The King of Kungfu in school 631-640


Chapter 631

"Oh, you said that she lives in the Fragrant Mountain Villa, so I knew that the Fragrant Mountain Villa is the mountain village where the fourth class clan members of the Fragrant Mountain Garden live in a circle, and those who live in the fourth class circle are naturally not important members of the Han Wang Family, and the fourth class circle is also the outermost clan members of the Han Wang Family, and they have no status at all in the Han Wang Family.Of course, no matter how little status they have, they're still much more honorable than a guest like me."

"Brother, I'm in a hurry, let me in, I'm going to go in today no matter what, even if you stop me."

That Houtian Perfection man who was guarding the gate hesitated and said, "Friend, if that's the case, I'll take you in as if I've made you a friend.My name is Lin Yan, and I'll take you there now, but you must not cause any trouble, or you'll be the one to get me killed."

"Of course not, don't worry, by the way, my name is Tangchen."

"Alright, come with me, but you're the only one limited to your two female companions, let them stay here for now."

"Is it safe?"

"Just kidding, this is the Han Wang Family, where is it safe if it's not safe here."

Just like that, Tang Zichen entered the Han Wang Family by himself, and it turned out that Xiao Meng was from the Han Wang Family.

Soon, he arrived at the Fragrant Ming Villa, although the Fragrant Ming Villa was in the Han Wang Family, where the fourth class clan circle lived, but in Tang Zichen's opinion, it was very luxurious.

"This is the Fragrant Ming Villa, my friend, I can only bring you here, it's up to you what to do next."

"Thank you, Lin Yan." First URL

Tang Zichen thought of the person who had answered Xiaomeng's call and immediately took out his cell phone to make a call.

Unfortunately, no one answered, and Tang Zichen kept dialing a dozen times before someone finally picked up.

"It's you again."A man's voice came from the phone.

"Senior housekeeper, it's me, I'm here, I'm at the entrance of the Fragrant Ming Villa right now, come out and pick me up."

"Ah, how did you get in."The other party was shocked, not expecting Tang Zichen to be able to come in at all, so he wasn't really willing to let Tang Zichen come even though he told him the address.

"Senior, never mind how I got in, come out and pick me up."

"Ugh, it's just that."

After about a few minutes, an old man came out, this old man was actually in the early innate realm, this really surprised Tang Zichen, it seemed that this kind of royal family, even if it was a fourth class family, it was extraordinary.


"Alright, don't say anything, follow me inside."

"Thank you, Senior."

Tang Zichen immediately followed that steward into the Fragrant Villa, passing through a few winding corridors to a courtyard outside.

"Follow me inside, but don't talk too much."


Tang Zichen, filled with inner tension, entered the large compartment in the middle of the courtyard.

As soon as he entered the compartment, Tang Zichen saw that on the left side of the compartment, in front of a bed, there were many, many people standing, at least twenty or thirty, and Tang Zichen could still vaguely hear a slight sobbing sound.

The butler said, "Xiaomeng has just left, at the moment her relatives are in a heavy heart, you stand behind, don't make any unnecessary movements, and don't go up, it's not your turn to go up."

"Ah, Xiaomeng is dead?"Tang Zichen's body trembled.


p; "Just went, ten minutes ago, and you're just in time."The butler sighed a little sadly.

Tang Zichen was startled there, he was really timely, just ten minutes ago, why not ten minutes earlier?

In front of the bed in the chamber, a man said, "Alright, stop sobbing, it's Moe's own choice, it's a relief for her, she's finally no longer in pain, we should be happy for her, not crying, gone, she wants to go happy and not hear any crying, don't you all hear that?"This man who spoke was Xiao Meng's father, an innate expert.

Tang Zichen couldn't bear to hear any more, how come there was still someone who said this bastard.

Tang Zichen immediately shouted, "I don't agree with you."

Suddenly, everyone looked towards the place where the sound was made, incredulous as to who was saying such words at this time.

That steward gave Tang Zichen a hard stare, regretting in his heart that he had brought Tang Zichen in.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Xiao Meng's father asked with a gloomy face, "Who are you?"

The butler was busy saying, "Master, I'm sorry, it's all my fault, he, he was Xiaomeng's friend before she died.He heard that Xiao Meng had been injected with euthanasia, so he called to give her a ride, I saw that he was so insistent, so I brought him in, Master, it's all my fault, I'll let him out right away."

Tang Zichen came in but wouldn't go out, and snorted at the man who had just spoken, "You're Xiao Meng's father, I really don't believe that there are such fathers in this world if I hadn't heard it myself."

"Insolent, who are you to dare to lecture me here, what do you know about Xiaomeng?Do you have any idea how much pain and suffering she's been through?Kid, don't try to preach in front of me, I lost a daughter today, if you anger me, don't blame me for killing you."Xiao Meng's father yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, you don't know anything about life, living is hope."

"Hope?What hope?What hope is there for Xiao Meng when she can't even be treated by a fourteen-grade healer?"

Tang Zichen said, "Fourteen-grade healers can't heal, so let's hire fifteen-grade healers."

"Hahaha, fifteen pints?My Han Wang family, a royal family, the most powerful healer is only a thirteenth-grade one, while fourteen-grade healers only exist in the Yan Huang Empire, but I still spent countless amounts of money to find a fourteen-grade healer to treat Xiao Meng, but unfortunately, it's still impossible to treat her.Fourteen-grade, is already the strongest healer that can be found, do you really think that the legendary fifteen-grade healer can be found?Fifteen-grade healers, no one has ever achieved anything in reality, it's just recorded in history, you actually said, invite fifteen-grade healers, you frog in a well, what do you know, and you still dare to talk to me about hope here."

Tang Zichen was truly shocked, in this world, there was no such thing as a fifteen-grade healer, fifteen-grade was actually legendary, it was recorded in history.

Well, it was Tang Zichen who was alone in this, no wonder saying this made Xiao Meng's father so furious.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Senior, please don't get angry yet, I still say the same thing, living is hope.Truth be told, I am also a healer, I am currently a tenth grade healer, right now I only want to hear one sentence, she doesn't want to live, if she personally says that she doesn't want to live, then I, immediately leave."

"You are insolent, Xiaomeng is already dead, yet you are still here saying such words to tarnish the souls of the dead."Xiao Meng's father immediately tried to attack Tang Zichen's appearance.

Tang Zichen said, "What if I can bring Little Meng back from the dead?So, do I still count as defiling the dead?"


"What do you mean?"

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen in confusion when they heard Tang Zichen say that he could bring Xiao Meng back from the dead.

Tang Zichen said once again, "If I can bring Xiao Meng back from the dead, then does that still count as me defiling the spirits of the dead?"

"You can bring Moe back from the dead?Do you know what you're talking about?"Xiao Meng's father asked with a gloomy face.

"Seniors, you have all given up hope that Little Moe can be healed, thinking that no one else in the world can heal her, but I disagree with this view, I feel that as long as I live, there is hope.I am also a healer, if I bring Xiao Meng back to life at this moment, then I would like to ask you all, are you able to believe my words that living is hope?"

"If you really have the ability to rise from the dead, then I'll trust you for once and make sure to let Moe live." ..

"Good, then get out of my way."

Tang Zichen walked up to Xiao Meng's bed.

This was the first time Tang Zichen had seen Xiao Meng in real life, Xiao Meng had a good face, but unfortunately, the skin on her face was completely disfigured, if it wasn't disfigured, she was definitely a beautiful woman, and from the shape of her face, she was indeed exactly the same as the little loli that she was in the video with.The more beautiful she was in the past, that's why it would be more painful now, if she was ugly before, even if she was disfigured, it wouldn't be that painful.

Tang Zichen was ready to use the resurrection technique on Xiao Meng, and it wasn't the first time Tang Zichen had used the resurrection technique, so it was pretty handy.

