King of Kungfu in school 1031-1040


Chapter 1031

Just then, a man outside the door shouted, "Senior, are you in there?"

Tang Zichen immediately heard that it was Li Jinmin's girlfriend, Ai Shi Shi.

"Who's that."Xiao Rou opened the window and looked, humming, "It's Li Jinmin's fox girlfriend."

Tang Zichen said, "Let her in, this person, she might have future achievements far beyond yours."

"Ah."Zhang Jing was shocked.

Xiao Rou said, "Why is it so unfair, I don't want it."

"Oh, do you guys know why she has a foxy smell?Does it turn girls off and fascinate boys?"


"Because she has the talent to become an enchanter, however, she doesn't have a famous teacher to instruct her, so she won't make use of it, causing girls to resent it and boys to be fascinated.Once she has a famous teacher to instruct her, or even accept her as a disciple, then she will be able to fascinate both men and women."

"Ah, so you're going to instruct her?"

"Why not, it's only when you're destined to meet, if I don't give you that opportunity she'll be buried, if I give her the opportunity her life will be different.Everyone has opportunities, and when I'm weak, I have opportunities.If even when I was weak, the strong ones were stingy and didn't give anyone opportunities, wouldn't the world be a world where young people have less and less opportunity to grow.So, now that I'm strong, I should give opportunities to others as well." Remember the URL

"Oh, that seems reasonable."

Tang Zichen opened the door and let Ai Shi Shi in.

"Senior, you really are here."Ai Shi Shi said excitedly.

"Ai Shi Shi, do you know why I asked you to come find me?Because, I want to see if you and I, are destined to meet, if not, you won't be able to see me when you come here, and now that you've seen me, that means we're destined, come in."

"Thank you, Senior."

Teacher Ai was so excited, Tang Zichen said that she had the talent to become a mesmerist, she was incomparably excited, she knew from Grandpa Li Jinmin's mouth that a mesmerist was a powerful and strong person, who wouldn't want to be strong.

Tang Zichen said to Master Ai, "You come to my room."

"Mm."Master Ai thought that Tang Zichen was going to submerge her, and accepted without hesitation at all.

Xiao Rou stomped her foot in frustration.

Tang Zichen closed the door to his room, and when he turned back, Ai Shi Shi was already undressing.

"Er, what are you doing?"

"Senior, aren't you trying to sneak up on me?I'm willing to accept the subterfuge as long as it gives me a chance to become a psyker."

"You're thinking too much."Although it was true that Tang Zichen had been interested in her feminine and sexy body because he hadn't touched a woman in a long time, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen would lose control of that ah.

"Ah, then what did you let me into the room for?"

"I just wanted to talk to you alone, Master Ei."


Tang Zichen said, "Master Ai, you are now displaying all of your charm and seducing me, no matter if it's words or actions, but, except for one, you can't take off your clothes, although an enchantress, taking off your clothes can indeed deepen the intensity, but it's never done by a good enchantress.You can make good use of your eyes, and the greatest weapon of a charmed mesmerist is his eyes."


Next, Master Ai kept on seducing Tang Zichen, and sure enough, Tang Zichen was right, she had the potential to become a mesmerist, of course, if she practiced charming, the achievement would be

Even greater, back then, Shangguan Zou also started from fawning.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, that's fine."

"Senior, how is my talent then?Can you become a psyker?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Mm, good, even I'm tickled by you."

Ai Shi Shi smiled, "If Senior doesn't mind, Shi Shi is willing to meet all of Senior's requirements."

Tang Zichen looked at Ai Shishi, the body is really hot and on fire ah, Tang Zichen more than half a year without anything, are a bit out of the fire, and then by Ai Shishi so teasing, really itchy.

"Oh, no need."Tang Zichen refused, first of all, her Li Jinmin's girlfriend, Tang Zichen didn't want.

Shifu Ai said, "Senior is disliking Shifu?Although Senior is a strong man, no matter how strong he is, he's still a man ah.Senior don't worry, I'm still innocent with Li Jinmin, and it was only last month that I agreed to be Li Jinmin's girlfriend."

"Er."Tang Zichen was stunned, it was rare for Ai Shishi to still be pure.

"Senior."Ai Shishi language full of seductive a call, then walked in front of Tang Zichen, as if he was going to kiss Tang Zichen, and his body also emitted an enchanting atmosphere, worthy of being called a fox spirit, foxy breath is really strong.

"What are you doing?"Tang Zichen said, unmoving.

Ai Shi Shi whispered in Tang Zichen's ear, "Take Shi Shi."

Tang Zichen's body was in a stir, what an egg, Tang Zichen, a world class powerhouse, was actually, actually tempted like this.However, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen couldn't fix himself, it was just that Tang Zichen wasn't going to fix himself at all.

Just at this moment, a shout suddenly came from outside, "Say, where is Master Ai."

Then, it was the screams of Xiao Rou and Zhang Jing.

Ai Shi Shi scrambled to tidy up her clothes, and she had already heard that it was Li Jin Min's voice.

Tang Zichen opened the room door and walked out, it just happened that the room was on the first floor, so Li Jinmin saw it right away.

"Ai Shi Shi, you, you actually came to see him, do you have any regard for me as your boyfriend."Li Jinmin shouted.

Ai Shi Shi now where there was still Li Jinmin's existence, baring to please Tang Zichen, even going so far as to use her virginity to lock Tang Zichen up so that he could help her realize her dream, go to hell Li Jinmin.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, so it was up to Ai Shishi to do the same.

Ai Shi Shi looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Li Jinmin, what are you doing here."

"Hmph, Master Ai, you're my girlfriend, why are you asking me what I'm doing here, what were you doing with him in the room?"

"Li Jinmin, what I do with him doesn't matter to you."

"Ai Shi Shi, I didn't expect you to be like this, when I was the king of students, you liked me, but now when you see someone stronger than me, you like someone else, and you even offer to throw yourself into someone's arms and let them sleep.Ahhhh, I'm not happy."

Ai Shi Shi snorted, "You're not willing, it's just that you haven't slept with me yet."

"Ai shi shi, don't go too far, come with me immediately, even if you want to break up with me, I have to have a room with you once, otherwise I'm sorry for what I've done for you."

"Hahaha."Ai Shi Shi laughed and said, "Don't be delusional."

Li Jinmin looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Don't make me."

Tang Zichen said, "Li Jinmin, you should know what you are doing, don't force me to blow you out."


"Well, do you think I'm afraid?"

Tang Zichen said, "I know you didn't come alone, which one of you at the outer door, won't you come in yet."

At this moment, an old man standing at the outer door was shocked that Tang Zichen had found him.

This old man was a late Houtian expert, Li Jinmin's great grandfather, and Li Jinmin's grandfather was at the inner gate level, their large family, which was also considered a gradually marginalized branch, came from the Li family, a soldier-grade family.Li Jinmin was the biggest hope for this branch of their family, and it was up to Li Jinmin to return to the core of the family.

Unfortunately, today, it was revealed that an expert had appeared, this expert was suspected to have reached the Houtian realm, and it just so happened that Li Jinmin's great grandfather was here, so he came to take a look.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen immediately discovered the Houtian expert outside.

Not long after, that Houtian level old man outside walked in with a smile.

The old man who came in immediately sized up Tang Zichen to see Tang Zichen's realm.

Unfortunately, it didn't feel like it, and with Tang Zichen's young and tender face, it shouldn't look strong, so he judged that Tang Zichen was a hairy boy who was new to the Houtian.

The old man laughed, "Hairy boy, not bad, stepping into the Houtian realm at such a young age."

Tang Zichen hummed inside, it was damn funny, a world-class peak, he said that he had stepped into the Houtian, why didn't he say that he was a frog in a well and couldn't find out at all. One second to remember to read the book

And that Li Jinmin, when he heard his great grandfather say that Tang Zichen had stepped into the Houtian, he said in shock, "Grandpa, you're mistaken, no, that's impossible, he's so young, it's impossible for him to have stepped into the Houtian, I don't believe it."Li Jinmin looked as if he was deeply frustrated.

To blame it on Tang Zichen's appearance was too young, Tang Zichen had previously taken Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, Vermilion Bird Grass, and Emperor Worm, so Tang Zichen's appearance remained almost 18 years old, and from the looks of it, he was the same age as Li Jinmin.

