The King of Kungfu in school 601-620


Chapter 601

Tang Zichen left Linjiang City after dealing with the aftermath of Li Xuan'er's parents.

"Xiaomeng, have you found any other Huo family children?"

"Brother Zichen, we've already found ten Huo family children, the closest one to you right now, in the Riverside House, is called Huo Siyuan, but he's not a true son of the Huo family."

"It doesn't matter, but any Huo family scion is fine, so slaughter the Huo family scions, starting with this Huo Siyuan.I'll head to the Riverside House now."

"Brother Zichen, be careful then, contact me when you get there, I'll lock him down for you anytime now."


Tang Zichen's plan to slaughter the Huo family's children had officially begun.

Tang Zichen was going to make the Huo family regret it, and although Tang Zichen was weaker now, Tang Zichen believed that he could still make the Huo family lose a lot of money.

Tang Zichen was not afraid of wearing shoes in his bare feet, there were so many Huo family children, but Tang Zichen was the only one.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the River House, and with the help of Xiao Meng, he instantly found a Huo family scion, Huo Siyuan.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen killed this child of the Huo family and then sent the photo to the Huo family. First URL

Just like this, a month passed in the blink of an eye.

"Report, report to the Grand Patriarch, another Huo family member has died."In the Huo family's main hall, a servant ran in in a panic to report.

"Bang."An innate expert angrily smashed a table.

"Tang Zichen."This angry, trembling innate expert bit his teeth.

He was the Huo Family's Grand Patriarch, responsible for managing the Huo Family's daily affairs, and since the Huo Family's second firstborn son was killed a month ago, he had come out to personally handle this matter.A month ago, he had given the order to hunt down and kill Tang Zichen and had sent ten innate experts to kill Tang Zichen.

However, the hackers around Tang Zichen were so powerful that they couldn't find Tang Zichen's hideout, and they couldn't even trace Tang Zichen's whereabouts, even though the Huo family had hired twenty top hackers to assist them, they still couldn't find any trace of Tang Zichen.

That's fine, ever since a month ago, Tang Zichen went crazy and started slaughtering his Huo family's sons and daughters everywhere.

So far, Tang Zichen had killed nearly thirteen of their Huo family's children in this month, no, fourteen, and had just reported another one.

"My hallowed general family has killed fourteen Huo family sons, ah ah ah, why hasn't he been caught."The Huo family's great patriarch shouted angrily, and the other innate experts and elders and whatnot in the palace bowed their heads.

Just then, another report came in.

"Report, news just came in that Tang Zichen has killed another of our Huo Family's children in the same place."

"Boom."The Huo family's great patriarch sat on his butt, fifteen now, oh my god, the Huo family had been killed by fifteen of their subordinates.

If he didn't have his own eyes, it would be hard for him to believe that this was done to the Huo family by a Houtian level little person.

"Hahaha, my hallowed Huo family has actually been slaughtered by a Houtian level little person, fifteen of their sons, and four of them are still first sons."The Huo Clan's great clan elder laughed, his voice revealing boundless anger.

An elder under the hall reminded, "Grand Clan Leader, it wasn't four, it was five of them who were firstborn sons."

The Grand Clan Leader's heart was bleeding, and he roared, "Get out."

The palace was quiet.


At that moment, another man ran in, holding a cell phone in his hand, and said, "Grand Chief, there's a message from the hacker group, Tang Zichen wants to talk to you."

"Bring it over."


That person immediately handed the phone to the Huo Family Grand Clan Leader.

"Tang Zichen."The Huo family's grand patriarch said through gritted teeth.

Tang Zichen's voice came from the phone, and Tang Zichen laughed, "I'm sure you're one of the Huo family's bigwigs, the Huo family has lost fifteen children, talk about how it feels."

"Tang Zichen, the Huo family and you don't share the same fate."

"No, neither do I. I, Tang Zichen, will continue to kill your Huo family's children until I get tired of playing with them.Of course, you can also have all the Huo family children outside hide back in your family, hahaha.Huo family, I, Tang Zichen, will play with you to the end."Tang Zichen said fiercely.

"Tang Zichen, you're just a small man, no matter how rampant you are, do you think that my Huo family lost a lot after you killed fifteen of my sons and daughters?You're wrong, you killed fifteen of my Huo family's sons and daughters, and it had no effect on my Huo family's overall power.And you, no matter how much you kill, you'll only be able to kill a few of my Huo Family's thousands of worthless children.And you, you better pray that you don't get caught by my Huo family, or else, you'll be flayed."

"Ka."The Huo Clan's Grand Clan Leader hung up the phone directly.

The Huo family's grand patriarch was right, although Tang Zichen had killed fifteen Huo family children, they were all very lowly children, and it wasn't much of a loss to the Huo family, just a bad loss of face.

At this moment, in a distant city, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were sitting in a teahouse.

This month, Tang Zichen had been running around, and as soon as Xiao Meng found out which city had a Huo family member, he would immediately head over there.

Li Xuan'er also followed Tang Zichen at all times.

It was just that after a month, Tang Zichen was actually tired, and although Li Xuan'er didn't say it, she was also physically and mentally exhausted.

Tang Zichen sighed, "The Huo Family Grand Patriarch is right, with my current strength, the children I have killed are only a few of the Huo Family's thousands of children, the truly genius children of the Huo Family, the children that truly make the Huo Family feel a loss, I can't kill them, and I can't even touch them.The Huo family's truly talented children are those with the title of 'Imperial Talents'.However, imperial talents cannot be killed, and once they are, they will be pursued by the Yanhuang Empire.Therefore, no matter how much I kill them, I can't touch the Huo Family's foundation, it's just a few sons and daughters that don't hurt."

Li Xuan'er asked, "Do you have any plans, I'll accompany you no matter what you do."

Tang Zichen said, "Xuan'er, instead of wasting time killing the Huo family's children who have little meaning, I'd rather spend my time on my own meaningful things, such as, training, or researching my medical skills, or cultivating you, all of which are more meaningful than killing a few of the Huo family's bottom children.When I'm strong in the future and have stepped into the innate, I'll go back to clean up the Huo family, at that time, perhaps I'll be better able to make the Huo family feel the loss."

Li Xuan'er nodded, "Good, you can't kill a thousand sons and daughters of the Huo family now, but it won't be enough against a single innate level expert."

"Good, then I've decided, I'm not going to waste time killing the Huo family's children, starting tomorrow, I'll go abroad and return whenever I step into the innate."


Tang Zichen immediately made up his mind and made a phone call to Xiaomeng, thanking her for her help these days.If there was no Xiao Meng, then Tang Zichen would have already been tracked down by the dozens of hackers hired by the Huo family, so Tang Zichen didn't know how many lives he owed Xiao Meng.


The next day, Tang Zichen made a phone call to Xu Mei Qian before boarding a plane to the Glazed Kingdom.

The Yanhuang Empire was not going to be able to stay for a while, Tang Zichen would have to wait until he stepped into the Innate Realm before returning.

Sitting on the plane, Li Xuan'er said, "Honey, I heard that it's a four or five day flight to the Lucid Kingdom."

"Well, the Earth is too big."

"Then when you come back after stepping into the Innate Realm, the Huo family won't dare to kill you?If the Huo family still wants to kill you, you still won't be able to fight them, because the Huo family is a general-level family with experts who exist beyond the innate, and if you step into the innate and come back, you still won't be able to fight the Huo family ah."Li Xuan'er said.

"Regardless of whether I can fight or not, and regardless of whether I can step into Innate or not, I'm bound to come back in five months.The euthanasia Xiaomeng applied for was injected after half a year, and now it's been a month, so I must return in five months."Tang Zichen said, the so-called stepping into innate to come back, this is just Tang Zichen's goal, hopefully in five months, Tang Zichen stepped into innate.

"Honey, Xiao Meng's application for euthanasia injection must have been carefully considered by her, she is now severely crippled and tired of living every day in bed, her family will accept her application, also shows that right, maybe death is the best relief."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, she is too young, she is only seventeen now, where does she understand the preciousness of life, a good death is better than a bad life.As a person who has been reborn, I have a deeper insight into life than anyone else, so Xiao Meng she is by no means thoughtful, I guarantee that she will only regret it when she dies, living does not mean suffering, but hope.So, I will be back in five months and I will stop her from injecting euthanasia."

"Hmm."Li Xuan'er nodded her head.

After five days of travel, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er finally arrived at the Lucid Kingdom.

The customs of the Lucid Kingdom was again completely different from the Yanhuang Empire. Remember the website

After leaving the airport in the glazed country, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were both a bit confused.

"Honey, where are we going now, we don't have Xiaomeng's help here, we feel like headless flies."

Tang Zichen said, "We came abroad, one is to temporarily escape the Huo family's hunting front, the other is to come out to broaden our horizons and take a break, so that we can also comprehend the martial arts more quickly."

"Didn't you say that we came to practice abroad?"Li Xuan'er asked.

"Oh, we're out to broaden our horizons and take a break, that's what an adventure is, and an adventure isn't going to fight with anyone, it's going to some dangerous place that's called an adventure.To put it bluntly, going on a trip can also be called an adventure."


"Let's find a hotel for a night first."

Tang Zichen found a hotel, the Glazed Kingdom and the Yanhuang Empire were neighboring empires, so there was currency in circulation, Tang Zichen could exchange Yanhuang coins for Glazed coins.

Tang Zichen had just booked a hotel when Li Xuan'er suddenly said, "Honey, look, is that Liu Yue?"

Tang Zichen looked towards the elevator of the restaurant.

"Ah, it really is Liu Yue, that bodyguard of Song Yu'er."Tang Zichen was shocked, he didn't expect to see Liu Yue in this foreign country, what was he doing in the glazed country?Is he no longer Song Yuer's bodyguard?

Speaking of Song Yu'er, this childish girl, Tang Zichen hadn't heard from her since she left for Martial Island.

"Hey, Liu Yue."Tang Zichen shouted.

Liu Yue, who was about to enter the elevator, turned back and was taken aback when she saw Tang Zichen.


nbsp; "Tang, Tang Zichen."Liu Yue is a bit incredulous a shout, this Tang Zichen, Liu Yue is impressed, last year in Baiyun Middle School, Liu Yue did not miss to deal with Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, Liu Yue can not play with Tang Zichen at all, Tang Zichen in Baiyun Middle School, while he, but he was repeatedly disliked by Song Yu'er, no time when he disliked him, he said that he regretted not admitting Tang Zichen in the first place.

"Haha, Liu Yue, it's a surprise to meet you here."Tang Zichen smiled and walked up, although he was not considered a friend to Liu Yue, but he was not an enemy either, and he had never clashed with Liu Yue at Baiyun Middle School.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing here?"Liu Yue asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I came here with Xuan'er for a tour, how about you?"

"Oh, I'm kind of in the middle of something."

"You're still a Slayer."


"Are you staying at this hotel, too?"Don Zimmer asked.


"Well then, let's have dinner together tonight, we used to be colleagues at least, so it's a get together."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Yue smiled and nodded her head, "Good."

Liu Yue was very unhappy with Tang Zichen saying peer at that time, he was going down the mountain to protect Song Yu'er for free, while Tang Zichen was doing it for money, who was peer with him.But now that everyone wasn't a personal bodyguard anymore, it was nothing.

Li Xuan'er smiled, "Liu Yue, it seems you've changed quite a bit, oh."

"Fine, no matter how big the change is, it's not as big as Tang Zichen's."

"Alright, then let's go back to our room first, we'll get together at the hotel restaurant tonight."

"Okay, I'll wait for you guys."

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er took their room cards and went to their rooms first, it was now almost around three in the afternoon.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er booked a room on the twelfth floor, and when they entered the room, they had the feeling of being out on their honeymoon, immediately embraced each other, and soon after, they rolled over onto those white sheets.

"What realm is Liu Yue in now?"An hour or so later, Li Xuan'er asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Late Inner Gate, I'm a bit surprised by Liu Yue's change, when he was Song Yu'er's bodyguard at White Cloud High School last year, he was weak, about twenty-five levels below the outer gate, but now, in such a short period of time, he's become a Late Inner Gate, I'm really surprised ah.Based on the talent he showed at that time, he shouldn't have such great potential, I don't know what he's gone through."

Li Xuan'er nodded, "I feel like he's changed quite a bit, he's not even the same as he was in high school last year, he seems to have matured a lot.I don't know how he is doing with Song Yu'er, I remember that Liu Yue seems to like Song Yu'er a lot."

"Won't we know if we talk about it when we eat together at the restaurant in the evening."

Tang Zichen also quite wanted to know something about Song Yu'er, this childish girl, although quite childish, but her body and face are first-class, just a little childish, I don't know if she has found a boy she likes nowadays.

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er took a shower, then dressed in casual clothes and went to the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

Liu Yue was already waiting there.

"Tang Zichen, Li Xuan'er, you guys are here, sit down."Liu Yue was busy being polite.

"Liu Yue, I haven't seen you for half a year, you've become so polite, hahaha."Tang Zichen smiled and sat down opposite Liu Yue, Li Xuan'er sat down beside Tang Zichen.

Liu Yue immediately asked the waiter to come over to order food.


"Liu Yue, how was the last half year?Why aren't you working as a bodyguard for Song Yu'er anymore."Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Yue smiled bitterly, "Something happened, so I didn't go as a bodyguard for Yu'er."

"What went wrong?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Yue's eyes flashed with a hint of pain, along with a hint of anger.

"It's okay to say it's inconvenient."Tang Zichen smiled.

"It's nothing, it's my master, senior brother, they were all killed, if I didn't happen to be a bodyguard at White Cloud High School, I'm afraid I'd be dead too."

"Uh."Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were startled, so Liu Yue had met with great distress.

"So you're all alone now?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Yue nodded, "Yes."


"No need to comfort me, besides, I heard that you're not having a good time either."Liu Yue said. One second to remember to read the book

"Haha, you even know about my news."

"I came to the Lucid Kingdom from the Yanhuang Empire half a month ago, I heard about you, you were being hunted by the Huo family."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's not talk about me, your realm has improved so much in half a year, it seems you have a strong talent, you didn't even see it at Baiyun High School at first."

"Oh, I won't talk about my talent in front of you, I also because my master gave me the Iron Tree Heart before he died, after taking it I had an epiphany, my martial arts realm has improved a lot."Liu Yue said.

"Iron Tree Heart?"Tang Zichen was startled, Iron Tree Heart Tang Zichen had heard of it in his previous life, only, it was something that had simply become extinct in Tang Zichen's world in his previous life.

"Yeah, you might not know, an iron tree heart is the heart that grows out of an iron tree, but an ordinary iron tree won't grow a heart at all, it must have been weathered and aged for a long time to grow a heart."Liu Yue explained, Tang Zichen didn't even need him to explain, Tang Zichen knew about this thing, just hadn't seen it before.

Li Xuan'er was shocked, "An iron tree will still grow a heart."

"Yes, and the heart that grows out is very similar in appearance to the heart we use to move our weapons, but iron trees grow hearts by chance, generally speaking, no iron tree that is over three hundred years old has the conditions to grow a heart.My master got three iron tree hearts by chance, and I had been treasuring them and was reluctant to take them out, but before he died, my master gave them to me and instructed me to live well."

Tang Zichen asked, "Where did your master get the Iron Tree Hearts?"

Liu Yue was stunned and hesitated for a moment before saying, "The glazed country."

"What? It's in the Lucid Kingdom."Li Xuan'er was shocked.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Yue meaningfully, what special significance did Liu Yue appear in the Glazed Kingdom?

