Dish Best Served Cold 171-175


Chapter 171

"I can't believe it's off?"

  "This woman, nothing really happened to her, did it?"

  Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, but he was faintly worried.

  But Ye Fan thought about it, with Xu Lei's power and status, there shouldn't be anything serious happening.

  But out of concern between friends, Ye Fan still called and asked Li Er.

  The two of them, Li Er and Xu Lei, had always been in competition in Yunzhou.

  Although their relationship was good on the surface, their private competition was fierce.

  After all, one mountain couldn't contain two tigers.Li Er and Xu Lei were not exactly enemies, but they were definitely competitors.

  There is a saying in Huaxia that the one who does understand you is not yourself, but your opponent.

  Therefore, in the entire Yunzhou, if you say that the one who understands Xu Lei the best is only Li Er, Xu Lei's rival for many years.


  "Did you say someone from the Xu Lei family?"After hearing Old Man Li's narrative, Ye Fan was curious.

  "Yes, Mr. Chu.A few days ago, the Red Flag Group came to a few people from outside the country, and after I carefully learned about them, I guessed that they should be elders among the Xu Lei family."

  "I guess something is happening among the Xu Lei family, right?"

  "And by the looks of it, Xu Lei should be transferred out of Yunzhou by her family.The heads of the Red Flag Group have all changed, and yesterday, Xu Lei has resigned from her position as president of the Red Flag Group."

  "Oh, and this?"Ye Fan was also slightly surprised, but didn't expect that Xu Lei would have to leave so suddenly.

  But after Ye Fan learned about this matter, he didn't ask much.After all, it was the Xu family's family matter, and Ye Fan, an outsider, naturally had no qualifications to meddle in people's family matters.

  "But Xu Lei's family, it wouldn't be that Xu family from Yanjing in Huaxia, would it?"

  When he thought of this, however, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

  He hadn't expected that Xu Lei's background was so strong.

  But thinking about it, Xu Lei, a woman, even if she did have some wrists, it was impossible for her to rely on her own energy alone to be able to make the Red Flag Group this far in Yunzhou?

  What's more, Xu Lei was also the regional director of Red Flag Bank while taking charge of the group.

  According to Ye Fan's understanding, if you want to become the regional director of Red Flag Bank, apart from your own strong ability, another thing is your strong family background.

  After learning about Xu Lei's case, Ye Fan was relieved.

  Before he was worried about something happening to Xu Lei, but now it seemed that he was overly worried.It was just a visitor from Xu Lei's family, blood relatives, so naturally, he would not harm Xu Lei, so Ye Fan was no longer worried.

  However, just as Ye Fan was about to hang up the phone, Li Er was the one who requested, "Mr. Chu, in a few days, it will be the Mid-Autumn Festival, and every year, the Yunzhou City Government will unite enterprises and rich merchants to hold some celebrations, and the most lively one is the auction held in the Mountain and Water Hall."

  "This year, I, Li Er, have planned it, in order to increase the gimmick of this auction, I hope Mr. Chu can do me a favor and take out an item to be auctioned at the auction."

  Li Er hadn't finished speaking, but Ye Fan then interrupted him, shaking his head and laughing, "You old man, your idea actually hit me?"

  "That mouth of mine is so tightly regulated that I have to save money for food, so how can I put anything up for auction?"

  "This kind of thing, you might as well go to Shen Jiuyi, that old guy has a lot of treasures at home, the last time he did it was the real Tang Bohu."

  "Alright, no more nonsense with you, my wife will be off work soon, I have to rush back to cook."Ye Fan was about to hang up the phone.

  Li Er, however, quickly returned, "Don't, Mr. Chu."

  "I've already thought of everything for you, no need for you to take any baby, just you..."

  Li Er was droning on the phone for a while.

  Ye Fan heard the end, but smiled back, "Yes, Old Two.With your business acumen, you deserve to make money."

  "Alright, I promise you.I can give you what you want, and you can just auction it at that time.As for the auction site, I won't go over there, I'm too lazy to go."

  Li Er hehely smiled: "Mr. Chu, you shouldn't be in a hurry to say you won't go.I believe that when the time comes, it's not up to you to go or not?"

  "Well?"Ye Fan was stunned, not knowing what Li Er meant by that.

  Li Er didn't say anything more, and after saying hello to Mr. Chu, he hung up the phone with a smile on his face.

  After hanging up the phone, Li Er then summoned the two Jinbao Yinbao.

  "Go, you guys arrange for me to get two invitations for the "Mid-Autumn Night" and have them sent over to Miss Qiu Mu Orange Qiu.Remember, make sure to get Miss Autumn to personally agree to go to attend."

