "Wait a minute."

"What else is there?"Tang Zichen stopped in mid-air and asked back.

"Since you won't tell me who it is, I'll assume you're a one-sided friend I've forgotten about, but tomorrow is my wedding to Jin Yuanlu, and I want you to come to my wedding."


"I welcome all my friends to witness my happy moment."

"Well, I'll be sure to come to your wedding."Tang Zichen flew away.

Cheng Xiao Ju stood in the pavilion, lost in thought for a moment, the back that Tang Zichen had just turned around suddenly reminded her of someone, Feng Qingyun, who had quite the back.

Only, Cheng Xiaoju didn't think he was Wind Lightning, because Cheng Xiaoju didn't see that Tang Zichen was wearing a human skin mask, and thought that he really was a one-sided friend that she had already forgotten.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn.

Little Sister was embroidering.

"Brother Feng, you've returned so soon from going to the City Hall."


"Didn't Cheng Xiao Ju stay you down for dinner?"

"Keep me well what to eat."

"You're her first great lover ah, back then she traveled three thousand miles just to see, this good story, even now, many restaurant storytellers, will talk about it."

"Come on, I didn't use my real face, I was wearing a human skin mask, I only

It's to see how she's doing nowadays, not to go with her."Tang Zichen said.

Little Sister pursed her lips, "Brother Feng, you really don't have any feelings for Cheng Xiao Ju?She's the only one in the Jianghu, the only one who is known as, whose beauty can be on par with mine, if not for her weaker talent, she might be the most beautiful woman in the world."

"Come on, you, Senior Brother Wind, am I the kind of person who wants a beautiful woman when I see one?Otherwise, if I had been so much adored back then, wouldn't I have already been married with concubines."

"Alright, alright, just kidding with you."

"Right, tomorrow is Cheng Xiao Ju's wedding day, she invited me to attend her wedding, should I go?"

"What, oh my god, I forgot if you didn't say anything, I remembered, two months ago, our Divine Dragon Sect received an invitation from the owner of Rangzhou City, the content of which was, Senior Cheng Quan, the owner of Rangzhou City, his daughter's wedding."

"Uh, so, someone from our Divine Dragon Sect also came to Cheng Quan's wedding?"

"Definitely, Senior Cheng Quan was able to become the lord of Rangzhou City, and I'm afraid that he is so powerful that even our Divine Dragon Sect's Gate Master may not be able to beat him.Moreover, I also know who the person from my Divine Dragon Sect who came to the wedding is."

"Who is it?"

Little Sister said with a bitter face, "It's our master and master's wife."

"Ah, how could it be such a coincidence."

"It's not a coincidence, it's a coincidence, didn't I tell you when we were coming down the mountain that our Master and Mistress went out to attend the martial arts council, and after that, our Master and Mistress took a detour to Liangzhou City to attend Cheng Quan's wedding before returning to the Divine Dragon Sect."

"Why didn't you say so earlier."

"I forgot about it too.Brother Wind, tomorrow, Master Teacher's wife will also be a guest at the City Hall, so do you still have to go to Cheng Xiao Ju's wedding?"

Tang Zichen said, "Of course I'll go, in return for Cheng Xiao Ju's kindness to me back then for chasing after my son for three thousand miles, I wish her a happy marriage."

"Brother Feng, you're not afraid of your master and mistress ah."

"Oh, we'll go together tomorrow, we'll wear human skin masks, we'll treat it as an ordinary guest, Master Teacher's wife won't know, at least go for a meal, save some money ah."

"Fine."Little Sister nodded, only in her heart she was quite afraid of being found out by her master and master's wife.

A day passed and night fell.

At this moment, outside the city of Rangzhou, two horses galloped into the city.

"Ding Ru, fortunately we arrived at Lianzhou City before Cheng Quan's wedding, if we missed the wedding of Cheng Quan's daughter, I'm afraid that Cheng Quan would think that we Divine Dragon Sect look down on him."After entering the city, a middle-aged woman smiled, this middle-aged woman was Tang Zichen and Qin Ren's teacher's wife, Yan Xinyi, and the Ding Ru she was talking about was the serious-looking middle-aged man beside her, Tang Zichen's master.

The middle-aged man nodded, "Well, it's fortunate that we made it in time and didn't miss it, otherwise it wouldn't be good to offend Rangzhou City, and it wouldn't be good to go back and explain to Big Brother."

"Let's go, we'll go to our accommodation first."

"No need to stay, we came as the Divine Dragon Sect to attend the wedding of Cheng Quan's daughter, there's no reason to go to the accommodation by ourselves, go directly to the City Lord's Palace, they will arrange our accommodation by themselves."

"But I don't like it, I still want to stay in an inn, light and easy, Husband, there's no need to bother about it."

"Fine, then go to the accommodation."

Tang Zichen's master teacher, stayed at an inn, just in time for dinner, and the two of them ate in the inn's restaurant.

At that moment, at the side table of the inn, there were sounds of discussion.

"Have you heard ah, the world's number one youngster, Wind Lightning, who disappeared eleven years ago, he's appeared."

"Ah!"When Ding Ru, who was just lifting the bowl, was shocked, all the rice in his hands fell on the table.


Yan Xin Yi was also shocked.

However, neither of them spoke, as if they were frowning at the discussion of the people at the next table.

"Where did you hear the news?"

"I heard this from the first restaurant in Lianzhou City, where the news went crazy.Not only did Wind Lightning appear, but he also defeated Guo Qing'an of Zongnan Mountain, Guo Qing'an peed his pants in fear on the spot and even knelt down to shout at his grandfather to spare his life."

Hearing this, Tang Zichen's master, Ding Ru, was almost certain that this was a fake news, causing him to pour a bowl of rice.Because this news sounded too bullshit, pissing his pants and kneeling down to shout at his grandfather, Guo Qingan couldn't be so useless, these Jiang Hu people liked to spread this kind of information that preyed on the wind and spiced it up.

