Dish Best Served Cold 141-150


Chapter 141

In the hall.

  Ye Fan's phone had been thrown to Zhao Lichun.

  Zhao Lichun looked down and saw the caller ID on Ye Fan's phone, and it was really Lei Laosan.

  "Boss, this guy is just bluffing us."

  "Pay attention to him for what?"

  "Just break his dog's legs straight away."

  In the restaurant, the others were laughing.A look of mock ridicule, treating Chu Yun only as if he were an idiot.

  After all, Ye Fan was just a country bumpkin from a poor background, and looking like that, he was just a brat who was just starting out.This kind of person, even if he followed them around, he would at most be a runner's errand boy.

  He said he knew Lei San from Jingzhou?

  And you made Master Lei pay homage to you?

  Make the Prince of Lei kneel down and beg for mercy?

  It's a lie.

  Only idiots believe his bullshit, right.

  Those big men laughed sardonically, then went up to fuck Ye Fan.

  However, at this time Zhao Lichun reached out his hand and stopped them.

  "Bastard, acting like it."

  "Fine, I'll play along with you."

  "I'd like to see how long you're going to play this drama."

  In the middle of the conversation, Zhao Lichun also answered the phone.

  And put it on speakerphone, with the sound turned up to the maximum so that everyone could hear.

  "Hello, but is it Mr. Chu?"An old man's respectful voice came from the phone.

  Zhao Lichun didn't answer directly, but instead asked who the other man was.

  "I'm Lei Laosan, huh?"

  "Lei Laosan of Jingzhou, Mr. Chu, have you forgotten, we just met."Lei Laosan's words were puzzled.

  Zhao Lichun burst out laughing, "Hahaha~"

  "Guys, he says he's Ray the Third."

  "Do you believe that?"


  Zhao Lichun and the others all laughed, the laughter full of ridicule.That look was as if they had heard the world's biggest joke.

  Even the flirtatious girl in Zhao Lichun's arms was hiding a smile and trembling with flowers.


  "You're not Mr. Chu?"

  "Who are you?"

  "Where's Mr. Chu?"

  When Lei Laosan heard this, he clearly noticed a few things wrong, and his tone all sank, becoming much colder and more dignified.

  "Who am I?"

  "I'm your father."

  "Good son, call out to me as daddy, maybe I'll spare this Mr. Chu you're talking about."

  "Hahaha~" Zhao Lichun's words caused the crowd to burst out laughing.

  The way they looked, it was as if they were playing with an idiot.


  "Who the hell are you?"

  "How dare you speak like that to me, Lei Laosan?"

  "I see that you don't want to continue to hang around in this world."Lei Laosan had clearly become angry, and his words were filled with chill.The majesty and coldness that came even through the phone pounced on him.

  "I'll go, what majesty!"

  "You're returning Ray's third?"

  "If you were Lei San, I'd be your father, damn it!"

  "And you dare to put up a fight at me here."

  "Do you really fucking think I'm scared, Zhao Lichun?!"

  Zhao Lichun scolded coldly, his eyes full of sarcastic laughter.

  "I told you, I'm Lei Laosan."On the phone, the man repeated again.

  Zhao Lichun laughed coldly, "I also said that I'm your father."

  "I'm really Lei Laosan."

  "I'm really your father."

  "You're looking for death?!"On the other side of the phone, the deep male voice was even colder.

  But it was obvious that the pent-up monstrous anger beneath the words could be heard.

  It could be seen that the person on the other end of the phone was already on the edge of anger.

  It was as if a tumbling and rushing active volcano was about to erupt in the next moment.

  "Insolent, you son of a dog, how dare you speak to your father like this?"Zhao Lichun pretended to be angry and then laughed.

  In the hall, the others were also close to smiling.


  "Boss, are you too fucking funny?"

  "Laughing my ass off."

  "Guess that old man's about to get a kick out of you, huh?"


  In front of Ye Fan, those mighty and majestic men had bent over laughing at Zhao Lichun's almost playful words and couldn't straighten up at all.

  "Brother Zhao, you're really bad~"

  "Simply a load of bad luck."

  The slutty young woman also giggled, only to feel that her man was not only rich and powerful, but also funny and humorous.

  To be pampered by this kind of man, the slutty young woman suddenly felt very happy.

  Zhao Lichun also snickered, then his tone became cold and morose as he clearly wasn't going to continue playing with the other party anymore.

  "I still have things to do, so I'm not going to play with you son of a dog."

  "But remind you, this is also on the phone, if you are in front of me and say what you just said, I guarantee that you won't see the sun tomorrow."

  "Also, I have to tell you today that I am the sky here in Anning County.This "Mr. Chu" as you call him, he messed with me, and he's finished today."

  "Even the King of Heaven can't save him!!!"

  Zhao Lichun spoke eloquently, his face full of pride.The overbearing words resounded throughout the restaurant.The majesty, however, swept the four directions.

  After saying that, Zhao Lichun then also snapped and hung up the phone.

  The third Lei on the other end was so angry that his old face was livid to the extreme.

  "Lao San, what's wrong with you?"

  "Why do you look so ugly?"When Li Laoshi, who was next to him, saw it, he asked in confusion.

  Lei laosan paid no attention to him, but instead, with a gloomy face, he said, "You guys go to the venue first, I'll take care of some business and come to you right away."

  After saying that, Lei Laosan immediately got into the car and made a phone call at the same time.

  "Ah Yu, this side of Anning County, you're in charge of it, right.Do you know Zhao Lichun?"

  "Find out where he is and send it over."

  "Also, five minutes, get the boys over here."

  "Right, just Anning County."

  "Today, I, Lei Lao-san, will clean up the portal!"

  "It seems that I, Lei Laosan, have kept a low profile for too long, and even an unknown cat or dog dares to move on my head."

  Lei Laosan's face was full of astonishment, and there was actually some killing intent emerging in his brows and eyes.

  For many years, ever since taking complete control of Jingzhou, Lei Laosan had been behind the scenes, and had never been so angry as he was now!


  The wheels flew, a black Range Rover, but towards a certain restaurant, speeding away.

  At the same time, the entire underground world of Anning County, are also agitated.

  Dozens of vans, as if the flood tide, rushing in the streets of Anning County.

  It was as if they were pilgrim believers, or courtiers in audience.

  The monstrous momentum swept the four directions, converging towards the same place!

  Only if, a hundred rivers meet the sea.

  The formerly calm Peaceful County instantly throbbed.

  However, all of this outside, Zhao Lichun and the others were still unaware of it.

  "Bastard, suffer death."Zhao Lichun gave an order and was about to take action.

  However, Ye Fan laughed lightly, "Brother Zhao is it, why don't you wait and see?"

  "See what?"Zhao Lichun's eyebrows furrowed.

  "Let's see if that person just now is the real Lei San or the fake Lei San."

  "If it's the real one, he should be able to get here in five minutes at most.If five minutes is up and he hasn't arrived yet.I don't need Brother Zhao to do anything, I'll finish it myself."

  "How about it, do you dare to bet with me?"Ye Fan still looked calm, and Zhao Lichun didn't see any panic or trepidation from his appearance at all.

  "Bet you're paralyzed!"

  "Boss, this guy is just stalling for time, don't believe his bullshit."The subordinates shouted, going up to fuck Ye Fan.

  But Zhao Lichun said in a deep voice after a moment, "Good!"

  "I'll gamble with you today."

  "Five minutes are up, and if Lei San doesn't arrive, then you'll pay for your own legs!"

  The low words echoed in all directions.

  Outside the window, but there is a violent wind blowing, three thousand plants and trees, rustling.


Time, minute by minute, passed.

  As far as the eye could see, five minutes were about to pass.

  However, it was still calm outside the restaurant, and other than the tourists who came and went, no one else had arrived.

  Zhao Lichun was sitting there with a woman in his arms, still leisurely eating peanuts.

  As for Ye Fan, he looked calm, his hands in his pockets, quietly waiting for the passage of time minute by minute.

  "Stinker, still able to pretend?"

  "I'll see how much longer you can pretend."

  Zhao Lichun snorted, his eyes full of disdain and ridicule .

  Throughout all this, Ye Fan hadn't even entered his eyes, and naturally, he hadn't believed Ye Fan's bullshit .

  The reason why he was spending time with Ye Fan was merely to have Ye Fan break his legs himself .

  After all, if they did it, if Ye Fan took it to the government, he would be afraid of causing some trouble.

  But if Ye Fan broke his own legs, even if the police came, they wouldn't be able to pursue him.

  Finally, as the time pointed to 7:35pm.

  Zhao Lichun laughed, "Five minutes is up, hillbilly."

  "However, the Lei San, whom you waited for, didn't arrive."

  "End it yourself."

  "A country bumpkin, you Ben is humble and despicable, but you also dare to pretend to be in front of me?"

  "This is how you end."

  Zhao Lichun smiled faintly as he ate peanuts and played with the girl in his arms.

  Ye Fan also laughed, "Yeah, five minutes is up."

  "I'm afraid that the time of your death is also here."


  "Son of a bitch, are you fucking looking for death?"

  Ye Fan's words caused Zhao Lichun and the others to become furious, when they no longer had patience and gave an order, the men immediately rushed to the scene.

  However, at this moment, outside the restaurant, a roar of engines rang out.

  The earth trembled, and the roar of tires rubbing against the earth resounded throughout the world.

  Then, with a bang, the door of the restaurant was kicked open.

