Dish Best Served Cold 151-155


Chapter 151


  Wu He Rong's fist smashed out, but it was close to carrying the force of a thousand pounds.

  The terrifying momentum immediately swept the four directions, and the fist wind that it brought up blew Ye Fan's sleeves fiercely, and the tips of his hair in front of his forehead were messy as snow.

  "Mr. Chu, be careful~"

  The battle is on the verge of breaking out, how sudden was the punch from Wu He Rong?

  The steel fist of steel, however, brings wind and waves sweeping the world, the majestic momentum is like a mountain.

  Even Chen Ao and the others, who were more than ten meters away, felt the pressure and their faces changed dramatically.

  Just now, Wu He Rong used this fist to defeat Meng Baichuan, the Chief Instructor of Jiangdong Military Region, and then killed Meng Baichuan with a few moves in a row.

  Now Wu He Rong repeated his old tricks, but Chen Ao, Li Lao Er and others were then gripped in their hearts.

  They were afraid that Ye Fan would make the same mistake as Meng Baichuan.

  Just when Chen Ao and the others were worried, Wu He Rong's fist was already smashed down, the Steel Fist straight to Ye Fan's chest.

  Facing Wu He Rong's fierce attack, Ye Fan was calm as usual.

  There was still a touch of a light smile on his clear face, and the crowd couldn't see any panic or fear in his eyes, there was only the calmness as if it was a calm lake.

  "Hence the calmness!"

  "When I smash this fist down, I'll see if you can still pretend."

  Wu He Rong shouted furiously, and this expression of Ye Fan's gave him a sense of anger at being slighted.

  Thus, under the fierce explosion, the fist in Wu He Rong's hand was suddenly several points stronger.


  The iron fist smashed through the air waves.

  Seeing that Wu He Rong's strike was about to smash into Ye Fan's chest, who would have thought that Ye Fan's body would immediately lean back and a beautiful iron plate cross bridge.


  The giant fist wrapped around the wave of air and just like that, it grazed the corner of Ye Fan's coat and whistled away.




  "Mr. Chu is awesome~"

  "This iron plate cross bridge alone, but it's already a thousand times beyond some stupid pervert who thinks he's a Guan Gong in the world."

  Seeing that Ye Fan dodged Wu He Rong's punch, Chen Ao and the others were suddenly relieved, unaware that cold sweat was spilling out on their backs.

  Li Er was even laughing proudly there in excitement.

  His voice was not small, as if he was deliberately speaking to someone .

  As expected, Zhao Wuji's face darkened then and snorted, "Don't get cocky too soon."

  "It's only the first move, and it was a close one to avoid."

  "This kind of luck, can he have it once, could it be that there's a second time?"

  As soon as Zhao Wuji's words fell, the second punch from Wu Heirong in the ring smashed out again.

  Ye Fan side dodged, but Wu He Rong's attack fell into the air again.

  This hit to the face came too fast, like a tornado, Zhao Wuji's old face was green into shit at that time, but he couldn't say a word.


  "Mr. Zhao, does this face hit hurt?"

  Li Er's laughter rang out again at the right time.

  But Zhao Wuji had already coldly said, "What are you proud of?"

  "If he can dodge it once or twice, can't he dodge it a hundred times out of ten?"

  "If you hold on long enough, you'll lose!"

  "Sooner or later he has to lose under Wu He Rong's fist."

  Zhao Wuji's cold voice sounded and the faces of Chen Ao and the others then sank.


  Zhao Wuji's words were hard to hear, but they were by no means unreasonable.

  From the start of the battle until now, it looked like Ye Fan was unharmed under Wu He Rong's fists, but in reality, he had been being pressured by Wu He Rong.

  In this kind of fight, defeat was inevitable.

  "Mr. Chu, you must win~" Chen Ao and the others couldn't stop praying in their hearts.

  However, offstage, how would they know Wu He Rong's collapse now.

  The Wu He Rong at this time, however, was close to being mad.

  From the beginning of the fight until now, he had thrown no less than ten punches and kicked no less than ten kicks, but this junior youth in front of him was just like a loach.

  It was obvious that he was close to hitting him every time, but it grazed his body every time.

  Fighting so far, he hadn't even been able to touch his clothes.

  "I don't believe it!"

  "I, the magnificent Blood Wolf King Wu He Rong, can't I still slaughter a junior like you?"

  Wu He Rong had become completely furious, his eyes were blood red, and his entire body was like a vicious wolf that had burst into blood.

  The Bloodthirsty Wolf King, this was definitely a prominent figure in the underground world of the West.

  The mercenary organization he led had made many people dreadful.

  If Wu He Rong's friend from back then had seen that he was now forced by a junior youth to such an extent, he would definitely be shocked!

  "Go to hell!"

  Wu Heirong roars wildly, punch after punch after punch!

  One leg after the other, one after the other!

  At this time, Wu He Rong was simply a mad dog, his body moves pouring out madly at Ye Fan without any life.

  That stormy attack had stunned the entire audience!

  However, facing Wu He Rong's fierce attack, Ye Fan's entire body was still as calm as ever.

