The King of Kungfu in school 431-440


Chapter 431

When Chu Yiyun saw that Tang Zichen was actually speaking so loudly, she was very nervous and anxious, and her anger shot up with a foot.

Tang Zichen grabbed her foot and smiled: "Chu Yiyun, you seem to be very concerned about this matter being known.By the way, today at noon, your fiancé asked if you had a grudge against me, why don't you tell the truth?If you tell me, maybe your fiancé will avenge your death, I'm really curious that you're afraid to let him know."

"Let go of my foot."

Tang Zichen decisively let go of her foot and said, "Although you're quite beautiful, I'm not interested in you."

"Go to hell."Chu Yiyun suddenly sneaked attacked and stabbed Tang Zichen's lower yin with his sword.

"Damn, you're so despicable, sneak attacking and trying to scrap the guy I just finished using with your sister, you dare to touch it."Tang Zichen flinched, Chu Yiyun's sneak attack failed, Tang Zichen flashed to her back.

Tang Zichen remembered the last time he spanked her, and when he lost control of his hand, he slapped Chu Yiyun's buttocks again.


Very loudly.

"Ah."Chu Yiyun cried out, and the hot pain from her ass seemed to remind her of that time.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "I actually spanked her again, God testifies that it really wasn't my intention." Remember the website

However, the fight was all over, so naturally, Tang Zichen would not deny it.

"Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."Chu Yiyun said in exasperation, Tang Zichen looked at her exasperation, feeling quite beautiful, after all, she was Liu Xiangyun's twin sister, no matter how bad her posture was, it was not far behind.

"Chu Yiyun, get lost, if you bother my wife again in the future, it won't be a spanking, just shatter your clothes."

"Tang Zichen, if you dare to be arrogant, I will tell my fiancé, just wait for death."Chu Yiyun gritted his teeth.

"Go on, hurry up, your fiancé a Houtian, you think I'll be afraid, honestly, I don't even care."

"Harmful or not, you know it yourself, you're already scared to death in your heart, you're just being strong-mouthed."

"Fine, I'm not going to bother arguing with you, you definitely don't dare tell him anyway, hahaha."

With an angry snort, Chu Yiyun flew up and left, really regretting coming to see Liu Xiangyun tonight.

Tang Zichen looked at her departing back, sighed, and flew away as well.

Liu Xiangyun didn't even know that Chu Yiyun wanted to look for her but was stopped by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen spanked Chu Yiyun, and although Chu Yiyun didn't dare to let her fiancé know about it, Tang Zichen didn't dare to let Liu Xiangyun know about it either.

The next day, Tang Zichen still went to the Healing Department, while the entire Martial Arts Academy, every department, every class, every student, were all doing their own thing, and in the end, they all had one goal, to become stronger.The first year students, on the other hand, were all doing their best to prepare for the New Student Competition, which was still about ten days away, and everyone was scrambling for every second.

Tang Zichen wasn't idle either, he was at the back of the Healing Department, practicing martial arts there by himself.

"The first style of the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, three swords in one."

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen struck out with one sword, but actually three swords in one.

"Boom."A large tree was pierced through by Tang Zichen's one sword.

"Killing God One Slash, two swords in one."

Just like this, Tang Zichen also practiced and practiced, and before he knew it, it was noon.


Tzu-Chen stopped practicing his sword and shouted, "Haven't you seen enough after all this time?"

Not far away, behind a rock, an old man came out.

"Tang Zichen, you really are a talent."That old man said.

Tang Zichen didn't need to look to know who it was, it was the old man who had issued him the gold medal admission notice last year, with the strength of the middle stage of the inner gate.

Tang Zichen looked towards him, he was still the middle stage of the inner gate, it was probably hard to progress, the middle stage was only one layer away from the late stage, but if it was someone who couldn't do it, it would be a lifetime ago.

"Tang Zichen, I saw you yesterday when you defeated Lan Qinglin with a single defeat of red dust."The old man said.

"Nonsense, when you came to Linjiang City to admit me, you knew that One Defeat Red Dust was me."Tang Zichen gave him a blank look.

The old man laughed, "Tang Zichen, you're the most talented person I've ever admitted."

"Alright, don't compliment me."

"Anyways, you were also admitted by me, so let's formally get to know each other, my name is Yuan Bing, I'm an employee of the Martial Arts Academy's admissions department."

"Oh, okay."

"Oh."The old man was a bit high strung towards Tang Zichen, because in his heart, he, an employee, was too different from Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen was still so strong, all much stronger than him now, not to mention in the future.

"Tang Zichen, do you appreciate my face, I'll buy you a meal."Yuan Bing looked at Tang Zichen expectantly.

"No need."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, okay."Yuan Bing looked lost for a while, he wanted to befriend Tang Zichen, but they might not be interested in him.

Tang Zichen then said, "No need for you to invite me, I'll invite you, after all, I was also admitted by you, I should treat you to dinner."

Yuan Bing said happily, "Tang Zichen, I accepted you for a job, so you don't need to thank me.I'm very grateful and honored that you were able to have a meal with me, I'm just a small employee and you're a high ranking perverted freshman, really, I'm grateful that you were able to talk to me."The old man was very grateful.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, in the past, when this old man accepted him and gave him the gold medal, Tang Zichen still felt that this old man was strong, now, how come he felt so lowly and inferior.

"And why are you so polite, let's go, let's go eat, I'll treat you."

"Thank you, thank you."The old man was very excited.

"Old senior, is it really such an honor to dine with me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Call me Yuan Bing, I can't afford the three words Old Senior.Hehe, I'm just a small employee of the Martial Academy's admissions department, I have no status to speak of here at all, and if it were any other perverted level freshman, I wouldn't even say a word to me."

"Is your status this low?You're at least a middle stage Inner Gate."

The old man said, "This is because you don't understand Martial Academy, I came to Martial Island 30 years ago.Thirty years ago, I was also from Zhenjiang City in Tiannan Province, which is the city next door to Linjiang City.I failed in business and owed a lot of loan sharks, I couldn't make ends meet, then I came to Martial Island with a fellow villager to learn martial arts.When I first came to Wulin Island, I was a garbage can collector on the main street outside and earned 2,500 Wulin coins per month.That's how I survived here, from garbage can collector, to flower garden gardener, to Martial Arts Academy garden manager, I don't know how many jobs I changed until I joined the admissions department.That's how I came to be in these thirty years, and I've gone from a bankrupt boss who couldn't do martial arts to a mid-tier practitioner of the Inner Gate now.The original purpose of wanting to come to Martial Arts Academy to practice martial arts has been accomplished."


"Ah."Tang Zichen never expected that this old-timer who had admitted him would be mixed up step by step like this, so it was no wonder that he felt that he had a low status.Previously, when Tang Zichen had just arrived at Martial Island, when he and Liu Xiangyun went to stay at the hotel together, the hotel's receptionist, who had also come to Martial Island to seek martial opportunities, was originally a rich lady out there.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but smile.

"Tang Zichen, now you know that I don't have any status at all, not even as good as an ordinary student, let alone a perverted freshman like you, I'm very touched that you were able to chat with me without any discomfort, and even eat together."

"I, Tang Zichen, am not the kind of person who is high and mighty, we will be friends from now on."

The old man smiled apologetically, "How can this be, I'm a small employee, how can I be friends with you, I'm too high to climb up."

"What's the point of saying that you're not a high achiever, by the way, don't you have any family in Martial Island?What happened to your family when your business went bankrupt?"Don Zichen asked.

"My wife and son are here with me."

"The whole family's here."

"Yes, now my wife is also working at the Wulin Academy as a cleaner in the Wulin Academy library, with a monthly salary of 1800 Wulin coins.My son and daughter-in-law, working in the farmland of Peachland Village on Wulin Island, my grandson and granddaughter haven't started working yet, practicing martial arts to see if they have a chance to enter the Martial Arts Academy."

Tang Zichen frowned and said curiously, "Mom, what exactly is this Martial Island, I find that I don't know too much about Martial Island, I didn't even know that there are still a group of people like you surviving."

"Oh, normal, you guys are students, you naturally have your eyes on other students and teachers.If you're interested, I'll take you to my house sometime, I'm sure you'll learn a lot about Wulin Island.My son works in the farmland, to put it bluntly, he's farming, otherwise, where else would the Martial Academy Genius Restaurant and these places get their food." One second to remember to read the book

"Right, well, let's walk to your house some day."Don Zichen was a little interested.

"It would be a great honor."

