The King of Kungfu in school 1021-1030

Chapter 1021

Yang Guan laughed, "Tao Lin, it looks like you haven't made much progress in all these years, I'm really a little disappointed, is this still the same famous Martial Island wizard from back then?Hahaha."

After laughing loudly, Yang Guan turned around and left, heading straight for the Heaven's End.

"Island Master, how are you?"Tang Zichen was busy asking, that Yang official's strength also shocked Tang Zichen, surpassing the Island Lord too much.

However, the Island Lord hurriedly said, "Quickly, Tang Zichen, let's go."

"Island Lord, you'd better take a breath first, I think you're a bit unable to hold on now."

"No, go quickly, this Yang Guan has been hitting on the Heaven's End Ice Crystal Snow Lotus all along, he suddenly appeared at the foot of the Heaven's End Mountain, he must be related to this matter, if Yang Guan knows that you stole and consumed the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, he will inevitably not do anything to you, go immediately."



"Oh."Tang Zichen carried the Island Lord on his back and rushed to the town at the foot of the mountain where the flying ship was located at fire speed.

"How's the island master?"

"Master, you?" First web site

Everyone saw the island master looking weak and came up in a panic.

"Cut the crap and get out of here."

The crowd boarded the flying ship and flew away in the blink of an eye.

After flying away, the Island Lord was also relieved and said, "That Yang Guan, his strength has improved so much compared to back then, back then I wasn't a match for him, now, hehe, even less of a match, I just fought him with a palm, I shattered five meridians."

"What."Tang Zichen was shocked, the Island Lord had actually shattered five meridians.

The Island Lord smiled, "That's still good, if I hadn't taken the Emperor Worm before, I'm afraid that half of my entire body's meridians would have been shattered."

"Master, how did this happen, didn't you take the initiative with the Heaven's Destruction Gate?"Jin Daoist asked.

"I fought with the Heaven's End Gate Master as well, but I didn't do much harm by fighting him, who expected to run into this pervert Yang Guan, this person was not a good person when he was young, but unfortunately, he was too powerful, and in this world, only the number one ranked Wan Fatian can punish him."

Rookie Village Chief Lin Bai asked, "Master, is it possible that Wanfatian is still alive?"

"I don't know, maybe he died long ago."

"Alas, what a pity, even someone who was so famous back then is ultimately no match for life expectancy."

"What's the pity, throughout the ages, who can stay alive, no matter how much one cultivates, it's just to postpone death.Alright, don't bother me, I need to take a breather."


Everyone no longer disturbed the Martial Island Lord, allowing him to take a good rest.

Xu Mei Qian whispered, "Zichen, is there any information on Mu Qianji yet?"

"No, but at least one thing is certain, Mu Qianji has not been killed by the Heaven's End Gate Master, and it's very likely that she's still alive, but no one knows where she is now, and the Island Master has judged that she's probably in a hidden place healing her wounds."

"That's good, then where are we going now?Shall we go to the Water Ape Empire and look for it again?"

"No need, things have happened for so long, if Mu Qianji isn't dead he must be somewhere healing, if he dies he won't be able to pick up a corpse in the Water Ape Empire, so there's no point in going to the Water Ape Empire, now we can only silently wait for news, expecting her to suddenly appear one day."


p; "Brother Zichen, I believe that Mu Qianji's auspiciousness has its own destiny, it's unlikely that she will die so easily, but her talent is as good as yours."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

A few days later, the flying ship landed on Martial Island.

The island master immediately entered a closed-door state.

Tang Zichen no longer bothered and flew back to the Yanhuang Empire Wangjing City.

In Wangjing City, Tang Zichen was also prepared to calm down and study the martial dao, so that he could soon enter the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection.

Wangjing City's palace became Tang Zichen's territory, and he was the master of the place, so those partners of Tang Zichen's had a rather easy life.Although Tang Zichen was the Emperor of Wangjing City, Tang Zichen didn't need to do anything.Tang Zichen didn't need to do any of this, because as long as no one could surpass Tang Zichen's force, he would be able to rule this place steadily.There was also no need for Tang Zichen to manage the people's livelihood or anything else, because those families in the Yanhuang Empire, each managing a different government, had their own specialized talents to manage.

The only thing Tang Zichen needed to do was his own strength.

Of course, once in a while, Tang Zichen would have time to summon the strongest people from those families to come and sit down, make bubble tea, exchange martial arts, as well as monitor the situation of the various provinces and get to know the people, that's all.

In addition, since Yan Qiang had never returned, Tang Zichen sent out people to find out.

After a few months, the person sent out to find out what was going on returned.

"Your Majesty, there's news of Yan Yu."


"After the former Emperor Yan Long was seized of power, Yan Long's relatives were driven out of Wangjing City, and that's when Yan wanton left Wangjing City.However, because of the displeasure caused by some families when Yan Long claimed the emperor back then, some families saw that Yan Long had lost power and did some acts of massacring Yan Long's relatives."

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped the table, as if he had already guessed something.

"Who did it?"

"Your Majesty, I'm not done yet, some families committed massacres against the Yan Clan, but that's not the reason why Yan Yu died, according to our investigation, Yan Yu was killed by the forty-two princes when he was driven out of Wangjing City."

"What."Tang Zichen was furious, forty-two princes were too much, Yan Long had already fallen, he actually killed his imperial brother, I really don't know why such people would do such a thing, at any rate, he was an imperial brother, wouldn't he unite a bit.

"Where is that forty-two prince?"Tang Zichen asked angrily.

"Forty-two princes, Yan Lin, has been captured by us and is in the Heavenly Prison."

Tang Zichen said furiously, "Bring him up here, and in addition, bring Yan Long up here as well."


A few minutes later, Yan Long arrived at the great hall, this great hall, which was once his, how familiar, now it had changed masters twice.

"Haha, Brother Tang, what are you looking for me."

"Yan Long, a few months ago, I sent someone to find your son, Yan Yu, do you know about this?"

"Uh, Yan肆 ah, oh, don't remember him very much."Yan Long said carelessly, he had so many sons and daughters, where could he care, after his downfall, those sons, daughters, and women of his were all driven out of Wangjing City, Yan Long also didn't even think to look for them, this guy didn't seem to have any family warmth or other feelings.


But it's normal, Yan Long has been on the throne for a longer period of time, there are piles of children, and even more piles of harem women, too many women and children, instead of having any affection to speak of.

"Yan Long has been found, but unfortunately, all I got was the news that he is dead, do you know who killed him?"

Yan Long sighed slightly, "Those sons and daughters of mine, ever since they were driven out of Wangjing City, I can already foresee their future, when I was still in this position, they were noble princes and princesses, they inevitably did many hegemonic things, when I was on the throne, no one dared to mess with them, once I lost my power, their days could be imagined, so I don't have to know, I can guess."

Tang Zichen said, "Yan Yu was killed by Yan Lin."

"Uh, Yan Lin?How many princes is he to me?"

"Forty-two."Tang Zichen gave him a blank look.

"Damn it, how could Yan Lun be like this, if he was killed by an outsider, there's nothing to say, but to be killed by his own brother, that's too chilling."Yan Long finally appeared with a cold hearted expression, while still being very angry.

"I've already had people capture Yan Long and will soon be escorted here, I will not let go of the person who killed my brother."

Yan Long closed his eyes and said sadly, "Don't worry, this kind of son should indeed die, there is no need for you to do anything."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

Soon after, the former forty-two princes, Yan Lin, was escorted to the main hall. Remember the website

Yan Lin saw that his father, Yan Long, was also there, and shouted in panic, "Father, save me, Father, it's Lin, save me."

"Shut up."Yan Long shouted.

Yan Lin cried out in fear, "Father, save me, they want to kill me."