  "At that time, when Madam Chu arrives, I'm still afraid that Mr. Chu won't go?"

  Li Er smiled with a wickedly calculating smile.

  If he couldn't invite Mr. Chu, he wouldn't believe that Autumn Mu Orange couldn't call out to him yet?

  Ye Fan's fear of his wife was well known in the Jiangdong Big Brother circle!

  The "Mid-Autumn Night" auction is hosted by Li Er, if Mr. Chu can personally give him a boost, Li Er will be very proud of himself.

  Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and the others will have to look up to him as well.

  After all, the current Ye Fan, after the Taishan Martial Arts Competition, no matter the power and status has stood at the pinnacle of Yunzhou, just like the current master of Jiangdong.

  An auction that even the Lord of Jiangdong was attending, this fucking propagated outwards, the compelling style was undoubtedly instantly elevated much higher.


  "With Mr. Chu's gimmick, at the Mid-Autumn Night Auction, I'll see how Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and the others can compete with my penis."

  "When the time comes, my Yunzhou venue will be full of rich and powerful people, and it will be bustling with big names.And the Jianghai venue and the Jingzhou venue will be so quiet and deserted that Chen Ao, Lei Laosan and the others will be afraid that they will die of anger!"

  The thought of the bitter expressions of Chen Ao and the others when the time comes, Li Laoshi's heart was so happy.

  The Mid-Autumn Night Auction is held by many cities in Jiangdong.

  Not only Yunzhou city, every year in the past, Mid-Autumn Festival, Jianghai as well as Jingzhou and other economically developed cities also held it.

  But there are just so many rich buyers who have the money and energy to bid for the auction, and with so many cities holding it all at once, of course Li Lao Er, Chen Ao and the others have to find a way to attract those rich businessmen to their territory.

  So in the past, at this time of the year, Jiangdong land would stage an overwhelming propaganda war, widely proclaiming the precious auction items in their own city to attract buyers to move in.

  But in the previous few years, there was a big gap between Li Lao Er and Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and the others, both in terms of financial strength and the quality of the lots, so every time the Mid-Autumn Night Auction Yunzhou venue was exceptionally quiet.The rich and powerful were snatched away by Chen Ao and the others, so naturally there was not much turnover in the Yunzhou auction, and the money Li Er and the others earned after this ordeal was not as much as the money spent on setting up the venue?

  But fortunately, this year, a true dragon had appeared on their Yunzhou land.

  Li Er was fully confident that by relying on this true dragon, Mr. Chu, this Mid-Autumn Night Auction Yunzhou venue would be the brightest star in the land of the river and sea that night!


After Ye Fan finished his conversation with Li Er, he also turned around and prepared to go home.

  However, Ye Fan is not the slightest bit noticed, not far from him around the corner, a black Mercedes-Benz car, but has been parked for a long time.

  The car window half open, inside a graceful and noble woman, just like this silently watching, like water beautiful eyes, all in front of the man's thin and upright back.

  "Mr. Xu, won't you go over and have a word with him?"In the driver's seat, Xu Lei's assistant, Lin Wenjing, however, could not bear it in her heart and advised in a low voice.

  "No, one glance is enough."Xu Lei shook her head and smiled, a faint voice, but with inexplicable emotions.No one knew what was going through this graceful and elegant woman's mind at this time.

  "But Mr. Xu, are you really not going to tell Mr. Chu, tell him of your feelings, tell him that you actually... more than ten years ago."Lin Wenjing still wanted to say more, but she was interrupted by Xu Lei.

  "What's the point of saying it?He has started a family."

  "Some words are much better hidden in your heart than spoken."

  "Alright Wen Jing, we should leave too, Uncle Sam and the others should be waiting."

  "I've been away from home for ten years, and now, the people I've searched for, I've found; the people I want to see, I've met.It's also time for me to return to the family, to do my duty as a descendant of the Xu family."

  The faint voice, like the soft cry of a nightingale, slowly blew across the edge of this cloudy lake.

  The vehicle started up, and the low voice, like the howl of a wild beast, but in this part of the world, quietly rang out.

  The black Mercedes-Benz, like a sharp sword, tore open that vast and majestic huge canopy, towards that unknown front, racing madly!

  Inside the car, a low melody slowly sounded.

  Xu Lei didn't say another word, just sat there quietly by herself, turning her head to look at the world outside the window.

  There, the endless trees retreating madly, the green leaves, but in Xu Lei's eyes nearly pulled into a line.

  Back then, when Xu Lei left the family privately, it was also like this, sitting in the car, quietly watching the roadside trees fly by.

  However, who would have thought that in the blink of an eye, it had already been nearly ten years.

  "Brother Fan, it's been ten years, that thank you from back then, I still couldn't say it to you after all."