Everyone in the back looked at Tang Zichen nervously, wondering if this kid, really had such a strong ability to bring the dead back to life. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen silver needles slowly pierced into the deceased's heart, brain and other various places, as if doing artificial respiration as a first aid.

Xiaomeng's body temperature was still there, after all, the front and back combined had only been dead for less than twenty minutes, but of course, the temperature referred to here was the temperature of the body, not the body surface, so the dead within an hour, or even two hours, was theoretically possible.

About five minutes later, bang, Moe's body bounced up.

But it didn't work the first time, and it didn't work the second time either.

The third time it bounced up, it worked, and Moe opened her eyes.

The people watching nervously from the back were shocked, and a few of them yelled out on the spot, "Oh my God, it's really come back to life."

But Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it, Xiao Meng would die because of the euthanasia injection, and although she was now resurrected, if she didn't remove the euthanasia toxin from her body in time, then the resurrection wouldn't survive for a few minutes, and after a few minutes, she would still be poisoned by the euthanasia toxin.

Therefore, Tang Zichen immediately turned Xiaomeng's body over and began to expel the toxin from her body.

A black blood jetted out from the silver needle, about two minutes later, all the toxins had been drained, Xiaomeng will not die again, equivalent to not injecting euthanasia, except, after all, her organs were invaded by the toxin, her internal organs are still weaker than before the injection, but this is not a problem, slowly will recover.

Tang Zichen flipped Xiao Meng over, Xiao Meng looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"This, this is hell?".

Moe this one.

Momentarily confused, she remembered that she had died, how come she opened her eyes to see everyone again all of a sudden, and she was looking at a young boy, she didn't recognize Tang Zichen for a moment.

"Xiao Meng, oooooh, you're finally alive, mommy will never let you die again."Xiao Meng's mother burst into tears and pounced on her, only when she lost it would she know how to cherish it.She was sad and even regretted after Xiao Meng died just now, and now that she had lost it, it made her never want to lose it again.

"Mom, what's wrong with me?I'm not dead yet?"Xiao Meng asked.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Tang Zichen with shock, especially a few young girls, and an inexplicable admiration.Even Xiao Meng's father looked at Tang Zichen's eyes were not so fierce and much kinder, Tang Zichen brought the dead back to life, he didn't seem to have a reason to refute Tang Zichen's words at the moment, living is hope.Perhaps, Tang Zichen was right, even the dead could be brought back to life, what else couldn't one look forward to.

Xiaomeng's mother cried, "No, you've been dead for twenty minutes, it's, it's him who rushed here and brought you back to life."

Only then did Xiao Meng look at Tang Zichen and seemed to recognize him, incredulous, "You are, brother Zichen?"

"Oh, Moe, hello, first time I met you, you're doing better than I thought, it's not as bad as you thought, why did you inject early and not wait for me to come back."

"Brother Zichen, it really is you."Xiao Meng was very surprised and touched to see Tang Zichen.

"Xiao Meng, don't give up hope again, okay?"

"Brother Zichen, I."

Tang Zichen turned back to the road, "Senior, living is hope, even people who have broken their breath can come back to life, how can I know that Little Meng's illness is hopeless.I am currently only a Tenth Grade Healing Master, and I can't treat Xiaomeng yet, but please believe me, I will be able to heal her in the future, so that she can become a complete girl.Right now, if you still think that she is hopeless and death is the only relief, then I have nothing to say."

"Even though you do have a talent for medicine, but where does that leave you, can you become a legendary fifteen-grade healer?What makes you think that you can make Xiaomeng whole in the future, if you can't, then Xiaomeng will have to suffer from the disease all the time.It is not that we don't pity Xiaomeng's life anymore because we agreed to her euthanasia injection, we just, see her suffering from the disease and feel pain inside.Let me ask you, you let XiaoMoeng live and wait for hope, so can you make her stop suffering and make her happy every day?Otherwise, even if you wait for the so-called hope in the next few decades, where would it matter, people are already old."

Tang Zichen was now in crisis, the Huo family had gone to the Martial Arts Academy, and it was believed that they would soon investigate Xu Mei Qian's relationship with him, and when that happened, the Xu family would surely suffer.

Tang Zichen must find a way to preserve the Xu family, but for now, Tang Zichen didn't have any way to do so, there was only one way, and that was Xiao Meng.

The one that Tang Zichen said last time, taking that step, referring to this path, Tang Zichen had to try to get involved with the royal family, this was the only way for Tang Zichen to save the Xu family.

However, Tang Zichen only promised that he would be able to heal Xiaomeng in the future, which was far from being able to get involved with the Xiaomeng family.

Therefore, Tang Zichen made a decision, Xiaomeng had lost her will for life anyway, and was suffering all the time, Tang Zichen might as well marry her.


Tang Zichen believed that he would be able to restore Xiao Meng.Moreover, Tang Zichen had just observed that Tang Zichen was confident that he could restore Xiao Meng's face within half a month, that is, no longer in a disfigured state, at that time, although Xiao Meng was still paralyzed, she was still at least a beautiful woman.Of course, this was something Tang Zichen wouldn't do for the time being, because once Xiaomeng was back to being beautiful, then there would be no more Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen had to restore Xiaomeng to being beautiful after she became his woman.

As for the paralyzed body, this Tang Zichen hasn't felt the way out of the door for the time being, and he'll slowly study it later, Tang Zichen feels that it's not difficult to cure Xiaomeng.

Of course, Tang Zichen was proposing to marry her now, and in doing so, he was a bit suspicious of taking advantage of her family's strong power.However, Tang Zichen's heart was also sincere, at least seventy percent of it.

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Zichen seemed to have made a decision and said to, "Senior, since Xiao Meng is living a hopeless life and can't feel the meaning of living, then why not marry Xiao Meng to me, I think, Xiao Meng has become my woman, I can make her look forward to life, and I came here this time to do this."

"Ah."Everyone was taken aback.

Even Xiaomeng was shocked, Tang Zichen actually said such words.

Xiao Meng's father raged, "Kid, do you know what you're talking about?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course I know, I've been thinking about it for days, I'm serious."

"Hahaha, what a joke."The other man laughed as if it was a very funny thing.

Tang Zichen said to the man, "Xiao Meng, the key is still up to you, if you don't like it, then there's no point in saying anything, are you willing?"

"Ah."Moe shuddered all over. A second to remember to read the book.

Tang Zichen saw Xiaomeng trembling all over, and was happy inside, "It seems that Xiaomeng's illness is far less serious than I thought, she can still tremble all over for a moment or two, that's enough to say it all, perhaps, I won't need long to cure her.However, I can't heal her first, otherwise the royal family won't be able to see me."

Xiao Meng looked at Tang Zichen and said inwardly, "Brother Zichen definitely wants to use me so that the Huo family won't dare to kill him, in that case, why don't I help him.It's just that I'll help him, even though I know he's using me and doesn't really mean it."

Xiaomeng nodded, "Brother Zichen, I'm willing."

"Xiao Meng, you're crazy, he's obviously trying to use you, you think he really likes you?He wants to use you to climb the ladder, and you're willing."Dao.

Xiao Meng smiled, "I'm willing, my life is like this anyway, do you still want to stop me, I can't have love in my life, since someone is willing to want me, and it's someone I also like myself, why don't you fulfill me."

"Xiao Meng, but he doesn't mean it, he's using you ah, besides, you still have a marriage contract, you mustn't be reckless."

Xiaomeng laughed to herself, "Marriage contract in hand, huh."

: "This matter is not to be considered for the time being, besides it's not for you to decide, let alone us to decide, it's something that only the family can decide, but Tang Zichen, are you really willing to marry Xiaomeng?"

"Of course, Xiaomeng has helped me a lot, without Xiaomeng's help, I wouldn't know how many times I've died.By the way, my name is Tang Zichen, I don't know if you've heard of me."

"Tang Zichen?

Could you be the one the Huo family is chasing?"A woman asked.

"That's me."


