The King of Kungfu in school 1011-1020


Chapter 1011

Tang Zichen felt a strong battle intent from the Island Lord, and there seemed to be no chance of victory within Tang Zichen in the slightest.

Tang Zichen was surprised, Tang Zichen had thought that he should be very relaxed against the Island Lord at the moment, but in fact, there was no chance of victory.

But it wasn't surprising, Tang Zichen hadn't stepped into the pinnacle of the Unity Realm after all, and the Island Lord was the third in the world.

Right at this moment, the Island Lord laid down his arms, his battle intent all but gone.

"Uh, Island Lord, what are you?No more fighting?"

"There's no need to fight, your strength is far beyond Wang Qi."

"Oh, the Island Lord is very strong, and I don't have any confidence in winning against you."Tang Zichen said.

The Island Lord smiled, "Tang Zichen, do you know what I feel?My feeling is that one hand can beat you."

"Uh, Island Master, aren't you overconfident."

"Tang Zichen, you should know what must-kill intent is, without enough strength, you won't be able to have such a strong intent.My killing intent, if I describe it as a drop of water, it's about fifty drops of water, while you, if I don't feel it wrong, it should be about ten drops."

Tang Zichen was shocked, the island master's idea had the extent of fifty drops of water, while Tang Zichen, only ten drops, and Wang Qi, one and a half drops. One second to remember to read the book

"Well, it's true that I can't win against you yet, just the weakness in my realm is enough to be crushed."Tang Zichen smiled, from the Island Master's point of view, there was indeed no need to fight, as he was completely crushed.If Tang Zichen insisted on fighting the Island Lord, it would be a bit like when Wang Qi challenged the Island Lord, without any self-awareness.

"Tang Zichen, you are truly an unparalleled genius, only 24 years old and reaching the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, not to mention, you have even comprehended the Sure Kill Intent that only peak powerhouses can comprehend to such a depth.If we look at the degree of the must-kill intent, you could be ranked in the top ten in the world."

"Uh, top ten in the world ah."

"Of course, I'm referring to the degree of comprehension from the must-kill intent, but if you're really fighting because you're one level below the realm, that may not be the case."

"That's already good, haha, sooner or later I'll step into the peak of the Unity Realm, give me five years, I will."Tang Zichen said with confidence.

The Island Lord tsked, "Amazing, even after five years, you'll only be twenty-nine, you reached the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection before the age of thirty, you've already written the legend of this world, the future will surely go down in history, even though the martial arts practitioners a thousand years from now, I'm afraid they'll know of you as a legendary figure."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen just laughed, a thousand years later, he didn't have such a strong brain to imagine that scenario.

In the distance, the village head of the World Village, the village head of the Novice Village, the old president of the Martial Academy, and Wang Xing Liu Yue all came over in a moment of regret.

"I thought there would be an exciting duel, but I didn't expect that after putting up a fight, there would be no more."Wang Xing said depressedly.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not even a match for the Island Lord yet, there's no need for a duel, besides, the Island Lord isn't interested."

"Alright, the Island Lord is really strong."

The Island Lord smiled, "I'm already so old, when Tang Zichen reaches my age, let's imagine what he's like.Far from it, when Tang Zichen steps into the pinnacle, I'm afraid I won't be an opponent at all, Tang Zichen will stand at the pinnacle of this world sooner or later."

"Haha, Island Master, we'll talk about it later, for now let's have a drink."


sp; "Good, it's rare to meet someone who knows how to drink."

After that, Tang Zichen and the Island Lord drank heavily every day, while everyone else, whether it was the Island Lord's disciples or Tang Zichen's buddies, had to practice martial arts every day, they envied Tang Zichen and the Island Lord, who could drink every day and not practice martial arts.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen and the Island Master were so free, but at their level, they relied on moment-to-moment comprehension, and practicing every day was no longer meaningful.

Xiaomeng had also improved rapidly, and had now reached the peak of the middle stage of the Unity Realm, hopefully reaching the late stage of the Unity Realm before the New Year.With Xiaomeng's age of twenty years old, it was considered to be an ox to the heavens.

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty days passed, and only three days remained until the day of the duel with Wang Qi.

On the day of the remaining three days, Tang Zichen and the Martial Forest Island Master, respectively, brought their little friends and the Island Master's disciples and left the Martial Forest Island together by plane.

Interestingly enough, this was the first time the Island Lord had taken a plane, and he hadn't left the Martial Island in decades.

On his first plane ride, the Island Lord was even afraid that the plane would fall, causing everyone to laugh.

The group of people happily arrived at one of the cities surrounding the Yan Huang Empire Wangjing City and stayed in a hotel.

In the Yanhuang Empire Wangjing City, because Tang Zichen was going to duel with Wang Qi, many outsiders were also gradually coming, and almost all of them were experts above the Unity Realm.

Soon, the eighth day of the eighth month arrived.

Early in the morning, Tang Zichen left the hotel alone and went to Wangjing City, while the others, along with the island master, went by car.The reason why Tang Zichen did not go to Wangjing City with the others was probably because he had to adjust his mood.He went to Wangjing City as he had done before, hip-hopping, which was not quite suitable for the duel mentality on the one hand, and too conspicuous on the other.

Tang Zichen arrived at Wangjing City, Wangjing City has long been crowded with people, Tang Zichen never expected that so many people would come, and thought that the time has been advanced by two years, so many people must not get the news, but in fact, those who can get the news have gotten the news.

At this moment, Wang Qi was having breakfast in the palace.

"Big brother, Wangjing City is already crowded with people."One of Wang Qi's brothers said.

"Hmph, that's just right, let's see how I'm going to split that bitch Tang Zichen in half."Wang Qi said with a relaxed look on his face as he ate his meal.

However, his three brothers were very anxious.

"Big brother, it's going to be a duel today and you're still eating so leisurely, big brother, cheer up."

Wang Qi yelled impatiently, "How do I cheer up?Do I have to act like I'm nervous?"

The three men were too yelled at to speak, in fact, they didn't even know that Wang Qi was so relaxed and laid-back on the surface, but in fact, he was nervous inside, so he used food to hide his inner tension.

"Get out and leave me alone."Wang Qi bellowed.

The three men were busy walking out.

Wang Qi slammed the bowl of porridge on the table onto the floor.

He said, "Why?Why am I nervous?No, it's just Tang Zichen, I can't be nervous, why ah."Wang Qi kept asking himself rhetorically.

"Could it be that I'm really going to lose?"

"No, I won't lose, I, Wang Qi, have never lost in my entire life, except for the battle with the Martial Island Master."Wang Qi kept telling himself.


Tang Zichen, however, was now at the Royal Mausoleum.

"Open the door, it's me."

Not long after, the royal cemetery's tombstone opened.

"Haha, Brother Tang, please come in."The person who opened the tombstone was the former Emperor Yan Long, who had been indebted to Tang Zichen for taking care of him the last time he came to Wangjing City, and although his throne had been snatched away, he still had many secret forces and was living quite well.

Tang Zichen entered the underground chamber, and Yan Long looked like he was respectful.

"Brother Tang, you must be confident that you can defeat Wang Qi."Yan Long asked.

"Of course, how can you be two years ahead if you don't have confidence, how about you, have you been staying in this underground mausoleum for so long?I thought you said you were going to keep fighting a bit and see if you could get to the next level?"

"Alas, I also wanted to, but unfortunately, I found out that I can't, I'm over a hundred years old, I'd better enjoy my old age.Brother Tang, I really envy you, you're so strong at such a young age."

"Alright, I didn't come to you to hear you say such things, if it's not unexpected, Wang Qi will die today."

"Ah, then, then, will you be the emperor then?"Irons was busy asking.

"I hadn't thought about it." First URL

"I think you should become an emperor, in this world, every top level martial artist, their ultimate goal is to become an emperor, life is only complete."

"Yeah."Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of the president of Star Ocean Academy, I wonder how he is doing nowadays, has he found that treasure yet, has he become the king of some small country.

Tang Zichen looked at the time, it was already past nine in the morning.

"Forget it, let's not wait, let's send Wang Qi on his way early."Tang Zichen said and walked out of the underground royal mausoleum, then headed straight to the sky.