However, despite the fact that they felt it was fake news, they continued to listen.

"Not only did Wind Lightning go to Mount Zongnan, he also went to the Flag Mountain Sect, and you guys know about the Flag Mountain Sect's genius paramount master, Qi Ren Xuan."

"Nonsense, he's a genius who's going to replace Wind Lightning, he's only twenty-seven years old, he became the ninth strongest Genius Quasi-Master, and he's also engaged to the number one beauty of the famous rivers and lakes, Qin Ren, who wouldn't know about him."

"That's right, Wind Lightning went straight to the Flag Hill Sect and beat up Qi Ren Xuan so badly, tsk tsk, I heard that his ass was broken, and Qi Ren Xuan even announced in public that he had no face to marry Qin Ren and was going to voluntarily withdraw from the marriage."

"Really or not."

"Nonsense, of course it's true." Remember the URL

"Wow, that Wind Lightning is worthy of being Wind Lightning, he disappeared for so long and reappeared with a bang, tsk tsk."

"Hehe, I was the number one admirer of Wind Lightning back then."

After the Ding Ru couple finished their meal, they went back to their room in a very low-key manner.

"Husband, just now at the restaurant, can you believe what those people were talking about?"Yan Xin Yi asked.

"What do you believe, these people, what a bore, this kind of every side thing is also spread out."

"But, although there are many strange things about it, I always feel that it may not be true, think about it, already Feng'er's personality, may not necessarily not do such things, especially the Upper Flag Mountain Sect."

"Alright, if it was going to appear, it would have appeared long ago, you are disturbing your heart instead because you miss him too much.Back then, although Windy was rather foolish, he also knew the score and knew the general idea, and beating someone's ass to blossom was impossible to do."

"Well, maybe I was really hoping too much.If Windy were still here, I think there would be one more genius quasi-clan master in the Righteous Alliance today.The one ranked third out of the twenty genius quasi-clerics today, who fought against Wind'er and lost to Wind'er back then, I think that if Wind'er was still around, he would definitely be in the top three."

"What's the point of talking about this, rest early, you're not tired after driving for ten days, aren't you?"

At this moment, at the City Hall, the City Lord's family was eating.

Jin Yuanlu ate his meal and asked, "Kook, who was that friend who came to see you at noon?Called what?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I forgot, he said he was a friend of mine who I once only knew once, just passing through Rangzhou City, he didn't have any hostility towards me, so I guess so."

Cheng Dao: "It's a big wedding tomorrow, what kind of friend is there to find you, really."

"He doesn't know about my big wedding, alright, I'm full, I'll go back to my room."

After eating, Jin Yuanlu came to Cheng Quan's study.


;Cheng Quan asked, "Yuan Lu, today at the dinner table, you seem to have something to say to me."

"My father-in-law is wise, indeed, I have something to say to you."

"Go ahead, after tomorrow, you'll be my son-in-law in name only."

"My father-in-law, I heard a piece of news this evening.The news has been spread all over the major restaurants in Lianzhou City, saying that Wind Lightning, who disappeared eleven years ago, suddenly appeared, and he went to Zongnan Mountain and Flag Mountain Sect successively, fought off Guo Qing'an with a single sword strike, and also picked off Qi Renxuan's sword with three strokes, and Qi Renxuan even said in public that he had no face to marry Qin Ren."

"What."Hearing this news, Cheng Quan City Lord's face changed in surprise with a hint of anger, because back then, when the 'Three Thousand Miles Chasing the Boy' had made him have an extremely bad impression of Wind Lightning.

"Is this news true or false?"

"My father-in-law, I don't know if it's true or not, but I think that no wind and no waves, back then Wind Lightning just disappeared, and no one said that he died ah."

"Son of a bitch, if it wasn't for him back then, he wouldn't have caused my Xiao Ju to be depressed for three years and become the laughing stock of the Jianghu, if I were to see him, I would definitely teach him a good lesson to vent my anger."

"Sir father-in-law, back then Xiao Ju wasn't even my fiancée, and so Xiao Ju is my fiancée, if I were to meet him, I would definitely not spare him.However, father-in-law, I want to tell you that not only this gossip, but at dinner tonight, didn't I tell you that a stranger came to see Little Ju, claiming to be a friend from one side."

"What."Cheng Quan's body trembled, as if he knew what Jin Yuanru was trying to say.

"Yes, I'm worried that that person, it's possible that he is Wind Lightning because, I was there when they met at noon, and I saw that person wearing a human skin mask and didn't use his real face to show his face, that's why I suspect that he is Wind Lightning."

"So, the gossip about Wind Lightning is indeed true."

"Father-in-law, what should we do now?"

"Keep an eye out for that man, and if you see him in our house again, tell me immediately."


At a certain inn, Tang Zichen and his little sister finished their dinner and wandered the streets of Rangzhou City.

It was only when they arrived at this Lianzhou City that Tang Zichen felt the prosperity, even at night, there was a lot of traffic, people were coming and going, especially the greenhouse whorehouses that were every few hundred meters, they were lively, many dusty women were yelling at the door, "Guest, come in and play."

Tang Zichen was also pulled when he passed by a blue house, but Tang Zichen waved his hand in a row, "No play, no play, I won't play."

In this world, it is not illegal for a man to visit a greenhouse, he does not have to worry about being arrested by the pornography brigade, and he is not subject to moral blame, as if it is normal for a man to go to a greenhouse, it is a sign of being rich and having status, and his wife can only sigh helplessly when she finds out.

Tang Zichen and the little sister toured the streets for two hours.

Little Sister smiled, "Brother Feng, how is it, our Rangzhou City, I guess it's not worse than the nightlife in the other world, it's lively enough."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Haha, although Lianzhou City is lively enough at night, but compared to the night in another world's city, it's still far worse, the only thing better is, the blue house.You'll be arrested by the government if you visit a green house in the other world."

