The King of Kungfu in school 582-600


Chapter 582

The people sent were two, one was a Houtian Perfection and the other was a Houtian Great Perfection.

With the energy of the General Family's first son, sending two Houtian Perfection and Grand Perfection experts to kill Tang Zichen was a simple matter, a phone call could do it.A general-level family, but a family with experts beyond innate talent, his power was extraordinary, the entire Yanhuang Empire, any corner of the world had his power.There couldn't be too many general-level families like this, the entire Yanhuang Empire couldn't be too many, and there would only be twenty or thirty families to hold on to, because surpassing the innate celestial state was not that easy.

Let alone celestial unity, even if it was innate, it would be difficult to achieve, and many families would need more than ten to twenty years for their genius children to achieve it.Celestial unity was simply the rhythm of reaching the heavens for the children of ordinary families.

In the evening, Li Xuan'er called Tang Zichen, "Honey, I'm almost there."

"Good, I'll pick you up."

Tang Zichen didn't have a car now, his previous car was kept at Liu Chenming's house, Tang Zichen wasn't used to driving anymore, so he flew directly to the airport.

Tang Zichen's gaze was a bit dull as he stood at the airport exit.

Eyes looked at a person walking out of the airport.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen saw a woman wearing a mask, the figure resembled Li Xuan'er, of course, Tang Zichen saw that she was already recognizable.

Only, Tang Zichen didn't know why she was wearing a mask.

Li Xuan'er was shocked when she saw Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had changed a lot from how she remembered him, he had lost a lot of weight, and was very haggard, his eyes were just as devoid of radiance. One second to remember to read the book

"Honey, what's wrong with you."Li Xuan'er cried and threw herself into Tang Zichen's arms.

"Xuan'er, I haven't seen you for a long time, I almost didn't recognize you, why are you still wearing a mask."Tang Zichen said hugging Li Xuan'er.

Xuan'er Li said, "I'm a singer now, I don't wear a pocket, I'll be recognized by some fans who will run up to take pictures and sign autographs or something, I don't want to waste time."

"So that's how it is, alright, let's go home."Don Zichen said.

"What's wrong with you?Why are you so pale?By the way, where's Xiangyun?She didn't come along?Her old phone was off and she didn't turn it on when she got home?"Li Xuan'er asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiang'er she's dead."

"Boom."Li Xuan'er was startled and her whole body was stupid.

"That's impossible."Li Xuan'er shook her head and said, at this moment, she finally knew why Tang Zichen's entire body was so haggard, but although she said it was impossible, she felt it was true when she associated it with Tang Zichen's appearance.

"Let's not talk about it, lest the mood that was just a little better when I saw you suddenly get worse again."

"Why ah."Li Xuan'er cried, remembering Liu Xiangyun, unable to stop the tears from flowing.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "She was killed."

"How could that be, oooooh."

Li Xuan'er cried, but Tang Zichen's face was now cold, and his gaze swept the surrounding area, because, Tang Zichen suddenly felt a killing aura.

Yes, a very strong killing aura, just like when that dark shadow man from the Martial Academy was standing on the opposite roof.

"Xuan'er, go quickly."Tang Zichen pulled Li Xuan'er and quickly walked out.

If he wasn't mistaken, the black-clothed man from the original Martial Arts Academy was here again, and it was very likely that there was more than one person.

Tang Zichen pulled Liu Xiangyun into a taxi.


nbsp; Tang Zichen noticed that the two men behind him were following behind.

Wherever the taxi came, the men behind it followed.

The taxi driver asked, "Where the hell are you going?"

Tang Zichen was pondering, it seemed impossible to shake it off, and it was obvious that he had come specifically to find him.

As such, Tang Zichen could only let Xuan'er Li go first.

"Xuan'er, I'll get off first, you do the taxi to go, if I don't call you at night, then that means I'm already gone."

"What do you mean?"Li Xuan'er was shocked.

"There are experts following me all the time, I'm afraid that they're not coming, since I can't hide, let's face it, I've endured this for a long time."Tang Zichen said furiously.

Tang Zichen immediately opened the car door, and said to the driver, "Driver, you take her away."

"Bang."Tang Zichen closed the car door without waiting for Li Xuan'er to speak and leapt away while the car was still moving at high speed.

Tang Zichen flew off into the distance, as far away from here as possible, away from Li Xuan'er, so as not to hurt her.

The two men following behind saw Tang Zichen fly away and followed him at once.

Tang Zichen flew to a dock, a place where many containers were kept.

Tang Zichen stopped and stood on top of the containers.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, today, he wanted to take revenge for Xiang Yun, although, two Houtian Perfection and Houtian Great Perfection experts, Tang Zichen couldn't deal with them now, but where so what, even if he fought to the death, he still wanted to take revenge.

Not long after, two men came after him.

"You are Tang Zichen?Hehe."That Houtian Great Perfection man smiled and said that he wasn't wearing night clothes this time either.Then, he was not the black-clothed man from the last time at the Martial Academy, but another Houtian Great Perfection expert in eighty-nine cases.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "Report your name."

"Tang Zichen, my brothers and I have come here specifically to kill you today, and I believe you know who we're sent by, so don't waste your time signing up again."

"It's that what's-his-name Huo Xiaowei?"

"How dare you call our gongzi by his name."That Houtian Perfection man roared.

"Who the hell is Huo Xiaowei?Why would he want to kill me?"Tang Zichen asked, he had been confused about this for a long time, he didn't know this man at all.

The Houtian Great Perfection man laughed and said, "Fine, seeing as you're about to die, I'll grant you this death wish and let you be a clear dead ghost.Huo Xiaowei is the third son of our Huo family, his martial arts talent is average, he is not yet at the Inner Gate realm, and is currently only less than twenty-five years old.However, Duke Huo's martial arts talent is average, so he doesn't practice martial arts much and focuses his main energy on the secular business world, creating a company of his own with a market value of over fifty billion.Do you know the show Good Voice?Our Mr. Huo is the biggest sponsor of this show.In this year's Voice, there was a very beautiful female student, her name was Li Xuan'er, and our Mr. Huo saw her and liked her very much.Mr. Huo immediately asked the program team to bring Li Xuan'er to meet him, and Mr. Huo proposed to Li Xuan'er to his face that he would sponsor her.However, Li Xuan'er was disdainful and seemed to despise Mr. Huo very much, which made our Mr. Huo very angry.Later, the program team told Li Xuan'er, Mr. Huo is the biggest sponsor, can not offend, his company market value of 50 billion, and the family background is strong, by him to take care of, a lifetime of carefree, let Li Xuan'er consider it.However, Li Xuan'er said 'trash', yes, Li Xuan'er is just a good voice student, in our gongzi's eyes, she is just a bottom whore, she actually called our gongzi Huo trash."


"This really irritates our Huo Gongshi, our Huo Gongshi has no martial talent, this is his greatest weakness, what he fears the most is people calling him trash, in favor of Li Xuan'er a person so lowly calling him trash.Duke Huo immediately asked someone to find out about Li Xuan'er's background connections and see what she had that was so proud of.It was only after asking around that she found out that she had a boyfriend, named Tang Zichen.His boyfriend really wasn't simple, he was actually a very talented martial artist and had gone to Martial Island, and I heard that he was a genius at Martial Academy.Mr. Huo was irritated, he was very upset with you, the more genius you were, the more upset he was, he wanted to kill you, and by the way, let that bitch Li Xuan'er know who the trash was.So, you know what happened later, but of course, Li Xuan'er didn't know about all this, or she definitely wouldn't have gone and called Mr. Huo trash."

"Tang Zichen, in terms of martial arts, our gongzi can't even be compared to you, but where so what, our gongzi Huo, he's a true son of a general family in the Yanhuang Empire, it's not hard for him to kill someone, he can just make a few phone calls and there are enough people to finish you off, and we're just one of them.Previously at the Martial Academy, that Guan Wei who killed you, he was also a follower of Duke Huo, although, we are all Houtian Great Perfection martial artists, but it's no shame at all to follow someone who is less than an inner gate, who let him be a true son of a general family, general family, that's a height we can't reach in several lifetimes or even tens of lifetimes, we are willing to drive for him.Tang Zichen, now, do you understand?Do you know why you're going to die?Because, if Mr. Huo wants you to die, you die, no matter how talented you are, you're just a small person in front of him."

Tang Zichen finally came to a sudden realization, so it was a general family, trash first son to have people come to kill him, this trash first son, in terms of martial arts talent, is trash, so he went into business, became the owner of some $50 billion company, everything he wanted, including women, did not not get, because his family was there.The first thing you need to know is how to make sure you're getting the right amount of money for the right reasons.This is considered to have irritated Mr. Huo, and upon investigation, it turns out that Tang Zichen is really a genius, which makes Mr. Huo even more upset.So, a trashy first son, sent someone to kill Tang Zichen.

It seemed that Tang Zichen, the first genius student in the history of the Martial Academy, was actually worse than a trashy first son, but in the eyes of a trashy first son, he was a small person who could be trampled to death at will.It didn't even take any reason to stomp him to death, the bottom is the bottom, regardless of whether your martial talent was strong or not.

Tang Zichen was furious, this trashy first son, if he stood here, Tang Zichen would vow not to trample him to death if he didn't.

Although this matter involved Li Xuan'er, it could not be blamed on Li Xuan'er, and Li Xuan'er did not know that her cursing trash would irritate Duke Huo's inferior nerves.The only thing to blame was that trash first son, bullying others too much.

Tang Zichen's heart was filled with endless fire, if it was a strong man, then Tang Zichen would be just fine, but what the heck, a trash, whose martial arts hadn't even reached the inner gate ah.A trash, with his family's identity background, actually so gripping, and let Tang Zichen get into such a field, the fire within Tang Zichen, can no longer be described with words.This kind of trash that was less than an inner door, in exchange for an ordinary identity, it was not even worthy to give Tang Zichen a shoe, but despite that, he was the one who made Tang Zichen pay such a heavy price.

"Die."Tang Zichen shouted.

That Houtian Great Perfection laughed, "The one who died is you, this is the second time I've sent someone to kill you, if you hadn't died this time, I'm afraid Mr. Huo would have been furious, you may not know Mr. Huo's anger, don't look at the fact that he's not even an inner sect, but furious at me!

Any of us is afraid.Duke Huo, however, has two brothers and a younger brother who have become imperial talents, who can afford to offend."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "The Huo family will lead to its demise because of what this trashy first son has done." The first website

"Geez, how does that sound like a toad talking about swallowing the sky, do you know what a general family is?It seems that you really are a frog in a well, no wonder you are living in the lowest and lowest city like Linjiang City.Just you are still deluded enough to want to exterminate the Huo family, the Huo family's power is spread throughout the entire Yanhuang Empire, and you can be exterminated in minutes.However, I must state a fact here, we came to kill you, including the Martial Academy's Guan Wei to kill you, it wasn't directed by the Huo family, it was only the Huo family's personal intention, of course the Huo family couldn't pay attention to a little person like you, he didn't need to consult the family, after all, to kill a little person like you, a single meaning from the Huo family would be enough."

Tang Zichen pulled out his blade and sword and gritted his teeth, "Today, I will let you die here."

"Oh, an early Houtian, no matter how genius you are, you're still just an early stage, I heard that you're a genius in the Martial Academy, well, let me see if you're really a genius or not."

At this moment, if Tang Zichen was smart, he should escape.

However, Tang Zichen really didn't have the courage to leave, and Tang Zichen also seemed to have lost his mind.

"Ah Hung, leave this kid to me."That Houtian Perfection level man said.

"Fine, an early Houtian kid, I'm not too interested in it, so I'll leave it to you, and make it quick."That Houtian Perfection level man said.


Saying that, that Houtian Perfection man slashed up at Tang Zichen.

"Pah, pah, pah."Without advancing a single point of his blade, the air made a popping sound as if it cut the air.

Tang Zichen stood there still, his eyes closed.

"Huh?"That Houtian Perfection man's eyebrows furrowed, he had already issued an attack, but Tang Zichen didn't even move and closed his eyes, what was he doing?Did he know he was going to die and didn't bother to resist?

The man who was the perfectionist of the Houtian despised for a moment.

At this moment, it wasn't that Tang Zichen wasn't moving, but rather, Tang Zichen was suddenly promoted to the mid-Houtian realm.

That's right, Tang Zichen had broken through to the Houtian Mid-Term just at the moment he was about to do it.

This was undoubtedly great news for Tang Zichen, it meant that Tang Zichen wouldn't be under so much pressure when he faced these two at the Houtian Mid-Term Realm.Moreover, it was that Houtian Perfection level that had attacked him first, which allowed Tang Zichen to not be in a siege or belly to belly situation.

The difference between this Houtian Perfection man and Tang Zichen at this point was only two realms away, and while the two realms were still large, they were not as large as before.

In between, Tang Zichen opened his eyes, and Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the knife that had arrived in front of him.

This knife, because the other party thought that Tang Zichen had just given up on resisting, did not come up to kill in the most perfect way, that is to say, it was full of flaws.

Tang Zichen was delighted inside, "I'll take this opportunity to kill this Houtian Perfection before fighting to the death with that Great Perfection, it's greatly to my advantage to finish one off first, besides, this moment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."


Tang Zichen saw the man's breach and went up with a sword strike, all that happened in this moment.

"Poof."Suddenly, Tang Zichen's sword, directly cut at the main artery of that person's neck, blood spurted out wildly, the knife in that person's hand fell to the ground, his hands covered his neck where it spurted out, seeing that he couldn't live, unless a healer immediately stopped his bleeding and treated him, but a healer who could do that, at least needed at least six items.

"Ah."The Houtian Great Perfection expert standing not too far away was shocked, he thought he could kill Tang Zichen with the blink of an eye.

"Little Wolf."That Hare Krishna Grand Perfection rushed up.

Tang Zichen's brain was clear at the moment, facing a Houtian Grand Perfection expert, Tang Zichen not only needed strength, but also needed to rely on wisdom.For example, just now, Tang Zichen was able to use a bit of wisdom, he closed his eyes and this perfectionist thought that he had given up resisting, so it was only in the end that Tang Zichen was given a perfect opportunity to kill him.It could be said that luck accounted for eighty percent of Tang Zichen's ability to kill this Houtian perfectionist, and the other twenty percent was Tang Zichen's strength, the fact that Tang Zichen was able to see his opening at a glance and give him a fatal blow under such circumstances showed Tang Zichen's extraordinary strength.

"Little Wolf."That Houtian Great Perfection powerhouse rushed up angrily.

Tang Zichen felt a layer of boulders pressed all over his body, and this boulder made it impossible for him to move.

Tang Zichen wanted to retreat, but he couldn't even display the Ghost Wheel Duel, this Houtian Great Perfection strong man was too powerful and with extreme anger, which made the pressure on his realm even greater.

Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat.

Since he couldn't withdraw, Tang Zichen would simply fight him to the end, and when he got close to him, Tang Zichen would first perform the Sucking Power Technique on him, and it would be fine to consume some of his power first.

