Dish Best Served Cold 166-170

Chapter 166


  "A case of mistaken identity?"

  The scene in front of them stunned the Autumn family.

  What was going on?

  Autumn Muyoung was also stunned, and doubt emerged on top of her originally proud and pretty face.

  At this moment, Zhang Xiaosong was undoubtedly preparing to take the flowers back from Qiu Mu Ying and give them to Qiu Mu Orange.

  The flowers were prepared to be given to their own boss by these subordinates, and now that they had given them to the wrong person, of course, they had to take them back.

  However, what made Zhang Xiaosong speechless was that he was unable to get the flowers back from Qiu Mu Ying's hands with the effort he had just made.

  "This lady, please let go!"

  "It's my flower, why should I let go?"Qiu Mu Ying, however, did not put it at all.

  Zhang Xiaosong was speechless: "Big sister, this is the flower we bought, when did it become yours?"

  "But you gave it to me, so it's mine."


  Zhang Xiaosong's entire body was lost.

  There was still such a brazen person in the world?

  Fortunately, he was mistaken, otherwise if the unruly and rude woman in front of him was really his boss, Zhang Xiaosong felt like he would have to cry.

  "Miss, I told you I sent the wrong person, the flowers are not for you."Zhang Xiaosong explained again.

  But where did Qiu Muying listen to his explanation, holding on for dear life and not letting go.

  Zhang Xiaosong was obviously also enraged, and in the end, he didn't care if the woman in front of him agreed or not, he directly snatched it raw with a single effort.

  In the end, not caring at all about Qiu Mu Ying's exasperated appearance, Zhang Xiaosong took the flower and walked directly in front of Qiu Mu Orange.

  This time, Zhang Xiaosong was clearly a bit more cautious, "Excuse me, could you be Miss Qiu Mu Orange?"

  Qiu Mu Orange nodded her head, but a pair of beautiful eyes looked at these people in front of her with confusion.

  She had also heard of Zhang Xiaosong's reputation, but this kind of business elite and successful people, Qiu Mu Orange didn't think that an ordinary woman would have anything to do with them, let alone why these people were looking for her.

  Seeing Qiu Mu Orange nod, Zhang Xiaosong was relieved.

  "That's right."

  After Zhang Xiaosong said with a smile, he then looked serious and took out a document from his bag and solemnly read out to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mr. Qiu, by the decision of the company's board of directors, you have been appointed as the first executive president of Mufan Real Estate Group."

  "This is your letter of appointment."

  "And please don't excuse yourself, Mr. Qiu, take over the position of president and take charge of the group!"

  Zhang Xiaosong said as he offered flowers to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Words of respect, however, quietly rang out in this Qiu Family Hall.

  And after Zhang Xiaosong finished speaking, the people who had followed Zhang Xiaosong in together before all came forward and paid respectful homage to Qiu Mu Orange.

  "The financial director of the company, Xia Donghai, has come to pay his respects to General Manager Qiu."

  "Please accept the appointment of General Manager Qiu to sit as the company's president and take charge of the group!"


  "Xia Donghai?"

  "Could it be, the Vice President of the Extraordinary Entertainment Group, Xia Donghai?"

  "Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Representatives of Yunzhou City?"

  "One of the economic people of the year?!!!"

  "Oh my God!"

  "He's here too!"

  At this time, hearing Xia Donghai's name, the entire Autumn Family crowd was once again shocked.

  And as Zhang Xiaosong and the two of them reported their names, it was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea and set off a thousand layers of waves.

  The rest of the people, surprisingly, also came forward together, bowed and bent down, and paid respects to Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Personnel Director Wang Sihai~"


  "Operations Director Xu Dalu~"

  "Come to pay your respects to Mr. Autumn!"

  "Please ask Qiu to accept the appointment to the position of president of the company and take charge of the group!"


  "Please, Mr. Qiu, take the president's seat and take charge of the group!"


  "Please, Mr. Autumn, take charge of the company!"


  In the courtyard, under the moonlit night, Zhang Xiaosong, Xia Donghai and everyone else present all worshipped Qiu Mu Orange in unison, respectfully begging each other .

  That voice of reverence, those words of worship, but in unison, they echoed through the sky!

  It was as if the three armies of generals all paid homage to the king who ruled the world, inviting her to return and take charge of the situation.

  The sound of respect gathered into a stream, but it reverberated for a long time in the entire Qiu family mansion.

