Dish Best Served Cold 176-180


Chapter 176-180

"See, how generous Uho is."

  "People from this good family are different."

  "Unlike that country bumpkin, who just knows how to scrounge up food and take advantage."

  Han Li bragged to Sun Yuhao again.

  But since Sun Yuhao had said so, Han Li and the others didn't make things difficult for Ye Fan and allowed him to come in.

  "Mu Orange, you guys go in first, I'll lock the car first."

  The words of Han Fei Fei and the others just now also reminded Ye Fan that it was better to lock the electric car without anyone watching.

  "Well, you hurry up.We'll be in the entry hall."

  Qiu Mu Orange gave a word to Ye Fan and also went into the Haiyuan Pavilion.

  "I go, isn't that the deputy mayor of Yunzhou City?"

  "The one next to him, I guess he's the head of the Haiyuan Pavilion, Peng Zhenying, right?"

  Once Han Li and the others entered, they were greeted by a few big shots.

  Qiu Lei often watched the news of Yunzhou City, of course he knew these leaders in the city, after all, he often showed his face on TV.

  It was the first time I saw these big shots up close, and in excitement, Qiu Lei then went forward to greet them.

  However, whether it was Peng Zhenying, the grand chief of the Haiyuan Pavilion, or the leader of that Yunzhou Municipal Committee, neither of them looked at them.

  Where would such city folk, business tycoons like Peng Zhenying, pay attention?

  It was all gone.

  "You old thing, are you still thinking of climbing the ladder?"

  "Hot face on someone's cold ass, right?"

  "These big people of others, where are we able to get in touch with them."

  The Han Li beside her taunted Qiu Lei for a while, and Qiu Lei smiled hehehe, not feeling ashamed at all.

  After all, people were big shots, it was normal to ignore them, no shame.

  Peng Zhenying kept sending customers to the door: "Wu Shi, take care."

  The enthusiastic smile on the face of the Haiyuan Pavilion's head manager was in complete contrast to his attitude towards Qiu Lei just now.

  After sending the guests away, Liang Zhenying turned his head to go back to the restaurant, who had thought that he would run into someone head-on, grimacing in pain, when Peng Zhenying cursed angrily.

  "Where's the eyeless thing from?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  "It hurts so much."

  Peng Zhenying covered his mouth and cursed for a while.

  Apparently, it seemed that he had just hit his teeth.

  "I'll give you one more chance to reorganize your language."

  The cold voice, however, came quietly from the front.That icy and cold tone frightened Peng Zhenying with a shiver.

  Immediately raising his head, he fixed his eyes to look.

  After seeing the person in front of him clearly, Peng Zhenying's frightened old face went white at that time.

  "Is...It's...It's you?"

  Peng Zhenying had been nearly scared to death.

  He would never forget that day more than a month ago, when the Haiyuan Pavilion was ordered by Second Master Li to forcibly clear out, the director leaders and business tycoons were driven out a whole bunch.

  He clearly remembered that the Second Master Li had given him that there was a heavenly figure coming, so let them Haiyuan Court receive it in the highest specification, entertaining bad little lives would have to play out!

  And at that time, so frightened that Peng Zhenying personally stood at the entrance of the restaurant to pay respect.

  Peng Zhenying still remembered the young man who was like a king descending under the arch of tens of millions of luxury cars.

  Wasn't it the man in front of him?

  To be able to have Second Master Li respected as a heavenly figure and have so many luxury cars personally transported, Peng Zhenying was a fool, that also knew that this seemingly ordinary young man in front of him was afraid that his background was remarkable ah.

  "This...Mr. Bit, yes...I'm sorry, that was...It's my fault, it's all my fault."

  "Look at it this way, all your purchases in this shop tonight are free, just...Consider this as my compensation to you."The restaurant's head manager shivered, afraid that his arrogance just now would cause the youth in front of him to get angry, and quickly bowed his head to apologize.

  If Qiu Lei and the others saw this scene they would probably be shocked, an existence he couldn't reach before, but now he was so terrified in front of Ye Fan.

  "There's no need, just grow a better memory next time."

  "Remember, be a calm person."

  Ye Fan didn't follow him in general, and after saying a few words he then went into the restaurant to meet up with Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

  However, Han Fei Fei and the others obviously didn't want Ye Fan to eat with them and didn't even save their seats for Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan didn't get angry at these little actions of theirs, and moved his seat from the side and squeezed in.

  "Mu Orange, move over there and leave some space for me."

  Ye Fan said in a low voice, and when Autumn Mu Orange nodded, she also made a seat for Ye Fan to sit in.

  "How dare you cut in even though there's no room?"

  "How shameless!"Han Fei Fei snorted coldly and said in a low voice.

  Han Li and the others looked at Ye Fan with disgust in their eyes as well.

  But they didn't say anything more, all as if they pitied him.