Finally, Tang Zichen stood in the sky.

There was a stir on the ground.

Some people shouted, "Tang Zichen has appeared, Tang Zichen has appeared."

Tang Zichen's appearance caused quite a bit of commotion throughout Wangjing City.

In the palace, Wang Qi stood at the entrance of the palace, his eyes looking towards the sky in the distance, Tang Zichen standing in the sky.

Tang Zichen's gaze swept over Wang Qi who stood at the palace entrance, and the two of them watched in silence for a few minutes.

Wang Qi felt a pressure as he looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, looked at Wang Qi, but with a look of contempt.

Yes, Tang Zichen clearly felt that he could kill Wang Qi for sure.

Gradually, the roaring sounds on the ground diminished, and everyone silently injected Tang Zichen in the sky.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Wang Qi, come out, it's time to make an end between us."

Wang Qi gritted his teeth and jumped on both feet, also leaping into the sky, he had several thick kitchen knives stuck in his waist.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, had a sword in his hand.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally come, I thought you would hide in Martial Island for the rest of your life."Wang Qi said.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Wang Qi, don't say these brainless words to cover up your nervousness at the moment, it's useless."

Wang Qi was angered when Tang Zichen pointed straight to his heart and said, "Who's nervous?I see you're nervous only, today is the day you die."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen didn't make a defense, just laughed, his laughter filled with disdain and coldness.

From his waist, Wang Qi

Pulling out a kitchen knife, he said, "Tang Zichen, you killed more than a dozen of my brothers, today, I'll take your head to pay tribute to my brothers."

Tang Zichen didn't move a single snort, "I should have taken your head to sacrifice my brother first, you killed my brother without a reason in the first place, your death is not worth it."

"Look at the knife."Wang Qi made a preemptive strike and sent the kitchen knife in his hand towards Tang Zichen in one go.

He used the Heaven Breaking Knife, coupled with the must-kill intent, it could be said that it was invincible.In the past, Wang Qi also believed that he was the only one in the entire world who could comprehend the Sure Kill Intent, and that he was incomparably proud of himself during that time, and all the time, he thought of himself as the main character of the world.It was only after he lost to the Island Master that he realized that he had been self-righteous about everything.After that, he calmed his heart and no longer thought of himself as the protagonist of this world, and then, sure enough, his martial arts progressed once again, and his killing intent was even stronger.If it was 1.5 drops before, it was now 3 drops.

Unfortunately, the opponent's progress was far faster than his.

It was too late, too soon, Wang Qi's pre-emptive slash was like an opening slash towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen swung his sword and struck up.

Tang Zichen had full confidence in his ability to strike down Wang Qi's sword.

"After the sound of iron and gold, Wang Qi's sword was pierced by Tang Zichen, and the momentum it carried dissipated.

With a grunt, Tang Zichen flung Wang Qi's knife and fell to the ground.

Wang Qi saw that not only did his kitchen knife fail to chop Tang Zichen to death, it didn't even do any damage.

At this point, Wang Qi was already a little scared inside, Tang Zichen really did have the strength to advance the duel.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Wang Qi, after all this time, are you still this capable?What else do you know besides how to throw a kitchen knife?Hurry up and make it, don't forget, today you and I are fighting to the death."

"Ahhhh."Wang Qi shouted and rushed up to Tang Zichen, fighting him with his sword skills.

"Dang, dang, dang," in the sky, the two fiercely fought together.

Tang Zichen was performing an advanced version of the sword technique based on the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, which was the sword technique after turning complexity into simplicity, every move, every stance was performed in the simplest way and then struck out with the strongest power, so Wang Qi couldn't get any advantage over Tang Zichen at all, plus Tang Zichen was also at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

Tang Zichen easily fought him for ten minutes when Wang Qi, who was barely able to keep up with Tang Zichen's pace, suddenly couldn't keep up.

"Shoo."After being unable to catch Tang Zichen's killing move, Wang Qi was instantly penetrated through his chest by Tang Zichen.

Wang Qi flew backwards in panic, the blood from his chest staining his clothes for a moment, his face pale.

Tang Zichen looked at Wang Qi and snorted, "Wang Qi, your time to die has come, I'll see what else you're capable of."

Wang Qi hissed and suddenly flew towards Tang Zichen in a sneak attack stance, while at the same time, his entire body fled to the distant sky in a hurry.Wang Qi knew that he couldn't win against Tang Zichen anymore and could only flee with all his might.

Tang Zichen's figure flashed and grabbed Wang Qi's flying kitchen knife in his hand.

At this moment, Wang Qi had already fled a few hundred meters away.

How could Tang Zichen let him escape and chased after him, Tang Zichen's speed was even faster, and in no time, the distance between Tang Zichen and him closed to a hundred meters.

At that moment, Tang Zichen took aim and the chopper in his hand flew towards Wang Qi at once.

"Wow."In an instant, the chopper split Wang Qi, who was only concerned with escaping, in half from head to toe.


Two pieces of Wang Qi's corpse fell from the sky, and what killed him was his own cleaver.

"Wow."The people on the ground screamed, watching Wang Qi's corpse fall to a very miserable death on one of the streets on the ground.

"Phew."Tang Zichen let out a deep breath, finally, the feud was over.

"Big brother."On the ground, those three brothers of Wang Qi ran towards Wang Qi's corpse in a panic, calling out for big brother.

Tang Zichen rushed down and looked at those three remaining brothers of Wang Qi, Tang Zichen was going to split them in half with just a few leaves.

"Big brother, oooooh."Wang Qi's three brothers cried out, when they looked up and saw Tang Zichen standing not far away.

Tang Zichen said, "The main culprit Wang Qi is dead, your king's mercenary group is completely extinct, but God has a good life, today you kowtow three times to my dead brothers and admit your mistakes, I'll let you go, I'll only give you one chance."

Tang Zichen originally wanted to kill all of Wang Qi's brothers and split them all in half, but now that Wang Qi was dead and Tang Zichen had killed a dozen of his brothers, let's understand this grudge, besides, Wangjing City was watching him with countless pairs of eyes at the moment, if Wang Qi was dead and Tang Zichen was still killing three people who were powerless to fight back, it would inevitably make some people ungrateful.So, Tang Zichen told the three of them to kowtow and forget about it, this feud would be over.But if they didn't want to, then don't blame Tang Zichen for being ruthless.

Wang Qi's three brothers looked at each other, then knelt down, kowtowed three times to heaven and earth, and said sorry.

Tang Zichen saw that they had finished kowtowing three times and said, "From now on, no one is allowed to set foot in the Yanhuang Empire for another half step, get out."

"Yes."The three of them carried Wang Qi's corpse and flew out of Wangjing City in ashes under the eyes of many people, and the crowd sighed, Tang Zichen did not drive them to extinction in the end, and also got many people's praise, saying that Tang Zichen had the style of a king. Remember the website

Tang Zichen was about to fly into the palace when he suddenly saw an acquaintance in the crowd.

The Dean of Star Ocean Academy.

At this moment, the Dean of Star Ocean Academy looked at Tang Zichen with contempt, he believed that Tang Zichen had grown so fast because he had taken the four wondrous treasures of the world, Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, Emperor Bug, and Vermilion Bird Grass.

Tang Zichen said, "Dean, long time no see, I didn't expect you to come to my duel, why are you looking at me with such eyes?It's as if I cheated in a duel with Wang Qi."

The president of the Star Ocean Academy snorted, "Senior Tang, others don't know, but I do."

"What do you know?"

"Hahaha, come on less."The Dean of the Star Ocean Academy laughed, taking the four strongest elixirs in the world and pretending not to know, what a shameless thing to do.

"Dean, tell me instead, what do you know?"Tang Zichen looked at the Dean of the Star Ocean Academy with suspicious eyes, wondering if this Dean knew something about the memories Tang Zichen had been missing for those two years.

The Dean of Xinghai Academy said, "Could it be that you've recovered your IQ, but you've forgotten about this?Senior Tang, then I'll be straightforward, you were able to make such a rapid breakthrough, it's not entirely due to your talent, it's also because, you took four of the world's five most wondrous treasures."


