The unknown Heir 910


Chapter 910


    The two of them had no problem with it and just agreed to it.

    For this adventure, everything was unknown, the three of them didn't know what they would face and encounter ahead.

    The only thing they could do was to stop the enemy.

    Of course, with Chen Hao here, Zhen Ji and Brother Chen were much relieved, at least they knew that Chen Hao would never let anything happen to them.

    That night, the three of them went to bed very early to rest.

    After all, tomorrow was the start of a new adventure, and they must be well rested and in good shape.

    Early the next morning, the three of them set off.

    Chen Hao set off according to the map that Fan Lao had given him.

    The first step was for the three of them to drive to Sunset Village.

    It would take two days to get from the city the three of them were currently in to Falling Xia Village, and they would have to spend these two days on the road.

    At eight o'clock in the morning, the three of them exactly set off.

    They were heading towards Falling Xia Village at high speed all the way.

    Zhen Ji, on the other hand, was sitting in the passenger seat looking at the book "Yin and Yang Theory" that she had borrowed from Brother Chen's Hall.

    "This book doesn't even indicate who wrote it!"

    After looking at it for a while, Zhen Ji discovered a problem and immediately reminded Brother Chen and Chen Hao.

    "Yes, I also found this problem at first, could it be that I forgot to specify it when publishing?"

    Of course, Brother Chen had discovered this problem long ago, but he didn't care about it.

    Now that he heard Zhen Ji mention this problem, he made a bold guess.

    "Impossible, the publication of such a book must have gone through a strict audit, and if it omitted to specify the author, then the publication audit would definitely not pass."

    Zhen Ji directly vetoed Brother Chen's speculation.

    "I think there should only be one possibility, and that's because the author of this book is very special, that's why his name wasn't specified!"

    At that moment, Chen Hao spoke up to voice his suspicions.

    "Well, I think what you're saying is very likely!"

    Zhen Ji agreed with this statement from Chen Hao.

    "But Brother Chen, since this author is special, shouldn't this book be special as well?Why is this book still published."

    Brother Chen was also surprised and puzzled and continued.

    "The book can be published, but the author's identity is special and cannot be known to others, so there must be a hidden secret in it."

    Zhen Ji also found it very amazing and bizarre and said.

    "By the way, Zhen Ji, is there any record of the Blood Fiend Token of the Blood Fiend Clan in this book?"

    At this time, Chen Hao suddenly thought of something and quickly asked towards Zhen Ji.

    After hearing this, Zhen Ji immediately flipped open the books again, and then carefully searched for it.

    After searching for a while, she really let Zhen Ji find it.

    "There's really eh, the Blood Fiend Token, a tribal artifact of the Blood Fiend Clan, can be used to rule and control all ghosts and spirits."

    Zhen Ji read out the information about the Blood Fiend Token to Chen Hao.

    After hearing it, Chen Hao nodded his head as well.

    It seemed that what Fan Lao and himself had said was indeed true.

    "Brother Chen, the purpose of our visit is not for this Blood Fiend Token, is it?"

    Brother Chen was also very nimble in the head and immediately reacted, looking to Chen Hao and asking.

    Hearing Brother Chen ask this, Zhen Ji also turned her gaze towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao did not deny it.

    "Yes, that's right, this time we're going to the Land of Extreme Yin in order to find the territory of the Blood Fiend Clan and finally get this Blood Fiend Token!"

    This was the purpose of the three of them going forward, of course Chen Hao would not hide it.

    "But this scepter isn't so easy to obtain, but this book has recorded that many people have paid with their lives to obtain the Blood Fiend Token."

    Zhen Ji was also worried and looked at Chen Hao to remind her.

    "You're right, but I'm sure we can go get the Blood Fiend Token!"

    Chen Hao said with great confidence.

    Just because others couldn't get it, it didn't mean that he himself couldn't get it.

    After all, the skills and abilities of the past were far too different from the present.

    Moreover, now that Chen Hao was so powerful, he believed that he would definitely be qualified to obtain this Blood Fiend Token.

    After two days of driving, the three of them finally arrived at the Sunset Village.

    Chen Hao asked Zhen Ji to find a hotel to stay in for the night before preparing for the second leg of the journey the next day.

    Zhen Ji found a rather high-class hotel.

    The three of them just checked in.

    After putting their luggage away, the three of them went to the downstairs restaurant to prepare for dinner.

    "Miss Zhen, Brother Chen, you guys go ahead and order first, I need to go to the bathroom, I'm not a picky eater, I'll just eat whatever you order."

    Only just walking into the restaurant, Brother Chen covered his stomach and frowned and said.

    After saying that, Brother Chen hurriedly ran towards the toilet.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji didn't bother with him, so they went to the restaurant and sat down to order their food.

    After about ten minutes, Brother Chen returned.

    However, Brother Chen appeared to be very nervous and hurriedly returned to Chen Hao and Zhen Ji to sit down beside him.

    Seeing that Brother Chen was in such a hurry, Chen Hao was also confused and asked.

    "Brother Chen, what's wrong?Go to the bathroom look at how anxious you are."

    Chen Hao looked at Brother Chen and asked.

    "Brother Chen, Miss Zhen, just now.Just now.I'm in the toilet again."

    Brother Chen couldn't speak up and down.

    "You drink some water first, speak slowly, there's no rush."

    Zhen Ji quickly handed a cup of water to Brother Chen to remind him.

    After taking a sip, Brother Chen calmed himself down.

    "It's like this, Brother Chen, Miss Zhen, I just went to the toilet, and I heard two men talking in the toilet, and they also mentioned the Blood Fiend Clan in what they said, as if they were also after the Blood Fiend Clan just like us."

    Brother Chen softly narrated towards Chen Hao and Zhen Ji.

    Hearing Brother Chen's words, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji lifted their heads to take a look around.

    Only after making sure that there was no one else around and it was safe did they look at Brother Chen again.

    "Brother Chen, are you sure you heard correctly?"

    Chen Hao made sure to ask towards Brother Chen, after all, this matter was no joke.

    "Can't be, I heard it right, a thousand times true, those two people are talking about the Blood Fiend Clan!"

    Brother Chen nodded his head with a determined expression and replied.

    Looking at Brother Chen's expression, of course, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji would believe him.

    Now it seemed that the three of them really weren't the only ones who had come to look for the Blood Fiend Clan.

    "Do you still remember what those two look like?"

    After contemplating for a moment, Chen Hao then looked at Brother Chen again and asked.

    Brother Chen immediately lifted his head and searched around.

    After searching for a while, Brother Chen managed to find the two male figures he had just encountered in the bathroom.

    "Over there!"

    Brother Chen carefully and stealthily pointed to a dining table not far away.

    There were four men sitting at that table, each of them dressed in black, and one could tell at a glance that they didn't look like good people.


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