  There was still that faint smile on his clear and elegant face.

  At this moment, Ye Fan was like a leaf boat on top of that stormy weather.Letting the wind and rain blow outside the sky, I drifted with the waves.

  At the end of the fight, Wu He Rong was almost exhausted, but he still hadn't touched half of Ye Fan's hairs.

  "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch!"

  "Don't hide~"

  "Fight me!"

  "What kind of hero is a hero for hiding around?"

  "It's a beastly thing to do~"


  "Don't hide if you can, fight me head on!"

  "Lai Kong~"

  Wu He Rong roared in anger.

  Finally, Ye Fan, who had been silent, lifted his face at this moment.

  The moonlight was like water, mixed with that dim light, shining on Ye Fan's body, but it sprinkled a patchwork of colorful and

  He looked towards Wu He Rong and smiled faintly, "Good, as you wish!"


  The split second that Ye Fan's words fell, it was as if a sword had come out of its casket, its sharpness revealed!

  And like a reclining dragon opening its eyes, the dragon roars to the heavens!

  A majestic momentum was as if a storm had risen, bringing up a wild wind that swept across the sky.

  In the next moment, everyone only saw that Ye Fan opened his hand and grasped at this heaven and earth with a void.

  It was as if he grasped the wind, and seemed to grasp the electricity.

  Then, amidst everyone's shocked and violent gaze, they only saw Ye Fan beam his hand into a blade and slash at the sky!


  In the void, there was only a flash of white marks.

  It was as if an electric snake flew by, like lightning.

  Just like that, it flashed away with a swift thunderbolt.

  I have a sword that will cut down the world!


  It was as if something had cracked open and sour water had flowed out.

  Ahead, Wu He Rong's forward steps came to an abrupt halt.

  The entire person, just like that, was dumbstruck.

  It was as if a puppet had broken its strings, and like a machine that had lost its electricity.

  Before Wu He Rong, all the fierceness, all the tyranny, all the might, was gone.On the old face, all that remained was a touch of intense horror, and intimidating fear.

  He looked at Ye Fan, his pupils crumpled, and he lost his voice in terror, "This...This is, Yun...Yun...Yun Dao Tian...Book?"


  How could this most humble outcast son of the Chu family be in possession of the Chu family's most secret item, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book?

  At this moment, Wu He Rong's eyes were filled with fear.

  Ye Fan withdrew his hand and stood with a negative hand, smiling proudly, "You do have some eyesight, seeing that with this is the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book?"

  "It's just a shame that you killed and sold the wrong man."

  "All of you have underestimated me."

  "Not only you, but also the Chu family."

  "One day, I'll let those behind you know that what they disdain today, what kind of existence they will stand before them in the future."


  The wind was cold, bringing back Ye Fan's domineering aura, and his majesty swept across the four directions.

  And near the same time, under Wu He Rong's neck, a demonic blood line, then emerged.

  Red blood, spurting wildly.

  Who would have thought that in that instant just now, this Blood Wolf King, who had crossed the sea to the east and made the entire Jiangdong Big Brother dreadful, would have his throat sealed by a single blow from Ye Fan!

  Blood, flowing.

  On the fifteenth day of the eighth month, on the night of the full moon, Ye Fan beheaded Wu He Rong under Mount Tai!

  The whole world will be amazed.


Outside, there was a violent wind surging, and on the road, the vehicles coming and going were like a caravan of horses.

  In the Taishan clubhouse, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, but with a touch of pride and domination on the corner of his mouth.

  In front of him, Wu He Rong had already been covered in blood.The vitality passed away like flowing water, and a pair of pupils, too, were gradually dispersed.In the end, he collapsed on the ground with a bang.

  At the last moment before dying, Wu He Rong, however, was filled with unwillingness and remorse.

  He had never thought that he would end up falling into the hands of a junior person.

  A lifetime of accumulation, and now, it had finally turned into a bubble.

  If he had known that Ye Fan was so majestic, at first, even if he had died, he would have never received this mission from that Chu family.

  However, there are thousands of medicines in the world, but there is only no regret.

  From the moment Wu He Rong stepped into Jiangdong, today's end was already predetermined.


  The several hundred pounds of his body, smashed to the ground, bringing a dull echo, but trembled the entire world.

  The Scarlet Wolf King, a generation of kingpin, but fell like this.It was sealed by Ye Fan's sword and fell on top of the meeting hall.

  Just like what Ye Fan said before, Wu He Rong eventually slept under Mount Tai.

  After Wu He Rong's body fell to the ground, Ye Fan kicked out another kick, and his bloody body was like a useless dog, Ye Fan kicked it directly, red blood stained the sky, and finally, in the eyes of everyone, it smashed directly in front of Zhao Wuji with a bang.


  The corpse smashed to the ground, the recoil caused that body to tremble three times, and finally rolled to Zhao Wuji's feet, spurting blood splattering all over Zhao Wuji's body.


  At that moment, looking at the miserable and godless body beneath his feet, Zhao Wuji was nearly scared out of his wits, and in the end, even more so, his feet went soft and his entire body directly spread out on the ground.

