The King of Kungfu in school 1051-1060


Chapter 1051

"Even though I don't believe it's true.Today, I accompanied my husband to Wang Mang Mountain again, my husband saw a large black hole, the hole does not know where to go, my husband thought that this hole is what he has been looking for years, but I did not expect, this is a black bear living in the hole, and finally ran out of an incomparably powerful black bear, this black bear strength even overshadowed my husband, fortunately escaped quickly, or have to die in Wang Mang Mountain.Alas, I don't know if, in the future, I will accompany my husband to die in a certain exploration."

That was all that was said on this page, and although it contained the information Tang Zichen was looking for, there was no useful information at all.

Tang Zichen continued to turn the next page.

"Today, I followed my husband again and went to the Baiyue Mountain, and he said that no mountain should be left untouched, and that perhaps a certain mountain hides a path to the other world.Well, I'll take it as a trip with my husband, and it would be good to travel to any mountain in the world in my lifetime.Today, at the bottom of the Baiyue Mountain, I met a young man, his name is Wanfatian, this child is really quite good, his talent is very high and his comprehension is even more incredible, I was thinking that in the future, this child will definitely be extraordinary, maybe he will become an amazing person in the world.I wanted my husband to take him as a disciple, and Wanfatian is also very interested in learning from him, but unfortunately, my husband is so focused on finding that ethereal passage that he no longer has the desire to take a disciple.Otherwise, if you bring this child back, you might be able to keep Tao Lin as your companion, and Tao Lin's comprehension of this child will be comparable to Wanfatian's, so it's all just fate."

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed.

"Brother Zichen, did you find anything?"

"No, but I saw Ten Thousand Fa Tian's name in the Island Master's wife's notes."

"Ah, no way, they're unrelated people."

"No, they were fortunate enough to have met, in the Island Master's wife's notes, at that time, Wanfatian, who was still a young man, wasn't even the number one strongest person in the sensational world, and also, the Island Master's wife mentioned Tao Lin, saying that both Wanfatian and Tao Lin were highly comprehended."

"Ah, isn't Tao Lin the name of the current Martial Island Master?"

"Right." First published at

"Wow, it seems that the island master's teacher's wife, is very discerning, later, Wanfatian became the world's number one, and the island master became the world's number three, hehehe."

"Well, it's recorded in the notebook that the encounter with Wanfatian was local to a place called Mount Hyatt, Wanfatian's hometown, Mount Hyatt.This information doesn't seem to be known by anyone in the world, so if you want Wanfatian, maybe you can try going to Mount Hyatt.Maybe this guy, he's hiding at Mount Hyatt for retirement."

"Ah, then aren't we going to search for another world passage?"

"Hehe, even though people have searched all over the world Senior Yang Kun has not found it, it is evident that this world passage is not something that can be found just by trying to find it, perhaps, those who are fortunate enough to find it will naturally find it, and those who are not fortunate enough to find it will not find it even after a lifetime of searching.Just as well, let's carefully look for clues in the Yi Yue Villa, if we don't find anything valuable, then let's go to the Hundred Joy Mountain and see if Wanfa Tian is in this place."


Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng spent half a day rummaging through the graves, but as a result, they didn't find any valuable clues.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to stop, although no valuable clues were found, but at least he had unintentionally discovered Wanfatian's hometown, and half of the purpose of Tang Zichen's trip out was for Wanfatian.

Tang Zichen returned to the Yi Yue Villa.

"Senior Tang, did you find any clues?"Ebony asked.


"It's a shame that all of our grandparents' belongings are already in the crypt."

"Well, it's fine."

"Then does Senior still need to look elsewhere in the Imoon Villa?I can show seniors the room my grandmother used to live in, she still has her room."

"No need."Because, if they really had any clues, they would have already that what, Tang Zichen looked over the notes, they seemed to have searched many, many mountains around the world, their search direction was mountain ranges and so on, besides, if there is a fate to reach, if there is no fate how to find it would be in vain.

"Senior Tang, the banquet has been prepared, I hope that senior will appreciate it, and it's late today, it would truly be an honor if senior could rest for a night in the Yi Yue Villa."

"Good, then one night's stay."

Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng stayed at the Yi Yue Villa.

Yi Baishu certainly did his best to entertain them, and it seemed that whatever good food he could find had been sent out to the kitchen to make, sending out the entire mountain village.

And Yi Yue Villa, ever since Tang Zichen came in, the entire mountain village was in a state of excitement, because, having the world's number one big man come was simply the most important day in all of Yi Yue Villa's years.

Moreover, many young children were eager to be summoned by Tang Zichen because Tang Zichen had said that he would choose two people to take with him, so, this afternoon, the children of the Yi Yue Villa were in a state of madness, but Tang Zichen had been in the grave and didn't know it.

After dinner, Tang Zichen was drinking tea in the main hall, and Yi Baixiao said, "Senior Tang, I have selected twenty of the most promising children of the Yi Moon Villa, and they are outside at the moment."

"Mm, good, let them in."Tang Zichen sipped his tea and nodded his head.

At this moment, outside the main hall, twenty lucky children seemed to be excited, as if the time to decide their fate had arrived, of course, their luck was only twenty chances to meet Tang Zichen, and in the end, who would be the lucky one to be one of the two taken away was another story.

Yi Baixiao walked to the door and said, "You all come in, remember, behave in front of Senior Tang."

"Yes, Villa Master."The twenty people were busy nodding, they were about to meet the big man, their heartbeats were racing.They had all heard about it, Senior Tang inside, the world's number one powerhouse, could they not be excited and have their heartbeats speed up.

Twenty people slowly walked in, lined up in two rows.

When everyone saw Tang Zichen, they were stunned.

Because, they didn't see the old man with white hair in their imagination, but, instead, a young man whose grade was equal to theirs, this, what was going on?They imagined that the strongest man in the world was a very pale man.

For a while, everyone was looking at each other in discussion.

Yi Baixiao was busy shouting, "Be quiet, in front of Senior Tang, one is still yelling endlessly, what a disgrace."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's okay, I'm very different from what they imagined, it's normal for them to be surprised, relax, hehe."

Only then did everyone quiet down and looked at Tang Zichen, they really didn't believe that this person in front of them, who was the world's strongest man, how could he be so young.


Yi Baixiao was busy saying, "Senior Tang, don't take offense, these children are only seventeen or eighteen years old, my grandchildren's generation, and even the Xuangsun generation's children, have never seen the world."

"Oh, normal, I also came here from the age of seventeen or eighteen."

At this time, a bold boy asked, "Senior Tang, are you really the world's strongest person?"

"Oh, what, don't I look like one?"

"But why are you so young?It looks like it's as old as me."

Yi Bainiao snapped, "Yi Jinchao, who told you to talk nonsense, does he have to be an old man, Senior Tang?Senior Tang was the world's number one genius and reached his current level at the age of only thirty."

"Wow."Hearing that Tang Zichen had reached the world's number one at the age of only thirty, all twenty people couldn't help but cry out.

"Oh."Tang Zichen just laughed, these children were actually only twelve or thirteen years younger than Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sized up the twenty people, and suddenly saw a girl standing in the back row, a little surprised, so pretty and shy in her temperament.

Yi Baixiao saw Tang Zichen's gaze on that pretty girl, busy saying, "Senior Tang, her name is Yishan'er, she is exactly my granddaughter."

"Oh, Yisan'er."Tang Zichen looked at Isan'er and smiled slightly. Remember the website

Of course, Yi Baixiao wanted his own granddaughter to be chosen by Tang Zichen to take away, after all, people have selfish intentions, and said, "Senior Tang, my granddaughter is the most outstandingly gifted among the children of this generation."

"Mm."Tang Zichen understood Yi Baixiao's meaning of recommending his granddaughter and only nodded.

Yi Baixiao was a little disappointed to see that Tang Zichen didn't seem to be enthusiastic about it.

The other nineteen children were all a little worried that Tang Zichen would choose Yisan Er because she was the Zhuang Lord's own granddaughter.

Yishan'er was now lowering her head slightly, very nervous, not sure if she could be taken away by Senior Tang, her talent was actually not the most outstanding among the descendant children of this villa, barely in the top three.

