The unknown Heir 899



Chapter 899

The next morning, Chen Hao set off with Brother Chen.

    "Brother Chen, where are we going this early in the morning?"

    Brother Chen was surprised and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    To know that he hadn't slept a good day's sleep for the past few days, so that he couldn't go home and sleep in his own bed, this was still woken up early in the morning, it really made Brother Chen feel helpless.

    "Go to Ghost City Xuanzong!"

    Chen Hao replied towards Brother Chen.

    In between conversations, the two had arrived at the Ghost City Xuanzong's tower.

    The Ghost City Xuanzong was now completely shut down, and the entire tower had been sealed off, but of course this was all because the Fire Ghost King was wanted.

    If the Fire Ghost King hadn't been wanted, then the Ghost City Xuanzong could actually continue to operate.

    Thus, I don't know how many people lost their jobs and work.

    Everything had a cause and effect.

    Chen Hao brought Brother Chen to the entrance of the tower and found that the door was locked with chains and a seal still attached to the door.

    "Brother Chen, it's sealed, how are we going to get in?"

    Brother Chen asked towards Chen Hao in confusion.

    After looking around, Chen Hao then brought Brother Chen to a vent at the back of the tower.

    Chen Hao walked up to the vent and then directly moved the lid down and got in.

    The two of them just climbed in through the vent and worked their way up to the third floor toilet.

    Chen Hao knew that the Fire Ghost King's sleeping quarters were on the sixteenth floor, so he immediately rushed up to the sixteenth floor in one go.

    All the way up, Chen Hao didn't even gasp as his face didn't turn red and his heart didn't pound.

    Rather, Brother Chen was still far behind when Chen Hao arrived at the sixteenth floor, and it took him ten minutes to reach the sixteenth floor.

    Once he arrived at the sixteenth floor, Brother Chen collapsed on the couch and gasped for air.



    "I say Brother Chen, can we not be so fast next time, this is going to be a death run!"

    Brother Chen collapsed on the sofa with a look of utter frustration and said.

    He really didn't know how Chen Hao managed to rush up to the sixteenth floor in one breath, it was simply too inhuman.

    But in fact, Chen Hao wasn't human at all, he was half human and half ghost, and his body functions were already different from normal people, so this kind of thing was nothing to Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao didn't pay any attention to Brother Chen's words, instead just focusing on his own search for any clues to the Fire Starting Ghost King in his bedroom.

    After listening to what Zhen Ji had said to himself yesterday, Chen Hao knew that they absolutely couldn't go on passively, and that they must take the initiative to make the Fire Ghost King come to him.

    The only way was to find the things and matters that made the Fire Ghost King care, only then could Chen Hao catch the Fire Ghost King.

    After searching for a while, Chen Hao did indeed find something.

    There was a wooden box in the Fire Ghost King's chambers.

    This wooden box didn't look like anything special, it was a very simple and old kind of box.

    It would have been strange for someone of the Fire Ghost King's status to have a wooden box like this itself, which meant that this wooden box must have a different meaning to the Fire Ghost King, only that the Fire Ghost King had forgotten to take it away.

    Chen Hao then immediately opened the wooden box.

    The wooden box contained a jade ring made of jadeite, the color of this jade ring was already somewhat dull and old, indicating that it must have been some years old.

    Chen Hao looked at it carefully for a while longer before putting the jade ring back into the wooden box and taking it away in his own pocket.

    "What man?"

    Just at this moment, a man's angry voice came from the doorway.

    Chen Hao and Brother Chen immediately looked towards the door in a vigilant manner.

    They saw that Fan Lao and his men walked in.

    Only when they saw that it was Fan Lao did Chen Hao and Brother Chen let out a sigh of relief down, they were expecting who it was.

    "It's you guys?What are you guys doing here?And how did you get in here?"

    When Fan Lao saw that it was Chen Hao and Brother Chen, he had a moment of confusion and asked.

    The Chief Inspector had given him an order not to have any further contact with Chen Hao or allow him to help them with this case, so Fan Lao could only obey.

    "We're here to find a clue!"

    Chen Hao looked at Fan Lao and replied.

    "Chen Hao, I'm sorry, but you can't take care of this case now, so please leave, and if you still come in here without permission next time, we'll have to take you back!"

    Fan Lao was very direct and just warned towards Chen Hao.

    Naturally, Chen Hao understood what Fan Lao meant, and he understood what Fan Lao did and said, and he didn't want to embarrass Fan Lao either.

    "Okay, I understand, Fan Lao!"

    Chen Hao also nodded in response, and then prepared to leave with Brother Chen.


    As he left, Fan Lao called out to Chen Hao again.

    "Have you found any clues, if so, please hand them over to us!"

    Fan Lao looked at Chen Hao and reminded him.

    The corners of Chen Hao's mouth raised in an arched smile, and he shook his head and replied, "I'm sorry Fan Lao, I didn't find any clues!"

    After saying this, Chen Hao left the tower with Brother Chen.

    Joking aside, how could Chen Hao give Fan Lao the clues he had found.

    After leaving the Ghost City Xuanzong, Chen Hao returned to his office with Fan Lao.

    Upon returning to the office, Chen Hao took the wooden box he had obtained from the Fire Ghost King's bedroom and placed it on the table.

    Opening the wooden box, he took out the jade ring inside.

    "Brother Chen, does this jade ring have any special significance?Why did you give it back?"

    Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao in confusion and asked.

    "Think about it, would someone of such a high status as the Fire Ghost King even leave behind such an old jade ring?Don't you think that's too weird?"

    Chen Hao looked to Brother Chen to open his mouth to ask a rhetorical question.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Brother Chen also felt that it made sense.

    "This jade ring should be worn by an old man!"

    That's when Jenji came over to preach to Houze.

    "The old man wore it?Why do you say that, Jenji?"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and questioned.

    "You guys, this jade ring is already some years old and the patterns on it are not from this era, I remember my grandmother used to wear a similar jade ring, that's why I guessed so!"

    Zhen Ji explained towards Chen Hao.

    Upon hearing this, Chen Hao came to an understanding.

    This meant that the Fire Ghost King still had a grandmother, and this jade ring would happen to be left behind by her grandmother for him.

    "Brother Chen, but...But even if we have this ring, we may not be able to capture the Fire Ghost King,"

    Brother Chen still didn't quite understand as he looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    "No, it is precisely this jade ring that will help us find the Fire Ghost King, and I already know who the Fire Ghost King's next victim will be!"

    Chen Hao looked at Brother Chen with a confident face as he preached.

    After saying that, Chen Hao got up and walked out again, and Brother Chen followed immediately.

    "Brother Chen, you drive to the Population Records Management Office!"

    Once downstairs, Chen Hao threw the car keys to Brother Chen and instructed him.


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