  Then, Han Li and the others talked and laughed with Sun Yuhao, and from time to time, they even asked Qiu Mu Orange a few questions.

  For a while, the table was full of people laughing and chatting, enjoying themselves harmoniously.

  However, none of Han Li and the others paid any attention to Ye Fan, let alone said a word to Ye Fan.

  They ignored them, so Ye Fan didn't bother to ask for trouble, so he simply ate and drank tea there alone with his head down.

  That lonely look, as if an abandoned child abandoned by the world, but so lonely.

  Seeing Ye Fan's lonely and pitiful appearance, Sun Yuhao was more and more proud of himself, shaking his head and laughing.

  Ye Fan, Ye Fan, this is the difference between you, a country bumpkin, and us.

  It's like a world apart.

  Poor pussies should stay in the world of poor pussies, you and Mu Orange, and us, are not originally from the same world.

  Sun Yuhao was full of smug smiles, and then even more so, he picked up the wine jug and poured wine for everyone, except for Ye Fan, as if he was deliberately isolating Ye Fan.

  "Noble man, noble man~"

  However, while Sun Yuhao, Han Fei Fei and the others were defying Ye Fan with eyes full of disdain, it was no one who saw that not far away, the restaurant's head steward, Peng Zhenying, was also looking at Ye Fan all the time.

  "Head steward, what kind of superior person are you talking about?"The underling next to him was puzzled and asked.

  Pang Zhenying, however, pointed in the direction of Ye Fan, "Did you see that table?"

  "At that table, almost everyone was dressed in designer clothes, but that young man was the only one dressed in plain clothes."

  "As the saying goes, the more you lack something, the more you want to show it off."

  "Only the poor would be dressed in extravagant name brands, but the truly top-notch tycoons are plain and low-key."

  "Just like my China's richest man, Jack Ma, doesn't he usually wear a pan-white, short-sleeved, ordinary outfit."

  "But are they really ordinary?"

  "Of course not!"

  "These high dignities are engraved in the bones, there is no need for those vulgarities to show."

  Peng Zhenying's words were so clear that the men on the side couldn't stop nodding their heads and only felt that it made sense.

  "And, look again."

  "The rest of the people at that table were laughing and hilarious and extraordinary.But that young man was the only one who stayed out of it, rarely participating in their conversations."

  "Why do you think that is?"

  Peng Zhenying paused for a moment while continuing, his words filled with admiration, "This is the height."

  "The height of that little gentleman is no longer beyond the reach of those vulgar people next to him."

  "They're like people from two worlds."

  "One is a top-ranking dignitary with a wealthy family, and the other side of the order is a countryside villager who is barely making ends meet."

  "What do you think can be said between that little gentleman and that group of humble country villagers?"

  "A tall man, that's how it is."

  Peng Zhenying couldn't help but lament, to Ye Fan, full of admiration and admiration.

  In the end, Peng Zhenying couldn't hold back his feelings, then ordered his men, "Go, bring me that bottle of good wine that has been treasured for many years.It's an honor for this little gentleman to visit my Haiyuan Pavilion, and I, as the chief manager, naturally have to go over to show my appreciation."

"Mu Orange, people Yuhao came to Yunzhou on business this time and made a special visit to see you in his busy schedule."

  "This friendship is not insignificant."

  "Why do you have to toast Yuhao with a glass of wine as well?"

  In the restaurant, Han Li and the others were still eating and drinking.

  Han Hai, however, then suddenly suggested that Qiu Mu Orange toast Sun Yuhao with a glass of wine.

  "Right, right, my big brother is right."

  "Mu Orange, you have to toast this cup of wine from Yuhao."

  "If you don't toast, this mother of mine won't even agree."

  In between the words, Han Li poured a full glass of wine for Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange had no choice, both her parents and uncle had spoken, so even if she didn't want to, she forced herself to give Sun Yuhao a glass of wine.

  "One cup how can I, another cup."Han Hai, however, suggested again.

  Sun Yuhao's father was the owner of a ten billion dollar group, and Han Hai was planning to send his daughter into Sun Yuhao's company as a senior executive once she graduated from college.

  If the marriage is successful, then Sun Yuhao will definitely think of him, and her daughter will not have to worry about her job.

  So Han Hai naturally tried his best to set up the marriage between Qiu Mu Orange and Sun Yuhao.

  After toasting Sun Yuhao, Han Hai makes an excuse for Qiu Mu Orange to have a few more drinks with her.

  Han Li isn't lonely either and also wants her daughter to drink with her.

  Judging from this gesture, Han Hai and the others were preparing to get Qiu Mu Orange drunk.

  It's also true that Sun Yuhao says he has the patience to wait, but Han Li and Han Hai don't have it.

  What if it's too late and Sun Yuhao finds a new lover after a long time?