"Ah, no, isn't the other world very open?"

"You don't understand this, in the other world, you get caught whoring, but instead you steal and cheat on your wife and children all right.In our world, on the other hand, whoring is normal, but stealing and cheating are to be immersed in a pigsty."

"That world is strange."


Tang Zichen and his little sister strolled the streets at night for three hours before they went back to the inn, returned to their respective rooms, and showered and slept.

The next day, the entire city of Lianzhou seemed to be filled with festivities, and the City Lord's Palace had been bustling with gong and drum bands since dawn.

Today, the city lord's residence had a happy event, and all the merchants in the city were offering uniform discounts, so the entire Rangzhou City was festive.

Tang Zichen woke up in the morning and went to the street with his little sister to buy some gifts, so he couldn't go empty-handed.But Tang Zichen didn't have any money, so it was just a little bit of tea.

At about ten o'clock in the morning, Tang Zichen and Little Sister arrived at the City Lord's Mansion.

At this moment, the guests who entered the City Lord's Mansion, one by one, lined up at the entrance, because there were too many guests, the whole city, everyone who had a bit of money, no matter if they opened a shop or whatever, came to drink the wedding banquet, no longer needing any invitation.Surely there weren't so many tables for the banquet, what to do?It's simple, those who enter without an invitation, they really just drink wedding wine, take a wine glass and stand in a random corner, the wine tube is enough, the food is not provided.

"Senior Brother, with so many people going in for wedding drinks, I'm afraid our idea of having a meal will be dashed."

"Oh, it's fine if there's wine to drink."

"I should have known I wouldn't have followed."

It was Tang Zichen's turn, a register at the gate.

"Name." One second to remember to read the book

"Don Zichen."

"What's the gift?"

"A packet of tea."

"How stingy."The person registering looked at Tang Zichen, a packet of tea was good enough to come to the wedding banquet.

Tang Zichen asked, "How many tables of wine did the city lord invite?"

"Fifty tables."

"And how many guests?"

"It's over a thousand already, and there's a big queue back there waiting to get in."

"Fifty tables, only five hundred people will be seated at the end of the day, so that means half of them are standing room only for drinks."

"Nonsense, I'm afraid you're a bit of a loser for a packet of tea to drink standing up."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "I'm former friends with your lady, could you arrange a seat for us both."

"Bring out the invitation, if you are friends or relatives, you have an invitation, if not, sorry."

"Never mind."Tang Zichen thought about it, not bothering to be nosy, and entered the City Lord's Palace with his little sister on his arm.

Tang Zichen and Little Sister entered the City Lord's Mansion.

The City Lord's Mansion was filled with people everywhere, and every corner was covered in red and grand.

Tang Zichen walked inside and soon arrived outside the main hall where the City Lord's Mansion was holding the marriage ceremony.

At this time, there were many people sitting inside the main hall, some very distinguished guests, and Tang Zichen's master and master's wife were among them.

Outside of the main hall, there were naturally many guests of average nobility standing as well, Tang Zichen and his junior sister were also crowded outside the main hall, seemingly like everyone else, waiting for the auspicious time to arrive to see the bride and groom pay their respects.

Dao: "Senior Brother, Master and Mistress is inside the main hall, be careful not to be discovered by Master and Mistress ah."

"Eh."Tang Zichen scrambled to look, and sure enough, he saw Master Teacher's wife at once.

At this moment, Master Shini was talking to the other sects who had come to attend the wedding.

r /> Tang Zichen immediately calmed down, blocking out the noise and listening to what Master Shifu and the others were saying.

"Warrior Ding, why didn't you bring your disciple, Wind Lightning."

"Evergreen Son, what are you saying, why can't I understand."

"No way, it's all over the city, those here, people from various sects already know that your disciple Wind Lightning appeared, went up to Zongnan Mountain and beat up the Flag Mountain Sect, it's quite awe-inspiring, you as a master, you wouldn't not know, would you?"

"These are all rumors."Ding Ru said firmly.

Changchun Zi's mouth came up to Ding Ru's ear and said, "Warrior Ding, I heard that yesterday, Wind Lightning came to the City Lord's Palace with a human skin mask to visit Cheng Xiao Ju."

Ding Ru looked at Changchun Zi and frowned, "How do you know."

"Haha, I heard it yesterday from a few maids from the City Lord's Mansion.That girl named Gui Xiang from the City Lord's residence, tsk tsk, it tastes so good."Changchun Zi smiled cheaply.

Ding Ru immediately despised, "What a disgrace to us decent people."

Changchun Zi left his mouth and said, "Warrior Ding, you're taking your daughter-in-law with you on this trip, so naturally there's no lack of loneliness on the way, so you really don't know how hungry a full man is."

"Hmph."Ding Ru immediately walked away in disgust.

Changchun Zi also arrived at Lianzhou City yesterday, but he didn't stay at the inn, but instead stayed directly at the City Lord's Mansion, and as a result, at night, he gave a girl named Gui Xiang from the City Lord's Mansion a naughty job, and showed off proudly in front of Ding Ru.

Tang Zichen didn't listen anymore, after all, to eavesdrop in so many people, blocking out so many murmurs, is very tired.

Tang Zichen hedged, "Master Teacher has already heard the rumors about me."


"However, it seems that Master Teacher doesn't believe it."

"Brother Feng, then when will you explain to your master and master-mother."

"There's no rush."

Just then, there was a loud shout, "The City Master has arrived."

The lively crowd quieted down.

