Dish Best Served Cold 156-160


chapter 156

Faced with Suzy's words, Autumn Mu Orange remained silent throughout, allowing Suzy to speak.

  Indeed, just like what Suzy said, they could find a hundred and one thousand reasons to convince her that it wasn't Ye Fan at all.

  After all, the difference between the two people was too great.

  One was a door-to-door son-in-law who came from a humble country background and joined the Qiu family.And the other one was the majestic and world-famous Mr. Chu from Jiangdong.

  This disparity was like the difference between a beggar and an emperor.If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't have dared to even think about it.

  However, last night, when she saw that backdrop, she was almost certain then that it was Ye Fan.

  Even if they had never slept together, even if they had never even kissed, but after three years of night and day, Ye Fan's figure had undoubtedly been deeply engraved in every inch of Qiu Mu Orange's memory.

  Too much alike!

  If it wasn't for the fact that the clothes Autumn Mu Orange had never seen Ye Fan wear, otherwise Autumn Mu Orange would have been almost one hundred percent certain that it was Ye Fan.

  But now, the only reason for Qiu Mu Orange to be sure that he was Ye Fan was just a feeling she had.

  This reason was so pale that she couldn't even convince herself, let alone convince others.

  Therefore, in the face of Suzy's question, she didn't refute it, and had no way to refute it.

  "I'll go!"

  "Mu Orange, you don't still think that Mr. Chu is Ye Fan, do you."

  "I'm really convinced."

  "If you really don't believe me, then call and ask your door-to-door husband yourself."

  "Ask her if she's in Yunzhou right now, or in An Ning County?"

  Suzy said without words.

  Qiu Mu Orange hesitated for a long time, perhaps she also really wanted to verify her feelings, and really had to pick up her phone, wanting to call Ye Fan.

  However, after finding out Ye Fan's number, she was hesitant to press it.

  If it was really just her overthinking, that would be fine, life would continue as before.

  But, if Ye Fan is really Mr. Chu, then what kind of face should she put on to face him?

  At that time, her life with Ye Fan would have changed drastically, right?

  She probably wouldn't even have the courage to talk to him.

  For a moment, however, Autumn Mu Orange was hesitant.

  "Ouch, I'm going!"

  "Why are you hesitating, dial over."

  Su Xi was speechless, she really didn't expect that the girl who was so decisive and wise back then would become so hesitant and granny after marrying Ye Fan now.

  In the end, Suzy was so angry that she directly grabbed the phone and helped Qiu Mu Orange to call Ye Fan.

  Soon, a voice came out from the phone.

  "Sorry, the call you made is in progress, please redial later!"


  Suzy Ton cursed, not expecting this Ye Fan to be on the phone.



  "Evan, where have you been, you wimp?"

  "You want to starve our old man and woman?"

  "Don't get your ass back here and cook!"

  "What a loser."

  "Now that you don't even cook, what's the use of our Autumn Family to feed you?"

  From the phone, came Han Ling's sharp scolding voice.

  In the past, when Ye Fan was at home, it was Ye Fan who cooked for Han Ling and the other two couples, and it was Ye Fan who did all the housework.These days, when Ye Fan was not at home, it was Qiu Mu Orange who took over Ye Fan's job.

  Han Ling and his wife, but they don't do anything at all.

  According to Han Ling's words, we have raised you guys so much, and now it's time for you to return the favor.

  Therefore, Han Ling and her wife had also been enjoying Ye Fan and his family's care with peace of mind.

  "Mom, I'll be home soon."

  "Don't be angry, I'm on my way."

  But Ye Fan smiled along with the kind words, and then hung up the phone.

  However, as soon as this front foot phone call fell, the back foot, Qiu Mu Orange, called again.

  Seeing this call, Ye Fan looked in awe.

  Since last night's fight, this was the first time that Autumn Mucheng Orange had contacted him.

  After a moment of hesitation, Ye Fan also picked up.

  "Where are you now?"

  In the middle of the phone, the cold voice of Autumn Mu Orange came out, still as usual, no emotions could be heard contained within it.

  When Ye Fan heard it, he was delighted, "Mu Orange, you're not mad at me anymore?"

  "I really didn't mean to lie to you before, I really had a hard time.I promise, this is the first and the last time, I will never lie to you again."

  In the car, Ye Fan had a low-brow pleasing look for a while, looking at the two people on the side, Nan Chen and Li Er, they both laughed inwardly.

  I never thought that Mr. Chu, who was still a godly man earlier, would also look like this today.

  "When it's really a brine point tofu, one thing leads to another~" Li Er shook his head and laughed.

  "I asked where are you now?"Ignoring Ye Fan's words, the cold, expressionless words of Qiu Mu Orange still came from the other end of the phone.

