The King of Kungfu in school 621-630


Chapter 621

Tang Zichen said, "This is a human society, how dare you mess around?"

"Hahaha, ridiculous, we're humans too, who dares say we're not?"

Tang Zichen had nothing to say, they were savages, savages also belonged to the human race, the main thing wasn't that, but they were innate experts, their strength was here, even if they really weren't human, who would dare to say anything.

"Say, where is that old man?"That late innate savage pressed the question.

"This is the last thing I'm asking you, if you still don't tell me, then you're going to die."The savage yelled, he really had run out of patience.

Tang Zichen really didn't want to betray that old man, but without betraying him, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were afraid that they wouldn't be able to live today.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly saw that announcement, someone had just said that there was an innate expert guarding the announcement.

It could only be a fight.

Tang Zichen suddenly tore down that announcement.

An innate expert flew down from the teahouse.

"You tore down the announcement, that means you have the ability to save my master, are you sure about that?If not, I will kill you if you tear up the announcement recklessly."The innate expert who flew down looked at Tang Zichen and said. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "I can give it a try, this is my Healer ID tag."Tang Zichen took out a compact plaque.

"Tenth Grade Healing Master, very good."

Tang Zichen said, "But now these three savages want to kill me."

The innate expert who jumped down looked at the three savages, and without saying a word, he suddenly swung out with a sword.


A sword qi ran across the ground, and the three savages died on the ground in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen was shocked, this innate expert who was guarding the announcement was so powerful, at least he was a perfect innate, he killed three savage innates with a swing of his sword.

After killing the three Savage Innates, that strong man said to Tang Zichen, "You can go now."


Tang Zichen was helpless, he didn't want to do this, but he was forced by the three savages to reveal that announcement to save the fetus in that pregnant woman's womb.

Hopefully, there was no danger.

"Xuan'er, go to the old man's mansion and wait for me, I'll come pick you up after I'm done and go to Martial Island together."Tang Zichen said to Xuan'er Li.

"No, I want to go with you."Li Xuan'er said resolutely.

At that moment, that innate expert said, "Outsiders are not allowed to go."

Li Xuan'er had nothing to say now, Tang Zichen went to heal that pregnant woman, Li Xuan'er was not a healer, only Tang Zichen alone could go.

"Be obedient and wait for me to pick you up."Tang Zichen said.

"Alright."Li Xuan'er was helpless and fell back into the old man's mansion, waiting for Tang Zichen to come pick her up when he was done and go to Martial Island together.

Half an hour later, that innate expert brought Tang Zichen to a very luxurious classical mansion.

To be able to live in such a luxurious classical residence was definitely not an ordinary person, this classical residence was just like the luxurious mansions of ancient times, it was too imposing and invariably had an air of respectability that made people unconsciously be overwhelmed by that momentum.

"A private healer has unveiled an announcement, go report it quickly."



About two minutes later, a woman walked out.

When Tang Zichen saw this woman, he was shocked, so beautiful, she was actually a stunning beauty.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen a peerless beauty for a long time, this beauty was full of noble air, with a submissive majesty, her identity must not be simple, she was wearing a goose yellow light shirt, both her figure and face were impeccable, her steps were light and every movement was full of a kind of confidence.Moreover, at the moment, the martial momentum of this beauty was very strong, Tang Zichen could tell at a glance that she was an expert in the middle of the innate sky, so young to reach the innate sky, Tang Zichen was also a little surprised, this beauty's age, at most, was a year older than Tang Zichen, or even the same age.

The beauty came up, looked at Tang Zichen and said in confusion, "So young?"

That innate expert who brought Tang Zichen back nodded and said, "Yes, Princess Wei, he showed his Healing Master identity card, he's a tenth-grade Healing Master."

The beautiful woman who was called Princess Wei was shocked, so young to be at the level of a tenth-grade healer.

The beauty waved her hand and made everyone exit, leaving only Tang Zichen and her two in the hall.

The beauty said to Tang Zichen, "My name is Wei Sakura, what is your name?"

There was a feeling of condescension in this beautiful woman's tone, but it didn't make people feel that she was self-consciously superior, but rather a feeling that was invisibly spread out in her temperament, which should have something to do with her identity, which was too noble and invariably gave people a sense of condescending authority, like when an ancient emperor appeared in front of her without having to say a word, and the crowd felt oppressed.

"Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, since you unveiled that announcement, then you should at least understand what you came here because of."That beautiful woman said.

Tang Zichen said, "I probably know, alright, if you really want me to save someone, just hurry up, there's no time to lose."

"You wait, there's no way I'm going to let you take the plunge and go in to save someone, I need to go in and ask for permission, you wait here."

That beautiful woman walked to the backyard and came to a chamber, at the moment inside this chamber, a woman of the innate realm was lying on the bed, her belly was large, the sheets were red, it seemed that she had shed a lot of blood, but she had been using her innate abstruse energy to protect the fetus in her abdomen, otherwise she would have already miscarried out.

This pregnant woman lying on the bed had an extremely beautiful appearance and an extremely noble status, she seemed to be very anxious about whether the fetus would miscarry or not.

"Imperial Concubine Yin, there is a young man outside, a tenth grade healer, I'm afraid he's no older than me, so young to be able to reach the level of a tenth grade healer, he must have a means that is within the reach of extraordinary people, do you want to see?"

"Let him in, quickly."The pregnant woman in Don's bed was busy.


Tang Zichen was waiting in the hall, not long after, the beautiful woman who had just come out.

The beauty said, "Tang Zichen, before I let you in, I must warn you of something."

Tang Zichen was impatient, "What the hell, I'm the one who saved you, not the one who came to beg you, if you keep jabbering, I'll just leave."

Tang Zichen was a bit upset, this should be them begging Tang Zichen, why this tone, it was like Tang Zichen came to beg to save that pregnant woman.

That beautiful woman said, "I must tell you, that pregnant woman is the glazed kingdom, the king's consort, the fetus in that abdomen, is a prince, if anything goes wrong, this will have very serious consequences, I must make it clear to you before you walk in."


Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, it really was a person of noble status, the consort of the King of the Liuli Kingdom, huh?

Then, the one in front of him who was called Princess Wei must be the princess of the Liuli Kingdom.

Tang Zichen was really fortunate to have come to the Liuli Kingdom, but he actually saw such a noble figure of the Liuli Kingdom, although the Liuli Kingdom is only a small country, but the identity of its consort and princess, no matter what is nobler than Tang Zichen, the gripper, no wonder their tone and attitude are superior to the feeling, Tang Zichen in their eyes, is just a commoner.

When that beauty saw Tang Zichen's impatient tone, she wasn't angry at all and said indifferently, "Alright, you follow me in."

Tang Zichen followed that beauty to a compartment in the back courtyard.

Entering the compartment, Tang Zichen immediately saw an expensive pregnant woman, half leaning on the bed, this pregnant woman was also an innate expert.

Tang Zichen was a little surprised, these big people, they were innate at every turn.

"You're that young tenth grade healer?"The pregnant woman's eyes arrogantly asked.


"Are you sure you can keep my baby?"The pregnant woman asked again.

Her tone was like that of a question, not at all like that of a plea. First URL

Tang Zichen disliked her tone, but there was no choice in the matter now.

"Eighty percent sure,"Tang Zichen said.

The pregnant woman and that beautiful princess were both a bit surprised, they had found many healers before, even if it was an eleventh or twelfth grade healer, they were less than ten percent sure, but Tang Zichen, however, was eighty percent sure.

The beautiful princess saw the look on Tang Zichen's face, which was full of confidence and didn't seem like nonsense, and couldn't help but look up to Tang Zichen.

"Very well, let's not delay then."The pregnant woman said.

Tang Zichen said, "Then, can we begin?"


Tang Zichen said, "Since your baby is in your stomach, you must take off your clothes or I can't do it."

The pregnant woman's face moved, hesitated for a moment, and then said, "Okay, you all go down."

"Yes."Several women walked out and closed the door of the compartment.

The only people left in the compartment were Tang Zichen, the beautiful princess called that Wei Sakura, and the pregnant woman herself.