  Before this, Zhao Wuji had always thought that Ye Fan was just a fledgling brat, and that Chen Ao letting him fight was purely a joke.

  But who would have thought that it was this junior youth that he despised and despised, but in the end, it was this young man who ended up exploding in the air with a single, fierce move.The majestic majesty shook the entire Jiangdong.

  At this time, the entire arena was silent.

  Above the stands, the people who filled the seats had their mouths open in shock, all of them drew cold air.

  The scene in front of them was clearly beyond everyone's expectations!

  Li Xiaohong had already been stunned and startled, looking at the much-anticipated Ye Fan on that ring.

  Beside him, Liu Jiawei was even more wide-eyed, filled with horror.When Ye Fan blew up Wu He Rong with a single move, Liu Jiawei's entire brain was almost immediately muddled, and only then did Liu Jiawei realize what kind of person they had messed with before?

  Wang Yu was also full of incredulity, staying in the same place with his mouth open, but he was unable to speak for a long time.

  The entire club was silent, the air quiet as if the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

  All the sneers just now are gone, all the disdain is gone.

  Ye Fan had undoubtedly beaten everyone's dog face with the naked reality.

  At this moment, everyone kept their mouths shut, and no one dared to insult Ye Fan anymore.

  In the midst of the large field, but only Nan Chen was smiling happily, "I knew that I, brother Xiaofan, was the best."

  Nan Chen smiled wanly, on top of her pretty face, the corners of her mouth had curved into crescents.She looked at the man who was under the spotlight from afar, and her eyebrows were filled with a radiant and inexplicable light.

  On the ring, Ye Fan was still standing with his hands negative.

  His eyebrows and eyes contain power, his face contains a cold smile, but his deep eyes are sweeping the four directions, like a king looking around the world.

  In front of him, ten thousand people were trembling, behind him, Mount Tai was standing, and the sea of clouds was rolling.

  Under the nine heavens, Ye Fan faced the crowd, but stepped forward, majestic and drink.Tyrannical words, majestic words, only like a golden stone falling to the ground, reverberating throughout the entire world.

  "The stars and fires of the prairie are changing the heavens and the earth, and the Chuxiao Dragon is chanting my Heavenly Fan!"

  "After today, Jiangdong, I'll be the master."

  "Is there anyone present who disagrees?"


  A touch of wild wind swept across, and under Ye Fan's words, it was as if thunder had exploded, and majestic might swept the four directions.

  Under Ye Fan's might, everyone turned pale with horror.

  Even people such as Lei laosan Wang Jiexi and others, however, found themselves under Ye Fan's might, they had an impulse to fall down and worship.


  This Ye Fan, was he really just a young man in his early twenties?

  Even the King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao, can't match such courage and boldness alone.

  While the people of Jiangdong were hesitating and hesitating, Li Lao Er was the first to step out.

  He cupped his hands, bowed and bent his waist, and paid respectful homage to Ye Fan: "Mr. Chu is majestic and majestic, it is a blessing for Jiangdong to have Mr. Chu as its master."

  "After today, I, Old Two Li, would like to represent Jiangdong Yunzhou and serve Mr. Chu as my honor!"

  After Li's second, Lei laosan hesitated for a moment, but also stepped forward and bowed again, "I, Jiangdong Jingzhou, am also willing to serve Mr. Chu as my master.In the future, I, Lei Laosan, will be the only one to follow Mr. Chu's lead!"

  After the two of them had expressed their allegiance, Jiangdong Chen Ao also stepped out and bowed down to Ye Fan in respect, "I, Chen Ao, on behalf of Jianghai, would like to serve Mr. Chu as the Lord of Jiangdong!"

  "Only sir, the horse is the head!"


  It was as if a boulder was like a sea, setting off a thousand layers of giant waves.

  After Chen Ao and others walked out, the other big brothers of Jiangdong power, also one after another forward, towards Ye Fan worship together, the respectful voice, the words of awe, but gathered into a stream, impacting the entire hall.

  Watching this scene, on the stands, but everyone trembled and lost their voice.

  Many people were clear that after today, a new era would undoubtedly open in Jiangdong.

  Before this, two tigers competed in the Jiangdong land, Zhao Wuji and Chen Ao were fighting openly and secretly.And the appearance of Ye Fan, undoubtedly completely ended the previous Jiangdong east and west of the two opposing forces, completely unified Jiangdong.

  From then on, there was only one voice left in the land of Jiangdong.

  That was, Ye Fan's voice alone!

  At the Taishan Martial Association, Wu He Rong came across the sea and killed several people in a row, creating a huge wave throughout Jiangdong.Under his might, Torture River fled without a fight, and Meng Baichuan was killed directly by his two punches and one kick.

  Wu He Rong's divine might shook the entire Jiangdong!

  However, just when everyone was filled with despair, at the critical juncture of life and death in Jiangdong, there was a man who stood out resolutely.

  He saved the wild waves from falling and helped the building to fall.

  With absolute majesty, Ye Fan sealed his throat with a single sword, completely ending Wu He Rong's evil life.

  Such majesty?Such divine power?