Tang Zichen firmly grasped that Houtian Perfection wounded man with one hand, while also sucking his power. Remember the URL

At this time, that great perfectionist had already reached the front, and he slapped Tang Zichen with a palm.

This slap felt like a mountain collapse to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had already expected it, and Tang Zichen instantly lifted the perfect wounded man up in front of himself.

That Houtian perfectionist was afraid of injuring one of his own, and would definitely either withdraw his power, or attack Tang Zichen from a new angle from another angle, or perhaps, save one of his own before killing Tang Zichen.

However, whichever scenario was favorable to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen needed just such an opportunity, to give him a chance to be able to perform the Sucking Power Technique on him.

That Houtian Great Perfection, seeing Tang Zichen use his brother's body to block his palm, although angry, he had to contain his power.

However, never would have expected that Tang Zichen's body would suddenly emerge from behind his brother's and suddenly attack him at the very moment that he, at that moment, had collected his power.


"Looking for death."

That Houtian Great Perfection hadn't had time to gather his strength again, and Tang Zichen, who was close to him, had already slapped him.

Only, that Houtian Great Perfection was filled with disdain for Tang Zichen's slap.

However, in the next moment, he realized that it was a mistake, the purpose of Tang Zichen's slap was not to injure him, but, rather, to absorb power.

"Wow."Tang Zichen found the opportunity to take a wild suction.


p; Moreover, Tang Zichen had to hold his body firmly while his opponent hadn't reacted the first time, so that he wouldn't be thrown away the first time and be able to suck for a certain amount of time longer, and the longer he sucked, the better it would be for Tang Zichen.

"Ah."The opponent's Houtian Great Perfection was stunned, his first contact with the Sucking Technique, he had no idea what it was.

"Drink."Tang Zichen was in that one moment when he was stunned and his entire body died holding his waist while his hand kept sucking.

In the next second, that Houtian Great Perfection reacted, he was horrified, this was a technique that could suck other people's internal power?He wasn't stupid, his body was losing power, even a fool would know what it was.

Suddenly, that Houtian Great Perfection wanted to get rid of Tang Zichen.

However, Tang Zichen was holding him in a death hug, and he couldn't shake it off even if he tried hard.

"Bang."He slammed his palm on Tang Zichen's back.

"Clack."Tang Zichen clearly knew that his back spine was broken.

However, Tang Zichen still couldn't let go, once he did, he would never be an opponent of the Houtian Great Perfection, and if he didn't let go and kept sucking him dry, he would always be sucked dry by Tang Zichen, and that was when Tang Zichen's chance to turn defeat into victory would come.

Even if his backbone was broken, it was still better than being killed.Besides, as a doctor, Tang Zichen knew very well that no matter how injured he was, he would be able to gradually recover.

"Ahhhh."That Houtian Great Perfection yelled, he seemed to be a bit panicked, his body clearly felt smaller in strength, and his internal power was clattering away.

It was also fortunate that Tang Zichen had learned the Sucking Power Great Success Chapter, otherwise the Basic Chapter would definitely not have such a strong suction power.

The Houtian strongman who was yelling, panicking, became even more stubborn and tried to throw Tang Zichen off, using his internal power to shake Tang Zichen viciously.

But still, he couldn't shake it away.

"Go to hell."He swung his qi palm again and rammed it into Tang Zichen's back greatly.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's entire waist was about to be broken by him.

At this moment, Tang Zichen seized the opportunity and suddenly, with a flip, what was originally holding him from the front, was replaced by holding him from the back.

This time, it became even harder for that Houtian Dacheng to attack Tang Zichen.

Just now, Tang Zichen couldn't really find the opportunity to switch to holding him from behind, or else he wouldn't have had his spine broken.

After Tang Zichen went around to the back, that Houtian Great Perfection was suddenly a bit helpless and could only go to tear Tang Zichen's hand that was wrapped around his waist viciously.

However, at that moment, his very his strength was greatly reduced, and he actually felt a bit powerless.

"Ahhhh."When he couldn't tear Tang Zichen's hand away, he could only dryly roar, then his back hit a container hard.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's entire body was embedded in the container.

However, this was not as damaging to Tang Zichen as the two slaps he had just received, and because of the wild sucking of his internal power, it also at least made Tang Zichen's body thick enough to somewhat resist some external damage with his thick power.

At this time, that Houtian Perfection strong man saw a knife on the ground.

He suddenly picked up the knife on the ground and viciously stabbed it into his back.

"Puff."Tang Zichen was pierced through his chest by his knife, but Tang Zichen still did not let go.


That Houtian Great Perfection strong man was also on fire to the point that if the power on his body continued to be lost, then it was only a matter of time before he would run out of power.

He bit his teeth and raised his hands above his head, grabbing the head of Tang Zichen who was holding him at the back.

"Ah."He shouted, grabbing Tang Zichen's head and pulling it upwards in an attempt to pull it off.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had to let go of him, otherwise, his head would really have to be pulled off.

As soon as Tang Zichen let go of him, he grabbed his head and threw it far away.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's body was smashed against a container, and the container smashed into an utter, and Tang Zichen sank into an iron pit.

"I'll kill you."That Houtian Great Perfection strong man now finally got rid of Tang Zichen, he was also scared inside, a technique that would suck people's power was too scary.

Tang Zichen was now, however, without any resistance, his spine was broken, he couldn't stand up at all, and his chest was pierced through with a knife.

That Houtian Great Perfection strong man rushed up towards Tang Zichen, but after two steps, he suddenly had a weakness in his legs and fell down.

Tang Zichen had just sucked him in for too long, and it seemed that he had little power left, as he fell down even after running two steps.

Tang Zichen didn't know whether to laugh or cry. One second to remember to read the book

If Tang Zichen was still able to stand up at the moment, then he was absolutely one hundred percent sure of killing him, but Tang Zichen couldn't stand up at all.

He only needed to wait three to five minutes, and that Houtian Great Perfectionist would definitely be able to regain some strength, even if it was just a little bit, he would be enough to come up and kill Tang Zichen.

As for the Houtian Perfection who had just had his neck aorta cut by Tang Zichen, he seemed to be dead at the moment, his blood all over the ground.

Just at this moment, Li Xuan'er came running from afar.

Just after Tang Zichen got off the bus, Li Xuan'er didn't run by herself, but followed up, even if she died, she would die with Tang Zichen, how could she run by herself.

"Tang Zichen."Li Xuan'er shouted, but she saw Tang Zichen right away.

The scene made her body tremble, she originally thought that the person who fell on the ground covered in blood was Tang Zichen, but the next moment Tang Zichen shouted at her, only to see Tang Zichen's entire body set into a container.

"Xuan'er, go up and kill him, quick."Tang Zichen was delighted to see Li Xuan'er coming, it seemed that the heavens didn't desperately need a critical moment.

Taking advantage of his weakness, to kill him, who died and who lived, all in Li Xuan'er's hands, Tang Zichen's life was also entrusted to her, however, Tang Zichen did not have much confidence in Li Xuan'er.

As if Li Xuan'er understood, Tang picked up a sword on the ground.

"Swoosh."Li Xuan'er killed up with her sword, but her swordsmanship was so lousy, Houtian Great Perfection ah, even if she ran out of power, it wasn't something she could deal with.

As expected, Li Xuan'er couldn't kill him at all.

"Bang."Li Xuan'er was dizzy as she was hit by his palm and hit the ground.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Xuan'er, continue, his power is depleted now, even if you can't kill him, you can still let his power continue to be depleted, don't let him have any time to recover."

"Mm."Li Xuan'er bit her teeth, regardless of the pain in her body, she blinked her sword and killed up.

That Houtian Grand Perfectionist was also furiously annoyed, he was just about to recover a little bit of his power, then he could walk up and kill Tang Zichen.

However, suddenly there came a woman, this woman was still an outer door

Realm.Although a woman from the outer realm couldn't kill him, but she had to resist when she killed Li with a sword, and when she resisted, her already depleted internal energy had to be depleted again.

"Bang."Li Xuan'er was once again knocked away by a palm strike.

Tang Zichen had to find a way to struggle out at the moment, relying on Li Xuan'er to go up and kill him over and over again was simply not a long-term solution, let's just say Li Xuan'er could hold on for a long time.

"Ah."Tang Zichen shouted, ignoring the pain and casting Ghost Wheel Determination, his body suddenly detached from the container's mosaic.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and crawled towards that Houtian Great Perfection strong man.

"Swoosh."Li Xuan'er struck him for the tenth time.


"Puff."The bones in Li Xuan'er's chest were shattered and flew down into the distance while a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly.

At this moment, that Houtian Great Perfectionist had slightly gathered a bit of strength, and if Li Xuan'er hadn't kept killing him, then he would have been able to stand up.

Tang Zichen saw this, life and death were only between that moment, and couldn't care less, he slapped the ground and shot up towards the other side with his entire body.

"Yin-Yang Finger."Tang Zichen's fingers had already condensed their strongest power after he flew and shot up.

"Snap."Tang Zichen then thrust his body back with power and rushed to the front of that Houtian Great Perfection, his finger quickly pointing at his throat.

"Swoosh."The strong qi energy suddenly penetrated his throat.

A column of blood spurted out from his throat, and that Houtian Great Perfection covered his throat with both hands in an attempt to keep the blood from flowing out.

However, defeat was decided, and within a few minutes, he trembled and fell down, and blood instantly flowed all over the floor.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath.

Finally, death.

A Houtian Perfection and a Houtian Great Perfection, both had died.

However, both Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were badly injured, but it was better than dying, and with Tang Zichen's medical skills, no matter how serious the injuries were, they could be healed with enough time.

The sky had also long since darkened, Li Xuan'er flew into the distance, the bones in her chest shattered, she couldn't climb up.

Tang Zichen slowly climbed up.

"Xuan'er, how are you doing?"Tang Zichen held her hand and asked, if Li Xuan'er hadn't followed her at the critical moment today, it would definitely have been Tang Zichen who died.

"Honey, I'm fine."Li Xuan'er said with blood coming out of her mouth.

"Still saying it's fine, the sternum is all broken, but fortunately there are no internal injuries, I'm sure that person also really doesn't have any internal strength, otherwise you wouldn't be able to catch a single slap."Tang Zichen said, he checked Li Xuan'er's body, although it was heavily injured, it couldn't die.

"Is that person dead?"Kaylee Lee asked, as if it hurt to speak.


Mavis Lee trailed off in relief.

"How are you?"Kaylee Lee asked.

"I've got a broken spine and a knife through my chest, but I can't die, I just can't get up."

"So what now?We can't even move."

Tang Zichen smiled, there was no need to worry about how things were in this part of Linjiang City.

Tang Zichen immediately called Liu Chenming.

Right now, Liu Chenming was at home, staring at a picture of Liu Xiangyun, his entire body seemed to have aged ten years, looking pitiful.


Then his phone rang, the first time he didn't answer it, but soon it called again, he picked it up and looked at it, it was an unfamiliar number, he answered it subconsciously.

"Uncle Willow, it's me."


"Uncle Liu, I'm at the XX dock, I'm injured, can you come here."

"Good."Liu Chenming didn't refuse, in fact it was still pleasing for Tang Zichen to be the first to call him if he was in trouble, at least he wouldn't stop contacting him just because Liu Xiangyun was dead.

About forty minutes later, Liu Chenming drove up in his car and brought a servant girl with him.

"Zichen, how are you?"Willow Chenming was taken aback when she saw the scene, there was blood all over the place and there were two dead people, Tang Zichen and Xuan'er Li were both on the ground.

"Uncle Willow, those two are from me, the realm is several levels higher than me, Xuan'er and I fought to the death to kill them, only, we are also heavily injured, you take us away first, go back and heal properly."

"Good."Liu Chen Ming immediately commanded that girl to help, allowing Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun to enter the car and leave.

"Do you want to go to the hospital?"Willow Chenming asked.

"No, at that level of the hospital, in my current condition, I could have been sentenced to death." The first website

"Also."Willow Chenming didn't say anything else, Tang Zichen's medical skills were better than any doctor.

Back at the Willow Chenming family, Tang Zichen had someone bring a crutch, Tang Zichen used the crutch to support his arm this was able to stand upright.

Tang Zichen had the others go out, he had to treat Li Xuan'er first.

In the room, Tang Zichen slowly took off all of Li Xuan'er's blouse.

Li Xuan'er's face was red.

Tang Zichen just remembered that between him and Li Xuan'er, he and Li Xuan'er hadn't reached such an intimate level, he and Li Xuan'er hadn't had sex yet, and right now, he directly stripped her of her blouse, no wonder Li Xuan'er was blushing all over.

"Oh, it's okay, Xuan'er."


Tang Zichen immediately began to treat Xuan'er, first eliminating the bruises in her body, because to drain it clean, so Tang Zichen inevitably went to rub Xuan'er Li's upper body, so, engaged in the Tang Zichen in deliberately playing a hooligan like, deliberately pinching Li Xuan'er's tits like, Li Xuan'er was ashamed.

"Being misunderstood, I'm just getting your blood running and draining the sludge from your body."Tang Zichen said.

"It's okay, I know."Li Xuan'er said with a red face.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, it seems, compared to Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, and Li Xuan'er is much stranger, with Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, in the martial arts academy has done everything, so intimate, but Li Xuan'er did not, only now the atmosphere made awkward.

Li Xuan'er asked, "You and Xiangyun, how was it."

"I know what you want to ask, Xiang Yun and I, everything happened soon after we went to the Martial Arts Academy."Tang Zichen said.

"That's great."

"Let's not talk about it yet."


Tang Zichen removed the bruises from Liu Xiangyun and then began the healing treatment, except that the bones that were injured weren't healed so quickly.

After healing Li Xuan'er, Tang Zichen would have to heal himself.

It's just that Tang Zichen's treatment of himself is a bit troublesome.

After all, he couldn't stick himself with many needles, but it would be good if he was at the Martial Arts Academy, where he could find Professor Lin Han.

"Xuan'er, can you stand up?"

"Can."Kaylee Lee said.

"Good, I need you now.

Help me out."

"Ah, I don't know how to heal."

"It's okay, I'll teach you how to do it, and just a few of those things I can't do on my own to help me out."


Don lay down on the floor and took off his clothes first.

Kaylee Lee shyly turned her head.

"Uhh."Tang Zichen was stunned when he saw this action of hers, making it as raw as it was, but it was also true that they hadn't been this close before and couldn't compare her to Liu Xiangyun, Liu Xiangyun had seen everything Tang Zichen had, so naturally she wouldn't be shy, while Li Xuan'er, I'm afraid this was the first time.

"It's okay, you're my woman, if it was Xiang'er, she wouldn't be shy long ago, just because you and I haven't suddenly had that kind of relationship."

"Hmm."Li Xuan'er turned back, daring to look at Tang Zichen's body, only to blush.

"What do I have to do?"Kaylee Lee asked.

"Now, why don't you help me insert the blood on my body first, so I can operate it better after all."