There was nothing Tang Zichen could do, because she was pregnant and Tang Zichen was treating the fetus in her belly, so Tang Zichen had to have no hindrances, it wouldn't work through her clothes.

A few minutes later, the pregnant woman was shown in front of Tang Zichen's eyes, Tang Zichen naturally had no interest in seeing more, a big belly woman, what to see, let alone sexy body, that belly, a few green stretch marks are very disgusting.

Tang Zichen said, "I need a set of needles, at least fifteen centimeters in length."

The pregnant woman asked the beautiful princess to fetch it, and it was quickly retrieved.

Tang Zichen took out a long silver needle.

Tang Zichen asked, "How many months is the fetus?"

"I'll be in labor in a week or two,"The beautiful princess said.

Tang Zichen nodded and asked, "What kind of damage was done to the fetus?"

"Shot in the abdomen by a strong man, did an ultrasound, one of the fetus' arms is broken, the situation is also critical, just did fetal heart monitoring, the heartbeat is less than ten beats per minute."

Tang Zichen hmmm, probably the situation has been understood, but, Tang Zichen was about to do it when he suddenly remembered that the world seems to

There's b-ultrasound, 4D ultrasound and all that.If Tang Zichen could adopt this, then Tang Zichen would be a hundred percent sure.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Is there a color ultrasound?"

"Yes. Do you want it?"

"Yes of course, if you have that assistance, I think it's 100 percent keepable,"Tang Zichen said.

The pregnant woman and that beautiful princess were both overjoyed at the news.

The beautiful princess immediately went to push in the machine that did the color ultrasound, which had obviously been done before, so the machine was still on the side.

Tang Zichen cooperated with the color ultrasound, which greatly improved Tang Zichen's accuracy, these modern equipment, some times quite good.

Tang Zichen inserted a long needle into the pregnant woman's belly, right into the stomach.

"Will the uterus pierce ah?Causing the amniotic fluid to leak out."The beautiful princess asked nervously.

Tang Zichen said, "If you don't have this skill, what's the point of talking about saving people."

Sure enough, as could be seen through the color ultrasound, Tang Zichen's silver needle did not pierce through the amniotic fluid and accurately pierced the body of the fetus in the abdomen.It was simple for the fetus' broken arm to be reborn as well, because it hadn't been born yet, being in the stomach was the best time to grow, and Tang Zichen stimulated the fetus' growth points, prompting his body to grow quickly.However, it's very draining physically and mentally, so it's a strenuous task."

Tang Zichen's therapeutic actions continued for two days and one night.

It wasn't until the morning of the third day that Tang Zichen finished his treatment.

Tang Zichen said with a tired face, "Alright, the fetus is already normal, its arm grew back, and his broken arm will be corroded by the amniotic fluid and turned into nutrients to be reabsorbed by the body."

"Thank you."The beautiful princess was busy, and very sincere, looking at Tang Zichen said.

That pregnant woman, however, did not say a word of thanks, excitedly stroked her belly and said, "Wang'er, mother finally saved you, those bitches want to cause you to die before you were born, they don't want to."

The beautiful princess said, "Mother, you more resting on your laurels."

Tang Zichen walked out of the compartment, these two days and nights, Tang Zichen was severely mentally exhausted, right now he just wanted to fall down and sleep, this is still the case when Tang Zichen used silver needles to stimulate himself.

The beautiful princess said, "Tang Zichen, thank you again, I see you are really tired, you go and take a rest first, after resting well, the mother will be heavily thanked."

Tang Zichen originally wanted to forget about it and not rest, but he had worked so hard, he couldn't just leave like this, no matter what heavy thanks, it must be obtained, it was his due.

"Good."Tang Zichen went to a guest room and fell back to sleep, he was really too tired, it was not good to stay mentally fatigued all the time, anyway, it had been two days and one night, not afraid of losing a few more hours of rest.

Two hours later.

In the same compartment that the pregnant woman had just been in.

The pregnant woman asked, "Where is that healer?"

"Mother, he's really over-exhausted, so I had him taken to the guest room to rest.Mother, it was all thanks to his help that we were able to keep the prince this time, and we said when we posted the announcement before that we would be sure to thank him heavily, how should we thank him heavily when he wakes up?"The beautiful princess asked.

The pregnant woman said, "Let's kill him."

"Ah."The beautiful princess wondered if she had heard wrong.

"Mother, what did you say?"

"Kill him."

"Mother, why?"

The pregnant woman said, "The two days he treated me, I was naked and he saw everything, he saw what he shouldn't have."


 "Mother, how can this be, he just saved the fetus in your womb."The beautiful princess was busy.

"Now that the fetus in my womb is fine, he has no value, so he can be killed."


"Alright, stop it, I've seen the man in my body as the glazed king's consort, do you think you can still let him out alive?If this gets out there, do I still want my identity."The pregnant woman said loudly.

There were heartless and ungrateful people everywhere, but of course, the most crucial thing was that Tang Zichen was too low in her eyes to be a commoner who could be slaughtered at will.

The beautiful princess no longer persuaded, but nodded her head, "Alright, since Your Ladyship is insistent on this, and for the sake of Your Ladyship's reputation, I'll kill him, I'll go find him now."

The pregnant woman smiled as she touched her belly, seemingly not taking the matter of killing Tang Zichen to heart, something that could be accomplished with a single command.

The beautiful princess came to the guest room.

Tang Zichen regained his spirit even after sleeping for two hours, and it was almost time for Tang Zichen to leave.

Tang Zichen woke up and saw the beautiful princess sitting in the room, not saying a word.

"Uh, why are you here."Tang Zichen climbed up and asked. Remember the URL

"You're awake."

"Nonsense, well, I saved the man, where's the big thank you you said?I'm leaving after receiving my big thank you."Tang Zichen said.

"Shoo."The beautiful princess suddenly swung her sword at Tang Zichen, but instead of stabbing in, she pointed at Tang Zichen's neck.

"What do you mean?"Tang Zichen asked with an unchanged face, because Tang Zichen didn't feel any killing intent from her sword, so Tang Zichen knew that she drew her sword just for show and didn't really want to kill him.

"Tang Zichen, do you know the crime."The beautiful princess asked.

Tang Zichen flamed up and said, "I know your fucking crime."Tang Zichen was very depressed, he was waiting to receive a heavy thank you, but he didn't expect that not only was the sword pointed at him, but he also asked if he knew of the crime, it was hilarious.Tang Zichen really regretted revealing that announcement at that time, had known that it was better to betray the old man, anyway, the old man had already stepped into the Innate Perfection, even if he betrayed and found him, he would not be killed by the savages, although, this would let the old man know that Tang Zichen had betrayed him, and perhaps his impression of Tang Zichen became a little worse, but, it was better than suffering from this depressed anger now.

The beautiful princess saw Tang Zichen explode, her eyebrows furrowed, and said, "Tang Zichen, during your treatment, you saw everything of the Empress, the Empress is very mindful of this matter, she is the concubine of the Liuli Kingdom, her body is delicate, it is impossible to let another man look at it except the king.Therefore, the Queen Mother sent me to kill you, do you know the crime?"

Tang Zichen said angrily, "I know your sins, do you want me to say it a third time?What rubbish wives, really take themselves seriously, the Liuli king consort is what, Liuli country a bullet country, I Yanhuang Empire a fart can bounce you this bullet country, nimble still in front of me pretend what high and mighty, really nimble ridiculous, can not let the second man to see, then why let me to hold her fetus?Why didn't you just blow me out of the room before I did it?Psycho."

"You."The beautiful princess saw Tang Zichen insulting the glazed country.

"You what you, have the guts to kill me."Tang Zichen snorted, Tang Zichen could sense that this beautiful princess didn't intend to kill him, that's why she dared to say that, if it was someone who really wanted to kill him, Tang Zichen wouldn't have this kind of expression.In short, Tang Zichen regretted it, had he known that, Tang Zichen would never have killed himself to go to the

Helping that pregnant woman keep her fetus, what a white wolf.

The beautiful princess sighed, put her sword down and said, "I'll take you away right now, follow me."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and immediately followed out of the room.

