The King of Kungfu in school 681-690


Chapter 681

The Cai family head smiled, "Of course, I'm also very happy to be able to marry your family, so how about this, I'll instruct them to see if there are any that match, and if they find one that does, they'll contact you, and then set up a time for both sides to meet, how about that."


Tang Zichen hung up the phone.

Clan Cai immediately ordered it down, of course he couldn't do this personally, if it was Tang Zichen, he would definitely go and run it himself, but Liu Chenming just ordered the family to do it.

Liu Chenming was a worldly man with no martial skills, so naturally, their Cai family would find a match.

The next day, early in the morning, Tang Zichen received a call.

"Hello, Senior Tang Zichen, how are you, I'm an elder of the Cai Family, just call me Little Flower."A female said gently.

"Oh, hello, Elder."Tang Zichen said.

"It's like this, we've found ten women for Liu Chenming that match him, when are you free, how about meeting up with Liu Chenming and we both meet up in Dongyang County for a blind date?"

"Today is fine."

"Okay, then we'll keep in touch." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen immediately rolled over and got up.

"Zichen, you're up so early."

"Uncle Liu, I have something I want to tell you."

"What is it, you say."

"Uncle Liu, your life's work can't be delayed any longer, it just so happens that the Cai family is quite good, it's the earthly emperor of Tiannan Province, the Cai family has a few nice women, let's go to Dongyang County today and meet, see if you like any of them, and if so, marry them."

"Zichen, stop it."

"Uncle Liu, listen to me."

"Zichen, really stop it, I don't want to be a door-to-door son-in-law anymore, you forget, I used to be the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, I'm still quite good like this."Willow Chenming said.

"Uncle Liu, this time it's different, this time we're a marriage of equal status, not a door-to-door son-in-law, but they're marrying a woman to you."

"Zichen, don't."

"Uncle Willow, listen to me, do you want to just grow old alone like this?You're not very old, I'll help you condition your body a little more, you're the same as a 35 year old prime, you want to be widowed at such a young age."

"Ah, Zichen, what 35 years old."

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, I made you young ah, with my healing technique, it couldn't be easier to make you ten years younger.Uncle Liu, go ahead, go to Dongyang County on a blind date, perhaps, there really is a woman you are tempted by."

"Ugh, okay."Liu Chenming eventually nodded his head.

However, before departing, Tang Zichen detoxified Liu Chenming's body, then strengthened his meridians and constitution, as well as his skin vitality and so on.

Less than an hour later, Liu Chen Ming was indeed ten years younger, returning to 35 in the blink of an eye.

Liu Chenming looked at himself in the mirror, all a bit incredulous.

"Zichen, you're amazing, ten years ago, I was like this."Liu Chen Ming said happily, who wouldn't want to be ten years younger.

Tang Zichen smiled hehe, "Uncle Liu, there's more to being young than just looks oh."

"Then what else is there?"Willow Chenming asked.

Tang Zichen harrumphed, "You know."

Willow Chenming understood at once, somewhat speechless.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, you're so young now, only thirty-five years old, if you don't get a wife, are you going to waste your time like this."

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"Zichen, don't deceive yourself, I'm forty-five."

"Your body has returned to thirty-five, forty-five is just your mental age, alright, head to Dongyang County, blind date."

Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming arrived at Dongyang County.

Willow Chenming was ten years younger and much more handsome, possessing a very mature charm, and the average woman simply couldn't stop that charm.

At a hotel, they arranged to meet.

Tang Zichen first met that female elder of the Cai family.

"Senior Tang, these ten people are the women that my Cai family matched with Liu Chen Ming, take a look."

Tang Zichen picked up the ten photos, all ten of them were quite beautiful.

Cai patriarch said, "These ten people are the elite of my Cai family, between the ages of 28 and 33, unmarried.Of course, we can only make sure that they are unmarried, we can't make sure if they have ever been in a relationship or anything like that."

Tang Zichen asked, "It doesn't matter if they've ever been in a relationship or not, it's still not a virgin, but they should all be single, don't still have their last relationship to haunt them."

"Oh, what are you joking about senior Tang, how can we fool you, for example, this one, her name is Cai Yinghua, 29 years old, she is currently the chairman of a group in our Cai family.And this one, her name is Cai Xiangling, she is currently the deputy minister of the Public Security Department of Tiannan Province, she is 32 years old.All of them are the elite of our Cai family, but of course, like Liu Chenming, they have no martial arts talent and only know some basics.As I'm sure you know, the people in our Cai Family who manage the Tennan Prefecture are not martial arts practitioners, martial arts practitioners are dedicated to martial arts training, they don't have time to waste on mundane things."

Tang Zichen nodded, it seemed that the Cai family was indeed quite sincere.

"Alright, then you first have those ten beauties prepare, I'll also show this information to Uncle Liu, and then we'll have a formal blind date."


Tang Zichen took the ten people's information and went to the hotel room to find Liu Chenming.

"Uncle Liu, take a look, this is the ten beauties from the Cai family who went on a blind date with you, take a look at the one that meets your eye."

Liu Chenming was a little embarrassed to look at them and said, "Zichen, these people are so good, I can't match them.Look at this one, Cai Qinglian, she's the governor of Dongyang County ah, I've seen her before, I'm not even worthy of giving her a shoe lift ah.Also, I was promoted to mayor two days ago, and I even went to the Dongyang County government to meet with her."

Liu Chenming's heart was about to jump out, he used to be just a small business owner, he wasn't even worthy of lifting shoes for others.

But Tang Zichen snorted, "Uncle Liu, why do you have to be so presumptuous, what to mention shoes are not even worthy, if they were not born in the Cai family, do you think they can be so outstanding?Besides, we are now in a marriage, it's not your ability that counts, but my power and their Cai family's power, you boldly go on a blind date, if you like it, you can marry the ones you like, whether they like you or not, because it's not their turn to dislike it, they have to obey the Cai family's arrangement."

"Alright."Liu Chenming nodded his head.

"Uncle Liu, then you reveal which one you like?"Don Zimmer asked ambiguously.

"Ah, this."

"Say it."

Liu Chen Ming was a bit embarrassed and pointed at the woman in one of the photos.

"Cai Jieyun, 33 years old, currently the Minister of Finance in the People's Government of Tiannan Province."

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, 33, a bit old, pick a younger one."

"Uh, Zichen, being too young feels like there's a generation gap ah, this Cai Jieyun feels very eye catching."

"Okay, let's go with that, even though she's 33, she's still pretty."Tang Zichen said.


Liu Chenming smiled apologetically, if it wasn't for Tang Zichen, he wouldn't have dreamed of being able to marry the Minister of Finance of the Tiannan Prefecture.

Although this Cai Jieyun was a member of the Cai family, she must have outstanding ability to become the Minister of Finance of the Tennan Prefecture to stand out among so many sons and daughters of the Cai family as well as the best officials of the entire government.

Liu Chenming didn't like the rest, so he directly met with that Cai Jieyun alone.

In a small room, Liu Chen Ming and Cai Jieyun met.

Tang Zichen and the Cai family elders were waiting outside the door.


"Uh, Cai, Minister Cai, hello."Liu Chen Ming was a bit formal, but instead, this Cai Jieyun was very imposing, worthy of being the Minister of Finance.

Cai Jieyun knew that she had no choice today, whether she saw this man or not, she had to marry him because it was the family's arrangement and could not be resisted.

However, fortunately, after the meeting, Cai Jieyun had a pretty good impression of Liu Chenming, mature and charming, not at all what the profile said, a 45-year-old middle-aged man.

Originally Cai Jieyun knew that Liu Chenming was interested in her, she wanted to die, but after the meeting, it didn't seem to repel well.

"Oh, Willow Chenming, don't be nervous." First URL

"Um, good."

"Willow Chenming, you don't look 45, you're only around 34, 35."Cai Jieyun laughed.

"Me."Willow Chenming was grateful to Tang Zichen for making him ten years younger.

Willow Chenming originally thought he wouldn't be able to move again, but when he saw Cai Jieyun today, his dusty heart, which had been sealed for a long time, thumped once again.

"Oh, Willow Chenming, can't you say something complete."

"Ah, well, you, you, you're so beautiful."

"Thank you."Cai Jieyun smiled slightly, every movement filled with the air of a superior person

"If you're so beautiful, why are you still unmarried."Willow Chen Ming asked.

