The unknown Heir 900


Chapter 900

"Hey, Chen Hao, what's up?"

    Fan Lao on the other end of the phone immediately asked towards Chen Hao.

    "Fan Lao, I know you can't let us join the case together right now, but I hope you can help us, what I'm about to say is very important, if you still want to solve the case and catch the Fire Ghost King then you better believe me!"

    Chen Hao narrated without any sense of joking towards Fan Lao on the other end of the phone.

    Fan Lao listened, but there was nothing he could do.

    "Okay, what do you say, how do I help you?"

    In order to be able to solve the case and catch the Fire Ghost King, Fan Lao chose to be open-minded and willing to help Chen Hao.

    "I'll tell you when you meet up with us, Fan Lao you go to the Population Records Office right away, we'll meet up there!"

    Chen Hao directly commanded towards Fan Lao.

    After saying that, Chen Hao hung up the phone.

    Soon, half an hour later, the Overland Continent Population Records Administration Office.

    Chen Hao and the two of them managed to meet up with Old Man Fan.

    "Chen Hao, why did we come here?"

    Fan Lao looked at Chen Hao with confusion and asked.

    "Fan Lao, I need you to go in and help us find a profile of the Fire Ghost King's family personnel, not just his parents, but all personnel information on both sides of his parents!"

    Chen Hao did not explain, but suggested towards Fan Lao.


    Fan Lao didn't hesitate either and directly agreed.

    She knew that Chen Hao must have his own reasons for doing so.

    Then, Fan Lao walked in.

    The reason why it was necessary to have Fan Lao's help was because the archival information in it could only be accessed by people of Fan Lao's level status and above.

    About an hour later, Fan Lao walked out with a thick box of information.

    When he returned to the car, Fan Lao handed the information to Chen Hao.

    "Here are all the information on all the members of Fire Ghost King's family, from his parents' generation to the older generation, you can take a look!"

    Fan Lao narrated a reminder towards Chen Hao.

    Without saying a word, Chen Hao immediately began to conduct a flipping review, faster than flipping through a book.

    "Chen Hao, what exactly did you find?"

    Fan Lao still couldn't help but ask Chen Hao, he didn't want to find out what was going on, he really felt bad about it.

    However, Chen Hao still ignored him and continued to flip through the information in his hand.

    It was only after a long time that Chen Hao stopped and pulled out a file from it to show to Fan Lao.

    When Fan Lao took a look at it, it was an old man named Feng Yunxiang.

    This Feng Yunxiang was precisely the Fire Ghost King's grandmother, but it had been two or three years since Feng Yunxiang had passed away, and the periods recorded on it were all from the year before.

    "This.What can this mean?"

    Fan Lao asked in puzzlement.

    Chen Hao immediately reported the address of Feng Yunxiang's residence to Brother Chen.

    "Brother Chen, use the positioning warp and weft to check if the address of Feng Yunxiang's residence matches the number left behind by the Fire Ghost King!"

    Chen Hao immediately instructed Brother Chen, who was sitting behind him.

    Brother Chen listened, immediately took out his tablet computer to look up.

    As it turned out, the set of numbers left behind by the Fire Ghost King was precisely about the longitude and latitude, and the address of the Fire Ghost King's grandmother Feng Yunxiang's residence.

    "Brother Chen, that's right, the location is exactly the same as this numerical dimension!"

    Brother Chen immediately looked at Chen Hao and Fan Lao and preached.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao and Fan Lao looked at each other.

    Now the three of them finally knew what this number represented.

    Where could it be so coincidental that it would coincide?

    That would mean that the Fire Ghost King would most likely be hiding in this place.

    And while this digital clue he had deliberately left for them was a way to find out the Fire Ghost King's own location, it was also likely to be the place where the next victim was killed.

    After thinking about it, Fan Lao immediately started the car and just blasted out the throttle.

    The three of them now had to make their way to where Feng Yunxiang lived.

    "Brother Chen, do you think the Fire Ghost King will really be hiding there?"

    On the way, Brother Chen then asked Chen Hao with confusion again.

    Chen Hao looked grave and shook his head to answer, "Not necessarily, the Fire Ghost King is a meticulous person who never follows a pattern in his work methods, so this number can only mean that this next victim must be able to represent the place where we can find the Fire Ghost King's hiding place!"

    After hearing Chen Hao's words, Brother Chen also nodded his head in understanding.

    After a forty-minute drive, Chen Hao's three men finally arrived at the address of the Fire Ghost King's grandmother, Feng Yunxiang.

    Feng Yunxiang was living in a small, remote village.

    Chen Hao's three men walked on the countryside roads.

    Along the way, the three of them did not see any people, and many of the surrounding houses were even tightly closed, so one could tell at a glance that no one had lived there for a long time.

    This kind of remote and dilapidated mountain village would definitely not have any people living there.

    After all, this society is now so developed, everyone is willing to live in a better house, live a better life, who would be willing to come to such a place to suffer.

    After walking around for a while, Chen Hao finally met a person.

    This person was dressed very plainly and was very old, and should be a farmer who stayed in this village.

    "Grand Master!"

    Old Man Fan hurriedly walked up and shouted towards this old man.

    The boss was shocked when he saw the three of Chen Hao, and he did not expect that there would be outsiders coming to this village.

    "You guys are?"

    The eldest was a little scared and looked at Fan Lao and asked.

    "Don't be afraid, Master, I am from the Military Intelligence Department, I want to ask if you know where Feng Yunxiang lives?"

    Fan Lao spoke out his identity and then asked towards the boss.

    It was only when he heard Fan Lao say that he was from the Military Intelligence Department that the Boss relaxed his guard down.

    "Who did you say?"

    The boss asked again.

    "Feng Yunxiang, Grandma Feng Yunxiang!"

    Fan Lao spoke Feng Yunxiang's name twice aloud.

    "Oh, Feng Yunxiang ah, she.She died a long time ago ah, what are you looking for her for?"

    When the boss heard this, he came to a sudden realization and reminded him towards Fan Lao.

    The fact that Feng Yunxiang was not alive was something that the three of Fan Lao already knew about.

    "Boss, I know this, we just want to go to Granny Feng Yunxiang's residence, there are some things we need to take out!"

    Fan Lao was again narrating towards the eldest.

    "Fine, then I'll take you there!"

    After hearing this, the Boss also agreed very quickly and directly said towards Fan Lao.

    "Eh, that's fine, then thank you, Eldest Master!"

    As soon as Fan Lao heard that, it was a good feeling, he immediately smiled and agreed.

    It was a good thing that someone was showing them the way, finally they didn't have to look around.

    Soon, with the boss leading the way, the three of them, Chen Hao, managed to arrive at the residence of the Fire Ghost King's grandmother, Feng Yunxiang.

    Feng Yunxiang's residence was already in shambles, it was just a wooden hut with the door closed.

    "Brother Chen, I don't think the Fire Ghost King would be hiding here, it's too shabby, it's weirdly oozing!"

    After a glance, Brother Chen narrated towards Chen Hao.


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