Liu Yue said, "Well, Tang Zichen, to tell you the truth, I came to the Glazed Kingdom with the purpose of finding the place my master said, to see if there's still a chance to get the Iron Tree Heart.Since it's such a coincidence to meet you here, I won't hide anything from you."

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is the place where your master obtained the Iron Tree Heart?"


"What, once a peer, don't want to tell me ah, if you have the chance, you can get it even if you tell me, if you don't have the chance, you can't get it without telling me."

Liu Yue shook her head, "No, I didn't say I wouldn't tell you, it's just that, my master said that the place where he got the Iron Tree Heart is in a very dangerous place.He wouldn't let me go there, but my master also followed my grandfather back then to

Over, and my master died there back then, my master fought to the death to let my master escape alive.Therefore, my master told me on his deathbed that I must never go there, and since my master wouldn't let me go, he naturally wouldn't tell me where it was.I only know one thing, it's in a place where savages roam."

"A place where savages run rampant?Is that all you know about one of these?"

"Yes, that's the only clue I have, so I've been here in the Liuli Kingdom for more than half a month and I haven't been able to find out anything."

Li Xuan'er said, "It's best if I can't find out anything, it's better to have less of me in such a dangerous place."

Tang Zichen, however, did not think so, if there was a real chance to find Iron Tree Heart, no matter how dangerous Tang Zichen would risk it, just in case there was none at all, Iron Tree Heart was something that had become extinct in Tang Zichen's former life according to legend.

Tang Zichen asked, "Liu Yue, what was the approximate strength of your master and grandfather back then?"

"Back then, my grandfather was already at the Houtian Great Perfection realm, while my master, back then, was still young and only at the Outer Gate realm."

Tang Zichen smiled, "In that case, I'll look for it with you, if we find this place, we'll go together, whether you can or I can find Tie Shuxin depends on our respective chances, don't you think?You're only at the late Inner Gate, you're alone, even if you find that place where the 'savages are rampant', you might not have the strength to go, if we go together, I'm at least at the mid Houtian stage, at least there's still some chance, Liu Yue, what do you think?"

Liu Yue didn't object and nodded, "Fine, as long as you don't leave me behind when there's danger, then I'll go."

But Li Xuan'er nervously pulled Tang Zichen and said, "Haven't you heard, Liu Yue's master teacher was dead at that time, what are you still going for."

"I haven't seen Tie Shuxin, if there's a chance I want to see him, even if I can't get it, I'm willing to take the risk of purely seeing him.Liu Yue, it's a deal then."

Liu Yue smiled bitterly, "Don't act as if you already know where it is, I've already told you, I only know one piece of information, the place where the savages roam, which part of the glazed country this place is in, who knows.I've been coming to the Lucid Kingdom for half a month and I haven't found out anything."

Tang Zichen said, "As long as we are sure that there is this place, and that this place has an iron tree heart, that's enough, Liu Yue, tell us the clues you have already gotten this half month."

Liu Yue helplessly said, "Alright, this half month, I've been asking around for information, asking which part of the Liuli Kingdom has wildlings, but no one said there are wildlings."

"It's not right for you to ask around like that, the Liuli Kingdom is not big, a place of bouncing balls, if there really is such a place, it's not difficult to find it."Tang Zichen immediately called over an attendant from the Glazed Country.

"Hello, sir, how may I help you."The waiter said enthusiastically.

Tang Zichen asked, "I'm from the Yanhuang Empire, may I ask what's the most terrifying place in your Glazed Country."

"Uh, sir, I don't quite understand what you mean."

"Oh, are you a local?"

"Of course."

"When you were growing up, did you ever hear any legends, like somewhere that was haunted, or had demons, or was always unlucky and dangerous, that your lord told you not to go to.Or, is there any other city in the Glazed Country that has similar rumors like that."

The waiter smiled, "Sir, I'm a local, I've never been to any other city, but when I was a kid, my grandmother told me not to go to Longtan Lake, it's infested with man-eating lake demons, it's just that, we often go to Longtan Lake to swim, and we've never seen any lake demons."


Tang Zichen asked again, "Excuse me, where is Longtan Lake?"

"It's just west of this city, just ask around."

"Okay, thanks."

"You're welcome."

After the waiter left, Liu Yue said, "Tang Zichen, don't tell me that the place where the savages are rampaging is this whatever Long Tan Lake is, right?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I don't know about that, but it definitely won't be possible to find it so smoothly, I'm just giving you an example, to find a place where savages are rampant, it might be easier to find it through this way, you simply can't find it by asking where there are savages directly.If everyone knew about this place, then something as precious as an iron tree heart would have been snatched up long ago.Next, if we were to find this place, we would have to ask the entire glazed country, every place like this, and explore all the legendary places that are dangerous, and maybe, indeed, we would find it, of course, maybe it would be a wasted trip."

"Well, you have a point."

The waiter began to serve the food.

After dinner, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er went for a walk outside, of course Liu Yue was not good enough to be a light bulb and went back to her room early.

Tang Zichen made a deal with Liu Yue, early tomorrow morning, to go to Longtan Lake to explore.

"Honey, are you really going to find this ethereal thing ah?Who knows if what Liu Yue said is true or not." First published at

"Liu Yue shouldn't be lying, anyway, we came to the Liuli Kingdom, isn't it just a training exercise, in that case, let's try to find it."

"Alright, hopefully nothing will happen."Li Xuan'er always felt worried, because Liu Yue's Master Houtian Great Perfection had all died, Li Xuan'er now only had Tang Zichen left as a family member, and couldn't afford to lose any more.

The next morning, Tang Zichen, Liu Yue, and Li Xuan'er went to Longtan Lake.

When they arrived at Longtan Lake, Tang Zichen immediately shook his head and said, "No need to waste energy, there are definitely no legendary savages roaming around here."

"Why?"Liu Yue asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Thinking with your feet, you know that this Longtan Lake is a lake in the park, if there was any mystery about this lake, it would have been discovered hundreds of fucking years ago."

"Also."Liu Yue smiled bitterly.

"So how about now."

"Keep asking around to see where the legendary haunted demon haunts are, preferably in the mountains."

The three Tang Zichen immediately left the city limits and went to the mountainous countryside of the Liuli Kingdom to make inquiries.

The Liuli Country and the Yanhuang Empire were neighboring countries, so the customs were similar, and there were rural areas and such.

Thus, in a blink of an eye, two months passed.

During these two months, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er Liu Yue had been going around the Liuli Country every day in various mountainous areas, asking the villagers about the haunted and haunted places.

In total, they inquired about dozens of rumored places, but as a result, there was nothing.

"It's been two months, and I haven't found anything."Liu Yue said with a frustrated face.

But Li Xuan'er was not frustrated, instead she smiled and said, "It's good that there isn't any, but I think it's better to go to such dangerous places less often anyway."

Saying that, the three of them came to a village again.

Tang Zichen asked an old man, "Hello, old man, do you have any legendary places with wild people, or haunted, or haunted by demons."

That old uncle was smoking a cold cigarette, exhaling smoke and said, "It's not a legend oh, it's true oh, there are real savages out in the Green Mang Mountains."

"Thank you old man, where is Green Mang Mountain?"Tang dynasty (618-907)

Tzu-Chen asked.

Old Uncle shook his head, "Can't go, can't go."

"It's fine, old uncle, tell me where Green Mang Mountain is, I want to go see it."

"Can't go, you'll not be able to come back."The old uncle shook his head resolutely, this old uncle was a very simple old farmer, desperately trying to persuade Tang Zichen that the three of them could not go.

At that moment, a man passing by with a hoe on his shoulder passed by and laughed, "Uncle Goat, you're messing around framing people again."

Tang Zichen asked the man, "Is it true that this old uncle said that there are savages in Green Mang Mountain?"

"Don't listen to his nonsense, I've been to Green Mang Mountain many times, where there are no savages, and many people in the village have also been there, and no one has seen any savages."

Li Xuan'er said, "Then why would this old uncle be so adamant that there are wildlings?"

"He's old and confused."

Tang Zichen asked, "Then how did it get out in your village that there are savages in Green Mang Mountain?There's no such thing as a rumor, even if it's a rumor, there's someone who spreads it, right?"

"What rumors, I heard them from my grandfather when I was very young, and my grandfather was the one he passed, but no one has ever really seen any wildlings."

"Okay, thank you."

"By the way, what are you guys doing in the Green Mang Mountains?Although there are no savages on Green Mang Mountain, it is not a clean mountain, it is a deep forest, no humans go in there all year round, there are many snakes and insects, many poisonous snakes and fierce beasts, several hunters have died there in our village, attacked by some wild beasts."That strong farmer said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "We are going there to collect some herbs, so we want to know more about it."

"Oh, I see, there are few people there and there should be quite a few herbs, so let's wish you a safe return."


After Tang Zichen's three men asked for clear directions, they immediately rushed to Green Mang Mountain.

Liu Yue said, "This is our fifty-third trip to a legendary place, hopefully it won't be another wasted trip."

Tang Zichen said, "It's been over fifty trips in vain anyway, and this Green Mang Mountain, which is remote and unpopulated, will have a relatively high probability."

A few hours later, Tang Zichen's three men had arrived at the range of the Green Mang Mountain.

The three of them entered the Green Reckless Mountain without hesitation.

As soon as they entered the Green Reckless Mountain, Tang Zichen felt a feeling of a very primitive forest.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen was standing on top of a tree when all of a sudden, a huge python's tail rolled towards Tang Zichen, attempting to reel him in.

It didn't measure itself.

Tang Zichen swung out his sword and the python was cut in two by Tang Zichen.

"Honey, Green Mang Mountain is so big, how are we going to find it."Li Xuan'er said.

"I don't know, anyway, we've been around here all day today, looking for any signs of human activity."


As Tang Zichen and his three friends walked through the primeval forest, there were a few strange bird calls from time to time, and the whole forest felt a bit scary and creepy, quiet and filled with an unsettling restlessness.If one was alone, a coward would definitely not even dare to come.

"Tang Zichen, what kind of seal is this?"Liu Yue called out to Tang Zichen, who found some very large footprints under a tree.

Li Xuan'er said, "It's kind of like human footprints, but, human feet can't be this big."

Tang Zichen said, "Either there really are savages, or, it's the footprints of an animal, look again and see if there are any more."


Tang Zichen continued to walk forward, not missing any of the places under his feet, since there were such big footprints in that place, there must be more around.

Tang Zichen was a little excited inside, was it, really a savage?

"Liu Yue, do you think it's the Savage's footprints?This footprint, other than being twice as big as a human's, is not much different from a human's footprint, I have a feeling that this might really be a savage's footprint, that village old man doesn't seem to be lying, there really are savages here."Tang Zichen said, but Liu Yue didn't say anything.

"Xuan'er, stay close."Tang Zichen said without turning his head.

However, neither heard Li Xuan'er's reply.

When Tang Zichen turned back, he was shocked, where was Liu Yue and Li Xuan'er behind him, they were long gone without a trace.

"Ah."Tang Zichen felt numb all of a sudden.

"Liu Yue, Xuan'er."

"Liu Yue, Xuan'er."

Tang Zichen shouted, but it was as if Liu Yue and Xuan'er had never been here before, just a few seconds ago, they were following behind Tang Zichen, searching together for any more footprints around, but now, they had vanished into thin air.

Tang Zichen's body trembled, and with Tang Zichen's power, he didn't even notice when Liu Yue and Li Xuan'er had disappeared from behind him. Remember the website

Tang Zichen had just felt excited, but at this moment, Tang Zichen felt creeped out.


Tang Zichen immediately flew to the top of the tree, where a higher view could see further away.

However, Tang Zichen didn't see Liu Yue and Li Xuan'er in the slightest.

At this moment, a voice came from the air: "Go, leave here."

"Who is it?"Tang Zichen shouted.

"Give me the man, or I'm not done with you."Tang Zichen shouted into the air.

The voice in the air hummed, "If you don't leave, even you will be finished."

"Who are you?Why did you take my friend."Don looked around and said.

"I arrested your friend?No, you're mistaken, I'm not arresting your friend."This voice suddenly sounded from behind Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen turned back sharply and saw an old man standing there on the top of a tree a few dozen meters out behind him.

"Who are you?Where did my friend go?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Little friend, I'm kindly advising you to leave, alright, I've already said this, if you don't leave yet, don't regret it then."After saying that, that old man immediately flew off into the distance.

Tang Zichen chased after him.

"Don't go, tell me quickly, where did my friend go?"

"Little friend, I think you have a good talent, don't waste your life here."

"Why do you dare not tell me where my friends are going, I won't leave here until I find them."

The old man snorted, "You'll die even if you stay, just a good man, I'll save your life, otherwise you won't be able to leave with your own skills."

After saying that, the old man rushed to Tang Zichen's front and tried to take him away.

However, how could Tang Zichen leave on his own.

"Let go of me."Tang Zichen immediately resisted, the old man was around late innate.

The old man grabbed Tang Zichen and quickly flew away.

Tang Zichen got anxious, but the old man didn't let go of him, Tang Zichen immediately furiously applied the Sucking Power Technique.

"Wow."The old man's power was sucked by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."The old man was shocked, and suddenly

Throw Tang Zichen away.

After Tang Zichen got rid of the old man, he said, "I'm offended, senior, I can't go with you, I have to save my friends."

The old man snorted, "With you saving them?Even I can't save you, so you'll die in vain if you go, so why be so stubborn."

"Even if I die, that's still my business."

"Kid, your talent is good, I can't just stand by and watch you die, taking you back and giving you companionship to that girl of mine is better than you dying."After saying that, the old man flew in front of Tang Zichen again and subdued him in the blink of an eye.

The innate expert was simply not something Tang Zichen could deal with.

"Bang."Tang Zichen was still trying to perform the Sucking Power Technique when he suddenly felt intense pain in his brain, and in the next moment, Tang Zichen lost consciousness.

The old man had knocked Tang Zichen unconscious.

It was impossible for Tang Zichen, a mere mid Houtian, to resist.

The old man secretly said, "This brat, not too old, his realm has reached Houtian, he's a buildable talent, and the technique he just performed can absorb other people's power, this brat is not a simple origin, it would be a pity if he died like this.Hehe, it would be better to catch him back and let him make a pair with that girl of mine, and save that girl of mine, who is always shouting to go to the big city to find a man.Now that I've captured back a man for him, she'll always be good enough to stay and follow me to practice martial arts, right?"

The old man grabbed Tang Zichen and flew to a large mountain on the edge of the Green Mang Mountains, deep inside this large mountain was a thatched hut, right now this thatched hut was cooking, a woman was washing vegetables on the side of the pond next to it, the woman was dressed in a very plain or rustic way.


"Grandpa, you're back."

"Haha, Lian'er, look what gift grandpa brought you back."

"Grandpa, you don't need to coax me, no matter what gift you bring me back, it won't change my determination, I've made my decision, I'm going to the big city, I'm going to find my husband."The old-fashioned woman who was washing vegetables in the pond said without turning her head.

"Lian'er, what do you want a husband for, wouldn't it be great to practice martial arts with grandpa in this big mountain with no one to disturb you."

"No, grandpa, I want a husband."

"Hahaha, Lian'er, look back."

The one called Lian'er turned back and saw his grandfather holding a man in his hands.

"Whoa, man."Lian'er stood up with a lustful look in her eyes.

"Hahaha, Lian'er, how about this gift from grandpa for you, Lian'er?That's a nice man, isn't it."

"Mmmmmmm, so handsome."Lian'er nodded incessantly in excitement.

"Lian'er, if you still want to go to the big city, this gift won't be given to you."