Li Xuan'er wiped off the blood stains on Tang Zichen's body, of course, Li Xuan'er also moved very slowly, after all, she was also injured and couldn't move drastically yet, but simple things like squatting down and standing up were already possible, which showed that Tang Zichen's medical skills were really good.

Tang Zichen said, "Give me the silver needle."


Tang Zichen squeezed the silver needles in his fingers and pricked himself, draining the bruises first before healing.

The back was the most difficult place.

Tang Zichen was lying naked all over, and Li Xuan'er's face was hot when she saw Tang Zichen's ass, and what was in front of it when he was just on his back, but it made her heart beat fast.

Tang Zichen himself touched his hand to the back, inserted a few needles, the bruises are also clattering out, and when it's almost time, began to splice the bones, after splicing, the broken spine will undergo initial healing, so it can be moved slightly, but there is no weight-bearing capacity, complete healing will take much longer.

"Now I need you to help me,"Don said.


"I have two last places I can't reach with my own hands, so you help me, and the needle goes in."


"About the middle of the shoulder blade, you needle up, little by little, if it hits the spot, I'll let you stick it down, if it's too deep, I'll make it shallow, always listen to my instructions."


After nearly thirty minutes of fumbling with Lisette, she was finally right.

"Well, you'd better get some sleep while you're at it."

Tang Zichen slept for three hours, and Li Xuan'er slept for two hours as well.

Three hours later, Tang Zichen's broken spine had initially healed, and he was able to turn over slightly.

"Honey, you're doing fine."

"Well, Xuan'er, how are you?"

"I slept for two hours and now I'm better again than before, your healing skills are amazing."

"Oh, it's just stimulating growth hormone to make the body heal faster, it's one treatment, but it's equivalent to a normal person recovering for about half a month to a month.I can roll over now too, except I can't wear pants, so please, put your underwear on."

"Oh."Li Xuan'er blushed and found a pair of Tang Zichen's panties, this was already Tang Zichen's room, so there were ready-made clothes and pants.

Li Xuan'er's heart was beating fast as she put on Tang Zichen's panties.

Tang Zichen asked, "Have you seen it for the first time?"


Li Xuan'er was suddenly aggrieved, "You doubt me?"

"Don't get me wrong, I mean, including pictures and stuff."

"No."Li Xuan'er pursed her lips and quickly put on Tang Zichen's underwear.

Tang Zichen's could see that for the more than half a year he had been away, although Li Xuan'er had participated in the Voice and turned into a singer, she was still as innocent as before and hadn't done anything wrong to Tang Zichen.

"Alright, don't put your pants on first, you won't be able to get up even if you do, I need to lie in bed for a day.Xuan'er, you lie next to me too."

"Okay."Xuan'er Li and Tang Zichen lay together and snuggled into Tang Zichen's arms, Tang Zichen hugging her shoulders.

Xuan'er Li asked, "Who were the two men who killed you?"

Li Xuan'er really didn't know anything, the pain Tang Zichen was suffering right now was all because of her ah.

"Oh, Xuan'er, do you know Huo Xiaowei?"

"Uh, David Huo?He's the biggest sponsor of Good Voice ah, he's the owner of a big company."Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen in confusion, did Tang Zichen suspect her?

"Huo Xiaowei wants to be the first son of the Huo family, this Huo family is very powerful, it's a general-level family, the family has experts beyond innate talent, so it's very, very powerful in the Yanhuang Empire.And Huo Xiaowei, although he comes from such a big family, he doesn't have the talent to practice martial arts, so he went into business and became the owner of a company with a market value of 50 billion." Remember the URL

Li Xuan'er said in shock, "How do you know him?I don't know any of that, I just know he's the biggest sponsor of The Voice, and I hear the family is very powerful.Zichen, do you suspect me?That's right, the previous Voice program took me to this guy, and then this guy told me to my face that he was going to bag me, and of course I looked disdainful and refused to do it to my face.Then the showrunner told me that he couldn't afford to offend me, that his family was strong, and I just called him trash.Really, there's no way I'd ever have anything to do with someone like that."Li Xuan'er thought that Tang Zichen suspected that she had some kind of relationship with the big boss, so she looked a bit anxious.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I know everything you said, that Huo Xiaowei, born in a big family, but no talent, this is his biggest weakness, he is most afraid of people calling him trash, but you, you prefer to call him trash.So, Huo Xiaowei investigated your identity, and then I was also investigated, and Huo Xiaowei found out that I was a martial arts genius, extraordinary in the Martial Arts Academy.Huo Xiaowei got irritated, he got jealous and looked at me very unhappy, plus you called him trash again, even you looked down on him.Then, he sent someone to kill me, and that's why Liu Xiangyun died, and on that occasion, I almost died too.But I didn't expect that he wasn't going to let me go, and when he returned to Linjiang City, he sent someone to kill me as well, and then you know what happened."

Li Xuan'er was shocked: "So, I was the one who caused you and Xiangyun's death?"

"Oh, not technically, it's not your fault at all, it's just that he tried to bag you and you didn't care and called him trash, that's all.It's because he's really rubbish, so he's jealous of me, the real reason is that Huo is jealous of me, and you calling him rubbish is just a trigger."

"It was because of me anyway."Xuan'er Li guiltily said.

"Xuan'er, don't blame yourself too much, it's really not your problem, it's me being too brilliant that caused Huo Xiaowei to be jealous, that's the root cause, you're just a fuse."


p; Li Xuan'er cried, "If I hadn't been the fuse, he wouldn't have been jealous of you and thus sent someone to kill you."

"Alright, don't get into a corner."

"I'm sorry Xiangyun, it turns out that everything, it's all my fault, if I didn't participate in any good voice, pressure wouldn't have happened, it's all my fault."

"Alas, what's done is done, maybe I was destined for this fate, it's better to blame no one than myself, if I was a mediocre talent, if I wasn't so sensational in the Martial Arts Academy, I wouldn't have made that trash first son jealous.Of course, if I wasn't so genius, then you would definitely end up unable to escape that trashy first son's clutches, and I'd be more willing to suffer myself compared to that."Tang Zichen said.

If Li Xuan'er was defiled by that trashy first son, then Tang Zichen would only suffer more.

"But Xiang Yun is dead, I can't forgive myself."

"Don't worry, I, Tang Zichen, swear that I will save Xiangyun back to life, I was able to perform the Life Preservation technique in my subconscious, which means that the heavens are also on my side, I will be able to save Xiangyun, I will."Tang Zichen vowed, although he didn't have any certainty right now, he had to have faith, as long as he had faith, things could only succeed.

At this time, in some distant city.

"Mr. Huo, the people sent to surround and kill Tang Zichen yesterday are no longer heard from today, and are most likely dead."

"What? Even a Houtian Grand Perfection can die so easily?"Huo Xiaowei was shocked, the one he sent was a Houtian Great Perfection ah, in the entire Yanhuang Empire, a strong man of this level could go around, not to mention going to a small city like Linjiang City, a small city like Linjiang City, the outer gate could even go around, even 100 levels below the outer gate, reaching 60 or 70 levels, but the Houtian Great Perfection had even lost contact.

"Further determine if it's really dead, contact with the local police, I want answers as fast as possible.If they died, it would be a bit troublesome, Tianxiong and Tianwolf, they are after all loyal to my family, not me, if two Houtian Perfection guests died, then my family will definitely track them down."


Huo Xiaowei was a little worried, even though he was a true son of the Huo family, he didn't have martial talent in the Huo family, so the Huo family wasn't something he could do whatever he wanted.He killed Tang Zichen this time, instructing the Huo Family's guests, and those strong men who killed Tang Zichen listened to him, not because of him, but because of the Huo Family.However, if they died, then how many nights was considered a small loss to the Huo family, and the Huo family would definitely track them down.He sent someone to kill Tang Zichen without going through the family, in case there were any consequences, the family would definitely pursue it.

"Fuck, I didn't think that a small person of such a low level would be so hard to kill."Huo Xiaowei slapped the table in anger, thinking that Tang Zichen would be easy to handle, but he failed three times.

"Damn, I should have known that I would have raped that bitch Li Xuan'er first, but now that she's run away, I can't catch her for a while, damn it."Huo Xiaowei bit his teeth again, remembering Li Xuan'er that figure and appearance, really hated that he didn't do it at that time, at that time was to, develop Li Xuan'er into a long-term bag mistress, so for the long term, he temporarily did not tyrannize her, first killed Tang Zichen, then let her know, Tang Zichen no matter how genius, in front of him also counts as nothing, and then moved on, long-term bag.But damn, things were not going according to his imagination.


About an hour later, Huo Xiaowei received another call, "Mr. Huo, it's been confirmed that the two Houtian Perfectionists you sent out have died."

"Ah, they're really dead."Huo Xiaowei's body trembled, this was finished, the family would definitely know, two Inner Perfectionists had died at once, it was impossible for the family to ignore it.He was a first son with no martial talent, the family's strongmen would definitely not be too tolerant of him.

In the Huo family, in a courtyard.

"Master Shank, what should we do now ah, the two Houtian Perfection guests sent by Third Young Master died, this is going to spread to the family headquarters, there will definitely be more whispering, after all, Third Young Master doesn't have martial talent, some Huo family children internally look down on him."A servant said.

An old man who looked to be about fifty years old said, "Why would Third Young Master be well enough to be sent to kill a martial artist?Isn't he going into business?Then the people he deals with, should all be writing merchants."

"Shank Master, I've already asked about this, Third Young Master he fell in love with a woman, and that woman has a boyfriend, her boyfriend is named Tang Zichen, is a very strong martial arts talent, all, Third Young Master was jealous, so he sent someone to kill him.But I didn't expect that this Tang Zichen was someone with a bit of luck, he didn't kill the first time, nor did he kill the second time, but instead the people we sent there died two Houtian Perfection and Great Perfection."

The old man who was about fifty years old furrowed his brows and said, "Since this Tang Zichen is a bit talented, then he must be killed, don't leave any consequences, keep this secret beforehand, don't let the family know, leave it to you, you will step in, and then secretly send someone to kill him."

"What about Third Young Master's side?"

"This brat, I told him to go do business properly, but he insisted on inserting himself into the martial arts world, let him come back and I'll personally reprimand him."

"Yes, then I'll go deal with that Tang Zichen first."

"Clean and sharp, don't leave any loose ends." One second to remember to read the book


The next day, Tang Zichen woke up in his room, with Li Xuan'er sleeping beside him, after a night's rest, Tang Zichen was much better than yesterday, he was already moving like a normal person, only, he couldn't perform martial arts yet, although he could move like a normal person, but performing martial arts hadn't recovered to that extent, it was estimated that it would take ten days and half a month, or even longer.

Li Xuan'er, on the other hand, was already less injured than Tang Zichen, she could barely feel any pain anymore, but, also unable to perform martial arts, it was estimated that it would take a three or four days, or even a week or so, to fully recover.

This was, Li Xuan'er woke up.

"Ah, am I better?"Li Xuan'er was shocked to find that she couldn't seem to feel the pain of her injuries.

"Oh, you're like a normal person now, but don't move your arms for now, there's nothing else that needs attention."

"What about you?"

"I'm pretty much the same."Saying that, Tang Zichen rolled over from the bed, he had all still broken his spine yesterday, but today he was able to quickly roll over and twist.

"Wow, it's amazing, your medical skills are too good."Li Xuan'er said in surprise.

"To be precise, it's healing, of course, it's for this world, I'm a tenth grade healer now, in this world, tenth grade healers are not ordinary."Tang Zichen said.

"Well, you're amazing."

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er, Li Xuan'er was only wearing a hood, and an inner library, waking up early in the morning, Tang Zichen was inevitably a little bit of that.

/> Li Xuan'er saw Tang Zichen looking at her, blushing, busy going to get the bedside clothes, trying to put them on.

At this time, Tang Zichen grabbed her hand and whispered: "Don't wear it."

"Ah."Li Xuan'er was stunned there.

Tang Zichen rolled over and pressed Li Xuan'er underneath him, Li Xuan'er's heart was beating fast, for the first time in her life.

Tang Zichen suddenly and violently kissed down, Xuan'er Li was overwhelmed, Tang Zichen quickly stripped Xuan'er naked, and in the midst of Xuan'er Li's pain, possessed her all.Ten minutes later, the entire room was filled with spring, Tang Zichen had sex with a woman for the first time since Liu Xiangyun left.Only, Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er, but in his mind was Liu Xiangyun.

Half an hour later, both of them hadn't moved, and Li Xuan'er had never expected such a sudden end to her career as a young girl, but she had been looking forward to this day for a long time.

"Get up."Tang Zichen said, looking at the blood stains on the bed sheet, a proof of Li Xuan'er's purity.

Li Xuan Er nodded, but she took out the scissors and cut off that proof of purity.

"What are you doing?"

"Save it."


"Oh."Li Xuan Er smiled shyly.Tang Zichen also understood that some women, indeed, would save this.

After brushing his teeth and washing his face, Tang Zichen came downstairs, where Willow Chenming sat haggardly in the living room, probably having not slept all night again.

"Uncle Liu, your body won't be able to handle this, you have to pay attention to your body ah."

Willow Chenming shook her head, "I can't do it."

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, you have to have faith, you have to believe that Xiangyun will definitely come back, if I'm like you and have no faith, then Xiangyun really won't be able to come back.I was just like you before, haggard, depressed and sad, but it was useless.I am now rejuvenating myself with a renewed look and am filled with faith that I can bring Xiang'er back to life, I can, I can, if I have enough faith, I can do it."

Liu Chen Ming saw Tang Zichen's faith-filled eyes and seemed to be infected by a slight infection.

"Mm."Liu Chen Ming nodded his head, his eyes filled with more conviction.

Tang Zichen patted him on the shoulder.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen accompanied Li Xuan'er back to see her parents.

"Honey, will that Huo family still send someone to kill you?"On the way back, Li Xuan'er worriedly asked.

"I don't understand, nine times out of ten they will, after all, I killed their two Houtian Perfection and Great Perfection powerhouses, it's impossible for this to just go unheard.Besides, even if they don't hear about it, I, Tang Zichen, won't stop there, I will definitely exterminate the Huo family on the other day, and the Huo family will end because of a trashy first son."Tang Zichen said with conviction.

"Let's not talk about that far ahead, now what if they send someone again, this time, we both almost died, send someone again, you can't use force, and it might come stronger, what should we do."

Tang Zichen considered this matter as well.

"The city is so big, it may not be so easy to find us, how about this, after visiting your parents, we'll go to another city and leave Linjiang City, they won't be able to find us."

"Go where?I'm rather a singer now, I'm afraid of being recognized."


Tang Zichen said, "First, I'm going to kill Huo Xiaowei, then, I'm going to go on a journey and walk to another country.Killing Huo Xiaowei is my first step in destroying the Huo family."

"Mm, I'll accompany you."

Tang Zichen nodded, he hadn't been with Li Xuan'er for more than half a year, if he went anywhere again this time, he would have to take Li Xuan'er with him, Tang Zichen was no longer willing to leave her alone still in the city, this time, if it wasn't for luck, it would all almost be tainted by Huo Xiaowei's trashy first son.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen's phone rang.

