The King of Kungfu in school 641-670


Chapter 641

"Tzu-Chen, did you really find a cure for Moe?"

"It's not clear yet, and, even if it is, I don't know if I should do it because, well, it's kind of unfair to Moe."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Alright, don't bother me, let's wait until I'm done with my research, maybe a waste of time."

"Alright, then you continue your research."

Tang Zichen locked the door to prevent outsiders from entering, Xiaomeng was lying on the hotel bed, Tang Zichen at once stuck a needle somewhere on Xiaomeng's body, and at once tried to point one of Xiaomeng's acupuncture points.Or, Tang Zichen tried to lose internal force to Xiaomeng again, in short, Tang Zichen tossed around alone for three days for no apparent reason, and then made notes while doing so.

During these three days, Xiao Meng kept looking at Tang Zichen, and she couldn't understand what he was doing.

At Tang Zichen's feet, there were dozens of sheets of A4 paper, on which many little people were spent, and many acupuncture points were marked on the little person's body, this was the record Tang Zichen made in these three days, ordinary people couldn't understand it.

Xiao Meng looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Brother Zichen, you look so handsome when you are serious."

However, Tang Zichen was completely immersed in his own world as if he hadn't heard the words at all, and Xiao Meng didn't mind because it wasn't the first time she had said that.

"Phew."Finally, Tang Zichen put down the last piece of recorded paper and exhaled deeply, Tang Zichen seemed to have made a detailed treatment plan and steps, more than ten pages long, Tang Zichen had repeatedly verified that this method was highly feasible, but of course, everything still had to be tried out to know. Remember the website

"Brother Zichen, you've finally finished your work, am I saved?".

Tang Zichen looked seriously, "Xiao Meng, now about your illness, I think I can tell you, I have verified that your illness is none other than this one."

"Brother Zichen, say it quickly."

"Xiao Meng, the reason why you are inexplicably disabled and no one can find the reason for it is because, your mind is exceptionally developed, in modern language, it's your brain, brain waves are very strong.Many experts in this world know that the human brain has weak brainwaves, and everyone's brainwaves are within a certain range.The stronger a person is, the stronger his brainwaves are, i.e., the more mental he is.You, on the other hand, were born with an abnormality, your brainwaves, beyond the maximum your brain can handle, so a lot of unforeseen things happen, so you're suddenly disabled, and also, in the future, you could trigger all sorts of other inexplicable symptoms that no one could have expected."

"Ah, no way."

"Xiao Meng, I wasn't sure before, so I didn't tell you, but now I've established that those healers who treated you before, they only knew to look for problems in your body, but they ignored the spirit, of course, that's understandable, after all, there's no way for healers to treat any trauma in the spirit."

"Brother Zichen, so what you're saying is that there's no way for me to heal?There's really no cure?"Xiaomeng fell into despair.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, there's no need to be anxious, I've been looking for a way to treat you for the past three days, ah, and now I've found a way to treat you, and the feasibility is very high."

"Brother Zichen, what solution ah, you quickly say."Xiao Meng was busy asking.

"This, maybe it's really destiny, Xiao Meng, real

Without hiding anything, in this world, maybe I'm really the only one who can save you.I happen to have learned a martial art by coincidence, called the Sucking Power Technique, and my method of treatment is to use this Sucking Power Technique to weaken your spiritual strength.The downside of this is that your mental strength isn't as strong, and the upside is that you might be able to return to normal.So, now you decide for yourself."

"What's the point of deciding, surely it's a cure, my brain waves are so strong, but I'm disabled, what's the use of this."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, if you are a normal person, being mentally strong is very useful, but you became bad because you were too abnormal.If I use this method to help you heal now, then your mental strength will be absorbed into me to a great extent, and this will be a great advantage for me to pick you up."

"Brother Zichen, don't say so much, I just want to return to normal now, don't care about the spiritual energy."

"Alright, then I'll take this advantage of you."

Tang Zichen was somewhat ashamed, this treatment method of his, to put it bluntly, was to transfer a portion, or even the vast majority, of Xiao Meng's mental energy to him.

Tang Zichen was taking advantage of Xiaomeng ah, if Tang Zichen's spiritual energy really surged, it was very likely that he would break through the realm and break through to Inner Gate Great Perfection, or even Innate, that's why Tang Zichen felt a little ashamed.

However, Xiao Meng didn't mind.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath and began his treatment plan.

Tang Zichen inserted 81 silver needles into Xiao Meng's brain, and Xiao Meng's entire skull turned into a hedgehog.

Then, Tang Zichen also inserted 81 silver needles into his own brain, and Tang Zichen himself turned into a hedgehog.

In this way, Tang Zichen applied them bit by bit, combining them with his Sucking Power method.

By noon the next day, Tang Zichen was still not finished.

Tang Zichen kept an eye on Xiaomeng's toes, if Xiaomeng's toes moved, that means the treatment must be stopped, Xiaomeng's brain waves have reached a level she can withstand, Tang Zichen can no longer absorb, at least leave enough for others.

It's just that Tang Zichen's own head feels like it's going to explode.

Tang Zichen was also really fighting, Tang Zichen doing this would most likely cause his own brain to be unable to withstand it and become disabled, however, the probability of this was not high because Tang Zichen was after all a Houtian perfection level, his brain capacity was far higher than Xiao Meng.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted, he felt like he was about to fall down, but he had to hold on.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen saw Xiao Meng's toes move.

Tang Zichen was so happy that he immediately pulled out all the silver needles on Xiao Meng's head, while Xiao Meng was always in a state of unconsciousness.

Tang Zichen now felt like his brain was about to explode as well, Tang Zichen removed the silver needles from his own head, and then, Tang Zichen fell down.

It wasn't until the next morning that Tang Zichen woke up.

When Tang Zichen woke up, he found Xiaomeng standing to the side, Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian were also in the room, Xiaomeng seemed to be happy, they were talking happily.

Tang Zichen felt a little headache and wanted to get up.

At that moment, a voice came from the ear, "Mr. Tang, congratulations, you've been promoted to the middle innate realm, there's another innate martial artist in this world."


Middle Innate?

Tang Zichen was shocked, who was promoted to innate?Still mid-term?Is the Innate Realm so easy to promote?That's how many people can't impact in their lifetime ah.

When Tang Zichen took a look, the person who spoke was Xiaomeng's middle innate guard, called Li Lin.

"Senior Leylin, what did you say?"

There was a complex look on Li Lin's face, not sure if it was jealousy or envy and hatred, but the eyes were a little different anyway, and he said, "Don't call me senior, now you're also at the mid Innate Martial Arts realm."

"How is that possible."Tang Zichen immediately sensed his own realm, and sure enough, he was now at the middle innate stage, and as a Tang Zichen who had reached innate in his previous life, he was all too familiar with this feeling.

"Heavens, mid innate."Tang Zichen was full of incredulity, originally Tang Zichen thought that he had absorbed Xiao Meng's mental energy and his mental energy had soared, at most it would allow him to impact the Houtian Great Perfection, even if he survived, he would still be at the early innate stage, but, surprisingly, he had broken through to the mid innate stage, this was too ridiculous, everyone knew that the innate realm, it was difficult to take a small step to reach the sky.

However, Tang Zichen could tell by looking at Li Lin's jealous eyes that this wasn't a dream.

At this moment, Li Lin looked at Tang Zichen and didn't know what to feel inside, he was also in the middle of the Innate Realm, but he had gone through countless hardships and years of baptism before he managed to achieve Innate and become an existence that countless martial artists admired.But Tang Zichen, in his eyes, had reached Innate with great ease, which made him feel strongly unfair inside.Furthermore, he also knew that Tang Zichen's ability to be so fast was caused by the fact that he had enhanced a lot of mental energy from Xiao Meng during the process of treating her, so Leylin couldn't even be jealous without being jealous.

"Brother Zichen, you're awake."When Xiao Meng saw that Tang Zichen had woken up, she busily came up.

"How are you?"Xu Mei Qian asked. One second to remember to read the book.

"I'm fine."Tang Zichen looked at, "Xiao Meng, congratulations, you're finally back to normal, but your body needs to continue to give you some time to recuperate because you've been bedridden for years, so that you can reach your most normal state."

"Mmhmm, thank you brother Zichen."

"Now that your mental strength has dropped dramatically, I'm sure your hacking skills have also dropped dramatically,"Tang Zichen said.

Xiao Meng shook her head, "No, I feel like I'm still the same as before ah."

"Uh, that's good, it seems like you didn't make use of your extra mental energy before, you just made use of the maximum amount of that you could handle.That's good, you didn't lose anything, and I've absorbed your excess uncontrollable mental power."

Li Xuan'er asked, "Zichen, just now, Senior Li Lin said that you broke through to the middle innate stage?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Xu Mei Qian said, "This is incredible, innate, this is so difficult to achieve, my family, there are only seven innate, but they are all older, the youngest is already thirty-five years old, and you, less than twenty years old, have reached innate, and it's still the middle stage."

Li Xuan'er said, "Zichen, you already meet the criteria for the title of imperial talent, great, you will also be an imperial talent of the Yanhuang Empire from now on!


Xu Mei Qian added, "If you didn't have a grudge against the Huo family, with your current strength, how popular would it be to return to the Tang family."

"Alright, what's the point of saying these meaningless words, it's only mid innate, for some people it may be a lifelong pursuit, but for me, the pursuit has no limit, the further I can go the better, and in the future I want to become an existence beyond innate."Tang Zichen vowed to say.

Li Lin snorted and said, "Tang Zichen, it's not that I'm discouraging you, becoming an existence beyond innate, it's not that easy, it's only possible if you come from a golden birth and have many unique bloodline advantages and resource advantages.But you obviously don't have that advantage."

"Oh, why did Senior Li Lin say that."Tang Zichen seemed to sense the jealousy in Leylin's tone towards him, so I guess he said it out of jealousy to strike Tang Zichen and achieve his own inner balance.

"Tang Zichen, out of 100,000 martial artists, there may not be one that can transcend the innate, but all those who can transcend the innate all have this gene and bloodline in their ancestors.If your father, or grandfather, or great-grandfather or something like that had someone who transcended the innate, then you might have this gene for transcending the innate in your body.But you, obviously no one in your ancestry has ever transcended the innate, as far as I know, your Tang family, the strongest of your ancestors only reached the perfection of the innate, you want to transcend the innate, huh, there is almost no possibility.Rather, Xiaomeng, her family's ancestors, there are many who have surpassed innate nature, she has the gene for it."Li Lin said.

Tang Zichen just laughed, although Li Lin was saying these words to hit him out of jealousy, what he said was true.Generally speaking, a dragon begets a dragon, a phoenix begets a phoenix, and a rat's son is still a rat.The stronger they were, the greater the probability of a strong person reappearing among their children.The more ordinary people they are, the more of their children are usually ordinary people.That was why, some families could continue for thousands of years because their ancestors were strong, and the probability of strong people continuing to appear among their children was high, and then they could continue to make the family grow, and so on.Whereas for the lower classes, their children and grandchildren are just like that.

The Tang family currently had six innate masters, the strongest being late innate, and the ancestor who reached the strongest level in the Tang family's history was a man who reached the Innate Perfection realm five hundred years ago.

So, the Tang family's descendants, no matter what, it's still within this range, it's hard to have any more beyond Innate Perfection, because that's how the genes are.Of course, there was no absolute in everything, and this referred to the vastly superior great families and people.

Right now, Tang Zichen was threatening to go beyond innate in the future, which made Li Linton feel ridiculous, the strongest ancestor in the family history hadn't even gone beyond innate perfection, and he still wanted to go beyond innate, could he not let people laugh?It was like the rat's son saying that he wanted to become a dragon in the future.

"You guys can talk."Leylin said and walked out of the room.

Li Lin, who walked out of the hotel room, stood in front of the hotel's lobby and said in his heart, "This Tang Zichen, what a lack of righteousness, when he treated Xiao Meng, he was able to incidentally strengthen his spirit and break through the realm, but he didn't even share it, this kind of person, selfish, no wonder he was hunted down by the Huo family."

The more Li Lin thought about it, the more unjust he became, maybe he was too jealous, so he found a reason within himself to not be righteous enough.

At that moment, Leylin saw a large camera at the entrance of the hotel lobby, Tang Zichen had previously explained that he would try not to let any camera capture the front face to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Leylin was now unknowingly walking under the camera and looking up at it, he didn't know what he wanted to do, was he really too jealous and wanted to intentionally attract the attention of the Huo family's hackers?

Li Lin looked at the camera for several minutes, then shook his head and walked away, saying in his heart, "It's just that, maybe it's his chance, what can I do if I'm jealous."

In the hotel room, Tang Zichen was in a good mood, Xiaomeng was healed and his mental strength soared as a result, causing the realm to go berserk.Because it was such a difficult realm to break through, it could indeed be described as a frenzy, which saved Tang Zichen at least two or three years of time.If it wasn't for Xiao Meng's mental energy, it would have taken Tang Zichen two or even three years to reach the mid Innate stage, full stop.

"Finally, it's only one step away from the late innate stage of my previous life."Tang Zichen said inwardly, this also meant that Tang Zichen's future martial arts path would be even more difficult without the experience of his previous life.

"Zichen, there are still three days left before the Young Healer Competition, are we going to leave."Xuan'er said.

"Yes, indeed we should depart, let's go to the capital of the Yanhuang Empire, Wangjing City now."

Tang Zichen and his group retired from the hotel, drove into the saloon car and headed straight to Wangjing City.

Dao: "The legendary Wangjing City is finally going to be seen, legend has it that Wangjing City is an extraordinary existence, the core of the Yanhuang Empire, the strongest people there are like clouds, the majority of the strongest people in the Yanhuang Empire live in seclusion in Wangjing City, as well as the royal family of the Yanhuang Empire, also in Wangjing City, a place where ordinary people can't go."

"Wow."Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan Er were both a bit excited by what was said.

If Wulin Island was a place where ordinary people could go to pursue the martial arts, then Wangjing City was a place where only lower class martial artists could go to pursue the martial arts.

Tang Zichen was also looking forward to this place. The first website

: "Only those who have reached the Innate Realm are allowed to settle down in Wangjing City, and only those who are stronger than Innate are allowed to build their own mansions there.Wangjing City is not a place where money can buy a house."

At the Huo family.

"Report, Tang Zichen's whereabouts have been discovered."

"Where is it?"

"At Anshan, they're driving an RV."

"Immediately send a nearby innate expert over to intercept them, and remember, assassinate."


Tang Zichen was driving the saloon car on the highway when suddenly, two people in front of him stopped the road and had their faces covered.

Tang Zichen stopped the car.

Leylin said, "Oh no, nine out of ten are Huo family's people."

"How did the Huo family's experts find us, we shouldn't have shown any traces,"Xu Mei Qian said.

At the moment, Leylin looked a bit strange, he wondered if he could have caused it, he was just too jealous to do something stupid.

"Brother Zichen, what should we do now?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm already in the middle of innate, what do I have to be afraid of."

Li Lin said, "Tang Zichen, you haven't earned the title of Imperial Talent yet, they can kill you, so you better be careful.This way, I'll go out and talk to them."

Leylin flew out.

"Gentlemen, could you give me face and let me pass, truth be told, I'm a guest of the Han Wang family.

My name is Leylin."Leylin said to the two masked men, and the first sentence carried the name of the Han Wang family.

One of those two masked men was pre-Celestial, and the other was Late Celestial.

"Phew."The masked man, who was late innate, did not say a word and directly swung out with his sword.

"Poof."Li Lin's body snapped into two pieces.

"Ah."Tang Zichen and the others who were in the caravan were shocked that Li Lin had been killed in the blink of an eye.

Xiaomeng raged, "The Huo family has gone too far, killing a guest of my family."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid they don't acknowledge being from the Huo family, didn't you see them masked, besides, it's just a guest of your family, they killed it.It seems that these two innate experts of the Huo family must destroy me here today.Unfortunately, I, Tang Zichen, am no longer what I used to be, one Pre-Celestial and one Late Celestial, hehe, it may not be so easy to kill me."

Saying that, Tang Zichen flew out and stood at the spot where Li Lin had just been killed.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally let me catch you."The man with the early innate stage said, they also felt that it wasn't easy to kill this Tang Zichen, it had been a toss up for more than half a year, a person so insignificant hadn't been solved for so long, and if they didn't, they would be laughed at by the other royal families.

Tang Zichen had just hidden his realm, after all, there was a late innate one here, Tang Zichen didn't have the confidence to challenge over the top because it was now innate, the gap between each realm was too big, from the fact that Li Lin had just died without even having time to react, it could be seen.So, in order to be surprised, Tang Zichen hid his realm first and then surprised at least one of them by taking care of it first.

Tang Zichen said, "So what if you catch me."

"How arrogant, Tang Zichen, it's been more than half a year since I was ordered by my family to kill you, today I can count on seeing you in person, end it, Tang Zichen."

That pre-Celestial man suddenly ran towards Tang Zichen.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted, instantly a sword.

"Poof."That pre-Celestial man was suddenly like Li Lin, his body breaking into two pieces.

"Ah."That late innate man was shocked, or stupid.

The moment he was stupid, Tang Zichen attacked and took some advantage first.

Tang Zichen's mental strength was strong, so Tang Zichen could now continuously use his swords together in a single effort.In the past, Tang Zichen could only use it for seven or eight seconds before getting mentally fatigued, but now he didn't have to worry about mental fatigue.Moreover, Tang Zichen's God Killing Saber Technique and Dragon Descending Sword Technique could both be performed to eight swords in one.What concept was this?Previously, only three swords in one ah, and then with the combination of both hands, it could be said that Tang Zichen's sword and saber combined, has reached at least the strength of a tenth grade martial art.

Tenth grade martial arts, this was not a martial arts secret that ordinary families could take out, it was at least a martial arts that only families above the general level could possess, the strength of Tang Zichen's current sword and saber combined was equivalent to the strength of tenth grade martial arts.

Of course, Tang Zichen's original fantasy of spiritual attack, this disappointed Tang Zichen, it was completely impossible, to reach spiritual attack, I'm afraid beyond innate can't even do it, because this is to spirit away from the body, think about it, it's still too far.

It was too late, too soon, Tang Zichen reached that late innate strong man with two consecutive Ghost Wheel Resolutions.

And that late innate strong man only just reacted from the stunned state he was in.

Tang Zichen suddenly combined his two swords and blasted up with nearly ten levels of martial strength.


"Ah."That late innate powerhouse was horrified, feeling a bit dumbfounded at how Tang Zichen's attack had made him invisible.

However, he was, after all, a late innate powerhouse, and he emitted innate abstruse Qi at the first opportunity.

"Buzz."All of Tang Zichen's attacks were blocked out by his Innate Abstruse Qi, and Tang Zichen also received a slight backlash, flying backwards over ten meters.

Tang Zichen's heart was shaken, he had already sent out his strongest attacks when he had the upper hand, but still, he was shaken away by his innate abstruse energy and failed to kill him.

Innate, truly an indescribably strong person, that Innate Abstruse Qi, Tang Zichen, as a middle Innate, couldn't break it at all.In the past, when he was in the Houtian realm, Tang Zichen was able to leapfrog and kill stronger people with his many advantages, but now, it was no longer possible.

That late-stage Innate strongman looked at Tang Zichen, that rage inside him, he couldn't accept the fact that the family had lost an Innate, and it was right under his nose.Gosh, what a heavy price this must be for a family.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air, his eyes looking at that late innate, Tang Zichen couldn't kill him, but Tang Zichen was confident that he wouldn't be killed by him, that much Tang Zichen was confident of.Because Tang Zichen also had the innate abstruse Qi protecting his body, and the strength of Tang Zichen's innate abstruse Qi was probably not lower than his, because the strength of the innate abstruse Qi was directly linked to the solidity of the realm and the strength of his spirit, Tang Zichen's realm was not solid yet, but his spiritual strength was extraordinary, so Tang Zichen's innate abstruse Qi was not weaker than the late innate, even though he was only in the middle innate, but the strength was not weaker than the late innate.

"Tang Zichen, you killed an innate expert of my family, you, you, you."That late-stage innate expert seemed to be shaking a little with anger.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Just kill it, how about it, how dare you drop it."Tang Zichen looked arrogant.

"Good, very good, Tang Zichen, I want you to die."

After saying that, the other party blazed up towards Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

"Buzz."A weapon like the Guillotine of Blood flew up to slice at Tang Zichen's skull.

Tang Zichen had already released his innate abstruse energy to resist.

"Boom."The tremendous force shook Tang Zichen backwards, worthy of being late innate, so powerful with a casual strike.Tang Zichen originally wanted to try to dodge, but the opponent's innate Qi locked onto him, making it useless for Tang Zichen to dodge no matter how hard he tried, this was what innate experts called a breath lock, once locked, there was no escape.

Tang Zichen had truly underestimated the late innate.

However, the opponent's Guillotine-like weapon did not cut off Tang Zichen's head as he expected, but was instead blocked by Tang Zichen's innate abstruse Qi.

"Ah, how is that possible."The other party was also shocked, how could Tang Zichen, a middle stage innate abstruse qi, be able to resist a strike from him.

At this moment, Tang Zichen also performed the Ghost Wheel Determination, and in a few blinks, he arrived in front of him, and his swords combined to kill him.

The other party also put up a resistance, as this strength of Tang Zichen's was very strong, making him feel like he couldn't dodge it as well.It made him very unbelievable that a Middle Innate could actually give him such a feeling.

"Boom."Tang Zichen combined his swords and eight in one, fiercely striking up, while at the same time, Tang Zichen used a lullaby attack on that person.

The opponent's innate abstruse energy was actually unable to resist Tang Zichen's lullaby, and the fruit of the

Yet that instant, there was a zero-point-zero-second lag in thinking.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's tremendous strength bombarded the other party, however, the other party's innate abstruse energy was always protected, Tang Zichen still couldn't kill the other party, but instead, he severely knocked the other party away by more than ten meters.

At this moment, that late innate Huo Clan strong man felt the blood in his body churning, Tang Zichen's strike just now had caused his qi and blood to flow backwards, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would have found it hard to believe that he was actually beaten like this by a mid innate late innate.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'll see how long your Innate Abstruse Qi can support you."

The innate abstruse energy protects the body, not all the time, if the internal force is exhausted, naturally nothing abstruse is left.

"Tang Zichen, count me as underestimating you, you'll see."The Huo family's innate expert grabbed the two halves of the corpse on the ground and immediately flew away.He had to admit that he couldn't kill Tang Zichen, at least not by himself, but if there were two late innate ones working together, that would be the only way to cut Tang Zichen down.Today, he went back to his family with the corpse of the dead innate clan member to report on this matter first, Tang Zichen stepped into the innate, and the matter had become a bit bigger.Moreover, he still didn't know if Tang Zichen had won the title of Imperial Talent.

Tang Zichen saw him leave, just a slight snort, if he still wanted to fight to the death, Tang Zichen was helpless, although he wouldn't be killed by the other side, but he couldn't kill him either, this wasn't the way to go on, and there were still people like Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian in the caravan, if he used them as a threat, Tang Zichen would be very passive.

Tang Zichen returned to the caravan, "Brother Zichen, why did you let him go, he killed my family's guest, you can't let him go."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Xiao Meng, he's late innate, I couldn't break through his innate abstruse energy, it's good that I wasn't killed by him, besides you guys are still here, I was always worried that he wouldn't catch you guys and threaten me, now he knows better and leaves first, it's the best ending.It's fortunate that he only came with two people today, if there were two late innate ones besieging me, I'd probably be finished."

"Zichen, let's get out of here quickly then."


"What about Senior Li Lin's corpse?"Xuan'er said.

