Dish Best Served Cold 161-165


Chapter 161

Faced with her parents' drinking questions, Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes turned red, but still said that way, "Mom, I didn't lie to grandpa, Xu is really just returning a favor to Ye Fan."

  "What a bunch of nonsense!"

  "Qiu Mu Orange, back then I let you marry that wimp Ye Fan in order to punish you, to make you ponder over your mistakes, to make you reform."

  "But how could I have never thought that in these three years, not only have you not improved at all, but you have learned to lie and cheat with that wimp, becoming vain and shameless!"

  Master Qiu's words were too heavy, and Qiu Mu Orange was stunned then, her beautiful eyes red and full of incredulity as she looked at her grandfather.

  "Grandpa, why are you saying that to me?"

  "I don't know what I did wrong to make you describe me in terms so full of malice?"

  "You tell me, what have I done wrong?"

  Filled with puzzlement, Qiu Mu Orange lifted his gaze to the front and looked straight at Master Qiu.

  When Old Master Qiu saw this, he naturally became even angrier.

  "Qiu Mu-Orange, are you still not telling the truth by now?"

  "Do you really think I don't know if you don't tell me?"

  "I'm asking you, is it true that you let that wimp Ye Fan go and seduce General Xu, let Ye Fan go and be a cowboy for General Xu, and even go so far as to let Ye Fan sacrifice his lust and dignity to be a little white face for General Xu, so that in exchange for this, General Xu will be gracious to the two of you as husband and wife?"

  "That loan contract, and this cooperation between Red Flag Group and Qiushui Logistics, were obtained by you and your husband and wife with such dirty tricks, right?"

  "Qiu Mu Orange ah Qiu Mu Orange, how could grandpa have never thought that you, who was so innocent and kind back then, would apparently become such a face?"

  "Doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal, even sacrificing your own man."

  "You don't know shame, I Qiu Zhenglun, but my Qiu family still has face."

  "I, Qiu Zhenglun, have acted righteously all my life, and the first four of my five sons, Qiu Guangming and Qiu Lei, have been bright and upright together."

  "I don't want my Qiu family to be as prosperous as they are, but at least they are upright and open and honest."

  "But you, how dare you do something so degrading to my Qiu family, how do you want me to spare you?"

  The old man Qiu was obviously furious, and his sonorous and angry words, but they resounded like thunder in the entire hall.

  When it came to the end, Old Master Qiu was even more trembling, clapping the case, a pair of tiger eyes filled with anger staring straight at the front of Qiu Mu orange.

  Because of his anger, the old man's eyes were turning red.


  Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife were also shocked after hearing the old man's words, their eyebrows full of shock and enchantment.

  "Mu Orange, that was all true about your grandfather?"

  "Are you serious about letting that wimp Ye Fan sleep with another woman in order to work with the Red Flag Group?"

  "God, how could you do such a hurtful thing?"

  "Mu Orange, talk to me!"

  Han Li and her husband and wife were obviously also trembling with shock, and asked Qiu Mu Orange with indignation.

  Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop shaking her head, full of aggravation: "Mom, no, I didn't."

  "I didn't force Ye Fan to do anything."

  "I'm even less likely to do anything that has the same discipline as the Qiu family, mom, dad, grandpa, you have to believe me~"

  Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop explaining, and there were almost tears flowing in her reddened eyebrows.

  However, in the face of Qiu Mu Orange's explanation, Qiu Mu Ying was now sneering, directly walking out and questioning Qiu Mu Orange, "Third sister, you don't need to pretend to be pitiful here to gain sympathy."

  "Everyone here, in fact, everyone has a count in their heart.-"

  "I, however, saw with my own eyes that day in the Beauty Café that Ye Fan and Mr. Xu were acting intimate and ambiguous."

  "Of course, it's also possible that I'm overthinking it."

  "But then, it's fine if you give us a convincing reason."

  "If you didn't rely on that waste of a husband of yours to betray his lust and seduce General Manager Xu, what did you and your wife rely on to talk about the cooperation with the Red Flag Group?"

  "You tell me!"

  Qiu Mu Ying held her hands and looked like she was gloating, continuing to ask Qiu Mu Orange from the side.

  Hearing this, Qiu Mu-Orange finally understood.

  "It's you, Autumn Muying, it's you!"

  "You're the one who confused things in front of Grandpa, you're the one who talked nonsense in front of him, and you're the one who sowed discord between Grandpa and me."

  "How could you do that?"

  "How can you be so shameless?"

  "How could you do such a desperate thing!"

  Qiu Mu Orange finally understands now, after returning from this trip to Mount Tai, why grandpa's attitude towards her has changed 180 degrees, and why everyone looks at her like she's looking at a joke.

  It turned out that it was all because of Autumn Mu Ying, who had stirred up trouble and said in front of grandpa that she had asked Ye Fan to seduce Xu Lei in exchange for cooperation.

  But Qiu Mu Orange had never thought that this Qiu Mu Ying, a blood relative of the same origin, would lay such a cruel hand on her.

  In anger, Qiu Mu Orange questioned Qiu Mu Ying repeatedly.

  "Grandpa, look at third sister, she did something wrong on her own and doesn't know how to repent, but she blames me instead?"Qiu Mu Ying continued to incite the flames.