"Everyone, thank you for coming to Little Daughter's wedding, Cheng didn't expect that so many people would come uninvited, it really makes Cheng feel honored.About Little Daughter, I'm sure everyone is familiar with her, she's twenty-seven years old, stepped into the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and is not far from the peak, but unfortunately she's just a little short of becoming a Genius Quasi-Master.However, given her age, as long as she achieves something within the age of thirty-five and comprehends her own 'Dao', she will definitely become a genius quasi-patriarch respected by everyone in the rivers and lakes, and in the future, she will succeed me as the city head of Lianzhou City.And little girl, she is also the only one in the rivers and lakes whose beauty can be compared to the Divine Dragon Sect's Miss Qin Ren, hehehehe, I won't say anything more about this, the main reason is that her mother looks good."The City Lord said with a smile.

"As for my son-in-law Jin Yuanlu, everyone is even more familiar with him, he is thirty-three years old this year, and has comprehended a very powerful martial dao, I'm not afraid to tell you, the martial dao that Jin Yuanlu has comprehended is 'round', everyone is a martial artist, you should know that this martial dao is very powerful, currently, in the Jianghu, theIt was ranked seventh by everyone as a genius paramount master.Hahaha."A seemingly humble laugh from Cheng.

At this moment, Jin Yuanlu was also standing on one side of the main hall, his eyes constantly scanning the crowd in the main hall to see if there was the man with the mask from yesterday, Tang Zichen.

In the main hall, some of the people from the sects were secretly skimming their lips, saying in their hearts, "How proud you are, finding a nice door-to-door son-in-law."

The city lord purposely said something about his daughter being beautiful and his son-in-law being a genius in front of so many people, so naturally, there was no shortage of a meaning to show off.


In this Jiang Hu Righteous Alliance, although the fight against the Devil Sect was unanimous, and on the surface it was also amicable, but secretly the various sects were not as united as they thought, and climbing and fighting was naturally inevitable.

At this moment, in the crowd outside the palace, a martial artist asked, "Senior Cheng Quan, in the past two days, I heard a news that Wind Lightning has appeared, I wonder if you have heard of this news?"

Cheng Quanton snorted, "Does it have anything to do with me if Wind Lightning appears?Do I know him well?"

At this time, another martial artist said, "Senior Cheng Quan, eleven years ago, in order to meet Wind Lightning, your Miss staged a story of chasing her husband for three thousand miles, this story is still told in the Jianghu until now, and today, your Miss is getting married, so you have nothing to do with it at all, if Wind Lightning suddenly appears at this time, will it ruin your Miss's big wedding?"

At that moment, Jin Yuanlu shouted, "He dares."

Jin Yuanlu's anger-filled yell frightened everyone under.

Jin Yuanlu said furiously, "As long as Wind Lightning dares to appear at my wedding, I, Jin Yuanlu, guarantee to break his dog's legs."After saying that, Jin Yuanlu looked at Ding Ru and Yan Xinyi, Tang Zichen's master and master's wife.Tang Zichen's master and master's wife looked as if they were not moving, and everyone also looked at the two of them, but they did not see anything on their faces.

Another martial artist said, "Young Master Jin Yuanlu, the news that came out of Lianzhou City in the past two days said that Wind Lightning had defeated Guo Qing'an of Zongnan Mountain and Qi Renxuan of the Flag Mountain Sect respectively, are you sure you can defeat Wind Lightning?"

"Hahaha, hahaha."Jin Yuanlu let out an angry laugh, in Jin Yuanlu's heart, he actually hated Tang Zichen very much, the reason was naturally that the woman he married, and Wind Lightning had a three thousand mile chase between them, what husband could stand to have his wife have a good word with another man.Now, even more so, when he heard that Wind Lightning appeared, his inner discomfort was self-evident, and right now, he was being questioned whether he could win over Wind Lightning, no, Jin Yuanlu was even more furious.

Jin Yuanlu roared, "Who said that just now, come out and I promise not to break his legs."

Everyone in the crowd outside focused their attention on a certain man with a scythe weapon. The debut website

The man was frightened and said, "Young Master Jin Yuanlu, please forgive me, I didn't mean to question your strength."

However, with one arrow step, Jin Yuanlu rushed out like the wind and grabbed that man.

Jin Yuanlu swept a glance at the crowd and said, "Look carefully, everyone, if the wind appears in front of me, I will break his legs like I am doing now."As soon as the words fell, the tragic man let out a scream as his legs were broken.

Everyone looked at Jin Yuanlu in fear, everyone seemed to have seen that this Jin Yuanlu, it seemed like he would lose control of his emotions whenever he mentioned Wind Lightning's name.

Tang Zichen and Little Sister were naturally there as well.

Little Sister kept pressing Tang Zichen's hand because, Tang Zichen had just almost gone out to explode Jin Yuanlu.

Inside Tang Zichen's heart, Tang Zichen was upset and said, "Nima's Jin Yuanlu, let you marry a flowery Cheng Xiao Ju, you fucking still dare to have your way here, I don't believe this young man will let you marry."

However, how could Little Sister let Tang Zichen mess around, so Tang Zichen just didn't go out to flatten Jin Yuanlu.

Although the martial path that Jin Yuanlu had comprehended was 'round', which was considered a very strong martial path, but

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't put any eyes on it, Tang Zichen's martial dao 'change' was seconds away from his mother's.

Moreover, Tang Zichen was also ready to comprehend the second set of martial dao, at that time, Tang Zichen could be really powerful, in this Jianghu, there were really not many people who could comprehend two sets of martial dao, unless Tang Zichen didn't know about them, as far as Tang Zichen knew, there were a few people from the righteous school, the head of the Devil Sect, that is, Mu Qianji's father counted as one.

Without further ado, after Tang Zichen was stopped by his little sister, that was the way things were, and then, no one dared to say this topic again, don't get your leg broken by Jin Yuanlu again.

But then, the news spread among the City Lord's servants.

Cheng Xiao Ju's personal maid, Xiao He, immediately ran to the lady's boudoir.

"Miss, Miss."

"Xiao He, why are you panicking, is it an auspicious time?The auspicious time hasn't arrived yet, ah."

"Xiao He, there are many guests in the front hall, but something unexpected just happened, causing my aunt to break the legs of a martial artist."