  Ye Fan was stunned.

  I thought to myself, could it be that my wife is also anxiously waiting for dinner at home?Where was Fang so anxious to ask where he was?

  "Haha, Mu Orange, I'm buying food at the market not far from our neighborhood right now, wait here, I'll be home soon to cook for you and mom and the others."

  "Let's not talk about it yet, let's go home and talk."

  Ye Fan was afraid of saying too much and then revealing himself, so he quickly hung up the phone.

  Nan Chen on the side saw that Ye Fan that after telling a lie still did not blush, but the whole person was lost.

  "Brother Xiaofan, didn't you just say that you would no longer lie to me in the future, Sister Mu Orange, but why are you making up lies here again."

  "Beware that Sister Mu Orange will get even angrier when she finds out."Nan Chen said angrily, but he looked like he was fighting injustice for Autumn Mu Orange.

  Ye Fan, however, laughed, "Nan Nan, you don't understand.This is called a man's wisdom.Learning to lie is an essential skill for any good man at home, but it can reduce a lot of family conflicts."

  "Otherwise, if your sister Mu Orange knew that I'm now thousands of miles away from Yunzhou with a little beauty sitting next to me, she wouldn't be mad at me?"

  "Lao Er, you learn from me as well."

  Ye Fan acted as if he was complacent, imparting his years of experience of being a door-to-door son-in-law to Nan Chen and Old Two Li.

  In the middle of the conversation, but the car that Ye Fan was riding in suddenly stopped.

  "Eh?What's going on, why did it stop?"

  "It's in a fucking hurry?"Ye Fan was in a bit of a hurry.

  "Mr. Chu, Mr. Chen's car stopped in front, it seems like he has something to tell you."The driver explained.

  Sure enough, the black Maybach that was running in front of Ye Fan had stopped, and Chen Ao got out of the car and walked over towards Ye Fan here.

  "Mr. Chu, just now the mayor of Jingzhou City called, saying that he wishes to meet you tonight, while doing his best to be a landlord, and invited Mr. Chu to the house for a gathering, you see?"

  Anning County is the boundary of Jingzhou City, and the mayor of Jingzhou City naturally learned how prestigious the Taishan Martial Arts Meeting was tonight.Especially after knowing about the appearance of the new Jiangdong Zun, the mayor of Jingzhou City, Zhou Haifeng, immediately called Chen Ao and asked him to introduce him and meet with him tonight.

  After all, even the mayor of a city needs the support of big shots like Chen Ao and Lei Laosan if he wants to make his jurisdiction stable.

  Zhou Haifeng's banquet to invite Ye Fan obviously wanted to take this opportunity to get acquainted and cage people's hearts.

  "Look at your sister ah look?!"

  "Tell him, I'm not free."

  "Motherfucker, I'm in a hurry to cook dinner for my wife at home?If I'm late, my wife's gonna be pissed!Where's the time to eat with him?"

  "What are you waiting for?Don't drive away yet!"

  "Drive at full speed, I'll be the one to get fined for speeding."

  Ye Fan cursed and ended up shouting even more angrily at the driver who was driving the car.


Ye Fan's car has left, only Chen Ao is left here, old eyes twitching, the whole person is just like that stuck in the storm.

  Just a moment ago, the mayor of a city took the initiative to invite a banquet, to get together with Mr. Chu.

  If it were anyone else, I'm afraid he would have been so excited and honored.

  However, who would have thought that Mr. Chu would have turned it down without a word?

  The reason turned out to be the same reason for rushing home to cook dinner for the wife.

  "I can go to Nima Bar!"

  "Mr. Chu can't we be a little more awesome?!!!"

  At that time, Chen Ao's entire body was nearly lost.

  I dare say the mayor's invitation is not as important as going back to cook for his wife?

  Eventually, Chen Ao had to just smile bitterly and lament that Mr. Chu was really awesome, and then he also tried to see how to tactfully express to Zhou Haifeng what Mr. Chu just meant.

  Inside the car.

  Li laoji and Nan Chen also looked bitter.

  "Mr. Chu, isn't it a bit bad that Zhou City took the initiative to invite us to a banquet and we just declined like this, not giving face?"Li Er advised in a low voice.

  But Ye Fan didn't care: "What's wrong with it?Will this weekly city warm my bed, or will I be able to pass it on to my ancestors?"

  "If he can't do anything, why should I take up my time going home to his feast?"

  "What's more, eating someone else's mouth and taking someone else's hand.This Zhou Haifeng suddenly invited a banquet, I'm afraid there's something for me to do, right?If I go there, I'll be looking for trouble instead, so I might as well not go and be happy to be free."

  Ye Fan said indifferently.

  The reason why he directly refused just now was not only because he was anxious to go back, but of course there was another consideration.