Yan Long raged, "Yan Long, you really chill me, back then when I was on the throne, it was fine for you to collude with each other, I didn't expect that I would fall and you would collude with each other to kill your imperial brother Yan wanton."

"Father, I, I didn't do it on purpose, it's that bitch who doesn't know how to behave herself."

"Pah."Yan Long slapped down Yan Lin, it's already this time, but he still scolded Yan wanting bitch.

"Father, oooh, I was wrong, Father, save me."

"You rebellious son, you're really incorrigible, in vain your talent is still good, unfortunately, you're too rubbish, go accompany your mother."

"Bang."Yan Long slapped Yan Lin to death.

Tang Zichen ordered people to carry Yan Lin's body away.

Tang Zichen said, "Yan Long, I'm really sorry to let you do it yourself."

"Brother Tang, what are these words."

"Yan Long, I ask you once again now, do you still have the intention to return to this throne?I can give up my seat to you at any time."

"Haha, thank you Brother Tang for your righteousness, but unfortunately, now that the world knows that you are the strongest person in the Yanhuang Empire, the world only obeys you.This throne is inherently just a virtual seat, a person without absolute strength sits in this position without any power.The world only obeys you, and there's no point in you giving up your throne to me, and there's no need for people to obey me, I'm here now, under your care, and I'm living a free life."

"Since that's the case, I won't force myself."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.An emperor was inherently the highest existence, if there was someone higher than him above him, it wasn't called an emperor at all, if Yan Long really accepted the throne gifted by Tang Zichen, then Tang Zichen would become the emperor behind the scenes in the eyes of the world, and everyone would still know that Tang Zichen was the one who was truly in control.

Just at this moment, one of his men came in to report, "Your Majesty."


"What is it?"

"There's an ugly man outside the palace who says he wants to see you."

"There are plenty of people who want to see me."

"This man has been saying for months that he wants to see you, and he says he's an Yangyan."

"What?Then why not let in?"

"Your Majesty, the guards guarding the gate all know the Forty Princes from back then, that ugly bastard doesn't even look like ah, so the guards chase him away every time."

"Let him in."

Soon after, an ugly monster entered the main hall.

This Ugly Buster was clearly disfigured, and was truly ugly.

However, Tang Zichen still judged at a glance from his eyes that he was Yan wanton.


"Zichen, I, I've finally met you."The ugly man cried out.


"Zichen, it's me, I was persecuted by Yan Lin, but I had a great life and didn't die, but unfortunately, I've turned into this ugly monster, ever since word of your duel with Wang Qi spread, I came to Wangjing City, but unfortunately, the guards don't even know me, and even though I'm right outside the palace, I haven't been able to see you."

"Oh my god, it really is you, how could you."

"Yan Lin poisoned me, I survived the poisoning, after that it was like this."

Tang Zichen grabbed Yan Qiang's shoulder and laughed, "You're not dead, great, I thought you were dead, that's not true, I just investigated Yan Lin killing you and caught Yan Lin here, your father personally shot him dead."

"Ah."Yan Qiang was stunned, no, what a coincidence, Yan Lin had just been shot to death.

"Yan Qiang, don't worry, I'll have Qi Xue Yun treat you, she'll treat you once she arrives.If it doesn't work again, I'll treat you with healing arts, trust me."

"Mmhmm."Yan wantonly wiped his tears in excitement.

Next to him, Yan Long was also really depressed, he had just shot Yan Lin to death and Yan wanting to come back alive, wouldn't have come back a step earlier ah, it seems that Yan Lin is also really back luck, bad luck.

Tang Zichen ordered to send Qi Xueyun to detoxify Yan Qiang, he is caused by poisoning, it is more likely to find Qi Xueyun to cure him.

Tang Zichen's days in Wangjing City were settled.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Tang Zichen was hitting the peak of the Unity Realm every day, and apart from practicing martial arts, he was having a good time with a few girlfriends.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's fantasy of stepping into the pinnacle of the Unity Realm was delayed.

Countless geniuses stopped here, otherwise, there wouldn't be only twenty-nine peaks in the entire world.

Every peak powerhouse stepping in was bound to be a sensational event for the entire world, and so far, this world had not had anyone step into the pinnacle for over forty years.

For the past three years, Tang Zichen had also been waiting for news from Mu Qianji, but unfortunately, there had been no news from Mu Qianji.

Instead, he learned of another piece of news: the old emperor of Abkar had died.

Tang Zichen sighed and said, "Go all the way".

This old emperor of Abgar was one of the 29 summits, Tang Zichen had had a chance to meet him, that is, he had seen him before when he passed through Abgar this empire on his way back to the Yanhuang Empire after awakening from the lonely island.

In this way, the 29 peaks of the world became 28 peaks.


"It's been three years, and despite my dedicated research, I've never set foot on the pinnacle, so how on earth am I supposed to do that."

Tang Zichen pondered quietly by himself.

Perhaps Tang Zichen's way was wrong, the previous Island Lord had said that to step into the pinnacle, the main thing was the resonance of the mind.

Although Tang Zichen sat in the palace every day and had plenty of time, he was unable to create any spiritual resonance.

Tang Zichen summoned everyone over.

"Zichen, what's the matter?"Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at everyone and said, "I've called you over today to tell you something."

"You say."

"I've been unable to step into the pinnacle, and it even feels as if I'm going to stop at this level, a feeling that scares me."

At this time, Yan Long was busy saying, "Brother Tang, although you are still young, you have to pay attention to it, if you stop at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, then there will be no room for appreciation in the future, like I was, stopping at the second level, and still am until now.You have to think of a solution quickly."

"I called you over today, I just want to ask you if you have any good suggestions, of course, don't say such words as going on an adventure, at this stage of my life, an adventure is useless, it must resonate in the mind." One second to remember to read the book

Everyone shook their heads, they hadn't reached Tang Zichen's level of strength, they had no advice at all.

Only Yan Long said, "Brother Tang, you're wrong, you still need to train, but not in martial arts, but in the mind."

"Brother Yan Long, you mean?"

"Brother Tang, you need a spiritual experience."

"A spiritual adventure?How spiritual adventure?"

"I don't know exactly, but anyway, you go through something that creates a lot of spiritual feelings, and then, maybe you break through."

"The thing that I miss the most is that I can't always go to school at White Cloud High School in the first place."

"If it can help you break through, why not.You're now in a weak position again, and feeling again might be very mind-blowing.Otherwise, stepping into the pinnacle isn't that easy."

Tang Zichen pondered silently.

How was he supposed to experience weakness now that he was so strong?

But, one thing Yanron was right about, experiencing weakness again might really be a different spiritual touch.

"Phew, let me think for a moment."

"What's there to think about, just forget your identity, forget your martial arts skills, forget everything, and experience weakness again, I promise, even if you can't step into the pinnacle, it will help a lot, otherwise, it's useless for you to stay in Wangjing City for any length of time, for example, I've been an emperor in Wangjing City for so long, but apart from marrying a bunch of harem maidens, I haven't improved anything."

Dao: "Yes, brother Zichen, Yan Long has a point, just forget about your identity, forget about martial arts, forget about everything, we'll wait for you to come back smoothly."

"Zichen, just give it a try, it's considered a spiritual experience, we live in Wangjing City, don't worry about it."

Everyone persuaded Tang Zichen to have a spiritual adventure.

"Alright, then I'll listen to you guys, starting tomorrow, I'll forget my identity, my martial arts skills, forget everything, and go back to zero."

"Hmmm, I wish you success."

"You all go home today, starting tomorrow, forget about me."


After everyone left, Tang Zichen kept hypnotizing himself.

"Forget about your identity, forget about your martial arts skills, forget about everything."

In the middle of the night, Tang Zichen walked out of the palace, his eyes unfocused, and then walked down the street

Out of Lookout City, then into a deep mountain.

