The King of Kungfu in school 671-680



Prince Xiao Nan also looked towards Tang Zichen, not knowing who it was because he had never seen Tang Zichen's real face.

Qi Xue Yun was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, what are you doing here."

Prince Xiaonan was shocked, it was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked over and said, "Xueyun, I came over to see how many places you have won.Who is this person?Was he the one who just said he achieved innate talent at 22?"

Qi Xue Yun said, "Well, that's him, he also said that it only took him ten years to reach middle innate."

Tang Zichen looked at Prince Xiao Nan and hummed, "What a pretentious comparison, a man in his thirties, still wanting to eat young grass with an old cow?"

"Tang Zichen, you."Prince Xiaonan was furious and went so far as to say that he was an old cow eating young grass.

"You what you, don't get out yet."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, don't forget, I'm a true son of a royal family, what are you, just a dog beside the forty princes."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped down Prince Xiao Nan.

"Prince."Those few followers were busy shouting. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "How dare you insult the Forty Princes, well, I will report this matter to the Forty Princes, I would like to see if you, what a dog Prince Nan, really dared to work with the Forty Princes."

"Tang Zichen, you wait for me, we'll see."Prince Xiao Nan was upset, Tang Zichen was, after all, an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes and also an imperial talent, he was a prince, but he had little advantage to speak of, so he could only leave first.

"Thank you, Tang Zichen."

"You're welcome, Xue Yun, you're great, you won first place, you really have a great future."

"You're the one, I'm nowhere near as good as you, you're already an auxiliary minister to the prince."

"Hahaha, this is nothing, if you want, I can introduce you to the forty princes too."

"But people may not want my level."

When Qi Ming heard this, he was busy saying, "Zichen, you help with the recommendation ah, if Xue Yun can really become the prince's auxiliary minister, that would be great, glorious for the ancestors ah."

Qi Xueyun wanted to refuse, but upon thinking that it would definitely be good for the family, she didn't say anything and acquiesced.

When Tang Zichen saw that Qi Xueyun didn't say anything, he nodded and said, "Good, I'll recommend it to the Forty Princes some other day."

Tang Zichen didn't say too much to Qi Xueyun, after all, Qi Xueyun wasn't a chatterbox, and we weren't very close, so there was soon nothing left to say.

Tang Zichen returned to his home and continued to teach Xiao Meng martial arts.

In a blink of an eye, five days passed.

Xiaomeng's martial arts skills had improved very quickly, and if her body wasn't too weak to drag her down, Xiaomeng would have really gone against the world.

But nevertheless, Xiaomeng had already reached the outer door perfection, a comprehension that made Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er die of envy.

Meanwhile, the royal feast began.

On this day, Tang Zichen followed the Forty Princes into the palace.

Tang Zichen entered the royal palace for the first time and was truly shocked by the solemn luxury of the palace, which covered an area that was probably larger than ten Linjiang cities combined.

However, after all, Tang Zichen was only an auxiliary talent of a prince, so there were not many places he could go, so he followed the Forty Princes, to a small, wide grassland.


p; In the grasslands, thousands of tables have been laid out, the tables are full of delicacies, many many imperial palace concubines, princes, seven and seven, countless.

The fortieth prince told Tang Zichen and others to keep a low profile, following behind him can not go anywhere, or else he can not pocket the accident, the palace experts like clouds, must not joke.

Tang Zichen also sensed that the palace was full of experts, for example, there was a eunuch-like eunuch just now, even Senior Ah Sang bowed to him and called him Senior.

"The Emperor has arrived."Right at this moment, a resonant shout.

Strike looked up into the sky, from the imperial city side of the sky, a strong man in a dragon robe slowly flew over, as this strong man in a dragon robe flew over, a powerful momentum, like the sun, crushed over, at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that he was as weak as an ant in front of such a strong man.

Everyone paid their respects, "Long live my Emperor."

Tang Zichen had just been a bit foolish, so he hesitated, but fortunately that senior Asang had promptly pressed Tang Zichen down, otherwise the entire crowd of tens of thousands of people, just Tang Zichen didn't pay homage, I'm afraid something big would happen.As forty princes, at the moment, cold sweat was coming out, because Tang Zichen almost didn't kneel just now, which was equal to him not kneeling, if the other princes who had a heart found out and made a fuss, I'm afraid that he would never be able to make a name for himself.

Tang Zichen slightly raised his head to look at the emperor, and felt his eyes sting, this emperor's strength made Tang Zichen's eyes hurt when he looked at him, this strength, Tang Zichen could no longer guess what realm he was in.

"All get up."It was only with the Emperor's flattening of his body that the momentum of the crowd, which was like a shackle pressing down on them, disappeared.

Tang Zichen's entire body was also suddenly relaxed.

"How strong, worthy of being the emperor who controls such a huge Yanhuang Empire, tsk tsk, I probably don't even count as a fart in front of him now, so tiny."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Seeing such strength from the emperor, Tang Zichen also became more reserved.

Of course, this also made Tang Zichen vow within himself to become stronger, looking forward to the day when he would be able to reach such a powerful realm, and then, he should be able to be a free man in this world as well.

After that, the royal feast began.

Tang Zichen, as an auxiliary minister, certainly didn't have his share of the meal.

Tang Zichen and Senior Ah Sang, along with a few other Auxiliary Ministers, stood behind the Forty Princes, watching the Forty Princes and the rest of the Royal Family as they happily and happily ate the delicious food.

Of course, each of them was given a square table, not a large round table for all of them.

After eating, the emperor personally tested and examined those princes, a few of the older princes, such as the ninth prince, although he was over sixty years old, he still looked like a middle-aged man, he also reached beyond innate, which made the emperor quite appreciated and instructed him to continue to work hard.

Of course, this emperor, Tang Zichen didn't know how old he was, but at least he was over 120 years old, his appearance looked as if he was only 60 or 70 years old, and he was radiant, his energy was comparable to that of a strong man, no wonder there were hundreds of concubines on the scene, so many beautiful women as concubines, how happy this must be, one round a night, it would take a year to finish one round.

Of course, Tang Zichen wasn't envious, Tang Zichen had a few warm-hearted ones and that was enough.Moreover, the fact that this emperor married so many concubines didn't mean that he was doing it for the sake of the affair, but because, the more he married, the more princes he would give birth to, then the greater the probability of strong princes emerging from among the princes, so that his world could continue, with so many concubines, I don't believe there wasn't a single one that couldn't give birth to a strong, succession-ready prince.


Tang Zichen also discovered an interesting phenomenon, those imperial consorts, surprisingly, were all strong, and the worst of them were all innate.

It seemed that this emperor was specializing in marrying the strong ah, and not based on beauty.If a beautiful woman was beautiful, but, she was a weakling, then the child born from the genes of the weakling would be a useless prince, what would the emperor marry such a concubine for?Therefore, the emperor's consorts were all strong, with the aim of keeping the strong man gene alive.

That was why, the imperial family was so powerful, and those phase families, for generations, it was difficult to have a son or daughter of an imperial talent title, because they didn't have the strong man gene.

Tang Zichen was a child of the Tang family, and the strongest in the Tang family's history was only an innate success, which showed that in his life, with his death, he would be an innate success, his ancestors didn't have the strong man gene, and no matter how much his descendants bounced around, it would be to that extent.Of course, except for those with special opportunities, but, there was only one in a million people who could have special opportunities.

However, Tang Zichen's soul wasn't from this era, so Tang Zichen's talent technically had nothing to do with the Tang family, but Tang Zichen had been an orphan in his previous life, so what he could reach in this life, Tang Zichen himself didn't know.

Finally, it was the turn to examine each prince's talent for hiring.

The emperor said, "The kingdom has twice as many talented people, using people is also a measure of a prince's ability, what have you gained this year, ah, in terms of using people."

Many princes went out to report.

"Reporting back to Father, I have taken in a new auxiliary minister this year, he was rated as an imperial genius and is now in the late innate stage."

"Returning to Father, I have taken in a new auxiliary minister this year, he is a very powerful sound mage, he is less than twenty-four years old, he has already reached eighth grade sound mage, he has already been rated as an imperial talent."