Said the man, to a cafeteria.

The old man said ashamedly, "I can only take you to the staff canteen, after all, my salary is limited, the staff canteen is twice as cheap as the student canteen, but don't worry, the food isn't worse.The reason why student canteens are more expensive is to stimulate students to spend and go earn martial coins, the process of earning martial coins is also the process of increasing strength."

"Oh, I said I'll treat you, what's the politeness."

Tang Zichen decisively invited Yuan Bing for a meal, as a way to repay his kindness, on the spot if he hadn't admitted Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen wouldn't even know that there was still the Martial Arts Academy this place, of course, even if he hadn't been admitted, Tang Zichen would probably know about this place from another way and then come to the assessment.

Having had enough wine and food, Yuan Bing smiled apologetically, "I still have to work at 2pm, so that's the first ah, there's a deduction for being late."

"Fine, we've finished eating anyway."

Tang Zichen and Yuan Bing separated, Yuan Bing went to work in the Admissions Department of the Martial Arts Academy, and Tang Zichen went to the Healing Department.

When that Yuan Bing returned to the Admissions Department office, an old woman busily came up and asked, "How was it?Did you tell Tang Zichen?Will he help?"

This old woman was Yuan Bing's wife, working as a cleaner in the library, and today Yuan Bing had actually gone to Tang Zichen on purpose, and it wasn't a coincidence.

Yuan Bing was embarrassed and sighed.

"Say, old man, Tang Zichen is a perverted freshman, if he's willing to help, I'm sure it can be solved.Didn't you say that Tang Zichen was admitted by you?I think he'll help us a little."Yuan Bing's wife was anxious.

"Speak up, you've been talking to Tang Zichen for so long, did you not mention anything serious?"

Yuan Bing sighed, "I didn't mention it."

"Ah, then what did you do."

"I really can't say it, the first time I met him at the Martial Academy, I begged him, he's a perverted freshman, he's already at the late inner realm right now, like a high sun, he was able to talk to me because I was the one who sent him the notice.I just sent a gold medal acceptance notice, it's just a job to me, it's not a favor I owe him, he doesn't owe me anything, how can I ask him to help us."

"So what do you say, really just swallow this?"

"Alas, beg the others again."

"Everyone else has begged, what more prestigious person could the two of us know here."

"But Tang Zichen he's only a freshman."

"Although he's just a freshman, he's different, he's a perverted freshman, maybe he'll have that status to speak to, and they'll be a little scrupulous about Tang Zichen's strength."Yuan Bing's wife begged her husband to woo Tang Zichen.Yuan Bing worked in the admissions department of the Martial Academy, and braced himself to know his leader, but his leader was just a worker who was a little more senior than him, so even if he was willing to help him, he couldn't help much.

"Old man, you didn't even say anything, how do you know that Tang Zichen won't help us, you should at least try, what's there to be embarrassed about."

"Alright, I'll go find him again in the evening."

"Well, then go buy some gifts now, don't go empty-handed."

"Mm."Yuan Bing and his wife went to buy some special fruits from the Martial Island, and it cost them nearly three hundred Martial Coins, so it was a good fight.

Tang Zichen had no idea that Yuan Bing was suddenly looking for him to ask for something.

Tang Zichen strolled and walked to the first year teaching building of the Healing Department.

Classes were also about to begin at this moment, and most of the students had already arrived.

When Tang Zichen walked into the class, Chang Sun Wu Yan saw Tang Zichen coming, and lowered her head in panic, remembering that yesterday she and Tang Zichen confessed and hugged, and was seen by Chen Gu Jin, and today when she saw Tang Zichen again, she didn't know how to face it.

"Faceless, so early."

"Mm."Chang Sun Wu Yan did not look at Tang Zichen and nodded his head, while Tang Zichen's face was calm, as if he had forgotten about yesterday's incident and did not put it in his heart at all.It seemed that if you didn't like someone, you really wouldn't put the other person's business in your heart.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen saw Changsun Wuhen's appearance before he suddenly remembered something and asked, "Right, Chen Gujin didn't do anything to you yesterday, did he?"

"Oh, no."

"Wasn't he angry?"

"He's angry, but he doesn't dare to do anything to me."

Tang Zichen looked at Changsun Wu Yan, because the weather was heating up, Changsun Wu Yan also wore less, the whole person is much more refreshing, refreshing and beautiful, very beautiful, Tang Zichen looked a bit hairy.

Changsun Wu Yan blushed, knowing that Tang Zichen was looking at her.


Tang Zichen tried to take out a book from the drawer, but his hand pulled out a letter.

"Well?"Don's brow furrowed.

"Who gave me the letter?Unsigned, Faceless, is it a love letter from you to me."Tang Zichen said jokingly.

Changsun Faceless pursed her lips, "How would I know, who must have written you the love letter, it wasn't me anyway."

Tang Zichen opened the envelope, it wasn't a love letter inside.

"Tang Zichen, before playing with someone else's woman, think about your own woman first, Nima."

That's all the envelope said.

"What does it mean."Tang Zichen was baffled.

Chang Sun Wu Yan wondered, "Who gave you the letter, what does it mean?"

Tang Zichen looked at Changsun Wuhen and asked, "Could it be Chen Gujin?"

"Absolutely not, and besides, you're not playing with me."Chang Sun Wu Yan blushed. The first website

Tang Zichen was really confused, which woman did he play with?Will you be warned?

Don Zichen stood up and said to the class, "Excuse me, class, did any of you see a letter delivered to my drawer at noon?"

"I don't know."

"Didn't see it."

Everyone said they didn't know.

One student asked, "What did the letter say?"

Tang Zichen didn't mind being known by everyone and read out, "Tang Zichen, think before you play with someone else's woman.Who the hell is so boring to send me such a warning letter."

A classmate said, "Tang Zichen, could it be that you're playing with women you shouldn't be playing with."

"Bullshit."Tang Zichen didn't have any other women besides Liu Xiangyun, even if it was Chang Sun Wu Yan, it wasn't even remotely related.

"Maybe someone is playing a prank on you."

Tang Zichen sat down.

At this moment, in one of the rows of the class, a girl's face trembled.

Tang Zichen couldn't find out who had given him the threatening letter and left it at that.

In the evening, the Healing Department was dismissed from school, and Tang Zichen walked out of the classroom with Changsun Wu Yan.

"Bye."Changsun Wuhen didn't walk more with Tang Zichen today, and left first as soon as he left the classroom.

"Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen was about to fly away when someone called out to him.

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that it was Yuan Bing, the old man who was still eating with him at noon.

"Big brother Yuan Bing, why are you here."Tang Zichen saw that Yuan Bing was still carrying fruit in his hands.

"Tang Zichen, do you have time?I want to have a few words with you."Yuan Bing lowered his head and said.

"Good."Tang Zichen seemed to see that Yuan Bing had something to ask him.

The two of them came to a deserted place.

"Go ahead."

Yuan Bing seemed to be having difficulty speaking.

"Why be so polite with me, if I can help you with anything, I will definitely help you."Tang Zichen said.

Only then did Yuan Bing say, "Truth be told, I do have something to ask for, I came to find you at noon, but, I really can't say it."


p; "Old brother Yuan Bing, don't swallow, be painfully honest, the fact that you can think of me naturally means that you think I can help."

"Okay, then I'll get straight to the point, my grandson, Yuan Xiaojun, is 19 years old, he was originally going to come to assess the Martial Arts Academy this year.However, before enrolling, he was beaten by another person, causing my grandson to suffer severe meridian damage, and it's unknown if he'll be able to heal in this life.This means that my grandson probably won't be able to practice martial arts in this life.Originally, my grandson's entry into the Martial Arts Academy was one hundred percent, he was only nineteen years old, he had already reached the outer gate completion, his talent was really not weak, and our family could rise as a result.However, just because he was beaten up so badly, it ruined him and our family's hope."Yuan Bing cried out, perhaps, he really had high hopes for his grandson, and ended up being beaten to death.

"Then why didn't you say anything when you looked for me at noon."

"I was too embarrassed to mention it."

"Who hit your grandson and why, if it was caused by your grandson's own human problems, then I can't help you.If not, I will definitely help you get justice."Tang Zichen said.

Yuan Bing shook his head and said, "It is never my grandson's problem, Xiao Jun has been a generous person since childhood."

"That's why, there's no gratuitous hatred."