"Grandpa, Lian'er isn't going anywhere, Lian'er won't go anywhere, Lian'er will stay with you in the big mountain for the rest of her life."


"Grandpa, give me the man quickly."Lian'er looked anxious.

"You girl, here you go."The old man pushed Tang Zichen into that Lian'er's arms.

Lian'er helped Tang Zichen walk towards the thatched hut.

"Hey, Lian'er, what are you doing, the dishes haven't been washed yet, what are you going to eat tonight."

"Grandpa, Lian'er won't cook tonight."

"You girl, what kind of excitement to see a man, you don't even have to eat rice."

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly woke up, Tang Zichen immediately looked around, he saw that he was being held by a slightly chubby woman, who just happened to enter a thatched roof.

Tang Zichen suddenly backhanded and twisted the arm of the slightly chubby woman.


"What man."

"Oh, it hurts, it hurts so much."The woman was busy crying out in pain.

That old man came up.

"Little friend, let go of my granddaughter."

Tang Zichen let go of the slight fat woman and asked, "Senior, where is this?"

But the old man was shocked and said, "You were hit by my lullaby and woke up so quickly, how is this possible, and you don't even look like you've been affected at all."

"Lullaby?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows jumped, Tang Zichen also knew a very profound skill in his previous life, called the Hypnotic Great Law.

The Great Law of Hypnosis was not something that could be practiced by ordinary people, firstly, one must be determined, secondly, one must be mentally strong, thirdly, one's talent must be strong, and fourthly, one's self-control must be strong as well, otherwise not only would one not be able to hypnotize others, but one would also be hypnotized.The principle of the Great Law of Hypnosis is that in order to hypnotize others, you must be able to hypnotize yourself.

To put it bluntly, the Hypnotic Great Law was the product of this world's mesmerism combined with sound attacks.

"Senior, I want to go back to Green Mang Mountain, I want to find my friend."Tang Zichen said.

The old man laughed, "Little friend, I purposely brought you back because I didn't want you to die, but you went off on a tangent, what can I say about you.Originally, I didn't want to be so kind, and seeing that you're talented, I thought of bringing you back and then casting a lullaby on you to hypnotize you into becoming my granddaughter's husband, so that you could first combine, and after all of your future children are born, you won't be afraid of anything.But who knew that you woke up so quickly, and, moreover, were not affected by my lullaby in the slightest.Little friend, the strength of your soul and spirit really surprised me." One second to remember to read the book

"Senior, I didn't expect you to be so despicable."Tang Zichen's heart was a bit angry, if Tang Zichen's mental perseverance and mental weakness, then it must have been hypnotized, and then with his granddaughter I'm afraid that all the real children were born.At that time, when Tang Zichen came to his senses, Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue had already disappeared in Green Mang Mountain for an unknown amount of time, and there was still a child calling out for his father, this feeling was worse than death, so Tang Zichen was a little angry.

The old man laughed awkwardly, "Little friend, it's not that I'm despicable, but you're going to die anyway, it's better to bring it back to my granddaughter than to die at the hands of that savage."

"Alright, I don't have time for your nonsense, I'm going to Green Mang Mountain to save my friend."Tang Zichen flew up.

The old man shouted, "Little friend, it's getting late, it's useless for you to go, why don't you rest here for tonight, my knowledge of the Green Reckless Mountain is far better than yours, why don't you listen to what I know, maybe it will be easier for you if you really want to go to save your friend tomorrow."

Tang Zichen thought about it, it made sense, he was now completely immobile to Green Mang Mountain, rashly going in, he couldn't even touch the door, how could he talk about saving people.

"But my friend, I don't know if something will happen to him tonight."Tang Zichen said.

The old man said, "Don't worry, nothing will happen to your friend for at least three days."

"How do you know?You seem to know something."Tang Zichen was busy asking, this old man's so affirmative tone indicated that he knew something that Tang Zichen didn't know.

"Hahaha."The old man laughed loudly and didn't tell Tang Zichen.

"Senior, please tell me."Tang Zichen pleaded.

The old man said, "Little friend, stay for tonight, you stay and I will tell you myself, and after I tell you, if you still insist on going to your friend, it will be your own creation."

Tang Zichen bit his teeth and asked, "Senior, are you really sure that nothing will happen to my friend tonight?"


; "Of course, within three days, they will definitely not die, after three days, well, I don't know.Well, whether you want to stay or not, it's up to you."

"Okay, I'll stay."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

It's just that Tang Zichen was very worried about Xuan'er inside, as well as Liu Yue, both of them didn't know why they suddenly disappeared out of thin air, Tang Zichen didn't understand it at all, and felt that that Green Mang Mountain, was not as simple as the surface.

Could it be that the place that Master Liu Yue said, where the savages were roaming, was really in the Green Mang Mountains?

That slight fat girl named Lian'er depressedly said, "Grandpa, what now?Didn't you say that you gave me a gift of a man."

The old man said helplessly, "Lian'er, it seems that you can't get him in your life, grandpa's lullaby, it's strange that you can't hypnotize him at all, otherwise, he would be yours tonight."

"Grandpa, I want him, I want him."The chubby woman pleaded with the old man.

"Alright, Lian'er, people aren't hypnotized by me, there's nothing grandpa can do, you, it's better to hold out a little longer, grandpa will give you a man."

"Grandpa, Lian'er just loves him, Lian'er wants him tonight."The chubby woman said pleadingly.

The old man was in a difficult position.

Tang Zichen looked at the slight fat woman, long slightly fat, but the face is still quite delicate, Tang Zichen really hard to believe, how come there is such a woman in this mountain, clamoring for a man, really never seen a man, too shameless, really want a man so bad, casually go to a city, it is expected that a large number of men will want her bar.This woman's face is still quite delicate, if a little thin, it should be quite good-looking.

The old man said to his granddaughter, "Alright, alright, he'll stay here tonight, I'll try to help you fight for it, so go cook."

"Yes, grandpa."

The old man's eyes looked towards Tang Zichen and smiled, "Little friend, come, let's go over there to drink tea and chat."

Tang Zichen and the old man came to a nearby pavilion.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the pair strangely.

As soon as Tang Zichen and the old man sat down in the pavilion, the sound of chickens and ducks quacking came from over there.

When Tang Zichen looked, the woman was holding a large rooster in one hand and an old duck in the other.

"Hey, Lian'er, what are you grabbing the chickens and ducks for?"The old man was busy shouting.

"Grandpa, I want to kill the chicken and duck ah, you have to help me fight oh, even for one night."

The old man wiped his cold sweat and said, "Lian'er, last time grandpa got sick and begged you to kill that rooster, you wouldn't even do it, today, you're even killing chickens and ducks again."

"Oh my, grandpa."The woman looked petulant and embarrassed for a while.

The old man was speechless and looked at Tang Zichen, embarrassed and only smiled.

"Little friend, come, come, have some tea."

"Oh, thanks."

Tang Zichen's eyes were strange.

Tang Zichen couldn't hold back and said, "Senior, can you tell me about Qing Mang Mountain ah, what mysteries are there, are my friend and the others really not in danger for the time being, you quickly tell me."

"Little friend, what's the hurry, but I, I have something to ask for now."

"Senior, please say."

"That, that you also saw, my granddaughter is killing chickens and ducks, the purpose is to entertain you, can you?Heh heh."The old man was embarrassed to open his mouth.


"Senior, what are you trying to say?"Tang Zichen felt nothing good.

"Little friend, as you can see, my granddaughter is clamoring to go to the big city, but I don't want her to go to the big city, the big city is full of dragons and snakes, there are all kinds of things, my granddaughter is so simple, enter that big dye vat, and it won't turn my granddaughter into anything."

Tang Zichen inwardly despised, still simple, Nima, I've never seen a woman who wants to think of a man like this, this old man still has the nerve to say his granddaughter is simple.

Tang Zichen could not help but heave.

"So, Little Friend, for the sake of my granddaughter wanting a man so badly, you'll fulfill her?Leave her a son and a half or something so that, with a child here, she won't be thinking of going to the big city all day."The old man said with a smile.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, senior, I already have a girlfriend, to tell the truth, one of the two people who disappeared in the Green Mang Mountain this time was my girlfriend."

"Uh, this, hehehe, then my granddaughter isn't killing chickens and ducks for nothing."The old man shouted, "Lian'er, quick, don't kill the chickens and ducks."

"Grandpa, kill them already."His woman's voice came from the pond in the distance.

The old man was suddenly depressed, his granddaughter's nimble movements were like she was getting married tonight.

"Senior, you'd better tell me about Green Mang Mountain, is it true that there are many savages in Green Mang Mountain?Is there a rampage of savages there ah."Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen didn't want to get into his granddaughter's business with him, Tang Zichen was now concerned about Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue.

The old man said, "It's fine, you want to know, then I'll tell you, yes, the Green Mang Mountain is rampant with wild people, very many wild people, so to speak, the whole Green Mang Mountain is the territory of wild people." First URL

"Ah, then why is it that when I entered the Green Mammoth Mountains, I saw nothing but a big footprint, but not a single savage."Don Zichen said.

"If you could have seen one, then it would not be good for your friend to be taken away.The savages of Green Reckless Mountain, they live underground, the whole Green Reckless Mountain is underground, there are many passages, the passages are crisscrossed and the savages live in the underground passages.Your two friends must have been walking on the mountain when suddenly an underground passage popped up with savages and they were instantly pulled into the underground passage."

"Ah, then why didn't I notice it in the slightest?"

The old man said, "Your attention is not on them, and those savages live underground and are very good at concealing their scent, even if they are in the dirt beneath your feet, you can't feel their presence, they are like ghosts who will suddenly appear beside you and you are unaware of it.These are all that I know about the Green Mang Mountain Savages, but other than that, I'm not sure of much more."

Tang Zichen recalled that the old man had just said that his friend would be fine in three days, and he was busy asking, "Senior, why did you say that they would be fine in three days?"

"Oh, this ah, as far as I know, the savage tribe of the Green Mang Mountains are holding a heavenly sacrifice these days, and it's very likely that their capturing of your friend has something to do with the heavenly sacrifice.Every year when those savages sacrifice to the heavens, they have to capture many, many beasts, and some humans, for a living sacrifice, do you know what a living sacrifice is?It's the live killing during the sacrifice, with blood flowing all over the altar.Your friend should be fine for three days, and the likelihood of being sacrificed alive after three days is very high."


p; "Damn, this savage is too tough."

The old man asked, "What's your name?"

"Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, what is your purpose for coming to Green Mang Mountain?If there isn't a special purpose, then the average person wouldn't come to Green Mang Mountain."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled, what did it mean that this old man would suddenly ask him this question, did this old man know something as well?

"Senior, I don't understand."

"Alright, don't pretend, Tang Zichen, is your coming to Green Mang Mountain related to Tie Shuxin?"

"Ah, senpai, you."

"Oh, you want to ask how I know?Nonsense, I've been waiting here for twenty years, how could I not know about the Green Mang Mountain Savage Tribe's use of iron tree hearts.However, Tang Zichen, it's not that the old man is hitting you, you shouldn't even think about it."


"The Iron Tree Heart is the totem of the Savage Tribe, they will not allow anyone to acquire it, not to mention you, a mid Houtian, even I am simply delusional, I have been here for twenty years, twenty years ago, I also came here for the Iron Tree Heart.At that time, I was also very unhappy, I was captured by the Savage Tribe, just like your missing friends, I was only in the early Houtian period, fortunately, it wasn't in time for the Savage Tribe during the Heavenly Festival, moreover, I was good at lullabies, so when I was captured, I suddenly performed a lullaby on the Savage who captured me, that's why I escaped.After that, I settled down near the Green Recluse Mountain and explored the Green Recluse Mountain when I had the chance, and slowly, I found that my lullaby was very effective against the savage attack.This may be because the savages live underground all year round and their mental strength is relatively poor.Thus, I often entered the tunnels within the underground of the Green Mang Mountain and used my lullaby if I encountered a savage.Unfortunately, even though it's been twenty years, I still don't know much about the underground world of the Green Reckless Mountain.This is some of the drawings I made of the passageways of the Green Mang Mountains Underground."

The old man took out a waxy yellow drawing, which was densely packed.

"Damn, so many passageways underneath the Green Reckless Mountains?Tens of thousands of it."Tang Zichen was dazzled to see tens of thousands of passageways crisscrossing the underground.

"There are about thirty thousand underground passageways, and they are not parallel, but up and down, some passageways are on the surface of the ground, some are hundreds of meters deep underground, and some passageways are vertical.The entire Qing Mang Mountain underground was a very large savage world.I don't even know how many strong people there are in this savage world, I almost couldn't escape several times in the late innate stage anyway, I think that this savage world has at least the existence of innate great success."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled, the existence of an Innate Great Perfection, then Tang Zichen was really looking for death a bit this time when he rashly came to Green Mang Mountain.

The old man said, "The most crucial thing is, this savage world is very complicated, the terrain in it is crisscrossed, tens of thousands of passageways up and down, it's very complicated, it's very difficult to hit the savage's totemic iron tree heart."

"If it's difficult, then why are you still here all these years?"

"I haven't exactly been here all these years for the heart of that iron tree, it's just that I've gotten used to life here, what am I going to do out in the world, it's better to be in peace and quiet here."

Don didn't say anything, maybe.


"Kid, are you still going to go to the Green Mang Mountain again now?"The old man asked.

"Of course, it's imperative."

"Kid, you still want to go after all this, I think you'd better resign yourself to your fate, that savage tribe is no less than a big family, you'll only find death if you go.Besides, the Savage Tribe is so complicated, you won't be able to find those friends of yours if you go."

Tang Zichen said firmly, "No matter what, I must go to save my friends, even if it means death."

"You're a man, well, let's make a deal."

"What kind of deal?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You help me leave my granddaughter's heart behind, I'll teach you lullaby, you learn lullaby, you won't be afraid if you run into savages, of course, it's worth being a low level savage, savages also have martial arts skills.If I run into a powerful savage, even I will be dead.But the savage tribe, powerful savages are ultimately a minority, just like a large family, there are not many experts who can reach innate, the same goes for the savage tribe, it's estimated that the entire savage tribe, there are no more than twenty savages who have reached the innate realm, the remaining tens of thousands are all below innate.If you learn my lullaby, you only need to practice to the third level of the lullaby, and you'll be able to hypnotize those wildlings below Innate.That's a good deal, right."The old man said, in fact, the old man was shrugging it off because he knew that his lullaby was very difficult to learn, he had learned this lullaby from an ancient stone tablet when he got it back then, and he had only learned the fourth layer so far, he had been learning it for thirty years.If Tang Zichen wanted to learn the third layer, I'm afraid it would be difficult without a twenty years, after twenty years, Tang Zichen's martial arts realm would have already been innate, so there was still a bird's chance of learning this that could only deal with the savages under the latter day.

"Tang Zichen, my request is simple, just let my granddaughter conceive one."The old man said.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Sorry, Senior."

"Uh, you don't even want me to teach you a lullaby."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't, there are many martial arts techniques I know now, too many for me to learn, one person is ultimately capable of being effective, there are all kinds of martial arts in the world, how can I learn them, just enough.Moreover, no matter what kind of martial arts, they all need to consume internal force, no matter how many martial arts techniques there are, the internal force is gone, what's the point." Remember the URL

"Okay, you can."

"Senior, goodbye."Tang Zichen stood up.

"Er, kid, where are you going?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to Green Mang Mountain right now."

"My granddaughter is still killing chickens and ducks, and you're leaving already?What about my granddaughter?You let her work for nothing?"

