The King of Kungfu in school 1041-1050


Chapter 1041

Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Zou, they were similar in age to Tang Zichen, they were nearly thirty, while Xu Mei Qian was even thirty-three, plus their talent was not strong, their cultivation could not keep up, and they had not eaten any other wondrous treasures besides the Emperor Worm, so their appearance, although they did not look thirty years old, they had the appearance of a twenty-four or twenty-five year old woman.Tang Zichen, however, had the appearance of an eighteen year old, and although she was only a few years younger, there was a more obvious difference.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen looked at the four of them and felt a heartache inside.

The differences between them would continue to grow with time, and Tang Zichen had expected this future in the first place.Now, Tang Zichen was like their brother, in twenty years, he would be like their son, and in fifty years, he would be like his grandson.

Tang Zichen felt a pain inside, a pain that perhaps only the Island Lord could understand, because the Island Lord had experienced it, back then he had also personally buried his childhood sweetheart who had grown old and died.

"Zichen, speak up, don't look at a few wives ah, there's plenty of time to be happy with your wives at night."Wang Xing joked.

Tang Zichen came back to his senses and smiled, "What are you asking me?"

"I go, you didn't even listen to me ah, I asked you, how do you feel after two years of closed-door, how much has your strength improved."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I think I should be able to fight Yang Guan, my killing intent has increased by several times."

"Several times?You're kidding."


"Yes, I'm going to go to Martial Island tomorrow and visit the Island Master."Tang Zichen's reason for going to Martial Island was that at his level, only the Island Master had anything in common with him when it came to martial skills.His truth, their strength was still very low compared to Tang Zichen, talking about nothing with them, of course, in no way did Tang Zichen mean that he disliked them for being weak, Tang Zichen still loved his friends very much. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen immediately asked, "Gentlemen, I've been busy with my business all these years, I'm less likely to communicate with you, how have you all been practicing, you're all in your thirties, I guess you should have some success."

"Hahaha."Everyone laughed and laughed, don't talk about the word achievement in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at them one by one, first of all, Xiao Meng, he was the strongest and even more genius existence among Tang Zichen's little friends.

Xiaomeng was twenty-five years old, because she broke through the unity realm years early, so, she kept her looks early, and now it looks like she is only seventeen or eighteen years old, plus her face, which is originally a baby face type, looks even smaller, these years of martial arts training, her body also maintained a first-class, look at people's stupidity.

Xiao Meng's realm had reached the peak of the late Unity Realm.

"Go for it Little Meng, strive to step into the Unity Realm Complete as soon as possible."

"Mm, I will."Xiaomeng was busy nodding, Tang Zichen was her idol, 27 years old and reached the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection, Xiaomeng twenty-five, not yet perfect, Xiaomeng was impossible to surpass Tang Zichen, it would probably be far apart.

Then there was Wanderlust, Wanderlust hadn't improved since stepping into the first layer of the late Unity Realm six or seven years ago, until now.

"Haha, I'm afraid that nothing has changed in my life."Long Tianya laughed with some regret.

"No matter what, keep working hard and don't give up on yourself."

"Of course."Lang Tianya nodded his head.

Tang Zichen looked at Yan Yu.


"Congratulations, Yan Qiang, you've stepped into the Unity Realm."

"Hehe, thanks."Yan Qiang's appearance had recovered, and, probably because he had suffered once, he had ruthlessly progressed afterwards and had stepped into the early stages of the Unity Realm a few months ago.

With Yan Qiang being in his thirties, stepping into the Unity Realm was considered very awesome compared to others.

"Shangguan Rou, how is the Vertigo technique now?"Tang Zichen asked.

Shangguan Rou smiled, "I'm already a fourteen-ranked enchanted spirit master."

A fourteen-grade enchanted soul master was equivalent to a late stage Unity Realm powerhouse.

"It's still okay, keep up the good work, and strengthen your martial arts as well, as it can forge your body and make you younger."

"I understand."Shangguan Rou suddenly said somewhat sluggishly, her martial arts realm had already reached the middle innate realm after eating many many Iron Tree Hearts, after that, I'm afraid that no matter how much she ate Iron Tree Hearts, it would be difficult to progress.

As for Yang Yijian, his talent was fine, and he had already stepped into the Unity Realm, and was now at the early third level of the Unity Realm, only in his thirties he had reached this achievement, not bad, of course, he had also taken a lot of Iron Tree Hearts.

Liu Yue, on the other hand, was also about to step into the Unity Realm.

Wang Xing was now at the middle stage of Innate.

Xu Mei Qian, after hard work, the addition of Iron Tree Heart, and the guidance of many strong people, had already cultivated to the Innate Perfection.

Liu Xiangyun had also reached the late innate stage after all these years, and although Li Xuan'er had accomplished a lot in sound techniques and was already a Twelve Grade Sound Master, she was only at the mid innate stage in the martial arts realm.

Of course, there was also Long Tianya's sister, Long Tianqin, who was an alchemist, she concentrated on refining weapons, she was already a fourteen-ranked alchemist, and now she had a few disciples, ready to pass on her family's tradition of refining weapons, not to mention the martial arts, she didn't put her heart into it.

"Hey, there's also Qi Xueyun?"Tang Zichen suddenly remembered, it seemed like, it had been years since he had seen her.

Liu Yue said, "This person Qi Xue Yun, you know, doesn't like to talk, doesn't like to communicate with people, always hides in a corner by herself to study poison arts, and doesn't like to join in the fun."

Tang Zichen nodded, it seems Tang Zichen has will her, this girl, no, should not be called a girl, after all, she is also 28 years old, I don't know if she has a boyfriend yet, if she hasn't considered her life's work, it's time to rush her.

"Alright, let's call it a day, everyone go ahead and do your work, we'll have dinner together in the evening, call everyone, Yan Long too, and those disciples of yours."


Half an hour later, Tang Zichen arrived at a valley in the back of the palace.

This deep valley was where Qi Xueyun stayed all year round, ever since Tang Zichen had become the controller of the Yanlong Empire, she had lived here, and it was difficult for everyone to see her.

Tang Zichen was standing in the deep valley, outside a wooden house.

This wooden house was surrounded by all sorts of poisonous snakes and scorpions, crawling around, ordinary people would be scared to death if they saw them.

Tang Zichen saw a figure inside the wooden house, carefully studying something.

Qi Xueyun was still the same Qi Xueyun from back then, she was like this when she was at the Martial Academy, and she was still like this today.

"Xueyun."Tang Zichen called out.


Qi Xue Yun was shocked when Tang Zichen suddenly appeared behind her.

"You scared me to death."

"Oh, what are you doing."

"Researching of course."

"Researching every day, are you really that busy, besides, you live in Wangjing City now, there are no enemies at all, and your family doesn't need to rely on you to maintain it, why are you still researching so hard."Tang Zichen said.

Qi Xue Yun's face was pale, "What else should I do."

"For example, talk about love."

"Talk to who."

"Someone you like, of course, you're not too young."

"Oh, right, I'm twenty-eight, and you, you look like you're only eighteen."Qi Xueyun's face had a sad look to it.

Tang Zichen walked up and suddenly hugged Qi Xueyun's waist. First URL

"What are you doing."

"You're lonely, and you don't like to be around people, and you're here every day, with all these snakes and ants."

"That's what you think."

Don asked, "Where's the bed?"

"What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen turned his head and saw a staircase next to it, which was a small two-story wooden room.

Tang Zichen picked up Qi Xueyun.

"Ah."Qi Xueyun shrieked.

"What are you doing."

"Don't talk."


"With everything that's happened, I just can't bear to see you alone in such misery."

Tang Zichen carried Qi Xueyun upstairs, put Qi Xueyun on the bed and gently peeled off her clothes, Qi Xueyun just looked at Tang Zichen and didn't struggle any, by now, she had made it very clear that she only loved him.

Tang Zichen looked at Qi Xueyun's soft white skin like tofu and regretted, "It's so heartbreaking that such a beautiful body is wasted in such a valley."