  Unconsciously, the tears had actually blurred Xu Lei's eyes.

  The glittering tears that slid down into the heavens and earth, but broken into beads and strung into threads.

  "I've often heard people say that separation is for a better reunion."

  "Wen Jing, do you think I'll still have the chance to see my brother Fan again in the future?"

  Inside the car, Xu Lei said with tears in her eyes.

  Lin Wenjing's heart was like a knife in her chest, after staying by Xu Lei's side for so many years, this was the first time she had seen, Xu Lei so sad and in tears.

  Only now did Lin Wenjing Fang know what kind of place that man had in Xu Lei's heart?

  "Mr. Xu, will do."

  "You and Mr. Chu, you'll definitely see each other again."

  "I promise!"

  Low words, with conviction.

  Like comfort, but more like a promise!

  A silent silence ensued inside the car.

  Soon, Lin Wenjing drove Xu Lei, and slowly stopped at the suburban intersection of Yunzhou City.

  "Ten years of drifting, Lei Lei, welcome home."

  There, there was a middle-aged man, dressed in a flashy suit, standing there just like that, facing Xu Lei, opening his arms.

  Behind him, a dozen or so big men in suits all bowed to greet him, paying respects.

  "Welcome Miss home!"


  "Welcome home Miss!"

  The voices that rose and fell, gathering into a stream, but trembled the entire world.

  Xu Lei's face was expressionless, no reply, just nodded to her third uncle, and then sat in the car.

  The delicate pretty face could not see the slightest emotion, much less any joy and pleasure of returning home after a long absence.

  The middle-aged man only smiled helplessly as he saw the situation, "After so many years, your temper hasn't changed at all, Lei Lei."

  After saying that, the middle-aged man waved his hand and drank in a deep voice.

  "Let's go!"


  The wheels sped, and that one luxury car seemed like a sword piercing the heavens and the earth, and in a split second, a storm swept through the land of Yunzhou.

  Before leaving, Xu Lei took one last look back at the place behind her where she had stayed for nearly ten years.

  Red lips lightly opened, and with an inaudible voice, she said goodbye.

  Just wonder, who was Xu Lei saying this goodbye for?

  Naturally, Ye Fan had no knowledge of Xu Lei's matter.

  Willow Garden neighborhood.

  Ye Fan who had just walked to his door, but he found that there were a few more cars downstairs of his house.

  "I don't know who the guests are, it seems quite rich, a five series BMW, this car is not something ordinary people can afford to drive ah?"

  Evan said to himself, and just as he was about to go upstairs, he met a few people walking down.


  "Why are they here?"

  Ye Fanton frowned in confusion.

  At this time, the one who came down from upstairs was none other than Qiu Mu Orange's parents, Han Li and Qiu Lei.

  But what made Ye Fan confused was not the couple, but the three people beside Han Li.

  Those three people Ye Fan did know, and they were Qiu Mu Orange's uncle Han Hai, and her cousin Han Fei Fei.The handsome young man next to him, who was laughing and joking with Han Li, was not a stranger, but the rich second generation, Sun Yuhao, whom he had met in Jianghai.

  The last trip to Jianghai, Ye Fan went with Qiu Mu Orange to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Han, and there were many twists and turns.Even Ye Fan Qiu Mu Orange couple had a lot of trouble with Han Li's mother's family as a result.

  Ye Fan thought that he would probably never see her again in the future, but he didn't expect that he would run into her again today.

  And it was Han Hai and the others who personally came to their door.

  Ye Fan had to wonder, for good reason, why did Qiu Mu Orange's uncle arrive?

  And with Sun Woo-ho?

  Why bring him, not a relative.

  Naturally, Ye Fan doesn't have any good feelings for Sun Yuhao.

  Nonsense, what man has a crush on someone who covets his wife?

  But displeasure in his heart aside, Han Hai was after all Qiu Mu Orange's elder, and for the sake of his wife's face, this proper courtesy was still required.

  "Uncle, what are you guys doing here?"

  "Why didn't you tell me beforehand so I could pick you up with Mu Orange."

  Ye Fan smiled warmly.

  However, Han Hai and the others didn't even look at Ye Fan, and for Ye Fan's greeting, it was even more as if they hadn't heard it and directly ignored it.

  As for Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife, they had been lovingly ignoring Ye Fan and never looked at him, so naturally they would not pay any attention to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan was just like an invisible man who was dried up and left alone.


  It's fine if you don't talk to me. I don't want to talk to you.

  With a cold smile, Ye Fan simply stopped paying attention to them and turned his head and went upstairs.

  "Yuhao ah, I'm really too happy that you're here."