With Tang Zichen, the beautiful princess walked out through the back door and onto the street, the beautiful princess said, "You go, anyway, you saved the prince, I thank you, but the queen wants to kill you, I can only help you this much."

Tang Zichen huffed, "What about the promised heavy thanks."

"There's still a need to rethank at this time."

"The Glazed Kingdom, what a good country, I, Tang Zichen, have learned."

The beautiful princess felt a bit ashamed, the Indian Consort was really a bit ashamed of the glazed country, the beautiful princess also only now knew that Tang Zichen was not a citizen of the glazed country, it was the Yanhuang Empire, such a healer, not from the glazed country, a bit of a pity.

"Aren't you leaving yet, waiting for the Mother to send someone else to kill you?"The beautiful princess said.

Tang Zichen said, "This princess, you are still too naive, I'm sure that maiden of yours is a shrewder person than you, I don't believe she can't see that you don't want to kill me.So, she must have already sent someone else to wait for me elsewhere, and you thought you had rescued me.To be on the safe side, I need you to escort me out of the Glazed Kingdom, and now I'm going to pick up my girlfriend from Green Grass Alley, and you're going to escort me all the way there."

The beautiful princess frowned, as if she had been told by Tang Zichen that it was possible, and with her knowledge of Nymphet, she would indeed not let Tang Zichen leave alive so lightly.

"Good, I'll escort you out of the Glazed Kingdom."The beautiful princess nodded her head.

"Count you as having a bit of conscience."

"Cut the crap and hurry up."

Tang Zichen, escorted by the princess, went to Green Grass Lane, Li Xuan'er was waiting for him at the entrance of the Green Grass Lane mansion, Tang Zichen had been gone for so long, Li Xuan'er was waiting anxiously.

"You're back."

"Xuan'er, go quickly and leave the glazed country."

Xuan'er Li saw the beautiful princess and asked in confusion, "Who is she?"

"Never mind who she is, let's go."


Tang Zichen didn't go in to greet the old man and immediately headed to the airport, and of course, the beautiful princess had been escorting behind, though she hadn't said another word throughout, walking about ten meters behind Tang Zichen.

Before walking out of Green Grass Alley, an innate expert suddenly floated down from the roof, the same innate expert who was guarding the announcement at the teahouse that day.

When the beautiful princess saw that innate expert, she immediately flew up and stood in front of Tang Zichen, glaring at that innate expert.

"Ah Cheng, what are you doing?"

"See Princess, my subordinate has come to kill Tang Zichen on the orders of Her Majesty."

"Get out of my way."The beautiful princess scolded loudly.

"Princess, I hope you'll make it easy for me, my subordinate is also acting under orders, the Mother has said that she must not let Tang Zichen live, otherwise the Mother is really unhappy to be seen naked, Princess."

"I told you to get out of my way."The beautiful princess spoke loudly, emitting an unobjectionable aura all over her body, and that innate expert not only trembled.



"If you don't let me get out of the way, don't blame me for being rude."

That innate expert didn't dare to disobey the princess's order and honestly got out of the way.

Tang Zichen safely went to the airport and inquired about the fact that it just so happened that Wulin Island was open to the public these days.

Although Martial Island wasn't open often, it would usually open once every month or two, and besides, Tang Zichen was a student of Martial Academy, so there was no need to wait for it to open, he could go there at any time.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er boarded the plane to Martial Island, and that beautiful princess escorted them here.

It was only on the plane that Tang Zichen told Li Xuan'er about what had happened in the past two days, including why that pregnant woman wanted to kill him.

Li Xuan'er was furious: "It's outrageous, white-eyed wolf, you were right to not want to meddle when you saw the announcement, it was a real bite to eat, and I was really sorry that I advised you to help her."Li Xuan'er looked remorseful, if it wasn't for that beautiful princess being more sensible, then Tang Zichen would have been sent to the tiger's mouth.

"Alright, it's over, it's safe now anyway, this Glazed Kingdom, what a bad impression."

Tang Zichen was in a bit of a low mood and was heading to Wulin Island, which had things that made him sad.Xiangyun's body was still refrigerated in Professor Lin Han's basement, in the blink of an eye, more than five months had passed, and he hadn't seen Liu Xiangyun's face for more than five months, it was inevitable that he would have to see her this time back at the Martial Arts Academy, the thought of her made Tang Zichen feel sad inside, even though the plane had only just departed, but Tang Zichen was already aching inside.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen, with a fierce bite, two words popped out of his mouth: "Guan Wei." A second to remember to read the book

Guan Wei is a teacher at the Martial Arts Academy, that one night five months ago, it was Guan Wei who dressed up in black and chased him down in the middle of the night to kill him.

Don't ask Tang Zichen how he knew, Tang Zichen even killed Huo Xiaowei, would he still be unable to find out even one person who killed him Guan Wei?

Li Xuan'er saw Tang Zichen grit his teeth and said the word Guan Wei and asked, "Who is Guan Wei?"

"He is the murderer of Xiangyun, the executioner who carried out his evil deed, a teacher at the Martial Academy, and his current economy is Houtian Great Perfection."Tang Zichen said with a fierce gaze.

Last time, Tang Zichen was no match for him at all, only at the early Houtian stage, but this time, Guan Wei was no longer a match for Tang Zichen, even though Tang Zichen was now only at the Houtian Perfection, unfortunately, looking at the entire Houtian level, as long as the other party didn't possess superior means with Tang Zichen's eyes, there was no one who was a match for Tang Zichen.

"This time I'm going to the Martial Academy, the first one is to deliver Tie Shuxin to Mei Qian, the second one is to meet Xiang Yun, and the third one is to kill Guan Wei."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er held Tang Zichen's hand and said, "You've killed so many children of the Huo family, and Guan Wei will definitely know that you won't let him go, so will Guan Wei be promoted to innate, ah."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Is it so easy to achieve innate sky?He can accomplish anything he wants?Give him another ten years and he may not be able to, Guan Wei, your time to die has come."

The plane had been flying smoothly, the Liuli Country was also an island country, and Wulin Island was also on the island, the distance between them wasn't very far, and there was about a day's plane time before they could arrive.

A day later, Tang Zichen got off the plane at Wulin Island.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er went straight to the Martial Forest Academy.

The people at the Martial Arts Academy didn't know that Tang Zichen was coming either.

To be on the safe side, Tang Zichen wore a human skin mask, and Tang Zichen was afraid that

That Guan Wei learned that Tang Zichen was coming and escaped early, and although Guan Wei might not be scrupulous about Tang Zichen, it was better to wear a human skin mask to be on the safe side.

"Is this the Martial Arts Academy?"Standing at the entrance of the Martial Arts Academy, Li Xuan'er looked at the imposing and grand gates and said.


"Let's go kill Guan Wei first or go see Mei Qian, or."

Tang Zichen directly interrupted Li Xuan'er and said, "Let's go see Xiangyun first."


Tang Zichen arrived at Professor Lin Han's house.

"Knock knock."Professor Lin Han opened the door of his home and saw that it was a stranger, but he quickly remembered that the mask was a human skin mask he had made and had given to Tang Zichen before, but he wasn't sure if it was worn by Tang Zichen himself.

"Tang Zichen?"

"Professor Lin Han, it's me."Tang Zichen said.

Hearing Tang Zichen's voice, he was sure it was undoubtedly Tang Zichen.

"Come in quickly."

Walking into Professor Lin Han's house, Professor Lin Han's wife was learning how to wrap dumplings, Professor Lin Han immediately asked his wife to wrap them somewhere else, now Tang Zichen came to visit Liu Xiangyun, she must be in a bad mood, it was really disrespectful to Tang Zichen that she was there full of idle time to wrap dumplings.

Tang Zichen understood Professor Lin Han's meaning and said, "It's okay, there's no need to avoid me, I'm the one who has disturbed your elegance."

Professor Lin Han smiled apologetically, "Zichen, I'm sorry, my wife doesn't know which tendon is wrong today, she wants to learn how to make dumplings, it seems that today is really not the right time."