"The matter was caused by my granddaughter, besides one of my grandsons, I have another granddaughter, Yuan Xiaomian, who is 17 years old.The man who beat my grandson, his name is Zhu Feng, Zhu Feng also lives in Taoyuan Village, we all live in the same village.Yuan Bing smiled.My grandson Xiao Jun immediately rushed to rescue her, but I didn't expect that Xiao Jun was beaten into oblivion by him."

"Zhu Feng?Is he strong?"

Yuan Bing shook his head and said, "Stronger isn't strong, his talent can't compare to my grandson's, another reason why he beat my grandson to ruin him must be because he's jealous that my grandson's talent is stronger than his."

"Tell me what strength Zhu Feng has."

"Zhu Feng is 21 years old, a second year student at the Martial Academy, and his realm has just reached the early stage of the Inner Gate.My grandson, on the other hand, is only nineteen years old and has a perfect outer gate, where is he a match for him."

"Alright, don't cry, what kind of background did you say that Zhu Feng has a bit of a background at the Martial Academy?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Zhu Feng's brother-in-law is a first year teacher of the Stick Law Department of the Martial Academy."

Tang Zichen frowned and said, "A first year teacher in the Stick Law Department, then his brother-in-law is at least a strong person above the Houtian Realm ah.I, on the other hand, am only a freshman and only have the strength of the late Inner Gate, this looks like, not a level ah, why do you think I can help you?Hehe."

Yuan Bing was ashamed: "That's why I didn't dare to ask for you at noon.However, other than you, I really don't know anyone else with more status.After my grandson Xiao Jun was beaten and crippled, we also approached them for a theory, but unfortunately, no one could help us, and their brother-in-law is a teacher in the stick magic department, so no one dared to offend them.We also went to the Martial Arts Academy to complain, but there was no result, and my grandson is not yet a student of the Martial Arts Academy, and is not protected by the Martial Arts Academy school rules."

"Well, I see, this Zhu Feng, is probably really a bit jealous that your grandson's talent is stronger than his, as he reached the Outer Gate Perfection before he even entered the school, and he's about to catch up with him, so he simply beat up your grandson to cripple him for psychological balance.Your granddaughter, then, shouldn't have gotten away with it by Zhu Feng."

"If Xiao Jun hadn't fought hard to save her, my granddaughter would have been raped by Zhu Feng as well."

Tang Zichen asked, "Brother Yuan Bing, then what do you mean by looking for me, do you want me to help you seek justice, or do you want me to help you fight Zhu Feng, or even abolish Zhu Feng, simply tell me, I will help you as much as I can."


Yuan Bing bit his lips and said, "I hope you can help my grandson get justice, we really can't swallow this anger.However, I also know that you are just a new student and this is too difficult for you.Originally, I didn't dare to come to you, it was my wife who kept encouraging me, she said that you are a pervert class freshman, maybe you have some status in the school, people will be a bit scrupulous about you, maybe you can help us to get justice."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Old brother Yuan Bing, whether I have any status, whether anyone is scrupulous of me, honestly, I don't even know.But since it's a matter for you, old brother, of course I won't refuse."

"Thank you, Tang Zichen, even if you can't help us seek justice, we won't blame you.If you can step in and help me beg your department head to treat my grandson, that would be better than anything.In fact, getting justice is secondary, healing my grandson is the most important thing."

Tang Zichen asked, "How badly is your grandson injured?"

"Xiao Jun has been lying in bed since he was disabled, and we also brought him to the Martial Arts Academy to seek treatment, but unfortunately, the highest grade healer in the Martial Arts Academy's healing clinic that is open to the public is only a 4th grade healer, and he's still a student.It was impossible to heal my grandson, that 4th grade healer said that my grandson's injuries were at least at the level of 7th or 8th grade, and I'm afraid that only a 7th or 8th grade healer could heal him.But how can we, such a lowly status, have a seventh or eighth grade healer to help us, we don't even know one.I've heard that the head of your healing department is a seventh-grade healer, so I want to beg you, if you could step in and beg your head of the department for me.You're a perverted freshman, and I think the head of the department will give you this face.Tang Zichen, I'm begging you."Saying that, Yuan Bing cried and knelt down.

"Older brother Yuan Bing, what is this, get up."Tang Zichen pulled him up.

Tang Zichen looked at Yuan Bing, perhaps, Tang Zichen had never understood the suffering of the lower class civilians, in Tang Zichen's eyes, seventh and eighth grade healers, weak as they were, were just hangers-on, but I never thought that in the eyes of Yuan Bing, these people could not be begged for.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Yuan Bing, don't worry, I'll keep your matter in mind, you don't need to worry.How about this, I'll go and see how your grandson is doing first, then I'll make plans, okay?It's late today, so go home and I'll go with you tomorrow morning."

"Thank you, thank you."Yuan Bing cried excitedly.

"Oh, look at you, go back, tomorrow you come here to find me."

"Tang Zichen, you carry this fruit back." Remember the website

"No need."

"It's a little bit of our appreciation, you can take it."

Tang Zichen saw that Yuan Bing was so courteous and accepted it, Tang Zichen was the first time, begging for a favor and accepting a fruit.

Only after Yuan Bing left happily did Tang Zichen carry the fruit back, eating an unnamed fruit as he flew.

Tang Zichen went directly to Liu Xiangyun, who had already finished school and was waiting for Tang Zichen in her dormitory, she knew that Tang Zichen would come to her dormitory every evening and then go to dinner together.

"Why did you buy fruit, you're so nice to me today."Liu Xiangyun was very happy to see Tang Zichen carrying so much fruit, thinking that he had bought it for her on purpose.

Tang Zichen was too embarrassed to tell the truth when he saw how happy Liu Xiangyun was, so forget it, let's not spoil her fun.

"I bought it specially for you."Tang Zichen said brazenly.


"Then give me a kiss."

"No way, it's in the dorm."

"Then come into the room for a kiss."


bsp; Tang Zichen pulled Liu Xiangyun into the room and closed the door, Liu Xiangyun shyly kissed Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen picked her up and spun her around a few times, then they looked at each other, their eyes exchanging.Compared to when they were in Linjiang City, they both felt the subtle changes between each other, mainly because they had already had the actual relationship of husband and wife without any reservations.

Tang Zichen hugged Liu Xiangyun, feeling like they were two couples, with intense happiness inside, at least, Tang Zichen hadn't thought of his little sister all these days.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, feeling the happiness of the moment, and said inwardly, "Little Sister, I have found happiness, I wish you happiness too, a man who treats you better than I do."

Tang Zichen was still slightly sad to say these words in his heart, but it was no longer like it was in the beginning, and it seemed that he really had gradually integrated into the world.

"Let's go eat first."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun held hands and flew away from the window, trampling on the trees and heading to the hotel, making some of the bachelors envious.

While eating, Tang Zichen told Liu Xiangyun about Yuan Bing.

"Ah, that Zhu Feng's brother-in-law is a stick law teacher ah, then you still promised to help him."

"What's a stick-fashion teacher."Tang Zichen said without thinking.

Liu Xiangyun glared at him and said angrily, "A stick magic teacher, ah, that's a Houtian level expert, how can you offend him now."

"Alright, wife, it's not like we're going to have a firefight with the stick magic teacher, let's help Yuan Bing deal with it tomorrow."

When Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen calling her wife, her face blushed for a while, but inside she was extremely sweet.

"Eat ah, why are you blushing in a good way."Tang Zichen said speechlessly.

Liu Xiangyun pursed her lips, and Tang Zichen understood that it must have been caused by calling her wife.

Tang Zichen himself didn't know why, but he felt it was very kind to call his wife, so he got off on it.

The next day, Tang Zichen came to the Healing Department.

Yuan Bing had been waiting outside the first year teaching building of the Cure Department for quite some time, although it wasn't time for classes now.

"Old brother Yuan Bing, so anxious, you must have been waiting for a long time."

"No, I've just arrived."Yuan Bing said.

Tang Zichen knew the long wait when he saw his anxious appearance, but didn't bother to expose him.

"Let's go, first take me to see how your grandson is doing, as for seeking justice, we'll come back later."

"Mmhmm, if I can heal my grandson, it doesn't matter if I can get justice or not."Yuan Bing smiled.

Yuan Bing led the way and flew into the distance, quickly leaving the healing department and then out of the Martial Arts Academy's range.

After flying for about forty minutes, it was already very far away from the Martial Academy.

Yuan Bing pointed to a valley in front of him, "There's Peach Origin Village ahead."

"Oh, Peach Origin Village, how come it looks almost like a novice village."