  "You don't know ah, ever since Mu Orange came back from Jianghai last time, she's been missing you, if she wasn't so busy with work, she probably would've gone to Jianghai to look for you."

  "Tonight, we'll be the host and pick you up, you're not allowed to steal from us."After going downstairs, all the way down, Han Li was holding onto Sun Yuhao's hand tightly and not letting go, that joyful and enthusiastic look, and the way she treated Ye Fan, it was completely two people ah, worlds apart.


"Alright great aunt, if you're still so enthusiastic, but my brother Yuhao will be scared off by you oh."

  "You and brother Yuhao will have plenty of time to talk at night, I'm so hungry right now, let's quickly pick up sister Qiu and then go eat together."

  At this time, Han Fei Fei seemed to be hungry, but she interrupted the conversation between Song Li and Sun Yuhao and complained softly.

  "Fifi is right, let's go to the office first to pick up Mu Orange, then we'll go have a big meal as a family."

  "It's Yuhao's first time in Yunzhou, he definitely has to be entertained."Song Li was so excited, the more she looked at Sun Yuhao, the happier she was, but that look was like a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.

  Especially after seeing Sun Yuhao driving a BMW, the smile on her face is naturally more intense, "family" this kind of words but directly out.

  In the excitement, Han Li then greeted everyone to get into the car to pick up Qiu Mu orange, and then go to dinner together.

  "Auntie, do you know where Mu Orange's company is?"

  Sun Yuhao had already driven out of the neighborhood, and that's when he asked where to pick up Autumn Mu Orange.

  Han Li slapped her thigh, "Oh no, Mu Orange just changed companies, I don't know where to work."

  "That's right, that wimp Ye Fan has been there, he should know."

  "I'm going to call him to come over on his bike and lead the way for us in front!"

  Han Li is just at this time to think about Ye Fan, and then called Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan was looking at the phone on the sofa at this time, and when he saw the phone ring, he saw that it was still Han Li calling, and Ye Fan took a look at it and then threw it away again, ignoring it.

  "Thinking of your son-in-law at this time?"

  "What did you do already."

  Evan laughed and continued to watch TV at his leisure.


  "And that wimp won't even answer my calls?"

  "It's so anti-climactic!"

  Han Li was obviously pissed off as well, and called several times in a row without Ye Fan picking up.

  In the end, Han Li had no choice but to ask Sun Yuhao to put the car back and let Han Fei Fei go upstairs to call out to Ye Fan.

  However, what Han Li didn't expect is that after Han Fei Fei shouted at the door for half a day, Ye Fan didn't even pay attention to her, let alone open the door for her.

  In the end, Han Fei Fei was so angry that she only scolded and came down, saying that she wouldn't open the door for shouting.


  "Did this guy eat leopard guts?"

  "How dare he not open the door even to my mother's family?"

  Han Li was so angry that she ended up shouting outside the door herself...And didn't shout open.

  "Ye Fan, open the door!"

  "I'm Mu Orange's uncle, so come out and open the door!"

  At this time, Han Hai and Sun Yuhao all came to shout at the door, and even Han Hai showed his identity.

  But in the room, Ye Fan still pretended not to hear, the sound of the TV turned on loud, lying on the sofa while knocking melon seeds and smiling cozily.

  The company is not a saint who repays grievances with virtue, but those who pretended not to see him just now, and now he is also pretending not to hear.

  It's not a matter of reciprocity.

  "Aunt, will that Ye Fan not be home?"Han Fei Fei, however, asked in a deep voice.

  "No way, that wimp was still wandering around right under our noses just now, how could he not be home?"

  Outside the door, Han Li Han Hai and the others were nearly mad.

  Han Li was even more furious and gnashed her teeth.

  Han Hai also had a gloomy old face and said with a cold snort, "This country boy is deliberately pretending not to hear.He's getting back at us for ignoring him just now."

  "Hmph, a country bumpkin with no ability and no temper?"

  "And you really fucking think you're a big shot?"

  Han Hai was undoubtedly disgusted with Ye Fan.

  Thinking about the previous time in Dongyang Town, that Ye Fan foxed the tiger and used the might of the big bosses in Jiangdong to suppress their Han family, stirring up the old lady's big birthday and making their Han family lose face and humiliation.

  At that time, all the big bosses from all sides came to pay their respects, which undoubtedly frightened the entire Han family.

  The old lady was so frightened that she fell ill that night.

  Thinking that their Han family was truly doomed!

  Thought that Ye Fan was really an awesome big shot!

  But then a few days later, the Han family resolutely discovered that no calamity had befallen their Han family.

  Han Hai was working at the company as usual, and Han He was still the town mayor, and everything was as usual.The only change might be that Lei Ao Ting as well as Chen Haisheng, the dude, really cut off his friendship with Mo Wenxuan.