Qi Xueyun's nose was full of grievances, and for some reason just wanted to have a cry.

Tang Zichen kissed Qi Xueyun in one bite, and Qi Xueyun felt an uncontrollable wave of heat erupt inside her body, backhandedly hugging Tang Zichen's neck and going crazy with each other.

The two of them didn't say a word, seemingly reminiscing about the passion they had just experienced.

Tang Zichen leaned against the head of the bed, gently combing Qi Xueyun's hair.

Qi Xueyun said, "Aren't you afraid that they'll know?"

"Oh, do you mean Xiangyun and the others, they can't possibly mind, I'll go back and tell them that from now on, you'll also be my consort, I can't bear to see you alone in such misery, I don't care, I'm now the emperor of the Yan Huang Empire anyway."


"You don't want to?"

"I don't like to raise a crowd, I just long, when you think of me occasionally, like today, just come and visit me."

"Your character, you really can't change, well, I'll go with you, in the future when I have time, I'll come to Deep Valley to see you, to comfort this empty and lonely heart of yours, hahaha."

"Hmph, who's empty and lonely, you're the one who's shameless."Qi Xue Yun feigned anger and gave Tang Zichen a shy and delicate glance.

"By the way, how far have you progressed in your poisonous arts now?"Tang Zichen asked.

"A fourteen-grade poisoner."

"It's already good."Tang Zichen praised.


bsp; Qi Xueyun pursed her lips, "Compared to your Mu Qianji, I'm inferior to the sky."

"Erm, why are you talking about my Mu Qianyi, she's not mine."

"Don't you like her anymore?"

"But she's not mine, this person, Mu Qianji, to be honest, is indeed very powerful, her poison art, is indeed not something you can compare to, I remember, when my IQ was degenerating, in the Moonless Empire, a fifteen-grade poison art master was played by her, at that time, her poison art level, was very close to sixteen-grade, now, I'm afraid that she has already reached sixteen-grade poison art level."

Mu Qianji said, "I'm really too far apart from her, I'm afraid that I might not reach her height for the rest of my life."

Tang Zichen consoled, "Why bother comparing, so what if you reach it, so what if you can't, it's a lifetime, I hope you have a happy life, go out and talk to people more often, don't always lock your time in this uninhabited deep valley."

"I don't like it."

"Ugh, so be it, by the way, you have to come to the dinner tonight."


"Well, let's do it again."

"Ah, no."


After another hour or so, Tang Zichen left the deep valley, Qi Xueyun got up and phased to the valley entrance, it was obvious that Qi Xueyun's face was more colorful, perhaps Tang Zichen's comfort made her less lonely, or satisfied the emptiness.

When Tang Zichen returned to the palace, it was already noon.

At noon, Tang Zichen was going to go to Shangguan Rou's place for lunch.

Now Shangguan Zou and the others, each of the little fellows each had a palace to live in.

Tang Zichen arrived at Shangguan Zou's palace, where Shangguan Zou was instructing her apprentice, Ai Shishi.

"Zoe."Tang Zichen walked in smiling.

"Er, Zichen, you're here."Shangguan Zou looked happy.

"Teaching my apprentice ah."


Ai shi shi was busy worshipping, "See Your Majesty."

"No need to be polite, get up, I don't like your majesty's."

"Oh, meet Senior Tang."

"Well, you go practice somewhere else first, I have something to discuss with your master."

"Understood."Ai Shi said, as if she had already seen through it, it was normal for her to come to Shangguan Rou to make out with her after being closed for so long, she understood.

Shangguan Rou blushed and gave Tang Zichen a glance, what's the hurry in front of her disciple.

In the evening, everyone gathered together for a meal, and Qi Xue Yun also came.

Li Xuan'er's apprentice Zhang Jing, Xiao Rou all came.

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou hadn't seen Tang Zichen for two years, and when they saw Tang Zichen, they couldn't keep their eyes off each other and looked at him from time to time.

Tang Zichen was embarrassed, as if Tang Zichen had some kind of secret affair with them, Tang Zichen never thought of having any secret affair with them.

Today, Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, both nineteen years old, were the most youthful and beautiful girls of their time.On the contrary, Li Xuan'er was sitting next to them, obviously no longer like them, full of youthfulness, the years were unforgiving, back then at Baiyun Middle School, both Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun were the same as the current Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, full of youthfulness.However, although Li Xuan'er and the others would look much older and more mature, they still couldn't stop their beauty, not familiar in the least with the nineteen-year-old Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, who just lacked the youthful and dynamic atmosphere.

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, at the banquet, their eyes were watching Tang Zichen's bones skittering around, especially Xiao Rou, who was almost holding her gills in her eyes.

They didn't see Tang Zichen for two years, they seemed to miss him a lot, and now when they saw him, they couldn't control themselves.


Tang Zichen smiled, "Zhang Jing, Xiao Rou, how are you learning from your master?"

Zhang Jing was extremely happy to see Tang Zichen finally see her, and was busy saying, "Back to senior, we all worked hard."

"Yes, yes, sister and I are not afraid of suffering.".

Tang Zichen said, "Xuan'er, it's better for you to tell us about them."

Li Xuan'er smiled, "Well, Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou are both especially hardworking and diligent, no matter if they are practicing martial arts or sound techniques.Now that it's been two years, their martial arts have been trained to the outer gate, and in terms of sound techniques, they've even reached the level of a Fourth Grade Sound Master."

"Hahaha, it's really good, keep working hard."

"Yes, Senior."Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou were both very motivated just as Tang Zichen's affirmation.

Tang Zichen turned his head towards Ai Shi Shi and asked, "What about you?"

"Back to Senior Tang, I've also worked hard, under Master's teaching, I've now reached Sixth Grade Lost Soul Master."

"Sixth grade mesmerized soul master now, it really is very good, very promising, keep working hard, don't disappoint master."

"Yes." Remember the URL

"Alright, one last toast everyone, it's getting late, let's all go back to bed."

Everyone drank one last toast and then dispersed.

Tang Zichen asked Xuan'er, Xiangyun, and Xu Mei Qian to stay behind.

All three of them knew that they would definitely be spending the night at Tang Zichen's place tonight.

Xuan'er Li said to her disciples, "Zhang Jing, Xiao Rou, you guys should go back first."

"Master, what about you?"

"I, I'm not going back tonight, Don Zichen has something."

"Oh, well, we'll be off then."The two of them hurriedly left, and, somewhat awkwardly.

After walking out of the palace, they said, "Sister, the little beggar has left our master, as well as Master Xiang Yun and Master Xu Mei Qian behind yea."

"What? Don't just talk about the adults."

"Hehe, sister, just casually talking about, you said, the night little beggar is not trying to at the same time, at the same time."

"Little Ru."Zhang Jing blushed with a glare.

"Sister, why such a look."

"Little Ru, I found that you're getting impure, hmm, do you think you've grown up and can't hold the loneliness anymore."

"Sis, people won't, you can't hold it down, why can't I."

"Alright, go back quickly, it will be troublesome if Master knows about it, Master and Senior Tang are husband and wife, we juniors shouldn't discuss about it."

"I didn't discuss ah, I just said it, they shouldn't do that together."

"I'm not talking about it with you."Zhang Jing blushed and quickened her pace.

The next day, Tang Zichen prepared to head to Martial Island.

However, Tang Zichen didn't take everyone with him, Tang Zichen only took Xiaomeng with him as Xiaomeng flew a flying ship.

Xiaomeng flew up into the sky in a flying ship and headed straight to Martial Island.

On the flying ship, Tang Zichen said, "Xiaomeng, you're twenty-five this year."

"Yes, twenty-five, but everyone says that I look only seventeen or eighteen, brother Zichen, you also look like such a tender teenager, especially after you ate so many world wondrous treasures, you feel like you've regressed back several years."Xiao Meng seemed like she was intentionally trying to change the subject of something.

"In the blink of an eye, I've known you for ten years."