  Master Qiu slapped the table in anger and scolded Qiu Mu Orange, "Have you made enough noise?"

  "Get on your knees yet!"

  "You still don't know how to repent by now, are you seriously going to force me to kick you out of the Qiu family?"


  At this time, Han Li came over and incited a slap on Qiu Mu Orange's face.

  "You bastard daughter, how dare you do such a thing without telling us?"

  "Get on your knees and apologize to your grandfather!"

  "Do you really want to be kicked out of the Autumn Family?"

  Han Li's words trembled and she also cursed angrily.

  What she was most worried about now was that Qiu Mu Orange would be expelled from the Qiu family.Then after that, their family would really be unable to live.

  "Dad, Mu Orange is young and inconsiderate, besides, she's not acting like this all for herself, it's more for the sake of the company, for the sake of the Qiu family ah."

  "The merits outweigh the demerits, Dad, why don't you bypass Mu Orange just this once more?"

  Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple also couldn't stop begging.

  "Grandpa, you can't spare~"

  "Third sister's behavior is simply hurtful to the public, if we still keep her in the Qiu family, how will our Qiu family still be able to establish itself in Yunzhou if the matter is revealed in the future?"

  "Yeah, Dad.This Qiu Mu Orange keeps getting into trouble again and again, what's the point of keeping such a jinx?"

  "Get rid of the Autumn House!"


  "Get her out of here!"

  In a split second, in the hall, a group of relatives condemned him by word of mouth, and in a split second, Qiu Mu- orange was accused by a thousand men, just like an abandoned son in the world.

  After being silent for a long time, Master Qiu finally sighed and waved his hand to shut up, while he was looking at Qiu Mu- orange: "Mu- orange, even if you make a big trouble, you're still my granddaughter after all."

  "I'll give you one more chance, you divorce that hick and completely leave your relationship with him."

  "That way, even if the matter is revealed, it has nothing to do with my Autumn family."

  "As for the Red Flag Group, the contracts have all been signed.Even if Ye Fan wants to make a mess out of it, it's already too late."

  "What's more, Manager Liu Bin Liu of Red Flag Group is a friend of Wen Fei's father, with this connection, Ye Fan is no longer useful to our Qiu Family, instead he's a burden, so divorce him before it's too late."


"Also, that Manager Liu Bin is not bad, he just happened to be recently divorced.Previously your sister Mu Ying said that he was also interested in you after seeing your picture and didn't care about your past."

  "After you divorced Ye Fan, I made the decision to marry Manager Liu Bin Liu."

  "Manager Liu Bin holds a high position in the Red Flag Group, marrying her will not be a loss to you."

  Master Qiu had already thought about it all before.

  Although Qiu Mu Orange and his wife had done such a disgraceful thing, as long as the pot was pinned entirely on Ye Fan, and then their Qiu family would then clear their relationship with Ye Fan, then even if this matter was exposed, the impact on their Qiu family would undoubtedly be minimized.

  Anyway, the contract with Red Flag Group has been signed and the money is already in place, Ye Fan is no longer useful to their Qiu family.

  Moreover, after the divorce and then let Qiu Mu Orange marry that Manager Liu Bin, Red Flag Group's project manager became their son-in-law of Qiushui Logistics, then they would not be afraid of Red Flag Group's divestment in the future.

  It must be said that Master Qiu is really sophisticated and calculating.

  This consideration was almost watertight.

  Not only did it allow them, Qiushui Logistics, to embrace the Red Flag Group as a thigh, but it also left Ye Fan's matter with their Qiu family cleanly.

  Even Qiu Mu Ying, in her heart, secretly felt admiration for her grandfather, as expected, ginger is still old and spicy ah.

  But that Liu Bin was an old man in his forties or fifties, and Qiu Mu Orange was afraid that if she married a man like this in the future, she would never be able to hold her head up.

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Ying's heart soothed a little more.

  "Third sister, look how good grandpa has been to you."

  "Not only did he not pursue you for your misdeeds, he also found you a new home."

  "Manager Liu can be powerful, Red Flag Group's project manager, not very old, only fifty years old, with you is more than enough, you can pick up a big bargain.Don't thank grandpa for his wise decision yet."

  Qiu Mu Ying smiled in a yin-yang manner, but even a fool could tell that Qiu Mu Ying was completely humiliating the Qiu Mu Orange family.

  After all, Qiu Lei wasn't even fifty years old yet, this Liu Bin was older than Qiu Mu Orange's father, and even if she married, the Qiu Mu Orange family wouldn't look much better than they did now when they walked outside.

  However, they had no choice.

  Perhaps, this was their daughter's fate.

  Han Li and Qiu Lei both sighed, clearly having admitted it.

  Master Qiu had absolute authority in the Qiu family, and no one could disobey.The two of them, Qiu Lei and his wife, were already in a humble position in the Qiu family, so naturally they dared not to even more.

  At this time, Master Qiu threw an agreement to Qiu Mu Orange.

  "This is the divorce agreement between you and Ye Fan, sign it, right?"

  "On Ye Fan's side, I'll have someone go talk to him."

  "After today, you two won't see each other anymore."

  "Also, Mu Ying, you should call Manager Liu later and tell him that Mu Orange is back and wants to have dinner with him."