  But that's all!

  At that time, Han Hai felt that the situation was not right, so he asked Sun Yuhao to help investigate Ye Fan's true identity.

  But in the end, this Ye Fan was still a country bumpkin, his father wasn't there, only one mother was farming in the countryside, and later joined the Qiu family as a door-to-door son-in-law, completely the template of a poor loser wimp, not a big man at all.

  In the end, after Sun Yuhao told Han Hai about the results of the investigation, Han Hai was still unsure and made a special trip to the Chen Clan, where he met the Chen Ao's Chen Clan executives through his connections and asked them if they knew someone named Ye Fan.

  As a result, Han Hai asked all over the Chen Clan, and none of them had heard of the name Ye Fan, let alone any bullish big man.

  It was only then that Han Hai was sure that it was a complete false alarm, that Ye Fan wasn't some big shot.With so many big names coming to pay their respects that day, it was very likely that he was paying homage to the wrong person.

  After all, Han Hai remembered that day when Chen Ao and the others came to celebrate Lady Chu's birthday, but God knows, that day wasn't even Qiu Mu Orange's birthday.

  It was already obvious that Chen Ao and the others were obviously paying homage to the wrong person.

  Although this explanation was far-fetched, but compared to Ye Fan who was a big shot, this explanation was obviously much more reasonable.

  Therefore, after the misunderstanding was resolved, Ye Fan was still the same incompetent superfluous son-in-law from the countryside as before in the eyes of Han Hai and the others.

  This kind of useless person, Han Hai and the others naturally wouldn't look at him with positive eyes.

  However, it was unlikely that Han Hai would have thought that the reason why the Han family had escaped last time was solely because later on, Ye Fan had let their Han family off the hook by looking at the sadness of Qiu Mu Orange.

  Unfortunately, now it seemed that the Han family had not learned their lesson.

  Seeing that it was getting dark, Han Li and the others had no choice but to call Qiu Mu Orange and ask where her company was so they could pick her up.

  "Ye Fan knows, you guys just let Ye Fan bring you here."

  "Don't mention that wimp, your uncle is here, he doesn't have any manners at all, he even locked us out, no matter how much he shouts, he won't open the door."At the mention of Ye Fan, Han Li was full of anger.

  But Qiu Mu Orange wasn't an idiot, she naturally wouldn't listen to her mother's side of the story: "Plain and simple, how could Ye Fan pretend not to hear?"

  "I go, what do you mean, so it's our fault?"Hearing that her own daughter had even spoken for Ye Fan, Han Li was undoubtedly even angrier.

  "You know it in your heart."Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to say anything else, then hung up the phone, while calling Ye Fan.

  After just one ring, Ye Fan answered it.

  If Han Li and the others saw it they would probably be pissed off!

  "Evan, my uncle is here, bring them over to me, they don't recognize the way."

  "Okay, I'm coming!"Ye Fan was very simply agreeable.

  "Right, Ye Fan, I've wronged you."Qiu Mu Orange hesitated and finally apologized to Ye Fan on behalf of her loved ones.

  She could guess that I'm afraid that her own uncle and the others, just now, had embarrassed Ye Fan again.

  But Ye Fan smiled cheaply, "Honey, are you feeling sorry for your husband me?"

  "Get out!"

  With a snap of her fingers, Autumn Mu Orange hung up the phone, her pretty face flushed.

  Obviously, she was still very uncomfortable with such fleshy words from Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly.

  "This arrogant woman, she's obviously distressed and still won't admit it to me?"

  At this time, there was another furious knock on the door from Han Li and the others outside.

  Ye Fan shook his head, "Just."

  "For the sake of my wife's face, I won't get along with you guys."


Ye Fan eventually opened the door for them, but naturally he was not exempt from a rebuke.

  "Are you deaf?"

  "All of us shouting at you and you can't even pretend to hear?"

  "If you don't want to stay in this house, get out with me!"

  "Go back to your country home!"

  Han Li was so angry that she gritted her teeth and cursed at Ye Fan.

  Her mother's family had a hard time coming here, but this Ye Fan even gave his mother's family a face, of course Han Li was angry.

  "No manners at all, you really don't know manners, you're a country bumpkin."

  "Don't you know how to greet my mother's family when you meet them?"Han Li shouted angrily at Ye Fan again.

  But Ye Fan looked around with an aggrieved face, "Mom, where is anyone?How come I didn't see your mother's family here?"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Han Hai and the others were close to dying of anger.

  What did Ye Fan mean by that, didn't he treat them like human beings?

  "Are you blind that you can't see a man as big as my brother standing in front of you?"Han Li also scolded angrily.