"Professor Lin Han, I'm not here to pay my respects to Xiangyun, I'm here to visit her, and I'm in a good mood because I know Xiangyi will come back one day, you don't have to be like that, do what you have to do, and don't forget to treat me to dumplings when I'm done visiting Xiangyun."

"Uh, huh, good."

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er entered the basement, Tang Zichen was grateful regarding the behavior of Professor Lin Han and his wife, they thought that Tang Zichen had come to pay his respects, so they couldn't act so idle.

Tang Zichen opens the crude ice coffin made of natural ice, and Liu Xiangyun is lying there intact.

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Tang Zichen didn't cry anymore, silently looked at Xiang'er, then caressed her face, although there was no temperature, but there was no decay, as if, asleep.

"Xiang'er, Xuan'er and I are here to see you."Tang Zichen said, but Xuan'er Li couldn't control her tears.

"Xiang'er, trust me, I won't let you sleep for too long, definitely not."

Visiting to Li Xiang'er, Tang Zichen walked up to the ground and said to Li Xuan'er, "No need to be sad, being sad means she won't be back, she'll be back, so why be sad."

"Hmm."Li Xuan'er nodded her head.

Coming to the ground, Professor Lin Han said, "Don't worry, I'll go down every now and then to check on her, although I don't know anything about life preserving techniques, I think she's quite fine, like she's asleep."

"Thank you, Brother Lin Han, forgive me for being rude and calling you brother."

"Haha, brother Zichen, you don't mind calling me big brother, it's my honor, come on, have some tea, you said you'd treat you to dumplings."


Tang Zichen nodded, wanting to go find Guan Wei right away, but he happened to be almost at the hotel, so it seemed unnecessary to be in such a hurry.

"By the way, with all due respect, who is this?"Professor Lin Han instructed Li Xuan'er to ask.

"Her name is Xuan'er Li, and she's also my girlfriend."

"Ah, oh."Lin Han reacted with a smile, he remembered that Tang Zichen didn't have another girlfriend named Xu Mei Qian, and now there was another Li Xuan'er, this Tang Zichen, it seemed that he was very popular with beautiful women.

Walking into the living room, Tang Zichen said to Li Xuan'er, "Xuan'er, you kitchen help Mrs. Lin, she doesn't seem to know how to wrap dumplings very well."

"Mm."Li Xuan'er nodded, Li Xuan'er had been born into a poor family since she was a child, cooking these things was commonplace, and making dumplings was even more of a piece of cake.

Professor Lin Han laughed awkwardly.

Tang Zichen asked, "Do you know Mr. Guan Wei?"



"What are you looking for Guan Wei for, there are many teachers in the Martial Arts Academy, but unfortunately I don't know him, otherwise I could introduce you to him." First URL


Tang Zichen had a meal at Professor Lin Han's house, dumplings, but they were all cooked by Xuan'er Li, Professor Lin Han's wife was just learning.The dumplings tasted good, and Xuan'er's skills were still very strong.

After lunch, Tang Zichen is going to kill Guan Wei.

Killing a teacher of the Martial Academy, this was the first time it had happened in the Martial Academy.

But Tang Zichen didn't know where Guan Wei lived, and Tang Zichen had never seen Guan Wei's real face, so it was still a bit of a struggle to find him, but it was only a bit of a struggle.

Tang Zichen went straight to the Genius Restaurant.

The people at the Genius Restaurant had never seen Tang Zichen's human skin mask, so they didn't know it was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said to the owner of the Genius Restaurant, "Boss, give me a piece of information, do you know where Teacher Guan Wei lives?Or, where is he now, I have something to find him."

"One thousand martial coins."The restaurant's owner said.

Tang Zichen directly swiped a thousand martial coins in exchange for information, the owner of the Genius Restaurant naturally wouldn't have thought of it as a way to kill Guan Wei, otherwise he might not have given Tang Zichen information.

"Alright, wait here for a while, this bee special messenger is going out to look for him right now, you can always look at the virtual screen as well."

"Okay, thanks."

About half an hour later, that bee special agent found Guan Wei, and Tang Zichen saw from the Void Screen message that Guan Wei was in a nearby cafeteria, eating with more than ten students.

"Teacher, here's to you, thank you for teaching us about martial arts."A student said with a glass of wine.

"Sensei, we love you, you're a good teacher for us."

"Well, well, you students are welcome."That Guan Wei teacher said with a kind and amiable face, looking at his appearance and mannerisms, he seemed to be a good person who was loved by his students.

However, Tang Zichen saw but felt that this was a turtle bastard, a hypocrite and a real villain.

Tang Zichen had recognized the place and immediately left the Genius Restaurant and said to Li Xuan'er, "Xuan'er, wait for me at a faraway place, don't come too close to me."Tang Zichen was afraid that Guan Wei would use her as a threat, so farther away was better.

Li Xuan'er nodded her head.

In a short while, Tang Zichen arrived.

Tang Zichen was standing on the roof of the cafeteria where Guan Wei and his students were eating.

Tang Zichen yelled

A voice: "Guan Wei, come out and suffer death."

Voice Megatron, at this moment, the people who are eating in this cafeteria are also shocked, wondering if they heard wrong, in this cafeteria's private room to eat Guan Wei and his students are also stunned, for the first time think that they heard wrong.

In the past few months, Xu Mei Qian and her classmates came to the cafeteria to eat together.

At the Genius Restaurant, the owner of the restaurant who was about to withdraw the bee special guard back, after seeing Tang Zichen's reaction, he immediately gave up withdrawing and instead put the picture of this bee special guard on the virtual screen of the entire Genius Restaurant.

Tang Zichen saw no reaction to the first shout, so he shouted again, "Guan Wei, come out and suffer death."

This time, everyone heard it clearly, yes, Guan Wei, a teacher in the Sword Law Department.

Guan Wei, who was eating in the private room, was startled.

"Teacher Guan, someone is calling you out to go out and suffer death."

"What the hell, who is it?"

"Whoever dares to disrespect our Teacher Guan, is tired of living."

Guan Wei hadn't spoken yet, but the group of students got angry one by one.

At this time, there was another shout: "Guan Wei, you rotten dog, you haven't come out to accept death."

Guan Wei was furious, his face was cold, he slapped the table and gritted his teeth, "What the hell, who's looking for death."

Guan Wei simultaneously leapt out of the window.

All the students and teachers in this cafeteria who were eating were alarmed.

The students who were eating with Xu Mei Qian said, "It's our Sword Law Department's Teacher Guan, someone is shouting outside to kill our department's Teacher Guan."

Xu Mei Qian also followed her classmates out of the cafeteria to go, Guan Wei was a teacher of the Sword Law Department, Xu Mei Qian had also heard of him, a fourth year teacher of the Sword Law Department or a teacher with prestige after all.

"Who's looking for death."Guan Wei stood in front of the cafeteria and roared angrily.

So people ran out, only to see a man, holding a sword in his hand, standing on the roof with a cold face and an extremely strong murderous aura, so strong that some other weak students felt their bodies tremble.

Guan Wei looked at the man on the roof, very angry, he didn't know that person at all, and, what Guan Wei felt from his body's momentum, was a Houtian perfect person.A Houtian perfectionist who wanted to kill him, thinking that his Guan Wei Houtian perfectionist realm was for show?Did you eat candy to get up there?

All the students and teachers who ran out didn't know that the person standing on the roof was Tang Zichen, and thought which stranger or even teacher it was.Seeing someone trying to kill the teacher, they were all very angry, and of course they were on the side of Guan Wei.

At the Genius Restaurant, everyone looked at the Void Screen and trembled.

"No way, who is trying to kill Teacher Guan Wei?"

"Teacher Guan Wei is a good teacher ah, very responsible ah, who the hell wants to kill him ah."

Tang Zichen is not in the mood to unmask now, Tang Zichen is looking at Guan Wei at the moment, he just wants to cut him down to size, Xiang Yun is the one who died in his hands.