  A black group of people poured in like a torrent of steel, the leader of which was a flat-headed man.

  Zhao Lichun's men were shocked, and the enchanting young woman was also shocked, getting up and cursing wildly.

  "Where's the unseeing dog thing!"

  "Brother Zhao's venue, how dare you guys..."

  However, when Zhao Lichun saw the leading man, his heart trembled and his face changed dramatically, and his entire body scuffled up from his seat, slapping the slutty woman in his arms on the ground.

  "Brother Zhao, what are you doing?"The woman covered her face, her almond eyes red and near tears.

  "Grass mud horse, shut your doggy mouth!"

  Zhao Lichun cursed, his entire body nearly peeing in fear, and quickly ran over, smiling respectfully, "Brother Yu, what are you doing here?"

  "You're coming, you should have said so earlier.I'm sure I'll set up a good place here, good wine, good food and pretty girls, all in place for you!"

  "Look at your sudden arrival, when younger brother is not much prepared isn't it."

  Zhao Lichun looked like he was stammering to please, where was the slightest bit of authority from before when he faced Ye Fan.

  The reason why Zhao Lichun has been able to make a name for himself in An Ning County is because of his brother Yu's support.

  The two are very good personal friends, and they don't miss each other on weekdays.

  There were several beauties beside Brother Yu, all of whom Zhao Lichun had searched out and sent over.

  However, as soon as Zhao Lichun had finished that sentence, this flat-headed man kicked Zhao Lichun in the stomach, and then he directly kicked his entire body over again.


  "Prepare to die you!"

  "You don't know what you're doing, what kind of person do you dare to insult?"

  The flat-headed man cursed angrily.

  Zhao Lichun was lying on the ground, at first confused, and was about to ask why.

  However, the flat-headed man didn't even pay attention to him before leading a group of men to stand on either side, bowing and bending, and paying respectful homage to the restaurant beyond.

  "Welcome, Third Master!"

  "Welcome, Third Master~"



  The deafening sounds gathered into a stream that impacted the entire restaurant hall.

  At that moment, everyone present was confused.

  Zhao Lichun himself, even more so, had his pupils crumpled, his heart horrified, and his eyes, filled with fear and panic, were even closer to bursting out because of the horror.

  Could it be that Lei San, too, had arrived?

  In between the trepidation that filled the room, outside the restaurant, an old man with a central balding head, but a suit, black leather shoes tapping the ground, in the midst of everyone, then walked in.

  At this time, Lei laosan, expressionless, old face with indignation and ice cold.

  After entering the door, he looked around, and finally his sight fell on a certain place in the crowd.

  He walked over and bowed slightly, then in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gazes, he paid respectful homage to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, it was my Lei Laosan who was imperially incompetent and frightened you."



  Seeing the scene before them.

  Zhao Lichun, the slutty woman, and everyone else present, but they were all confused.

  In particular, the person who was about to fuck Ye Fan with a guy just now was even more pale and filled with fear, the whole person was close to peeing.

  Zhao Lichun himself, even more so, stared with dead eyes at the young man who was respectfully worshiped by Lei San, at that moment his brain was blank, his red lips were open, but the words he spoke were all trembling.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  Zhao Lichun simply found it hard to believe that a countryside dickhead from the countryside had the majesty that could make Jingzhou Lei San - respectfully worship him.

  At that moment, Zhao Lichun recalled the phone call that Ye Fan had asked him to take just now.

  Could it be that that phone call just now was really the Third Master of Lei?

  Oh, my God!

  What the fuck did I do?

  Did I make Lui San call out for Dad?

  Zhao Lichun had been completely confused, his heart full of fear, and despair!

  By now, he finally understood why Yuu had just met him and directly said that he should prepare to wait for death.

  Having provoked two heavenly figures in one go, his life had indeed come to an end!

  In the restaurant.

  Ye Fan stood with a negative hand, facing Lei Laosan's apologetic words and coldly returned, "You do know that you're imperially incompetent!"

  "This man just tried to break my legs.You know what to do, right?"

  "Mm."Lei Laosan nodded, "Mr. Chu, don't worry, leave the rest to me, Lei Laosan."

  Lei Laosan then turned around, his cold gaze, looking at the bald man in front of him who dared to let him call him father, his eyebrows were immediately icy cold.

  And then, Lei Laosan waved his hand and whispered, "Break his limbs."

  "Then, send him to the police station."

  "This kind of scum, just go straight to jail."

  Lei Laosan's words were as if a death sentence had been pronounced, and Zhao Lichun's face went suddenly white, as if all his strength had been drained away in an instant, and he directly spread out on the ground, filled with despair.

  At this time, outside the restaurant, nearly a hundred people poured in, and almost instantly took down all of Zhao Lichun's men, directly ending his lair.

  At the same time, Lei Laosan threw an iron rod at Zhao Lichun and told him to break his own legs.

  In the end, Zhao Lichun, who was in excruciating pain, was being carried out like a dog, but then Ye Fan suddenly called out to them.

  At this time, Ye Fan, standing with a negative hand, full of cold smiles, looked condescendingly at Zhao Lichun, who was covered in blood in front of him, and smiled faintly, "Before you leave, I'll send you a message."

  "How about country folk, how about city folk?"

  "A man's honor and inferiority depend only on what he himself can do, and what has his birth got to do with it?!"

  "Why do heroes ask where they come from?"

  "Even in a poor country, there are real dragons lying around!"

  "I'm cold, but I'm still immortal!!!"


Zhao Lichun has been taken away after all, and what awaits him in the future will be a merciless trial by the law, and a day in jail.

  I'm not sure how Zhao Lichun could have imagined that the countryside person he despised would become his gravedigger after all.

  The words that he had taken as nonsense from Ye Fan had now become a prophecy, and he had ended up in jail after all.

  Before leaving, Zhao Lichun's ears were haunted by all of Ye Fan's domineering presence.

  "Even in a poor countryside, there are true dragons lying around!"

  "I'm cold, but I'm still immortal~"


  "Hahaha, what a poor country, there are real dragons lying around too~"

  "Good one I'm cold, but still unworldly~"


  "It's me, Zhao Lichun, who missed the mark~"

  Zhao Lichun looked up to the sky and sighed, but there were tears flowing from his old eyes, and his miserable laughter reverberated for a long time in this world.

  No one knew what kind of remorse was in Zhao Lichun's heart at that time.

  If he had known that Ye Fan was so majestic, he would have never dared to provoke Ye Fan in the slightest, even if he was killed.

  But there were no ifs in life, and sometimes, one's success or failure was just a matter of a thought.

  Like today, if Zhao Lichun wasn't greedy for money and promised Liu Jiawei to deal with Ye Fan, how would he end up like this?

  When Zhao Lichun was taken away, the surrounding citizens were also sobbing with emotion.

  Half an hour ago, Zhao Lichun was a dazzling, unstoppable man, and now he's in such a state.

  This life's circumstances are truly unpredictable.

  After this was over, Ye Fan didn't stay long, so he rushed to the Martial Arts Club with Lei Laosan.

  The Taishan Clubhouse used to be a boxing venue, built specifically for underground boxing matches, so it covered a huge area, and the entire clubhouse was also luxurious, with a huge dome that seemed like a sword sticking straight into the heavens and earth, towering like this at the foot of Mount Tai.

  "Mr. Chu, here are the clothes you asked for, I had someone bring them to you."

  Just now when they were maneuvering with Zhao Lichun and the others at the restaurant, but they had soiled Ye Fan's clothes and stained them with alcohol.Ye Fan then asked Lei Laosan to help him get another outfit to change into.

  White short-sleeved, black sweatshirt, while on his feet he wore a pair of Nike sneakers.

  "Well, it's not bad, and the shoes are just the right size."It was the first time that Ye Fan wore these designer sneakers, and the comfort was really good.

  "Alright, you can go in first."After changing his clothes, Ye Fan said to Lei laosan indifferently.

  Lei laosan was confused, "Mr. Chu, aren't you going to enter with me?"

  Naturally, they bigwigs had a special VIP passageway, but looking at Ye Fan's meaning, it seemed like he wasn't going to enter with him.

  "No, I'll just take the normal passageway, just to find a few friends."Ye Fan returned.

  When Lei laosan saw this, he didn't ask any more questions, "Since Mr. Chu still has friends, I won't bother him, so I'll go over first.But Mr. Chu, you'll be on stage later, so don't miss the time ah, the life and death of Jiangdong can depend on Mr. Chu."

  Lei laosan spoke a lot more long-windedly, seeing that Ye Fan was a bit impatient, Lei laosan stopped talking and quickly turned his head and walked away.

  After parting ways with Lei Old Three, Chu Yun also turned around and left.

  However, not far away, it was a white BMW that drove over, and a stunning silhouette stepped out of the car and looked around outside the clubhouse, seemingly looking for a parking space.


  However, as the beautiful woman looked around, her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she looked at a back in front of her, slightly lost in thought.

  For some reason, she always felt that that back figure was so similar to Ye Fan.

  "Orange, what are you looking at, have you found a parking space yet?"Susie poked her head out of the car window and complained at Autumn Orange.

  "Ummm, find it right away."Autumn Mucange withdrew her gaze and hurriedly helped Suzy find a parking space.

  But before leaving, Autumn Mucange still looked back and finally sighed slightly in her heart.

  What was wrong with herself?

  Why are you in a trance, looking at everyone like him?