Li Jinmin's grandfather was also quite depressed inside, he didn't even specifically see whether or not he had really stepped into the Houtian, he could only make a first judgement, if he was wrong, it would be too humiliating, but, he could only scalp him, because he felt that 99% of him was a hairy boy who had first stepped into the Houtian.

"Not bad, he has indeed stepped into the Houtian, stepping into the Houtian at such a young age, I'm afraid this is the first time I've seen such a powerful teenager in my life."Li Jinmin had the tone and posture of a 'senior' and a 'superior'.

"Ah, really stepped into the Houtian."Li Jinmin was so lost that he couldn't even be compared to Tang Zichen.

Li Jinmin's grandfather said to Tang Zichen, "Young man, what's your name?"

"Well, why should I tell you."

"Hahaha, boy, quite a temper, well, I like it, I wanted that when I was younger."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen also laughed, looking at Li Jinmin's great grandfather was like seeing a monkey, pretending to be a lion.

"You stole my Xuan Sun's girlfriend?"

"So what if it is."Tang Zichen said.

"Hahaha, young man, you're quite proud, aren't you because you're talented."

"None of your business."

The old man was a bit impatient, because he held admiration for Tang Zichen, and also wanted to see if he could turn Tang Zichen into his grandson, or even son, or disciple, so that's why he always had a laughing tone and acted like he appreciated him.However, Tang Zichen sneered and spoke coldly every time, making him impatient.

"Young man, don't be too proud of yourself, you have such outstanding talent, is it from which family?"

"No family,"Don Zichen said.


The person was delighted and busy, "Hanging around in the Yan Huang Empire won't work without a family."

"Is that so."

"Of course, I'm someone who has been here, the Yan Huang Empire, strong people like clouds, especially that legendary Wangjing City, do you want to see the real Yan Huang Empire?"

"So what if I want to."

"Hahaha, just think, let me introduce myself, I'm from the Li family, my Li family is a powerful family that holds a strong position in the Yanhuang Empire, the strongest person in my family has reached the middle innate stage, and there are two of them.Are you interested in joining my family?Become a part of my family."

Tang Zichen snorted, "What if I'm not interested."

"How can I not be interested, haven't I just told you, if you want to hang around in the Yanhuang Empire, it won't work without a family, I'm not afraid to tell you that the entire Yanhuang Empire, every government, every city, is managed by various martial families, and every city managed by a martial family is like managing its own country.Tell me, how can you make it without a family, how about this, I'll take you in as my grandson, how about this?From now on, Jinmin will have to call you uncle when they see you."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

That Li Jinmin was busy saying, "Grandfather, you."

"Jinmin, don't call uncle yet."

"I'm not calling."Li Jinmin said stubbornly.

Tang Zichen snorted: "Grandson, what a grandson."

The old man was busy saying, "If you don't like it, then it's fine for me to take you as my godson.Jin Min, don't call me grandfather yet."

"I don't."

"Hahaha, what a godson."

The old man said, "Then it's always fine if I take you as a disciple."The old man looked a bit anxious, he really wanted to receive someone so talented.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't provoke me, I'll give you a second to get lost."

The old man saw that his plan had failed and became angry, "Young man, it's pointless to be arrogant in front of me, I'm not afraid to tell you that the patriarch of my family, but he knows big figures in Wangjing City."

"Really? I'd like to hear which big figure it is."

"Tang Zichen of Wangjing City, have you heard of him?The Emperor of Wangjing City, who commands all the martial families of the entire Yanhuang Empire."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, Tang Zichen thought carefully, it seemed like no one among his little friends was surnamed Li, so this old devil was deliberately bragging than.

Tang Zichen said, "So, do you know who I am?"

"Hmph, you're a brat who just stepped into the Houtian realm, do I need to know who you are?I am now asking you one last time , whether you are willing to be my godson and become a member of my Li family."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed and he said angrily, "You are not even worthy to be my godson, if you say that again, believe me I will be rude."

The old man said angrily, "Young man, don't be so ignorant, I'm a hundred and five years old."

"Pah."Tang Zichen flashed over with a slap, the old man was slapped to the ground, Tang Zichen said, "For the sake that you are indeed old enough, I won't be violent, listen up, I am Tang Zichen."

"What? You you you."

"Yes, I'm Tang Zichen, now I immediately order you to go back and invite the head of your family over, otherwise, then I'll be blamed for being rude."

The old man's face was incomparably pale, Tang Zichen knew as soon as he made his move that it wasn't on the same level at all.

"Still not going?"

"Yes yes yes, I'll go."The old man fell away, incomparably broken inside, going back to ask the family patriarch, the patriarch would kill him.


The next morning, Tang Zichen woke up, pulled open the window, and saw at a glance that the outer door was kneeling with two old men in the middle innate stage, who were about eighty or ninety years old.

"Well, who are you guys?"Tang Zichen walked out.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please forgive Senior."The two of them kowtowed in succession.

Tang Zichen said, "That Hare Krishna level old man yesterday is from your family, right, which one of you is the head of the family."

"I am."One of the old men was busy saying.

"Oh, that old man yesterday wanted to take me as his godson, what do you mean."

The two old men trembled in fear, a Houtian, wanting to take the Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire as his godson, this was not wanting to live.

"I'm sorry, it's all because I didn't restrain the family members, yesterday's Li Mao, who is twice as old as us in terms of seniority, so it's not good for us to restrain him, I beg the emperor to show mercy and spare our family."

"Alright, get up."

"Write seniors for mercy."

"If there's nothing to do, just leave and don't bother me." First URL


The two old men left, fortunately Tang Zichen didn't pursue the matter.

Tang Zichen was just casually scaring them, and wouldn't let himself go on a killing spree or anything because of that ignorant old man from yesterday.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen said, "Zhang Jing, Xiao Rou, Ai Shi Shi, I'll give you one day to explain to your families, then, come with me tomorrow and I'll introduce you to your master."

"Thank you, Senior."

"This is your opportunity, no need to thank me."

On the third day, Tang Zichen took the three of them on a plane to Wangjing City, and after a lot of hassle, they finally arrived at Wangjing City.

"Wow, is this the place you were talking about?Is this where you're an emperor?"Ru exclaimed.


"The architecture here is like traveling through ancient times."

"Oh, except that development is not allowed here, otherwise it would have become a modern city already, come on, into the palace."

At this moment, in the palace.

"Tzu-Chen is back."

Soon, everyone got the news of Tang Zichen's return and came running, only to see Tang Zichen sitting in the palace making tea, with three restrained girls sitting opposite him.

Tang Zichen poured tea for the three girls and smiled amiably, "Don't be polite, make yourself at home."

"But, unable to be rude, I was able to be rude when I was in Yunxi City, but now that we're here, we only know the dignity of your position.", even Xiao Rou was made to be too rude by the majestic atmosphere of this Wangjing City, not to mention Zhang Jing and Ai Shishi, who only knew how honorable Tang Zichen was since they saw the Li family's patriarch kneeling at the door yesterday.Xiao Rou and Zhang Jing no longer dared to fantasize about a further relationship like that with Tang Zichen.

At that moment, Xiao Meng was the first to fly in from outside.

"Brother Zichen, you're back."


"Brother Zichen, have you stepped into the pinnacle?"Moe was busy asking.

"Yeah."Stepped in.

Sitting opposite Zhang Jing, Xiao Ru, as well as Ai Shishi saw Xiao Meng, the beauty is incomparable, to have a body, to have a face, to have a momentum, they felt ashamed of themselves, they felt not at all a level.

/> "Hey, who are they?"Xiao Meng asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll introduce them after everyone comes over, save me having to say it so many times."

At that moment, three more women ran in at the door, namely Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, and Liu Xiangyun.

Soon, everyone arrived and looked at Tang Zichen with eager eyes, including Yan Long, who was also curious to know if Tang Zichen had stepped into the pinnacle.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone, it's been more than half a year since we last saw each other."

Wang Xing said, "Zichen, remember you've only been away for half a month, you're not rushing back for the New Year, are you."


"Zichen, I'm sure you've already stepped into the pinnacle."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Not bad, I've already stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection."