"Forget who I am."

Tang Zichen kept moving forward in the mountain by himself, following a straight line, climbing over high mountains when he encountered them, swimming over lakes when he encountered them, in short, constantly encountering whatever he encountered, all moving forward in a straight line, without detours, and, never stopping.

In this way, Tang Zichen walked and walked for six months.

During these six months, Tang Zichen never stopped, he himself did not know where he went, his clothes were blown away by the wind and rain, and his hair was long like a beast.

At that moment, Tang Zichen stopped, and right now, he was standing on a highway.

After the six months of walking, Tang Zichen seemed to have truly forgotten who he was.

"Where is this place?"

"Who am I?"

"Why am I here?"

Don mumbled to himself, feeling, as if everything was new and unseen, he really had forgotten everything, not pretending, but really.

"Karma!"Just then, suddenly a speeding car rammed into Tang Zichen and made a sudden braking sound.

"Bang."Despite the sharp brakes, however, Tang Zichen was still knocked out of the car.

Two women came down from the car, like schoolgirls.

"Oh my god, I crashed into someone."One of the women said.

"Sister, why did a man suddenly come out of nowhere."

"I don't know."

"So what now?"

"Go up there and see if there's any gas left."

"I don't dare, you go up."

"I don't dare either."

"Then call the police."

At that moment, the knocked-out Don got up, then looked around and saw the two women.

"Ah."The two women screamed.

"Sister, did it turn into a ghost."

"Don't be ridiculous, it doesn't seem to be dead."

The one of them called sister was busy walking up.

"Hey, how are you?"The one who called her sister asked, but Don Zichen was dirty like a beggar digging through the garbage.

Tang Zichen looked at this pretty sister in confusion.

"Hey, little beggar, are you okay."Another girl with a younger grade came up.


"It was already a little beggar, not a little beggar why such a dress, and actually on the high-speed kilometers, he does not know the danger."

The one called Sister said to Tang Zichen, "What's your name?"

Don Zichen shook his head.Where am I and how did I end up in this place?"

Tang Zichen had completely hypnotized himself and forgotten himself.

Unless that day, when Tang Zichen broke through himself, his subconscious would only tell him who he was, but by then, it would have shown that Tang Zichen had stepped into the pinnacle.

The path to the pinnacle wasn't so easy to take.

"Sister, he's not going to be knocked silly, is he."

"Whatever, let's get him out of here before he gets hit by another car."

"But, he's so dirty."

"Ru, what does it matter if he's dirty, the worst case scenario is to trade the car in."

"Also, okay, take him out of here."

Tang Zichen was helped into the sedan.


The one called Sister drove, the one called Ru sat in the passenger seat, and Don Zichen sat in the back row.

The back row looked at the car in confusion.

"Hey, you really don't know who you are anymore, do you?"

"I don't know."

"Do you have amnesia?"

"I don't know, but my mind tells me I need to forget who I am."

"Mind?Can the mind speak?"


"And do you know where the family lives?"

"I don't know."

"If you don't know anything, how can we help you." First URL

"No need to help me."

"Well, I'll just call you Spirit then."


"Little Spirit, my name is Zhang Jing, and she's my sister named Sun Xiaoru."

"Oh, why not the same last name."

"Oh, not a real sister, our two families are very close, we grew up together."


"Little Spirit, why are you so dirty?"

"I don't know."

The one that called, "How come you don't know anything, when you're asked if you have amnesia, you're not having amnesia."

"It's really not amnesia."

"Forget it, Ru, let's take him back to the city first."

On the way back to the city, Tang Zichen's mouth kept chanting, "Forget identity, forget everything, who am I."

The two girls were baffled by Tang Zichen, what kind of weirdo.

Getting off the highway, they returned to a city.

Of course Tang Zichen didn't know this city.

"Little Spirit, now that we're in the city, where are you going?"

"I don't know."

"You really don't remember anything?"

"I don't know."

"What should we do, sister?It's not like he's deliberately trying to rely on us."

When Zhang Jing heard this, she pulled out a wad of hundred dollar bills from her wallet and said, "Take this, more than ten thousand, it's enough for you to live for a while."

"Er, this is, money."Tang Zichen's subconscious told him it was money, but the subconscious forgot his identity, the subconscious was truly a strange thing.

"Yeah, you take it."

"Oh, thanks."Tang Zichen took it over.

Then, Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou drove away in their car.

Tang Zichen stood on the street.

Tang Zichen's feeling at the moment was a bit like when he first crossed over to Linjiang City, he knew nothing about this modern city.

Tang Zichen's subconscious mind had brought him back to this state, and perhaps this was the mind where everything went to zero, and when he had insights, he would make a breakthrough.

At this moment, Zhang Jing, who had just driven away, backed the car up again.

Zhang Jing looked at Tang Zichen and said helplessly, "Forget it, get in."

"Hey, you guys are back again."Tang Zichen said.

Just after Zhang Jing drove the car away, she saw in the rearview mirror that Tang Zichen was standing on the street with a wad of money in his hand, dazed and then upset, so she backed the car back up again.

"Get in."

Tang Zichen got into the car and looked as if he was at the mercy of someone else's arrangements, then looked out blindly.

The car drove into a villa.

"Come on down."

"Oh, where's this?"

"This is my house."


"Your home ah."

"You can stay at my house first, don't worry, it's just me and Ru living at my house, the housekeeper comes over occasionally and my parents rarely stay at my house."

"Oh, thanks."

Tang Zichen politely entered the living room.

That Ru frowned, "Sister, you're too kind, look at him, he went in without any courtesy at all, you're really going to let a strange man, and of unknown origin, live in our villa ah."

"But, but what can I do, I only let him stay at home because I saw him looking lonely and helpless, and he doesn't look like a bad guy to me."

"Sis, forget it, it's better to always be on guard.By the way, we go to school tomorrow, what are you going to arrange for him?Let him stay alone in our villa?"

"I don't know, let's talk about it tomorrow."

Walking into the living room, Tang Zichen was sitting on the couch, touching the leather couch as if he had never seen it before.

"Little Spirit, I have to make a deal with you now, you're staying at my house for now, you must follow the rules, you're not allowed to go upstairs, you can only sleep in the room downstairs, and you're never allowed to have any bad thoughts about us, otherwise, I'll have to kick you out."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't worry, I'm not interested in you guys."

The depressed one called Xiao Rou said, "Hey, you're not allowed to say things like that, it feels so hurtful to say things like that, you're one who's not interested in us, I don't know it's too hurtful."

Tang Zichen touched his head, "But I really have no interest in you guys."


"Forget it."Zhang Jing was busy stopping Ru, they were two big beauties, being uninterested by one, it felt like it hurt their pride, but, they were afraid that they were really interested in them.

At this moment, in the distant Wangjing City.

Xiao Meng and the others were sitting together, holding their gills.

"Alas, it's been half a year, I don't know how brother Zichen is doing now, has his spiritual experience ended yet."

"Nonsense, definitely not, if it's over, then he's definitely back."

"Xiao Meng, why don't you use your hacking technique and search the elements."

"No, Brother Zichen is on a spiritual adventure, maybe he's already subconsciously forgotten himself, it would be bad if we rashly disturb his subconscious."

"Well, let's wait for him slowly then, I'm sure he'll be successful in a year at most."

In some distant city.

Tang Zichen lay in a room downstairs and took a shower, after which, Tang Zichen combed his hair, which was now long, and of course, changed his clothes, which was provided by Zhang Jing.

Then, Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

"Wow, sister, look."The one called Ru pointed at Tang Zichen and was surprised.

"Er."Zhang Jing was also stunned when she saw Tang Zichen.