  That's why before Han Hai siblings had both discussed that they would get Qiu Mu Orange drunk at the dinner party later, and simply let Qiu Mu Orange and Sun Yuhao cook the rice directly at night.

  At that time, even if Qiu Mu Orange wanted to object, she couldn't, so naturally she would follow Sun Yuhao.

  "Daughter, mom is also doing this for your own good."

  "You'll have to suffer for the rest of your life if you follow this wimp Ye Fan."

  "And if you marry Sun Yuhao, you'll enjoy happiness for the rest of your life ah."

  Han Li said in her heart, then picked up the wine bottle and was about to continue filling it up for Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Well, there's no wine?"Han Li, however, was stunned.

  Sun Yuhao smiled, "It's fine, Mom, I'll just have them send another bottle."

  "Waiter, another bottle of good wine!"

  Sun Yuhao greeted, but at this time, Peng Zhenhua came over just in time with a bottle of wine.

  From a long distance away, Peng Zhenhua shouted respectfully to Mr. Little Ye Fan, "Mr. Little, I, Peng Zhenhua, am doubly honored that you have come to dine at my Haiyuan Pavilion.Specially sending a bottle of good wine as a meeting gift and also as an apology for the offense just now."

  "I go, aren't you the head manager of that restaurant?The one who just accompanied the Deputy Mayor?"

  "Head Manager Peng is too polite, you have an honorable status, how can we be so kind as to accept your wine?"Peng Zhenhua just came over, but Qiu Lei was so excited, he even got up and smiled, his mouth was grinning.The head of the Haiyuan Pavilion personally sent the wine, this is not a small face.

  However, Peng Zhenhua still didn't pay any attention to him, his eyes were always on Ye Fan, and he said respectfully, "I've been treasuring this Maotai wine for years, and I haven't been willing to drink it, but today I'm sending the good wine to the nobleman, so I hope that Mr. Little doesn't mind."

  Hearing Peng Zhenhua's words, Qiu Lei, Qiu Mu Orange and the others, however, were filled with doubts.

  Little Mister?

  Who's Mr. Little?

  Peng Zhenhua ignored the doubts of Qiu Lei and the others and was about to send the wine over to Ye Fan.

  However, Ye Fan was now frowning incessantly, waving his hand at Peng Zhenhua from afar, indicating that he should not send the wine.


  Ye Fan's gesture made Peng Zhenhua slightly confused, thinking could it be that Mr. Little wanted to keep a low profile and didn't want to expose his identity?

  "A tall man is a tall man ah, indifferent to fame and fortune, low profile, high profile accident ah."

  For a while, Peng Zhenying admired Ye Fan even more, and in the end, he didn't name Ye Fan's identity, just smiled and put the wine on the table.

  "Little sir eat and drink well ah, if there is anything you want, just tell me, I will be waiting over there."

  Peng Zhenying left even after sending the wine.

  Only leaving the table full of doubts behind him.

  "This old guy."

  The corner of Ye Fan's eye twitched and he cursed this old thing for being confused and not allowing him to send the wine.If this wine gets my wife drunk, see how I'll deal with you?

  "Strange, who is Mr. Little?"

  "Who's this Chief Steward Peng sending the wine at?"While Ye Fan was full of words, Qiu Lei was confused and asked.

  "There's no need to say that, it must be our Yuhao."

  "Just now, Yuhao ordered a bottle of wine, and that Head Manager Peng sent it over."

  "Ironically, it's definitely for Yuhao."

  "Mu Orange, see, this is power.This man is powerful, and everywhere he goes, people are sucking up to him."

  "Is it Yuhao?"Han Li was already so happy at this point.

  It seems that the couple has already treated Sun Yuhao as their son-in-law, regardless of the slightest thought of Ye Fan beside them.

  Sun Yuhao was a little confused at first, he didn't know that Peng Zhenhua, why did he just send the wine and apologize?

  Did I, Sun Yuhao, just get promoted to CEO of the company and my reputation has already spread to Yunzhou?

  Thinking of this, Sun Yuhao was undoubtedly more self-satisfied and straightened his waist a bit.


  "Brother Uho is really getting good at it?"

  "Even people in Yunzhou know your name."

  "This Jiangdong has just produced a Mr. Chu, looks like we're going to have another Mr. Sun in Jianghai?"Hanfield smiled and teased.


  "Mr. Chu, what Mr. Chu?Is it even better than our Yu Ho?"The two Han Li couples, however, were curious.

  "No, Brother Yuhao is the best."Han Fei Fei hehe smiled.

  Sun Yuhao but quickly angrily said, "Fifi, don't talk nonsense, Mr. Chu is the esteem of Jiangdong, King Chen Ao of Jiangdong is at his head, even Yunzhou Li Second Master, Jingzhou Lei Third Master, all respect him like a teacher, respect him like a father."

  "Mr. Chu is a talented warrior of Jiangdong that is hard to produce in a hundred years, how can I, Sun Yuhao, compare to Mr. Chu?"

