The King of Kungfu in school 691-694

Chapter 691

A day later.

"Tang Zichen, you go to hell."An Innate Great Perfection strong man stood on the roof of Tang Zichen's house, looking down on Tang Zichen.

Sure enough, the forty-two princes had sent someone to kill Tang Zichen again, this time a strong man with an innate great perfection.

"Phew."Tang Zichen looked at the Innate Great Perfection on the roof, facing such a strong man, Tang Zichen was simply unable to resist.

At that moment, a strong man who surpassed the innate appeared not far away, it was Senior Ah Sang.

As expected, the Forty Princes had sent Senior Ah Sang to secretly protect him, which was very generous of the Forty Princes, and Tang Zichen swore that he would be his friend in the future, even if he didn't have any more auxiliaries.

"This senior, are you going to stop me from killing Tang Zichen?"

"Hmph, more than just stopping, if you dare to kill our Forty Highness's auxiliary minister, then I have a reason to kill you, if you value your own little life, then get out of here, go back and tell your masters to stop forcing our Highness."Senior Asang said with a voice full of authority.

That Innate Great Perfection who stood on the roof and came to kill Tang Zichen was stunned there, and after ten seconds, he turned around and flew away.

It was certainly impossible for him, an Innate Great Perfection, to kill Tang Zichen right under the noses of this Unity Realm powerhouse, so he had to leave.

And at this time, in another place. The debut website

An old man from the Unity Realm killed an Innate Great Perfection with a single palm.

Tang Zichen looked at Senior Ah Sang standing on the roof and felt so powerless.

In his previous life, he had the protection of his master, he wouldn't be oppressed unfairly at all, and with a powerful master on his back, there was no one on the continent who dared to oppress him like that.

But now, he was forced into this by a trash prince.

Tang Zichen was going to be furious.

Tang Zichen vowed that he would be strong, even if he had to do whatever it took to be oppressed like this, as long as he could be strong, there was no need to talk about morality.

In Tang Zichen's mind, working at high speed, at this moment, he seemed thoughtful.

The last time he obtained Xiao Meng's spiritual energy and then his realm skyrocketed, this gave Tang Zichen an idea: could he use the Sucking Power Law to create a technique and then suck others' spiritual energy to increase his own realm even faster?

"Is it possible?"

"Isn't it?"

"May I?"

With the example of sucking Xiao Meng's brainwaves last time, Tang Zichen felt that creating a technique like this was not unfeasible, only that many problems had to be solved.

Tang Zichen wouldn't have come up with such an idea, this kind of behavior, that was very evil, it was simply the work of a demon, if placed in a previous life, this kind of behavior, Tang Zichen despised it with a face.But today, he came up with this kind of thought, if he wasn't forced into it, how could Tang Zichen go thinking like this.

Tang Zichen was fed up with being bullied.

He was even threatened with his life, what was the point of talking about narrow-mindedness, as long as he could make himself stronger, as long as he wasn't killing innocents indiscriminately, he would do anything.

Tang Zichen decided that he must research this technique of drawing on other people's mental energy, or brain waves.

In the future, Tang Zichen didn't care about those seven sevens anymore, all those who didn't like what they saw would be sucked dry of their brainwaves to strengthen themselves.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, look at now, are forced into what kind of people, so noble in the previous life, but in this life will go to do this kind of thing.


nbsp; On the roof, Senior Ah Sang was missing, and Tang Zichen had no idea where he was hiding.

Li Xuan'er said, "Fortunately, this senior is here, or else it would have been really dangerous just now."

"Mm."Tang Zichen just nodded.

Not long after, a man came to inform Tang Zichen, "The Forty Princes asked you to go there."


Tang Zichen didn't ask any questions and immediately went to the Forty Princes' house.

When Tang Zichen entered the Forty Princes' residence, he saw a corpse in the hall, which was now covered with a layer of white cloth.The fortieth prince was standing off to the side in anger, and even Senior Asang didn't know when he would return.The Fortieth Prince's four other auxiliary retainers, Liu Qilin, Zhang Rotten, Zhan Guijin, and Yang Tian, were all standing silently in the hall.

"Forty Princes, what's going on?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Prince of Yangyang said, "Gao Yi is dead."

"What."Tang Zichen was astonished, Gao Yi was that innate and perfect personal guard of Prince Yan Yu's, and he was dead.

"Who killed him?"