"Hello."Tang Zichen picked it up, it was an unfamiliar call.

"Brother Zichen, it's me."

"Uh, Xiao Meng."Tang Zichen was shocked, it was that little hacker beauty, Xiaomeng.

Tang Zichen had forgotten about her, if he hadn't called, there was no doubt as to why she knew Tang Zichen's new phone number, it wasn't hard for a hacker to find him.

"Brother Zichen, you're back from Wulin Island."


"Brother Zichen, I already know everything that happened to you." First URL

"How do you know?"This little hacker beauty, Tang Zichen was becoming more and more curious about her, her identity was mysterious, but Tang Zichen didn't bother to care about her identity, we were just acquaintances on the network, nobody had seen her in real.

"Brother Zichen, how are you now?"


"Brother Zichen, you've become stronger now."

"Fine, what's wrong with you?"

"Brother Zichen, I haven't seen you for such a long time, a call to you and still ask me what's going on, do I have to have something to find you ah.Well, I do have something to inform you."

"You say."

"Huo Xiaowei's father already knows what his son did, but instead of apologizing in the slightest, he sent his butler to take charge and continue hunting you down, they want to cut off the root of the problem and leave it clean and clear."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's just expected, they killed my girlfriend Liu Xiangyun, I can't let this go."

"Brother Zichen, I'll tell you one more piece of news, at this moment, an innate expert is already on his way to Linjiang City."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled.

"An innate expert?"

An innate expert, this was something that Tang Zichen couldn't possibly deal with no matter what, Tang Zichen was only in the middle of the Houtian period right now.

"Yes, his name is Gong Wei, he's Huo Xiaowei's father, Huo Shao's right-hand man, by the way, Huo Shao's father, Huo Shao, is an expert in the late Innate stage."

"How are you so clear?"

"Brother Zichen, I'm a hacker, and besides, I'm from a big family."

"What family are you from?"

"Hehe, brother Zichen, this is a secret for now, I'm not from the Huo family anyway, if brother Zichen is in trouble, Xiao Meng will definitely help."

"Thanks, so what level is Gong Wei?"

"Gong Wei is Huo Shank's right-hand man, and is currently at the Pre-Celestial realm."

"Pre-Congenital, even if it's Pre-Congenital, it's not something I can deal with right now."Tang Zichen said, and even Tang Zichen's Sucking Power method couldn't suck him in, because the innate expert, who had produced innate abstruse energy in his body, was standing here for Tang Zichen to suck in.Standing here for Tang Zichen to kill, even Tang Zichen's sword couldn't see in, and the innate abstruse qi at once

Just rebound the would-be Tang Zichen's swords, even the powerful ones, and douse them to smithereens.

This, is simply not on the same level, don't say Tang Zichen Houtian middle stage, even if he was a Houtian perfection, he couldn't break through the layer of innate abstruse.

There was a world of difference between Innate and Hare Krishna.

In the Innate realm, a stronger person at a higher level would have a stronger innate abstruse qi, so a weaker person in the Innate realm would be just as unable to break through his innate abstruse qi.

Tang Zichen had run into big trouble this time, if he waited for that innate expert to come, Tang Zichen would really be in heaven, and there would be no escape.

"Brother Zichen, don't worry ah, that Gong Da Wei will return to Linjiang City about three o'clock tomorrow afternoon, you just have to leave Linjiang City before he gets there and he won't be able to find you, moreover, I can always give you information, it's impossible for him to find you." ..

The city had this advantage, the sky was big, and it was difficult to find people, but of course, it wasn't difficult for the hacker.So, Tang Zichen was really lucky to know this little hacker beauty, who had been helping him too much.

"Thanks, Xiao Meng."

"Hehe, you're welcome."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, it just so happens that I have something I want to ask you."


"I want to find Huo Xiaowei, but it's a bit difficult for me to find him, can you help me find him?I want to go kill him."

"Yeah, a piece of cake.".

"Yay, thank you so much."

"Don't say thank you all the time, Brother Zichen, unless you don't think of me as a friend."

"Well then, I won't say thank you anymore, so I'll contact you when I'm ready to leave."


Hanging up the phone, Tang Zichen said, "We have to leave Linjiang City by three o'clock tomorrow afternoon, there are innate experts coming after me, I have to be careful this time."

"Is innate very strong?Is it much stronger than the Houtian Great Perfection?"Li Xuan'er asked.

"Nonsense, innate experts, I'd better not go looking for death, don't even see them, if I do, I might not be able to shake them off, my breath will be locked and I won't be able to escape anywhere, so I have to leave by plane by three o'clock tomorrow afternoon.This time it's fortunate that Xiao Meng reminded me, otherwise I wouldn't have known, then tomorrow would really be the end."Tang Zichen said from the bottom of his heart.

"Well, Xiaomeng has helped us a lot."Li Xuan'er, actually helped Tang Zichen a lot, but when she said she helped us, Li Xuan'er merged her and Tang Zichen into one, and Tang Zichen was quite comfortable listening to her, having the feeling of a husband and a wife.

Tang Zichen went with Li Xuan'er to a neighborhood.

"Hey, have you moved?"Tang Zichen asked, before Li Xuan'er's family lived in a poor area.

"Yeah, because I joined The Voice and won the overall championship, so there were some rewards and some commercials, so I bought a house for my parents,"Kaylee Lee said.

"Not bad."Tang Zichen smiled, in fact, Tang Zichen could have bought her parents a house before, but at that time, Li Xuan'er didn't accept it, and Tang Zichen didn't force her, not everyone would accept a house given to them by someone else.

Now Li Xuan'er has the money to buy a new house, which is even better.

Coming to Li Xuan'er's new house, I saw Li Xuan'er's parents, who were now in good health.

It's just that in the future, Li Xuan'er won't enter the entertainment industry, so the family's financial resources will be gone.

And Tang Zichen doesn't have any money right now, so finding Liu Chenming will make it impossible for Li Xuan'er's parents to live too abundantly in the future.


After seeing Li Xuan'er's parents, Tang Zichen ate lunch at Li Xuan'er's house, as that innate expert wouldn't arrive in Linjiang City until tomorrow afternoon, so there was no need to rush now.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er went to Baiyun Middle School for a walk around.

The school wasn't full of students since it was already on vacation, otherwise Li Xuan'er would have been rounded up, looking for her to take pictures, sign autographs and so on.

There used to be a singer in Linjiang City too, named Ling Longyu, who was screwed over by Tang Zichen.

Li Xuan'er said, "After I joined The Voice, I also met Ling Long Yu, that Ling Long Yu wanted to chase me at first, then saw that I was more famous than him, then he became inferior and didn't dare to harass me anymore."

"Oh, that idiot, he even tried to pick up a girl at Baiyun High School last year, then he was let to eat a mouthful of phlegm."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Xuan'er, are you famous now?"

"That's not true, after all, the show Good Voice is not popular in the western, eastern, northern, and other areas of the Yanhuang Empire, mainly in this southern part of the country, so I'm famous.I myself have written three songs during my participation, and all three songs have now turned into complex red songs and complex pop songs, hehe."Li Xuan'er spoke with a burst of pride.There were so many singers nowadays, in order to be popular, one had to have a few catchy songs, and Li Xuan'er had three red songs right after her debut, and just now on her way to Baiyun High School, there were several stores that played Li Xuan'er's songs, but Tang Zichen didn't even notice.

"Really? Then sing it to me."Tang Zichen said.

"Yes, I have all these songs, the content of which is missing you."Li Xuan'er blushed, and because she missed you, that's why she was asked to write these beautiful songs.

"That's all the more reason for me to listen to them." Remember the URL

Kaylee Lee took out her phone and played it.

"Uh, you're not singing it yourself."

"I sang it on my phone too ah, it's just that it sounds better in the studio."

"I don't want to hear you sing in person, other people can only listen to cell phone tapes, I have to hear you sing in person, don't I even get that treatment."

"Speechless, well, you're my man, of course you want all the treatment you can get,"Kaylee Lee said.

"Really any kind of treatment?"Tang Zichen's eyes were a bit ambiguous.

Li Xuan'er seemed to understand what he was trying to say and blushed as she gave Tang Zichen a glance.

Li Xuan'er immediately sang to Tang Zichen on the spot herself.

Tang Zichen smiled and listened.

Tang Zichen's mood since Li Xuan'er's return had begun to gradually emerge from the shadow of his grief over the loss of Liu Xiangyun.

Of course, it doesn't mean that just because Tang Zichen has been sad and haggard, it means that the more he loves Liu Xiangyun, Tang Zichen hasn't eaten or slept for a week since Liu Xiangyun left, if he continues in this state, he won't need the Huo family to kill him, he'll be useless himself.So Tang Zichen is now pulling himself together, he must pull himself together, there's only hope for Liu Xiangyun to come back alive and get his revenge.Plus, Li Xuan'er's return had soothed some of his pain.

"That's nice to hear."Tang Zichen couldn't help but say.

Tang Zichen hugged Li Xuan'er and listened to her sing, every line she sang was missing him, Tang Zichen seemed to have heard the pain of these more than half a year, when she was alone in the city.This half year, Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian compared to her, but much happier than her, often also rolled the bed together, she is only one person, but also subject to a lot of harassment.

When singing the last song, Tang Zichen had involuntarily kissed Li Xuan'er's lips.

The song came to an abrupt end, and the two of them kissed madly.


bsp; A few minutes later, Li Xuan'er blushed and didn't dare to look into Tang Zichen's eyes, she and Tang Zichen had only been intimate for the first time last night, so she was still shy after all.

Tang Zichen asked, "Xuan'er, how are you learning your martial arts?"

"Ah, martial arts."Xuan'er was a bit embarrassed to say.

Tang Zichen had just discovered that Xuan'er Li's martial arts realm had broken through to the middle stage of the outer gate.

"Not bad, you're alone at home, but you've stepped into the middle stage of the outer gate, I remember when I left Linjiang City, you were only about a dozen levels below the outer gate, right?"

Li Xuan'er pursed her lips, "Compared to Xiangyun and the others, I'm definitely inferior."

"No way, they went to the Martial Academy and were only at the Outer Gate Grand Perfection, you didn't go anywhere, and you reached the Middle Outer Gate on your own, that's really good."Tang Zichen said, finding that Li Xuan'er had even improved, he was still very happy inside.

Li Xuan'er said, "My main focus has been on the sound field, so I'm not very good at the martial realm."

"Yeah, you're talented in voice, let me see how aggressive you are with your voice."

"Hmm."Li Xuan'er immediately performed her sound attack, only, she had to use a prop, her prop was a harmonica.

Tang Zichen felt it, it was good, I believe it was at least at the level of a third or even fourth-grade sound mage.

"How is it?"Li Xuan'er was busy asking, she was working so hard to get Tang Zichen's approval, it didn't matter to anyone else.

"Haha, Xuan'er, you're fantastic, worthy of being my woman, your sound attack, the strength of it is at least at the level of third-grade, or even fourth-grade."

"Third- and fourth-grade what is it?"Li Xuan'er just kept trying to study every day, so she didn't know anything about the third and fourth grades, and she hadn't learned any systematic guidance, she had to figure it out on her own.

"Like my Healing Master, my tenth-grade Healing Master is already very powerful, so the fact that you are now able to reach nearly fourth-grade Sound Master is also very strong, far beyond my expectations, and you've also reached the middle stage of the outer gate in the martial arts realm, Xuan'er, you're great."

"Hehehe."Li Xuan'er was very happy to receive Tang Zichen's praise.

In the evening Tang Zichen and Xuan'er Li left Baiyun Middle School and returned to Liu Chenming's house.

In the evening, they ate dinner together with Liu Chenming, and Liu Chenming was in a slightly better state of mind.

"Uncle Liu, I'm leaving Linjiang City tomorrow."

"So soon."

"Uncle Liu, the Huo family has sent an innate expert to kill me, so I must leave."

"Good, then what are your plans?"

"I'll go kill Huo Xiaowei first."

"Then be careful."

"Uncle Liu, you've also been home less these past few days, just in case they use you to blackmail me, although the probability is very small, it's not completely impossible."

"Well, I know, I just happen to be going away on business tomorrow morning, I won't be back for more than half a month."

The next day, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er left Linjiang City together.

The destination, Gao Lingfu.

Xiaomeng had already tracked down that Huo Xiaowei was at the Gaoling Mansion.

This trash first son, Tang Zichen was going to end his life.

With Xiaomeng's assistance, it wasn't difficult to find this trash first son.

The plane journey would take about a day and a half, the Yanhuang Empire was too large.


A day and a half later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Gaoling residence.

And now, in Linjiang City, a man made a phone call out, "Master Shank, I didn't find Tang Zichen, I heard that Tang Zichen has left Linjiang City."

"Where did he go?"

"According to the camera records at Linjiang City Airport, it looks like he got on a plane to Gaolingfu."

"Gaolingfu?What's he doing in Gao Lingfu."Huo Xiaowei's father Huo Shank's eyebrows furrowed, but the next moment he remembered.

"No, Xiaowei is at the Gaoling Mansion, Tang Zichen is going to the Gaoling Mansion, isn't it?"

Huo Zhang immediately called his son Huo Xiaowei.

However, the phone couldn't be reached, it wasn't in the service area.

"How did this happen?Where is he, not in the service area?"

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er had arrived at the Gaoling Mansion.

"Xiao Meng, I've arrived, now immediately tell me where I can find Huo Xiaowei?"Tang Zichen gritted his teeth. A second to remember to read the book

"Huo Xiaowei is now in Gao Ping District, you follow the phone's navigation and I'll send you his location."


Tang Zichen got into a taxi and followed Xiao Mengfa's navigation.

Soon, Tang Zichen found his destination, but it was in a mountain.

"Xiao Meng, could it be a mistake, this is a mountain."

"Brother Zichen, there shouldn't be any mistake, try looking in the mountains."


Tang Zichen half-heartedly went into the mountain, Li Xuan'er also followed, Tang Zichen really didn't feel comfortable making her wait outside the mountain.

Hopefully it wasn't a trap, Tang Zichen believed that Xiao Meng wouldn't harm him.

However, Tang Zichen was also a bit confused as to why Huo Xiaowei was in the mountain.

Tang Zichen soon enters the mountain, and in the valley, Tang Zichen discovers a film and television crew.

So that's it, there was a martial arts TV drama crew inside the mountain that was making a movie at the moment.

Tang Zichen posed as a staff member and easily entered the crew.

Li Xuan'er said, "Maybe this drama crew is invested by Huo Xiaowei."

"Makes sense, no wonder he's in the mountains."

At this moment, in a shed on the set, a man of about twenty-four or twenty-five said to a woman who looked quite pretty, "This scene today, you've killed your part."

"Mr. Huo, why did I kill it just after I entered the drama set."

"Oh, if you don't want to kill it off, there's a way, I'll have the writer change it."

"Mr. Huo, really?"

"Oh, of course it's true, I'm one of the main producers of this TV show, I still have that right.But I have to ask you, do you accept the subterfuge?"