"Wow, you've become this world, the 29th pinnacle."

The crowd was excited.

A pinnacle, this world hadn't had a pinnacle for decades, and today there was finally a new pinnacle achievement.

Yan Long said, "This is a good thing, it's right to run.Brother Tang in the past when other people stepped into the pinnacle, each empire would send an invitation letter inviting the king of each empire, or the strongest person to come to the Yanhuang Empire to celebrate, of course, whether to give face or not is another story, generally speaking, each empire would come to celebrate.Should we, the Yanhuang Empire, celebrate in a big way?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Stepping into the pinnacle is not easy, how can you not celebrate such a big event.Yan Long, you have more experience in organizing large events, I'll leave this matter to you."

"Good, I'll go and write up the post later, and then have someone fly a flying ship and send them to each empire one by one.If nothing else, the time is set for a month and a half later, this is in case there are some remote places that can make it without a flying ship."

"Well, you scratch that."

Liu Yue looked at Zhang Jing Xiao Ru as well as Ai Shishi three girls smiled, "Zichen, going out for spiritual experience for more than half a year, the harvest is quite big, not only stepped into the peak, but also harvested three little beauties, hehehehe."

"Hehehehe."Yang Yijian also smiled with an ambiguous face.

Xu Mei Qian and a few others didn't say anything, but they weren't very happy, it wasn't that they were uncomfortable, but Tang Zichen was looking for a woman, why would he look for such a weak one again, obviously not of the same world.

Tang Zichen was busy explaining, "Don't misunderstand, they are not my girlfriends, let me introduce, this is Zhang Jing, this is Xiao Ru, and this is Ai Shi Shi.When I came to an unfamiliar city during my spiritual training, I completely forgot about myself and met Zhang Jing and Xiao Ru, who took me in, so I was fortunate enough to re-enter the campus.So, I was destined to meet them, although they didn't have much talent, but with the guidance of a famous teacher, they were eventually able to become a Houtian mirror or even an innate talent.As for this Master Ai, I saw that she was very talented in mesmerism, so instead of burying her, I'd rather bring her back and help her out.That's it."

Liu Yue snickered, "I can't believe you didn't cheat on her, you must be tired of playing with her, hahaha."

"Liu Yue, if it were you it would definitely be so, but alas, it's not me.Alright, someone do me a favor and help me arrange for Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, as well as Master Ai, to find them a famous teacher."

Shangguan Rou said, "Shifu Ai is indeed quite talented as a mesmerist, I want to take her as my disciple."

Tang Zichen was a little surprised, Tang Zichen hadn't thought of arranging the three of them to be apprenticed to someone close to him in his original plan.

"That's best, Master Ai, why don't you pay your respects to your master, your master's name is Shangguan Rou, she is also one of my insiders, she is currently a thirteenth grade mesmerizing spirit master."


"Thank you, thank you senior."Ai Shishi excitedly thanked Tang Zichen and then worshipped, "Disciple Ai Shishi, pay your respects to your master."

Shangguan Rou smiled, "Get up, I took you as a disciple because you do have talent in this area, I hope you won't disappoint my master."

"Don't worry, Master, my disciple will definitely not."

"Alright, then you come with me now."


Shangguan Rou said, "Then I'll take her to settle down first."

"Go ahead."

Tang Zichen said, "The rest of you, Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, do you have anyone who is willing to take on as an apprentice, if so, it would save you the trouble of arranging for outsiders."

Tang Zichen swept over everyone one by one.

Li Xuan'er said, "I don't mind if you don't mind my low skills, but I'm good at sound attacks, you two, can you sing?"

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou are busy nodding, in fact they are all wheat tyrant, since childhood in music is also training, on the tone pitch has a higher level, can become a sound mage, first of all music is the foundation, but can sing does not necessarily become, necessary non-sufficient conditions. Remember the website

Li Xuan'er said, "You guys can just pull a high note for me to hear."Li Xuan'er appeared quite professional, Tang Zichen looked at her hehe laughing, this turn of events, Li Xuan'er is no longer the original city that delicate little girl, is a sound method to reach 10 grade level, equivalent to the innate perfection level of martial arts training with.Of course, in terms of martial arts, Li Xuan'er hasn't stepped into the innate sky, but she is strong in Sound Technique, a fine would be good.

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou demonstrated high notes respectively.

Li Xuan'er nodded, "Well, it's not bad, with a bit of exercise, you should be able to become a 9th or 10th grade Sound Master in the future, of course, you can also choose not to develop in this area and directly train in martial arts."

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou looked at Tang Zichen, as if they wanted Tang Zichen to guide them on how they should develop.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Her name is Li Xuan'er, she is also one of my insiders, she is a quite powerful Sound Mage, currently a 10 Sound Mage, at her current age, 24 years old to have this achievement is considered very top notch, according to the past rules of the Yan Huang Empire, she is also an imperial talent in Sound Mage.You two have not achieved much in terms of martial arts, so why don't you follow Li Xuan'er and develop in the area of Sound Technique, the potential will be even greater.Of course, martial arts can also be practiced properly, just think of it as keeping your figure and strengthening your body."

"Mmhmm, thank you senior."

"Then why don't you hurry up and pay homage to your master."

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou both kneeled down and kowtowed excitedly, "Disciple pays homage to Master."

After all, Li Xuan'er was also young and somewhat restrained from being someone's master for the first time, smiling, "No need to be polite, get up."

"Thank you, Master."

"Alright, alright, get up quickly, I'll take you to settle down.Zichen, I'll leave first then."

"Go on."Li Xuan'er led Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou away.

That night, Tang Zichen and the crowd celebrated greatly, of course, this was a small celebration, the big celebration was still a month and a half away, kings from all over the world, would come, it was a big event for Wangjing City.The Wangjing City had already ordered to make all kinds of arrangements and reception, as if the host country of the Olympic Games, is a great event, can not lose face.

For the next few days, Tang Zichen was consolidating his peak state, and his killing intent had increased by about four times compared to before.

That is, to the extent of about forty drops.

Most importantly, Tang Zichen's comprehension of martial arts had also reached a new level.

Previously, the Island Lord said that Tang Zichen didn't understand it, that Tang Zichen also had the same level of understanding as

Throwing away his sword, he didn't understand at all.

And now, Tang Zichen thought, he should have understood.

On a high mountain in Wangjing City, Tang Zichen stood in the wind.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Island Master, now I'm afraid I've understood that it's so simple to understand the virtual and the real."

Tang Zichen rehearsed at the top of the mountain as the wind blew.

Tang Zichen did not use a sword, but if a strong man saw it, he would be amazed that Tang Zichen carried several sword strokes between each move.

That's right, Tang Zichen's Descending Dragon Sword Technique and the Killing God Saber Technique had all been performed at the same time, and it was performed with an empty hand, which was qualitatively different from the past, where the sword was a combination of two hands, equivalent to two people, but now, one person, one heart, there was no such thing as two in one mind, it was very pure.Moreover, the virtual and the real, the real and the virtual, that was the key.

"Phew."Tang Zichen practiced for a while and then stopped.

Right now, on Martial Island.

"Master, Master, a letter has come."

"What incoming letter."

"A letter from the Yanhuang Empire, Tang Zichen sent it over."

"Bring it over."

After the island master opened the letter, it said that Tang Zichen had stepped into the pinnacle and would be holding a celebration in Wangjing City on a certain month and a certain date, inviting people to come.

"Oh my god, he's actually stepping into the pinnacle so soon."

"Master, Tang Zichen has stepped into the pinnacle ah, that's too powerful."


"Master, then when are we going to the Yanhuang Empire."

"No harm, then let's leave tomorrow."


In the Moon Never Falling Empire.

The emperor of the Supreme Emperor and the Moon Never Falling, also received a letter from the Infernal Empire, sent by flying ship.

"Tang Zichen has stepped into the pinnacle."The Moonless Emperors trembled in shock.

"So young, stepping into the pinnacle, hoo."

"Father, Tang Zichen was able to step into the peak fast, it must have something to do with him taking our Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, hmm, Ten Thousand Year Ginseng but cheap, I should have known that he would steal it, I stole it myself at first, then maybe I'm at the peak now."Said the son of the Supreme King, the King of the Moonless.