  Who else in the whole of Jiangdong could disobey?

  The battle of Jiangdong, Ye Fan is undoubtedly famous!

  "Evan, you're right, why have you ever been in the dark?"

  "You were radiant, and where you are, there is light!"

  Looking at the white-clothed man in that ring who was worshipped and respected by countless big brothers, Li Xiaohong softly whispered, her beautiful eyes filled with endless overflowing colors and shock.

  Before this, everyone thought that Ye Fan's previous words were youthful arrogance.

  However, it was only until this moment that Li Xiaohong and the others truly knew what kind of existence Ye Fan, who was standing in front of them before, actually was!

  On the other hand, in the corner, Suzy was similarly full of admiration, looking at the blurred back in the clubhouse that was receiving the attention of all, and in her eyebrows, there was endless respect and yearning: "Orange, after today, this Mr. Chu, I'm afraid he's going to be famous in Jiangdong~"

  Suzy was filled with emotion and admiration, how she wished that she could be favored by him and become this Mr. Chu's woman.

  "That's definitely, make all the women in the world jealous of it~" lamented Suzy's ghostly emotion.

  However, it was no one who noticed that the stunning woman beside Suzy at this moment had a pair of beautiful eyes staring intently at that backdrop, her entire petite body trembling.


"Orange, what's wrong with you?"

  "You're even more excited than I am?"

  "Are you also overwhelmed by Mr. Chu's power and majesty?"

  "Also, since ancient times, beautiful women have loved heroes.Now that Mr. Chu has fought a battle and is completely famous in Jiangdong, I'm afraid that his power in Jiangdong will be unmatched in the future."

  "If I can become his wife, I'm sure I'll be the happiest woman in the whole world, right?"

  Seeing Qiu Mu Orange trembling with excitement, Suzy couldn't help but lament.

  As she said this, her beautiful eyes were still gazing obsessively at the lean back that was surrounded by the Jiangdong big man, and her exquisite pretty face was filled with fascination and yearning.

  "Orange Orange, I really want to squeeze to the front and see this Mr. Chu ah."

  "But although right now we can only see Mr. Chu's blurred back, but with such an upright and lean body, I guarantee that Mr. Chu's front face is definitely not bad either."

  "You know, whether a man is handsome or not, seven points depends on his temperament, two points on his body, and the last point is his face value."

  "Just looking at Mr. Chu's back and this temperament alone, it's at least nine points."


  "But I still want to go over and see Mr. Chu's real face~"

  "I blame my damn brother for giving us such a backward ticket."

  "That really pisses me off~"

  Su Xi couldn't stop complaining, because of the regret and anger, the whole person is almost crazy.

  The Taishan Club is so big, Suzy and Qiu Mu orange were sitting in the corner of the last row, so all they saw was a blurred figure of Mr. Chu, they couldn't even see what brand of clothes he was wearing, let alone clearly see his true face.

  However, while Suzy was complaining, next to him, Qiu Mu-Orange, whose delicate body had been trembling just now, for some unknown reason, suddenly stood up and recklessly ran towards that ring in the center of the clubhouse.

  "Orange Orange?"

  "What are you doing?"

  "Are you crazy?"

  "I was just talking nonsense, and you actually had the nerve to run up there?"

  After seeing Qiu Mu Orange's actions, Suzy's entire body went crazy.

  She had always thought that Qiu Mucheng was a stable and introverted girl, and such things as chasing after stars couldn't be related to Qiu Mucheng.Even if one of the biggest stars on TV appeared in front of her, Su Xi was sure that she would be indifferent and wouldn't even look at her.

  But today, Qiu Mu Orange's actions were undoubtedly greatly beyond Su Xi's expectations.

  He had never expected that he had just casually said that he wanted to run up to see Mr. Chu's lineup, but Autumn Mu Orange actually went up there.

  At that time, Suzy was terrified.

  What kind of occasion was this?

  The place where the big bosses gathered.

  Second Master Li and Third Master Lei were all here.

  Any one of the people here would be a giant big shot who dominates the side.

  Even if Suzy's father wasn't an ordinary person, that was because she knew what she was doing.He knew deep down that even with her identity background, these people today were absolutely too much for her to provoke.

  Even she was like that, let alone Autumn Mu Orange?

  "Orange, get back here!"

  "Don't go~"

  "We can't afford to mess with these people, can we?"

  "It will even bring ruin to our family~"

  Suzy stood up and also tried to hold Autumn Mucus Orange back, but Autumn Mucus Orange also didn't know what was going on, shrugged off Suzy's obstruction with great force, and ran forward without a care in the world.

  Throughout all of this, her beautiful eyes never moved away from the thin figure in the meeting hall.

  Even though he couldn't see the person's face, for some reason, when the person stood up from the crowd, an impulse then rose in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange, undoubtedly unable to suppress that impulse in her heart anymore, ran up regardless.

  She had to see.

  She had to take a look.

  Is this "Mr. Chu", is he Ye Fan or not?


  "Where's the crazy woman?"

  "Fuck, you stepped on my foot asshole~"

  "My Coke, you knocked over my Coke~"


  There was a burst of curses along the way, yet Autumn Mu Orange was oblivious to it.