"What? How could this happen, today is my big wedding day, how could he do such a thing."

"Miss, you can't blame the aunt for this, maybe the aunt was really hot at the time."

"What happened, say it."

"You can't blame me for that."


"Miss, for the past two days you've been inside the house, rarely contacting the outside, you don't even know that the entire Rangzhou City is now spreading a news, that is, Wind Lightning has appeared."

"What? Wind, Wind Light Cloud?"Cheng Xiao Ju was shocked.

"Yes, just now someone in the front palace said this, the aunt said that she would break Wind Lightning's legs if he dared to disrupt his wedding, then a martial artist questioned the aunt, and as a result, the angry aunt broke his legs."

Cheng Xiao Ju was now dumbfounded, in her mind, she suddenly remembered a person, yesterday noon, a stranger who claimed to have only met her once, at that time, Cheng Xiao Ju felt that his back resembled a person, at this moment, Cheng Xiao Ju finally understood.

"He's my wind brother, I'm going to find him."Cheng Xiao Ju ran out of the boudoir at once.

For some reason, it seemed like Cheng Xiao Ju's depression had returned.

Xiao Huo was shocked, "Miss, what are you doing, you can't run, you still have to wait for auspicious time?"

But Cheng Xiao Ju didn't listen, and said, "Xiao He, I'm leaving the City Hall, I'm going to find Brother Wind."

"Miss, it will be time to pay your respects soon, don't be like this, the aunt will kill me."Xiao He cried and pulled Cheng Xiao Ju.

"Xiao He, this has nothing to do with you."

"Miss, I'm the one who's nosy, woo-hoo."

"Alright, Little Lotus, if you're afraid that Jin Yuanlu will kill you, escape through the back door, and take whatever jewelry, and all the gold and silver in my room."

"Miss, are you crazy, what are you going to do, is it worth even losing your wedding for an ethereal breeze?"

Cheng Xiao Ju smiled bitterly, "You don't understand, this is a dream of mine, this dream is forever unchanging in the heart, Brother Wind, he came to see me yesterday, Xiao Ju is so touched, Xiao Ju will go to him right away."


"Miss, but what about your wedding?It's almost time to pay your respects ah, everyone is waiting for you to go out and pay your respects ah, how can you leave the City Lord's Palace and go find some wind and light clouds."

"I don't care, I just want to go after my dream now.What Jin Yuanlu, what worship, I don't think about it anymore, Xiao He, if you really can't do it, go out and help me back out of the marriage with Jin Yuanlu."

"What."Xiao He was dumbfounded, everyone in the front hall was waiting to pay their respects, and this Cheng let Xiao He go out to help her withdraw from the marriage.

How embarrassing this is for Jin Yuanlu, how much it hurts to have this face hit.

"Miss, I won't go, I'll be killed by my aunt and the master will kill me, if you want to retreat from the marriage, you go out and retreat yourself, and after that go to Wind Lightning as well."

Cheng Xiao Ju bit her lips and nodded, "Fine, then I'll go out and retire first, so as not to make everyone wait in vain."After saying that, Cheng Xiaoju walked towards the front hall.

The girl Xiao Huo but did not dare to go, panic back to the room, pack things, ready to run away, if not for her nosy, would not let the Miss is about to pay a visit to the hall also to withdraw from the marriage, Jin Yuanlu not to kill her to blame.

At the moment, in the front hall, the guests were all drinking tea and listening to the city lord's superficial remarks that were irrelevant.

"Dear friends and family, wait a little longer ah, the auspicious time will arrive soon, soon the bride will come out to pay her respects, wait a little longer."Cheng Quan said to the crowd with a smile.

At this moment, just when everyone was not expecting it, suddenly, Cheng Xiao Ju appeared in the main hall without any warning.

"This."Not only Cheng Quan, everyone was stunned, because Cheng Xiao Ju was still wearing a large red dress, and with a glance, one could tell that the bride, this auspicious time hadn't arrived yet, so what was the bride running out for?Scares the hell out of everyone. Remember the website

Cheng Quan was embarrassed and said, "Little Ju, what are you running out for, the auspicious time hasn't arrived yet, the matchmaker will naturally go in to inform you when you arrive."

Jin Yuanlu, seeing the situation, was busy exerting his wisdom to defuse the embarrassment and laughed, "Sorry, everyone, my Little Ju is probably too anxious to pay his respects to me, so, I ran out early, hahaha, don't take offense ah."

Cheng Quan was also busy echoing, "Yes, yes, Little Ju and Yuan Lu are too much in love, that's why they ran out in such a hurry, don't be offended, don't be offended, everyone."

Cheng Quan laughed and explained to the crowd as if he was very afraid of being laughed at by the crowd, he explained it this way, and everyone did just laugh.

However, at that moment, Cheng Dao said, "Dad, you misunderstood, I was in a hurry to run out, there's something."

"Xiao Ju, don't hurry back yet, we'll talk about what's going on after paying your respects."Cheng Quan glared.

Jin Yuanlu was also busy, "Yes, Little Ju, I'll help you back first."

Cheng Xiao Ju, however, took a step back, not allowing Jin Yuanlu to touch it, and everyone was talking about what had happened.

Jin Yuanlu felt very ashamed and said softly, "Little Ju, stop it, so many people are watching."

Cheng Quan also felt like he couldn't hang on to his face and whispered, "Little Ju, quickly ask Yuanlu to send you back."

Cheng Xiao Ju said, "Dad, I won't let Jin Yuanlu touch me anymore, because, my dream is back."

"What are you talking about?Kook."Kim Won Roo wrinkled every day.

Cheng Dao: "Kim Won Roo, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm now officially withdrawing from you."

"What."Jin Yuanlu and Cheng Quan both froze, everyone froze, and the entire hall suddenly fell silent.

Cheng Dao: "Father, I am out to break off my marriage to Jin Yuanlu, no

Good grief, the wedding can't be done today."