Tang Zichen secretly said, "So Imperial Talents are not only those who have reached innate in martial arts can be evaluated ah, other aspects, for example, Sound Mage, Ecstasy, Poison Master, and Healer can all be evaluated ah.Then wouldn't I also be able to rate an Imperial Talent in the area of Healing Master?Double talent?" One second to remember to read the book

At this time, the fortieth prince also walked out and said, "Enlightening Father, my son has also taken in a new auxiliary minister this year."

The emperor looked at the eyes of the fortieth prince, who was clearly not as peaceful as the other princes, and said in a light tone, "Yes?"

"The new auxiliary minister that my son has taken in this year is a double genius, only nineteen years old, who has reached middle innate in martial arts and tenth grade in healing."

"Huh?"The emperor's eyebrows furrowed and said, "Yan Qiang, you're not bad this year, you've received a good auxiliary minister, work hard."The emperor's tone was a little more amiable.

"Yes, Father Emperor."Forty princes were happy to see that his father's tone was kind to him, and it was also thanks to Tang Zichen's blessing, his father saw that he had received a really good genius minister, and looked at him slightly differently.

Some of the other princes secretly snorted and cast a jealous and envious look at the forty princes.

After one prince had reported, the emperor said, "Then, according to the rules of previous years, each prince's auxiliary minister, according to their respective realms, will fight in actual combat to see which prince's auxiliary minister is the most outstanding."

Immediately, the forty princes said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I'm counting on you later, try to stand out as much as possible ah, the more you stand out, the more face I'll have, and Father will look at me a bit more because of it."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen, as an innate mid-stage, in actual combat with other princes' innate mid-stages, Tang

The subordinate minister was very confident of crushing the others, not to mention standing out, I'm afraid it would dazzle and blind the eyes of the forty princes.

"The early innate auxiliary vassals are out."A strong man standing beside the emperor shouted.

Then, all the early innate auxiliary ministers stepped forward, so many princes, all the early innate auxiliary ministers combined, there were already hundreds of them.

"Hundreds of you, with the royal banquet table as the limit, whoever can grab these three cups of wine to toast your respective auxiliary princes will be the victor, and there are only three cups of wine, which means there are only three victors."

"Yes."Hundreds of Early Innate shouted.


Suddenly, hundreds of people began to grab those three wine cups.

Soon, the wine in the cups spilled out as they fought, but it didn't matter, the key was to grab the cups and then pass them to their respective princes.

After a fierce battle, finally three of the very prominent early innate strengths snatched the wine cups and handed them to their respective princes, then said, "My humble servant toasts Prince XX."

The three toasted princes were delighted.

"Next, I'd like to invite all the auxiliary courtiers of the early innate stage to step forward."

Forty Princes said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, it's up to you, best if you can grab a cup and then toast me, if you really can't grab it, it's fine, just show something outstanding."

"Forty Your Highness, don't worry."Tang Zichen said and walked out.

There were hundreds of ancillary ministers in the middle innate stage as well.

The rules were the same, as well as grabbing those three cups and then toasting the respective princes.


With that strong man's order, everyone rushed towards those three cups.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, directly performed the Ghost Wheel Decision.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen arrived in the blink of an eye, then Tang Zichen swung his sword towards the wine cups on the table, and the three cups landed steadily on the end of Tang Zichen's sword.

By this time, the second mid-earth innate who rushed up had already reached the front.

Tang Zichen took out his sword with his other hand at once.

"Wow!"Tang Zichen cut out with a single slash.

"Boom."That person flew out at once.

Everyone at the scene saw Tang Zichen, feeling handsome, Tang Zichen held a sword in his left hand, with three cups on the sword, this sword was motionless, and his right hand used his sword to protect the cups on his left sword.

At this time, more than a dozen people attacked at the same time.

Tang Zichen remained in that handsome posture, then used a lullaby attack on the dozen people at the same time.

"Boom."In the next blink of an eye, the dozen or so people were simultaneously cut off by Tang Zichen's slash, seemingly without any resistance.

"Ah."At this point, many people trembled, Tang Zichen's strength was so strong, a dozen of his peers were so easy to surround.

Then, more people came up to the siege, there were at least seventy to eighty mid-earth innate sieges.

Everyone thought Tang Zichen would be besieged to death, but Tang Zichen didn't move a muscle, allowing everyone to besiege him, Tang Zichen's innate abstruse Qi, steady as a mountain, so many innate mid-level besiegers couldn't even regret Tang Zichen's innate abstruse Qi in the slightest.


"Killing God One Slash."

Tang Zichen cut out with a single slash, and the peerless blade energy was like a hurricane, cutting off the seventy to eighty mid Innate stages in one fell swoop.

At this time, the emperor was also moved.

Tang Zichen walked step by step towards the forty princes, but there was not a single person who could stop Tang Zichen's footsteps.

Alone, Tang Zichen snatched all three wine cups, and none of them leaked a drop of wine, when the previous early innate robbery had left only empty cups by the end of the three cups.

Tang Zichen toasted the Forty Princes with three cups of wine at the same time, what could be more dazzling than this?

Tang Zichen came before the Forty Princes, using his sword as a tray, and three cups of wine were offered to him.

"Forty Princes, please drink the three cups of wine that I toasted to you."

"Thank you."The Fortieth Prince was so excited that his hands were trembling as he took the wine cups, he had never ended up so dazzling in his life.

The fortieth prince drank three cups of wine under the emperor's gaze, while many princes, however, looked at him with jealous eyes while looking at Tang Zichen, especially the eighteenth prince, who was now seeing Tang Zichen so well, and hated Tang Zichen even more for refusing to pull him in.

The next step was the late innate auxiliary minister. The first website

And so it went until the ancillary minister of the innate greatness.

Then today's royal feast ended.

Tang Zichen left the palace.

The forty princes were very happy that the ruthless exhibition today had made his father's impression of him, thanks to Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, thank you, thank you very much indeed."

"Forty Your Highness, I'm your auxiliary minister, it's only right to fight for your glory, but I have one thing I want to ask you."

"We are brothers, what is there to ask or not to ask, as long as I can do it, I will do it."

"Good, I have a friend, her name is Qi Xueyun, she is this year."

"Ah, Qi Xueyun."Forty Princes was shocked.

"What? Your Fortieth Highness knows her?"

"Recognize but don't know, I just heard that she is the first place in this year's Poison Master Competition, a seventh-grade Poison Master, I heard from Emperor Yanqing's auxiliary minister before, it seems that this Qi Xueyun is very beautiful, and his auxiliary minister is advising Emperor Yanqing to go and take this Qi Xueyun as his personal servant."

"When's the thing?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Just as I entered the palace this morning, I think that after the royal feast is over, that Yanqing Royal Brother will definitely go to find Qi Xue Yun."

"Motherfucker."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Uh, Tang Zichen, why are you yelling at Ma-egg?By the way, what did you just want to tell me?"

"Forty Your Highness, I originally wanted to recommend Qi Xueyun to you, so that she could also become an auxiliary minister under your command."


"Your Fortieth Highness, I'm friends with Qi Xueyun, and this is what she wants, so why don't you consider it, she also possesses amazing talent in the field of Poison Master, and will definitely be a great asset to you in the future."

"But, Qi Xueyun has already made Prince Yanqing's fancy, how can I go and take away Prince Yanqing's person, this is tantamount to holding a grudge against Prince Yanqing, it's better if I don't."

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed deeply, that Yanqing prince was nothing more than trying to toy with Qi Xueyun, how could Tang Zichen let her enter this pit of fire.

However, Tang Zichen was unable to rob Prince Yanqing, he directly sent his experts to exterminate Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen had to rely on the Forty Princes to save Qi Xueyun, only those who were also princes could compete with each other!

Competitive Force.

"Forty Your Highness, what if I have to save Qi Xue Yun?"

"Tang Zichen, why are you doing this?You're fighting against the prince, you can't even fight against Prince Yanqing, he would be enough to exterminate you with a casual command, so why are you making yourself suffer."