  Seeing this scene, Qiu Mu Ying was stunned, and Chu Wen Fei's old face was also dumbfounded.

  Qiu Guang stared at her, and Wang Qiaoyu was filled with incredulity.

  Even Old Master Qiu was staring at a pair of old faces, trembling heavily.

  At this moment, the entire Qiu family was dead silent.

  All the voices from just now disappeared, the ridicule and mockery towards Qiu Mu Orange, the appreciation and stammering towards Qiu Mu Ying, were all gone in an instant.

  In the hall, everyone was dumbfounded and horrified, and their hearts were close to whipping up waves of shock.


  "How is this possible?"

  "How could it be her?"

  "This is by no means possible?"

  The entire Autumn Family went crazy as they looked at the one in front of them who was worshiped by Zhang Xiaosong, Xia Donghai, and the others as Qiu Mu Orange.

  Who would have thought that the one that Zhang Xiaosong and the others worshipped as president was not Qiu Mu Ying, but rather Qiu Mu Orange who had just been kicked out of the Qiu family.

  Originally, everyone thought that after being swept out of the house by the Qiu family, without the protection of the Qiu family and without a position in Qiushui Logistics, Qiu Mu Orange would definitely end up extremely miserable, afraid that she would be so poor that she would drink the northwest wind, and might even end up going to the countryside to farm as a village woman.

  However, Master Qiu and the others never imagined that just after they drove Qiu Mu Orange out of the family and removed her from all her positions in the company, the business elite would come to pay their respects and invite Qiu Mu Orange to become the company's president.

  That was the president, so much higher than Qiu Mu Orange's position in Qiushui Logistics that even the current Qiu Mu Ying couldn't compare to it in terms of position.

  It was as if a slap had been smacked in the face, how heavy was this slap to the face?

  Old Master Qiu's old face was red and ugly as if he had been eaten.

  And the Qiu family's crowd, who had originally gloated and mocked and ridiculed him, were now changing their disdainful faces, their old faces filled with tremors and envy.

  "President huh?"

  "How much does that cost a month?"

  "And the effectiveness of a professional manager like Zhang Xiaosong?"

  "Qiu Mu Orange won't be rich in the future?"

  "Wouldn't the third family be completely awesome?!!!"

  Many people in the Qiu family were lamenting.

  Wang Qiaoyu's old face was also extremely gloomy and unsightly.

  Originally they wanted to see the miserable and tragic end of Qiu Mu orange, but Wang Qiaoyu's family had never expected that Qiu Mu orange would not only not become miserable after being expelled from the Qiu family, but would also become the CEO in one leap?A much higher position than even her daughter Ying Ying?

  How could this be acceptable to Wang Qiaoyu!

  "Are this Zhang Xiaoguang and the others idiots?"

  "Letting my daughter go, but letting a trash like Autumn Mu Orange be the CEO?"

  "Sooner or later they'll have to pay for it!"Wang Qiaoyu cursed angrily.

  However, Qiu Guang shook his head and said in a deep voice, "Zhang Xiaoguang is a famous manager, how could he be wrong in his way of looking at people?"

  "It's just that, is there really a bright spot in this Qiu Mu Orange's body that we haven't found?How dare you make business elites like Zhang Xiaoguang Xia Donghai willingly work for you?"

  "Could it be that I, the Autumn Family, really have eyes to see and chase away a business wizard for nothing?"

  At this time, Autumn Light was undoubtedly feeling a little regretful, perhaps it was really a wrong decision for them to drive away Autumn Mu Orange.


The Qiu family's faces were pale, all of them trembling and silent, all without the slightest hint of arrogance.

  The old master Qiu, on the other hand, had an extremely ugly face, and his heart was filled with horror and trembling.

  Finally, even more so, he looked at Qiu Mu Orange, who was being worshipped by everyone in front of him, and smiled sadly.

  "No wonder, no wonder you were fearless when you contradicted me just now!"

  "No wonder you're indifferent to being kicked out of the Autumn Family!"

  "No wonder you dared to provoke me, provoke your uncle, provoke everyone in the Autumn Family!"

  "Autumn Mu Orange, Autumn Mu Orange, so this is what you're leaning on?"

  Old Master Qiu looked sad and mocked himself.

  I don't know whether it was because of anger or because of trembling, but the entire body, but all were trembling.

  While the entire Qiu family was trembling and losing their voices, at the entrance, Qiu Mu orange was already flabbergasted.