Everyone was a little surprised, the Han Wang family had heard about the feud between the Huo family and a little man named Tang Zichen, but of course, they were just treating it as a laughing stock for the Huo family.But they never expected that the little man who brought the Huo family a laughingstock would be the young healer in front of them.However, that wasn't the point, and no one in the Han Wang family cared whether or not Tang Zichen was being hunted by the Huo family.

"Since that's the case, for the sake of resurrecting Xiao Meng, I'll speak to the family about this, but I'll be scandalous, I don't know if the family agrees, or disagrees, or if something else will happen." ..


Xiao Meng said, "You guys go out first, I want to talk to brother Zichen alone."

The others all exited the chamber.

When they walked out of the Fragrant Villa, a man said to, "Brother, is it really good that Xiao Meng is resurrected?"

"I've already lost her once, I don't want to lose her again, this time, I'll do my best to keep her safe."

"Big brother, others don't know, but we are clear, Xiaomeng injecting euthanasia, that's what Prince Dino's side meant ah.Xiaomeng and the imperial princes of Dino have a marriage contract, but Xiaomeng suddenly disabled ruined, so that's why secretly authorized, let Xiaomeng die ah, so that the marriage contract is naturally eliminated, they do not have to repent of their marriage, criticized, we do not have to withdraw from the marriage, humiliate their dignity, a win-win situation.But now, Xiaomeng is resurrected, how can this be rectified."

"I don't care, I've already lost once, I must work hard to preserve her."Little Moe's father said with a firm look in his eyes.

It turned out that there was an inside reason for Little Moe's euthanasia injection, and it wasn't that Little Moe's father, had really given up on her, thinking it was hopeless.

The real reason was that someone up there wanted Xiaomeng to die, because, Xiaomeng was engaged to a prince named 'Dino'.If Xiaomeng died, that prince called 'Dino' wouldn't have to fulfill the marriage contract.Xiaomeng became disabled and disfigured, as a prince, it was impossible to fulfill the marriage contract with her, but he was not good enough to withdraw the marriage, he would be criticized, but he could not let the Han Wang family withdraw the marriage, the Han Wang family, as an even weaker existence, dared to withdraw the marriage of the royal family, this was not want to mingle.

So, Xiao Meng's death was the best outcome.

But who expected to be resurrected by Tang Zichen, and also, Tang Zichen wanted to marry Xiaomeng.

In Xiaomeng's room.

"Brother Zichen, I've finally met you."

"Oh, Xiaomeng, me too."

"Brother Zichen, I must be ugly."

"No, you're beautiful."

"Why do you need to open your eyes and tell lies, Brother Tzichen."

"You used to be beautiful, I can tell by the shape of your face."

"That was before, and it became forever."

"No, Moe, you have to trust me, it won't become forever."Tang Zichen didn't say it, in fact, Tang Zichen could restore her face right now, ten days and half a month at most would be enough.Only, Tang Zichen couldn't do that right now.

"Well, brother Zichen, I believe in you, you can even bring me back to life, you definitely can."


"That's right, have faith in me.By the way, do you want to marry me, and do you mean it?"

"Oh, I mean it, but you're not, I know you're being hunted by the Huo family and want to use me to get rid of them, but that's okay, I'm willing to help you."

"Uh, yeah, make me sound like what kind of person.That's right, when I thought of marrying you, the original intention was to use your family's connections, because if I didn't, I was afraid that Xu Mei Qian's family would be in big trouble.Of course, I am true to you as well."

Xiaomeng smiled, "Brother Zichen, I'm so ugly and paralyzed invalid, how can you be sincere, don't say it, saying it makes me feel bad, it will ruin your image, you are the warrior of my heart."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, in that case, I'll tell you the truth."

"It's okay, you tell the truth, I'm willing to be used by you anyway, because you're the great warrior I aspire to and worship in my heart in one defeat."

"Oh, Moe, my truth is, I'm sincere, and you think I can't be sincere because you're so ugly and crippled.But, these problematic ones of yours, I didn't even take it to heart, because I can absolutely heal you.Also, I didn't want to tell you, but I'm ready to tell you now, in fact, I can restore your face right now, for half a month at most, and I can make you exactly the same as you once were."

"What? Brother Zichen, are you kidding me, this disfigurement of mine, not even a thirteen-grade healer can do it ah."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, I can, don't ask me why I'm so confident, those thirteenth grade healers can't do it, that's them, although my grade isn't that high, I have more healing secrets, such as resurrection from the dead and life preserving, these unique secrets, those thirteenth grade healers definitely won't be able to.Xiao Meng, the problem of your disfigurement is not a matter at all, the problem of your paralysis, although I can't do anything about it at the moment, I also believe that sooner or later, you will be able to recover.Now, do you still think that I'm not sincere?"

"Brother Zichen, then hurry up and let me regain my looks ah, so that the people of my family will trust you."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, I can't right now, because I want to marry you for a reason other than my heart, I want to use your family to save the Xu family and also to stop me from being hunted by the Huo family.If I let you regain your beauty so soon, hehe, with the eyes of your royal family, you won't be able to see me.Therefore, I can only let you alone in this matter, and I'll do this after you and I are truly married, it won't be too late." Premiere URL

"Thank you, Brother Zichen."Moe regained her confidence in life and had hope that she would want to live.

"Moe, so, do you want to be my woman, with all your heart?Or do you want to help me and would rather be used?"

"Brother Zichen, I really mean it, I met you on top, I envy you, I can be free and do righteous deeds, and I feel that you are good, but unfortunately I am not worthy of you, so I don't dare to imagine it."

"Alright, let's not talk about that.By the way, Xiao Meng, who just said that you have a marriage contract, what's going on?"

Xiao Meng's face darkened.

"Brother Zichen, to tell you the truth, I had a marriage contract a long time ago, with a prince of the royal family, but then I ruined it, and I guess it's gone."

"In that case, it's good that it's gone."

Xiaomeng asked, "Brother Zichen, if you're really married to me, what about your girlfriend?"

Tang Zichen said, "They're still my girlfriends, at most I'm just a little more aggrieved and have three wives and four concubines."

Xiao Meng laughed, "Where are you.

The grievances are clearly earned by you, so I hope they don't mind."

Tang Zichen sighed, wishing he could achieve what he wanted.

Right now, at the Huo family.

"It's not good."

"Did you find Tang Zichen?"

"It's true that we found it, but Tang Zichen went to the Boundless House, and he's gone into the Han King Family."

"What's he going to the Han King Family for?Is the Han Wang family something he can enter if he wants to?"

"What now?"

"Inform everyone, don't act yet, Tang Zichen is bound to have something to do when he goes to the Han Wang Family, first figure out what he's doing there first, in case it will involve the Han Wang Family, it'll be more than worth it.We'll make a decision after we figure it out."


Just like that, the Huo family's pursuit of Tang Zichen immediately went into a pause to watch.

Tang Zichen had succeeded in his plan, but it was only a pause to watch, and if Tang Zichen had no last fart relationship with the Han Wang Family, then the Huo Family immediately began to continue their actions.

In one of the Han Wang Family's main halls, Xiaomeng's father and uncle were standing in the main hall, and above them were two old men with perfect innocence.

One of the old men said, "Has Han Xiaomeng left already."

Xiaomeng's father and uncle did not speak.

The other old man consoled, "Don't be too sad, save your breath, who let her have a bad fate and encounter this untreatable strange disease, otherwise, she could have become a prince consort."

"Councilor Patriarch, Xiao Meng originally did die, but when she died twenty minutes later, she was alive again."

"What happened?Dead and alive?"

"Yes, but it's because it was saved by a man, that man is a friend of Xiao Meng Shang, his name is Tang Zichen, he's young, but he's already a tenth grade healer, he's the one who rushed here and brought Xiao Meng back from the dead."

"Ah, Tang Zichen?"