Although Guan Wei also took orders from Huo Xiaowei, however, Guan Wei killing Tang Zichen was just that, he didn't kill Liu Xiangyun at all, Huo Xiaowei didn't order Guan Wei to kill Liu Xiangyun, but he was just trying to lure Tang Zichen, so Guan Wei didn't deserve sympathy at all.

"Guan Wei, today is the day you will die."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

The veins on Guan Wei's face were bulging, he felt that, right now, being shouted down in public by a Houtian Perfection, he was humiliated in front of so many students, and he wanted to kill this son of a bitch.


"Well, it's not certain who's going to die."Guan Wei also said angrily.

Tang Zichen's eyes were filled with disdain as he looked at Guan Wei with a snort, less than half a year ago, he was chased by this son of a bitch and almost died, but right now, in Tang Zichen's eyes, this son of a bitch was so weak.

Tang Zichen was afraid that he could defeat this son of a bitch without using a lullaby, and if he used a lullaby, I'm afraid that he wouldn't have any resistance at all.

"Die."Guan Wei drew his sword and struck up to the roof to kill Tang Zichen.

"Godman Sword, wow, Teacher Guan Wei is displaying his Godman Sword, I heard that he learned this Godman Sword because he saw the Godman practicing sword in his sleep."

"It's actually the God Man Sword, sure enough, I'll know if it's there or not when I do it."

Everyone was discussing after seeing Teacher Guan Wei make his move.

Tang Zichen stood on the roof, not making any movements for now, his eyes watching Guan Wei fly towards him.

What kind of divine sword, in vain, Tang Zichen could see at a glance that this so-called divine sword had good-looking moves, but nothing substantial, it was just fooling those low-level students.

At this moment, Guan Wei had already killed Tang Zichen in front of him.

Tang Zichen swords out at once. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen didn't take out any sword skills with this sword, it was just an ordinary sword.

However, this sword cut directly at Guan Wei's shoulder.

"Ah."Guan Wei also reacted quickly and immediately flipped back and landed back on the ground.

Everyone was surprised to see Tang Zichen slash Guan Wei's shoulder as soon as he did it.

In fact, Tang Zichen had just used a lullaby, and when Guan Wei was about to kill him, Tang Zichen sent out a note of the lullaby, and Guan Wei felt a trance all of a sudden, and although it was only a zero point and one second trance, even though it was zero point and one second, it was enough to fatally wound him.Therefore, he was cut by Tang Zichen's shoulder with one sword, and the blood on his shoulder was now staining half of his shoulder red.

Guan Wei was now looking at Tang Zichen, his body couldn't help but tremble, just that zero point and one second, Tang Zichen had all the time in the world to cut off his head.

However, Tang Zichen didn't cut off his head, merely injuring his shoulder.

The people around him didn't know, thinking that he was only wounded in the shoulder, but only he himself knew that he Ben would even lose his life in that instant.

Therefore, when Guan Wei looked at Tang Zichen again at this moment, he was already only trembling, and the anger he had felt towards Tang Zichen had already vanished.

Guan Wei didn't dare to go forward again and said, "This brother, can you tell me why you want to kill me?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "When you die, I will tell the crowd why I want to kill you."

Tang Zichen didn't want to tell Guan Wei why he died, Tang Zichen wanted to make him die with a clear conscience, not even knowing why he died, this feeling was far worse than knowing why he died.

"Hahaha, I have no grudge against you, why did you kill me, what kind of person am I Guan Wei in the Martial Arts Academy, just ask around and you'll know, I'm a noble teacher and treat my students like my own son."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Even you are worthy of using words like teacher virtue and nobility, unfortunately, I just won't tell you, I will make you die without resting in peace, I don't even know why you died."

Guan Wei gnashed his teeth in anger, if he could, he really

He wanted to cut Tang Zichen down to size in order to relieve his hatred, but he already knew from the fight he had just had that he would never be a match for this Houtian Perfection man.That's why he asked Tang Zichen why he killed him, otherwise, why would he bullshit and just kill Tang Zichen.

Many of the onlookers, however, were dissatisfied with Teacher Guan Wei.

"Teacher Guan, people have made it clear that they want to kill you, what are you still bullshitting with him, you're not going to die with him ah."

"That's right, Teacher Guan, you're still asking him why he killed you now, you're making it seem like you're begging for mercy with him, let us students look too upset, I don't want our teacher to be bullied like this, hurry up and kill this son of a bitch, whatever why he wants to kill you."

Everyone said one sentence to you and one sentence to me.

However, Guan Wei was very depressed, it would have to be someone's opponent to not die ah, Guan Wei was very sure that he wasn't someone's opponent, how else can he not die with someone.

Tang Zichen was still standing on the roof, unmoving, staring at Guan Wei.Tang Zichen saw Guan Wei's scrupulous eyes and found it very enjoyable, Tang Zichen wanted to let him die in helpless and helpless fear, which was far more pleasurable than killing him with a single stab.

Tang Zichen said, "Guan Wei, why don't you come up here and suffer death?Do I have to come up here on my own accord?"

Guan Wei gritted his teeth and said, "You son of a bitch, I don't even know you, have the guts to report your name."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't worry, I'll self-report my name and why I killed you to all the students, only, you won't be able to hear that because I'll tell everyone after you die."

"Ahhhh."Guan Wei looked very pained and depressed, he really wanted to know very much who this person was and where he had a grudge against him, but Tang Zichen just wouldn't tell him, which made him look very unhappy.

"Guan Wei, it's almost time, you can go die."After saying that, Tang Zichen bounced on both feet and went to kill Guan Wei.

Guan Wei shouted, "What the hell, no grievance you kill me, I won't let you get away with it, I don't get angry, you think I'm a sick cat."

After Guan Wei finished speaking, the clothes on his body crumbled, revealing the muscles on his body, his whole body seemed to go into a kind of frenzy.

Unfortunately, it still couldn't stop Tang Zichen's lullaby.


Without everyone expecting it at all, Tang Zichen stabbed his sword into Guan Wei's throat.

"Ah."Guan Wei's heart looked at Tang Zichen unwillingly.

Everyone also screamed, everyone didn't expect that Tang Zichen would kill Guan Wei so quickly, because it looked as if Guan Wei didn't put up any resistance at all, under normal circumstances, no matter what, it was impossible for Guan Wei to be killed without putting up any resistance.

In the event that you're not in a trance, you'll be able to kill Guan Wei in one fell swoop, and then you'll be able to kill him in one fell swoop.

Several teachers who were watching in the dark had angry looks on their faces, they originally thought that it was impossible for Tang Zichen to really be able to kill Guan Wei, because so many teachers were watching here, they would never let Tang Zichen have a chance to kill Guan Wei, but Guan Wei was killed right under their noses.

Even the dean, who was not far away at the moment, thought there was enough time to save Guan Wei, who knew.

Tang Zichen's sword was still in Guan Wei's throat, Guan Wei said unwillingly, "For, why to, to, kill, me, you to, in the end, who is."


Tang Zichen snorted, "When you die, everyone will know, and you, there's no need to know."

"I, I'm, I'm so unhappy."Guan Wei said, and fell straight down, his eyes wide open, and he really looked like he was dying in peace.

Tang Zichen was just going to make him die in peace.

At this time, all the surrounding students were furiously cursing Tang Zichen, but no one dared to come up, because Guan Wei was not even an opponent, and none of the other teachers and students were opponents at all, so they could only rage a bit.

The dean flew up and said, "This friend, you killed a teacher of my Martial Arts Academy, if you can't give me a reasonable explanation for this, then you won't leave alive."

Tang Zichen looked at the dean and said, "Dean, I will give you an explanation."

"Who are you, why did you kill Guan Wei?"The dean spoke loudly.

Everyone also quieted down and looked at Tang Zichen without blinking, Tang Zichen had just said that when Guan Wei was dead, he would explain himself to everyone.Now that Guan Wei was dead, it was time to explain.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything else, he unveiled the human skin mask on his face in public, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's face was clearly and incomparably displayed in front of everyone.

"Ah, it's Tang Zichen."

"What? Tang, Tang Zichen." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh my god, it's actually Tang Zichen, this, how is this possible."

