Dish Best Served Cold 133-140


 Chapter 133

"Or what?"Qiu Mu Orange asked a rhetorical question.

  "Well, if not, then answer me, in Dongyang Town, why did Li Er and the others arrive?"

  "And why did the Red Flag Group name me to work with?"

  "And why is that young master of the Shen family called brother to you?"

  "If you're not climbing to power and wealth, how do you explain all this?!!!"

  "You're a nobody, from the countryside, and for three years you've been even more mediocre, if you didn't rely on others, what would you have done to make the Shen family's father and son hold you in such high esteem?!!!"

  Qiu Mu orange eyes red, words trembling, but a series of questions, like a golden stone landing, in the cloud lake then sounded, causing countless passers-by to look around.

  Ye Fan didn't speak, just stood there, indifferently looking at the cold-eyed, teary-eyed woman in front of him.

  "Ye Fan, you speak?"

  "Why don't you explain?"At this moment, Autumn Mu Orange's voice actually carried some choking.How much she wished to convince herself.

  But Ye Fan was still so calm, no emotion could be seen on his clear and beautiful face, as if he was calm and ancient.

  He stood there and said back faintly, "There's nothing to explain, sooner or later, you'll naturally understand that all my achievements didn't rely on anyone else, they all relied on me, Ye Fan alone."

  "That's enough!"

  "Have you been unrepentant until now?"

  "Ye Fan, you disappoint me so much!"

  With a cry, Autumn Mu Orange ran away after all.No one saw the strings of crystals that scattered in the wind in the split second that Autumn Mu Orange turned around.

  She, cried.

  With the loss of Qiu Mu orange far away, the world here is finally calm again.

  The dim light by the roadside, slowly swaying, fell on Ye Fan's body, but sprinkled a shadow.

  "Why didn't you tell her?"Behind him, suddenly came Xu Lei's lovely female voice.

  Delicate high heels knocked the ground, Xu Lei walked up, the breeze blew her dark red long hair, the waist of the short skirt, the bare calves but warm and touching.

  Ye Fan looked at the smoky lake, but smiled to himself, "What do you think I should tell her?"

  "Saying that I'm the eldest son of the Chu family?!"

  "That the Chu family has monstrous power?!"

  "Saying that I, Ye Fan, rely not on women, but on my own paternal family?!"

  Ye Fan sneered and laughed, his low words filled with self-deprecation.

  If he really said that, such a self would be despised even by himself.

  "Family origin is just as much a part of one's capital as one's talent and ability, there's no difference, is there?"Xu Lei's voice, like the soft cry of a nightingale, slowly rang in Ye Fan's ears.

  However, Ye Fan shook his head, "To you, maybe.But to me, Ye Fan, categorically not."

  "One day, I, Ye Fan, will trample that Chu family underfoot!!!"


  The wind was bitterly cold, but a wild wind suddenly swept over the Lake of Clouds and Mist.

  Ye Fan stood proudly on the shore of the Lake of Clouds and Mist, looking at the heavens and the earth, a majestic spirit, but reverberated.The deep eyebrows were filled with determination.

  Looking at the man in front of him, Xu Lei was once again startled.

  Because at this moment, Chu Yun's arrogance was not even as strong as hers, she was horrified.This man in front of her, what kind of person was he?


  Suddenly, there was lightning falling from the sky, followed by thunder rolling, and the sky, in an instant, became gloomy.

  At the end of the starry river, there was a windstorm.

  A storm, by the looks of it, was coming.


  Yunzhou, Eastern Suburbs Villa.

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red, sitting on the sofa alone with a pillow, startled and lost in thought.

  After leaving Cloud Mist Lake just now, Qiu Mu Orange didn't go home, but went to look for her best friend, Suzy .

  Suzy had just finished taking a shower and was wearing a light sarong, and when she saw Autumn Mu Orange's depressed mood, she was furious.

  "Damn it, Mu Orange, you're not still thinking about that hillbilly, are you?"

  "I've been talking to you for a long time, this kind of person doesn't deserve you."

  "He comes from a poor family, from the countryside.This kind of a poor disciple is not from the same world as us."

  "In front of us upper class people, he would definitely have an inferiority complex."

  "Once this person has an inferiority complex, his mind will be twisted and he will go astray, ending up like him, becoming someone else's white glove, losing his dignity and working as a dog's errand boy for those powerful bigwigs."

  "It's good that you now know his true face."

  "It's just as well to see him clearly."

  "Listen to me, find an opportunity to divorce this kind of person quickly."

  "When I take my man-god, I'll pick your wishful husband with one eye on the prize."

  "I believe that my Miss, with my Mu Orange's posture and talent, she will definitely marry into a rich and powerful family in the future."

  Ye Fan's matter had just been told to her by Qiu Mu Orange.

  At this time Su Xi but persuaded Qiu Mu Orange to take this opportunity to quickly divorce Ye Fan that country bumpkin.

  He had long been displeased with Ye Fan.

  "A country bumpkin with no money and no power, and he still wants to pick up my Mu Orange?"

  "What a mangy, deluded toad trying to eat swan meat!"To Ye Fan, Suzy was full of disdain.

  However, Autumn Mu Orange's heart was in turmoil, sitting there alone, she didn't say a word in the face of Suzy's words.Just her eyebrows and eyes were red, and no one knew what was really on her mind.

  "Hey, I'm really impressed with you."

  "Isn't it just a redneck?"

  "So much for that, looking like you've lost your mind."

  "Okay, I don't care about you, I have to go see my man-god."Susie looked at the time, it was supposed to be time for his boy god to play the harmonica at the window at this point, but she was late.


  "Why hasn't my man-god shown up yet?"

  "Didn't seem to hear the harmonica yesterday either."

  "Orange, you don't think my man-god has moved out already, do you?"Thinking of this, Suzy panicked.

  "Orange, what should I do, it's the first time in all these years that I've been this emotional about a person, if he's really gone, there's a sea of people, where am I supposed to find him?"

  Susie seemed to be genuinely panicked, and her tone was all cryptic.

  "If you're afraid of missing out, then go find him."Autumn Mu Orange whispered.

  Suzy took it seriously at once.

  "Orange Orange, you're right, love is something you need to hold onto.If I keep waiting like this, my male god will definitely miss out with me."

  "I've decided, I'll confess tonight and bring my ninety-nine love letters with me!"

  Susie bit her teeth and swore.

  These days, almost all of Suzy's crushes were written in those love letters.

  "I don't believe it, this lady is so sincere and still can't move my man-god?"

  And then, without further hesitation, she walked out of the room with her little pink wooden box full of love letters in her arms.

  "Hey, you haven't changed your clothes yet?"Qiu Mu Orange caressed her forehead for a moment, this silly ninny.

  Helplessly, Qiu Mu Orange hurriedly chased after her and pulled Suzy back.

  Half an hour later, Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange had appeared at the entrance of the villa next door.

  At this time, Suzy had changed into an exquisite long dress and had elaborately applied makeup, dressed like a fairy, beautiful and touching.But fairies can be afraid, and the reason why she had also dragged Qiu Mu Orange here was to give her courage.

  "No, no, Mu Orange, I'm nervous, I think we'd better forget it."Suzy eventually wimped out, her heart was beating a retreat, and she turned her head to run back.

  Qiu Mu Orange pulled her back, "Xixi, have you forgotten what you said before?"

  "It's all the way to the door, it's this close to the door, you can't back out."