Five wondrous treasures, what did you say."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

"Uh, you actually don't know?"

"I don't know, spell it out for me, what treasure did I eat?"

"Tang Zichen, about a year and a half ago, Mu Qianji brought you to Star Ocean Academy, at that time, you were like a little child surrounding Mu Qianji's intelligence.It turned out that you didn't die in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, I heard that Mu Qianji found you, in order to cure you and let your brain recover, she went to the Moonless Empire and the Heaven's End Gate successively, and successfully stole the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng and the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, after that, Mu Qianji took you to the Star Ocean Academy, originally planning to go to the Water Ape Empire to steal the Swift Sacred Brain, unfortunately, the treasure I've been trying to open was known to Mu Qianji, sheIt would suck the power and open the treasure, and what was in the treasure was one of the five wondrous treasures, the Vermilion Bird Grass.Together with the Emperor's Insect that you had already taken, you had already taken four of the strange treasures at that time.After that, Mu Qianji took you to the Water Ape Empire and then, never saw you back again until a year ago, when I heard the news that you and Wang Qi would be dueling in three years, and then ahead of schedule.So, I'm here today too.By the way, where is Mu Qianji?Didn't you go to the Water Monkey Empire together?Why don't you see her?"

"Ahhhh."At this moment, Tang Zichen felt like his brain was about to explode.

Tang Zichen seemed to have remembered so much, from after the spirit revolt in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, to when he turned into an IQ as a baby, entering a sheep pen in a small town to steal goat's milk and then running into Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen called her sister and seemed to have sucked Mu Qianji's milk, everything was in Tang Zichen's mind.

Tang Zichen covered his head and squatted on the floor in pain.

Everything that had happened with Mu Qianji in those two years came to mind, and Tang Zichen couldn't believe that he had happened with Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji took care of him in every possible way, and he was very naughty, disobedient, crying and having a temper.

In order to cure him, Mu Qianji ran all over the world, first going to the Moon Never Falling Empire, thrillingly stealing the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, and then going to the Heaven's End Gate, not seeing the light of day in the underground river for more than ten days, just for the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the ginseng, and then you'll see that the ginseng has been removed.

Later on, she went to the Star Ocean Academy and was lucky enough to get the Vermilion Bird Grass.

However, when going to the Water Ape Empire, the Supreme Emperor of the Moon Never Falling Empire and the Heaven's End Gate Master were waiting for the rabbits.At the moment of crisis, Mu Qianji rushes into the seabed with Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji tricks Tang Zichen into playing a game in order to distract the enemy, and Tang Zichen has to win in order to be with her forever.

Right now, Tang Zichen remembered profoundly that in order to be with his 'sister' forever, he had remained motionless at the bottom of the sea, even if he couldn't hold his breath.

"Ahhh!"Tang Zichen roared, understanding everything, Tang Zichen felt very painful, no wonder when he woke up after half a year of being unconscious on the island, he always felt inside that there was an important person he had forgotten, but could never remember.

It turned out that it was Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen felt like collapsing right now, because, it had been almost a year and a half since he had parted from Mu Qianji, and Mu Qianji hadn't come looking for him for so long, so he must be in mortal danger.

"Sister."Tang Zichen burst into tears, his mind seemed to recall what he had once said, that little minister would always be with his sister.


At that moment, the island master and others flew over.

"Tang Zichen, what's wrong with you?"

"It's fine, let's enter the palace first."

Tang Zichen leapt and flew into the palace, in full view of the public, Tang Zichen's sudden disposition would definitely cause an onlooker.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the palace, and the Island Lord and the others immediately flew over.

"Tang Zichen, what the hell happened to you?Why are you crying in the street?So devoid of image."

"I, Island Master this matter has to start from before I met you."

Tang Zichen said on the spot about the two years after his Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

It was only then that Xu Mei Qian and the others knew that Tang Zichen had been with Mu Qianji for those two years, and I'm afraid that they had built up a deep relationship in those two years, as one could tell by watching Tang Zichen cry in the street.So, Xu Mei Qian and the others were quite envious inside, wishing that the person who had experienced so much with Tang Zichen was them.Unfortunately, it was impossible for them to steal the world's top five wondrous treasures, this matter was a legendary story even now, after all, the Supreme Emperor of the Moon Never Falling Empire and the Master of the Heaven's End Gate were both among the top ten strongest in the world, and Mu Qianji was able to steal the wondrous treasures from them, this had to be said that Mu Qianji was too awesome.

However, at the moment, Tang Zichen didn't have the heart to think about her being so powerful.

"I'm definitely going to find her, whether she's dead or alive." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Moe said, "But it's been almost a year and a half since you and her were last together, where are you going to find her?If she was still alive, she would have heard about your duel with Wang Qi and would have come to find you long ago.And she didn't come, which means that she has most likely been killed, after all, the ones who were chasing her were two top ten ranked peak powerhouses, even if you were now, I'm afraid you wouldn't have the confidence to face these two powerhouses."

The Island Lord also said, "The Supreme Emperor of the Moon Never Falling, and the Heaven's End Gate Master, are both from the same era as me, if the two of them were to join forces, even I would definitely not be a match, so I'm afraid that Mu Qianji has been dead for quite some time, Tang Zichen, you have to mourn."

"No, she won't die."Tang Zichen yelled, Tang Zichen couldn't accept this outcome, he would always remember that he was at the bottom of the sea, even if he had to suffocate to win the game, that was to always be with his sister.

The Island Master patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and didn't say anything else.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to find the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire, and the Heaven's End Gate Master, I'm going to ask them face to face if they killed Mu Qianji."

Everyone was shocked, "Tang Zichen, you're crazy, you already ate someone's Ten Thousand Year Ginseng and Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, and now you still dare to go to their door and ask them, I'm afraid they'll chop you to death."

The Island Lord also advised, "Tang Zichen, I'm afraid you're a bit impulsive to go to them and ask them now, you're not strong enough to face these two, or even to say that you're no match at all."

Tang Zichen said resolutely, "I don't care so much, I just want to find Mu Qianji, even if I die, I still want to find her."

Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, and Shangguan Rou were all a little lost inside when they saw Tang Zichen's determined gaze, and from Tang Zichen's such a determined look, they could tell that Mu Qianji's position in Tang Zichen's heart might have surpassed theirs.However, they were also convinced that if something were to happen to them, Tang Zichen would definitely come to their rescue regardless of anything.They didn't either.

There were any complaints, after all, in terms of door-to-door, only Mu Qianji was indeed worthy.

Tang Zichen had already made up his mind to travel to the Moonless Empire and the Heaven's End Gate to inquire about Mu Qianji's information.

However, the matter at the moment in the Yanhuang Empire must also be dealt with, although Mu Qianji's matter was very important, it had been a year and a half, not a day or two behind.

The outsiders in Wangjing City were gradually leaving, and Tang Zichen's killing of Wang Qi had once again stirred the world, and Tang Zichen's name had spread to the ears of every Unity Realm powerhouse in the entire world.Why was it just the Unity Realm, and not the Innate Realm and the Houtian Realm below, it was because, the Innate Below was too weak, everyone wasn't on the same level, and they didn't pay attention to the same things, and there might not be a way to pay attention to the Unity Realm powerhouses.

"Tang Zichen, now that there's no king in the Yanhuang Empire, are you going to be king?"Yang Yijian and the others asked.

Tang Zichen called everyone together for a meeting.

"Guys, now that I have killed Wang Qi, tell me what I should do next?This Yan Huang Empire cannot be without a king, am I now serving as the king of the Yan Huang Empire, or?"

Wang Xing was busy saying, "Nonsense, of course it's becoming an emperor, even if you're a peak powerhouse, you still need a home ah, the Yan Huang Empire is your home, since you have the ability, you should take control of this place."

Tang Zichen said, "What about the opinions of the others?"

Yang Yijian smiled, "I don't have to say anything, of course I hope you will be the king, so I can follow you to eat and drink."

Liu Yue said, "Haha, me too."

Xu Mei Qian Dao: "I don't mind."

Li Xuan'er asked, "Zichen, if you become a king, do you also want a harem of three thousand beautiful women?"

