The unknown Heir 892


Chapter 892 - Ghost Clan Territory

    "Chen Hao, it's really thanks to your big sister this time, or else we'd all have to answer for it!"

    Zhang Lie's heart palpitated as he looked to Chen Hao to thank him.

    It was a good thing that Zhen Ji's bag had insecticide in it, or else it would have been really finished.

    Chen Hao then broke the insecticide and applied the liquid inside to his clothes.

    "Everyone, put a little insecticide on your own body so that you can prevent spiders!"

    Chen Hao immediately instructed the crowd.

    After hearing this, the crowd immediately followed Chen Hao's actions, and applied the insecticide liquid on their clothes and shoes.

    This way, the spiders wouldn't come near.

    The crisis was finally averted.

    "These spiders should be raised by the Ghost Clan people, the Ghost Clan people raised the spiders and as long as the spiders sucked the blood, they could take out the blood from the spiders' bodies and use it for them!"

    Fan Lao spoke up at this point to narrate.

    "It's so wretched, raising these horrible things!"

    When Brother Chen heard this, he also cursed angrily.

    This kind of horrible thing was something that only the Ghost Clan could do.

    Immediately afterwards, Chen Hao's group continued to check out the entire surrounding area.

    "Captain, there's a stone door in here!"

    At that moment, only one member of the team ran out from the innermost part of the dungeon and shouted at Zhang Lie.

    After hearing that, Zhang Lie immediately led the team towards it.

    Chen Hao and the five of them also rushed towards it together.

    When they arrived inside, a tall stone door stood in front of the crowd.

    "Push the door open!"

    Zhang Lie immediately gave orders towards his team members.


    Hearing Zhang Lie's order, several members of the team stepped forward, placed their hands on the stone door, and then began to push it with force.

    But despite their exerting all their strength to no avail, the stone door stood unmoving in place.

    "This stone door definitely can't be opened with human power, there must be a mechanism!"

    When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately spoke up.

    After saying that, Chen Hao immediately searched around for the stone door's opening mechanism.

    Just as Chen Hao expected, Chen Hao found a stone block on one side of the stone wall that could be pushed in.

    Chen Hao pushed hard, and the stone block instantly shrank in towards it.


    After the stones went in, only to have the stone door vibrate and then rise up.

    "Hey, Brother Chen Hao is really something!"

    Zhang Lie immediately praised towards Chen Hao after seeing it.

    As the stone gate rose, everything behind it came into full view, once again causing the crowd to stare in shock.

    After the stone door, there was a large glazed house, and two stone bridges, the ground was paved with blue stones, and one could tell at a glance that it was very uncomplicated.

    All the people swarmed into the stone bridge, and under the stone bridge was not a river or a pond, but a bottomless abyss that could not be seen at all, making people feel terrified.

    Right after that, the crowd came to stand in front of the glazed house.

    "This house should be a very long time old, and if I'm guessing correctly, this should be right where the Ghost Clan's most central territory is!"

    Fan Lao sighed as he looked at everything in front of him.

    They had finally arrived at the deepest part of the Ghost Clan's territory, it had really been too hard, and it had been a costly journey.

    However, the crowd of Chen Hao soon discovered a problem, the door of this house had a lock on it.

    After Zhang Lie looked at it, he immediately turned towards one of the team members and instructed.

    "Come, open this lock!"

    Hearing Zhang Lie's order, the team member immediately reacted and stepped forward, pulling out the tool from his own waistband.


    Crisp sounds cut through and the lock was pried open smoothly.

    After the lock was opened, Zhang Lie just stretched out his hand and pushed the door open.

    Then, everyone walked into it together.

    Once inside, there was nothing but a huge disc placed in the middle, with four pillars erected on either side.

    "What is this?"

    Brother Chen asked with some curiosity.

    "This should be the place that the Ghost Clan uses to cultivate, look at this disc, it's exactly where the Ghost Clan leaders can sit!"

    After listening to Fan Lao, he immediately opened his mouth to explain.

    After listening to Fan Lao's explanation, Brother Chen also nodded in understanding.

    "But there's nothing in here, could it be that we're looking in the wrong place!"

    Zhang Lie frowned tightly and was full of puzzlement.

    There was nothing in this house, except for four pillars, not even a single thing of value existed.

    "Impossible, this is the territory of the Ghost Clan, there's absolutely no mistaking it!"

    Fan Lao directly vetoed Zhang Lie's words and spoke in a very firm tone.

    Hearing Fan Lao's words, Zhang Lie had no choice but to believe, but his heart was filled with disappointment.

    Soon, Zhang Lie led the people to search around again.

    Chen Hao's five men, on the other hand, continued to look around the house, trying to see if they could find anything from the disc.

    At this time, Zhang Lie's side.

    Zhang Lie brought his team to enter a secret room from the side of the house.

    As soon as they entered the chamber, they made Zhang Lie and the others stare at it with wide-eyed shock.

    This was because there were many gold and silver treasures in the secret room, and there was a huge alchemy furnace in the middle, and a table with large and small bottles on display by the furnace.

    "Captain, so many pills, are we going to take them as well?"

    At that moment, a member of the team quickly asked towards Zhang Lie.

    "Nonsense, of course, these pills might be able to buy a good price if we take them out, they're worth a lot of money!"

    After hearing that, Zhang Lie immediately spoke up.

    Upon hearing Zhang Lie's words, the team members moved to remove everything they could inside, as well as those pills.

    At this time, Chen Hao and the others who were outside also saw what Zhang Lie and the others were doing and revealed surprised expressions.

    However, Chen Hao and the others did not stop them.

    They had come here for a different purpose than Zhang Lie and the others, not for these gold and silver treasures, so of course they would not fight with Zhang Lie and the others.

    "Brother Chen, these people are too crazy!"

    After Brother Chen watched, he leaned close to Chen Hao's ear and whispered towards Chen Hao.

    "Oh, don't mind so much, let's just mind our own business!"

    Chen Hao also smiled faintly and warned towards Brother Chen.

    "They will be meted out retribution, these treasures can be ominous, cursed things, anyone who tries to take them will not meet a good end!We must never touch these treasures!"

    Only Fan Lao spoke up and warned the four of them towards Chen Hao in a heavy tone.

    "Fan Lao is right, Brother Chen, Zhen Ji, Zhou Nuo, you must remember to be careful, no matter what treasure you see and what precious things you encounter, don't reach out to touch it, let alone take it!"


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