Tang Zichen said, "Forty Your Highness, then, step in for me and go snatch Qi Xueyun over."

"But wouldn't that be offending Prince Yanqing and not worth doing that for that Qi Xueyun ah."

Tang Zichen got a little impatient and said, "Your Highness Forty, if it's worth offending Prince Yanqing for my sake, is it worth offending Prince Yanqing?"


"That's right, I must go and stop Prince Yanqing, if you're not willing to go with Prince Yanqing and steal Qi Xue Yun, then I'll go myself.If I go on my own, I'm afraid I won't be able to continue being your auxiliary minister in the future, I'll have to run away."

The fortieth prince looked like he was torn between the two.

Tang Zichen advised, "Your Highness Forty, you are always afraid of offending the other princes, the consequence of this is that everyone thinks that you are easier to bully, why don't you be stronger."

Forty Princes had no choice but to say, "Alright then, I'll listen to you, it's another feud with a prince."

"Thank you, Your Highness Forty."

In Wangjing City, a certain inn.

Qi Xueyun had been staying here, waiting for news from Tang Zichen to see if there was any chance of him becoming Forty Princes' auxiliary minister.

The patriarch of the Qi Xue Yun family had also been guarding Qi Xue Yun's side, fearing that Qi Xue Yun would suffer an accident.

"Xueyun, will Tang Zichen have forgotten ah, it's been five days and there's no news at all."Qi Ming said.

"Just wait a little longer, I'm sure Tang Zichen will recommend me to the Forty Princes."

"It would be great if you can really become the prince's auxiliary minister, you are now a seventh-grade poison master, when you become an eighth-grade poison master, you will be able to go and acquire an imperial talent title, at that time, you will truly glorify your ancestors, and be the first son and daughter of our family, ever, to acquire an imperial talent, which will be remembered by generations of future generations."Qi Ming said excitedly.Qi Xue Yun was only 17 years old now, and she could definitely become an eight-grade poison master before she turned 24, so this imperial talent was already very stable.

Right at this moment, an innate strong man flew over.

"You're Qi Xueyun?"

"Exactly."Qi Xue Yun was busy.

"Let's go, His Highness our prince wants to see you."

"Ah."Qi Xueyun and the Qi family patriarch were overjoyed, they thought it was the forty princes.

Qi Ming smiled, "Tang Zichen is really helpful, he really recommended you, Xue Yun, let's go, let's go see the prince."

Arriving at the lobby of the inn, they saw a young man dressed in expensive clothes sitting in the lobby from afar, with a few innate guards with him.

Qi Xue Yun and Qi Ming busily went up to him and paid their respects, "Grass people pay their respects to His Highness the 40th prince."

That prince's eyebrows furrowed as he snorted, "Who told you I'm the Fortieth Prince?"

"Ah, aren't you the Forty Prince?"

"Hmph, I'm the forty-fifth prince, Yan Qing."

Qi Xueyun and Qi Ming were both a little confused, but they still paid their respects again at the first opportunity.

The Forty-Fifth Prince looked at Qi Xueyun lustfully and smiled, "It really is beautiful, that Sun Jingnan really didn't fool this prince, beautiful."

Qi Xueyun saw the 45th prince looking at her lustfully, her heart was disgusted, but the other party was a prince, she couldn't do anything about it, even if this prince wanted to sleep with her in public, I'm afraid there was nothing she could do about it.


The 45th prince said, "Qi Xueyun, how old is she this year?"

"Back to Your Highness Prince Forty-five, Min-daughter is seventeen this year."

"Seventeen, indeed tender."Prince Forty-five licked his lips.

"Qi Xue Yun, come here, come before this prince."


An innate expert shouted, "If His Highness tells you to go over there, you can go over there, if you make His Highness unhappy, you'll have a good time."

Qi Xue Yun helplessly walked over and stood close to the Forty-Five Princes.

The Forty-Fifth Prince hooked Qi Xue Yun's chin with one finger and took a closer look at Qi Xue Yun's face, the red, moist and alluring lips, the upright jasmine nose, the tender white skin, it was truly flawless.

"Tsk tsk, what a great beauty, I never thought there would be such a beauty in this world."Prince Forty-Five smiled heedlessly.

"Your Highness Forty-Fifth Prince, what do you want?"Qi Xueyun asked.

"Listen, Min-daughter Qi Xueyun, from today onwards, you are the personal servant of this prince, understand?" Remember the URL

Qi Xue Yun immediately took a few steps back, her face white.

"What?You don't want to serve this prince?"The Forty-Fifth Prince's face was cold.

Qi Xueyun said, "Please also ask Your Highness, Prince Forty-five, for Your Highness to be gracious, Min-daughter is just a grass-folk, not qualified enough to serve the prince."

"Hahaha, Qi Xue Yun, although your status is low, but this prince likes your beauty, so this prince has made an exception to accept you as his personal servant."The 45th prince thought that it was Qi Xueyun who was worried that his low status was not worthy of his personal service.

When Qi Xue Yun saw that the Forty-Five Princes were puzzled, she was busy saying again, "Your Highness Forty-Five is gracious, I don't want to be your personal servant, so I hope that Your Highness will be pleased."

"What, you say that again?"Prince Forty-five's face was cold, his temper wasn't too good, and the fact that an untouchable actually rejected him made him suddenly very angry, like he was humiliated.

"Please, Your Highness Forty-Five withdraw your order."

"Pah."Prince Forty-five suddenly slapped Qi Xueyun's face, and Qi Xueyun fell to the ground with five clear finger marks on her face.

"Bitch, I asked you to be my personal servant, this is a blessing cultivated by your ancestors, you actually dare to refuse this prince, do you believe that one word from this prince can make your whole family perish?"

The Qi family patriarch's face changed dramatically, and he busily knelt down, "Forty-five princes are gracious, Xue Yun doesn't know any better, why do you need to be common with her."

Qi Ming turned back and said to Qi Xueyun, "Still don't quickly promise His Highness Forty-Fiveth Prince that you are willing to be his servant."

Qi Xueyun's eyes were filled with aggravation, tears in her eyes.

"Hurry up, promise Prince Forty-Five."Qi Ming hurriedly urged, if he really pissed off the prince, a soldier grade family would be wiped out in minutes.

Qi Xue Yun kneeled down and said, "People's daughter, people's daughter, may!"

"Wait."Suddenly, a shout came from not far away, it was Tang Zichen and the Forty-Five Princes Yan Qiang and the others.

Yan Qiang was helpless, he very much didn't want to get involved in the Forty-Fifth Prince's affairs, the Forty-Fifth Prince Yan Qing wasn't an easy person to mess with, his mother's consort came from a royal family, this family of the King of Zhennan, and his mother's consort was only a palace maid.However, Tang Zichen had to save Qi Xueyun, and he had a hard time having a genius like Tang Zichen as an auxiliary minister, so he had to come with a hard scalp.That 'wait' just now was Tang Zichen's shout of

The.However, talking to the Forty-Five Princes head-on next, he would need to speak.

Yan Qiang led the way up.

Qi Xue Yun saw Tang Zichen coming and was delighted.

Tang Zichen was the first to say, "Your Highness, Forty-Five Princes, it's a bit too much for you to beat and rob our Fortieth Highness's auxiliary minister like this, as the Fortieth Prince's royal brother, could it be that you don't care about your imperial brother at all?"

Forty-five princes Yan Qing's brows furrowed in anger as he said, "Tang Zichen, bold slave, do you have the right to speak here?"

Tang Zichen's heart ten thousand straw horses ran through, he really wanted to speak, Yan Qiang stopped him.

Yan Qiang said, "Forty-five imperial brother, to tell the truth, Qi Xue Yun is my auxiliary minister, I hope that imperial brother will not embarrass imperial brother."

Yan Qing snorted, "Who the hell treats you as an imperial brother?A lowly bastard born to a palace maid is also worthy to be my royal brother?"

Yan Qiang's face trembled, he did not expect that the eighteenth prince would call him a lowly seed, even this Forty-five Princes, who was younger than him, dared to call him a lowly seed, Yan Qiang was very hot inside, but he was so unstatusy.