Liu Xiangyun said, "If it's going to be like how it's played out in the TV drama, where the women in the harem fight over favorites and fight to the death, then I don't agree with it."

Xiaomeng said, "Brother Zichen, I think, let nature take its course, the situation has pushed you to the edge of the throne, even if you don't become the emperor, the strongest people from all over the world, inwardly they all think that you are the strongest person in the Yanhuang Empire, the emperor.No matter who you make the emperor, he will be under you, unless you are defeated one day in the future."

The island lord smiled, "Yes is correct, you are already the strongest in the Yan Huang Empire, you are not a king, you are also a king in the eyes of outsiders, so let nature take its course."

Tang Zichen nodded, "In that case, I'll be the emperor of the Yan Huang Empire."

"Yay."Wang Xing and the others immediately cheered, Tang Zichen would be the emperor from now on, the owner of the entire Yanhuang Empire.

At this time, Tang Zichen said, "Don't be happy either, no one can be in a high position all the time, the higher you climb, the more painful the fall.If one day, I am surpassed by another rising star, then he will likewise come looking for me, and at that time, I will end up with that rising star, just like countless Yan Huang Empire emperors in the past.Those of you who follow me will inevitably be affected as well, I hope you all understand.However, for the sake of all of you, I will ensure that I will try not to be surpassed by any rising star."

Liu Yue snorted, "Zichen, you're such a genius, I don't believe you'll be surpassed, everyone rest assured, Tang Zichen will never be surpassed, any rising star that rises, just go and exterminate him and see who still has a chance to be surpassed."


Tang Zichen gave Liu Yue a glance and said, "So, what is the difference between me and the previous Yan Long, indeed, if Yan Long had strangled me in the first place, I would not be here today, but the world is unpredictable, and the one who finally took the throne of Yan Long was Wang Qi."

The village head of the Heavenly Village sighed, "Every empire's change of throne is the end of one legend and the beginning of another, the world, it's just how it keeps on passing on."

The island lord and the others nodded their heads.

The Island Lord was the Emperor of Martial Island, and if someone overtook him in the future and seized his island, then he would lose that Island Lord status as well.

However, the person who was able to seize his Island Lord was definitely not an ordinary person, and must be a legendary talent with a great talent, so Jin Daoist summed it up correctly, the change of the throne was merely the end of one legend and the beginning of another.

Wang Qi was a legend, and so was Tang Zichen.

At this moment, a guard's report came from the door, "Senior Tang, someone is looking for you outside the palace."

"Who?"Tang Zichen asked.Although Tang Zichen hadn't officially announced his ascension to the throne yet, the guards up and down the palace, as well as the various family forces throughout the Yanhuang Empire, had all understood well enough to treat Tang Zichen as the emperor, and even if Tang Zichen wasn't, and let Yanlong be, everyone still saw Tang Zichen as the emperor.

"He said he's your brother, what's his name, Long Tianya."

"Ah, big brother Tianya, quickly summon him in."

"Yes." First URL

Soon after, Long Tianya entered the palace with his sister, Long Tianyin.

"Big brother Tianya."


"Big Brother Tianya."

Tang Zichen and the others scrambled to greet each other, everyone hugging each other, very happy.

The Wulin Island Lord looked at Tang Zichen and his companions and smiled slightly, with a look of reminiscence on his face, the Island Lord looked at Tang Zichen and the others, as if he remembered his younger days, but unfortunately, now those brothers and sisters as well as his friends had all passed away, and there were only a few people left from his era.The Island Lord couldn't help but sigh that the world was already young.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen announced his succession to the throne of the Yanhuang Empire, and the Yanhuang Empire, the nation celebrated.

Of course, only the big families were celebrating, but the commoners at the bottom didn't know anything about it. For example, the white collar workers who commuted to and from work every day, the young men working in factories, and other commoners didn't know that Wangjing City had changed its emperor, and many of them didn't even know that an emperor existed in this world.The only thing they know is that they have to work to earn money, pay the mortgage, get married, have children, go to the movies, or read the news about their baby's wife cheating on them.No matter how fierce Tang Zichen and Wang Qi killed in Wangjing City, it had nothing to do with them.

That night, Tang Zichen and the others celebrated in the palace.

The next day, Tang Zichen held a formal enthronement ceremony.

"Long live my Emperor."In the palace hall, powerful forces from various families came to pay their respects.These courtiers were all former, Tang Zichen did not need to replace any of his own people, because the emperor's position, to be frank, was a 'barracks of iron', this imperial dynasty remained unchanged for thousands of years, while the throne, but one for one, who could be the emperor looked not at the lower forces, but the strength of itself, God knows how long Tang Zichen could be when, and maybe in a few years someone will overtake Don Tzu-Chen and bring him down.


nbsp;Tang Zichen's enthronement ceremony was quickly completed, not much changed from Wang Qi's before, all the families and strength of the Yanhuang Empire, all declared their allegiance at the first time, Tang Zichen did not have to take it seriously, as long as his strength was still here, no one would dare to resist his rule.

On the third day, it was time for Tang Zichen to depart.

"The first place to go is the Moonless Empire, I want to ask the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire if he has killed Mu Qianji."

"What if he has?"

Tang Zichen said, "If so, I will certainly take revenge for Mu Qianji, regardless of any."

The Martial Island Lord asked, "Tang Zichen, shall I accompany you along?If I go too, I can at least make sure you won't be killed."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Thank you, Island Master, no need, it's my job to do it myself."

: "Brother Zichen, the Island Lord is kind, why refuse, anyway, we're flying a flying ship, we won't let the Island Lord run around too much, so if you really are in any danger, you can have a guarantee ah."

The Island Lord smiled slightly.

Since that was the case, Tang Zichen wouldn't refuse, it was good so that if Tang Zichen was really in danger, with the Island Master, the third strongest person in the world, he could also safeguard his life.

"Thank you, that would be a great help to the Island Master."

"There's no harm, I haven't left Martial Island for some years, so it's time for me to walk around."

Tang Zichen looked at the Island Master gratefully, he was doing this for Tang Zichen's safety, not really wanting to walk around, at his age, what place in the world would he not have visited.

"Good, then it's not too late, let's get on board the flying ship.Xiao Meng, you remain in charge of flying the ship."

"Okay."Tang Zichen's group, plus a few disciples of the Martial Island Lord, all of them boarded the flying ship, their destination, and headed straight for the Moonless Empire.

The speed of the flying ship was fast, and within a day, they arrived at the capital of the Moonless Empire.

"Yanhuang Empire Emperor Tang Zichen and the Martial Island Lord have come to pay a visit."

"Please wait a moment."

Tang Zichen waited for a moment, and the Emperor of the Moonless Empire and the Supreme Emperor, both of them were busy coming out.

They had also heard about Tang Zichen's matter.

As for Xiaomeng and the others, they were still waiting in the mid-air airship, always keeping an eye on Tang Zichen's movements below.

When the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire saw the Martial Lord, he smiled and said, "Martial Lord, long time no see.Bringing a junior to my Moonless Fall Empire today, I don't know what you're doing here."

The Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire and the Martial Forest Island Lord, who were from the same era, were both very old, and when they were young, they naturally knew each other, just, not necessarily had a friendship that is.

The Martial Island Lord laughed, "Moon Martial King, you've paled after many years, but your tone remains unchanged."

"Martial Forest Island Lord, you and I don't have any friendship, suddenly visiting, it's better to make your intentions clear first, if you really have come to catch up on old times, I, Yue Mou, will definitely have a few drinks with you."

The island lord smiled, "Moon Martial King, you are overly concerned, you and I are already half bodies entering the coffin, we have long since lost the fight for fame and fortune, today I am merely accompanying Tang Xiaoyou to come."

The Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire looked towards Tang Zichen and smiled slightly, however, his smile always felt full of darkness.


"Tang Zichen, the famous Tang Zichen is you, truly a heroic young man, after seeing you, it made me admit that this world, sooner or later, is yours for the young.Tang Zichen, what brings you to my Moonless Empire."

Tang Zichen was not long-winded and asked directly, "Senior, I've come to ask you about a person."

"A person?"

"Yes, about a year and a half ago, in the waters of the Water Ape Empire, you and the Heaven's End Gate Master hunted down a woman, what happened to that woman?"Tang Zichen asked.