  No one could stop her, and no one could stop her, her eyebrows were determined, her beautiful eyes were red, and her sight was deadly looking at the back in front of her, her heart shouting over and over again.

  "Ye Fan, is that you?"

  "Are you really, Mr. Chu?"

  No one can understand Qiu Mu Orange's emotions today, she almost doesn't dare to imagine that the son-in-law Ye Fan, who has suffered a lot of humiliation in the Qiu family, would be Mr. Chu, who is in front of her and is worshipped by the big bosses in Jiangdong, and is the most powerful man in the world.

  However, it was really too similar.

  The back, the silhouette, even the hairstyle were all so similar, the only difference was perhaps the few clothes on the body, and the majestic temperament.

  However, as Qiu Mu Orange ran to the front row, she was eventually stopped by the security guards.

  "Let go of me, you guys let go of me~"

  "Ye Fan, Ye Fan~ You bastard!"

  "You look back~"



  The crowd was so noisy that Autumn Mu-Orange's voice was soon drowned out in the din of the crowd.


  In the front, Ye Fan who was following Chen Ao and the others who were about to leave, but his forward steps suddenly stopped.

  "Mr. Chu, is something wrong?"Chen Ao and the others were also confused and looked at Ye Fan and asked respectfully.

  "Someone seems to be calling out to me?"Ye Fan turned back and looked around.

  Immediately afterwards, a fragrant breeze came, a clear and graceful silhouette, but then she pounced towards Ye Fan's bosom.

  "Brother Xiaofan, you're so great~"

  "I knew it, my brother Fan is the best."

  Nan Chen grabbed Ye Fan's arm, but she said excitedly, happy as if she was a little sparrow in June.

  "Nan Nan, no rudeness to Mr. Chu!"

  "No big, no small~"

  The side of Chen Ao ton coldly snapped at his daughter.

  But Ye Fan waved his hand "I take Nan Nan as my sister, between brother and sister, naturally there is no need to be formal."

  Then Ye Fan looked at Nan Nan and shook his head and smiled "So it's you a girl who is calling me."

  "Let's go together."

  Ye Fan said softly, and then the group of people went to the reception hall in the clubhouse.

  "Let me go, you guys let me go~"

  Autumn Mu Orange was still struggling, trying to push these security guards away.

  "Miss, the front is a private area, no entry allowed.Please also cooperate with Miss."

  However, no matter how much the security guards tried to dissuade her, Qiu Mu Orange did not listen at all.

  In the end, she even bit up directly towards the security guards' hands.


  A scream, the security guard's pain immediately retracted his arm, taking this opportunity, Qiu Mu Orange then broke through the obstruction, towards the front then ran over.

  Her beautiful eyes were red, and her exquisite pretty face carried an inexplicable stubbornness and stubbornness as she ran and shouted to the front, "Ye Fan, is that you?"


However, Qiu Mu Orange was disappointed after all.

  By the time he rushed out of the security guard, the place where Mr. Chu and the others were standing was empty.

  Before he could see Mr. Chu's face, he was once again controlled by the security guards who came after him.

  Reception Hall.

  Ye Fan was sitting peacefully, with Nan Chen accompanying him.

  Chen Ao, Li Er and the others were also present.

  In the room, there was silence, only the cold wind outside the window, blowing slowly.

  In front of everyone, Zhao Wuji and the others were pale, standing there with their heads bowed, and there was still a bit of blood on their expensive suits.

  It was from when Wu He Rong was kicked from the ring by Ye Fan just now, and it burst onto Zhao Wuji's body.

  Ye Fan's Herculean might had undoubtedly frightened Zhao Wuji long ago.,.

  He was now standing there, trembling, where he still had the slightest bit of authority from when he first came to face Ye Fan in Aning County.

  "Old thing, why don't you kneel down to Mr. Chu!"

  Li Er sneered, then stepped forward and kicked Zhao Wuji to the ground again.

  "Li Er, you dare to kick me?I'm the head of Jiangdong..."

  "Head you numb!"

  Zhao Wuji was just halfway through his sentence when Li Er smacked him again and his face was distorted.

  "Still think it's the original Jiangdong now, huh?"

  "Today's Jiangdong, Mr. Chu is the most respected."

  "Mr. Chu says you're the richest man in Jiangdong, and you're the fucking one.If Mr. Chu disagrees, you're fucking nothing!"

  Between the words, Li Er backhandedly slapped again, directly hitting the left side of Zhao Wuji's face crooked again.

  "Paralyzed, how refreshing!"

  Li Er seemed to be addicted to beating Zhao Wuji with a left and a right slap.

  In the past, Zhao Wuji was the richest and most powerful man in Jiangdong, and Li Er had suffered a lot at his hands.One year, Li Er even offended Zhao Wuji, when Zhao Wuji bullyingly ordered his men to directly slap Li Er.

  "Zhao Wuji, I endured that slap back then."

  "Because I knew that sooner or later, I would return it to you double."

  "Now, I've done it!"

  Li Er laughed sardonically and kicked Zhao Wuji to the ground again.