"Oh, do you have to marry early just because you're pretty, you haven't met the right one, so it's easy to get to that age.And you, I hear you have a daughter."

"Yes, but she, something's happened to her for the moment."Willow Chenming looked a little hard, wondering if his daughter would object if he remarried now, or else he would really be sorry for her, the reason why he didn't want to remarry in the past was mainly because of his daughter's cold illness, how could he be in the mood to remarry.

"Alright, Willow Chenming, I'm quite satisfied with you, I'm not young anyway, it's time to get married, and besides, if you only fuck me, I have no choice."

Willow Chenming said, "If you really don't like it, I can talk to Zichen."

"Don't, you don't make me feel bad, just you.Besides, there's a benefit to me marrying you, at least, my family's lineage will rise in the family, and it's pretty good."

"Oh."Willow Chenming smiled, he also knew that big families also had very many branches, and the status of different branches in the family naturally varied.Her marriage to Liu Chen Ming, with Tang Zichen's reputation, would also allow her parents and other relatives to raise their status in the family and so on.

Just like that, Willow Chenming and Cai Jieyun were attracted to each other.

Walking out of the room, Willow Chenming was all smiles and very grateful to Tang Zichen, if it wasn't for Tang Zichen, how could he have married such an outstanding woman.

Tang Zichen said, "Cai Jieyun, I also have something to say to you, follow me over there."

"Yes, Senior Tang."Cai Jieyun respectfully said.

Although Cai Jieyun was the Minister of Finance of Tiannan Prefecture, it was scum in front of Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen was an imperial talent who could be on equal footing with her family's innate master, who was an existence she looked up to.Therefore, in front of Tang Zichen, Cai Jieyun was respectful and didn't dare to be rude in any way.


sp;Arriving at a secluded place to one side, Tang Zichen immediately cast a lullaby on Cai Jieyun.

Tang Zichen certainly wanted to make sure.

"Cai Jieyun, am I truly willing to marry Liu Chenming?"Tang Zichen asked.

Cai Jieyun answered honestly, "Yes."

"Do you have any emotional entanglements right now?Did you have a boyfriend you were dating before your family approached you?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen knew that they, the children of the family, did not have the right to choose marriage, if the Cai family really wanted her to marry Liu Chen Ming, even if the wedding was to be held immediately, it had to be cancelled.

"Yes, but the family has asked me to end my relationship with him immediately, if Liu Chenming falls in love with me, I must marry him, I can't resist the family's order."

Tang Zichen was shocked, and indeed there was.

"Who is the other?"

"He's my college classmate, and my family dislikes him and has never approved of my marriage to him."Cai Jieyun said with dull eyes.

Tang Zichen was afraid that the other party would hate Liu Chenming for this and secretly do something to Liu Chenming, that's why Tang Zichen hypnotized Cai Jieyun, it would be best if there wasn't any entanglement.But I didn't expect that there really was emotional entanglement.

"Does he love you very much?"Tang Zichen asked.

Cai Jieyun said, "We've been together since college, and he loves me very much."

"What about you?"

"I, I, I don't seem to like it as much as I did in the beginning, I'm a little tired of it."Cai Jieyun replied.

"So, you married Willow Chenming, you're sincere?"

"Yes, I mean it, I want to be done with him once and for all and marry Liu Chen Ming."

Tang Zichen snapped his fingers, disarming the lullaby.

Cai Jieyun sobered up, but she didn't know anything and thought she had just come over and asked politely, "Senior Tang, what do you want to say to me, please say it."

Tang Zichen asked, "Cai Jieyun, were you sincere in marrying Liu Chenming."


"Then are you currently single?Are there emotional attachments?"Tang Zichen asked.

Cai Jieyun replied, "No, I've been single."

Tang Zichen's heart hummed, "Liar, I already know everything about you.However, since you're sincere, I'll give you a chance to negotiate with Uncle Liu, and if Uncle Liu still chooses you, then I'll have nothing to say."

"Alright, Cai Jieyun, I have nothing to say, I just want to tell you to treat my Uncle Liu sincerely."

"Don't worry Senior Tang, I will."

Tang Zichen turned and walked away, coming to Liu Chenming and said to Liu Chenming, "Uncle Liu, I have something I want to say to you."

"Zichen, you say it."

Tang Zichen quietly told her that Cai Jieyun had always had a boyfriend, a classmate from her college, but her family was reluctant to approve and never married, but she did get a little tired of that relationship and was now genuinely willing to marry Liu Chenming.Tang Zichen asked Willow Chenming to accept it, if not, you can choose to live another.

Willow Chenming said, "Zichen, I don't mind, as long as she's genuinely willing."

"No way, Uncle Liu, people have always had boyfriends ah, maybe even slept in the same bed with the former last night, this you can also accept, or choose over one, I don't believe that choose over one or have feelings on entanglement."

"Oh, Zichen, I've got a daughter, she's so old, how can I dislike her for this?I don't mind as long as she's sincere and not forced by the family, and to be honest, I, I fell in love with her at first sight."Willow said with a bit of a blush, glowing with the second coming of love.

"Alright."Tang Zichen stopped trying to persuade her, as long as Uncle Liu himself liked it.


Just like that, Liu Chen Ming and this Cai Jie Yun got on well.

Since Tang Zichen didn't know if he would have time to come back for the wedding next year, Tang Zichen agreed with the Cai family that the wedding date would be set for the 28th of the year, two days before the New Year.

On the 28th day of the New Year, Liu Chenming and Cai Jieyun held their wedding at a large hotel in Linjiang City.

Because Liu Chenming didn't want to be too high-profile, the wedding was also relatively simple to conduct.

"Uncle Liu, Aunt Cai, congratulations, I wish you a hundred years of goodwill and an early birth."Tang Zichen smiled and said to Liu Chenming and Cai Jieyun.

Liu Chenming looked embarrassed, Tang Zichen told him to have an early child, he didn't want to have any more noble children.

Cai Jieyun said, "Thank you, Senior Tang."

"Aunt Cai, since you're my Uncle Liu's wife now, I'll naturally call you Aunt Cai, you also follow Uncle Liu and call me Zichen, I hope you don't fail my Uncle Liu in the future and live well with him."

"Good, Tzichen."

"Here's to your early birth, cheers."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, then, casting a spacer, it reached Cai Jieyun's ears, "I know all about you and your college boyfriend, if you dare to do anything wrong to Uncle Liu behind his back, you should know what I'll do, Aunt Cai."

Cai Jieyun's face changed, Tang Zichen passed on the message to her, no one else knew. Remember the URL

Cai Jieyun gave a slight nod to Tang Zichen.

With this simple marriage complete, Cai Jieyun also married into the Liu family and would be spending the New Year with Liu Chen Ming this year.

In the blink of an eye, it was New Year's Eve.

On the thirtieth day of the new year, Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming's husband and wife, along with Li Xuan'er, Xiao Meng, Wu Ma, and a few others spent the new year together.

On the second day of the first month, Tang Zichen left Linjiang City with Li Xuan'er and Xiaomeng, and returned to Wangjing City.

Since he was already the auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, Tang Zichen couldn't be too loose, and returned almost immediately after the New Year, and now that Liu Chenming also had a wife, Tang Zichen was a little more at ease with him, at least no one dared to harm him within the scope of the Tiannan Prefecture.

Arriving at Wangjing City, Tang Zichen immediately went to the Fortieth Prince's house.

"My subordinates pay their respects to Your Highness Forty, wishing Your Highness Forty a Happy New Year and a new step forward."

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, no need to be polite, you too, Happy New Year, why did you come so early."

"I'm here right after the New Year, there's no point in being back home."Tang Zichen said.

The Forty Princes nodded, "That's true, the world outside, although wonderful, is after all the world of ordinary people, we martial arts practitioners still prefer this place where the strong are like clouds."

Tang Zichen nodded, it really wasn't much fun to go back to Linjiang City, everyone was so weak.Driving a sports car, going to bars, attending concerts, watching movies, none of it felt interesting anymore, it was never the same as it was in the beginning.

"Tang Zichen, you're just in time."

Tang Zichen said, "What does Your Majesty have to say."