A surge of anger came out of the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor, as if he now hated the stolen Ten Thousand Year Ginseng when he remembered it.

"Tang Zichen, what is your relationship with that woman?Why do I feel that your figure looks familiar? Could it be that the man who followed the thief that day was you?But the momentum in you is different."

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, it's me, that day you hunted my sister down and killed her, causing me to separate from her, I came here today to ask you how she is now?"

The Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor was suddenly furious, "It really is you, you're in cahoots, you thief, give me back my Ten Thousand Year Ginseng."

The entire palace was filled with a murderous aura.

This murderous aura was very strong, so strong that the Martial Island Lord was somewhat scrupulous, and over the years, this Moon Martial King had improved a lot.

"Tang Zichen, be careful."The Martial Island Lord warned. Remember the website

"Boom."The Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor blasted towards Tang Zichen with a fist, the strong murderous aura pervaded and overturned the rubble of the entire palace, the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor was really too angry, so much so that he was immediately in a state of losing his mind.

Tang Zichen felt himself locked by a breath, seemingly unable to resist, very, very strong, Tang Zichen realized that the difference in strength between him and this Supreme Emperor was very, very large, this Supreme Emperor was from the same era and level as the Island Lord, Tang Zichen was still unable to contend with the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

However, Tang Zichen also immediately met it with a punch.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's punch of over a hundred thousand pounds of strength and the opponent's murderous palm blasted together, as if two boulders had collided with each other, and after the bang, the huge collision force overturned the entire palace.

Tang Zichen felt the blood flow backwards throughout his body, and his breath was suffocating in his chest, extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, the Island Lord put one hand on Tang Zichen's shoulder, a power was transferred into his body, while the voice of the Island Lord was heard in his ears, "Tang Zichen, you are not an opponent yet, you withdraw first."Saying that, Tang Zichen felt his body being thrown with great force and thrown into the sky.

When Tang Zichen looked further down, in the ruins of the palace just now, the Martial Island Lord and the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire, the two old generation peak powerhouses, were already fighting very bitterly.

"Ah."Tang Zichen's heart trembled as he watched the two of them battle miserably, the moves were very powerful.

Tang Zichen's heart was shocked, "So strong, I thought that even if I couldn't win the fight with the Moonless Supreme Emperor, I wouldn't be able to lose too badly, but as a result, I'm not even an opponent, fortunately the Island Lord just made a move, otherwise I would have been seriously injured."

Tang Zichen felt that he, before, might have been too conceited, thinking that he could fight these old and immortal powerhouses, and still wanted to come to the Moonless Supreme Emperor single-handedly.Fortunately.

Let the Martial Island Master accompany you, or else you don't know what the consequences will be.

At this time, Xiao Meng flew to Tang Zichen's side, busy saying, "Brother Zichen, come up to the flying ship, leave the following to the Island Master, I believe he can handle it."

Tang Zichen could only nod his head, his heart was a little unhappy that he was so battle-less in front of the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor.

"Brother Zichen, now you know how strong these old and powerful people are, I won't hide it from you, before the island master told me privately that after you came out of the memory stone, your heart was a bit inflated, a bit conceited, similar to Wang Qi's mentality from before, thinking that he was strong and could challenge over the top.But as it turns out, at this level, no one is weak, and the island master said that your mentality has to change, otherwise it's hard to progress." ..

Tang Zichen depressedly said, "I admit that I did get a little conceited before, why are you suddenly telling me this?"

"Brother Zichen, because I saw your face so pale, you've just had only one round of fighting with the Moonless Supreme Emperor."..

"Hoo, it was me who underestimated him, alright, you go back to the flying ship, the island master is still fighting miserably with the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor down there, I can't hide in the flying ship, besides, I still have the ability to defend myself at this point."

"Alright."Xiao Meng flew back into the sky in the flying ship.

"Boom."Below, another palace was instantly spoiled, two rapid figures, scurrying through the palace, the average person couldn't see their movements, only that the two shadows were intertwined, fiercely.

Only the Martial Island Lord, his hands were constantly clapping out, each palm seemed light and soft, but it possessed the power to overwhelm the sea, while the Supreme Emperor of the Moon Never Falling Empire, also used only his hands, the two of them palmed each other, seemingly incomparably simple, but actually fast to the extreme, each palm of both sides was full of killing intent, and the slightest carelessness might lose to the other.

At this level, there was no longer any need for weapons, the grass and trees were all swords.

Tang Zichen looked at the sword he was carrying, and sighed deeply, "I am after all, I am still guarding a sword, I still need to use a sword to display my sword skills, and they, who have already surpassed this level, can simulate sword skills with their hands."

Tang Zichen thought, whirling and throwing away the sword in his hand.

The Martial Island Lord and the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire fought miserably for a long time, about half an hour now.

Finally, the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire was defeated, and suddenly, he seemed to have aged ten years, already so old, and their bodies had endured too much to fight so fiercely again.

"Phew."The Martial Island Lord was also in a mess, his original white hair, which was flowing, was now disheveled, and his face was also very tired and burnt old.

Tang Zichen felt guilty inside when he saw the Island Lord in this state.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Moonless Supreme Emperor laughed miserably all over, and suddenly, "poof", the Moonless Supreme Emperor spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"Father."The Moon Never Falling Emperor flew up in a panic and helped the Supreme Emperor.

The Moon Never Falling Emperor looked at the Wulin Island Lord and said, "Tao Lin, count you out, after all these years, I still can't beat you."

The Martial Island Lord said, "No, Emperor Moonless Martial King, you are one of my strongest opponents, and even after all these years, you still are."


"Hmph, don't talk sarcasm, I lost, what do you want to do with me."

"Hahaha, King of Yue Wu, today I'm only accompanying Tang Xiaoyou to come and catch up with you by the way, you and I are already on the brink of the big day, if we don't meet today, I'm afraid we'll never see each other again in this life."

"Who cares to see you, am I on good terms with you?"

"The friendship has not been made, but there are only a handful of people left in this world, in our time, after all, are there not."


The Island Lord raised his head and said, "Tang Zichen, you can come down now."

Tang Zichen flew to the Island Lord's side, Tang Zichen had only seen the Island Lord's strength today, Tang Zichen sighed to himself, before in Martial Island, Tang Zichen wanted to fight with the Island Lord, but now he thought about it, it was a bit out of his league, even though there was only one realm between him and the Island Lord, but the strength was so far apart, maybe that was the higher the cultivation, the more difficult it was to figure out.

"Thank you, Island Master."

"Tang Zichen, there's no need to thank me, it's rare for me to spar with an old friend again, perhaps, this is the last time in our lives.If you have anything you want to ask him now, feel free to do so."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and asked, "Senior Moon, may I ask, did you and the Heaven's End Gate Master kill my sister that day?"

With a snort, the moon never falls too far from the emperor and says, "No." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was delighted and busy, "Then where is she?"

"I don't know, that girl is very powerful. Master Tian Jie and I chased after her at the bottom of the sea for half a day, but we couldn't catch up. She even set up a suspicious plan, so Master Tian Jie and I had to split up.

Tracking.A day later, I had completely lost track, and I had no choice but to return to the Moonless Empire."

"Did that day's Extinct Gate Master kill my sister?"

"How should I know, he didn't come to me afterwards, you wouldn't go looking for him if you wanted to know so much."

"Thank you, Senior."Tang Zichen called him Senior from the bottom of his heart, not only because he was a strong person on the same level as the Island Lord, but also because, he was a legendary genius of the older generation.Everyone would be old, and when Tang Zichen was this old, he hoped that the young people would give some minimum respect.

The Island Lord laughed, "Moon Martial King, I'm sorry to bother you so much today, but it's worth it to be able to spar with you before the big day comes, I'm afraid the next time we meet will be underground, hahaha."

"Hmph, roll."


Tang Zichen and the Island Lord flew into the sky and entered a flying ship in the sky.

As soon as they entered the flying ship, the Island Lord felt much older and, continuously coughed a few times before finally slowly stabilizing.

"Island Master, how are you."

"Master, are you alright."