  Looking at the business elite in front of her who were paying respectful homage to her and inviting her to preside over the situation, Qiu Mu Orange was filled with trepidation.

  Up until now, Autumn Mu Orange hadn't recovered from the tremors just now, and her brain was still blank.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange only felt as if the scene in front of her was like a dream.

  She couldn't understand why a business elite like Zhang Xiaosong was willing to be loyal to her?

  She wondered even more why these people in front of her suddenly appeared to make themselves president of the company.

  If it wasn't for this Zhang Xiaosong she had seen from TV before, otherwise she would have really thought that all these people in front of her were just actors that Ye Fan had found to cheer her up.

  "Mr. Qiu, you must not refuse ah?"

  "We really are sincerely inviting you to come and take charge of the company."

  "As for the salary and benefits, you don't have to worry at all, it's definitely a hundred times a thousand times better than what you're getting in the Qiushui family."

  "Even the current chairman of Qiushui Logistics, Qiu Guang's annual salary is definitely not a tenth of yours!"

  "And we've paired you with a private car, this year's newest and produced Porsche Panamera.As your temporary car."

  "When our company is on the right track, we'll also consider purchasing a Maybach business model for Mr. Qiu, the same model as the richest man in Huaxia, Ma Yun!"

  "This is the only way to reveal the identity of Chief Autumn~"

  Zhang Xiaosong and the others were still advising.

  But the Qiu family's crowd at the side had been completely stunned.

  The annual salary was ten times that of Qiu Guang?

  Driving a million-dollar Porsche?

  And it's just a temporary car?

  Will it come with a Maybach of the same model as Rue Ma in the future?

  Oh, my God!

  How much is that going to cost?

  Tens of millions, right?

  "I can go to Nima Bar!"

  Hearing this, Jiang Hong, Qiu Ming and the rest of the Qiu family were near mad.

  Tens of millions for a single ride?

  What the hell kind of concept is that?

  Last year, when someone came to buy Qiushui Logistics, they only offered 20 million yuan, but now that Qiushui Logistics' performance has declined, I'm afraid the valuation is even lower.

  In other words, in the future, just a single car will be able to compare to their entire Qiushui Logistics?

  "Bragging rights!"Wang Qiaoyu felt very bad in her heart and cursed in a low voice with a pale old face.

  However how small Wang Qiaoyu's voice was at this time, then how weak her words were.

  Not only Wang Qiaoyu alone, the entire Qiu family was like eating flies at this time, and they felt very bad.

  A few minutes ago, Qiu Mu Orange was an insignificant existence in their eyes, a laughingstock in everyone's eyes, a weed that everyone could step on, an existence that everyone disdained.

  However, who would have thought that in the blink of an eye, Qiu Mu Orange would rise to the top in a single step, with business elites from all walks of life coming to pledge their allegiance, and in one fell swoop, she would become an existence that their Qiu family would look up to.

  Such a huge contrast in their fortunes has undoubtedly made those who once looked down on Autumn Mu Orange feel sad and lost in their hearts.

  Perhaps, this was human nature.

  When they saw that the person they once despised had now reached a height that made almost all of them look up to them, the jealousy and loss in the hearts of the Qiu family was almost unspeakable.

  "Mu Orange, what are you waiting for?"

  "Hurry up and sign the appointment letter!"


  "God has blessed our family."

  "God won't kill our family ah."

  "A million luxury cars and an annual salary ten times higher than even the chairman of the Autumn Company?"

  "How much would that cost?"


  "Our family has been bullied for so long, and today we're finally getting lucky."

  "In the future, we won't have to look at certain people's faces anymore."

  The two Han Li couples were undoubtedly badly excited after hearing those words from Zhang Xiaohong.

  Immediately standing up from the ground, they also no longer pretended to be pitiful and begged for forgiveness from Master Qiu, instantly changing their faces, full of smooth laughter, looking at the Qiu family's crowd and coldly humming, "Humph, do you really think that you won't be able to live if we Mu Orange leave you?"

  "And kick our Mu Orange out, you think we want to stay here!"

  "Let me tell you, my family's Mu Orange, a piece of gold, will shine anywhere."

  "Without the Qiu Family, our family will not only not fall into disgrace, but it will live a better life."

  "What the hell is the Qiu Family, we won't stay!"

  Just now, Han Li was worried that if Qiu Mu Orange couldn't find a place to settle down and earn money after leaving the Qiu family, the old couple would suffer, so they begged their grandfather to sue their grandmother and begged the old man not to drive Qiu Mu Orange away.