"Yeah, it's really unknowing, I'm also lucky to have brother Zichen

, otherwise how could we have Xiaomeng's today."

"Xiao Meng ah, you're also twenty-five, although you're young in appearance, but, after all, age is twenty-five, you should also think about your life's work."

"Brother Zichen, what are you saying.".

"I'm saying you're not young."

"Brother Zichen, Xiaomeng thinks she's still young."

"Oh, Xiaomeng, all these years, I've acted as both your master and your brother, and I can't care less about your lifelong events.How about this, I'll keep an eye out for you to see if there are any that are worthy of you, but of course, if there aren't any that are worthy of you, you must not marry for the sake of marrying."

"Brother Zichen, no need, I will deal with my own lifelong matters myself, besides, it's not necessarily that every woman has to get married ah, there are many, many powerful women in this world who have never married ah, Xiao Meng I just want to pursue strength, until one day, I really can't stop moving forward, then consider these silly things."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Great youthful years, so wasted, alas."

Xiao Meng's pretty face blushed slightly and didn't say anything more, inside her heart, I'm afraid she couldn't tolerate her person anymore, but, so what.

Tang Zichen was both her brother and her master's role, it was really painful, no matter how thick Xiao Meng's skin was, she didn't dare to make the request, to be Tang Zichen's woman ah.

Soon, they arrived at Martial Island.

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, you're here."

"Island Master, since my celebration, it's been two years since we parted."

"Yeah, another two years, how many two years do I have left in my life, one at a time, maybe two years, it won't last more than three two years."The Islander said with a sigh.

"Island Lord, you're not eating the emperor worm."

"Tang Zichen, you're too naive, I'm so old myself, eating any worm is nothing more than dog panting, now let me live for almost four more years, full stop, I'm afraid I still have at most three or four more years left."

"Island Master."

"Whew, after living in this world for so long, I'm really a bit reluctant to leave."The Island Lord smiled.

Tang Zichen could only sigh, I guess Tang Zichen would have to close the door once or twice more, and he wouldn't be able to see the Island Master after he came out.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, why are you free to see me today."

"Hehe, Island Master, since my celebration, I came out after two years of seclusion, and my cultivation has refined quite a bit."

"Eh, is that so, tell me, to what extent is your non-killing intent now."

"I feel like it should have reached two hundred drops."

"What? Two hundred drops."The Island Lord was shocked.

"What's wrong?"

"Tang Zichen ah, do you know that in this world, in the peak of the human race, there are only two ah that are recognized to be able to exceed one hundred drops, that is Yang Guan and the long disappeared Wanfa Tian."

"Eh, is that so, hehe, then I'm reaching around two hundred drops now, I don't know if I can have a battle with Yang Guan."

"Although I'm not sure, but, it's bound to be a battle, and even, Yang Guan may not win against you anymore, Tang Zichen, you're progressing too fast."

"Haha, that's good, then I'll officially challenge Yang Guan, I want to take a breath for you in your lifetime."

"Oh, if you're going to challenge Yang Guan, then it's better to do it before it's too late, otherwise, I'm afraid this kid, Yang Guan, will be finished."

"What's wrong?"

"Nonsense, of course he dies of old age, Officer Yang is only eight years younger than me, he doesn't have an emperor worm, and he's almost at his prime.Don't wait for him to die, there will be no more challenges."


"But where am I going to find him?As far as I know, Officer Yang has no fixed place of residence."

The Island Lord said, "You just need to spread the news, he should get the message."

"Good, then I'll walk the news when I return."

"Disperse it now, what time are you going to duel him, in case he doesn't get the news, preferably half a year from now."

"Then half a year later."

Tang Zichen immediately scattered the news out.

After half a year, ask Yang Guan to go to Sunset Cliff and fight Tang Zichen, and expect everyone to help announce it so that Yang Guan would know the news soon.

The news had been spread out with hundreds of posts, under normal circumstances, Yang Guan could get the news, provided that he was not dead yet.

Tang Zichen was on Martial Island, playing chess with the island master and talking about martial arts, without returning to the capital.

A month later, the news that Tang Zichen had spread had spread all over the world, except for the Dark Night Empire in the extreme west.The Dark Night Empire seldom communicated with the outside world, and this empire was so bloodthirsty that all empires didn't want to have contact with them either.

Deep in one of the caves, this cave had been carved out of a cave house of several hundred square feet. One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, a series of coughs came from the cave, seemingly from an old man.

"Cough cough, cough cough."

This old man was none other than Yang Guan.

Compared to a few years ago, under the Heaven's End Mountain, the current Yang Guan was feeling extremely decadent, completely lacking the grandiose momentum of the day when he had slapped the Island Lord several hundred meters up, but instead a kind of sickly posture.

"Phew."The old man raised his head with a pale face, coughing out a little bit of blood from his palm, and his hair was in disarray.One really didn't believe that he was the famous Yang official.

At this time, the outside ran in an old man of about seventy-eight years old, this old man only late unity realm, this old man is Yang Guan's only disciple, unfortunately, even though Yang Guan is incomparably powerful, the disciple is ordinary.

"Master, Master."

"What is it."Yang Guan said weakly.

The old man saw that his master was severely ill and was busy saying, "Master, I got a news."

"What does it have to do with me."Yang Guan didn't seem to have any interest, he was already so old, and he was no longer half interested in the world, whoever stepped onto the peak, a great genius appearing somewhere, or for example, whoever came to die on the great day of his life back then.

The man reached this age, as if the sun is about to set, how can he still have the mood to see the beauty of the world.

Two years ago, Yang Guan also learned that Tang Zichen had stepped into the pinnacle, but unfortunately, he was not half interested, so he did not appear at Tang Zichen's celebration.

That Yang Guan's disciple said, "Master, this time it's really about you."


"Master, do you still remember Tang Zichen who stepped into the pinnacle two years ago?This Tang Zichen is very good, and at the celebration, he shone brightly, defeating the combined efforts of the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master."

"Hmph, a yellow-haired child, if he wasn't fortunate enough to take the World Wonder Treasure, how could he be allowed to be so free."

"Master, I received news that a month ago, Tang Zichen announced to the outside world that the half year

On the XX day after, at the Sunset Cliff, I want to fight against you."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Yang Guan burst out laughing.

After laughing, Officer Yang snorted, "Since when have I, Officer Yang, been an object for everyone to provoke.Last month, I was just seriously injured by a newly rising genius from the Dark Night Empire, but I never thought that before my injuries had healed, a newly rising one from the Yanhuang Empire would come to provoke me again, hahaha, hahaha, am I, Yang Guan, really old?This world, is it really no longer mine, hahaha, hahaha."

Yang Guan let out a miserable laugh, there was a kind of sadness that old wounds had not yet healed and new wounds had been added.Once he was in this world, how majestic it was, who didn't know, who didn't obey, it was their time.Now, dying of old age, the sun is setting, young people continue to transcend, it seems, can no longer find their time, the Yangtze River after the wave pushed forward, before the wave shot on the beach, the mood, you can imagine the loss.

Last month, Yang Guan was defeated and seriously injured by a young strong man from the Dark Night Empire.That young man from the Dark Night Empire was not even thirty years old.This young strong person was heard to be the new Matriarch of the Dark Night Empire, and she had killed the previous Matriarch, the former fourth in the world, Matriarch Night Luo, who had died.

It was by the new Matriarch Nocturnal Luo that Yang Guan was seriously injured.

This new Matriarch was also a young and strong person who had just stepped into the peak a year ago, and was even more bloodthirsty and brutal than the previous Matriarch.

After being severely injured by the new Mother Night Luo, Yang Guan had wasted his life before escaping back, and after escaping back, Yang Guan's entire body had become extremely depressed, causing him to cough at night as his old wounds never healed.

Yang Guan's disciple cried, "Master, you have to hold on, it's just that you were defeated by a young female Night Luo, why bother, it's true that you were the second in the world in the past, but now it's no longer your time, there will constantly be young and strong people rising up, why are you so stubborn, sob."