"Tang Zichen, there are a total of several hundred people who have registered for the international student quota, and among these hundreds of people, there are early innate, mid innate, late innate, as well as toxic spellcasters, charmers, sound spellcasters, archery spellcasters, in short, all kinds of similar geniuses.However, the quota for international students is only 10, so my matriarch said that you might not be able to study abroad."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled, he was still waiting for his eyes to go study abroad.



"Tang Zichen, there are too many geniuses, yet the quota is only ten, and there are also many relations, the relations are specially approved by the emperor, deducting the relations, I'm afraid there are only five quotas left, so many people, my mother consort said that the probability of you being chosen is too small, and my mother consort is just giving you a good precautionary shot in advance."

"I'm a double genius, and I can't do anything about it."

"Truth be told, you're not the only one who's a double genius."

"It seems that the Yanhuang Empire is indeed full of talents.Forty Your Highness, then if I add one more title of Imperial Talent, is there any hope?"

"Ah, Don Zichen, don't you have any more talent?Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's not exactly talent, but it just occurred to me that I might be able to challenge the enchanted spiritist."

"Ah, Tang Zichen, you wouldn't have talent in the area of a Vertigo Master, you're too terrifying as well."The forty princes were shocked.

Tang Zichen originally had no contact with this aspect, but by coincidence in the Glazed Kingdom, he learned a lullaby, which had the same effect as mesmerism, or even, the effect of the lullaby would be even better, at least better than Shangguan Rou's charming art, right?In addition, Tang Zichen's mental strength was greatly enhanced, which also made Tang Zichen's lullaby greatly improved.

Tang Zichen's lullaby had already been practiced to the seventh level.

The last time he was in the Glazed Kingdom, Tang Zichen had only practiced to the fifth level, and at that time, Tang Zichen's lullaby could only deal with the Houtian Realm.

But now that he had practiced to the seventh level, Tang Zichen himself didn't know how strong an innate expert he could deal with.

Perhaps, late innate would not be a problem anymore.

Moreover, Tang Zichen also felt as if he was not far from the eighth level of the Lullaby.

So, didn't this mean that Tang Zichen was considered a Vertigo Master?

Perhaps, Tang Zichen had the talent to begin with, but Tang Zichen himself just didn't know about it, otherwise, how else would Tang Zichen learn how to play lullabies.

"Tang Zichen, you're really a genius, if you're able to obtain three Imperial Talent titles, then you'll definitely be able to study abroad.It's not too late, you should go to the Enchanted Soul Master's Union right now and assess your Enchanted Soul Master rank, as long as you reach the title of Eighth Grade Enchanted Soul Master, you will be able to obtain the title of Imperial Talent.An eight-grade mesmerist is equivalent to an early innate expert."


Tang Zichen nodded his head and immediately went to the Enchanted Soul Master's Union.

The Forty Princes personally accompanied Tang Zichen because he was also too shocked, this Tang Zichen, if he could really obtain the title of three Imperial Talents, it would be truly extraordinary, he was too lucky to be able to recruit such an auxiliary minister.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Vertigo Master's Union.

"Greetings to the Forty Princes."Many people were busy paying their respects.

"Alright, no need to be polite, today I am accompanying my auxiliary talent, Tang Zichen over to assess the mesmerist rank."

"Ah, isn't Tang Zichen a dual genius in healing and martial cultivation?"

"Hahaha, yes, but Tang Zichen also has talent in mesmerism, so stop nagging and conduct the assessment immediately."


The people from the Vertigo Union were extremely surprised, this Tang Zichen is too unorthodox, he's already a double genius, does he really want three days only?

A ninth-grade mesmerist said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I'm going to assess your mesmerism level right now, there are mesmerism instructors from one to eight grades here, you can choose one at will, whoever you win the challenge with, you're a mesmerist of whatever grade."


Tang Zichen nodded his head and first chose a Sixth Piece Ecstasy Mentor, Tang Zichen didn't know his own level, so let's start with low.

Tang Zichen performed a lullaby attack on that Sixth Grade Lost Soul Mentor.

"Ah."In the next second, that Sixth Grade Lost Soul Mentor fell down, unconscious.

"Ah," that ninth-grade mesmerizing mentor in charge of the assessment was shocked and collapsed in a second, which showed that Tang Zichen's level far exceeded that of the sixth-grade.

Tang Zichen went on to a higher selection.

"Then let's just go straight to eight-grade mesmerized spirit mentor, shall we?"Tang Zichen said.

That eight-grade lost soul mentor came out and said, "Tang Zichen, please advise, ah."

This Eighth Grade Lost Soul Tutor, as soon as he said please instruct, he fell down.

"Ah."The ninth-grade assessment mesmerist was shocked, Tang Zichen actually directly attacked the eighth-grade down, Tang Zichen's level was far beyond that of the eighth-grade mesmerist, ah.

The Forty Princes who was watching from the side said with great joy, "Tang Zichen, great, you have successfully challenged the eight-ranked mesmerist, and that's not even your last strength, great, you really are a genius."

Tang Zichen smiled and said to the assessment tutor, "Senior, what grade are you a Vertigo Master?" One second to remember to read the book

"Nine pins."

"Then I'll pick you next to be a mesmerizing mentor."

"Okay."That ninth-grade assessment mentor nodded his head, his heart was a bit upset with Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen took the initiative to propose that he be the target of the assessment, and Tang Zichen was so powerful, his heart was also very jealous, he was already more than eighty years old, and was only a ninth-grade mesmerist, but Tang Zichen was only a few years old, there was a deep jealousy in his heart, right?

"Senior, I'm going to start attacking you."

Tang Zichen immediately attacked the ninth-grade mesmerist in front of him with a lullaby, while the other party also attacked Tang Zichen, and under the mutual mesmerist attack, whoever won would be considered the winner.

And just now, Tang Zichen had appraised with the sixth-grade as well as the eighth-grade mesmerizing spirit mentor, and they didn't have the time to attack Tang Zichen, meaning that they were not opponents at all and didn't even have the chance to make a move.

Two seconds passed.

"Ah."The old man suddenly covered his head and screamed.

"Bang."In less than ten seconds, the old man fell down, but, did not faint, just, looked confused.

Tang Zichen looked at Tang Zichen in horror, he was a Ninth Grade Vertigo Master, but he was equivalent to a mid innate master, he had defeated many mid innate masters.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm sorry, concede, it seems that I should be a ten-grade mesmerist, ten again, the healing technique is ten, and the mesmerizing technique is also ten, can't you give me an eleven-grade?"

A few soul masters on the scene looked at Tang Zichen with jealousy and contempt, because what Tang Zichen had just said was too pretentious, too hateful, two domains reached the tenth grade, but he was still sorry why he didn't come to an eleventh grade, the world had never seen such a pretentious comparison.

The forty princes laughed, "Tang Zichen, congratulations, assessment as a tenth-grade enchanter."

"Hehe, thank you, Your Highness."Tang Zichen didn't appraise again, because he felt that he should be the strength of the tenth-grade, eleventh-grade was impossible, if eleventh-grade, then just the ninth-grade mesmerist fainted all of a sudden.

Of course, if Tang Zichen's hypnotic song was practiced to the eighth level, he might be able to become an eleventh-grade mesmerist, and then, maybe even the strongest innate ones could fight.And this day was not far away, because Tang Zichen felt that the eighth level of his hypnotic song was not far from being practiced.

Tang Zichen successfully obtained his certificate as a Tenth Grade Ecstasy Master, and then took it and headed to the Genius Trade Union .

Get the Imperial Talent title of the Vertigo Master.

Just like that, Tang Zichen got the third Imperial Talent title.

On Tang Zichen, there were three Imperial Talent titles now, Martial Cultivation Imperial Talent, Healer Imperial Talent, and Enchanted Soul Master Imperial Talent.

This matter spread out in no time.

In the 42nd prince's house.

"What? Tang Zichen, that dog slave, has obtained the title of Enchanted Spiritualist Imperial Talent again?"

"Yes, fuck this dog slave, why is this dog slave so powerful."

"Your Highness, at the time he refused your solicitation, I never thought he would be so genius."

The 42nd prince left his mouth, "This dog thing, I'll let you have no life to live, I'd like to see how genius he still is."

"Ah, Prince Forty-two, what do you want?"

"Hmph, can't my prince even kill a dog?"

In a mansion in Wangjing City, this mansion was called the Shangguan Mansion.

