The unknown Heir 901


Chapter 901

"Oh, Brother Chen, don't forget that the Fire Ghost King isn't human now, he's more oozing than a ghost, do you think he'll be afraid to hide here?"

    Chen Hao chuckled lightly, and then he was reminding Brother Chen again.

    After hearing this, Brother Chen also felt that what Chen Hao said made sense.

    "Then you guys just watch, I'm leaving first!"

    That's when the Boss preached to the three Fan Lao men.

    "Well, Boss, thank you very much then!"

    Fan Lao hurriedly thanked the boss.

    "You're welcome, you're welcome!"

    The boss waved his hand in response for a while.

    After the Boss left, Chen Hao three stood in front of the wooden house at a loss for words.


    They didn't know what to do, and they couldn't get into this wooden house in front of them.

    "Brother Chen, Inspector Li, what should we do now?Kick in the door?"

    Brother Chen looked to Chen Hao and Fan Lao and asked.

    "Eh, nonsense, it's not right to trespass on private property!"

    Fan Lao immediately shouted at Brother Chen.

    Although Feng Yunxiang was no longer alive, the house was still hers, so they still couldn't just barge in.

    "What do we do then?We don't have a key, do we?"

    Brother Chen also sighed with a helpless expression.

    "Let's wait until night and see if we can wait for the Fire Ghost King to appear here!"

    Chen Hao then spoke up and suggested.

    According to what Chen Hao said, the three of them just waited here.

    This wait was for several hours.

    Until eight o'clock in the evening, the three of them had not waited for the Fire Ghost King to appear.

    The entire surroundings had fallen into darkness and silence.

    Such a dark environment could really create a great sense of fear in people.

    Apart from Chen Hao, Yang Dong and Fan Lao had also shrunk their necks and pulled their clothes tighter.

    "Brother Chen, we've been waiting for so long, and it's so dark, do we have to wait any longer?"

    Brother Chen looked to Chen Hao and asked.

    "Yeah, Chen Hao, why don't we just go back to the car, at least it's better than freezing here in the cold!"

    The Fan Lao on the other side also hurriedly looked at Chen Hao and suggested.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao also nodded his head in agreement.

    Seeing Chen Hao agree down, a sudden surprise arose in the hearts of Fan Lao and Brother Chen.

    Then, the three of them immediately got up and prepared to leave.

    Right at this moment, a light came on from the woods.

    When the light came on, it instantly attracted the attention and vigilance of Chen Hao, and the three of them immediately squatted down again.

    "Three lads?"

    Right after that came the voice of the boss man from before.

    It was only after hearing the boss man's voice that the three of them let Chen Hao down with a sigh of relief.

    Who did they think it was, but it was the previous boss man.

    Chen Hao's three men immediately came out of the bushes.

    "Boss, why are you still out wandering around so late?"

    Fan Lao looked at the boss in confusion and asked.

    "I'm here to see you guys all the time, aren't I!"

    The Boss smiled at Van and responded.

    "We're fine, we're waiting for someone here!"

    Fan Lao also hurriedly explained towards the boss, not wanting the boss to see anything different.

    "Eh, it's so late, you guys definitely can't wait, come on, go to my bar and settle down for a rest!"

    The boss sighed and then suggested towards the three of them, Fan Lao.

    When Fan Lao heard this, he immediately turned to look at Chen Hao and tried to ask Chen Hao's opinion.

    When Chen Hao saw this, he also nodded his head slightly.

    Right now, they had no other choice but to settle at this old man's house for the time being.

    It wasn't very safe when it was so dark outside, so who knew what could exist outside.

    After saying that, Chen Hao three followed the Boss and left the cabin.

    The Boss brought the three of them to Chen Hao's home, the Boss's home wasn't very shabby, it looked like it should have been rebuilt before.

    "Grand Master, are you the only one living in this village now?"

    When he arrived at the eldest master's home, Fan was curious and asked the old man.


    The boss laughed softly.

    "Yeah, everyone else moved to the city a long time ago, and I'm the only one who lives here!"

    After laughing a bit, the Boss replied towards Fan Lao.

    "Then why don't you go live in the city, Master?How comfortable is it to live in the city?"

    Fan Lao continued to ask.

    "Alas, I have no relatives or children alone, and I don't want to go and live in the city, it's nice to live here, I'm used to it!"

    The boss, on the other hand, preached with a bitter smile.

    I could hear that the boss was very helpless in his words.

    Yes, at a young age, not even having a family member, it was indeed a very cute thing to do.

    But maybe this is the fate of the boss, destined to live in these deep mountains for the rest of his life, it's still good to land back on the ground.

    "By the way, young man, who exactly are you waiting for here?

    The Boss then inquired towards Fan Lao.

    "Eldest Master, do you know that Feng Yunxiang's has a grandson called Fire Ghost King?"

    After Fan Lao paused, he asked towards the Boss.

    The boss was stunned after hearing that, then immediately spoke up and replied, "I know him, you said Fire Ghost King, that young man is still very good, he paid for the rebuilding of this house for me, he used to be so good, he would sometimes come here to stay with his grandmother, and he would also occasionally come to my place."

    "But yeah.He hasn't been back since his grandmother passed away!"

    The Boss sighed even as he spoke.

    "Oh?Sir, so have you felt out of sorts all this time?Or is there any noise coming from Grandma Feng Yunxiang's cabin?"

    Then, Fan Lao asked towards the Boss Master.

    Since this old master knew the Fire Ghost King, it must be certain that the number given by the Fire Ghost King would not be so simple.

    "I didn't hear that, but I also pass by that hut every day going up and down the mountain, and I've never heard any movement."

    The boss narrated towards Fan Lao.

    "You guys are talking so much, what exactly has happened?What's wrong with the Fire Ghost King?"

    The boss was very confused and pursued the question.

    "It's fine, it's fine, Master, we're all friends of the Fire Ghost King, but we've been unable to find the others for a while, so we wanted to come here and see if he's here!"

    Fan Lao quickly found a reason to explain towards the boss.

    "Oh, so that's how it is."

    After hearing this, the boss did not have any doubts and just nodded his head in response.

    Until late at night, the three of Chen Hao sat in the house.

    But this night, none of the three of them went to sleep.

    It wasn't that they didn't want to sleep, but they didn't dare to.

    After all, if they fell asleep, no one knew what would happen, let alone if the Fire Ghost King would appear.


    Just at that moment, a sound of a door opening was heard.

    The sound of the door opening was followed by the sound of the door closing immediately afterwards.

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