"Whew, there's no point in talking about it now."

"Dad, I hate it, so are we going to his celebration now?"

"Go, of course I'll go, although I hate it, but he's stepping into the peak now, so I can't offend."

At the Heaven's Expanse Gate, the Heaven's Expanse Gate Master was equally stunned, it had only been three years since they last met, and he had stepped into the pinnacle.Of course, the Heaven's End Gate Master was also filled with hatred, believing that Tang Zichen's ability to step into the pinnacle so quickly had something to do with his Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.

As such, almost every empire in this world received posts sent by the Yanhuang Empire one after another.

Tang Zichen's becoming a pinnacle had also stirred the world, and some emperors of remote empires had already begun to depart.

Martial Island's Island Master, the first to arrive at Wangjing City, was more than a month early.

"Hahaha, Island Master, it's you."

"Tang Zichen, I didn't expect that you would step into the pinnacle so quickly."

"Thank you, please come in, Island Master."Tang Zichen ceremoniously welcomed the Island Master and his disciples.


After a feast, the Island Lord said, "Tang Zichen, how do you feel about your strength now?"

"Well, it's improved a lot a lot."

"Hahaha, so how about a little cut and thrust?"

"Ew."Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, in the past, when Tang Zichen hadn't even stepped into the peak, he took the initiative to propose a cut, but the Island Lord felt that Tang Zichen wasn't an opponent at all and didn't have a cut.And now, the Island Lord had actually taken the initiative to propose a cut and dice.

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen felt confident in facing the Island Lord this time, and presumably, Tang Zichen was not far from the Island Lord's strength, and had even surpassed it.

Although Tang Zichen's killing intent hadn't yet reached the level of the Island Master, it was already just a little bit closer.

At a mountain top.

There were only the Island Lord and Tang Zichen, no outsiders.

"Island Master, please."Tang Zichen said valiantly.

"Haha, Tang Zichen, you go first."

"Then let's do it together." One second to remember to read the book


Just then, the two of them attacked almost simultaneously, charging up towards each other.

Both of them were very fast, in fact, Tang Zichen could be even faster because Tang Zichen still had a Ghost Wheel Duel martial skill that he hadn't performed, or else he would certainly be faster than the island master."

"Bang."The two of them instantly paired their palms together.

The Island Lord's internal strength was very thick, while Tang Zichen, whose internal strength was inferior, was young and powerful, and the power of his two palms was very sufficient.

Therefore, the two of them were almost even in this palm duel and retreated dozens of steps back.

The Island Lord felt the blood surge all over his body and his hands went numb.

But Tang Zichen said in his heart, "I didn't exert my full strength, but I actually sparred with the Island Lord in palm sparring almost, hehe, if the Island Lord exerted his full strength, then I'm afraid I'm already a little bit above the Island Lord."

Tang Zichen was inwardly delighted, he didn't expect that once he stepped into the peak, he had surpassed the Island Lord, he really hadn't eaten those four World Wonder Treasures for nothing.

The Island Lord said, "Tang Zichen, you're actually even with me in a palm strike."

"Hehe, Island Master, dare I ask if you just used your full strength?"Tang Zichen asked.

When the Island Lord saw Tang Zichen ask this, his face changed and he was busy saying, "Don't tell me that you didn't exert all your strength?"

"Uh, this, well, to show you respect, I'll be honest, I just gave about ninety percent of my strength, not one hundred percent of my full strength."

"What."The Island Lord's beard trembled, and indeed he didn't use his full strength.

"Tang Zichen, use your full strength, if you really respect me."

"Fine, then let's go through the moves first and spar palm to palm at the end to determine the winner."


The two of them fought again, but this time, there was no direct palm sparring at the beginning of the encounter.Sparring palms was a huge wear and tear for both sides, no different than head-butting.They used their own martial arts separately, and Tang Zichen had the upper hand with palm sparring, but using his martial arts might not have the upper hand anymore.

"Bang bang."The two of them fought very intensely one against the other, as if the Island Lord and the Heaven's End Gate Master, as well as the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor, were constantly scurrying through the mountains.

The Island Lord seemed to be a simple punch and kick, but it was an unknown martial arts routine, extremely profound.

However, Tang Zichen was even more pure and simple, just one palm, one palm, without any unnecessary movements, each palm appeared to be very calm and relaxed.

r />

And the Island Lord, his breath quickening, seemed to be trying to keep up with the rhythm of Tang Zichen's moves.


After a few minutes, the Island Lord felt that his spirit was fatigued and he couldn't keep up with Tang Zichen's rhythm.

The Island Lord knew that Tang Zichen's martial arts skills weren't exactly doing their best either, and he was already, not a match for Tang Zichen.

Whether it was sparring palms or directly sparring martial arts, he was no longer an opponent.

"Bang."The last time, Tang Zichen's hand closed, the island master's palms slapped out violently, Tang Zichen knew that the island master was already indicating the end of the sparring.

Tang Zichen exerted his full strength and also slapped fiercely.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's body didn't move a muscle while the Island Lord's body whirred and flew backwards, directly landing on a tree trunk more than twenty meters away.

"Phew."The Island Lord took a deep breath and regulated the airflow in his body.

"Island Lord, are you alright."Tang Zichen was busy going up.

The Island Lord observed that Tang Zichen seemed to be fine at all, still moving with haste and strength.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Island Lord laughed out loud.

"Erm, Island Master, you're not going to be hit silly by me, are you."

"Alright, it's not that serious, Tang Zichen, I admit, nowadays, I'm no longer your opponent."

"Hehehe."Tang Zichen smiled a silly smile.

The Island Lord lamented, "Change is really fast, three and a half years ago, you were too weak to do anything in front of me, and in the blink of an eye, I'm no longer your opponent."

"This is what the Island Lord you let me do."

"Don't flatter yourself, I didn't let you.However, I'm very happy for you that you surpassed me, after all, the back wave pushes forward the front wave, and one generation is stronger than another, I said at first that when you stepped into the peak, it was absolutely unimaginable, and sure enough, you surpassed me as soon as you stepped into the peak."

Tang Zichen and the Island Lord sat under the tree, chatting.

Tang Zichen asked, "Island Master, how do you feel, how do you compare my strength to Yang Guan who slapped you away that day at the bottom of the Heaven's End Gate Mountain?"

"Yang Guan is the second person at the top of the world that even I'm not an opponent at all, and go can't quite judge, you and him now, who is stronger."

"Can't judge?"

"No, Yang Guan's strength, you've seen it, that day at the bottom of the Heaven's End Mountain, I fought him with a palm and flew hundreds of meters away in no time, between me and him, it was like an ant trying to shake a tree.Of course, that day I fought with the Heaven's Expanse Gate Master first, I've already lost some wear and tear, and today I'm also defeated in a duel with you, you both surpassed me.I can't judge who is stronger, you or Yang Guan."

"Well, I really want to have a battle with Yang Guan, that day under the Heaven's Expanse Mountain, that old man Yang Guan, was very arrogant, obviously bullying you, I was very upset at that time, when I'm strong, I will also bully him, to vent my anger on your behalf."

"Hahaha, you ah, you're really young and childish, but I'm quite happy that you can think of taking out your anger for me, hahaha."The Island Lord laughed with pleasure, but what about, Tang Zichen and Yang Guan, who was being bullied by whom, it wasn't certain yet, but at least, Tang Zichen already had the level to compete with Yang Guan.

The second strongest in the world ah, Tang Zichen has the strength to compete with the second in the world at such a young age, Tang Zichen himself was quite excited when he thought about it internally.

"I don't know if Yang Guan will come to attend the celebration I'm holding this time."Tang Zichen said, "If Officer Yang comes to participate, then Tang Zichen will play two games with him.

The Island Lord said, "The possibility is very low, Yang Guan may not think highly of you, after all, in the eyes of also, you're just a newcomer to the pinnacle, you simply don't have the qualifications to be equal to him."


"Well, let's hope he comes then, it's okay if he doesn't, I'll just challenge him again."Tang Zichen said with a firm tone.

"Good, you do have the strength to compete with Yang Guan now."

"Alright, Island Master, let's go down the mountain, it's time to go have breakfast."