  Those men beside Zhao Wuji, however, were just watching, filled with fear, and didn't dare to say a word of fart.

  After all, Ye Fan was watching from the side.

  Ye Fan's fierceness, they had all seen it before, who dared to make a fuss in front of him?

  Zhao Wuji finally conceded and kneeled on the ground, apologizing to Ye Fan in fear: "Chu...Mr. Chu, it was me who was blind and unaware before.I hope that Mr. Chu will be generous and bypass me this time."

  "In the future, I, Zhao Wuji, will definitely be at the forefront of Mr. Chu's mind and will never say anything else."

  Zhao Wuji's miserable voice echoed throughout the room.

  Ye Fan didn't reply, but peeled a grape and handed it to Nan Chen beside him.

  "Thank you, brother Fan~" Nan Chen smiled hehehe, her beautiful eyes curved into crescent moons.

  This scene looked at the side of the second Li but pounded his chest ah.The heart cursed Chen Ao this old fox really old strategy ah, this beauty trick to use, even he is extremely admired.

  The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the situation.

  "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu, what do you say back?"

  Zhao Wuji was on the verge of tears, like the prisoner waiting for his trial, this unknown waiting was undoubtedly the most terrifying.

  After a long time, but Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "I'm the only one who's head?"

  "In terms of loyalty, do you think you're better than Li Er?!"

  "In terms of wrist, are you better than Chen Ao?!"

  "In terms of family heritage and energy background, how can you compare to Lei Laosan?!"

  "There are many capable people in Jiangdong, and I, Ye Fan, have better talents than you available under me, what do you think, what's the use of me keeping you?!!!"

  Ye Fan asked several questions in a row, but his words were icy cold and mighty.

  The majestic words, just like a gold stone falling to the ground, throwing a sound, trembling the entire room.

  Zhao Wuji's old face was pale and miserable, his eyes full of fear as he kneeled and begged, "Mr. Chu, don't~."

  "I'll give you the money, half of my assets, all with both hands, just ask Mr. Chu to bypass my life~"

  Zhao Wuji kneeled in fear and begged miserably, yet where did Ye Fan spare him and laughed coldly.

  "Half the assets?"

  "What a joke."

  "Do you think you have the right to say that to me now?"

  Ye Fan retorted and continued to drink again in a cold voice, "Zhao Wuji, you are wrong in a thousand ways for messing with me."

  "Chen Ao, have you brought the coffin that Zhao sent me before?"

  "Break his legs later, throw him into a coffin, and send him out of Jiangdong."

  "After today, there will be no more Zhao Wuji in the land of Jiangdong."

  Ye Fan's words were tantamount to giving Zhao Wuji a death sentence.

  Zhao Wuji was in despair and begged miserably, but where did Chen Ao and the others give him the chance.

  "Take away!"

  Chen Ao gave an order, then let someone take off Zhao Wuji, the words are cold, but there is no mercy at all.

  This is how cruel the battle of powers has been since ancient times.

  Today, relying on the power of Ye Fan, it is his Chen Ao to the last laugh.But Chen Ao has no doubt that if his identity is switched and the situation is reversed, he will end up worse than Zhao Wuji today.

  After Zhao Wuji was dragged away, Ye Fan then instructed Li Er, Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and the others to go to several big cities in the western part of Jiangdong tomorrow to officially take over those industries that were previously controlled by Zhao Wuji.

  "Do it in my name."

  "I'd like to see who still disobeys me in this Jiangdong land!!!"

  How domineering Ye Fan's words were, and the entire room was filled with Ye Fan's reverberations.

  Li Er and the others immediately agreed, promising to do this matter well.

  In the past, in the eight cities in the west of Jiangdong, with Zhao Wuji as the leader, they were incompatible with Chen Ao and the others.

  Now that Ye Fan has expelled Zhao Wuji from Jiangdong, there is no head of the dragons in Jiangdong, Li Er, Chen Ao and others can use Ye Fan's power to tame Zhao Wuji's subordinates.

  "Mr. Chu, we've brought these unsightly things to you."

  "Kneel down yet!"

  After dealing with Zhao Wuji's matter, Ye Fan was just about to leave and return to Yunzhou, but the two brothers Jin Bao and Yin Bao suddenly pushed the door in and kicked the three men and women right in like dogs.

  "Chu...Mr. Chu, I...We were wrong, I...We were really wrong~"

  These three people are none other than Liu Jiawei and Wang Yu who coveted Chen Nan and set a trap for Ye Fan before.

  Seeing Ye Fan, Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei were already scared out of their wits and fell to their knees, unable to stop begging for mercy.

  Nan Chen saw the situation, but stepped forward, facing Wang Yu and the others, smiling softly, "Uncle Wang, Young Master Liu, before I said that my brother Xiaofan is by no means a cold family, he is a big man that you cannot afford to mess with."

  "At that time, you guys didn't believe me, but instead said that my brother Xiaofan was a countryside loser and an incompetent trash."

  "Now, you guys believe it?"

  Nan Chen's words were full of teasing.

  "Faith, we believe it."