"I don't know, but the very time of his death was just now, about the same time as the man who went to kill you, so it's obvious that it was someone sent by the forty-two princes."

"Son of a bitch."Tang Zichen cursed and looked at the forty princes, the forty princes were very angry, he had a total of six auxiliary ministers under his command, one was senior Asang, he was the most powerful, beyond the innate experts, and then there was Gao Yi, the innate great success.The rest were Tang Zichen, Liu Qilin, Zhang Rot, Zhan Guijin, Yang Tian, and five ordinary imperial talents.

But unexpectedly, Gao Yi was killed.

Liu Qilin said, "Forty Your Highness, what should we do now?Are you going to sue him?"

"No evidence, alright, I'll go to my mother's consort first."

The fortieth prince immediately went into the palace.

"Imperial son pays his respects to my mother consort."

"Get up, what's so urgent."

"Mother Consort, my subordinate Gao Yi is dead."


"I know, it must be the 42nd prince who sent someone to kill him, he sent two men, one to kill Tang Zichen and one to kill Gao Yi.The one sent to kill Tang Zichen was blocked by Ah Sang and didn't succeed, while Gao Yi died."The forty princes gritted their teeth and said.

"Yan Yu, we have no evidence, it's useless to take him, now hurry up and let Tang Zichen go to study abroad, Tang Zichen is still alive, with my understanding of Yan Lin's cheap prince, he won't stop, he must be killed before he will let up.It just so happens that the quota for this year's imperial students has been released, Tang Zichen successfully passed the election and became one of the ten Yanlin Empire students, you tell him to get ready and go study abroad."


Tang Zichen was currently at his home, holding a piece of paper in his hand, a paper man with many acupuncture points marked on it, and many meridian lines diagrams.

That's right, Tang Zichen was thinking of creating a technique that could draw on other people's brainwaves in order to improve his realm more quickly.

Tang Zichen had already begun his research, and faced with the cruelty of reality, he had to let go of his previous life's nobility.

Now, Tang Zichen understood the truth that being noble required conditions, such as those princes, they had this condition, no one dared to oppress them, they could be noble and be a very decent narrow-minded person, but not Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen must choose to do whatever it takes to survive.

Of course, Tang Zichen also had a bottom line, if he did create such a technique, Tang Zichen would only choose evil people, people who oppressed him, and would never deal with innocent people.

Tang Zichen looked at the paper, the densely packed markings, and scratched his temples.

Wanting to create a technique was not so easy, even though it was based on the Sucking Power Technique.

First, Tang Zichen would need to solve a problem, if someone's brainwaves absorbed too much, would they just become crippled like Xiao Meng?

So, it was a problem he had to solve.

However, the human brain had capacity, and capacity was directly proportional to the realm, meaning that the higher the realm, the greater the capacity of the brain waves, Tang Zichen had to solve how to expand his brain capacity instead of squeezing it to the point of crippling it.

As such, Tang Zichen studied it for half a day, and although he was somewhat successful, he hadn't succeeded yet.

"Tzichen, the forty princes are here."Li Xuan'er's voice came from outside.

Tang Zichen walked out, the Forty Princes were waiting for him in the living room.

"Meet Your Highness, what's the matter again?"

"Tang Zichen, congratulations, you've been granted a place as an Imperial Student, here's your study abroad token, keep it." Remember the URL

"Thank you, Your Highness."Tang Zichen received the token, the token was light, perhaps to make it easier to carry.

"Tang Zichen, you are currently not fit to stay in Wangjing City, the forty-two princes didn't succeed in killing you, they will surely come back again, so you must go to Star Ocean Academy to study abroad, try to come back in ten or twenty years to be able to reach the late innate stage, or even complete, come on."


As soon as Tang Zichen heard ten or twenty years, he felt terrible, there are several decades in life ah, but, cultivating to innate, it's really very difficult, if there is no special opportunity, very talented people also need ten years to improve a realm ah, so it's not an exaggeration that the forty princes told him to strive to reach late innate and perfection after ten or twenty years.

Thinking that it would take so long, Tang Zichen vowed even more to create that technique.

Tang Zichen didn't want to spend ten or twenty years to improve so little.

Tang Zichen's heart at the moment was already a bit anxious for success, and it wasn't clear whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, the people of the world, for generations, had been practicing martial arts with such difficulty, and the merit method Tang Zichen created could really open up?

At that moment, the forty princes pulled out a pill from his bosom.

"Uh, Your Highness, this is?"