Tang Zichen said, "Your Highness Forty-five, if you ever speak out again and insult your brother, don't blame our Highness for speaking up to the Holy Emperor."

"Dog slave, fuck you than."Prince Yan Qington slapped at Tang Zichen, looking like he was teaching his lackey a lesson.

Tang Zichen was on fire, he was not the kind of person who was intended to be beaten.

This 45th prince, who was just at the early innate realm, was about the same age as Tang Zichen, he should be nineteen.

If he didn't come from a good background, how could he be worthy of playing with Tang Zichen, but now he dared to call him a dog slave and wanted to beat Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't bother with that and instantly took action.

"No."At this time, Yan Qiang hurriedly blocked Tang Zichen and grabbed the Forty-Five Princes' slap.

Yan Qiang couldn't let Tang Zichen beat up the Forty-Five Princes, or else something really bad would happen, so Yan Qiang couldn't remain silent anymore, he had to bring all the conflict to him, block Tang Zichen, and then grab Yan Qing's palm.

Forty-five princes Yan Qing was furious: "Yan Qiang, you dare to stop me."

Yan Qiang said, "Forty-fifth royal brother, my auxiliary minister, it is not your turn to teach you a lesson, and also, Qi Xue Yun is my auxiliary minister that I have already recruited, you also don't want to snatch it from my hands, Father Emperor has already ordered that whoever's auxiliary minister belongs to whomever, no one is allowed to snatch it, you openly snatch my auxiliary minister, do you really want to force me to face Father Emperor?"

"Hahahaha, bullshit you, just say you're an auxiliary minister?What proof do you have of that?"

"Just ask Qi Xueyun herself."

Qi Xueyun was busy saying, "Min-daughter is indeed the auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes."

"Fuck you bitch, how dare you join forces to hoodwink me."The Forty-Fifth Prince turned around and kicked Qi Xueyun on the ground.

Tang Zichen was furious when he saw Qi Xueyun being bullied like that by the Forty-five Princes, and was about to go up and teach him a lesson when a hand on his shoulder caught him, and it was that Auxiliary Minister of the Innate Great Perfection under Yan Yu.

Tang Zichen couldn't go up and punch the 45 princes, but the anger inside was very strong, and Tang Zichen swore that one day, these trash princes, who relied on their own strength to be arrogant, Tang Zichen would give them the most powerful colors one by one.

Yan Qiang snorted, "Forty-five princes, my auxiliary minister, it's not your turn to teach you a lesson, don't go too far."


Yan Qing said furiously, "Yan Yu, Qi Xue Yun is the one who came to her first, you want to steal someone from me, you're dreaming, force me, I'll make you regret it."

"So, you are definitely going to snatch someone from me, fine, then I will see you in front of Father, have the guts to come with me in front of Father for some sophistry."

"Hahahaha, don't move to take the father emperor to press me, what else do you have besides taking the father emperor to press me, is it because your mother consort is a palace maiden and has no power to take her hand, that's why you moved to move out the father emperor?Heh, it's not like you're the only one who thinks the Father listens to everything."

"Reason is on my side, Father is wise, and I believe he will do so, are you making it clear that you are afraid to go with me to meet Father?"

"Fuck you Yan Yu, you're still holding Father Emperor hostage, don't you force me to do you."

"Hahaha, do me, I'm your royal brother, you actually say do me, good, very good, you're defiant and have no respect for your elder brother, Father Emperor has always hated such treacherous people the most, you wait."

At this time, an expert who surpassed innate nature flew down, he was one of the Forty-Five Princes.

The Forty-Five Princes ordered, "Give them back to me to destroy them."

The expert who surpassed innate nature, however, advised, "Your Highness Forty-Five, you're talking a bit too much today, hurry back."

"I'm not going back, I'm going to exterminate this lowly bastard, how dare you dare to act defiantly in front of me."Prince Forty-Five yelled.

But that strong man who was beyond innate didn't listen to him, instead he asked the others to bring him back, those treacherous words that the Forty-Five Princes just said, if they really reached the emperor's ears, there would definitely be no good fruit, so he hurriedly came out to end the matter. One second to remember to read the book

That strong man who surpassed innate nature said to Yan Qiang, "Your Highness Forty, today's fight between you and Your Highness Forty-five, I shouldn't have asked, but whether it was you or Your Highness Forty-five who recruited first, this matter still needs to be investigated, if it was indeed Prince Forty-five who recruited first, then you have gone a bit too far today, I hope Your Highness Forty-five will show the exact evidence, otherwise today'sMatters, transmitting to the ears of the respective wives of the imperial palace, will not be good."

Yan Qiang looked at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was busy saying, "I can prove that five days ago, Qi Xueyun had just finished the Poison Mastery Competition, Your Highness and I came here, and there was also some kind of Little Southern Prince who was here to harass Qi Xueyun."

That strong man who transcended innate nature narrowed his eyes, the reason why Prince Yanqing knew about Qi Xueyun seemed to be from this Little Prince Nan, if that was the case, then it was indeed Prince Forty who had come to recruit Qi Xueyun first.

"Fine, Your Highness Forty, then I'll go back first."Saying that, that transcendent innate powerhouse flew away, while that forty-five prince had just been ordered by this transcendent innate powerhouse to pull away.

Only Tang Zichen and the others were left at the scene, and the Prince of Yangyang was suddenly empty, his entire body sitting on the ground.If there was no strong evidence produced at the last moment, then today's matter would definitely not be good, the imperial palace was the most complicated place, and the slightest mistake might lead to doom.

"Thank you, Your Highness Forty."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, if things don't go well today, I'm really going to be killed by you, with my power, I can't even fight against the Forty-Five Princes, that's why I'm moving to take my father out to talk about things, it's also fortunate that this Yan Qing, he's so mouthy and has said so many treacherous things to make the other party throw in the towel, otherwise, today wouldn't have known that

How will it be."Yan Qiang said, there was some reproach in his tone.

Tang Zichen said, "Forty Your Highness, don't worry, your power will grow stronger and stronger in the future, taking in Qi Xueyun today is a good start, congratulations to Your Highness, you have recruited another genius poisoner."

"Alright, I'm tired, I'll go back first."Yan Qiang didn't have a happy look on his face, nor did he look at Qi Xueyun, he said something and turned around and walked away, that innate great success underling of his, panicked to follow.

Tang Zichen, Qi Xueyun, and Qi Ming were left at the scene.

Qi Ming's body was trembling, cold sweat was coming out, as if he had walked around from a ghost gate, his Qi family, a soldier grade family, was too fragile, in the eyes of ordinary citizens, it was a huge family, but in the eyes of more powerful families, fragile, not to mention the prince's eyes.

Qi Xue Yun said to Tang Zichen, "Thank you, Tang Zichen, if you hadn't appeared today, I, I really don't know what the consequences would have been, I would have definitely become a plaything under that forty-five princes."

Tang Zichen stretched out his hand and pulled up Qi Xueyun who was sitting on the ground, Qi Xueyun blushed slightly.

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and said, "There's nothing we can do now, they are the princes of the royal family, we can't fight them, but I, Tang Zichen, swear that I will definitely not suffer this kind of wretchedness again in the future, so what if the princes are, one day, I will make all the princes bow before me."

Qi Xueyun busily nodded her head.

However, the Qi family patriarch snorted, "Come on, Tang Zichen, what are you dreaming of in broad daylight, he is a royal family, he is the ruler of the entire Yanhuang Empire, with just a few bold words from you, you can change this world?Hehe, your Tang family's ancestor, the strongest is only an innate perfection, no matter how much you disobey, you will only be an innate perfection in the future, bracing yourself for a great perfection."

Tang Zichen said, "Really? Then we'll see."

Qi Ming said, "Xue Yun, this Wangjing City, the experts are like clouds, we'd better hurry back to the family, this really isn't a place for people to stay, if we're not careful, we'll offend some big power, hey."

Qi Xue Yun said, "Patriarch, I'm now an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, I can't just leave like this."

"Forty Princes, I don't think he's a very strong force either, it's fine in those small families, but in the eyes of the forces that are also Princes, it's too small, it's better to quit, I don't desire any family to be strong anymore, I just want my family to be peaceful and continue on."Qi Ming said with a palpable heart.