Just at this moment, a guard outside suddenly ran in.

"Villa Master, Villa Master, it's not good."

"What's wrong?No big, no small, can't you see Senior Tang is here?"Yi Baixiao was furious.

"Villa Master, it's bad, Thousand Knives Town Pan Yang's son is here."

"Pan Yang's son, what's he, what's he doing here."Yi Hundred Worries looked depressed for a while.

"Zhuang Master, didn't I tell you before, a few days ago, when the children of the Mountain Villa were gathering in Thousand Knives City, they accidentally let Pan Yang's son meet your granddaughter, Pan Yang's son said that he wanted to marry Miss Yisan Er, this, this is here."

"What a jerk."

That Isaner was also nervous.

Tang Zichen sipped his tea and asked, "What's so alarming, Villa Master?"

Hearing Tang Zichen's shout, Yi Baixiao just remembered that Tang Zichen, the world's number one, was here, so what was he afraid of.

"Back to Senior Tang, there seems to be trouble in the Yi Yue Villa."

"Oh, such a coincidence, I'm here but I'm bringing trouble, is it because I'm bringing trouble."

"Senior Tang misunderstood, this trouble has nothing to do with Senior Tang, it's like this, a few days ago, my Yi Yue Villa sons and daughters went to Thousand Blades City to see the world, unexpectedly, they encountered Pan Yang

s son, he saw that Izaner was beautiful and wanted to marry her."

"Oh, who is Pan Yang?"

"Pan Yang is an overlord of an 8,000-kilometer radius, and is considered an emperor of an 8,000-kilometer radius.Back then, this eight thousand kilometer radius' emperor was our Yi Yue Villa, and now that Pan Yang has become the strongest person in this radius and has stepped into the pinnacle of the Complete Unity Realm, he has taken over this overlord's position."

"So that's how it is."

Yi Hundred Worries knelt down and said, "Senior Tang, I implore Tang Zichen to be gracious and save my granddaughter."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Marriage between a man and a woman, that's the way it is, now that your Yiyue Villa is in decline and Pan Yang has become the overlord of this side, reaching the peak of the Unity Realm, it's reasonable that his son wants to marry your granddaughter, it's not like you're at a disadvantage."

"No, Senior Tang, that son of Pan Yang has a very average talent, if it was a son with a strong talent, I would be happy instead, but he is Pan Yang's famous waste of a son, he spends every day and hangs out in brothel houses, how can I marry my granddaughter to him.However, Pan Yang already despises our Yi Yue Villa and has repeatedly suppressed us, we are really helpless."

Tang Zichen nodded, "So ah, well then, get up first."

At that moment, a man from the early Houtian stage flew in at the entrance, looking to be over forty years old.

Only training to the early Hare Krishna stage at forty, there really wasn't much of a future to be expected at the Innate Realm.

"Hahaha, where's Isaner."The man came in and shouted.

"Insolent."Yi Baixiao shouted.

That middle-aged man looked at Yi Baishen and smiled, "You are Yi Baishen, right, the owner of the Yi Yue Villa?"


"Okay, let me introduce myself, my name is Pan Jian, son of my Thousand Blades Land Overlord, Pan Yang, it's okay if you don't know me, you just need to know my father.My dad is at the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection, and there's still hope of stepping into the Unity Realm Perfection, so you'd better be sensible.Now, I'll cut to the chase, I was in Thousand Daggers Town that day, I saw a beautiful woman, and upon asking around I found out that she was from your Yi Yue Villa, hehehehe.I want to marry her, hey, it's here."At this time, Pan Jian suddenly saw one of the twenty children standing in the main hall, one of the beauties was the one he saw that day.

Pan Jian was overjoyed and immediately wanted to go up and hug her.

"Bold, Pan Jian, today you dare to try messing with me in my Yi Yue Villa."Yi Baixiao shouted, appearing furious, the world-famous mountain village back then was now being bullied like this, his heart was hot and sore.

Pan Jian snorted, "Yi Baishao, you are sick, do you think that today's Yi Yue Villa is still the same Yi Yue Villa of a hundred years ago?Don't forget, this Thousand Daggers Land is now my father, not your Yi Yue Villa.Do you believe that my father will destroy your Yi Yue Villa with a word?I can tell you this, if it wasn't for the fact that the Martial Island Lord was so slightly involved with your Yi Yue Villa, my father would have exterminated you and still be arrogant in front of me.Now if you are sensible, marry this beauty to me, and then find a few more beauties from the villa to come and serve me.That way, later on, when the Martial Island Lord dies, if my father wants to do something to you, I will plead for you.Understand?Old man."

"You you you!"Yi Baixiao's angry beard was trembling.

No wonder Pan Yang had been suppressing the Yi Yue Villa all these years, but he didn't dare to really do anything to it, so Pan Yang was afraid of the Martial Forest Island Master, the Martial Forest Island Master's former mentor was at least someone from the Yi Yue Villa.If he really exterminated the Yi Yue Villa, the Island Lord would definitely come out, but if the Island Lord died, Pan Yang was afraid that he would have no worries and could freely dispose of the former overlord of this place, the Yi Yue Villa.


Tang Zichen had already understood the problem between Pan Yang and the Yi Yue Villa.

The arrogant and domineering Pan Jian who was here at the moment was instead a trash plus a slut, relying on his father's influence to see the beauty of the Yi Yue Villa, forcibly trying to take over, and very insincere.

Yi Baixiao looked towards Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen did not speak, he did not dare to mention anything to Tang Zichen, in case Tang Zichen did not want to get involved in their personal feud, but instead, he would upset Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "When you see injustice on the road, it's only right that you should draw your sword and help each other."

"Thank you, Senior Tang."

That one, Pan Jian, looked at Isaner with a hehehe smile.

Tang Zichen grabbed a teacup and threw it at Pan Jian, Tang Zichen didn't use any force or Pan Jian's head would have exploded.

"Who threw me?"Panjian yelled.

"Who threw that at me?Is that you, Misery?Do you want to get the fuck out of the business?I don't believe my father has come to destroy you."Pan Jian shouted at Yi Baixiao.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't misunderstand others, I'm the one who threw you."

Only then did Pan Jian look at Tang Zichen, but in his eyes, Tang Zichen was so insignificant, he thought he was a descendant of Yi Yue Villa. One second to remember to read the book

"Did you throw that at me?"Panjian growled and came over.


"Do you heck, you don't even dare to mess with me, you don't want to live?"

"I'm sorry, I'm not from the Izuyue Villa."

"I don't care who you are, you'll regret it if you mess with me on my family's property."

"Yeah, what if I didn't just mess with you?"

"What do you mean?Not just me?So, you still want to hit me?"

"No, no, no, I didn't just hit you."

"What, more than just hitting me, that means you're trying to hurt me?"

"More than just maiming."

"Hahaha, what a joke, you're not going to maim and cripple me anymore."

"No, I mean, what would happen if I still tried to kill you."

"Don't you dare."

"Dare is what you do, not what you say."Tang Zichen grabbed another teacup, then said, "Kid, it was God's will that you hit my hands today, it was God's will for me to take care of you, get on your way."


"Bang" Pan Jian only uttered one word, Tang Zichen teacup threw it, and with a bang, Pan Jian's head exploded.

"Ah!"The twenty children of the Yiyue Villa all seemed to have never seen such a cruel scene before and screamed.

Tang Zichen said, "Yi Baixiao, you can order someone to get the corpse down."

"Thank you, Senior Tang, but what if that Pan Yang comes?And Senior Tang you're gone again."

Tang Zichen said, "Then let someone go and inform Pan Yang."

At that moment, the steward said, "There is no need to send people specially, because when Pan Jian came, he brought three followers with him, and those three followers are just a few halls outside."

"That's just right, let Pan Jian's body be given to his followers and have the followers go back to tell Pan Yang."


Yi Baixiao thanked him in succession, his heart settled down, with Tang Zichen here, that if Pan Yang dared to come, he was afraid he would be asking for death.

A few halls away, the three followers were drinking tea there with their legs crossed, when the butler dragged Pan Jian's corpse out.