  When he said this, Sun Yuhao's eyes were full of admiration, and his words were all filled with endless respect and admiration.

  Sun Yuhao had always been arrogant, but Mr. Chu, was the only person he had ever admired in his life!

  He even came to Yunzhou this time for Mr. Chu!

  "I go, is Mr. Chu that good?"

  "The Honor of Edo, huh?"

  "Then if he becomes my son-in-law, won't my Mu Orange be the Empress of Jiangdong, and won't I, Han Li, be the Empress?"Han Li said in shock, her eyes wide.

  "Haha, great aunt, just dream on, look who all wants to recruit as son-in-law~"

  "What kind of person is Mr. Chu, why would he look at a little guy like us?"

  The crowd laughed, but while everyone was joking, Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were always looking at Ye Fan, who was beside her.

  Of course she knew the name of Mr. Chu.

  Under Mount Tai, she had witnessed Mr. Chu become famous in a battle.

  It was just that since that day, Qiu Mu Orange had always had a crazy thought in her heart.

  So at this time, she looked at Ye Fan, wanting to see something different from him.

  However, he was disappointed.

  Throughout, Ye Fan was unmoved when he heard Mr. Chu's name.The entire person was as calm as water, as if he was listening to someone who had nothing to do with him.

  "Could it be, is it really me thinking too much?"

  Qiu Mu Orange looked at that man, a strange light flooding in her beautiful eyes.

"Also, I heard that this Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr. Chu will still show up at the Mid-Autumn Night Auction Yunzhou venue."

  "This time, my dad and brother Yuhao are here for this auction."

  "It's said that there will be one of Mr. Chu's mysterious auction items appearing at the Yunzhou venue at this auction."

  "The entire Jiangdong upper class circle is going crazy right now."

  "Many wealthy tycoons are nearly scrambling to come over to Yunzhou."

  "Great Aunt, this Mid-Autumn Festival, your Yunzhou city is bustling."

  Amongst the wine table, Han Fei Fei couldn't help but say.

  When talking about Mr. Chu, Han Fei Fei's words were also filled with admiration and reverence.

  That feeling was like a little fan girl talking about messing up her own idol star.

  After all, this kind of legendary figure who stood at the pinnacle of Jiangdong's power and influence, even without having to meet him, his status alone carried a great deal of charisma.

  "An auction?What auction?"

  "Where is it being held, it seems like a lot of fun, and your aunt and I would like to come over and join in the fun?"

  Han Li is a lonely person, once she heard Han Fei Fei's words, even busy asking where the auction was held, just as they were free that night of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

  However, Han Fei Fei shook her head and laughed, "Great Aunt, you can forget about that auction.That's simply not something we people can participate in."

  "The people going in are all top-tier dignitaries from all over Jiangdong, and the worst of them are worth a billion."


  "Worth a billion dollars at worst?"

  "Oh my God."

  "This people really are not equal ah."

  "Mu Orange, see the disparity, compared to the rich and powerful, we're just a few turtles, we don't even have the qualifications to enter, and I've never even heard of this Mid-Autumn Night Auction before~"

  Han Li sighed and felt the huge gap between the rich and the poor at once.

  This poor man and the rich man were indeed living in two different worlds.

  "Ah Yuhao, you have to work hard too."

  "We're very optimistic about you."

  "You may not be as good as Li Er, Mr. Chu and the others right now, but your biggest advantage is that you're younger than them ah."

  "Work harder, even if you can't climb to the same height as Mr. Chu, you have to climb to the same height as Yunzhou's Second Master Li."

  "So that we can follow your scenery as well."

  This was all that Han Li and her wife could do in their lives, and she could only place her hopes of making a name for herself on her son-in-law.

  As for her own daughter, she couldn't, a woman's family, a small fight was fine, but those who became great still had to rely on a man.

  That's why Han Li was dead set on letting Qiu Mu Orange marry a good man.

  When Sun Yuhao heard this, a touch of pride appeared at the corner of his mouth and said with a smile, "Mom, don't worry."

  "I already have a clear plan for my future life."

  "Maybe now I am not as good as Mr. Chu, not as good as Second Master Li, not as good as Chen Ao Chen, but I believe that in twenty years, or even ten years, all these people that I look up to now will be trampled under Sun Yuhao's feet."

  "When the time comes, I will make this Jiangdong have only one voice, and that is the voice of my Sun Yuhao!"

  Sun Yuhao proudly said, and the heavens and earth here, surprisingly, all that was left was Sun Yuhao's swinging reverberation.


  "Marry this when you're married!"

  "Mu Orange, look at that, that's manhood!"

  "And look at that wimp, he's worse than a woman.In front of Woo-ho, that wimp is a piece of shit~"

  Han Li and the others exclaimed, Qiu Lei even gave Sun Yuhao a thumbs up, and Han Fei Fei even adoringly shouted out a mighty brother Yuhao.

