The unknown Heir 903


Chapter 903

Until the next morning.

    Just when Chen Hao and Brother Chen were still asleep, a doorbell woke them up.

    Brother Chen sleepily walked out of the room, walked to the door and opened the door.

    Upon opening it, he saw that it was a few people in uniform, and a glance at the sign was precisely from the Military Intelligence Division.

    "May I ask if Chen Hao and Mr. Brother Chen are here?"

    An inspector just walked in and looked at Brother Chen and asked.

    Brother Chen nodded in response, "I'm Brother Chen, what's up?"

    "Take away!"

    When he heard Brother Chen's words, the inspector simply gave the order and the two inspectors behind him stepped forward to hold Brother Chen back towards the outside.

    "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

    Brother Chen shouted at once.

    The huge noise woke up Chen Hao, Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo at once.

    The three of them hurriedly rushed out of the room.

    "You guys are?"

    Chen Hao came out and asked, surprised, looking at the people from the Military Intelligence Department in front of him.

    "You must be Mr. Chen Hao, we now suspect that you have something to do with the death of Inspector Fan Lao Li, so now we need to ask you to go back and do an investigation!"

    Just hearing that inspector, he took out an arrest warrant and narrated towards Chen Hao.

    "Wait, what did you say?Governor Li is dead?"

    Chen Hao was abruptly shocked after hearing this.

    This news was really too surprising for Chen Hao.

    One had to know that they had been fine when they parted with Fan Lao in the early hours of this morning, so why did Fan Lao suddenly die?This was too weird.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, I also hope you can cooperate with us!"

    This inspector, of course, knew who Chen Hao was, so he still looked at Chen Hao in a gentle tone and reminded him.

    "Good, then please let us get dressed and put on some clothes before following you!"

    Naturally, Chen Hao also did not have any opinions and directly agreed to it.

    Then, Chen Hao and Brother Chen changed their clothes and left with the people from the Military Intelligence Department.

    On the way, Chen Hao sat in the car without saying a word.

    Fan Lao's death really hadn't occurred to Chen Hao, and he didn't know exactly how Fan Lao had died.

    It seemed that there must be some strange circumstances present in all of this.

    Soon, Chen Hao and Brother Chen were brought to the Military Intelligence Department, where they were each placed in an interrogation room to await interrogation.

    After a while, the two inspectors pushed their way through the door and sat down.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, may I ask where you went with Inspector Li last night?What exactly did it go to?"

    One of the inspectors just stared at Chen Hao and questioned.

    "Yesterday, Inspector Li went with me to the Fire Ghost King's home!"

    Chen Hao opened his mouth towards the inspector and replied.

    "When did you return?"

    The inspector asked.

    "Inspector Lee drove the two of us home around two o'clock in the morning, took us home, and then he left on his own!"

    Chen Hao looked at the inspector and replied seriously.

    "Have you been at home since you returned?Didn't get out?"

    The inspector continued his interrogation.

    Chen Hao's brows furrowed.

    "You're advised that you'd better not waste your time on the two of us, do you think the two of us would kill Inspector Li?Also, the street where Inspector Li had his accident definitely has CCTV footage, why don't you guys pull it out and take a look?"

    Chen Hao did not want to go on to answer some questions and asked directly back at the inspector.

    Being asked such a rhetorical question by Chen Hao, it suddenly left the inspector speechless.

    Indeed, what Chen Hao had said did make sense.

    In fact, they were only trying to bring Chen Hao and his two men back to understand the situation.

    There was no evidence to prove that it was Chen Hao and Brother Chen who had killed Fan Lao.

    But last night, there was no one else but Chen Hao and the two who had contact with Fan Lao.

    The surveillance video that was transferred has also been seen.

    At the time of Fan Lao's accident, there was no one around, not a single car, and even the car was occupied by only Fan Lao himself.

    In other words, it was a completely bizarre situation when Fan Lao had the accident.

    In the surveillance, Fan Lao's car suddenly went out of control and rolled over.

    It wasn't until around noon that Chen Hao and his brother were released.

    The two of them left the military machine office and then took a direct bus back to the office.

    On the way.

    "Brother Chen, how exactly do you think Inspector Li died?"

    Brother Chen was very puzzled and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao looked grave, and he wasn't very clear about this, but Chen Hao knew that this was definitely not simple.

    "Could it be that the Fire Ghost King isn't dead yet?"

    In the next second, Brother Chen came up with a bold idea.

    This, Chen Hao felt that it should be unlikely, the Fire Ghost King had died before his eyes, so how could he still be alive.

    "Let's go back first, maybe this really is just an accident!"

    Chen Hao reminded Brother Chen of a sermon.

    Soon, the two of them returned to the office.

    "Chen Hao, Brother Chen, you two are back, is everything alright?"

    Seeing the two back, Zhen Ji hurriedly catered out with concern.

    Seeing the two people being taken away by the military intelligence in the morning really made Zhen Ji and Yu Xin a little worried.

    But now seeing the two of them return safe and sound, it made the two of them also breathe a sigh of relief.

    "It's fine, just doing some understanding in the past!"

    Chen Hao replied with a faint smile towards Zhen Ji to explain.

    "By the way, did you guys go to find the Fire Ghost King this time?"

    Zhen Ji brought a cup of water and handed it to Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao took the glass of water and after taking a sip of water, replied, "I found him, I've finished him off!"

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhen Ji was relieved.

    Because at last the Fire Devil King, the murderous demon, was taken care of.

    "But Viceroy Li's death.What is going on?I just watched the news and said that Inspector Li's death seemed weird and not artificial!"

    Right after that Zhen Ji was curious again and asked towards Chen Hao.

    "I'm not sure, when we returned last night, Inspector Li was all fine, and nothing special happened along the way."

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, narrated with a heavy expression.

    This was all really too bizarre.


    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhen Ji also heaved a heavy sigh.

    "Knock knock!"

    Just at that moment, a knock sounded at the door of the firm.

    "Brother Chen, go see who it is!"

    When Chen Hao heard this, he gave a command to Brother Chen.

    Brother Chen got up and walked to the door, only to see that the person standing at the door was the delivery boy.

    Opening the door, Brother Chen walked out.

    "Hello, may I ask if Mr. Chen Hao is here right?There's one of his deliveries please sign for it!"

    The courier boy looked at Brother Chen with a smile on his face as he narrated.

    "Well, yes!"

    Brother Chen responded directly, then signed for the delivery.

    "Brother Chen, there's a delivery for you!"

    Brother Chen said towards Chen Hao when he returned.

    "My delivery?"

    Chen Hao was suspicious after hearing this, but he had never bought anything, so why would he have his own delivery?


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