"Councilor Patriarch, he's the little man that the Huo family hunted down and disgraced.He's nineteen years old, Houtian Perfection Realm, and he's a tenth-grade healer, I think, he has a bright future."

The two council patriarchs asked with deep eyes, "What are you trying to say?"

Moe's father said firmly, "Council Chief, I've already lost Moe once, and I won't let her be euthanized again, ever."

"But what if she asked for it herself?She's hopeless at life and will ask for another application?The last time, you stopped it, but I told you that if she applied on her own, you couldn't stop it, and likewise, if she applies again, it's not up to you to stop it."

Moe's father shook his head, "I don't think she'll apply again of her own accord."


"Because, Moe has found love."


"Council Chief, that Tang Zichen rushed here because he is in love with Xiao Meng, besides, Tang Zichen is a talented healer himself, he said in public that he would marry Xiao Meng and promised to heal her in the future, so Xiao Meng will not apply on her own anymore.Council patriarch, you said that you would never force Xiao Meng to die if she wanted to live on her own, that's what you promised me at the time."Little Moe's father said with a strong attitude.


"Don Zichen?He's such a good man, could it be that he thinks we'll be grateful to him for saving Moe's life?No, he's spoiling things for us, things that had been satisfactorily resolved, and then he's stumbling into an impasse.Where is he, I want to see him."One of the council matriarchs said.

"I'll go and bring him right away."Dao then immediately walked out of the main hall without waiting for the council patriarch to speak.

Very soon, Xiao Meng's father arrived at the Fragrant Villa.

"Tang Zichen, come out for a moment."

Tang Zichen was examining Xiao Meng's body in his room when Xiao Meng's father's voice came from outside.

"Xiaomeng, I'm going out for a bit."

"Mm."Xiaomeng nodded a little worried, she was afraid that her father would embarrass Tang Zichen about something.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room and said, "Come with me, the family councilor patriarch wants to see you."


Although Tang Zichen was stunned, he still followed Xiao Meng's father in a disciplined manner.

After walking out of the Fragrant Ming Villa, however, Xiao Meng's father stopped. Remember the website

"Senior, didn't you say who wanted to see me?Why don't you go."

"Tang Zichen, I still have something to tell you before I go to see the council patriarch."

"Senior, you say."

Little Meng's father said, "Tang Zichen, as things stand now, I'll just have to tell you the truth, Little Meng's death is not as simple as it seems.Because Xiaomeng was suddenly crippled, and the cause could not be found or treated, the original Prince Dino who had a marriage contract with Xiaomeng, he would definitely not be able to marry Xiaomeng again.However, they can't break off the marriage voluntarily, it will be criticized by others, but we can't break off the marriage either, it will damage their face.So, someone from Prince Dino's side reminded our family to let Xiaomeng die.Of course, our family has no choice but to give Xiaomeng euthanasia, but Xiaomeng is my daughter, I will not allow it.I bargained with the family and finally got it, if Xiaomeng chooses to die by euthanasia, then I can't stop her, I must cooperate.After that, the healers sent by the family to Xiao Meng began to instill pessimism into Xiao Meng, implying that Xiao Meng should apply for euthanasia herself.In this way, Xiaomeng's mood became lower and lower, and she felt that she would be in pain for the rest of her life, so she applied for euthanasia.You know everything that happened after that, and now you understand what I want to tell you."

Tang Zichen shook his fist and said, "It's surprising that what kind of Dino Princes want Xiaomeng to die, they're too ruthless, if they won't marry Xiaomeng again, withdrawing the marriage is it.Just because they will be criticized for withdrawing their marriage, they want Xiaomeng to die?What a bully."

Xiao Meng's father was grateful to see Tang Zichen's righteous anger and injustice for Xiao Meng, as he too, felt angry inside.Therefore, Xiao Meng's father felt that Tang Zichen was also quite a nice person at this time.

"Prince Dino is a member of the royal family, whatever they do is right, our Han Wang family cannot resist and my family will not resist, not to mention Xiao Meng, even I am afraid that I can sacrifice for this."

"How outrageous, what are you trying to tell me by talking to me now?You want me to leave Xiao Meng alone?Letting Moe die?Have an answer for that fucking prince?"Tang Zichen asked in annoyance.

Dao: "Tang Zichen, so, what do you mean?"

Tang Zichen shook his head firmly, "That's impossible, I won't let anyone send her to her death."

Xiao Meng's father looked at Tang Zichen and laughed, "Tang Zichen, you really are a man, I have not misjudged you."

"Cut the crap, I'm not joking, although I can't fight against any prince at the moment, I can't even fight against the Huo family yet, but I'm at least confident that Xiaomeng will not be infringed upon in any way.If your family has to force Xiaomeng to die, then I will take Xiaomeng and leave the Yanhuang Empire, and when I go abroad, I don't believe that anyone can do anything to me.And I, in the end, will return in glory one day."Tang Zichen's gaze chilled, Tang Zichen realized that this world was really becoming more and more difficult to get around.In the past, when he was weak, he could still live comfortably in a small place.But now, there were more strong people and more powerful families, Tang Zichen felt more and more oppressed.This feeling, Tang Zichen had never experienced in his previous life, not that he was stronger in his previous life, when he was strongest in his previous life, he was only at the late innate stage, which wasn't powerful, but in his previous life, he at least had a powerful division at his back, so he wouldn't be subjected to any oppression.

But now, when he didn't have any backing power, no master to rely on, and all had to rely on himself, only then did he feel simply not as free and unrestrained as he had lived in his previous life.

"I must be strong, I don't want to be oppressed by any forces, perhaps, I lived too comfortably in my previous life, and now this little bit of frustration and oppression is surprisingly making me feel tired."

Xiao Meng's father said, "I believe in you, in that case, I'm willing to give my daughter to you, I want to protect Xiao Meng just as much as you do, and not let anyone send her to her death."

Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen originally thought that Xiao Meng would be a strong one for him to rely on, but as a result, there were so many unknown things behind Xiao Meng.

"Senior, I'm sure someone from your family will still have Xiaomeng injected with euthanasia, right?"

"Right."Xiao Meng's father nodded his head.

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Like you, I will never allow Xiao Meng to be harmed."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "But I feel that you don't have any ability to stop it."

"Yes, I'm useless, I can't resist the family, for the sake of the family's safety, the family will not allow Xiaomeng to live."

Tang Zichen sighed, "What's the use of you telling me this, it's just a matter of time, I'd better solve the problem myself."

Xiaomeng's father bowed his head in shame, he was a father, yet he had no ability to protect his daughter at all.

"I can't even solve it, so what can you do to solve it."

Tang Zichen was silent for a moment and hummed, "Fight against which Dino prince."

"You're crazy, our Han Wang family wouldn't even dare, you?"

Tang Zichen's eyes were firm and said, "Although I, Tang Zichen, have not suffered much, I am not so easily defeated by difficulties.For now, there are two ways, firstly, I must step into the innate sky as quickly as possible and become an imperial talent title, so that no one dares to kill me, except for the Yan Huang Empire, and even if the Yan Huang Empire wants to kill me, there has to be clear evidence of what crime I have committed."

"Secondly, I make full use of my healing expertise, I think that with my identity as a tenth grade healer, I can at least absorb a number of innate experts to become my friends."


You are not the only genius who has the title of Imperial Talent, you are not the only one.An innate expert is bound to be in the early to mid stage, and brace yourself for a late stage innate.A friend of this level is of no use to the current you, even the Huo family is still far from being able to deal with it.Moreover, because you're the Huo family's enemy, I don't think any innate experts would be friends with you, not to mention that you're a tenth-grade healer, even if you were an eleventh-grade one, it would be useless.Besides, the Innate Realm isn't something you can break through just because you want to."

Tang Zichen snorted, "At worst, I'll go abroad first, but there's one thing I need to trouble you with, after I leave the Yanhuang Empire with Xiaomeng, you take care of the Xu family for me, don't let the Huo family do any harm to the Xu family."