  "Come on, you're the best."Autumn Mu Orange encouraged.

  Suzy gritted her teeth again, "Mu Orange, you're right, Miss Ben has been secretly in love with him for so many days, even if she fails today, then she has to let him know of Miss Ben's feelings.I'm going, wish me luck!"

  Susie said in a dominating manner, lifting her foot...It eventually shrank back.

  "Orange, let's go home, I really don't dare~"

  "You~"Qiu Mu Orange was simply going to be mad at this wimp Suzy.

  And just as these two silly women were discussing in front of someone's house, the originally closed door of the room, then immediately opened.

  The light from inside the room shone out, and looking at the person who walked out of the villa, Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy, they were immediately flabbergasted in place.


"You are?"

  The door of the room was suddenly pushed open and a figure walked out.

  At this time this person was still holding a mop in his hand, wearing a washed-out whitish military green short-sleeved, bearded, and his hair was also fluffy and messy as if it was a chicken coop, wearing a pair of military walking shoes under his feet, his whole person looked a bit sloppy.

  He blinked his eyes, looking at the two beautifully dressed, fine-looking women at the door in confusion, and asked slowly.


  Looking at this middle-aged uncle in front of him, at that moment, Suzy instantly stayed in place as if she had been struck by lightning, only to feel her heart break.

  He had never thought that the male god he was thinking of was a middle-aged uncle with a scruffy beard.

  At that moment, the huge gap between dream and reality made Suzy cry, and her beautiful eyes were all red.

  Seeing Suzy like this, Qiu Mu Orange, who was on the side, was speechless.

  I thought to myself that this silly ninny shouldn't think that the cleaning uncle in front of her was the owner of this villa, right?

  In the end, it was Qiu Mu Orange who stepped out and politely asked, "Uncle, may I ask the previous owner of this house, is he home?"

  "Master?"The old man was stunned and whirled around, grinning, "Oh, you mean the little gentleman who lived there before.He's gone today, I think he's moved out.Everything in the room is also gone.I got orders to come over here and do some cleaning so I can continue to rent it out."


  "Is my god already gone?"

  "How's that?"

  "Where did he go?"

  Hearing the Boss's words, the fire that had just risen in Suzy's heart was extinguished.

  She had never thought that the thing she feared the most would still happen.

  That person, after all, was still gone.

  She hadn't even, in the slightest, seen his face.

  A love affair that hadn't even begun, and it ended like this.

  She didn't even reveal her feelings, and the sudden separation was never seen again.

  At this time, Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange had already returned home again.

  Half an hour ago, only Qiu Mu orange was lost in the room.But now, there was yet another sad girl.

  For so many years, it was the first time Suzy had liked someone so much, the first time she had silently written ninety-nine love letters, and the first time she had found the courage to run to his door at night to confess her love.

  However, so many firsts and nothing came of it after all.

  The flowers have withered before they even bloom.

  The two girlfriends, but also really sisterly love, sadness and loss are also all a piece.

  But the two of them probably wouldn't have thought that the loss they're experiencing right now is all because of the same person.

  The two flowery girls, so depressed for a long time.

  In the end, it was still Suzy who was the first to get solemn: "Hmph, it's just a broken heart, what's the big deal, it's not like Miss Ben can't get married."

  "Mu Orange, as women of the new era, we can't be so depressed anymore.We have to cheer up, the world can turn when we leave anyone."

  "I've decided, we're going to travel tomorrow."

  "A change of world and a change of mood."

  "And then come back, start a new life, and be a brand new person!"

  And so, at Suzy's urging, Qiu Mu Orange got into Suzy's chariot as well, preparing to go out with Suzy to travel and clear her mind.

  It was also just as well that, with Autumn Mu Orange's current mood, even if she stayed in the company, she wouldn't be in the mood to deal with anything at all.

  It's good to go out and take a break.

  "Perhaps myself, it's time to start a new life."

  Perhaps it was Suzy's words that really infected Qiu Mu Orange.Qiu Mu Orange didn't refuse either.

  The two women hit it off right away.

  That night, Qiu Mu Orange went home to pack her things, while taking leave from her company to hand over some work.

  The night passed quickly.

  At the break of dawn, the number of luxury cars, but from the Yunzhou Li's second Li's manor slowly sailed out, all the way, and finally stopped in the Yunwu Lake.

  There, there was a thin man, standing with a negative hand.

  His eyebrows and eyes were profound, looking at the vast, smoky Cloud Mist Lake in front of him, but here, he had been standing all night.

  Seeing Ye Fan, Li Er and the others then walked off the car, a few people in the line all went forward and stood beside Ye Fan, respectfully and worshiped, "Mr. Chu, it's dawn, it's time to depart."

  Ye Fan remained silent for a long time, in front of him, the water brimming over, reflecting the light of the sunrise.

  The autumn breeze gently whipped, blowing the tips of Ye Fan's hair on his forehead.

  After a long time, Ye Fan nodded his head and only returned, good.

  Under the respect of Li Er and the others, Ye Fan got on the car.

  However, before leaving Yunzhou, Ye Fan was the one who asked Li Er and the others to turn the direction around.

  "Wait for me first, I'm going to meet someone."


  Willow Garden District.

  It was at the break of dawn, and the sky was just dawning.A streak of fish belly white had appeared in the far east.

  The people going to work hadn't gotten up yet, and there were only some early morning people on the road, but many households had already lit up, apparently preparing breakfast.

  Ye Fan walked out of the car and stood beside the car, raising his head to quietly watch a certain family.

  Through the window, Ye Fan vaguely saw a beautiful and graceful silhouette, wearing a light nightgown, clumsily boiling milk and preparing breakfast.

  Ye Fan just looked at it like this, there seemed to be nothing else in his eyes, there was only that, manly and graceful silhouette.

  "Mr. Chu, how about.... go up and say goodbye to your husband?"

  At this time, Li Er on the side seemed to have guessed something and came over, carefully asking to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan shook his head, "No need, a glance here is enough."

  As his words fell, Ye Fan turned away and entered the car.

  "Li Er, let's go."

  "Yes, Mr. Chu."

  Li Er immediately agreed, while ordering everyone to get into the car and then leave.


  The wheels sped, the roar of the engines bringing forth a beastly roar.

  A sufficient number of luxury cars raced on the road, orange lights, as if swords were tearing the sky.

  In the distant sky, there is the rising sun, and the morning sun.

  Looking out the window hurriedly past the trees, Ye Fan's eyebrows, but there is light in the dark.

  "Three years of glory and shame, I have waited for this moment, and I have the patience to continue to wait."

  "Mu Orange, I will let you prove that I, Ye Fan, on my own, also possess the power to guard you to the end of the earth!"

Chapter 135

Willow Garden neighborhood.

  Today Qiu Mu Orange woke up extra early, after all it wasn't just to prepare breakfast for her parents.She also made an appointment with Susie to leave for her trip at six in the morning.


  However, just as Qiu Mu Orange was warming up the milk, she seemed to feel something and turned back towards the window at once.

  At this time, at the entrance of the community, there was no one other than a few luxury cars that were slowly driving away.

  "Strange, an illusion?"

  Just now, Autumn Mu Orange clearly felt like she was being watched, but now it seemed that she was probably thinking too much.

  "It seems like I really need to go out for a walk."

  Soon, Qiu Mu Orange prepared breakfast and placed it on the table.

