The King of Kungfu in school 1071-1080


Chapter 1071

Tang Zichen leapt and flew towards the Half Moon Pavilion built on the rock halfway up the mountain.

Tang Zichen found that his martial arts and strength had not weakened, he was still at the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, but his physical strength was relatively much weaker, but on the other hand, his original body's bones and meridians and such were definitely much stronger than that world possessed body, and it matched his soul perfectly.Perhaps that was the reason why his realm didn't become innate after he returned to his body.

Tang Zichen leapt up as he shouted, "Little Sister, brothers and sisters, I, have returned."

The sound of the violin suddenly stopped.

"Yes, it's Senior Brother Wind."

Tang Zichen's little senior sister looked over to where the sound was coming from, only to see an incomparably familiar, yet turned a bit fuzzy in her memory, Wind Lightcloud.

"Ah."Little Sister's entire being was shocked, looking incredulously at Tang Zichen who was gradually approaching her.

Not far away, Tang Zichen's group of brothers and sisters were also stunned.


"That's junior apprentice wind?"

"Oh my god, it really is Brother Wind, no way." One second to remember to read the book,

"Brother Wind."A group of people immediately flew to the Half Moon Pavilion.

Like a gust of wind, Tang Zichen landed at the Half Moon Pavilion.

"Senior Sister Qin."Tang Zichen called out.

"Wind, Senior Brother Wind?"Little Sister didn't seem to have returned to her senses yet.

"I am, Little Sister, long time no see."

"Brother Feng, it's really you, oooooh."Qin Ren pounced into Tang Zichen's arms and cried out uncontrollably.

Tang Zichen patted Little Sister's shoulder and smiled, "Sister Qin, sorry to have kept you waiting, how have you been all these years?"

"Oooh, Brother Feng, where did you run off to."Qin Ren sobbed more than a little.

"Senior Brother Wind."Tang Zichen's group of brothers and sisters all gathered around.

Tang Zichen let go of Qin Ren and smiled, "Fellow teachers and brothers, I'm back."

"Senior Brother Feng."Several of the division brothers looked at Tang Zichen with tears in their eyes.

Tang Zichen also had red eyes and said, "Hahahaha, I'm back, why aren't you happy, manly man, why are you crying."

Xie Yong was the first to jump up and hugged Tang Zichen and said, "Brother Feng, you've made your brothers and sisters think very lightly, where the hell have you been."

"Eldest senior brother, we'll talk about this later."

The second senior brother came up and hugged Tang Zichen in a crying bear hug, "Brother Feng, these eleven years, you've made the senior brothers miss you so much."

"Haha, Senior Brother Hao, I'm back, Tzichen, aren't I."

Because in their excitement, they didn't care about any Zichen at the moment.

Next, the rest of the various senior brothers and sisters hugged Tang Zichen for a long time one by one, these were third senior brother Xia Chengsheng, fourth senior sister A Ju, fifth senior brother Spirit Monkey, and sixth senior brother Zhao Jian.

The seventh in line was Tang Zichen, and the eighth was Qin Ren, including Tang Zichen, there were eight of the division brothers.

For a while, the entire Half Moon Pavilion was filled with cries and the laughter of long-awaited reunion.

It was only after a long time that everyone calmed down and sat down at Half Moon Pavilion, staring at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't stare at me like that!


"Brother Feng, quickly tell me where you've been these eleven years, where have you been, if you don't tell me a reasonable explanation, big brother I'll be the first to break your legs, who made you this brat, causing everyone to break their hearts for you, especially little sister, do you know that she once fell into a love demon."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked and looked at Little Sister.

Qin Ren blushed and said, "Big Brother is talking nonsense, don't listen to him."

Third senior brother Xia Chengsheng sadly said, "Little junior sister, you're not right, when junior brother Feng hadn't come back, you were always saying that you regretted not confessing to him, now that he's back, what's the drop, you've turned squirmy again."

Second Senior Brother Hao Zizhu said, "Xia Chengbei, don't interrupt me yet, wait until Senior Brother Feng explains where he's been all these years, then we'll deal with his and Junior Sister's matters."

"Fine, Brother Feng, hurry up, if you don't give us a reasonable explanation, you're finished today."Everyone was staring at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was in a bit of a dilemma at the moment, what should he say, saying that he had crossed into another world, would they believe such a mysterious thing?Moreover, Tang Zichen was still in cahoots with Mu Qianji, and in this world, if the righteous people in the Jianghu knew that he was in cahoots with the Devil Sect, he would definitely become the public enemy of all the famous sects.

In this Jianghu, the enmity between the Devil Sect and the righteous sect was too deep.

"Say it, why don't you say it."

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow brothers and sisters, I don't know if you believe or not in what I'm about to say, because it's a bit mysterious, so prepare yourselves mentally."

"Say, don't try to muddle through."

"Well, one night eleven years ago, I happened to pass by Little Senior Sister's room, and it just so happened that Little Senior Sister happened to be there."Tang Zichen told the story of falling into the cliff and then said that he had crossed into another world.Of course, he didn't say anything about his enmity with Mu Qianji for the time being, it was a matter of great importance, but Tang Zichen's story about having several girlfriends in the other world was told one by one.

Little Senior Sister Qin Ren seemed to look a bit pained, Senior Brother Feng had already started a family, which in her concept was equivalent to having a family, and several concubines.

"Fellow senior sisters, you must not believe it, after all, this is so mysterious that even I felt like I was dreaming when I suddenly returned to this world, if my realm hadn't remained the same in the slightest, it would be hard to believe that this is real."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

Only then did everyone feel Tang Zichen's realm, and indeed, he had reached the pinnacle of the Unity Realm, on the same level as Little Sister.

"Brother Feng, there really is another world."Fourth Senior Sister Aju said in stunned silence.

Fifth Senior Brother Spirit Monkey said, "So it seems that what was said in the notes left behind by the Ancestor of the Green Xuan Sect back then is not false, it's true."

Sixth Senior Brother Zhao Jian was also shocked, "I thought, surely the Ancestor of the Qing Xuan Sect had gone crazy, but another weak world really exists."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "What, do you guys believe what I'm saying?"

Second senior brother Hao Zizhu nodded, "Brother Feng, ah, about eight years ago, the head of the Green Xuan Sect, looked up their ancestor's notes, which said that in this world, there was a portal to an even weaker world, at that time, the people in the Jianghu all scoffed at it, but I didn't expect that it was true."

"Ah, could it be that the Ancestor of the Green Xuan Sect, once visited another world?"

"That's what it says in the notes of the Ancestor of the Green Xuan Sect, he said that in another world, there's a place called Thousand Mountain Twilight to come back to."

"Ah!"Tang Zichen's body trembled, Thousand Mountain Twilight had said it all, it was still a lie.


"Brother Wind, could it be that there really is such a place as Thousand Mountain Twilight?"Big Brother Xie Yong asked.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes, I came back through Thousand Mountain Twilight.By the way, did that Ancestor of the Green Xuan Sect say from where I can travel to the other world?"

"That's not said."

Sixth Senior Brother Zhao Jian said, "I heard that there's a very dangerous place on the Devil's side, and I heard that if you jump off, you can travel to another world.But? No one dares to jump at all, isn't this an obvious death wish."

But Tang Zichen was delighted.

If there really was a very dangerous place on the Devil's side, then nine times out of ten, this rumor was true.

Because the road to the other world was usually in the most dangerous place, otherwise, wouldn't the two parallel worlds be in disarray.

Tang Zichen vowed that some other day, he would definitely go to the Demon Sect to find that dangerous place, and he would definitely return to that world to deal with some of the aftermath, and if possible, bring Xiao Meng, Yan Qiang, and Long Tianqin over.

Big Brother Xie Yong said as he drank his wine, "Don't talk about things about the Devil's territory in the future, these years the Cold War between the Mason-Demons, the situation is severe, don't accidentally end up with a charge of colluding with the Devil's demons.The current Martial World Alliance is very harsh."

Tang Zichen asked, "Big Brother, who is the current Martial World Alliance Master?"