  Only then did it dawn on Ye Fan, who quickly looked at Han Hai with an apologetic smile, "Oh, so it's really uncle."

  "I shouted earlier, but uncle didn't agree.I thought it was my bad eyes that mistook the wrong person.Now it seems that the one with bad eyes is someone else ah?"

  "Once this person gets old, his hearing and vision all start to diminish, so uncle should pay attention to his body in the future and not be too busy with work."

  Ye Fan's words, however, carried a touch of sarcasm.


  "I don't need a country bumpkin to worry about my health!"

  With an iron face, Han Hai didn't bother to pay attention to Ye Fan's barbed words, and with a cold snort, he turned his head and went downstairs.

  "Change your slippers, then take us to Mu Orange."

  Han Li ordered at her command, but there was undisguised disgust in that tone.

  A few people then went downstairs as well, waiting for Ye Fan to change his shoes and then show them the way.

  "Ah Yuhao, don't misunderstand."

  "This wimp is nominally Mu Orange's husband, but that's all imaginary."

  "Our family has never thought of him as a son-in-law, and Mu Orange has never looked at him properly."

  "For three years of marriage, they've been sleeping separately.My family Mu Orange never even let that trash hold hands."

  "If that confused grandfather of Mu Orange hadn't forced our family back then, otherwise our Mu Orange would never have married such a hick."

  "Now that our family is completely free of the Qiu family's control, Mu Orange's happiness in life from now on is in the hands of us parents, so we no longer have to listen to outsiders."

  "I'll have them both divorce in a few days."

  "When the time comes, who Mu Orange marries will still not be a matter of our old man's word?"

  On the way down the stairs, as if afraid of misunderstanding Sun Yuhao, Han Li couldn't stop explaining.


  Sun Yuhao was not a fool, and naturally heard the meaning of Han Li's words, then smiled and said, "Aunt Han, then I'll have to trouble Aunt and Uncle you about Mu Orange."

  "Don't you worry, if Mu Orange follows me, I will be able to take care of her better than Ye Fan."

  "By the way, this is a gift I brought to the two elders from Jianghai, I hope that auntie and uncle will like it."

  In between the words, Sun Yuhao gave an exquisite gift box to the two Han Li couples.

  It was a pair of gold ornaments, one was a Guanyin and the other was a Buddha.

  The man wore the Goddess of Mercy and the woman wore the Buddha.

  It had to be said that Sun Yuhao had really put some thought into trying to please Qiu Mu Orange's parents.

  Naturally, Han Li was overjoyed and couldn't wait to hold the little golden Buddha in her arms, even letting Qiu Lei put it on for her.

  "Yuhao, don't worry."

  "This child of yours is promising and will still come to things, you're a son-in-law I like very much."

  "When you have dinner with Mu Orange tonight, this marriage will be almost done."

  Han Li laughed as she touched the small pure gold Buddha in front of her neck, but her heart was like honey.

  Sun Yuhao's background, but his brother Han Hai had told her all about it.

  Jiang Hai's ten billion group's male brother, in terms of wealth, in terms of family, is not inferior to Chu Wenfei.

  If her daughter could marry this kind of wealthy gentry, not only would they, the parents, not only be enlightened with it, but in the future, who would dare to look down on the Qiu family?

  Between a few conversations, Ye Fan had also changed his shoes and walked down.

  However, just when Ye Fan was about to get into the car and go with them to look for Qiu Mu Orange, Han Li directly pushed Ye Fan out of the car.

  Han Li, however, directly pushed Ye Fan out of the car.

  "You're quite rude, aren't you?"

  "Uho's nearly a million dollar luxury car and you want to sit in it without even saying hello?"

  "You're not afraid to get dirty for people."

  "Go ahead and lead the way on the motorbike.The car is full, there's no room to sit."

  Han Li, however, directly drove Ye Fan out.

  Han Fei Fei and Sun Yuhao and the others were gloating on the side, looking at Ye Fan with all the disdain in their eyes as well.

  "Dad, what's up, I've long said that this Ye Fan is a bullshit big shot ah, Mr. Chen and the others were obviously mistaken that day."

  "Who do you see as a big shot, shamelessly giving someone a door-to-door son-in-law."

  "But I also quite admire this hillbilly, how thick his skin must be to be a door-to-door son-in-law and endure three years of blank stares and bullying."

  Han Fei Fei shook her head and laughed.

  And then a few people got into the car.

  But because there were a bit too many people, and they would have to carry Qiu Mu Orange later, all of Han Fei Fei and Sun Yuhao and the others also drove two cars, Han Hai's mother and daughter in one, and Sun Yuhao and Han Li's couple in one.

  But even though they drove two cars, they didn't have the intention to let Ye Fan get into the car.