"Pah."Cheng Quan slapped Cheng Xiao Ju's face in anger, it was too disrespectful in front of so many guests.

"Again."Jin Yuanlu said with a trembling body.

Cheng Xiao Ju looked at all the guests and said with a smile, "Excuse me, seniors, thank you for coming to my wedding, but unfortunately, my dream has returned, so I can't continue today's wedding, sorry for making you come for nothing.I am now going to search for my dream, and I have come out to say sorry to the retreat, and also to say sorry to all the uncles and uncles."Cheng Xiao Ju curtsied to the crowd.

Everyone was silly there.

After one bow, Cheng Xiao Ju turned around and was about to fly away.

"Stand."Cheng Quan shouted.

"Father, please let me go."

"Little Ju, you want to search for your dream, won't Father stop you, can't you go after the wedding?"

"Oh, Dad, my dream is Brother Windy."

"Windy?"Cheng Quan gritted his teeth and asked.

"Yes, I heard that Brother Feng is back, I'm going out to find him, he must be the one who came to visit me yesterday, I must find my Brother Feng.I'm sorry, Dad, and Kim Won Roo, you'll find a better girl than me, I can't marry you anymore, but of course, if you don't mind, I can make up for the hurt I've caused you by becoming a heterosexual brother and sister."

"Ahhhh, ahhh."Jin Yuanlu roared like he had lost his mind, he originally hated Wind Lightning incomparably, but he didn't expect that he was about to pay his respects, and his bride ran out to back out of the marriage with him because of Wind Lightning.Ever seen someone who was about to pay their respects and was still being withdrawn from the marriage?Withdrawing his marriage was just fine, but also giving him a 'good man card' and consoling him that he could be a heterosexual brother and sister, this was really a vicious slaughter knife in his heart ah.

For a while, there was a lot of discussion throughout the palace and beyond, never having seen anything like this before.

It seemed that the rivers and lakes were going to have another piece of chatter about 'retreating before the hall' besides the three thousand mile chase.

At this moment, in the crowd outside the main hall, Tang Zichen was also dumbfounded.

"I'll go, Cheng Xiao Ju is crazy, this is a wedding ceremony and he's still withdrawing from the marriage?Did she ever consider Kim Won Roo's feelings?Damn, even I can't watch this, Kim Won Roo is too sad."Tang Zichen said.

Little Sister gave him a blank look, "Senior Brother, you're still saying sarcastic things, Cheng Xiao Ju suddenly withdrew her marriage, and it's not because of you."

"Uh, can I be blamed for that?"

"Nonsense, you're Cheng Xiao Ju's dream, alas, Cheng Xiao Ju is pitiful too, she suffered from depression for three years back then, and now, I'm afraid it's starting again."

"Ah, are you saying she's crazy?"

"That's not true, it's not like she'd apologize to the big guys if she was crazy, what can I say, it's just that you've become her dream."

"Well, I don't want to, I can't blame it on me, so many young girls who adored me back then, why is she so abnormal when everyone else is so normal."

"Maybe, she really likes you, senior brother, I think it would be better for you to be with the witch."

"No way."Tang Zichen shook his head firmly, Tang Zichen did not like Cheng Xiaoju.

"Alas, let's leave it at that, after what happened today, I'm afraid Jin Yuanlu is going to tear you apart."

At this moment, Jin Yuanlu's eyes were red as he shouted, "Feng Xiaoyun, I'll fuck you Shini, come out here, I'll kill you."


Tang Zichen was furious when he heard this.

Even if Jin Yuanlu called out Tang Zichen in public, he actually scolded Tang Zichen's teacher's wife in.

In the main hall, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife heard Jin Yuanlu pick her up to scold her, not only in anger.

As a husband, Ding Ru certainly couldn't say nothing and immediately looked at Cheng Quan and said with discontent, "Cheng City Master, what does Jin Yuanlu mean by picking up my insider and abusing her."

At this moment, Cheng Quan was already upset inside, and now seeing Ding Ru questioning him again, Cheng Quan was even more furious inside and roared at Ding Ru, "Mean whatever you like."

"You."Ding Ru was also furious.

The entire palace was filled with the smell of gunpowder and all the guests felt bad.

A strong man busily came out and said, "Warrior Ding, forget it, dissipate the fire, City Lord Cheng is angry, you understand too."

With this strong man coming out to persuade him, Ding Ru didn't seize up and was able to find a step down without drawing his sword.

However, Jin Yuanlu, who had lost his mind, continued to shout, "Wind Light Cloud, I, Jin Yuanlu, swear not to kill you in this life, I know you are there, come out."

"Wind Lightning, you come out, I'll fuck your teacher's wife, won't you come out?" One second to remember to read the book

"Wind lightly, I'll fuck your teacher's wife, fuck your teacher's wife, come out."

Tang Zichen's master teacher was trembling with anger, and the strong man who had just persuaded them was frowning.

At this time outside the main hall, Tang Zichen couldn't hold back and wanted to rush out and tear Jin Yuanlu apart.

However, Little Sister held back.

"Senior brother, don't be impulsive."

"In this situation, how can I not be impulsive?"

"Senior brother, now that the city lord has put all his anger on you, if you go out, he will definitely not let you go."

"Hmph, it's already like this, do I still pretend to be a shrinking turtle.Besides, Cheng Xiao Ju is also there, if Cheng Quan really wants to kill me, Cheng Xiao Ju will definitely stop him, and then with Master Shishu stopping him, it's not that easy to kill me, I'm sure I can escape.At this point, let's see how I'll take care of him, Jin Yuanlu, and take out my anger on behalf of my master and master's wife"

After Tang Zichen finished speaking, he shouted, "Jin Yuanlu, you insulted my master, let's see how I'll deal with you today."