"Ah, subterfuge."

"Yeah, why else would I let the writer do the scene?"

"Mr. Huo, please be nice, I already announced to the public last month that I have a boyfriend, he's also in the entertainment industry, I really don't want to engage in gossip."

"Oh, Liu Ling Ling, do you know why I named you to play this role?"

"Why?Isn't it because I fit the role?"

"Haha, you're so naive, because, you I want to fuck you, it's that simple.You can watch it now, if you accept the subterfuge, then I'll let the writer change the play, if not, then you kill it.Of course, with my Huo Xiaowei's power, raping a few actors isn't a matter.But, just because it's not a thing, that's why I don't bother to do it, tarnishing my identity, unless it's a very high-class beauty, I'm only interested in raping."


p; "Mr. Huo, is this really necessary?"

"Or what, Liu Ling Ling, do you want to be red?If you want to be popular, don't hesitate, the opportunity will be missed.There's a bunch of pretty girls waiting for me to dive in, there's a bunch lining up behind me, if you finish this movie, I guarantee you'll be popular."

"But, Mr. Huo, I, I have a boyfriend, and he's also in the entertainment industry."

"Cut, what, what's the point of having a boyfriend if you're in the entertainment industry, people in the entertainment industry have cannons sent up at any time, what's the point of talking about it."

"Mr. Huo, let me think about it, okay?"

"I'll give you three seconds."

"One, two, three."

"Huo, I promise."

"That's smart, let's go, there's a grove of trees up ahead there, go there and have a wild one."

"Will it be photographed?I don't want to make a scandal."

"Cut, the whole crew is my people, what's the gossip."

Tang Zichen entered the crew, there were quite a lot of people in the crew, all kinds of live, there were also many mass actors, next to the crew, there was also a temporary kitchen and so on, in short quite a big crew.

Tang Zichen asked one of the runners, "Where's Huo?"

"I don't know."

The attitude of the runner was bad, and Tang Zichen was speechless, the runners were all there to accomplish actors, so they were probably all in a bad mood.

And right now, at the Gaoling Mansion.

"Hey, Master Shank."

"Taiming, quick, I suspect that my son Wei is in danger, you should go and save him."

"Uh, Master Shank, how could it be dangerous."

"Come on, never mind that, someone is trying to kill my son."

"Okay, where is your son?I'll be right over."

"I just asked, he's going to Green Spirit Mountain today, there's a TV series he's investing in there, he's on the set of this one, you should go."

"Okay, Master Shank, I'm on my way."

Not long after, an innate expert quickly very Gao Lingfu city, rushing to the Qing Ling Mountain outside the city, the distance to the Qing Ling Mountain, not far, not close, with the strength of the innate expert, rushing to the Qing Ling Mountain does not take too long.

At the Green Spirit Mountain crew, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er hadn't found Huo Xiaowei yet, and asked several people about it.

Tang Zichen had lit up, Tang Zichen didn't know that an innate expert was on his way to arrive.And the signal here was bad, so although Xiao Meng had already intercepted Huo Xiaowei's father's call, he had called several times in a row, but he could never get through to Tang Zichen.

"Brother Zichen, what mountain have you been running to, why aren't you in the service area ah.An innate expert has already arrived, so run."Xiaomeng was incomparably anxious, but unfortunately, she couldn't inform Tang Zichen.

Faced with a mountain that wasn't in the service area and had no network, no matter how bullish the hacker was, there was nothing more he could do.

Xiaomeng could only dial the phone over and over again, expecting to get through at some point, but he had dialed a dozen times and was never in the service area.

On the set, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er try to find Huo Xiaowei, Tang Zichen has never seen Huo Xiaowei, so he needs Li Xuan'er to identify him.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry, he had plenty of time anyway.

If he knew that the innate experts were on their way, he wouldn't have thought so, he should have immediately fled first and looked for an opportunity to kill Huo Xiaowei later.After all, innate experts were too strong, and once they were locked onto the scent, there was no escape, only death.

"Do you know where Mr. Huo is?"

"Huo always who?"

"Never mind."Tang Zichen sighed, this runner had no idea who Huo always was, he only knew how to get a box lunch.


"No more time wasted."Tang Zichen directly pressed his palm on a tree and then applied his Sound Transmission Technique, any small sounds in the vicinity could be transmitted to his ears, and he could also transmit sounds to other people's ears.

One by one, Tang Zichen lined up tiny sounds and finally, Tang Zichen heard a voice, "Mr. Huo went to the back with Liu Ling Ling."

"Wow, subterfuge ah."


It seemed like two people were secretly talking.

Tang Zichen said to Li Xuan'er, "I know where Huo Xiaowei has gone, come with me."

Tang Zichen quickly headed to the back of the crew, about a thousand meters behind, there was a dense jungle.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er flew straight there.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen saw two people in the bush, but they seemed to have ended up there.

Only the actress's face didn't seem to be very satisfied.

"Mr. Huo, you need to replenish your body more." First URL

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, Huo, we ran from the crew and crawled for no less than twenty minutes to get here, but, oh, it's over in less than a minute."Liu Ling Ling said.

Huo Xiaowei is a bit angry, it's just that he's poor at that.

Liu Lingling said, "Had I known that Mr. Huo would do things so 'crisp and clean' and settle directly in the dressing room, I wouldn't have climbed the mountain for twenty minutes to get here ah."

Huo Xiaowei huffed, "Liu Lingling, that's enough of you, don't beat around the bush and scold me, do you still want the screenwriter to change your role for you."

"Mr. Huo, don't be angry, actually, you're short, but, but the concentration is all the essence la."Liu Lingling was busy flattering and said.

"Hmph, Liu Lingling, I'm sorry, I'm very unhappy, your play, killed it."

"Mr. Huo, you're really angry."

"Liu Lingling, you can leave the crew now."

"Mr. Huo."

Not far away, Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Huo Xiaowei, Li Xuan'er was standing behind Tang Zichen, hearing their conversation, Li Xuan'er remembered Tang Zichen's greatness, her face a little hot.

Tang Zichen flicked his finger and a stone shot at Liu Lingling's body, and Liu Lingling fainted.

"Ah, Liu Lingling, what's wrong with you?"Huo Xiaowei was shocked.

Just then, Tang Zichen flew up.

"Bang."Tang Zichen struck Huo Xiaowei's neck, and Huo Xiaowei fainted.

Tang Zichen grabbed Huo Xiaowei and flew down the mountain.

Li Xuan'er said, "Didn't you want to kill him?Why did you take him?"

Tang Zichen said, "How can we let him die so easily, capture him back first and kill him after a good torture."

Tang Zichen grabbed Huo Xiaowei and had just arrived at the bottom of the hill when the phone rang.

"Hello, Xiao Meng."

"Brother Zichen, you finally answered the phone, hurry up, escape."

"Uh, Xiaomeng, what do you mean?"

"Some innate experts are here, on their way, they may have arrived, so run away."Dao.

Tang Zichen's body trembled.

"What's wrong?"

"There's an innate expert, he'll be here soon."

"Ah, what then?"

Tang Zichen looked around and immediately threw Huo Xiaowei into a hidden ditch.

Then he said, "Xuan

Er, we're bound to meet up with that innate expert if we return to the city now, so for now, let that innate expert enter the mountain, and then we'll escape back to the city when he does.Quick, come here, now let's pretend we're a couple having an affair here."

"Oh."Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er immediately kissed in the grass nearby, hobnobbing as if they were two actors stealing clear of each other during filming.

Not long after, an innate expert flew in from afar, and as the innate expert flew all the way over, he observed everyone he saw, never letting anyone who had any doubts leave.

At that moment, he saw a couple having an affair in the bushes.

That innate expert despised them with a snort, then quickly flew away and up the mountain.

After that innate expert went up the mountain, Tang Zichen immediately arrested Huo Xiaowei, then left at fire speed for the city.

Once he returned to the city, it wouldn't be so easy to find him.

Of course, if that innate expert came after him midway, then Tang Zichen would kill Huo Xiaowei first, leaving him to die cheaply.

"Xuan'er, quickly, return to the city before that innate expert catches up with us."

"What if he comes after us?"

"Not so fast, that innate expert had observed all the people he encountered all the way over here, so he would usually search that mountain until he found the fainting, cheating actress, then he might have been able to catch up with us, and by then, we might have arrived in the city, and it wouldn't be so easy to find us when we got there."

It was about twenty minutes later that innate expert tracked down the unconscious actress, then he realized that Huo Xiaowei had been captured, and finally , thinking of the man and woman who had been cheating on each other down the hill, he came down the hill at once and found them long gone.

"Huo Xiaowei must have been captured by them."

That innate expert went after Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er at once .

But right now, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were already in the city.

Tang Zichen brought Huo Xiaowei to a high building of a construction site.

"Xiao Meng, now that I'm back, I have Huo Xiaowei, help me contact Huo Xiaowei's father, I need to talk to him."

"Okay, I'll send you the number later."

At that moment, Huo Xiaowei sobered up.

"Where am I and what are you doing."Huo yelled angrily as soon as he woke up.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Huo Xiaowei, don't you remember me?Must remember her, then."

Kaylee Lee came over.

"Ah, Li, Li Xuan'er."Huo saw Li Xuan'er and was taken aback.

Li Xuan'er called out, "Mr. Huo, don't be surprised, this is my boyfriend, Tang Zichen."

"Tang, Tang Zichen."Huo Xiaowei looked at Tang Zichen and shuddered.

"You guys, what do you guys want?"Huo Xiaowei asked fearfully.

Tang Zichen was holding a sharp knife in his hand, wiping the blade with a piece of cloth, as if he was about to kill a pig.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Huo Xiaowei, I have no quarrel with you, you are relying on your family's power, sending some Huo family's dogs to kill me and get my other girlfriend killed, what do you think I'm going to do?"

Huo Xiaowei said, "Tang Zichen, I advise you not to mess with me, you should know what level my family is, you can't afford to offend me."

Tang Zichen sneered, "It's none of my business what level your family is, if you hadn't pissed me off, trash like you wouldn't be qualified to talk to me, Huo Xiaowei, I'll let you know what I'm up to."

"Tang Zichen, how dare you, do you think that just because you have a bit of talent, you can fight against my family?You're still too young."Huo Xiaowei also attempted to use his family to threaten Tang Zichen.


"Hahaha."Tang Zichen snickered.

"Tang Zichen, if my father finds out, you're finished."

Huo Xiaowei's eyes looked towards Li Xuan'er, swallowed his saliva and said, "Li Xuan'er, if I were you, I might as well follow me and eat and drink spicy food for the rest of my life, you're now following Tang Zichen to offend me, you'll end up just as miserable as him, so why bother."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over.

Li Xuan'er said, "Honey, just gag him."

"There's no need, no matter how much he bounces around, he's already dead in my eyes, people are dying, what's wrong with letting him say a few more words."

"Tang Zichen, I'm not joking with you, if my family finds out that you kidnapped me, you're absolutely finished, if you're smart, let me go immediately, I can forget about it, I won't send anyone to kill you, let's just laugh it off."

At this time, Xiaomeng had already sent over a phone number.

Tang Zichen knew that it must be Huo Xiaowei's father's phone number.

Tang Zichen called, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of being tracked here, he believed that Xiao Meng wouldn't let anyone track the location.

"Hello."The other party picked up. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "Are you Huo Xiaowei's father?"

"I'm Hawk handle, which one are you?"

Tang Zichen sneered, "I'm Tang Zichen, and now that I have Huo Xiaowei, before he dies, I'm informing you."

"What."The other side's body trembled.

Huo Xiaowei shouted, "Dad, save me, Dad, save me."

Huo Shank raged, "Tang Zichen, I advise you to let my son go."

Tang Zichen said, "Huo Shou, you threatening me will only make your son's death faster."

"Tang Zichen, what do you really want?You'll call, naturally you want to negotiate with me, just tell me what you have to offer, as long as you make sure my son is alright, you can negotiate with me on any terms."Huo Shou said.

Tang Zichen said, "Huo handle, you are mistaken, the reason why I called you before I killed Huo Xiaowei is not to negotiate with you, but to let you experience the feeling of heartbreak, to let you watch your son die, but you can't do anything about it, understand, I want you to experience this pain."

"Tang Zichen, don't force me, you should know what level my Huo family is."Huo Shou gritted his teeth.

Tang Zichen laughed when he saw Huo Shou's angry face, "You're angry, yes, that's what I need, but unfortunately, it's far from the most exciting.Okay, I'll switch to video call now, so you can meet your son with your own eyes."

"Beep."Tang Zichen instantly switched to video call, but of course, Tang Zichen didn't show his face, Tang Zichen pointed the camera at Huo Xiaowei's entire body.

"Dad, help me."

In a distant large manor, a man with the appearance of a fifty-something year old angry body trembled, the phone call, his son was tied to a pillar.

"Tang Zichen, are you really going to force me?"Huo Shank yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Huo Shank, do you think that the hatred between me and your Huo family can still be resolved?Just as well, I'll show you a great scene first, and then you'll know that we're no longer together."With that, Tang Zichen slashed Huo Xiaowei's arm with a sword.

"Ah."Huo Xiaowei shrieked as blood from his arm sprayed out like a water column


Huo handle saw the cell phone video of his son's arm being cut off with a sword, and his eyes were blood red with anger.

Tang Zichen didn't show his face, nor did he have to, the video was pointed at Huo the entire time, conveying Huo's every frightened expression to his father.

"Tang Zichen, I told you to let my son go, or else, I'm not going to stop with you."Huo Shou shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "It seems you still don't understand that I've already been immortalized with your Huo family, so the other arm can be removed."

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen gave another sword, and the other arm was also cut off and dropped to the ground.

"Ahhhh."Huo Shank saw both of his son's arms being cut off with his own eyes and yelled.

This was the price, Huo Xiaowei and his father, both thought that Tang Zichen was a small man and could kill at will, today Tang Zichen let them see what the rage of a small man was.

Tang Zichen said, "Huo Shank, see, this is the price for messing with me."

Just then, another voice came from the other party's phone, "Tang Zichen, I'm Huo Xiaowei's fourth brother, my name is Huo Jinwei, can I talk to you?"

"Yo, Fourth Brother is all out, say, what do you want to talk to me about?"Tang Zichen said coldly.

"How about you let my third brother go?"

"Hahaha, are you being funny?Give me a reason to let him go."

"Tang Zichen, what you're doing is dangerous, if you continue, you'll be on a path of no return, think about it, what level my Huo family is, it's not something you can imagine.If you stop now and let my third brother go, then everything is fine and you don't have to go down the road of no return.Otherwise, if you really dare to kill a child of my Huo family, and a true son at that, then you will be a mortal enemy of my Huo family, do you understand?You still have a choice now."

Tang Zichen sneered, "What a point of no return, so what do you think about the fact that Huo Xiaowei sent someone to kill me for no reason and caused the death of my woman?"

"Tang Zichen, we're very sorry for what my third brother did, but your woman is already dead, so why set yourself on the road of no return for a dead man?You are a genius, you should cherish your life and make yourself strong instead of taking the road to the end for a dead person."