Xie Yong said, "It's still the Ink Mountain Sect, it used to be the head of the Ink Mountain Sect, Bai Luo, but now, Bai Luo was killed by the strongest of the demons and the Martial Alliance Master was replaced by the Black Pupil of the Ink Mountain Sect.Black Pupil was much more powerful and very harsh, because their former head was killed by the strongest of the demons, which led to the fact that now, the atmosphere between the Masamune Demons was very tense.Now at this particular time, it's best not to go anywhere near the Demon Sect, otherwise, I'm afraid that I'll get the division involved." First URL

"Ah, so serious."Tang Zichen was shocked, however, the former Martial World Master was killed by the devil, as a righteous person, it was indeed a strange shame, and even more so to the devil.

The second senior brother Hao Zizhu said: "I think, sooner or later, there will be a battle between the righteous and the devil, alas, it is horrible to think about, the righteous and the devil, there will be countless bodies buried, the last time the righteous and the devil battle was five hundred years ago, our disciples of the Divine Dragon School, more than half of the casualties, the entire martial arts forest will be plunged into catastrophe.The most crucial thing is that, as of now, the overall power of the Devil Sect seems to be a little bit above our main sect ah, that's why the Devil Sect has started to stir."

"Nowadays, among our major main sects, the number of disciples of the younger generation who have reached the standard of a genius quasi-patriarch is not more than twenty in total, while the Devil Sect, I heard that there are nearly thirty.Tsk, I'm afraid that by the time we reach our generation, we'll be crushed by the Demon Sect."

Tang Zichen was very shocked when he heard their comments, the Devil Sect was indeed the Devil Sect.Regarding what a genius prospective master was, it was someone under the age of thirty-five who had hopes of hitting the clan realm.

"There are twenty genius prospective clansmen in our major sects, two we, Divine Dragon Sect, now occupy two places la, haha, before it was one junior sister, now junior brother Feng is back, two, hehe, our Divine Dragon Sect is really glorious ah."

"Ah!"Everyone immediately looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was now at the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, already at the critical point of the Ancestor Realm, very hopeful of striking the Ancestor Realm, and at an age below thirty-five.

Big brother Xie Yong smashed Tang Zichen's shoulders and laughed, "Brother Feng, you can, crossing into another weak world, you can even train your martial arts to this realm.Ben

Thought, in our group of brothers, Little Sister is already a solid number one, now well, still don't know whether it's you or Little Sister who's powerful."

The silent Qin Ren who was embarrassed to say, "It's definitely Brother Feng who's great."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, I think I'm a bit worse than Little Senior Sister."

Tang Zichen's intuition told himself.


"Oh, intuition, by the way, Sister Qin, what state are you in right now?"

Third Senior Sister Ju said, "Little Sister has already created a martial art on her own, because she fell into a love demon before, and after she woke up, she seems to have a lot of enlightenment."

"Ah, what martial art is it?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Little Sister was embarrassed and said, "The theory hasn't been fully thought out yet, don't listen to them blow, if I comprehend the complete theory clearly, then it can only be said to have been created."

"Hehe, if Little Sister has created her own, that means she has stepped into the Ancestor realm, and has the ability to start her own martial arts sect."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, Little Sister had indeed gone a little further than Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen now knew what the direction of stepping into the Ancestor Realm was, that is, having her own martial arts philosophy, her martial arts ability to form a school of her own, and the ability to open a school of her own, that is, the Ancestor Realm.Each clan master realm, they had their own understanding of martial arts, the levels were all different now.

Tang Zichen saw that he had been chatting for a long time at Half Moon Pavilion, and he was busy asking, "Where is Master Shisha?It's time for me to go and meet them, as well as Master Uncle Yan."Master Uncle Yan was that very powerful doctor of Tang Zichen's, and also the brother of Tang Zichen's teacher's wife.

Everyone was silent for a moment, and then, Eldest Senior Brother Xie Yong said, "Brother Feng, Master Uncle Yan has, gone."

"What."Tang Zichen's entire body immediately stood up.

"Master-uncle Yan."Tang Zichen felt sad.

"When did Master-uncle go?"Tang Zichen tearfully asked, "In the eleven years he's been away, so much seems to have happened in the Divine Dragon Sect.

"Three years ago."

Tang Zichen asked, "Is it natural to grow old?I remember Master Yan, who has yet to reach his big day."

"No, it was by a witch scorpion from the Devil's Cult."

"What, a witch scorpion?"Tang Zichen's body trembled, the Witch Scorpion, a very powerful poisonous man of the Devil Religion, with a very big reputation, he also had another identity, a teacher of the Devil Princess, yes, all of Mu Qianji's evil arts were passed down from the Witch Scorpion.

Tang Zichen was grief stricken, his favorite teacher, ah, but he was killed by Mu Qianji's master.

Tang Zichen hadn't told his brothers and sisters about his grudge against Mu Qianji, otherwise, I really don't know how it would be, not only the special period of the Cold War between Massive Demons, but now even his uncle, who died at the hands of Mu Qianji's master, this hatred, deep.

"Brother Feng, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, where's Master and Mistress?I'm going to look for them."

Xie Yong said, "Master Shifu is not here, he went to the Allied Masters' Conference of the Inkstone Mountain Sect last month, it seems that they were discussing matters related to the Demon Sect, and even the Master of our Divine Dragon Sect and many other uncles went there, but Master Shifu should be back soon."



"Where is Master Yan's grave?I want to pay my respects to him."Tang Zichen said.

Big Brother Xie Yong said, "Let's go together."

"That's right, we haven't asked our little sister to confess yet."Fifth Senior Brother Spirit Monkey suddenly said.

Everyone suddenly reacted, yes, didn't we say before that Tang Zichen would let his little sister confess after he explained.

"Ah!"At this moment, Little Sister blushed as she listened.

When Tang Zichen disappeared, she felt very courageous and regretted not confessing to him in the first place, but now that Tang Zichen had actually returned, she found that she wasn't so courageous.

"Haha, Little Sister, now that Brother Feng is back, didn't you say that you regret not confessing to him in the first place?Come on, confess now, and then go pay your respects to Master Yan when you're done."

"Me."Little Sister blushed as she looked at Tang Zichen, then shyly lowered her head.

"Uh!"Tang Zichen was also quite embarrassed.

"Little Sister, don't just stand there, Brother Wind has returned, tell him what you've been wanting to say since ten years ago, hurry up and say it to him, but this time the heavens have given you another chance."

"Me."Qin Ren blushed and lowered her head. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow senior brothers, hurry up and take me to pay my respects to Master Uncle Yan."

"What's the hurry, Master Uncle Yan can pay his respects whenever he wants, now it's better to let Little Sister confess quickly."

Tang Zichen wanted to relieve himself, but he couldn't.

Fourth Senior Sister Ah Ju said, "Don't force Little Senior Sister, Little Senior Sister is already engaged, it doesn't seem good to force her to confess to Brother Feng now, besides, Brother Feng has just said that he has a wife in the other world, and he has several concubines as well."

A wave of inexpressible grief came over Little Sister inside.

Tang Zichen didn't know how to explain it, this world was more feudal, girlfriend and wife were obviously indistinguishable, Tang Zichen didn't argue, he and Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou and others, it was already about the same as a wife, just missing a wedding, if Tang Zichen argued, it would seem hypocritical, wife on wife, Tang Zichen acquiesced.

Little Sister's eyes were red.

Big Brother sighed, "Let's just say, it's no longer the same now, so many things have happened, it's impossible to renew the previous fate.Wind junior brother is fine, leaving that world, if you can't return, it's equivalent to those wives and concubines are gone, you can still find them again.But not Little Sister, she's already engaged to Qi Ren Xuan of the Flag Hill Sect."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Flag Mountain School?Qi Ren Xuan?"


About Qi Ren Xuan, Tang Zichen had heard of him, back when Tang Zichen was still in this world, Qi Ren Xuan was somewhat famous, but since he was two years younger than Tang Zichen, his fame and all that wasn't as great as Tang Zichen's.It must be that after Tang Zichen crossed over to the other world, this Qi Ren Xuan had gradually opened up his fame in this world.