  "If it's okay with him, this marriage will be settled as soon as possible."Master Qiu said in a deep voice, that dignified tone, but there was no room for negotiation, let alone asking a question about whether or not Qiu Mu Orange was willing.

  It was as if, as far as Old Master Qiu was concerned, deciding her life for Qiu Mu Orange was the logical thing to do.

  However, at this time, Autumn Mu Orange was suddenly laughing, and that laugh was full of self-deprecation.


  "What are you laughing at?"Old Master Qiu frowned, full of displeasure.

  But Qiu Mu Orange returned, "Grandpa, don't you think, you've gone too far?"

  "Not only to me, but also to Ye Fan."

  "The cooperation with the Red Flag Group was facilitated by Ye Fan, he didn't take credit for it, nor did he show off to anyone, he just kept quietly, behind the scenes, paying for me, for the Qiu Family."

  "But you, however, have crossed the river, after discussing the cooperation, you thought of drawing a clear line with Ye Fan, and only enjoyed the benefits Ye Fan brought to our Qiu Family without thinking of return and gratitude in the slightest."

  "Grandpa, is this what you call being open and honest?Is that what you call a hall of fame?"

  "Mu Orange, are you crazy?Don't shut up yet!"Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange actually contradicted the old man for Ye Fan, the two Han Li couples were terrified and quickly advised.

  However, Old Master Qiu waved his hand, "Don't interrupt, let her speak, I'd like to see how many words she still has hidden in her heart, Qiu Mu Orange?"

  Master Qiu's appearance had completely sunk, but everyone in the Qiu family knew that the old man was now on the verge of anger.

  But Qiu Mu Orange still spoke, her pretty face with tears, her beautiful eyes reddening.

  She wouldn't shut up, she was going to say, she was going to say all the grievances and sorrows she had suffered for so many years.

  "Grandpa, I'm also your granddaughter, no matter how bad Ye Fan is, he's still a granddaughter-in-law.We don't ask you to be biased, we only ask you to give us justice."

  "Grandpa, I just want to ask you, what do you believe in what Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife say?But why, after all I've said, you won't believe a word of it?Believing only their side of the story?"

  "I swear, I haven't forced Evan to do anything, and Evan himself would never do anything unfaithful to me, I trust him."

  "And I'm not going to divorce Ye Fan."

  "Even if I did want a divorce, you shouldn't be the one to make the decision for me."

  "And even if I get a divorce, I won't marry a fifty year old man."

  "I, Qiu Mu Orange, am not that bad!

  "I'm grown up and I have the right to decide my own life."

  "No one, no one has the right to interfere, including you, Grandpa!"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were full of determination, and every word, thrown with a voice, echoed unceasingly within the entire hall!

  Master Qiu was undoubtedly going mad when he heard Qiu Mu Orange's words.

  "Good you Qiu Mu Orange, I'll ask you one last time, are you divorcing Ye Fan or not, are you going to sign this divorce agreement or not?!"

  Master Qiu's words of exuberant anger shook the four directions.

  "Sign, sign, dad, don't be angry, I'll let Mu Orange sign it."Han Li said evenly, and then she urged Qiu Mu Orange to sign, and finally directly picked up the pen and signed it for Qiu Mu Orange.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange just smiled tearfully, she never spoke.In the end, she picked up the agreement and tore it to shreds right in front of everyone.

  In the most direct way, Qiu Mu Orange made the strongest response to Master Qiu, as well as the Qiu family!


  "Very well."

  "Good you Qiu Mu Orange, get out of the Qiu family!"

  "After today, you, Qiu Mu Orange, will no longer be a member of my Qiu family."

  "I, Qiu Zhenglun, no longer have a granddaughter like you~"

  Master Qiu was completely furious, his speech was trembling and he stood up and cursed angrily at Qiu Mu Orange.

  "What an ungrateful thing."

  "This kind of person should have gotten out long ago!"


  "What a self-indulgent, hopeless case!"

  "Get out of the Autumn House!"


  "Don't ever come back~"

  After Master Qiu spoke, Wang Qiaoyu Jiang Hong and the others undoubtedly echoed from the side, scolding viciously.

  Everyone was scolding her, everyone was insulting her, and the entire Qiu family was telling her to get lost.

  Even her own parents were scolding Qiu Mu Orange for being hopeless and doing such a stupid thing for a wimp!

  Facing a thousand men, at that moment, Qiu Mu Orange only felt abandoned by the world.

  There were so many people in the room, but she consciously felt that she was the only one left in the world.

  Just like a cat in an old alley, curled up in a corner, lonely and desolate.


  However, at this time, the closed door of the Qiu family's old mansion was suddenly pushed open.

  The cold, gloomy wind from outside blew in, sweeping the entire hall.

  At that moment, as if Qiu Mu Orange felt something, her teary eyes then looked over.

  In front of the door, the moonlight was like water, sprinkling a patchwork of colors.Under the bright moonlight, a thin and upright figure, just like that, walked in with firm steps.

  At that moment, Autumn Mu Orange was suddenly stunned.

  It was as if a light, tearing through the canopy, shone in and banished all darkness!

  It's as if she saw again, that night on top of Mount Tai, the one who saved the world in despair, and won the worship of thousands of people, Mr. Chu?