"Phew."Yang Guan suddenly took a deep breath and said, "No, I won't lose, the fact that I was defeated by the new Mother Night Luo won't reach the ears of the world, I'm going to pull myself together, I'm going to fight with Tang Zichen, I'm going to let everyone know that I, Yang Guan, will be the strongest until the end of my life, I, Yang Guan, must be the legend of this world."

"Master, just ignore Tang Zichen's challenge and take care of your health, otherwise, you'll reach your big limit even sooner, woohoo."

"Impossible, even if I die, I will die with a flash of light, I must recover my essence within six months, I will defeat Tang Zichen, I will never let two young juniors defeat me in a row, never."Officer Yang said in the end, almost hoarse.

He and Tang Zichen, including the newly appointed Mother Night Luo of the Dark Night Empire, were both a hundred years apart, outstanding representatives of two eras, and the duel between Yang Guan and Tang Zichen was a contest between two eras.

Unfortunately, Yang Guan was too disgruntled, in this world, the geniuses of the older generation would die sooner or later, and Tang Zichen and the other strong geniuses of the new generation would be the rulers of this world.

In Martial Island, Tang Zichen not only accompanied the Island Lord to play chess, but occasionally the two of them would also have a sparring session.

Unfortunately, the Island Lord was no longer a match for Tang Zichen at all.

Tang Zichen recalled that memory stone in the Dungeon of Martial Island.

One day, Tang Zichen had nothing else to do and came back to the Dungeon, which was so close anyway.

Tang Zichen was bitterly disappointed that there were no clansmen in this world, so if he could enter the memory stone and have a conversation with a clansman of memory stone power, even if it was just to take a look, it might help Tang Zichen continue to improve.


Although Tang Zichen already had great confidence in winning against Yang Guan, but who would dislike being stronger.Moreover, Yang Guan wasn't the strongest in the world, and stronger than him were Ten Thousand Fa Tian and some beasts at the top of their game.

Tang Zichen stood in the underground city and shouted, "Hey, Senior Shi Ling, can you hear me?Senior Shi Ling."

Tang Zichen shouted for a long time, but there was no response at all.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to leave the Dungeon, suddenly, a black vortex appeared in front of Tang Zichen, like a black hole.

Tang Zichen knew that it must have been the stone spirit of the memory stone that heard his cry.

Tang Zichen hesitated and rushed into that black whirlpool.

At the same time, a voice immediately came from Tang Zichen's ears, "What are you looking for me for?"It was the stone spirit of the memory stone.

"Ah, Senior Shi Ling, you really heard my shout, I was just taking a chance, huh.Hey, I made this trip to enter, and my consciousness is still attached to Zhang San's body."Tang Zichen said.

"It's just that I did it intentionally."

"Thank you, Senior Shi Ling."

"Alright, I'm also bored before I take care of you, what are you looking for me for, the memory stone has been stilled, there's no point in you coming in." First URL

Tang Zichen looked around, it was still the same room from the last time the memory stone was still, that is, Tang Zichen, Lu Yuanqi and Zi Yue were eating breakfast, then, as they were eating, they were still, and right now, both Lu Yuanqi and Zi Yue were still in the same position they were in when they were still, not moving, as if they were very real wax statues.

Tang Zichen looked a little saddened.

"Say, what are you looking for me for?"

Tang Zichen was a bit embarrassed and said, "Senior Shi Ling, in that world of mine, there is no Zongshi realm, I would like to see if I can chat with a Zongshi realm powerhouse or even fight in the memory stone."

"The memory stone has been stilled, your request cannot be fulfilled."

"Eh, no need to unlock the entire memory stone well, just unlock the memory stone in any place, just let there be a chance to get in touch with the Ancestor Realm."

"I'll think about it."

"Thank you senior, senior is grateful."

"No need, I'm just a bit bored, but only once, the memory stone doesn't have enough energy anymore, otherwise I don't even know how long I can exist, I won't use my demise to help you with anything."


In the next second, Tang Zichen felt transient like, and suddenly his consciousness left Zhang San's body and entered another person's body.

Tang Zichen looked around and discovered that he was in the mansion of a wealthy family, and he was currently standing in a girl's boudoir, where a still, beautiful woman on the bed was looking at him in shock, which was definitely what had happened on the day of stillness.

At that moment, the Dao said, "You're going to make contact with a powerful person of the Ancestor realm, and I've arranged one for you right now, only, it's only for fifteen minutes."

"Oh, then you're going to contact my still ah."

Shi Ling said, "You are currently in a place called 'Wang Yangfu', your identity, you were originally a guard in the Wang Yangfu, because the daughter of the head of the Wang Yangfu was naturally beautiful, 'you' developed a covetousness, soOne day you took advantage of the convenience of being a guard to enter the room of the House Master's daughter and raped her.As a result, the House Master arrived and you panicked and jumped out of the window to escape, but in the end, you were killed by the House Master.The person whose consciousness you are now attached to is the same guard who raped the House Master's daughter."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was stunned, he now sort of understood the scene at the moment, the frightened beauty by the bedside was the daughter of the House Master.

"Senior Shi Ling, so am I now done raping, or am I not raping?"Don Zichen asked.<

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Shireen said, "About to rape."

"What? That means I'm going to go up there and rape that lady when you unlock the stillness at this place later?"

"Or what?"

"No way, why would you arrange such a scenario for me."

"You were the one who said you wanted to make contact with the clan, you proceeded as you originally did, and in about a quarter of an hour, the House Master would arrive and kill you, so that you could make contact with the clan."

"Then, can you let time advance until the original guards have finished raping and then let my consciousness possess me."


"Why?Because while you're still being raped, the lord of the house is already here, and when he finds out, you'll have lived for less than three breaths.In three breaths, you won't experience any, well, do you want to experience it?If you don't want it, get out."

"Fine, fine, fuck, had to be a wicked man for once."

It was then that the space unraveled.

"Don't, don't come over here."The beautiful lady at the head of the bed shouted.

According to the original, Tang Zichen possessed this guard and strong-armed her.

Now that Tang Zichen was possessed, Tang Zichen had to be strong as well, otherwise how would the House Master come to kill him, and how would Tang Zichen experience the might of the Ancestor Realm without killing him.

"Captain Xiao, if you dare to touch me, my father won't spare you."That.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "Miss, you really are very pretty, it's a pity that you were spoiled by a guard."

"What did you say?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Captain Shaw, you get out."

"How is that possible, hahaha."Tang Zichen pounced on the lady and threw her onto the bed, then in the lady's unwanted voice, Tang Zichen helplessly did something that the gods and humans were angry about.

About fifteen minutes later, suddenly, a powerful murderous aura came from outside.

Tang Zichen knew that the House Master was coming.

Tang Zichen had no clothes and jumped out of the window, and the original guard, about three breaths later, was killed by the House Master.

Tang Zichen counted the time in silence, he wanted to see who was powerful, compared to the original guards.

"One breath."

"Two breaths."

"Touch."Suddenly, Tang Zichen felt a powerful palm strike coming from behind.

"Slap."Tang Zichen's body was smashed.

Tang Zichen's consciousness instantly returned to Zhang San's previous body.

"Damn it, Senior Shi Ling, I actually got slapped to death in two breaths, I didn't even have time to feel it."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen was depressed, he had no feeling for the clan's realm other than feeling the pleasure of that lady Qiang.

"Hmph, you've caused this yourself, you only know how to enjoy that lady now."

"Senior Shi Ling, you're already in anyway, can you let me come more often?"

"How many times do you want to come?"

"Senior, you're in charge."

"Forget it, I'll give you ten experiences."

"Thank you, Senior."

In the next second, Tang Zichen returned to the previous space, then unstill.

"Don't, don't come over."That beautiful Dao.

"Hehehe, if you don't want it, it means you do."Tang Zichen smiled and walked up.


"Ah, Captain Shaw, my father will kill you."

"I know, hahaha."