  But when they were praising Sun Yuhao, they still did not forget to step on Ye Fan.

  This praise and stomp, naturally let Qiu Mu orange see the difference between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao.When the time came, they wouldn't believe it, then wouldn't Qiu Mu Orange be impressed by Sun Yuhao's charisma?

  However, at this time, Ye Fan, who had his head bowed at the side and was drinking tea, suddenly laughed.

  "What are you laughing at?"

  While Sun Yuhao was proud of himself, this laughter of Ye Fan's was undoubtedly extremely unpleasant to him.

  It was as if a tiger's tail had been stepped on.

  What he hated the most was being laughed at for his ideals, it was looking down on him Sun Yuhao.

  Just like the current Ye Fan, the laughter at this time sounded like mockery no matter how it sounded.

  "Bastard, speak!"Sun Yuhao drank once again.

  Ye Fan originally didn't want to say anything, but seeing that Sun Yuhao had asked for it so much, he simply said, "Sun Shao, actually I'm not laughing at anything, I just hope that Sun Shao won't be overambitious, it's better to be down-to-earth."

  "Who is Mr. Chu?"

  "That's a star in the sky and a moon in the water, destined to be someone you can't touch for the rest of your life."

  "He's suave, he's handsome, he's uncommon, he's instrumental."

  "His talent is unmatched, his power is unmatched."

  "This kind of idol-like existence, let alone ten or twenty years, even if you were given thirty, fifty or even a lifetime to chase after him, you would still be out of reach!"

  "Even his toes, you can hardly reach~"

  Ye Fan's faint laughter, with an overbearing arrogance, slowly echoed in this world.

  If Nan Chen were here, I'm afraid that he would have already bent over with laughter, and would definitely think that his little brother Fan was really so shameless, a granny selling her own boast.

  Boasting about his suave and uncommonly handsome appearance, what a way to put together shamelessness!

  However, Ye Fan was not blushing and not jumping at all, as if nothing had happened, not feeling shy at all.

  It is just the way it is.

  What's wrong with boasting about yourself in front of your own wife?

  What's going on?!!!

  Isn't that a normal thing to do?

  It would also help to enhance the couple's relationship and increase their personal charm.

  Anyway, Ye Fan didn't blush in the slightest.

  But hearing Ye Fan's words, Sun Yuhao undoubtedly exploded instantly.

  He stood up with an angry scolding table with a bang.

  "You hillbilly, how dare you look down on me?"

  "What right do you have to defy me here!"

  "A door-to-door son-in-law, a country loser, what kind of a thing are you that you dare to talk at me like that here?"

  "You're a wimp yourself, don't think anyone else is a wimp just like you."

  "I dare you to think what you don't dare to think!"

  "What you can't do, I, Sun Yuhao, can definitely do!"

  "You'll never catch up to Mr. Chu in your life, but I can."

  "Who gave you the courage to defy me here, you country loser?"

  Sun Yuhao was furious, his words were so eloquent that they were only like golden stones falling to the ground.The words of anger, however, resounded back in the restaurant.

  That enraged and angry gaze was only like a sword, looking at Ye Fan as if he hated to cut him alive in his entirety.

  What he hated the most was someone who mocked his ideals.

  What's more, Ye Fan was still brushing his face in public and in front of Qiu Mu Orange, how could Sun Yuhao endure?


  "Uho talk, what are you interrupting, you wimp?"

  "You're a country bumpkin, if Yu Ho hadn't said it today, would you fucking know Mr. Chu?"

  "And with a tone of voice that's so hung over, if you don't know, you'll fucking think you're Mr. Chu himself?"Han Li was also cursing angrily, snickering and laughing.

  "Aunt, I told you not to let him eat together."

  "Just cause trouble here."

  "Just tell him to get lost, and make us unable to eat either!"Han Fei Fei was equally unkind to Ye Fan.

When I saw that everyone's spears were going to be pointed at Ye Fan, but Qiu Mu Orange saw the situation but quickly spoke out, "Fifi, if you keep being so rude, I'm going to get angry."

  "No matter how bad Ye Fan is, it's not your turn to teach him a lesson."

  Once again being fierce by Qiu Mu Orange, Han Fei Fei only felt aggrieved, "Sister Qiu, why are you just fierce at me and not at him."

  "We obviously didn't even take care of him, he's the one who's not looking for trouble."

  "We had a nice chat with Brother Yuhao, but he had to interfere and was so disrespectful to Brother Yuhao."

  "Is it still wrong for us to blame him?"

  "Brother Yuhao is an honored guest today, but look at Brother Yuhao being pissed off at that hillbilly."

  Han Fei Fei defended for a while.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also glaring at Ye Fan at this time, obviously also somewhat angry, blaming Ye Fan for causing her net trouble.