The two of them whirled and flew up, returning to the palace.

As soon as they landed down in the palace hall, many people saw it.

The Island Lord's disciple, Jin Daoist, could see right away that his master was much weaker.

"Master, what's wrong with you?"

Lin Bai was also busy asking, "Master, it's early in the morning, you're not going to be cutting with Tang Zichen, are you?However, why is Tang Zichen full of vigor while you are weak."

The Martial Island Lord smiled, "Fine, there's no harm in saying it, I did go at it with Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, I'm no longer a match for Tang Zichen."

"Ah, no way."The crowd was shocked, O Island Lord, the world's third strongest man. Premiere URL

Tang Zichen said, "Gentlemen, the matter of my sparring with the Island Lord today should not be revealed freely so as not to ruin the Martial Island Lord's majesty in the eyes of the world."

"Of course."

The Wulin Island Lord was embarrassed, "It's fine, a loss is a loss."

"Master, Tang Zichen is right, it's always bad to spread the word, Martial Forest Island has always been a very sacred place in the world, it's better not to reveal it."

The island master was helpless, "Whatever, I personally don't care about that vain name anyway."

"You don't care, but Wulin Island does."

The island master glared, "If you care, then why don't you grow up, you disciples, if you have half of Tang Zichen's comprehension, my master will die without regret."

Jin Daoist and a few other disciples were helpless, they were not young, but the gap between them and Tang Zichen's strength was too far.

Once the Martial Island Lord died in the future, the Martial Island was expected to have a catastrophe, and with these few disciples of the Island Lord, they wouldn't be able to hold on to it, which was probably one of the reasons why the Island Lord was so courteous to Tang Zichen.

Time passed slowly, and for more than a month afterwards, there were constantly outsiders coming to Wangjing City, ready to see Tang Zichen's celebration.Wangjing City had also done a good job of receiving people in every aspect, everything was carried out in an orderly manner, and there was no need for Tang Zichen to handle it in a special way, Yan Long had a lot of experience in this area, and he helped Tang Zichen handle it very properly.

The Wulin Island Lord stayed in Wangjing City, and of course waited for Tang Zichen's celebration.

Apart from getting high with a few girlfriends, Tang Zichen spent the rest of his day practicing martial arts and drinking tea.

Ai Shishi studied charming with Shangguan Rou and heard that her progress was very fast, Shangguan Rou was very satisfied with her, however, Tang Zichen never saw her again.

Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, on the other hand, followed Li Xuan'er to learn the sound method and also practiced martial arts, and they heard that they had to get up early in the morning to fetch water from the bottom of the mountain to the top, once in the morning and once in the evening, which was almost devastating for a pampered and spoiled daughter.However, they don't know what reason they are in, no matter how painful it is, they still bite their teeth and persevere.Of course, Tang Zichen did not see them again, and even forgot about it, and happened to hear about it one night when he was with Xuan'er.

In this way, more than a month passed quickly.

There were only two days left until Tang Zichen's celebration.

Wangjing City was already crowded with powerful people from all over the world.

Wangjing City was decorated with lights everywhere and was very festive, this was not only Tang Zichen's glory, but also the glory of the Yanhuang Empire.

In the blink of an eye.

Two days passed.

On this day, early in the morning, Tang Zichen's celebration officially began.

Successively, many strong people flew into the palace and sent congratulatory gifts and posts.

"Master of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa, Yan Taiyou, has arrived."

"The King of the Glazed Empire arrives."

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the palace hall and greeted a guest.

When some of the minor characters arrived, Tang Zichen only gave a slight arch, while some of the major characters arrived to respectfully invite him into the main hall.

Of course it wasn't that Tang Zichen was so snobbish, this was the rule, if everyone came and was treated the same, then those strong people would have an opinion, why should some empire's minor emperor, weak as he was, be able to be treated the same, so Tang Zichen had no choice but to follow the rules.Tang Zichen sort of understood why the Famous Sword Villa welcomed guests so snobbishly when he was at the Famous Sword Villa.

"Moonless Empire, the Supreme Emperor has arrived."

Tang Zichen was startled and panicked, this was the first pinnacle to arrive.

Likewise, many of the guests were in a stir as they saw a peak powerhouse arriving.

"Senior, welcome welcome, thank you senior for taking the time to come and join Tang's celebration."Tang Zichen greeted and said.

The Moon Martial King lightly snorted, "Tang Zichen, you've broken through fast."In the language, it wasn't clear whether it was displeasure or accusation.

"Senior, please."

The Island Lord also welcomed him.

"Hahaha, King Yue Wu, after several years, we meet again."

"Hmph."The Moon Martial King just snorted, ignoring the Island Lord.

Tang Zichen returned to his original position and continued his reception.

The only ones who could make Tang Zichen take the initiative to welcome and receive them were the strong men at the peak, the ones who weren't at the peak and weren't worthy of Tang Zichen's welcome, they were the ones who took the initiative to come up and congratulate Tang Zichen, who nodded his head slightly.

"The Clear Wind Pavilion Master has arrived."

Tang Zichen was busy welcoming them, because, the Master of the Clear Wind Pavilion was a peak strong man.

"Hahaha."An old man came with a big smile.

"Welcome Senior Chen Ji of the Clear Wind Pavilion to join Tang's celebration, Senior, please."This Chen Ji, in the world's peak ranking, the top ten, was considered to be rather heavyweight.

"You must be Tang Zichen, I've heard of your great name several years ago, but I didn't expect that you would step into the peak at such a young age, what a shame for us."

"What are you ashamed of, Senior."

"We are so far behind compared to you, it's only Ten Thousand Dharma Heaven, when I was younger, I might have been able to compare with you slightly."Chen Ji said.

"Er, Ten Thousand Fa Tian, senior don't joke, Ten Thousand Fa Tian is the number one strongest person in this world and has disappeared for decades, how can junior compare to him."

Chen Ji said, "Brother Tang, don't be modest, you stepped into the peak before you were thirty years old, while Wanfatian, back then, stepped into the peak before he was thirty-five years old, in terms of stepping into the peak, he's the only one who can compare with you.Haha, without further ado, I hope you will achieve greatness again in the future."

When the Island Lord saw the Qingfeng Pavilion Master coming, he also came out to greet him, to the Island Lord, these were all old friends that he had met back then, and although they didn't necessarily have friendship, they were, after all, one of the few that were from the same era.

About Wanfatian, that was the world's number one strongest man, and was unanimously respected by all peak powerhouses, even the world's number two, arrogant and domineering Yang Guan, back then, in front of Wanfatian and other peerless powerhouses, all bowed down obediently, except that no one knew if he was long dead now, and hadn't shown up for decades, nor was there any news.


One by one, the guests arrived.

"Water Moon Valley's Black Dragon arrives."

"Yang City Youba Tian arrives."

"The Wolf Tooth Court Master arrives."

"Welcome, welcome, thank you, thank you for coming to my celebration, it's very much appreciated."

One after another, peak powerhouses arrived.

It seemed that Tang Zichen was still quite respectable, Tang Zichen was beaming with joy.

At this moment, the Island Lord walked up to Tang Zichen, and the Island Lord seemed to be unable to see past him.

"What's wrong, Island Master."

"Tang Zichen, I can't even look at you like this."

"Uh, how am I?" Remember the URL

"Why is it that every peak powerhouse comes and you welcome them so low and low?How can you lower yourself so much when you say thank you several times in a row, as if you're grateful that people are coming to the celebration?I can't even watch it."

"Ah, Island Master, people are giving me so much face, coming to my celebration, and, we're all at the top of our game, shouldn't I whisper a little?"

"No, you're wrong, in this world, the strongest are respected, you've surpassed me, you should have a matching stance.People won't respect you because you're lowly enough to thank them for coming, it will only make them think you're weak.Understand?You're already so strong, come out with your tough, even rude tone."

"Ah, but would that be rude?"