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Li Er and Nan Chen also nodded their heads in secret, their hearts undoubtedly admiring Ye Fan even more.

  Sometimes, Li Er even doubted that this person in front of him was really just a young man in his early twenties?I'm afraid that his mind alone was not as good as that of many old people who had gone through all the vicissitudes of life.


  The wheels sped, the orange lights tearing through the sky as they raced towards Yunzhou, a thousand miles away.

  The engine's blast was just like the low roar of a wild beast, resounding throughout the entire world.

  If a traffic policeman had taken a speedometer to measure it, he would have definitely discovered that the speed of this Mercedes Benz was as high as a hundred and eighty, and, moreover, it was still gaining speed.


  "Is this car crazy?"

  "Rushing to reincarnate?"

  There was a trembling sound from the passersby in her ears.

  On the other side, but Autumn Mu Orange had just hung up the phone with Ye Fan.

  "How about it, Orange, it's dead now, right?"

  "I told you long ago, Mr. Ye Fan and Mr. Chu, those are two people who are completely incompatible."

  "What's more, Ye Fan a surname Ye, even if he's really awesome, that's not called Mr. Chu, but Mr. Ye."

  In the white BMW, but Suzy shook her head and said to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Just now, Ye Fan said that he was buying food in the market near the neighborhood, which was like a side confirmation that Ye Fan was not in Anning County, and also proved that Qiu Mu Orange's previous thoughts were completely nonsense.

  "Yeah, dead on."

  However, to Suzy's surprise, she had thought that Qiu Mu Orange would be lost after learning the truth, but who would have thought that she would laugh instead.

  A kind of relieved laugh, a laugh that was as relieving as a burden.

  It was as if a small bird had broken free from its shackles and soared into the heavens and earth, but the depression of this day was then gone.

  "Orange, why do I feel like you look happy?"

  "Don't you wish that wimpy husband of yours was really a big shot?"

  "Don't you wish that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu?"

  "By all rights you should be lost.Instead, you're still here laughing?"

  "I really can't understand you."Suzy was confused.

  But Autumn Mu Orange shook her head: "Actually, it's quite good to keep the status quo."

  "An ordinary life is instead cozy."

  "At least, he's still Ye Fan."

  It was still the same Ye Fan who was good to her.

  "Xixi, let's go back to Yunzhou."

  "It's been a day away, I'm a bit relieved about the company side."

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange, however, changed her previous depressed mood and became radiant once again.

  Obviously, this trip to Taishan, although it was short, had remarkable results.

  Su Xi had also found her new pursuit, while Qiu Mu Orange was once again energized and ready to continue back to work tomorrow.

  As for Ye Fan, it was already very late when he returned home, so naturally he couldn't avoid a bit of scolding from Han Ling and his wife.

  Ye Fan was used to it, but to Ye Fan's surprise, Qiu Mu Orange wasn't even home.

  Worried, Ye Fan sent a WeChat to Qiu Mu Orange and asked her where she was.

  Qiu Mu Orange replied back that she was working overtime at the office.

  Obviously, as arrogant as Qiu Mu Orange, she naturally didn't want Ye Fan to know that she was in a bad mood because she had a fight with him and went out for a trip to get away.

  The next day, at dawn, Ye Fan also went out after finishing his chores.

  He had an appointment with Xu Lei, or something about Mu Fan Real Estate Company.

  By the Cloud Mist Lake, when Xu Lei arrived, it was already close to noon .


  "Mr. Xu, what's wrong, why do you look so pale?"

  Seeing today's Xu Lei, however, Ye Fan was slightly shocked.

  In his impression, Xu Lei had always been a proud, confident, delicate and noble woman.But today's Xu Lei was downcast, her makeup was not as delicate as it was before her eyes, and her pretty face had a weak pallor, her entire body seemed as if the pearl was dusty and without brilliance.

  Xu Lei lightly smiled: "It's fine."

  "First of all, congratulations, Lord of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu."

  Naturally, Xu Lei knew all about the Taishan Martial Association.

  Ye Fan also smiled, "Mr. Xu is really well-informed, it's only been one night and you already know about it."

  Xu Lei returned, "Mr. Chu's name has now become famous in Jiangdong.It's just hard for me to not know."

  "You're still looking for me for that new company, right?"

  "Don't worry, it's all done."

  "I've also prepared the appointment letter, and I'm just waiting for someone to walk away and take charge of the situation."

  Xu Lei said softly, but for some reason, Ye Fan always felt that today's Xu Lei had a heavy heart.

  "Well, thank you, Mr. Xu."

  "It's fine, just doing what I can.If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

  Xu Lei didn't stay long and turned around to leave.

  "Mr. Xu~"Ye Fan suddenly called out to her, Xu Lei stopped and looked back at Ye Fan.