  "Mom, Dad.The milk is all warmed up, you guys can just get up later and eat."

  "I'm meeting up with Xi Xi to go out and see a friend, I might come back in two days."

  Qiu Mu Orange said as she also went downstairs with her suitcase.

  Suzy had already driven downstairs and honked her horn wildly there, this silly ninny, if she didn't go down, I'm afraid she would be disturbing the public and causing anger.

  "Sissy, have you thought about where we're going?"

  At this time, Autumn Mu Orange had already gotten into the car.

  Su Xi drove a white BMW 525Li, speeding through the vast streets of the city.

  There weren't any cars on the road at this time of the day, and the feeling of freedom and openness made people feel good.

  "Don't worry, I've got it all planned out."

  "This time, we're going to climb Mount Tarzan."

  "Back when I was a student, I've always wanted to go, but unfortunately, I've since left the country, so today is a perfect opportunity."

  "When we have conquered Tarzan, then what's the fear of not being able to conquer the men of the district?"

  Susie smiled proudly, but the melodious sound of music in the car was particularly cheerful.

  "And, Mu Orange.I heard from my father that there's a big event near Taishan these days.Almost all the powerful and noble bigwigs from the entire Jiangdong region have gathered, like our Yun Sect's Li Er, Jingzhou's Lei San, and it's said that Jianghai's Chen Ao is going back."

  "The Jiangdong grand event is a gathering of noble families, and there are sons and daughters of the rich and powerful all over the place."

  "When the time comes, maybe we'll have a good time and meet a beloved noble rich young man?"

  Suzy smiled heedlessly, her flirtatiousness starting again.

  Qiu Mu Orange was speechless for a moment, "Xi Xi, I'm now very suspicious of your motives for this trip."

  "I think it's fake for you to climb Mount Tarzan and it's real for you to go find a handsome guy, right?"

  "Your unruly soul, when will you be at peace."

  Being seen through by Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy didn't blush, instead she even smiled hehehe.

  That cheeky look was not at all lost to that stinky man.

  As soon as she thought of Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange's mood, then lowered.

  It had been a day already, and since last night, Ye Fan hadn't contacted him, let alone come looking for him.

  At this moment, however, Qiu Mu Orange had some self-reproach and intolerance in her heart.

  Could those words of my own last night have been too heavy.

  What Ye Fan had done, though, made Qiu Mu Orange very angry.But when you think about it, everything that Ye Fan had done seemed to be for her.

  Sticking up for and pleasing Xu Lei was to change her situation in the Qiu family.

  Working for those dignitaries, maybe it was also for herself.

  "Just Ye Fan, why, why can't you just rely on yourself and make some achievements in an upright manner to impress others and make me proud of you as well?"

  Qiu Mu Orange eventually shook her head, to Ye Fan, full of disappointment.

  The wheels sped up, so these two young and beautiful girls drove themselves towards the foot of Mt. Tai, An Ning County.

  Anning County, was originally a small, poor township at the foot of Mount Tai.

  However, due to its close proximity to Mount Tai, its tourism industry was exceptionally well developed, attracting countless tourists who came to climb Mount Tai every year.It is these tourists who naturally boosted the local economy.

  As a result, Anning was also designated as a county.

  In recent days, Anning County was undoubtedly bustling with activity.

  Numerous luxury cars have gathered, and all the bigwigs from all over Jiangdong have gathered from all directions as if they have discussed it.

  Today's Anning County has become the center of the entire Jiangdong Province.

  Big personalities, who are rarely seen in normal days, can be seen almost everywhere.

  The major hotels were almost all full, even the B&B inns, if you went late to these places, there were almost no rooms left.

  "Mr. Chu, Mr. Chen and the others have already prepared a luncheon at the Taishan Restaurant, thinking that Mr. Chu will receive the dust."

  "Moreover, the rooms where Mr. Chu rests are also prepared, waiting for Mr. Chu to enter the hotel."

  By the time Ye Fan and the others arrived in An Ning County, it was already noon.

  Li Er followed the previous plan and directly dragged Ye Fan to the Taishan Restaurant to meet up with Chen Ao and the others.

  "Mr. Chu, long time no see.How have you been?"


  As soon as Ye Fan got off the bus, Chen Ao, Lei Laosan and the others greeted him warmly, extending their hands to shake Ye Fan's hand.

  "A few of you are polite."Ye Fan nodded, exchanged a few pleasantries with them, and then entered the restaurant to take a seat.

  "I'll go!"

  "Who is that young man?"

  "Jiang Hai Chen Ao is all respectful?"

  "Jingzhou Lei San personally came to welcome him!"

  "This is fucking awesome!"

  "How much background does that have to be?"

  The surrounding people looked at Ye Fan who was greeted by the respect of all the big men of Jiangdong and lamented.

  Ye Fan and the others, however, had already entered the restaurant.

  "Nan Nan, you go sit next to Mr. Chu, remember to pour water for Mr. Chu."Chen Ao greeted with a smile and asked his daughter to sit next to Ye Fan.

  Lei laosan who just squeezed next to Ye Fan and was about to sit down, his old face turned black at that time.

  I thought to myself that this Chen Ao's heart is really dirty, letting his own daughter be next to Ye Fan, this is clearly an ulterior motive.

  I'm afraid this is not to recruit Ye Fan as a son-in-law!

  But scolded in his heart, Lei laosan face still smiling, very consciously moved to the side of a seat, so that Chen Nan sat over.After all, he was an elder, he couldn't pull down his face to grab a seat with his junior, right?

  "Brother Xiaofan, we meet again."

  After that time when he met Ye Fan Neng as, this Chen Nan had obviously become a little fan sister of Ye Fan.

  Perhaps it was due to being influenced by Chen Ao's ears, Chen Nan had been especially fond of martial arts since childhood and was keen on those fighting competitions.

  Now Taishan Martial Arts Association, this kind of rare event, Chen Nan naturally would not miss it and clamored to come.

  "Originally, I wouldn't let her come."

  "But this nee, she had to come over to cheer for Mr. Chu, I couldn't even stop her~"

  Chen Ao haha laughed.

  Nan Chen was also laughing, "My brother Xiaofan is so powerful, he can definitely defeat Wu He Rong.Brother Xiaofan's glorious moment, of course I can't miss it."

  "A moment of glory?"

  "I guess it's a humiliating moment."

  However, just as everyone was joking, outside the room, there was only a man in a suit, leading a group of people in.

  This leader, with a sneer on his lips and a face full of mischief, rudely belittled Ye Fan as soon as he appeared.

  Seeing this person, many people present were shocked.

  This...This was, the current richest man in Jiangdong, the owner of the Zhao family, Zhao Wuji!

  An existence on par with the King of Edo.

  How did he get here?


As the saying goes, two tigers cannot live in one mountain.

  In the land of Jiangdong, Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji are naturally not dealing with each other.For the past ten years, they have been in a competitive relationship between openly and secretly.

  Now, if it wasn't for the appearance of Wu He Rong, the two of them wouldn't have gathered here at the same time.

  "Zhao's sudden visit, I don't know what's the matter?"

  With the arrival of Zhao Wuji and the others, the atmosphere in the room undoubtedly became condensed.The original laughter of the crowd also dispersed, Chen Ao was now even more old-faced, looking at the man in the suit in front and coldly said.

  Zhao Wuji shook his head and laughed, "Chen Ao need not be nervous, I came over just to greet you.By the way, let's see what kind of expert our Chen has found to help us Jiang Dong deal with Wu He Rong."