Xiao Meng said, "I'll contact my father and ask him to handle it, the Huo family will definitely have no end of them if they dare to kill my family's guest."

"Li Lin's death, there's no evidence to prove that it was the Huo family, besides, the Huo family may not be scrupulous, although the Han Wang family is stronger, the Huo family has an existence of experts beyond the innate, if you really want to fight to the death, even though the Huo family will be destroyed by you, but, your Han Wang family will definitely lose a lot.So, is a mere mid innate guest worthy of such a fury from your Han Wang Family?"

"Uh.", Tang Zichen was very reasonable, the Huo family at any rate possessed an existence beyond innate, although it couldn't be compared to the Han Wang family only.However, no matter how incomparable it was, if they really had to fight to the death, they would still be able to bring great disaster to the Han Wang Family, so that a guest of the middle innate was simply insignificant.

Tang Zichen drove the saloon car and quickly left the scene.

After today's battle, Tang Zichen's stepping into the Innate would definitely let the Huo family know, and if they came back to kill Tang Zichen in the future, there would definitely be two, or even three Late Innates joining forces to besiege them.

Tang Zichen was still trembling a bit, if two Late Innate joined hands, Tang Zichen wouldn't really be able to fight against it, although his Innate Abstruse Qi was able to resist one Late Innate, he wasn't sure that he could resist two Late Innate.


"It's bad, call a meeting of all the innate in the family."

In the Huo family, all the innate experts in the family gathered in the main hall of deliberation.

"Huo Wu C, how's it going?Didn't you and Huo Su go to kill Tang Zichen?Where's Huo Su?"An innate man asked, looking at a late innate man standing in the main hall, this late innate man was the masked man who fought with Tang Zichen.

Huo Wu C said with a dead face, "Patriarch, Huo Su is dead."

"What?Say that again?"

"Huo Su is dead."

"Impossible."The Huo family grew up and roared, Huo Su was the one who was killed by Tang Zichen in the early innate days.

The Huo family had a total of forty-two innate, and every single innate expert was extremely important, but with one dead, there were only forty-one left.

The entire palace was trembling.

"Why did Huo Su die?Why?Who killed it?"

Huo Wu Bing gritted his teeth and said, "It was Tang Zichen who killed him." One second to remember to read the book


"Patriarch, Tang Zichen is not what he used to be, he's already in the middle of the innate, when Huo Su and I found him, he deliberately hid his realm, causing us all to not expect it, Huo Su went up to kill him, but, he cut him in two with a sword."

"Tang Zichen stepped into the Innate, and he's still in the middle of the Innate?How is that possible."

"It's what I saw with my own eyes."

"Then why didn't you kill him?Even if he's mid innate, can't you kill him at late innate?"The Huo Clan Chief asked Huo Wu C's roaring question.

"Clan Chief, I, I, indeed, cannot kill him."Huo Wu C lowered his head in shame and anger.

"Huo Wu C., you have the guts to say that again."

"Clan Chief, I can't kill Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is mid innate, but, for some reason, his innate abstruse energy is so powerful that even I can't break through, I really can't kill him."Huo Wu Bing said with difficulty.

Another old man in the palace who was an Innate Perfectionist raged, "Huo Wu C, even if what you say is true, but you can't kill him, can't you even do anything to bring him back?"

"I, I, I indeed can't do it."

"You, you watched Huo Su die and you actually threatened that you couldn't do it."

"Truth be told, that Tang Zichen, his attack was so strong, and I can't even tell you how he did it, his attack not only managed to hit me accurately, but it was also able to give me a huge shock and reverse the flow of blood throughout my body, if it wasn't for my innate abstruse Qi he couldn't break through, I would have been killed by him."

"Ah."The entire palace trembled when they heard Huo Wu C's exposition, although Huo Wu C was only a relatively ordinary innate, he was at least a late innate.

Everyone looked at the Huo Clan's Patriarch.

"Clan Leader, what should we do now?Tang Zichen stepped into innate, his age already meets the criteria of an imperial talent, he will get the title of imperial talent sooner or later, at that time, we won't be able to kill him."An innate expert said.

The Huo Clan's head looked embarrassed, never expecting that what was just an insignificant little person at that time would now so quickly shake into a big man.If Tang Zichen received the title of Imperial Talent, then it was no longer too much to say that he was a big man.


; The head of the Huo family said gloomily, "There is no possibility of reconciliation between our Huo family and Tang Zichen's hatred, so the more powerful Tang Zichen becomes, the more important it is to kill him, or else there will be endless trouble."

"But we still don't know if Tang Zichen has obtained the title of Imperial Talent."

"Hmph, even if he has obtained the title of Imperial Talent, he must still die, who let him step into the Innate, if he hadn't stepped into the Innate, it doesn't matter if we can kill him or not.But now the nature has changed, if he doesn't die, he'll be a huge problem for the Huo family, I'll report this matter to the Huo family's celestial ancestor, alright, continue to monitor Tang Zichen, kill him when you find an opportunity."

Tang Zichen drove the caravan and had arrived at a city around the capital of the Yanhuang Empire, Tang Zichen decided to stay here first and then wait for the Young Healer Competition.

To be on the safe side, Tang Zichen put on a human skin mask that had never shown its face before.

In the blink of an eye, another day passed.

The fact that Tang Zichen had killed an early innate expert of the Huo family had also spread out this night.

No one was more shocked than the families familiar with Tang Zichen.

In the Tang family, in a hall, the six innate experts of the Tang family were stunned there at a loss for words.

The Tang family's patriarch said, "Oh my god, Tang Zichen actually achieved innate so quickly, how is this possible."This Tang family's patriarch was the most powerful person in the late innate sky.Of the remaining five innate, two were mid innate, and three were early innate.These six people were the Tang Family's current strongest innate people.

They had all been foolish when they learned that Tang Zichen had stepped into the innate and was in the middle innate.

"Patriarch, if Tang Zichen is mid innate so young ah, he's able to be named an imperial talent ah, and even Huo Wu C, the Huo Family's late innate, was unable to kill Tang Zichen.This Huo Wu C, but he's stronger than you."An old man in the mid innate stage said.

The Tang family's patriarch nodded, that Huo Wu C was far stronger than the Tang family's patriarch, which also meant that the Tang family's strongest patriarch couldn't win against Tang Zichen.

"Clan Leader, what should we do now?If Tang Zichen returns to the Tang Family, there's no guarantee that our Tang Family will still reach what level of glory in the future."

"What a pity, our Tang family, since ancient times, no one has been able to obtain the title of Imperial Talent, our Tang family was going to be developed, but now, alas."

"Don't say that, although Tang Zichen has stepped into the innate, I'm afraid that the Huo family will not let him go even more, even though we are pitying and regretting, we can only watch Tang Zichen be strangled."

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

The Young Healer Competition had finally arrived.

Early in the morning, Tang Zichen, Xiao Meng, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, and the four of them entered the capital city of the Yanhuang Empire, Wangjing City.

The Young Healer Competition was held once every three years, and anyone under the age of twenty-four could participate, and could do so repeatedly.The younger the participant, the greater the advantage would be.

Tang Zichen came to a place called the 'Imperial Hospital' in Wangjing City.

The Imperial Hospital was a hospital that served the royal family, and every healer in it was very powerful, either of very high grade or with extraordinary skills.

Dao: "The fourteen-grade healer who came to my family and treated me last time was from this Imperial Hospital.It's a shame that he's still a fourteenth grade, what a vain name, he's not as good as you, brother Zichen."


Tang Zichen smiled, "That can't be said, I'm only a tenth-grade healer after all, and the reason I was able to heal you is just by some insight that normal people don't have, as well as some techniques that are unique to me.On the whole, I'm definitely not as good as these fourteen-grade healers at treating conventional injuries.Not as good as someone who has been slapped by an expert who has surpassed his innate nature, I can't heal with my skills."

Tang Zichen had seen a lot of skills in his previous life from his uncle and teacher's wife, so Tang Zichen's skills were stronger.

"Idlers are not allowed to enter the Imperial Hospital."The few Houtian guards guarding the entrance of the Imperial Hospital said.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys wait for me here, I'll go in alone for the competition."


"Brother Zichen, go for it."

Tang Zichen entered the Imperial Hospital by himself, at the moment, in one of the courtyards of the Imperial Hospital, there were forty to fifty people standing in groups of seventy to fifty.

Tang Zichen was a little surprised, he had thought that there would be many people participating in the Young Healer Competition, but as it turned out, there were less than fifty.

But also, under twenty-four, where could there be so many powerful healers.

"Huh."At this moment, Tang Zichen saw an acquaintance.

Tang Zichen immediately walked up. First URL

"Chang Sunless, what are you doing here?"Tang Zichen asked.

Changsun Wuhen was sitting in a corner, quietly reading a book alone.

Upon hearing the shouting, Chang Sunless looked up at Tang Zichen as if he didn't recognize him.

Tang Zichen then remembered that he was now wearing a human skin mask.

"You are?"Chang Sun Wu Yan asked.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Can't you even hear the voice?"

"Ah, you're Don Zixon?"

"Crap, why you, why are you here."

"That's what I should be asking you, why are you here."

"I'm here for the Young Healer Competition, of course."Changsun said.

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked a little confused, but Chang Sunless could participate in that bit of healing?

Chang Sun Wu Yan smiled, "I know what you're thinking, you're thinking how can I participate at this level, aren't you?"

"Uh, heh heh."

"Tang Zichen, it's been a long time since we've seen each other."

"Yes, I haven't seen you since the end of the first semester of the Martial Arts Academy, and it's almost New Year's Eve again, so you guys are on winter break, too."

"Mm."Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen, it had been a long time since she had been to Tang Zichen, a semester plus a summer vacation, plus half a winter vacation, she had thought that she would miss Tang Zichen a lot, but today when she saw Tang Zichen again, she found that she didn't miss him as much as she had thought.Perhaps she had already come out of the whirlpool of Tang Zichen's feelings, time, indeed, was the cure for feelings.

"How have you been lately?"Changsun asked.

"I'm fine, you should have heard a thing or two about me."

Changsun Wuhen smiled slightly, "I already knew about you being chased by the Huo family, and yesterday when I was preparing to come to Wangjing City, I also heard someone say that you stepped into the innate sky."

"Oh, yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Changsun Faceless said, "It really wasn't at first

Wrong person, you are indeed a very talented person, it's only been a short time since you stepped into a realm that some people can never reach in their lifetime, becoming an innate expert that everyone in the Yan Huang Empire respects."

"Oh, innate isn't as noble as you think it is, la.Faceless, how about you, how have you been, and your fiancé, that teacher called what."

Chang Sun Wu Yan smiled, "My engagement with Chen Gu Jin was cancelled long ago, before the second semester even started, at that time, I'm afraid you were being hunted by the Huo family."

"No, I should have been in the Liuli Kingdom at that time, it's good that it was cancelled, Chen Gujin doesn't deserve you.You will come to participate in the Young Healer Competition, I'm sure your healing skills have greatly improved."

Changsun Wu Yan laughed lightly, a little embarrassed or proud of himself, "I've already assessed to the token of a seventh grade healer."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, so long and short, Chang Sun Wu Yan had changed so much, to think that in the beginning, she wasn't even at the level of first grade, referring to the New Student Competition, of course.

"Yanless, you're powerful enough, no wonder I see you here."

Changsun Faceless smiled, "Truth be told, I came to participate in the Healer Competition this time, my goal is, first place."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked again, Tang Zichen's goal was first place as well.Although Tang Zichen had just praised Chang Sun Wu Yan for being powerful, Tang Zichen actually didn't consider her an opponent in his heart.

"Oh, Faceless, how come you're so confident that you can take first place?"Tang Zichen asked with a smile, about Tang Zichen's ten-grade healers, but she didn't know, otherwise she wouldn't have said that, and inside, Chang Sun Wu Yan felt that she was now more powerful than Tang Zichen, who was only four or five grades at most.

"Because the last Cure that won first place was only seven grades ah, of course, the Young Healer Competition isn't all about grades, but I believe in myself."

"Oh, Faceless, go for it."Tang Zichen encouraged.

"You too, what grade of healer are you now?"Chang Sun Wu Yan asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I, ah, huh, haven't been to the assessment, I don't know."

"I think you've got at least five, maybe even six."

"I hope so."

Tang Zichen smiled at Chang Sun Wu Yan, she was still as beautiful as before, even more so, because of the healer's increased strength, she exuded confidence and looked even more charming.

"That, how are you doing lately."

"You just asked that, didn't you."Changsun was puzzled as she looked at Tang Zichen.

"I mean, since I've left, you, I guess, are okay."Tang Zichen remembered that in the past, Changsun Wuhen couldn't see him, feeling all listless and lost, and he didn't know if she would still be like this if she would, Tang Zichen knew that she liked herself to be like this, so he had always felt a little guilty about her.

Chang Sun Wu Yan smiled softly, "Zichen, I'm fine now, it's been so long, I've already figured it out."

"Uh, figured it out?"

"Well, in the past, when you first left the healing department and went to the blade department, I spent all day in a state of distraction, not knowing what the point of sitting in that healing classroom was.Later on, I had gradually gotten out of your shadow, and since we weren't meant to be, why should I be sad, back then, I put all my energy into healing, and by coincidence, I met an old-timer named 'Pill King' from Martial Island, and she was willing to take me on as a disciple, and after that I wholeheartedly studied healing with him, and my level wasIt's improving quickly, and truth be told, I'll soon be able to assess an eight-grade healer."


"Wow, so it's guided by a higher power."


"Oh, I'm glad you figured it out, or it would have kept me guilty too,"Tang Zichen said.

Chang Sunless said, "I'll find my perfect love, and I wish you all the happiness in the world."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen saw that Changsun Wuhen had figured it out and was no longer in love with him, and suddenly felt a bit lost again.Of course, if she still wanted to adore him all the time, she might feel guilty again, what a complicated feeling.

Not long after, an old man came out.

"Everyone, you're all here for the Young Healer Competition, right?"

"Yes."Everyone said.

"Well, I'm the examiner of this Young Healer Competition, my name is Chang Wei, and I'm currently a twelve-grade Healer of the Yanhuang Empire Imperial Hospital.This Young Healer Competition is divided into three parts, the first part, the elimination competition, leaving ten of the most powerful people.Part two, the top three competition, and part three, the battle for first, second, and third place, for three days."


"I have to tell you all here, the entire competition, regardless of grade, because grades can be faked, is only about strength.Alright, I'll give you all half an hour to prepare, then follow me to the examination room." Remember the URL

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen and nearly fifty others followed that examiner to the examination room, which was in a large research room in the Imperial Hospital.

Right now in this research room, there were already sixty to seventy dry corpse props laid out in rows.

"Feel free to choose your dry corpse props, every dry corpse prop is the same, when I say start, immediately start healing, the ten people who heal the fastest will complete the first round, and the remaining withdraw from the competition."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, it really was simple enough, I thought the young healers would be so grand, but I didn't expect it to be as simple as the class assessment of the Martial Academy's Healing Department.

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that although it looked like a simple competition, secretly there were many families paying attention.

Right now outside the Imperial Hospital, in a large hall, many innate experts from various families were waiting there, their purpose for waiting here was naturally to know the results of the competition at the first time, and then to see if there was a chance to gather a few people with good talent to become guests of their respective families.

Healers were in high demand, this point had been said before by Xu Mei Qian, Xu Mei Qian's family, the hallowed phase grade family, but, the strongest healers were only around seventh grade, one could imagine how rare healers were.It could be said that anyone who came to compete today and had no family background behind them would definitely be the target of everyone's looting.

At this moment in this hall, an innate expert of the Tang family is also here, a mid innate expert of the Tang family, called Tang Zilin, he came here on the orders of the family patriarch, to see if he could get lucky and invite a talented healer back, the Tang family's most powerful healer is currently only six grades, this six grade healer is simply unable to meet the demand of the Tang family, the children of the family who beg for healing every day, lining up!Waiting.And the level of a six-grade healer is considered low, a six-grade healer is completely unable to heal an injury at the level of an innate expert, and to treat an injury at the level of an innate expert, one would need a seven-grade healer or higher anyway.

"Hopefully, this term, we can invite a more powerful healing genius back for my Tang Family, my Tang Family is really lacking in healers at the moment.If we can invite a healer of seventh grade or higher

Master, that would be the best, my left shoulder hasn't been completely healed since it was injured three years ago, every time I have to fight fiercely, it gives out hidden pain, I really can't wait to ask a powerful healer to treat me."Tang Zilin inwardly felt no hope at all as he looked at the innate experts of the many other families in the palace.

In a research room in the Imperial Hospital, Tang Zichen and the others were ready to begin the competition.

"Everyone, on my dictation, prepare, begin."

All of the participants immediately performed the healing technique.

Of course, the first step was to diagnose the problem.

When everyone diagnosed, this revealed that the injuries of the dry corpse props were around six pins.

Those whose strength was lower than six pins had their brows furrowed.Of course, it didn't mean that one had to have the strength of a six-grade healer to be able to treat it, some powerful ones with more means were estimated to be able to treat it with the strength of five-grade, but of course, this was only a few of a few, and the one who could generally have so many means, he must have studied with some particularly powerful healers and had seen a lot.For example, Tang Zichen, he had studied with his uncle in his previous life, this insight, how could it be compared to ordinary people.Therefore, Tang Zichen healed Xiaomeng, and even those fourteen-grade healers didn't discover the cause of Xiaomeng's illness.

Of course, Xiao Meng's illness belonged to its category of difficult and miscellaneous illnesses, not injuries, Tang Zichen's insight was superior in these types of difficult and miscellaneous illnesses, if he encountered those advanced injuries, Tang Zichen would not be a match for those with advanced healers at all.For example, if a transcendent innate expert slapped Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen might not be able to heal himself without the strength of an Eleventh Grade Healer, who couldn't even heal the injuries that transcendent innate experts struck.

Tang Zichen didn't need three seconds to heal it.

Tang Zichen didn't want to pretend to be a match and deliberately stall for time, but since he was healed, Tang Zichen immediately withdrew the needle.

"Wow."The dry corpse that Tang Zichen had treated suddenly bounced up.

"Over."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."The examiner was shocked, such divine speed, what level of healer must this be.

Chang Sun Wu Yan saw Tang Zichen finish, her heart was shocked, originally Chang Sun Wu Yan was still secretly thinking inside that she was going to be the first to finish and then show Tang Zichen her current strength, making Tang Zichen regret that he didn't like her before.Although Chang Sun Wu Yan had just said that she had figured it out, but she was actually still a bit unhappy inside, so she had wanted to show off, let Tang Zichen tremble at her strength, and slightly regret back then.But Coco But, Tang Zichen actually finished the treatment so quickly.

Changsun Wu Yan was a bit silly at this moment, she fantasized about showing a bit, making Tang Zichen tremble with her strength, it couldn't happen.

"What's the name?"The examiner asked Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and replied, "My name is Wind Light Cloud."

Tang Zichen didn't give out his real name because the competition was split into three days, Tang Zichen didn't want to cause any complications, so let's keep using the fake name first.

About half a minute later, Changsun Wu Yan finished second.

After finishing, Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen, who smiled at her with a meaningful smile.

Chang Sun Wuyan glared at Tang Zichen, as if she was complaining that Tang Zichen was pretending to be a matchmaker, just before the competition started, she had asked Tang Zichen what strength he had, and Tang Zichen actually lied to her and said he didn't know.


After about three or four minutes, one after another, almost ten of you had finished the game.

The examiner said: "Alright, those who haven't finished can stop, you have no chance to enter the second round.However, don't be frustrated, all of you who have been able to participate in the competition have shown your strength, and at the moment, many people are waiting to suck up to you in the main hall of the Imperial Hospital.In addition, those of you who have entered the top ten are not allowed to leave the Imperial Hospital's area until you have finished the competition. The Imperial Hospital has already prepared rooms for you, so you can study in your own rooms to prepare for tomorrow's competition.Also, in the second round tomorrow, there are a total of twenty participants, and the other ten, who are directly promoted, they are very strong, you better go back and study well."

Tang Zichen wasn't surprised, no wonder there were less than fifty people competing today, the number was so small, so there were still direct advancement.

But it was understandable, those ten who directly advanced must be disciples of powerful healers, or were famous before, so it was normal to directly advance.

Those who did not enter the top ten left the research room.

As for Tang Zichen and the other ten, they stayed in place and waited, and about a few minutes later, a man came to lead Tang Zichen and the other ten to a dormitory building in the Imperial Hospital.

"There is a name at the door of the room, go back to your room each, you are not allowed to leave until the competition is over, and better yet, don't even come out of your room."

Tang Zichen asked, "Why is that?"

"In order to be fair, you are not allowed to cheat or otherwise act unfairly in any way."

Tang Zichen was helpless, Li Xuan'er and the others were still waiting for him outside the Imperial Hospital, but now they couldn't even go out.

Tang Zichen walked to the first room, this room had his name written on the door. One second to remember to read the book

"Tang Zichen."Changsun Faceless followed suit.

"Uh, Faceless, your room is next to mine."

"I know, I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh, what did you want to talk to me about."

"Can you tell me exactly how many levels of Healer you've reached?"

Tang Zichen said, "Ten pins."

"Ah."Chang Sun Wu Yan was shocked.

"Ten pins, gosh."


"Tang Zichen, I thought I was already more powerful than you, but I had wanted to show off in front of you, to make you tremble at my current strength, to make you regret ever not liking me, alas, it seems that I was narcissistic."Changsun Faceless had a dejected look on her face.

"Faceless, you're already strong."

"Oh, you rest, I'm going back to my room to study."Chang Sun Wu Yan turned back to the next room and closed the door, she was depressed, at this moment, she felt like she was back at the Martial Arts Academy, Tang Zichen was like he was at the Martial Arts Academy again, so bullish that she couldn't look up to him, so bullish that she had to worship him.Before she advised herself to forget about Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is now certainly nothing more than that, nothing to be attached to, but now she realized that Tang Zichen has always been so bullish, everything is just a reason for her to convince herself to forget about Tang Zichen.

At this moment outside the Imperial Hospital's main hall, many people were waiting, and all of them were innate experts.

Just at this moment, a man shouted, "The results of the competition are out."

"Quickly say, what results?"everyone in turn


A man immediately announced, "Young Healer Competition, first place in the third round, Wind Lightning; second place, Chang Sun Wu Yan; third place, Mo Qing Qing; fourth place, Yang Bai Lao."

After the top ten were announced one by one, many people asked, "Who are the ones without family backgrounds?Quickly say."

"The first place Wind Lightning, whose information shows no family background, and the rest of the top ten have family backgrounds.Also, of all the contestants who didn't make it into the top ten, there are more than ten who don't have a family background.These ones without family backgrounds, which of your families will be able to pull them together will depend on your respective skills, especially the first-place Wind Lightning."

Suddenly, all the families in the palace were stirring, including Tang Zilin of the Tang Family, who couldn't wait to gather Wind Lightning.However, it must not be his turn, because Wind Lightcloud was able to win first place in the third round, it was definitely not bad, and this kind of strength would definitely be of interest to all the king-level families, and no matter what, it wouldn't be the turn of the phase level families, but Tang Zilin decided to give it a try.

Tang Zichen sat in his room, and since he couldn't leave, Tang Zichen could only close his eyes and solidify his middle innate realm.

Tang Zichen didn't go to review the Healing Technique, there was no need for him to do so.

And right now, the people in the other nine rooms were all frantically reviewing.

In Wangjing City, in one of the mansions.

"There's news from the Imperial Hospital, first place in the third round, there's a man named Wind Lightning, he has no family background, you quickly go find him and make sure to bring him into our family."An expert who was beyond innate, instructed a man with a perfect innate.

