The King of Kungfu in school 1061-1070


Chapter 1061

"Just one more question then, how did you know that my hometown is in Park Hyatt Hill?And so sure, in this world, I'm afraid there aren't many people who dare to be so sure of this Thousand Tribes on Mount Hundred Joy."

Tang Zichen said, "Now the Martial Island Lord's wife, he came here a hundred years ago, she left a note, the note recorded that she met you here when you were still a teenager, and wanted her husband to take you as a disciple, I wonder if you still remember this matter?"

"Ah!"Wanfatian was shocked and immediately remembered that he was still a teenager.

"It seems that we are destined to meet, even if I look at the face of Senior Yang Kun and his wife, I should meet with you, so come on."

"Thank you, Senior."

Tang Zichen said to Xiao Meng, "Let's go, let's fly over to the big banyan tree on the opposite mountain."


Zhong's Wanfatian has also looked excited, as for the three people brought from the Yi Yue Villa, they were waiting in a small town on the edge of the Baiyue Mountain, and did not bring them into the mountain.

Tang Zichen flew to the big banyan tree and saw a pale old man sitting under the banyan tree, this old man looked ordinary, just like a woodcutter, bent over and bowed back, white hair and white beard, far different from what one would expect.

"Senior Tang Zichen, pay my respects to Senior Wanfatian."

"Junior Xiaomeng, pay my respects to Senior Ten Thousand Fa Tian." Remember the URL

"No need to be polite, please sit down."

"Senior Wanfatian, why don't you build a better house?"Xiao Meng asked, because where Wanfatian lived, in the cavern of a big banyan tree, was literally living a hard life like a savage.

Wan Fatian smiled and said, "A better house, what do you mean by better?Young lady, you're still too young, but you're so young to have such a martial art, it really impresses my husband, it's truly a generation better than a generation."

"Thank you senior for your praise, I'm not a bit worse than brother Zichen."

Wanfatian looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "I've been ignoring the world for decades, and I don't know how the outside world is today, maybe everything is fate, I, after all, have been disturbed by the outside world."

Tang Zichen was somewhat puzzled, "What do you mean by this, I just want to pay my respects to my senior, at most, I can't disturb him for more than a few minutes."

Wanfatian said, "It's been a long time since I stepped into the pinnacle, and I've comprehended more than five hundred drops of the killing intent, but I, I've never been able to step into the next realm.So, several decades ago, I returned to nature."

"Return to nature?"

"Yes, back to nature, this little cute girl just asked me why I live so humble, it's because, I have returned to nature."

"Oh, how profound, I can't understand."Xiaomeng smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior has returned to nature, is this to break through the unity realm?"

"Yes, I've never been able to transcend the realm of unity, and I thought that trying to return to nature would allow me to transcend the realm of unity."

"Then how does Senior feel now?"

"Alas, there's a feeling that something is still missing."Wanfatian shook his head.

Tang Zichen felt inwardly that Wanfatian wanted to transcend the Unity Realm by returning to nature, a direction that didn't seem right.

Naefully, Tang Zichen also had no experience in breaking through the Zongshi, so there was nothing that could guide him.

If he returned to the original world, with the guidance of a strong Ancestral Master realm, perhaps, it would be much easier to follow the direction guided by a successful person, and he would always be able to fumble.However, this

Individual worlds didn't have a clan master realm, so there was no experience of previous generations.However, Ten Thousand Fa Tian's attempt to return to nature was considered an attempt, but now, it proved to be a failure.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, you just said that you've comprehended about five hundred drops of your killing intent?"


"It seems that there's a really big difference between everyone at the same pinnacle, those at the weakest pinnacle haven't even finished comprehending a single drop, and most of the pinnacles, they're hovering around fifteen drops.Even the Martial Islander is at forty drops, the same peak, what a big difference."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, how is the Island Lord doing now?This guy, he's still alive, isn't he."Wanfatian smiled.

"Well, he's still alive, and he rarely goes out in Martial Island, but from what he said, it doesn't seem like it's been much longer."

"Alas, anyone has to die eventually, it's just a pity that he couldn't transcend the Unity Realm."

Xiao Meng asked, "Senior Ten Thousand Fa Tian, if he surpassed the Unity Realm, wouldn't he be able to live for another few decades?"

"Of course!Unfortunately, I don't stand much of a chance."

"Why do you have to give up, Senior, perhaps your way of returning to nature is the right one?"

Wanfatian shook his head and said, "No, I increasingly feel that this is the wrong direction."

Wanfatian looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Little brother, you've come all this way, I can't let you down, come on, we only have one palm against each other, it's not in vain for you to come all this way."

"Good!"Tang Zichen nodded his head in excitement, finally being able to fight Wanfatian.

However, the comprehension of Wanfatian's killing intent was at 500 drops, it was really not to be underestimated.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen was also close to five hundred drops, and he had improved since the battle with Yang Guan.

Tang Zichen and Wanfatian's figures whirred and flashed under the great banyan tree.

"Bang!"The two of them directly faced each other with their palms.

Wanfatian felt at once that the power coming from Tang Zichen's palms was so unmatched, and thick and neutral, just like the morning's blazing sun.He, on the other hand, felt like an evening sunset, and although there was still sunlight, it couldn't even compare to the morning's blazing sun.

"Wow!"Wanfatian's body immediately flew back tens of meters.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, didn't move a muscle.

"Phew!"Wanfatian flew back tens of meters before he could control himself, and his body was still a bit wobbly.

Tang Zichen didn't seem to quite believe that he was so strong against Wanfatian's palm.

"Hahaha, old, old."Wanfatian let out a big laugh, although it was a big laugh, but inside his heart, he felt a sense of unwillingness towards life, perhaps he lost to, there was also time.

"Senior, admit it."

"No, you won, little brother, you are worthy of being the world's number one, I hope you, in the future, can find the right direction to go beyond the unity realm."

"Good, junior will work hard, goodbye."

"I'm afraid I won't see you again!"

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and flew away with Xiao Meng.

Wanfatian leaned against the big banyan tree, looking haggard, as if he had instantly aged a few more years.

Wanfatian couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh, "Returning to nature for tens of years, but unexpectedly, going back more and more, what a return to nature, hahaha, hahaha, ha..." laughter rippled through the mountain, as if you could hear Wanfatian's inner desolation and helplessness.


Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng, were returning all the way back to Wangjing City.

"Xiao Meng, why do I always feel like something is happening in Wangjing City, my eyelids keep jumping."

"Brother Zichen, actually, I have that feeling too."

"Ah, that's over, by all means, it shouldn't be, there shouldn't be anyone in this world who dares to threaten me."

"Brother Zichen, let's speed back to Wangjing City.It's a pity we don't have a phone, or it would be convenient."

"What martial arts practitioner would carry a cell phone with them nowadays, and how many phones would not be enough to lose in the sky.Moreover, this world is so large, there are no network connections between different countries, and phones can only be contacted in the same country.Besides, in this world, the gap between the rich and the poor in every country is huge, some backward places have never even seen a TV, and some places are even more backward like the ancient times."

"Well, let's speed up and go back!Let's hope nothing happens."

The flying ship immediately accelerated.

In addition to Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng, the flying ship also had the three children that were brought back from the Yiyue Villa.

Finally, after spending more than ten days, the flying ship arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

All the way back from Banyue Mountain was too far, and it had still taken so long to fly at the speed of the flying ship. One second to remember to read the book

Soon, the flying ship arrived at Wangjing City.

Wangjing City didn't seem to have changed much on the outside, except that, Tang Zichen could vaguely smell the smell of blood.

"Swoosh!"The flying ship rushed into the palace.

As soon as the hatch of the flying ship was opened, the air was filled with the smell of blood.

"Zichen, you've finally returned."At this moment, a person flew up in a panic.

It was Yan Yu.

"Yan肆, what's going on?What's happening?Why does it feel like Wangjing City is empty, completely devoid of its former prosperity, and the air is still filled with the smell of blood."Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Xiao Meng jumped off the flying ship and immediately saw blood on the ground, the blood had dried and turned into a strip of black markings, it had obviously been there for some time.