  But now, Qiu Muxiang has a better home, what else would they beg for?

  It would be better for them to leave the family, and the family would no longer be tied down, and the old man would no longer have the right to interfere in Qiu Mu orange's divorce or not.

  The more Han Li thought about it, the more she felt that the future was bright, and the more she spoke, the more naturally she spoke out, scolding the people of the Qiu family with each red face, but she couldn't say a word at all.

  As the saying goes, a wicked person has his own wickedness to grind, perhaps this is the truth.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product.

  After all, all of this had come too suddenly, so Qiu Mu Orange couldn't accept it for a while.

  In the end, it was Ye Fan who stepped forward, took a look at that employment contract, and finally smiled faintly at Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, this contract is fine, the treatment is also good, and CEO Zhang and the others are sincere, so don't put it off and sign it."

  "Haven't you always wanted to wait for a chance to make it big?"

  "Didn't you always want a stage to display your talent?"

  "Now it's coming."

  "And why should you go and refuse?"

  Ye Fan's faint voice was as if it had a special magic power.When Qiu Mu Orange looked at the faintly smiling man in front of her, her original trepidation gradually calmed down.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange nodded her head, and under everyone's gaze, she accepted the employment of Mu Fan Real Estate.

  On the way home, Qiu Mu Orange recalled what had just happened and still felt like a dream.

  I thought that tonight would be my most gloomy moment, but who would have thought that the twist and turn of events would end up being the most eyebrow-raising moment for Qiu Mu Orange in front of the Qiu family for so many years.

  Just, it was obvious that she had never met Zhang Xiaosong and those people, so why would they come looking for her?

  "Ye Fan, tell me honestly, what's going on?"

  With a heart full of doubts, in the end, Autumn Mu Orange's gaze finally landed on Ye Fan.


At this time, Ye Fan was driving the Porsche Panamera that was given to Qiu Mucheng by the company, its exquisite interior was luxurious, and the two headlights in front of the car were like two lanterns shining in the deep dark night, the orange light was like a sword tearing through the sky.

  After Qiu Muxiang accepted the appointment, Zhang Xiaosong and the others undoubtedly left, greeting Qiu Muxiang warmly before leaving, stating that they would see you in the morning company.

  After Zhang Xiaosong and the others left, the Qiu Mucheng family naturally didn't stay in the Qiu family either.

  Now that Qiu Mu Orange had undoubtedly completely fallen out with the Qiu family, why would they need to plan again if the way was different?

  So soon, the Qiu Mu Orange family drove away in that brand new Porsche amidst the fearful eyes of the Qiu family.

  Before leaving, Qiu Mu Orange did not say another word to the Qiu family, and there was no need to do so.

  What should be said, what should be reasoned with, Qiu Mu Orange had already said enough to the Qiu family.

  Just like what Qiu Mu Orange had said before, she didn't owe the Qiu family anything, and to the Qiu family, she had a clear conscience!

  Wheels speeding, Han Li Qiu Lei couple two first time to sit in such a luxurious car, excited and touch and look, constantly sighing.

  But Qiu Mu Orange did not care about these, she was more concerned about what was going on, or the scene that happened tonight.

  "Ye Fan, you speak?"

  "I'm asking you!"

  Qiu Mu Orange once again looked at Ye Fan who was driving at the side.

  Although by all means, it was impossible for Ye Fan to be clear about tonight's matter.

  After all, Ye Fan was just a small person from the countryside, or a door-to-door son-in-law, and he was afraid that Zhang Xiaosong was someone he had never even heard of, so how could he know him.

  But Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why, he always had a feeling that this man in front of him must know something about tonight's matter.

  "Mu Orange, are you stupid?"

  "He's a wimp, you ask him?He knows shit!"

  "If you ask me, I'm sure it's still the secret help of General Manager Xu."

  "My daughter is both talented and beautiful, this kind of talent that is hard to find in a hundred years, of course Mr. Xu has to receive it under his command and use it for himself."

  "It's ridiculous, my daughter is such a talented person, but your grandfather and the others are still driving you away?"

  "Now that they see you being recruited by someone else to promote you, I guess their intestines are ruined at the moment."

  Before Ye Fan finished speaking, but behind him came the proud laughter of Han Li and her husband and wife.