"Yes, Old Ancestor."

Likewise, the news quickly spread out, and many King-level families rushed to the Imperial Hospital to find Wind Lightning.

To be able to win first place in the third round, he was at least an Eighth Grade Healer, and being so young and an Eighth Grade Healer was enough for the royal families to pull together.

In Wangjing City, there was another residence, this one was established by the Huo Family's Transcendent Innate experts, as only Transcendent Innate experts could establish their own residence in Wangjing City.

The Huo family's patriarch, at the moment, was reporting to an ancestor about Tang Zichen.

"What have you guys been up to, a character so insignificant has been up to for so long, and he was given the chance to step into the innate, what has the family done with so many innate experts."An ancestor of the Huo family scolded.

"What the ancestor scolded is that we were negligent, we didn't expect this Tang Zichen to be so unexpected as to be able to step into the innate, otherwise, I would have personally taken care of him quickly in the first place, and we wouldn't have let him grow up today and bring hidden dangers to the family's future."

"Alright, quickly exterminate him, don't let him grow any further, or else the Huo family will definitely have a big problem in the future."

"Yes, Old Ancestor, I'll personally take action."

Just at this moment, an innate level man ran in at the entrance and said, "Old Ancestor, hearing the first news from the Imperial Hospital, the one who came first in the third round of this year's Young Healer Competition, he surprisingly doesn't have a family background, and there are already many families going to recruit him, Old Ancestor, our Huo Family?"

The Huo family ancestor's brows furrowed as he said, "First place in the third round, that's at least an eighth-grade healer, and no matter how bad the future gets, it won't be less than ten, a healer of this level without a family background is a treasure, so don't rush to pull him in.Our Huo family just lost an early innate master, we must pull this person into our Huo family to make up for a little loss."


"Yes, Old Ancestor, I'm heading to the Imperial Hospital."The Huo family head immediately headed to the imperial hospital.

Tang Zichen was bored in his room when someone knocked on the door outside.

Tang Zichen opened the door, only to see an innate expert standing in the doorway, and he was late innate.

"You are?"Tang Zichen asked, a little nervous, wondering if it was the Huo family that had found their way here.

"Hello, Wind Lightning, I'm the head of the Liang family, my name is Liang Yougui."

"Uh, Liang Yougui?"


"Did you want to see me about something?"

"It's like this, Windy, I hear you don't have a family background, do you?"

"Uh, yeah."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

That Liang Yougui was a happy man, he was the first one to come in to find Tang Zichen, hoping to be the first one to bring Tang Zichen into the Liang family. The first website

"Wind Lightning, I wonder if you would like to join our Liang Family and become a guest of our Liang Family, our Liang Family is a phase-level family, believe me, your choice is not wrong."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was a bit confused.

"Wind Lightning, you'll be very happy to become a guest of our Liang Family."

Tang Zichen seemed to understand that he must have won the first place in the third round, and this person had come to recruit him and wanted to pull him into the Liang Family as a guest.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Sorry, I'm not considering this matter at the moment."

"Wind Lightning, consider it."

"Oh, please go back."

"Ugh, well, if you've considered it, you must be the first to choose our Liang family ah."


As soon as Liang Yougui left, another innate expert came not long after.

With the same purpose, it was also an attempt to bring Tang Zichen together, which Tang Zichen politely refused.

In less than an hour, Tang Zichen received more than ten families' innate experts.

"Knock knock."There was another knock at the door.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed helplessly, although Tang Zichen felt irritated, Tang Zichen still went to knock on the door, superficially polite, after all, every person who came to gather him was an innate expert and would only gather him if he looked up to him, no matter how annoying he was, he couldn't put up any stinky show.

Tang Zichen opened the door, and sure enough, a middle innate man was standing at the door.

"Hello, Wind Lightning, I'm Tang Zilin of the Tang family, may I have a chat with you?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, Tang family?Tang Zichen was a bit speechless, even the Tang family had come to recruit him, if he were to know that Wind Lightning was Tang Zichen, I wonder how this Tang family's innate expert would feel.

"Hello."Tang Zichen nodded to Tang Zilin.

"Senior Wind Lightning, I heard that you don't have a family background, I wonder if you can now join a certain family and become its guest?"Tang Zilin simply asked.

"Not yet."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zilin was delighted, busy saying, "I wonder if Senior Wind Lightning is interested in joining our Tang Family, our Tang Family has a very privileged geography, located on the edge of Tai Lake."

Tang Zichen said, "There is no need to call me senior, you are in the middle of innate sky, while I am just in the latter days."

Tang Zichen was hiding his realm at the moment, Tang Zichen hid his realm around the late Houtian, which made people wouldn't associate him with Tang Zichen .

Otherwise, it would have been even more of a shock, so young, so strong in healing talent, even in the martial arts realm of innate, this would definitely be sensational.

Of course, Tang Zilin couldn't see Tang Zichen's true realm, but he still called out to Tang Zichen Senior, his intention to please was overflowing, that is, he wanted to use his sincere attitude and sincere invitation.

Tang Zilin smiled and said, "Senior Wind Lightning, you will definitely have great achievements in the future as a healer, it is only right that I call you senior.It's just that I hope that you'll consider our Tang Family, if you're willing to join our Tang Family, we'll definitely treat you as a guest.To tell you the truth, our Tang family really desperately wants you to come, our Tang family is very scarce of healers, the strongest one at the moment is only six grades, and he is also a guest, we don't know when he will leave yet.So, Senior Wind Lightning, I still expect you to consider ah."

"Uh."Tang Zichen's heart was startled, no way, the Tang family was so scarce in healers.

"Sixth grade, that's too bad."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, yeah, our Tang family really hopes to have a healer of seven or more grades join us, I'm not hiding from you senior, the old injury on my shoulder from a few years ago, I'm still waiting for a more powerful healer to join our Tang family and ask him to treat me."

"Uh, that's so tragic, that six-grade healer from your family, won't heal you."

"Senior is joking, a six-grade healer can't heal my mid innate injuries."

"Oh oh, as if, hehe, let's say, Tang Zilin, since you're here, I'll heal you, as for joining the Tang family, hehe, we'll talk about it later."

"Ah."Tang Zilin was shocked, it was a great honor to receive the active treatment from Wind Lightning.

"Thank you, thank you."

"Sit down."Tang Zichen pressed his hand on Tang Zilin's shoulder and pressed it a few times, and Tang Zilin suddenly felt a pain in his shoulder, just like when he usually had a seizure.

Tang Zichen said, "Tang Zilin, you got this injury from someone's finger."

"Yes, yes, Senior Wind Lightning is really powerful."Tang Zilin said admiringly.

"Oh, you don't have to shout one senior at a time, I'm so much younger than you after all, I'm embarrassed to shout."

"Oh."Tang Zilin smiled awkwardly.

Tang Zichen took out the silver needle and slowly penetrated deeper into Tang Zilin's shoulder muscles, Tang Zilin felt that the pain in his shoulder was gradually easing, after about a few minutes, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, it'll heal in a few days."

"Wow, worthy of being the first, awesome."

"Any healer above the eighth grade can heal it, nothing."

Tang Zichen had treated Tang Zilin because everyone's surname was Tang, and although Tang Zichen hadn't returned to the Tang family, Tang Zichen wasn't too harsh on the Tang family.

"Then, Senior, about?"

"I haven't planned on going to any of the families yet, and I'm sorry, but you're not the first person to call on me."

"Well well, think about it then, and thank you for healing my old wound."

"You're welcome."

"Then I'll be leaving, I won't bother you anymore."

Tang Zilin took his leave, although Tang Zichen didn't agree to join the Tang family, but this was also within his expectation, Tang Zichen's talent would even interest a general family, so it wouldn't be the Tang family's turn to take another turn, he was just giving it a try, and he also felt that he had earned it when the injury on his shoulder was healed.

After leaving, Tang Zilin said inwardly, "Wind Lightning is really a good person, it would be great if my Tang Family had such an outstanding son."


Tang Zichen was standing at the door of the room, but Changsun Wuhen in the next room was not disturbed, she was trying to study, Tang Zichen saw through the window that Changsun Wuhen was holding something like a paper man in her hand, she did not know what she was studying.

Tang Zichen knocked on the door, and Changsun Wuhen opened the door.

"So hard-working."Tang Zichen smiled.

Changsun Wuyan glared at Tang Zichen and said somewhat grudgingly, "How can I compare to you, a pervert, who is already a ten-grade healer."

"Aren't you almost eight-grade, awesome enough."Tang Zichen said.

"Ugh, I thought I had already far surpassed you, but forget it, I don't want to talk about it."

Tang Zichen said, "No wonder you've come to your senses and suddenly have no love for me, hahaha, so you thought you've far surpassed me."

"Right, so I persuaded myself that you weren't as good as I thought you were, I didn't need to obsess over you like a god, I should go after my own happiness.But I didn't expect that I was wrong, you really are that good, no matter how I move forward, you always make me only worship, unable to surpass in front of you."

Tang Zichen said, "So, now you don't have a reason to convince yourself to stop obsessing over me again."

"I, I, I don't know."Changsun Wuhen sighed.

Tang Zichen said, "Actually, you always liked me when I was at the Martial Arts Academy, and I could only fail you, I feel quite guilty inside, so I still hope you find your own happiness, don't be obsessed with brother, brother is just a legend." Remember the website

"Pfft."Changsun Wu Yan laughed and said angrily, "Narcissistic."However, Chang Sun Wu Yan had to admire inside, Tang Zichen's healing technique was so powerful, and he had even stepped into the middle of the innate, a dual discipline genius, it seemed that he really was a legend.

Changsun Wu Yan had already found a reason to convince herself that she was no longer obsessed with Tang Zichen, but now, it seemed like she was obsessed again.

Tang Zichen looked at Chang Sun Wu Yan, she was indeed beautiful, and now that her level was up, her charm was far more intense again than when she was at the Martial Arts Academy.

At this moment, someone outside shouted, "Is Wind Lightning in?"

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Someone's coming to gang up on you again, so hurry up."

"Oh."Tang Zichen walked out of Changsun Wu Yan's room, only to see an old man with a great innate talent standing in front of his room.

Tang Zichen was shocked, an Innate Perfection, this was the first person this strong to come to him.

"You are?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hello, Wind Lightning, I'm the patriarch of the Huo family, I'm Huo Qinghe."The old man who was an Innate Great Perfection said.

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled, subconsciously thinking that the Huo Clan had hunted him down here?What to do?Innate Great Perfection, is not at all a level ah, Tang Zichen bracing for death can only guarantee that he will not be killed by the late innate, and the premise is still one-on-one.But now that the Huo family's Innate Great Perfection was here, any Tang Zichen couldn't escape.

But in the next moment, Tang Zichen secretly said, "No, I'm wearing a human skin mask and I'm hiding my realm, my realm concealment technique is impossible to detect unless I'm beyond innate, ah, there's no reason for the Huo family's strongest people to find their way here."

As expected, Huo Clan Light Cloud, could you talk to my husband."

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked at the Huo Clan's leader in bafflement.


p;Could it be that he's also here to pull his own weight?

"Go ahead."Tang Zichen didn't have any good words to say.

"Wind Lightning, I heard you don't have a family background, right?"


"Then, I wonder if you would be willing to become a guest of my Huo family?"The Huo family head asked.

Tang Zichen smirked in his heart, if he knew that the person standing in front of him was Tang Zichen, I wonder how he would feel.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I currently have no plans to join any family, I just want to compete in peace and quiet."

"Oh, I understand what you mean, but I don't think it will affect your competition.Tang Zichen, I forgot to say, my Huo family, is a general-level family of the Yanhuang Empire.Soldier, Prime Minister, Sargeant, and King, I'm afraid that my Huo Family will not insult you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "General level, is it powerful?But I've heard that your Huo family is a bit of a whatchamacallit."

"You might as well say what you have to say."

Tang Zichen said, "Oh, I've heard that your Huo Family, was screwed over by a little man named Tang Zichen, who killed many of your sons and daughters, and I've also heard that a Tang Zichen killed an Innate, I don't know if there's such a thing.If there is such a thing, then I'm a bit suspicious of your Huo Family, how can a General Family still be like this?Whether or not it's a general-level family ah, this is too weak."

The Huo Clan's head looked ugly and snorted, "Who are you listening to, nonsense, whoever dares to speak nonsense, be careful I'll be rude to him.Wind Lightning, you better not believe such words, it's impossible.All right, whether you are willing to join my Huo family or not, I've asked you for the last time, although you are the first in the third round, but this is only the third round, there will be a second round tomorrow, and a third round the day after tomorrow.The second round tomorrow, as far as I know, at least ten of them are directly promoted, and you may not be able to get any ranking tomorrow.Today is when you're most valuable, I think you should stop picking and choosing."

"Heh heh, sorry."

"Hmph, ungrateful."The Huo family head snorted, turned around and walked away.

Tang Zichen looked at the figure of the Huo family head and said in his heart, "Silly X, I am exactly Tang Zichen, you even came to recruit me to join, aren't you afraid that those dead souls of your Huo family won't rest in peace, hahaha."

The head of the Huo family returned to a mansion.

A strong man who was beyond innate asked, "That who, is he willing to be the Huo Family's guest?"

"Ancestor, that brat even moved out about Tang Zichen and doubted our Huo Family's strength, so angry that I didn't bother to talk to him anymore."The Huo family head raged.

Another innate master standing next to the hall said, "This ungrateful thing, if I can enter the top ten of the second round tomorrow, I'll eat Xiang live.Everyone knows that tomorrow, Master Liu Qiang's disciple, Master Wu Liang's disciple, and Master Liu Qing Hua's disciple, they all participated in this year's Young Healers Competition, and they are the ones who are in the top three of this year's Young Healers Competition.That wild brat Wind Lightning, what a hick, who has never seen the world, won first place in the third round, just like he thought he had become the champion, our Huo family head personally went to look for him, but he was still ungrateful to join immediately, and was still too seven too eight."

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen still received many people who came to recruit him, and Tang Zichen declined all of them.

Outside the gate of the Imperial Hospital, the three of them, Li Xuan'er, learned that they weren't allowed to leave the Imperial Hospital during the competition, and knowing that Tang Zichen didn't come out so soon, they left first and stayed at an inn in Wangjing City.


The next day, Tang Zichen came to one of the halls of the Imperial Hospital early in the morning to wait for the second round.

Changsun Wu Yan also followed Tang Zichen's side.

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Tang Zichen, last night people from my family came to see me, they said that there will be three heavyweight young healer geniuses in the second round of this year's competition, now I'm really worried, originally I wanted to win first place, but your appearance made me not dare to think about it, so I wanted to win second place, but there are three more heavyweight young healer geniuses who will directly advance,''It's making me less and less confident."

Tang Zichen smiled faintly and said, "Which three weight classes?How much does it weigh?Tell me about it."

"I heard my family's patriarch say that those three heavyweight healing geniuses are Liu Qiang's disciple, Yun Zheng, Wu Liang's disciple, Wu Ming, and Liu Qing Hua's disciple, Song Danying."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Haven't heard of any of them, who is Liu Qiang?And who is his disciple, Vladimir?Who are Wu Liang and Liu Qing Hua?Their disciples Wu Ming and Song Danying are whoever and whoever."

Changsun Wu Yan shook his head, "I'm not really sure, but I guess it's very powerful."

Just then, a cold snort came from behind, "What a frog in a well, you don't even know Liu Qiang, Wu Liang, and Liu Qinghua, the three healing masters, and you still have the nerve to come to the Young Healer Competition."

Tang Zichen and Changsun Wuhen turned around and saw a person who had also come to the competition, this person had won the fifth place yesterday.

"So, tell me, what's so great about these three."Tang Zichen asked.

"Listen carefully, Liu Qiang, Wu Liang, and Liu Qinghua, all three of them are well-known healing masters of the Yanhuang Empire, remember, they are healing masters, not healers, they are all twelve-grade healing masters.And their disciples, Yun Zheng, Wu Ming, and Song Danying, are also teenage geniuses, and I heard that the three of them are about to reach the ninth grade.Heard that?They're about to reach nine healers, nine healers, nine healers, say the important thing three times." One second to remember to read the book

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh.

"Hey, Wellspring, what are you laughing at?"

"It really is something important ah, about to reach the ninth grade, that's just not yet, not yet is not eight grade, eight grade still dare to blow over here, and what weight class."Tang Zichen scoffed.

"Hey, Wind Lightning, although they haven't reached nine grades yet, they're about to reach nine grades, do you know what this word fast means?It means that it's possible for them to reach Ninth Grade Healing Master before the age of twenty-four ah.Don't you use your brain to think ah, stepping into a ninth grade healer before the age of twenty-four, this is even rarer and more rare than the imperial talents who stepped into innate before the age of twenty-four, do you understand ah you.This year's Young Healers Competition, the top three are already obvious, it's none other than them, what's left is nothing more than which of the three of them is first, second, and third."

When Tang Zichen left his mouth, the Chang Sun Wu Yan who was standing next to him also had a hint of contempt on his face, because Chang Sun Wu Yan already knew that Tang Zichen, a tenth grade healer, hadn't said anything, and those three who were about to reach the ninth grade, were nothing.Thinking of this, Chang Sun Wu Yan's heart stirred, had to admire Tang Zichen, only less than twenty years old, he had reached the tenth grade healer, it seemed that she really couldn't find any reason not to continue her infatuation with Tang Zichen.

Just at this moment, there was a stir from outside the door.


bsp; It turned out that the ten young healers who had directly advanced to the second round were here.

Tang Zichen turned his head to look, and sure enough, ten youths were coming in one after another.

Those who were able to directly advance to the second round were naturally not generalists, and were usually somewhat famous in the Yanhuang Empire's circle of healers, and among the ten who directly advanced, the most famous were the three 'heavyweight' youths.

At this moment, this three heavyweight youths were at the forefront.

"Brother Yun Zheng, Brother Wu Ming, Sister Dan Ying, you're here."Many people went up to flatter.

However, Yun Zheng and Wu Ming, they grunted and didn't take care of it, but the woman called Song Danying nodded and was a little more polite.

As soon as Yun Zheng came in, he asked, "Who is that Wind Lightning who won first place in the third round yesterday?"

Tang Zichen was stunned, this heavyweight Yun Vladimir, why was he looking for him as soon as he came in.

Everyone was pointing at Tang Zichen.

That Yun Zheng walked up to Tang Zichen with a hint of provocation as well as contempt in his eyes, sizing Tang Zichen up for more than ten seconds, then said, "You are the Wind Lightning who won first place in the third round yesterday?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Silly X, knowingly, didn't everyone just point at me."

"You."Yun Vladimir was almost dizzy, Tang Zichen was a foolish X as soon as he spoke, it was also too disregarded and arrogant.

That Wu Ming also came up to Tang Zichen and looked at him.

Yun Vladimir said furiously, "Wind Lightning, what did you just say?Say that again?"

Tang Zichen said, "Stupid X."

"Wind Lightning, you don't want to mix."Yun Zheng was furious, he had never been treated like this before, as even many innate experts respected him, but he didn't expect to be called stupid by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at this Yun Zheng, his heart was very disdainful, what a thing, as soon as he came here, he was so proud in front of Tang Zichen, with a face like Tang Zichen had stolen his wife, Tang Zichen was not wrong to call him stupid x.

This Yun Zheng, his martial arts realm, but he was only at the inner gate, not even reaching the Houtian.Of course, this was unimportant, with his status as an Eighth Grade Healer, he was also comparable to that of an Innate Master.

"Wind Light Cloud, today, I would like to see if you can win against me, I will let you be arrogant."Yun Zheng's gaze was cold and said.

"Pah."Tang Zichen suddenly slapped Yun Zheng down with a fierce slap.

"Ah."Yun Vladimir fell to the ground foolishly.

I saw Tang Zichen rage, "What the hell are you, daring to speak so boldly in front of me, if you're ever yin and yang and self-righteous in front of me again, don't blame me for being rude."

"Wind Lightning, you."Yun Vladimir gritted his teeth and looked at Tang Zichen.

The reason why Yun Vladimir had been looking at Tang Zichen from the moment he arrived was because Tang Zichen had won first place in the third round yesterday, and he had heard that many families had gone to see him and wanted him to join, which made Yun Vladimir's first impression of Tang Zichen bad.He felt that he was much more powerful than Tang Zichen, and what was Tang Zichen, a small man with no family background, so he came today to show off his power in front of Tang Zichen.But he didn't expect that Tang Zichen didn't take him seriously at all and beat him up.


That Wu Ming saw that Tang Zichen was so arrogant, he was busy saying, "Wind Lightning, you actually dare to hit someone, you don't want to hang around."

Tang Zichen said, "If you provoke me again, I'll even beat you, if you have the ability to beat me on the playing field, don't try to be sarcastic in front of me, in front of me, you are all worms in the shitter, don't pretend any comparison in front of me."

"Hmph."Wu Ming snorted heavily.

Soon, the examiner appeared.

"Everyone, you're all here."

"All present."

"Then, today will be the second round of competition.The second round is also very simple, the ten people who made it to the finalists yesterday, plus the ten who directly advanced, twenty of you will compete, and the three who finish the fastest will enter the concluding round tomorrow."


Tang Zichen secretly said, it really was cool enough, such a simple competition, Tang Zichen quite liked it.

"Then, everyone follow me to the research room and get ready for the competition."

Everyone followed the examiner to the same research room from yesterday, where, similarly, there were more than twenty dry corpse props on display. The debut website

Today's officer props were definitely harder than yesterday's, there was no doubt about that.

"Please each pick a dry corpse and get ready."The examiner said.

Tang Zichen chose one at random, this dry corpse prop could not be diagnosed by visual inspection, nor could it be diagnosed by pulse, so it was much more difficult than treating a living person.

At this moment, outside the Imperial Hospital, in a large hall, there were likewise many people from various families.Some of these people were accompanying their family sons and daughters to participate in the competition and show off by the way, but the vast majority of them were here to see if they had the chance to pull together a genius healer.

"I don't know how many places Wind Lightning can win today, but I went to look for him yesterday, but unfortunately he didn't choose to join any family."An innate expert said.

"Now that so many families have invited him, he certainly isn't in a hurry to decide.However, today Wind Lightning definitely doesn't shine as much as it did yesterday."

"That's for sure, in today's second round, there are ten directly advancing, and these ten directly advancing young healers are all somewhat famous geniuses, especially those three masters' disciples, Yun Zheng, Wu Ming, and Song Danying, I heard that the three of them, are about to reach the ninth grade healers."

"Tsk, really too strong, about to reach the ninth grade."

"Yeah, with these three perverts here today, there's no way Wind Lightning will be able to shine."

"But despite that, I'm still looking forward to Wind Lightning's performance more, because without a family background and being able to pull together, he's the only one who's the best.Those three Master's disciples, no matter how powerful and talented they are, what does it have to do with us."

"Haha, yeah, I hope that today Wind Lightning enters the top five, then it will be even more worthwhile for my family to pull it together."

"The top five is impossible, do you think those ten geniuses who have directly advanced are just for show, alright, let's just wait for good news, no matter what, Wind Lightning my family must do its best to get it."

"My family too, hahaha."

In the research room, the examiner shouted, "Everyone, get ready, start."

When the examiner shouted to begin, only then did Tang Zichen begin to diagnose the dry corpse props.

As expected, today's props were much harder than yesterday's.

Of course, this was for others, but for Tang Zichen, a mere eight injuries, Tang Zichen didn't even frown.

In less than ten seconds, Tang Zichen diagnosed what the problem was.

Tang Zichen immediately began to heal.