Everyone was nervous around the Island Master.

After the Island Master slowed down, he smiled bitterly, "Old, really old, I can't even resign myself to old age, I can't take it anymore with such a duel with the Moon Martial King today, my body can't take it anymore, I'm afraid that the Emperor Bug that Tang Zichen gave me will be wasted.However, I am very happy, it's been a long time since I fought the Moon Martial King, and it's also been a long time since I fought a real opponent, it's really hearty, all these years hiding in the Martial Island, my bones are really crispy, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said ashamedly, "Island Master, I'm sorry, it's all because of me."

"Tang Zichen, I have a few heartfelt words to say to

Go ahead."

"Island Master, please speak."

"Do you remember Wang Qi."

"Uh, of course I remember, Wang Qi was just killed by me, how could I not remember."

"Oh, Wang Qi used to, he comprehended the killing intent at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, from then on, he thought he was going to be number one in the world, his mind, turned very conceited and inflated.The fact that he will die at your hands is actually not unrelated to this mindset of his.However, after you came out of the memory stone, you've also become a bit inflated as well as conceited, and I just want to tell you that if you want to be strong, you must never have this kind of conceited mentality."

"I know, you're right, before, I was so determined to believe that I could challenge most of the strongest people at the peak of this world, that I even thought that even you and I could be somewhat confident.But today, after just one round with the Lunar Immortal Supreme Emperor, I was beaten backwards, and I know that my previous mentality was too inflated, and I'm almost indistinguishable from Wang Qi.It's also related to the fact that I've always risen as the most genius, which is what made me inflate my self-confidence and create conceit."

The Island Lord smiled, "It's very good that you were able to correct your mindset, then Wang Qi just couldn't correct it, perhaps that's the biggest reason why he ended up dying at your hands.Tang Zichen, you have to understand, when I was young, and when the Moon Martial King was young, we were all world renowned geniuses ah, those who were able to reach the pinnacle, each of them had a legendary experience when they were young.You have to stabilize your mind, with your current situation, you will become the world's top powerhouse sooner or later in the future."

"Oh, I don't care anymore."Tang Zichen said.

"Uh, are you really looking over your shoulder, or are you just pretending oh, hahaha, alright, enough gossiping, now you definitely still want to go to the Heaven's End Gate.Then let's go to the Heaven's End Gate again."

"Island Master, let's recuperate for half a month first."Tang Zichen said.

The Island Lord had fought a battle with the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor, and his vitality must have been greatly injured, so if he went to the Heaven's Extinct Gate again and fought against the Heaven's Extinct Gate, his vitality hadn't recovered yet, which would be detrimental to the Island Lord.The strength of the Heaven's Destruction Gate's Master was above the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor.

The Island Lord nodded, "Good, I hope it won't delay your search for information about Mu Qianji."

"It's already been a year and a half, it's not too far off."

Tang Zichen and the others, came to a deep mountain at random, and everyone worked together, spending half a day building a sizeable wooden house, preparing to recuperate here for half a month, mainly for the Island Lord to recuperate.

Tang Zichen also wanted to take this opportunity to gain a good understanding of his martial dao.

Previously, Tang Zichen had seen the Island Lord and the Moon Martial King, their palms were sharp swords, their hands were swordless but had swords, and each move carried a supreme sword move, a realm that Tang Zichen had yet to reach.

Therefore, Tang Zichen threw his sword away, he had to think about it.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

During these ten days, Tang Zichen and the others were quietly practicing martial arts in this deep mountain, and everyone didn't waste any time.

The Island Lord was in seclusion for ten days and came out after ten days.

"Island Lord, how are you?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Well, it's a good recovery."

"So fast."

"Not so fast, if I was young, it wouldn't take a day at all to recover my strength, but now that I'm old, I can't compare.Tang Zichen, you seem to be comprehending something."

"Yes, I want to try to see if I can throw away my sword, like you did that day with the Moon Wookiee, which has a strong sword energy even though it's a double palm."


The Island Lord sighed, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you haven't understood yet."

"Uh, I don't understand yet?"

"Yes, you've seen us throw away our swords, and you've thrown them away with us, and you want to learn that we don't use them, and you're wrong, so you don't even understand yet."

"Ah, I, still don't understand?"Tang Zichen thought that he should understand very well that a sword without a sword in his hand was better than a sword with a sword in his hand, and that was the kind of situation they were in.

"You didn't understand."

"Can the Island Lord say it clearly."

The Island Lord shook his head, "You have to figure it out for yourself to really understand, you haven't understood yet, but I'm telling you that instead, I'm misleading you in the wrong direction.Alright, take your time to comprehend, you're so young, you can't be rushed."


Tang Zichen's mind was baffled as to why the Island Lord felt that he hadn't understood anything at all.

This kind of thing was foggy when you didn't understand it, but once you did, it turned out to be so simple.

Tang Zichen knew that to comprehend the island master's kind of martial arts experience, I'm afraid it's not overnight, Tang Zichen was still too young, youth is not only an advantage, sometimes also a disadvantage. The first website

Next to her, Liu Xiangyun muttered, "What is it, all at once understand all at once don't understand, make it so mysterious."

"Oh, Xiang'er, you still have the heart to listen to us, it's only true if you quickly step into the Innate Realm."

"Oh."Liu Xiangyun had to go off to the side to practice her swordsmanship.Maybe Liu Xiangyun would never reach the level that Tang Zichen was at now, they and Tang Zichen were destined to grow farther and farther apart, maybe it wasn't the right choice for them to get together in the first place.If they had chosen the right family, they would have been able to happily have children for the rest of their lives, though not so spectacularly, and their lives would have been ordinary.And if they chose Tang Zichen, although they followed Tang Zichen with a splash, they also lost a lot of ordinary happiness.

Soon, half a month passed.

"Alright, half a month of recuperation is over, it's time for us to depart for the Heaven's End Gate."

The crowd once again boarded the flying ship (shuttle) and headed straight to the Heaven's End Gate.

Whether or not Mu Qianji's information could be learned from the Heaven's End Gate would depend on this trip to the Heaven's End Gate.

Soon, at the foot of the Heaven's Extinction Gate, Tang Zichen now regained his memory, he was no stranger to this place, at first, he and Mu Qianji reached the Heaven's Pond from an underground river, thus stealing the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus unknowingly, of course, it was possible to go so smoothly because he happened to meet the daughter of a Heaven's Extinction Gate Vice Master.

The crowd asked Tang Zichen how he stole the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, Tang Zichen told them the truth, and everyone was saddened.

Just then, a voice came from the sky, "Friend, coming to my Heaven's End Gate, why don't you come up here to catch up with my landlord."

The Island Lord smiled, "It seems that the Master of the Heaven's End Gate already knows that we have come."

"Wow, that's how you know too."Liu Yue said in amazement.

The Island Lord said, "The Master of the Heaven's Expanse Gate is a heavenly genius, when he was young, his fame spread throughout the world, and I have sparred with him several times, and I lost to him once.Now it seems that he resides deep in the Heaven's End Gate and his strength is only increasing, let's go, Tang Zichen, the two of us will go up to the snowy mountain and pay our respects to this former deceased."

Tang Zichen asked, "Island Master, will you fight him this time?"


bsp; "Haha, if he doesn't know your intentions, maybe not, but if he knows that his ancestral Ice Crystal Snow Lotus has been eaten by you, no one can guarantee that he won't kill you, it's his ancestral treasure for impacting the Ancestor Realm, and no one can accept the result of it being stolen."

"Oh, no matter what, I have to get information about Mu Qianji."

"Go."The Island Lord and Tang Zichen leapt to the top of the snowy mountain and their figures headed for the summit of the mountain.

Soon they arrived at the top of the snowy mountain, a white old man standing on the roof of a palace at the top of the snowy mountain, this white old man with completely white hair, coupled with his white clothes and the surrounding snow scene, very fairy-like, standing on top of the snowy mountain, it was as if he was not on earth.

Tang Zichen and the Island Lord steadily landed on the ground.

The Heaven's End Gate Master's gaze suddenly shot to the two, and when he saw that it was the Martial Island Master, he was slightly surprised and said, "Tao Lin, it's you."