Because, after Tang Zichen was cleaned up, he no longer looked like a little beggar, he was surprisingly handsome and had long hair, which was very retro and destructive.

"Hey, little beggar, I didn't expect you to be quite handsome.".

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Thank you."

Zhang Jing also felt a bit different atmosphere, before the Tang Zichen as a little beggar, the atmosphere is not the same, now Tang Zichen suddenly frog turned into a prince, so that the three people are a bit lonely man and woman.

: "Sister, tomorrow we go to school, how do you plan to arrange the little beggar ah."

"I, I haven't thought about it yet."

Little Ru hehe smiled: "Sister, the little beggar is so handsome, how about we take him to school and then use him as a shield for you, so those annoying flies at school won't come to harass you."

"Ru, what's this slutty idea of yours, why don't you let him be a shield for you."

"Sis, I don't have as many suitors as you do, besides, with my beauty, people don't believe that I would fall for him."


"Go on, you mean you're prettier than me aren't you."

"Ah, sis, don't tickle me, I'm sorry."The two of them ignored Tang Zichen and made a scene on the sofa, they were both wearing short skirts, and occasionally they accidentally exposed their little inner, if hidden, it really made people's noses bleed straight.

Tang Zichen reminded, "Two ladies, your panties are showing."

"Ah."The two screamed and scrambled to their feet.

"Little beggar, you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't get me wrong, I don't have evil thoughts about you, I'm just reminding you so you don't get looked at."

"Don't come, it's not like there's anyone else here but you, who else would see it but you."

Tang Zichen pointed at the mastiff at the top of the stairs and said, "This dog has just been staring at you."

"The mastiff doesn't even recognize the dog."Xiao Rou immediately commanded that mastiff and ordered, "Big Zhuang, give the little beggar a little bit of a look and see if he still dares to look at his eyes randomly."

That Tibetan Mastiff's eyes looked at Tang Zichen, full of vigilance, then backed away as he did so.

Xiao Rou and Zhang Jing both looked confused and said, "Big Zhuang, what's the matter with you today, I told you to give him a little lesson, you didn't listen ah." Remember the website

Tang Zichen looked at the Tibetan Mastiff and said, "Come here."

The Tibetan Mastiff approached Tang Zichen warily, as if it didn't dare to resist Tang Zichen's command.

Tang Zichen touched the Tibetan Mastiff and smiled, "Never seen such a big dog before, huh, interesting."

Xiao Rou was dumbfounded and shouted, "Hey, Dajang, I told you to give him a bit of a show you don't know ah."

Tang Zichen patted the Tibetan Mastiff's head and said, "Go out and guard the door."

The Tibetan Mastiff ran to the door in a panic.

"This, sis, look at this, Dajang doesn't even listen to me anymore, why is this happening?"

"I don't know, big strong seems to be afraid of the little spirit."

"Little beggar, did you do something to Bigger?"

"Miss, no, thank you for taking me in, I appreciate it, if there's anything I can do to help, I'll help."

Dao: "Do you know martial arts?"

"Uh, martial arts?I don't know."Tang Zichen shook his head.

: "Then you try punching a table."

"Oh."Tang Zichen walked beside the coffee table, which was made of a board more than ten centimeters thick, pure solid wood, the price should not be low, and there were many patterns carved on the sides.

"Bang!"Tang Zichen smashed a fist on the coffee table.

The coffee table was shattered by Tang Zichen's fist.

"Ah."Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou were both shocked, so much strength?

"Why are you you so strong?"

"I, I don't know."

"What kind of monster are you, it's no wonder the big guy is afraid of you."

"I don't know."Tang Zichen shook his head.

At that moment, Ru hehehe laughed, "Sister, we've found a treasure."

"What is it."

"Sis, the little beggar is so powerful, let's take him to school tomorrow, let him be your shield and see if those people still dare to harass you."

"That's not good."

"What's bad about it, little beggar, we're so good to you, will you be my sister's shield?"

Don asked, "What does it mean to be a shield?"

"You're the one who posed as my sister's boyfriend, so that other men wouldn't dare to harass my sister."

Tang Zichen said, "But, I'm not interested in your sister, so how can I be her boyfriend."

r />

Little Ru stared, "Hey, words of."

Zhang Jing was also embarrassed, busy saying, "Little Ru, you know that Little Spirit he's not normal, why are you still talking so much to him."

Little Ru smiled, "Little beggar, since you have no interest in my sister, then you can be my shield."

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, I'd better be your sister's shield."

"Little beggar, you you you."Little Ru was so angry that she wanted to jump up.

The next day, early in the morning, Tang Zichen woke up.

Tang Zichen's subconscious made him get up for his morning exercise.

So, Tang Zichen slowly rehearsed in the garden early in the morning, but the movements he rehearsed were very slow, just like playing Taiji, but it wasn't a big Taiji, Tang Zichen didn't know any moves, it was all subconscious.

"Little beggar, it's so early, alright, breakfast is delivered, after breakfast, come with us to school, you'll be my sister's shield from now on."


After eating breakfast, Tang Zichen got into the car.

Zhang Jing was helpless, she didn't want a shield, it was all because Ruu had to.

She had to take Tang Zichen to school with her.

Tang Zichen sat in the car, he did not know what he was going to do, subconsciously is a kind of, go with the flow of the feeling, go with the natural development, and, Tang Zichen always feel, all this, it is déjà vu, as if once experienced a similar thing.

Tang Zichen's mind, in this state of déjà vu, gradually undergoes some changes.

Soon, it was time to arrive at the school.

It turned out to be a place called 'Yunxi Middle School'.

When at the entrance of the fast school, Ru was busy saying, "Sister, stop the car."

"What for."Zhang Jing stopped the car.

Dao: "Sis, who is the boy you see walking in at the school entrance?"

"Nonsense, Song Zhe, Little Ru, what do you want."

Xiao Ru hehely smiled and said to Tang Zichen, "Little beggar, have you seen the boy who is walking in at the school entrance?"


"His name is Song Chul, he's one of the bullies who harasses my sister regularly, now show us your courage and show my sister if I'm wrong in recommending you to be her shield."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen didn't think too much about it, everything went with the flow, getting out of the car and heading to that Song Zhe guy.

That Song Zhe was one of the school bullies, rampaging around the school, and was even one of Zhang Jing's pursuers.

Tang Zichen walked to the back of Song Zhe, said nothing, and suddenly kicked Song Zhe's buttocks.

"Bang."Song Zhe immediately lunged forward, as if a vicious dog was chewing shit.

"Fuck, who is it."Song Zhe was on fire.

However, before he could climb up, suddenly, Song Chul felt his neck being craned up.

Song Chul couldn't turn back, not knowing who was hanging behind him.

"Grass, who's hanging behind me."Song Chul yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't harass Zhang Jing in the future."

"Grass you fucker, let go of me."

"Looks like you're dead unrepentant."

"Do I change you, if you don't let go of me, I'll cut you down."

"Bang!"Tang Zichen struck Song Zhe in the back of the head, Song Zhe fainted at once, Tang Zichen threw him to the ground and returned to the car.

Zhang Jing was afraid of causing an onlooker and drove to the parking lot in a panic.

"Go take the test, sis, you saw it, the little beggar is so fierce."

"Ru, will Song Zhe be killed ah."


"It's better if you kill him."

"Ru, Little Spirit didn't hit him lightly, and you encouraged him to hit someone, you're in big trouble."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I won't kill anyone, I just taught him a lesson."

"Did you hear that, sis, now you're thankful to me, with such a shield in the future, let's see who still dare to harass you."

Tang Zichen came to a classroom, "Little beggar, you will sit at the end where no one is sitting."


Tang Zichen sat on that empty seat, and in his mind, there was always a strong sense of déjà vu.

Tang Zichen's mind seemed like a blooming flower that was changing little by little.