  Did I really miss him that much?

  "How could it be, that smelly man, Miss Ben wouldn't miss him?"

  "I can't believe you haven't called Miss Ben all day~"

  When she thought of Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange's heart was inexplicably a bit angry.

  She had decided that if Ye Fan didn't take the initiative to contact her, she would never take the initiative to contact that guy.

  "It's best not to come to this miss for the rest of your life~" Qiu Mu Orange was full of anger, almost as if she was gambling with Ye Fan.

  While Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy were looking for a parking space, in the clubhouse, Li Xiaohong and Nan Chen, in their beautiful eyes, but they were already starting to get a little worried.

  "Uncle, why hasn't Ye Fan come yet?Is something going to happen?"

  Previously, Li Xiaohong had been calling Mr. Ye Fan Chu, but Ye Fan smiled and said that there was no need to call him that way, it seemed rusty, just call him Ye Fan, so Li Xiaohong naturally changed her name.

  "Yes, Uncle Wang, why did my brother Fan talk to his friend for so long?"Nan Chen was also very worried in her heart, she was all ready to go to that restaurant to find Ye Fan.

  However, Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei were smiling sinisterly and were so proud of themselves.

  Still thinking about that little boyfriend of yours coming?

  I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you.

  Tonight, I'm afraid he won't be able to come.

  Liu Jiawei reckoned that by this time, that country bumpkin would have been broken by Zhao Lichun's men and thrown into the ditch.

  But despite thinking like this in his heart, Liu Jiawei Wang Yu and the two of them still had a friendly smile on their faces.

  "Miss Chen, it's fine, don't think about him."

  "That Ye Fan is just a country bumpkin, where can he match you?"

  "Wouldn't it just save time if he never came back?"

  "When the time comes, you and Liu Shao will double up, and no one will get in the way, right?"Wang Yu smiled obscenely.

  Now that Ye Fan was gone, Wang Yu obviously had no qualms about speaking.

  But Nan Chen was a bit unhappy with her eyebrows and glared at Wang Yu: "You are not allowed to talk about my brother Xiaofan like that."

  "Fine fine, don't say that."

  "Anyway, that redneck won't be able to come back, so maybe he was killed?"Wang Yu laughed coldly.

  Liu Jiawei also looked like he was gloating.

  Ye Fan had made him look bad three times before, and Liu Jiawei had long wanted to get rid of him.Now to be able to use Zhao Lichun's hand to get rid of that hillbilly, it was undoubtedly just what Liu Jiawei wanted.

  "Liu Shao, I'm afraid this is going to disappoint you."

  Just as Liu Jiawei and the two of them were sneering, a faint voice, however, quietly sounded from behind them.

  A thin youth, with a shallow smile, was seen, but he walked over unscathed.

  "Brother Xiaofan~"

  "Ye Fan!"Seeing Ye Fan, Nan Chen and Li Xiaohong, the two girls were suddenly delighted.

  But Liu Jiawei's old face trembled, his entire body was shocked, and his pupils crumpled.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "How could this redneck be here?"

  "And, unscathed?And even a change of vest?"


Shouldn't he have been beaten to death?

  Shouldn't he have been thrown into the gutter?

  How could he, how could he still be here?

  Looking at Ye Fan who appeared in front of him again, both of Wang Yu were confused.

  As for Liu Jiawei, his face also sank then, so ugly that it was almost dripping water.

  In the end, Liu Jiawei didn't say anything, but turned to glare at Wang Yu who was on the side.Those angry eyes seemed to be spitting fire.

  That way, it seemed to be saying.

  You stupid bastard!

  How do you do things?

  If you can't handle a country bumpkin, why do I need you?

  All the scheming was now soaked, and Liu Jiawei was so angry that he wanted to kick that waste Wang Yu to death.

  Wang Yu, however, looked bitter and full of aggravation, stating that he didn't know what was going on.

  "Brother Fan, why did you only arrive ah, we've been waiting for you for a long time."Nan Chen looked at Ye Fan, slightly angry.Ye Fan's tardiness did make her a little worried just now, fearing that it was Zhao Wuji's people who had made a move on Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, "It's fine, I ran into some trouble and was delayed.But I can come back safe and sound thanks to Liu Shao's blessing ah."

  Chu Yun's words were prickly, and Liu Jiawei naturally became even more unhappy, snorting coldly and scolding in a low voice, "Hmph, count your luck as a country bumpkin.Next time, I'll see if you still have such good luck."

  Between several people talking, the clubhouse was now, suddenly quiet.

  "Ye Fan, look quickly, those big shots are about to enter."

  Li Xiaohong's pretty face was flushed red, it was her first time to come across such a scene, and she was naturally excited.

  Sure enough, there were only a dozen or so ladies of etiquette dressed in cheongsams at the front, and after receiving the order, they hurried over and stood on either side, waiting respectfully.

  Beneath their feet, a brand new red carpet was laid for dozens of meters, stretching from the center of the venue all the way to the outside.

  At this moment, the eyes of nearly ten thousand people in the large hall, but all of them were looking there.

  All of them, with a heart full of respect and admiration, waited for the arrival of those big figures.

  Finally, with Old Man Li's first appearance, the originally quiet clubhouse instantly boomed.

  "Ye Fan, look!"

  "Second Master Li, that's Second Master Li."

  "It's our Second Master Li of Yunzhou!"

  Li Xiaohong was thrilled, it was the first time he had seen Yunzhou's second master Li so closely, his pretty face was flushed with excitement, and the hand that was gripping the corner of Ye Fan's coat was trembling.

  Chu Nan, who was on the side, saw the situation and covered her mouth with a light smile: "Xiaohong, see that foolish look you're excited about?"

  "I'm afraid you don't know that this guy in front of you is a bigger man than even your Yunzhou's Li Er?"

  "What?Miss Nan Chen, could you be talking about him?"Wang Yu clearly heard Chu Nan's words and turned his head to look at Ye Fan with a mocking smile.


  "Just him?"

  "He's a redneck, what kind of a big deal is he?"

  "And more powerful than Yunzhou's Li Er?If he is even more powerful than Second Master Li, then my family, Liu Shao, is the oldest son of the sky."

  Wang Yu was almost smiling at this point, pointing at Ye Fan and saying disdainfully.

  Liu Jiawei also scoffed and didn't even bother to take care of Ye Fan.

  As for Li Xiaohong, but she smiled shallowly, "Nan Nan, you really know how to joke."


  Seeing that they didn't believe it at all, Chen Nan didn't explain any more.

  Anyway, not long after, when Ye Fan appears on stage, they will know how dazzling the so-called "hick" in their mouths really is.

  Ye Fan didn't say anything, he was sitting quietly, listening and watching the whole time.

  At this time, the crowd was once again noisy.

  "My God~"

  "Master Lei San, Master Lei of Jingzhou!"

  "Oh my God in Kingston~"

  "The power and position is not in the least bit weaker than Yunzhou's Second Master Li."


  "Fuck, look at that one, isn't that Haoshu's Wang Jiexi?"

  "Wang Family Master!"

  "Hojo's day?"

  "It's said that Wang Jiexi became the head of the Wang family at the age of twenty-nine and took charge of Hojo!"

  "The Wang family is the number one gentry in Haocheng City."

  "These characters have even arrived!"


  There was noise and discussion everywhere.

  At the front, a place erupted with reverence and clamor with the appearance of almost every single person.

  Until the last two people appeared, the atmosphere of the entire venue had undoubtedly reached a peak.

  The entire arena was boiling!

  "I'll go, Zhao Wuji, the head of the Zhao family!"

  "The richest man in Jiangdong~"

  "There are hundreds of billions of dollars in personal assets."

  "This is a big shot, this is a top-tier big shot!"


  "Shit, Chen Ao!"

  "Master Pride of the River Sea!"

  "King Chen Ao of Jiangdong?"

  "Oh my God!"

  "And this person has even arrived?"

  "What's going on here today?"

  "The whole of Jiangdong's big brothers, all fucking here?"

  In the meeting hall, the nearly ten thousand spectators present were near mad.

  Before this, they only knew that tonight's boxing match was extraordinary, but they never thought that it was so extraordinary.

  It was afraid that, all of the big shots from the eighteen cities in the entire Jiangdong Province had arrived.

  Tonight's Taishan Hall had just become the center of the entire Jiangdong!

  "Orange, did I hear you right?"

  "Chen Ao is also here?"

  "Oh my God!"

  "Jiangdong King Chen Ao ah?"

  "What does he look like, I've never seen him before?"

  "Is it handsome?Does he have a son?"

  "If I can get my hands on Chen Ao's son, wouldn't my lady be the queen of this Jiangdong?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Qiu Mu Orange was filled with speechlessness, thinking that her best friend is really vulgar ah, eyes either money or power.

  "Okay, don't look."

  "You choose a good position, you just jump up, you can't see what the parents look like."Qiu Mu Orange was beside the advice indignantly.

  Yes, Qiu Mu Orange and Susie, the two of them, right now sitting in the last row of the clubhouse, but also the farthest from the front of the ring in a corner, not only far from the center of the clubhouse, the line of sight is also extremely bad, in front of the people a block, can't see anything at all.

  "I'm not helpless well, we came late, these two tickets I also gave my brother crying to come."Susie was also helpless.

  She couldn't help it, she and Qiu Mu Orange had only decided to come yesterday, saying late, so naturally there was no good seats.