After spending almost another forty seconds, Tang Zichen

The minister healed.

"Wow."The dryad prop sat up.

"Ah."The others were shocked to see that Tang Zichen had healed after only a minute.

"How is that possible."That Yun Vladimir was always paying attention to Tang Zichen's actions, one second he was thinking, Tang Zichen, I'll show you, what a genius is.However, in the next second, Tang Zichen's dry corpse sat up.Yun Vladimir's entire body was stupid there, unable to believe it.

Also unbelievable was Wu Ming, and Song Danying, as none of them had yet diagnosed what the symptoms were.

The examiner said, "Wind Lightning, that dry corpse prop of yours might be a bit problematic, you change any other that no one else is treating."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled, how could this be.

"Don't ah, change it quickly, don't wait and have no chance to enter the top three."

"Oh."Tang Zichen immediately switched over to something else, it just so happened that the one dry corpse prop behind Chang Sun was unused, Tang Zichen immediately went up.

Right now, that Yun Vladimir, who was trying to heal as he saw his chance coming, also felt that Tang Zichen's dry corpse prop was problematic, then he still had a chance to get first place.

That Wu Ming was also fighting hard, his forehead was sweating, and the others were naturally the same.

Tang Zichen saw that Chang Sun Wu Ming seemed to be clueless and couldn't diagnose any problem at all, so he immediately used his voice transmission technique, "Wu Ming, I'll tell you how to treat it."

Tang Zichen told Changsun Wuhen the treatment method at once, Tang Zichen did this, although there was a suspicion of cheating, but to make Changsun Wuhen into the top three, this would be very beneficial to Changsun Wuhen, at least her family's status improved a lot.

Although Chang Sun Wu Yan was a little ashamed, she still followed Tang Zichen's method.

"Wow."At that moment, a dry corpse sat up.

Everyone suddenly looked towards that person and was shocked.

It was Tang Zichen again, that's right, Tang Zichen was still the first to complete the treatment even if he had changed the second one.

Now, the examiners were all speechless, it seemed that it wasn't that there was something wrong with the dry corpse that Tang Zichen had just had, but rather, Tang Zichen's strength was here, even if he had changed one or was the first, what else was there to say.

"Phew."Tang Zichen was secretly relieved, just in case he had delayed a bit and someone else had finished treating it first, it seemed that Tang Zichen had overestimated the level of the three geniuses of the so-called heavyweight class.

At this moment, Yun Zheng, Wu Ming, and Song Danying were still buried in their efforts to treat, but from their expressions, it could be seen that they were very nervous, Tang Zichen had finished, and only two places were left.

Yun Vladimir was sweating nervously, he was determined to be first, and as a result, Tang Zichen had changed one, and started over again, or first, he really wanted the examiner to announce again, Tang Zichen's second dry body was also problematic, and go over again, so that he might still have a chance to be first.

However, the examiner had stopped talking, having acquiesced to Tang Zichen's strength as such.

Right at this moment.

"Word."A dry corpse sat up again.

Everyone took a look, it was Song Danying's.

That Song Danying's body loosened up and wiped a head full of sweat, finally catching up with the second and making it into the top three.

At this point, that Yun Zheng and Wu Ming, were even more nervous, there was only one spot left in the top three, which meant that one of the two of them would not be able to enter the summary round.Not being able to enter the summary round, this was an unbearable result for them, so at this moment, the two of them were extremely nervous, both of them wanted to be faster than the other.

And Tang Zichen was currently looking at Chang Sun Wu Yan, who was still healing without slowing down, Tang Zichen shouted inside, "Wu Yan, hurry up, so that both Yun Zheng and Wu Ming won't be able to enter the top three, hurry up."


Just then, Vladimir seemed to have finished his treatment.

"Faceless, you won't have a chance if you continue to slow down."Tang Zichen was incomparably anxious.

"Wow."Just when Tang Zichen thought there was no hope, the dry corpse that Chang Sun's Faceless treated suddenly sat up.

Yun Vladimir and Wu Ming were both shocked and panicked, looking towards Chang Sun Wu Yan, they both roared almost simultaneously, "No."

Yun Vladimir and Wu Ming were both silly, their two famous, heavyweight young geniuses, surprisingly, did not enter the summary competition, the last place, which none of them had won, was snatched away by a woman.

Tang Zichen saw Yun Zheng and Wu Ming's hysterical appearance, his heart was free, and later Tang Zichen was going to sarcasm them.

The examiner said, "Alright, those who haven't finished yet, stop, the first three places are already out, the others didn't make it to the finals, I wanted to decide the top ten, but I don't think that's necessary.Yun Zheng, Wu Ming, what are you two still doing?Can we stop not hearing?"The examiner saw that everyone else had stopped, but only the two of them were still healing, and they seemed to be unconvinced.

Yun Zheng said grimly, "Give me another thirty seconds and I will heal, even if I can't get into the top three, then I'll be fourth."

Tang Zichenton flicked his finger and a tiny silver needle shot into the dried corpse that Yun Vladimir was healing.

Thirty seconds later, Yun Vladimir's eyebrows furrowed, "What's going on?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Yun Zheng, I don't think you can cure it at all, don't be embarrassed here, stop it yet." Remember the website

"No way."

"Wow."At that moment, Wu Ming's dry corpse sat up and Wu Ming healed, becoming the fourth.

When Vladimir saw that Wu Ming was all healed, he roared in anger and continued to heal.

Three minutes later, Vladimir shouted, "Why?Why is that?Examiner, there is something wrong with this dry corpse of mine, I'm not convinced, if there wasn't something wrong, I'd be sure of first place, and I demand to start over, or I'm not convinced that Windy can be faster than me."

The examiner frowned.

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Vladimir, you can't cure your poor level, but you actually said that there is something wrong with the dry corpse, why don't you say that there is something wrong with your brain?"

"Windy, are you afraid I'll overtake you if I re-elect a dryad?"

Tang Zichen said to the examiner, "Senior, is there a problem with Yun Zheng's dry corpse, let me try to find out, if I treat it and can cure it, then it means there is no problem with the dry corpse."

"Good."The examiner nodded his head.

Tang Zichen walked up and quietly took out the silver needle that had just flown into the dry corpse, and a few seconds later, the dry corpse clattered and sat up.

Tang Zichen turned back to Yun Vladimir and said, "Open your dog's eyes and see if the dry corpse really has a problem, it's a shame to blame the dry corpse for having a problem when your own level is not good enough."

"Ah."Yun Vladimir's face was pale.

The examiner grunted, "Yun Zheng, you are still a disciple of Master Liu Qiang, you have really disgraced your master's face.Alright, today's competition is done, I have a few questions for Wind Lightning below."

"If there's anything you want to ask me, please ask."Tang Zichen said.

The examiner asked, "Wind Lightning, why did you heal the dry corpse so quickly?What's your level of healing, anyway?"

Tang dynasty (618-907)

The minister thought about it, but didn't say much and pulled out a token from his body.

"A Tenth Healer token?You, you're a tenth-grade healer?"The examiner was incredulous.

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen didn't want to hide it anymore, let's officially announce it, there was no need to keep a low profile when this secret had been hidden in the Martial Arts Academy until now.

Everyone was shocked, especially Yun Vladimir and Wu Ming, Yun Vladimir roared, "This is absolutely impossible, this must be a fake, Wind Lightning, you are impersonating a tenth grade healer and creating a false token, what is your crime."

"Pah."Tang Zichen smacked Yun Vladimir away and sneered, "Yun Vladimir, if you don't want to die, shut up."

"You."Yun Vladimir said to the examiner, "Senior, Wind Lightning is impersonating a tenth grade healer and hitting people, hurry up and cancel his results."

The examiner ignored Yun Vladimir and said to Tang Zichen, "Feng Qingyun, quickly show me your token, I'll know if it's real or not."

Tang Zichen showed his token to the Examiner.

The examiner squeezed hard, and the crystal in the center of the token emitted a bright light, which was projected on the ground, where Tang Zichen's portrait flashed on the ground, as well as the words of the Tenth Grade Healing Master, and the certifying unit Martial Forest Academy.

The examiner said, "Judging from the certification token, this is real."

Yun Zheng immediately snorted, "Senior, tokens can be faked, do you really believe that a person who looks several years younger than me, he is a Tenth Grade Healing Master?I don't even believe in beating death."

That Wu Ming was also busy saying, "Yes, I don't believe it either, ten grade healing master, in our Yanhuang Empire, the fastest master to reach ten grade is currently at the age of 32, Wind Lightning, a one who hasn't even grown all his hair, he can reach ten grade?Lying to children?"

Yun Zheng pointed at Tang Zichen and questioned, "Wind Lightning, tell me quickly, how many ignorant girls have you lured with this false proof, and why don't you tell me the truth.Do you think that there are still ignorant people you have lured in such a place?That token of yours, I, Vladimir Yun, could tell at a glance that there was something wrong with it."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen and seemed to believe what Yun Vladimir said, because Tang Zichen was so young that reaching Tenth Grade Healing Master was truly unbelievable.Back then, that master who reached tenth grade healing master at the age of 32 had everyone admiring him.And Tang Zichen, when he was only a few years old, who was he fooling.

The examiner couldn't help but frown, he seemed to be a bit suspicious after being so disturbed by Yun Zheng.

Changsun Wu Yan was busy saying, "I believe his token is real."

Yun Zheng snorted, "Changsun Wu Yan, you must be having an affair with him, I now suspect that you are also cheating."

"You're the one cheating."Changsun Wuhen's face turned red, no way, guilty, but cheating.

Wu Ming laughed, "Haha, see, she's blushing, she must be having an affair with Wind Lightning."

The examiner said, "Alright, don't yell, Wind Lightning, what Yun Zheng said is not unreasonable, dare I ask, how old are you this year?"

Tang Zichen looked calm and didn't get angry because Yun Zheng said he was fake.

Tang Zichen returned, "Nineteen years old."

When Yun Zheng heard that Tang Zichen was only nineteen years old, it wasn't a good feeling inside, he damn it, he was only nineteen years old, and he was already twenty-three years old.Although Vladimir was sure that Tang Zichen's Tenth Grade Healer brand was fake, it was true that Tang Zichen was faster than him, so when Vladimir heard that Tang Zichen was only nineteen years old, he was very, very upset and became even more unforgiving of Tang Zichen's private production of a fake certificate.


Yun Zheng was busy saying to the examiner, "Senior, did you hear that, only nineteen years old, could it be ten?If it wasn't forging fake proofs, I, Yun Zheng, would have eaten Shang live.Senior, our Yanhuang Empire Healer's Union has an explicit rule that anyone who forges a fake certificate will be severely punished and driven out of the Yanhuang Empire Healer's Circle, and all healers will be boycotted.Wind Lightning forged a fake certificate, hurry up and cancel his grades ah."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen snorted indifferently, looked at Yun Vladimir and said, "Yun Vladimir, you'd better be more careful with your words, misfortune comes out of your mouth."

"Cut, Wind Lightning, I don't believe that you really are a tenth grade healer, you forged it yourself, and you still have a reason, this time I will never let go, even if the examiner doesn't cancel your results today, I will definitely make a scene to the healer's union."Yun Zheng looked as if he would never let go.

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Zheng, you just said, if I didn't forge it, how about you?"

"I, Vladimir, live eat Shang."

"Good, that's what you said."Tang Zichen looked at the examiner and said, "Senior, prepare me a dry corpse with ten injuries, I'll prove it in public today for everyone to see, and at the same time, I'll be assessed again, I think if I get certified by the Imperial Hospital, I'll walk out and no one will say I'm fake anymore."

"Good."The examiner nodded and immediately prepared a dried corpse with just the right amount of injuries for a tenth-grade wound.

Tang Zichen immediately healed it in full view of the public.

A ten-pin wound (between level 100 and 110), while Tang Zichen could heal it, it was no longer as fast as a few seconds.

It took about five minutes, and the dry corpse of the tenth-grade wound sat up.

"Ah."The entire audience was shocked, incredulous, and looked at Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

The examiner's body also trembled, it was true, at this moment, the examiner had to believe it, there were really people who reached tenth grade at the age of nineteen, gosh, it was really too unorthodox too.

Changsun Wu Yan snorted at Yun Zheng, "See clearly yet, now you have nothing to say."

Yun Vladimir's face was pale, it was painful inside, precisely, it was painful to be jealous inside, how much he wished, this person was him.

Tang Zichen looked at Yun Vladimir and sneered, "Yun Vladimir, I've proven that I'm not a forger, so, when will your live show start?"

"Ah."Vladimir shuddered and took a subconscious step back.

"I'm not bothering to talk to you."Vladimir turned around and walked away.

"Stand there, the live show hasn't even started yet and you want to leave?"Tang Zichen suddenly grabbed Vladimir Yun.

"Wind Lightning, what do you want, I advise you not to do anything."Yun Vladimir said angrily.

"Hmph, I'm not messing around, you said it yourself, you live streamed to eat Shang, everyone heard it, I won't let you go if I see your live show every day today."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen had already endured this Yun Zheng for a long time, Tang Zichen didn't want to endure anymore, since leaving Bai Yun Middle School, Tang Zichen hadn't had any contact with Shang, today, Tang Zichen didn't mind making an example of Shang once again.

The examiner came up and smiled, "Wind Lightning, you really are a tenth grade healer, that's incredible, you're really only nineteen this year?"The examiner didn't ask Tang Zichen to release Yun Zheng, he seemed to think it was just Tang Zichen joking and making a joke

of, so it didn't discourage, but shockingly told Tang Zichen about the Tenth Grade Healing Master.

Tang Zichen said, "What, Senior, do I look significantly old?"

"No no, it's just too hard to believe, nineteen, nineteen years old, nineteen years old to reach tenth grade healing master, tsk tsk, I really don't believe it's true if I didn't see it with my own eyes, Wind Lightning, you really have a bright future."

"Oh, thanks."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

Vladimir roared, "Grass you, let go of me."At this moment, Yun Vladimir was still in Tang Zichen's grasp and couldn't struggle.

The examiner suddenly sneered at Yun Vladimir, "Yun Vladimir, now that the truth is out, what do you still want.Yun Zheng, it's not that I'm belittling you, you're not even on the same level in front of Wind Lightning, no wonder Wind Lightning didn't take you into consideration at all, if you still have any self-awareness, shut your mouth and don't humiliate yourself in front of others."

Yun Zheng bit his own lips with a pale face, he was already jealous inside, but now he was still being held by Tang Zichen, and that examiner didn't even persuade him to say a word, as if because Tang Zichen was so powerful, he had no identity, and this bullying he suffered today was really intolerable.

The examiner patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and smiled, "Wind Lightning, not bad, very promising."

"Thank you."

The examiner's attitude and tone became respectful, because Tang Zichen was tenth grade at such a young age, and at his age, he was twelfth grade, who had more potential in the future?There was no doubt that Tang Zichen's future would surpass his, and he, on the other hand, was no longer able to move forward.

"My name is Chang Wei, come to my house for tea sometime."The examiner said.


"Then that's it for today's competition, those who won the top three, please return to your rooms first, of course, you don't have to, as you can be sure he'll be first tomorrow without a competition."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "Good, then, is there anything else?If there's nothing else, let's start the broadcast, everyone's waiting for it to start."

"Uh."Chang Wei was stunned, and only then did he look at Yun Zheng, who had been held in Tang Zichen's hands.Chang Wei thought that Tang Zichen was just having a small fight, but he didn't think that Tang Zichen was real ah.

"Wind Lightning, I advise you to let go of your claws immediately."Vladimir shouted, veins popping up on his face in anger.

"Yun Vladimir, you even dare to be so grippy, it seems that even if I don't watch this live broadcast, no one else is allowed to."Tang Zichen said.

"Wind lightly, you a no family background, you dare to touch me try, my master master Liu Qiang, don't tell me I don't know, you just ask around, you can't mess with my master."Yun Zheng threatened.

"Hahaha, Yun Vladimir, truth be told, I indeed don't know anything about Liu Qiang, also Master, I see, Liu Qiang is just like you, a person who sells his reputation, right, this is the one who has his disciple, he will have his master."Tang Zichen said tongue-in-cheek.

The examiner, however, Chang Wei trembled and said, "Wind lightly, don't talk nonsense ah, Master Liu Qiang is also a twelfth grade healer, you and Yun Zheng are just messing around, don't hurt any more harmony ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Changwei, what you said is, well, I won't insult Liu Qiang, but this Yun Zheng, a fly, always buzzing in front of me, really upsets me, today I've been putting up with him for a long time, and this live show is his own fault, he can't blame anyone else, so."


Chang Wei said, "Wind lightly, Yun Zheng is Master Liu Qiang's beloved disciple, you don't want to cause any complications."

Chang Wei, however, was frightened, Tang Zichen was not afraid of heaven or earth, although Chang Wei and Liu Qiang were both twelve-grade healers, but Chang Wei did not dare to easily offend a healer of the same grade.Although Tang Zichen was a genius, he had to be only a tenth-grade ah, before his influence and heritage had grown, how could he play with an old twelfth-grade healer.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, if you don't want to watch the live broadcast, you can leave first, if you also want to watch the live broadcast, just stand on the side and watch."Tang Zichen was a bit rude to Chang Wei's persuasion.

"Wind Lightning, you dare."Yun Vladimir gritted his teeth.

The more Yun Vladimir gritted his teeth and the more arrogant his posture, the more Tang Zichen would play with him to the end.

Tang Zichen shouted and asked the others present, "Everyone, which one of you has a Shang, please borrow the Shang."

Everyone was speechless, did Tang Zichen want everyone to pull Shang on the spot?

No one said anything.

"It seems that none of you have a Shang, so that's cheap for Vladimir,"Tang Zichen said.

When Vladimir heard that, he was relieved and thanked God that he didn't have to eat Shang live.

However, Tang Zichen added, "However, there is no human Shang, there is definitely an animal Shang." First URL

Tang Zichen looked towards a corner of the research room, a spotted dog, this spotted dog was here for research, how could the Imperial Hospital research room not have animals that were used for research.

Tang Zichen grabbed Vladimir up and pressed Vladimir's face into the doggy pile, and Vladimir's face was full of doggy.

Tang Zichen did not stuff his mouth, Tang Zichen is also considered to be merciful, live to eat Shang, did not really let him eat.

However, Vladimir is obviously furious, estimated to want to kill Tang Zichen's entire family have the heart, since childhood, where Vladimir has suffered such insults.

Tang Zichen threw Yun Vladimir down and said, "Yun Vladimir, this time I won't let you eat Shang, from now on, remember, don't be too self-righteous, and don't even need to be proud of yourself in front of me, or next time, I'll really let you eat Shang."

Yun Zheng wiped a handful of dog Shang on his face and gritted his teeth, "Wind Lightning, I'm not finished with you, you will regret it, you will definitely regret it."

"Heh, then I'll wait, I'd like to see what you, a District Eight Healer, is capable of."

Tang Zichen left the research room, and Changsun Wu Yan followed behind him, everyone looked at Tang Zichen's back, discussing, "It feels like this Wind Lightning is a bit grippy."

"Yeah, under normal circumstances, a healer can't be this grippy ah.The healers strength are rather poor ah, which healers move their hands and feet."

"However, I like such a grippy Wind Lightning, hehe, Vladimir did persuade to beat him, thinking that he is a genius, he often looks down on people, today he was beaten by the even more genius Wind Lightning, it's really cool."

"I'm afraid that Yun Zheng won't let Wind Lightning go."

Tang Zichen did not immediately imperial hospital scope, although that examiner said that he could leave the imperial hospital, but Tang Zichen obeyed the rules here, did not leave privately, anyway, it was not missing a day.

That Song Danying also caught up with eyes full of admiration, trying to get close to Tang Zichen.

"Wind Lightning, you're amazing."Song Danying said enthusiastically.

"Oh, so-so."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Wind Lightning, you're so great, then why haven't I heard of you before

Ah, who is your master again."Sondheim asked.


"Uh, oh, wind lightly, truth be told, I'm not engaged yet oh."Song Danying suddenly lowered her head with a shy look.

Tang Zichen somehow looked at Song Danying, she's insane ah, suddenly telling Tang Zichen she doesn't have a marriage contract yet, how much does that mean?

Chang Sun Wu Yan inwardly said, "This Song Danying, what a slut, seducing Tang Zichen, hmm, Tang Zichen wouldn't be interested in her."

"I don't understand what you're trying to say."Tang Zichen said.

Song Danying smiled and said, "Windy, don't you have no family background?"

"Yes, but what does it matter that I don't have a family background and I'm not even married to you yet?"Tang Zichen actually probably guessed what it meant, but this Song Danying was average looking, how could Tang Zichen look at her.

Song Danying laughed lightly, "Wind lightly, I won't lie to you, I'm from a royal family, oh, and my master is a twelve-grade healing master, she's also a guest of my family, oh."

"Oh, got it."

"Just one sentence of knowing?There's nothing else you want to say?"

"What else do you want me to say."

"Well, I'll take the initiative then, Wind Lightning, I admire you, so I'm a bit interested in you, so why don't we form a marriage, my master will definitely support us, because my master loves talent."Song Danying said straightforwardly.

"Hahaha, sorry, Song Danying, I already have a girlfriend."Tang Zichen didn't even want to think about refusing, there was still a woman who was so active, she definitely wasn't an innocent woman anymore.

"Is that her?"Song Danying pointed at Chang Sun Wu Yan.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes and no, it has nothing to do with you either."

"Hmph, Feng Xiaoyun, you're not a bit arrogant."Song Danying said a bit ashamedly.

"Song Danying, I have no grudge against you, so why do you have to repeatedly humiliate yourself and end up causing mutual grudges?Alright, go back to your room and let's just pretend that nothing happened, I don't want to come back to you after just having a grudge against Vladimir."Tang Zichen said rudely.

"Hmph."Song Danying entered the Imperial Hospital's dormitory building and went into one of the rooms to prepare for tomorrow's competition, her heart was naturally upset at Tang Zichen's dislike, she thought that Tang Zichen, a person with no family background, would be very excited, after all, she came from a royal family, but she didn't expect that she would be rejected.

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Although she's not pretty, I have to say that she has a great background, so why not consider it?Otherwise, you might become the son-in-law of a royal family and turn into a phoenix in a single leap."

Tang Zichen scowled, "A leap of a branch to become a phoenix?Are you being sarcastic."

"You're still not satisfied with the royal family, huh?Aren't you being hunted by the Huo family, if you were to marry Song Danying, then the Huo family definitely wouldn't dare to touch you a hair."

"Che."The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth popped.

At this moment, in the Imperial Hospital's main hall, many families' innate experts were waiting for the results of the match.

Although, everyone knew that the result of the competition was already obvious, and it was definitely those three heavyweight geniuses who had entered the final, everyone was still waiting here.

At this moment, one person shouted, "The examiner has come out."

A few seconds later, the examiner, Chang Wei, came out, and everyone was busy asking, "Senior Chang Wei, how is the situation?"


"Senior Chang Wei, how did Wind Lightning play today?"

"Senior Chang Wei, the top three must be Yun Zheng, Wu Ming, and Song Danying, right?"

Chang Wei waited for everyone to calm down before saying, "Everyone, I didn't want to personally come out today, but I can't calm down at the moment, so I decided to personally tell you all a shocking thing."

"What's so shocking?"

"Speak quickly."

"The people who entered the top three today are Wind Lightning, Chang Sun Wu Yan, and Song Danying.Yun Zheng and Wu Ming, the two masters' disciples, however, have no chance of making the final."Chang Wei said.

"This is the shocking event?It's surprising, but it's not a shock, is it?"