"Qingfeng, long time no see."

The Heaven's End Gate Master looked at Tang Zichen again, his brows furrowed, as if he felt quite familiar with the figure.

"Who are you?Why do we seem to know each other."

Tang Zichen worshipped, "Senior Tang Zichen, greeting Senior Gate Master."

"Tang Zichen, could it be that the new rise of the Yanhuang Empire is a youth."

"Exactly junior."

"But I haven't seen you before."

The Island Lord said, "Tang Zichen, what do you want to ask him, just be direct."

"Good."Tang Zichen said to the Heaven's End Gate Master, "Senior, a year and a half ago, you and the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire chased a woman in the Water Ape Empire, I want to ask if that woman was killed by you, and if not, where is she."

The Heaven's End Gate Master looked at Tang Zichen, his body trembled, and he said angrily, "So it's you the thief, I said why do I see you look familiar, it turns out that day in the Water Ape Empire, the person beside that thief girl was you.You and that thief girl teamed up to steal my Heaven's End Sect's supreme treasure, the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, and you still dare to come to my place to find someone, looking for death."

The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master was just as angry as the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor and went straight for a palm strike at Tang Zichen.

The Martial Island Lord pushed Tang Zichen's body back and said, "You back off."

"Boom."The two great experts of the Martial Forest Island Lord and the Heaven's Expanse Gate Lord suddenly paired up against each other, their thick internal strength colliding together, making a dull sound as if two large trucks had instantly blown together, and a palace pillar behind them was trampled with an internal force.

The bodies of both the Heaven's End Gate Master and the Martial Island Master endured the internal force of such power from each other, and blood spilled out of the corners of both their mouths.

With just a single palm duel, both of them had suffered considerable internal injuries, but it looked like the Heaven's End Gate Master's internal injuries would be much more serious.

The Heaven's End Gate Master raged, "Tao Lin, what do you mean?This man has stolen my Heaven's Expanse Gate's greatest treasure, what is the point of you protecting him."

Martial Island Lord said, "Tang Zichen is my forgotten friend, I won't let you kill him, besides, although he ate the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus of your Heaven's Ultimate Gate, what's the point of the love, he was seriously injured and his intelligence degraded to that of a child, his sister stole the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng and Ice Crystal Snow Lotus in order to treat him."

"I don't care if he has any reason to steal my Heaven's End Gate's greatest treasure, he will surely die."

The Martial Island Lord laughed, "Master of the Heaven's Ultimate Gate, with me here today, you can't touch him in the slightest, you're quite injured at the moment, I'm afraid you can't face many palms with me anymore.You lost to me back then, and you still are today."


"Hmph, Tao Lin, you're not necessarily any better, don't say that as if you're much above me."

"That means you have to kill Tang Zichen."


"Then come on, let me see your Heaven's Expanse Gate's mastery again."

The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master went up for the kill, the two of them were no longer simply direct palm to palm, direct palm to palm, using internal blast, I'm afraid that everyone wouldn't last more than a few palms, just like ordinary people fighting head to head.

The Martial Island Lord and the Heaven's Destruction Gate Lord, their figures scurrying around on the snowy mountain, a while east and a while west, the intensity was no less than half a month ago in the Moonless Empire.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air, the duel between the two peak experts of the world was not unexciting, it was just that the Martial Forest Island Master was so old and still had to fight with the Heaven's End Gate Master, Tang Zichen felt very guilty and heartbroken.Although they were martial arts practitioners, but being so old, actually using martial arts would be very harmful to them all.

At this time, at the palace of the Heaven's Destruction Gate, a man looked at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "Are you the one who stole my Heaven's Destruction Gate's greatest treasure?"

Tang Zichen followed the sound, and a strong man at the third level of the Unity Realm was looking at Tang Zichen with an angry gaze.

This person was the Vice Master of the Heaven's Expanse Gate, and the second greatest expert of the Heaven's Expanse Gate.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm the one who ate the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus." Remember the website

"Suffer death."The Vice Gate Master immediately killed Tang Zichen.

As a result, two battlefields appeared on the snowy mountain of the Heaven's Destruction Gate.

The Martial Island Master and the Heaven's Destruction Gate Master were fighting hard to distinguish between them.

Tang Zichen's side, on the other hand, was not so hard to distinguish from that Vice Gate Master.

It was because Tang Zichen's strength was obviously much higher than that Vice Gate Master.

Tang Zichen was someone who had comprehended the killing intent, while that Vice Gate Master on the other side was only at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and had not comprehended any killing intent, even though he was old enough to be Tang Zichen's grandfather.

"You're not my opponent."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen hadn't used his full strength at all, and the other party was already holding on very barely.

The other party's Vice Gate Master shouted, "Heaven's Ultimate Hand."The cold air around him condensed for a moment, and the Vice Gate Master carried a palm strong enough to freeze, slapping it towards Tang Zichen.

Such a powerful palm, yet it did not give Tang Zichen any sense of oppression, enough to prove that also at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, Tang Zichen's strength was much higher than his.

Tang Zichen slightly struck out with a punch of immense power, scattering the powerful palm of the opposing Vice Gate Master, and that Vice Gate Master's body flew back more than ten meters with a clatter.

"You're not my opponent, if you don't do anything else, don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen said.

However, that Vice Gate Master was clearly unhappy, the more Tang Zichen said that he wasn't his opponent, the more unhappy he became, in terms of age, when he came out to hang out, Tang Zichen's mother was still in the womb, why should he not be his opponent.

The reluctant Vice Gate Master opened his mouth and inhaled fiercely, all the cold air around him was sucked into his abdominal cavity, and for a moment, the Vice Gate Master's entire body seemed like a layer of ice.

"Boom."The Vice Gate Master killed with another palm, this time, he sucked in a lot of cold air and circulated it into his meridians before striking it out through his internal force, it could be said that he was destroying his meridians by destroying them

The palm issued at the cost of his veins.Therefore, this palm strike was so powerful that Tang Zichen suddenly felt its incomparable power, and an icy palm wind almost froze him.

Tang Zichen was horrified, and immediately raised a must-kill intent within him, then his entire body met it with a punch of the greatest strength.

"Wow."A sound like an iceberg cracking was emitted.

That Vice Gate Master's body immediately flew down the mountain from the top of the snowy mountain.

The Heaven's End Gate Master, who was battling in the middle of the mountain, seemed to have seen the battle between Tang Zichen and the Vice Gate Master, and was shocked inwardly at Tang Zichen's strength, so young that even his Heaven's End Gate's Vice Gate Master was completely unbeatable, seeing the Vice Gate Master flying down the mountain, the Heaven's End Gate Master suddenly left behind the Martial Islander and leapt into the air to catch the downward flying Vice Gate Master.

After catching the Deputy Gate Master, he realized that the Deputy Gate Master had actually used a forbidden art to deal with Tang Zichen, yet he was still blown down the mountain, and his horror couldn't help but deepen a bit.

"Pah."The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master toned several acupuncture points on the Vice Gate Master's body, and then an internal force was transmitted into the Vice Gate Master's body to protect his meridians.

And then, the Martial Forest Island Master flew over, but he didn't take the opportunity to do anything, otherwise, this was a good opportunity to severely injure the Heaven's Destruction Gate Master.

The Wulin Island Lord said, "Qingfeng, I'm sure he's your successor, you're planning to give him the position of Gate Master after your death, but unfortunately, he's no match for Tang Zichen, even if he uses the forbidden arts of your Heaven's Destruction Gate, he won't win."

"Ah."The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master shouted, feeling a sadness inside, his successor, but he had lost miserably at the hands of a young man in his twenties.

The Martial Island Lord laughed, seeing the Heaven's End Gate's heir defeat at the hands of Tang Zichen, his heart was also very happy, Tang Zichen really hadn't let him down, stepping into the pinnacle of the Unity Realm in the future, it was really impossible to measure his achievements.

"Qingfeng, resign yourself to your fate, talented people emerge from the mountains and rivers, there is no benefit at all to offend the young people, besides, your Heaven's End Sect will be handed over to your successor sooner or later in the future, but your successor is no match for Tang Zichen, if you want the future of the Heaven's End Sect to continue, there is no benefit to offend Tang Zichen."The Island Lord said.