Tang Zichen looked at his little sister, there was always an unexplainable unhappiness inside, Tang since then, although there was a woman in the other world, there was no doubt that Tang Zichen was in love with his little sister.

However, Tang Zichen had a headache when he remembered the Demon Demoness Mu Qianji, and he didn't know when he would be able to see Mu Qianji again.

"Alright, let's go pay our respects to Master Yan."

Tang Zichen followed his brothers and sisters to the Divine Dragon Sect's Ancestral Cemetery, which was where many ancestors throughout the ages had resided.

"Master Uncle Yan, unfilial nephew Wind Light

Yun, I came to visit you."Tang Zichen heavily kowtowed three times.

Big Brother handed Tang Zichen three incense burns and said, "Take the incense, Master Uncle Yan won't blame you."

After paying his respects to Master Uncle Yan, Tang Zichen returned to the Divine Dragon Sect with a heavy heart, and met with several other Divine Dragon Sect teachers, such as Master Uncle Yu Qing and Master Uncle Hao Yuan, only, Tang Zichen hid the truth of the disappearance from them, Tang Zichen didn't want to spread the news about the other world, in case some unkind people from this world went there, it would definitely cause harm to the people of that world.

Tang Zichen settled down in the Divine Dragon Sect, the room he used to live in had been demolished, so the room he was now living in was right next door to his younger sister, and he didn't know if it was intentionally arranged by his elder brother.

Late at night, Tang Zichen leaned on the railing outside the door of his room, imagining in his mind relatives from the other world, such as Little Meng.Xiaomeng's talent was known to Tang Zichen, by no means bad, and not all of Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters were better than her.

The little junior sister next door suddenly opened the door.

"Brother Feng, what are you thinking about, can't you sleep?The first night back, you must not have been able to sleep, see I asked."Qin Ren came out and said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Little sister, you couldn't sleep either?Still, I'm disturbed, by rights I shouldn't be living next door to you, after all you're a girl, I really don't know how Big Brother arranged it."

"It's all right to be your own senior brother,"Little Sister said with a bit of a blush.

"If you can't sleep, then come over and chat."


Qin Ren sat down beside Tang Zichen, and after a while of silence, Qin Ren asked, "By the way, Senior Brother Feng, are you in another world and not called Feng Lightning?"

"My name is Tang Zichen."

"Oh, no wonder I heard you refer to yourself as 'Tzichen' today I see.How have you been all these years in that world?"

"Well, I'm having a good time, that world, although the martial artists are not as good as ours, but there are things that stand out in that world, there are many things that people here can't even imagine."

"Oh, there's a chance, I really want to go there."

"There will be a chance, sooner or later I'll have to find a passage to that world and go back to see that there are still people there that I can't let go of."

"You mean your wife and concubine in that world?"Little Sister asked.

"Oh, no, truth be told, before I came back, all those ladies of mine were, like, dead."

"Ah!"Little Sister was shocked.

"This is why."

Tang Zichen said with pain in his heart, "I had more than a dozen friends in that world, but unfortunately, I couldn't protect them, and now, only three of them are still alive, I must go back there and bring them here."

"Why do you have to bring them here?If you can really go back, you might as well live in that world, I think, it's far better for you to live in that world than here, our side of the martial world, it's a mess."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, that world is no longer suitable for me, I'm considered to be at the pinnacle in that world, in the entire world, there isn't a single one that has stepped into the Ancestor's realm since ancient times, don't you think it's too lonely for me to live in a world where everyone is beneath me, and I'm still so young?Not having an opponent is very scary, and not having an opponent means that I won't progress, and I'll spend my whole life in that world, being at the peak of the Unity Realm."


"Yeah, I didn't realize that world force was so weak, that's why you didn't want more people to know that world existed."


"Brother Wind, can you tell me about your wife in the other world?They must all be outstanding for you to be willing to marry them."

Tang Zichen said awkwardly, "Honestly, I haven't married them yet, how can I put it, that world is different from our world in terms of men and women, in that world, they can be together and do anything before they get married, and if they don't feel suitable, they can break up again, and then look over until they find one that feels suitable, then they will have a wedding and become husband and wife.In other words, the person who ends up becoming his wife, nine times out of ten, has been with another man at one time or another."

Little Sister was shocked and said, "No way, this, this, how is this possible, this is too, too, too."Qin Ren was really stunned inside, in this world, before becoming a bride, she had been with other men, that's a pigsty to be immersed in, don't even think of marrying out for the rest of your life.

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, Little Sister could no longer describe the surprise in her heart.

"Sister, don't be surprised, every world has its own culture, in that world this is normal."

"Brother Feng, don't say that, I can't understand this kind of behavior anymore."

"Oh."Tang Zichen also stopped talking about this.

Tang Zichen asked, "Little Sister, when are you and Qi Ren Xuan going to get married?"

Qin Ren's face darkened. One second to remember to read the book.

"I don't know, parents' orders and matchmakers' words are all decided by the master and master's wife."

"Little Sister, in the other world, marriages make their own decisions."

"It's good if it is."

"You, do you love Qi Ren Xuan?"

Little Sister sighed, "So what if I don't love it."

"So, you're just following your Master Teacher's arrangement, and you don't accept the marriage in your heart?"

"I, I don't know how to say this, but Qi Ren Xuan is not bad, at least the entire Divine Dragon Sect is very accepting of my marriage to her."

"Little Sister, tell Brother Feng how good Qi Ren Xuan is, let me see if he's worthy of you."

"Qi Ren Xuan he's also very famous, he's one of the twenty genius prospective clansmen in our proper sects, he's in the top ten, just ninth in the genius prospective clansmen.A very promising future strong man, his comprehension of his own martial arts is above mine, and I'm ranked fourteenth out of the twenty genius prospective masters of the main sect."

Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen also had to cheer up, because Tang Zichen was not as good as Little Sister now, talk about compared to that Qi Renxuan, Tang Zichen was in another world, although he also stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, but he was obviously dragging his feet, if Tang Zichen had not crossed into that world, then Tang Zichen would probably be even further ahead today, definitely stronger than Little Sister, even that Qi Renxuan might not be able to compare to Tang Zichen.Therefore, it was most appropriate for Tang Zichen to return to this world, and if he continued to stay in the other world, I'm afraid his martial arts skills would never advance.

"Alright, Little Sister, it's getting late, time to go back and rest."

"Oh."Little Sister looked as if she wanted to say something else.

"Is there anything else Little Sister wants to say again?"

"It's fine, but there's no harm in saying it."

"Brother Feng, my engagement to Qi Renxuan, you'll

There's nothing you want to say?I'm sure you know that what I want is not for you to bless."

Tang Zichen said, "Little Sister, it is impossible for me to bless you, because, before I crossed over to that world, I have always liked you, very, very much."

Little Sister was very happy inside when she heard Tang Zichen say liking, a thousand words are no better than the three words liking you.

Dao: "If you like me, then why did you marry so many women in that world."

"Little sister, please forgive me, when I crossed into that world, I only had you in my heart, and my heart ached when I thought of you, and, several times, I fainted in pain because I thought of you."

"Ah, fainting in pain, that's what it looks like to fall into a love demon."

"Yes, I've almost fallen into a love demon because of you too."

Little Sister's face was now blossoming with joy, and her heart was so sweet.

"Then what happened later?"Little Sister bowed her head in shyness.

"Later, when I thought I could never go back, I thought that I had to control myself not to fall into the love demon, because I didn't know what would happen, and whatever it was I was demonized for, it wasn't a good thing.So, I had to tell myself to forget you, at that time, I was in that world, I was not familiar with life, to make a living, I worked as a bodyguard for a big family's daughter, every day with that big family's daughter, slowly, that daughter she fell in love with me, later, other young girls studying in the same school also liked me, unfortunately, I did not think about feelings at all, but, later I was still touched by their warmthup, plus I've failed a lot of girls in this world, and I've decided to stop failing them, so I'm just going to let nature take its course together."

"Oh!So then, you don't like them very much in your heart."

"Alas, now that they are dead because of me, I really cannot say such heartless things without comment."

"And what if they're not dead?"

"Not dead?How could it be."

"I say if."

"Then I, Don Tzu-Chen, will certainly receive them here."