While Qiu Mu Orange was lost in thought, that figure, however, had already walked into the Qiu family hall and arrived in front of Qiu Mu Orange.

  He didn't care about the gazes of the crowd, nor did he care about the angry yells of Old Master Qiu and the others, as he stretched out his hand towards Qiu Mu Orange in full view of the crowd.

  "Ye...Ye Fan?"

  At that moment, when Qiu Mu Orange was held in Ye Fan's hands, it just felt like it was holding the entire world.

  Suddenly, all the previous panic and loneliness were gone.

  It was as if a cruise ship had stopped at a harbor, or as if the duckweed had found sustenance.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why, but when Ye Fan appeared, her heart felt extraordinarily stable, as if she had found a harbor to lean on.

  "Mu Orange, I'm sorry that I'm late."

  The faint voice, however, was filled with guilt and self-recrimination.

  At this time, it was Ye Fan who pulled Qiu Mu Orange to his side, looking at Qiu Mu Orange's miserable, tearful pretty face, Ye Fan's eyes were full of pity, at that moment, Ye Fan only felt his heart was going to break.

  He had never expected that the original act of kindness would end up causing so much trouble and humiliation to Autumn Mu Orange.

  Perhaps, he was originally wrong in advising Mu Orange to stay in this pedantic Qiu family.


  "Let go of my daughter, you wimp!"

  "Who gave you the courage to hold my daughter's hand?"Han Li was furious when she saw this scene.

  It only felt as if her daughter had been defiled by a yokel like Ye Fan.

  When the Qiu family saw Ye Fan arrive, they were also all furious.

  "Ye Fan, you're a wimp, you still have the face to come out?"

  "You two couples are really thick-skinned!"

  "There's simply no shame."

  "Doing something as shameless as that, and you have no shame at all?"Qiu Mu Ying, however, held her hands and laughed coldly from the side, full of ridicule and disdain.

  "Qiu Mu Orange ah Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan is a wimp, he's just shameless."

  "But I didn't think that you, a woman, Third Sister, would be so shameless!"

  "Doing such nasty things, not knowing how to repent, but just now even contradicting grandpa, and now even showing love to this wimp in front of the Autumn family?"

  "So shameless, my Qiu family's face has been disgraced by you!"


  Qiu Mu Ying's words had just fallen, but who would have thought that Ye Fan, who was comforting Qiu Mu Orange just now, had somehow arrived in front of Qiu Mu Ying and directly fanned out with a slap towards her.


  The entire Qiu family was confused at the sight of this, but they were all confused.

  Who would have thought that the wimp who had been so obedient and humiliated before would now hit someone?

  Is he crazy?

  Does he really want to quit the Chow family?

  The crowd of the Qiu family was trembling.

  As for Qiu Mu Ying herself, but she covered her face and stared at Ye Fan in front of her with dead eyes, incredulous, and in the end, Qiu Mu Ying was even more like a mad woman, cursing at Ye Fan, "You country bumpkin, how dare you hit me?"

  "I declare, you're finished."

  "It's not just you hick, it's also that bitch Autumn Mu Orange, I declare that both of you husband and wife are finished~"


  Qiu Muying was still screaming, but Ye Fan smacked her again and slapped her, inciting Qiu Muying directly to the ground with a crack.At the same time, Ye Fan's energetic voice resounded throughout the entire Qiu family hall.

  "Insulting me is fine, insulting my wife, no!"


  "Now, apologize to Mu Orange."


  Ye Fan's words were eerily cold, as if they were devouring wolves, but they caused the crowd present to shiver unconsciously.


  "You're such a big dog, you redneck, how dare you beat my wife?"

  "And apologize. Apologize for your palsy!"

  "What right do you shameless sons of bitches have to make my wife apologize?!"

  When Chu Wenfei saw his wife being beaten up, his entire body apparently exploded and rushed up to beat up Ye Fan.


  Another slap smacked over.

  Chu Wenfei didn't even react, he was directly slapped on the ground by Ye Fan, and blood flowed out.

  "Insulting Mu Orange, you apologize too!"



  Ye Fan's words were icy cold, and his sentences were like knives.


  "How dare you hit Ben?"

  "You're screwed~"


  Another slap.

  "Apologize!"Ye Fan coldly said.

  "Son of a bitch, my father wouldn't even dare to beat me like that!"

  "You're dead, not just you, but that bitch too~"



  Ye Fan's face was expressionless and he incited another slap.


  "How dare you?"



  "Son of a bitch, don't you dare~"




  Faced with the threats of Chu Wenfei and his wife, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear, his face expressionless, slapping and slapping without stopping, and in the end, Chu Wenfei and his wife were almost crying, a pair of faces swollen like pig's feet, all deformed.Tears couldn't control the flow of tears.

  At first, the others in the hall would rebuke Ye Fan, and even Master Qiu angrily scolded Ye Fan for being an animal and told him to stop.

  But Ye Fan didn't care at all, a series of slaps fell unceasingly, the crisp cracking sound, just like a rapid drum beat, echoed unceasingly in the entire hall.

  Ye Fan's fierceness completely shook everyone.

  Everyone had been confused!

  Is this still Ye Fan?

  Is this still the same wimp?