  "Now it turns out that he's just a brat."

  "Looking at his appearance, I'm afraid he's no more than just in his early twenties."

  "At this age, how much more powerful can he be?"

  "I really don't know if Chen is always big-hearted, or if he's ready to break the jar.How dare you put the life and death of Jiang Dong in the hands of a hairy kid?"

  "If you guys really have no one available in Jianghai, talk to me.I'll bring that janitor at our door for Mr. Chen, that's also more reliable than a random jerk."

  "Su Dong, don't you think so?"

  Zhao Wuji scoffed and laughed, and those behind him laughed and echoed along with him.

  "That's right, Mr. Chen, I really don't know what you're thinking."

  "Even if you find someone who makes up the numbers, you'll have to find someone a little stronger."

  "Look at him like that, he's like a skinny monkey, he'll be slapped to pieces."

  Zhao Wuji and the others looked at Ye Fan, but they shook their heads incessantly, full of disdain.

  "Zhao Wuji, watch your words."

  "Mr. Chu, by no means can you insult!"Chen Ao's words were grim, and he coldly looked at Zhao Wuji.

  Zhao Wuji also ignored it and just sneered and laughed.

  And then waved his hand, greeted the crowd and prepared to leave.

  Before leaving, Zhao Wuji turned his back to Chen Ao and others, but said in a deep voice: "Chen, this Taishan Martial Arts Meeting is not only a "date" between Jiang Dong and Wu He Rong, but also a "date" between you and me."

  "Ten years of enmity, let's also end it at the foot of this Mount Tai."

  "If you lose, then let go of Jianghai and leave Jiangdong."

  "After fighting for so many years, I, Zhao Wuji, still don't want to be cruel to you, my old friend."

  Zhao Wuji's cold voice was like a cold wind blowing through the heavens and earth here, and the faces of Lei Laosan and the others all changed immediately.


  Right at this moment, at the doorway, a thunderclap suddenly exploded.

  There was a black-clothed old man beside Zhao Wuji, smashing out a punch at the wall in front of him.

  Between the splashes of gravel, the entire concrete wall was actually pierced through by the old man.The steel skeleton inside was also then revealed to be eventful.


  The entire audience was horrified, Lei Laosan stared in shock, Li Er even sat up in shock, and Nan Chen's pretty face then went white.


  This is naked contempt!

  Zhao Wuji clearly wanted to tell Chen Ao how bad the people he relied on were compared to the men he had found by Zhao Wuji through such actions.

  Moreover, what made Chen Ao and the others even more furious was that not long after Zhao Wuji and the others left, they even had someone send a coffin to Ye Fan.

  "Mr. Chen, this is prepared by my family's master for Mr. Chu."

  "Save the night, after Mr. Chu was killed at the martial meeting, Mr. Chen will then specially prepare a coffin for Mr. Chu."

  "Hahaha, there's no need for thanks from Mr. Chen~"

  After saying that, Zhao Wuji's people left in a flash.

  In the private room, only Chen Ao and the others were left looking at the coffin in front of them, their old faces livid and condensed almost dripping water.

  "This Zhao Wuji, bullying people too much!"

  "It's just like being blind~"

  "Someone, carry this coffin out for me to burn."Chen Ao said angrily .

  Lei Laosan and Li Er and the others were also ugly and indignant .

  It's bad luck to send a coffin before a big war .

  "Quickly lift this unlucky coffin and burn it!"Lei laosan also roared in a deep voice.

  However, Ye Fan smiled at this time and said indifferently, "Keep it, it might really be useful."

  Ye Fan's words were insipid, but who knew the mortification beneath his words.

  "Mr. Chen, this banquet is over for today."

  "I'm going out for a stroll."

  Ye Fan said and also got up to leave.

  "Brother Fan, I'll go with you."Nan Chen also chased after her, and with so many people present, she had something to talk to Ye Fan.

  After all, the other people were all elders, several years older than her.But Ye Fan and her were about the same age.

  After Ye Fan left, the dull atmosphere in this room, however, did not dissipate for a long time.

  "Mr. Chen, this Mr. Chu, can we really trust him?"After a long time, many people have no bottom in their hearts and look at Chen Ao and ask in fear.

  This Taishan Martial Meeting seems to be the Jiangdong congregation against Wu He Rong.

  But the Jiangdong province is by no means an iron plate inside.

  On one side is the eastern side of Jiangdong Province, led by Chen Ao, and on the other side is the western side, led by Zhao Wuji.

  In normal days, Chen Ao and Zhao Wuji have the same prestige in Jiangdong Province, and no one can do anything about it.

  But now, judging from Zhao Wuji's meaning, the power struggle between him and Chen Ao is going to end in this Taishan Martial Arts Competition?

  Chen Ao is also worried, now that there are internal and external problems, no one knows what kind of pressure he is carrying on his body.But things have come to this point, they have no more options left.

  "We can only trust Mr. Chu, other than that, there is no other choice."

  "Now, wait quietly."

  Chen Ao's words were ghostly, but his heavy eyes were looking out the window.

  At the end of the sky, Mt. Tai towered majestically into the clouds.

  Beyond the nine heavens, wind and clouds were rising.

  Before the great battle arrives, the wind and rain have already filled the building!



  "That Zhao Wuji is the richest man in Jiangdong, and the bigwigs in several urban areas in the west of Jiangdong all follow his lead."

  "All these years, they've been trying to kick my father out of his current position and completely integrate Jiangdong."

  "This time, with internal and external problems, I'm afraid there's a lot of pressure on dad, right?"

  Ye Fan had left the restaurant and was walking with Nan Chen on the busy streets outside.

  Although the east side of the river was now in turmoil, the citizens living at the bottom of the river had no idea about these things, and the entire Aning County was still as prosperous and calm as ever.

  At this time, Chen Nan's pretty face contained worry, obviously also worried about his father, as well as this Taishan Martial Meeting.

  Success or failure, and now it really was the difference between life and death.

  "Don't worry, with me here, your father will definitely be fine."However, Ye Fan remained calm, but what had just happened did not stir any waves in his heart at all.

  In between the two of them strolling on the street, when Ye Fan looked up, he saw a beautiful woman in front of the vendor, standing there, happily looking at the trinkets.


  "Is she?!"

  Ye Fan was instantly shocked.

  How the hell could this be encountered here?


At that moment, the girl looking at the trinkets on the side of the road was Li Xiaohong, who had a few encounters with Ye Fan, wasn't she?

  Ye Fan, however, did not expect to meet her here.

  Seeing an acquaintance, Ye Fan naturally walked up to the girl and gave her a greeting.

  "Xiaohong, how did you get here?Didn't you work today?"

  Today's Li Xiaohong wore a chiffon floral dress, her shiny calves were slender and fair, and she also wore light makeup on her pretty face, a dress that was extremely sweet and lovely.

  "Ah, Mr. Chu, why are you here too?"When she saw Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong was obviously surprised and happy.

  It wasn't the first time she and Ye Fan had met, not to mention that Ye Fan had helped her almost every time, and now that she had met him again, she was naturally grateful and delighted.

  "There's no need to call me Mr. Chu Chu, just call me Ye Fan."Ye Fan laughed softly.

  After a short conversation, Ye Fan also counted on knowing the purpose of Li Xiaohong's coming here.

  So this girl, she had come here for a blind date.