" Hahahaha, that's so naive, what's so rude about it, what strong celebration wouldn't have some kind of a fight?If anyone thinks you don't sound respectful, you hit them, you understand?The purpose of your celebration is to let everyone know your strength, be polite, and everyone will think at a glance that you are the bottom of all the pinnacles, otherwise why are you so polite, afraid of offending any pinnacle like."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Island Master, I seem to understand, it seems that I was indeed too polite, I have such a strong strength, I don't even need to be polite ah, even if the pinnacle comes, I should have an attitude that surpasses them ah, so that they know my strength, if they are not convinced of my attitude, they can beat me, I use my strength to let everyone know what respect is."

"Right, what else is there to celebrate otherwise, I really want everyone to come and have a wedding banquet ah, remember, the strongest is the strongest."

"Well, thank you Island Master for the advice."

Tang Zichen really began to change his posture.

At that moment, another peak strongman came.

"Bright Moon Empire, Supreme Emperor Aflame Gold has arrived."

Tang Zichen knew that this Aflame Gold was the 18th pinnacle of the world ranking.

This time, Tang Zichen no longer groveled to welcome him, Tang Zichen was much stronger than him, there was no need to be so polite.As for whether he would be offended, just kidding, Tang Zichen was stronger than him, it was still unknown who was afraid of offending anyone.

Ah Huojin walked towards Tang Zichen and said, "You must be the famous Tang Zichen."Ah Huojin's stance was also higher.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, Senior, please come inside."

A Fiery Gold's eyebrows furrowed, why was Tang Zichen, a newcomer to the pinnacle, such a high stance?

In response, Aflacin

A bit unhappy, but, didn't say anything and entered the palace.

Tang Zichen felt that it was really cool to look down on the world, and there was no need to be polite to anyone, because, anyone was beneath you.Tang Zichen had already stepped into the pinnacle now, and in this world, it was already at the top, so there should be pride at the top.

After that, the guests still came one by one, those who were below the pinnacle, Tang Zichen just didn't even nod his head and let his men go to greet them.

Finally, the guests who came behind all felt a towering majesty on Tang Zichen, those who were unhappy and those who felt more and more unoffendable.

In the end, almost everyone was here.

To Tang Zichen's surprise, the 29 peaks in the world, besides himself, had already come to 25.

In other words, only three of the world's pinnacle powerhouses were left not present.

These three were Yang Guan, who had ranked second in the world decades ago.

The second one was the Dark Night Empire's Mother Yueluo, this Mother Yueluo, was the fourth strongest in the world, and although she was ranked fourth, even the Island Lord didn't guarantee that she could win again, because the Island Lord had some head start in winning her back then, otherwise it wasn't clear who won.

Mother Night Luo didn't come to Tang Zichen's celebration, which was normal, because, this Dark Night Empire, was an empire located in the extreme west, where few people interacted with the world, and the Dark Night Empire was a very bloodthirsty country with no laws, killing people as if they were chickens, and chaos.The Emperor of Yanlong didn't include the Night Empire in his post before Tang Zichen, so it was expected that she didn't come, but she probably didn't know Tang Zichen existed.

The last one who didn't come was naturally Wanfatian, who had disappeared for decades.

The guests had already arrived.

Tang Zichen stood above the palace, the place where the dragon chairs were placed.

Tang Zichen looked at the crowd full of powerful people from all over the world and smiled, "Thank you all for coming to join my celebration, I, Tang Zichen, finally stepped into the pinnacle last month, this is a great event that the whole world can celebrate, I hope that all of you will join me in celebrating and rejoicing together."

Tang Zichen's tone was very lofty, not only did he say that his stepping into the pinnacle was a great event that the whole world could celebrate, but he also wanted everyone to celebrate with him, such high profile words sounded a bit crazy, those who sucked up to Tang Zichen were of course filled with joy as they willingly submitted to his feet, while those who didn't suck up to Tang Zichen were a bit uncomfortable to hear.

Tang Zichen continued, "Today you all have come to my Yanhuang Empire, I, Tang Someone, am very happy, everyone, please cheer for me as much as you like."

"Yea, yea, yea."Some of those who were sucking up to Tang Zichen, those whose strength was at the first and second levels of the Great Perfection, immediately cheered.

And some of those who were very strong, old-time Unity Realm Great Perfection Third Layer powerhouses, as well as those who were at the pinnacle, were already very upset with Tang Zichen's tone.It was really unpleasant to be acting like he was above everyone else when he had only just stepped into the pinnacle, as if everyone was under his feet.

The Island Lord was looking at Tang Zichen with great satisfaction on the side, yes, that's how it should be, don't act as if you have to cater to everyone just because they came to his celebration, as if you have to act as if you are very grateful, afraid of offending and humble.That way instead of getting respect, strength is what wins everything.

This celebration was also bound to have some wars, as Tang Zichen's stance was so high, there were bound to be people who were not convinced.


All Tang Zichen had to do was to beat everyone into submission, and when everyone was convinced, no matter how high Tang Zichen's posture was, no one dared to be upset, that was strength for strength.

Those twenty or so peak powerhouses were already very uncomfortable seeing Tang Zichen's posture with such a high tone.

"Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed wildly several times in a row, treating everyone as if they had come to worship him, not needing any gratitude, as he wasn't relying on friendship, and he wasn't talking to everyone about friendship, but about strength.If you are not convinced, feel free to come out, the purpose of the celebration was to establish Tang Zichen's status in the world.

At that moment, an old man at the peak shouted, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen looked at that old man and smiled, "This senior, what can I do for you?"

"Well, Tantzin, there's one thing wrong with what you just said."

"Yeah?Where it's wrong, you might as well point it out to me."

"You said that your stepping into the pinnacle is a great event that the whole world can celebrate, and I think that's wrong."

"Hahaha, hahaha, this senior, what if I don't think it's wrong?Isn't it a happy thing that I've reached the top?Shouldn't everyone be celebrating me?"

"No, the person to be congratulated for stepping into the pinnacle is yourself.And I, Xiyingshan, only came to see the fun.Also, Tang Zichen, you've only just stepped into the pinnacle, I hope you don't take too high a stance, at least lower your stance in front of us old pinnacles, otherwise, you'll be at a disadvantage."

"Hahaha, hahaha, Xiyingshan, what if I, Tang someone, had to let you celebrate for me today?" One second to remember to read the book

"Hmph."Xiyingshan snorted.

A smell of gunpowder sprang up on the scene.

That's right, a very strong smell of gunpowder.

The Island Lord seemed to have been expecting it, what peak celebration doesn't happen with a few duels, otherwise how else would he establish his position in the world, the world ranking.Tang Zichen was establishing his own status, and he was stronger than both the island lord, so he had a higher stance.

Today's celebration of Tang Zichen was probably more intense than any previous celebration at the pinnacle because Tang Zichen stood so high all of a sudden.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiyingshan, I now order you to say a congratulatory speech for me, Tang."

Many people at the scene were stunned, why was Tang Zichen so gripping when he invited guests?Where did they know that inviting everyone here wasn't just a matter of having a few glasses of wine.

Xiyingshan laughed, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you think that you are above me, well, come on then, let's see if you have the ability to let me say congratulatory words for you."

Tang Zichen said, "Today, I'm not only going to let you say congratulatory words for me, but I'm also going to let all the peaks, say a congratulatory word for me, whoever doesn't say it, won't be able to leave today, hahaha."

Mad, very mad, so mad that it made those weak people afraid.

The Island Lord, however, was satisfied with Tang Zichen's posture, already standing at the pinnacle of this world, no need to hold back.

"Weng."Xiyingshan ton slashed at Tang Zichen with a palm.

The strong palm wind blew the entire palace with a grin.

This Xiying Shan was ranked 21st among all the peaks.

Tang Zichen greeted Xiying Mountain.

No need for words, direct palm to palm, simple and straightforward, if you can't tell the difference between high and low in palm to palm, then slowly martial fight.

Xiyingshan must have thought the same, so when faced with Tang Zichen's double palm strike, he didn't have any dodge and met it with both hands.

"Pah."The two men's palms were suddenly paired together.

The tremendous force from Tang Zichen's hands was so strong that Xiyingshan felt like he had slapped his palm on a ten thousand year old stubborn stone without moving a muscle.

Xiyingshan's entire body suddenly flew out of the palace, but Tang Zichen was still standing in the middle of the palace.

"Wow."The crowd was taken aback.

Xiyingshan, the pinnacle of the world, was actually knocked out of the main hall by Tang Zichen with a single palm, which showed how strong Tang Zichen's palm was.