  "General Xu, you've helped me a lot these past few days.If you encounter any difficulties and need help, just say so."

  "We're friends, don't keep things bottled up inside yourself."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

  Xu Lei looked at him, looked directly at Ye Fan and asked, "Can you tell me, if you help me, in what capacity are you helping?"

  "Well?"Ye Fan was somewhat puzzled.

  Xu Lei continued, "A descendant of the Chu family?Or, Mr. Edo Chu?"

  Ye Fan's appearance sank as he heard, "Mr. Xu, I think I should tell you again, the current me is called Ye Fan."

  "The identity of a descendant of the Chu family is not an honor to me."

  There was sudden silence here, only the breeze lingered.

  A moment later, Xu Lei shook her head and laughed, "I really envy you, you can so easily skim off your relationship with the family."

  "As for me, born and raised in the family, I carry too much of the family's brand on me.Perhaps from the beginning, my destiny is not my own."

  "Ye Fan, it's an honor to meet you."

  The words fell away, and Xu Lei turned around.

  What was left to Ye Fan was only that, graceful and stunning silhouette.

  Under the illumination of the sun, it actually looked, so lonely.


However, no one saw the two lines of tears that quietly flowed from the corners of Xu Lei's eyes in the split second she turned around.

  Perhaps Ye Fan saw them, but Xu Lei didn't want to talk about it, and Ye Fan wouldn't ask more.

  After all, everyone has their own life, with their own sorrows and bitterness that they have to taste.After all, Ye Fan and Xu Lei are just ducks in a row, so what qualifications does he have to interfere with Xu Lei's life?

  The only thing he could do was to remember this dedication of Xu Lei to Ye Fan and his wife, and he would repay it when he had the chance in the future.

  After Xu Lei left, Ye Fan also quickly left the shores of Cloud Lake.

  At this time, the two of them, Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy had also returned to Yunzhou, Qiu Mu Orange, the workaholic, even after arriving in Yunzhou city, did not immediately go home, but the first time she let Suzy send her to the company downstairs.

  "Orange Orange, I'm really impressed with you."

  "I think your grandfather should really give you a medal for being a model worker."

  "Just came back to work, it's not too late to rest at home for a day and come back to the company tomorrow, right?"

  Suzy was filled with speechlessness, but the more admiration she had for her best friend's work ethic.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results of this study.

  Life is too short, isn't it good to eat, drink and be merry, why should you work?

  Suzy shook her head and sighed, then didn't care about Qiu Mu Orange anymore and drove off herself after dropping her off at the office.

  The trip to Taishan had managed to make her forget about the man who played the harmonica, and now she had a new quest.

  "Brother, it's all because of those two stupid tickets you gave me, so far back, I didn't even get to see what my god looks like?"

  "I don't care, you must help me find Mr. Chu, and also introduce us."

  "I, Suzy, will not marry Mr. Chu in this life."

  "I don't care, just don't care~"

  In the car, Suzy was playing on the phone, while she was pampering her brother.

  But Suzy was afraid that she would never think that both Mr. Chu and the man who played the harmonica were actually the same person.

  Sometimes, this world is so small.

  Just separated one moment, perhaps the next moment they would meet again in another place, in another capacity.

  Just like Susie with the man she loves so much.

  I just don't know what kind of expression Susie will have when she learns the true identity of the God she misses.

  Of course, this was all for later.

  In other words, after Qiu Mu Orange returned to the company, but the company was found to be a bit different.The two potted clematis she let her assistant Li Fei Fei buy at the entrance of the company before were no longer there, but were replaced with two tall peace trees.

  Even the red doormat that she personally bought and placed outside the company's main gate with the words Blossom and Prosperity written on it had been replaced, and all traces of her departure seemed to have been erased, and for a moment, Qiu Mu Orange thought she had walked into the wrong company.

  She even went to the door specifically to deliberately look at the door number.

  No mistake, 298 Tong'an Road, Qiushui Logistics Company.

  But along the way, the employees who were smiling and respectful to her before she left, were shocked when they saw her return, and then they ducked away with their heads down as if they hadn't seen her.

  It was as if they were hiding from the plague.

  The abnormal actions of a group of colleagues in the company, but Qiu Mu- orange took in all the details, her heart was even more confused, and her willow eyebrows were also deeply furrowed.


  "Mr. Qiu, you,,you're back?"

  At this moment, a small clerk in a professional overskirt passed by in front, and was obviously shocked when she saw Qiu Mu Orange, then asked.

  This little clerk was none other than the former assistant of Qiu Mu Orange, Li Fei Fei.

  In the entire Autumn Water Logistics, there were a total of three people that Autumn Mu Orange trusted the most.