"Miss, your Possessed Soul Division has produced another Imperial Talent title genius."

"Uh, no way."

"Yeah, the last time you assessed to become an eighth grade mesmerist, I didn't expect that another genius mesmerist would appear so soon, and he's even better than you."

"Who, I don't believe it, this girl is only nineteen years old, reaching the eighth grade mesmerist, I don't believe there is anyone who can surpass me, I won the first place in that young mesmerist competition last year, the entire Wangjing City admires me, becoming an eighth grade mesmerist at just nineteen years old, gaining imperial talent, other people, only attaining my achievement at the age of 24.And by the time I was 24, I might have been a Ninth Grade Lost Soul Master."Shangguan Rou said proudly, she was very unconvinced to hear that someone was even better than her.

Indeed, Shangguan Rou's fame had also made a small stir in Wangjing City since she had won the first place of the young mesmerist last year, so Shangguan Rou was proud inside, and her family was also focusing on her cultivation and had applied to the empire to send her to study at Star Ocean Academy.

"Miss, really."

"I don't believe it, how old is he?"

"20 years old."

"Cut, 20 years old has the nerve to compare with me, who's so boring to compare him with me."

"Finished, he's 20 years old, but he's reached the level of a tenth-grade psyker."

"What, you say that again?"

"He's reached the Tenth Possessed Spirit Master."

"Impossible, what's his name?"

"It's like his name is Don Zichen."

"Impossible."Shangguan Rou immediately ran out of the Shangguan residence to find Tang Zichen in the Forty Princes' residence, she wanted to verify the authenticity herself.Tang Zichen was both a martial arts cultivation genius and a healer genius, if there was another Vertigo genius and he was even more powerful than her, then Shangguan Rou felt that she couldn't live.

At this moment, in the Forty-Second Prince's house.

An innate perfection level strong man came to a pavilion in the center of a lake.

"Forty-two princes, your subordinate is here, what do you want from me."

The 42nd prince said carelessly as he played with his snuff bottle, "To ask you to kill someone."

"Ah, Your Highness, let your subordinate me kill who?"

"Tang Zichen."

"Ah, Your Highness, Tang Zichen he's the auxiliary talent of the Forty Princes, and I've heard that he's just been awarded the third Imperial Talent title."


"It's because he won the title of third imperial talent that this prince has grown increasingly upset with this dog, this dog was the first one I recruited in the first place, but he had the eyes and ears to reject my recruiting and whisked away.This prince regretted not killing him at that time, but it doesn't matter, this prince is able to kill this dog even now.Rams Liao, go kill this dog now, and if you fail to complete the mission, then don't come back to me."


"I told you to, didn't you hear me?And be smart about things, you know what I'm going to say, so go."

"Yes, Your Majesty."Ramses Liao nodded his head and walked out of the pavilion.

The forty-two princes snorted, "Tang Zichen, no matter how talented you are, you're just a dog."

At Tang Zichen's house.

Soon there was a knock on the door.

Xiao Meng opened the door to her home, only to see a beautiful woman.

"Hello, who are you looking for?Are you also Zichen's brother's girlfriend?"Moe asked.

"What are you talking nonsense, who is his girlfriend."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were his girlfriend, and when I heard my Zichen brother was such a genius, I rushed to find him." First URL

"You you you, who the hell are you."Shangguan Zuo was angry, because she did come to Tang Zichen in a hurry, could this little cute girl count?You knew she was in a hurry to get here, so you deliberately undermined her?

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in his room.

"I must train to become the eighth layer of the lullaby, I must, what, it's already against the sky, why not go against the grain a little more and reach the eleventh-grade mesmerist, I don't like two ten-grade professions both."

Tang Zichen was fiercely trying to train to the eighth level of the lullaby.

Only by practicing to the eighth layer, Tang Zichen could ironically become an eleventh-grade mesmerist, and anyway, Tang Zichen was already going against the grain in many people's eyes now that he had obtained three imperial talent titles, so why not just go against the grain a bit more.

Reaching the eleventh-grade mesmerist would allow him to fight against the innate perfectionists, although he might not win the battle, he could at least fight without worrying about being killed by the innate perfectionists.As for the late innate ones, Tang Zichen used to be afraid of being besieged by more than two late innate ones, but as long as he reached the Eleventh Possessed Spirit Master, Tang Zichen wouldn't be afraid of being besieged.

Practice, practice, practice.

Tang Zichen was filled with confidence, he must practice.

A moment later, Tang Zichen laughed out loud, "Practiced, the eighth level of the lullaby, this prince has practiced, hush, misspoke."Tang Zichen suddenly covered his mouth, often hearing those princes calling themselves 'this prince', Tang Zichen's ears were hearing problems, because he was too excited and spoke without thinking, he actually came out with 'this prince', if this was reported, it would be a big deal!, be careful what you say from now on, even if you get excited again, you can't talk nonsense ah, if you really want to say 'I' next time, then you will really be beheaded.

Just at this moment, a shout came from outside, "Tang Zichen, you come out."

"Shangguan Zou?"Tang Zichen instantly heard the voice of Shangguan Zuo.

"Hey, Shangguan Rou, why are you looking for me?This gentleman is now a tenth grade mesmerizing spirit master, in this one field, this gentleman is your senior, you better show some respect to your senior, so don't hurry up and bow."

"Hmph, I won't, I don't believe you're really a Tenth Grade Vertigo Master."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Shangguan Rou, do you really want to force me to perform a mesmerizing technique on you?"

"I don't believe it, you don't have a talent for this at all, I'm the one with the talent for this."

Tang Zichen immediately

Take out your phone.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"You'll know it in a moment."Tang Zichen opened his phone video, then, Tang Zichen performed a lullaby attack on Shangguan Zou.

"Shangguan Zou, come on, dance a little apple."

"Thud, you're mine, little ah apple, how to love you is not too much, fire fire fire."

On one side, Xiao Meng covered her mouth and laughed, Shangguan Zuo was actually dancing a little apple.

A minute later, Tang Zichen lifted the lullaby.

"What was I just doing?"Shangguan Zou seemed to realize.

: "Just now Zichen's brother asked you to dance Little Apple."

"Impossible."Shangguan Zou's face went white.

Tang Zichen threw the cell phone video to Shangguan Rou, Shangguan Rou looked at it, the whole person was dumbfounded, she, she was actually dancing Little Apple, and because she knew nothing about the song and dance, she sang out of tune, even the lyrics were wrong.

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Zou, you're very talented at dancing, right, I wonder if the Genius Union has any dancing empire talent, or you can apply for one."

"Tang Zichen, you, you, you're really a tenth grade mesmerist."Shangguan Rou said with shame and anger.

Tang Zichen said, "Wrong, I'm not a tenth-grade enchanted soul master, I'm, eleventh-grade enchanted soul master."

"Ah."Shangguan Rou's entire body stayed there.

"Shangguan Rou, I'm more than offended for making you dance the little apple just now, but you were the one who had to ask me for verification, so you're the one who brought it to my door, so you can't blame me.Alright, I don't have time to entertain you right now, I have to go solidify it."Tang Zichen turned around and entered the room.

Shangguan Rou looked at the video in Tang Zichen's phone, she was really pissed off.

Of course, Shangguan Rou also felt inside herself, the proud heart that was still maintained, suddenly shattered, in the field she was good at, she was even inferior to Tang Zichen, Shangguan Rou lost her mind and walked away.

After walking out of Tang Zichen's house Shangguan Rou clenched her teeth and said, "No, I'm not willing, I'm going to find my master, my master is profound and inscrutable, I want my master to teach Tang Zichen for me, or teach me more profound charming techniques."

Shangguan Rou left Wangjing City.

At this time, a man with a perfect innate talent was lying blindfolded on the tiles of Tang Zichen's roof.

"Tang Zichen, you can't blame me either, I'm just following orders, after you die, go find Prince Yan Lin, he's the one who wants to kill you, not me."

After saying that, the man with the perfect innate talent flew down.

Tang Zichen was in the house, but he didn't even notice the strong man lying on the roof, which couldn't be blamed on Tang Zichen, comparing the man to the man who was Innate Perfection, while Tang Zichen was in the middle of Innate Perfection, a difference of two realms.The difference between the two realms was not small, without special opportunities, this was something that would take at least 20 years to cultivate, and it was still a genius.