"Tang Zichen, this is the antidote to the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, sorry, I didn't get the antidote until now.This antidote was obtained from the Huo family only after my mother consort, pleaded with another consort, and also spent a lot of money to get it, so you should take it."

"Thank you, Your Highness, I didn't expect that Your Highness would still remember the poison I was poisoned with."Tang Zichen said, being very grateful to Yan Qiang and his mother, Tang Zichen was a man who knew how to repay his kindness, if he was strong in the future, he would definitely repay this pair of mother and son who were deeply oppressed in the palace.

"Oh, there's no need to be polite, alright, you rest first, I'll go back first, before you head to Star Ocean Academy, I've asked Ah Sang to keep a close eye on you at all times, I won't let anyone from the Forty-Two Princes kill you, don't worry."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

The forty princes walked away.

Li Xuan'er and Xiaomeng came out from one side.

Xiaomeng said, "Brother Zichen, this Forty Prince is really good, this time you get the antidote, sister Qi is saved, she no longer has to suffer on her own while working on the antidote."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded and said, "In the future, if

I am strong, and I will not forget their kindness to me."

At this moment, in Prince Forty-Two's house.

"Your Highness Forty-two, I just received news from the palace that that Tang Zichen has won a quota for Imperial Students and he's going to study abroad.Once he goes to Star Ocean Academy to study abroad, it will be hard for us to kill him ah, we don't have any auxiliary talents for studying abroad at Star Ocean Academy."One of the men said.

"Hmph, it's a pity we didn't kill Tang Zichen last time, but it's not my Yan Lin's style to just let him live.Tang Zichen, never let him have the chance to leave the Yanlin Empire to stay and learn something, never."

"Your Highness, if we don't count, last time we already killed the innate perfection guards of that bastard of Yan Chang, a mere mid innate Tang Zichen, what's the point."

"No, killing him twice without killing him, is this my Yan Lin's style?I must find a way to kill him."


While playing with a beautiful maid, Prince Yan Lin instructed that the two maids he was playing with, both of which were from the Houtian realm, sent to the door for him to play with for nothing, they had both come to Wangjing City in pursuit of higher martial dao, because after all, they were prettier, and entered the forty-two princes' house for Yan Lin's pleasure, while they, occasionally, received some guidance and rewards in martial dao.

In Qi Xue Yun's room.

Tang Zichen took out the antidote and said, "Take it, this is the antidote to the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Pill."

"Ah."Qi Xueyun was stunned.

Qi Xueyun's face was still green, and she looked haggard.

"The Fortieth Prince asked his mother consort, to make her way around the palace to obtain the antidote."

Qi Xueyun nodded, although Qi Xueyun wanted to research the antidote on her own, but after a few days of research, she found that it wasn't even something she could research, her level of poisoning was still too low.It was like a junior high school student trying to solve a college calculus problem.

Qi Xue Yun felt physically and mentally exhausted, the more she was exposed to this poison, the more she felt unconfident, if she continued like this, not to mention researching a cure, her self-confidence would be undermined.

"Hurry up and eat."Li Xuan'er urged.

"I can't eat it now, I have to solve the other poisons in my own body before I can take it, otherwise it will definitely affect the efficacy of the Three Corpse Ancient Poison."

Tang Zichen nodded, it made sense.

Qi Xue Yun immediately contacted the toxicity of the poisonous herb she was taking on her body before taking the antidote to the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison.

Very quickly, Qi Xueyun detoxified the poison.

Qi Xueyun felt relieved that her body was free of the poison, her entire body was much more relaxed, and she said thank you to Tang Zichen.

"No, the one who should be thanking is me, Xueyun, I owe you a huge favor, no matter what happens in the future, I'll do my best to help you."

"Alright, you guys can go back."

Tang Zichen saw that Qi Xueyun had been detoxified, and saw that she didn't like to chat with everyone, so he left.

Walking out of Qi Xueyun's room, Xiao Meng asked, "Brother Zichen, if you go to Star Ocean Academy, how are we going to arrange that?"


Don had a bit of a hard time with that.

"Can we go with you?"Li Xuan'er asked.

"The Star Ocean Academy only accepts talents recommended by the Empire ah."

Li Xuan'er said, "We didn't say we're going to Star Ocean Academy, we're near Star Ocean Academy."

"I'll make a decision after I ask for clarification,"Tang Zichen said.

It was late at night and the lights in Tang Zichen's room were still on.