  At this time, the bigwigs from all sides had already entered one after another, and everywhere they passed along the way, a stream of cheers and reverence, and the sound of congratulations gathered into a stream that shook the entire world.

  What is power, this is it.

  Just one entrance, and it drew the boisterous attention of ten thousand people!

  Li Xiaohong looked at those who stood on top of this society's power from afar, but in her beautiful eyes, she was enchanted.

  "Ye Fan, is this the big man?"

  "Wherever they go, they radiate a dazzling light that commands attention and reverence from all."

  "I'm afraid that if I work hard all my life, it will be difficult for me to reach a tenth of their height."

  Li Xiaohong lamented, but in her words, she carried an inexplicable sense of loss.

  This society was so unfriendly to them, the children of a poor and humble background.All kinds of resources were held by the rich and powerful, they had no power, no background, how difficult was it for them to climb up and become famous?

  Maybe, after a lifetime of trying, you've only just finished paying off the mortgage.

  "But Evan, I think you can do it."

  "Maybe you come from a humble background, maybe you're still trying to fumble in the dark."

  "But I believe that twenty years from now, or thirty years from now, you'll be like Li Er, and like Lei San, standing where the glory shines, and under the spotlight of ten thousand people."

  Li Xiaohong said with a smile, but the beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with an inexplicable light.

  From the first time she met Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong felt a distinctive aura from him.

  From that time, Li Xiaohong had an inexplicable confidence in Ye Fan.

  She knew that the young man in front of her, who came from the same countryside as her, would be destined to be extraordinary after countless years!


Li Xiaohong remembered that the first encounter with Ye Fan was at the Red Flag Bank.

  But that time, Li Xiaohong really thought that Ye Fan was a low-profile gentleman from a noble family, after all, let their bank's CEO treat him so politely.

  Later, at the Sheng Tian Restaurant, Ye Fan asked Li Er to respectfully invite him, so Li Xiaohong once again confirmed Ye Fan's identity as a gentleman from a noble family.

  But this time when Ye Fan revealed his family background, Li Xiaohong realized that she was wrong all along.

  It turned out that Ye Fan was from the same humble family as her.

  Also from the same countryside, also a peasant's child, Li Xiaohong was undoubtedly more able to understand how much resistance and ridicule people like them had to face in order to climb up to the upper echelons of society.

  Li Xiaohong also finally understood why that day Sheng Tian Restaurant Ye Fan suddenly went out to help himself, to work with him and help him seek justice, it was because Ye Fan saw himself in her.

  However, Ye Fan was different from her.

  From the man in front of her, Li Xiaohong, however, saw a different kind of temperament.

  And that was why it made Li Xiaohong feel that Ye Fan's future would definitely not be weaker than Second Master Li or Third Master Lei.

  However, listening to these words from Li Xiaohong, Wang Yu on the side puffed out a laugh directly.

  "Just him?"

  "And you want to catch up with Second Master Li and Third Master Lei?"

  "It's a joke!"

  "Don't say thirty years, let's say three hundred years, it's not that likely."

  "He's a hick, he'll only live in the dust for the rest of his life."

  "In today's world, no background, no family, no fart, and he still wants to get ahead?"

  "Go have your spring and autumn dreams."

  Wang Yu scoffed and laughed, then looked coldly at Ye Fan, "Brother Ye Fan, it's not that I'm hitting you, this society is divided into high and low."

  "People like you should have recognized yourself long ago and set your position right.Rather than putting your mind into that unrealistic fantasy, it would be better to put your energy into your family's acre of land and think about harvesting more food is exactly that."

  "Miss Chen, don't you think so?"


  Wang Yu laughed, after belittling Ye Fan, but then looked at Nan Chen at the side and said in a long-winded manner, "So, Miss Nan Chen, this search for a mate, you still have to find someone from a wealthy family like our Liu Shao."

  "If you follow this kind of countryside person, I'm afraid that in the future, in this life, you'll be confined to that one acre of land in the countryside."

  "Face to face, doing the lowest of lowly jobs, but getting the pittance in return."

  "Do you really want that kind of life where you can see the end at a glance?"

  Wang Yu was trying his best to flatter Liu Jiawei, which made him feel much better, and his waist was all straight.At the same time, in order to reveal his wealth, he purposely jerked his sleeve, revealing the Rolex watch on his wrist.

  Nan Chen just smiled and nodded his head, not answering them anything.

  It was estimated that Wang Yu and the others would never know that up to this point, the two of them were just two jumping clowns in Nan Chen's eyes, right?

  Nan Chen's father was the King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao, and whether it was wealth or power, a hundred Liu Jiawei combined couldn't compare with Nan Chen's family.

  Chen Nan was born in a wealthy town, so there was no need to climb up to Liu Jiawei's rich family.

  Therefore, Chen Nan didn't care about what Liu Jiawei and the others were showing off.

  However, both Chen Nan and Ye Fan didn't explain anything, and simply listened to it as a joke, and let Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei perform however they wanted.

  Just pity Li Xiaohong who was kept in the dark and kept speaking for Ye Fan.

  "You dead girl, you shut up!"

  "You don't know shit!"

  Every time Li Xiaohong spoke for Ye Fan, she would usher in a burst of scolding from Wang Yu.

  In the middle of the conversation on Ye Fan's side, the venue in front of him had obviously been completely set up, and all the big bosses were all seated.

  But according to the seats, the Jiangdong crowd was clearly divided into two factions.

  One side was the eastern Jiangdong city headed by Chen Ao of Jiangdong, while the other side was the western city headed by Zhao Wuji, the richest man in Jiangdong.

  "Eh?Chen, why the change?"

  "Where's that hairy boy, Mr. Chu, that you had high hopes for before?"

  "Didn't you guys swear earlier that that Mr. Chu would be able to turn the tide?"

  "Why are you wimping out now?"

  "A temporary change of scenery?"

  "Don't, we've got the coffin ready for that Mr. Chu of yours, why is this changing down?"


  Zhao Wuji saw sitting next to Chen Ao, not the previous young man Ye Fan, but a gray-robed old man, but shook his head and laughed, full of sarcasm.

  But Chen Ao took a glance and snorted, "Mr. Chu is already a divine dragon.A truly strong person will naturally not appear easily."

  "As for the Criminal River Pavilion Master, he is also a strong person we have invited to appear first to help Mr. Chu find out the bottom of that Wu He Rong.What, does Mr. Zhao have a problem with this arrangement of mine?"

  Chen Ao asked a counter-question.

  However, before Zhao Wuji answered, the old man in military uniform beside him suddenly said back in a deep voice, "Only the weak will play tricks."

  "The strong ones, when they go forward!"

  "A mere Wu He Rong, why do you need to probe the bottom, I will defeat him with one punch."

  "Shackles are what they are, crushing is what they are."

  "Cowering and looking forward, you, will be defeated!"


  This person's words fell, but here in the heavens and earth, there was a domineering aura sweeping over the place, a cold and majestic aura standing up to the face, even if the Criminal River himself, frowned slightly, as if he was an enemy.

  This momentum alone, this old man in military uniform in front of him was already extraordinary!


  "Well said~" Zhao Wuji snapped and applauded, while smiling arrogantly at Chen Ao, who was looking sullenly at the side.

  "Mr. Chen, did you see that?This is the style of a master."

  "A strong man, when one goes forward!"

  "Where is the so-called Mr. Chu that you hired and had people scouting?"

  "It's just like the style of a turkey!"

  "Right, Mr. Chen, I haven't introduced you yet."

  "This old gentleman, is the military expert I spent 100 million to hire from the Jiangdong Military Region, the Chief Instructor of the Three Armies, Meng Baichuan!"

  "Hundreds of thousands of troops in the military district, with him as their teacher!"

  "In front of Chief Instructor Meng, that Mr. Chu you're talking about is just a hairy brat, so I guess with one slap, he'll be slapped apart by Instructor Meng."

  Zhao Wuji's eyes were full of sarcastic laughter.

  Chen Ao didn't return it, but the heaviness in his heart only grew thicker and thicker.

  No wonder, he felt a general's style on this Meng Baichuan.

  Unexpectedly, he was the chief instructor of the military district that trained hundreds of thousands of large armies!

  This time, I'm afraid it's going to be difficult.

  Chen Ao was worried in his heart.

  "Alright, Mr. Chen.It's getting late, let's stop chatting, it's time to invite Wu He Rong to show up."

  "After settling Wu He Rong, the grudge between us, take this opportunity to settle it as well."Zhao Wuji suddenly got up with an unkind smile, but invited Chen Ao to step forward with him.

  The two of them looked around the four directions and drank in unison.

  "Ten years of enmity, a thousand days of honor and shame."

  "Wu He Rong, your grudge with us, Jiang Dong, should have ended long ago."

  "Show yourself!"

  "All the debts from back then, just recently, all together!!!"

  The words are majestic, Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji two low voice, but the reverberation of the world - a long time.

  And at this time in the hall, there was silence.

  Everyone stopped breathing and looked around with fear and trepidation.

  Qiu Mu orange was filled with doubt, Su Xi also looked around, Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei and others were also filled with heavy eyes.

  All of them were curious, what kind of person is it that made the Jiangdong bigwigs to gather here.

  Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji's generation came here personally, and the entire Jiangdong forces all came out of their nests to work together to deal with it?

  Who is this man, anyway?


The Taishan Hall was now silent.

  Everyone was gazing around.