  Qiu Mu Orange knew that there was something wrong between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao, after all, the two of them had been at odds when they were in Jianghai.

  But today anyway her relatives are here, even if there is a conflict, it should be suppressed.Otherwise, wouldn't this be brushing her face?

  But in front of so many people, Qiu Mu Orange didn't blame Ye Fan and was ready to go home and take care of him.

  In front of outsiders, this being a woman, she always had to save some face for her man.

  "Sun Shao, I'm sorry."

  "He's just like that, he talks straight, but he doesn't mean any harm, so don't be angry."In the end, Autumn Mu Orange apologized for Ye Fan.

  Sun Yuhao was always a guest, and if she made a bad scene, she wouldn't be able to explain it on her uncle's side.

  "Forget it, since Mu Orange has pleaded for his life, I won't get along with him."

  "It's just that Brother Ye, Ben Shao reminds you of this life, recognize your own identity and also put yourself in the right position.Otherwise, the next time you offend someone and suffer yourself will be just fine, but if you involve Mu Orange again, it will be bad."Sun Yuhao said coldly, but that arrogant tone was filled with disdain.

  "Still, Yuhao is generous."

  "Come come come, let's eat our food, what's the point of caring about that wimp?"Han Li greeted the crowd and started to eat, halfway through the meal, she found that the food was a bit insufficient, so she greeted the waiter and came over to order.

  Peng Zhenhua had been paying attention to this table, a rare opportunity to get closer to Ye Fan, of course this Peng Zhenhua had to take it.

  "Head Chef Peng, do you have any special meals here?"Han Li asked.

  "Yes, those last few pages are all about our Sea Source Pavilion signature dishes."

  "Japanese Kobe beef, Michelin special top grade steaks, and selections to high-end European farms..."Peng Zhenhua couldn't stop introducing them.

  "I go, is this so upscale?"

  "In that case, on this page, all kinds of dishes are served to us."Han Li had never had such a top-notch meal before, so naturally she had to eat enough at once, and had her son-in-law to take the money anyway.

  "Mom, so much, will you eat all of it?Just ask for a few cold dishes at random."Qiu Mu Orange, however, was worried that the price was too expensive, but advised against it.

  Sun Yuhao smiled: "Mu Orange, our mother wants to eat, then let her eat that is, it's fine."

  "See, this daughter is just not as filial as her son-in-law.Head Manager Peng, just as I said, one of each.Also, Mr. Sun is here today, how can you send one bottle of wine, how can you send two bottles, good things come in pairs."

  "This...This..."Peng Zhenhua hesitated, but in the end, he bit his teeth and was also open-minded, "You're right, Mr. Little visited my Haiyuan Pavilion, how can you send a bottle of wine enough, good things come in pairs, I still have a bottle that has been treasured for ten years, I'll send it to Mr. Little."

  As he said this, Peng Zhenhua's eyes were on Ye Fan, obviously wanting Ye Fan to know that he was sending wine for you, you must have learned of this sentiment of mine ah, otherwise I would have sent this wine for nothing.

  "Also ah, head manager Peng, you see today we have so many dishes at this point, and Mr. Sun is personally here, when we settle the accounts later, even if it's not free, that a discount of 30% to 50%, it should be okay, right?"Han Li obviously caught the fleece gripping hard and kept taking advantage.

  Peng Zhenhua was downright cheerful, "Don't worry, with Mr. Little here, you'll definitely be satisfied when the time comes to pay the bill."


  "That's good that's good!"

  Han Li was so happy that after sending Peng Zhenhua away, she bragged to Sun Yuhao for a while, and couldn't stop praising Sun Yuhao's face.

  "Come, let's try this collector's edition of Maotai wine."

  "This kind of wine can really be priceless, even money can't buy it."

  "I guess it's only available at auctions~"

  In the midst of joking, Han Li was pouring wine for everyone, but only Ye Fan was left out.---

  "Mom, Evan's you haven't fallen yet?"Autumn Orange warned.

  "He doesn't drink it, just let him drink the water."

  "This is a collector's grade thatch, isn't it a waste for him to let him drink it if he's a hick?"Han Li, however, didn't even look at Ye Fan, then greeted everyone with a drink.

  "Mu Orange, drink~"

  "Just a small sip, how is that going to work?"

  "Could it be that you're not happy to see your uncle come?"Han Hai and the others started pouring Qiu Mu Orange wine again.

  With no choice, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't push it out, so she had to bite her teeth and drink another cup.

  But as soon as this side was put down, Sun Yuhao came to toast Qiu Mu Orange again.

  "Mu Orange, just now, you toasted me.This cup of wine, I'll toast you again."

  "Come on, it's not a mitzvah~"

  Sun Yuhao smiled.

  "Come on, Mu Orange.Have a drink with Yuhao~" the Han Li couple and the others also persuaded from the side.