So, Tang Zichen gave the House Master's daughter that once more, and fifteen minutes later, the House Master arrived.

This time, Tang Zichen was ready and would not escape.


Tang Zichen said nakedly, "House Master, the lady is already mine, now, marry her to me."

"Looking for death."The House Master killed with a palm.

Tang Zichen put up a resistance, but, he was no match and was slapped to death.

However, this time, Tang Zichen felt it even more deeply.

Just like that, Tang Zichen proceeded a third time.

"Don't, don't come over."The lady shouted in shock. Remember the website

Tang Zichen pounced on it without saying a word.

Fifteen minutes later, the House Master arrived.


Tang Zichen laughed, "House Master, Miss is quite young."

"Bang."Tang Zichen was slapped to death.

For the fourth time.

"Don't, don't, don't come over."

"I'll go, can we not have this line every time."

Fifteen minutes later, he was slapped to death.

Fifth time.

"Don't, don't, don't come over."

"I'm biased to come over."

Fifteen minutes later, it was shot dead."

Sixth time.

Seventh time.

Eighth time.

Ninth time.

Tenth time.

Just like this, over and over again, this House Lord's daughter was really cute, and was repeated ten times by Tang Zichen.Of course, the people who were in this memory stone power were unaware of it, to them, it was the real world.

"Alright, it's ten times now."

"Thank you House Master, I've been deeply impressed, I want to go out for a few months of quiet enlightenment."

"Go out, don't bother me anymore, I won't take care of you."

"Thank you, Senior."

Tang Zichen instantly thought exited the memory stone and his body rushed down from above the waterfall.

Tang Zichen immediately entered the wooden house next to the waterfall.

In the memory stone power was shot to death ten times by the Ancestor realm power, Tang Zichen was also enough, the perception was very strong, if not for the memory stone, there would be no such opportunity, in reality being shot to death, is really dead.

Tang Zichen went into seclusion in the wooden house.

In a blink of an eye, two months had passed, including the previous one, which was the half-year appointment, three months had passed.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes, he was covered in a layer of dust, it was obvious that the island master and others had not bothered Tang Zichen.

"Hahaha, hahaha."My cultivation has refined a lot more.

Tang Zichen felt that his current strength had doubled compared to before.Tang Zichen's killing intent has also reached around 400 drops, I don't know what the concept is anymore, perhaps the world's number one expert, Wanfatian, is no more than that.

Tang Zichen returned to the Peach Blossom Garden where the island master lived.

"Tang Zichen, these past two months, why are you suddenly closed in the underground city over there."The Island Lord asked with a smile.

"Island Lord, I went into the Memory Stone again, begged the Stone Spirit to let me face the Memory Stone Power Ancestor once, got shot ten times, had some epiphanies, and came out and closed up."

"Ah, I thought you said the memory stone was stilled."

"Yes, it hasn't since.

Chances are, this is the last time."

"That's a shame, or I'd like to go in and meet my senior brother."

"Oh, you can't meet me, at most your consciousnesses have met."

"So you're not getting stronger again now, then."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled.

"You do say that."

"Yes. I'm now must-kill consciousness, and I've raised it to about four hundred drops."

"Wow."The Island Lord exclaimed.

"Tang Zichen, you have gone against the heavens, if this continues, this world will no longer be able to accommodate you, it seems that you really are a very promising person to step into the Ancestor realm."

"Island Master, let's not talk about these boasts, there are still three months to go until the day of the duel with Yang Guan, I'm very confident in myself now."

The Island Lord laughed bitterly, "I'm afraid you're now straight ahead of that year's Wanfa Tian, Yang Guan, I'm afraid you're no longer a rival."

"Haha, whether you are a rival or not, this duel is inevitable, and I was originally aiming to vent my anger for you."


Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Island Master, it's time for me to leave, if you're fine, you might as well go to Wangjing City."

"No, see you at Sunset Cliff in three months."

"That's fine."

Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng took a flying ship and returned to Wangjing City.

Tang Zichen had left in March, and everything in Wangjing City was the same as before.

The only thing that was different was that he hadn't seen some of his ladies in another three months, and his little friends.

Tang Zichen was now full of confidence and no need to prepare for the decisive battle in three months, so for the next three months, Tang Zichen wanted to spend as much time with his ladies as he could.

Because, the years were passing day by day, her women were also getting older day by day, if it was easily a few years and years of retreat, then how many days could be spent with them in this life, less and less.No matter what, Tang Zichen would accompany them to old age.

One day, Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian spread out in the imperial garden.

"Tzichen, have you ever thought about having a child."Xu Mei Qian suddenly said.

"Ah, having a child."Tang Zichen was stunned, honestly, Tang Zichen hadn't thought about it at all.

If it was before, Tang Zichen might have planned to have a child, as he used to think that he would spend the rest of his life in this world.

However, ever since he knew that this world, there was a passage to his original world, Tang Zichen had never thought about it, and he vowed that he would return to his original world, and in this life he would find a passage to the other world.

So, right now, Tang Zichen was surprised when Xu Mei Qian proposed to have a child.

"What? You don't want to, ah."

"This, huh, Mei Qian, you want to have a child ah?"

"Isn't it strange, I'm thirty-three years old, haven't you noticed that now that we're walking together, I already feel like a much older sister than you do.Haven't you noticed?"

"Me, I've noticed, but what does it matter, even if you're old women, you're still my women."

"Oh, that's putting it lightly, even if you don't think we're too old for it, we'd be too old for it ourselves.I'm thirty-three now, and I do want to have one of your children."

"Me."Tang Zichen felt a bit embarrassed.

With a child, there would be attachments, and also, Tang Zichen's mental age wasn't old enough for him to have the time to raise a child and give him the best fatherly love.

Tang Zichen now had only two goals, to step into the Ancestor Realm and find a passage to the other world.

Branching out here, this Tang Zichen hadn't thought about.

"Forget it if you don't want to."Xu Mei Qian said somewhat angrily.


"Michelle, are you angry?"

"No, what right do I have to be angry, by the way, this childbirth thing is not really my idea alone, Xiangyun, Xuan'er, they all thought about it, but they didn't dare to mention it to you."


Xu Mei Qian walked away quickly.

Tang Zichen was sad to see Xu Mei Qian's lost look.

What should he do, really give birth?Tang Zichen wasn't ready to be a father ah, Tang Zichen sometimes felt that he was still a child who hadn't grown up.

At that moment, Xiao Meng suddenly came out.

"Brother Zichen, what's bothering you?"

"You heard me, don't ask knowingly."

"Hey, Zichen-san, well, I just happened to be passing by."

"Moe, did you see the disappointed look in Xu Mei Qian's eyes?" One second to remember to read the book

"Yes. Sister Seo feels like she's getting older every day, especially lately, with In Station, they're all like sisters and brothers, so she probably feels insecure and wants to have a baby."

"What should I do then?"

"Brother Zichen, it's up to you whether you want to be a father or not."

"I don't want to."


"I don't think I'm ready to start a family, my goal now is martial arts and I can't shift my life to my children and grandchildren too soon.Besides, what if I would leave this world?So, I don't want to.Also, strong genes, the stronger I am, the stronger the child I have when I'm born.If I want children, I also want to have them when I'm at my strongest, and if I give birth now, what's the point of having them if they're very weak, but die a hundred years before I even do."

"Hehe, what Brother Zichen said makes sense, let's say, I'll go and talk to Sister Xu and the others for you.The probability of you having a child with them is weaker, after all, Sister Xu and the others aren't strong themselves anymore."

"Xiao Meng, never say that, it's too heartbreaking."

"Brother Zichen, I'm just saying it casually la.I'll leave first then."


After Xiaomeng left, Tang Zichen fell into self-recrimination and guilt.

If time could be turned back, Tang Zichen would never agree to be their boyfriends, so that they could find the most suitable man to grow old together.

That night, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, and Xu Mei Qian all came to Tang Zichen, they expressed their understanding, and they did not say that they must have children, and asked Tang Zichen not to take it to heart, to live out their lives happily, better than anything else.