  Is this still the same retrograde son-in-law at the door?

  Where on earth did he get the courage to dare to do it in front of everyone in front of Qiu Mu Ying and her husband?

  In the end, the room full of people with old pale faces looked at this scene with fear, so many people were present, but not a single person dared to say a word again, let alone go forward to stop Ye Fan.

  After all, Ye Fan's momentum was too strong, and his monstrous might was only as strong as the Profound Sea.The ruthless tactics scared everyone.

  In the end, Qiu Muying and her husband and wife were afraid after all and wimped out, shedding tears, swelling their faces and apologizing to Qiu Muying Orange.

  Only then did Ye Fan stop and let them go.

  "Mu-Orange, let's go."

  At this time, the Qiu family hall was silent, and it was obvious that the crowd hadn't recovered from the shock they had just experienced.

  Ye Fan, however, took Qiu Mu Orange's hand and prepared to take her away.

  "Mm."Qiu Mu-Orange nodded, not resisting.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, have you thought about it, you really want to go with this country bumpkin?"

  "This son is treacherous and disrespectful, if you don't divorce him today, don't blame me for driving you out of the Qiu family.From now on, you are no longer a son or daughter of my Qiu family, let alone get a dime from the Qiu family!"Master Qiu's gloomy and angry voice resounded once again.

  However, in the face of Old Master Qiu's threat, Qiu Mu Orange only laughed at herself as if laughing.She did not turn around, but turned her back to Master Qiu and smiled coldly, "In the past, I treated you as my grandfather, I treated the Qiu Family as my spiritual home, and I treated everyone here as my family, so I worked hard, tried to make a difference, tried to get your recognition, and tried to stay in the Qiu Family."

  "But what about the results?"

  "Qiu Mu Ying has insulted me in a thousand ways and framed me in a hundred ways.And all the uncles and aunts here, have you ever said a word for me?"

  "All of you would rather listen to one side of Autumn Muyoung's story than to a single explanation from me.Give me verbal abuse and speak ill of me."

  "I'm tired, I'm not going to play with you guys anymore."

  "I've figured it out, don't even want such relatives."

  "Such a relative, don't even stay!"

  Qiu Mu Orange's words, hurled with a voice that was like a golden stone landing on the ground, echoed throughout the Qiu family hall, and everyone, all of them, changed color.

  "Ye Fan, take me away.Even if I have to grovel the fields with you, I don't want to be here anymore."Qiu Mu Orange raised her tearful pretty face, but she gave herself, completely, to the man in front of her.

  At this moment, Qiu Mu Orange was truly fortunate.Celebrating that in the grayest moment of her life, there was still one person to rely on, and one person, to sustenance.

  Looking at the stunningly beautiful woman in front of him, Ye Fan smiled gently and casually wiped away the tears in front of Qiu Mu Orange's eyes for a long time, and only said a good word.

  Soon, the two of them headed out the door.

  "Good good good~"

  "Great!"Master Qiu raged all over.

  "Pass on my orders, from today onwards, remove all of Autumn Mu Orange's positions in the company and get rid of her completely."

  "Whether it's the Qiu family, or Qiushui Logistics, there will be no more of this person!"

  "Also, suspend all her pay, all her salary!"

  "Anyone from the Autumn Family who privately offers help to this rebellious girl will all be removed from the company and get out of the Autumn Family."

  "Isn't she going to follow that yokel, so go ahead and go back to farming in the countryside?"

  "Without Qiushui Logistics, without the Qiu Family, I'll see if you're still a thing, Qiu Mu Orange?"

  "Cloud State is so big, I'm afraid it doesn't even have a place to stay!"

  The old man Qiu was undoubtedly mad, and his eloquent words, but they echoed all around.

  However, no one knew that the number of luxury cars on the street outside the Qiu family's old mansion was about to come galloping towards here.

  The first one, a million dollar Porsche Panamera, is the Audi A6L.

  All of them were new cars that had just been picked up, and their plates were still up!

  "Everyone be more energetic later, Mufan Real Estate has just been established, and it's our first time to meet Mr. Qiu, our temperament must be put in place, we must leave a good impression on Mr. Qiu!"Inside the car, a man in a suit said in a deep voice.


"Mu Orange, are you crazy?"

  "You're even going with this wimp?"

  "What are you going to eat with when you leave the Autumn House?"

  "And what do you feed us with?"

  "Are you going to ask all of us old people to go drinking with you?"

  "Holy shit, you're crazy!"

  In the hall of the Qiu family, when they saw that Qiu Mu Orange wanted to go with Ye Fan, not only was Master Qiu furious, but Han Li and her husband also cursed at Qiu Mu Orange as if they were crazy.

  It was obvious that the old couple had never expected that Qiu Mu Orange would rather be expelled from the Qiu family and be willing to be removed from all her positions in the company than divorce Ye Fan.

  What Han Li and her husband and wife didn't expect was that Qiu Mu Orange was even willing to follow Ye Fan, and even said the jerkish words that she would rather go to the countryside with Ye Fan to plant land than stay in the Qiu family.

  "You want to go to the countryside to farm, but we don't?"

  "We can't stand this crime!"

  "You can't bear to put us through this with you?"

  "You're a great disgrace!"

  "I forbid you to go with this wimp, so come back here!"