"Oh, don't worry everyone, the shockingly big event hasn't been said yet, Wind Lightning he, is already a tenth grade healer and is only nineteen years old, alright, I'm done."Chang Wei finished speaking and left.

And the crowd in the great hall behind him was truly shocked.

"How is it possible, nineteen years old, a tenth-grade healer of the great hall?"

"I remember, that whoever, when he reached ten pins at 32, he was already part of the super genius, right, this Wind Lightning is only 19, gosh." Remember the URL

Everyone was incomparably shocked when they learned that Wind Lightning had reached Tenth Grade Healing Master.

This news also quickly spread through the family circles of Wangjing City and the Yanhuang Empire, it was indeed a shocking event.

Those Soldier-level families, Phase-level families, and Shi-level families that originally wanted to gather Tang Zichen, after getting this news, they all sighed with regret and gave up on gathering Tang Zichen, because, Tang Zichen was no longer a figure that families at their level could afford to gather, and I was afraid that only General-level families, or even King-level families, were worthy of Tang Zichen's status.

In the Huo family.

"Old Ancestor, are you really not going to pull in Wind Lightning?"An innate perfect man asked.

"Hmph, this kind of person, bullying and pretentious, won't be much of a success in the future, I originally looked up to him before going to recruit him, but I didn't expect that he's really a piece of trash, in that case, don't lower yourself to recruit him."


At that moment, an innate expert flew in from outside the door.

"Report, report Old Ancestor."

"What is it."

"News came from the Imperial Hospital that Feng Qingyun is even a tenth grade healer, this matter has already spread in all the family circles of the Yanhuang Empire, Feng Qingyun is only nineteen years old and has reached tenth grade healer, everyone said that with this talent, Feng Qingyun might be able to impact a fourteenth grade healer figure in the future."

"What, are you sure?"The Huo family's ancestor was trembling, if Wind Lightning really had the talent to impact a fourteen-grade Healing Master, then this was definitely a talent.

"Old Ancestor, this matter has already spread, many General-level families are on their way to the Imperial Hospital to look for Wind Lightning, and even some King-level families seem to be interested, we?"

"Nonsense, hurry up and make sure to include this genius in our Huo family."

Another innate expert said, "But, Old Ancestor, you just said, he's bullying and pretentious, we?"

"What I just said was gas, now he's a ten-grade healer, how can this talent be ordinary, hurry up and go, no matter what method you use, be sure to pull it together, our Huo family, there's too much of a shortage of healers, currently our Huo family's strongest healer is only eleven-grade, this ten-grade genius, it's simply heaven forbid that we don't get our hands on it, where's the patriarch?Where did he go?"

"Back to the ancestor, the patriarch he has gone to deal with Tang Zichen's matter."

"Hurry up and call him back, don't toss this Tang Zichen thing yet, it's important to pull in Wind Lightning, even if you use some dark tactics

and also to pull together."

Tang Zichen was at the Imperial Hospital, having lunch with Changsun Wuhen.

Tang Zichen didn't even know that he was already on fire.

After lunch, when Tang Zichen returned to the dormitory building, he saw many innate experts standing in front of his room.

"Feng Qingyun, you're back, I'm the head of the Bai family, my Bai family is a general-level family, and, my Bai family is ready to betroth the most beautiful one, the first daughter, to you."

"Feng Qingyun, I am the governing patriarch of the Zhao family, my Zhao family is a super family that has stood for thousands of years, if you join our Zhao family, there is absolutely no harm for you."

"Wind Lightning, my niece is very beautiful oh look, here is her picture, what do you think about pledging him to you, of course, we are a ranked family, but I believe that my niece's beauty can make up for everything."

"Windswept, I am."

"Alright."Tang Zichen shouted, and only then did the few people who were vying to recommend their families stop talking.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, thank you for your kindness, I, Wind Lightning, remember your kindness in inviting you today.However, Wind Lightcloud has no intention of joining any family, and I hope that you will all be willing to do so."

"Alas, you really don't want to join any family?"

"Dang it."

"In that case, there's nothing we can say, well, Windy, much ado about nothing, good luck."

"Thank you all."

Those people only left in droves.

How could Tang Zichen look up to these generals and king-level families, Tang Zichen's purpose of participating in the Young Healer Competition was to attract princes and the like, these generals and kings were not Tang Zichen's target at all, moreover, if these people knew that Tang Zichen but had a Dino prince enemy in the future, then it was feared that these people would avoid Tang Zichen like a plague.

Changsun Wu Yan said, "Zichen, so many families have invited you, and you've even turned down a royal family."

"Faceless, you'd better go back to your room and prepare for tomorrow's competition."Tang Zichen said.

"I don't need to prepare, the only reason I was able to advance today was because you told me about the healing method, no matter how much I prepare, I won't be able to win against you and Song Danying tomorrow."

At this time, an old man walked in, and when Chang Sun Wu Yan saw it, he was busy shouting, "Master."

"Faceless."The old man looked at Chang Sun Wu Yan excitedly.

"Master, what are you doing here."

"Faceless, I heard that you entered the top three, that's great, you actually healed the dry corpse with eight injuries, I was very surprised, so I immediately came over excitedly, Faceless, you really made me proud, many people learned that you are my disciple, even my face has increased by three points, hahaha."That old man laughed.

Changsun Wu Yan was startled, her face a look of shame, she was about to say that she was cheating, it wasn't true, don't rejoice too soon, but Tang Zichen winked at her, signaling Changsun Wu Yan not to say it, Changsun Wu Yan only then shamelessly didn't say it, but seeing her master's excited look, it was very incomparably shameful.

Chang Sun Wu Yan's master looked towards Tang Zichen and smiled, "You must be Wind Lightning, I've also heard of your reputation, Wind Lightning, you're really powerful, I admire you."

"Junior pays homage to Senior."Tang Zichen paid a polite bow.

"Wind Lightning, no need to be polite, you will surpass me sooner or later in the future, if you don't mind, just call me Big Brother."

"Hahaha, Senior has met Big Brother.Old Big Brother Senior, then you master and disciple chat ah, I won't bother you."Tang Zichen went back to his room, Tang Zichen only called him Big Brother because he was giving face to Chang Sunless, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't call a stranger Big Brother for no reason.


Changsun Wu Yan's master said, "Wu Yan, you make my master proud, your talent will surely surpass your senior brother in the future ah."

"Master, I am."Chang Sun Wu Yan was very ashamed, if she really relied on her own strength to enter the top three, it would be more or less the same.

"Your senior brother Lin Han, when he was your age, he was only at the level of a fifth-grade healer."

It turned out that Professor Lin Han of the Martial Arts Academy was this old man's disciple, and Professor Lin Han had turned out to be Chang Sun Wu Yan's senior brother.

Tang Zichen returned to his room and laid down on his bed to rest.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes, he found a person sitting on the bed.

"Who."Tang Zichen sat up abruptly, he had fallen asleep, but surprisingly, at some point, a person came into the room and sat at the head of his bed without making a sound.

Tang Zichen was horrified inside, if this was plotting to kill him, wouldn't he even know how to die.

"Who are you?"Tang Zichen busily rolled over from the bed.

"Oh, Wind Lightning, no need to be nervous."The old man sitting at the head of the bed smiled, and Tang Zichen burst into flames upon seeing him.

"It's you." A second to remember to read the book

"Yes, it's me."

This person was the head of the Huo Clan who had met once yesterday, he was an Innate Great Perfection expert, so it was not surprising that Tang Zichen had not noticed him quietly entering the room.

Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat, it was fortunate that this Huo Clan Light Cloud was Tang Zichen, otherwise, Tang Zichen would have been done for.Thinking about it this way, it was fortunate that he had come to participate in the competition and concealed his true identity, otherwise, Tang Zichen would have been too dangerous.

"What do you want from me again?"

"Wind Lightning, I've come over to find you today because I want you to become a guest of our Huo family."

"What if I say no."Tang Zichen said with a sneer.

Huo Clan Light Cloud, I didn't come here to discuss this with you."

"What? Is it hard for your Huo Clan to threaten me?"Tang Zichen let out a shameful laugh, this Huo family really wasn't a good thing, no wonder it would give birth to a trashy first son like Huo Xiaowei, it was unheard of that he could threaten Tang Zichen as well.

"Hahaha, Feng Xiaoyun, I know that you have refused the invitations of many families, and there are also many general-level families, so I expect that you will also refuse the invitations of my Huo Family, so I can only use some tactics against you."The Huo Clan's head said.

"Yoho, I'd like to see what tactics you can use on me."Tang Zichen said in amusement.

The Huo family head said, "You might as well take a look at your arm."

Tang Zichen lifted his arm and saw that there was a green line on his arm that looked like it should be a blood vessel turning green.

"What is this?"

"Oh, you've been hit by my Huo Family's 'Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison', of course, you might think that you're a healer and you're able to heal yourself, but, not that I'm hitting you, this Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison was developed by one of my Huo Family's most powerful poison masters, he's a 12th grade poison master, so with youIt's impossible to cure yourself now.Of course, if you are obedient and become a guest of our Huo Family, then naturally, you will be cured of the poison, and my doing so is an acknowledgement of your talent, showing that you are talented, and if you were a trash, we wouldn't waste such a precious Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison."

"You're despicable."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Hahaha, Wind Lightning, those who know what's good for them are good, besides, it's not the same which family you join as a guest.Alright, I won't bother you anymore, be on your own, I'm sure you'll make the right choice."The Huo family grew up

Body walked away.

Tang Zichen's heart was very angry.

Tang Zichen immediately used silver needles and tried to heal himself.

But Tang Zichen discovered that his healing technique was unable to heal the poison.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen was incompetent, the healing art healed the lesions produced by the various organs of the body, as well as the damage caused by the external forces that were applied to the various organs of the body.

The poison Tang Zichen was suffering from was neither a disease of his organs, nor an injury caused by external forces, but an unknown foreign body that was clinging to his body without any solution.

Tang Zichen could now visibly see a meridian on his arm turning green, but there was no feeling of it, nor did it affect any of Tang Zichen's functions.

Tang Zichen's healing technique had been completely unable to resolve the poison.

"Fuck, what kind of poison."Tang Zichen was very annoyed, Tang Zichen was not involved in poison arts, if it was a low grade poison, such as those under six grades, Tang Zichen could still cure it with his healing arts, but poison arts over six grades were more profound, Tang Zichen's healing arts couldn't solve it, he had to be a poison master to be able to solve it.However, poison was something like a secret recipe, different poison masters, their secret recipes were different, and it wasn't something that could be solved so easily.

"How despicable, is this my retribution for killing so many sons and daughters of the Huo family?"

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, the stuffiness in his heart unable to dissipate for a long time.

At this moment, Chang Sun Wu Yan's call came from outside, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

"Why do you look so pale?"Changsun asked.

"Nothing."Tang Zichen didn't want to say more.

Changsun Wuhen's master did not leave and had just been here teaching Changsun Wuhen's healing technique so that Changsun Wuhen could play better in tomorrow's competition.

Changsun Wuhen's master looked at Tang Zichen and said, "An Innate Great Perfection strong man just entered your room, shouldn't he have done something to you?"

Tang Zichen raged, "He's the head of the Huo family, he tried to recruit me as a guest of the Huo family, but he's despicable and shameless, he poisoned me, and I'm now poisoned."

Tang Zichen lifted his arm, and suddenly, he saw a green line.

"Ah."Both Changsun Wu Yan and her master were shocked.

Changsun Wu Yan's master said, "Could this be the Huo family's legendary Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison?"

"Senior, you know?"Tang Zichen was busy looking at Master Changsun Wuhen.

"The Huo family has a very powerful poison master, he has a poison called the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, which is quite famous in the Yanhuang Empire.If one is poisoned by the Three Corpse Meridian Ancient Poison, if one doesn't take the antidote, the poisoned meridians will corrode and then become life-threatening in about a month."


Changsun Wu Yan said in anger, "How could the Huo family be so shameless."

Changsun Wu Yan's master said, "It must have seen that Feng Xiaoyun has no family background, so he dared to make such a black move."

"But Tang Zichen is such a genius, isn't he afraid of retaliation when his power grows in the future?"Chang Sun Wu Yan said.

"Healers usually don't have martial talent, and their martial strength is not strong enough, so there's nothing to be afraid of.Even if Wind Lightning becomes a guest of some great power in the future, however, people definitely won't fight the Huo family to the death for this, and whether he himself has the ability or not, what is there to fear.Right, Faceless, did you just say Tang Zichen?What do you mean?"Changsun's faceless master reacted at that moment.


Tang Zichen took the initiative and said, "Senior, to be honest, I am Tang Zichen."


"I'm merely wearing a human skin mask."

Chang Sun Wu Yan's master was greatly shocked, he had learned a bit about Tang Zichen, he was also a popular figure in the Yanhuang Empire recently, he was an enemy of the Huo family, stepping into the middle innate stage and killing an early innate expert of the Huo family, this matter also caused a certain storm in the family circle of the Yanhuang Empire.

"Tang, Tang Zichen, you're actually Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is a martial arts genius, an enemy of the Huo family."Chang Sun Wu Yan's master trembled in shock.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I never thought that I would be poisoned by the Huo family with my identity as Feng Lightning, it really is in line with the saying, it's not that enemies don't get together, the heavens have all destined me to be their enemy."

"Tang Zichen, Feng Qingyun, it's the same person, what can I say, in short, you're too genius, a genius in martial arts, it's the same person as a genius in healing arts."Chang Sun Wu Yan's master said incredulously.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, let's not talk about this now, you're so knowledgeable, help me think of a solution, what should I do, who can cure me of the poison I'm in."

Chang Sun Wu Yan's master shook his head and said, "Honestly, I don't know, the Huo family must have a reason why this Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison is famous in the Yanhuang Empire, even if someone could cure the poison, it must have cost a lot of money, because I heard that the development process of this Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison is very long and costly.The Huo family actually took out the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison to poison you, it seems that they like your talent in healing."

"Hoo-hoo."Tang Zichen's anger was about to explode, he had come to the healing competition under the false identity of Wind Lightning, and although he hadn't been killed, he had been poisoned, and it hadn't been so easy to get rid of the poison.

"Do I really have to be a good boy and go to the Huo family as their guest?To be a cow for their family and heal others?" First web site

Chang Sun Wu Yan's master said, "They don't even know your true identity, otherwise, they wouldn't have poisoned you, but would have just destroyed you.If you go to the Huo family, there's no guarantee that you won't reveal yourself and be recognized for your true identity."

"I would never go to the Huo family as a guest."

Chang Sun Wu Yan's master consoled, "Wind Lightning, anyway, you and the Huo family have long had a grudge against each other, and now that you've been poisoned by them, I'm sure it's destined to be so, you also think about it, I believe that you're auspicious, there will always be a solution, for now, your true identity still needs to be better hidden."

Tang Zichen did not speak again, although full of anger, he could only calm himself down first.

Tang Zichen had naturally been poisoned by many poisons in his previous life as well, but there were several powerful poison masters in his previous division, so he was able to resolve even if he was poisoned.

In this life, Tang Zichen didn't know any powerful poison art masters, so it would be a bit tricky if Tang Zichen got poisoned, if it was a low grade poison, Tang Zichen didn't mind, medical arts would be able to solve it, but he was afraid of this kind of high grade poison ah (poison developed by a seventh grade poison art master or above).

It seemed that Tang Zichen would need to get to know some geniuses in poison arts in the future.

Thinking of this, Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of the following

One person, Qi Xueyun, she had an amazing talent in poison arts.The original Tang Zichen and her were still an unmarried couple, but now that they had broken off their engagement, after such a long time, I don't know if her poison arts had progressed.

Poison art masters, in the Yanhuang Empire, and even in the world, were even rarer than healers, and also not easy to find.

In Wangjing City, in the mansion of one of the ancestors of the Huo family, the Huo family head had gone back.

"Then is Wind Lightning willing to become a guest of my Huo Family?"Old Ancestor Huo asked.

"Ancestor, before I went there, I had already heard that Wind Lightning had turned down invitations from many families, and many of the families he turned down were also general-level families, and some of the general-level families were even willing to invite him by way of marriage, but Wind Lightning turned them all down.So, I didn't bother to invite him anymore and just gave him the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison.If he's sensible, he'll naturally come, but if he's not, then let him be.Anyway, he's just a healer, healers are not strong in martial arts, no matter how powerful he is in the future, there's nothing he can do about it, and it would be easy for us to assassinate a healer whose own strength is weak."

"Fine, since this person is so ungrateful, let's give him a grain of the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, with his talent in healing, he is considered worthy of taking the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison."

At this moment, in another mansion.

Yun Zheng was complaining to a twelve-grade healing master, "Master, you have to avenge your disciple, that Wind Lightning thought he was talented, so he ignored us and pressed me in the dog pile in public."

That twelfth grade healer raged, "This Wind Lightning, who has yet to make a name for himself in this circle, is so arrogant, even my Liu Qiang's disciple is so unforgiving."

"Master, if this matter does not give a satisfactory explanation to my disciple, my disciple's future learning of healing arts will definitely be affected."

"Yun Zheng, don't worry, my master will report to the Yanhuang Empire Healer's Union, and if Wind Lightning is still so frivolous, then don't blame me for being rude."

In another family's residence in the Yanhuang Empire, a woman who looked to be in her forties said, "Then Feng Qingyun really rejected you without hesitation?"

"Master, stop it, it's so disgraceful, I thought, Wind Lightning doesn't have a family background, I'm a child of a royal family, he would tend to be a vulture, but I didn't expect that he would refuse."

"Dan Ying, could it be that you really fell in love with that kid at first sight?"The woman in her forties asked.

"Master, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm really quite impressed, especially when he taught Yun Zheng a lesson, he didn't look afraid at all, it really made my heart beat.Master, if that Wind Lightning also likes me, will you support me?"Song Danying asked, yes, she was Song Danying.Originally, Song Danying was reviewing in her room at the Imperial Hospital, but she had no intention of doing so at all, and then left the Imperial Hospital privately.

The woman talking to her right now was her master, Liu Qinghua.

"This Wind Lightning has reached Tenth Grade Healing Master at such a young age, his future is bound to be unpredictable, and as a Healing Master as well, of course, my Master will like it.Only, your family may not be willing anymore, after all, you're a child of a royal family."

"Why?That Wind Lightning is already such a strong talent, what reason does the family have for not wanting it?"


"Oh, Dan Ying, you're still young, you don't understand, no matter how talented that Wind Lightning is, it's only talented in healing.If the same martial genius, which one would your family choose, do you think?Definitely a martial genius now.Healers, there's no shortage of them in your family anymore, your identity, maybe you'll be able to find a prince in the future, and if not a prince, then at least a prince.Which prince isn't stronger than Wind Lightning, it's good that he rejected you, to save trouble."

At the Imperial Hospital, Changsun Wu Yan's master left.

Changsun Wuhen had been accompanying Tang Zichen.

"Zichen, don't worry about it, you will find an antidote to the poison, you are such an opportunistic person, you definitely won't be poisoned by this area."Chang Sun Wu Yan consoled.

"Alright, I wasn't thinking about that."

"Then what are you thinking about?"

Tang Zichen said, "Honestly, I was wondering why no royal families have invited me."

Tang Zichen originally thought that there would definitely be king-level families coming to invite him as a guest, or even princes to invite him.However, so far, the strongest ones were only general-level families to invite, and there wasn't even a king-level one yet, let alone a prince.

"Could it be that I became the first place in the Young Healer Competition and couldn't attract the attention of some princes of the Yanhuang Empire?"

If he really couldn't get noticed, then Tang Zichen's participation in this competition would not have served its purpose.

Now, Tang Zichen could only take one step at a time. Remember the URL

Just like that, another day passed.

The next day, Tang Zichen participated in the grand finals.

There was no doubt about the grand finals anymore.

Tang Zichen was directly the first place.

Song Danying and Changsun Wuhen had a pk and Changsun Wuhen lost directly, so Song Danying became second place and Changsun Wuhen third place.

In this way, this Young Healer Competition was over.

The name 'Wind Lightning' quickly became a celebrity in the Yanhuang Empire Healer circle, as they were all from the same circle.The various family circles of the Yanhuang Empire had also heard of the name Wind Lightning, and when they reached the Tenth Grade Healer so young, they all felt shocked at first when they heard it, feeling that Wind Lightning was someone with a bright future.

Only, it was limited to this, the name Wind Lightning was not a sensation to the Yanhuang Empire's royal family, nor was it a sensation to the point where the prince would also come to draw Tang Zichen in.

However, it was to be expected, before coming to participate in the Young Healer Competition, it was with a 'possible' attitude, and Tang Zichen did not feel certain that he would be able to.

After all, no matter how talented he was, he was currently only a tenth-grade healer, and the reason why he was shocked was simply because reaching tenth-grade at such a young age, it was very likely that he would reach fourteenth-grade in the future, but that was the future, whether it would be fifty years or a hundred years in the future, who could know.Although many princes had also heard about this matter from their subordinates, but princes already had thirteen or fourteen grade healers around them, how could they expect a genius who would reach fourteen grades in the next fifty or even a hundred years.

Anyway, this matter, Tang Zichen was considered a miscalculation, he became the number one young healer and didn't get any pull from the prince, not even a single royal family.It could be said that coming full of hope and returning with disappointment, life, such ups and downs, couldn't always go as expected.

Tang Zichen received a trophy from the Imperial Hospital, a trophy that was considered a very significant award.But for Tang Zichen, it was not significant enough.

Xiao Meng's maid waited at the entrance of the Imperial Hospital, then told Tang Zichen to go to a certain inn.


sp; Tang Zichen quietly arrived at an inn, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Xiaomeng, three beautiful women were waiting in one of the upper rooms of this inn.

"Zichen, how was it, did you win the top three?"Li Xuan'er was busy asking, they had been staying at this inn for the past three days, they didn't go out, they didn't know about Tang Zichen's performance at the Imperial Hospital, naturally, it was also circulated in various families, it was impossible to be all over the streets who were passing it around.

"I've already won first place."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, that's great."Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian and Xiao Meng were happy.

"Brother Zichen, then which prince are you now?"Moe asked.

"Oh, prince, I haven't seen any hair."

"Ah, what do you mean?Didn't you say that if you won the top three, you would attract the attention of the prince, thus drawing you in?"Xu Mei Qian frowned.

"Originally, I was expecting the same thing, so when those families came to invite me, I turned them all down, but unfortunately, there weren't any princes to draw me in, and I didn't have anything other than getting a trophy that looked quite substantial.Of course, perhaps I was too demanding to begin with, but if I hadn't been so demanding, being able to gain the admiration of a general-level family would have been enough."

"Brother Zichen, didn't even the king-ranked family come to draw you in?"Xiao Meng asked again.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No."

"Ah, how could that be."

"There's always something unexpected about everything, so forget about it, if there isn't, there isn't."

"Then what if Prince Dino knows you saved me from death?".

"Yeah, if Prince Dino knew that Xiao Meng has now recovered and is so beautiful, he might want to marry Xiao Meng again."Li Xuan'er said.

Tang Zichen said, "Not to mention Prince Dino, even if it's someone from Xiaomeng's family who knows that Xiaomeng is now beautiful and no longer disabled, he might immediately come and take Xiaomeng back.Because, if she is no longer disabled and no longer disfigured, then she can be a princess, there's no reason to follow me ah."

Xiaomeng was busy rushing, "Brother Zichen, I was born as your person and died as your ghost, no one will ever want me to leave you."

"Alright, don't worry now, no one knows you've recovered now, go out a little harder in the future, just wear a mask.Besides, your family has already told Prince Dino that you're dead, so your family doesn't dare to let anyone know you're still alive at least for now.Although, eventually, there will be trouble, but by then, perhaps I will be in a different position."