  Tonight, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly came along for the ride and took the position of president in one fell swoop.Han Li and his wife had undoubtedly also taken out their anger completely in front of the Qiu family.

  "Still calling us white-eyed wolves?I think your grandfather's family is the white-eyed wolf."

  "My daughter's laboriously negotiated cooperation with Red Flag Group, which is just on track, and then she kicks my daughter out."

  "The money is in hand and the cooperation has unfolded, and you turn your back on her?"

  "Qiu Lei, look at how dirty the hearts of your Qiu family are."

  "It's good that my Mu Orange has a future, there's no place to leave anyone here."

  "It's just a pity about that fifty million dollar order with Red Flag Group, letting those bastards pick up such a big advantage for nothing, it makes me angry to think about it!"

  The more Han Li thought about it, the more angry she felt.

  Her own daughter worked hard for several days, but in the end, she still fulfill someone else, to her people as a wedding dress, this thing on who is not angry?

  "Okay, just cut the crap."Qiu Lei, however, couldn't listen to Han Li's bad words about her old man and muttered there in a low voice.

  "What?And you're still defending your stupid father?Am I wrong in saying how much my Mu Orange has given to your Qiu family, but as a result, without any gratitude and sweeping Mu Orange out of the house, is this what people do?"


  In the back seat, Han Li and her husband and wife quarreled again, but Qiu Mu Orange ignored their two elders, a pair of beautiful eyes still burning at Ye Fan.

  "I'm asking you, why are you silent?"

  Ye Fan smiled bitterly, "Didn't our mother just say that?I think it's also the help of General Manager Xu."

  "It must be the cooperation in the past few days that made Mr. Xu discover your outstanding talent, and only then did he rise to the love of talent and use you heavily."

  "Of course, I'm guessing all of this myself, but how would I know the specifics."

  "I'm just a door-to-door son-in-law, still a country bumpkin, how would I know this?"

  Ye Fan jokingly blacked himself out.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were now cold, and that pretty face, suddenly became serious and solemn.

  At that time, Ye Fan's heart trembled violently.

  Could it be that Autumn Mucheng Orange had seen that he was lying?

  Or, you can simply be honest with yourself.


  Ye Fan sighed, he had wanted to continue to keep a low profile and be a quiet wimp, but now it seemed that he couldn't keep a low profile any longer.

  If he continued to keep a low profile, his wife would be angry.

  However, just as Ye Fan was about to confess that he had actually asked Xu Lei to arrange all of this, the cold and clear voice of Qiu Mu Orange, however, rang out immediately.

  "In the future, don't say such words again."

  "A person's origin can't determine anything."

  "But if you're presumptuous yourself, how can others look up to you?"

  "The man of my choice may not be a rich young man from a noble family, or a son of a powerful family who has been in politics for generations.However, he must be a self-respecting and positive person."

  "If he doesn't succeed at this time, I can wait for him to succeed."

  "If he does not glory at this time, I can wait for him to glory."

  "I've waited three years, and I still have enough patience to wait."

  The cold and clear words were like the soft cry of a nightingale, slowly lingering in Ye Fan's ears.

  There was an instant, but Ye Fan was stunned.

  Qiu Mu Orange, was this talking to him?

  Did she mean herself, the one she was waiting for?

  At this time Ye Fan, but with the corner of his eyes, darkly looked at the stunningly clear and cold woman next to him.

  The white shirt, black skirt, and the pair of exquisite and alluring high heels revealed the figure and charm of the woman beside him to the fullest.

  Under the moonlight, the kind of graceful and intellectual beauty on Qiu Mu Orange's body was actually so soul-stirring.

  The terror of being able to conquer this kind of woman is the lifelong yearning of countless men in this world.

  When she said those words just now, Qiu Mu Orange didn't look at Ye Fan, her watery beautiful eyes quietly gazed at the darkness in front of her, as if she was talking to herself all the way to the end.

  However, whether it was Qiu Mu Orange or Ye Fan, both of them were clear as to who she was speaking for just now.

  Ye Fan didn't reply and carefully drove the car, but no one could see the proud smile above the corners of Ye Fan's mouth at this time.

  Mu Orange, sooner or later, you will know.

  What kind of existence is your intended person in this world?


  Why should I make you wait?

  I, Yeh Fan, was born to glory!

  In the future, it will also be that, the One!


The Qiu family's old mansion.

  Qiu Mu Orange had already left long ago, yet there was still a silent silence in the old mansion.