"What man."Tang Zichen was shocked to see a man standing in his room and immediately stood up.

"Tang Zichen, I'm here to take your life today."The masked man said.

Tang Zichen's face changed, in broad daylight, an old man with a perfect innate talent came to take his life, who was so bold.

Without a doubt, it must have been commanded by some prince.

"Taking my life, why don't you dare to meet people with your true face."

"Tang Zichen, it's useless to talk too much, today your life span is about to end, you can't blame me, only that you are too sharp, go on your way."


After saying that, that masked strong man killed towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was always vigilant and did not have any carelessness, and when he saw that the other party was attacking, Tang Zichen did not hesitate to do so.

Of course, Tang Zichen was casting a lullaby, and it just so happened that he had reached the eighth level of his lullaby practice, so let's take this old man with a perfect innate talent and give it a try.

Tang Zichen had some confidence in himself, at least Tang Zichen was confident that he wouldn't be killed.


A small, silky sound transmitted to the ears of the innate perfectionist, surprisingly, even the innate abstruse energy couldn't block it, as it was transmitted through sound.

"Ah."That Innate Perfection strongman suddenly felt a pain in his head, and there was a slight slowdown.

"Bang."Tang Zichen attacked up during his moment of slowness.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen was, after all, in the middle stage of innate, and the other party's innate abstruse energy was far from what Tang Zichen could break.

Tang Zichen found that he couldn't break the opponent's Innate Abstruse Qi and had no choice but to quickly retreat.

He couldn't break the other party's Innate Abstruse Qi, while the other party, on the other hand, could break his Innate Abstruse Qi with ease. Remember the URL

"Tang Zichen, you can't escape."That innate perfectionist said.

"Don't you dare force me."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Force you, you're not worthy of me forcing you."After saying that, that Innate Perfection killed again.

Tang Zichen also used the lullaby, but this time, Tang Zichen was open-minded, and Tang Zichen directly expended all his mental energy on the lullaby.

Tang Zichen had to make sure to make this Innate Perfection faint, otherwise, Tang Zichen could at best only stop him every time he killed up, which would be endless, and Tang Zichen would be slowly exhausted by him, so, simply being open-minded, he expended all of his mental energy on the lullaby at once, so that his lullaby attack would be at its maximum.

But the consequence of this was that if he didn't attack his opponent down at once, then Tang Zichen would be finished, because Tang Zichen wouldn't have any energy of his own after that.

But there was no way back today, Tang Zichen had to take a shot.


Tang Zichen suddenly channeled all his mental energy into the lullaby.

"Ah."That innate perfection old man looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, he felt something in his soul tugging at him.

In the next moment, that innate perfection old man's eyes went black and he fell down.

Tang Zichen was overjoyed, he used all of his mental energy and fought with the full force of his lullaby, but he actually dried up this innate perfection old man.Of course, it was also possible that this old man was on the weak side of the Innate Perfection.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think too much, if he waited for him to wake up, Tang Zichen would be finished.

Tang Zichen must now take the opportunity to end his life while he was dizzy and didn't have his innate abstruse Qi to protect him.

"Puff."Tang Zichen stabbed into the main artery of that innate completion old man's neck.

At this time, that innate perfection old man had already woken up, he was knocked unconscious by Tang Zichen's lullaby for less than a second, and thanks to Tang Zichen's swift and decisive action.

"Bang."Tang Zichen was knocked flying with a single palm strike, despite the fact that the arteries in his neck were already soaring with blood.

However, his palm strike flew Tang

Tzu-Chen, suddenly, made the blood spurting from his own neck follow worse.

"Wow."His neck aorta spurted blood all over the ground, the old man opened his eyes, he really couldn't believe it, a district innate middle stage, how could he faint, although he this Tang Zichen is tenth grade mesmerist now, but tenth grade mesmerist he naturally not to be unconscious, even tenth grade mesmerist does not pose a threat to him, but the result is the result.

"Tang Zichen, count you cruel."That old man who was a perfect innate wanted to fly up, he must now immediately go to the healer or he would die.

Tang Zichen said, "The more you move, the faster you will die, you can guarantee that you won't go up to the sky in mid-air for ten meters before you fall down and die, if I were you, I'd just lie still.I know you want to go to a healer, but I am a healer, with my tenth grade healer's strength, it's no problem at all to save you, just tell me who sent you to kill me."

"Tang Zichen, I have underestimated you for not being able to kill you today."After saying that, the old man didn't seem to believe Tang Zichen's words and immediately flew away.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I've cut his neck in half, and he's still using his internal power to fly, he really doesn't know how to write the word death."

Sure enough, the old man flew about a few dozen meters, and as soon as he flew out of the door of Tang Zichen's house, his entire body fell out of the sky and landed on a street outside Tang Zichen's house.

After struggling for a while, that old man who was an innate successor died, his eyes wide open as he died, he thought that he would be able to hold on until the healer cured him, but he didn't expect that it would be so quick.

The death of an innate perfectionist in broad daylight caused a sensation in the street.

Immediately someone reported to the Nine Sects' official office in Wangjing City.

Two Nine Sects Innate Perfection divine constables came to investigate the murder.

Because the death was innate perfection, the matter was very serious, killing at the foot of the sky was not allowed by the laws of the Yanhuang Empire, so many vendettas in the Yanhuang Empire were assassination operations, and the 42nd prince sent this innate perfection old man to kill Tang Zichen, who was also masked to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stood on the rooftop and sighed, this old man died on the street in front of his house, so he must have had something to do with it.

Tang Zichen immediately went to consult with the Fortieth Prince, after such a big incident, Tang Zichen was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold himself back.

"Your Fortieth Royal Highness, a masked innate completion old man just came to my home and threatened to kill me, but I did my best to use all my mental energy on a mesmerizing attack, perhaps the old man was a lesser innate completion, but he was actually dazed for a second by my full power mesmerizing attack.I sliced open half of his neck in that second, after which he woke up, flew away despite my persuasion, and fell to his death from disembodiment from mid-air as soon as he reached the street in front of my house."

"Ah, Tang Zichen, how could you kill an Innate?"The Fortieth Prince was shocked.

"Forty Your Highness, let's leave that aside for now, will this old man who died on the street in front of my house be in any trouble?I just saw two very powerful, seemingly government officials go to the scene."

The Forty Princes said, "They are the god arrestors of the Nine Sects of Wangjing City."

"Uh, the Nine Sectors?"

"Yes, the Nine Sectors are the highest law enforcement agency in the Yanhuang Empire, and the strongest people in the Nine Sectors protect the stability of the entire Yanhuang Empire, not just Wangjing City, but all the houses of the Yanhuang Empire.As long as there was a major case in any of the Yanhuang Empire's provinces, the Nine Sectors' divine Constables would rush over.The death of an innate perfectionist in Wangjing City would definitely not be a trivial matter, not to mention that the Nine Sects are already involved in the investigation."


"Ah, so what now?It was the man who came to kill me first."

"Let's take it one step at a time, by the way, who tried to kill you?"

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I don't know, that old man with the perfect innate talent said he wanted to kill me as soon as he met me."

The Forty Princes snorted, "You go back first, I'll send someone to the Nine Sects to find out who the deceased was, and we'll know who sent him to kill you."


At this moment, in the Forty-Second Prince's house.

"Report Your Highness, something big has happened."

"What's happened?"

"The Nine Doors asked you to go there, there is a murder case that you need to assist in investigating."

Prince Yan Lin's eyebrows furrowed, "A murder case, what murder case has anything to do with me?"

"Yes, it's Rumpeliau." One second to remember to read the book

"Didn't he go and kill that dog Don Zichen?"

"Your Highness, Ramsiliao died, died on the street, so the Nine Sects asked you to assist in the investigation."

Prince Yan Lin was shocked, "How is this possible, Ramses Liao is at least an Innate Perfectionist, how can he just die."

"Your Highness, his corpse is still at the Nine Sects."

"He went to kill Tang Zichen, there is no way Tang Zichen could have killed him, could it be that the Forty Princes killed him?That bastard Yan Weng, he has the audacity to kill my people, go to Department Nine."

At this moment, at Tang Zichen's home.