Just at that moment, an inn outside the door, "Guest, this way please, your room is at number five of the Xuan character."

It turned out that another person had come to stay at the inn, and the shopkeeper led that guest to his room.

"Guest, what are you doing in Wangjing City?Could it be that you've also come here to pursue a higher martial path?"That shop.

This was, a woman said indifferently, "I'm here to participate in the Young Poison Healer Competition."

"Oh, I see, that's right, the Young Healer Competition has just ended, and right after that, the Young Poisoner Competition is coming, guest, your room is here."

Tang Zichen was startled when he heard the conversation between the shopkeeper and the female guest official who had just checked in in the corridor outside, "The Young Poisoner Competition?"

Tang Zichen didn't know that after the Young Healer Competition was finished, it would be followed by the Young Poisoner Competition.

Since Tang Zichen wasn't a Poison Artist, he didn't pay attention to the other aspects.

Since there was the Young Poisoner Competition, I'm afraid there was also the Young Ecstasy Master Competition.


"Tzu-Chen, so where are we going next?"Li Xuan'er asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Next, I'm definitely going to find a way to get myself the title of Imperial Talent, so that I'm at least protected by the Empire."

"What does it take to earn the title of Imperial Talent?"Xu Mei Qian asked, even though Xu Mei Qian was a child of a phase class family, she was completely ignorant of all of this, because no one in her family had ever been able to obtain the title of Imperial Talent, even if her family had been around for ages.

Soldier-class families were all very, very few, and not even a single scion might be able to obtain it in a hundred years.

General-level families, though, were more numerous, with several in each generation.

This was what was called, the strong genes.

"To obtain the title of Imperial Talent, all you need to do is go to Wangjing City, the Yanhuang Empire Genius Trade Union, they have someone who will specifically receive them and do testing and registration."Tang Zichen said, this was something that Tang Zichen had already inquired about when he was at the Imperial Hospital.

"Then, I'll go to the Genius Guild tomorrow for certification."

"Do you want us to accompany you then?"

"No need, you guys wait for me here, or, you guys leave Wangjing City first and wait for me in a modern city near Wangjing City."

The next morning, Tang Zichen let Xu Mei Qian three people leave Wangjing City first, the safety of the three of them following Tang Zichen's side was poor, and there were too many strong people in Wangjing City, it was better to stay less, fortunately, the three of them were wearing ordinary looking human skin masks, otherwise they would definitely attract some unnecessary trouble. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen walked out of the inn alone, today he had changed his mask again, no longer the breezy mask he wore before.

As soon as Tang Zichen walked out of the inn, he ran into an acquaintance, Tang Zichen was stunned when he saw her.

It was Qi Xueyun.

Tang Zichen suddenly recalled that yesterday, a guest had come to pitch in, and that guest had come to participate in the Young Poison Master Competition.

Now that he thought about it, that guest must have been Qi Xueyun.

Qi Xueyun noticed Tang Zichen looking at her and gave a despicable snort, speeding up his steps to go into the inn.

Tang Zichen touched his nose and laughed bitterly, Qi Xueyun had taken him for a pervert.

Tang Zichen also returned to the inn to go, it was still so early anyway, there was no hurry to go to the genius union.Since he coincidentally ran into Qi Xueyun, he might as well go and catch up with her, who at any rate had almost become his fiancée.

Tang Zichen came next door to the Xuan character room number four, or Xuan character room number five, where he had previously lived.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door of the room.

In a short while, Qi Xue Yun opened the door and saw that it was the person who was just looking at her lustfully downstairs and became angry, "What do you want?This is Wangjing City, I advise you not to mess around.Besides, the innate experts from my family will be here soon."

Qi Xue Yun was a bit afraid of running into a rogue, after all, her martial arts strength was poor.

Tang Zichen then noticed that his fingers were a bit itchy.

Tang Zichen looked down and his fingers turned grey.

Tang Zichen lightly laughed, "Worthy of a poison master, he poisoned me without a word."

In fact, Tang Zichen was not prevented, otherwise he would not have been poisoned by Qi Xueyun, Tang Zichen opened his innate abstruse energy, Qi Xueyun's poison could not invade.


If you don't want to die, get out of here, and if you come half a step closer to my room, I'll have you killed."Qi Xue Yun said indifferently.

Tang Zichen was about to speak when a voice sounded from behind him, "This friend, what do you want?"

When Tang Zichen turned around, he saw an old man from the middle innate stage standing a few steps behind.

Qi Xue Yun saw the old man and busily said, "Patriarch, this person just looked at me with strange eyes downstairs and is now following me to my room."

The old man nodded his head and angrily said to Tang Zichen, "I'll count to three, if you don't leave, don't blame me for being rude."

Tang Zichen looked at the old man and said in his heart, "The Qi Xue Yun family is the lowest level family, a soldier level family, this old man in front of him is the head of the Qi family, tsk tsk, the strongest head of the family, only mid innate, it really is the weakest soldier level family ah, no wonder the Qi family in the past, in order to climb up to the Tang family, they betrothed Qi Xue Yun to that loser Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen looked at the Qi clan leader and smiled, "If you shout three times, I won't leave yet?What are you going to do to me?"

"Then don't blame me for doing it in Wangjing City, one, two."The old man had anger in his eyes, originally he had been very low-key in Wangjing City because there were too many experts in Wangjing City, and he, a middle innate, simply didn't have the capital to keep a high profile in case he accidentally offended a powerful force.However, if anyone dared to provoke Qi Xueyun, he would definitely fight with them, because, Qi Xueyun was a rare poison genius of the Qi family, the future of the Qi family might really depend on Qi Xueyun, and if Qi Xueyun was able to win a rank in the Young Poison Master Competition this time, this would be the beginning of the Qi family's emerging prominence.Therefore, he wouldn't allow anyone to harm Qi Xueyun.

"Three."The old man finished counting three, but, Tang Zichen didn't leave and remained standing there.

The Qi family patriarch was furious and slapped his palm towards Tang Zichen.

There was no fear on Tang Zichen's face, everyone was in the middle innate stage, where could this Qi family's patriarch be a match for Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped against the Qi Clan's patriarch.

"Poof."The Qi family clan leader took a few steps backwards while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Ah."The Qi Clan Leader's face went white, and Qi Xue Yun also looked miserable, she had actually just poisoned Tang Zichen, however, Tang Zichen did not immediately fall down.

The Qi family patriarch looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Who the hell are you and why did you do it to my Qi family, my Qi family is only a soldier grade family, we have always been careful and never dared to anger any family or person easily, if there was anything that offended you in the past, I hope you will forgive me.Today, if you can spare my Qi family's children, I will be grateful."

Tang Zichen was speechless when he saw the Qi family's patriarch's appearance as if he was an enemy, "Who told you that I was going to do something to your Qi family?Who told you again that I'm going to make a move on Qi Xue Yun, I just want to catch up with her."

"Catch up on old times?"

Tang Zichen removed his mask, looked at Qi Xue Yun and said, "It's me."

"Ah."Qi Xueyun was truly shocked when she saw Tang Zichen's true face.

The Qi family patriarch hadn't seen Tang Zichen before and was busy saying, "He is?"

"Go into the house and say."

Entering the house, Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I was much offended just now, I don't mean any harm, it's just a misunderstanding on your part, I'm wearing a mask and I'm helpless, if I wasn't forced to, I wouldn't have thought of revealing my identity."

Qi Xue Yun said, "Tang Zichen, how could it be you."


"Oh, why not me, I just ran into you downstairs and wanted to say hello."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

Qi Xueyun looked at Tang Zichen's smile and, I don't know, felt an inexplicable throb in her heart.

The Qi family patriarch said in shock, "You are Tang Zichen."

"Exactly I am."

"Heavens, it's hard to believe, I'm actually, not a match for you at all."The Qi family patriarch said in shame, he was the strongest person in a family, the pillar of the Qi family, but he was not even a match for Tang Zichen.

Qi Xue Yun thought of the scene where she had just defeated her clan leader with a single palm, and was also trembling with fear, and with the bit of friendship they had in the past, she was even more filled with throbbing towards Tang Zichen.

"Oh, it's just that you didn't try your best."Tang Zichen smiled modestly.

"Rumor has it that you stepped into the Innate and killed an early Innate of the Huo family, but it seems to be true."

Tang Zichen did not conceal it and nodded, "Yes."

"Tang Zichen, you really are extraordinary, but unfortunately, you and our family Xue Yun are destined to meet after all."The Qi family patriarch said regretfully.

"Let's not mention the past, at least, we are still friends."Tang Zichen smiled. First URL

"Why are you here?The Huo family is after you,"The Qi family patriarch said.

"To tell you the truth, I was just about to head to the Genius Union to obtain the title of Imperial Talent, and I happened to bump into Xue Yun."

"I see, and yes, you stepped into the middle innate stage at such a young age, and even I am no match for you, you are indeed an imperial talent.However, I've heard that the entrance to the Genius Trade Union, as well as the surrounding area, is filled with many Huo Family powerhouses.They definitely know that you'll be there one day, so they're waiting for you there."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, he didn't expect that the Huo family was so despicable that they were waiting for rabbits in the genius union, if he didn't happen to run into the Qi family patriarch, Tang Zichen didn't know that he rashly went in the early stages and was caught before he even entered the gate, although he was wearing a mask, but since the Huo family was guarding that, they definitely wouldn't let any go in, besides, the imperial talents may not have a person to certify for months, and instantly know who it was!up.

"Thank you for informing Senior."

"Don't ever call me senior, I can't even catch a slap from you, how am I worthy of being called senior."

"In terms of age, you're certainly my senior."

At that moment, Qi Xue Yun said, "Tang Zichen, I'll give you the antidote first, I just thought you were a bad guy, so I poisoned you."

"Uh."When Tang Zichen looked at his hands, sure enough, they were black.

Poison master, it really was powerful.

Very quickly, Qi Xueyun gave Tang Zichen the antidote to the poison.

However, Qi Xueyun accidentally saw the green line on Tang Zichen's arm.

"What's this?"Qi Xue Yun was busy asking, because once she looked at it, she could tell that it was a poison, not a disease or an injury.

Tang Zichen said, "Truth be told, this is the poison that the Huo family put on me, it's called the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison."

"Ah, Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison."Qi Xueyun was also shocked, she had naturally heard of it as a poison master.

"Yes, Xue Yun,?By the way, how's your poisoning now?Since you would come to participate in the Young Poison Master Competition, you must be not low in strength."

The Qi family's patriarch smiled, "Naturally, there's no need to say this, we, Xue Yun, have already assessed to be a seventh-grade poison master in the Martial Arts Academy."

"Wow, Seventh Grade Poison Master, indeed powerful."Tang Zichen exclaimed, the monetary value of a Seventh Grade Poison Master, to be

It was higher than the Seventh Grade Healing Master, as poison masters were rarer.

Qi Xue Yun carefully examined Tang Zichen's poison, and in the end, Qi Xue Yun shook her head and said, "I'm sorry, I have no clue at all, this is not at the level I can touch right now."

"Oh, it's okay."Tang Zichen didn't expect Qi Xueyun to be able to help him with the poison, otherwise, wouldn't this Huo Family's Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison be too rubbish.

Qi Xueyun was too busy worrying, "Did they say how long it would take for the poison not to be neutralized and what the consequences would be?"

"There, if I don't unravel it for a month, the meridians on my arm will be corroded."

The Qi family patriarch said, "The meridians, the fundamentals of the human body, if they are really corroded, your martial strength will drop by an unknown amount, and you might even be directly useless."

"Yes, I'm also worrying, and I don't know who can remove the poison for me."

The Qi family patriarch asked, "Did the Huo family have the opportunity to poison you?Why not just kill you, there's no need to go the extra mile?"

"To tell you the truth, the first place winner of the Young Healer Competition that ended yesterday, Wind Lightning, is me, the head of the Huo family, who wanted me to be their guest and poisoned me directly."

"Ah, you're the one on Wind Lightning, that genius who reached Tenth Grade Healing Master at the age of nineteen, that's you?"The Qi family was surprised.

Even Qi Xue Yun looked at Tang Zichen with incredulous eyes.

"Oh, it is exactly me, but there is nothing to be surprised about."Tang Zichen, because he had received this honor, but there was no prince or even royal family to pull it off, so this honor didn't feel surprising at all anymore, not happy at all, instead, he was poisoned by the Huo family.

Tang Zichen put on his mask and said, "Alright, I should go now, I expect secrecy regarding my appearance."

"Okay, don't worry."The Qi family patriarch nodded his head.

Tang Zichen walked out and took a few steps when Qi Xueyun suddenly said, "Wait a moment."

"Uh, Qi Xueyun, what else do you want?"

Qi Xue Yun bit her lips and said firmly, "Tang Zichen, the poison you've been poisoned by, I will definitely find a way for you, even if I can't cure it, I will definitely think of a way to delay it for you, I will."


"Then leave me your contact information."

Tang Zichen saw such a determined look in her eyes, as if she was willing to do anything to cure herself of the poison, and couldn't help but be a little moved, then left her a phone number.

Tang Zichen walked out of the inn.

Preparing to head to the Genius Trade Union, although the Genius Trade Union was already guarded by the Huo Family's innate experts, Tang Zichen still decided to go there, he had to obtain the title of 'Imperial Talent'.

Tang Zichen had just stepped out of the inn not far when he heard someone behind him ask, "Little Two, is there someone called Wind Lightning staying here?"

"No."The inn's shop.

Tang Zichen immediately turned back, but there was someone coming for him.

Tang Zichen turned back and saw that it was an innate man.

Tang Zichen said, "Why are you looking for Wind Lightning?"

"You know Wind Lightning?Where is he?"

"You answer my question first,"Tang Zichen said.

The man with the perfect innate talent said, "It's not me who's looking for him, it's our Highness who's looking for him."

"Uh, your Highness?"

"Our Highness is the current royal family, the forty-two princes, Yan Lin, do you know about Wind Lightning or not?"


Tang Zichen's body trembled, oh my god, did I hear it right, a prince, a prince wanted to find Wind Lightning.

Tang Zichen had been looking forward to it, he participated in the Young Healers Competition, his destination was to attract a certain prince's solicitation, ah, finally, a prince has sent someone to find him.

However, don't make a noise yet, what if this Yan Lin prince, isn't here to solicit.

"What does Your Highness Yan Lin want with Wind Lightning?I need to know if it's friend or foe, or I won't tell you."Tang Zichen said.

"Do you really know where Windy is?"

"This situation up."

"Nonsense, our 42nd prince is looking for Wind Lightning, naturally he wants to invite Wind Lightning to join him and become a healer under our highness, do you know or not, if you don't know and delay me again, I won't be polite to you."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Senior, wait here for a moment, I'll go in and call him out for you."

"Go quickly."

Tang Zichen pretended to enter the inn and changed yesterday's mask in the inn's toilet, then walked out of the inn, changing into a light breeze in seconds.

"Were you looking for me?"Tang Zichen knowingly walked up to that strong man. Remember the URL

"You're Wind Lightning?"


"Very well, I'm a servant of His Highness Prince Forty-Two, our Highness wants to see you, so come with me."

"Uh, the prince wants to see me?"

"You don't want to go, do you?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's an honor for His Highness Forty-Two to want to meet me, of course I'm willing, and I hope that Eunuch will lead the way."

That Innate Perfection strong man's brows furrowed and he snorted, "Wind lightly, I'm not the Eunuch."

"Oh, sorry, misunderstanding, misunderstanding."

"Alright, let's go."

Tang Zichen followed the strong man to a luxurious prince's residence, which covered an extremely vast area, Tang Zichen was a little jealous, must be too superior for the royals of the Yan Huang Empire to live here.

"This is the residence of our forty-two princes, please come in, our highness should be having morning tea at the Encounter De Pavilion at this time, I'll take you to the Encounter De Pavilion."

That strong man led the way, leading Tang Zichen around many corridors to a small lake, there was a pavilion right in the middle of the lake.

Right now in the pavilion, four beautiful maidservants were serving at the side, and a young man in a gorgeous outfit was sipping morning tea there, so free and happy.

"Your Highness, Wind Lightning is here."

"Call him in."


Tang Zichen walked into the pavilion and sized up that prince, seeing that this prince was living such a comfortable life, Tang Zichen couldn't help but think inwardly, what a man compared to a man.Tang Zichen suddenly had an idea that he should also strive to move upstream and have a luxurious residence of his own in this place, so that Mei Qian, Xuan'er and Xiao Meng wouldn't follow him around and suffer.However, this was very extravagant at the moment, only experts beyond innate talent were qualified to build a residence in Wangjing City.

"Greetings to His Highness the Forty-Second Prince."Tang Zichen bowed his hands, this prince was about the same age as Tang Zichen, and his martial arts realm was also similar, but Tang Zichen felt suddenly inferior to him, and Tang Zichen disliked the feeling of being inferior inside.But in this Wangjing City, it was obvious that everyone couldn't be equal.

"You are Wind Lightning?"


nbsp; "Back to Your Highness the Prince, I am exactly Wind Lightning."

"Wind Lightning, I heard you're a genius at healing."

"Your Highness is overpraised."

"You're only nineteen years old this year and you've reached tenth grade healing, this is true, isn't it."

"Naturally it's true."

"Wind Lightning, are you willing to become a healer under this prince, to be driven by this prince in the future and work for this prince?"

Tang Zichen hesitated, Tang Zichen didn't know why he hesitated, but when a prince actually solicited him, Tang Zichen wasn't as excited as he expected.Because, this prince said, to serve for him and be driven by him, this heck, he's treating him like a slave ah, even a lackey.

Tang Zichen's hall, a man of ambition, could be driven by someone?

Moreover, this 42nd prince, he gave Tang Zichen the feeling that he was all over the place and high above the rest, as if Tang Zichen was a very small and lowly figure in his eyes.

Tang Zichen resisted this feeling in his heart, although, in terms of status, Tang Zichen, a prince without a powerful background and with enemies to chase after, and he was a prince of the Yanhuang Empire, he did have the capital to be high and mighty.

But, Tang Zichen was not someone who liked being a lackey by nature, and the feeling of being inferior as he stood in front of this prince made him uncomfortable all over.

"What, Wind Lightning, you don't want to be this prince's servant?"

"Your Highness, Prince Forty-Two, allow me to think about it."Tang Zichen said.

The 42nd prince seemed to smile very unexpectedly, "Wind Lightning, you really surprised this prince, if it were anyone else, he would have already pounced on his knees to pay his respects, but you, you have to hesitate.Wind Lightning, could it be that you think that I, Prince Forty-Two, am not yet qualified to be your master?"

When Tang Zichen heard the word 'master', he felt harsh.

He only wanted to be a superior person, how could he be a dog.

Forty-two princes laughed, "Wind Lightning, could it be that you really think that this prince is not qualified enough, do you want to climb up to those more powerful princes?Do you think that because you reached the Tenth Grade Healing Master so young, everyone should treat you like a treasure?Don't forget that no matter how genius you are, you're just a healer with mediocre martial arts skills.I'm now asking you one last time, would you like to be this prince's dog."

Tang Zichen fiercely looked up, Tang Zichen never expected that this 42nd prince would directly say to be his dog, at first, although he was blind and high above the world, but at least he didn't say such a nasty thing, but in the end, he directly said to be a dog.

"Hahaha, I'm sorry, Your Highness Prince Forty-Two, the wind is unwilling."Tang Zichen was still hesitant, but now he directly refused.

The 42nd prince sneered, "Wind Lightning, you really dare to reject me, I really underestimated you, okay, I'd like to see if you really could have found a family or prince that is more powerful than me, get lost."

Tang Zichen endured his anger and said, "Wind Lightning takes his leave."

Tang Zichen walked out of the pavilion and came to the lake, the innate perfection guard who had just gone to invite him said, "Wind Lightning, it's rare for our Highness to appreciate you, aren't you a bit disrespectful."

"Why not."

"Wind Lightning, forty-two princes are princes ah, he can control your future happiness, as well as your family's well-being, you are really foolish, you could have had the chance to become our Highness's person, but you missed the chance yourself.Although you are a genius healer, you should know that without your master's appreciation, no matter how genius you are, it's all in vain, and you can't exchange your genius for a superior material life."


Tang Zichen snorted, "So, Senior you are now condescending to the authority of the Forty-Second Prince, life is very pleasant."

"Oh, Wind Lightning, I didn't expect you to have quite a bit of pride, let's put it this way, I am now serving as His Majesty the Forty-Second Prince's saddle, at least I am relying on his authority to allow my family to stand in peace and allow myself to live a better life.If I hadn't become his saddle-servant, then what do you think I would have?I'm just a mere innate perfection.Why do we need to cultivate to innate?Isn't it just about power and status and living a better life, is trying to practice martial arts for fun?Therefore, Wind Lightning, I urge you to put down that useless pride as soon as possible.Not to mention you, even the many transcendent and powerful people who transcend innate nature have succumbed to the skirts of the Yan Huang Empire.Alright, that's all I can say to you, so behave yourself."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything else and directly left the forty-two princes' mansion.

"Phew."Tang Zichen stood outside the residence of the Forty-Two Princes, looking at the huge, luxurious residence that symbolized power, status, and dignity alike.

"I, Tang Zichen, will never be willing to be subservient to others, I want to be the top man, I want to trample everything that looks down on me underfoot."Tang Zichen clenched both fists, Tang Zichen had a strong desire within him, he would one day trample the forty-two princes beneath his feet.

But that day seemed distant.

"Wind Light Cloud."Just at this moment, a person behind him shouted Tang Zichen's name.

When Tang Zichen turned around, he saw that it was an old man with a great innate talent.

"Uh, who are you again?"

"Wind Lightning, I'm from the Forty Princes, and our Highness is eager to meet you."

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, I'm not in the mood right now." A second to remember to read the book

"So, you've already become the forty-second prince, it seems that we're late.In that case, let's congratulate you and take our leave."

"Wait, I didn't become the forty-second prince."

"Uh, why?The 42nd prince is powerful and has a powerful mother clan, it's rare that he sees you, why didn't he choose?"The old man who was an Innate Great Perfection asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't like the way he's so blind and high and mighty, is that reason enough?"

"Haha, it seems that you are a very proud person, in that case, you should go and meet our Highness, our Forty Princes, who is seeking a virtuous person, he is completely different from the Forty-two Princes."

Tang Zichen snorted, "The world is as black as a crow."

"Wind Lightning, don't be presumptuous, you've never even met anyone before, it's too arbitrary to say such things.We, the Forty Princes, are by no means like that."

"Good, then I'd like to see if he's really different, please lead the way."

Tang Zichen thought about it, but decided to go and meet this Forty Prince.Although Tang Zichen didn't want to be an underling, but for now, he had to submit to being an underling first, and only when his own strength was strong in the future would he be qualified to be an underling.

Therefore, Tang Zichen currently had to go and cling to a prince's power, so that his path of growth would be less hindered, otherwise, he couldn't even make himself strong, how could he talk about the future.

As he went to the Forty Princes' residence, the old man with the perfect innate talent said, "Wind Lightning, truth be told, our Forty Highness, does not have a very strong force.His Highness the Fortieth Prince's mother was originally a palace maiden in the Yanhuang Empire's palace, so among so many princes, the Fortieth Prince's power is among the bottom of the pecking order."

/> Tang Zichen smiled: "No wonder you said that the Forty Princes are thirsty for virtue and won't be high above the rest."

"That's right, our Highness, the Forty Princes, is not strong in his own power, if he continues to act as if he is above the rest, I'm afraid that there will be even less people to join him."