  Jiang Hong and the other Qiu family members undoubtedly felt very bad in their hearts as they watched the family of Qiu Mu Orange who was speeding away in a million dollar luxury car.

  Qiu Guang was even more listless.

  All along, I thought that Zhang Xiaosong was a senior businessman whom Qiuguang regarded as his idol.

  But now, even this kind of business tycoon was willing to bow down and take matters into his own hands under Qiu Mu Orange, and Qiu Guang had to wonder if there was really some great charisma in that Qiu Mu Orange?

  Moreover, if they hadn't expelled Qiu Mu Orange from the Qiu family today, wouldn't it mean that Zhang Xiaosong and Xia Donghai would have all possibly worked under their Qiushui Logistics banner?

  Thinking of this, Autumn Light was undoubtedly even more lost.

  It only felt like they, Autumn Water Logistics, had most likely lost a huge opportunity just now.

  "Father, did we really make a mistake by driving Mu Orange away?"Qiu Guang looked at the old master, but that condensed voice was filled with sadness.

  Master Qiu was pale and powerless as he sat there, as if he had aged many years in an instant.It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

  Faced with Qiu Guang's inquiry, he remained silent for a long time.

  Throughout the Qiu Family Residence, the atmosphere was exceptionally low at this time.

  After all, before this, who would have thought that so many people from their Qiu family would be beaten in the face by the old third family, who had always been the most lame.

  This face hit, or this heavy.

  However, Wang Qiaoyu couldn't see the Qiu Mu Orange family well, and was still trying to belittle them at this point: "His uncle, how can you say that?"

  "Shouldn't Qiu Mu Orange be expelled from the family for working in tandem with that wimp Ye Fan and corrupting my Qiu family's discipline?"

  "As for the president of that real estate company, the name is not small, I reckon it's just a fur company, I've seen too many such fur companies, a few thousand dollars to register a business, the longest they can live is less than three months before they close down, nothing to envy."

  "Also, you guys shouldn't believe that nonsense just now called Zhang Xiaosong, the whole brag is just a brag."

  "This so-called real estate company, if it's really so powerful, why would it cheapen itself to find an inexperienced, incompetent and backgroundless little person like Qiu Mu Orange to take charge of the big picture?"

  "But his fourth aunt, people's million dollar luxury cars are right there, if it's really a shell company, where would they be able to afford such an expensive car?"

  "The most expensive thing we have in Qiushui Logistics is just a $400,000 to $500,000 Audi A6, right?"But someone in the Qiu family questioned.

  Wang Qiaoyu snorted, "If they can't afford it, can't they afford to rent it?That car looks like it was rented from the used car market after it was refurbished."

  "Besides, my Wenfei's family is in the real estate industry, and if this company is really powerful, Wenfei will definitely have heard of it."

  As she spoke, Wang Qiaoyu looked to the side at Chu Wenfei again, then asked, "Wenfei, have you heard of that real estate company just now?"

  Chu Wenfei shook his head directly without even thinking, "No.It's designated as a small broken company, otherwise I'm sure I've heard of it."

  Hearing Wang Qiaoyu say this, the hearts of everyone in the Qiu family were suddenly much more balanced.

  "Alright, and don't mind if others are having a good or bad day, mind our own first."

  "Mu Ying, in the next few years, whether or not our Qiushui Logistics will be bigger and stronger will all depend on your cooperation project with the Red Flag Group."

  "Good job.This cooperation is something that our Qiu family has fought hard for, and now that it's in your hands, you must not let us down."

  Qiu Guang instructed in a deep voice.

  When he said this, his face was also not red and his heart was not pounding.

  I really don't know, when did the cooperation that was clearly brokered by Qiu Mu Orange become something that their Qiu family fought for?

  It's still not easy?

  This Qiu Guang was also good to talk about.

  But there was no point in talking about it, as Qiu Mu Orange had already left the Qiu family, and whether this cooperation was good or bad, it was naturally no longer her business.

  Soon, everyone in the Qiu family's old mansion also left.

  The night passed quickly, and the next morning, Autumn Mucheng was ready to report to her new company.

  Last night, she had a general understanding of Mufan Real Estate on the internet.

  It was a newly established new company, the company wasn't considered big, but it was definitely bigger than Qiushui Logistics, which only had assets of 10 to 20 million.

  However, what made Autumn Mu Orange experience is that this Mufan Real Estate, although the temple is small, but the executives inside, but each almost all of them are business elite.