Tang Zichen was grateful and said, "Thank you."

"Fool, there's nothing to be thankful for."

"I'm the one who is ashamed of you, if you hadn't followed me, you could have grown old together with the love of your life, growing old together."

"It's okay."All three of them said a little sadly.

In the following days, Tang Zichen doubled down on being nice to them, just to make up for them some.

Three months had passed in the blink of an eye.

The six-month appointment for Tang Zichen's duel with Yang Guan had arrived.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Sunset Cliff early in the morning.

Sunset Cliff wasn't within the Yan Huang Empire, it was a famous place in the world, and many strong duelists liked to choose this place.

When Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the Sunset Cliff, they found that the Sunset Cliff was already full of people.

This matter of Tang Zichen's duel with Yang Guan, almost all the strong people in the world that should know about it already knew about it.

Tang Zichen saw the Island Lord and his disciples at a glance, somewhere in the Sunset Cliff.

Tang Zichen parked his flying ship next to where the Island Lord was pitching his tent.

"Island Master, you've come so early."

"Tang Zichen, I also just arrived yesterday, we're not like you, we have flying ships and are fast."

"Tomorrow is the appointed day, will Officer Yang come?"Tang Zichen said worriedly.

"Don't worry, I've gotten word that Officer Yang has arrived and should be somewhere at the moment."

"Ah, that's good."Tang Zichen was excited.

At this moment, underneath a cliff to the west of the Sunset Cliff, an old man was resting, he was Yang Guan.

Right now, Yang Guan looked to be in much better shape than five months ago, and seemed to be full of confidence in himself.

"Master, drink some water."Yang Guan's disciple said.

Yang Guan drank the water and asked, "Is Tang Zichen here?"

"Master, I've heard that he's here and is settling in a place at the back of Sunset Cliff, and the Wulin Islander is with him."

"Very well, I'll go over to him now."

"Ah, Master, tomorrow is the agreed day of the duel."

"No harm, I am merely going over to speak to him now."


Yang Guan immediately flew up.

Official Yang stood in the sky above the Sunset Cliff.

As he stood in the sky, he was suddenly seen by many people.

They all said in shock, "No way, tomorrow is the duel day, Senior Yang Guan is in such a hurry today?"

Tang Zichen also looked up when he heard the roar coming from all over the mountain forest and saw Officer Yang at once.

"Uh, no, this old man Yang Guan, he's in too much of a hurry."Tang Zichen was startled for a moment.

However, official Yang was in such a hurry, Tang Zichen would not drag his feet.

Tang Zichen thought that Officer Yang was about to duel with him, so Tang Zichen immediately prepared himself for battle and flew up into the air.

The people watching from Sunset Cliff were lively when they saw both Tang Zichen and Yang Guan reveal themselves.This duel could be really interesting, with both sides in such a hurry, those who would only arrive tomorrow would probably miss out.

"Tang Zichen."When Yang Guan saw Tang Zichen, he immediately laughed, his voice full of power.

"Senior Yang Guan, I didn't expect you to be in such a hurry, could it be that your big day is tomorrow?"

"Tang Zichen, you're thinking too much, I'm not in a hurry.However, be careful what you say."

"Hmph, I've already learned your rudeness, I've heard that you're the most arrogant and domineering one among the peak powerhouses of this world, and when you made a move against the island master at the bottom of the Heaven's End Mountain that day, I secretly said that I'll take a breath for the island master on his behalf."

"Hahaha, I pooh, Tang Zichen, you can't be a match for my husband."

"Is that so."

"Tang Zichen, tomorrow I will let everyone know that you, a newly grown up junior, are not qualified to be on par with me, Yang Guan, unless I die, it won't be the turn of you young yellow-haired kids."Yang Guan said categorically.

"Yang Guan, we'll naturally see tomorrow."Tang Zichen said, flying down.

Yang Guan was furious, "Tang Zichen, I will kill you."

Official Yang also flew away after saying that.

The Island Lord wondered, "Tang Zichen, did you ever feel that Yang Guan's tone was very impulsive, as if he was in a hurry to prove himself, compared to the past, it's very abnormal, if I'm not wrong, Yang Guan must have been defeated in the last few years."

"Ah, other than Wanfatian, who else can defeat him?"Don was also shocked at how sensitive the island master was.

"I don't understand."

"Could it be that the Ten Thousand Fathoms have appeared?"


"Impossible, Yang Guan was never a match for Wanfatian, surely other people must have defeated him to make him so abnormal."

That night, Tang Zichen and the others all rested at the Sunset Cliff for the night.

The next morning, there were even more people heading to the Sunset Cliff, and it was even more crowded than when Tang Zichen had the celebration.

At around nine in the morning, Officer Yang was already impatiently flying into the air.

"Tang Zichen, you yellow-haired little boy, come out here."In the sky, Officer Yang shouted.

Tang Zichen was still brushing his teeth.

"Tang Zichen, why don't you come out quickly?Could it be that you're afraid today."

Tang Zichen immediately flew up into the sky.

"Officer Yang, what's your hurry."

"Tang Zichen, do it."

Tang Zichen said, "To show my respect for you, I'll let you do three moves." First URL

Officer Yang was furious, "You're not qualified to make me."

"Then let it be, do it."

Suddenly, official Yang fiercely slapped his palms over at Tang Zichen.

Official Yang's palm power was very powerful, and he was palming against Tang Zichen as soon as he did it.

Tang Zichen wasn't rude either, as he paired his palms up.

"Pah."Their palms were paired together, and Official Yang's palm power was indeed very strong.

However, Tang Zichen seemed to be stronger.

"Wow."In the sky, Yang Guan's body flew backwards for a few dozen meters.

When Yang Guan stopped, his face was pale, never expecting to lose so much to Tang Zichen with a single pair of palm strikes.

"No, this isn't possible, this isn't possible."Officer Yang roared in pain.

Half a year ago, he had just been severely injured by the Dark Night Empire's new Matriarch, almost completely unopposed, and at that time, he was so disheartened that he had lost all meaning in life and even doubted himself.Therefore, he wanted to follow up this duel and flatten the defiant Tang Zichen in one fell swoop, but a pair of palm strikes had lost so much with just palm power.

At this moment, Yang Guan looked even more like he had gone crazy.

On the ground of the Sunset Cliff, those old friends from the past, that is, those strong men who were also at the peak, looked at Yang Guan who was about to lose his mind with puzzlement.In their hearts, they were puzzled as to why this formerly unstoppable Yang Guan had turned so abnormal.

Tang Zichen looked at the Yang official who was about to lose his mind, his eyebrows furrowed, what kind of stimulus was Yang official under?It would change so.

Tang Zichen didn't do his best with that pair of palms with Yang Guan just now.

However, without doing his best, Yang Guan was still inferior to him, and it seemed that Tang Zichen's strength had really surpassed Yang Guan's.

"Ahhhh."Yang Guan's hair was in disarray as he rushed towards Tang Zichen to kill him.

"I'll kill you, I, Yang Guan, am undefeated."

"No one can provoke me except Ten Thousand Fa Tian, and you yellow-haired kids even less."Yang Guan roared as he killed Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and Yang Guan had spent dozens of moves in the sky, but unfortunately, Yang Guan's strength was average, and Tang Zichen's will to kill was far more powerful than his.

"End it, Yang Guan."Tang Zichen said and struck down with a palm that contained a sword and blade energy that seemed like thunder in the sky.

Yang Guan's pupils shrank, feeling so unbeatable, just like when he was facing the Ten Thousand-Faith Heaven.

Yang Guan was stunned, Tang Zichen had already far surpassed him, and was already pushing right up against the Ten Thousand Fa Tian from back then.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's palm landed on Yang Guan's chest without suspicion.


"Yang Guan's body, rushing in a straight line into the landscape of the Sunset Cliff, crashed into the trees with a blast.