Xiao Meng's father shook his head, "Sorry, I personally don't have that much power, leaving aside my family, I'm only a late innate, I can't possibly stop the Huo family, unless my Han Wang family steps in, but my family won't be able to step in.Tang Zichen, I'm asking you now, do you really have the courage to offend Prince Dino for Xiao Meng's sake?Or, do everything?"

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "Prince Dino, putting aside his identity, what is he before me, why would I lack courage."

"Fine, then, I'll show you a clear path."

"Please go ahead."

"You're going to participate in the Yanhuang Empire Young Healer Competition, if you win the top three, you will definitely be taken seriously by the Yanhuang Empire and summoned into the Yanhuang Empire Imperial Hospital to become an Imperial Doctor.Whether you can become an Imperial Doctor or not is not the point, the key is that if you can win the top three, it shows that you have potential, and there will definitely be many strong people who want to get to know you, and even some princes, who may be able to recruit you.If you can really be solicited by a prince, then this Dino prince will basically be no threat."

"How do you say this?"

"Di Nuo is a prince of deviation among all the princes of the Yanhuang Empire, although our royal families don't dare to offend, but if he were also a prince, he would have nothing to fear at all."

Tang Zichen nodded heavily, "Good, the Young Healer Competition, I'll attend."

Xiao Meng's father smiled, "Then, Tang Zichen, Xiao Meng's life and death will be in your hands." One second to remember to read the book

"You stopped to talk to me on purpose to talk about this, right?"

"Yes, your talent in healing gives me confidence in you.When you go down to the council hall, you have to clearly and explicitly tell the council patriarch that you are going to participate in the Young Healer Competition, and you also have to express your confidence in yourself in front of them.In that case, my family's council patriarch, too, will have to weigh it, and if you really succeed in making it to the top three and are really pulled in by some strong man or prince, then my family will have to be scrupulous about you as well then.Do you understand what I mean?"

"I'm not stupid."

"Alright, now that I've made it clear to you, let's go to the Hall of Councilors."

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen was brought to a large hall.

Above the main hall, there were two innate perfection level experts sitting there.

"You are Tang Zichen?"One of the council members yelled out, as if he didn't have a good face for Tang Zichen, but it was understandable, Tang Zichen had ruined a good thing, causing them to come back and fold again!

Teng a scene.

Tang Zichen nodded with a fearless face, "I am Tang Zichen, meeting the two seniors."

The other council elder said, "Tang Zichen, do you know what you are doing?"

"Oh, of course I know, Moe is my friend and I won't let anyone hurt her."

"Ridiculous, with you?As far as I know, you yourself are still being hunted by the Huo family, don't you think it's ridiculous to say such a big lie?"

Tang Zichen's face was full of confidence as he said, "I'm not hiding anything from you two seniors, regarding the Huo family, I don't have any eyes on them, and since you know that I'm being chased by the Huo family, then naturally you also know that I've killed over a dozen of their sons and daughters.If I was jealous of the Huo family, how would I fight against them, so the Huo family chasing me down and killing me doesn't give me anything to fear."

"Tang Zichen, you're a small, unsupported man, where did you get the audacity to ignore the Huo family."

Tang Zichen said, "Two seniors, I'm sure you are aware that the Yan Huang Empire Young Healer Competition will soon begin.Do you guys think that with my healing skills and talent, I can show off my talent in this competition?This is my healer token, Tenth Healer, and, as you know, Xiao Meng was revived by me after her death.Therefore, I'm bound to win the first place in the Young Healer Competition."

The two council patriarchs' bodies trembled when they heard Tang Zichen's words of such confidence, first place, bound to win, so arrogant.

The two council patriarchs looked at each other, there was still a great deal of anger in their eyes, but it also seemed like there was not that much anger at the moment.

If it was a different person who said that first place was inevitable, then they would still be ashamed to laugh.But Tang Zichen had already obtained a tenth grade healer token at such a young age, and Tang Zichen had just resurrected Xiao Meng, this healing technique already needed no more words, he was so confident that no one dared to mock him anymore.

One of the Councilor Patriarchs said, "Tang Zichen, I'm not going to theorize with you on this matter, you go down first."

"Farewell."Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall in a generous manner, and Xiao Meng's father followed him.

At this moment, Little Meng's father had a pleasant look on his face.

In the main hall, one of the councilor patriarchs said, "If Tang Zichen really wins first place in the Young Healer Competition, then he will definitely be known by many powerful people, and will be pulled in by some forces, even by some princes.At that time, Tang Zichen's status would also surely rise, and even the princes of Di Nuo would not be easy to do whatever they wanted to Tang Zichen.What do we do now?"

"We can't be careless, any carelessness will likely sow a hidden danger in the future, Tang Zichen's healing talent is strong, it's not like there's no possibility of him rising in the future."

"Since that's the case, we can't easily do anything to him now, let's be conservative for now, let's wait until he finishes participating in the Young Healer Competition, take one step at a time and improvise."

"Alas, alright, then let someone treat Tang Zichen with courtesy first."

After Tang Zichen left, Xiao Meng's father smiled, "Brother Tang, you just performed very well."Little Meng's father didn't even dare to call Tang Zichen by his name right now, replacing him with Brother Tang, because Tang Zichen had intimidated even his family's governing patriarch.

"Performance?"Tang Zichen gave a shameful laugh.

"Didn't I just make you act confident in front of the council chief, and didn't you just act confident?"


"No, Senior, I'm not performing, I'm sincere, and I'm bound to win the first place in the Young Healer Competition."

"Ah, you're serious, aren't you?"

"Senior, do I look like I'm joking?"Tang Zichen smiled.

Xiao Meng's father was startled when he saw Tang Zichen's serious expression.

"Senior, thank you for pointing me in the right direction, if you hadn't told me about the Young Healer Competition, I wouldn't have known about it at all.It's because of your guidance that I have a great path to the upper levels.I, Tang Zichen, will definitely make a name for myself in the Young Healer Competition, for myself, for Xu Mei Qian's family, and for the sake of moving forward when I'm done.

Xiaomeng's father looked at Tang Zichen's back and felt a solemn respect in his heart, Tang Zichen was able to treat his daughter, and his loved ones around him so firmly, this made Xiaomeng's father feel respect for Tang Zichen, even if Tang Zichen was not successful, he should still respect him for this spirit.

Tang Zichen returned to the Xiang Ming Villa, and Xiaomeng's father followed him there.

Tang Zichen asked, "Young Healer Competition, when is it?"

"It's about half a month away, registration starts in five days and I'll sign up for you."..

"It's still half a month, okay."Tang Zichen felt that it was a bit too long.

Xiao Meng's father asked, "Are you worried that the Huo family will make a move on you now?You don't have to worry, you are now in our Han Wang Family, very safe, of course, if the Huo Family knew that you were participating in the Young Healers Competition, they would definitely stop you or even assassinate you.That's why it's best for you to be anonymous or use a fake identity first when you participate in the Young Healers Competition, if you're really in high school, everything will be easier to talk about then." First published at

Tang Zichen nodded, just in case, it was indeed necessary to be cautious, in case the Huo family knew he would be in high school, it was hard to guarantee that they wouldn't be willing to risk everything to kill him, so as not to leave any consequences.

"So now the Xu family will be used by the Huo family as a tool to threaten me?"

"That's still needed, Tang Zichen, just wait, if nothing else, the Han Wang family's council chief, will invite you to dinner in the evening."

"Uh, no way, there's such a big change in attitude, I haven't even started going to the competition yet."

"Oh, according to my understanding of the council heads, it's a certainty that you will, because you've convinced them that you have high school potential, and since you have potential, our Han Wang Clan won't leave any bad aftermath and will definitely mend relations with you first.Of course, if you don't end up in high school, huh, the attitude towards you now will definitely change 180 degrees.You shouldn't blame the councilor patriarch for being realistic, after all, a big family like ours doesn't allow any mistakes, and the slightest misstep could sow hidden trouble in the future."