  The wind was cold and the breeze was low.The deep voices of Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji echoed for a long time in the big hall.

  However, the crowd looked around for a long time, but did not see anyone get up to the ring at all.

  The seven-foot stone platform was still empty.

  "Well, where is everyone?"

  "Could it be that it didn't come?"

  "It's not going to scare you away, is it?"

  Wang Yu stretched his neck and looked around.When he saw no one appear for a long time, he sneered and laughed.

  When Liu Jiawei saw this, he also shook his head and made a profound comment, "Is there any need to say this?"

  "It must have been scared off."

  "How big today's battle is, that Wu He Rong, even if he had the guts, he would definitely not dare to make an enemy of the entire Jiangdong Big Brother with one person, right?"

  "Nan Nan, don't you think so?"

  Liu Jiawei smiled shallowly and looked at Nan Chen with eyes full of infatuation.

  If it wasn't for the large number of people here, she probably wouldn't have been able to resist hugging such a beautiful girl like Nan Chen into her arms.

  As for her boyfriend, Ye Fan, Liu Jiawei hadn't cared about it until the very beginning.

  This kind of turtle, even if he fucked Nan Chen right in front of him, what could this hillbilly do to him?

  Chen Nan didn't say anything and was equally confused, was that Wu He Rong, really frightened by Jiang Dong's formation and didn't dare to appear?

  However, while everyone was talking about it, Ye Fan was the one who furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at what looked like the top of the dome and whispered in a deep voice, "He's coming."

  "Coming you sister?"

  "Fury in general!"

  "Liu Shao has said the man has been scared off, and you're still acting like a fool!"

  Wang Yu directly yelled at him.


  However, it was at this time that a sudden violent storm arose in the meeting hall, followed by a dull sound, which was like muffled thunder, but above the heads of everyone.


  At this time, someone suddenly screamed.

  Under the tremor, everyone looked up.

  There was a black shadow standing proudly above the dome.

  He stepped down, and the dome of the clubhouse exploded.

  Reinforcing bars crumbled, and debris flew everywhere.

  The dome of the clubhouse immediately exploded open an opening.

  But a strong figure, but like a god, leapt down from above the dome.

  Under the acceleration of gravity, that person was undoubtedly fast to the extreme!



  The earth trembled as the feet pounded the ground.The blue stone ring instantly crumbled.In the midst of the flying debris, a pair of eventful footprints, however, appeared immediately!

  The wind that was brought up even swept across the entire clubhouse in a matter of moments.

  Looking at this scene, everyone was confused.

  Who would have thought that this Wu He Rong would come out in such a shocking way.

  A ten meter dome, a leap down!

  Footsteps smashing through the ground, yet the whole man is unharmed?

  I'll fuck it up!

  "Is this still a fucking person?"

  Many people were trembling mad.

  A normal person could jump down from three meters of ground unharmed, it was already awesome.

  But this person in front of them, after stepping through the roof, jumped straight down from a height of ten meters, unharmed!

  This scene undoubtedly shook many people.

  Qiu Mu Orange's jade hand tightly covered her red lips, and Suzy was even more wide-eyed.

  As for Wang Yu who was furiously scolding Chu Yun for talking nonsense a second ago, he was now even more like a dumb goose, his mouth deadly open, horrified and lost his voice.

  "Sub-O, actually...It's surprising, it's really here?"

  Not only Wang Yu and the others, even Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji, after seeing such an eye-shaking appearance of Wu He Rong, their faces were also a bit whiter.

  Wu He Rong's strength was undoubtedly beyond their expectations.

  "You are the King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao?"

  After landing on the ground, Wu He Rong stood proudly with a negative hand, his rigid face, however, contained a fierceness that was like a blade.He was dressed in black, and his deep pupils were looking at Chen Ao with an austere aura that made Chen Ao feel pressure.

  However, Chen Ao still nodded his head: "Exactly."

  "You are the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji?"Wu He Rong then turned his head to look at the man next to Chen Ao and asked again in a deep voice.

  Zhao Wuji's face was three shades whiter, but also said in a deep voice, "Exactly."

  Wu He Rong looked at the two of them, then laughed, "Back then, I, Wu He Rong, was powerful and unrivalled in Jiangdong.The eighteen cities in Jiangdong all looked up to me."

  "Now, ten years have passed, and Jiangdong is even separated into two masters?"

  "The two of you are only half as good as me, Wu He Rong."

  Wu He Rong shook his head and said, looking at the two in front of him, but he was full of contempt.

  "Alright, with that out of the way, let's start tonight's boxing match."

  "You two, who will die first?"Wu He Rong's words were cold, but he didn't give Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji any face at all.

  The faces of Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji trembled, Wu He Rong's sharpness actually made them a little scared.For a moment, no one dared to be the first to fight.

  Wu He Rong saw the situation, his face smiled even more, "What?Can't you find one person in all of Jiangdong to fight for me?"

  Wu He Rong's words were full of sarcasm, but in the end, it was Zhao Wuji who fiercely bit his teeth and stepped right out.

  "This guy, he also has a bit of blood."Seeing that Zhao Wuji withstood the pressure to take the lead in the battle at the critical moment, Chen Ao's heart could not help but rise a few admiration.

  "The land of Jiangdong, hidden dragons and tigers.Wouldn't it be easy to find someone to oppose you?"

  "So what you're saying is, your men go to war first?"Wu He Rong looked over.

  Zhao Wuji grinned and proudly returned, "Chen is outnumbered, Chen goes first!"

  Fuck me!

  When I heard this from Zhao Wuji, Chen Ao's face was black.

  Dare you mother fucker just bullishly come out just to say that I should be the first?

  How dare you pretend to be a pussy, but you let my Chen Ao's people come out to explore the road first?

  Chen Ao was so angry that he wanted to kick Zhao Wuji to death.

  "If that's the case, then let your people go on stage."

  Wu He Rong's eyes had looked over and said coldly.

  Although Chen Ao was angry in his heart, he didn't say anything else.After all, if it was postponed any further, wouldn't it make people look at the joke and say that they Jiangdong was afraid of this Wu He Rong?

  Eventually, after Chen Ao stared at Zhao Wuji, he then cupped his hands towards where the Torture River was sitting before and shouted in a deep voice, "Torture River Curator, I'm counting on you for the life and death of Jiangdong!"

  One second.

  Two seconds.


  Ten seconds passed.

  No one responded.

  Chen Ao frowned, and then looked up in the direction where Torture River was before, which revealed that the seat above Torture River's seat was empty.


  "Where is the Master of the Tortured River Pavilion?"

  "Where are the others?"

  Chen Ao was suddenly confused.

  Second Li and the others were also anxiously looking around: "Strange, just now people were still here!"

  "Why is this a short while away?"

  While Chen Ao and the others were looking for a sign of Torture River, it was a subordinate who ran in and said anxiously to Chen Ao, "Master Ao, just now the owner of Torture River Pavilion has driven away."

  "Before leaving, he left a message saying that he didn't want to die and asked Master Ao to find another high ranking person!"


  Run away!!!!

  Chen Ao was shocked, and the faces of Li Laoshi and the others were instantly blackened.

  Who would have thought that before the fight, the people were already scared away?



  "Run away?"

  "Mr. Chen, is this the expert you're looking for?"

  "This is fucking hilarious!"

  "Without a single move, you just ran away?"

  "I'm afraid this isn't crap!"


  After learning that the torture river had been scared away, Zhao Wuji burst out laughing.

  The whole person was almost smiling, but he couldn't stop mocking at Chen Ao.

  That laughter was so loud that the people around heard it.

  For a while, many people were shaking their heads and discussing all over the place.Zhao Wuji's men's eyes were also full of teasing when they looked at Chen Ao.

  It was obvious that Chen Ao had made a big embarrassment this time.

  Chen Ao also knew that he was embarrassed and his old face was as ugly as dripping water.

  He turned his head and glared at the side and cursed angrily, "Old man Li, look at the good people you damn well find!"

  "What the hell is this?"

  Chen Ao was trembling with anger and wanted to slap this guy Li Lao Er to death.

  Had I known that I shouldn't have listened to Old Man Li's nonsense in the first place.

  It was simply a thing of accomplishment and failure!

  His Chen Ao's old face was undoubtedly all lost as a result.

  Li Lao Er also knew that he felt guilty, and with a bitter face, he couldn't say a word with his head lowered in the face of Chen Ao's anger and scolding.

  After all, this person of Criminal River was indeed what he had found.

  This person had been a teacher for his sister Li Xueqi for more than ten years, and he also had various titles added to his name in Yunzhou, and he was also considered a person of high esteem in the traditional martial arts world.

  But Li Lao Er had never thought that this Criminal River was a complete loser ah!

  You're just a big bragger, but you're scared off at the critical moment?

  But Li Lao Er couldn't blame Criminal River.

  Although he was a Tai Chi master and the owner of the martial arts school, all he had learned were showy tricks.

  It was still fine to punch in front of an audience and teach children, but when it came to a ruthless character like Wu He Rong who had crawled out of the dead, it was undoubtedly not enough at all.

  Just now, when he saw Wu He Rong leap down from a height of more than ten meters and smash through the earth while remaining unharmed, he was scared to death at that time.

  Knowing that if he were to go on the field, he wouldn't be killed by this Wu He Rong?

  Which is more important, your face or your life?

  This was no nonsense, of course it was important to stay alive.