"Wasn't Tang Zichen only promoted to Pre-Houtian last semester?How could he kill Houtian Great Perfection's Guan Wei, this, this."

When everyone saw Tang Zichen, they were all stunned, full of incredulity and disbelief, the one who killed Guan Wei was actually Tang Zichen, this was not the main thing, the main thing was that Tang Zichen actually possessed the strength to kill Guan Wei, oh my god, this was too incredible, Guan Wei was a teacher of the Martial Academy's Houtian Great Perfection, if Tang Zichen possessed the strength to kill Guan Wei, then wouldn't that mean that the entire Martial Academy.All the students, including the fourth year students, were no match for Tang Zichen.Moreover, all the teachers at Martial Arts Academy were generally no match for Tang Zichen either.

Tang Zichen was only in the second half of the first grade, ah, and had already reached the point where all the students and teachers were no match for him.

The crowd, all of them were dumbfounded.

In the crowd, Xu Mei Qian, who had been watching the crowd spiritlessly, suddenly saw that the person who killed Guan Wei and unmasked was the person she had been thinking about for so long, burst into tears, not knowing whether it was surprise or fright.

"Zichen."Xu Mei Qian cried and ran to Tang Zichen.

"Mei Qian."Tang Zichen held Xu Mei Qian in his arms, Xu Mei Qian sobbed on Tang Zichen's body, this semester, Xu Mei Qian did not have any news of Tang Zichen, she was listless every day, life seemed to have lost its goal and motivation, suddenly saw Tang Zichen in front of her, and also so strong, she did not know whether to be excited or what, crying, and turned all her love for each other into tears.

The dean looked at Tang Zichen at this time, also trembled, Tang Zichen is the first day student in the history of the Martial Arts Academy, the dean had already admitted this, but today, seeing Tang Zichen spike Guan Wei, or the dean can't help but think highly of Tang Zichen again.

As such, there was no need for Tang Zichen to explain any further. The dean, as someone who knew the inside story, naturally knew why Tang Zichen killed Guan Wei, but the onlookers didn't know, so it was necessary for Tang Zichen to explain to all the students and teachers.

However, Tang Zichen was not in a hurry to explain at the moment, but first pacified Xu Mei Qian.

After a few minutes, Xu Mei Qian's excitement subsided.

Tang Zichen said to Xu Mei Qian, "You go down and look for Xuan'er first."

"Ah, Xuan'er Li is here too?"

"Yes, over there."

Xu Mei Qian looked in the direction of Tang Zichen's eyes and indeed saw Li Xuan'er.

Xu Mei Qian immediately went over to Li Xuan'er's side.

Xu Mei Qian ton happened, the momentum on Li Xuan'er's body was very strong, just not something she could compare to, Xu Mei Qian was amazed.

"Captain Xu."Li Xuan'er was busy greeting Xu Mei Qian, in Li Xuan'er's impression, Xu Mei Qian is still the image of that police captain, the first impression did not change so quickly.

"Xuan'er, I'm no longer a police officer, you can call me Mei Qian, now you and I are both Tang Zichen's girlfriends, since we don't mind each other, then we can be considered sisters, just like Xiang Yun and I used to be."Xu Mei Qian said somewhat awkwardly.

"Sister Xu."Li Xuan'er called out in a small voice, only to feel a little awkward at first.

Xu Mei Qian blushed slightly and nodded, asking, "Xuan'er, why are you so strong all of a sudden?I thought you didn't know kung fu?Your current state?"

"Early Houtian."

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian was truly shocked, Houtian, gosh, in the eyes of the great families of the Yanhuang Empire, those who could step into the Houtian were no longer weak, in Xu Mei Qian's family, anyone who stepped into the Houtian realm, even if he was a junior, was an elder and possessed a high status in the family.


"Sister Xu, we'll talk about this later, you'll soon be able to step into the Houtian as well, even surpassing me now."

"How is that possible, I'm only at the middle stage of the Inner Gate right now."

Li Xuan'er smiled slightly, Xu Mei Qian is already at the middle stage of the inner gate, it really is powerful.

Tang Zichen said to the students and teachers, "Guan Wei killed my girlfriend Liu Xiangyun, he's Huo Xiaowei's lackey, so you all already know why I killed Guan Wei, alright, it's alright, let's disperse."

Tang Zichen said to the dean, "Dean, your kindness for saving my life last semester, Zichen will never forget it."

"There's no need to be polite, you're the first talented student of my Martial Academy, it's my due, if you've surpassed all the students and teachers, what are your plans?"

"Uh, what what's the plan?"

The dean said, "With your strength, you can completely apply to graduate, or, if you want to stay and become a teacher, you can also become a professor."

Tang Zichen said, "Dean, I'd better apply for graduation, I've come to the academy this time to deal with some personal matters, besides, I don't have the time to stay at the Martial Academy for a long time."

The dean nodded and said, "I also know a bit about you, the reason I didn't tell you about Guan Wei killing you last semester was originally to protect you, after all, the Huo family is simply not something you can offend now, but you're not as fragile as I thought you were."

"Thank you Dean, I'll be leaving first then."

Dean nodded, and Tang Zichen flew to Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er's side.

Tang Zichen said, "Go to my dormitory first."

Tang Zichen walked away with the two beauties in full view of the public.

Leaving behind a field of envious and jealous drool, Tang Zichen was now so powerful in martial arts, and there were still two stunning beauties to accompany him, to be able to mix up to this point in Tang Zichen's life, it was really enough for countless students.


Tang Zichen returned to the dormitory, Wang Xing and Su Jinhe were also busy running back, they were just at the Genius Restaurant so they saw everything as well.


"Big brother Zichen, is this really you, it's been a semester, you've changed so much."Su Jinhe said.

Tang Zichen looked at Wang Xing and Su Jinhe with a slight smile, the second semester was also coming to an end, Tang Zichen went to the glazed country to stay for almost a semester.

"Wang Xing, Su Jinhe, I haven't seen you for almost a semester, you've both improved."

Wang Xing shamefacedly said, "Our progress is really big compared to yours, you have already defeated the Houtian Perfection teacher, to think that when we first enrolled in the novice village, we were in the same realm, now that the first year is almost over, I am only the Inner Perfection, and you are already the Houtian Perfection."

Su Jinhe said, "Let alone me, I'm only at Outer Gate Perfection after one year, there's a difference of two major realms."

Tang Zichen patted their shoulders encouragingly, "Keep up the good work."

They also knew that people who weren't a natural talent couldn't be compared.

Tang Zichen chilled a few words with his two roommates, then entered his room, where Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian were speaking.

Tang Zichen closes the door. The first website

"Mei Qian, you're in the middle of the Inner Gate now, progressing a bit faster than I expected."

"But Xuan'er is already in the latter stages."

"Oh, Mei Qian, this is Iron Tree Heart, take it first, in about seven or eight days, you will be promoted to Inner Gate Perfection, or even Inner Gate Great Perfection.Don't be surprised, just do as you're told, this thing, if it gets out, it could bring the ruin of a big family."

Xu Mei Qian's body trembled, she didn't speak again and immediately ate it first, Tang Zichen gave her such a precious thing, she was very touched.

This Iron Tree Heart, even the Yanhuang Empire's general-level families, even the king-level families, might not be able to obtain it, it wasn't that there wasn't enough power, but this was something that was almost extinct in this world, a treasure that was almost impossible to find, no matter how powerful the power was, it was useless.

After Xu Mei Qian took it, Tang Zichen said, "Now let's hurry up and leave the Martial Academy, when I arrive at the Martial Academy, the news will soon reach the ears of the Huo family of the Yanhuang Empire, at that time, the Huo family will definitely have a large number of innate experts personally looking for me, there's no room for me to have a feud with the Huo family."

"Where to?"Xu Mei Qian asked, she didn't doubt Tang Zichen's words, if the Huo family knew, the Huo family head at this level would probably come to kill him personally.

"Leave Martial Island."Tang Zichen said.


Tang Zichen looked at Xu Mei Qian and said, "Mei Qian, the entire school just saw you rush out to hug me and also saw me leave with you and Xuan'er, so I'm afraid that the Huo family will come and force you to ask about my whereabouts."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Then take me away and I'll go with you."