  "It's our dog's eyes that look down on people, it's our mouth that's cheap, please Mr. Chu, Mrs. Chu, can you look at Xiao Hong's face and forgive us this time?"

  Wang Yu had cried, one snotty nose and one tear.

  Liu Jiawei on the side was also scared to death.

  Only until this moment did they know what kind of big person they had offended before?

  They were filled with remorse, and all that was left in their hearts was trepidation.

  As for Li Xiaohong, she was also kneeling there at this time, her pretty face hanging low, not daring to say a word.

  Previously, the two Jinbao Yinbao had learned from Nan Chen that Liu Jiawei and the others had offended Ye Fan, so they took it upon themselves to arrest these three ungrateful things.

  Li Xiaohong was with Wang Yu and the others, so naturally they were also arrested together.

  "Get up."

  Ye Fan laughed softly and walked over, but he gently assisted Li Xiaohong.

  "Thank you, Mr. Chu, thank you, Mr. Chu~" the two brothers, Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei, thought that Ye Fan was talking to them, and immediately stood up as if they had been given amnesty.

  The two brothers, Jinbao and Yinbao, then one by one, kicked over, ", made you stand?"

  "Kneel down!"

  "I~I~" both Liu Jiawei cried, kneeling in fear.

  But Ye Fan, on Li Xiaohong's face, didn't embarrass them in the end, just told them to remember to grow a long memory.

  As he left, Ye Fan specifically called out to Liu Jiawei: "Young Master Liu, remember, the Eiffel Tower is French and the penguins are Antarctic.If we really can't remember, then it's better to pretend/behave less in the future."

  "It's not good to be a calm person, a kind person, and a person whose smile is always on his lips, right?"

  Ye Fan was sitting on the sofa, smiling shallowly, that innocent face, just like a harmless young man.

  But everyone here was clear about what kind of majesty lay beneath that innocent face of this seemingly ordinary youth in front of him?

  After this was done, Ye Fan was ready to return to Yunzhou.

  "Mr. Chu, are you in such a hurry to leave?"

  "Since we're at the foot of Mount Tai, why don't you let Nan Nan play with you for two days before you leave?"Chen Ao laughed from the side.

  Ye Fan shook his head: "No.That guy at home is angry, better hurry back and coax it."

  Ye Fan smiled helplessly, and the surrounding crowd also laughed lightly after hearing it.It was obvious that he didn't expect that Mr. Chu, the hallowed and majestic Jiangdong, was still such a family-oriented man.

  However, at this moment, someone else walked in outside the room.

  "Mr. Chu, just now there was a woman in the clubhouse who was like crazy, clamoring to see your true face."

  "I was afraid that she might have rushed Mr. Chu, so I brought her under control and waited for Mr. Chu's punishment."


Jinbao Yinbao face inviting credit, to Ye Fan respectful words.

  Nan Chen listened at this time, but looked to the side of Ye Fan with a face full of smiles: "Brother Fan, today's Taishan martial battle, you with the strength of one person, to save the wild waves in both fall, help the building will fall."

  "Your valiant and kingly spirit at that time, I'm afraid that you have charmed many young girls."

  "I didn't think that it was only a moment's work, but a little fan girl has already come to see you, I'm afraid that you will also ask for an autograph later, oh, there might even be a little fan girl throwing herself at you?"

  "Now that Sister Mu Orange isn't here, Brother Fan, you mustn't act recklessly oh, otherwise I'll definitely tell Sister Mu Orange, and then I'll go home and let Brother Fan kneel on the scrub board."

  Nan Chen said almost jokingly, a pair of beautiful eyes filled with laughter, almost curved into a crescent moon.

  It was also true that in the eyes of many people, the current Ye Fan had long been synonymous with the power of Jiangdong.Not only did he have unearthly power, but he was also standing on top of the Jiangdong power, and so young, and now he had become famous in a single battle, completely famous throughout Jiangdong.

  Such a capable man, I wonder how many women will be willing to throw themselves into his arms after today, dreaming of becoming Ye Fan's wife.

  It can be imagined how many temptations there will be around Ye Fan in the future.

  Nan Chen was really worried for Qiu Mu Orange, whether her little brother Fan would get drunk and fall in a woman's tender land, worshipping under the pomegranate skirt of her person.

  "You ninny~"

  Hearing that Nan Chen was going to sue Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan also couldn't help but smile bitterly, spoiling Nan Chen's nose.

  "Fine, fine, I'm really afraid of you guys."

  "This little fan girl, I won't see it is."

  "But agreed, you're not allowed to give your sister Mu Orange a bad word about me."

  "Now she's still angry with me, if you try to stir things up from there, then it'll blow up."

  Ye Fan laughed bitterly, the whole image of a bitter husband who was deeply oppressed by his wife.Then he asked Jinbao Yinbao to send that little fan girl away.

  "Just say that I have something else to do, I'll see you again in the future."

  "Remember, don't embarrass people."

  Ye Fan instructed, and then he also followed Chen Ao and the others to leave the Taishan Clubhouse through the VIP passage.

  In the clubhouse, however, Qiu Mu Orange was still clamoring to see Mr. Chu.