The teacher came to class and asked Tang Zichen who he was, a newcomer who hadn't yet gone through the admission procedures, and the teacher didn't care much.

While the class was in progress, a student suddenly came in the door, this student had a dragon tattooed on his arm and two followers with him.

That student asked the teacher to stop lecturing, and the teacher was good enough to stop. A second to remember to read the book

The entire class trembled in fear.

At this moment, Tang Zichen, who was sitting at the end of the class, felt his soul clear.

It was as if something was blocked in the heart, but at this moment it suddenly rushed away.

The school bully with the dragon tattoo that Tang Zichen was looking at, for a moment, thought of the moments that he had been in Baiyun Middle School.

Then, all of a sudden, the mind flowed freely, the original feeling of déjà vu was suddenly paired with reality, between the virtual and the real, giving his mind a strong change, the virtual and the real, Tang Zichen seemed to have realized something.

So, at this moment, Tang Zichen's entire subconscious was liberated.

He knew that his name was Tang Zichen, that he was the Emperor of Wangjing City.

Moreover, Tang Zichen stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm in an instant.

That's right, Tang Zichen stepped into the pinnacle, becoming the 29th pinnacle in this world, this was bound to be something that would sensationalize powerful people all over the world.

Unfortunately, right now a person who was a sensation all over the world was in a weak class.

Tang Zichen was inwardly delighted, he had finally completed his spiritual training and stepped onto the summit.

However, at this moment, the tattooed boy, who was standing on the podium, said, "Who just beat up Song Zhe?Who is Jane's boyfriend?Please stand up automatically."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

After completely liberating his subconscious and knowing his identity, Tang Zichen's entire essence was different.

Tang Zichen looked at this school bully and felt like God was looking at the heavens, feeling that he was so small.

"I am."

That school bully slapped the podium table.

"Good, you're Zhang Jing's boyfriend?"

Tang Zichen looked at Zhang Jing, who was now blushing and lowering his head.

Xiao Rou was busy saying, "Yes, yes, he is my sister's boyfriend, Wang Renghua, don't come to harass my sister in the future, unless, you are better than my brother-in-law."


"Yeah, my sister is especially happy with him, so I'll also call him brother-in-law la, being long-winded la, let's do it with my brother-in-law."Ru acted like things weren't big enough, and also looked like she was waiting for a good show.

Sure enough, the school bully was enraged, looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, do you know who I am?"


br /> Tang Zichen hehehehehe, he is one of the 29 pinnacle of the world, but he was actually threatened by a weak high school student, no one would believe in the rumor.But Tang Zichen was in a good mood, willing to play along with this school bully, and also nostalgic for the feeling of back then, who let him step into the pinnacle, he was in a good mood.

"I'm not interested in knowing who you are."

"Kid, it seems Zhang Jing didn't tell you, I'm Wang Renghua, Yunxi High School's number one expert, also the number one school bully, in the Yunxi City High School Student Martial Arts Competition, I took the top three, what the hell are you, snatching women from me, I now order you, immediately, immediately, get lost."

"Hahaha, good feeling ah, yes, that's right, that's how I felt back then, once again to experience the feeling back then, good."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, talking to himself.

"Bang."Wang Renhua slapped the table and bellowed, "Words no more."

Tang Zichen walked towards the podium, the two of them facing each other, eyes looking at eyes, noses rubbing against noses, almost like they were about to touch noses, people thought they were having a furious confrontation, thought they were having a good show.But, suddenly, Tang Zichen punched Wang Renhua in the stomach.

"Ah."Wang Renhua screamed and fell under the podium table with her stomach covered.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, Tang Zichen's laughter was not a triumphant laugh, but a laugh filled with memories.

Now when he remembered the time when he was at White Cloud High School, when he became the number one villain, it was quite interesting, but of course, the main thing was that he was in a good mood, and if he hadn't stepped into the pinnacle, it probably wouldn't have been much fun.

Tang Zichen kicked his foot, kicking Wang Renghua to the door.

"Wow."The whole class was stunned, it was too awesome.

Even Xiao Rou and Zhang Jing were shocked, Tang Zichen had tyrannized the first expert so much without the slightest ability to fight back.

Tang Zichen said to that teacher, "Teacher, you can come in to class now."

"Good."Tang Zichen closed the classroom door and left that Wang Renghua to roll around in pain on the aisle, then the class teacher started the lesson.

After ten minutes of pain, Wang Renghua stopped hurting, but he didn't have the courage to enter the class anymore.

"Fuck, who the hell is he and why is he so strong?It seems necessary for me to invite Li Jinmin from the high school next door, who is the strongest student expert in the city."Wang Renghua walked away.

Tang Zichen sat smiling in his class, watching the teacher lecture, it was quite interesting.

Of course, Wang Renghua was going to invite the city's number one student expert, Tang Zichen was probably not in the mood to play with them.

Tang Zichen had already stepped into the pinnacle, and could end this spiritual experience at any time and return to Wangjing City.

Moreover, it was pointless for Tang Zichen to pretend to compete with these people.

However, Tang Zichen was grateful to Zhang Jing and Xiao Ru, they were kind-hearted, especially Zhang Jing, and Xiao Ru was a bit naughty and playful.

However, Tang Zichen will still finish this lesson.

No, here we are, today's lesson, Tang Zichen should finish it, after that, I'm afraid I will never return to the campus again.

The fact that Wang Renhua was beaten up by Tang Zichen soon spread throughout the school, and no one was shocked.

No one was shocked. Who on earth was able to beat up the number one expert of Yunxi High School.

At this moment, the depressed Wang Renhua, has gone to the next school, to look for a student named Li Jinmin, speaking of this Li Jinmin, he is the city's celebrity, because he is the city's number one student expert, I heard, has reached the outer door realm, his grandfather, even more of the city's top ten experts ranked three, I heard, his grandfather has reached the inner door level, in short, Li Jinmin in everyone's eyes, are very bullish, even Zhang Jing's parents can not afford to provoke.


Tang Zichen finished two classes in his class, and after the class ended, everyone gathered around.

"You're amazing."

"Are you really Zhang Jing's boyfriend?You're too happy, but Zhang Jing is one of the two major flowers of our school."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Really?Two varsity girls, what about the other one?"

"The other one you know too la."At that moment, Ruu came over and said somewhat embarrassed.

"The one I know too?I don't think I know any."

Dao: "Think again, besides my sister, which other beauty do you know."

Tang Zichen scratched his head in confusion and shook his head, "I really can't think of any."

"Little beggar, I hate you."Little Ru's teeth itched with anger, such a beautiful woman was placed in front of him, could he really not see it?It's all cued up to this point.

At that moment, a person next to him said, "The other school flower, that's Ru La."

"Oh shit, no." The first website

Ru grinned proudly, "Shocked aren't you."

"Yeah, shocked that even you are a school flower."

"Ahhh, sis, he's bullying me."Xiao Rou roared.

Zhang Jing came over with a blush and said, "Little Spirit, stop bullying Little Ru."

Zhang Jing's eyes were now looking at Tang Zichen a bit differently, if she was just thinking of Tang Zichen as a shield before, then she couldn't not associate Tang Zichen with a man and woman now.

Xiao Rou was depressed, "Sister, it's fine that he can't see that I'm a school flower, but he's actually shocked that I can be considered a school flower, sis, look at him, this is too disrespectful, I'll never ignore him again, I really regret recommending him to be your block, block, block friend."Xiao Rou was so shocked that she almost said the shield, if the class knew that Tang Zichen was the shield, her sister would definitely be embarrassed.

A student asked, "Ru, what does blocking a friend mean?"

"It means boyfriend, my hometown boyfriend is called a block friend."