Qi Xue Yun came after the New Year, Qi Xue Yun walked into the courtyard of Tang Zichen's house, where Xiao Meng and Li Xuan'er were waiting for Tang Zichen's return.

"Sister Qi, you're here."Xiaomeng shouted when she saw Qi Xueyun.

Qi Xue Yun nodded slightly to Xiao Meng, always feeling that this voice was a bit familiar, the last time Tang Zichen introduced Xiao Meng, she felt that this voice was familiar to her, but she wasn't a person who liked to pursue things, so she wouldn't delve into whether or not she had seen it somewhere or something like that, because she didn't know this person in her head.

This time, she came after the New Year, still staying at Tang Zichen's house first, and this girl called her sister Qi again, making her feel a hint of familiarity again.

Qi Xue Yun looked at Li Xuan'er again, and nodded faintly to her as well, not speaking, letting go to the room she was staying in.

Li Xuan'er inwardly said: "Qi Xue Yun is really a lonely person ah, casually nodded her head in greeting, and then did not speak, immediately went back to her own room."

Xiao Meng shouted again, "Sister Qi, did you really not hear my voice or did you deliberately ignore me?I really didn't mean it that time."

"What did you say?"Qi Xue Yun's eyebrows furrowed.

"Sister Qi, it seems you really forgot about me, well, do you remember, when you were a killer, you knew a friend, called 'Meow Head Moe'?"

"Ah."Qi Xue Yun looked at Xiao Meng in surprise, at this moment, she seemed to remember, no wonder Xiao Meng's voice was a bit familiar.

"Hehe, Sister Qi, I'm Meow Head Meng la, so you didn't hear my voice ah, I thought you deliberately ignored me, that time you went to Changzhou to do a mission, it's not that I didn't help you, but I had something in real life, I was very restless and anxious during that time, after that I slowed down, I couldn't contact you, then I didn't look for your information again."

"You, you're the hacker named 'Meow Head Moe'?How is this possible, you're still a little kid."Qi Xue Yun looked at Xiao Meng incredulously, she thought that the hacker expert she knew, Meow Head Meng, was at least an adult, even middle-aged, but she didn't expect that it was a little girl, no wonder she felt the voice was a bit familiar before.

/> "Sister Qi, I'm only a year younger than you la, it's just that I'm a little bit more cute looking, and you treat me like a child, it's good that you're not mad at me."

"Xiao Meng, it's actually you, I haven't even seen your real face, so this is what you look like."Qi Xue Yun said somewhat happily, however, her face did not show a happy look, but a light look, laughing or going up for a hug or something like that, even more impossible, she was not this type of person.

"Sister Qi, I recognized you when you first came here before New Year's last year, although I didn't video you, but when I was a hacker, I at least saw you in the surveillance.I thought you recognized me and ignored me."

"Moe's, I'm sorry, I really didn't recognize that it was your voice at the moment, I just thought it sounded familiar, but I don't like to pursue why it's familiar, I stopped being an assassin after that mission in Changzhou, then I went to the Martial Arts Academy and we lost contact, I'm grateful to you for all the help you gave me in those three months."

"You're welcome."

Qi Xue Yun and Xiao Meng had only known each other for three months, so it wasn't too familiar, just a friendly acquaintance.

"Mm."Qi Xueyun nodded, then ran out of topics and went back to her room, guessing that it would be a few days later when she came out again.

Tang Zichen walked into the courtyard.

Li Xuan'er was busy, "Zichen, how is it, who sent someone to kill you?"

"I don't know, the forty princes are investigating, let me come back first, just take it one step at a time, is Qi Xue Yun here?"Tang Zichen looked towards Qi Xue Yun's room door and said.

"Well, just arrived."Li Xuan'er said.

Qi Xueyun had come after the New Year, and Xu Mei Qian didn't know when she would be here, so it should be in the next two days.

Tang Zichen walked to the door of Qi Xueyun's room and knocked on the door.

"Branch yah."Qi Xueyun opened the door.

"Qi Xueyun, Happy New Year."Tang Zichen said.

"Mm."Qi Xueyun also nodded her head slightly.

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly, those who didn't know thought she was a gift-less one, only those who knew knew knew that she was a very withdrawn person who rarely talked to anyone, Tang Zichen might still be the man who talked to her the most.

"Why are you here so early."Tang Zichen asked.

Qi Xue Yun nodded her head and said, "Tang Zichen, I thought of a way to treat your toxin."

"Ah, no way."Tang Zichen was shocked, the Huo Family's Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison that he had been hit with had been cured by Qi Xueyun, Tang Zichen was a bit incredulous of her talent in poisoning.

"Come in, I'll give you the antidote to the poison."Qi Xue Yun said straightforwardly.

"Good."Tang Zichen had been worried about how to cure this Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, the one-month period was almost up, but he didn't expect that Qi Xueyun had found an antidote for him.

Qi Xue Yun closed the door of the room, Li Xuan'er and Xiaomeng were waiting outside.

Qi Xue Yun took out a black cloth and said, "I have to blindfold you."

"Ah, you still have to be blindfolded for the antidote."Tang Zichen was filled with confusion.

"Don't talk, best if you let yourself fall asleep."Qi Xue Yun blindfolded Tang Zichen.

"Good."Tang Zichen didn't think much of it and immediately let himself go to sleep, Qi Xue Yun let him do so, it must be a better antidote to poison.

In fact, Qi Xue Yun's blindfolding of Tang Zichen as well as making him fall asleep had nothing to do with the antidote to the poison.

The reason why Qi Xue Yun did this was because she didn't want Tang Zichen to know her method of detoxifying the poison.


Qi Xue Yun took out a tiny syringe, then rolled up Tang Zichen's arm and saw the green line on Tang Zichen's arm.

Qi Xueyun's syringe pierced the arm and slowly, drew all the poison from Tang Zichen's body into her own body.

Suddenly, Qi Xueyun's face turned pale.

That's right, the antidote Qi Xue Yun had found was that the method of drawing the poison was to plant this poison in her own body as well, causing both of them to be poisoned by the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison.Then, using the technique she had researched, she would then draw all the poison from the other party to herself.

At this moment, Qi Xueyun's face was pale, she had been poisoned by the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison.

However, Qi Xueyun continued to insist that Tang Zichen hadn't yet resolved the poison, as Qi Xueyun hadn't yet begun to induce the poison.

To put it bluntly, the so-called attraction of poison is a method of attracting like kind to attract all the poison from Tang Zichen's body to her.

Qi Xue Yun was careful, and after about an hour, all the poison on Tang Zichen's body was drawn to her.

A clear green line was on Qi Xue Yun's arm, while it was not on Tang Zichen's body.

Qi Xue Yun also didn't wake Tang Zichen up and let him stay asleep, she herself bit her lip, grabbed a handful of poisonous grass from a bag, and then ate it all raw.This poison was also a vicious poison, however, it had one big difference, this poisonous grass would not kill anyone, it would paralyze a person's heart, after being paralyzed, although the heart could not feel its beating, and its heartbeat speed would be greatly reduced, and the entire body's functions would be severely damaged, but her heart would not be attacked by any other poison, in this way, the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison that Qi Xueyun was hit with wouldIt could protect the heart in disguise, so that it wouldn't end up poisoned to death.Qi Xueyun would have more time to find an antidote to the poison, but the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison corroded the meridians, which Qi Xueyun was unable to resolve.The reason why she drew the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison onto herself was because, she felt that she wasn't a martial arts practitioner, and it wouldn't matter if her meridians corroded, whereas Tang Zichen couldn't, and even one of them would become useless if it corroded.Therefore, Qi Xue Yun did not hesitate to draw the Three Corpse Meridian Ancient Poison onto herself, she endured the pain of heart paralysis, greatly reduced bodily functions, and the consequences of the meridians corroding, while Tang Zichen was spared from the meridians corroding.She wasn't good at martial arts anyway, so as long as she paralyzed her heart and kept her life, it was enough.

"Phew."When Tang Zichen woke up, he didn't know how long he had slept for, only to see Qi Xue Yun standing in the depths of the room, her back to her, as if she was doing some research. First URL

"Xuewun, have I gotten rid of the poison?"

"Mm."Qi Xue Yun nodded, still turning her back to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen knew her personality and thought she was just like that.If Tang Zichen walked up to look at her front at the moment, he would know that Qi Xueyun was pale and seemed to be suffering from severe abdominal pain.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Then I'll go out first."