  "This lady, Mr. Chu has already left, and you are afraid that you won't have the chance to see him."

  "Before he left, Mr. Chu left a message saying that he would meet again in the future if there was fate."

  From the front, came the security guard's voice full of regret.


  "He...He's gone?"Qiu Mu Orange was flabbergasted, and her body, which was struggling, then quieted down, filled with loss.

  She hadn't seen Mr. Chu after all, and the deepest doubts in her heart hadn't been solved after all.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange's ears, however, recalled that night by the Cloud Mist Lake, Ye Fan's throwaway words.


  "Sooner or later, you'll naturally understand that all my achievements didn't rely on anyone else, they all relied on me, Ye Fan alone~"


  "Ye Fan, are you really Mr. Chu?"

  "If so, you do have the strength to say those words."Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes reddened as she whispered secretly in her heart.

  At this time, Suzy had already come up from the rear, and after seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was fine, she then let out a sigh of relief.

  "Security uncle, this is my friend, my friend has also admired Mr. Chu for a long time, and that's why he did such an impulsive thing."

  "If I've offended you, please forgive me, please forgive me ha~"

  When Suzy arrived, she vigorously made amends to those security guards, and also took out a wad of money to distribute to them, hoping that the guards would release Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Well, it's still you who will come to things."

  "Next time, watch out for your friend, you have to be careful about how you chase stars."

  "And now that Mr. Chu has become famous and is known as Jiangdong, there are countless people who admire Mr. Chu, if they are all so impulsive like you, what's the point?"

  "It's also thanks to me blocking your friend this time, otherwise, if you really offended Mr. Chu, a few heads of you two wouldn't be enough to cut it off."

  "Still not leaving?"

  The security guard spoke for a while, and then he also let them go, letting Autumn Mu Orange go.

  "Orange, what do you think just happened to you?"

  "Did you take the wrong medication?"

  "Mr. Chu is now the esteem of Jiangdong, comparable to the master of a province.You just charge up like that, you don't want to live?"

  "Even if you really want to marry Mr. Chu and throw yourself at him, you can't fight with your life, right?"

  "I can't understand you."

  "Where's that calm, relaxed energy you used to have?Why so impulsive?"

  The wheels sped, and at this time, Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange had returned to the car and drove towards the hotel.Recalling what had just happened, but Suzy was terrified, and couldn't help but rebuke Qiu Mu Orange.

  Along the way, Qiu Mu Orange remained silent, her heart was heavy, as if she had lost her soul.

  As Suzy watched, she became even more speechless: "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?You speak."

  Suzy couldn't stop asking, and finally, only after a long time, did Autumn Mu Orange Fang whispered back, "Suzy, I think I saw Ye Fan."


  "Evan?The son-in-law?That hillbilly?"

  "Is he still chasing you to Anning County, crying for a reunion?"

  "Holy shit, he's a real shade."

  "Tell me where he is, this lady is going to meet him, I have to make this hillbilly die, I can't let him pester you anymore."

  After hearing that Ye Fan had even chased after her to Anning County, Suzy was undoubtedly instantly furious and scolded Ye Fan as she drove while being a deadbeat.

  However, the words that followed from Qiu Mu Orange made Su Xi's entire body freeze as well.

  "Xi Xi, the Mr. Chu in the clubhouse today, perhaps, is Ye Fan."


  Susie braked sharply then, her tires scraping against the ground with an ear-splitting screech.

  The huge inertia then dragged the BMW around the road and ended up stopped across the middle of the road.

  "Orange, what did you say?"

  "That redneck, you say, is Mr. Chu?"

  Susie stared at him like she'd seen a ghost.

  "Holy shit!"

  "You stop it!"

  "If you had said that your brother-in-law Chu Wenfei was the forcefully handsome Mr. Chu in the clubhouse today, I might have believed some of it."

  "But you actually said that your door-to-door husband was Mr. Chu?"

  "I think you're crazy."

  "It's not like you don't know what that wimpy husband of yours is capable of, he's a redneck, he can be Mr. Chu?"

  Suzy lost her voice and couldn't stop saying it, not believing those crap from Autumn Mu Orange at all.

  "And today, Mr. Chu, although we didn't see the real face, but that valiant back, that dominating spirit, do you think it's something that a yokel can have?"

  "Orange, let me just ask you this, do you think your wimp husband has the guts and the courage to stand in front of the Jiangdong crowd and tyrannically shout out the majestic words, "In the future, Jiangdong will be governed by me"?"

  Suzy shook her head for a while, only feeling afraid that this best friend of hers was really sick to her stomach.

  "Orange Orange, this tour I brought you here to take a break from the shadow of your failed marriage, why are you still getting deeper and deeper into it?"

  "Look at everyone who looks like that wimpy husband of yours."

  "It's just as well to say that my man-god looks like that hillbilly, but Mr. Chu, the venerable man of Jiangdong, you also say that he looks like that door-to-door son-in-law?"

  "This identity is so clouded, how dare you even think about it?"

  "You're so hopelessly out of your depth."

  Susie stroked her forehead for a moment, full of helplessness.


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