  Qiu Mu Orange couldn't help but excuse herself, but the table full of people were advising her, and Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to spoil everyone's fun.

  "Alright, but it's really the last cup."

  However, just as Qiu Mu Orange lifted the wine cup and was about to drink it with a hard scalp, a palm peeked over and directly took the glass from Qiu Mu Orange's hand.

  "Sun Shao, I'll drink this wine for her."

  "I'll drink it, you do as you please."

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, and then in the midst of Qiu Mu Orange's terrified gaze, he lifted the wine cup and drank it all.

  Sun Yuhao's eyebrows immediately furrowed.

  Han Hai and the others were furious when they saw Ye Fan spoiling their plans, "Ye Fan, what kind of a thing are you, what qualification does a wimp like you have to drink for Mu Orange?"

  "That's right, you wimp, I didn't even say I'd drink for her as a mother, who the hell are you to drink for my daughter?"

  In the face of Han Hai Han Li and the others' reprimanding voices, but Ye Fan laughed and looked calm, word for word, "No why, just because, she, Qiu Mu Orange, is my Ye Fan's woman."

  "With this one, I'm qualified to block the wine for her."

  Ye Fan's voice wasn't very loud, but within that low tone, there was a power that shook the heart.

  It was as if a generation of kings, standing on their own territory, proclaiming their sovereignty like the entire world!

  It's been a day, since the arrival of Sun Yuhao, Han Li bite one son-in-law, one my Yuhao, Sun Yuhao even shouted at his mother.

  What, do you really think that he Ye Fan is easy to bully?Do you really think he's a loser who can't speak and pretend not to hear?

  If it wasn't for Qiu Mu Orange's face, if it wasn't for the fact that these people were all relatives, Ye Fan would have already torn his face from him.

  Ye Fan's words were tantamount to telling them in a forceful manner, whose wife was Qiu Mu Orange, and who was his man?!

"I'll fuck it up!"

  "You're really dead shameless."

  "And Mu Orange is your woman, why don't you ask Mu Orange if she recognizes you as her husband?"

  "You're a wimp, a poor country bumpkin, who gave you the courage to speak up here?"

  "Mu Orange, tell him that you've admitted that this wimp hasn't."

  "Smash this wimp's dog face and make him sober up!"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Han Li was undoubtedly furious and cursed angrily at Ye Fan, and finally even looked to the side to make Autumn Mu Orange battle team.

  "Mom, have you made enough noise?!"

  "It's just fine for you to be capricious at home, but now that you're outside, do you have to make such a mess of our family?"

  "Yes, Ye Fan is not as rich or successful as others."

  "He came from a poor background, and even joined the Qiu family to become a son-in-law."

  "No matter how incompetent Ye Fan is, you have to admit that legally, he is my husband."

  At the time of Han Li's anger, Qiu Mu Orange, who was on the side, finally couldn't help but explode as well, scolding Han Li in a furious voice, but her pair of beautiful eyes were red.

  She was really fed up, scolding all day long at home, and still being like this outside.

  A good meal was still uncomfortable for people to eat.

  What made Qiu Mu Orange even more dissatisfied was that his mother didn't consult her in the slightest, so she took one mouthful of Yuhao son-in-law, and also let Sun Yuhao call her mother.

  Don't you think it's embarrassing?

  "You~ You~"

  "Good you Autumn Mu Orange, for a wimp, you dare to yell at your mother?"

  "I've really raised you for nothing all these years!"

  Han Li was simply trembling with anger.

  She was thinking of letting her daughter hit Ye Fan's dog face, but Han Li never thought that Autumn Mu Orange not only didn't help herself, but also spoke to Ye Fan.

  "Okay, Han Li."

  "You should also say less!"

  "Uho is here, are we still allowed to eat?"Han Hai put down his chopsticks and stared fiercely, so Han Li lost her voice.

  For her brother, Han Li had always still respected her.

  But Han Li still carried anger, sitting there with an ugly face, looking at Ye Fan's eyes even more disgusted.

  After telling Han Li to shut up, Han Hai was now looking at Ye Fan: "OK, still know how to block wine for Mu Orange, quite capable, right?"

  "In that case, I'll let you block!"

  "Don't blame others if you make a fool of yourself when the time comes."

  Han Hai snorted, then sent Han Fei Fei out to buy a few bottles of Two Pot Head.

  It looked like Han Hai was going to pour Ye Fan wine.

  This hillbilly was only worthy of drinking two pot of wine.

  "Here, fill him up!"

  "If you're a man, don't be a wimp."

  Han Hai smiled coldly and asked Han Fei Fei to fill up the wine for Ye Fan.

  "Brother, you..."Han Li, however, was a little worried, was it okay for her brother to drink so much wine?