  In the end, Ye Fan had no choice but to take them to Qiu Mu orange's new company with his electric bike.

  When they arrived at the company, Qiu Mu Orange just happened to be off work.

  "Mu Orange, hello.We meet again."

  When he saw Qiu Mu Orange, Sun Yuhao straightened his suit, then picked up a bunch of flowers from the car, so he walked over towards Qiu Mu Orange with a smile on his face.

  "Sun...Sun Shao?"

  "What are you doing here?"

  Seeing Sun Yuhao, Autumn Mu Orange was clearly shocked.

  She thought that only her uncle had arrived, but she didn't expect that Sun Yuhao would follow.

  "Mu Orange, what are you talking about?He, Uho, came from his busy schedule, but he came over to see you.You can just steal it from you."

  "And look, it's a gift from Woo Ho to us, pure gold."

  "When Yuhao becomes a family with us in the future, you nee-san will enjoy your happiness with it."

  "What are you waiting for, Woo Ho gave you flowers, and you're still not receiving them."

  "Look, how good he is to you, unlike that wimp over there, I'm afraid he doesn't have the money to give you a bouquet of flowers in his whole life, let alone buy us a little golden Buddha."

  Han Li, while touting Sun Yuhao, but stepped on Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan did not speak, just riding an electric bike, feet propped up on the ground, the sun fell, shining on his body, sprinkling a shadow.

  The look of loneliness, but with Han Li, Sun Yuhao and other people's jokes, out of place.

  It was as if, he was just an outsider.


"Mom, why are you taking people's stuff?"

  "Why don't you give it back to the others?"

  When Qiu Mu Orange saw that her mother had accepted such a valuable gift from Sun Yuhao, she frowned and said with a slightly angry frown.

  However, Han Li was not happy.

  "What's wrong with me?"

  "What happened to me taking my future son-in-law's stuff?"

  "I've worked hard all my life to raise you.It's just as well you didn't buy me a little golden Buddha, but my future son-in-law bought it for me, are you still stopping me?"

  "What kind of a daughter is that?"

  "Not as good as my son-in-law has been to me!"

  "Are you trying to piss me off?"

  However, Han Li's temper came back up and she complained to Qiu Mu orange.

  Sun Yuhao saw the situation and quickly persuaded her, "Mu Orange, it's fine.It's the first time I've met my aunt and uncle, so it's only right to give them a gift, and besides, it's not anything expensive, it's just a day's salary for me.Big deal, won't I earn it back again if I work overtime for a day?"

  Sun Yuhao's words seemed like he was trying to discourage Qiu Mu Orange, but he was actually faking it.

  That little golden Buddha and the Guanyin were pure gold, so it would add up to ten or twenty thousand.

  It was only one day's salary for him?

  Wouldn't that mean that the young man in front of him, who is no more than in his twenties, is already making over a million dollars a year?

  Hearing this, the two Han Li couples were undoubtedly even more excited, looking at Sun Yuhao with increasing joy.

  "Mu Orange, this is just the first gift I've given to my aunt and uncle."

  "In the future, I'll still give it to them at festivals, and it's definitely more precious than this."

  "And not only will I give gifts to the two old men, I'll also give them to you."

  "As long as you like it, I'll give you all the stars in the sky!"

  Sun Yuhao's words were low, and his gaze towards Qiu Mu Orange was filled with affection.Those touching words of love were even more soothing to Han Fei Fei, who was on the side.

  "Hug one~Hug one~"

  "Come on~"

  "Give me a hug, give me a hug~"

  For a moment, Han Fei Tong was coaxing from the sidelines.

  When the two Han Li couples saw that things were almost done as well, they followed suit and started coaxing.

  Not only them, even the two security guards at the entrance of Mu Fan's company began to applaud and coax.

  "Mr. Qiu, hug one, hug one~"

  "Give me a hug~"

  The passersby, who saw Qiu Mu Orange and Sun Yuhao as husband and wife, shouted along.

  Seeing that the atmosphere had been completely rendered, Sun Yuhao, with a smile on his lips and a face full of pride, opened his embrace towards Qiu Mu Orange.

  At this time, Sun Yuhao was like a king holding a beauty in his arms, and above his handsome face was a victorious smile.

  However, just as Sun Yuhao opened his hand and was about to take Qiu Mu Orange into his arms, who would have thought that the stunningly clear and cold girl in front of the company's door would have pushed Sun Yuhao away.

  "Sorry, I'm already married."

  After pushing away Sun Yuhao, only to see that gorgeous girl, in the midst of everyone's startled gaze, actually ran towards an unnoticed corner next to her without turning her head back.