The three followers scrambled to their feet, looking at the corpse's clothes and shoes that looked a bit familiar, as the head had already exploded.

The housekeeper threw Pan Jian's corpse away and said, "Your young master is dead, immediately take his corpse and get lost."


; "What? This is Young Master."

"Yes, this is Pan Jian's corpse."

"No, no way, you Yi Yue Villa don't have the guts to kill our young master, our young master's father, but Pan Yang, this is definitely a fake, brothers, let's not believe it, keep drinking tea."

"Right, right, don't believe it, keep drinking tea."

The butler frowned, why Pan Jian's three followers weren't very bright.

"Hey, get rid of the body or I'll throw it out to the dogs."

"Hmph, this is by no means our young master's corpse, don't lie to us, come, come, ignore him, let's continue to drink tea, I didn't expect that although the Yiyue Villa has fallen into disgrace, the tea is quite good."The three followers continued to drink tea.

The butler was depressed and said, "Don't you recognize your young master's body?"

One of the followers said, "Yes, the head of this corpse is gone, but we can look at the body well.That thing of our young master's is very fine, we can tell if it's our young master's corpse by looking at it."

"Hey, you're still smart, okay, let's see if that thing of this corpse is fine."

The three followers squatted down, pulled the corpse's pants off, and after looking through it for a while, they finally saw the nice thin guy.

"Ah, it really is young master."

"Oooh, young master, you really were killed by them."

Then, only then did the three followers cry and carry that corpse away.

In a certain main hall.

Tang Zichen looked at each of the twenty children one by one and said, "You, and you, follow me."

"Thank you, Senior."Those two sub-disciples of the Yiyue Villa happily bowed.

Yi Baixiao sighed inwardly with regret because, his own granddaughter, Yishan'er, had not been chosen by Tang Zichen.

Yishan'er looked disappointed.

Tang Zichen didn't choose Ishan'er to go to Wangjing City to cultivate just because she was beautiful.

"Alright, the rest of you should go back."Tang Zichen said.

"Yes."Those eighteen who were not chosen were naturally quite lost.

Yi Baixiao said, "Senior Tang, senior has already arranged a room for you, I'll take you to your room."


Yi Baixiao arranged the most luxurious room in the Yi Yue Villa for Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng to live in.

When Tang Zichen entered that luxurious room, a servant had already prepared a bucket and waited for Tang Zichen to take a bath.

Yi Bainiao said, "Senior Tang, these two servants who are serving you, do as you wish tonight."

Tang Zichen took a look at the two servants serving, who were ordinary looking, and grunted, "What the hell does it mean, this kind of goods also has the nerve to make special arrangements."

Although Tang Zichen didn't think of arranging special service, he was also uncomfortable with Yi Baixiao arranging this kind of goods, forget about it, Tang Zichen's lordship was lazy, and he didn't mean to special serve anyway.

"Senior Tang, I."

"Alright, you go down, the servant who serves you also go down, I don't need anyone to serve me."

"Yes."Yi Baishu greeted the two maids and went down.

Walking to the door, Yi Baishao bit her teeth and saw that Tang Zichen seemed to have made a decision as he seemed to be dissatisfied with the servants he had arranged.

Yi Baixiao came to a boudoir, exactly the boudoir of his granddaughter, Yishan'er.

Yishan'er was not chosen by Tang Zichen and was in a depressed mood.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here."Isaner heard a knock on the door and opened it.

"Grandpa, didn't you say that with your connections, it's very likely that I'll be chosen by Senior Tang?Why didn't I?"


"Alas, Shan'er, I was overconfident, I thought that Tang Zichen would choose you if he knew that you were my own granddaughter, but it didn't turn out to be the case."

"Then why did you come to me."

"Shan'er, I know you're only sixteen this year and I shouldn't have made such a request, but Grandpa really can't help it.I just arranged for two maids to serve Senior Tang in the bath, and I was nosy enough to say that those two maids would follow Senior Tang's arrangements tonight, and I thought that Senior Tang would be satisfied with my service.I thought Senior Tang would be satisfied with my service. Who knows, Senior Tang was not satisfied with the posture of those two maids, and suddenly they didn't look too good.Grandpa was afraid of offending Senior Tang because of this, so, so Grandpa had no choice but to come to you.I don't know what Senior Tang's character is like, will he change his attitude towards the Yi Yue Villa because of this, grandpa doesn't dare to take any risks, he must, must make Senior Tang satisfied."

"Grandpa, you wouldn't want me to accompany Senior Tang?"

"Shan'er, you are worthy of being my granddaughter, guessing grandpa's meaning right away, grandpa is really embarrassed to ask."

"Grandpa, how can you be like this, I'm your own granddaughter, and you're asking me to accompany a guest."

"Shan'er, if Pan Jian dies here today, Pan Yang will definitely come, at a time like this, if Senior Tang has any dissatisfaction, I'm afraid it will be a disaster for our Yi Yue Mountain Villa ah.For the sake of the Villa, and for the sake of Pan Yang not daring to oppress us in the future, grandpa can't care about that much.Shan'er, you go and serve Senior Tang in the bath."

"Grandpa, I don't want it, what if he still wants other services."

"No matter what service he wants, you'll have to satisfy him."

"Grandpa, he's only sixteen, I don't want it."

"Shan'er, grandpa doesn't want it either, but a big enemy is coming, and grandpa has to focus on the big picture ah, besides, if senior Tang is satisfied, and senior Tang gives a casual word, no matter how powerful Pan Yang is in the future, he won't dare to do anything to our villa." First published website


"Go on, Shan'er, don't you really want to follow Senior Tang to Wangjing City to cultivate?Maybe if you serve him well, he'll take you there."



"All right, all right, I'll go, won't I."

Tang Zichen lay in a hot wooden barrel with red flower petals scattered on the surface of the water, Tang Zichen's head rested on the edge of the barrel, his face covered with a towel, enjoying the feeling of a bath.

At this time, Tang Zichen heard someone come in from outside, seems to be carrying a kettle, listening to the pace is a woman, must be a maid to add hot water.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.

Tang Zichen didn't care what she did, but still had a hot towel over his face, and closed his eyes to enjoy the bath.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that the water was clattering, and a foot stepped into the barrel and also stepped on Tang Zichen's foot.

"What for."Tang Zichen was suddenly angry and took the hot towel off his face.

Tang Zichen thought it was one of the two girls who had just been there, but only once the towel was taken off did he see that it was Yi Baixiao's granddaughter, Yishan'er.

At the moment, Yishan'er has no clothes on her body, her body is incomparably slim, is one foot into the barrel, at the moment, the action stopped there, dumbfounded looking at Tang Zichen, seems to be very afraid.

Tang Zichen was taken aback, this action of Isaner, Tang Zichen had seen everything about her, and I must say, this Isaner's body was obsessively good.

"How come it's you, what are you doing?"Don Zichen frowned and asked.

"I, I I."Yisan'er was too scared to speak, her grandfather asked her to serve Tang Zichen in the bath, so she bit her teeth and came, but she didn't expect Senior Tang to get angry, it wasn't like what her grandfather said, looking at Senior Tang's appearance, it was only right that she didn't think about what service she wanted.


"Yes, Senior Tang, Senior Tang, Senior Tang did not mean to offend, it was my grandfather who asked me to serve Senior Tang, my grandfather was afraid that he had just offended Senior Tang, so he asked me to come, I hope Senior Tang does not blame me and my grandfather."Yishan'er said pitifully.

Tang Zichen seemed to have already guessed it, seeing Yisan Er so nervous, Tang Zichen didn't say anything, and looked at Yisan Er from head to toe, developing well.Seeing Isaner's face all red and uncomfortable all over, but now she didn't know whether to continue into the barrel or exit, so she still kept one foot on the barrel.

Don said, "Are you going to come in, or not?"

"I, I, I don't know."

"Oh, it's not even that, it's fine, but we've seen it all anyway, so come in and wash up together."

"Oh."Isanelle didn't dare resist, finally stepping into the barrel with both feet, then quickly sat down in the barrel, face to face with Tang Zichen.

Don Zichen looked at Isanelle and chuckled.