"Oh!"Little Sister was a little sad and oh-so-sad.

Tang Zichen sighed.

Dao: "Now that they're all gone and you're back, since you like me in your heart, are you willing to make a little effort for me?"

"Making what effort?"

"You're still so stupid, and if you really like me in your heart, you shouldn't have stood by and watched me marry another man."

"Of course not."

"Then what are you going to do about it?"

"Me?I don't know at the moment."

Tang Zichen thought about Mu Qianji and was depressed inside, Tang Zichen also thought about trying to save the situation for the sake of his little sister, was it possible to be back together with her, but what about Mu Qianji?

Tang Zichen was pretty sure that Mu Qianji liked him, and after all that had happened with Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen also liked her.

If she heard that she was with her little sister, Mu Qianji might be very sad, so Tang Zichen was hesitant and not so everyone determined.

Tang Zichen realized that he had changed, before he hadn't crossed over, Mu Qianji also liked him, at that time, Tang Zichen's attitude was so resolute.

"How stupid.".


"Uh, what do you think I should do?"

Little Sister blushed and said, "I'm sure I'll have to explain your determination to my Master Teacher first, then I'll also explain my determination to my Master Teacher, after she knows our determination, she'll naturally take ways to contact the Flag Hill School, I don't think Master Teacher will be determined to let me marry Qi Ren Xuan."

"Me."Tang Zichen was torn, considering naturally Mu Qianji.

"Brother Feng, you don't seem too happy about this!"Qin Ren looked nervously at Tang Zichen.

"No, no."

"Don't lie to me, you haven't been able to hide anything from me since you were a child, you must have something else hidden in your heart.At this point we have understood each other's feelings, it should have been painful for both of us, but you hesitated, you must have some worries, why didn't you say it."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's tongue tied, his little sister was still so smart and clever, she couldn't hide anything from him.

"Go ahead, I don't blame you if you're not willing to make an effort for me.After all, we haven't seen each other for eleven years, and a lot has changed."

"No, no."

"If you don't want to talk, then let's pretend that none of the conversation I had with you tonight ever happened."The little sister turned and headed for her room, a few tears slipping down her face.

Tang Zichen grabbed her softly and said, "Little Senior Sister." First URL

Little Sister didn't break free, just bowed her head and sobbed softly.

Tang Zichen shouted out in pain and said, "Just kidding, I'll be honest with you, but you must keep this matter a secret from me."

"You said, no matter what, I'll keep it a secret from you."

"Actually, eleven years ago, there was more than one person who crossed into the other world, not just me."

"Who was it?"

"Demon Princess, Mu Qianji."

"Ah, how's that."

"The truth is this."

"You don't have to say it, I already understand everything, and if I didn't expect it, there are witch girls in those wives and concubines of yours."

"No, among my several girlfriends, there's no Mu Qianji, I just started out, and I didn't have much interaction with Mu Qianji, and she no longer likes me.But I didn't expect that a lot still happened with her later, she has done everything for me, even into the devil, and I have died for her, it's not something that can be said in a few words."

Qin Ren cried, "You actually fell in love with the demonic princess."

"I know it's disappointing, but in that world, there's no such thing as a righteous demon, I just looked at it with a normal mind, and it wasn't my own choice to end up having a relationship with Mu Qianji.At that time, I was already seriously injured, my brain degenerated into a baby, she was the one who took care of me like a mother and a sister, and for me, she even risked to steal the five strange treasures of the world, and fortunately, without selfishness, she gave them all to me to take, and in the end, she was chased by the two peak powerhouses, and I was separated from her, her whereabouts unknown.I was separated from her, and her whereabouts were unknown. Until five years later, when she reappeared, she was already possessed, and most of the reason she was possessed was because of me.Only, after she became possessed, she went on a massacre spree, killing many of my people, as well as friends and women.In the end, I had to fight her to the death.However, someone in the world had set a trap for her, and I was in on it, only I didn't realize that the moment she was actually going to die, I regretted it again, and I did everything I could to stop the three deadly arrows for her, and we were both thrown into the

Chisan Kure, that's why I came back to this world, and if I didn't happen to be thrown into Chisan Kure, I was truly dead in that world."

"Oooooh."Little Sister cried out, the more Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji happened, the sadder she became, and even, she so longed inside, that person, was her, not the witch.

"Little Senior Sister, I really don't know how to choose.Back in this world, I'm afraid that if Mu Qianji and I want to be together, there will be a lot of resistance, but I, Tang Zichen, will definitely not give up.However, you, again, are my first love, the one I used to love the most."

"Don't say that."Little Sister cried, Tang Zichen used the word once, she had understood that now Mu Qianji was his favorite, Little Sister blossomed from her previous sweetness, but now her heart ached like a sore throat.

"Little Sister, this is why I hesitate, I both like you and can't let go of her, what should I do.If I were to be with you, it would be a sensation after all, after all, you'll have to withdraw from Qi Ren Xuan, you can't hide it from the martial world, when Mu Qianji hears about it, she'll be very sad."

Little Sister wiped her tears and said, "Brother Feng, I understand, but Mu Qianji is a member of the Demon Sect, in this world, it is impossible for you to be together, even if you are together, you won't get everyone's blessing, because, Uncle Yan was killed by Mu Qianji's master, Uncle Yan is Shini's brother, and Shini is afraid that she will be the first to object."

"Alas!"Tang Zichen felt dizzy.

"Brother Feng, I'm not good at advising you to never contact Mu Qian, because I know that although she is a witch, she truly treats you after all, and after all that has happened between you and her, it's not like the relationship can be broken just by saying so.You should think about it yourself, I won't tell anyone about this matter."

Tang Zichen saw his little sister's face looking lost, busy saying, "But what about you?I can't let go just the same."

"Oh, Brother Wind, the deva truly treats you, how can you have two minds, do you want me and the deva again, to be honest, even if I am willing, I am afraid that my master and mother will not agree, you have to make a choice.This choice is either to become a member of the righteous sect, or to become a member of the devil, and in the end, all the righteous sect members will not share the same fate as you."

"Phew!Alright, I understand, I know what I'm going to do, I don't care what the good and evil factions are, I'll only do what's in my heart to do."

"Brother Wind."

"No need to persuade me, in the worst case, I'll continue to return to that world and live a carefree life as the world's number one, although my martial arts skills haven't improved much, I can at least live a happy life."

"Brother Wind, forget it, think about it yourself, I'm going to sleep first."

"Well, good night."

Tang Zichen could not sleep through the night, how exactly should he continue his feud with Mu Qianji, if he continued, he would surely be spat upon and put to death by all the righteous people.

This matter was no small matter.

Tang Zichen believed in going out, but Tang Zichen was really afraid that Little Sister had already broken her heart, she hadn't been to another world after all, not Tang Zichen himself, she couldn't really understand how Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were feeling.

But Tang Zichen didn't want Little Sister to marry Qi Renxuan.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "No matter what, even if the resistance is great, I will not give up with Mu Qianjie, for now I'd better leave it alone and bring up my martial arts skills first, only when my own skills are strong and my strength is high will I have my own choice."Tang Zichen was incomparably determined within.


Since Tang Zichen couldn't sleep, he simply stopped sleeping.

Get up and practice martial arts.

Tang Zichen had a very deep feeling inside this time when he came back through, and this feeling was about martial dao.

Tang Zichen felt that he also had some of his own understanding of martial dao.

Tang Zichen came to a cliff at the back of the Divine Dragon Sect, there was a flat area where Tang Zichen used to practice martial arts, it was still exactly the same as eleven years ago.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "It was me in the past, it's me now, that world is me, this world is me, every day it changes, but it never changes, what exactly is changing."

"Ten thousand changes, that is, the same."

Tang Zichen seemed to be deeply impressed.

Tang Zichen had just crossed into another world, then came back, everything felt changed, but it felt like nothing had changed, one world, two worlds, three worlds, now whether it was three worlds or back to one world, spare a thought, had he changed in the end?Still no change.

Tang Zichen slowly closed his eyes, picked up his sword, and practiced his master's ancestral martial art, the Subduing Dragon Sword Technique.