"I pooh."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen toned another sword and cut off one of Huo Xiaowei's legs.

"Ah."Huo Xiaowei tore up and yelled.

Huo Xiaowei's fourth brother gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen, it seems you're really stubborn, Tang Zichen, I'm not afraid to tell you that I, Huo Jinwei, am an imperial talent of the Yanhuang Empire, and if you don't let my third brother go, I'll make you regret coming to this world."

Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh, "Imperial talent, it's so awesome, I'm really scared, imperial talent, tsk tsk, a little person like me should really kneel down when I see an imperial talent like you, don't you think so."

The other party heard Tang Zichen's sarcasm, not at all afraid of his imperial talent name, very angry, Tang Zichen's mouth said he was so afraid, but actually he was disdainful.

Regarding Imperial Talents, Tang Zichen had also heard from the Dean of the Martial Academy that one could become an Imperial Talent by stepping into the innate before the age of 24.It was inevitable that Tang Zichen would step into Innate at the age of 24.

"Tang Zichen, I'll fuck you, let go of my third brother, or I'll let you die."Huo Jinwei was running out of patience.


Tang Zichen said, "Imperial talents, don't waste your energy, Huo Xiaowei killed my loved ones, he will die, now, it's time to end everything, please open your eyes and see clearly come."

After saying that, Tang Zichen swung his sword.


Huo Xiaowei's head suddenly flew away from his body.


The other party, Huo Xiaowei's father, shrieked and watched as Huo Xiaowei's head flew away.

Tang Zichen said, "Is it heartbreaking for Huo Shank, and the Imperial Talent?That's right, that's how I felt when Huo Xiaowei had my woman killed, that's karma and deserved it.Alright, the broadcast is over."

Huo Jinwei roared, "Tang Zichen, I, Huo Jinwei, will never stop with you in this life."

Tang Zichen said, "I'll accompany you to the end."

After saying that, Tang Zichen hung up the phone.

Tang Zichen looked at Huo Xiaowei's corpse on the ground and exhaled a deep breath. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Xiang'er, revenge for you."

Li Xuan'er said, "Let's go quickly, before their people track them here."

"If they could have tracked them here, they would have chased us long ago."

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er left the scene of the incident.

About a few hours later, at the Huo family, it was already a riot.

Many powerful people had gathered in a large hall.

The Huo family's first son had been killed, this was a very serious matter, something big enough to alarm the entire Huo family, this wasn't just about a first son's life, this was more importantly about a family's dignity and face, not to mention that it was a general-level family.This matter was also no longer as trivial as Huo Xiaowei sending someone to kill Tang Zichen, it had risen to a very large level, and the other families had also gotten the news: the first son of a general-level family had been killed.

"Say, why was the Huo family's first son killed?Who killed it?"In the Huo family's main hall, a very strong innate powerhouse yelled.

"It's a man named Tang Zichen, he was an abandoned son of the Tang family a few years ago, and then his talent exploded and he went to the Martial Forest Academy, a genius of the Martial Forest Academy."

"Ahhhh, a genius of the Martial Academy?The Huo family is a family of generals and yet a lowly and insignificant man killed our first-born son, how can the Huo family still have dignity?This matter is never going to end."

"Then what?That Tang Zichen is, after all, an abandoned son of the Tang family who was publicly expelled from the family a few years ago ah, if we take the Tang family's sword now, will this be a matter of public opinion, besides, taking the Tang family's sword won't extinguish our anger."

That strong man from the Huo family hall said, "Even if he is an abandoned son of the Tang family, then he is still a bloodline of the Tang family, the Tang family will never be able to get rid of the ties.Send someone to the Tang Family and kill all of Tang Zichen's immediate family members, all of them.Then, make sure to capture Tang Zichen and take his head to pay homage to the Huo family's dead first son."


Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were eating at a restaurant.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Huo Xiaowei is already dead, do you really still want to take revenge on the entire Huo family?You said before that you wanted to exterminate the entire Huo family."

Tang Zichen said, "If they don't mess with me anymore, then I can stop pursuing the matter, an injustice has been done, the rest of the Huo family doesn't even know me or Xiangyun, it's not a good idea to let an innocent person die."

After Tang Zichen killed Huo Xiaowei, the anger in his heart was extinguished a lot, he had been talking about wiping out the entire Huo family, but now after killing Huo Xiaowei, it didn't seem to be

There was so strong now.After all, Tang Zichen was also a reasonable man, the one who killed Xiangyun was Huo Xiaowei, and it would be a bit too much to exterminate the entire Huo family by thousands of people because of this.

So, Tang Zichen decided to let it go, provided, of course, that the Huo family also let it go.

It was originally Huo Xiaowei who had provoked Tang Zichen in the first place, so it was only right and proper for Tang Zichen to kill Huo Xiaowei.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't know that in the Huo family's eyes, human life is not equal. Even if they knew that Liu Xiangyun died because of this, in the Huo family's eyes, Liu Xiangyun's life would not be equal to the Huo family's first son.

Tang Zichen prepared to go abroad with Li Xuan'er, but before he left, he definitely had to speak to Xu Mei Qian.

But Tang Zichen doesn't know Xu Mei Qian's phone number.

Tang Zichen then contacts Xiaomeng to help find out Xu Mei Qian's phone number.

However, Xiaomeng couldn't find out either, and if Xu Mei Qian hadn't bought the number with her real name, the hacker couldn't do anything about it.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen decided to go to Xu Mei Qian's house to find her.

Xu Mei Qian's family lives in Fupingfu, so just go to Fupingfu and ask around about the Xu family.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er took a plane to Fupingfu.

When they got off the plane a day later, Xiaomeng suddenly called Tang Zichen.

"Brother Zichen, it's bad, something big has happened to your house."

"Uh, what my house?"Tang Zichen doesn't have a home at all, is it because something happened to Liu Chenming?

"Brother Tzu-Chen, you have to be in mourning."

"What is it."

"Brother Zichen, your parents, brother and sister, and more than twenty of your immediate family members, etc., all died."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen didn't react the first time.

But in the next moment, Tang Zichen reacted, the parents, were definitely the original Tang Zichen's parents in the Tang family.

"Xiao Meng, what's happened?"

"Brother Zichen, the Huo family was shocked and angry about you killing Huo Xiaowei, so the Huo family killed all of your immediate family members, more than twenty who were closest to you."

Tang Zichen was furious, although Tang Zichen didn't even know those relatives, but if he stood in the original Tang Zichen's shoes, they were his relatives.

"I killed Huo Xiaowei, he deserved to die, didn't the Huo family investigate why I killed Huo Xiaowei?"Tang Zichen said furiously.

"Brother Zichen, the Huo family doesn't care about that much, the killing of the Huo family's first son is a very serious matter for the upper and lower levels of the Huo family, so the Huo family killed more than twenty of your immediate family members.And I've heard that they will also kill you and take your head to pay tribute to Huo Xiaowei."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Is the Huo family trying to force me to do this."

Tang Zichen had told Li Xuan'er the day before yesterday that the matter would be left alone.

But I didn't expect that it wasn't Tang Zichen who was letting them off the hook now.Although Tang Zichen didn't know those twenty or so immediate family members, at least twenty lives were killed just like that.

"Brother Zichen, you have to be careful, many families know about your affair with the Huo family, if you go to the Xu family, it's best not to go, the Xu family may not treat you well.You're an enemy that the Huo family is looking for right now, no family would dare to associate with you at this time."Xiaomeng instructed.


"Okay, I got it."

Hanging up the phone, Li Xuan'er asked, "So are we still going to see Captain Xu?"

"Call her Xu Mei Qian, she's not a cop anymore.Just find a way to get her out and meet with her."

Tang Zichen asked around for the location of the Xu family and quickly found it.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were standing at the entrance of the Xu family's headquarters.

The Xu family covered a large and spacious area, worthy of being a phase-level big family.

"Hello, I'm Xu Mei Qian's classmate at the Martial Arts Academy, my name is Li Xuan'er, can you let me go in to find him ah."Li Xuan'er walked up to the door, which was guarded by a dozen or so members of the Inner Gate level family, all of whom were older.

"Xu Mei Qian's classmate?I'll confirm it."One of them immediately called to confirm.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian was in the family, she had been grounded by the family and was not allowed to leave the family for half a step.Since Xu Mei Qian had heard that Tang Zichen had killed the Huo family's first son, Xu Mei Qian was eager to go to Linjiang City to find Tang Zichen, but at this point, the Xu family no longer wanted Xu Mei Qian to hang out with Tang Zichen in case it set her on fire.

In the past, when she was on Martial Island, the Xu family elders had encouraged Xu Mei Qian to be with Tang Zichen, but now it couldn't be the same.

"Xu Mei Qian, is it true that a classmate who claims to be your classmate at the Martial Arts Academy came to play with you?" First web site

"Uh, what's it called?"

"Mavis Lee."

"Ah, Li Xuan'er."Xu Mei Qian instantly thought that it must be Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er coming to see her, but Tang Zichen was in a special situation, so she had Li Xuan'er come to see her.

"It's my roommate, let her in."

At the front door, Li Xuan'er was allowed in, and Tang Zichen wanted to follow, but was stopped.

"Who are you again?"

Tang Zichen pointed at Li Xuan'er and said, "I came with her."

Li Xuan'er was busy, "He's my boyfriend and a classmate from the Martial Arts Academy."

At that moment, an elder came up and shouted, "Tang Zichen."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, not expecting him to be recognized, although many families had heard of his name by now, those who recognized him were very, very few after all.

"Tang Zichen, I've been to the Martial Arts Academy, you're now a big enemy of the Huo family, and the Huo family is now tracking you down everywhere, if the Huo family finds out that you've been to our Xu family, or even let the Huo family suspect that you're hiding in our Xu family, then our Xu family will be in trouble, I hope you can understand."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded, people said so, Tang Zichen didn't want to go in, and Tang Zichen didn't blame them.

Tang Zichen then left the Xu family with Li Xuan'er, not going to look for Xu Mei Qian, it wasn't good to bring trouble to someone's family.

"Where to now?"Li Xuan'er asked.

Now that the Huo family was tracking down Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had to be careful as well.

"Ringing bell."At that moment, Tang Zichen's phone rang, and it was Xiaomeng calling.

"Hello, Xiaomeng."Tang Zichen was busy picking it up, Xiao Meng was now his guarantee of safety, with Xiao Meng here, he could walk around safely without fear of being tracked down.

"Brother Zichen, there's something I must tell you."

"What is it?You say."

"Brother Zichen, the Huo family has gone to Linjiang City."

"Ah, to Linjiang City for what?Uncle Willow has gone away on a business trip."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Zichen, they didn't find Liu Chenming, no

Over, they arrested Li Xuan'er's parents."

Tang Zichen's body trembled, oh my god, they didn't even spare Li Xuan'er's parents.

Tang Zichen had never been so angry inside.

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er next to him and whispered, "How are they now?

Xiaomeng said, "They've been trying to track you down, but they've been intercepted by me, I've just had a confrontation with the hackers they hired from the Huo family, and the hackers they hired aren't as strong as me, and they haven't been able to break through my defenses, unable to track down your information.So, they sent me a message to contact you, they want to have a video conversation with you, if you don't accept, they will kill Li Xuan'er's parents on the spot."

Tang Zichen bit his teeth, "Let me talk to them."

"Okay, I'll get ready, it starts in five minutes."

Hanging up the phone, Li Xuan'er was busy asking, "Is something wrong again?"

Tang Zichen guiltily said, "Mavis, I'm sorry."

"Why are you telling me you're sorry, what's wrong?"Li Xuan Er was anxious inside, she seemed to have a bit of a premonition already.

"Your parents have been arrested by the Huo family."

"What."Li Xuan'er was about to faint, Tang Zichen panicked and helped her.

"My parents were killed by them?"Kaylee Lee asked in tears.

"Not yet, they grabbed your parents and threatened me, they want to talk to me, Xiao Meng is dealing with it now, I will talk to them in five minutes."

Li Xuan'er whimpered and cried, thinking of those twenty lives in the Tang family, Li Xuan'er knew that his parents were afraid of their fate.

Tang Zichen had a monstrous hatred inside him, but he didn't know how to vent it, was the Huo family trying to make Tang Zichen regret messing with them?

Five minutes later, an unfamiliar call came in, and it was a video call.

Tang Zichen immediately picked it up, no need to worry about being tracked to the location, Xiaomeng had just spent five minutes dealing with it and must have handled it well.

As soon as Tang Zichen picked it up, the video showed Li Xuan'er's parents, who were tied up on the ground.

"Dad, Mom."Li Xuan'er cried out when she saw it.

Tang Zichen roared, "Release them for me."

A voice from the other side grunted, "Tang Zichen, I'm happy to see you care so much."

"What do you want, it's nothing more than for me to show up, okay, if you let them go, I'll personally go to your Huo family."Tang Zichen said.

However, the other party sneered, "No, Tang Zichen, you've misunderstood, I arrested Li Xuan'er's parents, I'm not threatening you into submission."

"Then what do you want?"

"Hahaha, I want you and your girlfriend to see with your own eyes what it's like to have a loved one die, just like two days ago, you wanted Huo Xiaowei's loved ones to watch you kill Huo Xiaowei.As for you, although I can't catch you for the time being, with my Huo family's energy, it's only a matter of time before I catch you, and I don't even need to threaten you into submission."

Tang Zichen's body trembled with anger, and Li Xuan'er cried out.

The other party laughed, "Tang Zichen, are you feeling regret?Too late, why bother if you knew earlier, this was the consequence of offending the Huo family.Of course, this is just the beginning, the real excitement is yet to come.Although it is true that Huo Xiaowei first provoked you, but where so what, you should just let Huo Xiaowei bully you and let him vent, or, a smart person would use the opportunity to befriend Huo Xiaowei, to be his sidekick, to serve his girlfriend to him, so that he can spare your life.You, on the other hand, are not a smart person, which is why you are subjected to our Huo family's action against you.Alright, the call is over, now you can choose to close your eyes or not."


Before the words were finished, Li Xuan'er's parents were killed with a single slash.

"Ah."After Li Xuan'er shrieked, she immediately fainted and died.

Tang Zichen's eyes were bloodshot red, not to die, this time it was really not to die, Tang Zichen wouldn't care any more, if he didn't slaughter the entire Huo family cleanly, he was a man in vain.

On the phone, the other party finally said, "Tang Zichen, enjoy your escape, because, you won't be able to escape for long, there's no one in our Huo family who can't be caught.The next time I see you, it will be time for me to kill you."

Then, the phone hung up.

Tang Zichen held Li Xuan'er in his arms and sat on the floor in silence, and just like that, Li Xuan'er watched her parents get killed, but Tang Zichen could do nothing but gnash his teeth at the moment.

Xiao Meng called over and comforted, "Brother Zichen, you have to hold on."

"I'm fine, Huo family, they're completely finished."Tang Zichen's body trembled and said.

