The unknown Heir 902


Chapter 902

Chen Hao's three men immediately looked outside.

    They saw the oldest left his home alone, carrying a basket in his hand, and headed towards the Fire Demon King's grandmother Feng Yunxiang's cabin.

    Seeing this scene, the three of them, Chen Hao, looked at each other at the same time.

    They wondered why the Boss was carrying a basket out alone in the middle of the night, there must be some hidden secret.

    Then, Chen Hao three immediately went out from the house and quietly followed.

    As soon as they followed the boss, they arrived at the hut, pulled out a key from their clothes, and unlocked the lock on the hut.

    Chen Hao's three men also immediately walked up to the wooden hut.

    "Brother Chen, it seems that the boss must have something to hide from us, he actually has the key to this cabin!"

    Brother Chen said very quietly towards Chen Hao.

    Now that it could be seen, it seemed that this boss's identity was definitely not simple, and definitely had some kind of relationship existing with the Fire Ghost King.

    "Brother Chen, Inspector Li, you guys go hide to the side first, I'll go in first and take a look!"

    Then, Chen Hao immediately gave a command towards Brother Chen and Fan Lao.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Brother Chen and Fan Lao didn't have any comments and directly nodded their heads to agree, then they hurriedly retreated to the side of the bushes to hide.

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, walked to the side of the hut by himself and sat down, then he exited his soul.

    Of course Chen Hao would not enter directly by himself, that would alert the snake and would definitely be discovered by the boss.

    Once his soul was out of his body, Chen Hao immediately entered the wooden house and searched around for it.

    When he arrived at the second floor, Chen Hao could only hear the Boss talking, so he should be talking to another person.

    Soon, after the boss finished speaking, the voice of the Fire Ghost King was immediately heard.

    As soon as Chen Hao heard it, it turned out that the Fire Demon King was hiding here.

    Just what Chen Hao did not expect was that the boss was so well hidden that he was actually related to the Fire Ghost King.

    "Fire Ghost King ah, those three people must have no good luck finding you, right?"

    The boss asked towards the Fire Ghost King.

    The Fire Ghost King sat on a chair and snorted.

    "Hmph, those three are just trying to catch me, but it seems they're still smart enough to find their way here!"

    "It's not that we're smart, but you gave the obvious clue, Fire Lord!"

    When the Fire Ghost King's voice rang out, only Chen Hao appeared directly in front of the Fire Ghost King and the Boss.

    "Chen Hao!"

    When he saw Chen Hao's appearance, he suddenly made the Fire Ghost King angry.

    The Fire Ghost King shouted furiously, then he came straight at Chen Hao, he wanted to tear Chen Hao apart.

    Chen Hao reacted extremely quickly and directly kicked the Fire Ghost King out of the way.

    Now Chen Hao was also in a half-human, half-ghost state, so there was no fear of the Fire Ghost King at all, and everything would have to come to an end today.

    "Fire Ghost King, I will definitely not let you escape again today!"

    Chen Hao furiously glared at the Fire Ghost King and preached.

    After speaking, Chen Hao threw out the Soul Chain from his own hand.

    The soul chain flew and bound the Fire Ghost King directly.

    Of course, the Fire Ghost King wasn't an easy target, and it turned into black mist inside and rushed towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao quickly pulled out his Star Abyss Sword and cut out a stream of soul qi towards the Fire Demon King.

    The boss, on the other hand, saw it and immediately rushed up to block the black mist, preventing Chen Hao's soul qi from injuring the Fire Ghost King.


    The soul qi passed through the body of the Boss.

    And the Fire Ghost King's black mist also wrapped around the Boss at the same time.

    Then, the black mist absorbed the Boss's soul and essence, directly turning him into a dry corpse.

    This caused the Fire Ghost King to be fiercely shocked, he did not expect this to be the result at all, nor did he expect the Boss to help him block Chen Hao's attack.

    "Fire Ghost King, you've killed another innocent person!"

    When Chen Hao saw this, he also roared angrily at the Fire Ghost King.

    As his words fell, Chen Hao decided to use his forbidden art and decided to destroy the Fire Ghost King completely.

    The Fire Ghost King was also completely unconscious at this point, and his entire body stood motionless as if he had truly lost his soul.

    "Ten Thousand Sects Annihilation!"

    With a furious cry, Chen Hao directly threw the Star Profound Sword in his hand towards the Fire Ghost King.

    The Star Abyss Sword directly stuck into the Fire Ghost King's body, and instantly a huge burst of fire light came out, engulfing the Fire Ghost King's entire body.


    The Fire Ghost King's entire body roared.

    In the next second, the Fire Ghost King turned into a puddle of ashes.

    Finally, Chen Hao was the one who had finished off the Fire Ghost King.

    At last, Chen Hao had avenged the villagers of Falling Moon Village.

    Upon hearing the commotion inside, Fan Lao rushed in with Brother Chen and went straight to the second floor of the cabin.

    When the two of them saw the boss who had turned into a dried corpse, and a puddle of ashes, it shocked the two of them as well.

    "This.What's going on here?"

    But the two of them didn't see Chen Hao's figure.

    A few seconds later, Chen Hao walked up from downstairs.

    "Hm?Chen Hao, why did you come in from outside, didn't you go inside the house?"

    Fan Lao was very surprised as he stared at Chen Hao and asked.

    "The Fire Ghost King has already been killed by me!"

    Chen Hao did not reply to Fan Lao's words, but instead pointed at the pile of ashes on the ground and narrated towards Fan Lao.

    When Fan Lao looked at the ashes on the ground, he also revealed his shock.

    "You said.You said that this is the Fire Ghost King?"

    Fan Lao asked with an unbelievable confirmation.

    Chen Hao nodded, then turned around and left.

    Fan Lao and Brother Chen looked at each other, but they didn't say anything more and also hurriedly followed out.

    After leaving the cabin, Chen Hao's three men immediately returned to their car.

    After the three of them got into the car, they immediately started up and left the village.

    Now that the Fire Ghost King was finally dead, it was finally a relief for Chen Hao to come down.

    "Inspector Li, please send us both home, you've worked hard this time, and this matter is considered over!"

    Sitting in the car, Chen Hao looked to the driving Fan Lao and narrated.

    After hearing this, Fan Lao nodded his head as well.

    He naturally understood the meaning of Chen Hao's words.

    "Thank you, Chen Hao!"

    Fan Lao also thanked Chen Hao.

    If it wasn't for Chen Hao discovering this important clue this time, they wouldn't have been able to find this place at all, nor would they have been able to get rid of the Fire Ghost King.

    Although Fan Lao was a member of the Military Intelligence Department, he agreed with Chen Hao's actions.

    After all, the Fire Ghost King deserved to die.


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