This Dragon Descending Sword Technique was a martial skill that the founding ancestor of the Divine Dragon Sect had created on his own when he stepped into the Ancestor's Realm, after which it became the ancestral martial skill of the Divine Dragon Sect. Remember the website

However, the later disciples could no longer practice to the extent of the founding ancestor, as if Zhang Sanfeng had created 'Taiji', and many people in modern society practiced Taijiquan, but no one was as powerful as Zhang Sanfeng anymore, this was because the later disciples practiced this martial art, lacking the ancestor's understanding of the martial art, and only practiced its form, indeed without its meaning, as if it was a sword technique with only a body and no soul.

And now, all of a sudden, Tang Zichen practiced the Dragon Descending Sword Technique as if it possessed a soul.

Tang Zichen practiced it until dawn.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, his whole body sweating profusely, and when he looked up, it was already dawn.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I already have my own understanding of the Martial Dao, so it's as if the Descending Dragon Sword Technique I've been practicing all night has a soul of its own."

"My understanding of the martial dao is that all changes are constant."

"Everyone who steps into a sect has their own understanding of martial arts, and then creates their own martial arts based on their own understanding, making their martial arts more closely related to their own understanding of martial arts and bringing out their strongest power.Then, only then do they have the capital to start their own sect, which is the realm of the clan."

"Now, I finally have an understanding that is uniquely my own, and I believe that martial arts, and even life, is unchanging in all changes."

What, what does it mean to not understand?That's right, if you understand it, wouldn't it mean that you also understand it.

Tang Zichen was quite happy inside, it was not easy for him to comprehend a set of his own martial arts theories after all he had been through.

Tang Zichen had comprehended his own martial arts theory, how much had he improved his martial arts skills?

To give a very simple example, his moves could have thousands of changes in an instant, because, he had comprehended the core idea of 'change'.

"Brother Feng, you're here!"At that moment, Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters came.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, no matter whether it was the wind or the brothers, Tang Zichen was him, no matter whether it was his opponent or himself, no matter whether it was the wind or the rain, it was all him.

Tang Zichen's understanding of martial arts had been tentatively formed, and once he became a great success and created his own martial arts skills, it was time for him to step into the realm of a grandmaster, and could be called a martial arts master.

"You guys are here."

"Brother Feng, I heard that you haven't slept all night, what, can't you sleep?"Big Brother Xie Yong asked.


sp; "Oh, no, suddenly I have some understanding of martial arts, so I came up to the mountain to practice."Tang Zichen smiled and looked at his little sister, who must have not slept all night and did not look too good.

However, Tang Zichen was relieved.

Because, whether it was open-minded or tangled, suave or devoted, it was all him.

Whether it's becoming a good or evil school, it's all him.

No matter how it changes, it's all him.

Second senior brother Hao Zizhu was busy saying, "Brother Feng, so you've also realized some of your own understanding of martial arts?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen said without hiding anything.

"Wow, Brother Feng has his own understanding, and so does Little Sister, you are worthy of being geniuses."

Fifth Senior Sister Aju said, "In that case, why don't Brother Feng and Junior Sister have a spar with each other to see who is more powerful, who has comprehended more profound martial arts principles, and who is better at swordplay."

"Haha, exactly what I wanted to say."Sixth Senior Brother Zhao Jian laughed.

Tang Zichen didn't refuse and looked at Little Sister.

Little Sister shook her head and said, "Or not."Little Senior Sister didn't seem to be in the mood.

"Little Senior Sister, what is there to be afraid of under cut and paste, besides, cut and paste is only good for you, no harm right."


Tang Zichen said, "Senior Sister, come on, let Senior Brother Feng see your strength, before we cut and dice, why don't you tell us, what kind of understanding do you have of the Martial Dao?"

Dao: "Idiot."

"Uh, idiotic?"


"Well, I understand."Tang Zichen nodded, one word was enough for an overview, like Tang Zichen, his understanding of martial dao could also be one word, change.

"Brother Feng, what about you?"Little Sister asked.

Don Zichen said, "Change."

"Uh, change."


"Oh."Little Sister couldn't appreciate what Tang Zichen was saying about change, this kind of martial dao understanding was usually difficult to understand others.

There were many similar martial dao understandings, such as the famous 'no strokes are better than strokes', 'heavy swords are bladeless', 'great wisdom is like foolishness', 'using force to break skill', 'four two strokes', and so very many others.

Tang Zichen's realization that 'all change is constant' was actually a very profound insight.

However, it was unknown if there was anyone who had comprehended the same thing as him throughout the ages, or now.

"Brother Wind, please."Little Sister Ton drew her sword.

Tang Zichen also raised his sword.

Little Sister Ton performed the Dragon Descending Sword Technique, and Tang Zichen also performed the Dragon Descending Sword Technique.

The Dragon Suppressing Sword Technique performed by Little Sister had a completely different momentum than Tang Zichen's. It looked like the same moves, but the feeling was completely different.

Tang Zichen's Dragon-Subduing Sword Technique was so varied and unpredictable that it had a mysterious and unpredictable feel.

Little Sister's Dragon Descending Sword Technique, on the other hand, gave people a heavy and sad, unchanging, ancient momentum.

The two of them were engaged in battle.

"Dang dang dang."A sound of gold and iron clashing.

After about a dozen strokes, Little Sister's sword technique was completely suppressed by Tang Zichen, and in the next second, her sword was picked off the ground by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Little Sister couldn't believe that Senior Brother Wind had won over her so quickly, Senior Brother Wind had only comprehended his martial arts understanding ah last night.


The surrounding senior brothers were also full of incredulity.

They knew how strong Little Senior Sister's sword skills were, and even her Master Teacher praised her.

"Little Senior Sister, I'll oblige."

"Brother Feng, your comprehension of the martial dao is far better than mine, we also use the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, but I lost to you after only a dozen moves."Little Sister said incredulously.

Big Brother Xie Yong laughed, "Haha, you are all great, and Brother Feng, he is worthy of the title, he will always be the number one youngest in the world."

"That's right, although there is no legend of Junior Brother Feng in the rivers and lakes nowadays, but now that Junior Brother Feng is back, the prestige of being the number one youngest in the world will return sooner or later."

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's right, what belongs to me, I will get back, and what doesn't belong to me, I will also get back."

"Brother Feng, why do you feel like you sound so domineering with that."


"Let's go, back to breakfast, after breakfast, I'm going down the mountain."Tang Zichen said.

"What are you going down the mountain for?"People ask. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"If you haven't walked around the river for so long, shouldn't you go down to the mountains and walk around?If we don't move around, who knows that the once number one youngest in the world has returned."

"Uh, but, Master said that you are not allowed to go down the mountain without orders."

"It's also me who doesn't go down the mountain, so why not go down if my heart wants to."

"Uh, what crooked reasoning."

"It's not crooked reasoning, it's my understanding of martial dao, if you compare life to martial dao, it's just like that."

Little Sister felt as if Tang Zichen's mindset had changed after he had understood his martial arts dao.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen prepared to go down the mountain.

Tang Zichen didn't want to stay on the mountain, it was meaningless, comparing this place to Wangjing City, there was always a feeling of returning to a backward society.

"Fellow teachers and brothers, I'm going down the mountain, which one of you wants to go down with me?"

"But."Everyone hesitated, Master Shifu's majesty appeared in their minds.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Well then, little sister, master teacher loves you even more, you won't be punished too much if you go down the mountain on your own, so why don't you go down the mountain with me, the rest of us, naturally, will continue practicing martial arts at the bottom of the mountain."

"Oh, good."Little Sister nodded her head.

The rest of the brothers and sisters were helpless.

Tang Zichen brought the little junior sister down the mountain.

"Brother Feng, where are you going?"

"The rivers and lakes are big enough to go anywhere, including the territory of the Devil's Church."

"Ah, you're going to the territory of the Devil's Cult?"

"Hahaha, just sayin'."Tang Zichen's heart was always wanting to go to Mu Qianji, but he hadn't decided when yet.

"Brother Feng, why have you suddenly changed your mindset so much?"

"Because, the martial arts I came to understand has also changed my perspective on life."