"Oh."Tang Zichen just laughed, it was pointless to go and blame someone else for being realistic, it was only when one's own ability was there that one would be respected and scrupulous, otherwise it was just a chicken and duck that could be slaughtered, just like how the Huo family treated him before, treating him as if he could be slaughtered at will, even a waste first son could be bullied.

Tang Zichen vowed within himself that he would definitely mix with the upper class.

In his previous life, he had his master's family to rely on, so he could be carefree, but in this life, he had to rely all on himself.

Tang Zichen entered Xiao Meng's room, Xiao Meng's father did not follow.

"Brother Zichen, how's it going?What does my dad want with you?"Xiao Meng asked anxiously, she was lying on the bed unable to move, it was indeed painful.

r /> "Xiao Meng, don't worry, your father actually wants to protect you just as much as I do, it's just that there's nothing we can do about it."Tang Zichen told Xiaomeng about the people on the side of Prince Dino who wanted Xiaomeng dead.

"That's too damned."Xiaomeng was also angry.

"Oh, let them go now, I've already expressed to the council head of your family that I will go to the Young Healer Competition, if I win the top three, at that time, I will definitely be pulled in by some big powers, and I will no longer be someone who doesn't have any big powers to rely on, I will not only be able to solve the Huo family's hunting troubles, but I will also keep you safe.Of course, it's useless to say anything more now, just wait and see what happens."

"Brother Zichen, thank you for saving me."

"Alright, don't be so kind."

"Brother Zichen, if you really made it to high school and became one of the top three, then you wouldn't even need to use my identity to pull ties with my family, at that time, would you still be talking about marrying me?"Xiaomeng asked, it was a very realistic question.If Tang Zichen really was in high school, whichever royal family would welcome Tang Zichen to their family as a guest bar, there would be no need to get involved with the Han Wang family through Xiaomeng.Moreover, getting involved with Xiaomeng and having a Dino prince to worry about was a variable factor.Anyone who wasn't stupid would stay away from Little Meng, there were better options out there, there was no need to choose the worst option.

"This, I'll have to reconsider, if I don't have high school, then I'll still choose to marry you, if high school well, then, hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen suddenly burst out laughing, he was deliberately teasing Xiao Meng.

"Brother Zichen."Xiaomeng cried.

"Xiao Meng, just teasing you, how can I be this kind of person, no matter what, since I have already said the words to marry you, I will be responsible to the end, as long as your family doesn't dislike it then, I will definitely."

"Brother Zichen, you deliberately lied to me."

"Hehe, Xiao Meng, don't think blindly, if I'm in high school, I'll treat your face, and in the future I'll also make you look like a normal person."

"Even if I am normal so what, I don't even know martial arts."

Tang Zichen said, "Why be so anxious, it's not by chance that you can become a super hacker, you must have amazing talent in some aspects, what this world lacks the most is talent, if I'm right, your spirit is exceptionally developed, almost tens of times more than our normal people, maybe even hundreds of times more.In fact, you're the real expert."

"Brother Zichen, don't comfort me anymore."

Tang Zichen smiled, it was useless to say anything more now.

When Tang Zichen had examined Xiao Meng's body before, Tang Zichen had a suspicion that the reason why Xiao Meng was somehow disabled was most likely because Xiao Meng's spirit was so overdeveloped that her human body was completely disordered and there was no trace of it at all.Moreover, she didn't need to sleep at all and never felt mentally fatigued, which also confirmed Tang Zichen's suspicions.

If Xiaomeng was really mentally developed to this extent, then Tang Zichen had really picked up a treasure this time, not only would Xiaomeng herself become a top-notch expert, she could also help anyone and become a top-notch expert.

Tang Zichen was a bit excited thinking about it, but he was afraid of getting too excited and not ending up with just his fantasy.

Tang Zichen didn't want to follow that much right now, after all, it was still just a guess on his part.


That night, sure enough, the Han Wang family hosted Tang Zichen for dinner.

It was really quicker to turn the other cheek than to turn the page.

The two councilors of the Han Wang Family personally accompanied Tang Zichen for dinner.

"Little brother Tang, no need to be polite, just let go and drink."

Tang Zichen said, "The two seniors do not need to be polite only, do not be so polite to me now, if I did not have high school, but to me turn the other cheek, hahaha."


"Little brother Tang, you're cool enough, I like to communicate so coolly."

"I also like to be a bit more cheerful, don't be one thing in front of people, one thing after people, we all know it anyway, don't we."

"Hahaha, fine, since we've come to this extent, I'm not going to be polite to you anymore.We're only being polite to you now and inviting you to dinner because we're afraid that if you're really in high school, you'll make some big names in the future that our Han Wang family can't afford to mess with, or can't easily mess with, like certain princes and the like.But if you don't have high school, we won't fall on our sword, but, Prince Dino that if we have to have an explanation, we also have to push you out to give an explanation, we can't let our Han Wang Family hide it for you."

"Hahaha, what senior said, I naturally know, and I can also tell you that if I am really in high school, then I will definitely have to marry Xiao Meng.If I didn't have high school, I would also have to be married to Little Meng, just in a different way."

"Little Brother Tang is cool enough, well, before you participate in the Healer Competition, our Han Wang Family will make a statement to the Huo Family so that they won't dare to come and kill you openly, how about it?" Remember the URL

"Thank you two seniors, it doesn't matter if you kill me, but I'm afraid that they will use the Xu family to threaten me."

"Don't worry, if they use the Xu family to threaten you, it would be the same as being blatant, which they definitely wouldn't dare.However, whether they will secretly kill you or not, we can't guarantee that, what they do in secret, even the Yan Huang Empire can't guarantee that."

"So thank you very much already."Tang Zichen said gratefully, the safety of the Xu family was Tang Zichen's biggest worry, Tang Zichen didn't want to get the Xu Mei Qian family involved, now that he didn't have to worry about this, Tang Zichen was much more relaxed inside, and could easily go to the Imperial Young Healer Competition.Everything else depended on whether or not he could make it to the top three high schools.

After the banquet was over, Tang Zichen returned to the Fragrant Mountain Villa, Tang Zichen also had to go to the entrance of the Fragrant Mountain Garden to find Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian.

Tang Zichen followed and immediately went to the main gate.

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er were anxiously waiting for him.

"Zichen, what took you so long, you were so anxious for us."Xu Mei Qian was busy.

"Zichen, how's it going?"Kayla asked.

"Hey."Tang Zichen grinned.

Seeing Tang Zichen's smile, Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er knew that things must be going very well.

"Mei Qian, Xuan'er, I'm sure you're all hungry already, let's go, let's go to the Fragrant Villa first, you can go in now, we'll stay at Xiao Meng's Villa first tonight."


Tang Zichen brought Xuan'er and Mei Qian to the Fragrant Ming Villa together.

"Hello, Xiaomeng."

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er both greeted Xiaomeng and everyone got to know each other.

Xiao Meng smiled, "Captain Xu, Sister Xuan'er, finally meeting you guys in person."

"Uh, you know us?"

"Of course, when Brother Zichen was a defeated red dust in Linjiang City, I was the one who provided him with many favors

What about the newspaper, of course I know you're catching a defeat of red dust.And sister Xuan'er, I have also already known you on the network, and after learning that you and brother Zichen are together, Xiao Meng is so envious of you."

Xuan'er said, "Xiao Meng, you will also be happy, Zichen will definitely cure your illness, and us, we are also your good friends, you don't need to lose confidence in life."

"Mmhmm, Xiao Meng is feeling very warm right now."Xiao Meng said with tears in the corners of her eyes.

After getting to know Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng instructed her servants to go prepare dinner for Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er, although it was already after nine o'clock, they hadn't eaten dinner yet, which showed how anxious they were waiting for Tang Zichen at the gate, Tang Zichen tossed them until eight or nine o'clock in the evening before bringing Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er in.