  Li Fei Fei was one, and there were two others who were hand-promoted by Qiu Mu Orange.One was called Du Cuckoo, and the other was called Zhang Heng.

  These three had been working under Qiu Mu Orange.

  At that time, in order to squeeze Qiu Mu-ying, she deliberately gave Qiu Mu- orange's group several times more sales targets than the other groups, and would withhold their salaries if they failed to reach them.

  In those years, thanks to the efforts of these three team members, they had come so far under the squeeze of Qiu Mu Ying.

  Now that Qiu Muyoung was promoted by Master Qiu to be in full charge of the project with the Red Flag Group, she had a lot more power in her hands, so before she left, she transferred Li Fei Fei, Du Cuckoo and the other three over with her, and continued to work under her.

  Now that she met one of her trusted subordinates, Autumn Mu Orange naturally went up to ask what was going on and what was happening in the company.

  "Where are the two potted green plants I bought?"

  "And what about Du Cuckoo and Zhou Heng?"

  Autumn Mu Orange frowned and asked.

  "This..."Li Fei Fei's pretty face was bitter, and she looked like she was about to stop talking.

  At this moment, the urging voice of one person came from behind.

  "Li Fei Fei, what are you dawdling about?How come the documents the general manager wants haven't been delivered yet, do you want to go scrubbing toilets like Azalea?"

  As soon as Li Fei Fei heard this, she quickly bowed and apologized, "Director, I'm going, I'll deliver it right away."

  Li Fei Fei's tone was extraordinarily humble, and her words were filled with trepidation.

  Then, Li Fei Fei paid no more attention to Qiu Mu Orange and turned around and left as well.

  "Fifi, what's going on?"

  "Where's Azalea?"

  "And what was that about scrubbing toilets?"

  Qiu Mu Orange willow eyebrows furrowed, but once again called out to Li Fei Fei.

  Li Fei Fei stopped, her petite and delicate body stood there, her back was turned towards Qiu Mu Orange, her eyelids were lowered, her eyebrows were somewhat red, but her deep voice, slowly rang out.

  "Mr. Autumn, don't ask any more questions, you should stop."

  "The company has changed, everything is different."

  "You shouldn't have left~"

  "And, Mr. Qiu, this is the last time I'll call you Mr. Qiu.From now on, I'm no longer your assistant.I'm already an assistant to General Manager Autumn Muyoung."

  "From now on, we'll just pretend we don't know each other."

  Li Fei Fei lowered her head, her shell teeth tightly biting her red lips.

  From the moment she said this, she had already made a decision and choice in her heart.

  In the end, she no longer paid attention to Qiu Mu Orange and walked away without looking back.

  "Fifi, what's going on?"

  "You stop, I order you to stop, you speak clearly~"

  Qiu Mu Orange shouted, a bit of indignation in her clear and cold words.

  However, Li Fei Fei ignored them and quickly ran away.


  "Autumn Mu-Orange, you're really a great fighter, aren't you?"

  "And orders?"

  "Do you still think the autumn water logistics are the same now as they were before you left?"

  "You still think you're the manager of this project?"

  "A lost dog, who gave you the strength to play official here?"

  "Qiu Mu Orange, to tell you the truth, this Qiushui Logistics, has changed the sky!"

  "In the current project department, the one in charge is my cousin, Qiu Mu Ying."

  "As for you, in this company, fart is no more."

  Wang Xiu'er clasped her hands and laughed coldly, her gaze towards Qiu Mu'orange filled with mockery and disdain.

  She was Qiu Mu Ying's cousin, the daughter of Qiu Mu Ying's uncle.After dropping out of school, she had been following Qiu Mu Ying in the company's corpse, the two sisters were in a mess and did a lot of mischief, but Qiu Mu Ying relied on the favor of Master Qiu, and all of them were blocked.


"Get out of here!"

  Faced with Wang Xiu'er's ridicule, Qiu Mu'orange naturally ignored it.

  She only gave a cold reply, and then pushed Wang Xiu'er away and walked towards her office.

  However, when Qiu Mucheng pushed the door in, she found that the decoration style of the office had also completely changed.

  The sofa had all been replaced with a new set, the room was covered with a brand new carpet, and even the desk had been replaced with a set of artificially created mahogany tables, and the chairs were even more expensive ergonomic chairs.

  The level of luxury in front of them made Qiu Mu Orange all astonished.

  As for the position that used to belong to Qiu Mu Orange's office, it was also already occupied by people at this time.

  Moreover, it was still a man and a woman, two people!

  "Which unsightly thing?"

  "Don't you know how to knock when you come in?"

  "Do you still want to do it or don't want to do it, get out of here!"

  At this time Qiu Mu Ying was simply going mad, Chu Wen Fei also straightened his somewhat messy clothes, full of indignation and displeasure.