"It's all here already, so there's no need to be so formal, between men and women, isn't that what it's all about, there's no mystery when it comes down to it, come on, give me a foot squeeze."

"Yes, Senior Tang."

Yisan Er was under the water, giving Tang Zichen a foot squeeze.

Isaner was in the barrel, sitting cross-legged, while Tang Zichen had both legs on his thighs, allowing her to squeeze them.

"Not bad, it's pretty decent."Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen had never enjoyed this kind of bathing service before.

"Thank you Senior Tang for the compliment, I just pinched it casually, don't be offended."

"How come, how old are you this year?"

"Back to Senior Tang, Junior is sixteen years old."

"Uh, sixteen, huh."

"What's wrong with that?"

"No, it's just that I feel really old."

"Senior Tang is really joking, you're not even thirty."

"Just old anyway."


"Lift your head up."

"Well, you're really quite pretty, are there many people after you?"

"Junior seldom left the Villa since he was a child, so there is no one to chase after, and all the boys in this Villa are from the same family, so it's impossible for them to fall in love."


Tang Zichen asked, "Did your grandfather really ask you to serve me?"


"I didn't pick you today, and you still want to?"

"There's nothing senior can do."

Tang Zichen closed his eyes, how could Tang Zichen not have desire for such a beautiful woman in front of him.

"Just as well, I'm not going to be that willow and sit back."

"Ah, Senior Tang, you are?"

"Right."Don Zichen lunged across the room at Isanelle, who struggled for a moment, but quickly went limp in the water.

The next day, when Tang Zichen opened his eyes, Isaner was up and hurriedly dressing.

Tang Zichen said, "Good morning."

"Good morning, Senior Tang, junior greets senior."

"Don't pay your respects, come over and sit on my lap."

"Oh!"Ethan sat helplessly on Don's lap.


Tang Zichen said, "I didn't have control of myself last night, so it's kind of fate that you can make a request of me, and I'll agree to it as long as it's reasonable."


"Go ahead, what do you want."

"I, I, I wish to follow you to Wangjing City to cultivate."

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's too low a request, alright, then I'll give you one more request."

"I, I can't think of anything else at the moment."

"Okay, then tell me later when you think of it."

"Then, then can I go with you to Wangjing City to cultivate?"

"Of course."

"Thank you, Senior Tang."

"No need, I'm the one who owes you." Remember the URL

"No. Thank you Senior Tang for giving me the opportunity to travel to Wangjing City to cultivate."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen no longer said anything.

Ever since Tang Zichen became the second in the world, in the eyes of the world, Wangjing City also became famous, and in the eyes of many people, Wangjing City became a holy place for cultivation, and many people who came to visit Wangjing City to cultivate, so there were far more strong people in Wangjing City than before.

Tang Zichen alone had driven the prosperous martial scene of the Yanhuang Empire.

Izaniel left happily.

Tang Zichen sighed slightly, is this considered a prostitute?

Tang Zichen was having breakfast when a roar came from the sky, "Yibai Worry, come out and suffer death."

No need to guess, it was Pan Yang coming.

Yi Bainiao looked at Tang Zichen nervously.

Tang Zichen said, "There's no need to be nervous, let him shout a few more times, or, you go out and be arrogant too."

"Yes, senior, but junior doesn't dare to go out and be arrogant for fear of being shot dead at once."Yi Baixiao smiled, it seemed that Shan'er served Tang Zichen well last night, because, it was obvious that Tang Zichen was in a good mood, no matter what, Tang Zichen slept with someone's granddaughter and would be more gentle with them, it could be seen.Yi Baixiao was happy in his heart, although his granddaughter had lost a little something, but, for his age and situation, chastity that thing was worthless.

"Yi Baixiao, don't come out quickly and suffer death."The angry voice in the sky became even more intense.

In the sky, an old man stood in mid-air, he was surrounded by four or five strong men, all of them in the Unity Realm, and they were Pan Yang's sons.

Pan Yang's useless son had been killed, and although they weren't very sad or anything, it represented face saving, so, very angry.

"Yi Baixiao, I will count to three, if you don't come out, I will slaughter your entire Yi Yue Villa today.Although I know that today's Martial Island Master, back then his teacher's wife was a member of your Yi Yue Villa, but Martial Island Master will surely die within a few years, besides, I can control this place and prevent anyone from having the opportunity to inform Martial Island Master, I will count to three, if you don't appear, Yi Yue Villa will surely shed blood today."

"One, two, three."

"Do it, slaughter all the people up and down the Yi Yue Mountain Villa."

"Yes."The few sons behind Pan Jian gave the order and immediately flew down, ready to slaughter.

"Swoosh swoosh!"At that moment, five chopsticks flew up into the air from one of the rooftops.

The chopsticks accurately shot at Pan Yang's five sons.

"Ah!"Those five sons of Pan Yang's, but they were all in the realm of unity, surprisingly, couldn't resist a single chopstick in the slightest, and were killed on the spot by the chopstick that penetrated their bodies.

"Ah!"Pan Yang was silly.

At this moment, a voice came, "Whoever dares to touch the Yi Yue Villa in the slightest, don't blame me, Tang Shi."

Pan Yang turned his head to look, and suddenly, his entire body was silly

up, and his feet couldn't stop trembling.

"Tang, Tang, Tang Zichen."Pan Yang's entire body was stunned, never expected that Tang Zichen would appear here, who was Tang Zichen, that was the world's number one ah, let's just assume that Wanfa Tian was dead.

Pan Yang even in anger, in front of Tang Zichen, it was nothing.

Tang Zichen flew in front of Pan Yang and said, "Who dares to touch the Yi Yue Villa in the slightest, and try."

Pan Yang broke out in cold sweat, busy saying, "Senior Pan Yang, pay your respects to Senior Tang."

"Pan Yang, do you still want to do it now?"

"Senior doesn't dare, Senior didn't know Senior Tang was here, I hope Senior will forgive Senior's rudeness."

"Pan Yang, originally I didn't interfere in your feud with the Yi Yue Villa, but unfortunately, I happened to come to the Yi Yue Villa on business, since the heavens have allowed me to encounter this matter, I will follow the will of the heavens.If you don't come today, the matter will be closed, but if you do, then I will have to take action.You must not think that I am bullying you, I am not in the mood to bully you, it is all God's will."

Pan Yang said in a cold sweat, "Senior Tang taught me a lesson, senior knows his mistake, senior vows that he will never touch the Yi Yue Villa in this life in the slightest."

"Then don't go yet."

"Thank you senior for not killing me."

Pan Yang immediately flew away, he was heartbroken that his five sons had died like this, but he didn't dare to have the slightest thought of revenge in his heart, because in his entire life, he would never be able to reach the height that Tang Zichen was at now.Tang Zichen had already said that everything was the will of God, if he didn't bring his five sons to flaunt his power today, then he wouldn't be killed by Tang Zichen, everything was the will of God, it wasn't Tang Zichen trying to bully him.

Tang Zichen flew to the ground, the people of Yi Yue Villa looked at Tang Zichen with great gratitude, and half-kneeled down, waiting for Tang Zichen to land before getting up.

Tang Zichen said, "Yi Baixiao, as long as I'm still alive, the Yi Moon Villa will not be in danger of annihilation, don't worry."

"Thank you, Senior Tang."

"Alright, it's time for me to go.Where are the two sub-disciples that were chosen by me."

The two male disciples stepped forward excitedly, and the others looked at them both with envy.

"What are your names?"

"Back to Senior Tang, the name of the late generation is Yi Bufan."

"Senior's name is Yi En."

"Yi Bufan, Ian, I will take you away today, after I finish my business, I will head to Wangjing City to cultivate, and I will arrange a famous master for you."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen looked at Yi Shan'er who was standing not far away from the crowd and said, "Yi Shan'er, what are you waiting for, come out and get ready to go."

"Mm!"Yishan'er nodded her head in excitement, but, somewhat embarrassed, after all, she wasn't awarded a place by normal means.

As expected, many of the people from the Yi Yue Villa were surprised to see that Yisan Er had also been taken to Wangjing City to cultivate, and they were talking about it.

"What's going on?Why was Israƫl able to go?"