  "My uncle found a match for me and arranged to meet today."

  "So I took my leave and came over."

  Li Xiaohong said softly, but her pretty face was somewhat blushing as she said this.It was obviously a little embarrassed.

  "Mr. Chu, is this your girlfriend?It's really pretty, just like a fairy."Li Xiaohong noticed the beautiful woman beside Ye Fan at this time and then asked.

  However, no one saw the wisp of loss in the depths of Li Xiaohong's eyebrows.

  Mr. Chu really did already have a girlfriend.

  As soon as Nan Chen on the side heard this, her pretty face also blushed slightly.It was about to explain that she and Ye Fan weren't boyfriend and girlfriend.

  However, at this time, there were two men coming from the distance.

  These two, one was relatively young, twenty-five or twenty-six years old, dressed brightly and with a brand name, they were rich youngsters from a good background.

  The other one, on the other hand, was a middle-aged man with low eyebrows and a pleasing look of stammering and pleasing.

  "Wang Yu, you better not lie to me, if your niece doesn't look good, you know the consequences."Liu Jiawei rushed at the middle-aged man beside him and coldly warned.

  "Liu Shao you relax a hundred hearts, my niece's looks are famous in our ten miles and eight villages, if she is not good looking, how would I introduce her to Liu Shao.I just hope that after Shao Liu gets his hands on her, just don't forget about me, the Moon Elder."Wang Yu smiled hehehe.

  Liu Jiawei returned, "You don't have to worry about this, as long as you help Ben Shao hunt successfully.Then the position of sales supervisor will definitely be yours.Although the company is still my dad's head now, but a small personnel transfer, I can still decide."

  Between the two of them spoke, but they had already arrived at the place where they had agreed to meet before.

  Wang Yu soon saw his niece, Li Xiaohong, and quickly shouted, "Xiaohong, what are you still standing for, come over and greet young master Liu."

  And so Li Xiaohong was good enough to walk over and greeted Liu Jiawei with a pretty face.

  "Young Master Liu, how is it, this niece of mine is pretty marked looking, isn't she?"Wang Yu lowered his voice and whispered to Liu Jiawei.

  That smile, no matter how you look at it, is somewhat unkind.

  Liu Jiawei nodded: "Not bad indeed, but a sweet-looking girl."

  Looking at the somewhat shy Li Xiaohong in front of him, Liu Jiawei whispered with a smile, but licked his lips.

  Looks like tonight, he has a busy night.

  And while the three of them were talking, Ye Fan and Chu Nan came over and smiled, "Xiaohong, are they your uncle?"


  Wang Yu frowned, "You are?"

  Li Xiaohong quickly explained that they were her friends and just happened to meet.

  "Friends?"Wang Yu sized up Ye Fan and the two of them, his gaze especially stopped a little more on Nan Chen.

  Thinking to be able to pick up such a beautiful girlfriend, this Ye Fan must be either rich or noble!

  So Wang Yu then piled on a smile and asked politely, "This young gentleman, I wonder where he is from and what his parents' job is?To be able to win the heart of such a beautiful girl, the young gentleman must be from a remarkable family."

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, "I'm afraid I've disappointed you, my family is from the township below.Mother is just an ordinary peasant, how can she have any extraordinary family background."

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Wang Yu's smile just now instantly disappeared, and a wisp of contempt appeared at the corner of his mouth, "So you're a country bumpkin.Xiaohong has something to do today, so I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you."

  Wang Yu said coldly, and immediately pulled Li Xiaohong away, while walking with disgust: "In the future, don't associate with this kind of poor countryside loser, do you hear me?"

  "Don't, since we all know each other, let's hang out together.One more person, one more excitement."At this time, however, Liu Jiawei suddenly said.

  "Liu Shao, let them follow, won't they get in the way?"Wang Yu, however, was puzzled and asked Liu Jiawei in a low voice.

  "Nothing."Liu Jiawei waved his hand, but his gaze, however, never left on Nan Chen throughout.

  From the moment Nan Chen appeared, Liu Jiawei was astonished.

  The slender, petite body, the exquisite figure, the glossy, jade-like legs under the short black skirt, plus Nan Chen's clear and elegant appearance.It was almost hard for Liu Jiawei to imagine how seductive it would be if this kind of woman was lying naked on the bed.

  "Understood, haha, Liu Shao is right, meeting is destiny.You guys are also new here, so I guess you're not familiar with this county, so why don't we take a stroll together?"This Wang Yu is obviously a smart person, and quickly understood Liu Jiawei's intentions.

  When the conversation immediately changed, he yowled at everyone to leave together.

  Ye Fan didn't refuse, anyway, the martial meeting only started at night, he had nothing to do this afternoon, so he simply joined them.

  "Chen Nan is it?"

  "The man is good-looking and has such a nice name."

  "This is Young Master Liu Jiawei Liu."

  "Let me tell you, Young Master Liu's family runs a company and is especially rich, I wonder how many young and beautiful girls want to marry Young Master Liu as a gorgeous wife?"

  "If you can win Young Master Liu's heart, then you can really fly up the branch as a phoenix in the future."

  Along the way, however, Wang Yu kept setting up Nan Chen and Liu Jiawei, trying to show off Liu Jiawei's family.

  And from time to time, Liu Jiawei also revealed his vast insight and profound experience to Nan Chen.

  "Nan Nan, I don't think you've ever had a Laffey Red Wine?"

  "That Lafite Rothschild red wine from the Rothschild Estate in England is simply the most beautiful red wine in the world."

  "Pure and richly fragrant, richly layered, elegant and perfect, the unique mellow aroma of the wine simply brings back the aftertaste."

  Liu Jiawei said slowly, looking like a Confucian and profound person.

  Wang Yu popped his applause, praising Liu Shao incessantly, Liu Shao really is insightful, that woman can marry you, it is simply a blessing she has cultivated in her eight lifetimes.

  Ye Fan was drinking water at the time, heard Liu Jiawei that, but a mouthful of farmer's spring directly sprayed out.

  "Young Master Liu, you're afraid that you've carried it wrong, right?"

  "Lafite Rothschild wine is from France.And it's not Chateau Rothschild, it's Chateau Rothschild, also known as Chateau Lafite."Ye Fan said slowly.

  Nan Chen at the side covered her mouth and laughed lightly.

  And Liu Jiawei's old face was blue then.



  "What the hell do you know, you redneck?"

  "Have you ever had red wine?"

  "Do you know Rafi?"

  "You haven't even been out of the country, have you?"

  "You're a frog in a well, who gave you the courage to talk nonsense in front of Liu Shao?"

  "And the Rothschild Estate?Why didn't you say Chateau Rothschild Nima?"

  "Nonsense here, Miss Chen Nan has fallen down in eight lifetimes for having a boyfriend like you."

  Liu Jiawei hadn't spoken yet, but Wang Yu was undoubtedly instantly furious.

  He cursed at Ye Fan with a black face, and if he wasn't afraid of scaring Nan Chen, Wang Yu would have gone up and kicked the countryside loser.

  Whether he could rise high or not, but it all depended on Liu Jiawei.Now that this countryside loser was stirring things up here, of course Wang Yu was furious!

  "Wang Yu, it's okay."

  "Why do you need to see him in general?"

  "After all, he's a country bumpkin, not very knowledgeable, so it's normal to make some jokes."

  Liu Jiawei tried to suppress his anger and still put on a humble appearance.