"Oh, Senior, your chicken and duck, I am really not fortunate enough to take my leave, Tzu-Chen."Tang Zichen made a gesture to fly away.

"Wait."The old man stopped Tang Zichen.

"What else does senior have to command."

"Tang Zichen, you're not allowed to leave yet."The old man ordered, and Tang Zichen's lack of oil and salt left the old man with nothing to do.

"Are you forcing me to stay, Senior?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Alright, I'm not in the mood to force you to stay behind and waste my food, it's late now, my granddaughter has killed the chickens and ducks, you have to eat before you leave if you say anything, my family hasn't had any outsiders for a long time, stay with me tonight and have a drink."

Tang Zichen hesitated, this old man at least told him so much information, and did not force anything on him, now he actually invited, then stay for dinner.


; "Thank you for your senior's hospitality, then I'll have a few drinks with senior, to be honest, I'm also a good drinker, but it's been a long time since I drank."Tang Zichen said.

"Why haven't you drank for a long time?"

"Oh, there are a thousand cups of wine with a confidant, perhaps, there is no confidant, and of course, there is no good wine."Tang Zichen couldn't help but think back to his previous life, the scenes of drinking freely with his brothers and sisters, no one carried a wine jar, that hearty, can't be described with words.However, after coming to this world, Tang Zichen never drank like this again, before he didn't drink because he was afraid of stirring up sad things, behind finally got out of the shadow of his previous life, but he was busy improving his strength, and even more unable to find a drinking buddy.

"Hahaha, little friend, old man is also a good drinker, it seems that we won't get drunk tonight, you're not allowed to go anywhere tonight, let's have a good night's drinking."

"Senior, I have things to do, I can't drink too much."Tang Zichen still had to go to Green Mang Mountain, how could he drink with him all night.

"You people, what are you going to find in the middle of the night, no, let's drink tonight, if you drink with me, then tomorrow I'll give you the map of the underground passage of the Green Mang Mountain."

"Uh, Senior is speaking the truth."

"Of course it's the truth."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded, drinking wine with him all night in exchange for a map would be worth it.

"Where's the wine?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hahaha, don't worry, the wine is definitely good old wine, I didn't bother to drink it before, but I'll bring it out tonight to share with you."Saying that, the old man carried out two large jars of wine from the ground at the back of the house.

Unsealing the wine, a sudden aroma of wine overflowed.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows moved and said aloud, "Good wine, I'm afraid it's been hidden underground for at least ten years."

"Hehehe, little friend, you really are a man of wine, not bad, it's been hidden for eleven whole years."

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen gulped down his saliva, smelling the wine, and then looking at the thatched huts and adobe houses around him, placed in the mountains, less of the noise of the big city, Tang Zichen seemed to have returned to the feeling of his previous life.

At this time, the old man had already poured two large bowls of wine.

"Little friend, cheers first."

Tang Zichen also uh grabbed the bowl and gulped it down.

"Wow."After Tang Zichen finished his gulp, he felt refreshed, and his throat was stimulated by the alcohol, causing Tang Zichen's body to recall memories of his past life.

"Drink."The old man poured another full for Tang Zichen.

The two of them drank seven or eight bowls in a row before the feast even started.

"Good wine."

The old man also said happily, "It's been a long time since the old man drank so freely, hahaha, it hurts."

Soon, the old man's granddaughter brought the food to the table, pure natural chicken and duck, coupled with her perfect cooking skills, it was simply delicious on earth, and for a moment, Tang Zichen drank happily, seemingly forgetting about the important matters.

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How can you drink without wine to aid in the fun, drinking until a little dizzy, Tang Zichen and the old man each held a small jar, stumbling over the sword dance.

As they danced with their swords, they cut each other's sword skills while continuing to drink freely, having a good time.


The old man was very impressed when he saw that Tang Zichen's sword skill was very high, that is, Tang Zichen's comprehension of sword intent was very high.

The old man's granddaughter had wanted to tell her grandfather to fight for her love ah, to leave such a good man behind, but, seeing that they had forgotten everything they drank, she didn't know how to mention it.

This night, Tang Zichen himself didn't even know how much he had drunk, and he didn't know when he fell down.

When Tang Zichen woke up, it was already dawn.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and saw himself lying on the chair of a room, and judging by the decor of this room, it looked like it was occupied by girls.

"Shit."Tang Zichen crawled up, this room couldn't belong to that granddaughter of the old man, right?

"What about last night?"Tang Zichen couldn't remember anything and felt a sudden cold sweat, he didn't want to have a muddled relationship with the old man's granddaughter.

At that moment, the woman who had gotten up outside to cook over the fire walked in.

"You're okay."

Tang Zichen stared at her, only to see her face flushed as if she was a little shy.

"Hey, why am I sleeping here?This is the guest room?"Don Zichen asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"No, this is my room?"

"So where did you sleep last night?"

The woman said, "It's also this."

"What."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"What about us?"

"Hmm."The woman nodded with a blush before the Don could finish.

"Ah."Don Zichen slapped his head, he didn't know anything, no.

"Give me your hand," said Tang Zichen.

The woman looked at Tang Zichen puzzled and gave her hand to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen took her pulse and relaxed, the woman was still a yellow flower girl, it seemed that Tang Zichen didn't have any with her last night.

"You're my man now, you're in charge oh."The woman said.

Tang Zichen said, "You're still a yellow-flowered lady's daughter, alright, I should get up, I'm going to Green Mang Mountain, right, where's your grandfather?"

"Don't you really want to stay?I really like you, I will serve you wonderfully every day."The woman pleaded, seeing that Tang Zichen was leaving, a little anxious.

"Oh, don't tease, I'm leaving, where's your grandfather now."

"My grandfather is still sleeping, he can't get up until noon, or even at night, you should stay, if you stay I'll teach you my grandfather's lullaby."The woman said.

Tang Zichen said, "Come on you, you're so bad at that martial art, you may not even know the lullaby yourself, talk about teaching others."

"I can just show you that stele."The woman said busily.

"The stone tablet?What monolith?"

"It's the stone tablet with the lullaby engraved on it, it's under my bed."

When Tang Zichen bent down, he really saw a stone tablet under the bed.

"Why is your grandfather's lullaby engraved on the stone tablet?"

"This is a very old stone tablet that my grandfather obtained, the lullaby is recorded on it."

Tang Zichen hesitated in his heart, this lullaby was definitely a powerful technique as well, it was right in front of him now, should he learn away?

The woman saw Tang Zichen hesitate and thought that there was a drama, so she said, "You take your time to think about it, I'm going to cook dinner first, you can answer me after dinner."

Saying that, the woman walked out of the room.

Tang Zichen sat

At the head of the bed, the woman was obviously too innocent, didn't she ever think that the tablet would peek under the bed Tang Zichen?

"Why don't I take out the tablet and read it?"Tang Zichen's heart, with Tang Zichen's memory, casually look at it and remember it, then go back and practice it slowly, the art will not be overwhelming, maybe it will be really useful in the future, and it will also enhance some fighting power.

"No, how can I Tang Zichen be like this, taking advantage of that old man being drunk, and this woman's simple mind, to secretly learn that lullaby, if I do that, I Tang Zichen any right to my conscience."

"However, learning the lullaby can obviously better save Xuan'er and Liu Yue, if I don't learn it, maybe even I will die there, what's the harm in doing something against my moral conscience in order to save the woman I love."

"No, never."Tang Zichen resolutely walked out of the room.

Tang Zichen eventually gave up on stealing a glance at it, it was in front of him, and he didn't go to steal learning, it seemed that deep down, Tang Zichen was still an upright and noble person.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed deeply.

Tang Zichen flew up and prepared to go to Green Mang Mountain.

Tang Zichen certainly couldn't eat breakfast here anymore, perhaps Xuan'er and Liu Yue were already in dire straits, so why eat breakfast at all.

Tang Zichen had just flown several thousand meters away when an old man shouted from behind him, "Little friend Tang, please wait a moment."

"Uh, senior, you're awake, aren't you supposed to wake up at noon?"

"Hahaha, little friend, you're really going to the Green Reckless Mountain?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, flying there is not allowed."

"It's just that I'm not going to stop you, this is the map of the underground of Green Mang Mountain, but I haven't finished drawing it yet, so it's only partial."

"Thank you, Senior."Tang Zichen unceremoniously took it over.

Tang Zichen was about to fly away when the old man shouted again, "Wait a moment."

"What else do you want, Senior?"

"A thousand cups of wine with a friend, last night I was rarely so free, let's just say, since it's not meant to be, then why not make you a friend.This is a lullaby, take it, your talent is stronger than mine, I'm sure it's not as hard to learn, if you really want to go to the Green Mang Mountain Savage Tribe, you might as well spend some time to learn this lullaby, it might come in handy."

"Ah, Senior, why did you give it to me."Tang Zichen was surprised.

"Oh, no reason, I just wanted to give it away."

"Then, thank you, Senior."

"This lullaby, my talent is too poor, it took me thirty years to practice to the fourth level, I hope you won't also take this long."

Tang Zichen immediately unfolded the secret of the lullaby, a copy of it topped off from the stone tablet.

Tang Zichen read the first layer on the spot, then tried practicing it for a few minutes and said, "The first layer is done."

"Eh."The old man was stunned there.

After a few more minutes, Tang Zichen smiled and said, "The second layer practiced."

"What."The old man almost fell in mid-air, this was too much of an oxymoron.

"Hehe, the third layer is practiced."

"I'll go."

The old man really couldn't calm down and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, Tang Zichen was still practicing the fourth layer, but the fourth time was slightly harder, Tang Zichen tried several times with his eyes closed, after about ten minutes, Tang Zichen grinned and said, "The fourth layer is practiced."

"Boom."The old man fell from mid-air, he he took thirty years to practice the fourth time, Tang Zichen actually practiced it in just less than twenty minutes, how could the old man calm down, this talent was to hang the old man up and abuse him a thousand times ah a thousand times.If there were post-regrets, the old man would never tell Tang Zichen that it took him thirty years to train to the fourth level of this sentence.


"Senior, what's wrong with you?"Tang Zichen saw the old man fall and flew down in a panic.

The old man was gray-headed, "Little friend Tang, you're still not human."

"Uh, Senior, I don't seem to have offended you, so what's the point of scolding me?"

"Forget it, I have nothing to say to the old man, I'm willing to submit."

Tang Zichen smiled, knowing that he was referring to the practice of lullabies.

Tang Zichen had been good at linking all kinds of techniques since he was young, and he never forgot any martial arts secrets, and this lullaby, Tang Zichen felt that it wasn't difficult to practice, so he spent about twenty minutes and reached the fourth level.

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, you said you spent thirty years practicing to the fourth level back then?Is this true?"

The old man coughed awkwardly, "That, my granddaughter's porridge is already cooked, I'm going home for porridge, would you like two bowls as well."The old man immediately flew away.

Tang Zichen laughed, the old man must have felt embarrassed, thirty years, thanks to him having the nerve to say it.

Tang Zichen looked at the secret in his hand, originally Tang Zichen was going to go to Green Mang Mountain immediately, however, since the old man gave him the secret of the lullaby, Tang Zichen thought, how about practicing the lullaby again first?It was also much more certain this way.

The old man flew back to the thatched cottage, and the reason why the old man gave Tang Zichen the secret of the lullaby was actually not because he had a great time drinking with Tang Zichen last night, but because, just this morning, Tang Zichen could obviously steal the lullaby from that stone tablet, but Tang Zichen didn't even do that. The first website

All of this was evident to the old man, who was at the back of the house at the time.

Therefore, the old man decided to teach the lullaby to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't know that his decision in the morning had made a man uncontrollably fond of him, uncontrollably wanting to teach him the lullaby.

It seems that one must be upright and upright, and one must not do anything that is greedy for a small advantage, even if it is a big one, but in real life, there are many people who don't take small advantages, but fewer who don't take big advantages.

Tang Zichen resolutely returned to the thatched cottage.

The old man was sitting on the porch with a bowl of porridge, hailing and sucking the porridge from that bowl.

Tang Zichen found this congenital expert old man quite amusing, making him look like a rural old man.

"Tang Zichen, why aren't you going to Green Mang Mountain."The old man asked.

"That, I want to practice the fifth level of the lullaby again ah."Tang Zichen said.

The old man said, "You're not going to be able to practice the fifth level that easily."

"Uh, yeah."

"Now that you've practiced the fourth layer, almost half of the savages will be hypnotized by you, it's enough for you to walk some places in the savage tribe, and if you're a little more careful, you might still be able to come out alive."

Tang Zichen asked, "Then what if I've practiced the fifth level?"

"If you practice the fifth level, I'm afraid that there will be no rival at the Houtian realm."

"Ah, no way."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, Tang Zichen was now but only in the middle of the Houtian, he relied on the Sucking Power Law, then with the Ghost Wheel Determination, the two swords combined, encountered the Houtian perfection of a strong man, all of them had to fight to stay alive, if the Houtian perfection, it was even more unnecessary to fight, whether he died or not all depended on luck.

However, the old man went so far as to say that if he learned the fifth level of the lullaby, there would be no more rivals in the afterlife.

There would be no more opponents in the Houtian, which was remarkable for the current Tang Zichen, and if he returned to the Yanhuang Empire, any Houtian level person from the Huo family could be fearless even if they encountered him.

"But, you won't be able to learn it, it's too hard."The old man said.

Tang Zichen said, "I must learn it, so I'll be more confident when I go to the Savage Tribe again.I don't know if I've learned the fifth level.

Lullaby, what happens when you encounter the innate level."

The old man said, "It definitely won't work if you're at the innate level, you won't be able to pass just the innate abstruse level, and there will be no more opponents at the Houtian realm, this is already ungodly enough for a person in the middle of the Houtian, of course, only if you can really practice it.

"I definitely can."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth.

"Alright, have a bowl of porridge first."The old man said.

"No more drinking, I'm going to start practicing the fifth level of the lullaby."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen immediately flew to the roof of the pavilion built next to the thatched hut, Tang Zichen sat there cross-legged and immediately started practicing the fifth layer, Tang Zichen only had one belief in his mind, it had to be practiced, there was only one belief, nothing that couldn't be done, this was Tang Zichen's belief in life.

The old man saw Tang Zichen and sighed, he also wanted to see if Tang Zichen was really so ungodly.

The old man, as someone who had practiced, was well aware of how high the hypnotic song technique demanded mental strength, he, a person in the innate realm, had a hard time satisfying the fifth level of mental strength, not to mention Tang Zichen, a mid Houtian.

"Grandpa, you've taught him the lullaby?"The old man's granddaughter asked.


"Grandpa, why are you so anxious, I've made a deal with him, he promised to stay before passing it on to him."

The old man said, "Alright, Lian'er, Tang Zichen's talent is no small feat, and his achievements in the future will never be comparable to your grandfather's, let alone yours, you, it's better if you don't mange to eat the swan's meat."


"Grandpa is telling the truth, when you meet the right one some other day, grandpa will catch you a man again."

Tang Zichen practiced and practiced on the roof.

The sun was also rising, about three hours later.

Tang Zichen suddenly bounced up from the roof.

"Yay, fifth layer, practiced."Tang Zichen.

The old man who was drinking tea in the thatched pavilion shuddered when he heard Tang Zichen's words, what a man whose talent was so strong that it terrified him.

Tang Zichen wanted to continue practicing the sixth level, but Tang Zichen found that he had reached his limit, and before he even practiced, he had a terrible headache, which Tang Zichen knew was completely insufficient to support his mental strength.