Tang Zichen said impatiently, "Come on, now that you're already an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, do you think the Forty Princes can just let you play around?Besides, if you're not the Forty Princes' auxiliary minister now, then you're really finished, and the Forty-Five Princes must destroy you."

Qi Ming's body trembled.

With a snort, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, he used to have a pretty good impression of this Qi Ming, but now Tang Zichen had a bad impression of him.

Qi Xueyun said to Qi Ming, "Patriarch, go back to your family first, I don't need you to worry."

Qi Xue Yun immediately followed Tang Zichen and left.

At this moment, the forty princes had already left the inn, and that innate Great Perfection guard of his said, "Your Highness, I feel that Tang Zichen is causing a bit of trouble, this has absolutely nothing to do with you today, but there is one more prince who hates you for no reason at all."


"All right."The fortieth prince said with some irritation.

"Your Highness, if I hadn't pulled it, Tang Zichen almost that would have gone up and beaten Yan Qing, if that had happened, it would have been really finished, how could a prince let a servant beat him, not only would Tang Zichen have been exterminated, even you would have been punished tremendously ah, to cure you of the crime of using people improperly."

Yan Qiang nodded his head, "Tang Zichen is indeed a bit bold, I really don't know what's in his heart, I also blocked him once, he tried to go up and beat up Prince 45 twice, is he really that fearless?I really don't know if recruiting him as my auxiliary minister is a blessing or a curse, alas."

At the inn, Tang Zichen and Qi Xueyun walked out together, Qi Xueyun was a little worried, "Will your forty princes not like me ah?Just now when he left, he left straight away with a bit of an ugly face."

Tang Zichen said, "He should be a pretty easy to get along with, no shelf, if it were any other prince, he would have taken me as a servant long ago.It's thanks to him that this happened today, the reason why he looks ugly is probably because he's offended a prince because of this, he's worried about himself that he'll be oppressed by them in the future or something."

"Hopefully that forty-five prince can be put to rest, this Wangjing City, it's really too dangerous, I'd love to go home and get away from this place of wrongdoing."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I, Tang Zichen, won't remain subservient to others, I will definitely do something amazing."

"Then cheer up, I'll be counting on you from now on."Qi Xueyun said, suddenly feeling a bit ambiguous about it, and immediately blushed.

Tang Zichen returned to Prince Yan's house, but was told that Yan had gone into the palace, and that this welcome dinner for Qi Xueyun would be discussed later.

Tang Zichen knew that the forty princes might really be in a bit of a mood.

Tang Zichen could only sigh, this Forty Prince, in Tang Zichen's opinion, was a bit cowardly after all, if Tang Zichen had such a good background, he would definitely dry up those messed up princes. The first website

Tang Zichen first brought Qi Xueyun back to his home.

Tang Zichen introduced to Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, and Han Xiaomeng, "She is Qi Xue Yun, the first place winner of this year's Poison Master Competition, she is now a Seventh Grade Poison Master, when she reaches the Eighth Grade Poison Master, she will be able to obtain the title of Imperial Talent.Also, a few years ago, before I left the Tang family, Xue Yun she was my fiancée.Of course, the marriage is long yellow now.I would also like to wish Xue Yun to find her happiness soon, she will live with us for a few days for now, and she will have her own house after the Forty Princes have made arrangements."

"Well, hello, Xueyun."

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er all three of them warmly welcomed Qi Xue Yun, except that Qi Xue Yun was a sullen and unemotional person, so it wasn't long before they didn't have much to say, Qi Xue Yun went to study her poisonous arts, making Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er speechless, if they were in their place, they would be in one piece at once.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Her personality is like that, like having her chattering non-stop like you guys, it's impossible, she likes to be alone, let's take on a little more responsibility."

In the palace.

"My son pays his respects to the mother consort."

"Yan Qiang, get up, I've heard about what happened today."A beautiful woman said.

"Mother Consort, I'm sorry, my son has caused trouble, I'm sure I've caused you a lot of trouble."The fortieth prince said guiltily.

"Oh, you don't need to be sorry, we are mother and son, your business is my business, besides, I am at least a royal princess, no matter what, some people don't dare to do anything to me, it's just a matter of some humiliation."


br /> "My son knows I was wrong."

"All right, Yan Qiang."

Prince Forty looked up and saw the corner of his mother's mouth, a bit bruised, his heart ached, it must be because of him, the forty-fifth prince's mother was looking for trouble.

The fortieth prince clenched both fists.

"Yan Yu, that auxiliary minister of yours, it's only been a few days, and he's started to cause trouble for you."

"Mother Consort, you want my son to ask him to dismiss?Matriarch, he is a rare auxiliary minister of mine, please be gracious."The fortieth prince was busy pleading.

"Oh, I'm not asking you to please dismiss you, I'm just saying that he's very good at creating trouble for you."

"And what does the Mother Consort mean?"

A few seconds later, Yan Qiang's matriarch said, "Next year, the empire will be sending another group of imperial talents to study at Star Ocean Academy, send Tang Zichen to study for the empire, he might cause some trouble here again."


"Yan Yu, send Tang Zichen to study abroad, this is to further his education and for his own good, this is a place that many people want to go but can't, including you.Star Ocean Academy, is the largest innate academy in this world, studying there will always be beneficial for him to improve his strength.The Star Ocean Academy only accepts talents recommended by the empire, so there are geniuses from all over the world, and it would be more suitable for him to go to the Star Ocean Academy than in this Yanhuang Empire.If he is successful in his studies, he will also be more able to assist you when he returns, but there are only ten recommended places by the empire each year, so it is also Tang Zichen's making whether or not he can be sent by the empire to study abroad, but I will actively fight for him."

"The emperor thanks the matriarch for Tang Zichen."

"Alright, you can go back first."

"Yes, imperial son, take your leave."

Yan Qiang returned to his own residence and immediately ordered someone to call Tang Zichen over.

Not long after, Tang Zichen came.

"Meet Your Highness Forty."

"Tang Zichen, no need to be polite."

"That, Your Highness, are you and Your Ladyship alright?"Don Zichen asked.

"Well, there's nothing else for now, Tang Zichen, I asked you to come here because I have something to tell you."

"Forty Your Highness, please speak."

"Tang Zichen, my mother's consort has applied to the Empire on your behalf to send you to Star Ocean Academy to become an international student of the Yanhuang Empire, so get ready to run for office."

"What what, I didn't hear you clearly."

"The Empire is deporting you to study at Star Ocean Academy."

"What is this Star Ocean Academy?"

"Star Sea Academy is this world, the most powerful academy, only accepts geniuses recommended by the empire for admission, whether you can be sent by the empire as an international student or not, it also depends on whether your talent is qualified or not, each empire every year, there are only ten places."

"Star Ocean Academy, only accepting geniuses recommended by the empire for admission, looks very strong, but Your Highness, I'm your auxiliary talent, you're asking me to go to some Star Ocean Academy, isn't it a waste of natural resources?"

"No, this is for the purpose of furthering your education, there is only good for you to improve your realm, there is no harm, in the future if you achieve something, you will come back to assist me, isn't this better than now.Moreover, those powerful princes, many of them have auxiliary talents, they were sent to study at the Star Ocean Academy, and even some of the powerfully talented princes went to the Star Ocean Academy themselves.Unfortunately, I couldn't pass my talent, otherwise I would have gone to Star Ocean Academy two years ago as well."


"So, so that's a good thing."

"Nonsense, do you think people in general can go to Star Ocean Academy?Even I can't go there, I'm not qualified, I'm 22, I'm only mid innate, and I've used a few aids, I was brushed off when I applied in the first place.But my matriarch said that you might have a chance of being chosen, you're only nineteen, and you're a healer genius, so chances are good that you should actively strive for it."

"Alright, anything that is beneficial, I, Tang Zichen, am willing to do, then go to Star Ocean Academy."Tang Zichen didn't resist inside, this Star Ocean Academy only accepted geniuses recommended by the empire, and there were only ten slots each year, it was obvious that this was a very pushy academy, ah, an academy that specialized in training strong people for various empires around the world.