Tang Zichen asked, "Then, may I ask His Highness the Forty Princes, between him and Prince Dino, who is more powerful?"

"Uh, why did you ask that question."

"No why, because among all those princes, I know more about Prince Di Nuo."

"Prince Dino is a thirty-nine prince, he is more or less the same as our Forty Princes, his power is also on the back side, and, not to lie to you, our Forty Highness, he is not on good terms with Prince Dino.Because, Prince Dino's mother, and our Fortieth Highness's mother, the two of them have a grudge."

"Oh, so that's so, huh."Tang Zichen smiled, in that case, Tang Zichen considered joining this Forty Princes.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Forty Princes' mansion.

"Your Highness, Wind Lightning is here."

"Come in quickly."A man's voice came from inside.

When Tang Zichen heard this voice, he felt quite satisfied, at least he didn't have the same superior look and tone as that forty-two prince.

Tang Zichen walked in, and a young man sat in the hall.

"Feng Qingyun pays his respects to His Highness the Forty."

"Wind Lightning, no need to be polite, please sit down and talk."

"Thank you, Your Fortieth Highness."Tang Zichen politely sat down.

Forty Princes smiled, "Wind Lightning, I've heard that you're talented in the healing arts, you're currently the youngest tenth grade healer in the Yanhuang Empire, right?"

"Dare not."

"Wind Lightning, there is no need for you to be polite, I am only two years older than you, we are all the same age, just consider me a friend."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't dare, I am a grass folk, how would I dare to call myself a brother to Your Highness."

"Brother Feng's words are not good enough, a king or a marquis would rather have seeds, if I didn't come from a better background than you, I'm afraid I wouldn't be any nobler than you, wouldn't I."

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked into the eyes of the forty princes, feeling that he wasn't making an appearance, and besides, he didn't have to make an appearance in front of Tang Zichen.As such, this Forty Prince was indeed different, he was able to reflect on the fact that he was only from a good birth and didn't feel that he was nobler than Tang Zichen, which made Tang Zichen quite comfortable to listen to, although Tang Zichen knew that being from a good birth was inherently an advantage.

"Your Highness Forty is joking."

"Brother Wind, come on, let's not compliment each other, to be honest, I need you, are you willing to stay and help me?Of course, I am not treating you as a servant, much less as a slave, but if you treat me truly, I will treat you as my brother."The forty princes said.

"Uh, this."

"Brother Wind, before you make your decision, I have to be honest with you, although I am a prince, I am not very powerful among the forty or fifty princes, my mother's consort is only a palace maiden, I am not as capable and powerful as the other royal brothers, but I, Yan Qiang, treat everyone who assists me as family, friends, elders, teachers, and brothers.If you are willing to assist me and support me, I, Yan Qiang, will not let you down.Of course, if you are a scheming, devious and untrustworthy person, then I don't need you.Brother Wind, I think you're someone I can trust, aren't you?"


"Uh."Tang Zichen was a little overwhelmed at the sincere confession of the Forty Princes.

Tang Zichen didn't want to be subservient in his heart, but right now, he was a grass folk and had no choice but to rely on a force.This Forty Prince looked quite good, but Tang Zichen wondered if he was faking it, if he was really as he said himself, treating everyone who assisted him as family, friends, elders, teachers, and brothers.

"Brother Wind, you can say whatever you have to say straightforwardly, no matter what, I'm willing to become friends with you.Or rather, you can bring up any hard feelings you have."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Okay, then I'll tell you the truth, my true identity is not Wind Lightning."

"Ah."The fortieth prince stood up from his seat, seemingly startled.

"You, you, you're Tang Zichen?"

"Uh, right."

The forty princes laughed, "What a treadmill, so you are Tang Zichen.I won't lie to you, I sent people to look for Tang Zichen two days ago, I wanted Tang Zichen to join me, but Tang Zichen was nowhere to be seen, I was worried about how to find him, but I didn't expect that you were right in front of me."

"Why did His Highness Forty send someone to find me?"

"Tang Zichen, I've always admired you because you dared to make an enemy of the Huo family despite your incomparable weakness, and you also killed so many of their sons and daughters, I admire this spirit of yours, a few days ago, I heard that you stepped into the innate realm, so you're also an imperial talent, so I immediately sent someone to find you, I really want you to become my friend."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was surprised. First URL

"Wind Lightning, if you're really Tang Zichen, then it's heaven's plan that we'll meet here today, isn't it?"

"Well, I am indeed Don Zichen."Tang Zichen unveiled his mask.

"Haha, you are indeed Tang Zichen, Brother Tang, if you are willing to assist me, then I will immediately have someone go and warn the Huo family, and the Huo family will never dare to touch you again."Forty Princes said.

Tang Zichen said, "Forty Princes, my greatest enemy may not be the Huo family."

"Oh? Then who is it?"The forty princes were a bit surprised that Tang Zichen, a man with little background, dared to mess with an enemy even bigger than the Huo family.

"Truth be told, Prince Di Nuo, may be my enemy in the future."

"Ah, why would you have a conflict with the Thirty-ninth Royal Brother?"The forty princes looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Let's not talk about this for now, after all, what hasn't happened yet, only that it's possible in the future.Therefore, I also have to make it clear to Your Highness beforehand, if Your Highness feels that I will be implicated, then I will leave immediately."

The forty princes smiled, "Brother Tang, in all fairness, I am indeed a bit shocked that you have a grudge against the thirty-ninth royal brother.However, I still want you to assist me, and I'm willing to hold a grudge against the Thirty-ninth Royal Brother because of you."

Tang Zichen laughed, this Forty Prince was also quite good at talking, in fact, Tang Zichen already knew that Forty Prince and Thirty-nine Princes, they were already on bad terms, the old man who had just arrived had already said so.

"Since that's the case, I'll stay, but I have something to do, I originally wanted to go to the Genius Union today to obtain the title of Imperial Talent."

Prince Forty said, "Tang Zichen, as far as I know, the Genius Trade Union has the Huo Family's innate experts guarding the place, waiting there.However, since you

It's my brother now, so how about I send someone to escort you, and, I'll send the strongest Unity Realm under my command to accompany you."

"Uh, a strong man of the Unity Realm."Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, a strong person of the Unity Realm, that is, a strong person who surpasses the innate, called the Celestial Human Unity Realm, also known as the 'Unity Realm'

"Lao Ma, go and call out Senior Asang."

"Yes."A guard immediately went.

The forty princes said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Tang, to tell you the truth, I only have one strong supporter of the Unity Realm under my command, one Innate Perfection, and the rest, all of them are imperial talents similar to you, a little weaker compared to some of the other princes, but I believe that I will continue to grow stronger, and I hope that you will always be able to support me."

"That's easy to say."Tang Zichen nodded, but Tang Zichen wasn't the kind of person who liked to be subservient, so Tang Zichen himself couldn't say what would happen in the future, if Tang Zichen had the chance to become stronger in the future, Tang Zichen would also strive for the best, not for himself, but for his family, his future son, grandson and so on.

Not long after, an old man came out.

"Your Highness, you're looking for me."

"Ah Sang, this is Tang Zichen, of course, he's also Wind Lightning, he's a dual genius in martial arts and healing, he's going to the Genius Union for certification today, you escort him there, don't let the Huo family do anything to him."

"Good."The old man nodded.

Tang Zichen looked at the old man called Ah Sang, who looked to be over a hundred years old in appearance.

"Tang Zichen, let's go then."

"Thank you, Senior Ah Sang."

Tang Zichen followed that Ah Sang old man and headed to the Genius Trade Union.

A few late innate experts from the Huo family who were waiting at the entrance of the Genius Trade Union immediately flew up after seeing Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, let's see where you're running."

"Tang Zichen, you even dared to come here to certify, so it's true that we've waited for you, today is the day you die."

Tang Zichen looked contemptuously at the few late innate experts in front of him, if they joined hands, Tang Zichen would surely die, Tang Zichen was after all a mid innate, one late innate could still save his life, two would not do.

Tang Zichen snorted disdainfully, "To kill me, may I ask if you are qualified?"

"Tang Zichen, you haven't earned the title of Imperial Talent yet, I want you to die as soon as you die."

Tang Zichen said, "Look to the back."

A few Huo Family's innate experts looked behind, and an old man was standing not far away.

That old man was emitting a peerless aura, which seemed to be able to tear them apart.

"Ah, an expert beyond innate."

In the next breath, that old man stood beside Tang Zichen, and it was not clear how he flew up there in the blink of an eye.

The old man said, "Tang Zichen is now the auxiliary talent of the Forty Princes' Yanchu, any of you who dare to touch the Forty Princes, you may try."


"Scram."The old man waved his hand, and several Huo Family's innate experts suddenly flew into the sky a few hundred meters away like kites.

"Wow."Tang Zichen had to exclaim, this was the strength of the Celestial Realm, with a wave of his hand, he flew into the sky a few hundred meters away, as if he had been blown away by a hurricane, powerful ah.


However, being strong also meant difficulty, being able to surpass the innate was not just a matter of effort, and Tang Zichen wasn't sure if he had a chance to surpass the innate in the future.Don't look at him now as if he was very talented and gifted, but his body didn't have the strong genes left behind by his ancestors, no matter how much he bounced around, he would only be three feet tall, and he wouldn't be able to go up to a degree.

"Thank you, Senior Ah Sang."Tang Zichen bowed to that old man.

"Tang Zichen, there's no need to be polite, I'm also following His Highness's orders.However, I have to tell you here, you have chosen to assist His Highness the Forty Princes, you will never be allowed to betray in the future, otherwise I will definitely not spare you, and I will vow to defend His Highness to the death, do you understand?"The old man said without laughing.

Tang Zichen shuddered, this old man who transcended innate nature seemed to be very loyal to His Highness the Forty Princes, with a sense that he would defend the Yan Dynasty even at the expense of his life.

"Senior don't worry, I will definitely assist His Highness the Forty Princes."Tang Zichen said.

Although Tang Zichen didn't want to submit to anyone in his heart, it was better not to think about anything until he had surpassed his innate nature.

Tang Zichen saw the old man's strength and felt a little more at ease, which also showed that he was no longer at the mercy of others like before, and whoever it was had to see if the Forty Princes could be provoked before they touched him.

Tang Zichen entered the genius union.

"What for?"

"I am here to acquire the title of Imperial Talent."

"Follow me in." Remember the URL

In the genius union, several people first verified Tang Zichen's actual age, then verified Tang Zichen's martial arts realm, and finally, confirmed whether or not Tang Zichen had reached the Imperial Talent Standard.

"Congratulations, Tang Zichen, you have reached the Imperial Talent Standard, you have been registered as a Talent of my Yanhuang Empire, this is your title certificate.In addition, if you become an imperial talent, then you belong to the Yanhuang Empire and must obey some arrangements of the empire."

"Uh, what do you mean, what if the Empire lets me die?"Don asked.

The unionist said, "If war comes one day and the Empire needs you to fight for your country, you must go as well."

"Well, then I am now assisting the forty princes, this is out of the Empire's hands."

"This is your freedom, no matter which prince, or even which family, you are part of the Yan Huang Empire."

"Oh, that's fine I'm leaving."

Tang Zichen led the certificate and left, the old man called Ah Sang had been standing outside.

"Congratulations, Tang Zichen."

"Thank you."

"Then go back and resume your orders."


In one of the Huo family's mansions, the innate experts who had just flown away reported, "Ancestor, Tang Zichen he has become the Forty Princes, just now when we were about to kill Tang Zichen, we were struck by that Unity Realm expert behind the Forty Princes."

Old Ancestor Huo's face was cold, "This old devil."

"Old ancestor, what should we do now?"

"What else can I do, the Forty Princes don't know why they think so highly of Tang Zichen, they actually sent the old ghost that transcends innate nature to personally protect Tang Zichen."The Huo family ancestor raged, but he couldn't do anything about it, not to mention the identity of the Forty Princes, just that transcendent innate

The old man, he may not be a match.

"It's just that I'm afraid that Tang Zichen can't be killed now, not only has he already obtained the title of Imperial Talent, he's also joined the Forty Princes, so my Huo Family can only let him go free.Having failed to kill him before, it's already too difficult to kill him again now."

"Ancestor, can't even assassinate him?"

"Assassination?If the Forty Princes are angered and he asserts that our Huo family killed him, do you think the people upstairs will listen to him or to us?When it comes to the prince, this is no longer something we can easily solve, the slightest carelessness will instead bring disaster to our Huo family, it's just that, who made you useless in the first place, a little man couldn't be killed, now that he's no longer a little man, do you still think it will be easier to kill than before?"

The Huo family's innate experts all bowed their heads in resignation, but the old man had already spoken, and there was nothing to be done, having missed the best time to kill Tang Zichen.

After Tang Zichen returned to the Forty Princes' mansion, the Forty Princes set up a banquet to entertain Tang Zichen.

From this point of view, the Forty Princes had done a good job, whether they were pretending or were truly sincere.

"Tang Zichen, let me introduce you, this is Senior Ah Sang, you already know him, he is not only my auxiliary minister, but also my mother's godfather; this Innate Great Perfection, he is my personal attendant, his name is Gao Yi, you also already know him; these four, they are Liu Qilin, Zhang Rot, Zhan Guijin, and Yang Tian, they are all imperial talents just like you, including you .I already have five Imperial talents as my friends, thank you, and today I have asked them to come and feast with you, and I hope that in the future, we will have more and more brothers and sisters, and I hope that in the future, when I am successful, you will all be my heroes, and I would like to toast you all."

"Thank you, Forty Princes."

Everyone raised their glasses.

The seven people at this table, including Tang Zichen, were all the auxiliary forces of the Forty Princes, an old man who had surpassed the innate, an innate perfection, and the remaining five, Tang Zichen was mid innate, Liu Qilin was late innate, Zhang Can, Zhan Guijin was also mid innate, and Yang Tian was early innate.Tang Zichen didn't know what level this was considered, feeling weak, but after all, innate masters weren't so easy to achieve, it wasn't like they were running all over the place, it might be considered good for this forty prince to have so many.Although Tang Zichen and a few others were innate, not many in number, there were even more innate experts from the Shi class families, much less being able to compare the number of innate experts with the Huo family and other phase class families.But it couldn't be compared, they were families, the prince was just an individual, and the prince's identity, even if he didn't have a single auxiliary talent, he wasn't something that those phase-grade and such families could mess with.

The feast lasted until around ten o'clock when it finally ended and Tang Zichen and the other people who assisted the prince of the Yangyang want got to know each other.

"Tang Zichen, do you have a place to stay in Wangjing City?"The Prince of Yangyang asked.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No."

"Then you can stay at my residence now tonight, and tomorrow I'll have someone make arrangements to get you a small courtyard."

"Thank you, Your Highness Yan Qiang."

"We're all brothers, so there's no need to be polite, someone, take Tang Zichen to rest."


Tang Zichen stayed at the Forty Princes Residence.

Tang Zichen's certification to become an imperial talent had also spread to other families or powers.

At the forty-two princes' residence, a man reported, "Your Highness, that Wind Lightning he has gone to the Forty Princes, and, Wind Lightning is actually Tang Zichen."


Forty-two princes Yan Lin sneered, "This Feng Qingyun, what a slut of a person, he doesn't want such a superior place as this prince, but he has to go to that trash place of forty princes, what a slut, let him be, whether he is Feng Qingyun or Tang Zichen, he is a dog in the eyes of this prince."

The next day, Tang Zichen left Wangjing City and made a phone call to Xu Mei Qian, they were in a place called Lin Shui Fu around Wangjing City, Tang Zichen immediately rushed over to meet them, they all still didn't know that Tang Zichen had joined the Forty Princes, this was more or less a minor good thing, at least it allowed Tang Zichen to get rid of the Huo family's pursuit, and in the future if Prince Dino knew about Xiaomeng, at least in DinoIn front of the prince, it wasn't so defenseless.Of course, to Tang Zichen, the most important thing was his own strength, everything he was doing so far was just a temporary transition, Tang Zichen didn't want to be any auxiliary minister for the rest of his life.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Lin Shui Residence and joined Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, and Xiaomeng.

Tang Zichen also told them about the forty princes.

"Wow, that's great, brother Zichen, you're finally a master."..

Tang Zichen gushed, "Words, what does it mean to be someone with a master, who is my master?"

"I thought you said you were a Forty Prince?Then the forty princes are your masters ah."Xiao Meng looked at Tang Zichen puzzled.

"Nonsense, I'm just supporting him, I'm not his lackey, how can I say that I'm the master, I'm not going to be a servant for the rest of my life, I, Tang Zichen, have grand aspirations.Now it's just a matter of expediency, there's nothing we can do about it."

Xiaomeng smiled, "Brother Zichen, supporting him, isn't it just to show that he is your master, geez, don't be so proud, everyone in the world is like this, it's not like you're alone."

"Alright, let's not talk about this, anyway, now that the Huo family doesn't dare to chase after me, Yan Qiang has already sent someone to warn the Huo family, the Huo family must have to weigh even assassination, although Yan Qiang is not a powerful prince, but after all, he is the son of a royal family, he is not so easy to provoke, until I haven't surpassed the innate, I'd better be honest and assist him, it's useless to think unnecessarily."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Tzichen, but what about the poison you got?If you don't unravel for a month, your meridians will be corrupted." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen sighed, "I already told Forty Princes last night, and he said that he would try to find some poison masters for me, but he can't guarantee that he will be able to help me with the poison, because he doesn't have very deep connections either, and those powerful poison masters may not give him face."

"The Huo family is really damned."

"What's the point of talking about this now, let's take one step at a time."

After that, Tang Zichen returned to Wangjing City with the three of them.

Now that Tang Zichen was a member of the Forty Princes, he naturally couldn't just go wherever he wanted, not as free as before.

This, Tang Zichen was a bit helpless, Tang Zichen didn't really have anywhere to go, so let's stay in Wangjing City, Wangjing City was as strong as a cloud, so maybe there wasn't a better place to go.

"Tang Zichen, this will be your home from now on."

"Thank you."

"No need, it's what I should do, this is very close to my house, it's just a street away, I can also notify you of anything in the future to come over at once."Yan Qiang said.

Tang Zichen asked, "So, what do I have to do?Do you have to live here every day from now on?"


The tenth prince smiled, "You don't like to be restrained, don't worry, I won't restrain you, if you want to go out, you're free to do so at any time, just be safe.Alright, I'm going to take a trip into the palace now, my matriarch is looking for me, feel free ah."

After saying that, Yan Qiang hurriedly left.

Tang Zichen and the three beauties tidied up the new house together, it was a small courtyard, with Tang Zichen's qualifications, he could only live in this kind of courtyard, this courtyard was considered to be better, it was obtained through the Prince Yangyang's connections, otherwise he could only live in that kind of bungalow.

"Zichen, in two weeks, it will be New Year's Eve."Li Xuan'er suddenly said, she remembered her parents and was in a depressed mood.

"Ah, it's New Year's Eve so soon."

"Are we celebrating New Year's here?Or back to Linjiang City?"Li Xuan'er asked.

Tang Zichen said, "You decide."

"Xiangyun's father is sure he's alone, we should go back."

Tang Zichen nodded, it was rare that Li Xuan'er still remembered Liu Xiangyun's father, indeed, Liu Chen Ming had lost his daughter and was already alone, there was no reason why Tang Zichen couldn't go back and spend the New Year with him.

As for Xu Mei Qian, she could return to her family now, the Huo family didn't dare to pursue Tang Zichen, and naturally wouldn't use the Xu family to threaten Tang Zichen into submission.

Xiaomeng, on the other hand, must have followed Tang Zichen, she was in the Han Wang family and already belonged to the dead.

At this moment, in the Yanhuang Empire's imperial palace.

"Yan Yu, I heard that you've found another imperial talent to assist you."A lavishly dressed woman asked, this woman was the biological mother of the forty princes, and right now, she was lazily leaning on a sofa with an LCD TV in front of it, and she was watching a drama.Although it was a little strange for a concubine to be watching TV in this classical palace, it was the truth.Wangjing City was a combination of classical and modern, but of course, not everyone liked all that technology.

"Back to the mother consort, yes, his name is Tang Zichen."

"Is this person reliable?"

"Matriarch, I think it should be reliable, I trust my own eyes, at least I believe he will not turn against me."

"This Tang Zichen, what can you do to make you recruit him?"

"Back to Matriarch, he is an imperial talent, and he is also the youngest healer, two years younger than my son, but he is already a tenth grade healer."

"It's true that he is a talent, but why is this talent recruited by you?It is reasonable to say that this kind of person who is so talented in both martial arts and healing can't possibly get your turn ah, the other princes have already recruited ah, could this be fraudulent ah?"

"Matriarch rest assured, the reason why I recruited him is because, people didn't know that Windy was the same person as Tang Zichen until after I recruited him, then he said that his true identity was Tang Zichen.Otherwise, it really wouldn't have been my turn."

"You're in luck, alright, the chit-chat is almost over, you have to behave well at this year's Royal Clan Annual Meeting."

"Mother Princess, don't worry, I will definitely perform well, I will definitely be able to achieve something at this year's end-of-year conference, I'm sure my people won't let me down."

"Well, remember, learn to use your people, they will only be a help to you in the future."

"I will remember my mother's teachings."

"Also, eighteen years ago, Princess Jing lost her princess, now you can look for any results?"


"Mother Consort, my son hasn't made any headway yet."

"You should keep this matter in mind, if you can help Concubine Jing find that lost princess, then Concubine Jing will definitely be grateful to you, this will be a great benefit to you and me, you should be attentive."

"Mother Consort, this is really hard to find, eighteen years ago, Concubine Jing gave birth outside, just because she was afraid of being persecuted by Concubine Rong, even she herself doesn't know what characteristics that child has, how can she find it in the vast sea of people."

"Alas, if it were so easy to find, how would it be your turn."

"I will do my best, son."

At Tang Zichen's home.

"Senior Tang, His Highness the Forty Princes has an invitation for you to come over."A maid walked in.

"Good, I'm going to say goodbye to the prince anyway, I'm going back to Linjiang City for the New Year."

Tang Zichen arrived at the house of the Forty Princes.

"Tang Zichen, you're here, come in quickly."Yan Qiang saw Tang Zichen busy greeting.

"Greetings to His Highness the Fortieth Prince." The first website

"Don't be polite, sit down quickly, I have a few things to tell you."

Tang Zichen said, "Your Highness, please speak."

Just at this moment, a loud shout came from outside, "Prince Yan Chong has arrived."

Yan Chong heard a shock and said, "What is Yan Chong doing here in my place?"

Tang Zichen asked, "Your Highness, what the hell is this Yan Chong."

"Hollow, keep your voice down."Yan Chong panicked and said.

"Tang Zichen, Yan Chong is an eighteenth prince, you must not be rude, or else misfortune will come out of your mouth."Yan Chong was a bit scrupulous.

Tang Zichen didn't need to say anything to know that this Yan Chong must be a much more powerful prince than Yan Qiang, just look at Yan Qiang's reaction.

Within a few seconds, a man of about thirty-five or thirty-six walked in, with a group of guards behind him, each of them being late innate.

Yan Qiang panicked and reminded Tang Zichen to salute.

"Yan Qiang has met the eighteenth imperial brother."

Tang Zichen also paid his respects, "Grassman pays his respects to His Highness the eighteenth prince."

Tang Zichen was helpless, he could only be a grass-creature.

"Hahaha, you are Tang Zichen?"The eighteenth prince looked at Tang Zichen and asked.

"Uh, Straw Man is exactly Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, that Wind Lightning is you too?"

"Uh, exactly."

"Not bad, that youngest genius healer is you, and that Tang Zichen who messed up the Huo family is also you, you're really capable, I heard, you've been awarded the title of Imperial Talent?"