Yan Qiang cried, "Tzichen, you're back."

"Say, what happened?"Tang Zichen roared, as he also saw the ground, everywhere could see blood that dried up into black, it was obvious that many people died throughout the palace and beyond, no wonder a smell of blood in the air could not be dispersed.

Yan Qiang was unable to speak for several times, only after tens of seconds, Yan Qiang said, "Mu Qianji is possessed, the entire world, killing people everywhere, about half a month ago, Mu Qianji arrived at Wangjing City, originally came to kill you, it just so happened that Senior Cang Shifu came to hide from difficulties, she killed Cang Shifu."

"What?"Tang Zichen was shocked, Cang Shifu was a peak powerhouse.

"Cang Shirt, it's just one of the dead peak, according to the latest news we got, there are 23 peak powerhouses in this world that were killed by Mu Qianji."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was stunned, there were only 29 peaks in total in this world, but actually twenty-three of them had been killed by Mu Qianji, didn't that mean that apart from Tang Zichen, there were only four peaks left in this world.

Tang Zichen was dumbfounded, and so was Xiao Meng.

Peak powerhouses usually don't go out for years, and the information is not developed, there is no connection like a telephone between each country, let alone wearing a cell phone, and the martial arts world doesn't have a network either, so

, Mu Qianji went to one place at a time, those peak powerhouses who died were only aware of what was happening in the world when Mu Qianji came to their door, after all, it happened in a hurry, more than a month before and after, the information simply didn't spread that fast.

Yan Qiang said, "Zichen, the island master of Martial Forest Island was also killed by Mu Qianji, on Mu Qianji's previous stop before he came to our Wangjing City, he was going to Martial Forest Island."

Tang Zichen trembled all over, the island master also died at her hands.

"She's completely possessed and is too strong and powerful, Zichen, it's fortunate that you're not here, otherwise, I'm afraid you wouldn't be spared, you're definitely no match for her strength."

Tang Zichen's scalp tightened, even he wasn't a match?

In fact, Tang Zichen could also guess how strong Mu Qianji was, because Mu Qianji was possessed because of the Burial Moon Sword, with this kind of divine weapon in hand, and with Mu Qianji's comprehension and strength as good as Tang Zichen's, Tang Zichen really might not be her opponent.

Tang Zichen saw that after so long, only Yan Qiang was alone, busy saying, "Where are the others?By the way, did Mu Qianji kill a lot of guards in addition to killing the peak?I see blood flowing in and out of the palace, how many people has she killed in my Wangjing City?"

Yan Qiang cried, "So many, so many, it's no longer counted, and no one is counting, afterwards, I had the bodies cleaned up, the bodies are piled up into small mountains, sob.Now Wangjing City is an empty city, almost everyone has left, it's just me and a few others who are still guarding here, waiting for you to come back."

"Ah!"Tang Zichen shouted, fully imagining how hell on earth Wangjing City was at that time.

"Mu Qianji."Tang Zichen shouted.

At that moment, Yan Long flew in from afar, and with Yan Long, there was also Long Tianqin.

Yan Long said, "Brother Tang, you're back, alas, late, alas."

Tang Zichen bellowed, "Where are the others?Why has it taken so long to come out to see me?"Tang Zichen had a hidden feeling inside that something must have happened to the others.

Xiao Meng cried, "So many people died in Wangjing City, did they?"

Yan Long said straightforwardly, "No, those friends of yours are not dead."

Tang Zichen was relieved, and thought that so many people had died in Wangjing City, all those girlfriends, brothers and sisters of his had died.

However, Wangjing City had turned into hell on earth, with the dead piled into small mountains, only Tang Zichen's friends were all fine, how did this feel so impossible.

Sure enough, Yan Long said in the next sentence, "Although they're not dead, I think it's almost the same."

"What do you mean."Don Zichen yelled.

Yanlong whimpered more than a little.

Long Tianqin said, "Let's go and see them first."

Tang Zichen immediately followed Yan Long and the others and flew to the back of Wangjing City Palace, the place where Qi Xueyun used to study poison arts.

Along the way, Tang Zichen's nervous heart was about to jump out.

Entering Qi Xueyun's small wooden room, he immediately saw that a series of people were lying on makeshift wooden beds.Tang Zichen saw Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Zuo, and Qi Xueyun.

Long Tianqin cried, "Tang Zichen, see, you've only come back now, what are you still coming back for, sob."

Tang Zichen was dumbfounded, that is to say, the only people who survived were Yan wanton, Long Tianqin, and if Yan Long also counted, then with him, there were only three people.


Tang Zichen looked incredulously at the eight people lying motionless.

"What the hell is wrong with them?"Tang Zichen roared.

Yan Qiang said, "They were slapped by Mu Qianji and then they were unconscious, like a vegetable, but not a vegetable, because, far more serious than a vegetable, I don't know what happened."

"They were slapped by Mu Qianji and became like this?"

"Yes, and it was still several meters apart, and didn't shoot the body directly, otherwise, I'm afraid they would have already split the body, which is considered a blessing in disguise."

Tang Zichen immediately walked up, first went to Liu Yue's bed, touched Liu Yue's body, and was shocked: "Cool."

Long Tianqin said, "Yes, not only is it cool, even the breathing is gone, the heartbeat is gone, at first we all thought they were dead, but then we found out that their bodies didn't decompose, other than that, the rest, it's no different from a corpse."

Tang Zichen immediately checked everyone, and sure enough, their bodies, all of them were cold, no different from corpses, no breathing, no heartbeat, blue skin, the only difference was that they didn't decompose.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen immediately used his medical technique, just like the last time he saved Liu Xiangyun.

First, he let their body temperature come up, and then cast the Resurrection of the Dead technique.

However, it completely failed. First URL

"Ahhhh, why."Tang Zichen yelled.

In fact, the reason for Tang Zichen's failure was clear within himself, but, he didn't want to admit it.

Yan Long said, "Brother Tang, save your breath, although I don't know why they don't decay, I think it's impossible to come back alive."

"No, no, no."Tang Zichen hissed, Tang Zichen simply couldn't bear the consequences.

Everyone stopped talking, and Xiao Meng held Xu Mei Qian's hand and sobbed.

At that moment, Tang Zichen suddenly realized that there seemed to be someone else.

"By the way, where's Wanderlust?"Tang Zichen suddenly asked.

Yan Qiang lowered his head in distress.

Long Tianqin's eyes were lifeless and said, "My brother is dead and is now buried in Wangjing City's Royal Mausoleum."

"What, you say that again."

"My brother has been killed by Mu Qianji."

Tang Zichen's eyes reddened, a surge of anger welled up inside, Tang Zichen had sworn before that he would never let any of his brothers die again, but another one had died, and the eight that were now lying on the bed were still unknown, if they were also dead.

"Ahhhh, Mu Qianji."Tang Zichen shouted in pain.

Tang Zichen hated so much inside, but.

In short, Tang Zichen couldn't describe that feeling, in his head, he would always remember the image of shouting for Mu Qianji's sister.

"Ahhhh, why, why are you doing this to me, why."Tang Zichen kneeled on the ground in pain.

Whether Tang Zichen was taking revenge or not.

Mu Qianji had become an enemy in the entire world, having killed so many people.If she was looking for revenge, but after all, she had given so much to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen still remembered now that if it wasn't for him, Mu Qianji would probably be able to

Enough to control the demonization, God knows what method Mu Qianji used to escape when he was being chased by the Heaven's Gate Master and the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor before, but it's certain that Mu Qianji's demonization has nothing to do with this.To put it simply, half of the reason why Mu Qianji was possessed was because of Tang Zichen.But if we don't take revenge, then how will this debt be settled, even if they don't blame him, can Tang Zichen's own heart be at ease?

Tang Zichen was kneeling on the ground, in pain, torn and uncomfortable.

If his friends were all alive and well, then Tang Zichen would have sided with Mu Qianji even if he had fought against the world with him.However, Wanderlust was dead, and there were eight other people who were now living and dying unknown.