"It's almost the same, but it's different, those places in the Novice Village, locusts and such are big and strong, but the Peach Origin Village won't be, the pests here are the same as the outside world, it's just that the crops are different from the outside world, you'll know when you enter the village."

Soon, Tang Zichen flew into Peach Origin Village, and sure enough, the crops in Peach Origin Village grew tall and large, such as pumpkins, with a diameter of one meter and two meters much, and peas, at least twenty to thirty centimeters in length.


"This Martial Island is truly a place full of mysteries."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

As soon as he entered Peach Origin Village, in a wheat field, a man of about forty or fifty years old shouted towards Tang Zichen, "Dad."

Tang Zichen was shocked, when did he have such an old son.

At that moment, Yuan Bing, who was beside him, said, "Yuan Hua, don't work today, this is Tang Zichen, don't hurry over to pay your respects to Tang Zichen."

The man who called out for Dad came forward in a panic and thanked Tang Zichen, "Thank you, Senior Tang Zichen, thank you."

Tang Zichen smiled, so it wasn't calling him Dad.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be polite, call me Tang Zichen, don't be senior, I'm not that old, in fact I'm 19 years old."

That Yuan Hua exclaimed, "Senior Tang Zichen, you're amazing, you're the same age as my son Xiao Jun, while you're already a late stage master of the Inner Gate."

"Oh, overpraise."

Yuan Bing greeted, "Don't talk on the road, go to your home, a mud hut over there in front is my home."

Tang Zichen followed Yuan Bing and Yuan Hua to an earthen hut. One second to remember to read the book

"Tang Zichen, this is my home."Yuan Bing said.

When Tang Zichen saw this earth house, he felt like returning to his previous life, where the village in his previous life was also built with mud, where there was steel and concrete.

Walking into Yuan Bing's courtyard, he immediately saw an old woman who was killing chickens and ducks.

When that old woman saw Tang Zichen, she busily got up and said, "Senior Tang Zichen, hello."

Yuan Bing busily introduced her, "She is my wife, she is the one who works as a cleaner in the library of the Martial Arts Academy."

"Oh, hello, Mrs. Yuan."Tang Zichen called the old woman sister-in-law, making himself and Yuan Bing as equals, so that Yuan Hua was a bit embarrassed because then he would have to call Tang Zichen uncle, but he didn't mind and immediately said to Tang Zichen, "Uncle Tang, come in and sit down."

Tang Zichen frowned, and when Yuan Hua saw Tang Zichen's expression, he smiled and shouted instead, "Tang Zichen, come in and sit."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

At this time, behind the earthen hut, a young girl came out holding a bundle of firewood.

Tang Zichen was slightly taken aback when he saw this young girl, what a beautiful young girl, feeling like a fairy who grew up on earth, but did not eat earthly fireworks, although the clothes on the body are simple, but not a bit vulgar, skin white, red lips nourishing, but rather let people look like a fairy to come down to practice.

The girl took a look at Tang Zichen, then her pretty face blushed and carried the firewood into the kitchen.

Yuan Bing smiled apologetically, "Tang Zichen, she is my granddaughter, Yuan Xiaomian, I'm sorry, she is rather afraid of life, I'm sorry for being rude, I hope you will be more considerate."

"Ah, it's fine, children are well."Tang Zichen smiled.

Yuan Bing also laughed, "Kids aren't, she's 17 years old, she's also going to take the Martial Arts Academy next year."Saying that, Yuan Bing shouted, "Little Mian, there are guests coming, why don't you come out and pour the tea."

"Oh."In the kitchen, the young girl softly ohed, then came out and went to pour the tea nicely.She carried a cup of tea to Tang Zichen, blushing and not daring to look at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was a bit speechless, I've never seen such a shy one, so shy that she didn't even dare to ask Tang Zichen to drink tea, just lowered her head and handed a cup of tea to Tang Zichen.

Yuan Hua scolded, "Little Mian, how can you be so rude, not saying a word, who are you handing the tea to."

The young girl then said softly, "Please drink the tea."


Thank you."Tang Zichen took the tea, and that young girl ran away in a panic.

Yuan Bing apologized, "She rarely left Taoyuan Village, so she's very afraid of life and has an introverted personality, don't take it to heart ah."

"It's fine, but this granddaughter of yours is really beautiful, no wonder that what's called Zhu Feng, he's forced himself on your granddaughter."Tang Zichen said.

Yuan Bing said in exasperation, "Zhu Feng's family is right across the street, and up until now, his parents are still high and mighty, without any sign of repentance."

Tang Zichen looked across the street, there was also an earth house on the slope opposite the village, that was Zhu Feng's home.

"Oh."Tang Zichen just smiled.

Yuan Hua was helping to kill the chickens and ducks, while his daughter-in-law and the shy beauty were in the kitchen, preparing food to entertain Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was a little embarrassed to see people treating him so grandly, and he hadn't even helped anyone with anything yet, so he ate so much from them.

Tang Zichen said, "By the way, where is your grandson?I came over today to see how your grandson is doing, not to eat."

"Tang Zichen, don't get me wrong, my grandson is still lying in his room, it's not too late to check on him later."

"It's okay, go in and take a look."

Yuan Bing brought Tang Zichen into a room in the earth house, and on the bed in the room, there was indeed a teenager lying on the bed, as young in appearance as Tang Zichen, both were 19 years old.

Yuan Bing said in his heart: "Everyone is 19 years old, this difference, tsk tsk, people's lives are really different from each other."

"Hello."Yuan Xiaojun, who was lying on the bed, smiled at Tang Zichen with a nod of his head.

"Hello, my name is Tang Zichen, you must be Yuan Xiaojun."

"Well, I'm Yuan Xiaojun, last night my grandfather said you would come, thank you."

Tang Zichen let Yuan Bing go out and talk to Yuan alone, they were the same age, Tang Zichen didn't put up a fight.

"Yuan Xiaojun, no need to be formal with me, I'm the same age as you, if you're also in the Martial Arts Academy, maybe we're all friends."

"Thanks, but you're so powerful, how can I be worthy of being your friend."

"That's the problem with your mentality, your martial arts talent isn't weak, and you'll become strong in the future."

"I'm already lying on my bed and becoming an invalid."

Tang Zichen didn't talk nonsense to him, he wasn't good at doing mental work, and said, "Put your hand out, don't be surprised, your grandfather should have told you, I'm a student of healing, I know more or less about healing."

"Thanks."Yuan Xiaojun extended his arm out for Tang Zichen to diagnose.

At this moment, in a mud hut on the opposite hillside, a woman shouted, "Old Zhu, come and look."

"What are you looking at."

"Look across the street, Yuan Bing's house, it looks like some noble guest has come and is killing chickens and ducks."

"It's none of our business if people have come as VIP guests."A man of about fifty years of age bristled.

"Old Zhu, I mean, could it be that Yuan Bing has invited some big shot to come ah, haven't they been disgruntled about their Yuan Xiaojun being beaten to death by our family's Zhu Feng?Will they have hired some big shot to deal with our family?"

The man scowled, "I pooh-pooh, what big person can I invite, no matter how big, can it be bigger than our son-in-law?Our son-in-law is a stick method teacher at the Martial Arts Academy, I don't believe that he, Yuan Bing, can find a person who is even bigger than a stick method teacher."

"It's also true that in the entire Tao Yuan Village, our family is the most connected in terms of background."The woman snorted, not looking afraid at all.


"How about it, am I still saved?"In Yuan Xiaojun's room, after Tang Zichen diagnosed Yuan Xiaojun for a while, Yuan Xiaojun asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, Yuan Xiaojun's meridians were bursting and his dantian was severely damaged, it seemed that the person who did it was really ruthless and did it with the intention of beating him to waste him, not by accident.

"That Zhu Feng is quite ruthless."

"He said it was an accident."Yuan.

Tang Zichen said, "It was by no means an accident, but an intentional one."

"Do I really need a seventh or eighth grade healer to heal my injuries?"

Tang Zichen said, "Even a seventh or eighth grade healer can't cure it."

"Ah."Yuan Xiaojun's face was lost for a moment, not even a seventh or eighth-grade healer could cure him.

"But, when I went to the Martial Academy before, that four-grade healer said that only seven or eight-grade could heal me."

"Oh, you're thinking I'm wrong right, I'm just a new student, just entered the healing department, my level isn't as powerful as that fourth-grade healer."