Tang Zichen sighed, "If I take you away, then your family will be finished, and your relatives will be killed by the Huo family, just like my relatives in the Tang family.When you just saw me, you really shouldn't have rushed out, your family locked you in your house and didn't allow you to go out, just to avoid contact with me."

"Ah, I forgot everything when I saw you at the time, how could I think about that."Xu Mei Qian looked a bit scared, if she really harmed the Xu family because of this, how could she live up to it.The Huo family would definitely use her relatives to force her and Tang

Tzu-Chen showed up.

"Tzu-Chen, so what should we do now?"Li Xuan'er asked.

Tang Zichen thought quietly and said, "As things stand now, this is the only path I can take."

"What path?"

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go back to the Yanhuang Empire first, I'll leave it at that for now."

"Oh."Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian also stopped asking, it seemed like Tang Zichen wasn't deliberately selling out, because in this situation, Tang Zichen would never deliberately sell out, then it was that Tang Zichen wasn't completely sure about taking 'this step', that's why he didn't say anything first.

"It's not too late, let's leave now and head back to the Yanhuang Empire, I'm afraid that if it's too late, something will happen to the Xu family."Tang Zichen said.

Xu Mei Qian was very nervous.

It was useless now even if Xu Mei Qian pretended to have a stalemate with Tang Zichen, the entire faculty and students had seen how close she was to Tang Zichen, no matter how much she tried to clear it up, it wouldn't help.When the powerful Huo family came, they would definitely learn about it, and if Xu Mei Qian was still at the Martial Arts Academy, they would definitely use Xu Mei Qian to threaten Tang Zichen to show up, and if Xu Mei Qian wasn't at the Martial Arts Academy and left with Tang Zichen, then they would definitely use the Xu family to threaten Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian.

It was already an outcome across the board, so of course, Tang Zichen would not leave Xu Mei Qian behind.

So, Tang Zichen finally had to take that path and go back to the Yanhuang Empire now, if that path didn't work, then Tang Zichen was indeed in danger, at the very least, Xu Mei Qian's family was going to be finished, and it was inevitable that all of Xu Mei Qian's parents and relatives would die.

"Hopefully, it will work."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Soon, Tang Zichen, Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er boarded a plane to the Yanhuang Empire, as to which city they were flying to, this had to be kept a secret.

A day later, in the Yanhuang Empire, the Huo family.

"Report, there's a message from Tang Zichen."


"According to the fastest and fastest information, Tang Zichen appeared at the Martial Arts Academy and killed a teacher named Guan Wei, this Guan Wei was the one who killed Tang Zichen on Huo Xiaowei's behalf before, and Tang Zichen's girlfriend, Liu Xiangyun, was killed by him because of it."

"Tang Zichen, let's immediately go to the Martial Arts Academy as fast as we can, be sure to find Tang Zichen, even if it's any bit of a clue that can catch him."


The Huo family was not slow, they quickly sent people to the Martial Arts Academy, and they were all innate experts, Tang Zichen had become a heavyweight enemy of the Huo family, all handled by Huo family innate level experts.

And Tang Zichen had already spent a day on the plane, after all, the Martial Forest Academy was a bit far from the Yanhuang Empire, and the plane was a two-day trip, so it would take time to deliver the message back, the earliest it could be was a day later.

Although it was impossible for them to find Tang Zichen at the Martial Arts Academy, it was inevitable that they would investigate Tang Zichen's relationship with Xu Mei Qian.So the first thing Tang Zichen did when he returned to the Yanhuang Empire was related to the Xu family's safety, hopefully it would be successful and Tang Zichen would only have two days at most to do it.

Everything depended on fate.

On the plane, Xu Mei Qian, who had spent the day, suddenly noticed that the realm in her had increased.

"Ah, I've broken through to the Inner Perfection realm, how did this happen?"Xu Mei Qian said in shock.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er, however, laughed.


Li Xuan'er whispered, "Sister Xu, don't be nervous, this is the result of that thing that Tzu-Chen made you eat, now on the plane, don't say much."

"Mm."Xu Mei Qian nodded, her heart was shocked, she finally understood, Tang Zichen said that if this thing was spread out, it would be enough to cause the extinction of a large family, it really was good stuff.It was only a day after she took it, and she had broken through to Inner Gate Perfection.

Tang Zichen said, "It's estimated that after a week, you'll be promoted to Inner Gate Perfection, alright, let's go back."

After another day, Tang Zichen's three returned to the Yanhuang Empire.

Tang Zichen immediately called Xiaomeng, hoping that she hadn't been injected with euthanasia beforehand.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that Xiaomeng no longer answered the phone.

"What should we do?Xiao Meng doesn't answer her phone."Tang Zichen was anxious inside.

"I guess Xiaomeng knows you want to go to her, so she won't answer the phone."Xu Mei Qian said.

About Xiaomeng, Xu Mei Qian also already knew about her.

"What kind of family is Xiaomeng's family?"

"What's Xiaomeng's last name?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I don't know, I'll call a few more, I hope she picks up."

Tang Zichen made four or five more calls in a row, and finally, on the sixth one, Xiao Meng picked up.

"Hello, who is this?"A man's voice came from the other side.

"Well?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows jumped and he was busy saying, "Hello, is Xiao Meng here?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm a friend of Moe's, don't tell me that Moe has been euthanized ahead of time."

"You even know this, it seems that you are indeed a friend of Moe's from before."

"What, from before?Moe her?"Tang Zichen felt his head explode, a bit incredulous.

"Xiao Meng has already been injected with euthanasia?"

"Yes, she's already injected."

"When?Why early?"

"It was her choice, but it's a coincidence that you called, she was injected just two hours ago."

"Oh my God, so she's dead now?"Tang Zichen spoke up.

"No, there are twenty-four hours after the euthanasia injection, and during those twenty-four hours, Moe is happy, and she will be incredibly happy with her family, enjoying her last moments together."

"What are you Moe?"

"I'm her housekeeper, I heard the phone in Moe's room keep ringing, so I came in and answered it privately, Moe is at her parents right now, enjoying her last moments with them, well, I don't care what kind of friend you are to her, wish her well, go happy and without any pain, thank you."

"No, wait a minute."

"Do you have anything else to say?You can only talk to me now if you say it again, Little Moe her last moments is not going to be able to talk to you."

"Senior Butler, I want to know, Xiao Meng's address, I want to give her a final ride, even if it's just to send a flower to her grave."

The other hesitated.

"Please, Xiaomeng has done me a great favor."

"Well, I see that you even know such a secret thing about her, and I think that you and she are indeed friends.Remember, we're in Boundless House, Fragrant Mountain Garden, Fragrant Mountain Villa.



After Tang Zichen hung up the phone, he immediately went to the airport to buy a ticket to Boundless House, and inquired about the place where Tang Zichen was at the moment, which was about 15 hours away from Boundless House.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen patted his chest in celebration, fortunately being able to get there within 24 hours, 20 hours to be exact, because Xiao Meng had already been injected for two hours, plus the various preliminary delays of buying tickets for ticket checks and such by plane, at least two hours would be wasted.In addition to the fifteen hours by plane, there are still five hours left, which Tang Zichen still has to arrive at Xiaomeng's home on time, so the time is still very urgent.

Li Xuan'er said, "Zichen, now that we're back in the Yanhuang Empire, without Xiaomeng's complex protection, I'm afraid that we've already been mastered by the Huo family's hackers at the moment."

Tang Zichen nodded, "I already thought of that, the Huo family hired twenty top hackers to search for me, and now without Xiao Meng's help, I expect that soon the Huo family will already know of my existence, and will also know of the call records I just made, and will even know that I took a plane to the Boundless Mansion.By the time I get off the plane at Boundless House, I'm afraid that the Huo family's innate experts will already be waiting for me under the plane."

"What then?"Xu Mei Qian was also anxious.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It doesn't matter, everything is within my expectation, when we're almost at the Boundless House, let's jump off the plane."

"Jumping out of a plane?"