Tang Zichen's eyes were blood red, he felt that he himself was in pain to be possessed, really didn't know how to face the future, this pain, so that he also fell into the heart of the devil is not impossible.

Xiao Meng held Tang Zichen's hand and comforted him, "Brother Zichen, don't be like this, at least, at least they didn't die directly ah, this means, there must be some reason, maybe, they aren't dead, after all, their bodies don't decay, there must be a reason, brother Zichen."

Although Xiao Meng advised Tang Zichen so, he actually knew why they didn't decompose, but out, and she was just guessing, what if they didn't, but instead, it made Tang Zichen suffer even more.

Tang Zichen stood up, his eyes red, and asked, "Where is Mu Qianji now?"

"You're going to find her, Tzu-Chen?"

"Yes, no matter what, she hurt my people, I have to make an end to her no matter what."

"But, you may not be a match for Mu Qianji, and besides, Mu Qianji she's only like this because she's possessed."

"Then should I forgive her?I know that she is possessed half because of me, and she has done me a kindness, but this is in no way a forgiveness for her killing my brother, I will taste back what I owe her, and I will find her to repay what she has done to my loved ones.I must go to her to make an end of it, and if I kill her, then I will repay her with my life for the kindness and love she has shown me.If I can't kill her, then even better, I won't have to repay."

"Brother Zichen, don't be like this."Xiao Meng cried out.

Long Tianqin also cried out and grabbed Tang Zichen's arm, because, when Tang Zichen went to find Mu Qianji, it was equivalent to announcing his death, if he killed Mu Qianji, he used his life to repay Mu Qianji's kindness and how he was killed by Mu Qianji, then he didn't have to repay, but he also did his best to avenge his brother's death.Therefore, regardless of whether he won or lost, the ending would be death.

Yan Long advised, "Brother Tang, don't be anxious, think again, maybe there are other ways, no matter what, your own life is the most important."

Tang Zichen glared at Yan Long and said, "I'm not you, in my eyes, my brother's life is my own, my brother was killed, I can't do nothing, otherwise, how can I live up to the dead person.I must go to her and make an end to it, say, where is she now?"

Yangyang wiped his tears, "I don't know where she is, but anyway, she goes about killing people one place at a time, and occasionally, when she encounters strong demonic thoughts, she will go on a killing spree like Wangjing City."

"I have to find her as soon as possible and stop this."Tang Zichen said with a complicated look in his eyes.

At this moment, Long Tianqin suddenly shouted, "Brother Zichen."

"What for?"

"Brother Zichen, oh my god, just now, just now Xuan's, sister's, fingers moved."


"What."Tang Zichen was shocked and happy inside at the same time.

Tang Zichen immediately ran up and checked Li Xuan'er's body.

However, Li Xuan'er's body was still cold, with no heartbeat and no breathing.

Tang Zichen was disappointed: "Tianqin, are you lying to me?"

"I didn't, I actually saw her fingers move,"Long Tianqin said.

Moe said, "Could it be that your eyes were blurry, after all, blurry eyes are quite possible at times like this, because the mind is so hopeful that it subconsciously thinks that way instead."

"I'm not sure about that anymore, maybe, yeah."Long Tianqin's originally happy mood was suddenly depressed again, she hadn't rested for half a month due to the loss of her brother and the occurrence of this calamity, it was very possible for her to have blurred eyes, she thought it was blurred eyes herself.

Tang Zichen patted Long Tianqin's shoulder and said, "No matter what, the deceased has passed away, you have to be strong and go get some rest."

"I don't want to."

Tang Zichen slapped her palm and Long Tianqin fainted, Tang Zichen put her on the bed and told her to rest.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to find Mu Qianji now, Xiao Meng, you come with me, Yan Qiang, you take care of them here, please." Remember the website

"But I'm so scared."

"Afraid of what."

"I'm afraid that you'll be killed."

Tang Zichen's eyes were lifeless as he said, "I'm going here, I'm bound to avenge Wanderlust and the eight of them, this can't be changed, I'll hold the intention of killing her, but I'll also repay her, let me bear all of this."Tang Zichen resolutely flew out.

Yan Rong cried out and Xiao Meng also cried and chased after him, Yan Rong hesitated and followed after him.Yan Long originally thought about not following, in case Tang Zichen failed, wouldn't he also follow to die, but a thought, Tang Zichen this go didn't even care about his own life anymore, but he was so afraid of death, so a bite, ah, die, it's open to death.

Tang Zichen left in a flying ship.

Xiaomeng cried, "Brother Zichen, perhaps, we can wait a little, in case, sister Xuan'er, sister Mei Qian and the others, did not die, someday in the future suddenly woke up, why so anxious to take revenge, woo."

Tang Zichen's eyes were colorless as he said, "Even if they didn't die and came back to life, what about Long Tian Ya, will he also come back to life?If he can too, then I'm willing to betray the whole world with Mu Qianjie, but unfortunately, big brother Tianya is already dead.Moreover, I actually understand in my heart that Xuan'er and the others, are really dead, Xiao Meng, and I'm sure you understand that in your heart as well."

Yan Long said, "But, why aren't their bodies decaying?It doesn't make sense."

Tang Zichen said with dull eyes, "It's because the Burial Moon Sword that Mu Qianji used was an extraterrestrial meteorite filled with unknown radiation, and perhaps, that unknown radiation kept their corpses from decaying, but the fact is, they did die, right?"

"Oooh."Xiao Meng just cried, not knowing that Tang Zichen had guessed the reason.

Tang Zichen clenched his fists, "Mu Qianji, wait for me, we, make an end."

The flying ship, sailed away from the Yanhuang Empire at great speed.

And at this moment, in the small wooden room in the back of the Wangjing City Palace.

Xu Mei Qian, who was lying on the wooden bed, also moved her fingers.

Shangguan Rou, who was lying on the next few beds, also moved her fingers

A little.

Only, no one saw it.

Yes, yes, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yi Jian, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xue Yun, the reason why their bodies don't decay is really a mystery.

This mystery happened to have two completely opposite explanations.

The first, that of Tang Zichen and, their bodies, because of the unknown radiation effects of the Burial Moon Sword, thus not decomposing, this reason is also the one with the highest probability, at 99.99 per cent.

The second one was the complete opposite, it could even be said to be unbelievable, that was, the unknown radiation from the Burial Moon Sword had changed their cells drastically, as if they had been 'upgraded', they had woken up and completely changed, perhaps turning into monsters, perhaps turning into geniuses.

So, these two reasons were two completely opposite extremes, normally, the possibility of the second one was low to zero, because the second one, not only didn't die, but also picked up a big advantage, the cells were subjected to unknown radiation and thus the body underwent qualitative changes, which was ten thousand times better than eating any world wonder treasure, even a billion times better.However, the probability is so low that it is almost zero.

However, as low as the possibility was, it was still possible that those eight siblings of Tang Zichen at the moment were the second case, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen couldn't know anymore, he had gone to find Mu Qianji and no longer held the intention of living.

Moreover, when they actually woke up, it would probably take several months, or even more than half a year, and by then, Tang Zichen had already found Mu Qianyi.

Tang Zichen asked, "How many peak powerhouses in the world right now are still alive?"

Yan Long said, "Four, including your five.These four are, Nan Shan Yun, River Old Man, Liu Qian, and Gao Feng Shui."

"Good, now then, let's go to these four people's homes separately, Mu Qianji will definitely go to find them, I'll wait for Mu Qianji to come well."

Yan Long said, "The reason why these four people didn't die is probably because they were lucky and escaped with the news in advance, so I'm afraid that we'll make an empty trip to their old homes to find them."

Tang Zichen's eyes were colorless as he said, "It doesn't matter, if they're not there, then we'll divert again and go directly to the Dark Night Empire, I think that Mu Qianji didn't find those people, he'll eventually return to the Dark Night Empire, at that time, it's time for us to fight to the death."

"Brother Zichen."Xiao Meng couldn't help but cry out again, she no longer knew what to do.Both he and Tang Zichen understood that those fellows were dead, and it was impossible for Tang Zichen not to take revenge.