  Like Zhang Xiaosong and Xia Donghai, but last year's Yunzhou City's Economic Person of the Year.

  The company was able to recruit so many talents into one company, Qiu Mucheng had to wonder how much power the head of the company behind Mufan Real Estate must have.

  Not long after Qiu Mu orange left the door, Han Li and her husband and wife also went out.

  This couple don't have much work on weekdays, except for rubbing mahjong or shopping malls, in the past, most of the salary of Qiu Mu orange was spent on them.

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, returned to his study after finishing his chores and took out his cell phone to chat with Han Lao.

  "Old Han, this Zhang Xiaosong, Xia Donghai and the others, are they also the "Spark" that we invested in in the first place?"

  Before heading to Anning County, Ye Fan had already asked Xu Lei to help prepare this Mu Fan property.

  Most of the establishment of this new company was Xu Lei's help, but the key part of it, naturally, was Ye Fan's masterpiece.

  Just like this Zhang Xiaosong, he was previously the CEO of a 10 billion state-owned enterprise, so for this business magnate to condescend to play a hand for a fledgling yellow-haired girl, even if Xu Lei came forward to say something, he wouldn't be able to invite him at all.

  Therefore, the moment he saw him, Ye Fan realized that it was Han who had gotten him here.

  Previously, Ye Fan did make a call and asked Han Lao to see to it that he picked a few talents to assist Qiu Mu Orange in running the company.

  However, when he heard Ye Fan's question, Elder Han shook his head and vetoed it over the phone, "Young master, this Zhang Xiaosong, we did invest in him a few years ago, but it's only a failure, not a member of the "Spark" plan."

  "I had already ignored this person before, feeling useless.Now it just so happens that the young master needs him, so I simply contacted him and asked him to come over."

  Ye Fan listened, nodded, and hmmed.

  "This Zhang Xiaosong is almost fifty years old, and only made it to CEO of a ten billion dollar group, it's also really a failed piece of work, no wonder I'm not impressed with him."

  Everyone in the "Spark" project was carefully selected by Ye Fan, so of course he was impressed.Just like Chen Ao, the King of Jiangdong, Ye Fan recognized him at the first sight.

  And Zhang Xiaosong was Ye Fan's failed work, this kind of person, no impression is really normal.

  In the study, Ye Fan was laughing softly.

  If the bystanders heard him chatting with the two of them, they would probably be pissed off.

  Ten billionaire CEO, head of a state-owned enterprise, Yunzhou City's economic figure of the year?

  No matter which identity was taken out, it would be enough to scare a vote of people to death.

  However, this Zhang Xiaosong, who had collected countless glories, was only a failure in the eyes of Ye Fan?

  Fuck it, could you be more awesome?


"If the little lord is running a company, why don't you open a bigger one."

  "This small company isn't enough of a waste of time."

  Han's confused voice came from the phone again.

  Ye Fan, however, shook his head and laughed lightly, "Mu Orange is ultimately the first time to take charge of a business, the road is still a little bit better, otherwise the steps are too big and it's easy to pull the crotch."

  "What's more, if you can personally make a small business bigger and stronger, it will certainly be an extremely wonderful experience for Mu Orange, right?"

  With Ye Fan's energy, he could have given Qiu Mu Orange a hundred billion group with almost one sentence.

  But he didn't, he knew what Autumn Mu Orange wanted, a stage.

  Just like a dancer, as long as she was given a stage and a chance, she could perform an unparalleled dance and step by step ask for the highest hall of art.

  And if Ye Fan had let Qiu Mu Orange have the highest honor of a dancer right off the bat, then what fun would life be?

  "Mu Orange, I've set up the stage for you."

  "Let me see, what kind of stunning dance moves you can make?"

  In the study, Ye Fan looked out of the window at the vast sky, but in his eyebrows, there was a kind of affectionate favor and expectation.

  Just like the words that Ye Fan had once said before.

  If you want the clouds to rise, I'll give you the clouds~.

  If you want autumn to come, I'll make the leaves fall!

  For you, I'd give you the whole world!


  "By the way Han, did you find out the identity of that Wu He Rong that I asked you to look up earlier."

  "This person even knows about the "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book", but it's quite unexpected."

  This "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book" was one of the Chu Family's most secret things, even in the Chu Family, only a few core family members would have access to it.

  Ye Fan did not expect that after he used a strike from the "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book" in the previous Taishan Martial Arts Competition, that Wu He Rong could see it at a glance.

