The unknown Heir 898


Chapter 898

After hearing this, Zhen Ji didn't have any comments.

    Chen Hao then processed the wolf and cut off the fur, wolf fur was a good thing, maybe it could be sold for a good price, and then cut off a large piece of meat.

    After taking it to the river and cleaning it, Chen Hao set up a campfire again and grilled the wolf meat on it.

    It was not a good thing to travel on an empty stomach, so it was better to eat first.

    After a few more minutes, the wolf meat was finally grilled and ready to go.

    Chen Hao cut a few pieces and put them on the leaves and handed them to Zhen Ji.

    Then they sat under the tree and enjoyed it together.

    "Well, I must say, this wolf meat ah is really tasty, it's completely different from pork or whatever!"

    Chen Hao took a bite and burst out in shock, this was the first time he had ever eaten wolf meat, the feeling was truly extraordinary.

    But as long as it could fill his stomach, it was fine, no matter what kind of meat it was.

    After a full meal, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji simply cleaned up and dealt with the campfire before preparing to set off on their journey again.

    "Sha Sha!"

    However, right at this moment, there was a sound of leaves shaking around, as if something was traveling again.

    Chen Hao instantly became alert, pulled Zhen Ji and hurriedly hid in a clump of trees.

    As soon as they were able to hide, they saw several strange and thin figures scurry out of the woods, scurrying out and then surrounding the wolf's corpse before beginning to lean down to gnaw on it.

    Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji were both incomparably surprised.

    What kind of creatures were these monsters that had humanoid, but not human-like shapes, and were actually eating raw meat and sucking blood.

    Could it be.

    A bold idea popped up in Chen Hao's mind.

    That's right, the idea was that these creatures were the so-called Ghost People.

    "Chen Hao, what kind of monsters are these?"

    Zhen Ji was confused and curious and asked towards Chen Hao.

    "These are the Ghost Clan people!"

    Chen Hao immediately replied towards Zhen Ji.


    After hearing this, Zhen Ji opened her mouth wide, extremely incredulous, and almost screamed out.

    But still, she was discovered by these few Ghost Clan people.

    The few Ghost Clan people immediately became alert and began to look around again.

    "Go.Let's go!"

    Chen Hao knew that they must have been discovered, so he quickly warned towards Zhen Ji.

    After saying that, Chen Hao pulled Zhen Ji and immediately ran wildly.

    In no time at all, a few Ghost Clan people spotted the two of them and immediately quickly chased after Chen Hao, shrieking incessantly as they did so.

    Seeing a living person was a great temptation for the Ghost Clan people, and they craved for fresh blood.

    As such, Chen Hao and the two of them fled and chased after a few ghost people in the forest.

    However, the Ghost Clan people were very fast, and in the blink of an eye, they caught up with Chen Hao and surrounded the two of them.

    "Chen Hao, what do we do now?"

    Zhen Ji was a little worried as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    "Don't be afraid, I'm here!"

    Chen Hao reassured towards Zhen Ji.


    A few Ghost Clan people stared at Chen Hao and Zhen Ji, their mouths constantly making noises.

    The two of them had been completely stalked by these several Ghost Clan people.

    In the next second, a few Ghost Clan people attacked Chen Hao and the two of them, coming at them with their teeth and claws.

    Chen Hao decisively lit out his Star Profound Sword and made a quick slash.

    In an instant, one of the first Ghost Clan members to charge up was directly cut in half by Chen Hao's Star Abyss Sword, blood splattering everywhere.

    Seeing this scene, the other three Ghost Clan members also backed away, not daring to go forward.

    Their own companions had been chopped in half, and they certainly knew the power of  Chen's Star Profound Sword.

    "Come on, come up if you're not afraid to die!"

    Chen Hao stared at the three remaining Ghost Clan people in front of him and spoke in an icy tone.

    The three Ghost Clan people seemed to understand Chen Hao's words, immediately turning their heads and fleeing quickly.

    At last, the crisis was averted, it seemed that these Ghost Clan people were still very timid and fled in fear after being so easily frightened.

    "Alright, it's fine, let's leave quickly before these Ghost Clan people come back!"

    Chen Hao put away his Star Profound Sword and looked at Zhen Ji to remind her.

    After saying that, Chen Hao hurriedly headed out of the forest with Zhen Ji in tow.

    After more than half an hour of walking, the two of them finally walked out of this mountain forest.

    Once they were out, Chen Hao took out his cell phone and took a look, finally there was a signal.

    Just now in the mountain forest, the phone had no signal at all, so it was impossible to contact Brother Chen and the three others.

    Now that there was a signal, of course, Chen Hao had to quickly make contact with Brother Chen, and had to meet up quickly to do so.


    Only a beep came out when the phone got through, but Brother Chen did not connect.

    Chen Hao called several more times in a row, all of which were not connected.

    This made Chen Hao's brows furrow in disbelief.

    The fact that the phone could get through meant that there was definitely a signal, it was just that Brother Chen wasn't there to pick it up.

    There were two scenarios, either the first was that Brother Chen hadn't noticed a call coming in, or the second was that something had happened to Brother Chen and that was why he couldn't get through to the phone.

    For Chen Hao, both of these possibilities were high, especially the second one.

    Brother Chen was given to electronics fans, and would never ignore the phone, besides, if there was a signal, he would definitely call himself.

    But now that it had been so long and Brother Chen hadn't even called, it was enough to show that something was most likely wrong with the three of them.

    "Chen Hao, do you think something is wrong with Brother Chen and the others?"

    Zhen Ji was a little worried as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao locked his eyebrows and could not help but become pale, nodding his head to acknowledge this statement of Zhen Ji's.

    "It's possible that there are ghost people in this mountain forest, we can all encounter them, brother Chen and the three of them are no exception!"

    "Huh?That they would."

    Zhen Ji was fiercely surprised, the sense of worry in her heart grew even heavier.

    "Don't worry, with Fan Lao here, the Ghost Clan people shouldn't be able to do anything easily, Fan Lao definitely has a way to deal with those Ghost Clan people!"

    Chen Hao reassured towards Zhen Ji, actually, Chen Hao wasn't too sure about this, but he didn't want to make Zhen Ji worry too much.

    So right now, it was better to find the three Chen brothers first.

    After that, Chen Hao took Zhen Ji to the mountain forest outside to search for them.

    After a while, they found a missing backpack, and when they saw it, they knew that it was Brother Chen's backpack.

    And there was also a cell phone by the backpack, which was Brother Chen's cell phone.

    No wonder the phone didn't answer, both the backpack and the phone were lost.

    But seeing this made Chen Hao and the two of them know that something must have happened to Brother Chen and the three of them.


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