  Han Li and her husband and wife were speaking angrily at Autumn Mu Orange.

  At this time, the crowd that filled the hall was watching the jokes of Autumn Mu Orange's family.

  "This Qiu Mu-Orange is really hopeless."

  "For this wimp, he's even willing to go to the countryside to farm?"

  "And yes, without the Autumn family's protection for her, what else would this family do if they didn't go to the countryside to farm?"

  "I guess I'll be able to go begging on the road."

  Wang Qiaoyu gloated, sitting on the sidelines watching the drama with a pleasant heart.

  The last time their family feasted and invited everyone to the Cloud View Hotel to eat a big scandal, but Wang Qiaoyu still remembered how Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife mocked them at the time.

  Now, it was really the wheel of fortune.

  After today, I'm afraid that this family, Qiu Mu Orange, will completely become the laughing stock of the Qiu family.

  No, after today, they wouldn't be the Autumn Family anymore.

  "This Qiu Mu Orange doesn't know how to behave and is asking for trouble, so there's no one else to blame."

  "This is the first time I've seen this idiot, disobeying the old man in public for a yokel?"

  "And saying idiotic things about preferring to go farming rather than stay in the Qiu family."

  "The old man has the most respect for his face, it's a wonder he's not angry!"

  Although Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei's couple's old faces were swollen, their hearts were also extraordinarily relieved.

  The big trouble that had been in their hearts for so many years was finally eradicated today.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, ah Qiu Mu Orange, this is what happens when you fight with me."

  "After you leave, I, Qiu Mu Ying, will be the general manager of this Qiushui Logistics, with great power and wealth, and I will even pocket the entire Qiushui Logistics in the future, making the company my and my husband's private property."

  "And you, I'm afraid that in the future, you will become a humble and despicable country woman, with your face to the ground and your back to the sky, and you will only be able to look up to me for the rest of your life, without even having the qualification to become my rival."

  Not only Qiu Mu Ying's family, at this time, Jiang Hong, Qiu Guang and everyone else present were all filled with sneers and disdain looking at the humiliating family in front of them.

  Obviously, in everyone's opinion, after Qiu Muyoung was expelled from the Qiu family, this family would be as poor as a lost dog, and would definitely end up extremely miserable.

  "It's also deserved!"

  "How dare you disobey even the words of the old man?"

  "This Qiu Mu Orange, her wings are also really hard."

  "This kind of treacherous person should really be driven out of the Autumn Family as well."

  "Whether it's life or death, it no longer has anything to do with the Autumn Family."

  Qiu Guang was expressionless and hummed in a deep voice.

  Qiu Mu Orange's second aunt, Jiang Hong, was even more full of wanton sneers.

  "This family is not very capable, but they are dragging a lot in normal days."

  "This time, without the Qiu family's protection, I'll see how the family can still live their lives."

  "Let's just hope that when they beg along the street, they don't say their surname is good for Autumn, so as to save us from being embarrassed along with them."

  The people in the room full of people all looked on with cold eyes and sneered.

  Especially when they saw the two of them, Han Li and her husband, who were crying and shouting at Qiu Mu Orange for being an idiot and being stupid, they felt an inexplicable pleasure in their hearts.

  Their favorite scene to watch was nothing more than this.

  It was like viewing a joke.

  After all, Lao San's family was the most deplorable in ordinary days, and almost no one in the entire Qiu family looked up to them.

  Qiu laosan was mediocre and incompetent, and the family's only daughter was married to a wimp.

  Who would care about such a family?

  And this Autumn Mu Orange's family ended up in such a miserable state, naturally no one helped to speak up, all of them looked on coldly, and some of them were even still full of gloom.

  "Dad, you can't be so cruel~"

  "Mu Orange is your own granddaughter, you can't drive her away ah?"

  "Do you really want to starve us to death, Dad, when we won't even have a source of income from now on?"Qiu Lei was now on his knees begging to his old father.

  Master Qiu kicked Qiu Lei aside, "Do I care if you live or die?"

  "This is a good girl you raised, and today's ending was her choice."

  "I gave her a chance, but what about her?"

  "Not only did she backstab me, she backstabbed the entire Qiu family."

  "Doesn't she have the backbone, doesn't she have the stamina, doesn't she say she doesn't want to be in the Qiu family anymore, so just get out?"

  "I'd like to see what kind of a mix she can get away from the Autumn family!"

  Master Qiu was so furious that he was trembling with anger.

  Clearly, Qiu Mu Orange's earlier words had undoubtedly thoroughly angered Old Master Qiu.

  "My Qiu family has fed you, clothed you, and raised your family of trash for decades."

  "As a result, you're eating milk and cursing your mother!"

  "I never thought that my Qiu family would end up raising a family of white-eyed wolves like yours!"

  Master Qiu cursed angrily, his deep voice only resounding like muffled thunder.

  Yet Master Qiu was the one who only spoke of the Qiu Family's dedication to Qiu Mu Orange, but he didn't mention anything about Qiu Mu Orange's dedication to the Qiu Family at all.

  Yes, it was true that all these years Qiu Mu Orange's salary was taken from the Qiu family, but that was all the reward she earned from her hard work, never taking a single penny for free in the Qiu family.