  This had to make Ye Fan suspect, could this Wu He Rong be a member of the Chu family?

  "Little Lord, I've carefully checked his identity."

  "Before Chen Ao, this Wu He Rong was indeed a hegemon in Jiangdong.When the empire that Wu He Rong established in Jiangdong fell apart overnight, it was technically caused by the young lord."

  At that time, in order to support Chen Ao, Ye Fan secretly asked Han Lao to search for all kinds of evidence of Wu He Rong's crimes and finally handed it to Chen Ao, so that Chen Ao could bring down Wu He Rong in one fell swoop.

  From this aspect, the fall of Wu He Rong's power was also caused by Ye Fan.

  I'm afraid the entire Jiangdong's big bosses wouldn't know that there was a mysterious hand behind the scenes in that year's earth-shattering transformation.

  "But this Wu He Rong is also a ruthless person, after fleeing abroad he became a mercenary to make a living, and has been mixing in the dark world of the West, and many of the chaos in the Middle East over the years can see this person's figure."

  "Moreover, this person seems to be a little famous in the western mercenary world, and was given the title of Blood Wolf King."

  "I guess the reason he was able to recognize the Little Lord's "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book" is because he has fought with the Chu family over the years."

  "After all, you should know that the Chu Clan's forces are all over the place in all walks of life.Even in the Western World of Darkness, the Chu Family has its own industries there."

  "What's more, this person is now employed by the Chu Family and has crossed the sea to come east to murder the young master, so it's not surprising that he can know about the "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book"."

  "Mm."Ye Fan also nodded, what Han Lao had investigated was also roughly similar to what he had guessed.

  "But young lord, whether it's your identity as Chu's patriarch, or your mastery of the "Cloud Dao Heavenly Book", both of these things, no matter which one is exposed, it's a death sentence for you.Therefore, I advise my young master to keep a low profile in the future, although we are not afraid of trouble, it's better to avoid any unnecessary trouble."Han Lao spoke in a low tone, advising Ye Fan in a low voice.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Don't worry, I have my own sense of propriety."

  After hanging up the phone, Ye Fan also drew the curtains and locked the door, while taking out a book from the drawer.

  It was clearly daylight, but the study was pitch black.

  Ye Fan turned on the light, with the help of the dim light, Ye Fan in the hands of the book just like this in the line of sight.

  The book was pitch black, and at first the pages were blank, with no words.

  But when Ye Fan's hand put it on, a miraculous thing happened, the original wordless book, but instantly appeared densely dotted with fonts.

  On the cover, the hot gold lines slowly lingered, but in the end, they condensed into four characters, which was: the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book!

  Yes, this was precisely the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book that only the Chu family could study!

  Moreover, it had to be someone with the Chu Family's pure bloodline in order for this book to reveal the text.

  Ye Fan, as the only descendant of the Chu family's heavenly character, if he was not qualified, then I'm afraid that no one in this world would be able to open this book.

  Previously, Qiu Mu Orange had been puzzled as to why Ye Fan would lock himself in the study for several hours every night after eating and doing his chores.

  Previously, she only thought that Ye Fan was inferior and avoided it because he was afraid of being taunted by his parents, but how could she know that Ye Fan had actually been studying this book for so many years.

  At that time, he always thought that the Book of Cloud Dao was just something similar to the kind of martial arts novels that taught people to fight, but it wasn't until after the Book of Cloud Dao that Ye Fan realized that he was wrong, and he was very wrong.

  This Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, almost all-encompassing, life, people, strategies, all sorts of things, never just the knowledge to teach people to fight.

  As the most mysterious existence of the Chu Clan, the Book of Cloud Dao is not just a mere "mundane object".

  The title of the book alone shows it too!

  A few hours later, Ye Fan also left the house and went out for a walk.Reading a book was something that burned the brain, not to mention the fact that Ye Fan was reading such an obscure and profound book.

  "By the way, the company's matter is thanks to Xu Lei's help, out of courtesy, it's better to give her a call to express our gratitude."

  Knowing Xu Lei for quite some time, although this woman was a noble, majestic and stern woman in front of the outside world, but in Ye Fan's opinion, this woman was sometimes very cautious.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it's a good idea to take a look at the car.

  After deciding, Ye Fan then picked up the phone and dialed Xu Lei.

  However, a moment later, Ye Fan's eyebrows immediately wrinkled up.



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