Everyone immediately looked to where the voice was coming from and saw Tang Zichen leaping from the crowd, then tearing off the mask on his face, leaving a trail of figures behind and leaping towards the main hall.

The crowd was horrified when they saw Tang Zichen's face, but it really was Wind Lightning, and, compared to ten years ago, his appearance had not changed at all.

Tang Zichen's master and master's wife also immediately looked at Tang Zichen, they looked at Tang Zichen, their eyes were hot, as if they had a thousand words to say.

Cheng Quan, on the other hand, saw Wind Lightning, and suddenly his eyes sprayed with anger, a feeling of wanting to kill Tang Zichen, and similarly, Jin Yuanlu looked at Tang Zichen with a fierce face.

Just before everyone made a sound, Cheng Xiao Ju was the first to jump in front of Tang Zichen and shouted, "Brother Feng."

Cheng Xiao Ju hugged Tang Zichen and didn't let go.

When Jin Yuanlu saw Cheng Xiaoju hugging Tang Zichen with a very happy look on his face, he was irritated and his eyes turned red as he yelled, "Windy, you let go of Xiaoju."

With a snort, Tang Zichen looked down at Little Ju, who was hugging him and wouldn't let go, Tang Zichen leaned over and kissed Cheng Little Ju on the forehead, saying, "I even kissed her, how dare you."

"Ahhhh."Jin Yuanlu yelled in anger.

Tang Zichen could have kissed Cheng Xiaoju's mouth, which would have stimulated Jin Yuanlu even more, but Tang Zichen didn't want to play with other people's feelings, so he didn't kiss her mouth, just her forehead.

Jin Yuanlu roared, "Wind Lightning, I'm going to kill you."

Tang Zichen pushed Cheng Xiao Ju away and grunted disdainfully, "So what if I let you have one hand."

"Wow."The powerful people from various sects in the hall were incomparably shocked, Jin Yuanlu was a genius quasi-clan master, the seventh ranked in the proper alliance, and Feng Xiaoyun said, "Let him have one hand.

Even Tang Zichen's master and master's wife were shocked.

Everyone was looking at Tang Zichen.

Jin Yuanlu gritted his teeth and said, "Wind Lightning, I will let you know what it means to lift a stone and smash your own feet.Let me have one hand, who do you think you are."

"Hahaha, good, come, let me see if you are qualified to stand and talk with me, in Zongnan Mountain, Guo Qingan disappointed me, in the Flag Mountain Sect, Qi Renxuan also disappointed me, now, let's see if you, Jin Yuanlu, can excite me a little, come on, knock me down, I, Wind Lightning, but I want to lose to you."

Jin Yuanlu immediately became calm in the face of Tang Zichen's arrogance and confidence, instead.

Everyone at the scene was intimidated by Wind Lightning's confidence, so not a single sound was being made at the moment.

If Tang Zichen really defeated Jin Yuanlu with one hand, then Tang Zichen's reputation would definitely spread, and I'm afraid that the world's number one youngster's prestige would be reproduced.Tang Zichen's master and master's wife had just been humiliated, and if Tang Zichen were to make a big fuss right now, it would also make them look good.

Tang Zichen and Jin Yuanlu looked at each other, not moving at the moment, just facing each other.It was as if he had left all of Cheng Xiao Ju's affairs behind for the time being, but he had to remain calm in the face of such a confident Tang Zichen.

Cheng Quan said, "Yuanlu, kill him, a man who took your wife, even the Martial Lord won't say anything."

Jin Yuanlu gritted his teeth and said, "Good."

Tang Zichen looked at Cheng Quan and snorted, "Kill me, I'm afraid even you, Cheng Quan, may not be able to do it, Jin Yuanlu, okay?"

"What did you say?"Cheng Quan was so angry that he actually said that even he might not be able to do it.

Many of the martial artists at the scene were once again shocked by Tang Zichen's words, Tang Zichen actually dared to say that even Cheng Quan might not be able to kill him, how crazy and confident must he be?

In fact, Tang Zichen wasn't as confident as he said he was, Tang Zichen was just because Cheng Xiao Ju would obstruct him, and with his Master Teacher's wife obstructing him, he had all the time in the world to defend himself, i.e. escape.It wasn't that even Cheng Quan might not be able to beat Tang Zichen, but everyone at the scene thought that was what Tang Zichen meant, so they couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen's eyes with a layer of mystery.

At that moment, Jin Yuanlu seemed to be ready and shouted, "Kill."

What a time, the sword in Jin Yuanlu's hand clattered out.

"Buzz."Jin Yuanlu, who drew his sword, ran towards Tang Zichen, the tip of his sword drawing a circle in front of him as he ran towards Tang Zichen.

Jin Yuanlu's martial art was 'round', so it was not surprising.

The crowd looked at Jin Yuanlu without blinking, although many of the strongest people on the scene were stronger than Jin Yuanlu, but in terms of perceived martial dao, they might not win over Jin Yuanlu's 'round'.

After Jin Yuanlu's sword drew a circle, for a moment, a seemingly airtight, flawless, rock-like sword Qi ripped into Tang Zichen.


And at the moment, Tang Zichen hadn't raised his sword.

"What's he doing?"

"Jin Yuanlu's sword has already killed him, he can't afford to return the sword, and he won't retreat."

"I really want to see how Wind Lightning is able to withstand Jin Yuanlu's sword that can barely find a flaw, even I, if I don't rely on my realm advantage, I'm afraid I won't be able to break his sword."

Everything, but in the blink of an eye, the above was also just a momentary thought within the hearts of many of the guests, not a mutual exchange.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen raised his sword.

Jin Yuanlu's sword, although deeply comprehending the essence of 'round', was not flawless, at least not in Tang Zichen's opinion.

Tang Zichen started his sword in an instant, at an extremely incredible angle, and hardly anyone in the crowd could see how it was struck out.

"Clash."Tang Zichen's sword hit Jin Yuanlu squarely, and Jin Yuanlu's sword snapped in two in the blink of an eye.