"If you're wrong, then it's best, if even a seventh or eighth grade healer can't heal me, then I'm even more tragic." First URL

Tang Zichen patted Yuan Dao, "Don't worry too much, I'll do my best to help you."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen walked out of Yuan Xiaojun's room, Yuan Xiaojun's injuries could never be cured by a seventh or eighth grade healer.

Walking out of the room, Yuan Bing asked anxiously, "Tang Zichen, how are you seeing my grandson?"

Tang Zichen said bluntly, "Our department head absolutely cannot cure it."

"What."Yuan Bing's legs weakened, his department head couldn't cure him, so it wasn't a waste of time, even if Tang Zichen pleaded with the department head to treat Yuan Xiaojun.

"Then what level of healer would it take to cure it?"Yuan Bing asked anxiously.

Tang Zichen said, "A ninth-grade healer should be able to heal it."

"Ninth-grade?It's over."Yuan Bing fell to the ground, even the seven-grade department head, he had to plead with Tang Zichen to come out and beg for a ninth-grade healer, where was he going to beg.

Where did Yuan Bing know that Tang Zichen was a ten-grade healer, but Tang Zichen didn't plan to do it himself, to him, Yuan Xiaojun's injury was a small matter.

Yuan Bing's wife, her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter all came running out from the kitchen.

"What's wrong?"

"Oooh, Tang Zichen said that it takes at least a Ninth Grade Healer to heal Xiao Jun."Yuan Bing cried.

"What."Yuan Bing's wife and son also had a soft foot, as if it was a thunderbolt from the clear sky.

At this time, Yuan Bing's daughter-in-law asked, "Senior Tang Zichen, you're a newborn in the Healing Department, right, you're only a newborn, how do you know that you need a ninth-grade Healing Master to heal?The person who diagnosed Xiao Jun before, but a Fourth Grade Healer, is an outstanding student in the third year of your Healing Department."

Hearing Tang Zichen's words, Yuan Bing and the others came to their senses, right, Tang Zichen is a new student, what the hell does he know.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, I'm a new student, that's my judgement, let's take Yuan Xiaojun to the head of the department later."

"Okay, thanks."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "After we go to the department head, you will know if what I said is accurate."

Tang Zichen looked at the mud hut on the opposite slope and said to Yuan Bing, "Brother Yuan Bing, let's go to Zhu Feng's house across the street."


Tang Zichen and Yuan Bing flew to the earth house across the street.

"Pig Dog, come out here."Yuan Bing raged.

Fire's shouted, the pig dog he shouted was Zhu Feng's father, Zhu Gou.

When Yuan Bing saw no movement, he shouted again, "Pig Dog, why don't you guys come out."

Their two families had already been torn apart.

Tang Zichen asked, "Big brother Yuan Bing, how do you call them pigs and dogs?"

Yuan Bing snorted, "They are already worse than pigs and dogs, Zhu Feng's father's name is Zhu Gou and his mother's name is Bu Ru, together they are not worse than pigs and dogs."

"I pour."Tang Zichen had really grown to see, there was actually such a strange name, Zhu Gou, Bu Rou, who happened to be married again, together they would be worse than a pig and a dog.

Not long after, a man and a woman flew out from behind the house.

The female grunted, "Yuan Bing, what are you doing in my house?"

The man also arrogantly and domineeringly said, "This matter of your little army being crippled was just unintentional on my son's part, why are you still pestering him."

Yuan Bing said to Tang Zichen, "You see, they still have such an attitude."

Tang Zichen nodded, "They really are worse than pigs and dogs, the gods gave them a good name."

"Who are you?How dare you treat us so disrespectfully, you don't want to hang around?"Zhu Gou shouted at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I am Tang Zichen, a first year student at the Martial Arts Academy."

"Where's the trash."Bu Ru sneered.

Zhu Gou also despised and said, "Yuan Bing, I thought you had hired someone with some status background, but it turned out to be such a humble person, what a joke.Yuan Bing, that incident has been over for such a long time, I advise you to let it go, don't toss it again, otherwise you will in no way benefit from it, my son-in-law is a stick magic teacher, you know that, do you think you are capable of finding someone with a bigger identity background than my son-in-law?"

"All of you, get out."Bu Rou roared and took out a hoe, although they were farmers from Taoyuan Village, they all knew martial arts and were by no means comparable to ordinary rural farmers.

Tang Zichen sneeringly looked at the couple of Zhu Gou, the man reached the early stage of the inner gate and the woman only the late stage of the outer gate, because of the high status of a son-in-law, he was so arrogant.

Yuan Bing was helpless and said to Tang Zichen, "Let's go, their kind will be condemned by God."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I am the condemnation of the heavens, this kind of person is fit for me to punish."

After saying that, Tang Zichen instantly struck out.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Zhu Gou, who flew in the air with all his teeth flying out and his face swollen.

"Old Zhu."Zhu Gou's wife shouted, she never expected this freshman to dare to do anything.

Just then, Tang Zichen grabbed Bu Rou.

Tang Zichen grunted, "You bitch, bullying others just because your son-in-law has some status, today I'll take care of your kind of villain on behalf of heaven."

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched at Bu Ru's belly.

"Pfft. "Bu Ru also spat out a mouthful of blood, and Tang Zichen threw her to the roof.

At this moment, Yuan Bing looked at Tang Zichen in shock, he never expected Tang Zichen to be so impulsive and directly beat up the pig and dog, but this was a poke in the ants' nest.

Even Yuan Bing's family members across the street saw it, and the neighbors to the left and right also saw it and were horrified, who dared to beat up the pig and dog for want of life.

Tang Zichen said to Yuan Bing, "Brother Yuan Bing, Zhu Gou Bu Ru I will just teach a casual lesson, when I see Zhu Feng, it will not be a simple lesson, well, go back."

Tang Zichen flew off to Yuan Bing's home.

Back at Yuan Bing's home, Yuan Bing's sons and granddaughters all looked at Tang Zichen with trepidation.


Tang Zichen looked at them and finally moved his gaze to Yuan Xiaomian, Yuan Xiaomian was also scared white, however, her frightened appearance at the moment was really alluring, Tang Zichen had to admit that this shy young girl was as attractive as a fairy descending to earth.

Tang Zichen said to Yuan Bing's family, "You don't need to be nervous, it's a small matter."

Yuan Hua said, "I have already gone to call Zhu Feng, I'm afraid that in less than two hours, Zhu Feng will be back from the Martial Arts Academy."

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's just right, save me the trouble of going to look for him."

An hour later, Martial Forest Academy, Department of Enchanted Souls.

"Zhu Feng, Zhu Feng, someone is looking for you outside."A student shouted loudly.

Zhu Feng walked out of the classroom, Zhu Feng was in the 2nd year 3rd class of the Department of Enchanted Souls, in the class, he was quite low key, because Zhu Feng's talent for enchanting souls wasn't very high, he was currently only at the level of a 3rd grade enchanting souls master, his martial arts talent was also medium, just reaching the early stage of the inner gate.

Zhu Feng was a dual-gifted student, mesmerism and martial arts, but they were only medium talent, but being able to be dual-gifted was considered powerful.

"Who's looking for me."

"I don't know."

Zhu Feng walked out of the classroom and saw a man in his forties, this man was his neighbor in Peach Origin Village. Remember the URL

"Uncle Lin, did you come to see me?"Zhu Feng was surprised.

"Zhu Feng, quick, quick, something big has happened."

"Uncle Lin, what's the big deal."

"Your parents' pig and dog were beaten up."The man was busy.

Zhu Feng hated it when people shouted his parents' names in a row, and shouting them in a row made others sound like pigs and dogs.

"Uncle Lin, can we call them separately?"

"Zhu Feng, you still care about this, your parents are beaten up."

"Who dares to beat up my parents?"Zhu Feng snorted, his brother-in-law was a teacher of stick magic, who in the entire Tao Yuan Village didn't know.

"It's Yuan Bing who invited him, just now, your father, Pig Dog, was beaten with all his teeth, and your mother, Bu Ru, was beaten and vomited blood."

"Paralyzed."All of a sudden, Zhu Feng flew home.

"Tang Zichen, let's eat first, we raise our own ground chicken and ducks, they are all natural."Yuan Bing invited respectfully.

Tang Zichen nodded, people were so polite, Tang Zichen naturally didn't refuse, although he wasn't hungry and it wasn't time for lunch yet.

"Not bad, the taste is authentic."Tang Zichen praised.

Yuan Bing smiled, "It was cooked by Little Mian."