  That's why Criminal River couldn't care about anything at that time and just ran away.

  It was just bitter for Li Er Chen Ao and the others.

  "Mr. Chen, I'm sorry, it's me, Li Er, who trusted the wrong person."Li lao Er was filled with guilt.

  Chen Ao stared hard and snorted coldly, obviously still furious, and ignored Li Er Er.

  Instead, he looked at Zhao Wuji, who was gloating on the side, and said coldly: "This time, it's me, Chen Ao, who used the wrong person and made a joke.But Mr. Zhao, you don't need to be happy so early, it's not too late to laugh after your people defeat Wu He Rong."

  Chen Ao said in a cold voice.

  When Zhao Wuji heard it, but he sneered, "This needn't be a concern to Chen, you'd better mind your own business first."

  Zhao Wuji then walked forward and asked respectfully to the old man in uniform who had been closing his eyes, "Chief Instructor Meng, facing Wu He Rong, I wonder how much chance Chief Instructor has of winning?"

  Meng Baichuan didn't reply, but instead, a pair of tiger eyes opened wide and a majestic momentum swept out.

  At that moment, Zhao Wuji only felt that there was not a hale and hearty old man standing in front of him, but a million lions!The momentum that shook Zhao Wuji was a few steps back.

  "Zhao, make me some tea."

  "I'll be right back!"

  In the next moment, Meng Bechuan then got up and walked away, stepping towards the stone platform in front of him.

  Looking at Meng Bechuan's majestic and overbearing back, Zhao Wuji was startled, but his ears were filled with Meng Bechuan's overbearing words from earlier, lingering unceasingly.

  Not only Zhao Wuji himself, but many people present were deeply convinced by Meng Bechuan's overbearing words.



  "In olden times, Guan Yunchang, warmed wine to slay Hua Xiong."

  "Now there's Meng Baichuan, whisking tea to behead He Rong!"

  "Chief Instructor Meng, it's really good courage!"

  As Zhao Wuji laughed, Meng Baichuan's confidence undoubtedly fueled Zhao Wuji's anger as well.

  In a split second, Zhao Wuji cupped his fist in the direction Meng Baichuan had left, "I wish Chief Instructor a victory in the flag and reproduce the divine might of Lord Guan!"

  Zhao Wuji's move was like a boulder entering the sea, creating a thousand layers of giant waves.

  In a split second, behind Zhao Wuji, more than a dozen big bosses all stepped out and congratulated Meng Bechuan's direction, "I wish Chief Instructor Meng, victory in the flag, and the reproduction of Duke Guan's divine might!"

  "Good luck to Chief Instructor Meng, winning the flag~~"

  Words of respect, words of reverence, but gathered into a stream, like a wave sweeping, reverberating in the entire hall.

  The faces of Chen Ao and the others were sunken and watched from afar, but the worry and heaviness in their hearts was so intense.

  At this time, the entire meeting hall had undoubtedly calmed down.

  All of them, looked at Meng Baichuan's mighty and majestic figure, stepping up the steps.

  Until, it appeared in front of Wu He Rong.

  "You are Wu He Rong?"

  "The former richest man in Jiangdong who plagued Jiangdong ten years ago and has now returned and committed countless crimes, Wu He Rong?"Meng Baichuan's angry voice exploded, but it brought a gust of wind and waves.

  Wu He Rong laughed, "The momentum is not small."

  "I just don't know, how much of your strength can you have your momentum?"

  "It's enough to defeat you!"

  Meng Bachuan, however, no longer nonsense, muscles vigorous, and his body momentum exploded.

  And then, only Meng Baichuan waist plate down, the lower body fiercely force.

  A violent force was suddenly transmitted from the earth to the feet, in to the legs, and finally the waist fiercely exerted power.


  Meng Baichuan's violent fist slammed down.

  His punch, however, was powerful and heavy, nearly bringing forth a sonic boom.

  The punch had yet to arrive, but the fierce fist wind was already sweeping away.

  Within that strong wind, all of Wu He Rong's robes were blown violently!


  "Good boxing!"

  "Chen Ao, see, this is the might of the Chief Instructor of the Three Armies?"

  "This is the tyranny of warm wine slaying Hua Xiong!"

  "Compared to Chief Instructor Meng, those people you've found are each useless."

  "Not as good as ants~"


  Meng Baichuan shocked the four directions with this move.

  Zhao Wuji shouted in excitement, but his old face turned red.

  It was as if it wasn't Meng Bechuan who had made the punch, but him.

  "Military Physique Punch?"Seeing Meng Baichuan's strike, Wu He Rong laughed at once.

  He stood with a negative hand, but there was a touch of banter and contempt at the corner of his mouth, and his entire body remained calm.

  As if the water was still flowing, Meng Bechuan's attack didn't cause any waves in his heart.

  But Meng Baichuan's attack didn't cause any waves in his heart. Until the fist wind had arrived.

  Only then did Wu He Rong shook his head and laughed, "Is that all the strength you have?"

  "Just as well, today I'll show you what a true military fist is!"


  The words fell, and Wu He Rong was also instantly violent.

  He stepped forward, his waist plate pressed down, and his entire body almost stood as a full-moon line, as if a bow full of power, a thousand days to store up strength and burst forth at once!


  The two fists clashed, as if a dragon and tiger were fighting.

  The thunderous roar, however, exploded the heavens and earth.

  At this moment, everyone held their breath.

  Zhao Wuji stared, and Chen Ao couldn't turn his eyes away.

  Wang Yu, Liu Jiawei and the others were also holding their breath.

  All of them, all of them were looking!


Outside the meeting hall, there was a lot of traffic and pedestrians on the road.

  In the distant sky, there were dark clouds gathering, and the sky was extremely gloomy.

  It's been two days, but the rain still hasn't fallen.

  At this time, the small county town at the bottom of Mount Tai was still calm and peaceful as usual.

  However, how many people know that today, in the Taishan Hall, there is a boxing match taking place that will decide the life and death of Jiangdong.


  In the midst of thousands of people's attention, the two men's giant fists, however, clashed with a bang.

  The low roar, like muffled thunder, exploded in everyone's ears.

  Without any hindrance, everyone only saw, after the two iron fists clashed, only to hear a crackling sound, Meng Baichuan's right fist was immediately broken, shattered fracture.The entire right arm just drooped as if it was broken.


  Meng Bechuan immediately screamed, but it shook the four directions.

  However, Wu He Rong's punch, after breaking Meng Baichuan's arm, remained intact, and struck Meng Baichuan's jaw.

  A beautiful uppercut!

  Meng Baichuan's several hundred pounds body was directly picked up by Wu He Rong's punch, blood mixed with broken teeth sprayed wildly in the air for free.

  After smashing Meng Baichuan with one punch, Wu He Rong immediately stepped on the ground and leapt.

  As if an eagle striking the sky, Wu He Rong's long legs stormed up and turned around in a fierce kick with a divine dragon swing.


  With a powerful kick, he fiercely kicked Meng Bechuan's chest, and the sound of tendons and bones cracking, Wu He Rong directly kicked Meng Bechuan's ribs.

  And then, in the midst of everyone's shocked eyes, Meng Baichuan was like a useless dog, he was directly kicked out by Wu He Rong.

  A body of several hundred pounds smashed on the hard wall of the Taishan Clubhouse, but it went right through?

  The high wall crumbled, and Wu He Rong's blood-covered body flew straight from the Taishan Hall to the street outside with a bang, hitting the ground, but spitting out blood.


  At that moment, a heavy truck came whistling and galloping past, and it rolled right over Wu He Rong's body.

  By the time Zhao Wuji's men rushed over, Meng Baichuan was already bloody and dead.By the time he was carried into the meeting hall, only a puddle of mud remained.

  Dead silence~

  Deadly silence.

  Looking at the flesh-and-blood blurred Meng Baichuan, the entire meeting hall was silent.

  Only the cold, gloomy wind from outside blew in through the cracked walls.

  Zhao Wuji had been confused.

  Everyone had lost their voices in fear!

  Who would have thought that Meng Baichuan, who had just pretended to be overbearing and ready to warm wine to behead Hua Xiong, would be killed with two punches and a kick!

  Without even having time to scream, he was run over by a heavy truck on the road, leaving no whole body behind.

  "This Wu He Rong, how...Why is it so strong?"

  Many people were already confused, their faces pale.

  As for Zhao Wuji himself, he was even more dumbfounded, an old face as livid as it was.

  He was stupefied and flabbergasted, looking at the crumbling Meng Baichuan at his feet, as if he had been slapped and pasted hard in the face, his old face flushed and he was speechless!

  A second ago, he was saying that Meng Baichuan Guan Gong was alive and well, and that Meng Baichuan warmed up and cut down Hua Xiong as overbearing as he was, but then he was kicked under the truck by Wu He Rong and rolled right into mud.

  With such a shocking flip, Zhao Wuji himself was confused.

  Until now, he was simply unable to accept what was happening in front of him.


  "Laughing my ass off!"

  "Zhao Wuji, is this fucking Guan Gong alive as you call him?"

  "This is the fucking chief instructor of the three armies that you spent a hundred million dollars to hire?"

  "Right after he got into the ring, he got two punches and a kick right in the face."


  "I think it's just a brake, right?"

  "It's like a vegetable!"

  "It's a shame to go up there too~"

  Li laoji and the others were nearly smiling and were extremely mocking Zhao Wuji.