Tang Zichen jumped down from the roof of the thatched pavilion.

The old man suddenly saw that Tang Zichen had a head full of white hair.

Tang Zichen was also shocked when he discovered that he had a head full of white hair, surprisingly, he had overstretched his spirit, and white hair was one of the most obvious characteristics.

However, this wasn't a matter at all, Tang Zichen was a healer, it was easy to get his hair back to black, but it took hours to make up for the mental overdraft, but there was nothing a healer could do about the mental aspect.

Tang Zichen inserted a few needles into his body, and within a single tea of work, Tang Zichen's white hair was black.

The old man said, "Little friend Tang, congratulations, you have practiced the fifth level of the hypnotic song, you have no one to rival you in the Houtian realm."

"Hehe, thank you senior for your accomplishment."Tang Zichen said gratefully.

"No, this is your chance, it doesn't have much to do with me."

"Senior's kindness senior has no teeth to forget."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, you still know healing arts?"The old man asked.

Tang Zichen didn't want to conceal it from the old man and confessed frankly, "Yes, truth be told, my healing technique has reached the level of tenth grade."

"What."When the old man heard this, he dropped the teapot on his hand and shattered it in shock, the old man thought that Tang Zichen was so young, even if he knew healing arts, it would definitely be at the entry level, but he didn't expect that it had reached the tenth grade level.


"You're a Tenth Healer?"

"Right."With a nod, the Don told him straight out, not wanting to hide it from him.

"But you're so small."

"Oh, alright, Senior, I should leave now, goodbye."

Tang Zichen cupped his fists, then flew off.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at Green Mang Mountain.

Tang Zichen took out the map given to him by the old man.

On the old man's map, there were fifteen entrances marked.

Tang Zichen flew to the nearest entrance, which was inside a large tree that was empty in the middle, so there was an entrance inside.

Tang Zichen suddenly jumped down from the hollow tree, feeling like jumping into a sewer.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at a long underground tunnel, the height of the tunnel was not high, about one meter six, so Tang Zichen had to bend down. Remember the URL

In that passageway, Tang Zichen walked forward about a few hundred meters and intersected with a vertical passageway, which was the passage to the next level.

Tang Zichen hesitated and jumped down from the vertical passageway to the next level of the underground passage, which was already seven to eight meters deep from the ground.

Tang Zichen heard that old man say that the deepest depth was hundreds of meters deep, horizontal and vertical, with various passageways crisscrossing the ground.

At this moment, Tang Zichen heard the front of the passageway babbling, as if someone was talking.

Tang Zichen immediately hid to the side.

Soon after, two savages came along.

It was the first time Tang Zichen had seen a savage so close.

The height was around one meter, or even shorter, one meter, so a one meter and six meter height passage was completely very wide for these savages.However, although the savages were short, their feet were very large, equivalent to twice the size of Tang Zichen's feet, and their thighs were also all muscular, and their thighs were thicker than the thighs of two normal humans with extremely incongruous figures.

At the moment, these two savages that came along, their martial arts realm was the Inner Gate.

Tang Zichen walked straight out.

Tang Zichen's lips moved, and an invisible special sound wave was transmitted, as if a bee was buzzing.

Tang Zichen used the lullaby for the first time only to discover that it was also quite consuming of internal energy, as well as mental energy.

The two savages were instantly confused, and Tang Zichen immediately asked, "Where are the two humans that you captured yesterday?"

"At the altar."The two savages said in confusion.

"Where is the altar?"Don asked again.

"The altar is over there."Both savages pointed in a certain direction at the same time.

"Fuck you guys, make it clear what level of passage it's on."

"The eighth level."

"How are the two of them now?Is there anything wrong?"

"They're locked up at the altar."

Don Zichen waved his hand, "Get out of here and forget I exist."

The two savages walked forward with dull eyes.

After walking for about a few dozen meters, the two savages came to their senses, then looked back in confusion.

Tang Zichen had already entered the next level by now.

He soon reached the eighth level of the passage.

The further down one went, the more savages one encountered, and the more powerful they were.

A mid Houtian savage came along.

Tang Zichen.

The minister lullabyed him at once.

"Where is the altar?"

"Front."That mid Houtian savage pointed at the passage.

Tang Zichen immediately ran ahead, because Tang Zichen felt that the mental pressure of the lullaby he had applied to the mid Houtian savage was obviously much stronger than the one he had just applied to the inner-door level savage, and not just a little stronger, so Tang Zichen didn't want to waste any more of his spirit and asked for the way out.That mid Houtian savage bobbed his head, he felt whether or not he hadn't slept well last night and had just appeared in a brief trance.

If it was late Houtian, then the brief trance that appeared when Tang Zichen used the lullaby on him would be even shorter, and if it was Houtian Perfection, it would be even shorter again, and Houtian Great Perfection, even shorter again.

However, in a real battle, as long as the slightest hint of mental short-circuit occurred, then how harmful and completely fatal that would be, which was why that old man said that Tang Zichen had practiced at the fifth level and had no more rivals in the Houtian realm.

Tang Zichen soon followed that passage to the edge of a very wide pit underground, this pit was surrounded by many passageways connecting, at the moment here torches were shining very brightly.In fact there were many torches in the passages since they had reached the fifth level.

"Ohhhhh."Many savages were holding forks at the edge of the deep pit with a whoooooo, as if they were dancing or something, there were two iron cages hanging in the middle of the pit, holding Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue respectively.

At the bottom of the pit there was a large fireplace, which was filled with red-hot charcoal.

Around the big fireplace, there were many beasts roasting, including wild boar and bison, and at the moment there was also a fragrant smell.

Maybe it was time for dinner, so those savages were all whooping and hollering at the moment.

Tang Zichen was hidden in a tunnel entrance.

Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue were hanging in the middle of the pit, it was hard to rescue them, Tang Zichen was a bit depressed.

At the bottom of the pit, a group of savages were eating the roasted beasts, like ants eating a big pot of rice.

Just then, Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue saw Tang Zichen, and they were both shocked.

"Shh."Tang Zichen signaled for them to be quiet.

Tang Zichen must now think of a way to see how to save Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue.

It was just a pity that Tang Zichen couldn't think of any way to save them after thinking for half a day, they were locked in a cage, the cage was hanging in the middle of the pit, even if Tang Zichen flew out, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to open the cage so quickly, and below the pit was a big furnace, if this fell, it probably wouldn't take more than a few minutes to turn into ash.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

Just then, a voice sounded behind him, "It's hard to save them."

"Who."Tang Zichen turned around sharply, only to see the old man from before standing behind him.

Tang Zichen was shocked, he was completely unaware of the old man's presence, an innate expert was truly too terrifying.

The old man said, "If it was an innate expert from the Savage Tribe, then you would have been finished already, you don't even know how the other party did it, you can't sense the breath of an innate expert no matter what."

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, why are you here."

"I was afraid that you would die here, so I took the risk to follow you, I must leave here as soon as possible now, I am in the Innate Realm, and my scent here is very obvious to the innate experts of the Savage Tribe."

"Senior, then you should leave quickly."

"I'll help you save them first."The old man flew out, and with a slash of his sword, the chains dangling from the two cages broke, and the old man grabbed the cages in the blink of an eye and flew into the passage.

The savages who were eating at the bottom of the pit were also awakened.

The old man immediately helped open the cages and rescued Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue.


Tang Zichen had just thought about using this method to save people, but Tang Zichen wasn't sure about cutting down two cages at the same time, and once he wasn't sure, then he could only save one instantly, and the other wouldn't have a chance.

Those savages immediately attacked, holding spears and short swords in their hands, as well as some black arrows.

"Move quickly."The old man said.

Tang Zichen picked up Li Xuan'er and ran towards the passage.

"Liu Yue, keep up."Tang Zichen shouted, with Liu Yue following closely behind.

At this time, there were many savages pouring in from all sides of the passage, almost every passage.

"Swoosh swoosh."Many many arrows came flying, the passageway was only this big, it was too easy to hit, so even the strongest people were inevitably hit.

The old man shouted, "Beware of their arrows, the black liquid they coat their arrows with can cause temporary paralysis in the body, even for innate experts."

Before the old man finished speaking, a black arrow grazed his back, breaking a bit of skin.

And by then, the passage had been completely surrounded by too many savages.

In desperation, the old man blasted his palm to the top of his head, and suddenly, the earth above his head clattered down, as if it was spoiled and overturned, and the old man blasted a dozen palms in a row, and finally, the top of his head was hard enough for him to split open a passage. A second to remember to read the book

"Quick, go up this way to the passage to the upper level."

It turned out that the old man had opened the passage of the next level to the upper level.

Tang Zichen's three immediately leapt to the upper level passage, but the upper level passage was still surrounded by many savages, and for savages, any passage was too familiar.

The old man looked a little anxious at the moment.

"Senior, what's wrong with you."Tang Zichen asked.

The old man said, "Not too good, I've sensed that about twenty or so levels underground deep in the passageway, there are three streams of innate experts rushing in."


Tang Zichen was also really shocked, three strands of innate experts' energy rushing in, this was to exterminate them.

No wonder the old man's face was so ugly, perhaps, the old man was regretting in his heart, if he couldn't escape in time, he might have to be accounted for today, what about his granddaughter?

"Senior, we can definitely escape."

The old man said, "I just got hit in the back with one of their arrows, and already my entire back is a bit numb."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, although it was only numbness in the back, but if there was any physical discomfort in the middle of a battle, it would determine life and death and success or failure.

"Run."The old man blew open another passage and went up to the fourth level of the passage.

However, the momentum of the innate experts rushing below was already close to the seventh or eighth layer of passageways.

The old man sighed deeply, "I can't escape."

"Senior, you're giving up on escaping?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"It's not that you're giving up, but there's nothing you can do, if you hurry up, I can still assist you in escaping, if you don't hurry up, even you won't be able to escape."

"Ah, Senior."

"Go, I'll assist you, quickly."The old man suddenly roared.

Tang Zichen's heart was very complicated.

Liu Yue dragged Tang Zichen and shouted, "Go quickly."

The old man also threw Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er towards the upper level passage.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted, hugging Li Xuan'er and quickly leaping upwards, with the old man breaking off below, the three Tang Zichen reached the ground without hindrance.

"Run."Tang Zichen's three men hurriedly flew away into the distance, out of the range of the Green Mang Mountains, the savages usually wouldn't chase them out of the range of the Green Mang Mountains.

However, the old man didn't come out again.

Tang Zichen was on a distant mountain, looking at the direction of the Green Reckless Mountain, but the old man never came out.

"Senior, it's all my fault."Tang Zichen felt immensely guilty.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Honey, who is he?"

"He's an innate expert who saved me yesterday, and he's living in seclusion on a nearby mountain."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Yue said, "I didn't expect that the place where savages roam is such a dangerous place, so many savages ah, the whole underground is completely unpredictable how many savages there are, and the passages up and down that underground.We were trying to come here to find some kind of iron tree heart, we didn't even see a shadow, and we almost got killed.Tang Zichen, I think we should leave right now and get out of here."

Tang Zichen was in an extremely bad mood at the moment, if the old man had also escaped, then Tang Zichen would definitely be far away from here, and what Iron Tree Heart was nothing compared to life.

However, the old man didn't come out, nine times out of ten he had already been killed by three powerful savage innate experts.

"Honey, that old man, why did he give up on escaping, he's an innate expert."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sure he was already locked by the three savage innate experts, even if he escaped out of the ground, he would have been stopped, also, he was accidentally shot in the heart, his back was a bit numb, experts against enemies, this is fatal, he knew he couldn't escape.So, he gave up on escaping, otherwise, we would all be dead, and it was because he gave up on escaping, assisted us, and held back the three wild man innate experts that came up, that we were able to escape alive."

"Ugh."Li Xuan'er sighed as well.

Liu Yue said, "It's useless to say anything now, Tang Zichen, let's leave quickly."

"No, I can't leave like this."

"What do you want?"

"I want to make sure, at least, that he's not really dead."

"Honey, are you crazy, we had a hard time getting out, and you want to go in?"Li Xuan'er shouted.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, I still have to go in."

"You can't go in."Liu Yue said.

"I have to go in."

"You don't want to die."Li Xuan'er cried.

Tang Zichen said, "Now that we've just escaped, the savages of the Green Mang Mountain tribe will definitely not expect me to go back again, and their defenses will be more lax.Moreover, I know how to lullaby, I don't think the danger factor of me going back in will be too great.Don't you worry, I'll just go in and find out if the old man is dead or alive, and bring out his body if I can, that's all."

"Honey, I don't want you to go in there, you're just saying what you think you're saying, in fact it's not even as easy as you make it out to be, what do you want me to do if something happens to you."Xuan Er Li cried out.

"Xuan'er, you have to believe me, I, Tang Zichen, don't die so easily."

"Don't go in there."

"Xuan'er, the old man saved us with his own life, and it is reasonable for me to go in there and at least find out if he is dead or alive, isn't it?Alright, Liu Yue, you protect Xuan'er for me, I'll come out, definitely."Tang Zichen vowed, Tang Zichen believed that he would still come out as long as he had a firm belief within him.


Tang Zichen ignored Xuan'er's objections and flew to the Green Reckless Mountain once again.

Tang Zichen flew to Qing Mang Mountain, this time he was careful, although he was firm that those savages were not much prepared, but that was only his guess.

This trip in, Tang Zichen only had one purpose, to find out if the old man was dead or alive, this was the only thing Tang Zichen could do for him, if possible, bring back his corpse.

Soon, Tang Zichen once again entered the underground passage of the Green Reckless Mountain.

The underground of the Green Reckless Mountain seemed to have calmed down once again, and what had just happened didn't cause much of a stir.

Tang Zichen returned to the place where he and the old man had just parted for the last time.

Tang Zichen saw a lot of blood on the floor of the passageway.

"Senior."Tang Zichen's eyes darkened, with so much blood on the ground, it must have been the old man, he was afraid that he was dead.

At that moment, a group of savages came not far away with hoe like tools in their hands, seemingly ready to repair the passage that had just been damaged.

Tang Zichen immediately used a lullaby to hypnotize one of them.

"Where's that old man just now?Is he dead?"Tang Zichen asked. First URL

The hypnotized savage replied in a daze, "I don't know, but after he was wounded, the chief took him away."

"Taken where?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Take it to the chief."

"Where does the chief live?"

"The chief lives on the twenty-fifth floor."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "The three savage innate experts didn't kill the old man in the first place, this means that the old man is not in danger of dying in a short time, perhaps, the old man will also be used to sacrifice to the heavens."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, this made it very difficult for Tang Zichen, if he got the news of the old man's death, then Tang Zichen could also leave here peacefully and go back to erect a tombstone for the old man.But now, the old man didn't die, this, Tang Zichen suddenly didn't know whether to leave or continue deeper, if he just left, Tang Zichen could hardly feel at ease inside.

"It's just that, no matter what, I have to be benevolent to the end."Tang Zichen said with a clench of his teeth.

"Your savage tribe, how many innate experts are there?"Don Zimmer asked.


"I'll go."Tang Zichen couldn't help but burst out a rude sentence, eighteen innate experts, this was going against the sky.In the Yanhuang Empire, the Tang family only had six innate experts, most of those phase level families had six or seven innate experts, but this savage tribe had eighteen innate experts.

"Do you have an Iron Tree Heart here?"Tang Zichen asked, this one question Tang Zichen was asking in passing out of curiosity, what happened today was all because of this iron tree heart, and yet this thing was never seen.

"It's something left behind by our ancestors, it's our totem."

"Where is it?"

"At the chief's."