Tang Zichen was constrained in every way in this Wangjing City anyway, so he might as well go to Star Ocean Academy for two rounds before coming back.

Yan Qiang said, "My mother's consort only said that she would try her best to help you apply, she didn't say that she would definitely be selected, next year the empire will hold an international student election competition, you should go back and get ready, whether you can be selected depends on your own creation."

"Okay, Your Highness, then I'll go back home for the New Year."


"By the way, what are your plans for Qi Xue Yun?Aren't you going to have a welcome feast or something?"

"No, now that Prince Forty-Five still holds a grudge, this matter must be kept low key, Qi Xue Yun is just like that, you can see to it, your relationship with her is not simple anyway."

"Your Highness, speak with evidence ah, I'm just friends with her."

"Oh, come on, I'm not going to steal from you." Remember the URL

"Speechless, I'll leave first then."

Tang Zichen left Yan Qiang's mansion and returned to his own home.

"Let's go, pack your things, rich or poor, go home for the New Year."Tang Zichen walked into his home and said.

"Zichen, did the forty princes allow you to go home for New Year's Eve?"

"What's allowed or not allowed, it's not like we're selling it to him, and he's probably not coming here next year."


"If the election passes, I'll probably have to study at Star Ocean Academy next year."

"What the hell?"Xu Mei Qian Dao.

Xu Mei Qian had never even heard of Star Ocean Academy, although she was a phase family, but her family was too lowly, there wasn't even an imperial talent, this matter of studying abroad naturally had nothing to do with them, the imperial students sent by the empire were campaigning among the imperial talents.

Tang Zichen briefly told them about the Star Ocean Academy, then packed up his things and prepared to go home.

However, as they were about to leave the house, the Forty Princes sent someone to call Tang Zichen again.

Tang Zichen was helpless and fell back into the Fortieth Prince's house.

"Forty Princes, is there anything else that hasn't been made clear?"Don Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, before you go home, evaluate the Healer Imperial Talent, it will be good for you to run for International Student, it will be too late when you come back next year."


Tang Zichen immediately headed to the Imperial Talent Union.

"What for."A man asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Hello, I'm here to select the Imperial Healer Talent, this is my tenth Healer's proof that I'm the first place in this Young Healer Competition, Wind Lightning."

Tang Zichen easily won the title of Healer Imperial Talent.

After all, Tang Zichen was an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, and people didn't dare to make things too difficult for him.

Tang Zichen received the proof of title, and before he even walked out of the door of the Imperial Talent Union, he ran into a person.

"It's you."



They were both surprised.

"What are you doing here?"

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, if you can come, why can't I. See, I'm also an Imperial Talent."Shangguan Rou raised the proof of the title of Imperial Talent obtained in her hand.

Tang Zichen saw that the proof was the Yan Huang Empire, the Vertigo Imperial Talent.

"Che, I've got two Imperial Talent titles, you're a Lost Soul Master, what the hell."Tang Zichen said.

Shangguan Rou snorted, "Tang Zichen, I'm now an eight-ranked mesmerized soul master who has earned the title of Imperial Talent, you better treat me with a little respect."

"Wow, that's scary, eight-grade yay, I'll be scared to sleep at night, hahaha."

"You."Shangguan Rou was very annoyed to see Tang Zichen treating her with no respect at all, ever since the beginning of Baiyun Middle School, Tang Zichen never seemed to put her in his eyes, now that she had obtained imperial talents, Tang Zichen still acted as if he didn't put her in his eyes, it really pissed her off.

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, do you believe that I'll charm you in minutes and make you take off your pants in public."Shangguan Rou said.

Tang Zichen said, "Come on, then I'll do you in public."

"I'll make you arrogant."Shangguan Zou immediately cast a mesmerizing spell on Tang Zichen.

In all fairness, Shangguan Rou's mesmerizing technique really was a huge improvement, and Tang Zichen was really a bit shaken.

However, there was no half-hearted threat to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's current mental strength, how could he be enchanted by this little mesmerizing technique.

Tang Zichen acted as if he was bewitched, his eyes dull.

Shangguan Rou smiled heedlessly, "Tang Zichen, look at your arrogance, you're not also bewitched by me now.Tang Zichen, now I'm asking you to answer, have you always looked down on me?"

Tang Zichen said dumbly, "Yes."

Shangguan Zuo was angry, "You sure never looked down on me."

"Tang Zichen, you, why have you always looked down on me."

"Because you're bad ah."Tang Zichen said.

"What? I'm bad."Shangguan Rou's teeth itched with anger, she thought that she had charmed Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen was telling the truth, in Tang Zichen's heart, she was even bad.

Shangguan Rou asked again, "Am I really that bad in your eyes?Where am I not as good as Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, why don't you ever look at me from other angles?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen's insides thudded, less than what she meant by that.

Tang Zichen continued to pretend to be bewitched and said, "Because I'm your enemy."

"Nonsense, how long ago was that, I, I've long since stopped thinking of you as a real enemy."Shangguan Rou's voice was a bit of a dao.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly laughed.

Only then did Shangguan Rou realize that Tang Zichen wasn't enchanted by her at all, but was faking it.

"You you you, you're actually faking it."Shangguan Rou exhaled and pointed at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Your little bewitching technique, save it, going to bewitch little children is more like it, hahaha."


"Alright, Shangguan Zou, I'm too lazy to tease you, I'm going home, bye."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Tang Zichen's heart was a bit confused, "Strange, Shangguan Zou's tone was a bit strange just now, she has already stopped treating me as her enemy, what does this mean, haven't I always been her enemy?"

Tang Zichen didn't bother to think much about it, or, rather, didn't bother to think much about it, got his second Imperial Talent title and went home, then left Wangjing City with Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Xiao Meng, and Qi Xue Yun.


Wangjing City didn't have an airport, so you had to fly to the modern cities around Wangjing City.

Wangjing City was eighty to ninety percent ancient in style, and the powerful people living there, as well as the royalty, were used to the habits of feudal society.

Of course, the development of modern technology was only a hundred years old, and many of the strongest people in Wangjing City had yet to keep up with the dynastic flow.However, in the future, in another hundred years, Wangjing City would definitely gradually turn into a modern city, but of course, no matter how much it changed, the royal family of the Yanhuang Empire was still the rulers of this empire.

"Where to?"

"Tiannan Province, Dongyang County, Linjiang City."

"Okay, the flight to Tennan Province, Dongyang County, and Linjiang City will depart in two hours, please show your ID cards."

After leaving Wangjing City, Tang Zichen and the others went to a surrounding city, and to the airport, Tang Zichen, Li Xuan'er, and Xiao Meng, bought tickets to Linjiang City.

"Mei Qian, are you coming back to Linjiang City with us for New Year's Eve?Or back to your family?"Kaylee Lee asked.

"I, I don't know."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mei Qian, New Year is a big deal, you should go home and spend it with your family."

"But you, you're also my family."Xu Mei Qian blushed and said. One second to remember to read the book

"Alright, I won't be angry if you go home for New Year's Eve, so go home."

Xu Mei Qian nodded and bought a plane ticket to the land where her family was.

As for Qi Xueyun, of course she went back to her own home, she wasn't who Tang Zichen was, so she directly bought a ticket to go home.

Dao: "What a hassle, I just hacked into the airline's system and got it done with ease, but I still have to be so bothered to buy a plane ticket."

"Void, Xiao Meng, you keep your voice down, people's staff can hear you."Li Xuan'er said.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and laughed.

Tang Zichen was a law-abiding and good citizen, it wasn't like he was running for his life now, so why bother going dark, just buy the tickets.

About two days later, the plane that Tang Zichen's three men took arrived at their destination, Tiannan Province.

Tang Zichen then had to take another connecting flight to Linjiang City, Dongyang County.

When Tang Zichen stepped off the plane, he saw several innate powerhouses waiting outside the plane.

Tang Zichen at first thought that an enemy was coming.

"Brother Tang Zichen."One of the late innate men saw Tang Zichen walk out of the plane and was busy greeting.