"Actually, what's wrong with the martial path that you've comprehended, you've comprehended 'idiotic' so, your ecology, you're idiotic, that's why you've never been able to forget me, right?"

"No, I'm because, because I really can't forget you."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "If the martial dao you comprehended is a 'Jie' then your mentality must be very different."

"You're talking nonsense."

"Alright, Sister Qin, don't say it."


nbsp; Qin Renyi pursed her lips, "That's right, what's the point of talking about it, you don't have me anymore either."

Tang Zichen turned his head and smiled, "Little Sister, you're wrong, if before last night, I would definitely still be struggling with how you and Mu Qianji should choose and deal with it.And today, I'm no longer torn in any way because my martial dao has changed my mindset."

"What do you mean?"

"Isn't the meaning obvious enough?I want both Mu Qianji and you, I want you both to be my woman, both to be my wife, I want whatever my Tang Zichen wants, because, it's also me who wants it, and it's also me who doesn't want it."

Little Sister Ton shook her head, "This is impossible, Mu Qianjie and I are incompatible with fire and water, she is a witch, how can I share a husband with him, you can either choose her or me, it's not that I'm forcing you, it's reality that's forcing you."

Tang Zichen laughed, "There's no such thing as incompatibility between water and fire, whether you're willing or not, it's my state of mind."

"Master Teacher will not allow you to associate with a witch."

Tang Zichen said, "Then surpass your master and master's wife."


"If the Master Teacher opposes it, then I will surpass them, so what ability do they have to oppose it."

"Hmph, even if you surpass your Master Teacher, there's still the Gate Master, and all the righteous people in the world."

Tang Zichen said, "Then surpass everyone in the world, no one will be able to object now."

"Brother Feng, how come I can't see through you a bit, you've changed your mind too much."

"Oh, it's me even if I don't deal with witches, it's me even if I deal with witches, it's me even if I surpass the world, it's me even if I'm bullied by the world, since it's all me, why do I need to change."

"I don't understand."

"If you understand it, then you have comprehended my martial path."

Said the man, coming to the bottom of the mountain.

Tang Zichen rode a fast horse and left in desperation, and Little Sister followed.

Little Sister didn't want to go down the mountain because she was afraid that Tang Zichen would make trouble, and it was always better to follow someone around.

At noon, Tang Zichen stopped in a small town and entered a restaurant, preparing to have some food before leaving.

Tang Zichen looked at this restaurant and sighed, "It's all a bit uncomfortable with this world, I'm used to the prosperity, and it's always hard to adapt to coming back to this world."

"Brother Feng, is the other world really so good?"

"In terms of living environment and lifestyle, it definitely surpasses here by hundreds of times, no wonder I can't calm down and keep thinking about going down the mountain.Now that I'm down here, the feeling is still similar to the mountains, the air is filled with something called 'boredom', huh, little sister, don't mind, maybe I'm really used to living in another world.It always feels like I'm back in a primitive society here, and I just rode a horse all morning, and I almost didn't get my ass kicked."

"Doesn't the other world ride horses?"

"No, riding in a car, flying in a plane, being a flying ship, which is not as comfortable as riding a horse."

"It's too boring a life, I can't take it anymore, I have to find something exciting to do, Little Sister, where is the nearest genius prospective master?I'd like to go have some fun with him."

"Uh, Genius Quasi-Master?"

"Yeah, bored to death, always wanting to beat people up, it's no fun to just beat people up, then go challenge those genius quasi-masters, I want to restore the reputation of the world's number one youngest, only one by one to defeat those genius quasi-masters."

"Ah, wouldn't that seem too rude."

"It's me even if I'm rude, what's the difference if I'm not rude, tell me, where are there genius quasi-masters around here."


"The closest Genius Quasi-Master to us is Guo Qing'an of Zongnan Mountain, and he is ranked tenth by everyone in the Genius Quasi-Masters."

"Uh, tenth, wouldn't that mean that the ranking is only one place after your fiancé?"

"Yes, Qi Ren Xuan is ninth."

"Well then, first go to Mount Zongnan and challenge Guo Qing'an, then go to the Flag Mountain Sect and beat up Qi Ren Xuan."

"Why do you use the word 'bust'."

"Because I don't like him, so I want to bust him, what's the matter, you're distressed?The more distressed you are, the harder I hit you."

Little Sister was speechless: "Who's distressed."

"Not distressed then I'll just merely beat him up, after all, they are all from famous schools, I can't pull hatred for the Divine Dragon Sect, let's eat, after eating go find Guo Qingan."


Tang Zichen instigated to eat noodles, going to challenge other geniuses, Tang Zichen just felt that life here wasn't so boring anymore.How come I didn't feel bored when I hadn't crossed over before?

Now only know, there is no TV, no computer, no entertainment items, just like back to the primitive society, if you want to live well here, you must have money, but this world of martial arts training people, are not good to enjoy, thatched hut also live down. The first website

After lunch, Tang Zichen and his little sister continued their journey.

After another afternoon of bouncing around on horseback, plus half a night, at around ten o'clock at night, finally, they arrived at a town.

"A dozen kilometers ahead, it's Zongnan Mountain, Brother Feng, let's stay here tonight, everyone has already slept, and if we go further, we won't be able to find an inn.".

"Fine, the challenge will have to be tomorrow, of course it's impossible to go to the door now."

Tang Zichen entered the town, which was also just a small town, and had a hard time finding an inn.

Tang Zichen was really a bit uncomfortable, it was only ten o'clock at night, the whole town, just as quiet as three in the morning, and there were no streetlights on the streets, every family had also long since turned off their lights and slept, quiet unbelievable, only the entrance of the inn, hanging a few lanterns, as if to remind others that there was an inn here, the rest of the place was dark.

As a modern society to come the more and more uncomfortable Tang Zichen's, I'm afraid there's nowhere to go at night except to visit a green house.

Little Sister, on the other hand, felt nothing.

"Objective, staying in a hotel?"

"Ask for two guest rooms for me.".

Tang Zichen hehely smiled, "Little Sister, one room is fine."

"Ah, I don't want it."Little Sister blushed and lowered her head, not yet married, sleeping with a man, God, to death she did not dare to do such a thing, this spread out how to have the face to live, even if they like, even engaged, but also can not do, this society is so feudal.

Little Sister opened two upper rooms, two upper rooms adjacent to each other, because it is a small town also not many people.

"Shopkeeper, get us off supper."Tang Zichen said.

"Okay Le."The shopkeeper said enthusiastically.

After eating the supper, Tang Zichen and Little Sister returned to their room.

Little Sister was already ready to take a bath and sleep.

But Tang Zichen couldn't sleep, Tang Zichen rolled over to the window of the next room and knocked.

"Who is it."

"Senior Sister, it's me."

"Brother Feng, why did you climb to the window."

"Oh, I couldn't sleep, so I came to talk to you."

"Brother Wind, it's late at night, it's not good to come, besides, I've already fallen asleep."


; "I'm going, am I too open or are you too backward, that's not good either, well, then older brother will say one last thing."

"You say."

"Little Senior Sister, I love you."

"Ah."Qin Ren's body trembled, it was really frightening to say such unashamed words so barefacedly.


"I, I don't know what to say."

"Alright, I'll go back to sleep first then, anyway, remember, senior brother will never give up on you."

Little Sister hid in her blanket blushing.

Tang Zichen went back to his room, only to find himself really funny, it seemed like it wasn't even the same old him anymore.

However, Tang Zichen felt nothing bad.

Tang Zichen no longer thought about it, and lay down to sleep, only, this hard bed, sleep is really uncomfortable.

Early in the first morning, Tang Zichen got up.

Little Sister didn't dare to look into Tang Zichen's eyes, as if she was very shy, because last night Tang Zichen said I love you loudly at the window, which made her feel both shy and a strange excitement, even though she already knew that she wasn't the only one in Tang Zichen's heart.Little Sister even threw her head back, as if she had suddenly come to her senses, she was almost overwhelmed by a few of Tang Zichen's sweet words.Little Senior Sister secretly told herself that she couldn't be overwhelmed by him.

"Little Senior Sister, good morning."