Tang Zichen was creating his feats.

"Phew!"At the end of the third shift, Tang Zichen suddenly stood up.

Finally, Tang Zichen had created it.

Based on the Sucking Power Technique, Tang Zichen had created a technique that could suck other people's brainwaves and enhance his own brainwaves, thus achieving soul sublimation and then breaking through the martial arts realm more quickly.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, finally creating it, but it hadn't been practiced yet, and Tang Zichen didn't know if it would work or not.

"This technique was created by me, I should give it a name, what should I call it?"

"Call it the Great Law of Sucking Gods."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

At this moment, on a rooftop not far from Tang Zichen's house, an old man looked at Tang Zichen's room and secretly said, "These days, Tang Zichen has been staying in his room day and night, what is he doing?Especially just now, I can feel his heartbeat, which means he's suddenly in a good mood, what the hell is he up to?"This old man on the roof was none other than Senior Ah Sang, who was secretly protecting Tang Zichen these days by order of the Forty Princes, so naturally, Tang Zichen's every move was under his nose.

Senior Ah Sang hesitated for a moment, then flew up.

Although Tang Zichen was excited inside, he didn't show it too much, because Tang Zichen also knew that Senior Ah Sang was there in the dark, and if it was known that he had created such an unorthodox technique, it was hard to guarantee that others wouldn't be jealous.In the face of opportunity, even the best of friends could turn against each other, not to mention that Senior Ah Sang didn't have any relationship with him. One second to remember to read the book

"Knock knock."Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"Don said guardedly.

"It's me."Saying so, Senior Asang entered uninvited.

"Senior Asang, what do you want?"Tang Zichen asked.

Ah Sang looked at Tang Zichen's room, the floor was covered with dense papers, the papers were all meridian diagrams, as an expert who was beyond innate, one glance could distinguish that it was a drawing of the meridians towards the practice.

"Tang Zichen, what have you been studying these days?"

When Tang Zichen saw it, he knew he couldn't hide it, so he smiled and said, "Truth be told, I have created a technique myself."

"What? You can actually create your own technique."Senior Ah Sang heard Tang Zichen say this himself and was filled with surprise.

"Yes, I just don't know how powerful it is anymore, can Senior Ah Sang instruct me on it?"Tang Zichen deliberately took the initiative to display the request so that Senior Ah Sang wouldn't think it was very profound, and Tang Zichen could conceal it by casually performing a low-level technique.

"I also want to see what kind of feats you've created."Senior Ah Sang said.

Tang Zichen immediately cast out a very low level internal heart technique.

Senior Ah Sang said, "Did you really create this heart technique?"

"Of course, Senior, what do you think?"

"Not bad."Senior Asan nodded, but inside he was a bit disdainful, saying not bad was merely being polite, in fact he felt bad.

"Alright, I'll leave first."Senior Ah Sang quickly left.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, if it wasn't for the fact that Senior Ah Sang had been secretly protecting him, Tang Zichen would have wanted to go find someone to try his God-sucking technique right away, but he couldn't now, in case Senior Ah Sang knew about it and caused more trouble, he could only wait until he went to Star Ocean Academy, this was an evil technique after all.

In the blink of an eye, another seven or eight days passed.

On this day, Tang Zichen was informed to go to the Genius Union for a meeting, when Tang Zichen went to the Genius Union, the other nine genius international students all

It had arrived.

A strong man who was beyond innate said, "Is everyone here?"

"Here we are."

"May I take roll call, Prince Infernal Leopard?"

"At."A prince nodded, this prince was also sent to Star Ocean Academy, and the fact that he was able to go to Star Ocean Academy meant that his talent was good, usually princes with poor talent wouldn't let him go to Star Ocean Academy, because, Star Ocean Academy didn't guarantee life.

"Zhang Jing?"

"In."A man with a deep voice responded.

"Bai Yun?"

"In."A woman echoed.

"Sung Ching."

"In."Another woman echoed.


"At."A handsome looking man echoed.

"Lu Xiao Yue?"

"Coming."A woman responded, the woman was about twenty years old and had a low realm on her, so that meant she wasn't good at martial arts, she must be talented in other areas.

"Shangguan Rou?"

"At."A beautiful, heavenly woman responded, and everyone looked towards her, especially that prince named Yan Bao, who couldn't help but have a hint of evil in his eyes, and a few other boys were a little surprised at Shangguan Rou's beauty.This Shangguan Rou was exactly the Shangguan Rou that Tang Zichen knew.