"Uh, who are you?"Tang Zichen asked.

That late innate man smiled, "Welcome Imperial Talent Tang Zichen, home for the New Year."

"Who the hell are you guys?"

"Brother Tang Zichen, don't pretend, you know who we are."

Tang Zichen touched his head and said, "I really don't know who you guys are."

"Well, I'm the Cai family's patriarch, my name is Cai Lingpeng, these are my Cai family's vice patriarchs, we've heard that you've come home for the New Year and have been waiting here for a long time."That late innate powerhouse said.

"The Cai family's clan head?What are you waiting for me here for?What do I have to do with the Cai family?"Tang Zichen was puzzled, and Tang Zichen had never heard of any Cai Family.

The Cai family's patriarch touched a cold sweat and said awkwardly, "Brother Tang Zichen, the headquarters of my Cai family is in this Tiannan Province ah, this entire Tiannan Province is a territory that belongs to my Cai family's management ah, your hometown Linjiang City is also a city under the jurisdiction of Tiannan Province and is also a territory that belongs to our Cai family's management, so how can our Cai family not come to welcome you personally when you return to your hometown .You've earned the title of Imperial Talent, and you're an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, you're the pride of the entire people of our Tiannan Prefecture."

"Alright."Tang Zichen finally understood.

One problem that Tang Zichen hadn't been paying attention to was the administrative aspect of this world.

Now, Tang Zichen had sort of figured out that in this Yanhuang Empire, the capital city was Wangjing City, and then there were the various governments, such as the Tiannan Prefecture, each of which was given to various families to manage.For example, in this Tiannan Province, the Cai family, who managed the operation of the Tiannan Province, (the equivalent of the provincial government, the Cai family), the Cai family was the earth emperor of the Tiannan Province, within the scope of the Tiannan Province, everything was decided by the Cai family.

The Cai family invited Tang Zichen to their family as a guest.

Tang Zichen thought about it and agreed.

"Cai Clan Leader, your Cai Family, what level of family is it?Looks like quite a few innate experts."

"Hehe, Brother Tang is joking, our Cai Family is a ranked family, and currently has 15 innate experts."The Cai family head said.

"Oh, not bad."

"How can I compare to you, you're an imperial talent and an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, you're the one who's not bad, you have a bright future."

Tang Zichen asked, "This entire Tiannan Province is managed by your Cai family, ah."

"Yes, this is our Cai Family's territory."

"Then it's not like your Cai family can dominate here, you're simply an earth emperor."

"Brother Tang is laughing, even though the entire Tiannan Province is managed by our Cai Family, we can't do anything recklessly, once the Wangjing City court finds out, it's all over, so we never dared to do anything against the people, we've been working diligently for the welfare of the common people and the benefit of the Tiannan Province."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Clan Chief Cai, a relative of mine lives in Linjiang City, I wonder if I can have that relative of mine be the mayor of Linjiang City since the entire Tennan Prefecture is your Cai family's territory."

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, you're welcome, not to mention a small mayor, even if it's the county head of Dongyang County, it's even possible to transfer to Tiannanfu to serve.I'll instruct those family administrators to make arrangements later."


"Then thank you Cai Clan Chief, it must feel good to have your own family in control of a place's finances, economy, military, all the big powers, this place is a small court."Tang Zichen said enviously, this Tian Nanfu is huge, it's the same as a small country, everything is decided by the Cai family, it would be so cool if they were the children of the Cai family, as long as they are within the boundaries of Tian Nanfu, they are equal to a prince.

The Cai family's head laughed, "How do you understand this, although in Tian Nanfu, everything is in charge of our Cai family, regardless of the army, banks, government agencies at all levels here, all of it belongs to us, but we can't just do whatever we want.After all, we belong to the Yanhuang Empire, to the imperial court, and the imperial court's supervising minister is always watching, once we discover any movement, it's over.Furthermore, who knows how long our Cai Family will be able to manage the Tiannan Prefecture, if my Cai Family declines in the future, declining from a sergeant-class family to a phase or even a soldier-class, then our territory will also be gradually encroached upon, or even completely reduced to an ordinary power."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, Tang Zichen now knew why those families, so desperate to be strong, often used marriage tactics to link up with other families, with the aim of maintaining their family's power.

Tang Zichen was invited to the Cai family, and as the earthly emperor of the Tiannan Prefecture, their family headquarters, naturally, was very large, covering an extremely vast area.The entire Tiannan Prefecture was their Cai Family's territory anyway, and the entire people of Tiannan Prefecture were their people, so they could build as big an estate as they wanted.The only thing they needed to ensure was that the family was strong, and that the court was overseen by the imperial court, the imperial court was the Yanhuang Empire now, and they were the total central government.

Tang Zichen had a meal at the Cai family, and the head of the Cai family personally accompanied the wine.

Tang Zichen's present identity, the Cai family naturally had to befriend him, not to mention the imperial talent, or the auxiliary minister of the forty princes, the future bar, not to befriend even.

After dinner, the head of the Cai family personally ordered to send a special plane to send Tang Zichen to Linjiang City tomorrow.

The next day, Tang Zichen finally returned to Linjiang City.

Tang Zichen went straight to Liu Chenming's house.

"Young Master Tang, you're back."Butler Wu Ma called out in a panic after seeing it.

Xiao Wan and Jin Gui, both of them, had already returned to the Tang family, the Tang family was a phase-level family, and presumably also an earthly emperor of a certain house, and could also cover the sky with one hand in the Tang family's territory, Xiao Wan and Jin Gui went back to the Tang family, naturally it was much more pleasant than here. The first website

"Wu Ma, where's Uncle Willow?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Master Liu he just went out, it seems like someone called him this morning and wanted to hire him as the mayor of Linjiang City."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed, not expecting the Cai family to be so quick to order him down in the morning.

"Young Master Tang, then I'll call Master Liu right away."

"No, let him be busy first, it's not like I'm leaving soon anyway, I'm going home for New Year's Eve."

"Mmhmm."Wu Ma was very happy, she thought Tang Zichen was coming back to visit Liu Chenming, she didn't think he was coming back for the New Year, I'm sure Liu Chenming would be very pleased to know.

Ever since she returned to Linjiang, Li Xuan'er didn't look quite right.

"Xuan'er."Tang Zichen hugged Xuan'er Li, Xuan'er must have remembered her parents.

Xuan'er said, "Zichen, I want to go back to my house, last time, in the midst of running for my life, I didn't even properly sort out my parents' belongings, and also, their ashes haven't been buried yet."

Tang Zichen said, "I know all about it without you telling me.

This is going to go with you, and we'll make sure to do a great job this time back."


Tang Zichen to, "Xiao Meng, you can play at home."

"I also want to go pay my respects to Xuan'er's parents."


From the garage, Tang Zichen drove a Porsche, Tang Zichen looked at this Porsche, suddenly remembered Liu Xiangyun to, when just became Liu Xiangyun personal bodyguard, Liu Xiangyun was determined to drive Tang Zichen away, on the road, accidentally encountered a Bentley, rubbed a little paint, the other side lion to 300,000 repair costs, Tang Zichen did not understand the car haunted some jokes.

Tang Zichen didn't think much about it, sighed, drove the Porsche, took Li Xuan'er and Xiao Meng, and ran to Li Xuan'er's house together.

Last time, because it was a runaway, so I didn't properly do the funeral for her parents.

Arriving at Xuan'er's parents' home, Xuan'er tearfully began to organize her parents' belongings.

Now, half a year has passed and the house is full of dust.

Xuan'er lost her voice several times, especially since the New Year was coming up and she missed her family twice during festivals.

Tang Zichen blamed himself for this, because it was Tang Zichen's fault that Xuan'er's parents were killed by the Huo family's pursuers.

When Xuan'er was sorting clothes in her parents' closet, she accidentally turned up an old notebook, which was small and the size of her palm.

Xuan'er opened the notebook in confusion.

"After five years, the entire Tiannan Prefecture has been running through hospitals, am I really not going to be a mother for the rest of my life?