  Moreover, without Qiu Mu Orange, how could they have gotten their previous licenses so quickly?If there was no Qiu Mu Orange, where would they be today's cooperation with the Red Flag Group, they couldn't even get a loan, right?

  However, these words Qiu Mu Orange didn't say, nor did she want to say them again.

  What's the point, anyway, they've already decided not to stay in the Qiu family, so let them slander her.

  Whether they call her a white-eyed wolf or call her brazen, she can't care about others, the only thing she can do is to have a clear conscience!

  Before leaving, Qiu Mu-Orange turned her head, her reddened eyes looking forward to Master Qiu, and even more so to the entire Qiu family, the choked voice with determination, suddenly echoing throughout the Qiu family hall.

  "Grandfather, and uncles and aunts, no matter how you look at me, Qiu Mu- orange."

  "But, I, Qiu Mu Orange, have no heart and no shame towards the Qiu Family!"

  "I don't owe the Autumn Family, let alone any of you~"

  The words burned and had the effect of reverberating in everyone's ears like a golden stone falling to the ground.

  Qiu Mu Orange immediately turned around and went with Ye Fan.

  Behind him, only a chorus of curses from the Qiu family's crowd remained.

  "Good you have a clear conscience, good you don't owe anyone~"

  "In that case, get the hell out of here!"

  "Don't ever come back~"

  "Even if your family starves to death on the streets, my Qiu family will never give you a bite to eat!"

  "Fuck off~"

  In the hall, the angry and piercing curses of the crowd echoed endlessly.

  However, at this moment, the door of the old mansion was pushed open.


  In a split second, countless luxury cars came to a roaring halt.

  Immediately afterwards, a business elite dressed in formal attire and ties all walked in.

  As if a black torrent, rolling in, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, they directly walked forward.


With their solemn dress and powerful aura, everyone exuded a majestic and majestic aura.

  Whether it was the dressing or the temperament, it all highlighted the not bad status of these people.

  Therefore, from the moment these people had just appeared, that torrential aura had already shaken the Qiu family crowd, and the entire Qiu family hall then quieted down.

  "You...You are?"

  It was still Autumn Light who was the first to come back to his senses, stepping forward and asking a puzzled question to these men in front of him who were dressed in suits of unusual temperament.

  "I don't know if this is the place, but the Autumn Family?"The one who spoke at this time was a middle-aged man with flowers in his hand.

  "Yes, this is the Qiu Family."Qiu Guang replied, but still full of bar confusion, wondering why exactly these people had suddenly come to their Qiu family.

  "Then I don't know which one is it, Miss Chief Autumn?"The middle-aged man continued to ask.

  "Mr. Autumn?Miss Autumn?"Qiu Guang was stunned.

  Chief Qiu this courtyard but there were many, many people in the company called him Chief Qiu in normal days.

  But then after hearing that Miss Qiu, Qiu Guang knew that these people should be looking for Qiu Muying.

  "Ying Ying, hurry over here, looking for you."Qiuguang shouted.

  "Eh?Looking for me?"Autumn Muyoung's face was still a little swollen, when she was shocked after hearing this from Qiu Guang.

  She didn't remember who she had an appointment with tonight.

  However, Qiu Mu Ying eventually went up.

  "You guys are?"

  Looking at these people in front of her, Qiu Mu Ying was confused.

  "Haha, are you Mr. Qiu?"

  "I had heard earlier that our Qiu is more delicate than a flower, with the posture of a sunken fish and a closed moon shy of a flower, and when I look at her today, it's true..."

  Before seeing anyone clearly, this middle-aged man started to exchange pleasantries.

  However, when approached and saw Qiu Muying's swollen appearance like a dead pig's face, those last few words were hard to be held back by this middle-aged man, who finally just smiled awkwardly and whispered to himself, "As expected, the difference is a bit big ah~."

  However, the middle-aged man was still smiling, full of respect and courtesy, and offered flowers to Qiu Mu Ying: "General Manager Qiu, first meeting, please take care of me in the future."

  "My name is Zhang Xiaosong, I previously served in the Yun Hai Group, after today, I will be a subordinate of General Manager Qiu."

  "In the future, I, Zhang Xiaosong, will certainly bow to the utmost, assist General Manager Qiu, and lead our company to an even better tomorrow!"

  Zhang Xiaosong was full of smiles, and his words of respect rang out under the night.

  At the same time, Zhang Xiaosong even extended his hand to Qiu Mu Ying and shook it in respect.

  "You...What did you just say?"

  "You.... you're Zhang Xiaosong?"

  "The CEO of Cloudsea Group?"

  "That famous manager?"

  "One of last year's Top 10 Cloud State Economists of the Year?"

  However, after Zhang Xiaosong gave his name, Autumn Light, Autumn Fall, and Autumn Muyoung were all shocked.

  "What Zhang Xiaosong, is it powerful?"Wang Qiaoyu, however, was confused and asked Qiu Guang who was on the side.

  "Nonsense, this man is a legendary figure in the Yunzhou business world."

  "In the past, Yun Hai Group was just a state-owned enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy that was under the Yunzhou City Government."