  Just now, Qiu Mu Ying was in love with her husband in the office, but Qiu Mu Ying did not expect, this side of her just sat on her husband's lap, the two people's red lips also just touched, kissing has not yet begun, the office door was rudely pushed open.

  The great thing was disturbed like this, Qiu Mu Ying was naturally furious, all without the slightest sense of shame of being in a work time workplace lovemaking.

  "Autumn Muying, this is the company, not your home!"

  "Word to the wise, don't go too far."

  "Otherwise, don't blame me for not thinking of my sisterly love and telling grandpa."

  Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was icy cold, and she angrily rebuked the scantily clad couple in front of her.

  Apparently, Qiu Mu Orange had never expected that Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife would have the audacity to kiss there, during working hours, or on her desk.


  "Who did I think it was, but you?"

  "Qiu Mu Orange, I didn't think you'd have the guts to come back?"

  Seeing that it was Autumn Muyoung Orange, Autumn Muyoung smiled, her eyebrows full of teasing and mockery.

  "Get out of the way!"

  "Be gracious and go home, don't interfere with my office."

  "Zhang Heng, get the two of them out of here!"

  Qiu Mu Orange, however, didn't bother to talk nonsense with the couple.

  She knew that it was useless to talk too much, Qiu Mu Ying and the others were now being favored by the old man.With Master Qiu as the backstage, Qiu Mu Orange really couldn't do anything about them.

  She had to let Zhang Heng drive the two of them out of the office.

  However, one second, two seconds, and ten seconds passed, and no one came over.


  "Zhang Heng, can't you hear me, I'm shouting at you!"

  Qiu Mu Orange was displeased and frowned again.

  As one of Qiu Mu Orange's trusted advisors, Zhang Heng's office had always been next door, and he would arrive when Qiu Mu Orange called out to him on a normal day.

  But today, after such a long time, this Zhang Heng hadn't even appeared yet, so of course Qiu Mu Orange was unhappy.

  Qiu Mu Ying saw the situation, but she smiled.

  She held her hands and sat in front of the desk, looking at Qiu Mu Orange with a smile, "Zhang Heng?You mean Zhang Heng, the office manager from next door before, he's watching the front door of the office right now, didn't you see him when you came?"


  Qiu Mu Ying's words caused Qiu Mu Orange to be shocked, and the chill on her pretty face swirled a lot colder.

  "Autumn Muying, do you think that I will believe you just because you are talking nonsense?"

  "Zhang Heng is an old man of the company, how could uncle transfer him to a gate guard?"

  Personnel appointments were a matter of company fundamentals, so it had always been Qiu Mu Orange's uncle Qiu Guang who was in charge.

  "Don't believe me?"

  "If you don't believe me, then go ask your close friend Azalea."

  "I'm lying to you, that good sister of yours, Azalea, shouldn't be lying to you, should I?"

  Qiu Mu Ying spoke coldly and continued.

  Autumn Muyoung ignored her, then began to call out Dujuan's name again.

  However, tens of seconds passed and still no one responded.

  "Oh, third sister, I almost forgot, that good sister of yours, Du Cuckoo, has been transferred to the cleaning department to be in charge of the company's daily cleaning, and at this time right now, she's probably still scrubbing toilets in one of the toilets."


  Qiu Mu Ying said in a yin and yang manner, and Chu Wen Fei on the side was also full of sneers.

  The couple was now looking at Qiu Mu Orange as if they were looking at a joke.

  They were deliberately trying to embarrass Qiu Mu Orange.

  "You're talking nonsense!"

  "Azalea and Zhang Heng are both good and capable men in the company."

  "Uncle would never allow you to behave so capriciously!"

  Autumn Mu Orange still guarded her last stubbornness.

  "Mr. Qiu, the documents you wanted."

  At this time, Li Fei Fei came in.

  "Fifi ah, you're just in time.I just said that your two former colleagues, one is watching the gate and the other is cleaning the toilet, but our Big Manager Qiu doesn't believe me.In that case, tell her, am I right?Also, you tell this old boss of yours again who is in charge of the project department now.Red Flag Group's cooperation, who is responsible for it, and also, whose assistant you are now."

  Seeing Li Fei Fei coming, but Qiu Mu Ying was smiling at the corners of her mouth, allowing Qiu Mu Orange's old subordinate Li Fei Fei to tell her these things personally.

  Letting the person who Qiu Mu Orange trusted the most in the beginning tell her these most cruel things.Killing people and putting their hearts to death is nothing more than this.

  When Li Fei Fei told Qiu Mu Orange all the personnel changes in the company these days one by one, this stunning girl in front of her, a pretty face, but then it went white.

  "Third sister, did you hear that?"