  The delicate high heels struck the ground, and the wind in the face messed up the blue silk in front of Qiu Mu Orange's forehead.

  Qiu Mu Orange gently picked up the pretty skirt, but directly sat on Ye Fan's electric car.

  "Ye Fan, let's go."

  To Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange laughed softly.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Good, hold on tight!"


  Under the vast canopy of the sky, Ye Fan carried his girl, but it was quickly moving away towards the front.

  Here, only a startled crowd was left, as well as the ugly looking Sun Yuhao.

  "Mu Orange, you come back!"

  "You're going to be mad at me, you dead ninny?"

  "You don't ride in a good BMW, you have to go in that wimp's stupid electric car!"

  "Fuck you, you're going to piss me off sooner or later!"

  Han Li was cursing furiously there.

  She couldn't figure out what kind of medicine her daughter was taking wrong.

  What is Yuhao's condition, and what is Evan's condition?

  Even a fool would know how to choose.

  But her Mu Orange is good, in front of so many people, not only did she disrespect Sun Shao in public, but she also rode with Ye Fan in that stupid electric car.

  How can you say that he's the CEO of a company?

  Aren't you ashamed?

  But after scolding, after being angry, Han Li also hurried to comfort Sun Yuhao: "Yuhao, don't mind ha.Mu Orange is like that, rather shy.It'll be fine when you get familiar with her later."

  Sun Yuhao nodded and smiled lightly, "Auntie, don't worry.I'm sincere about Mu Orange, we've only known each other for a short time, it's normal for her not to accept me yet.I have enough patience to wait."

  "Only if Mu Orange doesn't accept me for a day, I won't give up for a day!"

  "Yes!Yuhao, auntie likes you just the way you are.From today onwards, you won't call me auntie and uncle, just call me mom."

  "I don't care if Mu Orange accepts you now or not, but I am already convinced that you are my son-in-law."

  "Let's go, good son-in-law, let's go to Haiyuan Pavilion for dinner."


  Han Li was also afraid that Sun Yuhao, the golden turtle son-in-law, would run away, so she simply took possession of it first.

  Anyway, it's just a matter of time before Sun Yuhao becomes her son-in-law, she doesn't believe it, her daughter is not a fool to let go of such a good man and not marry him, but to live with a loser for the rest of her life?

  Tonight at the dinner party, she would have to show Mu Orange the huge gap between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao.

  Soon, Han Li and the others arrived at the Haiyuan Pavilion.

  Tonight, in order to entertain this future son-in-law, Han Li also fought hard and booked a table directly at the Haiyuan Pavilion.

  Haiyuan Pavilion was a real high-grade luxury restaurant, and any influential leaders who came to Yunzhou, almost all of them stayed at this Haiyuan Pavilion.

  In the beginning, Chu Wenfei's engagement banquet was held at this Haiyuan Pavilion for a few tables, and it made Wang Qiaoyu's cattle in the Qiu family, but unfortunately, in the end that time, because of special circumstances, the Qiu family was driven out.

  Of course, Han Li actually had her own plans.

  Tonight, although she was nominally the host, but Han Li is so smart that she had already guessed that Sun Yuhao would definitely not let her take the money.

  So, what was there to worry about Mao?

  Someone's grabbing the bill anyway.

  She'll just have to be a little polite then.

  In a short while, Ye Fan rode an electric bicycle and carried Qiu Mu Orange to the restaurant.Even if it was hard for Han Hai to come to Yunzhou, even if it was for Han Hai, this banquet tonight, Qiu Mu Orange's niece couldn't be absent.

  "What are you doing in there?"

  "There's no room for you here."

  "Are you better off watching your electric car outside?Save it from being stolen."Ye Fan was about to go in with Qiu Mu Orange, but was stopped by Han Fei Fei.

  "Fifi, no rudeness to your brother-in-law!"Qiu Mu Orange raged.

  "Sister Qiu, why are you still speaking for him?Besides, I'm not wrong, there was no place for him tonight.Brother Yuhao is a guest of Great Aunt's, and Dad and I are both relatives of Great Aunt's, and we deserve to be seated.But what is he?"

  "A door-to-door son-in-law, a poor loser from the countryside, this kind of person can't even make it to the table?"

  "Fifi's right!"

  "There won't be a seat for him at dinner tonight, so it's good that he's here to watch the car."Han Li also echoed.

  Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was a bit reluctant, but then Sun Yuhao came up and said generously, "Mom, I think we should let him take the table."

  "I guess Mu Orange is also looking at him poorly, he's never been to this kind of upscale restaurant in his life, and he's never eaten an upscale meal."

  "Let's do something nice this time, let's fulfill Brother Ye's dream and let him follow us to get a taste of glory for once."


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