Yan Long sighed and said, "Are you sure you're a match for Mu Qianji?"

Tang Zichen snorted in amusement, "Does it still matter if it's a rival or not."

"Well, it really doesn't matter anymore, Mu Qian definitely has love and grace for you too, even if you kill her, you will return her love and grace.Alas, what a pity, you're a genius, if you live, you don't know what the future holds, pity, pity."

"Brother Zichen, oooooh."Xiao Meng couldn't control her sadness, she felt that her life was grey at the moment, as she saw in Tang Zichen's eyes, there was no desire to live on.

Tang Zichen had lost so many of his family members, he couldn't live, he only wanted to kill Mu Qianji to avenge his loved ones, or, be killed by Mu Qianji, in short, in Tang Zichen's eyes, there was no desire to live anymore, a person didn't even have the desire to live, it was so desperate.So, as soon as Xiao Meng saw the look in Tang Zichen's eyes, it was so sad and painful .

Yan Long also felt heartbroken, one such genius, no, two geniuses, although Mu Qianji was possessed, but no matter what, she was also a genius, two such top geniuses, to fight to the death, pity, pity.


Tang Zichen first went to look for Nan Shan Yun, one of the five surviving peaks, but alas, pounced, and Nan Shan Yun had already fled and was nowhere to be found.

Then, Tang Zichen went to look for Old Lord Heshang, but also pounced on nothing.

Then he went to Liu Qian's house and also pounced on nothing.

Tang Zichen finally went to look for Gao Fengshui, who was at the farthest end of the line.

Tang Zichen reckoned that Gao Fengshui had also long since escaped.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that when he arrived at Gao Feng Shui's house, he found that Gao Feng Shui hadn't run away.

"Brother Tang."Gao Feng Shui saw Tang Zichen and came up in a panic, however, Tang Zichen's face was not too good and Gao Feng Shui did not dare to get too close to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Along the way, Nan Shan Yun, River Elder, Liu Qian, all escaped, why didn't you escape?Aren't you afraid of Mu Qianji coming to kill you?"

Gao Feng Shui laughed furiously, "Come on, I, Gao Feng Shui, am waiting for her."

"Have the guts to rather die than run away, so Mu Qianji hasn't come looking for you yet."

"Right, but I've gotten word that Mu Qianji will be coming to me in the next few days, I didn't expect that Brother Tang would come first.Dare I ask Brother Tang, where have you been all this time?Why did you just show up now." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to look for Wanfatian."

Gao Feng Shui said, "Brother Tang, to tell you the truth, I received news the day before yesterday that Wanfatian has been found and has died by Mu Qianji's hands."

"What."Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng were both greatly shocked, Tang Zichen had only returned to Wangjing City all the way from Hundred Joy Mountain, taking more than ten days, but he didn't expect that Mu Qianji had immediately found him as well and killed Wanfatian, it was almost as if he had just left the day before and Mu Qianji had gone the day after.

"Brother Tang, now that even Wanfatian has died in that witch's hands, what are you planning to do?"

Tang Zichen's eyes were complicated, "Of course, fight her."

Gao Feng Shui shook his head, "No, this will only lead to death, not even Wanfa Tian is a match for this witch, and you are definitely not a match either."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, listening to Gao Fengshui's meaning, what was his plan?

"Do you have some kind of plan?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, truth be told, we do have a plan to deal with the witch, in fact, Nanshan Yun, River Elder, Liu Qian, and I conspired and planned it a month ago.Because we knew that we were no match for the witch, and it was impossible to fight her head-on, so we only had to outwit her, and now, we were just waiting for the witch to come to our door, when she would turn herself in, she would surely die.Also, it's not true that I'm not running away, I'm just here as bait, waiting for that witch to come, hahaha."Gao Feng Shui let out a crazy laugh.

Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat, not knowing why, suddenly very worried about Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen was really torn inside, he had obviously come to kill Mu Qianji and stop this catastrophe, but when he saw that Gao Fengshui and the others had already laid a trap, he was worried about Mu Qianji.This showed that Tang Zichen was so determined to come and kill Mu Qianji, but in his heart, he didn't really want her dead at all.

Gao Feng Shui smiled, "Brother Tang, now that you're here, with you joining us, I think it's not a problem at all to get that witch killed, and I'm even more confident."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "Brother Gao, dare I ask what your plan is?Are you sure you can handle the witch?"

"Don't worry, it's foolproof, we're just waiting for that witch to come.


"What, you're not going to let me in on your plans?"

"Brother Tang, you're the second strongest in the world, how can you not be welcomed to join us, let's go, I'll take you to Nanshan Yun, River Elder, and Liu Qian now and tell you our plan."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded and busily followed Gao Feng Shui to fly away.

Tang Zichen just blindly followed, always conflicted inside.

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen flew to the bottom of a high cliff, this cliff was very, very high and difficult for birds to cross.

"Brother Gao, what are you doing here?I don't see anything special about it, except that it's a tall mountain?You deal with witches and you plan to be here?"Tang Zichen asked puzzled.

Gao Feng Shui smiled, "Brother Tang, do you know what is behind this mountain?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, at the back of this mountain is the world's number one extinct place, Thousand Mountain Twilight."

"Uh, Thousand Mountain Twilight?"Tang Zichen's body trembled, not expecting that Thousand Mountain Twilight was behind this mountain now, Tang Zichen had said it several times before, but it had never come.Unexpectedly, today, he came by mistake.

Thousand Mountain Twilight was famous for being a Jedi, anyone who entered and didn't come out alive, and even if they did come out alive, they were already mentally insane, a place that no strong person in this world would dare to step into.

At this time, Gao Feng Shui pressed on the stone wall, opening a mechanism, then pushing, a stone wall moved to one side, then revealing a passage, the passage was about twenty meters high.

"Brother Tang, go, follow me into the secret passageway."

"This secret passageway is?"

"This secret passage naturally leads to the depths of this mountain, an important place to deal with Mu Qianji, now Nan Shan Yun and the three of them are inside this secret passage, I'll take you to meet with them."


Tang Zichen followed Gao Feng Shui and entered the secret passage.

The deeper he went, the more Tang Zichen felt an inexplicable sense of panic.

"Why would it move an inexplicable panic?"

"Nonsense, of course it's because of Thousand Mountain Gloom, the other side of this mountain is Thousand Mountain Gloom, and the deeper you go, the thicker the terror of Thousand Mountain Gloom becomes, and naturally the more panicked your heart becomes.This secret passage leads to the other side, the other side of Thousand Mountain Kure.Our plan to get rid of the witch this time will guarantee her death."

Not long after, Tang Zichen entered the secret passage, which had a small hole, and right now, there were three people working on something in this small hole.

Those three people saw someone coming in and were busy stopping what they were doing.

"Tang Zichen?"The three of them were taken aback when they saw Tang Zichen.

Gao Feng Shui smiled and said, "Brother Tang, let me introduce you, this is Nan Shan Yun, this is Old Lord Riverside, and this is Liu Qian.Our plan this time, Old Lord Riverside is the most crucial one, because, not only is he a peak powerhouse, he is also a top-notch master of organs, and his organs are unmatched in the world today."

"A master of organs?"When Tang Zichen thought of organs, he thought of the top-notch chest made by a master organist at the bottom of the Star Ocean Academy, which contained Vermilion Bird Grass, which Mu Qianji helped Tang Zichen to get at the hands of the Dean of Star Ocean Academy.

Tang Zichen didn't really know much about this world's master organist.


Nan Shan Yun, River Elder, and Liu Qian were busy coming up to greet Tang Zichen.

"Hello, hello, Tang Zichen, I've heard a lot about you."

"You're welcome."Tang Zichen nodded and asked, "Who can tell me, how do you plan to deal with the witch?"