The servants at Xiaomeng's house quickly prepared the meal.

Xuan'er and Mei Qian were eating in the dining room, and Tang Zichen was also accompanying them.

"It's been hard to make you guys wait for me at the gate for so long."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen was sad to see them follow him and suffer, but fortunately, Tang Zichen had found a way out now, otherwise, they would have to continue to suffer with Tang Zichen.

"You're the one who's suffering, Zichen, have you seen Xiaomeng's illness, how is it?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm now a bit suspicious that Xiao Meng's illness is caused by her abnormally developed spirit."

"An abnormally developed spirit can cause it?"

"Yes, when I say abnormal, it's not just a little bit of abnormality, but tens or even hundreds of times beyond normal people, so well-developed brainwaves that caused Moe's body to be inexplicably disabled."

"What about the disfigurement?Also because of the brainwaves?"

"The disfigurement may or may not be because of that, but it may or may not be because of that."

"Then because of what?"

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng's disfigurement, if not for the same reason as the disability, then it must have been done on purpose by a certain healer who treated Xiao Meng.Also, it's very likely that the healer from the Prince of Dino's side did it."

"Why would they do that."

"Why else would they do it, it must be because they want to make Xiao Meng lose her confidence in life, or to make Xiao Meng completely unworthy of Prince Dino."

"It's really not human."

"Alright, this is all speculation on my part, so don't say anything, just in case it's not, you'll be happy for nothing."

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan Er were confused, "A happy ending for nothing?You're even happy, aren't you human."

Tang Zichen smiled hehely, "If Xiao Meng is really caused by an abnormally developed spirit, then it will be simple to treat her once the cause is found ah.Most importantly, if Xiao Meng's spirit is really so developed, it will be a great thing for her ah, then she will definitely become a top-notch expert, and she will be a treasure that the whole world will be coaxing for."

"What do you mean?"

"Spiritually developed to such a degree, that's indescribable ah, he can completely enter my mind, my consciousness, my spirit, and then take my martial arts comprehension, even my perception of the martial arts realm, I can go from me to observe and then improve herself.This was only one aspect, if fighting, she was so strong in her brain waves, an opponent of the same level, she didn't even have to do anything, one thought and the other was finished.Furthermore, she can also use her brainwaves to help others and make others quickly strong as well.Do you think that's a treasure."

"Ah, no way."

"Oh, in my previous life, I read such a record in an ancient book, now, I'm afraid it's not true, but I hope it's true, I'll continue to study it these days."


For the next few days, Tang Zichen had never left the Han Wang family, and lived in Xiaomeng's Fragrant Ming Villa with Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian.This Fragrant Ming Villa was Xiaomeng's temporary residence, moved here as a place of final rest after the euthanasia injection, Xiaomeng's original residence was in Tian Yun Villa, where the clan's core circle lived, which meant that Xiaomeng was a core child of the Han Wang family.

"Can we remove the gauze now?"In a room, Xiao Meng asked.

In the past few days, Tang Zichen proceeded to treat Xiao Meng's face, which was currently wrapped in a circle of gauze, exposing only her two eyes and nostrils.

Xiao Meng also didn't eat for the past few days, using a straw to drink some nutrient solution.

"It's been forty-eight hours, you can take it apart, and this time, if nothing else, your face is almost eighty percent recovered, two more times and you'll be one hundred percent recovered."

Tang Zichen removed the gauze from Xiaomeng's face in a circle, with Xiaomeng's parents behind him watching nervously.

Finally, Tang Zichen removed all the gauze from Xiaomeng's face, but Xiaomeng's face was still coated with a thick, black layer of slime.

"The slime turned from blue to black, good, the effect is good, it's better than I expected, I expected that it would be good for the slime to turn red."

Moe's father was busy saying, "What does this mean?"

"This means that it may not be necessary to perform a facial compress three times, twice, or even once is sufficient."

Tang Zichen slowly scraped off the sticky mud on Xiao Meng's face, then used a towel to wipe Xiao Meng's face clean, and all of a sudden, an exquisite face was revealed to everyone's eyes. One second to remember to read the book


Everyone exclaimed, looking at Xiao Meng in disbelief, the beautiful and incomparable Xiao Meng they remembered was back.

Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian were both shocked, seeing Xiao Meng's original face for the first time, but she was so beautiful, she was so adorable.

"Beautiful, perfect."Tang Zichen looked at Xiaomeng's face and smiled slightly, compared to before, it was as if she had changed into a new person.

Xiao Meng's mother cried in excitement at seeing her daughter's face restored, and Xiao Meng's father also looked at Tang Zichen with gratitude.

Xiao Meng asked, "Is my face restored?"

A girl was busy handing over a mirror, and Xiao Meng looked at herself in the mirror, a pair of beautiful eyes, incredulous.

"I've really regained my looks, I really have."Xiaomeng said with tears in her eyes, looking at herself in the mirror.

Tang Zichen said, "The recovery is ideal, but it's not complete."

Xiao Meng's father said, "Zichen, Xiao Meng now looks exactly the same as she did in the past, her skin is tender and smooth without any blemishes, why hasn't she fully recovered?"

"No, I mean recovery, not the surface, I mean, deep pores of Xiaomeng's face, there are still some that haven't fully recovered, so you need to continue to do it again, otherwise, when Xiaomeng is old, the skin on her face won't be elastic enough."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Which old man's skin is still elastic."

"Alright, there's no harm in doing it again after all, it's not too late, we'll start in two hours, now please apply the pre-prepared egg whites to Xiao Meng's face."

"Yes."The two maids immediately came up.


The parents and other relatives were very happy, looking at Tang Zichen's eyes filled with worship.

But Tang Zichen didn't feel anything, it was obvious that the reason for Xiao Meng's disfigurement wasn't the same as the disability, someone had deliberately disfigured Xiao Meng, otherwise, Tang Zichen wouldn't have been able to treat her looks so easily.

Two hours later, Tang Zichen once again applied the special cream he had carefully made to Xiao Meng, then wrapped it with gauze, and could only be removed after forty-eight hours.

Walking out of Xiaomeng's room, Xu Mei Qian pursed her lips, "Xiaomeng's looks are restored, so beautiful, how do you feel now?"

Xuan Li also said, "That's right, you've picked up such a great bargain, is there nothing you want to say?"

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "I already have two beautiful women like you two, and Xiang Yun, three great beauties, it's not like I've never seen a beautiful woman before, how can I feel."

"You just pretend."Xu Mei Qian said with a flick of her mouth.

"Oh, what's there to pretend, Xiaomeng is still paralyzed, besides, I haven't confirmed if it's caused by Xiaomeng's abnormally developed spirit, so it's not worth being happy yet."


Tang Zichen added, "However, I'm already eighty percent certain that it was caused by her mental abnormality.It's just that even if I'm 80% sure, I haven't come up with any treatment for her, so it's still unknown how long Xiaomeng will be paralyzed for.And Xiang'er, it's also still unknown when I'll be able to save her, and it's far from time for me to relax."

Right now, at the Huo family.

"How's it going?"

"Tang Zichen has never left the Han Wang Clan, according to the information we received from within, Tang Zichen stayed at the Han Wang Clan's Fragrant Tea Villa, a woman named Han Xiaomeng who lives in the Han Wang Clan.This Han Xiaomeng is the same woman who married with Prince Dino, but unfortunately, rumor has it that she is inexplicably disabled and disfigured."

"Tang Zichen is actually hanging out with the fiancée of Prince Di Nuo."An expert from the Huo family looked thoughtful.

Another expert said, "It's no longer inconvenient for us to be open and honest with Tang Zichen, the Han Wang family is telling us for some reason that they revealed to the public that Tang Zichen is a guest of their family.Therefore, we can only turn to an underground assassination operation on Tang Zichen's death.Otherwise, we can just use the Xu family to threaten Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian into submission."