  After all, it's natural to act like a gentleman in front of the girl you like.

  We are cultivated people.

  Until now, Liu Jiawei still thought that it was Ye Fan who was talking nonsense.

  "It's still Young Master Liu who is generous, the prime minister's belly can support the boat, Liu Shao looks like someone who can do great things."

  "If you meet such a gentleman and profound person like Young Master Liu, if you meet him, then you should marry him quickly."Wang Yu's flattery shook the heavens.

  Liu Jiawei was also very amused by this, raising his chin high, but his eyes were full of pride.

  Just like this, the afternoon passed quickly.

  During this period, Liu Jiawei repeatedly wanted to drive Ye Fan away, after all, Ye Fan was here, and if they wanted to do something to Chen Nan, it would undoubtedly be too obtrusive.

  However, they couldn't succeed after all, Ye Fan still followed them closely, and Nan Chen was also close to Ye Fan, laughing and talking.

  As they watched the sky grow dark, Liu Jiawei and the others brightened up as they passed by a restaurant, greeting everyone to go in and have something to pad their bellies.

  "After we finish eating, Nan Nan, you'll come with us to watch the martial arts meeting."

  "This Anning County is having a world-renowned martial arts meeting tonight, and many big names from Jiangdong will be here.Ordinary people can't even get in."

  "I also asked a friend to get a few tickets for the party."Liu Jiawei said indifferently.

  "I'll go, Liu is awesome!"

  "I've also heard about this martial meeting, it's said that Chen Ao from Jianghai, Li Er from Yunzhou, Lei San from Jingzhou, almost all of them are here."

  "Big names are gathered here, this kind of venue, if you don't have some skills, you can't go in at all."

  "As for ordinary people, I'm afraid that they don't even know about it."Wang Yu exclaimed in astonishment.

  Then, Wang Yu looked at Nan Chen and the others, "Miss Chen, did you see that?"

  "That's the difference between the poor and the rich."

  "The world of the rich and powerful is simply not accessible to the poor."

  "Just like this Tarzan Martial Arts Festival today, you're afraid that you don't even know about it."

  "People like your boyfriend who stand at the foot of the mountain, all they see is the size of the land in front of them.Whereas someone like Liu Shao who stands at the top of the mountain, what he sees is the sea of stars."

  "Liu Shao, do you think I'm saying this right?"

  Liu Jiawei took a light sip of tea and nodded, "Well, what you said is indeed right."

  "Just like our brother Ye Fan, who comes from the countryside and worries about his livelihood day and night, I guess his life is only the scraps in front of him."

  "You've never seen the forests of Norway or the Eiffel Tower in England."

  "Still less have you seen the penguins feeding on the Arctic ice, the dazzling aurora borealis in the Antarctic firmament."

  "To you, the waves of Europe's Doin River exist only in the music of the piano?"

  "The romance on the Aegean Sea is only seen on TV."

  "You've been snail-mailing in one place all your lives, and all your lives, you've only seen the sunset in one place."

  "Brother Ye, I actually feel quite sorry for you.The world is so beautiful, but you guys are afraid that you will never be able to go out to see it in your lifetime."

  Liu Jiawei smiled shallowly, his handsome face carrying a strong sense of superiority, that high above the world as if the white moon was looking down on the fireflies.

  The defiance and pity in those words was so thick.

  At this time, Liu Jiawei, full of pride, was also extremely satisfied with the statement he had just made, not only succeeding in displaying his profound knowledge and elegant gentlemanly demeanor, but also taking the opportunity to belittle Ye Fan to nothing.

  He secretly guessed that Miss Chen Nan Chen had been conquered by his elegant and profound speech and manner, she probably couldn't wait to kick Ye Fan into her embrace.

  He raised his head, and indeed saw Nan Chen's beautiful eyes that were glowing with admiration, and her smile that was delighted with admiration.

  Just when Liu Jiawei had been unable to hold back the bursting hormones in his heart and was ready to take Nan Chen's hand and pull her into his embrace, Ye Fan's faint laughter, however, quietly rang out.


  "What are you laughing at?"

  "You're really hopeless.Instead of being ashamed of your poverty and meanness, you have the nerve to laugh here?"Liu Jiawei frowned for a moment, and Ye Fan's smile made him unhappy.

  He had thought that Ye Fan would be ashamed of his shame.

  But he didn't expect this countryside loser to be so shameless and still laugh there.

  "Didn't laugh at anything, Young Master Liu's speech just now was wonderful.It's just that there are a few flaws, I don't know whether to speak properly or not."Ye Fan smiled inexplicably.

  Liu Jiawei was even more unhappy: "What are you trying to say?"

  "It's nothing really, just wanted to tell Young Master Liu that the Eiffel Tower, it's from Paris, France, not England."

  "What nonsense!I've been to the Eiffel Tower, and don't I know what country it's from?"Liu Jiawei was instantly furious, while looking at Wang Yu and shouting angrily, "Wang Yu, tell this poor country bumpkin which country the Eiffel Tower is from?"

  It was already the second time, last time Ye Fan was talking nonsense, Liu Jiawei endured it.But this time, he was still angry after all.

  "Liu Shao, don't be angry, wait until I search online and hit this idiot's dog face with black and white paper!"Wang Yu didn't really know which country it was from, but it didn't matter, if you had questions, ask Baidu.

  Soon, Wang Yu looked it up: "Stinker, pull your ears wide open and listen.The Eiffel Tower, is standing on the south bank of the Seine River Fa..."

  Wang Yu read it according to the Baidu encyclopedia, however, just halfway through, when he immediately froze.

  "Eh?Are you dumb, and you're not going to read?"Liu Jiawei glared at Wang Yu.

  Wang Yu, however, smacked his old face and turned his head to look at Liu Jiawei, saying, "Liu Shao, this tower, it seems to be really...French."

  When Liu Jiawei heard this, his face then sank, furious, "You're full of shit, Ben Shao has personally been there, can I still get it wrong?"

  In anger, Liu Jiawei snatched the phone and read it himself.Then the old face was livid, and the arrogance just now wilted.

  Motherfucker, it was really France!

  Liu Jiawei's face reddened.

  But Wang Yu rounded up: "Er...That, Liu Shao went to the country a little more, remember a mistake is normal.No one is perfect, no one is perfect.Such a small flaw still can't cover up our Liu Shao's radiance.Miss Chen, don't you think so?"

  Nan Chen just nodded with a smile.

  But Ye Fan took a sip of tea and continued, "That, Liu Shao, I still haven't finished what I just said?"

  "Actually, there are no penguins on the Arctic ice, that's the Antarctic."

  "And there are no waves of the Doin River in the lyre, only the Danube."

  "If I remember correctly, there isn't a river in the world called the Dornish.Europe only has the Danube and the Rhine."

  Ye Fan said indifferently, Nan Chen on the side tried to control herself, but in the end still couldn't help herself, but she was bent over laughing, and Li Xiaohong also lowered her head, trying to hold back from laughing.

  As for Liu Jiawei himself, after hearing Ye Fan's words, his old face had turned blue into a liver, as if he had been dogged, and his face was as ugly as he wanted it to be.

  Was this a face punch?


  That's a fucking kick in the face!

  At this moment, Liu Jiawei was nearly insane, his old face flushed red and he was speechless.



  "You're a redneck, and you're talking nonsense here?"

  "Do you really think we're going to believe your bullshit if we get one right?"