"Okay, close the door, don't bother me if you're fine, I'm going to study poison in the next two days."

"You shouldn't work too hard either, take it one step at a time."

"I know."

Tang Zichen walked out of the room and locked the door, Qi Xueyun hadn't turned around the entire time, and had been standing in front of a table with one of the poisonous substances in it, busy with something.

However, when Tang Zichen walked out of the room, she couldn't seem to take it anymore and her body fell down, covering her abdomen and enduring the intense pain.

"Haha, it's cured."Tang Zichen said happily.


bsp;Xiaomeng said: "Sister Qi is really amazing."

Li Xuan'er also laughed: "It's also fortunate that Xiao Meng, otherwise it would be difficult to do, didn't the Forty Princes say that they would think of a solution for you, why are they all silent, he is at least a prince, if he really came to the door to ask for an antidote, would the Huo family dare not give it?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "The Huo family is determined to make me waste my meridians, the Fortieth Prince had people go to the Huo family last year and asked them to give me an antidote, but the Huo family said that the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison is very difficult to develop, and the antidote is even more difficult, and they don't have a ready-made antidote on hand.They are stepping up their research and will definitely develop it next month, never to put my life in danger."

"Next month?Then you've already corroded one meridian."

"Yes, so the Huo family is iron-hearted to let me corrode a meridian and then give the Forty Princes an antidote, in that case, it also gives the Forty Princes an explanation, and I've already corroded a meridian, even if I sue the emperor, I'll take the Huo family didn't withdraw, besides, I've also killed more than a dozen of the Huo family's children, the emperor won't be able to say anything if he finds out, besides, the emperor may not be partial to me yet.This is the reason why the Huo family is so confident, after all, their Huo family also has two beyond innate, and also close to the 36th prince, so the 40th prince also has no choice.But fortunately, Xiaomeng solved the problem for me."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, this Huo family, they will definitely have to be given a show in the future.

Just at this moment, two strong men dressed as officials came in from outside, both of them were late innate.

"Who is Tang Zichen?"

"I am."

"Tang Zichen, Department Nine summons you to go quickly, someone is accusing you and the Forty Princes of murder."


"Okay, I'll be right there."

"Go now."

Tang Zichen followed the two powerful government officials.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Nine Sects and saw a man at once in the public hall, the 42nd prince, Yan Lin.

Tang Zichen was stunned, could it be that the person sent to kill him was this 42nd prince?

Tang Zichen didn't seem to have offended this forty-two prince, right.

A strong man from the Nine Sects who surpassed innate nature sat on top of the public hall.

The Nine Sectors Gate was a very powerful law enforcement agency, and the strong man inside was naturally extraordinary.

"See Your Excellency."Tang Zichen walked into the public hall and paid his respects.

"You are Tang Zichen?The one that won three Imperial Talent titles?"

"Yes, I am."

"Good, I've heard of you, you are indeed a genius."The strong judge in the public court said, looking as if he was iron-faced and selfless, Tang Zichen hoped that he really was iron-faced and selfless.

At that moment, the 42nd prince was busy saying, "Lord You, the criminal Tang Zichen is here, hurry up and bring out the dog's head guillotine, guillotine his dog's head, and avenge the death of my subordinate ram liao."

However, that lord did not follow the command of the 42nd prince, and said, "Your 42nd Highness, whether Tang Zichen is guilty or not, the verdict is not yet in, everything needs to wait until the investigation is clear."

"Lord You, what do you mean?"Forty-two Princes was upset.

"Your Highness Forty-Two, please also be quiet at the side and don't disturb my judge to break the case."The first judge of the Nine Gates said.

Nine Sectors, there were a total of nine judges, the first judge was the weakest and dealt with the lowest cases, every judge of the Nine Sectors was personally chosen by the emperor, iron-faced and selfless, and would not be influenced by anyone.


"Lord You, you dare to disrespect this prince."Prince Forty-two was furious.

The first fan judge said, "Your Highness Forty-Two, if you mean that disobeying you is disrespectful, then you can sue the emperor."

Just at that moment, the Forty Prince walked in.

"See Your Highness Forty."Many people bowed.

"Meet Your Highness the Fortieth Prince."Tang Zichen also bowed slightly.

When the forty-two princes saw Yan Lin coming, they raged, "Yan Lin, you killed my people and still dared to come."

"Yan Lin imperial brother, don't spout blood, what proof do you have that I killed your people?"The fortieth prince was also a bit angry, he was obviously the one who sent someone to assassinate Tang Zichen and ended up being killed instead, yet he was still here to complain about the evil.

"Two princes be quiet."The first fan judge said.

The public hall quieted down and the first fan judge said, "Your Highness Forty-Two, now that the parties are here, you accuse the Fortieth Prince and his auxiliary minister, Tang Zichen, of killing someone, do you have any evidence?"

Yan Lin snorted, "I don't need any evidence, they know it by heart anyway."

"If you just say that, we won't be able to conclude that they are the murderers, Prince Yan Lin, you'd better come up with some strong evidence." Remember the URL

"I said that they know in their hearts."Forty-two princes eyes looked angrily at Yan Yu and Tang Zichen.

Of course Tang Zichen understood in his heart, but where so what, the Forty-two Princes sent someone to assassinate him in the first place, did he dare to say it?Even if you understand, so what.

"Your Highness Forty-two, if there is no evidence, then this official will adjourn the court."

Prince Forty-two had been curbed from telling the truth, but if he did, it would be detrimental to him as well, and in the end, he still didn't say it.

The 42nd prince grunted, "Yan Yu, remember what you've done, and you, Tang Zichen, you wait for me, you dog slave, I'll let you know how powerful I am, dog thing."

After saying that, the forty-two princes threw their sleeves and walked away.

Tang Zichen's inner rage piled up like a mountain.

This son of a bitch, Tang Zichen wanted to kill him, and it would be easy for Tang Zichen to kill him.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "I, Tang Zichen, have a principle as a person, I will kill anyone who wants to kill me, no matter who they are.This principle, do I modify it now that I am facing power?This forty-two prince, I have no grudge against him, if I had to say that I'm offended, it's nothing more than the last time when he recruited me, I rejected him, that's all.But he, however, sent someone to kill me, such a bastard, do I, Tang Zichen, modify my principles just because he is a prince?"

"No, I will never revise my principles, and I will definitely take the life of anyone who wants my life, even if he is a prince."Tang Zichen's eyes flashed with a hint of killing intent.

This Yan Lin, Tang Zichen couldn't stand him anymore, he was too much of a bully, then don't blame Tang Zichen for being ruthless.

Of course, Tang Zichen wouldn't be foolish enough to kill him in broad daylight, thus causing trouble and threatening his own safety.

So, of course, Tang Zichen assassinated him, but I'm afraid it wouldn't be so easy to assassinate Yan Lin, with so many auxiliary ministers under his command, even if they were higher than Tang Zichen's realm, it certainly wouldn't be that easy to assassinate him.

The first fan judge said, "Alright, you guys can go back."

Tang Zichen and the Forty Princes left the Nine Sectors.

Forty Princes said, "Tang Zichen, during this period of time, don't run around for a while, since Yan Lin plans to kill you, I'm afraid that if you fail once, there will be a second time, and I'm afraid that the person sent to kill you the second time will be even stronger.I'll send Ah Sang to protect you until you leave to study abroad."

"Thank you, Your Highness Forty."

"Tang Zichen, where exactly did you offend Yan Lin?Why would he send someone to kill you?"The forty-second prince asked.

Tang Zichen said, "To be honest, before I came to the Nine Sects today, I never thought to death that the one who sent someone to assassinate me would be Prince Forty-Two, because I really don't know what kind of deep hatred I have with him.I only met him once, before you recruited me, and I also went to his house, but the 42nd prince was arrogant and called me a slave, so I refused his offer.That was all, and I didn't see him again at all after that."

The fortieth prince raged, "Yan Lin is really a bully, he sent someone to kill you without any grievance, I'm afraid it's because you won three imperial talent titles, remembering that you rejected him in the first place, you were momentarily upset."

"That's definitely the case."