Tang Zichen also looked at Shangguan Zou, not expecting her to go to study abroad as well.

"Tang Zichen?"

"In."Tang Zichen said out loud in a busy voice, and a few people looked over at him, casually averting their eyes.

"Lin and India?"

" on."

"Hu Xingying."


The roll call of the ten foreign students finished.

Tang Zichen took down the names one by one, Yan Bao, Zhang Jing, Bai Yun, Song Qing, Chu He, Lu Xiaoyue, Shangguan Rou, Lin He Yin, and Hu Xingying.

Among them, that Yan Leopard was the prince.

"The ten of you are the geniuses that the empire sent to study at Star Ocean Academy this year, you should get to know each other and take care of each other when you go to Star Ocean Academy in the future, after all, all of you are talents from the Yan Huang Empire, got it?"

"Know."Everyone shouted.

"Alright, there's nothing else to explain."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Senior, wait a moment."

"What else do you have?"

"Can I bring my family when I go to Star Ocean Academy?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You can't bring your family members, Star Ocean Academy isn't an ordinary place, there are mixed dragons and snakes there, there are geniuses from all over the world, there's no benefit to bringing your family members.Of course, if you have powerful guards, then you can bring them, such as Prince Yan Leopard, he's a prince, and there are several of his auxiliary retainers following him."

"Alright."Tang Zichen was helpless, it seemed he couldn't take Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er and the others along, and it seemed like Star Ocean Academy wasn't a kind place to take them, it was hard to keep them safe, in that case, Tang Zichen would go alone, and let the few of them go to Martialwood Academy.Martial Island possessed memory stones and was a good place to practice, and it was a safe environment, so at least you couldn't kill people indiscriminately.

"You guys go back and prepare yourselves for the official departure to Star Ocean Academy tomorrow."


Tang Zichen walked out of the genius union, Senior Ah Sang was waiting outside, these days, he had been protecting Tang Zichen for a moment, otherwise, Tang Zichen would have already been killed by the 42nd prince's men.

"Thank you, Asan-senpai."

"You're welcome, I'm just following the orders of His Highness Forty.Tang Zichen, go to Star Ocean Academy and mix well, I hope you'll come back with something, don't go and come back from a muddle with nothing to show for it."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen also knew that it was no longer easy to improve any small realm in the Innate Realm, so in the past, many people had gone to the Star Ocean Academy, but when they came back after ten or twenty years, there was still no change in the realm, at most, the realm was more solid.

Tang Zichen was now in the middle of the innate sky, the solidity of the realm was very low, after all, he had only broken through to the middle of the innate sky about a month before last year's almost.

In order for Tang Zichen to break through to the late Innate stage, he had to continuously solidify the mid Innate stage realm until it was at its highest, before quantitative change could cause qualitative change, and only then could he step into the late Innate stage.

Tang Zichen and Senior Ah Sang walked all the way back.

Not far behind them, a man with a great innate completion was following at all times.

Senior Ah Sang said, "That man behind has been following you for a few days."

When Tang Zichen turned back, he really saw the man following behind him.

"He's been looking for an opportunity to come up and kill you whenever he finds one, and with the strength of the Innate Perfection, it will only take a few breaths to be enough to kill you." Premiere URL

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not that easy to mess with either."Although Tang Zichen said so, he understood that he would never win against the Innate Perfection.Tang Zichen would have to rely on the lullaby and fight with all his might in order to deal with the lesser innate perfection.

The next day, Tang Zichen was ready to depart.

"Tang Zichen, have a safe journey, Senior Ah Sang will keep escorting you until you get on the ship, you don't have to worry."The Forty Princes sent Tang Zichen off on his behalf.

"Okay, thanks."

"Let's go."

Tang Zichen and the other ten international students set off together and left Wangjing City.

And then, at the Forty-Second Prince's house.

"Your Highness, that forty princes, actually sent Ah Sang to escort Tang Zichen all the way to the boarding ship, how else do we do it?"A subordinate reported.

The forty-two princes were furious: "It seems that that bastard Yan Weng, who must protect Tang Zichen, actually escorted Tang Zichen all the way to the ship, good, good, in that case, then don't blame me.One thing or the other, let's even kill that Ah Sang old ghost together."

"Ah, Your Highness Forty-two, you want to kill the strongest person beyond the innate?"