"Alright, you can go to hell."Don Zichen said quickly to the next level of the tunnel, the hypnotized savage touched his head, not knowing what was wrong with him.

Tang Zichen decided to try and see if it was possible to help the old man with anything, no matter what the outcome, Tang Zichen had to try in order to live up to his conscience.

Tang Zichen soon delved into the tenth level of the tunnel.

This underground savage tribe, the deepest passage was twenty-five floors, Tang Zichen was now deep into the tenth floor, feeling a bit afraid.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Although there are many savages here, there are only eighteen that have reached the innate level. I don't believe that I'm so unlucky that I would run into one of these eighteen.And I don't have any fear of the savages below Innate, with the lullaby, I can kill the innate level savages in seconds.Let's bet now that I'll have such bad luck that I'll run into one of the eighteen innate."

Tang Zichen made up his mind and bit his teeth to continue deeper.

When Tang Zichen penetrated to the fifteenth floor, he ran into two Houtian Perfection savages head-on.

"Ah."The two Houtian Perfection savages were shocked when they saw Tang Zichen appear here, they both thought that Tang Zichen and the others must have escaped far away.

Tang Zichen paused without nonsense and simultaneously cast a lullaby on the two of them.

The two Houtian perfect savages experienced a slight retardation in their thinking for a moment, a retardation of about two seconds.

Enough, two seconds of retardation was enough for Tang Zichen to finish them off in those two seconds.

Tang Zichen pierced their throats in a single motion, and the two Houtian Perfect Savages died.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Although these two savages are Houtian Perfection in martial arts, unfortunately, their combat power is extremely poor, far inferior to humans who are also Houtian Perfection."

Tang Zichen couldn't leave the bodies of these two savages here, once they were discovered by the other savages, then the entire savage tribe would definitely be on alert again, and then Tang Zichen would have no way to escape.

Tang Zichen immediately blasted two pits with his fist in the ground of the tunnel, the bodies of the savages were small, so only one small pit would be enough to bury them.

After Tang Zichen buried the two post-apocalyptic perfect savages, he continued deeper.

Tang Zichen wanted to try to get close to the underground chieftain's place, only, Tang Zichen's move was full of danger, even death, I really don't know how Tang Zichen's courage grew.

The deeper one went, the fewer savages Tang Zichen encountered, which meant that not every savage could come to such a deep place.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath, he was already deep into the 19th level passage.

Tang Zichen immediately took out a few silver needles and stuck them in the brain, heart, throat, and everywhere else.

Tang Zichen's purpose in doing this was to completely conceal his breath.

This was a concealment technique that Tang Zichen had learned in his previous life, Tang Zichen's concealment technique was far better than the famous 'Tortoise Breath Method', if one looked carefully, one could see that Tang Zichen had no breathing or heartbeat at all at the moment, his body was like a dead man, without any life-like features, in this way, the probability of Tang Zichen being discovered would be very small.

However, this also had a very serious disadvantage, that was that Tang Zichen no longer had any strength.

Yes, I'm afraid that a dog could bite Tang Zichen to death right now, Tang Zichen has no vital features at the moment, he doesn't even have the strength of a normal human, if he is seen by any savage right now, then Tang Zichen will surely die.Because Tang Zichen simply didn't have enough time to exit this current fake death state, it would take him at least about five minutes to exit this current fake death state, five minutes, enough to make Tang Zichen die several times without knowing.

Tang Zichen continued to lurk cautiously, slowly moving deeper, Tang Zichen didn't make a single sound, being cautious.

It was already the twenty-first floor of the tunnel, ordinary savages wouldn't come, and they might not be allowed to come.

Just like this, Tang Zichen finally arrived at the deepest level, the twenty-fifth floor of the passage.

This place was already very, very deep from the ground.


Tang Zichen knew that there were eighteen innate experts living in such a deep place, but so far no innate experts had discovered him.

Of course, one could not rule out the possibility that they had already discovered him, but did not go out and watched him silently in the dark, so who knew.

Gradually, Tang Zichen groped his way to a huge underground hollow, Tang Zichen walked in, there were no savages at this hollow, but from the furnishings here, it could be seen that this hollow should be inhabited by a very powerful innate savage, or possibly the chief of a savage tribe.

Tang Zichen took advantage of the absence of anyone and walked in to see if there was anything to discover.

On the wall at the cavity, Tang Zichen found a small secret compartment, and Tang Zichen opened the secret compartment.

"Wow."Tang Zichen saw more than ten things the size of an egg and shaped like a heart.

"No way, this is an iron tree heart?"Tang Zichen trembled inside.

This was too easy to find, wasn't it?

Tang Zichen couldn't really describe the surprise he felt when he saw more than ten iron tree hearts, wondering if they were fake, it was too easy for him to find, was he really so lucky?

Tang Zichen did not hesitate to load away more than ten iron tree hearts, and the bag was securely tied to the waist of his trousers.

Then, Tang Zichen cautiously walked out of this cavity. Remember the URL

Every step that Tang Zichen took now could be the last step of his life.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was also nervous as hell.

However, even though he was nervous, he was only nervous in thought, and his body wouldn't have any nervous features, such as an increased heartbeat or anything like that, because he was now lifeless, no different from a rock.

After Tang Zichen stepped out of the cavity, he came to another passage, and the passage here seemed to be two or three times wider than the one above, and already had the feeling of entering a tunnel.There were torches on the walls of the tunnel about every fifty meters, so it was neither very dark nor very bright, and everywhere seemed very quiet.

Inside Tang Zichen's heart, a voice was telling him, "You've got the Iron Tree Heart now, so why don't you hurry up and get out of here, the sooner you leave, the better your chances of surviving, so why don't you hurry up and leave."

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Yes, I must leave here as soon as possible now, the longer I stay here, the more dangerous it will be for me, besides, my fake death concealment state can't be maintained for too long, it only has a maintenance time of half an hour, once half an hour passes, if I don't exit the fake death state, then it will become real death."

However, Tang Zichen's purpose of coming down was to find that old man ah, not to steal the Iron Tree Heart ah, now that the old man hadn't been found, how could he just leave like that.

He had already come down, should he just leave like that?

Tang Zichen was so torn inside, but he was now hovering on the death line every moment, dying the moment he found it.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen faintly heard voices in front of him.

Tang Zichen immediately hid in a nearby place to hide.

However, after hiding for a while no one came over, Tang Zichen then realized that it was a cavity inside this passage of his.

Tang Zichen pressed his ear against the rock wall.

Hearing someone inside, he spoke.

"You think we didn't spot you?You're wrong, you've been coming down here every few months for the last twenty years, and you think we really don't know?"A savage said.

"Hmph, if you want to kill, kill."An old man's voice said, and the Don heard this voice

Tone was happy inside, exactly the senior he was coming down to find.

"As long as you tell me your true purpose, I can not kill you."

"Hahaha, the true purpose?Why do you need to ask knowingly, my true purpose for coming down is naturally to obtain your Iron Tree Heart."The old man laughed.

"The Iron Tree Heart is our totem, and you dare to hit on our totem."

The old man snorted, "Stop pretending, the reason why your savage tribe has achieved so many innate experts is not because you savages are really gifted, you savages are far less gifted than us normal humans.The fact that you have achieved so many innate experts is nothing more than the fact that you are all using Iron Tree Hearts yourselves, what a totem, it's just a way to fool those lowly savages."

"Fine, I won't argue with you, since you've already told me your true purpose, then you'll only have one death.I won't let outsiders know that our savage tribe uses iron tree hearts as an aid to cultivation, so you'll only have one way to die.

"Hahaha, go ahead and do it, why bother nagging."The old man said.

"What's the hurry, although you're eager to die, I want you to live, as long as you tell me the kind of hypnotic technique you often use on us savages, I can spare your life."

The old man sneered, "Don't waste your energy, I won't tell you, and even if I do, you won't really spare me."

"Don't make a decision so quickly either, I'll give you two days, after two days if you still haven't made up your mind, then I'll have no choice but to take you to sacrifice to the heavens, alright, think about it yourself."

After saying that, the savage walked out of the cavern that held the old man and walked up the passage.

Tang Zichen was suddenly afraid, not knowing if he would be discovered.

Doing his best to lean himself against the stone wall, Tang Zichen guessed that the savage would return to his hollow, so the place where Tang Zichen stood was not a must for him.Forgive me, but Tang Zichen was still worried about being discovered.

The footsteps grew closer and closer, and finally gradually drifted away.

Tang Zichen breathed a sigh of relief, but of course, this only described his nervousness, because he wasn't breathing at all right now, so how could he breathe.

After the footsteps went far away, Tang Zichen immediately came to the cavity that held the old man.

"Ah."The old man was surprised to see Tang Zichen appear, as if he was delusional, he couldn't believe how Tang Zichen had come down here, it was impossible for an innate expert not to feel his presence, even his heartbeat could be heard, let alone his breathing.

But where did the old man know that Tang Zichen was no different from a corpse now, just a corpse that could walk.

Tang Zichen made a shushing motion, telling the old man to be quiet.

Tang Zichen went up and untied the ropes for him, the old man was very badly injured.

After removing the ropes, Tang Zichen took out a silver needle and also inserted it into the old man's body in several places, allowing the old man to also go into fake death concealment.

With a wave of his hand, Tang Zichen motioned for the old man to follow him.

The old man half-heartedly followed Tang Zichen out of the empty cave where he was being held, the old man couldn't understand why the innate savage hadn't found him just yet now that he was out of the empty chamber.

The old man then touched his heart, only to find that he had no heartbeat and was not breathing, the old man looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, the old man felt that Tang Zichen was really so mysterious, and he had too many supernatural means.

Tang Zichen couldn't say anything to the old man now, the moment he spoke, he might be heard by that savage innate expert, so he could only tiptoe away without making any noise, and then return to the ground one layer at a time.


The old man was also nervous to the point of his throat, this underground tunnel, starting from the 20th floor and going up to the 25th floor, each floor was inhabited by three savage innate experts ah.

Step by step, slowly moving upwards.

Go, go, go.

Although the bottom six floors housed eighteen Savage innate experts, but, after all, there were only three on each floor, the probability of being encountered by these three was still relatively small.

Since Tang Zichen was able to come down so smoothly, it meant that it wasn't difficult to go up, and it was obvious that the eighteen Savage Innate Experts here were almost all cultivating in their respective cavities.

Tang Zichen and the old man finally walked out of the twenty floors and arrived at the nineteenth floor.

From the nineteenth floor onwards, there would be more savages, most of them were at the Hare Krishna and Perfection levels, this savage tribe had at least a hundred savages who had reached the Hare Krishna and Perfection levels.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm lifting your fake death state now, but it will take about five minutes to recover, so within those five minutes, it will decide whether we live or die."

The old man immediately said, "No, don't lift my fake death state, once it's lifted, the momentum in my body is too obvious."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, he almost forgot that the old man was in the innate realm, if he lifted his fake death state, the momentum of his realm would be too obvious and he would be discovered by the savage innate experts here in no time.

Tang Zichen immediately pulled off the silver needles on his own body, while the old man's silver needles were not lifted. One second to remember to read the book

The next step was the most crucial five minutes.

These five minutes were a test of life and death for both of them.

"Now, it's up to my luck, if my luck is bad and I'm seen by one of the savages, it's death, and in these five minutes, I'll still be like a dead man, without any fighting power."

Before Tang Zichen finished his sentence, footsteps came from the front of the passage.

"I'm going."

Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, what now?

The old man said, "This way."

"Good."Tang Zichen and the old man hurried in the other direction.

However, the savages behind them seemed to sense Tang Zichen's presence and immediately sped up to catch up.

It was truly a house with a leak, but at this critical moment, they were discovered by a Houtian savage.

Just as they were about to be caught up, they suddenly discovered a vertical passage, and Tang Zichen and the old man immediately climbed to the upper floor.

Fortunately, the savage chasing after them didn't continue to catch up when he reached the vertical passage.

Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath, there was no time to think about it right now, the priority was to get out of here as fast as possible, not forgetting that he was still carrying a dozen or so Iron Tree Hearts on his waist.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to continue walking up, the old man shook his head at Tang Zichen and said, "There happens to be a pit over here, let's hide here for a while and wait for you to recover your fighting strength before going up, it's safer that way.


Tang Zichen and the old man immediately hid in that pit first, and five minutes later, Tang Zichen regained his strength.


Tang Zichen began to run quickly to the ground, if he encountered savages, kill them and then blast a hole in the ground to bury them, if he encountered many savages, go around, the passages here were crisscrossed, so he wasn't afraid of not forgiving them.

In this way, after about ten minutes, Tang Zichen and the old man managed to reach the ground.


nbsp; Once he reached the ground, Tang Zichen felt a sense of relief, a feeling as if he had been released from prison.

"Let's go, it's not a good place to stay for long."The old man said, and Tang Zichen carried the old man and fled into the distance.

At that moment, in a cavity somewhere on the twenty-fifth floor underground, a Savage Innate expert opened a secret compartment in the wall.

Suddenly, the savage innate expert was dumbfounded, and the only dozen or so iron tree hearts left in this secret compartment were all gone.

"Ahhh."This savage innate expert shouted and immediately rushed towards the place where the old man was being held, rushing there to see that the old man had also disappeared.

The other savage innate experts heard the loud roar and ran out as well.

"Chief, what's wrong?"

"It's gone."The savage chief said with a pale face.

"What's missing?"

"All the iron tree hearts left behind by the ancestors are gone, and so is the old human man that we just captured."


All the savage innate experts trembled in fear, this was already the only dozen of iron tree hearts they had left ah, but it had been stolen.

"Chase, he won't get far, even if he escapes to the human city this time."The chief yelled.

All of the eighteen savage innate experts were on the move.

Tang Zichen brought the old man to a hill, where Xuan'er Li and Liu Yue were waiting anxiously.

"Xuan'er."Tang Zichen shouted when he saw Li Xuan'er.

Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue were amazed to see that Tang Zichen had not only returned alive, but had also brought the old man back, Tang Zichen was too ungodly to do that.

But at this moment, the old man suddenly said, "No good, in that direction of the Green Mang Mountain, there are more than a dozen of innate experts rushing out."

"Ah, did they chase them out so quickly?"Tang Zichen was also shocked, it hadn't even gone far.

The old man wondered, "No, even if I escaped, I wouldn't be able to get all eighteen innate masters of the Savage Tribe to go?"

Tang Zichen said apologetically, "That, Senior, to be honest, I stole a few iron tree hearts out, they must have found them."

"Ah, no wonder."The old man looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, he was actually able to steal out the Iron Tree Hearts.

"Now they're coming after us, what should we do, eighteen innate experts ah, they'll crush us to bits."Liu Yue said.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, things have come to this, I can only help you heal your injuries first, then you lure them away, your realm, although you can't beat them, you will definitely have no problem escaping."

"Good, I will wait for you in Ajin City, after I lure them away, you bring my granddaughter Lian'er to Ajin City as well, tell Lian'er that I will wait for her at her home in Ajin City."

Tang Zichen didn't nag and immediately treated the old man, although there wasn't enough time to heal him, there was enough time for him to escape.

In less than half a minute, Tang Zichen finished inserting a few needles and said, "Senior, you should escape now, the needles I inserted in you will continue to recover your injuries as you escape, but you must remember not to fight them, you just need to make sure you can escape."

At this moment, eighteen innate experts in the distance, were flying in this direction.

With a nod of his head, the old man instructed, "My granddaughter is counting on you, I'll wait for you in Ajin City."

After saying that, the old man immediately flew off into the distance.