Tang Zichen looked at the shy Yuan Xiaomian in surprise, not expecting this beauty who didn't eat earthly food to have such high cooking skills.

About almost an hour later, a roar came from outside, "Old dog Yuan Bing, get out of here."

Yuan Bing's face turned pale and said, "It's Zhu Feng, Zhu Feng must have rushed back from the Martial Arts Academy, he must know that his parents were beaten."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "So what if he knows."

Yuan Bing was ashamed, "Tang Zichen, I have to say sorry to you first, I actually hid one thing from you, and that was about Zhu Feng's strength."

"Uh, isn't Zhu Feng the strength of the early stage of the Inner Gate?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Yes, it's true that Zhu Feng is at the early stage of the Inner Gate, however, he also has another identity, a Possessed Soul Master, he's a dual-gifted student, martial strength is only one aspect, and there's another aspect of a Possessed Soul Master.I'm sorry, I hid it from you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "You didn't tell me about his talent as a mesmerist, because you're afraid that I wouldn't dare to offend him because he's a double gifted?"

Yuan Bing guiltily lowered his head.


sp; Tang Zichen trailed off: "Actually, you don't need to, it's just a mesmerist."

Yuan Bing said, "You have to be careful, Zhu Feng is a Third Grade Lost Soul Master."

"Yuan Bing, you get out of here."Outside, Zhu Feng yelled, he never dared to be so arrogant in the class because there were many people who were better than him.

Tang Zichen walked out.

Zhu Feng saw Tang Zichen and said angrily, "You're the one who beat up my parents?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, your parents are pigs and dogs and should be beaten."

"Grass you?."Zhu Feng didn't say a word and killed up to Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen swept Zhu Feng away with a kick.

Tang Zichen grunted disdainfully, "Early stage of the Inner Sect, even you dare to seek death."

Zhu Feng climbed up from the ground, not expecting Tang Zichen to be stronger than him, Zhu Feng toned down his mesmerizing technique on Tang Zichen.

"Thousand-eyed bewitchment technique."This was Zhu Feng's mystery of bewitchment, and just like the secrets of martial arts, there were all sorts of secrets to bewitchment.

The concept of Thousand Eyes Ecstasy was as if there were a thousand eyes looking at people, dazzling them and making them unable to distinguish between the real and the virtual, plus his status as a Third Grade Ecstasy Master, it was definitely a spike when dealing with enemies.

Unfortunately, when Tang Zichen saw Zhu Feng perform his mesmerizing technique, the corner of his mouth lifted, and he very disdainfully snorted, "Rubbish."

Zhu Feng's mesmerizing technique had no effect on Tang Zichen, before he came to the Martial Academy, Tang Zichen had been exposed to mesmerizing techniques, namely Shangguan Rou's charming technique, and to be honest, Shangguan Rou's charming technique was probably much more powerful than Zhu Feng's.

What's more, in Tang Zichen's previous life, he had already come into contact with very powerful enchanting arts, such as that demonic princess, who originally liked him, was rejected by Wind Lightning and then grew to hate him because of love, the only one of his peers that Wind Lightning feared in his previous life.


"Bewitched you sister."Tang Zichen slapped a slap.

Zhu Feng's body flew away again.

"Wow."Zhu Feng's body flew into Yuan Bing's pig pen.

The left and right neighbors who were watching were all stunned.

It really was fate with the pigs.

At this time, Zhu Feng climbed out of the pig pen, covered in pig shit.

"I'm not done with you."Zhu Feng's anger flew out of the pig pen and killed Tang Zichen with a sword, clearly furious to the extreme.

With a body full of pig shit, Tang Zichen wouldn't let him get close.

Tang Zichen picked up a 3-meter long bamboo pole, which he used to dry his clothes.

"Pah, pah, pah."

Tang Zichen used such a long bamboo pole to fight with Zhu Feng.

Zhu Feng's strength was so bad that Tang Zichen couldn't even take the slightest advantage with such a long bamboo pole.

"Phew."In the end, Tang Zichen got tired of it and swept the bamboo pole, and Zhu Feng was swept over.Tang Zichen stabbed with the bamboo pole again, and it poked into Zhu Feng's anus.The door was at least twenty centimeters in.

"Ah."Zhu Feng screamed.

Tang Zichen plunged the bamboo pole into the ground, and Zhu Feng was poked in the air, fluttering in the wind like a flag.

"Wow."The onlookers' neighbors were stunned to their jaws, looking at Zhu Feng who was stabbed on the bamboo pole, unable to describe it with words.

Zhu Feng yelled in pain, there was no half strength to struggle anymore, anyone who thought about what it was like to have a bamboo pole stuck up one's ass, stuck there like a candy cane.

"Zhu Feng, ah Zhu Feng."

Zhu Feng's parents hissed.

Tang Zichen said, "Zhu Feng, you deliberately beat and abolished Yuan Xiaojun with such malicious intentions, today I've already been considered a great kindness for not completely abolishing you."


It turns out that Tang Zichen stabbed into Zhu Feng's buttocks, already wasted him.

Zhu Feng's parents are busy taking Zhu Feng off the bamboo pole, and the pig dog pulls the pole hard, and the pole is pulled out of Zhu Feng's anus.The door pulled out.

"Ah."Zhu Feng passed out from the pain.

His parents were busy carrying him away.

The neighbors also scattered in fear, discussing, where in the world did Yuan Bing find such a lawless person ah, also too brutal, watching everyone feel the chrysanthemum can't help but tighten.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Zhu Feng has been ruined by me, the injury condition is similar to that of Yuan Xiaojun, and he deserves it.Alright, I've eaten my meal, and I've taught the man a lesson, now go to the Martial Arts Academy and treat Yuan Xiaojun."

"Thank you."Yuan Bing's family was grateful.

Tang Zichen didn't do the treatment himself, Tang Zichen wanted Professor Lin Han of the Healing Department to come, because Lin Han had status in the Martial Forest Academy, Tang Zichen also needed to let everyone know that he also knew people with status backgrounds.I'm sure Professor Lin Han's status far surpassed that of a stick-figure teacher.

Arriving at the Martial Academy, Tang Zichen took Yuan Xiaojun directly to Professor Lin Han.

"Tang Zichen, are you sure you can hire Professor Lin Han?What if Professor Lin Han doesn't give you face?Why don't you go to the department head first."Yuan Bing said.

"No need, I'm friends with Professor Lin Han, who is a Ninth Grade Healer and more than capable of treating Yuan Xiaojun."Tang Zichen said. A second to remember to read the book

"Wow, being friends with the professor."Yuan Bing's family all looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, and the shy little beauty couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen a few more times and realize that this man was really extraordinary.

Arriving at Professor Lin Han's research room, Professor Lin Han happened to be there.

"Hey, Tang Zichen, what brings you to my place."Professor Lin Han said enthusiastically.

"Professor Lin Han, I have something to ask of you."

"What is it, say it, what do friends say to beg or not beg, as long as I can help you, I'm obliged."Professor Lin Han smiled, Tang Zichen was a tenth-grade healer, being friends with Tang Zichen was a tall order for him.

Yuan Bing's family personally heard Professor Lin Han say that he was friends with Tang Zichen, and they worshipped again inside, it seemed that they had really found the right person to ask for Tang Zichen's help, and the professor was all his friend.

"Professor Lin Han, this Yuan Xiaojun, he was injured, can you help me treat him, your healing arts should be enough to heal him."

Lin Han was stunned, Tang Zichen's healing technique was much higher than his, why would he request him?

However, Lin Han then understood that Tang Zichen didn't want to expose his healing strength so quickly.

"Okay, trivial end, let him lie down."

Professor Lin Han immediately gave Yuan Xiaojun a healing.

Yuan Bing's family was all crying with excitement.

At this moment, in the stick magic department, a certain stick magic class, a teacher was explaining the Code of Strength of the Stick Technique.

"Teacher Yang, your father-in-law is here to see."

"Huh?"That teacher frowned and walked out of the classroom, and it was indeed his father-in-law.

"Dad, what are you doing here?"

"Oooh, Bill Yang, something big is happening."

"Dad, what's the big deal?"Yang Biao was busy asking.

"Zhu Feng was crippled, and before he was crippled, he was beaten badly."

"Who dared?Where is he now?"Yang Biao was furious.

"Zhu Feng he's currently at the Martial Arts Academy Healing Department External Medical Clinic."


bsp; "Let's go see Zhu Feng first."

Yang Biao immediately went to the Healing Department's external medical clinic and saw that Zhu Feng was howling and screaming.