"What's wrong, I have two beyond innate, besieging an Ah Sang, not necessarily impossible, when they leave the territory of the Yan Huang Empire, what's wrong with killing them, hahaha, Yan Dang, you forced me to do it."The forty-two princes revealed a series of hideous laughter, he had been hysterical after three unsuccessful attempts to kill Tang Zichen, the more he couldn't kill him, the more it aroused his desire to kill Tang Zichen.

"Your Highness, why bother, Prince Yan Leopard has also gone to study abroad, his two Unity Realm experts are following him as followers, why not negotiate with Prince Yan Leopard and let him do it on his behalf, on the way to Star Ocean Academy, any place will be able to exterminate Tang Zichen."

"Huh, that makes sense, why don't you hurry up and take my token and go after Prince Yan Leopard."


Tang Zichen was on his way to the nearest dock of the Yan Huang Empire, preparing to take a ship.

The only way to get to Star Ocean Academy was by ship.


It was said that it would take about a month to travel by ship, the distance was great, there were no planes, and the only way to travel this far was by ship.

Li Xuan'er and Xiaomeng, as well as Xu Mei Qian, they didn't follow, and Tang Zichen wasn't worried.

After their discussion, the three of them had left yesterday for the Martial Arts Academy.

Xu Mei Qian and Qi Xue Yun were originally students of the Martial Academy, and were already in their second year this year.

As for Li Xuan'er and Xiaomeng, they were going to enroll, but their two new students were a bit stronger, Li Xuan'er was at the early Houtian stage and Xiaomeng was at the late Inner Gate.

On the way to the nearest pier, a caravan.

"Your Highness Forty-Six, someone wants to see you."

"Who wants to see me in the middle of nowhere?"

"It's one of the Forty-Two Princes, and he's carrying the token of the Forty-Two Princes."

"Yan Lin?What does he want?Let him in."

In a few moments, a man jumped in through the window of the caravan.

"See His Highness Prince Forty-Six."

"Alright, what is it that you're looking for me with the token of Royal Brother Yan Lin?"

"Forty-Sixth Your Highness, I have something to implore Your Highness on the word of my prince."

"What is the matter to say."

"Forty-Sixth Your Highness, it's like this, my prince has always wanted to kill Tang Zichen, but that Yan Yu sent a strong man of the Unity Realm to protect Tang Zichen every day, and moreover, he was sent to protect Tang Zichen until he boarded the ship.My prince is afraid that it will be difficult to kill him again, so I hope that Your Highness Forty-Sixth Prince will do my prince a big favor for the sake of brotherhood, and my prince will be grateful."

Prince Forty-Six's Yan Bao's eyes swiveled and asked, "Why does Royal Brother Yan Lin want to kill Tang Zichen?Tang Zichen is nothing more than an auxiliary minister beside Yan Yu."

"Your Highness doesn't know, this Tang Zichen has disrespected and despised my prince three or five times, moreover, he has caused the death of an innate and complete auxiliary minister beside my prince, so my prince is bound to kill Tang Zichen and cut off a bit of Prince Yan Yu's feathers.I hope that Your Highness will do my prince a favor, and it can be done anytime after the ship goes out to sea."

Forty-six princes Yan Bao was hesitating, he had no quarrel with Tang Zichen, whether to kill Tang Zichen or not was meaningless to him.

"Your Highness, my prince has said that if you are willing to help him with this favor, he will owe you a favor, and he will also say it in front of his mother."

The 46th prince nodded, killing an insignificant little person in exchange for a favor from a prince, this deal was a good deal.Moreover, Tang Zichen was Yan Lin's auxiliary minister, Yan Lin, that bastard, he also didn't like it very much, last year's royal feast, this bastard also made a big appearance, not happy, so let's agree.

"Good, go back and tell Yan Lin's royal brother that he did this favor, I, Yan Bao, helped."

"Thank you, Your Highness Prince Forty-Six."

At this time, Tang Zichen was sitting in a caravan in front of him, Tang Zichen did not know in the slightest that Prince Forty-Two had requested Prince Forty-Six to kill him.The Forty-Sixth Prince Yan Bao, he had two experts beyond innate with him, if he helped, then Tang Zichen really had nowhere to run.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, he had already practiced his Sucking God Technique, it was waiting to be put into practice.

Soon, they arrived at the nearest port of the Yanhuang Empire called Coral, where Tang Zichen and the others would take a ship to the Star Ocean Academy.


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