Tang Zichen also immediately asked Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue to enter a fake death state, and the three of them quickly left the spot and hid under a boulder.

As expected, not long after, three savage innate experts came to the top of the mountain, just went after the old man only fifteen innate, and three more came over to find Tang Zichen three.

Tang Zichen three crawled under the boulders, the three savage innate on the top of the mountain was impossible to find, saw no one, immediately went after the old man.

Tang Zichen waited for those three savage innates to fly away before walking out of the boulder underground.

"Let's go, let's go pick up the old man's granddaughter now and then go to Arjin City."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Yue asked, "Tang Zichen, you really stole the Iron Tree Heart?"

"Nonsense, not stealing it will cause them all to go out, don't talk nonsense, since it's out with you, you'll naturally get some when the time comes."

"Thanks."Liu Yue was overjoyed, it seemed that Tang Zichen was a reliable person, if it was someone else, they might not be willing to share it with him.

Tang Zichen and the three of them easily returned to that thatched cottage of the old man, where the woman called Lian'er was hoeing grass in the vegetable garden.

"Ah, Tang Zichen, where's my grandfather?"Lian'er saw Tang Zichen and was busy asking.

"Lian'er, your grandfather was chased away by the innate experts of the Savage Tribe, he asked me to take you to Ajin City, we'll meet up in Ajin City, you should know your hometown in Ajin City."Tang Zichen said. First URL

"What? My grandfather."

"Don't worry, your grandfather isn't that easy to track down, you should know where your old home is in Akane City."

"I, I don't know, I've only heard from my grandfather, we originally lived in Akane City, our old home is at 18 Green Grass Lane in Akane City, I've never been there at all."

"Alright, you already know, it doesn't matter if you've been there or not."

Tang Zichen immediately took Lian'er with him, Lian'er also wanted to feed the pigs first, Tang Zichen was speechless: "I won't be back again, what's the point of feeding the pigs."

Tang Zichen immediately blew open the pig pen and let the pigs go, there is more food in the mountains, and they will become wild boars later.

Tang Zichen easily took Lian'er, as well as Li Xuan'er and Liu Yue, and left the mountains, returning to a nearby city.

Arriving at the city, Tang Zichen felt safe, and wondered if the old man had been innately chased by the wild man.

"Let's rest at this hotel tonight and head to the city of Ajin early tomorrow morning."Tang Zichen said.


Ajin City, one of the largest cities in the Glazed Kingdom, but of course, the Glazed Kingdom was a very small territory compared to the Yanhuang Empire, a place of bombs.

In the evening, Tang Zichen called Liu Yue to his room.

Tang Zichen took out two iron tree hearts and said, "This is for you to share."

"Thank you."Liu Yue said gratefully, he thought Tang Zichen would give him one, but he didn't expect to give him two.

"Alright, go back, as for Ajin City, it's alright for you to decide whether you go or not."

Liu Yue thought for a moment and said, "In that case, I won't go, I'll go back to the Yanhuang Empire first."

"Good, I'll have a chance to see you again when I return to the Yanhuang Empire some other day."


Liu Yue happily walked out of the hotel room where Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were staying.


; After Liu Yue left, Li Xuan'er was busy asking, "Why did you give him two Iron Tree Hearts ah, you traded your life for this."

"It doesn't matter, I have obtained a total of 12 Iron Tree Hearts, give him two and I still have 10 left.When I go to Akane City, I'll give the old man 4 more, then I still have 6 left."

"Uh, you actually got that many."Li Xuan'er didn't feel anything when she saw that Tang Zichen had obtained more than 10 Iron Tree Hearts, and thought that Tang Zichen had obtained just a few and gave half of them to Liu Yue, which was obviously unfair to Tang Zichen.

"How do you use the Iron Tree Hearts?"Li Xuan'er asked.

"Eat it straight away, the Iron Tree Heart has grown on the Iron Tree for four to five hundred years, it already has the effect of an elixir, that's why the Iron Tree Heart can assist in cultivating the martial arts realm.After growing for hundreds of years, the Iron Tree Heart is already considered an elixir plant, absorbing the essence of countless suns and moons."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er placed it on her mouth, but she didn't bite down.

"Eat it, what are you waiting for."

"But this is what you gave your life for, and I did nothing to eat your Iron Tree Heart like this, my conscience is troubled."Li Xuan'er said.

"Don't be silly, all of you are mine, what's the point of eating a few of my iron tree hearts, besides, of the six iron tree hearts I acquired, three of them I was going to give you to use, then Mei Qian gave her two, so I'll use one myself."

"Ah, you're only going to use one, huh?That Liu Yue has two of them, and uses them more than you do."Li Xuan'er said.

"It's fine, Iron Tree Heart is even less effective when used on me, maybe I'll take two to assist me in breaking through one level, but the same two will allow you to break through four or five levels, or even more.The higher the realm, the lower the effectiveness of the aid, if it wasn't for the sake of returning home in a few months, I wouldn't even be prepared to use the Iron Tree Heart, it would make more sense to give it all to you and elevate you to the inner gate, or even the Houtian."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er was so moved that she walked up to Tang Zichen and hugged him, burying her head in Tang Zichen's bosom.

Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen used it sparingly because he was now after all re-cultivating, it was only a matter of time before he would step into the innate realm, unlike Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian, if they didn't hit it, they might not be able to achieve Innate or even Houtian in their lifetime.So, what's the point of Tang Zichen being strong by himself while his family is so weak, so just let Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian use the Iron Tree Heart more, Tang Zichen will just take one.

Tang Zichen picked up an Iron Tree Heart and said, "Let's eat one together."


Tang Zichen bit into it and clicked, the iron tree heart was crispy, a bit like eating a gherkin.

To Tang Zichen's regret, eating an iron tree heart had no taste, although it felt like eating a gherkin, it was worse than a gherkin.

However, Tang Zichen still finished eating it, the size of an egg, and it was only a bite or two.

After finishing it, Li Xuan'er asked, "How long does it take to become effective?"

"It depends on each person's level of absorption, some people need a month to absorb it, others a day or two, alright, finish eating, wash up and sleep."

The next morning, when Tang Zichen woke up, he found that he had already stepped into the late Houtian realm.

"Wow, the effect of my absorption is quite obvious, hehehe."Tang Zichen smiled, late Houtian.

Li Xuan'er also woke up, Tang Zichen saw that Li Xuan'er had already broken through from the middle stage of the outer gate, to the outer gate complete.

"Xuan'er, your martial arts realm has reached Outer Gate Perfection."


"Ah."Kaylee Lee was shocked.

"What about you?"

"I'm only at the late Houtian, I'm not like you, you're an outer gate, the lower the realm, the better the effect, when you've almost finished absorbing this time, take 2 more, I'm sure you can break through to the inner gate faster, or even the Houtian."

"Mmhmm."Li Xuan'er nodded excitedly.

Li Xuan'er said, "No wonder Liu Yue has been promoted so fast in the martial realm for the past half year, this time you gave him 2 Iron Tree Hearts, I'm afraid he'll enter the Houtian realm."

"He was able to get the Iron Tree Hearts I gave him, this is also a chance that belongs to him, alright, get up, we should escort Lian'er to Ajin City."

After breakfast, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er took Lian'er with them and boarded a plane to Arjin City, the plane would arrive in about a few hours.This Glazed Country was really quite a small country, and it was almost always a few hours by plane to go from one place to another.

"Lian'er, you've always dreamed of going to a big city, this time, your wish has come true, you can live in a big city."On the plane, Tang Zichen smiled at Lian'er.

Lian'er blushed, she had been clamoring to go to the big city to find a man, but this time, she was really going to the big city.

A few hours later, Tang Zichen's three men arrived at Ajin City.

"Master, head to Green Grass Alley." Remember the URL

"Hao Le."

The taxi took the three Tang Zichen directly to Green Grass Alley.

When they arrived at Green Grass Alley, they found that it was a very classical old street.

After looking for a while, they found No. 18 of Green Grass Lane, which was a rather large old mansion with closed doors and overgrown with weeds that hadn't been lived in for a long time.

"Lian'er, this is your ancestor's old home."


"Go in."

Entering the mansion, the weeds inside were taller than a person.

"Brother Tang Zichen, when is my grandfather coming?"Lian'er asked anxiously.

"Don't worry, your grandfather definitely couldn't have come by plane, so it wasn't that fast, I think it will take four or five days, or even longer, we'll just have to wait here patiently."


"Alright, the three of us will clean up this mansion together, and you'll be living here from now on, until your grandfather comes back, and make it look like a home."

"Good."Lian'er was diligent and immediately started working.

With the help of Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er, it took two days to clean up the mansion, even the broken tiles were repaired, all that was left was to go buy some furniture, hire some craftsmen to repair and paint it and so on, after another two days, everything was done, and the place was finally ready for people to live here.

Tang Zichen and his three men had been waiting here for four days, and the old man hadn't returned during those four days.

Tang Zichen was also a little worried inside, after all, it was the eighteen savage innate experts who were chasing him, so maybe they really were chased to kill him.

Lian'er was fine at first, but after waiting for so many days without seeing her grandfather return, she became more and more anxious and sat in the hall without saying a word.

On the morning of the fifth day, Tang Zichen said, "Lian'er, do you want to go for a walk?"

"I don't want to go, I want to wait here for Grandpa to come back."

"That's fine, I'll go with Kayla."

"Okay, I'll cook lunch and wait for you guys to come back."


p; Tang Zichen didn't refuse, this Lian'er is a very good cook, and saves the need to go to a restaurant.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er walked down the street.

"Five days, including the time before we arrived in Ajin City, it's been seven or eight days, and Lian'er her grandfather hasn't returned, could something really have happened."Li Xuan'er said.

"Alas, I don't know, let's hope he's fine and can come back safely."Tang Zichen sighed, if that old man really died, his granddaughter would be a bit pitiful on her own, she had been living in the mountains and had no experience of city life at all.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er strolled around the streets and bought a few things before returning to the mansion in Green Grass Lane.

When Tang Zichen was almost at Green Grass Lane, Li Xuan'er suddenly pointed in the distance and said, "There are savages over there."

Tang Zichen fixed his eyes and indeed saw a few savages leaping on the rooftop on the far side of Green Grass Lane, as if they were searching all the way over.

"The savages have found their way here, this means that Lian'er her grandfather has returned, quickly, go back."

Tang Zichen quickly arrived at the mansion, and sure enough, Tang Zichen saw the old man standing in the hall with a weary as well as haggard face.

"Tang Zichen, you're back."The old man was busy when he saw Tang Zichen, if Tang Zichen didn't come back, he would have to run away again.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen immediately took out the silver needle and put the old man into a fake death state.

"Phew, this shouldn't be found now."The old man exhaled deeply, as if he could finally take a break.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, you're back."

"Don't say that, I'm about to collapse after being chased by them this whole way, if you don't come back and help me out, I'll have to run again, or else I'll be finished if they search up later."

"Don't worry, you don't have any breath left in you now."

"Just to be on the safe side, I'd better hide in the cellar, and you too, in the cellar."


Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er immediately followed the old man and hid into the cellar in the backyard, a cellar that Tang Zichen hadn't found here in the past few days, it was very secret.And the old man's previous home was here, so it was very clear, except now the cellar was very damp and dirty inside.

On the ground, not long after, a savage innate expert flew to the front of the hall of this mansion.

Lian'er was shocked when she saw it, what an ugly savage, like a dwarf, in fact uglier than a dwarf because their faces were as pale as paper.

The savage didn't pay any attention to Lian'er, but searched for anyone else, and when he saw that there was no one else, that's when he leapt away from the mansion and headed to the next search point.

Tang Zichen's three men didn't hurry to come out of the cellar until late afternoon, presumably those savage innate experts had already left.

"Phew, it should be safe."The old man said with a deep breath.

"The savages will definitely leave if they can't find them, they'll be noticeable here after all, they won't stay here long."Don Zichen said.

Walking out of the cellar and into the hall, Lian'er had cooked a large meal waiting for them for dinner.

"Grandpa, dinner is ready."

"Haha."The old man laughed when he saw the wine on the table, and said to Tang Zichen, "Great misfortune, I want to drink with you tonight."

Tang Zichen wanted to refuse, but thought, if he hadn't gone to distract those savage innate experts this time, then all of Tang Zichen would have died, so Tang Zichen couldn't forget this great favor.

"Fine, accompany me to the end."Tang Zichen said.


That night, Tang Zichen and the old man got drunk and those savages really didn't come back.

The next morning, Tang Zichen was up and the old man was already up as well.

"Brother Tang, good morning."

"Good morning, Senior, now you can't go back to the mountains either, I'm going to say sorry to you here."

"Haha, it's fine, anyway, I've lived in the mountains for twenty years, it's time to come back to the city, Lian'er can't stay in the mountains for the rest of her life, it's nice to come back home now, it's better than I thought."

Tang Zichen took out four Iron Tree Hearts and said, "Senior, you take these four Iron Tree Hearts."

"Ah, so many."The old man was shocked, Tang Zichen suddenly took out four Iron Tree Hearts ah.

The value of these four Iron Tree Hearts was probably enough to buy this city, or maybe, it was impossible to measure their value.

In fact, Tang Zichen's heart also ached and ached inside, these four Iron Tree Hearts, if he continued to give them to Xuan'er to use, there was a good chance that Xuan'er would be able to step into the Houtian realm.

"Senior, this belongs to you, truth be told, I still have six of my own, that Liu Yue from before, I gave him two, that's all in total."

"Ah, you actually stole twelve Iron Tree Hearts from the savages at once, no wonder those savages were crazy enough to pursue me, if it wasn't for the short legs of those savages and their natural lightness, I wouldn't have been able to come back." A second to remember to read the book

"Haha, Senior suffers, it's because you distracted them that I can wait for you here as freely as I am now, these four iron tree hearts, you deserve it, please accept them."

The old man smiled somewhat apologetically and said, "Then I'm not polite."

"No need to be polite."

The old man was not stupid, how could he be polite for something so precious, he had spent twenty years in the mountains around the Savage Tribe for this Iron Tree Heart, and now he had finally obtained it, only it wasn't with his hands, but Tang Zichen was also generous enough to leave him four of them, and if it were anyone else, he would probably have already gone far away.

The old man said, "You only have a total of twelve, but you gave two to that kid named Liu Yue, isn't that a bit much, that kid didn't contribute anything, you risked your life to steal this iron tree heart underground, and I also risked my life to distract those hunting savages, and what he did, to be able to get two, isn't it a bit too good for him."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, that can't be said, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even know that the Iron Tree Heart existed here, then all is lost."

"Alright."The old man smiled, "These four Iron Tree Hearts should be enough to assist me in advancing one level, allowing me to reach Innate Perfection, hehehe."The old man's eyes showed a hint of deep excitement, now that he had reached the capped state, he couldn't advance half a point further, until he died.

At the innate level, every layer of the realm was very difficult to raise, the degree of difficulty was impossible for those who had not experienced it to know.

Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen had also reached the late innate level in his previous life, however, Tang Zichen was able to be so lucky because he got an opportunity to see a stone wall with a mark left by a strong man during a battle, it was this mark that had greatly benefited Tang Zichen.This blade mark, perhaps a long time ago, when some super strong man fought with others, not small

Heart left behind.To ordinary people, even to people with poor talent, this blade mark was nothing special at all, but to people with high talent, even though it was a blade mark, it was able to comprehend the battle intent of many, many experts as well as the potential of the realm.

Tang Zichen came to the room, Xuan'er was also up, Tang Zichen saw that Xuan'er's martial arts realm had increased by another level, reaching the Outer Gate Great Perfection.