"What's going on?"Yang Biao asked a healer.

That healer said, "He was stabbed in the buttocks with a bamboo pole and injured his lower pan meridians, he's become an invalid.I'm sorry, we can't cure him because his injuries are at the eighth or ninth grade, and I'm afraid he would need to be at least a ninth grade healer to be able to heal him.Unfortunately, in the entire healing department, there are only three professors who have reached ninth-grade healing strength, so good luck to you."

Zhu Feng cried, "Brother-in-law, you have to avenge me."

Yang Biao raged, "Who did it?"

Zhu Feng said, "I already know his identity, his name is Tang Zichen, he's a freshman who reached the Metamorphosis level this year, I can't deal with him no matter if it's martial arts or mesmerism."

"Tang Zichen?"Yang Biao didn't seem to have any impression of this person, at least not in the Stick Department, that is in the other department.

At that moment, the healer from the Healing Institute said, "That Tang Zichen you're talking about, he's not a junior in our Healing Department, is he?We have a new student in the first year of our Healing Department, he is a double genius, he is at the Metamorphosis level in martial arts, he is also terrifying in terms of his healing talent, he is very famous in our Healing Department."

Zhu Feng cried, "That's him."

Yang Biao was furious, "I don't care what kind of genius she is, I won't spare him."

Yang Biao immediately went to the first year of the Healing Department to look for Tang Zichen.

A moment later, in the first year classroom of the Healing Department, Teacher Zu Tangzhi was in class.

"Excuse me, I'm the teacher of the stick magic department, Yang Biao."

Zu Dangzhi saw that it was a teacher, and said respectfully, "Teacher Yang, you say."

"Which one is Zu Dangzhi?Please ask him to come out for a moment."

Zu Dang Zhi said, "Teacher Yang, Tang Zichen is indeed a student in our class, but his talent is strong and self-study is sufficient, so he doesn't need to attend my class, hence his absence."

Yang Biao angrily said, "Since he's not here, then you don't need to attend class today."Saying that, Yang Biao kicked the podium table and shattered it, not giving Zu Dangzhi any face at all.

Although everyone was a teacher, Zu Dangzhi's influence was not at all as strong as Yang Biao's, after all, he was a Houtian level expert.

The whole class was horrified, how did Zu Dang Zhi offend the stick-figure teacher.

At this time, in Professor Lin Han's research room.

"Alright, it's healed, a little rest and recuperation and you can gradually regain your previous strength."Professor Lin Han said.

"Thank you, thank you."

Yuan Bing's family was grateful.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly and said, "One end of a small matter, what's the big deal, anything else you need help with in the future, just ask."After saying that, Tang Zichen's eyes involuntarily took a glance at that inwardly shy little beauty.It wasn't that Tang Zichen was lustful, but that she was standing there, as striking as a fairy descending.

At this moment, a student outside shouted, "Professor Lin Han, is Tang Zichen here?"

Tang Zichen walked out, but it was one of his classmates.

"What do you want from me?"

"Tang Zichen, go back to your class, the stick figure teacher is here looking for you, if we can't find you, our class will be cancelled.I heard that you came in this direction, so I came over to look for you, I didn't expect you to really be here."

"Oh, go home, I'll be over later."


Professor Lin Han asked, "Tang Zichen, what happened?"


Tang Zichen briefly told Lin Han what had happened.

Lin Han snorted, "That Zhu Feng also deserved it, but I'm afraid that stick-figure teacher is a problem now that he's looking for you."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know how strong he is, but I don't have anything to fear, so I'll go and take a look first."

Professor Lin Han said, "I'll go with you, I'm afraid you won't be able to solve this matter by yourself."


"You're a student after all, he's a teacher in the stick magic department, if I go out, he shouldn't dare to do anything, I'm a professor after all."

Tang Zichen asked, "What if he doesn't give you face?"

Professor Lin Han laughed, "Not giving me face?Oh, then he'll be miserable, my status as a professor of a ninth grade healer isn't for eating, what healer doesn't know a few experts.If he's really that ignorant, then don't blame me."

"Alright."Tang Zichen thought it was fine, although he wasn't afraid of his teacher, but he was after all Houtian, and his strength was definitely stronger than those third year seniors who were also Houtian, it wasn't worth risking a fight with his teacher, at least not yet.

Tang Zichen returned to the first year classroom of the Healing Department, where Yang Biao was waiting.

At that moment, there was a stir in the class and everyone saw that Tang Zichen had returned. First URL

Yang Biao immediately shot his gaze towards Tang Zichen and shouted, "You are Tang Zichen?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Yeah, Laozi is Tang Zichen."

The students in the class saw that Tang Zichen still dared to call himself Laozi in front of the stick magic teacher, they all turned white with fright, did Tang Zichen not want to stay at the Martial Arts Academy.

"Tang Zichen, you abolished Zhu Feng, today I will also abolish you."Yang Biao said furiously.

"Zhu Feng deserved it, he abolished Yuan Xiaojun, do you pretend not to know?"

"Don Zichen, cut the crap, I'll make you an invalid."

"I pooh."Tang Zichen spat.

At that moment, Professor Lin Han walked in.

Yang Biao saw Professor Lin Han and was stunned.

Professor Lin Han said, "Teacher Yang Biao, can you give me a face and let this matter be over."

Yang Biao snorted, "Professor Lin Han, I didn't expect you to speak up for a freshman."

"Oh, Teacher Yang Biao, how about just letting this matter go?"

"Professor Lin Han, if I told you that Tang Zichen he just ruined my brother-in-law, would you still let me forget it?"Yang Biao said with a heavy face.

Professor Lin Han smiled, "As far as I know, it was your brother-in-law who first abolished Tang Zichen's friend Yuan Xiaojun, and your brother-in-law's family is still guiltless."

"Professor Lin Han, don't say it, Zhu Feng was just an accident, while Tang Zichen did it on purpose.I will pursue this matter to the end and will never be swayed by anyone, so if you still think of my face as a teacher, don't interfere in this matter."

Professor Lin Han said, "Teacher Yang Bill, so you don't give me this face?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't give it because the people who were hurt were my family members.I'd also like to ask Professor Lingham if you have to be in charge of this?"Yang Biao endured his anger and said.

Professor Lin Han nodded and said, "I won't allow you to harm Tang Zichen."

Yang Biao snorted, "I'm afraid, you don't have the ability to do that, you're a Ninth Grade Healer, but you're strong, can you stop me?"

Professor Lin Han smiled, "Although my martial strength is low, I'm a Ninth Grade Healer, what Ninth Grade Healer wouldn't have a few friends in the Innate Realm?"

At this time, Yang Biao's body trembled, and the four words of the Innate Realm seemed to pierce Yang Biao viciously

The heart.Congeniality, he, Yang Biao, a Houtian level teacher, was not even scum in front of Congeniality.

Professor Lin Han laughed again and said, "Teacher Yang Biao, how is it?Give me face and let this matter go."

Yang Biao endured his anger but didn't have the courage to say anything more about pursuing the matter to the end, as the words 'friend of the innate realm' made him scrupulous.

Yang Biao bit his teeth and said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, we'll see, this time, I'll give face to Professor Lin Han, but next time, I won't give face to anyone."

After saying that, Yang Bill and his reluctance flew out of the classroom.

This matter was resolved without a word.

Tang Zichen trailed off, a Houtian teacher was just a teacher, Tang Zichen was afraid of him by a hair, although he was only in the late Inner Gate now, he wasn't that easy to bully.

"Thank you, Professor Lin Han."

"Alright, don't be polite with me, come to my home for dinner tonight, bring your girlfriend too, I'll have my wife prepare some delicious food."

"Okay."Tang Zichen promised.

"Then I'll go back first."


When the class saw Tang Zichen so familiar with Professor Lin Han, they were incomparably jealous ah, not to mention the students, even Teacher Zu Dangzhi was jealous of them.

Tang Zichen saw that the matter was done, walked out of the classroom and said to Yuan Bing's family, "Go back, this matter will be over from now on.I think that Zhu Feng doesn't dare to bully you guys anymore, so if there's anything else in the future, just come to me.Yuan Xiaojun is also cured now, I will think of a way to get Yuan Xiaojun back into school and walk around, it shouldn't be difficult."

"Thank you, really thank you so much."

"You're welcome, let's go back."

As they left, Tang Zichen couldn't help but look at Yuan Xiaomian's departing back, feeling that even her back was so soul-crushing.Right at this moment, Yuan Xiaomian suddenly looked back at Tang Zichen, Yuan Xiaomian saw Tang Zichen was staring at her back and turned her head in a blush.