Outside the main hall, Xi Ying Shan spurted out blood.

"Ah."Seeing Xiyingshan vomiting blood, the rest of the peak powerhouses trembled even more.

Tang Zichen, who had just stepped into the pinnacle, how strong must he be.

Tang Zichen shouted from the main hall, "Xiyingshan, can you still fly in?"

A moment later, Xiyingshan flew into the main hall.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiyingshan, can you now say a congratulatory speech for me, Tang?"

Xiyingshan took a deep breath, Tang Zichen was so strong, even though he was unwilling, he didn't dare to offend Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, count you as powerful, I'm not as good as you, in that case, I have nothing to say, so let's wish you an early step into the head of the pinnacle."

"Hahaha, thank you."

This was earning respect with strength, there was no friendship to be willed, even between Tang Zichen and the Island Lord, if Tang Zichen was a mediocre and mediocre person, the Island Lord would definitely not have any interaction with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Everyone here, no matter if you are at the peak or below the peak, if there is anyone who is not convinced, feel free to come forward, I, Tang Zichen, am willing to fight until he is convinced."

Those who were below the pinnacle all trembled.

Those at the pinnacle, however, were unhappy inside, but were deeply scrupulous.

At this time, a man at the peak smiled and said, "Then let me learn how to fight."

Tang Zichen looked at that man, his appearance looked quite young, forty to fifty.

But after the other pinnacles saw it, it was a discussion, this man, known as Shou Wang, world pinnacle ranked 13, this Shou Wang was quite famous, as he was currently in his 80s, he was commented by everyone as the most likely to become a top three figure in the future when the older pinnacles died.

Unexpectedly, the Shouwang made a move.

On the shoulders of this Shouwang stood a monkey, and that monkey seemed to be very strong as well.

Tang Zichen said, "Your Excellency is the Shouwang?"

"Yes, I myself am the Shouwang."

Tang Zichen had already studied all the world's pinnacle before, all though he hadn't seen it, he understood some of it.

Tang Zichen said, "Shou Wang is truly worthy of the legend, still so young, he is already considered to be 13 in the world's pinnacle rankings."

"Overrated, compared to Brother Tang, I seem to be completely inferior."

"Fine, Shouwang, then be direct, please congratulate me."

"Well said, if Brother Tang defeats me, I will congratulate you myself.Otherwise, I'm afraid it's just empty talk."

"Fine, Shouwang, do it."

Shou Wang's feet moved, his entire body coming at Tang Zichen in an extremely strange posture, it seemed that he was not prepared to directly palm against Tang Zichen, perhaps he had learned a lesson from what he had just seen from Xiyingshan and saw that Tang Zichen's palm was strong and he was unsure.

Tang Zichen snorted inwardly, martial arts, Tang Zichen is even more not low, moreover, Tang Zichen with the Ghost Wheel Duel, I'm afraid he is not a match at all, even when he dueled with the Island Master, Tang Zichen won with just his usual moves, he, even more so.



Suddenly, the monkey on Shou Wang's shoulder, at the most crucial moment, seemed to see the opportunity and bit into Tang Zichen's vitality like an arrow off the string, while at this time, Tang Zichen faced the enemy on all sides, if he dealt with Shou Wang, then he was bound to be injured by the monkey and finally defeated by Shou Wang in one fell swoop, if he guarded against the monkey, then he was bound to be defeated by Shou Wang in one fell swoop, Shou Wang and the monkey worked together almost seamlessly.This doesn't mean that Shouwang is cheating. After all, he is able to work with the monkey, and he might have an extraordinary tacit understanding with the monkey, or else he wouldn't be able to cooperate so perfectly.

Unfortunately, Shouwang was too ignorant of Tang Zichen's strength.

Tang Zichen toned down and cast the bewitchment technique.

Yes, mesmerism, although mesmerism was not strong, but as long as it affected Shou Wang even a little bit, his rapport with the monkeys would be completely disrupted.

Tang Zichen's mouth emitted a 'crash' lullaby tone, and suddenly, Shouwang's brain nerves trembled, and his rapport with the monkey was disrupted.

"Quack."The next moment, there was a monkey's cry of pain.

"Bang."The Shou King's chest was also hit by a palm strike from Tang Zichen.

The Shouwang stopped with a loud sound as the Shouwang took dozens of steps backwards, the soles of his feet grazing the slate tiles on the ground, leaving a line of deep drag marks.

"Phew."The Shouwang took a deep breath.

Tang Zichen, however, looked as normal, not seeing any shortness of breath, calm to the extreme. The first website

The rest of the peak powerhouses only knew that Tang Zichen's strength was far more powerful than Shou Wang, who was ranked 13.

"Shouwang, how about saying a congratulatory message for me."Tang Zichen said in an unquestionable tone.

Shou Wang had already adjusted his Qi and said, "Brother Tang, admire."

"You're welcome."

"I wish you a long life."

"Thank you, it's such a happy day today, please have a few more drinks."

"Good."The Shouwang nodded, strength was what won everything, including respect.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone, anyone else who wants to spar with me again, you might as well be cooler."

At this time, the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire roared, "I'll do it."

The more powerful Tang Zichen became, the more resigned the Moonless Empire's Supreme Emperor became within himself, and he believed that it was the effect of his Ten Thousand Year Ginseng.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Moon Martial King, you're the eighth in the world."

"Hmph, then let me learn how to see if taking my Ten Thousand Year Ginseng can really be such a step forward."

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, but it's not just the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng that I'm taking, there's also the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, so why not ask the Heaven's End Gate Master to come out as well, and since I've taken your strange treasure, let's join forces."

"Tang Zichen, you're really so wild, are you sure you're not going to be able to defeat me if I join forces with the Heaven's End Gate Master?"The Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor was furious, he was the eighth in the world, and the Heaven's End Gate Master, was even the seventh in the world, and when the two of them joined forces, I'm afraid the Martial Island Lord wouldn't be able to win.

At this moment, the entire palace was discussing, Tang Zichen was too crazy, the world's seventh and eighth joined hands, and he still vainly wanted to win.

"Hahaha, I took your strange treasures, it's reasonable for you to join forces, the two of you chased my sister in the Water Ape Empire that day, but unfortunately I wasn't able to back then, so let's make an end to you today for my lost sister."

"Fine."The Heaven's End Gate Master immediately jumped out.

Two strong men from the same era as the Island Lord were joining forces to deal with Tang Zichen.

It was a battle that spanned a hundred years.


p;If Tang Zichen was able to win, then Tang Zichen would definitely become famous for hundreds of years, and also, Tang Zichen would replace the Island Lord and become the third in the world, and even, it was estimated that he had the strength to fight against Yang Guan.

Therefore, the rest of the peak powerhouses were incomparably excited and nervous at the moment.

Tang Zichen himself was also a bit nervous, because Tang Zichen had no confidence that the two of them together could defeat the strength of the Island Lord ah, could Tang Zichen win?

If you can't win, then it's a bit of a shame today.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

"Come on."

The Heaven's End Gate Master and the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor stood across from Tang Zichen, and they exchanged glances, then, seemed to understand the intentions of both sides.

"Phew."Tang Zichen seemed to strike at Tang Zichen with the speed of a wind, they wanted to see if Tang Zichen would be able to deal with both of them at the same time with one palm each.

Tang Zichen's qi and blood surged, gathering all of his strength in both fists, and Herculean Divine Power was operating in his body.

Because he had stepped into the peak, although his Herculean Divine Power had reached the highest level, his overall strength had also increased by about 20,000 jin.

Tang Zichen's hands each gathered about 80,000 to 90,000 jin of power.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's left and right hands were facing the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master respectively.

"Word."Both the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master retreated a dozen steps back, while Tang Zichen, too, retreated a dozen steps back.

However, in Tang Zichen's body, the backflow of Qi and blood seemed to be very serious.

Of course, the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master weren't easy either, each receiving a punch from Tang Zichen, and both of their arms were trembling slightly.

"Phew."The Moon Martial King sighed deeply inside, it was so powerful, but they were working together, if they hadn't joined forces, they wouldn't have known where they would have been seconded by Tang Zichen.