"Mm, morning."

Tang Zichen was also brushing his teeth, but as soon as the Tang Zichen toothbrush went into his mouth, he could damn well smell a pig foul, because the toothbrushes of this era were made of pig hair.

"I'm going, let's not let people live."Tang Zichen threw the toothbrush, and the pig hair toothbrush was shattered into pieces.

"Brother Feng, what's wrong with you?"

"Is this toothbrush still a human toothbrush."

"Uh, isn't that what people's toothbrushes look like in the other world?"

"Which is not the case, alas, it seems it will take a while to get used to life here."

"Brother Wind, don't be so demanding of the quality of life, no matter what, you still have to brush your teeth."

"But, I've already dropped my toothbrush."

"Ask the shopkeeper to bring over another pair."

"Still no need, use yours, give it to me when you're done brushing."

"Ah, Brother Feng, this, this is not good."Little Sister blushed, saying in public that it was too that to use the toothbrush she had brushed.

"I'm not even afraid of what you're afraid of."

"But, it's not hygienic."

"Which is so much nonsense, finish brushing."

After Little Sister finished brushing, Tang Zichen snatched the toothbrush from her hand and started brushing her teeth, Little Sister was fidgety, but Tang Zichen's move also gave her a strange feeling inside, as if, she was kissed.

After breakfast, the two of them made their way once again and soon arrived at Mount Zongnan.

"Who are the visitors."At the bottom of Zongnan Mountain, two mountain watchmen intercepted.

Tang Zichen said, "What, has this young man disappeared for eleven years and no one in the rivers and lakes knows him anymore?"


Little Sister was busy saying, "Two senior brothers from Zonan Mountain, I am Qin Ren from the Divine Dragon Sect, this is my senior brother, Wind Lightning, back then he was the famous World's Greatest Younger."

"Uh, the world's number one youngest, never heard of him."

Tang Zichen really wanted to slap it, he dared to say he had never heard of it.

Little Sister said, "It's normal that they've never heard of it, eleven years ago they were all just seven or eight years old."


Tang Zichen said, "Well then, my reputation as the world's number one youngest begins with defeating Guo Qingan today."

The two mountain watchers snorted, "Is our Zongnan Mountain's genius quasi-master also something you can defeat?"

Tang Zichen said, "I don't want to cause any trouble, go up to the mountain right away, and tell him that the world's number one youngster, Wind Lightning, wants to spar with Guo Qingan, if he is not willing, I, Wind Lightning, will leave right away, never force him to, go quickly."

"Hmph, you wait, I'm going up the mountain to report to my master."The two mountain watcher disciples immediately went up the mountain.

Tang Zichen didn't force his way in, after all, they were all famous sects, Tang Zichen couldn't give the Divine Dragon Sect a chance to make enemies everywhere.

Little Sister said, "Brother Feng, your tone is too strong, be gentle, I'm really afraid of how Master will punish us when he finds out, after all, we took the initiative to go to the door to provoke the geniuses of other sects, to put it nicely, it's cutting and provoking, this is something that will destroy the unity of the righteous sect."

Tang Zichen said, "Come on, sis, I didn't sound very tuggy ah, besides, aren't we waiting at the bottom of the mountain, we didn't force our way in, can they still be ruthless on our Divine Dragon Sect because of this?"


At this moment, on the mountain, outside a certain palace, many disciples were practicing in the morning.

"Master, it's not good."

"What's the matter panic, could it be that the Demon Sect is coming." Remember the URL

"Master, a man and a woman came down from the mountain, the man said that he was what was the world's number one youngest young man, Wind Lightning, while the woman said that he was his senior sister, Qin Ren."

At that moment, a rather handsome looking man was shocked and rushed over and asked, "What did he say?The number one youngest in the world?"

"Yes, yes, the world's number one youngest, Wind Lightning, and they say he disappeared for so long, does no one in the rivers and lakes know him anymore."

"Is it really Wind Lightning?"

"He said yes, and, he wants to spar with you."

Guo Qingan's eyebrows furrowed as he hummed, "Wind Lightning, hmmm, he actually didn't die, disappeared for eleven years, but he actually came back, hahaha, well, I also want to see how powerful the famous World's Greatest Younger was back then.Back then, I had a sword fight with Wind Lightning."

A middle-aged man next to him came out and said, "Qing An, it's not certain if it's Wind Lightning, don't be careless, in case it's a devil in disguise."

"Master, back then at the Yanshan Mountain Meeting, my disciple was shaken back by his sword, I was very upset, if it is him, I will definitely compete with him again."

The man ordered, "Let them come up."

Tang Zichen and his little sister waited at the bottom of the mountain for half an hour, and two disciples ran down and said, "Wind Lightning, my master has asked you to come up the mountain."

Tang Zichen leaped and flew up the mountain, and the two disciples, who were less than innate, were stunned.

When Tang Zichen landed outside a spacious hall on the mountain, there were already many people waiting there.

Some people at the scene saw Tang Zichen and turned pale.

It was really Wind Lightning Cloud, back then, Wind Lightning Cloud was young and light-hearted, among people of the same age group, he was invincible, and the Divine Dragon Sect would bring him with them every time they went out, so many of the sect's master levels, as well as people of the same age group as Tang Zichen, had seen Tang Zichen before.

"Wind Lightning, it really is you."

Tang Zichen worshipped, "Senior Feng Qingyun, I pay my respects to Senior Zongnan Mountain's No Nee."

"Well said, well said."

The man called Guo Qingan looked at Tang Zichen and humphed, "Feng Qingyun, I heard that you came here today to spar with me?"

"If I'm not mistaken, you were defeated by me in a swordfight at Mt. Yan.

One of the grandmasters, Guo Qingan now."

Guo Qingan's face was ugly for a while, back then at the Inkstone Mountain Meeting Martial Arts, as a peer, he was repulsed by Tang Zichen's sword, it was really disgraceful, so much so that he felt very unhappy when he thought back on it now, fortunately, Wind Light Cloud disappeared later.

Tweedless Senior snorted, "Wind Lightning, whether you are here to spar, or to provoke, or even to instruct, please give my disciple a little dignity, what is the point of bringing up the past, besides, the past only represents the past, and it is not certain who will go far today."

"Hahahaha, No Nee senior's lesson is, senior this box to you to make amends, however, senior does not intend to reveal the scars of others, senior back then a sword or even a slap to repel people, not a few, otherwise, how can be called the world's number one young."

"Wind Lightning, cut the crap, today I'll show you how powerful I am, just because you were powerful before, doesn't mean it's the same now."Guo Qingan snorted.

Tang Zichen smiled, "The reason why I came back today is to let the people in the rivers and lakes reacquaint themselves with me, the world's number one youngster back then, so I still want to repel you with a sword."

"Hmph, dreaming."

Guo Qing'an stomped on the ground and killed Tang Zichen.

Guo Qingan casually swords, the killing intent emitted from that sword was as compelling as human coldness, and there was a chilling momentum on his sword, which seemed to be an indifferent expert.

"Dang" the two of them added their swords together.

Tang Zichen's bull had already blown down, to repel with a sword, if not, it would be quite a slap in the face.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's sword was like a thousand variations, a brass wall that blasted at the other side.

Tang Zichen had confidence.

Because Tang Zichen's understanding of the martial dao was that ten thousand changes were constant, it was a very profound martial dao, almost comparable to the martial dao of 'no strokes are better than strokes'.This is a very profound martial art, almost on a par with the martial art of 'no move is better than a move', which has been famous since ancient times, but no one in the Jianghu world today can really comprehend it.

Tang Zichen's 'Ten Thousand Transformations' was almost similar to No Strokes, so it was very strong.

"Wow!"As soon as their swords met, Guo Qingan took a few steps back, and the brass wall-like strength from Tang Zichen's swordplay was unshakeable, forcing him to retreat.

"Ah."Many people at the scene were greatly shocked.

Guo Qingan was actually repulsed by Tang Zichen's sword, this, so embarrassing.

At this moment, Guo Qingan's face was red and white, back then, he was knocked back by the wind with a single sword, and he got off the meeting stage without a single photo, but today, he had become a genius quasi-master, and it was still like this.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Admittedly, senior is much disturbed, farewell."