"Oh, so you're the one who introduced Zhang Jing to such a great boyfriend, then why don't you keep it for yourself as a boyfriend?"

Xiao Rou suddenly had a smart idea and found a chance for revenge, hehe laughing, "Originally he did want to be my boyfriend, but unfortunately I really can't see it, I was really tired of being pestered by him, so I had to introduce my sister to him, I didn't think my sister really had such a bad eye for him."

"So that's how it is."

Tang Zichen was speechless, but this Ru was quite amusing.

After being away from the high school campus for so long, Tang Zichen really wanted to have a good experience of high school life again.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain, having stalked her before by default.

Just then, a student from outside walked in and busily said, "Zhang Jing, it's bad, a buddy of mine told me that Wang Renghua went to the high school next door, it seems like she's looking for Li Jinmin."

"Ah, looking for Li Jinmin for what also?".

That student said, "My buddy said that Wang Renhua was very upset by Zhang Jing's boyfriend's beating, looking for Li Jinmin to take revenge on his behalf indirectly."

The class suddenly exploded.

Tang Zichen was a little confused, so much so that it blew up?

However, Tang Zichen seems to have forgotten his strength and identity, others don't know his identity, of course it will blow up.

/> Tang Zichen asked, "What's going on, and who is Li Jinmin."

A student said, "Li Jinmin you don't even know ah, he's from the high school next door, known as the king of students, the strongest student expert, once in the Yunxi City high school students martial arts competition, won first place, and, I heard that he has stepped into the legendary, what the what, the outer door, right, the outer door.Tsk, outer door, bro, this is someone who's trained his martial arts skills out of the realm."

"The outer door." Tang Zichen frowned, of course, Tang Zichen frowned because the outer door was so low.

However, when others saw it, they thought that Tang Zichen didn't understand what an outer door was yet, after all, in this small city at the bottom, how many people understood what an outer door was.

"Right, I heard that when you practice martial arts to the extreme, you can practice the realm, tsk tsk, it's too scary."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen saw that boy tsking that it was terrifying, that expression felt good to laugh.The outer door, for Tang Zichen, who was at the pinnacle, was really too embarrassed to even say it.

Zhang Jing was busy saying, "Little Spirit, why don't you just go home and don't be a block friend to me."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "Don't worry, let that what student king come despite."

At this time, the teacher came to class, and everyone made their way back to their seats.

At this time, at the high school next door.

Wang Renghua was standing at a stairway, shortly after, a cool boy came over and asked, "Wang Renghua, why are you looking for me?"

Wang Renhua was smoking a cigarette and spat out a smoke ring and said, "Li Jinmin, I want to ask you to come to my school."

"What for?"

"A son of a bitch suddenly appeared out of nowhere in my school, his martial arts skills are so high that even I'm no match, I'd like to invite you to go there and play a couple of games with him."

Li Jinmin snorted: "Not interested."

"Hey, Li Jinmin, you're the king of students, and you're not even interested in appearing one who's not even a match for me."

"Sick, are you strong?There are plenty of people you're not an opponent against, do I have to fight every one of them?"

"I'll go, Kimin Lee, aren't you afraid that guy at my school is better than you?"

"Hmph, do you think I'm the strongest student expert is picked up, if anyone doesn't accept this title of mine, naturally they would have come to me long ago."

"You, Li Jinmin, kind of give me face, okay, I have no face to go back now, you come with me to my school and then help me beat up that guy, count me as begging you, otherwise I really have no face to go back."

"It's none of my business if you have no face to go back, do I know you well?Do you think that just because you're the number one expert in Yunxi High School, you think you can be my equal, I pooh, I don't even consider you as my opponent, and my martial arts skills are not at all something you can imagine, to be equal to me, Li Jinmin, unless he's my opponent, you, are my opponent?"

"You you you you."

"Hmph."Li Jinmin turned around and walked away, incomparably proud, geniuses, are usually proud.

Wang Renhua's subordinate said, "Brother Hua, Li Jinmin is so proud, I thought, you all are the number one expert in your respective schools, he would at least give you some face, but I didn't expect that he wouldn't give you any face at all.What now?Our school must have already spread the word that you were punched by Zhang Jing's boyfriend for a second."

"Fuck, Li Jinmin, you look down on me aren't you, don't make a move aren't you, well, my Wang Renghua brain is better than yours, I have plenty of ways to make you make a move."

"Brother Hua, how are you going to get Li Jinmin to make a move?"


"Hmph, doesn't Li Jinmin have a school flower girlfriend."

"Yeah, the only school flower of their high school, is Li Jinmin's girlfriend, I heard, she loves Li Jinmin, after all, Li Jinmin is such a genius, it's a woman that all women like."

Wang Renhua huffed, "Write me a love letter to Li Jinmin's girlfriend right away, signed by, dammit, don't even know what that son of a bitch's name is yet."

"Brother Hua, this doesn't matter, think the love letter says he beat you with one punch, she'll know who it is."

"Okay, start writing the love."

Tang Zichen sat in the classroom.

"Now that I've stepped into the pinnacle, should I leave."

"But if you count the six months of forgetting myself, my spiritual adventure has only just begun, and it's over?"

"It's just a matter of time, who let me break through to the top so quickly."

"Then let's go after today."

School's out at noon. Remember the URL

"Spirit, let's go to dinner."


Tang Zichen followed the two school girls to dinner.

At this moment, at the high school next door, a beautiful woman walked up to Li Jinmin.

The beauty said, "Jinmin, I received a love letter, it's saying that a person from the high school next door sent it without signing it, I don't know who it is."

"Fuck, who doesn't want to hang around and dares to pick up my woman."

"Jinmin, don't be mad at me, you know me, you're so good, I'll always love you the most, no one can take your place in my heart."

"Where's the letter?"

"I've been burned."

"Fuck, don't let me know who it is."

That letter was written by Wang Renghua, but he didn't know Tang Zichen's name, so he didn't sign it, but he revealed in the letter that he had punched Wang Renghua so that the other party could guess who it was.

"He didn't sign his name, but he said in his letter that he punched Wang Renghua, so he wanted me to be his lover."

Li Jinmin's body trembled, and he was busy saying, "Say that again, who did he blow up with one punch?"

"Wang Renghua."

Li Jinmin suddenly remembered the morning Wang Renghua came to find him to teach someone a lesson.

"Okay, I know who wrote that letter."

"Who was it?"

"In the morning Wang Renghua came to see me, saying that he was beaten up by a man who came out of nowhere, he was ashamed to go back and wanted me to teach that man a lesson."

"Ah, you mean the love letter that the man who beat up Wang Renghua wrote to me?"

"Or else, although he didn't sign his name, it's pretty clear who it is."

"Well, what are you going to do now?"

Li Jinmin gritted his teeth: "Nonsense, of course, go handle him, motherfucker grandson, dare to pick up my girl."

"Jinmin, let's eat first."

"Don't eat, I'm going to go and cut him alive now."

"Jinmin, don't be impulsive, maybe there's a misunderstanding here, like he's being framed, like he has some unspeakable secret, ouch, I really can't make this up, Jinmin, let's go together."


Tang Zichen, Zhang Jing, and Xiao Rou were eating in the cafeteria.

Just then, the school radio went off.

"Excuse me for interrupting, all of you from Cloud Creek High School.

, my next door high school's Li Jinmin."

Hearing the broadcast, the entire Yunxi High School's youngsters were stunned.

"Wow, my idol."

"My Jinmin Opa, coming to our school."

At this moment in the cafeteria, many students got excited and shouted, "Jin Min Smilda, I love you."