The master of the mechanism, Old Lord River, smiled, "Let me tell you, first of all, we have to lure Mu Qianji here, this link will be completed by Gao Feng Shui, Gao Feng Shui's main task is to lure the witch here.Then, Nan Shan Yun, Liu Qian, and the two of them will each master the two mechanism locks, and when Mu Qianji enters this cave, they will immediately activate the mechanism.However, the organs couldn't be combined all at once, and it would take almost five minutes for the organs to complete from activation to complete completely.After five minutes, the organ lock is completely combined, at that time there will be a strongest and deadliest strike, I guarantee that the witch will die in the organ, even if she doesn't die, she will be seriously injured, then, send her to Thousand Mountain Twilight, double insurance, to keep her alive or dead."

Tang Zichen asked, "What kind of organ lock, so powerful?Able to kill Mu Qianji?"

"Don't worry about that, it's a mechanism lock handed down by our ancestors, anyway, just wait and see what happens, hahaha."

Tang Zichen held a skeptical attitude.

Nan Shan Yun said, "Now that Brother Tang has joined, this is really great, Brother Tang is so strong, in case anything happens, we'll be more confident."

"Brother Tang, what do you think?"

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and said with a fierce heart, "I was originally here to find her, what reason is there to refuse."

"Hahaha, that's great."The four of them laughed. The first website

However, Tang Zichen couldn't laugh.

After that, Gao Feng Shui continued to return to his home not far away.

And Tang Zichen and the others were waiting at the bottom of that cliff.

All things were ready except for the east wind.

But Tang Zichen's heart was in a state of complete chaos.

Tang Zichen kept telling himself, "I originally came here to kill her, so why should my heart be messed up."

After a day of Tang Zichen's chaotic life, in the distance, Gao Feng Shui fled in panic.

The old ruler of the river said, "Everyone take your places, the witch is being drawn here by Gao Feng Shui."

The next moment, Gao Feng Shui arrived at the cliff and shouted, "The witch is coming, with her speed, she'll probably be here in a few tens of seconds, quickly, get ready, take your positions."

Sure enough, a few tens of seconds later, Mu Qianji came like a killing god, her terrifying aura was far more terrifying than a month ago.

Just now Mu Qianji arrived at Gao Feng Shui's doorstep, and was told by Gao Feng Shui's servant that Gao Feng Shui fled in this direction and that there was a cave where several peaks were hidden, Mu Qianji immediately chased after her, and she found traces of Gao Feng Shui all the way here, or else she wouldn't have been so precise in guiding this one point.

"You're all going to die."Mu Qianji said coldly, and after that, the Burial Moon Sword in Mu Qianji's hand slashed at the stone wall.

"Boom."One of the stone walls collapsed, revealing a secret hole.

However, when the dust dissipated, a person was seen standing at the mouth of the secret tunnel hole, it was Tang Zichen.

When Mu Qianji saw Tang Zichen, he was stunned, and the sword in his hand

began to shiver.

"Tang Zichen."Mu Qianji smiled coldly.

Tang Zichen's eyes were red as he looked at Mu Qianji, pained and pitying, Mu Qianji's appearance at the moment was completely different, Tang Zichen felt saddened, but when he thought of his eight or nine dead relatives, Tang Zichen hated it very much.

And Mu Qianji, who seemed to be completely emotionless towards Tang Zichen, called out coldly to Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you're here, last time in Wangjing City, you were allowed to escape, this time, you'll be dealt with together."

Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji, Mu Qianji completely disowned him, making him collapse in tears in an instant.Tang Zichen said painfully, "Why."

"Hahaha, what an infatuated seed, unfortunately, today's me is no longer the same as in the past, you think I still fancy you, hahaha."

Tang Zichen raised the sword in his hand and said, "Mu Qianji, I don't care if you're possessed or not, whether it's excusable or not, but the crime you committed is unforgivable, come on, make an end with me."

"With you, do you deserve it?"Mu Qianji snorted with disdain.

Tang Zichen's heart ached like a knife when he saw her indifferent face, it was completely different from the woman who called her sister when she was with her, turning so strange and indifferent.

"Buzz!"With tears in his eyes, Tang Zichen bounced on both feet and killed Mu Qianji with a single slash.

A cold smile sprang up in Mu Qianji's mouth, and the Burial Moon Sword in his hand waved with a single slash, the demonic energy rushing towards Tang Zichen like a black dragon.

"Boom."The sword in Tang Zichen's hand suddenly turned into pieces, unable to contend with the Burial Moon Sword at all, moreover, Tang Zichen's entire body was suddenly hindered, unable to move forward methods, constantly backing up, all of a sudden backing up to the stone wall, relying on the stone wall to make himself stop and unload the power of Mu Qianji's slash.

Mu Qianji snorted coldly, "Worthy of being the famous Tang Zichen, in this world, I've killed so many people, except for Wanfatian, there's not a single person who didn't die with a single slash, but you, not only didn't die with a single slash, you were able to unload the might of my slash.That's wonderful, my sword loves to drink the blood of a strong man like you, hahaha."Mu Qianji let out a wild laugh.

Tang Zichen was feeling uncomfortable at the moment, he felt like his body was going to collapse from this encounter just now, it was too strong, but, Tang Zichen was still able to resist.

And now, in the cave, the old ruler of the river and the others were depressed, "This Tang Zichen, why didn't he follow the previous agreement, he even fought her outside by himself, if he disrupts the plan, then it's all over, everyone is finished."

"Boom!"Tang Zichen was once again blasted into the stone wall.

Tang Zichen discovered that he really wasn't a match for the demon-possessed Mu Qianji.

Although, this was within Tang Zichen's expectations, when he actually fought her, Tang Zichen realized that she was too strong and powerful.

"Tang Zichen, you are no match for me at all, the weak do not deserve to live, let my sword drink your blood."This time, Mu Qianji's entire body turned into a streak of light and charged over to Tang Zichen, the killing intent, so strong that I'm afraid her killing intent, over a thousand drops, twice as much as Tang Zichen's, plus a divine weapon, the Burial Moon Sword, completely invincible.It was almost impossible for Tang Zichen to defeat her, but it wouldn't be difficult for Tang Zichen to escape, but Tang Zichen wouldn't escape.

Tang Zichen shouted and cast the Ghost Wheel Determination, his body as a sword, not caring about his life at all to meet her.


"Bang, bang, bang!"Tang Zichen blinked and slapped three times with Mu Qian.

"Boom!"Tang Zichen was still defeated, his body clattered and flew backwards into the secret passage, the sword in Mu Qianji's hand also buzzed, it seemed to have received some shock from Tang Zichen, it seemed that Tang Zichen still had the ability to hurt her.

The hostility in Mu Qianji's body surged wildly, her figure moved and entered the secret passage in the blink of an eye, continuing to pursue and kill Tang Zichen, the stronger Tang Zichen was, the more excited her sword became.

As soon as Mu Qianji entered the secret passageway, his feet stepped on something, and that thing clicked, immediately buckling Mu Qianji's feet.Then, before Mu Qianji could react, the entire secret passageway, a shadow rolled in on all sides, one by one, one by one, like a lock, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, I don't know how many thousands of locks were on it.This mechanism was really too profound, too.

In one fell swoop, Mu Qianji was trapped in one heavily rolled up mechanism lock after another.

When Tang Zichen saw that Mu Qianji was trapped in the organ locks, he became anxious inside and shouted, "Don't."

Old Lord Riverside and the others were busy coming out and laughed, "Half success, it only takes five minutes, it's enough to kill the witch, and after five minutes, the organ locks will all be combined and there will be a fatal blow that will kill her completely, hahaha."

Tang Zichen was incomparably nervous, but when he really wanted to see Mu Qianji die, Tang Zichen panicked.

From the outside, the mechanism lock was a big, big circle, while inside, there was only about a meter of space.

Right now, Mu Qianji had been stabbed several times on his body.

Mu Qianji's hands and feet were buckled, and in such a narrow space, his Burial Moon Sword couldn't exert any power at all, and the material of this organ lock was also made of a kind of extraterrestrial meteorite, which was incredibly tough.The countless flying swords were as dense as a meat grinder, and anyone who came in would not be able to escape.It was just as the old ruler on the river said, it would only take five minutes before he would not be able to hold on to death. Remember the website

Mu Qianji was only a moment ago, already covered in wounds, she was tired of dealing with the flying knives that were as dense as a meat grinder, there was no spare time to break the organ locks, besides, the organ locks were also incomparably tough, it wasn't something that could be broken just by wanting to, unless the strength reached not a level anymore, beyond the unity realm, it might be possible to escape in this situation.