  "A poor one yourself, you haven't even left Jiangdong, right.You're a frog in a well, who gave you the courage to teach Liu Shao here?"

  Wang Yu was once again angry and bit his teeth to curse at Ye Fan.

  In the end, as if to prove that Ye Fan was talking nonsense, Wang Yu once again picked up his phone and searched the internet.

  "You poor bastard like you, give you some spring and you're splendid?"

  "Today, I have to smash your dog's face to show you if there are any penguins at the North Pole and if there is a Doyen River in Europe!!!"

  "A poor loser from the countryside, and you're still pretending to be knowledgeable?And you're not afraid to act like a fury?"

  Wang Yu clearly didn't believe the crap that Ye Fan had just said.

  After all, how much insight could a country bumpkin have?

  He got it right once before. How can he get it right again?

  As he sneered, Wang Yu read to the phone again.

  "Penguins, known as "ocean boats", are one of the oldest swimming birds, and have been in the South... before the Earth wore ice armor."

  "Sub-O, the South Pole?"

  Wang Yu who was extremely arrogant and ready to hit Ye Fan's face just now, saw here but his heart was thumping, but still forcefully explained, "It seems that this Antarctic really has penguins, but the Arctic may not be absent.Liu Shao, don't worry, I'll check again for you, I have to hit that hillbilly's dog face!"

  Wang Yu then continued to check, this time searching directly for whether there were any penguins at the North Pole.

  "Motherfucker, there really aren't any penguins at the North Pole?"

  Wang Yu's old face snapped, obviously not expecting Ye Fan to be right again.

  "It's okay, Liu Shao.The South Pole and the North Pole are just about the same.But there's definitely a Doin River in Europe, so I'll check again for you."

  Wang Yu originally wanted to kiss Liu Jiawei's ass, but this didn't hit the mark, he saw that Liu Jiawei's face was already unpleasant, so Wang Yu quickly thought of salvaging it and continued to check the Doin River.

  However, after seeing the online message.

  Wang Yu gave a fuck.

  "Sub-O, Liu Shao, there really isn't a Doin River in Europe."

  "Only the Rhine and the Danube?"

  Wang Yu was obviously dumbfounded as well.

  He was thinking of hitting Ye Fan's face, but this was good, he made up for it with a kick in Liu Jiawei's face.

  Nan Chen had laughed so hard that she couldn't straighten her back, and Li Xiaohong tried hard to hold it in, but in the end, she couldn't hold it in and puffed out a laugh.Only Ye Fan himself, with a faint smile on his lips, was calmly drinking tea.

  As for Liu Jiawei, his face had turned green into shit.


  "Shut the fuck up, you stupid fuck!"

  Liu Jiawei was simply furious, Wang Yu this idiot, still think that the ugliness he made is not big enough, and now he is still making up a cut on him.

  At this time, Liu Jiawei, only feel humiliated, old face red.

  He was thinking of performing in front of the girl he liked, but who would have thought that he would make a big joke out of a coincidence.

  "This damned hick, wait, later Ben Shao can't kill you?!"

  Liu Jiawei looked at Ye Fan who was still calmly drinking tea in front of him, and simply hated him so much.

  Ye Fan made him make such a big ugly face, still in front of the girl he liked, Liu Jiawei hated to skin him alive.

  Yet Ye Fan only felt funny.

  He secretly reckoned that this Liu Jiawei was afraid that he was the young master of a wealthy family.

  From the very beginning, Ye Fan could tell that this guy was faking all his cultivation as well as profundity.

  If you are from a large family, even if you have a few points of the rich family's son's dude breath, but the cultivation and experience that has been tainted by the family's ears and eyes and ears, must be far beyond the normal people, will definitely not make such a joke.

  Only that kind of wealthy family with little background would have disciples with no cultivation and experience.

  In fact, just like what Ye Fan had guessed, this Liu Jiawei, his family was really a profiteer.

  A few decades ago, his parents were nothing more than poor farmers in the countryside, and later made their fortune by digging coal.This kind of wealthy family, the parents are not very educated, and do not pay attention to the education and cultivation of their children.Just like Liu Jiawei, he didn't even graduate from junior high school, so he came out to join the society.

  Those words just now, but for the sake of pretending to coax a girl, he memorized them from a book.

  It's just that this guy is obviously a scum, and he memorized them wrong.

  That's why he made a fool of himself.

  After that, Liu Jiawei was also much more honest, gloomy face, no longer talking.

  After Wang Yu was scolded, he was also terrified inside, buried his head to eat, but did not dare to say again.

  Afterwards, everyone ate a little bit, and then they were ready to leave.

  After Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei two exchanged glances, Wang Yu then got up and looked at Ye Fan: "Brother Ye, knowing that you don't have much money, this part of the meal Liu Shao invited, but there are a few bottles of wine over here that haven't been drunk yet, I myself can't finish moving, you help me move a piece to the front desk to retire, no comments?"

  "As for Xiaohong, and Miss Nan Chen, you guys go out with Liu Shao first and wait outside, brother Ye Fan and I will come to you soon."

  Nan Chen looked at Ye Fan and saw that Ye Fan nodded, so she also followed Wang Yu's instructions and went outside to wait first.

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, followed Wang Yu and went to the restaurant hall to settle the bill and return the wine.

  However, when he finished paying the bill and was about to leave, suddenly seven or eight big men, with weapons in their hands, blocked the entire entrance of the restaurant.

  At the same time, a bald man, embracing a dress voluptuous young woman, but slowly down from the upstairs.

  The young woman's upper body is a pink chestless shirt dress, the chest of that pride, but so plump, as downstairs a wave of turbulence, really worried that the next moment will jump out from under the clothes.

  Under the black skirt, the flesh-colored stockings and long legs are particularly sexy.

  Just like that, the bald man embraced the plump woman in his arms and descended the stairs.

  "Is he the man Liu Shao is dealing with?"After this bald man came down the stairs, while playing with the voluptuous young woman in his arms, he asked lightly.

  Wang Yu hurried forward respectfully, "Yes, Brother Zhao, that's him."

  "Well, I know.You go.I'll take care of taking people's money and averting disasters for them."The bald man said indifferently, with a very high posture.

  Wang Yu saw the situation and hurriedly thanked him: "Then, thank you Brother Zhao."

  After saying that, Wang Yu turned his head and walked away, before leaving, he also cursed coldly at Ye Fan: "You hillbilly, you're waiting to die!"

  "Stealing a woman from us, Liu Shao, can't you play dead?"


  Wang Yu laughed indiscriminately and walked away.After leaving the restaurant they went to go round with Wang Yu and the others.

  "Uncle Wang, where is my brother Xiaofan?"

  On the roadside, seeing Wang Yu return alone, Nan Chen was suddenly confused and asked a thousand questions.

  Li Xiaohong was also a little worried.

  Wang Yu laughed: "It's okay, Miss Chen.Your boyfriend met a friend here, and the two of them chatted high, saying that he would let us go to the venue first, and then he would go to meet and reconcile with us later."

  "Don't worry, Brother Fan is fine."

  Wang Yu laughed and then immediately greeted the crowd to the martial club venue.

  Liu Jiawei saw the situation and smiled proudly as he knew that it was done.

  "Yeah, Nan Nan.Let's go to the venue first, the martial arts meeting will start soon, if we go late, we won't have a seat.Brother Fan is such an adult, it's fine."

  Under the persuasion of several people, Nan Chen didn't think much of it and followed Liu Jiawei and the others to the venue.