Tang Zichen smiled and turned around to walk into the classroom.

Changsun Wu Yan pursed her lips and said, "No wonder your healing technique is so powerful, you are so familiar with Professor Lin Han, it's no wonder you're not powerful when you have a ninth grade healer guiding you."

"Oh, okay."Tang Zu Dangzhi didn't bother to argue that much.

Zu Dangzhi said, "Fellow students, the podium table has been destroyed, let's finish school early today."

Everyone left the classroom.

"Tang Zichen, see you tomorrow."Changsun Wu Yan got up and left first, not with Tang Zichen, just two days ago, he was cuddled up with Tang Zichen and was found by Chen Gu Jin, that's why he didn't hang out with Tang Zichen too much during this time.

Wen Qiang came to Tang Zichen's front and smiled, "Tang Zichen, school ends early this afternoon, what are you going to do?Why don't we go to martial arts practice together?"

Wen Qiang blinked her big eyes.

Tang Zichen thought about it and nodded, "Alright, let's go to martial arts practice together, it's still three hours before evening anyway."


Wen Qiang inwardly said, "I must chase Tang Zichen down, I must, he's so outstanding that he even knows a professor of such high status as a Ninth Grade Healer, if I can get such an outstanding man, then I'll have earned it.But now my advantage is weaker than Chang Sun Wu Yan, it seems that I must be open-minded and find a way to have sex with Tang Zichen first.I'll go to martial arts practice with him later and see if I have a chance to have sex with him."

Tang Zichen didn't think about it that much, thinking that it was just like last time, going to martial arts practice together.

But Wen Qiang, in her heart, was secretly planning how to have sex with Tang Zichen later and get Tang Zichen first.


Tang Zichen went to a quiet place behind the Healing Department to practice martial arts, and Wen Qiang was also practicing on the side.

Ten minutes later, Wen Qiang suddenly fell to the ground with an "ouch".

Tang Zichen stopped practicing his sword and walked up.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know how I sprained my foot, you can help me take a look at it."

Tang Zichen squatted down and looked at Wen Qiang's foot, it looked like it was a little swollen at the ankle, but in reality it wasn't really swollen, it was intentionally swollen with air energy.With Tang Zichen's skills, where could Wen Qiang hide this little thought from Tang Zichen.

"Why did Wen Qiang pretend to have broken her foot?"Tang Zichen inwardly asked.

Tang Zichen raised his head to look at Wen Qiang, when Wen Qiang just happened to lean down and deliberately let his collar open, and indeed, Tang Zichen immediately saw the chest inside Wen Qiang's collar.

Wen Qiang acted as if she didn't know that she was naked and asked, "Brother Zichen, how is my foot, can I continue to practice martial arts?"

Tang Zichen said, "I can't."

"Ouch, what should I do then, I want to go back to the dorm, can you take me back?" Remember the URL

"Can't."Tang Zichen directly refused.

Wen Qiang smiled with a bit of disappointment, "Then help me under the tree over there, I'm afraid of being tanned by the sun."

Tang Zichen helped Wen Qiang to the big tree next to him, just after reaching the bottom of the tree, Wen Qiang suddenly slipped and fell into Tang Zichen's arms.

Tang Zichen eyes aloofly looked at her, Wen Qiang all this in Tang Zichen eyes, just now she swelled her foot, now she is pretending to fall, what does she want?

Wen Qiang looked at Tang Zichen with big eyes, in all fairness, it was really quite beautiful, however, there was always a feeling that it did point something, compared to Chang Sun Wu Yan and others, did not give a stunning feeling.

Wen Qiang herself does not open, Tang Zichen also does not push her away.

At this time, Wen Qiang pretended to climb up from Tang Zichen's body, her hand inadvertently pressed on Tang Zichen's bottom, Tang Zichen thumped.

Wen Qiang blushed and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"It's okay."Tang Zichen said calmly.

At this moment, Wen Qiang said inwardly, "Strange, why is Tang Zichen so controlled, I've hinted at it so obviously."

Wen Qiang bit her teeth, so she had to take another bold step, smiling coyly, "It didn't hurt to press you just now, but that's your root, I heard it's very fragile."

"Oh, it is indeed fragile."Don Zichen said.

"Ah, that shouldn't have pressed it badly, I can't afford to pay for it."

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Wen Qiang, not saying a word.

Wen Qiang was looking a bit awkward and asked, "Why are you looking at me like that."

"Wen Qiang, what do you want?"

"Ah, what do you mean?"

"Come on, you've swollen your own feet, and you've fallen into my arms and pressed my bottom on purpose, huh, what do you want?Could it be that you want to ask me out for something?"Don Zichen said.

"Ah."Wen Qiang was startled that Tang Zichen could see so clearly.


"Tell the truth, or you'll cause me to resent you."Tang Zichen said.

At this moment, Wen Qiang suddenly kissed Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen's pure little man was a bit dumbfounded, he could still play like this, yes, Tang Zichen had no idea that Wen Qiang would suddenly kiss him, she was a girl, how could she be so bold.But in spite of this, Tang Zichen's body was stimulated, the room center meridian began to operate on its own, this operation, resulting in Tang Zichen could not control his own behavior.Tang Zichen was able to control his own behavior when it wasn't running, but once it was running, he couldn't control it anymore.

Underneath the tree, the two of them intertwined, Tang Zichen really naked Wen Qiang, and Wen Qiang got what she wanted.After about thirty minutes, there was no more movement, and Tang Zichen leaned against the tree in disbelief, with one thought in his head: "It's over, I've cheated on Xiang'er, I've betrayed her."

And yet Wen Qiang was excited inside.

Tang Zichen looked at Wen Qiang who couldn't hide her excitement on her face, and always felt a bit of anger, because Tang Zichen felt that it was all because of Wen Qiang that he would cheat on her, Tang Zichen didn't mean to betray Xiang'er, so he was a bit upset with Wen Qiang instead.

However, Tang Zichen didn't show it, although he cheated unintentionally, it was really cool just now, so he couldn't take offense at her because it wasn't his intention.It was just a matter of time, Tang Zichen closed his eyes, in his dantian, there were three more internal air currents, only, the newly generated house center meridian, very little, as if the amount of one random occurrence with Xiang'er was not as much as the first occurrence with Xiang'er.

"What's going on, isn't it the first time that Wen Qiang is not the first time?"Tang Zichen's heart was dark.

At this time, Wen Qiang stood up, blushing and said, "My feet are better, I'll go back first."

Wen Qiang didn't say much and left immediately, now that it had happened, if she immediately said that she would let Tang Zichen take charge, then Tang Zichen would definitely resent it and think that there was a purpose.On the contrary, her leaving without saying anything would be more likely to make Tang Zichen think of her, Wen Qiang seemed a little more professional in love, at least better than Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was really a bit confused when he saw Wen Qiang walk away without making any comment about what had just happened to them.

Wen Qiang went back to her dorm in a cheerful mood and went to take a shower first, after all, her skin was itchy from just rolling around on the floor for so long.

"She just left like that?Nothing?"Tang Zichen said inside a bit unreadable.

Wen Qiang finished taking a shower, and at that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Wen Qiang opened the door and saw that it was a boy, Wen Qiang suddenly pulled her face down and said, "What are you doing here, don't come to my dormitory anymore."

"I don't agree to break up, you just say break up, what do you take me for, we knew each other in high school, together for two years, two years of feelings, you just say break up, have you thought about how I feel."The boy said.

Wen Qiang Dao: "It's normal to break up when it's not suitable, Lan Yang, don't disturb my life, okay?Let's all get together."

The boy raged, "You must have fallen for that Tang Zichen from your class, are you still arguing now?"

Wen Qiang said, "The person who wrote the threatening letter to Tang Zichen yesterday is you, I advise you not to do that in the future, you're looking for death.Tang Zichen's strength can defeat you with one finger."

The man sneered, "So you are disliking my low strength, I should have thought that you are such a person, back then, Qi Xuan and I both chased after you, in the end you chose me, now I think the reason must be because I am more talented than Qi Xuan, right?"

"A good get-together, okay?Why are you making it so unhappy, it's not like you're looking for no girlfriend."

"Wen Qiang, count you cruel."

Wen Qiang didn't have any intention of staying and said, "Don't mess with Tang Zichen, you can't play with him, for the sake of having been together, this is my advice to you."


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