The crowd watching on the Sunset Cliff were in a state of shock, Tang Zichen had defeated Yang Guan and had become the second in the world.

If Wanfatian had died, then Tang Zichen would be number one in the world.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, defeating Yang Guan was only in his expectation, he did not expect it to be so, Yang Guan was no match.

Only, Yang Guan was abnormal, he might have suffered a serious defeat, Tang Zichen was curious to know who Yang Guan had suffered a terrible defeat.

On the ground, Yang Guan climbed up and laughed, "I, Yang Guan, will not be defeated, hahaha, you are all no match for me, hahaha, hahaha."

Tang Zichen flew towards Yang Guan on the ground.

When Tang Zichen landed on the ground, he no longer heard Yang Guan's laughter.

Instead, there was a loud cry: "Master, Master, oooh."

The crowd immediately gathered around.

The Island Master flew to Yang Guan's side at the first time.

Yang Guan was still standing there, but he didn't move a muscle.

A moment later, the Island Master said, "Yang Guan is dead."


Yang Guan died, a generation of legendary geniuses, Yang Guan, died.

To the older generation of peak powerhouses, it seemed like a thunderclap, after all, when Yang Guan was young, he was just as sensational a genius as the current Tang Zichen, how could one not be saddened by the death of a generation of legendary geniuses.

"Did Tang Zichen kill Yang Guan?"A pinnacle asked.

The Martial Islander said, "No, Tang Zichen didn't kill anyone, and it wasn't fatal."

"Then why did he die?"

"Yang Guan's big day is not far away, plus losing to a young junior, Yang Guan is not satisfied within himself, his death because it was a heart-blood reflux and he died of exhaustion, it is very likely that Yang Guan himself ended his life."

"Alas."The crowd sighed in sorrow, the generation legend Yang Guan, ended his life this way.

"There's an old friend gone."The Island Lord sighed, he felt that he would soon be gone, even the genius Yang Guan who was such a world sensation back then was already gone.

"Let's all bury Senior Yang Guan, after all, he is a generation of legendary figures."One person suggested.

Tang Zichen said, "I'd rather do it, no matter what, he died of self-destruction because he lost to me."

Tang Zichen dug a tomb at a sunny spot in Sunset Cliff, and with the combined efforts of everyone, he built a tomb for Yang Guan.

All of them knelt down in front of the grave.

The Island Lord said, "Yang Guan, although I didn't have much affection for you when you were alive, your talent, which I admire, you left one step ahead of me, I you give a pillar of incense."The island lord served a stick of incense.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Yang Guan, your dedication to martial arts is admirable to the younger generation, the younger generation will definitely learn from you and keep pursuing the martial arts.Senior will learn from you and continue to pursue the martial arts."Tang Zichen also inserted an incense stick.

One by one, strong men came forward to burn the incense.

The Heaven's End Gate Master smiled bitterly, "No matter how strong you are, you are ultimately no match for life, all will die, it's just that I've been relieved."

The Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor said, "Official Yang, I never thought that you, a bad guy, would die before me, huh?"

The other peak stood in front of the grave and sighed, "It's just that, there's nothing to say, you're a legend in our hearts, forever, go all the way."

Just like this, the incense in front of Yang Guan's grave, I don't know how many times, thousands, almost everyone who came to watch the duel, one by one, came to offer incense.


It was worth it to get so many people to offer incense after Yang Guan's death, and it wasn't because of his moral character that others offered him incense, but rather to admire his martial skills.

Tang Zichen, the island master and others were the first to offer incense, so they had already boarded the ship and left the Sunset Cliff, while many people were still lining up in front of Yang Guan's grave to offer incense.

Tang Zichen sat on the flying ship with some emotions.

"Tang Zichen, what's wrong?"The Island Lord smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "Seeing Yang Guan die, I feel quite sad.Although I'm not from your era, I can sense that when you were young, Official Yang must have been very famous, almost everyone in the world knew and admired him."

The Island Lord nodded, "Yes, just like you are now, that's why everyone sighed and sighed for a while when he died today."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "A hundred years later, perhaps, I will be just like Yang Guan today, making people sigh and lament the end of a generation of legends."

The Island Lord laughed, "It's not impossible, everyone is like that, the world now belongs to your time, but when you get old, you will also be replaced by a new generation of young people, for generations, isn't that the case.When I was young, my master, who was also a generation of legends, died, weren't we also sighing that the generation of legends had ended.And now, we are also old, and in the future, so are you."

There seemed to be a surge of reluctance within Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen didn't want to just follow the tide of history and perish from generation to generation.

"No, I don't want to."

"Ew." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "I don't want to be one of the generations that perish in the current of history, I am bound to step into the Master's realm, my life will be longer, not only the Master's realm, in the future, I will go beyond the Master's realm, it will never end."

The Island Lord smiled, "Tang Zichen, the path of martial dao, whether it is never-ending, I don't know about that, and I don't have a chance, but I hope that you, you will really be able to step into the extreme of martial dao.I believe that if you really step onto the extreme of martial dao, maybe life isn't a hundred years, hundreds of years, thousands of years all possible.But unfortunately, it's not something that ordinary people can go to this extent anymore, Tang Zichen, you must go for it."

"I definitely will."Tang Zichen said firmly.

The Island Lord no longer spoke, inside he also wished that his cultivation would continue to break through and his life would no longer be limited to over a hundred years, but alas, this was not the kind of path that ordinary people were capable of walking.

The flying ship returned to Wangjing City, and Tang Zichen invited the Island Lord to live in Wangjing City.Island Lord refused to accept, unwilling to live in Wangjing City, so Tang Zichen asked Xiaomeng to send Island Lord's disciples and others back to Martial Island.

The Island Lord said that in this life, he probably wouldn't take another half step out of the Martial Island, because, he felt that his days, should be numbered.

Tang Zichen felt a twinge of hurt at the words of the Island Lord, who was an old friend that he could rarely speak to nowadays.

The world was just 'quiet' again.

And Tang Zichen, who was known by everyone as the strongest in the world in the new generation, because of the Ten Thousand Fathom Days, still no one knew about him, perhaps he had already died in some unknown cave, after all, he was older than the Island Lord, and death was most likely to happen.

However, Tang Zichen was not lonely, Tang Zichen would love to meet with the most powerful Wanfa Tian in the world and battle each other.

Unfortunately, this guy, even if he was going to die, he didn't let anyone know, and had to make the world guess whether he was dead or alive, and whether Tang Zichen was the best in the world or not was also a matter of guesswork.


sp; "Ahhh, Wanfatian, are you dead or not."Tang Zichen stood on the roof of the palace and shouted.

After Officer Yang died, Tang Zichen felt that he was lonely.

As expected, people who stood at the top of the world were lonely.

It would be fine if Tang Zichen was an old man, easily able to cultivate his body, but Tang Zichen was so young that a restless heart had nowhere to rest.

Tang Zichen lay on the roof.

After a few more days, deep within the palace to another place, there came Tang Zichen's roar, "Ahhh, I'm so lonely, Wanfatian."

In a pavilion not far away, those little friends of Tang Zichen's sighed.

"Brother Zichen seems to be getting bored."

"No, he's lonely, didn't you hear him shouting Wanfatian all the time?"

"Alas, one is lonely in high places without an opponent, is this mastery lonely?"

In the main hall of the palace.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "From today onwards, I'm leaving the Yanhuang Empire, I'm going out to search for Ten Thousand Fa Tian, I want to live and I want to see the corpse."

Tang Zichen decided that instead of being bored in Wangjing City, it was better to go out and search for Wanfa Tian, and at the same time, look for a passage to the other world.

Tang Zichen followed his idea up with his, and everyone thought it was a good idea.Because everyone could see that Tang Zichen was bored in Wangjing City, it was quite good to go out and find something to do.

Of course, only Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng went, because it would be a waste of time for everyone else to go along, and there wasn't much point.

And so, the next day, Xiaomeng left Wangjing City in a flying ship.