"Xuan'er, the one Iron Tree Heart you took last time has continued to be absorbed over the past few days, and you've now broken through another layer."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Well, I didn't expect that an Iron Tree Heart would allow me to break through three levels in a row."Li Xuan'er said happily, in seven or eight days, from the middle stage of the outer gate, all the way to the outer gate completion, it was really cool.

"You're an outer gate, so naturally your potency is strong, but I'm not so potent anymore, so the same Iron Tree Heart, for you to use, broke through three levels in a row, for me to use, it's only one level."

"Then, the last Iron Tree Heart I took, is it finished absorbing now?"Kaylee Lee asked.

"It should be finished absorbing and you can take the second one."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen took out an Iron Tree Heart from his body and brought it to Li Xuan'er to continue taking it.

After taking out this one, Tang Zichen only had three left on him, two of which were for Xu Mei Qian, and one, which continued to be given to Li Xuan'er.

"Then you didn't get many yourself?It's only raised one level."Li Xuan'er said with a bit of difficulty.

"It's fine, I can step into the innate sooner or later, why waste it, but this Iron Tree Heart is not so easy to obtain, this time we're in luck, it's absolute luck.You have to think about it, that old man, he spent twenty years waiting just for these iron tree hearts, twenty years of time for a few iron tree hearts, it shows how rare this thing is.So, this thing means far more to you than it does to me.For me, it's nothing more than spending a little more time.But for others, spending an extra twenty years might not even be enough to advance to the next level, not something that can be traded for time."

"Honey, except for the one for Mei Qian, the remaining two, it's better if we each have one, anyway, I don't care if I'm strong or weak when I'm by your side, otherwise I can't eat it."Li Xuan'er said.

Tang Zichen said, "You take two more, you are likely to step into the Houtian, is it more important for you to step into the Houtian than it is for me to step into the Houtian Perfection from the late Houtian?I'll take one more, and I'll be at the end of my life, but you, after taking two, will be able to go from the outer gate to the early days.Think for yourself, which one makes more sense.Now that I've learned the lullaby, there's no rival for the entire Houtian class anymore, and even if I break through to Houtian Perfection, the result will be the same, and I can't be a rival to any innate expert before I step into the innate anyway."

"Alright."Only then was Li Xuan'er willing to eat the second Iron Tree Heart.

After eating the second Iron Tree Heart, the next day, Li Xuan'er broke through from Outer Gate Great Success to Inner Gate Middle.

"Wow, how divinely fast."Li Xuan'er was delighted, this was simply a step to the heavens.

Tie Shuxin, it was really too unorthodox ah.

This kind of thing, if others knew that Tang Zichen still had three of them on him, all the innate experts would probably be jealous and come to take them.

At this moment, in the basement of this mansion, that old man took out four Iron Tree Hearts and consumed them all at the same time.


After eating, the old man prayed and said, "I hope these four iron tree hearts will allow me to step into innate perfection, God bless."

After saying that, the old man immediately entered a closed state.

The four Iron Tree Hearts wanted to break through from late Innate to Innate Perfection, this may not be 100%, maybe not, maybe it will work, it depends on the will of the heavens.

Tang Zichen said to Li Xuan'er, "After you have absorbed all the effects of this time, and then take the third one, you will most likely step into the Houtian realm, Xuan'er, congratulations in advance, hehehehe."

"This is you sacrificing yourself to fulfill me, if you take it, you'll all be able to step into the Houtian Great Perfection.If you take all six of the previous ones, you can even step into the Early Innate stage."Li Xuan'er said.

"Although it does allow me to step into the Innate, you, you are still still in the middle stage of the Outer Gate, and you will have to break through to the Houtian on your own, I'm afraid it will take ten years, or even longer.I, on the other hand, even without taking the Iron Tree Heart, I can return to the Innate within a year, do you think it's necessary for me to exchange your ten years of merit for me stepping into the Innate half a year earlier?Even if I step into the innate sky, I won't be able to play the Huo family if I return to the Yanhuang Empire now, besides, I'd rather rely on myself to make a breakthrough, after all, I'm cultivating for the second time, and if I'm still relying on such speculative methods the second time, I feel insulted inside by my talent."

"Well, husband, thank you."

"Come on, old husband and wife, what's the point of saying thank you."

Li Xuan'er's pretty face blushed.

For the next week, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er didn't leave, still living in this mansion.

That old man had been in seclusion since the last time he took four Iron Tree Hearts, and hadn't left the gate for a week, not knowing if he had hit the Innate Perfection yet, but hopefully he would succeed this time, after all, he had spent twenty years guarding the perimeter of the Savage Tribe. First URL

After a week, the second Iron Tree Heart that Li Xuan'er had taken was also fully absorbed.

After all of them were absorbed, Li Xuan'er broke through to the late Inner Gate.

Then, Tang Zichen continued to let Li Xuan'er take the third Iron Tree Heart.

The day after the third Iron Tree Heart was taken, Li Xuan'er broke through from the late Inner Gate to the Great Perfection of the Inner Gate.

The next step was to look forward to being able to step into the Houtian Realm after the absorption of the third class Iron Tree Heart.

Tang Zichen was filled with anticipation and nervousness, hoping that Li Xuan'er would become a Houtian expert in one fell swoop.

Li Xuan'er was likewise looking forward to it.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen felt a loosening of his realm, as if he was about to break through.

"Xuan'er, I'm going to close the door for a bit, I feel like I'm about to break through."

"Ah, you didn't even take the Iron Tree Heart."Xuan'er Li was confused.

Tang Zichen laughed, "No, this time it's my own breakthrough, it has nothing to do with the Iron Tree Heart, I'm going to close the door."

Tang Zichen immediately entered the closed-door state, and about half a day later, Tang Zichen was out of the closed door.

Tang Zichen had broken through from late Houtian, to Houtian Complete.

"Yay."Tang Zichen's heart was excited, he had not taken Iron Tree Heart, but he had also broken through a realm, what a pleasant surprise.

Of course, it could be said that it was reasonable, after all, Tang Zichen hadn't broken through to the Houtian middle stage since four months ago.The last time Tang Zichen had broken through to the mid Houtian was when he had just returned to Linjiang City from the Martial Arts Academy and Huo Xiaowei had sent someone to kill Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had unexpectedly broken through to the mid Houtian when he was about to fight with two Houtian perfect experts.Since then, until now, more than four months had passed, and in those four months Tang Zichen hadn't broken through a single realm, so it was reasonable that he would break through to Houtian Perfection at the moment.

When Tang Zichen walked out of the room, Li Xuan'er was busy asking, "Hubby, how's it going?"


"Xuan'er, I've broken through to Houtian Perfection, hehe."

"Wow, you broke through even without taking the Iron Tree Heart, isn't that the same as saving one?"Li Xuan'er said happily.

"Yes, it's fortunate that I didn't take the second one, or it would have been a waste."Tang Zichen celebrated.

"That old-timer has already left the gate, he asked you to go have tea."


Tang Zichen arrived at a pavilion in the mansion's courtyard, where the old man was leisurely drinking tea.

Tang Zichen walked up and busily said, "Congratulations, Senior, on your promotion to Innate Perfection."

"Hahaha, little friend, don't be polite, come, drink tea."The old man was in a good mood.

Tang Zichen also sensed that the old man's aura had become much stronger, and if the old man was facing those savage innate again at the moment, he must not be afraid of them.

None of those savage innate were innate.

Now that the old man had finally stepped into the Innate Perfection, it seemed like his entire status had risen by a large margin.

"Tang Zichen, you're not bad either, stepping into the Innate Perfection, you're still so young, you have a bright future."The old man laughed.

"Haha, I hope so.Senior, I've known you for so long, I still haven't asked for your name."

The old man said, "My name is Yuan Ling."

"Senior Yuan Ling, I've bothered you for many days, we should take our leave."Tang Zichen said.

"You're leaving so soon."

"I've lived here for quite some time, so it's time to leave."

Tang Zichen calculated that it had been close to four months since he left the Yanhuang Empire, and in another month, Tang Zichen would have to return to the Yanhuang Empire to stop Xiao Meng from injecting euthanasia.

This was something Tang Zichen would never forget.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, if you come to the Liuli Kingdom in the future, come find me here, I should be staying here permanently, in the future I will go to the Liuli Kingdom and serve the country, the Liuli Kingdom is weak and is often bullied by other empires, as a citizen of the Liuli Kingdom, I should serve the country."The old man smiled, Tang Zichen could tell that this old man should have broken through to Innate Perfection, so his confidence had increased and he wanted to fight again, ready to make a big splash.

"Good, if I come to the Glazed Kingdom, I will not forget to come and catch up with the senior, goodbye."


Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er left the old man's mansion.

"There's still a month to go before the five-month period is up, so do we have to return to the Yanhuang Empire right now?"Li Xuan'er asked.

Tang Zichen said, "No, before I return to the Yanhuang Empire, I want to take a detour and go to Martial Island, the Liuli Kingdom is also an island country, and it's not far from Martial Island, so why not go to Martial Island first and look for Xu Mei Qian."

"Well, fine, I've never even been to Wulin Island."

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er walked down the street, ready to head to the Martial Island.

"Hey, it's so crowded over there in front, so many strong martial arts practitioners."Tang Zichen was walking down a quaint street when he suddenly saw a classical teahouse, and right now the front of the teahouse was surrounded by so many strong people from the Inner, Houtian, and even the Innate realms.Generally speaking, it was a bit strange to see so many martial arts practitioners gathered on this kind of street, this kind of modern street still had the most ordinary people, and I don't know what kind of excitement there was there to see.

Tang Zichen walked up, this tea house was called the World's First Tea.

At this moment, in front of the building of the World's First Tea, a notice was posted.

"Seeking a private medical expert to save a pregnant woman in labor, whoever can save this pregnant woman in labor will be heavily thanked by the Glazed Kingdom."


"So you're a doctor seeker, you won't go to the hospital if you're sick, don't tell me there aren't any hospitals in the Glazed Kingdom."Tang Zichen said.

"It's just that how could such an ordinary medical seeking announcement attract the attention of so many powerful people?"

A man standing next to Tang Zichen said, "You don't know this, this world's number one tea house, those ordinary people won't come here to drink tea, this place only receives martial artists, so the people drinking tea on this tea house are all martial arts practitioners."

"Oh."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Li Xuan'er said, "Honey, this is what you're good at, aren't you going to reveal the list?Saving a life is better than creating a seventh-grade pagoda, not to mention it's still two lives."

Tang Zichen said, "Sick won't go to the hospital ah, pregnant women can't give birth, can caesarean well, I'm a healer, so low level, anyone can, what do I make up."

A man beside her said, "This brother, you don't know this, the pregnant woman in this announcement is not an ordinary pregnant woman, the child in her belly doesn't know what disease she has, so she must hire a healer who can treat the child in her belly, heal the child in her belly, and then regenerate it.How many people do you think can do such a healing?"

Tang Zichen furrowed his brow and asked, "What kind of disease does the child in her belly have?"

"To be precise, the child in her stomach wasn't sick, but was wounded.This pregnant woman was slapped in the stomach by a strong man, injuring the child in her belly."

Li Xuan'er said in shock, "No way, this isn't a direct miscarriage."

"No, this pregnant woman is also a strong person herself, she is now doing her best to protect the child with her internal strength, only, that child could collapse at any moment and then miscarry.Now this pregnant woman is waiting for a brilliant healer to save her child.If no more brilliant healers took action, I'm afraid that it really wouldn't be possible to keep it.How could an ordinary doctor save a child who has been injured by a slap and is still in the belly, if it were an ordinary person, such a situation not to mention a child, I'm afraid the life of an adult would be in danger." Remember the website

Tang Zichen was speechless, "It's already this time, what's the point of saving the child."

"Perhaps, this child has a very significant meaning to that pregnant woman, didn't you see, that announcement said that whoever can save them mother and child, the Lucid Kingdom will give a big thank you, at a glance, I know they are from the Lucid Kingdom ah, that's why they have attracted so much attention from the strongest people."

"So that's how it is."

"Right now, there's still an innate strongman guarding the announcement here on the teahouse, perhaps, really in a great hurry."


Although there might be a way to treat this case, Tang Zichen didn't seem to be in the mood for it, as it was entirely that pregnant woman who was trying to keep her child, and it wasn't endangering the pregnant woman's life, Tang Zichen couldn't be bothered to help her keep an unborn child, right?

However, Li Xuan'er said, "Honey, do you have any idea, help her."

"Xuan'er, we're still in a hurry to go to Martial Island, if it was a matter that endangered the life of a pregnant woman, I might really take action, but this is just a case of this pregnant woman knowing that she can't do anything, instead of going to the trouble of trying to save the fetus in her belly that should have died, technically speaking, this fetus isn't even a person yet.Besides, it's too much effort and energy to try to save a fetus that may have been dismembered in the amniotic fluid!

And it may not still work, so why do it when it's a strain?"

"But it is a little life, after all."

"Kayleigh, this little life may not have a life anymore, and just because this pregnant woman has gone to such great lengths to make sure that it does not mean that she really loves that child so much, it is obvious that this child has a very big role to play in her life, and it is impossible for a child that has not yet been born to have any deep feelings.So, I'm not going to waste that time and energy."Tang Zichen was adamant, because Tang Zichen knew that it was too difficult, too energy consuming, and it wasn't always possible.Most importantly, this was a glazed kingdom, and in case it didn't work out, it was hard to guarantee that the other side wouldn't be blamed, or even reduced to taking out their fire on Tang Zichen.This was a complete strain, Tang Zichen had no need to try, it was better to leave early and go to the Martial Academy.

"Alright."Li Xuan'er seemed to understand Tang Zichen's meaning and no longer demanded, Li Xuan'er was a woman, so she would be a bit softer.

As Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er turned around to leave, suddenly, Tang Zichen saw three Savage Race innate experts on the street.

Those three Savage Race innate experts also saw Tang Zichen.

"It's him, quick, he must know that old ghost's information."Those three Savage Race innate experts suddenly surrounded Tang Zichen.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, these savages, why are they all still here now, how long has it been, they still haven't returned to their savage tribe and are still here in this Ajin City.

How did Tang Zichen know that these savages had been looking for that old man, and now suddenly seeing Tang Zichen, they would never let go, because they knew that the old man and Tang Zichen were in the same group.

The three savages suddenly surrounded Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen knew that he wouldn't be able to leave today no matter what, these three savages, one of them was late innate, and two of them were mid innate, but no matter what stage of innate, they weren't something Tang Zichen could deal with, between the latter and the innate, there was no way to cross that gap.

"So ah, are we unable to leave."Li Xuan'er nervously said.

Everyone who had been watching the announcement before was now backing away, as if they felt a strong killing aura.

"Damn, can't leave, how can it be so tragic, so that they will also run into us."Tang Zichen said bitterly.

"Then what now."

"Take one step at a time."

One of the savages said angrily, "I remember you, you're in cahoots with that old ghost, as long as you tell me the whereabouts of that old ghost, I can't kill you."

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, three savage seniors, I really don't know any old ghost, you have mistaken me for someone else."

One savage said angrily, "We have been searching for a long time, our patience has reached its limit, I hope you will not challenge my anger, say, where is that old ghost?Otherwise, I will cut you into pieces."

The three savages were indeed very angry, twelve iron tree hearts, lost just like that, it was really a very big loss for them, so they no longer cared about the humans looking at them differently, they openly walked in this normal human big city, as others looked at them, with their strength, even the same innate level experts did not dare to easily mess with them, they vowed not to stop until they caught that old man.


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