  Tonight's martial meeting was a matter of her father's life and death, so she naturally couldn't be absent.

  As for Ye Fan, with his skills, Nan Chen felt that nothing should happen to him.


An Ning County.

  A certain restaurant hall, seven or eight mighty and majestic men had blocked the entire entrance of the restaurant.

  The bald man embraced the voluptuous and plump chick in his arms and found a seat, eating peanuts while looking at the skinny youth in front of him.

  "Kid, country boy?"The bald man asked a casual question, his bantering voice as if he was playing with a molehill ant.

  And yes, in front of him, a powerless country bumpkin like Ye Fan was no different from a mole?

  With his hands in his pockets, Ye Fan calmly looked at this bald man and also said indifferently, "Father is unkind, and he grew up with mother.Mother is from the township below, so I should be considered a country bumpkin."

  The bald man laughed as he heard, "Since you are a countryside person, now that you have come to the city, you must have a name of self-knowledge understand?If you are a turtle, then lie down in the dirt.Otherwise, it will be like this now, offended people, the one who suffers is himself."

  The bald man said casually, one palm gently scrubbing the high-grade stockings on the young woman's beautiful legs in his arms, but the other arm was waved, and his men then handed the bald man a heel of iron rod.

  The man with the bald head then gently threw.


  There was only a crisp sound, and the iron rod fell to the ground, trembled three times, and rolled to Evan's feet.

  "Someone is buying one of your legs."

  "If you know what's good for you, pick it up and break it yourself."

  "Don't make us do it ourselves."

  "These men of mine aren't much of a lightweight, and if they do, they might even break your third leg."


  The bald man's words caused the crowd to snicker.The enchanting woman in his bosom was also squirming, complaining that the bald man was so rude, saying such slutty things in front of other girls.

  "What? Only you women can use it at night, and you won't let us men mouth it?"


  The bald man jokingly, and is in the bosom of the young woman on the buttocks of a pat, popping a sound, but the plump buttocks trembled three.

  The voluptuous young woman was again scratching her head, causing the bald man's heart to be hot.

  Their unselfish appearance was undoubtedly a great contempt for Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan was not angry at all, his hands in his pockets and smiled faintly, "Not long ago, there was also a person like you, who threw me a baseball bat and told me to end it myself."

  "Do you know, what was the final result?"

  "How?"The bald man casually acted as if he didn't care, as if he was listening to a story.

  Ye Fan glanced at the corner of his mouth, "That person will be sitting through jail in the future, I'm afraid."


  As soon as the bald man heard this, his old face sank, and the hand that was abrading the beautiful legs of the woman in his arms was all at once powerful, causing the young woman to moan in pain.

  "Bastard, I think it's you who wants to die, huh?"

  "Do you know, not to mention in this Anning County, even in this Jingzhou City, there aren't many people who dare to speak to me like this, Zhao Lichun."

  "You, a poor country bumpkin, also dare to offend me like this?"

  Zhao Lichun's face was as pale as water, and his words were all filled with coldness.

  What was the most taboo thing for them, those of them who mingled in the dark corners of the world?

  It was undoubtedly jail time.

  And obviously, Ye Fan's words undoubtedly touched the taboo of these people.

  As we watched, the atmosphere in the room went cold.Those big men, too, all looked fierce, and the weapons in their hands were raised.

  Obviously, it was ready to take action against Ye Fan.

  "Let me die?"However, Ye Fan was still smiling calmly.

  He put his hands in his pockets and stood quietly, shaking his head as he laughed lightly, "I don't know, how do you compare to Jingzhou's Lei Laosan?"

  "Well?"Zhao Lichun frowned, "Master Lei San has been in charge of Jingzhou for decades, and is a leading big shot in the entire Jiangdong Province.No one in the land of Jingzhou knows about Master Lei San, and no one has any respect for him!"

  "I, Zhao Lichun, am certainly not as good as him."

  An Ning County, with Jingzhou at its back.

  Even if Zhao Lichun lived in this small county, the name of the Third Master Lei of Jingzhou was undoubtedly as good as thunder.

  Third Master Lei, that was the sky of Jingzhou.

  Even if Zhao Lichun was arrogant and mad, he would definitely not dare to compete with Lei Third Master?

  Only, what made Zhao Lichun confused was why this country bumpkin in front of him suddenly mentioned Jingzhou Lei San's name.

  Hearing Zhao Lichun's words, the smile on the corner of Ye Fan's mouth grew even more.

  In the next moment, however, his appearance was steeply cold!

  "It seems you still know you're not as good as him!"

  "Let me die?"

  "That Lei Laosan wouldn't even dare to say that categorically in front of me, what kind of a thing are you to dare to speak death to me?"

  Furious as thunder, Ye Fan's words boomed in the hall.

  With a scuffling sound, Zhao Lichun stood up, his face changing dramatically, "Eh?"

  "Could it be that you know Master Lei San?"

  "Or what?Back then in the middle of the river and sea, Lei Lao San bowed down to me, and Lei Ao Ting, Prince of the Lei family, even kneeled down to me and begged for forgiveness.You're not even as good as him, and you dare to insult me?"Ye Fan drank coldly, and it was clear that Zhao Lichun's arrogance had thoroughly angered Ye Fan as well.

  At this time, everyone was slightly startled.

  Zhao Lichun also had a shifty brow and glared at Ye Fan with a livid face, "Stinker, are you bluffing me?"

  "Where did you get the qualifications for a country bumpkin to respect you and fear you, Master Lei San?"

  Ye Fan sneered, "Yes?Since that's the case, I'll let you guys die in a clearer way."

  In between the words, Ye Fan picked up his phone and looked at Zhao Lichun, "This is Lei Laosan's number, since you don't believe me, let him tell you himself."

  Then, Ye Fan broadcasted over and put it on speakerphone.

  At this time, the hall was silent, everyone, startled, looked at the youth in front of them.Even Zhao Lichun, looking at how Ye Fan was so chesty, his heart began to drum, and his eyes were terrified.

  Could it be that this country bumpkin in front of him really knew Lei Sanji?

  Finally, the phone was dialed.

  A low voice came from the phone.

  Ye Fan looked on proudly, while Zhao Lichun and the others were locking their eyebrows and listening in fear.

  "Sorry, the number you have dialed has been switched off. sorry..."


  Ye Fan's face went black then.

  But Zhao Lichun and the others, after a moment of silence, burst out laughing.


  "I thought it was a king, but it turned out to be a fury~"

  "Find a number that's off and call it and think we'll believe it?"

  "It's idiotic in general!"


  "This hillbilly, the whole brain, laughing my ass off~"

  Zhao Lichun and the others all smiled and looked at Ye Fan as if they were only looking at an idiot.

  "Stinker, it's time for the farce to end."

  "We gave you a chance and you don't know how to cherish it, but you still dare to play us?"

  "Wait for death."As if a death sentence had been pronounced, Zhao Lichun waved his hand and his men sprang to their feet.

  Ringing bell~

  However, it was at this moment that Ye Fan's phone, suddenly rang, scaring everyone.

  "Cao Nima, the phone is off!"Zhao Lichun cursed.

  However, Ye Fan looked down, while laughing, lifted his phone and said indifferently, "It's Lei Laosan calling."

  "As for whether I'm bluffing or not, you guys can ask yourselves."

  With a light laugh, Ye Fan threw the phone over.


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