  "The cooperation with the Red Flag Group is now my responsibility."

  "And, my husband and I just hosted a banquet for Manager Liu of the Red Flag Group yesterday.Coincidentally, this manager Liu, who is responsible for the cooperation between Red Flag Group and our Qiushui Logistics, is a good friend of my husband's father in the business world.With this friendship in place, I will do well in this cooperation."

  "As for you, Qiu Mu Orange.There is no place for you in this Qiushui Logistics anymore!"

  Qiu Mu Ying said proudly, her almost victorious gaze full of banter.

  "Right, Third Sister, thanks to that project plan you made earlier, Grandpa was very satisfied with it and specifically praised me at the family meeting yesterday."



  Hearing Qiu Mu Ying's words, Qiu Mu Orange's face grew paler and paler.Until finally, after she heard that Qiu Mu Ying had taken the project plan that she had spent days of painstaking effort to make to take credit for Master Qiu, Qiu Mu Orange was even more furious that her delicate body trembled and her entire body staggered, almost falling over.

  "Fifi, very good, you're very good."

  "That's your pitch, then."

  "Fifi, I don't blame you, if you want to blame me, it's me, Qiu Mu Orange, for being eyeless and wrongly trusting the villain~"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red because of her anger and grievance, but her entire petite body was trembling.

  She had never thought that the person she trusted the most would betray her.

  She did not expect that, in just a few days, grandfather would once again remove her from her position, vetoing all her efforts and sweat.

  So much effort for so long, so many days, but in the end, it was still in the hands of Qiu Mu Ying.

  At that moment, Autumn Muyoung Orange only felt that her life was such a failure.

  She couldn't figure out, she really couldn't figure out, what had she done wrong?

  Why did Grandpa make things difficult for her repeatedly?

  Is it because she's not as good at cheering people up as Autumn Muying is?

  Is it because she married a man from a poor family with no power or influence?

  At this moment, Autumn Mu Orange was full of grievances.

  Her beautiful eyes were red, she turned around and ran away.

  She was not willing, she would never be willing, she had to find her grandfather, she had to ask everything.


At this time Qiu Mu Orange, but the beautiful eyes were red running on the road.

  There were endless grievances in his heart that he wanted to pour out, and endless doubts that he wanted to ask for clarification.

  He had to ask grandpa, what had she done wrong, why did she do this to her?

  When Qiu Mu Orange ran to the Qiu family's old house, Old Master Qiu was feeding the birds in the courtyard.

  Upon seeing his grandfather, Qiu Mu-Orange's eyebrows reddened and asked directly, "Grandpa, why, why exactly?"

  "You said a few days ago that you wanted me to take full responsibility for this project, why are you now taking my authority away midway through the project?"

  "Or rather, this was your plan from the beginning."

  "Fake me full responsibility, and as soon as the Red Flag Group's money arrives, you'll immediately kick me out.Letting Autumn Muying take over my job?"

  Qiu Mu orange questioned loudly, but the entire Chu family's old mansion could hear the echo of Qiu Mu orange's angry voice.

  However, as if he hadn't heard it, Old Master Qiu was still there, trimming the flowers and plants in the courtyard and feeding the birds in the cage.He was completely oblivious to Autumn Mu Orange's words.

  "Grandpa, you speak."

  "Why are you so paranoid?"

  "Is Qiu Mu Ying the only one who is your granddaughter?"

  "Am I not your granddaughter?"

  "Is it not our Autumn Family's blood that flows in my body, Autumn Mu Orange?"

  "Why? Why do you all have to do this to me."

  "Not only do you remove me from my position, but you embarrass my subordinates so much that they have to watch the gates and scrub the toilets?"

  "Is it true that I, Qiu Mu Orange, don't like grandpa that much?Not to the liking of the Fall family?"

  Qiu Mu Orange said miserably, and tears couldn't stop flowing from the corners of her eyes.

  The appearance of grief and sadness, but it was almost heartbreaking.

  However, Old Master Qiu remained indifferent.After Qiu Mu Orange arrived, he didn't even look at her.On top of his old face, he was expressionless, repairing the flowers and plants in the courtyard on his own.

  Just like that, when Master Qiu hung out to dry, he hung out Qiu Mu Orange for a day.

  Until the evening, a group of relatives of the Qiu family all got off work from the company and returned to the old mansion.It was only then that Master Qiu summoned everyone to the middle of the hall to conduct business.

  "You also come in with me."

  With his hands behind his back, Master Qiu turned his back to Qiu Mu Orange and said coldly, before walking towards the Qiu family hall.

  In the hall, all the rooms of the Qiu family were present.

  Qiu Muying and her husband and wife had also already returned from the company, seeing Qiu Mu Orange that haggard look, but their hearts were proud of themselves, sitting on the side full of gloom and doom.