Next, Li Jinmin on the radio solemnly said, "Dear students, I am now solemnly saying one thing, this morning, there is a person in your school who wrote a love letter to my girlfriend, I don't know what his name is, I am now ordering him to come out immediately, I will wait for him in front of building number one, otherwise, don't blame me, Li Jinmin, for smashing your school gate.That person who dared to pick up my girlfriend, he defeated Wang Renhua with a single punch this morning, I hope that students who are in the know will help me inform this person."

When Tang Zichen heard this, he couldn't help but laugh, what a big fire.

Little Ru was busy saying, "Little beggar, when did you write a love letter to Li Jinmin's girlfriend, hmmm, you are too much, you also look at a woman like Ai Shi Shi."

Zhang Jing also looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't look at me like that, in this city, I only know you two."

"Little Spirit, you really didn't write a love letter to Master Ai?"

"Who is Master Ei?"

"It's Li Jinmin's girlfriend, the only one in the high school next door, but I don't like Ai Shishi very much."

: "Ai shi shi is a vixen, you must not be confused by her."

"Come on, I don't even like the pretty ones like you, what else would I like about Ai Shishi."

Xiao Rou gave a depressed stare, what do you mean, demeaning and praising at the same time.

"Xiaoling, then why is Li Jinmin so angry to get even with you?"Zhang Jing asked.

Tang Zichen laughed, so obviously not even aware of it.

"What are you laughing at."

"Zhang Jing, I believe that Little Ru has already agreed to this question."

Xiao Ru hehe laughed, "Sister, isn't it obvious, definitely Wang Renhua was beaten by the little beggar, felt very ashamed, went to find Li Jinmin, but we all know that Li Jinmin is a proud person, there will give Wang Renhua face, so Wang Renhua this despicable villain, wrote a letter to Li Jinmin's girlfriend, but didn't know the name, wrote a simulation of two can la."

"Ah, so that's how it is, huh, I didn't think about that."Zhang Jing looked at Tang Zichen, as if she was afraid that Tang Zichen would discard her as stupid.

Tang Zichen said, "Usually people don't think about it, Ru is a cunning person, she's the one who thought about it, while you are a quiet girl, your mind is not that developed."

"Hmph, you're the cunning one, you're the cunning fox."Ru glared at Tang Zichen.

Zhang Jing said, "Then what now?A lot of eyes in the cafeteria are looking at you now."

Tang Zichen looked at the cafeteria, and sure enough, many people were looking at him, after all, many people knew that he was the one who had punched Wang Renghua.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "The meal has to be finished."

Just then, the radio sounded Li Jinmin's voice again, "That who, are you a fucking turtle, why haven't I seen you appear, do you fucking think I can't find you if you don't come out?Get out of here, if I don't slash you to death today, I'll take your surname."

Tang Zichen sighed, why is there always someone so arrogant in the world, didn't he ever think about what if he couldn't fight?

Soon, Tang Zichen finished his meal.

Zhang Jing asked, "Are you really sure about this?"

"Alright."Tang Zichen really didn't bother to tell her the truth, what it meant to be confident, an outer class, it would make people laugh.


Tang Zichen arrived at the front of Building One, where there was already a circle of people, many many students had already been waiting to see what was going on, but neither of the two parties had appeared.

At this time, Tang Zichen appeared first, Tang Zichen walked into the most prominent position in the circle of onlookers.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Where are the people?Little Spirit I'm here."

Many people only realized that this guy was called Little Spirit, a disgusting enough name.

At this moment, upstairs on the first floor, in the window of the broadcast room, Li Jinmin saw Tang Zichen.

Li Jinmin immediately walked out of the broadcast room and stood in the corridor on the fifth floor.

When everyone saw Li Jinmin appear, there was a stir.

"Son of a bitch."Li Jinmin shouted.

Tang Zichen looked up at Li Jinmin and chuckled, who was it that said he stepped into the outer door level?Come forward, Little Spirit promised not to hit him.Li Jinmin hadn't practiced the realm at all.

Li Jinmin jumped down from the fifth floor corridor, Tang Zichen thought he would be able to land, but he was almost to the first floor when he panicked and grabbed the first floor railing.

Li Jinmin was a little embarrassed, he wanted to pretend to be a little bit higher than, but he was too high and didn't have the confidence to land on the ground, so he had to grab the first floor railing to cushion it for safety reasons. A second to remember to read the book

After buffering a bit, Li Jinmin jumped to the ground.

Li Jinmin walked up to Tang Zichen and bellowed, "I'm asking you, did you write the love letter to my girlfriend?"

Tang Zichen took a look at the woman standing upstairs, the long really voluptuous and sexy, this hot body surpassed Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou, and, in terms of face, it was no less than Zhang Jing and the truth, Tang Zichen saw her foxy breath, all a little desire, the urge to have a big sex.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, I wrote that."

"Grass you?."Li Jinmin smashed his fist down on Tang Zichen's laughing face.

Tang Zichen grabbed Li Jinmin's fist and then punched Li Jinmin in the stomach.

"Ah."Li Jinmin immediately covered his stomach and rolled around on the ground, twitching and in pain.

The onlookers were dumbfounded that a punch had hit someone like this.

Tang Zichen really didn't have the heart to put on such a low-level comparison, feeling a little weary.

On the contrary, it seemed that he was more interested in Li Jinmin's girlfriend, as if, Li Jinmin's girlfriend had ignited Tang Zichen's manly desires.

Tang Zichen really wanted to be open-minded.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to think too much, leaping and flying to the fifth floor in the blink of an eye.

"Wow damn."

"Is your eyes blurry?Don Zichen flew up there."

"Oh my god, so powerful."

Tang Zichen exposed his martial arts skills.

Tang Zichen stood on the fifth floor corridor, looking at Li Jinmin's girlfriend, it really was a vixen's scent, this foxy scent was very easy to arouse men's interest.

Tang Zichen said, "Your name is Ai Shi Shi?"

"Yes, hello, little spirit."Master Ai winked at Tang Zichen in a flirtatious manner.

Tang Zichen said, "Master Ai, I'm a bit interested in you."

"Ah, yes."Ai Shishi blushed.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "You may have misunderstood, I'm not interested in your body, I'm interested in you as a person, you're a good seedling who cultivates mesmerism, you shouldn't be buried here."

"Ecstasy?"Master Ai didn't quite understand the look.

"Let's say you come to me tonight and I'll drop by to verify that if your talent is excellent

I may as well introduce you to a master."

"Thanks, how I'll find you to-night."

"It's up to you."

Tang Zichen looked at the many students downstairs, Zhang Jing and Xiao Rou both had complicated faces.

Tang Zichen had already revealed his strength, there was no point in this campus anymore, and since he had subconsciously remembered himself, this spiritual adventure was barely enough.

"It's just a matter of time, even though my current peak realm is unstable, there's nothing I can do about it, this place is already difficult to satisfy the needs of my spiritual adventure."Tang Zichen thought to himself, leaping into the air and flying off into the distance at a rapid pace.

All the students watched with incredulous eyes as Tang Zichen disappeared, Tang Zichen's strength, he was simply a legendary martial arts expert.

Everyone was discussing.

Dao: "Sister, the little beggar turned out not to be a little beggar, but a martial arts expert, and a very high handed one at that.Sister, now that the little beggar is gone, what should we do."

"What to do."Zhang Jing said in a moment of loss.

The Little Beggar was such a powerful figure, what originally made Zhang Jing quite impressed and somewhat looking forward to it was no longer possible, because in front of such a great expert, she was tiny and only worshipped, so at this moment, Zhang Jing's heart was suddenly like death and incomparably lost.

"Sister, the little beggar is too damned, why would such a powerful person pretend to be a little beggar, causing you to fall in love with him, and he exposed his strength and left."

Zhang Jing stared, "Words of, who who who has fallen in love with him."

"Sister, don't lie to me, since you were little, what can you lie to Little Ru Ru Ru about."