"Use a parachute to jump off the plane, in that case, the Huo's waiting for me at the airport will only be empty, there's no time to hesitate now, I have to get to her house before Xiao Meng's euthanasia drug wears off, although it's full of unknown danger factors, but if Xiao Meng didn't help me, then I would have been found and exterminated by the Huo's before, no matter what IMust try a little harder, the rest, it's up to God."


Tang Zichen's three men soon boarded the plane.

About an hour after Tang Zichen's three boarded the plane, several innate experts from the Huo family hurriedly arrived at the place where Tang Zichen and the others had just been.

"Where are the people?"

"According to the latest news, Tang Zichen is on White Cloud Air flight mh887905 to Boundless Province and will land at Boundless Province Golden Harvest Airport in fifteen hours, which is 8:12 a.m. local time."

"Damn, this kid is running really fast."

"The family has already notified the other innate experts in the vicinity at the earliest opportunity to arrive at the Boundless Mansion Airport before Tang Zichen ends up at the Boundless Mansion, and will take down Tang Zichen the moment he steps out of the plane cabin."

Tang Zichen's guess was indeed right, Tang Zichen was now without the protection of Xiao Meng's complex, the Huo family already knew Tang Zichen's whereabouts like the back of their hand, and felt that Tang Zichen was completely invisible.Even when Tang Zichen boarded the plane, the cameras on the cabin were able to see Tang Zichen's every move.

Tang Zichen sat on the plane, his old feeling a little unnatural.

"Is it possible that my plan to jump out of the plane early won't work?"Tang Zichen's heart was dark.

Tang Zichen scanned the entire cabin of the plane, and suddenly, Tang Zichen realized that there were cameras in the plane's cabin.

No wonder Tang Zichen felt uncomfortable, he was being watched at the moment, the Huo family's hacker, had been watching Tang Zichen at all times with the cabin's camera.

Tang Zichen picked up the popcorn that the little girl at the next table was eating, and bam, Tang Zichen suddenly shot the two cameras in the cabin to smash.

At this moment in the Huo family, several hackers hummed disdainfully, "Now that you don't have the protection of that mysterious hacker, you can't escape from me at all, do you think that you can't find you if you destroy the cameras?Ridiculous."


Another hacker said, "It's really strange, the mysterious hacker who helped Tang Zichen last time, why didn't he show up this time?"

"I don't know, that mysterious hacker, his technique is too strong, I think her mind must have reached millisecond reactions, otherwise how could she win over the combined twenty of us."

"Well, that mysterious hacker is too scary, I'm having an illusion that the information that Tang Zichen is now taking a plane to the Boundless House will be an illusion created by that mysterious hacker."

"Ah, no way."

"It's not impossible."

"How terrifyingly powerful would that have to be, let's hope not, otherwise we'd be destroyed by the Huo family, after all, we took such a high bounty from the Huo family that we might even implicate our own family."

It was only after Tang Zichen destroyed the camera that it felt a bit more comfortable, it seemed that Tang Zichen's sixth sense was still quite strong.

The time on the plane was uneventful, except that the plane was about half an hour away from Boundless House when it suddenly heard the announcement, "Hello passengers, you have encountered strong stormy air currents ahead, the plane will return to the nearest airport to land and will continue to Boundless House when the weather is suitable to continue the flight, please be prepared to land, please forgive any inconvenience caused.

"I'm going."Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, what a fear.

Tang Zichen was already in a hurry, if the plane arrived at the Boundless Mansion on time, Tang Zichen would only have five hours, besides, Tang Zichen would have to jump off the plane early, so the delay would be even longer, and the last five hours might not even be able to find Xiaomeng's home.But what the hell, it's just half an hour short of this juncture, something like this happened.Tang Zichen had originally planned to make the jump as he entered the city limits of Boundless House.But it was still half an hour away, and it was still at least five or six hundred kilometers away from the Boundless Prefecture.

"Zichen, the plane can't pass."Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen, as if she was waiting for Tang Zichen to make a decision. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "It's done, can't care anymore, let's jump off the plane, we can't backtrack to the nearest city for a temporary landing, we must jump off the plane."

Xu Mei Qian said, "But half an hour's time, at least five or six hundred kilometers away from the Boundless Mansion."

"We'll see then, it's up to the gods."Tang Zichen sighed.

Soon, Tang Zichen's three were ready and jumped down at the emergency escape window.

However, the storm was strong.

The three people who were originally holding hands were suddenly blown apart by the storm.

However, Tang Zichen was already prepared and took out the climbing rope on his body.

"Swoosh."In the sky, Tang Zichen ropes entangled Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian, then the three of them kept a certain distance to fall towards the ground.

When they were almost to the ground, Tang Zichen quickly opened his parachute, as did Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er.

Although the storm was stronger, they were all martial arts practitioners, so they weren't as vulnerable.

Finally, they landed safely on the ground.

"How are you guys doing?"

"We're fine."

"Come on, when we just landed in the sky, I saw a highway up ahead, let's go to the highway kilometers and grab any car we can, we might even make it to Infinity House."Kaylee Lee said.


> Tang Zichen soon arrived at the high speed kilometer.

Tang Zichen saw a Porsche Benz over from afar, Tang Zichen ton stopped in the middle of the road, and the Porsche Ga braked.

When the car stopped, the owner of that car cursed, Tang Zichen took him out.

"Mei Qian, Xuan'er, get in the car."

Tang Zichen drove away in the Porsche.

All along the way, Tang Zichen was speeding at 250 per hour, striving to reach Boundless House within two hours.

Finally, Tang Zichen arrived at the Boundless Mansion when it was about three hours old, but although he was racing along, he couldn't get there in two hours, it still took him three and a half hours.

After Tang Zichen arrived at the Boundless Mansion, he immediately set up navigation as well as a form of asking for directions, and finally arrived at the Fragrant Mountain Garden.

However, the entire Fragrant Mountain Garden was walled off, which meant that the entire Fragrant Mountain was private land.

On this mountain, there was a villa, manor, palace, and other buildings built all over the place, looking very much like a small village with a magnificent feeling.

"Stop, what are you doing, this is the Fragrant Mountain Garden, outsiders are not allowed to enter."A Houtian level strong man suddenly flew out from the side and stopped Tang Zichen's three men.

Tang Zichen said, "This friend, I'm her euthanasia injection today, I want to go and give her a final ride."

"Take out your invitation order, or read out your invitation code."

"Ugh."Don had no idea what he was talking about.

"No?Well then, it's obvious that you don't have an invitation or permission from anyone in the Fragrant Mountain Garden, so you're not allowed to enter, and if you have to barge in, I can't stop you, but you should know the consequences."

Tang Zichen looked at the Houtian Realm man who stopped him and asked, "Aren't you from this family?"

"What's the joke, if I'm from this family, then what's the point of me guarding the door here, truth be told, I'm a lowly guest of the Han Wang Family.This brother, I see that you are also at the Houtian Perfection Realm, but you are much younger than me, you must have a strong talent, do you also want to come and be a guest of the Han Wang Family?"The post-dawn man who was guarding the door asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm not, I'm really here to see someone, do you know Moe?"Tang Zichen asked.

The man shook his head and said, "There are so many children in the Han family, and I'm a lowly guest who's just doing odd jobs in the Han Wang family, so where do I know that much.The Han family doesn't have any genius children I've heard of named Xiaomeng either."

"Xiao Meng she's not a genius child, she's a severely disabled child, she shouldn't have any status in the family, she's accepting euthanasia today, brother, please let me in."

"Friend, it's not that I won't let you in, even if I let you in you won't be able to find it, this entire Fragrant Mountain Garden has over three thousand buildings, you won't be able to find it, if you accidentally wander into some forbidden area that you simply can't go to, the consequences are unimaginable."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "There's a place called Fragrant Mountain Villa inside, do you know it?"

"Uh, Shannon Hills, ah."The gatekeeper looked like he knew.

"Yes, this is where Little Meng is, her butler told me to go to this place."

The man guarding the gate said, "Friend, it seems that you, Xiao Meng, she really isn't an important child of the Han family, she's a fringe child."

"How do you know that?"


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