"Hahaha, hahaha!"Old Man River and the others let out a loud laugh, only two minutes had passed and Mu Qianji had already been hit by dozens of slashes.

However, at that moment, Tang Zichen roared, "Stop, stop for me."

Tang Zichen saw that Mu Qianji was really going to be killed and immediately panicked.

"Brother Tang, you're crazy, there's a witch inside, and now the witch is about to die, we should be happy, what's wrong with you?"The old man on the river was puzzled.

Tang Zichen bellowed, "Open the mechanism lock for me and let her out."

"Brother Tang, you."

"Open it."At that moment, Mu Qianji was stabbed in the shoulder again, and at this rate, five minutes later, it would not be far from death without dying, and five minutes later, the organ locks would be completely combined and there would be one more most deadly blow, Tang Zichen could no longer imagine if Mu Qianji would still be alive at that time.

Old Lord Riverside snorted, "Brother Tang, I'm not afraid to tell you that no one has been able to unlock this mechanism lock at all, it's ancestral and has never been unlocked for hundreds of generations."

"If you don't unlock it, I'll kill you."Tang Zichenton stabbed at the old man on the river's neck, but didn't penetrate.

"It's useless for you to kill me, this is the world-famous 'Heaven's Fury Organ Lock' that has no solution."The old ruler of the river said, those who knew a little bit about organs knew that there was no solution to the Heaven's Fury Organ.

"Open it."Tang Zichen bellowed

, he only knew that Mu Qianji wouldn't last long.

The old man on the river sneered, "Even if I had the ability to unravel it, I'm afraid it would be hours, even days, months later, and the witch, she'd be dead in five minutes, Brother Tang, do you really want to do such a thing as making an enemy of the whole world?"

Tang Zichen said, "I just want her alive now, I don't care about anything else."

The old ruler on the river said, "Okay, I can stop the flying dagger lock in the mechanism lock, but I have no way to stop the combination of the mechanism lock, there is still a minute left for the mechanism lock to be completely combined, at that time, there is still the strongest and deadliest strike I can't stop, anyway, this Heaven's Fury mechanism lock, not to mention me, my grandfather's grandfather can't even solve it, you can see for yourself."After saying that, the old gentleman on the river inserted an object the size of a match into one of the locks of the mechanism lock, and suddenly, the flying daggers in the center of the mechanism lock, like a meat grinder, stopped.

Mu Qianji immediately fell down, she was already covered in blood, dozens of flying knives were inserted into her body, blood was clattering from every wound, it seemed, she no longer had the ability to resist.

This Heavenly Severing Mechanism Lock was too terrifying, it was something that had been handed down from a long, long time ago, from the ancestors, and no one in this world had been able to unlock it yet.

"Mu Qianji, how are you?"Tang Zichen shouted.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Mu Qianji's voice was weak as he let out laughter.

Old Lord Riverside said, "Thirty seconds left, the organ locks are completely combined."

In a hurry, Tang Zichen immediately applied his Bone Reduction Technique, he shrunk his body to the smallest size, almost as big as a teddy bear, it was evident how much damage Tang Zichen had done to himself, but Tang Zichen was already desperate.

Old Lord Riverside and the others were shocked to see Tang Zichen shrink himself to such a small size.

In less than thirty seconds, the organ locks would be completely assembled, and at that time, the deadliest blow would be shot at Mu Qianji, but Mu Qianji was now completely powerless to resist that deadly blow.

After Tang Zichen shrunk his body, he was deadly and kept squeezing his body into the organ lock through the small hole where the organ lock was connected.

"Mu Qianji, wait for me, I will definitely not let you die."Tang Zichen said as he squeezed in.

With ten seconds left, the gaps between the organ locks were getting smaller and smaller, Tang Zichen's body was being squeezed to burst, his bones were about to crush and shatter, but he still squeezed in regardless of his life.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six."

Mu Qianji was lying in the tiny space at the center of the mechanism lock, and when she saw Tang Zichen squeeze in regardless of his life, her eyes seemed to flicker, as if, as if it had touched something inside her.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth without any hesitation as the mechanism lock closed tighter and tighter.

Suddenly, Mu Qianji cried and roared, "Get out, what are you doing in here."

"Five, four, three, two, one."

Finally, the organ locks were completely combined, and after the combination was complete, there would be not a single gap, like a completely sealed space.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen's entire body finally squeezed into the core space of the organ lock at the moment the complete combination was completed.

And at the same moment, the strongest and deadliest strike of the Organ Lock was delivered.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it and immediately rolled up and blocked in front of Mu Qianji.

"Swoosh!"Three thumb-thick arrows shot into Tang Zichen's heart.

Tang Zichen fell down, and Mu Qianji cried out and jumped up, holding Tang Zichen in his arms, "Why are you so stupid, why."Mu Qianji let out a loud cry.


Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji, smiled slightly, touched Mu Qianji's face and said, "You, you, have you finally regained yourself?"

"Mmhmm, I've recovered, I've completely defeated the demonic mind, why are you so stupid."Mu Qianji cried out.

"Because, because, I said that I will always be with my sister ah."

"No, you're not allowed to die, oooh, why did you leave when I recovered, why, I didn't allow you to die."Mu Qianji cried out.

Tang Zichen had three thumb-sized sharp arrows inserted into his heart, plus the fact that he had used the Bone Reduction Technique in order to come in, and was almost crushed by the machine lock to crush the bones of his entire body, so Tang Zichen's entire body had cracked, and there was no possibility of living with any more sharp arrows inserted into his heart.

Tang Zichen's mouth was oozing blood, which came from the heart, Tang Zichen raised his hand with difficulty, wiped Mu Qianji's tears, and smiled, "It's good that you're fine."

"Tang Zichen, I order you, get better immediately, do you hear me, woo," cried Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen said with tired eyes, "Don't be silly, you and I both know that I've been wounded so badly that there's no way back to heaven.Perhaps this is the best way to end it, I can go down and stay with them."

"No, don't, oooh, I'm to blame, I'm to blame."Mu Qianji said in pain.

"Sister, you must promise little minister that you will do everything you can to leave this organ lock, and never give up, okay?"

"You're dead, let me live, I can't do it, it's all because of me, I have to be there for you." Remember for a second to read the book

"No, you're making it worthless for me to die, promise me, sister."

"Oooh, I don't want to!I don't want to, woo-hoo."

"Promise me, you must, must, try to live, please, please, please."Tang Zichen's hand tightened its grip on Mu Qianji's hand, as if he was about to snap, as if he would die in peace if he didn't promise.

When Mu Qianji saw that Tang Zichen was about to break his breath, he cried out and nodded his head.

Tang Zichen's entire body loosened up, and the hand that was holding onto Mu Qianji suddenly lost strength and dropped down.

"No!"In the narrow space of the organ lock, Mu Qianji's heart-rending cries could be heard.

And outside.

Old Lord Riverside, Nan Shan Yun, Liu Qian, Gao Feng Shui, the four of them looked very happy.

"Finally, we've taken this witch, hahaha."

"Now even Tang Zichen is locked up inside, what should we do?"

"Hmph, Tang Zichen sought his own death, there's no one to blame, but at the moment when the organ lock just closed, I felt that Tang Zichen blocked the most deadly arrow for Mu Qianji, which means that Mu Qianji was only locked in the organ lock and didn't die.With her strength, as long as it takes ten days and half a month, it's not like there's no way for her to forcefully destroy the structure of the organ lock and thus escape."

"Ah, what then?"

"That damned Tang Zichen, psycho, there would have been a death for Mu Qianji, this son of a bitch."

"There's no need to rush, have you all forgotten the double insurance Chiyama Twilight?We're going to put this lock into Chisan Kure. Whether Mu Qiji dies inside or not, she's finished!


"Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and do it, the four of us will be able to lift the mechanism lock together, and within minutes we will be able to go over the back of the Thousand Mountain Twilight."

"Fine, do it."

The four peak powerhouses immediately carried the mechanism locks.

The mechanism lock was like a very large ball in size before it was completely combined, but after it was completely combined, it would be a small ball less than two meters in diameter, so the four of them resisting the mechanism lock was equivalent to ease.

And at this moment, within the organ lock, there was also the faint sound of Mu Qianji's cries.

A few minutes later, they climbed over to the back of the mountain, and at a glance, the back of the mountain seemed to have the same scenery as a sea market lip building, and in this sea market lip building, one could see a mountain range that was connected one by one, and on the mountain range were all one graves.This sea market lip building, which looked both real and unreal, was spread across the entire mountain slope.

"One, two, three."The four of them suddenly cast the mechanism lock into the mountain slope of Thousand Mountain Twilight, and in an instant, they saw that mechanism lock being sucked into the illusory and real sea market lip building by a force.

Liu Qian smiled, "Now, keep that witch alive or dead, hahaha."

"Since ancient times, some daring people have entered Thousand Mountain Twilight, but only a handful of them came out, and those who came out were insane and died soon after."

"That witch is locked in a machine lock, never to be able to come out, the few who have come out since ancient times have only gone in a little bit, and then regretted running out, only for a minute or two, that witch, will die, hahaha."

"We've gotten rid of the witch, let's announce this to the world as soon as possible, so as not to make some people in the martial arts world panic."

"Then, what did Tang Zichen say?"

"Just the same, this man was a genius, but Naomi was seduced by the beauty of the witch, and since he's dead, let's give the world a better reputation and say he sacrificed himself to ensure the witch was locked in the mechanism lock."

"Alas."The four of them sighed and flew away.

Mu Qianji hugged Tang Zichen, weeping, but at that moment, she felt the entire space distort, her arms were very long and very short at once, and the Tang Zichen she was holding in her arms was also distorting her body in various ways.

This feeling was like using the back reflection of a stainless steel spoon to see things, she was not physically uncomfortable, but everything just seemed so distorted and deformed.

What Mu Qianji didn't know was that Thousand Mountain Twilight was a five-dimensional space that was both real and unreal, a junction point connecting two parallel worlds.One of these two parallel worlds was the current world, and the other was, the world before they crossed.

These two parallel worlds, of which the world of Earth, was a few hundredths of the other world.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were locked in the mechanism lock, and now the mechanism lock was thrown to the junction point of the two worlds, which was Thousand Mountain Gure, and this junction point was a multi-dimensional space, so Mu Qianji felt like his body was deformed.It was as if the banana drawn on the paper was in a two-dimensional picture, but if this banana was moved to a three-dimensional space, what they saw was not a surface, but a three-dimensional one.Now, however, they were suddenly in multi-dimensional space from three-dimensional space, so what their eyes saw was completely different from when they were in three-dimensional space.

Mu Qianji soon felt dizzy in his head, his eyes were very tired, and then, he was unconscious.


Tang Zichen was also, originally Tang Zichen was already dead, but Tang Zichen clearly felt his consciousness, floating in this space, and then, Tang Zichen's consciousness was unconscious.

I don't know how long it took, but suddenly, Tang Zichen woke up.

As soon as Tang Zichen woke up, he felt that his body was falling down in mid-air.

Tang Zichen subconsciously took control of his body and then grabbed onto a rock wall that protruded from the cliff.

Only then was Tang Zichen horrified to see that this was the cliff at the back of his division's mountain?

"I go, what's going on?"

As soon as Tang Zichen woke up, he found that his body was falling down the cliff at the back of the division's mountain.

In the beginning, when Tang Zichen crossed into another world, it was by accident that he fell off the cliff.

"Don't tell me that it's been eleven years since you crossed into that world, and you're only now falling off the top of a cliff?"

At that moment, Tang Zichen looked at his body and was even more surprised.

"Ah, this is my original body, NO, what's going on?" First web site

Tang Zichen clearly remembered that he crossed into that world possessed body, his muscles and bones shattered, his heart was still pierced by three arrows, and he was completely dead.

Tang Zichen was blinded, the feeling was just like when he had fallen from a cliff, but then, suddenly woke up from an inexplicable classroom.

"Mum, is this a dream?"In this moment, Tang Zichen had a tendency to be unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy.Once back in this world, he continued to fall off the cliff just like when he first disappeared.It felt like when one fell off the cliff, in the process of falling, they suddenly disappeared in mid-air, and after eleven years, they suddenly appeared in mid-air again, and then continued to fall down.

Don Zichen calmed down, then Don Zichen took a deep breath and climbed upward from the cliff.

In one fell swoop, Tang Zichen was at the top of the cliff.

Tang Zichen looked behind him at an ancient building structure and felt indescribable inside.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry to run back and sit down on the edge of the cliff to squash the shock.

Back then, one night, Tang Zichen happened to pass by Little Sister's room, and suddenly saw that the window of Little Sister's room was not closed tightly, Tang Zichen was trying to go up and close it for her, but he did not expect to see Little Sister sitting in a barrel bath.Tang Zichen, who was a pure little virgin at the time, was stunned, although he didn't exactly see anything, but it was an unimaginable shock to him at the time.For some reason, Tang Zichen didn't immediately run away, perhaps out of curiosity about the opposite sex, and continued to peek at it with a red face.

But heck, Sensei suddenly came.

The frightened Tang Zichen pulled his legs out and ran, and was red in the face, with the graceful image of his little sister's naked back in his mind.

But unexpectedly, Tang Zichen stepped into the cliff and gave a fall.

Of course, with Tang Zichen's innate strength back then, he would have reacted in time and would not have fallen into the cliff and died.

However, Tang Zichen himself didn't know what was going on, and before he could react in time to grab the cliff wall, he was dizzy, and when he looked around again, he was actually in a classroom that had two boards in front and back.

And now, after eleven years of hanging out in that world, and already standing on the pinnacle of that world, he suddenly came back, and, once back, the body was still the same body, and it was still halfway up the cliff

The air fell down, daring him to be eleven years, his body just like in mid-air invisible stillness.

Tang Zichen sat on the edge of the cliff, unable to do anything without squeezing the shock.

And now, in another place far away.

Mu Qianji suddenly felt her body was also flying down, Mu Qianji reacted at first and found that her body was jumping down from a very high roof and had jumped into the mid-air.

"Ah."Mu Qianji was shocked, when she had inexplicably crossed into another world, wasn't it the moment when she was hunting down an alchemist elder and jumped off a tall building?

Mu Qianji was also stunned.

But a few Jiang Hu good men not far away were suddenly shocked, "Ah, a man over there suddenly appeared out of thin air and jumped down, what's going on?"

"Silly, it must have practiced some kind of martial arts, body jumping and flashing, hey, that person, why does it seem like the Demon Princess who disappeared for eleven years, Mu Qianji?"

"Ah, it's really her, hurry up, this witch, it's better to stay away from her, not to mention, it's a special period of the Cold War between the righteous demons."

On the edge of the cliff at the back of the Divine Dragon Sect, Tang Zichen was sitting alone.

In his mind, Tang Zichen was thinking about everything that happened in the other world, he became Tang Zichen, lived in that world as Tang Zichen, and had met so many friends and girlfriends.However, today was like waking up from a dream, suddenly returning to his true self.

Tang Zichen didn't know whether to rejoice or grieve inside.

Tang Zichen remembered Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng went with him and Yanlong to look for Mu Qianji, after which, in order not to have any accidents, he let Xiaomeng not participate, waiting for him in a faraway place.

However, Xiaomeng could no longer wait for him.

In addition to Xiao Meng, there were still Yan Yu and Long Tianqin who were alive and still waiting for him in Wangjing City.

"Hoo, all this, if it was a dream in a memory stone, how good would it be, when the dream wakes up, nothing is left, and I don't have to be sad about what happened in that dream anymore.But, is all of this really a dream in a memory stone?"