"Alright, don't think too much about it now, now that you've obtained three imperial talent titles, you should be able to obtain a foreign student quota one hundred percent, and when you go to Star Ocean Academy, even if Yan Lin wants to kill you, there's nothing he can do anymore."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything else, but Tang Zichen's eyes were filled with killing intent.

This Forty-Two Prince, Tang Zichen would kill him, it was only a matter of time.

At this time, the forty-two princes returned to his house in a rage.

One of his men asked, "Your Highness, have Yan Yu and Tang Zichen ambushed the law?"

"Voodoo my ass, they didn't even admit to killing my auxiliary minister, and the judge of the Nine Sects didn't give me any face at all, I'm really pissed off.It's already clear who killed Ramses Liao, but I can't say in court that I sent Ramses Liao to assassinate Tang Zichen, so I have no choice but to hold this anger for now."

"Your Highness, are you just going to let this go?Although you sent people to kill Tang Zichen, but now Tang Zichen isn't missing a single hair, while you have lost an innate and complete auxiliary minister, this breath cannot be tolerated."

The forty-two princes gritted their teeth, "Of course it can't be tolerated, but relying on legal means to kill Tang Zichen, that won't work, in that case, then don't blame me, call Jin Yang and Bai Bo over."


Not long after, a strong man with a great innate talent, and an expert beyond innate talent came.

"Pay your respects to His Highness Forty-Two."

"Jin Yang, Uncle Bai, I've called you two over here because I have something for you to do."

"What is it, Your Highness, please tell us."

"Do you know how Ramsiliao died?"

"I don't know."

"Well, then I'll tell you, I sent Ramsiliao to assassinate Tang Zichen, but as a result, Ramsiliao himself died on the street outside of Tang Zichen's house, and it's already obvious that it was the Forty Princes' men who killed Ramsiliao.I now want you to avenge Ram Liao's death by going to kill Tang Zichen, and then kill that innate and successful auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, so that we can be even."

"Ah."They were both shocked.

"Jin Yang, you're an Innate Perfection, you're going to kill Tang Zichen, and Bai Bo, you're of the Unity Realm, you're in charge of killing that Innate Perfection of Yan Yu.Alright, that's the mission, you guys go."




That old man called Bai Bo said, "Your Highness, killing another prince's auxiliary minister, this matter is not ordinary, it must not be reckless."

"Bai Bo, didn't you hear clearly, it was Yan Yu who killed my people first."

"But that's because you sent him to assassinate Tang Zichen in the first place."

"Did I send him to assassinate Tang Zichen so that he can kill my people?Anyway, I'm furious, why would a lowly prince dare to kill my people, this time, if I don't kill Tang Zichen and that innate perfection guard of his, I, Yan Lin, will never be willing."

Tang Zichen returned to his home.

Tang Zichen knew that the Forty-Two Princes would definitely still send someone to kill him, and Tang Zichen was filled with anger and frustration, a fire that had nowhere to be unleashed building up inside.

If Tang Zichen really killed the Forty-Two Princes and was found to have done it, then there was no way to leave Wangjing City alive, the royal family was no match for him.

But if he didn't kill this man, Tang Zichen couldn't do it if he saw how arrogant and unreasonable he was, and that he was going to murder him.

"What should we do?I'm afraid that if you're being watched by a prince, you'll be in constant trouble in the future... Is it true that you can only go to study abroad quickly?" One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, there was a shout from Li Xuan'er, "Xue Yun, what's wrong with you?"

Tang Zichen immediately rushed to Qi Xue Yun's room.

"What's wrong?"

Tang Zichen took a look and Qi Xueyun was standing in the house with a green face.

"Qi Xueyun, what's wrong with you?"

"I'm fine." said Qi Xue Yun, but her face was starting to turn blue.

"Qi Xue Yun, to be honest, I've got enough of a headache right now, so don't add to it, okay."

"I'm really fine."

"Qi Xue Yun, I order you to tell me immediately, what's wrong with you?"Tang Zichen yelled.

"Alright, I'll research the poison myself, no it's alright, you guys go out, I can handle it myself."Qi Xueyun drove Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er out.

"Qi Xueyun, are you really fine?"


Tang Zichen suddenly rushed up and lifted Qi Xue Yun's arm, and suddenly saw a green line.

"Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison?What's going on here?You gave me an antidote to the poison, so why are you yourself hit?"Don asked aloud.

"Phew."Qi Xueyun exhaled deeply.

"Qi Xueyun, won't you tell the truth yet?"


"Tell me the truth."

"Well, Tang Zichen, I didn't actually find an antidote to the poison at all."

"Then why is the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison in my body lifted?"

"That's because I, I drew it into my own body."

"Absurd, aren't you afraid of your own meridians corroding, even dying?"Tang Zichen was furious, but inside, Tang Zichen was also a bit incredulous that Qi Xueyun would do this.

"I, I'm not a martial arts practitioner, all I'm good at is poison, I don't care if my meridians corrode or not.As for death, I've controlled it one way or another, but I didn't expect to turn blue, but I'm really fine now.Now that the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison is in my body, I can feel it more deeply, I will find a solution to the poison faster, trust me."


Zichen did not hesitate, "Qi Xue Yun, draw the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison back into my body, I don't need you to do that."

Li Xuan'er who was on the side didn't say anything, she felt shocked to see Qi Xueyun doing such a thing for Tang Zichen, it was obvious that Qi Xueyun must like Tang Zichen even though she didn't say anything.

"Tang Zichen, don't be silly, draw it back into your body, you'll only become useless, and I'm different, alright, you guys go out, I'm going to start researching my poison technique, the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison is in my body, it will be much easier for me to research it, I'm also forced to."

Tang Zichen's heart and struggle, he really didn't want to owe Qi Xueyun such a big favor.

Li Xuan'er said, "Zichen, just listen to Xueyun, if you were the one treating others, you would also transfer their illnesses to you and then study them slowly."

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, "Qi Xueyun, thank you, for everything you've done for me."

"No need."

"Qi Xueyun, I, Tang Zichen, owe you a debt of gratitude."Tang Zichen said.

"You guys go out first."Qi Xueyun said.

Tang Zichen silently walked out of Qi Xueyun's room.

Tang Zichen stood in the courtyard staring.

Li Xuan'er asked, "You must be very touched."

"No, I was surprised, I didn't expect her to do that."Tang Zichen said.

"If you like someone, you'll do everything for them, and Qi Xue Yun wouldn't have done that if she didn't like you."

Just then, Qi Xueyun walked out of the room and suddenly said, "No, I, I only did it because I promised Tang Zichen that I would definitely give him an antidote to the poison, but the deadline was coming up and I didn't think of anything to do, so don't misunderstand me."

Qi Xueyun returned to the room after explaining and closed the door.

Qi Xue Yun didn't understand why she had to deny it, she clearly had Tang Zichen in her heart, but she explained it this way, she didn't understand herself anymore, maybe she just wanted to do everything silently and didn't like to make Tang Zichen grateful to her because of this or something.

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er and shook his head, "You will be wrong about people's meaning, I told you, I don't have much contact with her, how could I."


"I'm not in the mood to think about this right now, and I don't know, when will the forty-two princes send someone to kill me again, and whether the forty princes really have someone secretly lurking in the shadows, I'm really like a kite in the sky right now, very vulnerable.It feels like my life is not controlled by me, but by a pair of invisible hands, the royal family of the Yan Huang Empire, and no one can resist this hand.Even a prince can give me life if he wants me to, and death if he wants me to, I want to break free from this feeling so badly, but I don't know what level I have to reach to break free from this feeling."Tang Zichen clenched his fists very tightly.

"What? It's the Forty-Two Princes who sent someone to kill you."

"Yes, this trash, I really wanted to kill him at the Nine Sects, if no one was there, I would have shot and assassinated him, I really couldn't help it."

"Zichen, don't be impulsive, killing the prince and getting found out, that's the royal family's enemy."

"But he wants to kill me."Tang Zichen said with cold eyes.

"Now he wants to kill you, just you and his hatred, you only need to defend him alone, but if you kill him, but become the enemy of the empire, at that time, there is no way to turn the tide, things have not reached the worst step, don't make this plan ah, if it really ends up in this bad degree, then improvise.Now he'll still send someone to kill you, I'm sure the Forty Princes will do some protection, you're a genius of three Imperial Talent titles, I don't believe you'll be killed so easily."Li Xuan'er advised.


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