"Uh, back to Your Highness, yes."

The eighteenth prince got straight to the point and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm quite interested in you, how about you come to my place and work for me?"

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled.

It turned out that the eighteenth prince had come over specifically to dig up Tang Zichen, he hadn't been interested when Tang Zichen was just a light wind, but now that he knew that the two were the same person, it made him interested.

At this moment, the forty princes Yan Qiang was shocked, he never expected that the eighteenth imperial brother would openly come over to steal his auxiliary talent.

Yan Qiang was lucky to get this talent of Tang Zichen, how could he let the eighteenth prince snatch him away like this, he was busy saying, "Eighteenth prince, this Tang Zichen is now my auxiliary minister, I hope that the eighteenth prince will fulfill his imperial brother."

The eighteenth prince looked at Yan Qiang a snort: "How old are you, what I want, you also dare to steal from me, Tang Zichen this lackey I will make sure."


; "Eighteenth imperial brother, you already have a number of auxiliary ministers, and I hope that the eighteenth imperial brother will fulfill them."

"Pah."The eighteenth prince slapped Yan Qiang's face, and Yan Qiang was suddenly flung away, with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth.

Tang Zichen was dumbfounded, this eighteenth prince was so arrogant.

However, Tang Zichen didn't like this eighteenth prince, he had just said that Tang Zichen was a lackey he was going to fix.

Nima, Tang Zichen is ultimately a lackey in his eyes.

Yan Qiang looked at the eighteenth prince with eyes full of anger, daring to be angry, not expecting that he had recruited a more outstanding genius and would also be bullied by the other princes as a result.However, where so what, he could do nothing about it.

"Tang Zichen, don't get ready yet, come back to the house with me."The eighteenth prince said.

Tang Zichen said, "Uh, back to the eighteenth prince, where are you talking about going back to the house."

"Nonsense, of course it's my residence, my residence isn't something that can be compared to this shabby residence, let's go."

Tang Zichen didn't like the high and mighty tone of this eighteenth prince and smiled, "Eighteenth Your Highness, I'm already an auxiliary minister to the Forty Highness, so I can't go with you ah."

Yan Qiang was grateful when he heard Tang Zichen's words, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would dare to refuse under the mighty authority of the eighteenth prince.

"What did you say?Say that again?"The eighteenth prince was furious.

Tang Zichen's heart was really 10,000 grass horses running through, what a place of right and wrong, Tang Zichen mixed into such a place of wrong and wrong, I'm afraid there would be no peace in the future.If this doesn't listen to the eighteenth prince and goes to his house to be his lackey, I'm afraid he'll be offended again.The previous Dino prince Tang Zichen couldn't even afford to offend, so he had to find a patron quickly, but now it was good that an eighteenth prince ran out.What could Tang Zichen say but helplessness, this place of righteousness was really not for him to stay in.

However, Tang Zichen had principles, and Tang Zichen could only take one step at a time.

"I'm sorry, Your Eighteenth Highness, but I can't go with you, I hope Your Eighteenth Highness won't force me to."

"Yoho, Tang Zichen, you actually refuse this prince?"The eighteenth prince sneered, completely unexpected, Tang Zichen actually dared to reject him.

At this time, Yan Qiang was busy saying, "Eighteenth prince, my mother consort already knows that Tang Zichen is my auxiliary talent, if you pressed, my mother consort would definitely report to my father."

"Fuck you."The eighteenth prince kicked at Yan Chong again, the eighteenth prince Yan Chong, he was a late innate, so Yan Chong was no opponent at all, even if he was an opponent, he couldn't touch him, because this place, it was no longer a place where you could do it if you were strong, but whoever was powerful was the boss.

"Your mother's consort?I pooh, your mother's consort is a lowly palace maiden, you actually bring it out to scare me, ridiculous."

An old man came out and said, "Eighteenth Highness, although Concubine Rei was born as a palace maid, but she is now at least a concubine, you, who is a servant, actually insulted a concubine, don't you have no regard for His Majesty in your eyes?If Your Eighteenth Highness insists on still making nonsense, don't blame the old man for being rude, I hope Your Eighteenth Highness will respect himself."

The eighteenth prince was furious, but he had to think twice about what this old man said, and this old man was a strong man who was beyond innate, he wouldn't dare to kick him so arrogantly or anything like that, beyond innate was no joke, and if people were really willing to risk everything, then he would be in trouble.

"Hmph, threatening me, am I so easy to be threatened?Tang Zichen, I'll ask you one last time, will you come back to the house with me?"The eighteenth prince questioned Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Your Eighteenth Highness, I'm already a member of Your Fortieth Highness, please hire another virtuous person."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, you'll regret it, we'll see."The eighteenth prince shrugged his sleeves and walked away.

Tang Zichen was really fucking fuming, what the hell is this, a bunch of stupid princes, self-righteous.


The eighteenth prince exhaled and left.

The fortieth prince, Yan Chon, was moved and said to Tang Zichen, "Thank you, brother Tang, you actually rejected Yan Chon for me."

Tang Zichen was able to openly reject the eighteenth prince's solicitation, which moved Yan Chong.

"Your Highness, no need to be polite."Tang Zichen smiled, in fact Tang Zichen was not very noble, the eighteenth prince said that Tang Zichen was a slave, that was the real reason why Tang Zichen refused, in no way was he loyal.

That old man who surpassed the innate Asang said, "Tang Zichen, I was right about you, you really are loyal to His Highness Forty."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said in his heart, "Loyalty?You really think I'm willing to be a servant for the rest of my life?Aiding him in his future?It's impossible."

Tang Zichen remembered that Yan Qiang had called him over, something to tell him, and had just been interrupted by the arrival of the eighteenth prince.Only then did Tang Zichen ask, "Your Highness Forty, what is it that you had me called over?"

"Tang Zichen, it's like this, it's almost the New Year, every year before the New Year, Father will hold a royal feast, at the royal feast, Father will examine each prince's progress and each prince's ability, one of this ability includes the ability to use people, to see which prince's talent for supporting is more outstanding."


"Tang Zichen, when the royal feast is over, you'll have to come with me to the palace, and then, when you examine the prince's ability to use people, you can fight for more glory for me ah."

"Okay, but I'm only mid innate."Tang Zichen said. Remember the URL

"It doesn't matter, there are people in every realm, I just need you to make sure that you can stand out a little bit among the other princes' mid innate auxiliary talents, it's not required how you do, just stand out a little bit to impress my father."Yan Qiang said that he was not asking for much.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Your Highness, I'm afraid I can't do it if you ask me to stand out a little bit."

"Ah, that's, well, that's okay."Yan Qiang sighed.

Tang Zichen said, "No, I mean, I can't do it if I stand out a little bit, because, if I do it casually, it's the most outstanding."

"Uh."Yan Qiang didn't respond for a moment.

That Ah Sang snorted, "Tang Zichen, don't make fun of Your Highness."

"Senior, I'm telling the truth, alright, it's useless to talk too much, I'll just go back and prepare properly.By the way, when is the Royal Feast being held?Truth be told, I also have to rush back to Linjiang City for the New Year."

Ah Sang said, "Tang Zichen, you're now an auxiliary minister of His Highness Forty, it's not like you can go wherever you want."

Yan Qiang was busy saying, "It's okay, after the royal feast is over, you can go back for the New Year."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this is only human-like, if he dared to restrict Tang Zichen's personal freedom, Tang Zichen wouldn't bother to be his auxiliary minister.

"Tang Zichen, go back first then, the royal feast will be held in five days."


Tang Zichen returned to his home, the small courtyard.Back at his home, Xu Mei Qian was teaching Xiao Meng martial arts, and Li Xuan'er was practicing her inner voice skills.

"Zichen, you're back, it's time for us to leave for Linjiang City ah?"Li Xuan'er saw Tang Zichen come in and busily asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid not.

It's so early, in five days, the Yan Huang Empire royal family will be holding a royal feast, and as the auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes, I have to attend."

"Why do you have to attend?"Xiao Meng asked.

Tang Zichen said, "It's probably because, without my attendance, the Royal Feast can't be held."

"Go on, stinky, how could it be."Xiaomeng trailed off.

Li Xuan'er said, "In that case, let's wait until the Royal Feast is over and then go back to Linjiang City, it should be in time, I just don't know if the Forty Princes will give you a vacation ah."

"Che, a vacation, making it seem like my personal freedom is given by him."Tang Zichen said.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Zichen, Xiao Meng is definitely a martial arts wizard."

"Uh, how so?"

"I just taught Xiao Meng to practice martial arts, Xiao Meng didn't know martial arts at all before, it's only been less than an hour, Xiao Meng's martial arts, at least reached the middle stage of the outer gate, this comprehension is too strong."Xu Mei Qian said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "It's not unexpected, her mental energy exploded to the point of disability, so her talent is not even strong, she will definitely be a great expert in the future."

"Hehehe."Xiao Meng was embarrassed and laughed straight.

"Alright, in the next five days, I'll personally teach Xiao Meng, as well as the two of you."Tang Zichen said.

"So you're not practicing martial arts yourself?You're only in the middle innate stage, you should also be promoted up again ah, although we are now under the protection of the Forty Princes, it doesn't mean that the crisis is far away, besides, that Forty Prince is not a powerful prince, he himself reckons that he will be bullied by the other princes."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Xuan'er, you're right, he was just beaten by the eighteenth prince at the forty prince's house."

"Alas, then you should work even harder to improve your strength, in case he can't keep us one day, we will have the power to defend ourselves."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Xuan'er, you don't know how difficult it is to raise each realm of the innate realm, if there is no special opportunity, five years to be able to raise one realm, this is considered a super genius, ten years to be able to raise one realm, this is considered a genius.Twenty years to be able to raise a realm, this is belonging to a very promising martial artist."This was what Tang Zichen knew, in his previous life, it was also the same, of course, this meant that there was no special opportunity, Tang Zichen got Xiao Meng's spiritual energy and suddenly rose wildly by three realms, this belonged to a super opportunity, this situation was not included.

"Ah, no way, raising one realm in five years, and it still belongs to transcendent genius."Li Xuan'er was a bit tongue-tied, didn't this mean that it would take at least five to ten years for Tang Zichen to break through to the late Innate stage.

"Of course la, how can innate be so easy to train, otherwise innate masters, they would have already run all over the place, haven't you noticed that many innate masters are already very old?There aren't many young and handsome innate like me in this world."

Xiaomeng said, "Brother Zichen, you're stinking up the world again."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Deceitful, if you hadn't had Xiao Meng's spirit power wildly rise to you, all by yourself to comprehend, how could you have reached the middle innate so quickly."

Li Xuan'er also said, "Also, if you hadn't taken the Iron Tree Heart, you wouldn't have reached it so fast."

"Alright, my beautiful wives, just stop beating me up, whether I get the Iron Tree Heart or Little Meng's spiritual power, this belongs to my special opportunity.You guys work hard too, I hope to achieve innate, I'm not worried about Little Meng, I'm worried about you two stepping into innate."


Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan Er both nodded their heads.

In the next five days, Tang Zichen began to personally teach Xiao Meng.

On another matter, this year's Young Poison Artist Competition would also end today, and the Young Enchanted Spiritist had also started competing.

Tang Zichen thought of Qi Xueyun, and wondered how she was doing going to the Poison Art Master Competition.

After teaching Xiao Meng, Tang Zichen let her practice on her own, then Tang Zichen headed to the Poison Art Master's Union.

The Poison Art Master Competition was held at the Poison Art Master's Union.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the Poison Artiste Union, the examiner had not yet come out to announce the results, but there were just as many people waiting in the main hall.

Tang Zichen saw the patriarch of the Qi Xue Yun family.

"Senior Qi."

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing here."

"Oh, I came over to see how her competition is going with Xue Yun."Tang Zichen said as people from the other surrounding families heard Tang Zichen appear and looked over to Tang Zichen, then came over to say hello. One second to remember to read the book

One of the reasons why Tang Zichen was such a big face was that Tang Zichen was awarded the title of Imperial Talent, and the other was that his status of being an auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes was now.

The patriarch of the Qi Xue Yun family smiled, "Tang Zichen, don't call me senior, now you are an imperial talent and the auxiliary minister of the forty princes, I can't afford it ah, call me Qi Ming, or else I won't even dare to talk to you."

"Oh, well then, brother Qi Ming, how was the Xue Yun competition?This is the third round, you would appear here, I'm sure that Xue Yun must have entered the top three."

Qi Ming hehely smiled, "Yes, Xue Yun is very competitive, she entered the top three in one fell swoop."

"Wow, awesome, worthy of being a seventh grade poison master, Xue Yun reached such a level without a master, relying solely on the poison arts she learned at the Martial Arts Academy, she is indeed exceptionally talented."


Qi Ming laughed a series of times, then said, "If Xue Yun can become the first place, our Qi family will finally have a day to shine."

"Uh, how so?"

"Go home Xue Yun, she's so strong in her Poison Master talent and so beautiful, there's no worries at all, she might be able to climb up to a powerful family as a result, she can marry with a powerful family, of course, the powerful family I'm referring to is above the general level la, hehehehe."Qi Ming chuckled.

Tang Zichen despised him for a while, looking at Qi Ming's smug look, he must be celebrating in his heart that he had backed out of his marriage with Tang Zichen.What was the Tang family, a phase family, now able to climb up to an even stronger family, it was perfect that Tang Zichen's family had backed out of the marriage in the first place.

At this moment, a man came out and shouted, "Everyone, the Young Poisoner Competition, the specific rankings of the top three are out."

"Quickly say it."Qi Ming shouted anxiously.

"The first place winner of this year's Young Poison Artist Competition is, Qi Xueyun; the second place winner is, Zhang Ruofeng; and the third place winner is, Bai Zihua."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Qi Ming started laughing when he heard the first place Qi Xueyun, the second and third place behind him he had played completely without listening.

Everyone looked at the laughing Qi Ming, there was jealousy, curses, all kinds of looks.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "This Qi Xueyun, really unexpectedly, actually won the first place, this talent, not yet

Come must be a very powerful Poison Artist ah.I haven't had any poison master friends, it seems like I need to walk around with her more in the future, making a poison master friend will be beneficial in the future, I might need to find a poison master someday when I'm poisoned."

Tang Zichen had decided that he wanted to be friends with Qi Xueyun, Tang Zichen had now experienced the importance of personal connections, making more friends would be beneficial.

Just at this moment, a voice came from the front door, "Prince Little Prince Nan is here."

"Ah, why is Prince Little Prince Nan here, could it be that he also wants to recruit some geniuses without family background?"

"I don't think so, but he's a young prince of a royal family, a son of the Zhennan King family."

Tang Zichen gazed towards the entrance of the main hall, and sure enough, a very dignified man walked in.

The man asked, "Have the results come out yet?"

A person from the Poisoner's Guild reported, "Back to Prince Xiaonan, it's out, the first place is Qi Xueyun, the second place is."

"Alright, second place is of no interest to this prince, I just need to know that Qi Xue Yun won first place, let's go, let's go find Qi Xue Yun and see if she is really a stunning beauty as the rumors say."That little prince immediately went to the back of the main hall, he was followed by his sidekick, the sidekick was not strong, early innate, after all he was just a prince, not a prince, he didn't have such a big faction, too powerful innate also couldn't be his sidekick.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, it was obvious that this what kind of prince, he had heard that Qi Xueyun was a great beauty before coming here.

At this moment, the Qi family's patriarch Qi Ming's eyes lit up, wasn't this exactly the opportunity he needed?

Qi Ming was overjoyed, it would be great if a prince took a fancy to Qi Xue Yun, to be able to climb up to the royal family, this was beyond his original expectations ah.

Qi Ming immediately ran up, his heart also tsked with joy, "Not worthy of being a prince, the followers are all early innate, but my Qi family, there are only two innate, except for me unexpectedly, the other innate is also early, it's just enough to be a follower for others, too powerful, if my Qi family can really climb this high branch, then I really won't be afraid."

"Little Prince."Qi Ming shouted up.

"Who are you?"Prince Xiao Nan looked at Qi Ming and asked, Prince Xiao Nan was also mid innate, so he frowned as an old man who was also mid innate ran up.

"Back to Little Prince Nan, I'm the head of the Qi Xue Yun family, I'm called Qi Ming."

"Uh, Qi Xueyun is from your family?"

"Yes, I'm her clan leader."

"Hahaha, such a coincidence, I'm on my way to find Snow Yun right now."

"Prince Nan, then I'll go with you to find her."


Qi Ming went to the back of the main hall with Prince Nan and the others to find someone at the arena where Qi Xue Yun was competing.

Tang Zichen also followed them.

Tang Zichen felt that this Little Prince Nan didn't seem like a good person, if he really wasn't a good person, Tang Zichen would have to make decisions for his friend's happiness, after all, Qi Xueyun had once almost become his fiancée too, even though it was no longer meant to be, he wanted her to gain happiness, he couldn't let messy people ruin her happiness.

Tang Zichen followed to the arena of the Poison Mastery Competition.

Qi Xue Yun happened to be walking out there, ready to meet up with the clan leader, and Qi Xue Yun was very happy that she had won first place, I'm sure her clan leader would be overjoyed, and everyone in the family would be overjoyed when the news got back to the family, as well, at the thought.


Just then, Qi Xueyun saw the clan leader coming with a few people.



"Hahaha, Xue Yun, you're really my Qi family's treasure, you even won first place, great."Qi Ming said excitedly.

"Clan Chief, you know all about it."Qi Xue Yun smiled slightly, it was rare for her to smile like this, at least Tang Zichen had never seen her smile before, but today she did.

Prince Xiaonan, who had followed along, now had his eyes straight, looking at Qi Xueyun without moving.

It was as if, as if to see a fairy descend from the world, he had heard the rumors, specially came to see if it was a beauty, but the result, greatly beyond his expectations, not only is it a beauty, it is simply a fairy, so, the moment he saw Qi Xueyun, Prince Xiaonan looked crazy.

At this moment, Prince Xiao Nan said inwardly, "Beauty, beauty, this genius poisoner beauty, this prince is going to fix it."

When Qi Ming saw the eyes of the Little Prince Nan, completely demented, he was secretly happy inside.

Only then did Qi Xue Yun look at the man looking at him lustfully, in her heart ten thousand dislikes, this kind of lustful person, Qi Xue Yun hated it as soon as she saw it, not to mention this kind of pervert who saw drooling.

"Patriarch, who is he?"Qi Xue Yun asked. The first website

"O Snowyun, call Prince Nam Jr. yet."

"Little Prince Nan?"

"Yes, he's a royal family scion of the Zhennan King's house, the Zhennan King is a super innate expert who was sealed by the late emperor as the Zhennan King."

Hearing Qi Ming say that, "That's right, the Zhennan King, the strongest person in my family, was sealed by the late Emperor, even if it's the current Sovereign, my family's ancestor is still a very important person."

"Oh."Qi Xue Yun just ohed, not excited about anything, although she also knew that it would indeed be a blessing for the Qi family if they could get close to this tree.However, it was really hard for Qi Xueyun to have a good feeling for someone so lustful.

"Xueyun, you're very pretty, hehehehe."Prince Xiao Nan said laughingly.

Qi Xueyun said indifferently, "Thank you."

Prince Xiao Nan was a bit upset when he saw Qi Xue Yun's indifferent tone.

"Qi Xueyun, I've come over to find you today on purpose."

"What do you want?"Qi Xueyun asked.

"Qi Xue Yun, after meeting you in real life, I think you're beautiful, so, would I like to be my little southern king's unmarked girlfriend?Of course, in the future, it will be upgraded, perhaps to a registered girlfriend, or even to a real girlfriend, but of course, it's not impossible to upgrade to a fiancée, depending on how you grasp it."

Qi Xue Yun's face fell.

Not far away, Tang Zichen was also a bit on fire, Tang Zichen's feeling was right, this little prince really wasn't a good one, not remembering his girlfriend even dared to say it, and also shamelessly said that he would be able to upgrade to a remembered girlfriend and a real girlfriend, what did he take Qi Xueyun for.

"This."Qi Ming was also a bit depressed at the moment, he thought that Little Prince Nan, with such an obsessive look in his eyes, would definitely say, being his girlfriend or fiancée or something, but as a result, it turned out to be an uncredited girlfriend.

In fact, Little Prince Nan, as the first born son of a royal family, and also an innate level

First son, how could he be the one to decide on his marriage.Even if Qi Xueyun was beautiful, but her family was so weak, it could only be used for fun, as an anonymous, or a registered girlfriend or something, fiancée this is not even a thought.His family, Prince Xiaonan, had already found a princess for him, Qi Xueyun's identity, how could it be compared to a princess, it was simply like a commoner, how would his family be willing.

: "Xueyun, promise, I, Sun Jingnan, was awarded the title of Imperial Talent at the age of 22, and this year, at the age of 32, I reached mid innate in just ten years, and, not to lie to you, I'm likely to reach late innate before I'm 40.Think about it yourself, I'm such a talented person, do you deserve it."

But Qi Xueyun directly said, "Sorry, I'm not interested in you."

Qi Xue Yun saw Prince Xiaonan's smug look, very disdainful, although she couldn't reach such a strong martial arts realm, but Qi Xue Yun knew that people Tang Zichen was 19 years old this year, and reached the middle innate, people Tang Zichen didn't even say anything, this 32 year old who reached the middle innate, but also acted like he thought he was a genius, proudly brought out to show off, really disgusting.

"What?Am I an imperial talent that's not worthy of a soldier-class family like yours?Are you really funny?Or didn't you hear what I just said? I achieved Innate at the age of 22, and it only took me 10 years to reach Mid Innate, do I need to tell you more about this talent?If you don't believe me, ask your patriarch how old he is this year."Prince Xiao Nan turned his head and said to Qi Ming, "How old were you when you reached innate, it took you a few years to reach the middle stage, and how old are you this year?"

Qi Ming said honestly, "Back to Prince Xiaonan, I reached innate at age 45, mid innate at age 75, and I'm already in my 90s this year."

"Qi Xue Yun, do you hear me, look at your patriarch, and then look at this prince, can you still say that you are not interested in me now?When you reach your matriarch's age, tell me yourself, what rank am I?Qi Xue Yun, this prince was able to obtain the title of Imperial Talent, this is by no means a joke, this is something that requires a strong talent to underpin.Otherwise, you name someone who is more talented than this prince."

Prince Xiaonan expected Qi Xueyun to say nothing, because Qi Xueyun a soldier grade family, the strongest clan leader was only mid innate, there was no way that any of her sons would be able to obtain the title of imperial talent for generations, what genius could she know.

However, Qi Xueyun immediately said, "Fine, you better not blush when I say so."

"Che, you'd better tell me."

"I have a friend, he's only nineteen years old, he's already reached mid innate and has also received the title of Imperial Talent, is that enough?"

Prince Nam Jr. snorted, "When you say you have a friend, do you really have a friend?Dare you give me your name?If it's really an Imperial talent, I can't say I know him, but I've at least heard his name."

Qi Xue Yun bit her teeth and said, "My friend his name is Tang Zichen."

"What? Tang Zichen, hahaha."

"What? Don't tell me you've never heard of him."

Prince Xiaonan snorted, his heart was very upset, because of course he knew about Tang Zichen, and his talent did spike him, so he naturally couldn't compare to Tang Zichen.

"Are you saying that a friend is a friend?Let him come out and try, less use people you don't know to puff up your own doorstep."

At this time, a voice came out, "Qi Xue Yun, who is pretending to be a comparison in front of you, tell me, I'll beat him up."

Qi Xueyun heard Tang Zichen's voice as soon as she heard it, and was delighted inside.


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