"Brother Zichen, where are we going to look for Wanfa Tian?"Xiao Meng asked.

"We went out for two purposes, first, to find information about Wanfatian, and second, to find information that leads to the other world by the way.So, we're going to go to the Yi Yue Villa first."

"Yi Yue Villa?Why did you go to Igloo Hills?I don't think I've heard of this place."

"Yiyue Villa was the mother's home of the Martial Island Master's wife back then."


"The Island Lord told me that his master had seen travelers from another world back then, and that after his master became a peak, he went all over the world looking for a passage to another world, and everyone thought that the Island Lord's master was crazy, but the Island Lord's mother supported her husband and accompanied him all over the world.We are now going to Yi Yue Villa, the purpose of which is to see if there are any clues left behind by the Island Master's teacher's wife back then and so on."

"But that was so long ago, I'm afraid that the Island Lord's teacher's wife is long dead."

"Yes, even the Island Lord's teacher's daughter from back then is long dead, but this Yi Yue Villa, after all, is the Island Lord's teacher's mother's home, so at least go and take a look."

A few days later, they found the legendary Yi Yue Mountain Villa.

Back then, the Yi Yue Villa was also a very powerful mountain village, because the eldest sister of the Yi Yue Villa was married to the Martial Island Lord, the current Island Lord's master.The island master's master was a peak, so the Yiyue Villa was also strong back then.

But now, it was also extremely lonely, and was just a very ordinary small villa.

Tang Zichen stood at the gate of Yi Yue Villa, through the layout of Yi Yue Villa, already many deserted courtyards, Tang Zichen seemed to be able to see the Yi Yue Villa when it was strong back then.


"What people?"An old man flew out.

However, in the next moment, that old man said in shock, "You, you're Tang Zichen?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, I'm Tang Zichen, old man, may I ask?"Tang Zichen looked at this old man, this old man was not very strong, early stage of the Unity Realm.

"Junior pays his respects to Senior Tang, Senior Tang coming to my Yi Yue Villa is truly a blessing for my Yi Yue Villa."The old man said excitedly.

"Oh, the old man knows me."

"Senior Tang is the number one person in the world today, how dare I not recognize him."

"I dare not, as long as the Ten Thousand Dharma Heaven hasn't heard from me, I'm not the first human being."

"Senior Tang is too modest, Old Man Fa Tian is from the last era, now I'm afraid that he has already died in an uninhabited corner, Senior Tang is a worthy world number one, please accept the worship of the younger generation."The old man bowed in excitement.

Tang Zichen said, "Old man need not be polite, in terms of age I should rightly call you senior."

"I dare not."The old man shook his head in succession.

Tang Zichen asked, "I'm sure the old man is the owner of the Yi Yue Villa." One second to remember to read the book

"Senior Tang's discerning eyes, my humble self is the owner of the Yi Yue Villa, by the way, dare to ask Senior Tang to come to my Villa, what do you want, senior will certainly do his best."

"Hehe, nothing much, just the old sit down.Back then, the Yi Yue Villa was also a generation famous Villa in the world, I once heard that the Martial Island Lord's wife, from the Yi Yue Villa, had a deceased person born here, so I came to pay a visit."

"Senior Tang is courteous, and to tell you the truth, the current Martial Island Lord's teacher's wife is my grandmother."

"Uh, your grandmother."Tang Zichen looked at this old man, who was already eighty or ninety years old.

"Yes, my grandfather is the current Martial Forest Island's Island Master, Yang Kun."

"Then what is your Excellency's name?"

"Back to senior, I follow my mother nature, so my junior's name is Yi Baixiao."


"Senior Tang, please come inside."


Tang Zichen entered the Yi Yue Villa, the Villa was no longer as prestigious as it was back then, it seemed that everywhere could be seen the glory of back then, and everywhere could be today's decay.

Tang Zichen said, "Today's Yi Yue Villa, is there only one Unity Realm, you?"

Yi Hundred Sorrows sighed sadly, "Yes, back then, my Yi Yue Villa was also a famous Villa in the world, but unfortunately, since my grandparents passed away, it started going downhill, and by the time my mother's generation arrived, my mother was barely able to reach the late stage of the Unity Realm.But when it came to my generation, it was only at the early stage of the Unity Realm, and what's more, the talent in the Villa withered away, and now there's only one Unity Realm, me."Yi Baixiao seemed to be very sad.

Tang Zichen said, "You don't have to feel sorry, back then it was back then, now it's today, there are no eternally strong forces in this world, there are those that fade away and those that rise."

Dao: "The previously extremely strong Famous Sword Villa, now that the old Villa Master has died, isn't it also gradually dying out."

The old man said, "The Famous Sword Villa still has a speech that is very genius, so the Famous Sword Villa will continue to rise, but we can't compare to the Yi Yue Villa."

Tang Zichen asked, "What, don't your descendants of the Yi Yue Villa have good talent?"

"This, it's hard to say, Senior Tang came to the cold house, if you're willing to guide the younger generation of my Yi Yue Villa a bit.Junior will be grateful."

"Of course I'm willing."

"Thank you, Senior."

Tang Zichen said, "How about this, since it's fate, you call out all the more outstandingly talented juniors of the Yi Yue Villa, and I'll bring two of them to my Wangjing City, and I'll invite a senior to guide me.It's also a way to give back to senior Yang Kun who was extremely famous back then."Yang Kun was the current Martial Island Master's mentor.

"Thank you, my grandfather's spirit in heaven will be very happy when he finds out."

"You're welcome, but I also have something to ask."

"What do you need, Senior, just say it."

"I need to find something, and when I heard that Senior Yang Kun searched the world looking for that information in his old age, and that his wife, your grandmother, was accompanying him, I wanted to see if your grandmother, had left anything behind."

"Uh, did my grandmother leave anything behind?I don't understand."

"It's just that your grandmother, did she leave any relics or something like that, or rather, something like notes."

"Senior Tang, I really don't know about this."

"Oh, it's fine, it's not supposed to be important information, and your grandmother couldn't have passed it down as a treasure."

"What is it that I dare to search for, Senior Tang?"

"There's no harm in saying it, back then your grandfather, believed that this world had a path to the other world, and what I'm looking for is if there are any clues after they set foot all over the world back then."

"Ah, Senior Tang, when I was young, I heard from my mother, but my mother said that this was something my grandfather went crazy and did in his old age ah."

"Huh, you actually know about this."

"Senior Tang, then how about this, I'll take you into my grandmother's grave and see if there are any clues."

"Good, then thank you, old man."

Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng then entered one of the forbidden areas of the Yi Yue Villa and entered one of the graves, the grave was very large, a large basement like.In the cavity beneath the grave, there were two coffins.

"Senior Tang, all of my grandparents' belongings have been placed in this grave, so you can take your time to find them.Of course, there aren't any relics put in the coffins, only their remains, if senior doesn't believe us, we can open the coffins for senior."

Tang Zichen said, "No need, I can't do such a disrespectful thing."

"Then thank you senior, you are searching here, I won't bother you, when you come out, I expect senior to return to the villa so that senior can do some landlord's service."


The old man left, leaving Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng in the tomb.

Around the tomb, there were many relics placed, including the clothes and shoes they wore before they died, the toilet they used before they died, night pots and the like, as well as the ceramic vessels that accompanied the burial, Tang Zichen and Xiaomeng looked through each and every one of these relics to find if there was anything valuable.

"Brother Zichen, here's a notebook."Xiaomeng flipped out a small booklet.

"Let me see."

Tang Zichen opened the pamphlet, looking at the handwriting, it should be female, that would be the Island Master's wife's notebook.

Tang Zichen read the notes from the first page.

What was recorded at the beginning were some trivial matters, or things that had nothing to do with the information Tang Zichen wanted.

When he turned to the last page, Tang Zichen saw a thing that tied in with the information he wanted.

"Is there really another world?Does my husband really think that there is a way to the other side?It sounds really unbelievable, everyone says my husband is crazy, but I support him without wavering because I love him."


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