  "Aunt, don't worry.My dad is a super good drinker, and he's never been drunk when he accompanies the leaders in the company.We'll just wait to see that hillbilly make a fool of himself later."Han Fei Fei, however, said unkindly.

  At this time, Ye Fan had already been drinking with Han Hai.

  One cup at a time, the wine went down the throat and intestines.

  "Ye Fan, don't drink it."

  "My uncle often accompanies wine at work, how could you possibly drink it over him?"

  Of course, Qiu Mu Orange knew that her uncle was trying to get Ye Fan drunk and see him embarrassed by making a fool of himself.

  But Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "Mu Orange, it's fine.The wine that uncle has toasted, how can we, who are the juniors, not drink it."

  "As long as uncle dares to toast, I dare to drink."


  He's awesome!

  Let's see if you can still say that when you're drunk as a fool.

  "Mu Orange, leave him alone, let him drink."

  "Anyway, Brother Ye Haiqiu, a thousand glasses won't be enough~

  Sun Yuhao scoffed and laughed, looking like he was watching a good show.

  Han Fei Fei, Han Li and the others were also waiting to see Ye Fan make a fool of himself.

  Only Qiu Mu Orange was so angry that her pretty face was red, and she didn't listen to how she tried to persuade Ye Fan, and was still there sparring with Han Hai.

  Han Hai had been in the drinking scene for a long time, and his drinking capacity was something that Ye Fan could compare with?

  Isn't that what he's doing?

  Later, Autumn Mu Orange saw that he couldn't be persuaded.

  "Let him drink, and finally drink you to death, you bastard~"

  "When you're drunk as hell, I promise to leave you alone!"Qiu Mu Orange's nose was on the verge of becoming angry.

  But Ye Fan and Han Hai, the two of them are still playing with each other, clinking glasses of wine, a glass full of spirits to drink up.

  It seems to have gone down four pounds of liquor, but Ye Fan is still fine, his face is not red and his heart is not jumping, sitting peacefully with a smile on his lips, still drinking with Han Hai.

  Han Hai, on the other hand, has a full head, red face and a thick neck, and has made several trips to the toilet.

  "Dad, why don't we just forget about it?"Hanfield got a little worried, but advised.

  "Count on it!"

  "Today I must frustrate this poor country bumpkin!"

  "Let him know how many eyes the Horse King has!"

  Han Hai was obviously on a roll with Ye Fan, and the evil fire was rising in his heart.

  He didn't believe it, he still couldn't beat a bumpkin?

  In a fit of rage, Han Hai clinked seven or eight more glasses with Ye Fan, and finally couldn't hold on any longer and fell to the ground with a bang, twitching and foaming at the mouth.



  "Call 120, call 120~"

  "It's alcoholism!"

  "How much has this fucking drink been?"

  Han Li and the others were terrified, and the surrounding patrons gathered around to save the man, finally calling the emergency number to have Han Hai taken to the hospital.

  Qiu Mu Orange accompanied them to the hospital, while Han Li and the others continued to stay at Haiyuan Pavilion.

  But after this stall, Han Fei Fei and the others were obviously not in the mood to eat either.Ye Fan, however, remained calm and lowered his head to drink a cup of tea.

  When Han Li saw this, she was instantly angry, then walked over and picked up the cup of tea in Ye Fan's hand and directly smashed it on the ground.


  Between the porcelain tiles shooting everywhere, Han Li's angry curses followed.

  "You still have the fucking face to stay here?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  "You're a dead shameless wimp."

  "If anything happens to my brother, I, Han Li, am not done with you!"Han Li cursed with red eyes.

  Han Fei Fei also hated Ye Fan with gritted teeth, "A good meal, all spoiled by you."

  "I advise you to better pray that my dad is alright, or I'll never let you go either!"

  "You redneck, get out~"

  Sun Yuhao on the side also sneered and said coldly, "An incompetent superfluous son-in-law with little ability to cause trouble."

  "Why don't you get out of here?"

  "There's no place for you to eat here!"

  "Get lost~" for a time, Han Li and the others all shouted in anger and did their best to tell Ye Fan to get lost.

  Now they were really regretting eating at the same table with Ye Fan.

  Had they known that this hick was so capable of causing trouble, they wouldn't have let him in the table even if they were dead.

  At this moment, Han Li and the others, just like blaming all the blame and anger on Ye Fan.

  But they don't even think about the fact that they are the ones who insulted Ye Fan all along, and even when they pour wine into him, it's Han Hai who pours it into him.In the end, Han Hai's own alcohol poisoning had nothing to do with Ye Fan.

  But where does Han Li and the others care about this, poverty is the original sin, in their eyes, all the fault is Ye Fan, the poor countryside alone.

  No ability or ability, but only the part of being a battered man.

  Facing Han Li and the others' ex-husbands, Ye Fan didn't say anything and didn't bother to explain them.

  He got up and swept his faint gaze over them~


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