  Qiu Guang, Qiu Fei and the others were also there, looking at Qiu Mu Orange with displeasure and indifference.

  "Dad, what's the matter?"

  "So anxious to call us."


  "Mu Orange, you're here too, you haven't seen anyone for days, you ninny, you came back without telling mom?"

  At this time, outside the hall, Qiu Mu Orange's parents also ran in in a hurry.

  Qiu Mu Orange's parents didn't have much status in the Qiu family, and in normal days, the family meeting would basically not call them to attend.But now in an abnormal state, Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife were naturally somewhat psychologically unsure.

  "Kneel down!"

  However, as soon as Qiu Lei and his wife arrived, on the high seat, Master Qiu was the one who shouted in anger, scaring Qiu Lei so much that his body shivered and his face went a little white.

  "Dad, what...What's wrong?"

  Qiu Lei was terrified and looked at the old man with a terrified face, completely unaware of what he had committed.

  "Bastard, I'll make you kneel down!"

  Master Qiu slapped the table and drank again immediately.

  Qiu Lei no longer dared to say more and finally knelt down.

  "And you, Qiu Mu Orange, kneel down too!"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Qiu Mu Orange was equally confused, she had just come back 9 today and had no idea where she had provoked the old man again.

  "Grandfather, granddaughter doesn't understand."

  "If there is no justifiable reason, granddaughter will never kneel!"Qiu Mu Orange already had a grudge against the company, but now that the old man had indiscriminately made her kneel, of course she wasn't convinced.


  "You want a reason, right, then I'll give you the reason."

  "Qiu Mu Orange, I'm asking you, why would such a large group as Red Flag Group suddenly choose to work with a small company like us, Qiushui Logistics, and it's almost like giving away money to the Qiu family?"

  "I'll ask you again, why doesn't Red Flag Group talk to anyone else about cooperation, but names only you?"

  "And that day at the Beauty Café, how did Ye Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, a poor, countryside wimp with no name, manage to sit so close to Xu Lei, the richest woman in Yunzhou?"

  "The above three points, if you can give me a legitimate reason that convinces me, today I, Qiu Zhenglun, will not only prevent you from kneeling, I will also make our Qiu family kneel down to apologize to you alone and return justice to you!"

  In the hall, Old Master Qiu's anger was raging.The words were majestic, but the indignant words resounded unceasingly in the hall.

  Three questions in a row, even more aggressive, only like a golden stone landing on the ground, resounding.


  Qiu Mu Orange was flabbergasted, facing this statement from Old Master Qiu, Qiu Mu Orange opened her mouth, but she didn't know how to explain it.

  After all, these three questions were exactly what she was confused about.

  She was unable to understand them herself, so how could she explain them to Old Master Qiu?

  "Say, weren't you just full of grievances?"

  "Now I'm giving you the chance, why don't you say something?"

  Master Qiu asked again in an angry voice.

  Qiu Lei and Han Li were also urging Qiu Mu Orange not to conceal it and speak quickly.

  "You dead ninny, say it quickly, pissing off the old man, our family won't have a good time."Han Li scolded from the side.

  Qiu Mu Orange lowered her head and whispered, "Our cooperation with the Red Flag Group was because Mr. Xu owed Ye Fan a favor, so he paid it back in this way.As for that meeting in the cafe, it should also be because Xu Lei wanted to thank Ye Fan for the previous favor."

  "I go, returning a favor?"

  "Third sister, you think our grandfather is a three-year-old child.Ye Fan is a poor loser from the countryside, what kind of favor do you think he can have to ask the richest man in Yunzhou, Mr. Xu, to return?"

  "You made up this lie, do you believe it yourself?"Qiu Mu Ying smiled coldly, fanning the flames from the side.

  As expected, Master Qiu had nearly run out of patience and suppressed anger in his low words, "Qiu Mu Orange, I'll give you one more chance.You'd better be honest with me."

  "Otherwise, don't blame grandpa for being cruel and expelling you from the house!"


  "Don't, Dad."

  "Mu Orange is young and ignorant, so don't be so mean to her."

  "I'll let her tell the truth!"

  Han Li was anxious as soon as she heard that the old man wanted to kick Qiu Mu Orange out of the Qiu family.

  Now the couple depended on Qiu Mu Orange to support them, if she was kicked out of the Qiu family's company, how would the family still be able to eat in the future?

  "Mu Orange, hurry up, be honest."

  "Don't lie to your grandfather!"

  "You can't fool your grandfather after all the vicissitudes of the world, and you've long been a man of the world?"

  "Don't tell me yet, what's the reason!"

  "Are you going to piss us old people off?"Han Li was on the verge of tears, anxiously advising from the side.


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