"Brother Zichen, forget about the Huo family for now, you're the one who can't be found by them, now they're the ones hunting you down, not you taking revenge on the Huo family, you're at a disadvantage.As for revenge and the like, you'll have to live until you're strong ah.Brother Zichen, I will do my best to help you so that they can't find you.The rest will depend on you."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen said with his eyes sightless.

"Brother Zichen, I'm sorry I can't help you, but I'm actually a member of a royal family.". Remember the website

Tang Zichen was startled, a royal family?Wouldn't that be a level more powerful than a general family?

"Brother Zichen, I'm sorry, but even though I'm from a royal family, I can't help you.Although my family is much more powerful than the Huo family, I'm an invalid in the family.When I used to video with you, that person wasn't the person I am now, it was the person I was a few years ago, and I used software to synthesize it.In your imagination, maybe you think I'm a little loli, but I'm not, I'm an invalid.I lie in bed every day, all over my body, I only have two arms and my head to move, the rest of my body is paralyzed.Also, I'm disfigured now because the treatment failed."..

"Ah, Xiao Meng, no."Tang Zichen was shocked, he never expected that she who thought she was a hacker lolita was not.

"Brother Zichen, I'm sorry, I didn't want to tell you my true situation, but I'm so guilty, I can't help you with anything other than contacting you.I'm already a character in the family who is about to be euthanized."

"About to be euthanized?What do you mean?"

"Brother Zichen, I don't want to hide from you, I'm living worse than a dog, I've applied to the family for euthanasia, it will be implemented in about six months."

"Xiao Meng, don't be like this."

"Brother Zichen, don't try to persuade me, I'm tired of living every day when I'm lying in bed without any part of me feeling anything but my arms, legs and head, I can still help you for six months.".

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what's with this, how come he's been so unlucky lately, even Xiao Meng wasn't a lively and happy little loli like he thought, but she was a girl with a severe disability.

Of course, it was also because of her disability that her hacking skills were better than others.

"Xiao Meng, don't worry, I'll help you when I'm done with the Huo family."

Xiao Meng smiled, "Thank you brother Zichen,

No need, I know you're great at healing, but my family is a king-level family, what kind of powerful healers would not be available, and truth be told, there have been more than five thirteen-ranked healers who have treated me, but instead of healing me, they've disfigured me."

"Ah, thirteen-grade healers."Tang Zichen was shocked, Tang Zichen was only a tenth-grade healer now.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had nothing to say, he couldn't heal her, at least for now, Tang Zichen's healing level was still too low, and Liu Xiangyun was still waiting for Tang Zichen to save her.

Tang Zichen would have to be at least at the level of a 12-grade Healing Master to save Liu Xiangyun, and only if Tang Zichen also had to research that technique.

"Xiao Meng, I don't want to tell you that much right now, anyway, don't give up, wait for me, one day in the future, I will definitely heal you."

"Thank you brother Zichen, then you go ahead and get busy, your girlfriend still needs your comfort, leave me alone now."

Tang Zichen was busy hanging up the phone, as Li Xuan'er woke up.

It really wasn't a good day today, hitting one after another.

"Woohoo."Li Xuan'er woke up and cried out again tearing her heart out.

Tang Zichen kept comforting her until late at night, and only then did Li Xuan'er's emotions gradually calm down.

"Xuan'er, I'm heartbroken that my aunt and uncle passed away, and I swear that I won't stop until this revenge is avenged.It's all my fault, I'm sorry."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er shook her head, "I don't blame you, it's my fault, if I hadn't called Huo Xiaowei trash, if I had agreed to his package, then Xiangyun wouldn't have died, more than twenty people in the Tang family wouldn't have died, my parents wouldn't have died, and you wouldn't have been hunted down and killed.I am to blame for everything, had I known that so many people would be harmed, I should have, in the first place, allowed Huo Xiaowei to keep the package, sacrificing my happiness alone and leaving all of you safe and sound, isn't it better than anything."

Tang Zichen firmly said, "No, I would never allow that."

"But the consequences, you've seen them, isn't sacrificing me alone better than so many lives?"

"Xuan'er, please don't say it."

Tang Zichen was in an extremely painful mood at the moment, although from the perspective of an outsider, sacrificing Li Xuan'er's happiness was enough to change the lives of so many people, but how could Tang Zichen allow his woman to be kept by a trashy first son.

"Who did you talk to on the phone before?"Li Xuan'er's eyes were lifeless as she asked, she had woken up earlier to hear Tang Zichen hanging up the phone.

"It's Xiaomeng."

"Thanks to Xiao Meng this time, otherwise we would have been found by the Huo family."Li Xuan'er said, wiping her tears.

"Alas, it's hard to say, Xiaomeng herself."

"What's wrong with her?"

"I never would have thought that in reality Moe is not what we thought she was, a lively little loli, she is severely disabled and disfigured, only her arms and head can move and the rest of her is unconscious.She's given up on life, and she'll be accepted for euthanasia in six months."

"Ah."Li Xuan Er was also stupid, how could this be, the little hacker beauty who had been helping them was in reality severely disabled.

"Why would she be so stupid?"

"Perhaps Moe herself was tired of living and couldn't see hope, so she chose to inject herself with euthanasia."


"You can help her ah, it's not difficult for your healing skills to treat a paralyzed person."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "Xiaomeng is a child of a royal family, with the resources of a royal family, what kind of healer would be impossible to find, there have been more than five 13-grade healers who have treated her, and instead of treating her, they have left her disfigured.Her family had given up on treating her, she herself knew that she couldn't be cured and was tired of living, and applied to her family for euthanasia, which her family approved.Rather than live in such pain, let her end her suffering sooner."

"No, so can this."Kaylee Lee cried out again, she was fragile now.

"Forget about her for now, think of ourselves first, the Huo family doesn't even bother to threaten me with your parents showing up, so they're very confident of catching me."

"Now our safety is all in Xiao Meng's hands, as long as Xiao Meng can't keep our information on the network, we can easily be searched by the hackers hired by the Huo family, but Xiao Meng herself is so miserable."

"Well, that's why I'm embarrassed to let her continue to help me."

"So what do we do now?Let's just hurry up and leave the Yanhuang Empire, go abroad and come back later."

But Tang Zichen shook his head, "That was the original plan, but now I'm going to postpone the plan, first go back to Linjiang City and take care of your parents' funeral, then, I'm going to start taking revenge on the Huo family."

"You still want revenge, so the hatred will only get deeper."Li Xuan'er attempted to stop Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Isn't the hatred deep enough now?"

"What do you want?" One second to remember to read the book

"This is what the Huo family is forcing me to do, after taking care of your parents' funeral, I'm going to start slaughtering the Huo family's children in a big way, the Huo family definitely has more than just one first son, I'll have Xiaomeng help me, find the other first sons or children, I'm going to massacre their Huo family in a big way, I'm going to do it with them to the end, I'm going to let them know who's sorry for messing with whom."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth.

"Don't toss it, are you still too angry that the Huo family isn't angry enough now."

"Xuan'er, they killed your parents and you still advised me not to toss it, do you think it's possible."

"I'm afraid something will happen to you, you're the only family I have left, let's hurry up and leave the Yan Huang Empire, stay away from here, it's best to never come back."Li Xuan'er pleaded.

"That's impossible, alright, I've already decided, I'll return to Linjiang City tonight and take care of your parents' funeral first."

"What if the Huo family is waiting for us in Linjiang City?"Kaylee Lee asked worriedly.

"Wait I have to go back too, this is the last thing we can do for your parents, even if it means dying."Tang Zichen said firmly.

Li Xuan'er nodded gratefully.

Tang Zichen called Xiaomeng.

"Xiaomeng, what are you doing?"

"Oh, brother Zichen, what else can I do, lying down every day, the network is already the only way I can get out, brother Zichen, do you want to go back to Linjiang City."

"How do you know."

"I've already bought your ticket for you, you can just use your ID card to swipe it, don't worry, it won't expose your information."

"Okay, thanks."

"You're welcome, it's the only thing I can do to help you."

"Xiao Meng, about you, don't ever give up, okay?"

"Oh, brother Zichen, I don't want to talk about what's going on about me, I know what I'm doing, alright, I'll hang up now, feel free to contact me if you need anything, don't be afraid to bother me


"Well, we'll talk about that later, right, Xiao Meng, help me find out if I can find any other first son of the Huo family, any Huo son."

"What are you doing?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "I'm going to start a massacre of Huo family children, and I'll kill every single one I see."

After a hesitation, Xiao Meng nodded, "Good."

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er soon boarded the plane.

Heading to Linjiang City.

Tang Zichen didn't know if there were any Huo family members waiting for him in Linjiang City, because whether there were any or not, he had to go back.

A day and a half later, Tang Zichen arrived at Linjiang City.

"Brother Zichen, I've found out that there are two Huo family members in Linjiang City."..

"As expected."Tang Zichen snorted.

"What is the Huo family's approximate strength?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know about that, but listening to their conversation, I think it's around Houtian Great Perfection, they're still complaining that there's no way you can come back and let them stay in this shitty place."

"Another Houtian Grand Perfection, well, I must find a way to kill them."Tang Zichen said.

"They're at Li Xuan'er's house, waiting for you to see if you'll go back, so be careful yourself, just in case there's an innate expert around."


Tang Zichen put on his human skin mask and prepared to think of a way to get rid of those two Houtian Great Perfectionists first.

Tang Zichen now held a favorable advantage, so it might not be impossible.

Li Xuan'er asked, "How do you want to kill them?Although your Sucking Power Technique can suck them, they won't let you."

Tang Zichen said, "When I was Wind Lightning in my previous life, I didn't care to use some dirty tricks, but in this lifetime, I don't care that much anymore, and now in order to kill the Huo family, I'll use whatever dirty tricks I have."

"Ah, dirty tricks, what kind of dirty tricks do you have?"Li Xuan'er was busy.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted and he hummed, "I have plenty of dirty tricks, I can't deal with innate experts, but Houtian Grand Perfection, it's not simple for me to deal with using dirty tricks."

Tang Zichen immediately went to the pharmacy, then to the mountains, and picked some medicine back.

Tang Zichen ground those medicines into powder? and soon made something similar to sandalwood.

"What is this?"

Tang Zichen said, "This is Thousand Serpent Soft Scripture Dispersion, as long as the Houtian Grand Perfection is inhaled for a long time, the body will go soft.The innate experts can't deal with it because they have abstruse Qi to protect their bodies, but the Houtian is not running away, I'm going to your house now."

"You have to be careful."

"Don't worry, I'm still wearing my mask."

Tang Zichen immediately went to Li Xuan'er's house, Tang Zichen was in a building next door, and indeed saw Li Xuan'er's house, two men boringly guarding there.As for the bodies of Li Xuan'er's parents, they were thrown in a freezer in the living room, and they just kept watch to see if Tang Zichen would come back to collect the bodies.

Of course, Tang Zichen would come back to collect the corpses, only, Tang Zichen wouldn't be so presumptuous to return.

Tang Zichen was cautious, after all, there were two Houtian Great Perfectionists and there was no telling if there were any innate experts nearby.

After observing them for several hours, Tang Zichen discovered that they always ordered take-out whenever they ate.


Suddenly, Don had a good idea.

At the next meal, the delivery man was still on time.

Tang Zichen, however, stopped the delivery guy.

"Pah."Tang Zichen clicked the delivery man's acupoints.

"You what do you want?"The takeaway man looked at Don Zichen in fear.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be afraid, I need you to do one thing for me, when you go up to deliver the takeaway, give them this spice, and tell them that it's an activity in the store.Of course, if you don't do this for me, you'll be in real danger, go ahead."

The delivery man warily sent upstairs and knocked on the door, the two men who were guarding Li Xuan'er's house didn't get suspicious at all when they saw that it was a delivery man, after all, they had been delivering to them for several days.

"Hello, this is the spice we gave you for our shop's event."The takeaway man smiled.

"What spices?"

"It's just lit and the aroma floats in the air for better air."

"Oh, thank you, and please give us two more toddler chickens for our next meal." First URL


After the delivery man left, the two Huo family members started to eat, one of the men sniffed the air, after all, there were two corpses in the freezer, so perhaps it was a psychological effect, thinking that the air smelled bad, and without thinking about it, he ordered the spice.

As expected, the air was filled with fragrance, this kind of dirty tricks, naturally, it would not give off a stench, the fragrance was what was more likely to confuse people.

"Well, not bad, it does smell quite nice, that take-out shop is quite generous."

"Yeah, ordering food and doing activities to give away spices, huh, I think it would be better to give away two bottles of beer."

"Everyone needs beer, and not everyone wants spices, so of course we're giving away these little things that don't have any birds.But it's just right for us, it's so depressing to spend all day with corpses."

"Alright, don't be depressed, didn't Huo Dong say that we only need to stay here for ten days, if Tang Zichen doesn't come back for ten days, then we can basically give up, Tang Zichen will never come back to collect the corpses, and we can withdraw."

"Huo Dong is down on his own, sleeping in a nearby hotel and playing with girls, but we're staying with the corpse."

"Oh, don't compare us to Huo Dong, we're just guests of the Huo family, Huo Dong is the son of the Huo family, and a true son at that, I heard that Huo Xiaowei, the one who was killed by Tang Zichen, is Huo Dong's cousin."

"That Tang Zichen is also really stupid and hanging, a piece of trash who wants to fight against the Huo family.Huo Xiaowei wanted to hit on his girlfriend, if it were me, I would quickly dedicate my girlfriend to him, I might even be able to get a good friend from a general family, and that stupid hang of Tang Zichen, the opportunity to rise high came, not only did he not grab it, he even went to kill him, what a stupid hang of a fool.It's a pity, why is there no first son of the Huo family to take a fancy to my wife ah."

"All right, our wife that posture how can anyone look at, you just don't daydream, hurry up and eat, eat a lunch break."

After lunch, the two men lay down on the sofa to sleep.

And right now about two thousand meters away from this place, a man in a five-star hotel was having fun with a prostitute.

"Boss, what kind of business are you in?"The prostitute asked.

"Who cares what business I'm in, serve me well and you won't get any less money."

"Boss, will you take care of me."


"Boss, because...

For you to be rich and skilled, keep me, I'm cheap, just give me thirty thousand a month."

The man sneered, what a silly whore, even she deserved it, but he was just bored and looking for her to solve his loneliness.

This man, was the Huo family's first son Huo Dong, he was different from Huo Xiaowei, Huo Xiaowei was a waste first son with no martial talent, while he was a genius first son with martial talent, he was twenty-six years old this year, his strength was already in the Houtian perfection, he was a genius first son who was able to step into the innate sky before the age of thirty.

Of course, compared to some of the other sons and daughters of the Huo family who had earned the title of Imperial Talent, this talent of his was not enough.

Back then, Huo Dong was also cultivated by the four major island-protecting families on Martial Island, and his talent was beyond that of Martial Academy students.

Huo Dong made a phone call and asked the two people who were guarding Li Xuan'er's house if there was anything going on, and they said no.