  Chen Ao also laughed freely: "Haha~"

  "Someone, bring over that coffin that Zhao prepared to collect Grand Instructor Meng's body."

  "Zhao is really clever, knowing that the person you are looking for is a vegetable pervert who will be killed, so he prepared the coffin long ago."

  "This eyesight, I Chen Ao admire~"


  Chen Ao and the others couldn't help but laugh.

  Zhao Wuji's old face was now red into a pig's hoof, and his heart to die was almost there.


  "Meng Baichuan is a piece of trash~"

  "A vegetable pussy is just a pussy, what the fuck did you pretend before?"

  Although Meng Baichuan was dead, Zhao Wuji was still cursing furiously in his heart.

  Now, he had become a joke of the entire Jiangdong.

  "But Chen Ao, you don't have to be happy if my people are dead."

  "In front of Wu He Rong, you and I are all in the same boat."

  "One glory for all, one loss for all."

  "If we Jiangdong can't do anything about Wu He Rong, then not only I will die, you Chen Ao won't survive either."Zhao Wuji said gloomily.

  However, Chen Ao said back faintly, "Zhao Wuji, it's too early to say this."

  "Your leaning is dead, but my leaning is still there."

  "Eh?"Zhao Wuji was shocked, "Could it be, you still have a back up?"

  Chen Ao sneered, "I've already told you that my real reliance is not that martial arts school owner, Criminal River, but Mr. Chu."

  "Mr. Chu?"Hearing this, Zhao Wuji burst out laughing as if he had heard a big joke, "You mean that brat?"

  "You're afraid you're teasing me, Mr. Chen."

  "A figure that the Chief Instructor of the Three Armies can't even control, and you're telling me you're pinning your hopes on a bratty yellow-haired kid?"

  "What a laugh."

  "That guy, I'm afraid he's already scared off, like that old biddy."

  "Maybe he's still in the same car?"Zhao Wuji sneered and laughed.

  However, Chen Ao ignored him.

  At this time, on the ring, Wu He Rong was still standing proudly, he looked around the arena, arrogantly looking at the group, toweringly shouting, "This Jiangdong, who else can rival me?"


  The fierce wind, wrapped in a dense domineering aura, but sweeping the four directions of heaven and earth.

  The people who filled the seats lost their voices in fear, and no one dared to speak.

  Qiu Mu Orange Su Xi two girls were pale, and Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei were also terrified.

  However, just as the entire clubhouse was turning pale with fear, in full view of the crowd, only Chen Ao stepped down from the platform, faced the audience on all sides, bowed and cupped his fist and drank, and the reverent voice of expectation, suddenly, reverberated throughout the clubhouse.

  "Please Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong!"

  After Chen Ao stepped out, Li's second also stepped forward and also bowed and bent forward in respect, "Please Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong!"

  Lei Laosan cupped his hands and also drank in a deep, respectful voice that echoed heaven and earth endlessly: "Please, Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong~"


  It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, stirring up a thousand layers of waves.

  In a split second, half of Jiangdong's big men actually all rose up and bent forward, bowing and bending to the spot in front of them.

  "Please, Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong~"


  "Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiang Dong~"


  Words of respect, words of reverence, gathered into streams, as if they were draining waves, striking the entire heaven and earth.

  At this moment, nearly ten thousand people present were all horrified and turned pale with fear.

  Li Xiaohong's face was pale, and Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei and the others even sat up in shock?

  Everyone in the Taishan Hall was trembling mad at the moment.

  Let Jiangdong King Chen Ao cupped his fists and worshiped, let Yun Zong Li Er greet him respectfully, let Lei San bow and worship.

  Let half of Jiangdong's dignitaries pay their respects in unison, and let the life and death of Jiangdong rest on his shoulders?

  Who is this Mr. Chu, anyway?!!!!

  And exactly, who is it?!

  At this moment, Suzy stared at her, and Autumn Mu Orange was filled with confusion.

  Everyone looked around in fear.

  The same kind of doubt swept through everyone's heart.


The Taishan Hall was now in a state of horror.

  Everyone was holding their breath and looking around in fear.

  And under the stands, Chen Ao, Li second, Lei third and other people bowed to each other, but the respectful voice of the gathering heaven and earth, in the whole hall lingered endlessly.

  The words of worship, "Mr. Chu save me Jiangdong," trembled in everyone's heart.

  "Oh my god!"

  "Orange Orange, to have so many big names if worshiping and welcoming, that Mr. Chu, what kind of person must he be?"

  "Could it be a real dragon?"

  Su Xi was completely shocked at this time, it was the first time he had seen such a battle.Nearly half of Jiangdong's big men were actually worshipping one person in unison.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also pretty terrified, obviously the sight in front of her was extremely shocking as well.

  However, for some reason, when she heard Chen Ao and the others call out to Mr. Chu, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly remembered the Jianghai land, during the Han family's birthday banquet, didn't they also call Ye Fan Mr. Chu in the same way?

  Is it really him?

  But this thought was ruthlessly suppressed by Autumn Mu Orange as soon as it appeared.

  She laughed at herself.

  "How could it be him?"

  "If it's really him, how is he so going to work in a restaurant to make money?"

  Before this, Suzy had already told Autumn Mu Orange about the time she saw Ye Fan working there as a waiter at the Sheng Tian Restaurant, at first Autumn Mu Orange didn't believe it, but the moment she saw Ye Fan at the Lake of Clouds and Mist, Autumn Mu Orange undoubtedly really believed it.

  She now finally knew that when she was working in the company, Ye Fan had been working in the hotel.

  In fact, when she learned about this matter, Qiu Mu Orange wasn't too angry, but rather felt guilty.

  For three years, her own husband had been working as a waiter in a restaurant, and she didn't even know about it?

  No wonder, all these years Ye Fan cooked for the family, but seldom asked her for money, so he relied on himself to work outside to earn money to support the family.

  While Qiu Mu Orange was lost in thought, the entire hall was still silent, everyone was waiting for the appearance of the person called "Mr. Chu", everyone was looking around with anticipation and nervousness.

  Even on the stone platform in the center of the hall, Wu He Rong's look was also sunken, a pair of old eyes like a fierce tiger, reflecting a eerie light, looking around at all the people.

  At this moment, nearly ten thousand people in the entire hall are waiting for the appearance of the person called "Mr. Chu".

  One second~

  two seconds


  One minute.


  Two minutes~


  In the end, a full five minutes passed, but still no one stood up in the large hall.

  The "Mr. Chu" that everyone was waiting for, never appeared.

  Zhao Wuji, who was at the side, laughed at the situation.


  "Mr. Chen, don't wait."

  "I told you, that so-called Mr. Chu of yours has long since run off in the same car with that old trash."

  "I've already advised you, that guy is just a brat."

  "That's ridiculous, and you guys have high hopes for a brat?"

  "How about now?"

  "They were scared to even go up to the stage, so they just ran away.The person I found lost, but at least people still have the courage to go on stage."

  "But what about you, Mr. Chen?"

  "A total of two people were found, and both ended up as shrinking turtles."

  "Mr. Chen I think you should go to the eye hospital to have a look, Jiangdong has so many people and yet you are looking for waste."


  Zhao Wuji couldn't stop ridiculing at the side.

  Earlier, Meng Bechuan was kicked to death by Wu He Rong, making a joke and being squeezed by Chen Ao and others.Now that he found the opportunity, Zhao Wuji naturally spared no effort to ridicule from the side to get back all the face he had just lost.

  The gloating voices of Zao Wuji and others came from his side, Chen Ao's face was gloomy and almost dripping.

  Li Er and Lei Lao San two saw that Ye Fan didn't show up late, at this time they also had no bottom in their heart, they turned to look at Chen Ao and said in a trembling low voice, "Mr. Chen, this...This Mr. Chu, he wouldn't really have run away, right?"

  After all, Wu He Rong's might just now was truly terrifying and intimidating, and with the Torture River being scared away, it wasn't impossible for Ye Fan to see the situation and just slip away.

  "You guys just shut up!"

  Chen Ao was also terrified in his heart at this time, and now that Li Er and the others were still droning in his ears, Chen Ao was naturally annoyed and cursed directly with a black face.

  However, after the anger, Chen Ao is looking around the four corners and speaks again in a deep voice: "Please Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong~"

  Once again, the sound of poignant requests from the Jiangdong congregation could be heard in the meeting hall.

  Hearing such respectful words from the crowd, Li Xiaohong and the others were undoubtedly becoming more and more curious.

  "Ye Fan, who exactly do you think this "Mr. Chu" is?"

  "It's surprising that the second prince of our Yunzhou is so respectful, he must be a very powerful person, right?"

  "Why hasn't he shown up yet."

  Li Xiaohong said as she lifted her pretty face to look around, vainly trying to find out the big man.

  At this time, however, Ye Fan, who had been silent beside her, got up and slowly stood up with a faint voice that suddenly resounded throughout the entire clubhouse: "As you wish!"

  In the split second that Ye Fan stood up, it was as if a cut of light was lit up in the dark night.


  In a moment, the eyes of everyone around looked over.

  At this moment, Li Xiaohong was all terrified, and her pretty face then went white, pulling Ye Fan in fear.


  "What are you doing?"

  "Are you crazy?"

  "You need to sit down!"

  "They'll kill you if you mess up on such occasions."

  Li Xiaohong had never expected that Ye Fan would stand up at such a time, but in fear, she quickly pulled Ye Fan to sit down.