  "But then, Yunzhou City hired a professional manager, Zhang Xiaosong, as the CEO of the Yun Hai Group on the verge of bankruptcy.At that time, Yun Hai Group was heavily in debt and in internal and external distress, and it was said that the city treasury only gave Zhang Xiaosong 100,000 yuan at that time!"

  "No one was optimistic about this company that was on the verge of bankruptcy, even the city government gave up and was ready to break the bank, or else they wouldn't have only given Zhang Xiaosong 100,000 yuan of start-up capital."

  "However, it was such a crumbling group that relied on that 100,000 hard to revive a year after it was handed over to Zhang Xiaosong."

  "In just two years, it turned a profit, and paid off all its debts in three years."

  "And now it has even become a major pillar of Yunzhou City's finances."

  "That year, Zhang Xiaosong became completely famous to the Yunzhou business community."

  "He was named the top ten economic figures of the year, Yunzhou City's business leader, Yunzhou City's famous entrepreneur, and Jiangdong's top ten famous professional managers~"

  Qiu Guang kept telling the story, his old face red with excitement.

  Zhang Xiaosong, this person might not be famous in the world of ordinary people, but in the business circles of Yunzhou, this person's name was too loud.

  Even a CEO of a small and micro-enterprise like Qiuguang had a thunderous reputation for him, and would even read his interviews and the books Zhang Xiaosong published every day to learn about his business management experience.

  But Qiuguang had never expected that such an awesome professional manager would now come under their Qiushui Logistics and be willing to work for them.


  "Mu Ying is awesome!"

  "You can actually recruit such talent for my Autumn Family?"

  "It seems that our decision to give you the power of the company instead of giving it to that rebellious daughter, Qiu Mu Orange, was the right one."

  "Master, in the future, when my Qiu family has such talent, you'll be waiting at home to count your money, right?"


  The entire Qiu family was undoubtedly excited at the moment.

  The anger that Master Qiu had just been feeling because of Qiu Mu Orange and her husband and wife was now dissipating as well, and his old face was smiling with joy.

  "Good, still Mu Ying is promising."

  "The peach and the plum is not to speak, it is because of Mu Ying's young and promising talent that the party has attracted talents like Zhang Xiaosong to come and join the auxiliary.

  "Mu Ying, with you in the Qiu family, the Zhongxing is expected to prosper!"

  "The company has you for the future!"

  "Grandpa is proud of you."

  Master Qiu couldn't stop praising.

  The rest of the Qiu family, too, echoed the praise.

  "Right, Mu Ying, uncle is also proud of you~"

  "And Great-Aunt!"

  "In the future, if the company flourishes and grows, you'll be the biggest contributor to our Autumn Family~"

  The entire Qiu family was overjoyed, after hearing about Zhang Xiaosong's feat, it seemed that they had all seen the future scenario of wealth rolling in.

  Wang Qiaoyu was even happier, she did not expect that her daughter would be so awesome.

  Beefy enough to make Zhang Xiaosong, the Yunzhou City's economic figure of the year, come to serve.

  Qiu Mu Ying was also filled with trepidation.

  Don't say others, did she herself not expect to be so bullish already?Attracting so many talented people to come work for her.

  "Ying Ying, what are you waiting for?Mr. Zhang is offering you flowers, you're the boss, so why don't you pick them up."Chu Wenfei came over, hugged his wife and said with a smile.

  Only then did Qiu Mu Ying come back to her senses and hurriedly accepted the flower offering, while clearing her throat and putting on a dignified appearance that a big boss should have, "Mm.Xiaosong is it, don't worry, I will reuse you in the future, when you come under me, you just do a good job, salary and benefits, don't worry."

  Qiu Muying this pushy act is very full, Xiaosong has shouted on, completely a look of a business cattle big brother.In the end, she received flowers from Zhang Xiaosong's hand, and the corners of her mouth were filled with a touch of intense arrogance.


  "Good job Mu Ying."

  "I see ah, Qiushui Logistics' top position can also be given to Mu Ying."

  '"Really promising, that Qiu Mu Orange of the old third family, compared to Mu Ying, she's just a piece of shit~"Jiang Hong and the others couldn't stop complimenting and laughing, the entire Qiu family looked at Qiu Mu Ying with praise.

  At this moment, Qiu Mu Ying was in high spirits, as if she was standing on top of her life, she looked forward with a smile on her face at the lost and haggard Qiu Mu Orange and smiled proudly, "Third sister, how is it?"

  "I, Autumn Muying, have a bountiful family and career, while you, do you have one thing that can compare to me?"

  "After today, you Qiu Mu Orange are destined to be trampled under my feet for the rest of your life."

  Qiu Mu Ying's complacent voice echoed throughout the entire Qiu family mansion.

  Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was pale with loss, and she lowered her head.

  Han Li and her husband and wife were also filled with sorrow and misery.

  However, it was at this moment that Zhang Xiaosong, who had been respectfully offering flowers, was then stunned, "Eh?Your name is Autumn Mu Ying?"

  At this moment, someone behind him poked Zhang Xiaohong, "Mr. Zhang, I looked at the picture, and it seems that the one over there is Mr. Qiu."


  "Why didn't you say so?!"

  "I can't believe I've mistaken you for someone else!"

  Zhang Xiaosong's face darkened then, while snatching the flowers from Qiu Mu Ying's hands, he turned his head and ran towards the direction of both Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.


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