"And it was Senior Tang who took the initiative to call her away, which is too puzzling."

"Shh,, Isanelle was given the opportunity because she was that by Senior Tang last night."

"Which one?"

"Crap, sleeping."

"Ah, no way, Isaner is too much of that, for the chance to go to Wangjing City, she's willing to be slept by Senior Tang."

"Don't be jealous, that's what it takes to have that capital."

In the midst of everyone's discussion, Xiao Meng landed in the flying ship, Tang Zichen entered the flying ship, and Ibu Fan and Ian, as well as Isaner, boarded inside the flying ship.

Then, in front of everyone's eyes, the flying ship quickly lifted off and disappeared into the distant sky.


The flying ship left the land of a thousand blades.

"Senior Tang, are we going to Wangjing City now?"Izaniel asked.

"No."Tang Zichen said without hesitation.

Xiao Meng said, "Brother Zichen, we're going to Mount Hyatt to find Wanfatian now, do we need to bring them with us as well?Why don't we have them wait somewhere and pick them up when we return."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No need, there's enough space in the flying ship anyway, there's no harm in bringing them along, besides, it's not a bad idea to take them to see the world."

"Alright."Xiao Meng nodded.

The three of them from the Yi Yue Villa all seemed excited.

The destination of Tang Zichen's trip was Mount Hyatt, Wanfatian's hometown.

Regarding where Wanfatian's hometown was, if it wasn't for the fact that he happened to see the notes from a hundred years ago in the Imoon Villa, no one would really know.

Therefore, Tang Zichen guessed that it was highly probable that Wan Fatian was at Mount Hundred Joy.

Tang Zichen's desire to find Wan Fatian was extremely strong within him. One second to remember to read the book

However, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that the world was in the midst of an earth-shattering event.

In Martialwood Island.

The Martial Forest Island Lord was meditating in a humble room.

Suddenly, the Island Lord opened his eyes and said, "Friend, since you're here, why don't you come down and have a cup of tea."

The Island Lord had sensed a very powerful Qi suddenly appear on the roof, which made him tremble, and he involuntarily sighed under his breath, "It's time to go."

The Island Lord seemed to foresee that he would die today, but he did not have any fear within him.

In the next second, a voice filled with indifference came from the roof, "Worthy of being the third in the world, I only just landed on my feet and realized my existence, compared to the ones I killed, you're much stronger."

The Island Lord sat in the house and did not stand up, he remained seated and said, "Overrated, but unfortunately I am no longer the third in the world.It seems that before you came to me, you had already killed other peaks, dare I ask which old friends died under your sword."

"Old Windless Ghost, Bai Mingzi, Heaven's End, King Yin Yue, hmph, all a bunch of vain people."

"Phew."The Island Lord exhaled deeply, Windless Old Ghost, Bai Mingzi, the Heaven's End Gate Master, and the Yin Moon King, all of them were at the peak of their generation, but I didn't expect that they had all gone one step ahead.

On the roof, an icy voice said, "Martial Island Lord, aren't you ready to come out yet?I want you to die by my sword."

The Island Lord sighed, "What's due, will always come."After saying that, the Island Lord leapt through the roof with a single leap, his body flew through the roof and landed on the roof, and at a glance saw the person standing on the roof next to him, wearing a black ghost mask, all dressed in black, as if he was going to a funeral, with fury all over him, giving a heavy feeling of oppression.

The island master frowned, not knowing who she was, when such a person suddenly appeared in this world, looking at her appearance, she should be a woman, she didn't seem to be very old.

At this time, the Island Lord suddenly remembered something, when Tang Zichen dueled with Yang Guan earlier, Yang Guan was very abnormal, at that time, the Island Lord wondered if Yang Guan had been defeated by someone.

The Island Lord asked, "This friend, have you defeated Yang Guan?"

The black ghost masked woman snorted, "Official Yang, is the only one, currently, who is able to escape at my hands, Martial Islander, I hope you are the second one who is able to escape at my hands."

"Hahaha, hahaha."The island lord laughed loudly

Come to think of it, Yang Guan really had been defeated by this person, and it looked like the kind of person who had lost so badly that he had almost lost his life.

"No wonder."The Island Lord said.

"Martial Islander, do not disappoint my sword."The woman in the black ghost mask raised her sword in her hand, her sword trembling in her hand as if she couldn't wait to break out of its sheath.

When the Martial Forest Island Lord saw the sword in her hand, he was confused and asked, "The sword in Your Excellency's hand is the missing Burial Moon Sword from the Famous Sword Villa."

"Hmph!"The black ghost masked woman merely snorted coldly, her black fury permeating her body, and a chilling light emanating from her eyes.

The Martial Island Lord seemed to already know who she was, nine times out of ten, it was the Mu Qianji that Tang Zichen had been searching for a few years ago, only, the Island Lord looked at the fury that permeated her body and already knew that the Mu Qianji of this moment was no longer the Mu Qianji of the beginning.Therefore, the Island Lord didn't say much, and it was useless to say more.

"Buzz."At this moment, the sword in the Black Ghost Mask woman's hand broke out of its sheath.

The Wulin Island Lord didn't run away like Yang Guan and immediately raised his hand to meet her, but unfortunately, the other party was too strong, and the Wulin Island Lord knew before he even made a move that he wouldn't survive today and would never be a match.

As expected, the other party sheathed his sword, a black fury descended from the sky, and with one sword, the Island Lord was dead.

"Clang!"In the next second, the sound of the sword being sheathed rang out, while on the other side, the Island Lord's hand remained raised, and he didn't even have the chance to make, a single move.

The Island Lord stood motionless on the roof, his eyes lost their radiance as he looked at the other side, the corners of his mouth still maintaining the curve of a smile, as if to say, "Master, senior brother, and the old friends from back then, I'm here."

The Island Lord's body slowly fell down.

At the same time, the house he was standing on at his feet collapsed with a loud bang, but even the house was broken in half by the other party's sword.

"Master!"In the distance, the Island Lord's disciples, flew up in a panic.

The woman in the black ghost mask was already nowhere to be found.

Old Dean, Jindolph, Lin Bai, and the others, panicked to find the Island Master in the collapsed house.

Unfortunately, the Island Master was already dead, but he was still smiling, as if he had no regrets or complaints about his death.

"Master, woo-hoo."

The Island Lord's old disciples all cried bitterly.

In Wangjing City.

"Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, Senior Tang, come out quickly."A peak old man, flying from the distant sky, shouted Tang Zichen's name before he even landed on the ground.

Yan Long immediately greeted him and worshipped, "Senior Yan Long, meet Senior Cang Shirt."

That pinnacle old man was busy saying, "Where is Tang Zichen?"

"Uh, Brother Tang isn't in Lookout City."

"Where did he go?"

"Brother Tang already set out a month ago, saying he was going to search for clues to the Ten Thousand Fathoms, Senior Cang Shirt, what are you so anxious to find Tang Zichen for?"Yan Long looked at the old man in puzzlement, this old man was one of the thirty peak powerhouses in the world, why did he suddenly come looking for Tang Zichen, it was too unusual.

"This Tang Zichen, what's a good way to find Wanfa Tian, what's there to find in a dead man."

"Senior, what great thing has happened?"Yan Long suddenly felt as if something big was happening, otherwise, it wouldn't make a peak powerhouse so anxious.Something that could make a peak powerhouse so anxious must be a world event, and Yan Long also had a sudden tightening of his chrysanthemum, feeling as if the end of the world was coming.


"Haven't you gotten the message?Dark Night Empire, a new Matriarch has risen to power, this new Matriarch is far more brutal and hostile than the previous Matriarch, she has become possessed and is killing without blinking, she not only killed the original Matriarch, but she is also killing people everywhere, no one can stop her, so far, seven or eight peak powerhouses have died by her sword."

"What!"Yan Long was dumbfounded, the new Matriarch was possessed and going around killing people, this was really a disaster for the world, no wonder this pale old man was so anxious.

"How did this happen."