"The Han Wang family is really baffled, knowing that Tang Zichen has a great feud with our Huo family and still doing this, this is clearly not taking our Huo family into consideration.They shouldn't be arrogant, the wheel of feng shui changes, and no one can guarantee that one day, our Huo family will be among the royal families."

"That's right, our Huo family's ancestors are already expected to strike upwards before the day of the great limit, and we still have several sons and daughters of imperial talent titles who are also very promising, so it's hard to guarantee that our Huo family won't have a day to move up to the next level."

An innate expert gritted his teeth and said, "Han Xiaomeng is the fiancée of Prince Di Nuo, Tang Zichen might have some sort of relationship with this Han Xiaomeng, so why don't we try and reveal this to Prince Di Nuo, what do you think?"

"I think it's fine, if Tang Zichen really has some ulterior secret with Han Xiaomeng, we might be able to use the hand of Prince Dino to settle Tang Zichen.Although Prince Di Nuo isn't a powerful prince, I know that he has at least one expert beyond innate talent under his command to assist him, and a mere Tang Zichen is simply an insect."


One day later.

In the capital of the Yan Huang Empire.

This was an extraordinary place, it was full of strong people, it was the only place in the Yan Huang Empire where there were very, very few ordinary people, even the ones sweeping the streets were all above the inner gate level.

This place was a far more special existence than Martialwood Island.

While Martial Island was a place where ordinary people aspired to martial arts and then went somewhere to seek opportunities, the capital of the Yan Huang Empire was a place where lower ranked martial artists such as the inner gate sought opportunities for more powerful martial arts.

Right now, in the capital of the Yanhuang Empire, Wangjing City, a luxurious classical residence was in the middle of the city.

"Reporting to His Highness the Thirty-ninth Prince."

"What is it, say."A man with a long tiger back and bear waist asked with narrowed eyes, looking imposing and, moreover, with a realm that had reached the middle of the innate sky.Of course, with the power of the royal family, it wasn't surprising that he had reached innate in his twenties.

"Your Highness Prince Thirty-nine, I heard a message that the Han Wang family didn't let Han Xiaomeng die."

"What do they mean?Could it be that they dare to displease my king?"

"Also, I've heard that the Han Wang family has also found a blind date for Han Xiaomeng." First URL

"Outrageous, where did this message come from?"

"This, my subordinates have heard."

"I don't believe that the Han King Family would dare to insult me like this, who passed on the rumors."

"Whether it's true or not, my subordinate doesn't know, but I also think that the Han Wang Family can't be so antagonistic to Your Highness, these rumors might have been spread by those other princes who have a grudge against you."

"Alright, let's leave this matter alone for now, what should I do if the thirty-six princes have dug up one of my henchmen."

Yanhuang Empire, there were many princes, each prince was a force, like this Prince Dino, he was the thirty-ninth prince of the Yanhuang Empire, although he wasn't a powerful prince, he wasn't someone who could be messed with, he had a strong man beyond innate talent under his command to assist him, and he was just a prince who had just risen to have his own force.The other older princes could imagine reaching how deep their backgrounds went.

Two days later, Tang Zichen removed the gauze for Xiaomeng.

This time the sticky mud on Xiao Meng's face was not as dark as the last time, but only slightly russet.

"Xiao Meng, it looks like you've fully recovered."Tang Zichen said.

"Thank you, brother Zichen."

"Alright, no need to be polite."

"I'll be loyal to you for the rest of my life, Brother Zichen."

"Uh, this, we'll talk about it later."Tang Zichen smiled awkwardly.

At that moment, a servant walked in.

"Reporting to Master Zhuang, the Councilor Clan Leader is here, just outside."

"Invite the Councilor Clan Leader in."

Not long after, the two council patriarchs of the Han Wang Clan walked in, and when they saw Xiao Meng lying on the bed, they were stunned and didn't react for a moment, only reacting after several seconds, they were busy saying, "Han Xiao Meng's face?"

Han Xiaomeng's father smiled, "Councilor Patriarch, Xiaomeng's face was healed by Zichen."

The council patriarchs all looked at Tang Zichen in amazement, he had actually restored Xiaomeng's face so quickly, it seemed that Tang Zichen's participation in the Young Healer Competition was really very likely to rise to prominence ah.

Originally, the council patriarch came over to find Tang Zichen because he got a message from Prince Dino to dispose of Xiao Meng quickly, so, thinking to talk to Tang Zichen, let's inject Xiao Meng with euthanasia!

But now seeing how powerful Tang Zichen's healing technique was, it was a bit hard to do.

"The two council chiefs, you

It's for me, let's talk outside."Tang Zichen said.

Walked to a pavilion outside of the Fragrant Ming Villa.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Tell me, what's the matter, let's all be cooler."

A council patriarch said, "Tang Zichen, to tell you the truth, Prince Dino didn't know if he had heard anything or not, and sent someone to send a letter over, asking my family to quickly dispose of Xiao Meng."

Tang Zichen was furious, "Dispose of?It's not pigs, dogs, cows or sheep, and he just deals with it?"

"Tenzin, perhaps Prince Dino has heard something."

"So, what are you going to do now, two council chiefs?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Ugh, originally we came over here to have a showdown with you, we're going to inject Xiao Meng with euthanasia, in case Prince Dino comes over.But now, we've changed our minds."

"What do you guys want now?"

"Tang Zichen, there's nothing we can do about it now, if you really want to save Xiao Meng's life, take her away from the Han Wang family and hide outside for a while.In case Prince Dino really sends someone to check on my family, the tragedy won't just be you, but us as well."

"No problem."

"Thank you for your cooperation, if Prince Dino comes, we'll say that Xiao Meng is dead, so you'd better not let anyone know about Xiao Meng's existence either."

Tang Zichen asked, "So, does this mean that Xiao Meng is already mine?"

"Oh, a disabled person, just take it with you, I really don't understand you."

"Alright, then I'll go and get ready now, we'll leave the Han Wang family tonight."

"Okay, but you have to be careful, if the Huo family finds out, they will definitely assassinate you."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Don't worry, they won't be able to discover me."

Tang Zichen was assured of Xiao Meng's hacking skills.

That night, Tang Zichen drove a caravan, carrying Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian, and Xiaomeng, as well as a mid innate expert, and a girl, the six of them left the Han Wang family.

"Where are we going?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

Li Xuan'er said, "Why don't we just go back to Linjiang City."

Tang Zichen said, "No, in eight or nine days, it will be the day of the Young Healers Competition, which is held in the capital of the Yanhuang Empire, and we are slowly approaching the capital now."

"Fine, let's do it then."

A day after Tang Zichen left the Han Wang family, Prince Dino sent a man to verify that Han Xiaomeng was dead.

Tang Zichen drove the caravan in the direction of the Yanhuang Empire's capital, going without a hitch.

With Xiaomeng there, there was no need to worry about their whereabouts being found by the Huo family, and Tang Zichen had several human skin masks with him, so he might not be recognized even if he went out.These human skin masks were all taken from Professor Lin Han before the last semester, before the Martial Arts Academy's summer vacation.At that time, Professor Lin Han was afraid that Tang Zichen would be hunted by Huo Xiaowei's people again if he returned to the Yanhuang Empire, so he deliberately gave Tang Zichen a dozen or so human skin masks.The last time Tang Zichen had used one of the male human skin masks after he had traveled to the Martial Academy from the Liuli Kingdom.

A day later, Tang Zichen temporarily stayed in a hotel, as it wasn't very far from the capital of the Yanhuang Empire, and stayed here for the time being, waiting for the Young Healer Competition to really start before heading to the capital.

There was another main reason, Tang Zichen seemed to have found some inspiration for treating Xiaomeng's abnormally developed spirit.

If this idea of Tang Zichen's was successful, then Tang Zichen would even have some certainty of curing Xiaomeng.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was a bit excited, he had to settle down and do some research first.


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