A few of the master teachers at the scene didn't say anything, but were just a little depressed.

Guo Qingan shouted, "Wind Lightning, don't leave, I haven't lost yet."

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "Guo Qing'an, you've already lost."

"I haven't, I just took a few steps back."

"Oh, Guo Qing'an, I'm not here to feud, I'm just here to spar, now that you've lost to me, there's no need to carry on, lest we hurt the peace and my master chastise me later."

Guo Qingan's master said, "Qingan, withdraw."



Guo Qingan was very depressed and retreated.

"Wind Lightning, you are indeed amazing, worthy of being the world's number one youngest back then."

"Oh, thank you for boasting Senior No Nelly, I'm much offended, goodbye, I still have to rush to the Flag Mountain School to spank Qi Ren Xuan's little ass."


"Hahaha, because this brat, actually dared to pry my youngest into a corner while I'm not here, ah, hahaha."


Tang Zichen retreated from Zongnan Mountain, and Zongnan Mountain didn't make it difficult for Tang Zichen because Tang Zichen was also polite about the cut and that Guo Qingan had lost.

"Brother Feng, do you really want to go to the Flag Mountain School?"

"Crap, do you think I'm joking?"

"But you made sure that you will be able to defeat Qi Ren Xuan?"

"Little Senior Sister, with what you just said, Qi Ren Xuan is going to be punched by me one more time."

"Eh, Senior Brother Feng, I'm afraid that Master Teacher's wife will blame me."

"Don't worry, as long as I haven't lost, then, I will definitely give my Master Teacher's wife face, even if she blames me, it's just for show, of course, if I lose, then it's just going out to embarrass myself, and that's something to really think about."

"Are you so sure that you will definitely win against someone else?"

"Little Sister, nowadays, these genius paragons are all the same age as us, when I was called the world's number one youngest, they weren't as good as me, now that I'm back, I'll naturally let everyone know that the world's number one youngest is going to step on their heads again, hahaha."

"Speechless, it's just a false name."

Tang Zichen chatted with his little sister all the way back on the road. One second to remember to read the book

Having already ridden a horse for a day yesterday, and today, they have to ride again, and to go to the Flag Hill Sect, they have to ride for three days and three nights, Tang Zichen is devastated when he thinks about it, it's really not easy to regain the false name of the world's youngest.

Someone might ask, the speed of their flight is much faster than that of a horse, so why don't they just fly?More horseback riding?

It's a very silly question, flying is about strength, to put it bluntly, it's like a hundred meter sprint, short time, or when fighting, or fleeing, to fly so hard.

After three days of hurrying.

Tang Zichen and Qin Ren, they finally arrived at the location of the Flag Mountain Sect.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Qin Ren stood at the foot of the Flag Mountain Sect, having just had the invitation to pay their respects delivered and were waiting for their disciple to convey it.

Soon, one of the Flag Mountain Sect's disciples came down the mountain.

"Our master is letting you go up."

"Go."Tang Zichen deliberately took Little Sister's waist and then flew away.

Little Sister was frightened, "Brother Feng, what are you doing, let go of me, it's not good to be seen in broad daylight."

However, Tang Zichen just wouldn't let go of Qin Ren, Tang Zichen seemed to be doing it on purpose.

Because, Tang Zichen's purpose was to be seen by the people of the Flag Hill Sect, especially Qi Renxuan, who must have been furious when he saw his fiancée flying up with Tang Zichen in his arms.

"Brother Feng, let go of me ah."

"Little Sister, I'm not letting go of you."


"Because, I'm here on purpose."

"You."Little Sister was depressed, in fact, if she exerted her full strength, she could break free from Tang Zichen, but she couldn't muster the courage inside.

As such, Little Sister flew half struggling all the way to the Flag Mountain Sect's main hall.

Hundreds of people had already gathered in the main hall of the Flag Mountain Sect, all of them Flag Mountain Sect disciples and masters and so on.

Of course, Qi Ren Xuan was also promoting it.

At this moment, the crowd saw Tang Zichen come up with Qin Rei on his arm, and his face changed, this wasn't just an embarrassment to Qi Ren Xuan, this was also an embarrassment to the Flag Mountain Sect, because everyone knew that Qin Rei was Qi Ren Xuan's fiancée.

As for Qi Ren Xuan, he almost didn't spit out blood, he never expected that Wind Lightning would do this.


nbsp; Tang Zichen let go of his little sister as soon as he landed on the ground, not gaining an inch, he was still a man who understood the generality and propriety of the situation.

Tang Zichen worshipped to the hall full of people, "Senior Feng Xiaoyun, greetings to all the senior members of the Flag Mountain Sect."

"Bang."Qi Ren Xuan's master slapped the table and roared, "Are you greeting me?"

"Er, Senior Yun Song, what do you mean by that."

"Qin Ren is the fiancée of my disciple Qi Ren Xuan, what do you mean by hugging her all the way up here?"

"Oh, Qin Ren is my junior sister that I grew up with, when I was a child, I even bathed with my junior sister, the district hugged her to fly, it's perfectly normal for my brothers and sisters."

"You you you."Yun Song's anger to tremble, Qi Ren Xuan even more eyes are red, when she was a child and bathed together also said.

But Little Sister was blushing, helpless and full of depression, staring at Tang Zichen: "Brother Feng, don't talk nonsense."

"Little Senior Sister, we used to bathe together a lot when we were kids, okay, could it be that you have a fiancé and you even want to deny what happened when you were kids."

"Enough."Qi Ren Xuan shouted.

Tang Zichen looked towards Qi Ren Xuan and smiled, "You're the Flag Hill School, the famous genius-to-be, Qi Ren Xuan, right? You really are a talent, no wonder my junior sister loves you to death."

As soon as their swords met, Guo Qingan took a few steps back, and the brass wall-like strength from Tang Zichen's swordplay was unshakeable, forcing him to retreat.It was only after finishing her sophistry that Little Sister suddenly remembered that she couldn't say that, although it was true that she didn't, but to say it in public, how embarrassing it would be for the Flag Hill Sect and Qi Ren Xuan.

As expected, the whole of the Flag Mountain Sect looked at Qin Ren.

"Me."Qin Ren stomped her foot and glared at Tang Zichen, trapped by Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen must have deliberately provoked her to say such words.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Sister, you didn't ah, so you don't love Qi Ren Xuan at all, oh, it seems that senior brother misunderstood."

"Ahhhh."Qi Ren Xuan shouted and asked, "Qin Ren, tell me that you didn't mean what you just said."

"Me."Little Sister was riding a tiger.

Tang Zichen said, "Qi Ren Xuan, why are you yelling so loudly, have the guts to come at me."

Qi Ren Xuan gritted his teeth and said, "Wind Lightning, if you dare to come and cause trouble in my Flag Mountain Sect today, I won't spare you."

"Hahaha, can't you see my invitation to pay my respects, I'm here to pay my respects to all the seniors of the Flag Mountain Sect.Besides, with just you, you're not worthy of playing with Ben Shao."

"Ben Shao, I pooh, do you think you're still the number one Shao in the world back then?First, I asked if the sword in my hand answered."

"Hmph, when Ben was famous in the world, you didn't know where to play with mud."

"Yah yah."Qi Ren Xuan was going crazy with anger and immediately rushed up to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was already prepared.

Qi Ren Xuan's strength was ranked ninth among all the genius paramount masters in the righteous school, and the martial dao he had comprehended was 'violence', as to what violence was, that was up to him to ask.

Therefore, Qi Renxuan's sword came out with a very strong and violent feeling, as if the wind and rain were about to come, and there was no rigidity.

Unfortunately, the martial dao Tang Zichen had comprehended was 'change', which meant that Tang Zichen could change at will with any sword or saber technique he performed.

Unpredictable and mysteriously terrifying, this was the feeling Tang Zichen gave his opponents.

"Buzz."In the blink of an eye, the two of them entwined their two swords in the palace.

Qi Renxuan's violence-filled sword moves were completely unpredictable in the face of Tang Zichen's unpredictable, and his entire body was blinded.


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