"How do I know, the Dark Night Empire is already a murderous and chaotic place, the number of warriors who have become possessed has long been quite a few, but the appearance of such a powerful demonizer is truly unprecedented.This demon-invader has been no one's opponent, and if I hadn't learned of the news beforehand and escaped quickly, I would have died in her hands as well.So far, Old Windless Ghost, Bai Mingzi, Heaven's Endless Gate Master, King Yin Yue, Lu Tao, and Chen Endao have all died, and I heard that their next place is Wulin Island, and I don't know how the Wulin Island Master is doing at the moment.Wulin Island is so close to Wangjing City, I'm sure the next one is Wangjing City's Tang Zichen."

"Ah!"Yan Long was dumbfounded, the people Cang Shifu had just mentioned were all famous world peak powerhouses ah.

"Tang Zichen is also really, what are you looking for Wanfa Tian, Wanfa Tian is already dead.It's just a few days since I escaped, I'm afraid that soon that new mother emperor will come here, I'd better get going."After saying that, the old man in pale clothes leaped and flew into the sky.

At this time, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xue Yun, and the others also flew in a panic.

"What's happening?"Wanderlust asked.

Yan Long's entire body was sluggish and said, "Something big has happened, the new Matriarch of the Dark Night Empire, completely possessed, went on a killing spree, currently, there are already six or seven peak deaths, and I'm afraid it's going to our Wangjing City soon."

"What."Suddenly, everyone screamed.

"Senior Cang Shirt has just arrived, he wanted to find Tang Zichen to see if Tang Zichen could stop this devil, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen is not here, so Senior Cang Shirt also left first in a panic, fearing that the devil will soon arrive at our Wangjing City." First URL

Just then, everyone saw Senior Cang Shirt fall from mid-air.

Yan Long frowned, "Senior Cang Shirt, why are you still here?Didn't you say that the devil will be arriving at our Wangjing City soon?"

Cang Shifu's face was extremely embarrassed at the moment, one could even say that he was very depressed.

At this moment, a chilling voice came from mid-air, "It's too late to leave if you want to, I made you run away early last time, this time, I'm afraid you won't have a chance."

Hearing the voice, everyone suddenly looked up and saw in the sky, a black shadow descending towards the palace, the crowd seemed to feel, a huge stone pressing down on the general dullness.

Just now Senior Cang Shifu did want to leave, but it was too late, the new Dark Night Empire's Demoness, had already arrived, so Cang Shifu was forced to descend, his face was very ugly, he incomparably regretted, coming to look for some Tang Zichen, it was so good to just hide.

"Phew!"Cang Shirt exhaled deeply, the group of people standing behind him were now sweating in the face of the demoness' pressure, including Yan Long.

The person who had descended was the woman in the black ghost mask who had finished killing the island master at Martial Island.

It could also be said that it was Mu Qianji, but

Today, she was no longer the same person she was in the beginning, she was completely possessed, the demonic aura on her body was trembling, she only had an endless desire to kill, and the more powerful she was, the more she wanted to kill him.

Mu Qianji stood on the ground of the palace hall, her cold and merciless eyes seemed to freeze all the space around her, and that sword she held in her hand was buzzing at all times.

Cang Shifu roared with pathos, "Demoness, why do you have to be bitter."He seemed to sense that he was afraid that he was going to die here today, he had escaped once, but he didn't expect that he would encounter a second time, was this fate, it was destined that he wouldn't be able to escape this calamity.

Mu Qianji's eyes said without any emotion, "Because, the weak, don't deserve to live, the weak, all of them will die under my sword."Saying that, the sword in Mu Qianji's hand trembled violently.

Only then did Liu Yue Wang Xing and the others, focus their eyes on her sword.

Suddenly, they all noticed that it was the Burial Moon Sword, wasn't it?

"Ah, she, she's Mu Qianji."Xu Mei Qian and the others were stunned, this demoness with a black ghost mask and a fury all over her body was, surprisingly, Mu Qian Jie?This was already the same as the original Mu Qianji, two completely different people, if not for the Burial Moon Sword, they would never be able to see the shadow of Mu Qianji.

Lang Tianya immediately walked out and shouted to Mu Qianji, "Mu Qianji, stop, have you forgotten yourself?You're Mu Qianjie, you're our friend, stop it."

"Big brother Tianya, come back quickly, it's dangerous."A few people behind him shouted in panic.

However, it was too late, Mu Qianji didn't even look at Long Tianya, this kind of small fly, his hand just waved lightly, a black stream of air struck Long Tianya.

"Wow!"Wanderlust flew away, a bowl-sized hole appearing in his chest, his eyes wide open.

"Big brother Tianya!"Several people panicked and ran towards the direction where Wanderlust had flown away, leaving Mu Qianji and Senior Cang Shifu still standing in the same place facing each other.

Once Mu Qianji drew his sword, he said to Cang Shifu, "Weaklings, don't deserve to live, don't let my sword disappoint you."

Cang Shifu cried out in grief, knowing that he would not be able to escape today, so he simply killed up.

"Swoosh!"In the next second, Mu Qianji's sword had been sheathed, while on the opposite side, Cang Shifu maintained his offensive stance, not moving, then Cang Shifu's body clattered to the ground, a generation of peak powerhouses, dead in the blink of an eye.

Not far away, Tang Zichen's little friends, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun and others, all looked in shock at Cang Shifu's predecessor who fell to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Long Tianya, on the other hand, was already dead.

Long Tianya's sister hugged Long Tianya and cried, "Brother, why did you run out so stupidly, why, sob."

And in front of the palace, Mu Qianji, who had already killed Cang Shifu, didn't seem to feel anything at all, looked at the palace and said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you're the newest rising peak powerhouse, won't you come out and suffer death?"

However, for some reason, as soon as she said the words 'Tang Zichen', she suddenly felt a pain inside, as if, as if, it was impossible to tell what that feeling was.

"Ahhhh!"Mu Qianji shrieked in pain, then the sword in her hand suddenly trembled, then even more hostility surged within her, and her entire body seemed even more irritated, wanting to kill everyone.

Mu Qianji's red eyes looked towards a group of people not far away.


A group of people not far away were Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, Yan Yu, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Long Tianqin, and others.

The sword in Mu Qianji's hand seemed to be eager to drink their blood, trembling like excitement, and seemed to be about to fly out to them.

However, there was a sudden pain in Mu Qianji's heart, as if he was controlling himself.

Of course Mu Qianji knew them, they were Tang Zichen's friends, must not be killed, it's not that she lost her memory, it's just that her heart is no longer under the control of her heart, and was occupied by a very terrible will, that terrible will is the will of the devil, always wanting to kill, murderous aura is intense.

I'm afraid that Mu Qianji's original mind only accounted for one percent of the entire will.

But at this moment, her one-hundredth of her original will was trying to control herself not to kill them.

"Quickly go."Mu Qianji hissed, fighting against herself, I'm afraid that she would be re-covered by the demonic will in minutes.

"Ahhhh!"Mu Qianji rushed into the sky, his hair furious and windless, and in a split second, the black demonic aura rolled out.

However, the group of Tang Zichen's friends didn't leave right away.

Long Tianqin was still in the pain of losing his brother and was holding him dazed, seemingly not caring at all that Mu Qianji was about to lose control.

Liu Yue, Wang Xing and the others, however, looked at Mu Qianji with resentment, as if resenting her, too not something, it was Tang Zichen who went to great lengths to help her obtain the Burial Moon Sword, but now he came back to kill Tang Zichen's friends. Remember the website

Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan Er, and Liu Xiangyun, seemed to be still hoping that they could persuade Mu Qian Jie to turn back.At this moment, when they heard Mu Qianji's painful cry of 'hurry up and go', they suddenly said: "Mu Qianji has not lost her will, she is calling for us to hurry up and go, can you hear her?."Li Xuan'er said, but her words, though well-intentioned, were very amateurish, and if it was so easy to turn back from being demonic, then with Mu Qianji's skills she would still be controlled by 'demonic thoughts'?

Only Yan Qiang, who seemed slightly more sensible, was busy saying, "Don't be long-winded, big brother Tianya is dead, it's pointless for us to be sad and regretful here, let's escape, although she told us to leave quickly, she's obviously going to be unable to control her actions."

"Mu Qianji is also our friend, she is possessed, she might have something to do with Tang Zichen, we can't just leave her like this, we should at least try to try to see if we can get her back."Yang Yijian said.