"Impossible." First URL

"How did he just do that?I didn't even see how he broke Jin Yuanlu's barely-findable flaw in his swordplay just now?"

Countless questions, countless shocks, countless incredulity.

"Bang."In the next second, Jin Yuanlu was kicked away by Tang Zichen, but Jin Yuanlu controlled himself while in midair and landed firmly on the ground instead.But unfortunately, no matter how beautifully he landed, he could no longer salvage the embarrassing situation where he was broken in one move.

"Ahhhh, no way."Jin Yuanlu shouted after landing on the ground.

Tang Zichen said, "Jin Yuanlu, you disappoint me, you are actually, not even as good as Qi Renxuan, I really don't know how the people in the Jianghu would think that you are seventh, I'm afraid it's for the sake of Cheng Cheng's face."

"You, you," Jin Yuanlu was so angry that he wanted to spit blood.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You what you, I said you're still not convinced aren't you, then fine, take a sword again, if you can make me take a step back, I'll count Wind Lightning as losing."

Jin Yuanlu roared, "I don't believe it."After saying that, Jin Yuanlu instantly pulled out the sword of someone else standing next to him, and then with a swift thundering motion, he killed Tang Zichen with a sword.

This sword, he used all of his strength, if he had any reservations about that sword just now, then there were no more reservations about this sword.

When this sword came out, the entire palace was swept up in a gale, the gale seemed to roll into a circle, and in the center of the circle was Jin Yuanlu's mortal sword.

Tang Zichen also felt out that this sword was so strong.

However, it was only good strength.

Tang Zichen didn't move a single step, and in his hand, he immediately performed the move called 'Submerging Dragon Out of the Abyss' in the Dragon Descending Sword Technique.

"Ow!"A looming dragon's whistle sounded in the palace, and Tang Zichen's move to submerge the dragon out of the abyss immediately gave everyone an unpredictable and majestic feeling.

"Boom!"The swords of the two men met like breaking waves, strangling together.

One of Jin Yuanlu's sword moves that originally seemed flawless, when it met with Tang Zichen's sword, it seemed as if all of a sudden, it turned into a full-body break with barely half a bit of defense.

"Boom."Jin Yuanlu was shocked by the backlash of his own sword, and his entire body flew down to the center of the main hall, smashing over several tables.

Tang Zichen put his sword away and said, "Although it's more powerful than the one just

A much stronger move, but unfortunately, it still disappointed me greatly."

There was silence, if it was before, some people might have felt that Tang Zichen was pretending, but now, no one felt that Tang Zichen was pretending, because Tang Zichen had already told everyone with his strength.

At this moment, not only those martial artists, even Cheng Quan felt unable to believe it.

And Tang Zichen's master and master's wife were even more excited, they knew that Tang Zichen's martial dao must be very strong, otherwise how could it be so powerful, among the people in the same realm, most of the time it was all about the martial dao that each of them had comprehended.The so-called killing intent was actually the state before the formation of the martial dao.

Jin Yuanlu sat paralyzed on the ground, he had now realized that he was no match for Wind Lightning, although he used to, very much disdain what was the world's number one youngest, and even cursed 'trash' in his heart, but now, reality told him how the trash he once disdained in his heart made him look up to him.

Jin Yuanlu asked in frustration, "Wind Lightning, what is the Martial Dao that you have comprehended?I don't believe in being able to outsmart my round."

Tang Zichen snorted, "A weak man has no right to know."

"You."Jin Yuanlu was annoyed inside, Tang Zichen's eyes looked like he was looking down on him, he was at least a genius quasi-clan master.

"Wind Lightning, I am also a Genius Quasi-Master, you have no qualification to look down on me."

"Hahaha, Jin Yuanlu, even if you're the lord of Rangzhou City and don't have the strength, I still look down on you."


On the other side, Cheng Quan's face drew down, he felt like whether or not Tang Zichen was pointing fingers, the implication was that he, the city lord, was just as despised.

Cheng Quan snorted, "Bullying and arrogant, daring to be rampant in my house."

Tang Zichen said, "City Lord Cheng, could it be that you want to fight me?"

"You, do you deserve to fight me?"Cheng Quan raged.

"Hahaha, well said, you say I'm not worthy to fight you today, but I say that I'll make you look up to me on the other day."

"You."Cheng Quan was furious.

Everyone at the scene was shocked by Tang Zichen's arrogant confidence, if he made Cheng Quan look up to him in the future, it would be Tang Zichen's future, making Cheng Quan not even an opponent, no wonder Cheng Quan was furious.

Tang Zichen's master was afraid of Cheng Quan's action, he was busy saying, "Cheng City Master, please forgive me, my disciple doesn't know the rules."

"Not only does he not know the rules, he is simply looking for death."Cheng Quan gritted his teeth.

Ding Ru's forehead broke out in cold sweat, if Cheng Quan wanted to kill Tang Zichen today, I'm afraid that no one here would be able to stop him, although the people here were from various sects, none of them were the strongest of the sects, just the middle level of the sects, including him.Cheng Quan, on the other hand, was a strong man who could be compared to a sect's master.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was also busy saying, "Cheng Quan, if my disciple has offended me, please forgive me, I will definitely discipline him properly when I go back."

The scene seemed to be filled with a smell of gunpowder again, would Cheng Quan kill Tang Zichen?

Cheng Quan sneered, "My daughter, destroyed in the hands of such a person, everyone say, should I let this person go?"

Ding Ru and Yan Xinyi both turned pale.

Yan Xinyi was busy gesturing for Tang Zichen to kneel down, Tang Zichen had originally made Cheng Quan very angry and had just rushed into him again, now kneeling down and apologizing and begging for forgiveness might be able to calm Cheng Quan's anger and cancel his desire to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen instantly read the meaning in Shizuo's eyes.

However, would Tang Zichen kneel down?


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