"Still little Ru Ru at this age, so disgusting.It seems that you've also gotten emotional, every time you call yourself little Ru Ru Ru, it shows that you have grievances in your heart, it's obvious that you've also gotten emotional about him."

"Which is it.", but the expression on his face clearly said that there was.

"Alas, Little Ru Ru, don't think nonsense, we don't deserve each other at all, he is a martial arts expert, pretend that you have never met him."

"But, Ru Ru is feeling very lost."

"Alright."Zhang Jing hugged.

Tang Zichen went to a bar, ordered a few bottles of spirits, and drank all afternoon by himself.

In the evening, Tang Zichen returned to Zhang Jing's villa.

Around six o'clock, Zhang Jing and Ru came back disoriented, both of them seemingly without a look.

"Back here."Suddenly, a voice reached their ears.

"Ah, Xiaoling, you, you didn't leave."Zhang Jing was overjoyed to see Tang Zichen at home.

"Little beggar, oooh."Ru jumped straight into Tang Zichen's embrace.

"Hehehe."Tang Zichen laughed.

Tang Zichen saw that Zhang Jing also seemed to want to jump into his embrace and smiled, "Come here, hug together, don't hold back your restraint."

Finally, Zhang Jing also couldn't hold back anymore and jumped into Tang Zichen's embrace, hugging Tang Zichen's waist together with Ru.

"Great, little beggar, you didn't leave.".

Zhang Jing said, "Little Ru, why are you still calling him a little beggar."

"I don't care, he's my little beggar."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's okay, the name Little Beggar is quite good."

Zhang Jing said, "I thought you had left."

"Well, I see, seeing as you all came home listless, by the way, I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused to your otherwise happy lives."


"No no."Zhang Jing was busy sophistry.

"Don't argue, if there isn't, why do you think I'm gone, you're both so lost, and if it wasn't for my arrival, you'd still be the same happy you were originally.Unfortunately, alas, in short, very sorry."The Don said he was sorry even, the Don had ruined their otherwise quiet lives, but in the end, he had to walk away.

"Well then, don't leave.".

"Hahaha, you child."Tang Zichen laughed, it was naive words, Tang Zichen was just here for a spiritual adventure.

"Alright, I've let you guys hug almost enough, let go."

Zhang Jing blushed and let go, but Ru still held on for dear life and said, "I won't let go, unless you don't leave."

"Why would I stay if I don't go, to accompany you to school ah."Tang Zichen said speechlessly, now that his subconscious had remembered his ego, this school wouldn't make sense, Tang Zichen had to go back to his own life, everyone had their own life, and Tang Zichen's life with them wasn't even in the same world.

"Right, you're so young anyway, what does it matter if you accompany us to school, it's really no good, I'll let my sister be your girlfriend, and then if you can't, you can compensate me as an accompanying maid together."

Zhang Jing blushed and said, "Little Ru, you have to be shameless."

Little Ru pursed her lips and looked adorable.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's okay, I quite like Little Ru's shameless look." The first website

"I'm sorry to make you laugh."Zhang Jing said, Zhang Jing knew her part and didn't deserve someone, so she wouldn't talk nonsense.

"Little beggar, my sister and I both like you very much."

Zhang Jing was busy saying, "Little Ru, you really have no fun anymore aren't you."

"It was originally well, if I don't say it now, I won't have the chance to say it later when he leaves, I don't care, love has to be said."

Tang Zichen wasn't surprised and smiled slightly.

Zhang Jing was really speechless to Xiao Rou, all were, so looking at Tang Zichen were a little embarrassed.

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you for your kindness."

"Little Spirit, when will you be leaving then?"


"When is anytime?"

"Anytime is any time, there is no limit, see what I want."

Little Ru was busy: "Little beggar, then can you not go so fast ah, accompany us for a few months, at least let my sister leave a boy and a girl for you ah."

"Ahhhh, words will die ah."

Ru threw out her tongue at Zhang Jing.

Zhang Jing blushed and said, "Little Spirit, don't listen to her nonsense ah."

"Haha, it's fine, Little Ru, I promise you, stay for a few more days."

"It's only a few days, can you leave some bloodline in time?Actually, I'd like to leave some of your blood behind too la, how about staying for a few more days."

Although Zhang Jing was speechless and walked away, however, she was also thinking, if Tang Zichen was really willing to leave something with them?Impulsively, Zhang Jing was also a bit irrational, and if Tang Zichen really wanted to keep something, she probably wouldn't resist.

Tang Zichen scraped the bottom, "You're not afraid that you won't be able to marry out later, you'll be second-hand after you let me sleep."

Xiao Rou pursed her lips, "Second-hand is second-hand, marrying a second-hand man won't make it even."

Zhang Jing might not have heard the meaning of Xiao Rou's words, leaving a man and a woman behind was a lie, what Xiao Rou actually meant was that she was willing to

Paying for a body isn't really keeping a boy or a girl.

"Hahaha, how old are you this year, you boy?"

: "16."

"What about you?"

Zhang Jing lowered her head and said, "17."

They were all still so young, Tang Zichen thought for a moment of sin, Tang Zichen was 24.

"Little beggar, how old are you?"

"I, ah, am a handful of years old."

"No way, you don't look much older than us."

"Oh, eyes can be deceiving, I'm a martial arts practitioner, so my actual age certainly can't be measured by my eyes."

Zhang Jing asked, "Little Spirit, are you really good at martial arts?"


"How high?"Ru busy then asked.

"That's a good question, in this world, there are only 28 at most that can beat me, that's the most guaranteed statement, in fact, there's definitely no 28, hold on there's only 15 right."Tang Zichen said.

"Wow, so strong, well, I can't imagine what level you belong to anymore."

Zhang Jing asked, "How many moves can Li Jinmin's grandfather go through in your hands?"

"What?Li Jinmin's grandfather?"

"Well, I heard that he is practicing out of the realm to some inner gate level, everyone in the city knows that he is very powerful."

Tang Zichen sneered a laugh, inner gate level, how embarrassing for Tang Zichen, who was at the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, it was probably quite apt to describe it as ants.But Tang Zichen didn't laugh at them for being childish, after all, we weren't on the same level.

"You two come over here, I'll check if you have the roots to practice martial arts."


The two of them came over in a panic.

Tang Zichen was the first to give Ru verification.

Tang Zichen's bone validation was a very rough way, from the head down, every bone and joint was validated, when the validation reached the root of the thigh, Ru was shocked, the little beggar was so rogue, touching someone there, but Ru didn't resist at all, and said softly, "Little beggar, my sister is watching beside her, let's go to the room."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "You're thinking too much, I'm not a dumping rascal."

"People are all numbed up by you lah."

"Alright, you've finished verifying, Zhang Jing, it's your turn."

Soon, Zhang Jing also finished verifying with a blush.

"How about it, can you practice martial arts."

Tang Zichen said, "What to say, you can practice even if you want to, if you have a famous teacher to guide you, you still have some future, reaching the Houtian realm in the future is also very possible, as for whether you can step into the innate sky, it depends on your creation, I can't guarantee it."

"How powerful is Hare Krishna?"

"Let me popularize the realms of martial arts for you, from low to high, under the outer gate, outer gate, inner gate, Houtian, innate, unity realm.None of the realms have a division into junior high and high perfection, that's about it, let's not talk about the deeper levels."


Tang Zichen thought to himself, since he was fated with these two children, he might as well give them a hand and introduce them to a famous teacher, so it wouldn't be a waste of the fate of meeting them.It was a very simple matter for Tang Zichen to casually introduce a master of the innate level, although innate was an incomparably powerful existence at the bottom, high up in the sky, and didn't care to accept disciples of this level at all, but who was Tang Zichen, not to mention, saying it again would be suspicious of pretending to be one.


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