The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master's heart also had the same thoughts, feeling shocked that one person could fight against two and still remain even.

The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master looked towards the Moon Martial King and asked, "Do you still want to continue the fight?"

The Moon Warrior King snorted, "Of course you need to."

"Wait."At this moment, the Island Lord stepped forward.

The Island Lord said, "I see no need to fight any more, you have just joined hands with one palm, Tang Zichen alone can equal you, enough to prove that Tang Zichen's strength is unknown how much higher than yours, if you hadn't joined hands, you wouldn't be his opponent at all."

The Moon Martial King snorted, "Island Lord, we are competing precisely by joining hands, the winner is still undecided, are you coming out to stop it because you are afraid that Tang Zichen will lose?"

Tang Zichen said, "Island Master, there's no harm, I also want to learn their martial arts skills."

"Then you be careful."


The Moon Martial King and the Heaven's Extinction Gate Master, at once, used their respective skills to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had just used Herculean Power and consumed half of his internal strength, so Tang Zichen would have a very tough time next, and might even lose badly.

Tang Zichen could only raise his strengths and avoid his weaknesses, using his good movement speed to attack the two of them one by one.

The Yue Wu King first came at Tang Zichen head on, while the Heaven's End Gate Master came in on the side.

Tang Zichen used the Ghost Wheel Execution to dodge their fronts and attacked one of them first.

Tang Zichen attacked the Moon King first, and with a flash of his Ghost Wheel Jutsu, he appeared in front of the Moon King.The King of Moon-Wu had never expected Tang Zichen to move so fast, but when he suddenly saw Tang Zichen in front of him, he was frightened and hastily changed the course of his attack.


Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen's slap with all his strength broke the Moon Wookiee King's entire arm.

The Moon Martial King floated down like a defeated flake.

In a blow-by-blow situation, they were no match for Tang Zichen, which meant that they could only be opponents if they joined forces head-on.

At this time, after knocking the Moon Martial King flying, the Heaven's Destruction Gate Master's Cold Ice Palm had quietly struck Tang Zichen's back.

Tang Zichen felt a chill on his back, if this palm hit, his meridians would definitely be severely damaged.

But in order to break through the Moon Martial King, Tang Zichen had been unable to avoid it, so Tang Zichen gave up resisting and instead used all of his internal strength to defend against the cold ice entering his body, at which time, they would return his fatal blow when they were in close proximity.

"Bang" Tang Zichen was sturdily hit by a palm strike from the Heaven's End Gate Master, however, Tang Zichen guarded against it with all his might, and the cold ice internal force of the Heaven's End Gate Master did not invade Tang Zichen's meridians.

Although Tang Zichen had suffered many internal injuries, he was able to gather all his strength at the moment, taking advantage of the close proximity, Tang Zichen struck Master Tian Jie's chest with a fierce palm.

The Heaven's Gate Master tried to resist, but unfortunately failed, his entire body clattered down to dozens of meters behind him, but he still avoided falling himself, but it was obvious that he had suffered a lot of internal injuries, and a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the Moon Martial King no longer had the strongest fighting power, the Heaven's End Gate Master was also bleeding from internal injuries, Tang Zichen was considered to have won their combined efforts from the outside.But in fact, only Tang Zichen himself knew that he had exhausted his internal strength, and although he could still fight again, he had fought them to the end.

"Yay."The crowd saw that Tang Zichen had really defeated the two joined forces, a yowl went up, and then everyone applauded. Remember the URL

The Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master both sighed for a moment, they had to admit that the youngsters had lost together, and even though Tang Zichen had consumed a lot, Tang Zichen didn't have any internal or external injuries other than his internal strength being depleted.

Tang Zichen arched his hands to the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master and said, "Two seniors, I'll accept the offer."

"Humph."The Moon Martial King snorted, seemingly unconvinced on the surface, but he was actually already convinced inside.

The Heaven's Extinct Gate Master did not say anything.

At that moment, one person said, "Everyone, now that Senior Tang has defeated the two experts, the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's Expanse Gate Master, what should Tang Zichen's status in the world be?What's the ranking?"

"Nonsense, of course it's the third."

"Isn't it the third, and whether or not the Martial Island Master is convinced, Senior Island Master, won't you come out and say something?"

The Martial Island Lord smiled, "Everyone, I'll be honest, I've already lost to Tang Zichen after a long sparring session with him, so Tang Zichen has taken my third place."

"Wow."The crowd was astonished.

At this point, the fight at Tang Zichen's celebration was over, and no one had any objections to Tang Zichen's high stance anymore.

"Everyone, please take your seats."Tang Zichen shouted.

All the guests took their seats.

After everyone was thoroughly convinced of Tang Zichen, it seemed that the atmosphere had instantly eased, and they all shared a cup of wine and ate and drank with great joy, a rare gathering.

After several hours of feasting, it was already four or five o'clock in the afternoon.

The people took their leave.

A sensational celebration in Wangjing City had ended.

The Martial Island Lord looked at the departing guests and smiled, "This was a perfect

The celebration."

"Thank you Island Master, if it wasn't for the Island Master's mention, I would have thought that the celebration was just calling everyone to a banquet."

"Haha, who cares about your banquet, who hasn't had a mountain of food.Now that your reputation has gone out and the whole world knows that you are the third in the world, what should you do next?"

Tang Zichen said, "Of course, I'm preparing to challenge Officer Yang.After I recuperate for a while and improve my strength a bit, I'll officially challenge Officer Yang."

"Good, I look forward to it.Then, it's time for me to return to Martial Island, I've also been living in Wangjing City for a month."

"Well, I'll have someone send you off on a flying ship."


Tang Zichen asked Xiaomeng to personally escort the island master back to Martialwood Island.

The bustling Wangjing City had returned to quiet after several days.

Tang Zichen prepared to close the gate.

During this celebration, the battle with the Moon Martial King and the Heaven's End Gate Master, Tang Zichen had some many insights, and was going to close down for a period of time, if he achieved something, when he came out of the closed door, his strength should be much more refined, and by then, he should be ready to challenge Yang Guan.

The duration of the retreat was undetermined, but it was estimated that it would take half a year, or even several years.

According to the Island Master's disclosure, I'm afraid that Yang Guan's Sure Kill Intent had exceeded a hundred drops.In this world, there are only two human beings who can have more than 100 drops of killing intent, namely Yang Guan, and the mysterious Wanfa Tian.

Of course, the strongest in this world wasn't humans, but beasts, beasts would definitely be more than that, but there wouldn't be too many.

As for stepping into the Ancestor Realm, neither humans nor beasts had any, because, the Ancestor Realm was too difficult to step into.

Tang Zichen called Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Rou, Liu Xiangyun, and Li Xuan'er to his room before closing the gate, and as for what to do, there was no need to go into detail, after all, Tang Zichen closed the gate for a period of time, and it was necessary to satisfy them before closing the gate.

After one night, Tang Zichen officially entered the closed-door state.

Tang Zichen's place of retreat was in the underground of the palace, absolutely undisturbed.

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen had been in seclusion for two years.

Of course, it did not mean that seclusion meant being locked up in the underground without eating or drinking, occasionally Tang Zichen would come out to breathe the fresh air, but even if he came out, Tang Zichen's essence was still in seclusion and was not affected by anything else.

After two years, Tang Zichen's killing intent had increased very much, and his strength was naturally much stronger.

"Hahaha, I think I should be able to have a battle with Yang Guan."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Tang Zichen's little friends all came.

"Zichen, how do you feel after two years of seclusion?"Wang Xing was the first to ask.

"Yes, brother Zichen, I've been so worried about you these past two years.".

"Why worry about me, I've been underground every day."Tang Zichen gave Xiaomeng a blank look, Xiaomeng is now twenty-five years old, in the blink of an eye, Xiaomeng is also so old, when Tang Zichen met her, she was only fifteen years old, ten years have passed unnoticed.

Tang Zichen was now, also nearly thirty years old, in terms of age, belonged to the uncle, however, in terms of appearance, Tang Zichen was still as young as eighteen years old, which had a lot to do with the fact that Tang Zichen had taken the world's four kinds of strange treasures.

Rather, Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Zuo, the four of them, looked as if they were significantly older than Tang Zichen.


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