"Tomorrow, we will be going to Baiyanfu, I heard that it will be a day flight, but we are not afraid of tossing and turning, we hope that that infertility hospital in Baiyanfu can really cure my illness and let me conceive a little baby successfully."

"Today, it's one month since Xuan'er came to me, this month, we're both very happy to have her with us, we're ready to go home tomorrow, we haven't been back to Linjiang City for a year, we're so homesick."

"Finally home, thank God, gave our couple such a lively and lovely daughter, we will definitely raise her well.However, some of my left and right neighbors always look at me with suspicion, but who let our Xuan'er grow up so cute."

Xuan'er Li read through these long-ago notes and was a bit confused.

Was this about her parents on here?Why she never knew her parents had been to other houses.

"Zichen, come here for a moment."Li Xuan'er shouted.

Tang Zichen walked over.

"What's wrong?"

"Zichen, look at the notes, I'm a little confused."

Xiao Meng Dao: "Me too."

After reading it, "What's so confusing about this ah, isn't it obvious, your mother was young, suffering from infertility stupefaction, then went to the far away White Rock House, then, must have cured you of infertility.Sister Xuan'er, you almost couldn't be born la, fortunately your parents cured your infertility, hehehe."

Xuan'er Li frowned, "But, since I was a child, my mom never told me such a thing ah, if she really had infertility stupefaction before she conceived me, such a big thing, she would have definitely mentioned it to me ah, I didn't even know about it until my mom's diary nineteen years ago."


Tang Zichen asked, "Mavis, is it true that your mother never told you?"

"No really."

"Xuan'er, under normal circumstances, this isn't something to be ashamed of, and it took a lot of hard work to conceive you, which is something people in general should always bring up in front of their children, saying things like how hard it was to give birth to you.However, your parents didn't mention a single word about it, which is a little bit not normal."

Li Xuan'er said, "It's not possible that I'm really not my biological child, right?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned.

Actually, it wasn't sudden that Li Xuan'er would suddenly pop up with such a doubt, because since she was a child, she had some neighbors who were jealous of her beautiful looks, and then said that she was definitely not biological, and so on and so forth.

That's why, at this moment, Xuan'er Li suddenly popped out, should it really not be her biological words.

"Xuan'er, don't say anything nonsense, but today, we're here to sort out your parents' relics, if you say things like that, your parents' dead souls will definitely be angry when they hear it."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er said, "I didn't suddenly say this, when I was a child, many people neighbors secretly said that I must not be my parents' biological birth, otherwise why my parents look ordinary, but I... always thought that those neighbors were jealous that I looked better than their children, and then they said nonsense.But now, I suddenly saw my mom's notes from nineteen years ago, and that's why I had no choice but to have such suspicions."

Tang Zichen said, "Xuan'er, now that your parents are gone, why do you need to pursue whether or not they are biological, so what if they aren't biological."

"Hmm."Li Xuan'er was no longer bothered. Remember the URL

After sorting out the remains for Xuan'er's parents, with the help of Tang Zichen, they spent two days together to finish the funeral.

"Uncle Liu, you're back, congratulations, you've been appointed as the mayor of Linjiang City, you'll be the top man in Linjiang City from now on."Two days later, Liu Chenming returned home, and at this point, he was already the mayor of Linjiang City.An entrepreneur suddenly parachuted in as Linjiang City's mayor, and all the big and small forces in Linjiang City knew that Liu Chenming's connections and backstage were very tough.

"Zichen, I've heard from Wu Ma that you're back, but I'm on an inspection tour in Tiannan Province, so I didn't have time to come back."

"Uncle Liu, I'm not in a hurry to leave, I'm home for New Year's Eve, it's not bad for two days."

Liu Chenming smiled and said, "Zichen, I have suddenly become the mayor, it must be you, I went to Tian Nanfu this time, the governor treated me with great respect, you must be extraordinary now."

"Uncle Liu, it's not bad, but it's not as easy and comfortable as I thought it would be, I'm now the auxiliary talent of the Forty Princes, the main thing is this relationship, otherwise why would the Cai family bother to please me."

Liu Chenming said, "Legend has it that there is an emperor, a prince and a court in Wangjing City, it really is true ah."

"Oh, Uncle Liu, if you want to go to Wangjing City, I'll take you around someday and meet the legendary emperor."Tang Zichen said.

Willow Chenming nodded and smiled, "Good."

Willow Chenming said, "Our Yanhuang Empire, a total of over one hundred and twenty provinces, each of them is run by a powerful family, legend has it that these powerful families are again under the control of Wangjing City's court, and we've never seen what the court looks like, hehehehe."

Tang Zichen also laughed hehehe, and said to himself, "Uncle Liu wouldn't really want to see the emperor, would he?It's ugly when this big lie blows out but can't be done.

"Uncle Liu, from now on, you can be a good mayor in Linjiang City, as long as I'm still here, you can be a very stable mayor, don't often run away to do any business, easy."

"Good."Liu Chenming nodded his head.


nbsp; "Uncle Willow, how old are you this year?"Don Zimmer asked.

"What's wrong?"

"Just asking."

"Oh, forty-five."Willow Chenming said.

"Uncle Willow, forty-five is still pretty young, so why don't you find a wife?It's not good for you to be alone now, you should find a woman to live with, don't you think?"

"Ah, Zichen, why are you saying this all of a sudden."Willow Chenming looked a little embarrassed.

"Uncle Liu, I'm telling the truth, we're all men, you know, it's hard to keep jerking off until you're old."

Willow Chenming blushed furiously and said with some embarrassment, "That, Zichen, actually, I'm not as pure as you think I am, although I haven't married again all these years, but it's not to the point of solving it myself ah."

"It's also true, at least you're a boss with over 100 million assets, there's no shortage of little secretaries around you."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, Zichen, let's not talk about that."Liu Chen Ming was a bit thin-skinned.

"Don't, Uncle Liu, I suddenly have an idea."

"What idea?"

"Hehe, I won't talk to you about that for now, let's talk about it when I'm done with it."

In the evening, Tang Zichen asked Xiaomeng to help him find the contact number for the Cai family in Tiannan Province.

"Hello, which one is it."

"I'm looking for the Cai family head, I'm Tang Zichen from Linjiang City."

"Ah, looking for the clan head."

The person who answered the phone was shocked, the clan head wasn't someone he wanted to meet.

Tang Zichen was also a bit helpless, those innate experts of the Cai family, all of them did not wear cell phones, one by one, they were all engaged in antiquities, they couldn't find anyone, so they had to call their family.

After a lot of tossing and turning, Tang Zichen finally contacted the Cai family's patriarch.

"Brother Tang, what can I do for you, you can say."The Cai family patriarch asked with a smile.

Tang Zichen said, "Cai Clan Chief, what do you think of me?"

"Ah, what do you mean?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Cai Clan Leader, let's not hide anything, if you think that my Tang Zichen future is okay, then we might as well have a marriage with your Cai Clan."

"Ah, really fake."The Cai Clan's patriarch was excited.

"Of course it's true."

The Cai family head was busy smiling, "Brother Tang, it's really great that you can see our Cai family and marry with us, don't worry, I will find the most beautiful woman in our Cai family."

"Er."Tang Zichen was stunned, mistaken, absolutely mistaken.

"Oh, Cai Clan Leader, you misunderstood, I don't mean me, I mean, my relative, Liu Chenming, does your Cai Clan have a suitable one that matches him, marry him, let's have a marriage."

"Ah, it's not you."The Cai family head was disappointed, he thought it was Tang Zichen who wanted to marry which woman from their Cai family, if this was true, he would have to personally select the prettiest one from the Cai family to marry Tang Zichen.But to his surprise, it was Liu Chen Ming.

"Yes, it's my Uncle Liu, he's forty-five years old this year, his body is fantastic, I'll give him a little more physical conditioning, he's definitely in the prime of his 35 years.He hasn't married again, I was going to advise him to find any one he likes, but then I thought, at least I'm an imperial talent, Uncle Liu is my relative, I can't just find one, I have to be worthy of Uncle Liu.So, I thought of the Cai family, I wonder if I have the destiny to make a marriage with your Cai family."


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