Naturally, Huo Dong didn't want to go to that place, staying with the corpses would be better than having fun with the beautiful prostitutes at the hotel.

Tang Zichen had been observing the two Houtian Great Perfection men, the plan had been as Tang Zichen had expected, that spice had been lit.

Tang Zichen calculated the time, in about three hours, they would be unknowingly weak all over, and then it would be their death.

At that moment, Xiaomeng suddenly called over.

"Xiaomeng, what's wrong."

"Brother Zichen, there's the latest news again."

"Good news or bad news?"Tang Zichen was most afraid of bad news first, but it was bad enough that Tang Zichen was afraid of bad news, how much worse could it get.

"At the Haitian Hotel, there's a first son of the Huo family, he's the one who killed Li Xuan'er's parents, the one who was on a video call with you before."

"That's great."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth.

"But, brother Zichen, his strength is still unclear, I'll investigate it for you again, so don't act too quickly yet."

"Good."Tang Zichen held the place for now, and when three hours passed, it was almost time to enter Li Xuan'er's home.

Two and a half hours later, the two men in Li Xuan'er's house woke up.

"Hey, do you have any feeling, you're weak."

"Yeah, I woke up sore and weak after sleeping."

"What the hell, it's not like we've got food poisoning."

"We'd be physically poisoned if we're Houtian Great Perfectionists?"

"What was that all about."

They tried to get up to drink water, but they couldn't even hold the glass steady.

On the opposite side of the building, Tang Zichen saw it and was delighted, "These two bastards seem to be powerless, good, it's time to go in and slaughter them."

Tang Zichen immediately flew over, this time, Tang Zichen had no mercy, as long as it was the Huo family, there was no mercy in killing them.

Tang Zichen flew in through the window, and the two men were shocked when they saw it.

"You, you're Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, I'm Don Zichen."Tang Zichen snorted.

They looked at each other, then said, "Quick, grab Tang Zichen."

They wanted to pounce and grab him, because the point of their being here was to wait for Tang Zichen to come back to collect his body, and now they were here, not to arrest him.

But they were weak, and Tang Zichen had his hand on their heads.

"Suck the power of the Great Law."



Tang Zichen sucked the power of the two men furiously.

The two seemed to tremble as if they had been electrocuted.

Tang Zichen sucked for a while and then let go, Tang Zichen's limited dantian couldn't suck too much, it couldn't be unlimited, just like a barrel, it could only hold so much water.

The two Great Perfection men fell to the ground, pleading, "Don't, don't kill me."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You killed my father-in-law and mother-in-law, this revenge is not common."

"No, it wasn't us who killed them, it was Huo Dong who killed them."One of them said.

"We, we are just guests of the Huo family, we are only errand boys in the Huo family, please don't kill me."

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is Huo Dong?"

"Huo Dong is at a nearby hotel, he told us to keep watch here and report back to him as soon as anything happens."

"What realm is Huo Dong in?" Remember the URL

"Huo Dong is a Houtian Perfection."

Tang Zichen was happy inside, Houtian Perfection, wouldn't that be a good chance to kill him.

"Is there anyone else in Linjiang City besides you three?"Tang Zichen asked.

"No, no more, we came with Huo Dong this time, mainly to Linjiang City to kill your relatives."

Tang Zichen asked again, "How many people did the Huo family send to kill me?"

"The Huo family has sent five teams of men, Huo Jun, Huo Shan, Huo Zhengtang, Huo Bao Long, and Huo Dong."The two men said honestly.

If Tang Zichen killed Huo Dong today, then Tang Zichen would have exterminated one of the teams their Huo family had sent out to hunt him down.

This was a small achievement, sending five teams and exterminating one of them, Tang Zichen was considered a tough enough man, but of course, Huo Dong wasn't dead yet, so don't get cocky just yet.

"Puff, puff."Tang Zichen chopped off the heads of these two Houtian Grand Perfection men who were strong enough.

The Houtian Great Perfection were killed in such an unexplained death.

Originally, Tang Zichen still felt that they were a bit unjust, that this was a death on behalf of the Huo family, but Tang Zichen wouldn't bother with that now, as long as they served the Huo family and wanted to kill him, all of them would have to die, and the Huo family's children would never be soft when they saw one and killed one.There was no need to be soft on a family that bullied people too much and regarded themselves as nothing more than the lives of others.

"Xiao Meng, I've already killed the two people from the Huo family guarding Xuan'er's house, and there's another Huo Dong, he's in the Houtian Perfection realm, I want to go straight to him."

"Brother Zichen, you may not be a match."

Tang Zichen resolutely said, "I'm mid Houtian, I may not have no chance against him, at least, I killed a Houtian Perfection last time."

"Alright, then you be careful."

"Right, the Huo family sent out to chase me this time, there are five teams of people, led by Huo Dong, Huo Jun, Huo Shan, Huo Zhengtang, and Huo Baolong, the five sons of the Huo family.You check for me and see if you can find out where the other four, are, I think, and go after them one by one for extermination."

"Uh, brother Zichen, you really have to play this big ah, why don't you just quit while you're ahead, after all, the risk is too great, you can't be so lucky all the time, just one slip and you're done."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Xiao Meng, I won't stop, I won't stop until I kill and finish off a dozen or so of their Huo family members."

"Alright, but you must promise me, all must never take any risks, and you must only take action when you are fully confident."


"You go find Huo Dong now, and don't take any risks either, I just found out that Huo Dong summoned a prostitute lady, this prostitute lady's number is 138xxxxx138x, try to find a breakthrough from this prostitute lady, just say that you are Mr. Zhang, and try to be as wise as you can, okay?"


After hanging up the phone, Tang Zichen headed back to the Haitian Hotel.

Since the Huo family didn't have any other experts in Linjiang City, Tang Zichen went to find Huo Dong himself.However, Xiao Meng wouldn't let him take any risks, so Tang Zichen would look for a breakthrough first to make sure it was foolproof.

Tang Zichen made a phone call to the prostitute lady.

"Hello, it's me, I'm Mr. Zhang."Tang Zichen called that prostitute lady.

That prostitute lady panicked and froze, busy walking to the room's balcony and whispering, "Hello, Mr. Zhang, have you thought about it."

"Yes, I've thought about it."Tang Zichen said, but Tang Zichen had no idea what she was talking about.

"Really, Mr. Zhang, you're really willing to bag me."

"Oh, yes."Tang Zichen said, but Tang Zichen's heart despised, bagging, this kind of woman was hopeless, she would only eat youthful rice for a few years.

"Mr. Zhang, then how much are you willing to spend?"

"How much do you want, you make a price, if it's right that's it, money doesn't mean much to me, I just need someone who understands me."Tang Zichen said.

"Thank you Mr. Zhang, I just understand you quite well ah, then, Mr. Zhang, how about 50,000 a month?If you can't, we can talk about it, thirty or forty thousand."

"Then, forty thousand."

"Thank you, Mr. Zhang."

"You come downstairs now."


In the room, the prostitute lady said to Huo Dong, who was taking a shit in the bathroom, "Boss, I'll be downstairs for a moment ah."

"Hurry up and get back."

Huo Dong wouldn't even think about that.

The prostitute lady went downstairs and didn't see CEO Zhang, when the corner Tang Zichen emerged.

"I'm Mr. Zhang."

"You're not Mr. Zhang."

Tang Zichen grabbed her neck and asked, "What is that prostitute man in your room doing?"

"He's, he's taking a shit in the toilet."

Don would have looked for a chance to light the soft spice, but he was shitting and squatting on the toilet, so it seemed like he could have done it without so much trouble.

"I'll give you a million dollars if you do one thing for me."


"Otherwise, I'll kill you."

"Good."The prostitute lady immediately nodded.

"Go, go to your room right now, and when you get there, if Horton is still shitting himself, you'll deliberately say you're back, and then you'll leave quietly."


Arriving at the room, Miss Whore shouted, "Boss, I'm back."

In the bathroom, Huo Dong huffed impatiently, "Just come back, what's the point of shouting as if how rare I am of you."

Miss Whore immediately exited the room, while Tang Zichen entered the room, then hid under the covers.

When Huo Dong came out after taking a shit, he must have thought it was Miss Prostitute, and at that time, Tang Zichen ended him with a single stab, saving even the soft muscle.

A few minutes later, Huo Dong finished shitting and walked out of the bathroom.

Seeing a person nestled in the bed.

Huo Dong said, "What, are you angry."Huo Dong thought Miss Whore was angry, because he had just impatiently scolded her.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

"Yoho, you're really more than angry, see how I'm going to dry burst and torture you, hahaha."Huo Dong laughed and pounced.

Tang Zichen stabbed out at once.

Precise and ruthless.



"Puff."Tang Zichen slashed through Huo Dong's heart.

"Ah."Huo Dong's entire body was confused, it was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's knife was still stabbing Huo Dong.

Huo Dong instantly had no resistance.

Tang Zichen had pinned him to the bed, and there was no rush to pull out the knife.

"Huo Dong, yes, it's me."

"You, you you."Huo Dong couldn't even speak properly, and blood began to flow from his mouth.

"Huo Dong, weren't you arrogant when you killed my in-laws two days ago, show me one more arrogance today."

"You you."

"Huo Dong, you are the second son of the Huo family to die at my hands, I swear, there will be a third, fourth, and fifth after that, I will let your Huo family live in fear and make your Huo family regret messing with me." One Second Remember to Read the Book

After saying that, Tang Zichen pulled out a knife.

It came out from the wild spray.

The bed was instantly dyed red.

Tang Zichen chopped off Huo Dong's head and flew away with the head.

Halfway there, Tang Zichen called Li Xuan'er, "Xuan'er, you can go home, go back and burn incense."

"Ah, did you kill them?"

"Yeah, kill them all, including the last murderer of your parents."


Tang Zichen arrived at Li Xuan'er's house and opened the freezer, Li Xuan'er's parents were indeed inside the freezer.

With a heavy heart, Tang Zichen placed the remains of Li Xuan'er's parents on the floor, then covered them with a white cloth, then set up an incense burner, lit incense and placed Huo Dong's head in front of the burner.

At that moment, Li Xuan'er returned.

Xuan'er Li was crying very sadly.

"Xuan'er, stop crying and burn incense."

"Ooooh."Li Xuan'er couldn't stop crying, although her enemy's head was right in front of her, but where could she do anything about it, her parents would never live again.

Tang Zichen kneeled down to pay his respects: "Uncle and aunt, here, I officially call you Dad and Mom, from now on Xuan'er is my Tang Zichen's daughter-in-law, please keep your son-in-law three bows."

Tang Zichen heavily kowtowed three times.

After paying respects, Tang Zichen recorded a video, Tang Zichen wanted to send the video of Huo Dong's head offering to Li Xuan'er's parents to the Huo family, Tang Zichen, they kill Tang Zichen's relatives, then Tang Zichen will kill the Huo family's people to pay respects.

After the video is shot, Tang Zichen sends it to Xiao Meng to act as agent.

Tang Zichen then cremates Li Xuan'er's parents and hides the ashes first, so that nothing else happens.

Xiaomeng sends the video Tang Zichen took to the hacker the Huo family hired.

At the same time, Xiaomeng also sent the video to some other families to expand this matter, which was explained by Tang Zichen.

As expected, several of the Huo Family's network hackers responsible for tracking Tang Zichen were stunned when they saw the video.

"Isn't this, isn't this head the Huo Dong who killed Tang Zichen's relatives in Linjiang City?"

"Oh my god, it's really Huo Dong, oh my god, this isn't real."

Those hackers were in a cold sweat, they were the top hired by the Huo family

Hackers, ah, the goal was to search for Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen was surrounded by hackers who were even more top-notch than them, which made it difficult for them to find any traces of Tang Zichen.

"Quickly, inform Senior Horan."Those hackers' voices trembled as they knew that this was definitely a big deal, Tang Zichen had already made the entire Huo family shake when he killed a Huo Xiaowei before, and now that he had killed another Huo Dong, they really didn't know how much it had to shake.This Huo Dong was no better than Huo Xiaowei ah, Huo Dong was a genius first son, a first son who could achieve innate talent ah.Most importantly, Tang Zichen used Huo Dong's head to pay respects to Li Xuan'er's parents.

Half an hour later, in the Huo family's main hall.

"Poof."A strong man suddenly lost control and spurted out a mouthful of blood when he saw on the big screen, Huo Dong's head placed in front of two bodies covered with white cloths and an incense burner.

The gas, it was infuriated.

The other strong men in the palace were also furious, watching the video arrogantly.

"Tang Zichen, die, die, die, die."The strong man who vomited blood shouted death for ten sentences in a row, which showed the extent of his anger.

A man reported, "Grand Patriarch, this video has been circulated in many families, and our Huo family has lost all of its face.The first son of our hallowed general-level family has been beheaded by a trashy little man to sacrifice the heads of two trashy civilians."This person used several trashy adjectives in a row, showing how lowly Tang Zichen and the others at the bottom of the hierarchy were in the eyes of their Huo family.It was almost equivalent to ancient times, when a prince was beheaded to pay homage to a commoner, a prince, ah, even though Huo Dong wasn't a prince, in the Yanhuang Empire, the social status of a general family was equivalent to an ordinary prince anyway.

At this moment, in the Tang Family.

After a few innate experts of the Tang Family saw the video, they trembled and said, "This Tang Zichen has really gone mad, mad."

This Tang Family's innate experts were so excited because they were afraid that the Huo Family would increase their anger further and then implicate the Tang Family, so they cursed Tang Zichen for being crazy.

"It's not enough for Tang Zichen to kill a Huo family first born son, he killed another one, oh my god, what is he trying to do, what if the Huo family brings their wrath down on our Tang family again, where should we do."

"Tang Zichen is really crazy, this is great, the Huo family can't even do anything without the whole clan being shocked and angry, alas."

Several of the Tang family's innate experts were frightened when they saw the video, even if they were to lend them a hundred guts, they wouldn't dare to do what they did, but Tang Zichen did.

In the Murong family, several experts from the Murong family were also shocked when they saw the video.

"This Tang Zichen, it looks like he really doesn't want to live."

"It's fortunate that our Murong Clan withdrew from him in time, otherwise he would have had to be implicated."

In the Xu family, the elders were also stunned, and the Xu family's elders immediately went to look for Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian was locked up in a small courtyard.

"Grand Elder, let me out, I'm going to find Tang Zichen."

The Grand Elder snorted, "Xu Mei Qian, do you know what Tang Zichen has done now."

"What's wrong with him?"Xu Mei Qian was nervous.

"That madman Tang Zichen, he killed another Huo family first son, and he even used the Huo family first son's head to worship Li Xuan'er's parents."

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian's body also trembled more than a little, this was too scary, killing another one.Having killed a waste first son before, the matter was already so big, and now she had killed another one.

"Xu Mei Qian, if you still want to go to him, go ahead, you should know what kind of situation Tang Zichen is in now, you should know who isn't leaving their relationship with him clear, if you get involved with him again, then our Xu family has to be destroyed by you."The elder of the Xu Family roared.


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