  "Are you an idiot?"


  "Shit, don't hurt us if you're looking for death, huh?"

  Not only Li Xiaohong, Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei on the side saw Ye Fan get up, a face then sat waxed, the whole person was nearly scared to piss.

  What kind of occasion is this?

  The place where the bigwigs of Jiangdong gather.

  The entire Jiangdong's top dignitaries were nearly all here.

  It could be said that the current Taishan Hall, that was the center of power in Jiangdong Province.

  Ye Fan was messing around in this situation, of course Liu Jiawei and the others were terrified, afraid that Ye Fan's stupidity would get them involved again.


  "What a frakking idiot."

  "Should've known better than to come with this idiot?"

  "Sooner or later, he's going to get screwed!"

  Seeing that Ye Fan didn't have the slightest intention of sitting down, Liu Jiawei and the others all peed and cursed angrily at Ye Fan, looking at the situation, they couldn't wait to kick Ye Fan up and kill him.

  "Ye Fan, don't go ah?"

  "This kind of occasion is really not something you can participate in now."Li Xiaohong was full of worry and was still stopping, a pair of small hands pulling Ye Fan to death.

  Ye Fan was the first person to help her, the first person to treat her well, and the first person of the opposite sex that Li Xiaohong admired, so she really didn't want to see Ye Fan act recklessly and get hurt.

  Yet Ye Fan laughed, he turned to look at the petite woman behind him whose beautiful eyes were red.

  "Xiaohong, you said before that I was still trying to feel my way through the darkness, that it would still take twenty years for me to stand there."

  "Today I will let you know, why do I, Ye Fan, need twenty years to stand there?"

  "Where have I been in the dark?I am the light."

  "Where I am, there is light!"

  As the words fell, Ye Fan immediately turned around.

  Under the attention of ten thousand people, he held his head high and he stepped up the steps.

  This heaven and earth was full of Ye Fan's reverberations!

  When she saw Ye Fan's faraway back, Li Xiaohong was stunned, lost in thought for a long time~


"Where have I been in the dark?"

  "Wherever I am, there is light."


  In her ears, Ye Fan's domineering words echoed for a long time, and Li Xiaohong had been completely stunned.

  What kind of boldness did a person have to have to speak such lofty words?

  What kind of confidence does one have to have to show such majestic authority and dominance?

  Looking at Ye Fan who was stepping forward in front of her, at that moment, Li Xiaohong only felt that there was no longer any heaven or earth in front of her, only Ye Fan's reverie remained.


  "This brake, huh?"

  "Simply insane?"

  "People are shouting for Mr. Chu, what are you boasting about, a man named Ye?"

  "Where you are is the light?"

  "I'll fuck off!"

  "What right do you have to say that, you redneck?"

  "Brainless pretending, just plain idiotic."

  "Waiting for you to die!"

  At this time, Liu Jiawei and Wang Yu were however cursing with a sardonic smile, looking at Chu Yun as if they were only looking at an idiot in their gaze.

  The people nearby were obviously shocked when they heard Liu Jiawei's words.


  "I thought it was really Mr. Chu?"

  "So it's the rednecks!"

  "What occasion is this?"

  "A redneck who also dares to make trouble?"

  "Who the hell gave him the courage!"


  "What an idiot."


  "Idiots in general?"


  There was ridicule everywhere.

  Almost everyone was insulting him, everyone was laughing at him.

  The unbearable sounds of rebuke around him even echoed throughout the entire clubhouse.

  At this time, Ye Fan was like that outcast son of the world who was accused by a thousand men!

  However, in the face of the crowd's ridicule, Ye Fan seemed as if he hadn't heard.

  He was full of pride, full of sneers, and he met everyone's disdainful gaze and their piercing ridicule, walking with a negative hand and stepping up the steps.

  He was like the invincible king on the battlefield, and even though millions of people were stopping him, he was going forward!He's laughing with thousands of people, but he'll go on alone!

  However, listening to the jeers of the surrounding crowd, Nan Chen on the other side was so angry that her face turned pretty red.


  "You ridicule, you sneer."

  "Immediately you will see what kind of a person you disdain nowadays!"

  "My little Van brother will smash your dog's face with the naked reality~"

  Nan Chen huffed angrily, and then, amidst the appalled gazes of the crowd, the beautiful girl in front of her actually stood up then and shouted at the man walking alone in front of her, "Brother Fanny, come on."

  "Nan Nan believes in you."

  "Believe in me Brother Fanny, I will stand where the glory shines and be noticed by all!"

  Nan Chen's shout spread across the world.

  When Liu Jiawei and the others heard it, they went crazy with laughter.

  "Nan Nan, that hillbilly is mad, could it be that you're mad too?"

  "Where does he get the glory of being a country boy, and how does he get the attention of all the people after the cold?"

  "I think you're really crazy~"

  While Liu Jiawei sneered, Ye Fan, however, had already walked to the center of the entire clubhouse, only a few steps away from Chen Ao and the others.

  "This idiot!"

  "Messing up on such occasions, see if Master Pride and the others don't get you killed?"Liu Jiawei laughed sardonically.

  "Waiting for you to die!"Wang Yu was also sitting there with his hands in his lap, looking like he was watching a good show.

  However, as everyone was waiting to see Ye Fan get his legs broken and thrown out of the clubhouse by Chen Ao and the others.

  Suddenly, Wang Jiexi, who was closest to Ye Fan, got up and stepped forward to bow, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"


  At that moment, the whole arena instantly stagnated, and Liu Jiawei was even more stunned in place.

  This Nima, what was the situation?

  At that moment, another man stepped forward and bowed again, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"


  Liu Jiawei was already confused, and Wang Yu was also wide-eyed.

  All the laughter that had just ridiculed Ye Fan undoubtedly came to an abrupt end in a moment.

  Everyone was stupefied in place, somewhat unable to understand the situation.

  However, this was only the beginning.

  After the two of Wang Jiexi came forward to pay their respects, the third, the fourth~

  It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea and set off a thousand waves.

  In a split second, one after another, one after another, people stepped forward to worship each other.

  Until the end, Chen Ao, Li Er and others, also stepped forward, cupped their fists and bowed again, "I, Li Er~"


  "I Lei laosan~"


  "I, Chen Ao, welcome Mr. Chu!"


  "Welcome Mr. Chu!!!"

  "May Mr. Chu, turn the tide and save my Jiangdong~"

  "Power to save my river east~"

  The sounds that rose and fell throughout the heavens and earth, exploding unceasingly.It was like thunder from the nine heavens, rolling past.

  The rushing momentum gathered into a stream, and in a moment, it swept through the entire venue.

  In that split second, Liu Jiawei was dumbfounded, Wang Yu was dumbfounded, Li Xiaohong was dumbfounded, and all those who had just mocked Ye Fan were dumbfounded.

  They stared at the scene with dead eyes, incredulous, and even more shock waves swept wildly through their hearts.


  "It's really Mr. Chu?"

  "But...But how is that possible?"

  "That's never going to happen!"

  "He's a country peasant, from a humble and despicable background, what virtue does he have to make the whole of Jiangdong worship all the big men?"

  "That's never going to happen!"

  "By no means!!!"

  At that moment, Liu Jiawei's eyes were red, and his entire body was close to Jairus, as if he had gone mad and roared with rage.

  The most unacceptable thing in life is to find that the person you despise and despise before has suddenly stepped on your feet.

  This was undoubtedly the case with the current Liu Jiawei.

  Up until this moment, he could not accept that Ye Fan would be Mr. Chu, who would be the Mr. Chu that Chen Ao and the others respected and respected.

  "It's definitely a case of mistaken identity."Wang Yu also didn't believe it at all, his old face was pale, and he said over and over again on the side.

  At this time, Ye Fan had already stepped into the ring and stood in front of Wu He Rong.

  "You are Mr. Chu?"

  "That evil son of the Chu family?"

  "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

  "This time, I, Wu He Rong, have come across the East Coast for you!"


  Hearing these words, the entire audience trembled once again.

  Wu He Rong's return to Huaxia, stirring up such a foul storm in Jiangdong, was only for this person before him?

  Was this Ye Fan really a big man that they couldn't afford to mess with?

  In just an instant, Liu Jiawei was confused.

  Wang Yu was also near frightened, his soul flying away!

  But Ye Fan is still smiling, his eyebrows and eyes are calm, and he is standing peacefully.

  The night breeze gently waved, but blew the tips of Ye Fan's hair in front of his forehead.

  At this time, Ye Fan's entire body was as if the water was still flowing from a flat lake, and the Wu He Rong in front of him, who made the entire Jiangdong dreadful, didn't seem to stir up any waves in his heart at all.

  "Yes?"Evan smiled back.

  "Actually, I've been looking for you for a long time."

  "Now, since I've found you, there's no need to leave."

  "Tonight, let's just sleep at the foot of this Mount Tai~"

  Ye Fan's words caused Wu He Rong's eyebrows to immediately chill, his pupils shrank, and his angry voice suddenly exploded, "Junior, are you arrogantly seeking death?!!!"


  The words fell, and Wu He Rong instantly stormed out with a vicious fist, smashing out in an instant.

  The speed of the fist was so fast that it brought up a burst of sonic booms that exploded the heavens and earth.

  In just an instant, the battle between Ye Fan and Wu He Rong was on the verge of starting!

  Accepted, all eyes on it!


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