The unknown Heir 893

Chapter 893

    Chen Hao was also quick to just instruct the three brothers towards Chen.

    Human greed was endless, but greed didn't mean that it couldn't be controlled.

    Only those without a greedy heart could survive.

    After about half a decade or so, I saw that the entire vast outside ground had been filled with all kinds of treasures, enough to say that fitting two large carts was not a problem.

    It could be seen that there were still really a lot of treasures in this ghost territory, so it was no wonder that it was so tempting.

    Zhang Lie then walked out of the secret room with his men.

    "Chen Hao, here are all the treasures from that chamber, and we both contributed to this entry, so I will share some of the treasures with you!"

    Zhang Lie walked up to Chen Hao and smiled at the offer.

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, smiled faintly and responded towards Zhang Lie, "Brother Liu, thank you for your kindness, we didn't come here for these treasures, so let's give you all of them."

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, it suddenly made Zhang Lie surprised, he did not expect Chen Hao to reject these treasures.

    If Chen Hao and the others didn't come for the treasures, then what did they come for?

    At this moment, a great question and thought arose in Zhang Lie's heart.

    "Since Brother Chen Hao is so well-intentioned, then I, Liu Sheng, will respectfully comply!"

    After a pause, Zhang Lie smiled and thanked Chen Hao.

    After saying that, Zhang Lie turned around and left.

    "Captain, they are not even interested in these treasures, why is that?And what exactly are they here for?"

    The team member who was following Zhang Lie was very surprised and asked towards Zhang Lie.


    Only Zhang Lie sneered and his face could not help but look gloomy.

    "If they are not here for these treasures, it either means that they are truly not here for the treasures, or they have something even more precious than these treasures!"

    An extreme thought arose in Zhang Lie's mind at this time.

    Actually, Zhang Lie's guess at this idea was not unreasonable, it was still more or less right.

    Firstly, it was true that the five Chen Hao were not interested in these treasures, and secondly, it was true that they had come to the Ghost Clan's territory at this time because there was an important item.

(Five chenhao🤙🏽)

    It was just that this item was of no use at all to Zhang Lie and the others.

    It was just that the five of Chen Hao had never expected that Zhang Lie would have such an opinion of them.


    "A spider, what a big one!"

    Just then, a scream rang out and a member of the team fled in a hurry.

    Immediately after, a huge spider leaped out of the abyss underneath the stone bridge and started attacking Zhang Lie's team directly, and there were many small spiders that continued to emerge around them, surrounding Zhang Lie's team.

    Chen Hao and Brother Chen saw the situation and wanted to go forward to help save them.

    "Don't move, don't even go up there!"

    Fan Lao, on the other hand, snapped at Chen Hao and Brother Chen, stopping them from going up.

    "Fan Lao, why don't you let us go up to save them?"

    Chen Hao was somewhat puzzled.

    "Look closely, these spiders do not pose any threat to us at all, they simply ignore us and head towards their people, which means that those cursed treasures are starting to work!"

    Old Fan hurriedly explained it to Chen Hao.

    It was only after hearing Fan Lao's explanation that Chen Hao suddenly understood.

    "Old Fan, you mean to say that these spiders will only attack people who have touched those treasures!"

    Fan Lao immediately nodded his head for a while.

    Hearing this, Brother Chen and Chen Hao also revealed shock.

    It was unexpected that such a terrifying situation still existed.

    At this time, all of Zhang Lie's team members were being swallowed up by spiders, and the huge spiders were even biting and swallowing these team members alive one by one, it was simply horrible.

    "Brother Chen Hao, save me!"

    Zhang Lie now shouted for help towards Chen Hao who was standing in front of the house.


    "Help us!"

    The surrounding Zhang Lie's team members were also shouting, their voices very miserable.

    But there was nothing the five of them could do about it, there was no way they could go and save Zhang Lie's people.

    Whoever made Zhang Lie and the others greedy for money and touched the cursed treasures, that's why they ended up in such a situation, they could only say that they had brought it all on themselves.


    In the next second, only a scream was heard from Zhang Lie before his entire body was torn and thrown into the abyss under the stone bridge by the giant spider.

    Those members of Zhang Lie's team around him were also swallowed up by those small spiders and turned into a puddle of blood.

    In one fell swoop, Zhang Lie and the others were all wiped out.

    After finishing off Zhang Lie and the others, the giant spider threw its gaze towards Chen Hao and the five others.

    The five of Chen Hao and the gigantic spider looked at each other at the same time.

    However, the giant spider did not attack Chen Hao and the other five, but after a glance at Chen Hao and the other five, it burrowed into the abyss under the stone bridge again, and the small spiders around it dispersed.

    This made the five Chen Hao feel very surprised, they had just thought that the giant spiders would attack towards them, it really made their hearts jump out.


    Brother Chen sat paralyzed on the ground all of a sudden, gasping for air.

    "Oh God, it's too scary too, Brother Chen, Fan Lao, or we didn't touch those treasures, or we'll be miserable!"

    Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao and Fan Lao with a bit of a backward glance and exclaimed, really making him feel palpitations.

    Chen Hao and Fan Lao, on the other hand, walked out and went to the side of those dead people and treasures.

    "Hmm, what's the smell?"

    Chen Hao stepped forward and became a bit confused as he smelled a fragrance.

    "It's a sandalwood incense, used by the Ghost Clan specifically to lure spiders, it seems that this so-called curse should be this aroma!"

    Fan Lao also sniffed and immediately spoke up to explain.

    Chen Hao suddenly understood everything after hearing it.

    "It seems that these people have touched these treasures and gotten infected with the aroma, so the spider sub would be aggressive towards them, no wonder the spider wouldn't be aggressive towards us, surprisingly that's the reason!"

    So ah, not everything is real, whatsoever the so-called curse is actually a scare, there must be some reason for it to exist.


    "The only thing to blame is their own greed, if they weren't greedy and didn't touch the treasures, then the spiders wouldn't have attacked them!"

    Fan Lao also sighed helplessly and preached.

    Self-inflicted sins cannot be lived.

    Just as well, Chen Hao did not want to say anything more, some things and some people were destined for destruction, and it could only be said that Zhang Lie and the others were unlucky, and it was not a surprise that they had ended up in such a situation.


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