"No, it's not a memory stone, because when Mu Qianji crossed into another world, it wasn't the same as me, her soul crossed, she crossed physically, so it can't be a memory stone.Also, when I was in that world, I also heard someone say that there was a passage to a higher world, and I was originally looking for that passage as well."

"That passage, now that I think about it, is Thousand Mountain Gure, alas, but I never thought at first that Thousand Mountain Gure, was the passage to the other world."

"Now that I've returned to the original world, what should I do?What about Xiaomeng, there's also Yan Yu and Long Tianqin."

Tang Zichen's heart was in pain, Tang Zichen really wanted to try again and jump off the cliff, but Tang Zichen's intuition told him that it was useless.

In that world, where was there a passage like Thousand Mountain Gure?

Tang Zichen didn't know, but if there was, this might be the passage back to the other world.

Now that it was all back, let's just accept reality, and both return and be at peace.Moreover, in that world, the body that Tang Zichen possessed was already dead, if it wasn't thrown into the Thousand Mountain Gloom, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen's soul wouldn't have had the chance to return to the original world, it was truly dead, in that case, that the Old Lord of the River and the others, who threw the organ lock into the Thousand Mountain Gloom, could be considered to have saved Tang Zichen's life.


"Mu Qianji, I'm afraid she's gone back to her magic cult as well, huh?"Tang Zichen remembered the scene with her in the other world, his heart was both full of illusory feelings, but also so unforgettable, now that he was back to his original self, even his body was the same, what should he do.

Just at this moment, there was suddenly a melodious sound of the violin, the sound of the violin was filled with a kind of melancholy thoughts, what a heartbreaking piece of music.

Tang Zichen was stunned, although he had never heard this tune before, but judging from the technique of the violin, nine times out of ten, it was his little sister who played it.

"Ah."Tang Zichen's heart trembled, so to speak, when he heard the sound of the violin, he could feel the heart of the person playing it.

"Little Senior Sister."Tang Zichen's nose was suddenly sore, just the sound of the zither was enough to make Tang Zichen feel a wave of heartache, from the sound of the zither, Tang Zichen seemed to be able to imagine what kind of life his little junior sister had lived all these years.

Tang Zichen's heart suddenly pitied the pain, when he was in the other world before, Tang Zichen was also in pain at first, then, because he was with Liu Xiangyun Li Xuan'er, gradually, he forgot about his little sister, and occasionally remembered, he just sighed.And yet, he never expected that his little junior sister would never be able to forget and would still be the same after more than a decade.Thinking of this, Tang Zichen felt very ashamed, there was a sense of his own betrayal of the original love, although, at first, he was young, low EQ, did not know that his little sister actually liked him, this was later to go to that world, Tang Zichen EQ high only after the sudden discovery, the original his little sister has been prompted countless times, Tang Zichen but stupidly has been unaware.

At the moment, hearing the sound of his little sister's violin, Tang Zichen has tears on his face, as if that first love-like feeling on the spot, also followed the soul back to the body, is so strong.

A moment ago, they were missing the other world's Xiaomeng and the others, and now, in a flash, they pulled back to reality.

Tang Zichen immediately went to the place where the sound of the zither was coming from, he was very sure that the place where the sound of the zither was coming from was the Half Moon Pavilion on Divine Dragon Mountain, once upon a time, he and his little sister, countless times, practiced zither, sword, and drank at the Half Moon Pavilion.Tang Zichen's heart ached as he thought of the green and young years that he could never go back to.

Tang Zichen's division was called the Divine Dragon Sect, also known here as the Divine Dragon Mountain, with the mountain as the name of the sect.

At this time, at the edge of the Half Moon Pavilion, a group of men were looking at a woman who was playing the violin, the woman's eyes were looking far away, her eyes were dull, as if she was imagining or remembering something, while on her hands, she was involuntarily playing a haunting tune, she had long since stopped needing to, she could play it entirely by the habit of her hands, it was enough to see how many thousands and thousands of times she had continued to do this. Remember the URL

A man named Xie Yong picked up the wine jug in his hand, took a sip, and said, "Little Senior Sister is mourning again."

"Alas, who wouldn't be mourning, it must have been eleven years since little junior brother disappeared."

"In the blink of an eye, eleven years, do you know what day it is today?"

"Nonsense, I can tell by looking at Little Sister's face that it's Wind Master's birthday."

"I didn't expect that you all still remember, when you were little, whoever was in charge of stealing the wine from the division's cellar on his birthday, those days, it's really reminiscent."

"Alright, don't reminisce, if Little Sister hears about it, I'm afraid it will be even more sad."

Xie Yong smiled, "But then, as

If it wasn't for the disappearance of Brother Feng, I'm afraid Little Sister wouldn't have been able to create such a powerful martial art.It was because she missed her younger brother Wind so much that she once fell into a love demon, and that's why she finally understood such a profound martial art.Master said that if Little Sister continued to comprehend like this, she would soon be able to step into the realm of a Grandmaster.Tsk tsk, stepping into Ancestor at Little Sister's age is not a rarity, but it's a genius that our Divine Dragon Sect has had a hard time producing since ancient times."

"Yeah, back then, among our generation of brothers and sisters, it was Brother Wind and Little Sister who had the highest talent for comprehension."

"Oh."Xie Yong took another bitter sip of wine, he was the eldest senior brother, a teetotaler, a true thousand cups of wine.

After everyone was silent for a while, a man suddenly said, "Little Senior Sister, do you really want to marry Qi Ren Xuan?"

He broke the silence with this cry.

"This marriage was contracted by Master and the Gate Master."

"Ugh."Several people sighed.

"But Little Sister, the one who loves Master Feng, Master Feng is just missing, it's not like he's dead, Little Sister wants to marry Qi Ren Xuan, I always feel uncomfortable inside, and I've never liked this marriage anyway."

"Forget it, it's been eleven years since Brother Feng disappeared, that day when he disappeared, it was one night, Shisun saw Brother Feng fall into the cliff, but unexpectedly, she neither saw him climb up nor fall to the bottom of the cliff, so strange, it's really puzzling.It's been eleven years, if she was still able to come back, she should have come back long ago, although Little Sister is in love with Brother Wind, she can't stay single like this forever, although with her strength, ten years ago and ten years later, there is almost no difference in her appearance, even after another fifty years, she still looks young, but after all, what has passed away is years ah."

"Hehe, also, no wonder Little Senior Sister has been more sad than ever recently, I'm afraid it has something to do with Qi Ren Xuan's marriage.Back then, after the disappearance of Brother Feng, Little Sister was wounded to the core and said countless times that she regretted not making her heart clear with Brother Feng, leaving behind regrets."

"Why are you still talking about this."Big Brother Xie Yong smiled bitterly and took another sip of wine, the wine never leaving his hand.

"That Qi Ren Xuan, is also a man of great talent, after all, he is the most proud young disciple of the Flag Mountain Sect, and Little Senior Sister's marriage to him is considered to be a household match, besides, Qi Ren Xuan has also said that he is willing to half-enter our Divine Dragon Sect for the sake of Little Senior Sister, and both Master and Gate Master are very happy with their marriage."

Tang Zichen came to a short distance away with tears streaming down his face, and at a glance, he saw Little Senior Sister sitting in the Half Moon Pavilion, her hands caressing the violin on the table, her eyes wandering, and a heartbreaking look of sadness on her face.

"Little Senior Sister."Tang Zichen saw her, his heart was excited, after not seeing her for so many years, Little Senior Sister apart from looking a lot more mature and more graceful than before, there was not much change in other aspects, as if she was still a seventeen or eighteen year old girl, Tang Zichen could guess with his toes, Little Senior Sister was definitely strong.

Tang Zichen's group of senior brothers, all of them did not see Tang Zichen not far away, because Tang Zichen's direction was at the relatively lower part of the mountain, Tang Zichen was looking up at the Half Moon Pavilion.

Tang Zichen was so excited inside that he didn't know how to go up and meet them.

Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, would it scare them.

Tang Zichen was warm as a flower inside, wiping his tears dry, no matter, he would fly up to Half Moon Pavilion to meet with his junior sisters as well as his senior brothers.


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