"Ahhhh!"Mu Qianji couldn't control herself anymore, and her eyes, which had suddenly turned black, were like two black hollows, chilling and frightening.

At this moment, many guards from inside and outside Wangjing City heard the noise and rushed over.

"What people!"The guards didn't understand the situation at all, and were still very arrogant towards any outsiders, relying on Tang Zichen's reputation of being the world's number one.

As soon as Mu Qianji turned back, the demonic thoughts within him seemed to have found an outlet for his anger.

"Kill!"Mu Qianji swung his sword, and in the blink of an eye, a dozen guards were dead.

"Ah!"Those hundreds of guards, only now did the gravity of the matter occur, dropped their weapons and fled in all directions.

However, where could they possibly escape from Mu Qianji's grasp.



bsp; "Ahhh!"

The screams rose and fell one after another.

Mu Qianji's demonic thoughts seemed to rebound as if they had just resisted with her original thoughts, so right now they rebounded instead, and the demonic thoughts became even more intense and murderous.

But within a dozen breaths, hundreds of guards, all turned into corpses scattered all over the ground, the scene was incomparably bloody and shocking.

The entire palace was filled with the sounds of panicked screams of panicked escape.

Mu Qianji after her devilish thoughts rebounded completely, her sword seemed to kill on sight, and her two black hole-like eyes were devoid of any emotion.

Her current strength, I'm afraid Tang Zichen was also an opponent, and her sword was almost unstoppable.

"Wow!Wow!Wow!"Many of the palace maids and maids who fled in panic died under the Buried Moon Sword one after another.

Every time the Burial Moon Sword drank blood, it emitted an 'excited' tremor.

Yan Qiang saw that Mu Qianji had completely lost control of himself and was incomparably anxious after killing people in the palace.

"Hurry up and go, do you really intend to die here!"Yan Qiang roared.

However, seeing Mu Qianji slaughtering innocent people like this, how could Xu Mei Qian and the others endure it.

"No, if we leave, then Mu Qianji will definitely slaughter the entire palace."

"What can we do if we don't leave!"

"Although Mu Qianji is possessed, I have a feeling that she should still have some self-awareness, otherwise she wouldn't have controlled herself to kill us just now, and wouldn't have shouted for us to leave quickly, which means that she still has some self-awareness.We have to stop her, at least we have a glimmer of hope of awakening her, if we just run away, then she won't even have the slightest chance of awakening, and the entire palace, or even the entire Wangjing City, will be slaughtered clean."

"Yes, I agree, for the sake of many, many innocent lives, we must try to stop her, besides, Wangjing City is Tang Zichen's as well as ours, the city is in, and the people are dead."

For a moment, the rest of them didn't know how to choose what to do.

At that moment, an angry curse came out, "Foolish, do you think, with you guys can awaken her?If being possessed is so easy to awaken, then you won't be possessed, while she is killing others, run away, escape from Wangjing City, this place is destined to become hell on earth."The one who spoke was Yan Long.

"Senior Yan Long, you are also a Unity Realm Great Perfection, you should go and stop her, even a little bit will give those innocent people a little more time to escape!"Liu Xiangyun pleaded.

Yan Long sneered, this is really the funniest joke in the world, indeed, he went out to obstruct the innocent people, it can give them a few more seconds to escape, but, this is a trade with his life, is he that great Yan Long?

Yan Long was outraged at Liu Xiangyun's words, and grunted, "I'm not that great, I've already advised you to be benevolent, are you returning yourselves."

Yan Longton flew away, not even caring about his son, Yan Ryu, at least arresting his son and taking him away with him, but he didn't, Yan Long was indeed not a great man, a great disaster, his own life was the most important thing.

"What should we do, Mu Qianji is wreaking havoc in Wangjing City and we, as the masters of this place, escaped, we clearly have some certainty of awakening her, but we didn't try, how can we bear it."


"Ah ah, no matter, great men, death is also death in its place, if we also run away like this, then what's the difference between us and Yan Long.Let's go, go and stop Mu Qianji, even if we have a ten thousand percent hope, we have to try, otherwise, the entire Wangjing City will surely bleed to death, even if we live, how can we have peace of mind."

In the end, this group of Tang Zichen's fellows really chose the most dangerous path.

To call them foolish, or to call them righteous?But they at least tried to do it for the sake of the lives of innocent people throughout Wangjing City, even if they sacrificed their own lives.

In just five or six minutes, the entire Wangjing City's palace had already become a human purgatory with bodies everywhere.

How many people inside and outside Wangjing City would have a chance to escape in just a few minutes from someone so powerful?Those palace maids and so on, their strength was almost negligible compared to Mu Qianji's.

Mu Qianji took one step and killed ten people, completely reduced to an abyssal demon.She was originally from the Devil Religion, and was originally a witch among the Jiang Hu people, perhaps it was already doomed for her to take the path she is on today.

Originally, her demonic thoughts hadn't killed anyone on sight, so strong, but, a few minutes ago, her original heart resisted the demonic thoughts, preventing her from killing Tang Zichen's friends, which caused, the demonic thoughts within her to instantly rebound, the terrifying nature of the demonic thoughts rebounding, no doubt about it.

So, at this time, if Tang Zichen's friends still came to her and attempted to awaken her, the final result would be that her natural mind would once again resist the demonic thoughts, and then the demonic thoughts would bounce back again, and the more her natural mind resisted, the worse the demonic thoughts would bounce back, the more she would completely lose herself, and the deeper she would become possessed.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's friends didn't know this, they also encountered the demon for the first time, inexperienced, thought they could still awaken, which eventually led to this tragedy, of course, they are just fighting for the innocent lives of Wangjing City, right or wrong, it is no longer clear.

At the moment, Tang Zichen, who was in a distant place, was unaware of the great event happening in the world.

This matter, big or small, was not known at all in some lower class civilians, and only in some high level martial arts circles were some people informed of it, but only some people, after all, the news hadn't spread that fast for everyone to know. One second to remember to read the book

So, it would take some time for Tang Zichen to find out about this, and besides, he was on his way to the Baiyue Mountain, which was a remote place.

Tang Zichen sat on the flying ship and didn't stop along the way, finally, he arrived at Mount Hyatt, but it was impossible to find the specific location, the area of Mount Hyatt.

It took several days of poking around to actually find out the exact location of Mount Hyatt.

"Hello, your Hundred Pleasures Mountain, who is the strongest person?"Tang Zichen asked an innate realm powerhouse.

Baiyue Mountain seemed to have very, very few martial arts practitioners, and it was hard to come across an innate one, so he immediately went up to ask.

"I'm just passing by, sorry."The other party saw that Tang Zichen was a strong man of the Unity Realm and didn't dare to slow down.

"You are also just passing by, dare I ask what you are doing here?"Tang Zichen asked, because Tang Zichen sensed a very strong, murderous, bloody smell from this Innate Realm person, in short, this person must have killed quite a few people.

However, having killed quite a few people didn't necessarily mean that he was a bad person, perhaps an enemy, Tang Zichen had also killed quite a few people, and had previously exterminated many strong members of the Huo family.


nbsp; "Asking for some information."

"Asking for what information?"Tang Zichen asked, "Could it be that this person, too, is here to find Wanfatian?

That innate realm one didn't dare to slack off and replied respectfully, "Truth be told, I'm here to search for Ten Thousand Fa Tian."

Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng both had their brows furrowed, it was hard for them to learn that Hundred Joy Mountain was the home of Wanfatian, how come they came here and ran into other people looking for him.

"How did you know that you came here to search for Wanfa Tian?Could it be that you also know that Wanfatian's hometown is here?"

"Back to senior, half a year ago, my master sent many people to spy on Wanfatian, and it was only after snooping that I learned that twenty years ago, someone saw Wanfatian around here, so I came here to try my luck, I didn't know about this being Wanfatian's hometown."

Xiao Meng asked, "Dare I ask who your master is?"

"Oh, my master, he's just a small person."That innate realm person said.

Tang Zichen didn't pursue the root of the matter, in this world, there were too many people who wanted to find Ten Thousand Fa Tian, and it was because everyone couldn't find him that Ten Thousand Fa Tian's whereabouts were a mystery.