The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master gritted his teeth and said, "He has today thanks to the fact that he took the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus of my Heaven's Expanse Gate, and now, he still comes to my Heaven's Expanse Gate to flaunt his power, I will kill such thieves."

The Island Lord laughed, "Qingfeng, Tang Zichen has not only taken your Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, he has also taken Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, Vermillion Bird Grass, Emperor Insect, just short of the Sacred Brain of the Sword."

"What."The Heaven's End Gate Master's body trembled, this was too incredible.

"Qingfeng, the fact that one person can take so many of the world's wondrous treasures is enough to show that these wondrous treasures are fated with him, and no amount of power can stop the fated.Although the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus is yours, but unfortunately, you are not destined for it, Tang Zichen had already stepped into the late stage of the Unity Realm Great Perfection at the age of twenty-one before taking any of the strange treasures, you and I both know that he is the first person in history, and he will, in the future, have the most hope of surpassing the Unity Realm.Now that he's been eating for several years, he might as well become a friend and we'll make friends."

"Ah."The Heaven's End Gate Master hissed again, not knowing whether it was unwillingness or what.

Tang Zichen flew down and said, "Senior, I, Tang Zichen, did steal your Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, and I will always be ashamed of this matter, but my sister was forced to do so at the time, so I hope that Senior will be forgiving.I, Tang Zichen, assure senior that in the future, as long as I am still in this world, I will guarantee the safety of the Heaven's Destruction Gate for as long as I am here, and I can be considered as making up for the gift of the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus from the Heaven's Destruction Gate."


The Island Lord smiled, "Hear that, Tang Zichen stepped into the pinnacle, it's only a matter of time, your Heaven's End Sect has his promise, at least in his lifetime, you don't have to worry about the safety of the Heaven's End Sect, and you can leave this world with peace of mind."

"Phew."The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master took a deep breath, seemingly resigned to his fate, if Tang Zichen hadn't come here today on his own initiative, he wouldn't even have been able to find the person who stole the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.

The Heaven Extinguishing Gate Master said, "Tang Zichen, you take my palm, if you can take it, then I will settle this matter with you."

Tang Zichen said, "Okay, Elder can come."Tang Zichen said in his heart, it should still not be difficult to receive a palm from him.

The Island Lord said, "Tang Zichen, be careful, that palm of his is definitely one of the strongest palm techniques of the Heaven's Expanse Gate, the Cold Ice Palm."


The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master struck his palm towards Tang Zichen, it really did carry a strong cold wind, Tang Zichen knew very well that if he let the other party's cold internal energy enter his bones and stick to his meridians, it would definitely damage his meridians.

It was very likely that the Heaven's Expanse Gate Master had issued this palm strike in order to get some justice for the Vice Gate Master, who had damaged his own meridians by using a forbidden art when he fought with Tang Zichen, so it would also be necessary for Tang Zichen to damage his meridians as well.Of course, if Tang Zichen was able to catch it, then count Tang Zichen as powerful, but if he couldn't, then he would be the same as the Deputy Gate Master.

"Bang."The Heaven's Expanse Gate Master struck up, Tang Zichen was already prepared, gathering his whole body's strength in one fist, his internal strength surging and weighing 150,000 kg against the Heaven's Expanse Gate Master's palm.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen felt an icy cold air running through his body, his meridians seemed to freeze, his whole body clattered and flew backwards, Tang Zichen only stopped his body after dozens of meters, his internal power was running in his body, as if evaporating water vapor, dissipating the icy cold air in his body.Tang Zichen's punch was full of power after he had just faced off with the Heaven's Destruction Gate Master, but his internal strength was severely lacking, while the Heaven's Destruction Gate Master, whose strength might not exceed Tang Zichen's, but his internal strength was very thick, far from being comparable to Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen looked at the Heaven's End Gate Master, the Heaven's End Gate Master was actually knocked back several meters by Tang Zichen as well, after all, a punch of such power from Tang Zichen was never so easy to take, plus he had already suffered internal injuries from the intense battle with the Island Master first. One second to remember to read the book

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Heaven's End Gate Master laughed miserably, his hair disheveled as if he was going crazy, or laughing bitterly at himself.

Tang Zichen flew up.

The Island Lord asked, "How are you?"

"I'm fine, but it will take me a little longer to clear the cold from my body."

The Island Lord nodded.

The Heaven's End Gate Master said, "Tang Zichen, you're awesome, you won, remember your promise not to send."

"Thank you senior, but I still have a question about my sister, did you kill her?"Don was busy asking.

"No, I didn't catch up with her."

"So she's alive then?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, thanks."

The island master said, "Qingfeng, much obliged, farewell."


Tang Zichen left the Heaven's End Gate, since neither the Moon Martial King nor the Heaven's End Gate Master had killed Mu Qianji, where the hell would she have gone?

Tang Zichen couldn't figure out that if Mu Qianji had managed to escape, then he would definitely come looking for him.

"Do I still have to go look around that vicinity of the Water Ape Empire now?"

Martial Islander said, "There's no need, both

It had been so long, if Mu Qianji hadn't died, he would have already fled that place, and if he had died, there was no point in going there.Moreover, there were many strong people in the Water Ape Empire, and in this world, the most powerful weren't humans, they were beasts.For example, the Beast King of the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, and the Old Ape King of the Water Ape Empire and so on.It's better to avoid going to places like that if nothing happens."

"Why are the beasts stronger than humans at their peak."

"Because the life of many beasts is longer than that of humans, and also, the martial skills of beasts are relatively single, maybe only one move, so practicing this one move for years and years shows how far it has been practiced, and a random pouncing move, it's possible that even the strongest humans won't be able to resist it."

"Uh."Tang Zichen didn't expect the pinnacle of beasts to be so powerful.

"Then what do I do now?"

"After such a long time Mu Qianji hasn't shown up, there's only one possibility, in which corner she's healing her wounds, she must have paid a big price to escape from two peak powerhouses, now at a time like this, we can only wait for news slowly, if Mu Qianji isn't dead, sooner or later she'll show up again, if she is, never again."The Island Lord patted Tang Zichen's shoulder as a gesture of comfort.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the distance, "Old friend Tao Lin."

Tao Lin's eyebrows furrowed inwardly, as if he had recognized who it was from the voice.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Island Master, listening to this voice, the inner strength is very thick, it's a peak powerhouse."

"It's him."

"Island Master, who is it."

"The world's second ranked peak powerhouse, why would he appear here, oh right, he seems to have been hitting on the Heaven's Destruction Gate's Ice Crystal Snow Lotus."

In the next moment, an old man abruptly appeared in front of Tang Zichen and the Island Master.

As soon as this old man appeared, he felt like he was giving people an extremely powerful oppressive force, and the Island Lord's momentum all seemed to be completely at a disadvantage in front of him.

The Island Lord smiled, "Official Yang, it really is you."

"Tao Lin Island Lord, long time no see."

"Yes, long time no see, I didn't think you were still alive."

"Hahaha, Tao Lin, it's rare to meet here today, old friend, won't we cut to the chase?Let me see if you've surpassed me now."

The Martial Island Lord said, "Brother Yang is laughing, I'm not your match."

"Hahaha, Tao Lin, in this world, everyone knows that you are the third in the world ranked below me, after many years, I want to see if you have surpassed me."

"Yang Guan, I don't care about these vain names anymore, Brother Yang may have something to do, why don't you go to your business earlier, it's time for me to go back to Martial Island, if Brother Yang is free some other day, he can come to Martial Island to catch up with me."

Official Yang snorted, "Tao Lin, then take my palm."


"Finished, Yang Guan struck at the island master with a palm.

That palm was like a volley of mountains and seas, and even Tang Zichen, who was standing a few meters behind him, felt an unmatched force.

The Wulin Island Lord had no choice but to meet it with all his might.

"Pah."The two men's palms were suddenly paired together.

"Wow."The body of the Martial Forest Islander suddenly flew back hundreds of meters like a sandbag, while the other person did not move a muscle.

"Poof."The Island Lord spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face pale and extremely weak.

"Island Master."Tang Zichen panicked and ran up to help the Island Master.


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