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, let's find it together."

"I'm sorry, but senior prefers to do it my own way."The other party rejected Tang Zichen's request.

"Then it's up to you."

"Senior takes his leave."

The man left and said, "Brother Zichen, this man has a strong smell of blood, so I guess he hasn't killed many people."

"Well, but what can we do, do we take his life because of this?Besides, I've killed just as many people and have used such evil techniques as the God Sucking Great Law, I may not be any better than him."Tang Zichen said absent-mindedly.

"Brother Zichen, why are you so absent-minded?"Xiao Meng asked.

"I don't know why, I always feel like my heart is suddenly stuffy, like something bad is happening, is it the air here?There is indeed something about the air here that doesn't smell too pleasant."

"Brother Zichen, don't think too much, the purpose of our trip here is to look for Wanfatian, let's hurry up and think of a way to find out if Wanfatian is really here.We'll have to go home after finding it, it's been a month and ten days since we came out, it's a long way, and I'm afraid it'll be two months before we can go back.".

Tang Zichen nodded, although his heart was stuffy, he didn't think much about it, after all, he was already the strongest human in the world, it was impossible for anyone to still threaten him in this world.

"Anywhere, there are ground snakes, and this place must be no exception, let's ask around and see who the ground snake is in this place, or which is the strongest family, maybe we can find out if Wanfatian is here."


After some snooping, Tang Zichen finally knew that this Hundred Joy Mountain had the most powerful tribe called Mu Qiong, who was almost the earth emperor here.

Banyue Mountain didn't refer to a mountain, it was a place, thousands of kilometers of the mountain range belonged to Banyue Mountain, so it would be difficult to find out if Wanfatian was really here, or to find the tribe where Wanfatian was back then, because there were thousands of tribes here.


"Let's go, we're going to the Mujung tribe now!"

Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng, immediately went to the Mu Qiong tribe of Baiyue Mountain.

Mu Qiong tribe was indeed a very strong tribe, several valley ridges were filled with houses of this tribe, and the population was feared to be more than three hundred thousand.Of course, to become the strongest tribe was not based on the population, but on the strongest people.This Mu Qiong tribe, the strongest person was heard to exceed the Unity Realm.

Tang Zichen landed from the sky above the Mu Qiong tribe.

"Who is the visitor!"A weak man who didn't know the depth of the situation rushed up and asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Call your clan leader out."

At that moment, a strong man from the Unity Realm flew out.

"Senior Seeing Senior."

"You are the Mu Qiong Tribe's Clan Leader?"

"Yes, dare I ask what Senior wants from me?"The Mu Qiong tribal chief asked, but he seemed to have guessed it, after all, there were plenty of people looking for Wanfatian over the years.

"I'm asking you, does Senior Ten Thousand Fa Tian know?" First web site

"Uh, when I was younger I heard that he was the strongest man in the world."That Mu Qiong patriarch said.

"So, you don't know anything about the Ten Thousand Fates?"


"Haha, Chief Mu Qiong, I'm afraid you're not telling the truth!"

"Senior, junior doesn't understand what you mean."

"Don't conceal it, I already know that Wanfatian's hometown is in Mount Hundred Joy, he was born in one of the tribes of Mount Hundred Joy, you, as the head of the tribe of Mount Hundred Joy, it's impossible that you don't know about Wanfatian, so you're deceiving me."

"Senior, junior really doesn't know, besides, it was said that Wanfatian's hometown is here, this is simply a falsehood."

"Still arguing."Tang Zichen snorted, regarding Wanfatian's hometown being here, Tang Zichen was very sure that it wouldn't be false, as it was information obtained from the notes from a hundred years ago, when Wanfatian was still a teenager.

However, why would this tribal chief want to hide it?

The more you conceal and deceive, then the more it means that Tang Zichen's guess is right, Wanfatian is definitely here.

Tang Zichen said, "Patriarch Mu Qiong, Wanfatian is definitely here, and if I'm not wrong, it must be that Wanfatian doesn't want anyone to disturb him anymore."

Mu Qiong Clan Chief said, "If Senior knows, why bother to disturb."

"It really is here."Tang Zichen said.

"Senior is so certain that Wanfatian's hometown is here that I can no longer hide it.Indeed, Senior Wanfatian, indeed, is at Mount Hyatt, and there are only a few people who know about it.I'm not going to say where he is, so please return, senior."

"I have come specifically to visit him,,, since he is here, I will not leave just like that, I must meet him, truth be told, I am Tang Zichen who is regarded as the strongest person of the new generation in today's world, I only want to meet with Wanfatian."Tang Zichen said firmly.

"I live deep in Mount Hyatt and don't care about the outside world, I won't tell you where Wanfatian lives.Besides, over the years, there have been no less than ten people who have found their way here based on spider traces, and I've never said anything about it."The Mu Qiong Clan Chief was also firm.

Xiao Meng said, "The people who can find this place based on the spider tracks before, they are not sure that they must be here, but we, are sure that Wanfatian is here, all of them, can't we?"


p; "No!Senior Wanfatian has explained that he has already ignored the truth and only wants to live here in peace and retirement, besides, his expiration date is just a few years away, so why should he be involved in the world's affairs, please return, I implore you two seniors."

Xiao Meng helplessly looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Is it possible to be in the world but not want to care about the world, I have come all this way to find here, I only want to see him, I won't tell that he is hiding here, it won't disturb him in any way, I still hope to pass on the message."


Tang Zichen was a little impatient.

Tang Zichen himself didn't know why he was impatient, maybe it was because he kept feeling panicky in his heart, as if something had happened, so it affected his mood.

"If it doesn't pass, then don't blame me for being impatient, even if I'm forced, I'm going to force out the Ten Thousand Ways Heaven, I was able to find my way here, this is the will of God."

Just at this moment, an old voice suddenly came from Tang Zichen's ear, "This little brother, is it really worth it for you to be angry for the sake of my husband?"

Tang Zichen looked around and didn't see the figure of Wanfatian, he only heard his voice, and it seemed to be coming from all directions, not knowing exactly where it was coming from.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sure your Excellency is Senior Wanfatian, can you come out and meet him."

"Oh, I've long ignored the world for decades, this little brother, please go back."

Little Meng looked around, not knowing at all which place the voice came from, Little Meng was busy saying, "Brother Zichen, I can't hear where the voice came from."

Tang Zichen immediately closed his eyes and felt it carefully, although Wanfatian's skills were really high, Tang Zichen was not bad, Tang Zichen could definitely hear which location he was in.

"Senior Wanfatian, you are a long-famous figure in this world, and senior only wants to pay your respects."

"You've already paid your respects, there are talented people in the world, this world has been handed over to you young people, treat this world well and maintain the peace of this world, it all depends on you young people.Please return, little brother."Wanfatian's voice had been heard in all directions.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Wanfatian, are you afraid of fighting me and losing to me?Still afraid of something."

"Hahaha, little brother, what is there to be afraid of for someone whose big day will arrive soon, so what if I lose, so what if I win, so what if I lose."

"Fine, Senior Ten Thousand Fathom Heaven, I'll ask you one last time, are you really unwilling to come out and meet?"


Tang Zichen said, "Then, Senior, you shouldn't blame me for not giving you face, your voice transmitting power is nothing more than that, you are at the moment in this direction, under the big banyan tree on that mountain in the distance, can you right."Tang Zichen pointed his hand in a certain direction.

"Ah."In the distance, under that big banyan tree, a pale old man's face changed, and at the same time, did feel a bit embarrassed.A bit pretentious, but as a result, people already knew which corner you were in, no wonder Tang Zichen said, don't blame him for not giving face.Well, being found by Tang Zichen, it was indeed a bit disgraceful.

"Hahaha, hahaha!"Wanfatian laughed loudly and said, "This little brother, you can actually find out where I am, well, in this world, no one has ever been able to find me out by sound, I only admire you."

"I'm sorry, Senior, it's not that I'm not giving you face, it's you who didn't come out, in fact, I've already heard which direction you are in, it's only to give you face that I didn't say it directly."


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