The King of Kungfu in school 421-430


Chapter 421

In the Department of Healing.

"Thank you, Brother Tzu-Chen, for breaking it to you."Wen Qiang flashed her big eyes and smiled sweetly.

"You're welcome."

"When are you free, Brother Zichen."

"Uh, what can I do for you?"Don Zichen asked.

"I'd like to ask you a favor."

"What favor?"Tang Zichen looked at Wen Qiang in confusion.

Wen Qiang pursed her lips, "There's a second year senior who keeps bothering me, you're so strong, help me warn him, okay?"

Tang Zichen saw Wen Qiang's big, beautiful, flashing eyes and nodded, "Good."

Changsun Wu Yan saw Wen Qiang talking to Tang Zichen so actively and was a bit depressed.

Tang Zichen followed Wen Qiang to the second year of the Healing Department. The first website

"Who's called Li Ming."Tang Zichen asked standing at the entrance of his second grade class.

"I am, why are you looking for me?"A boy stood up and said.

Tang Zichen said, "Li Ming, please come out for a moment."

Li Ming walked outside the classroom.

Tang Zichen grabbed the corner of Li Ming's coat and said, "I heard that you often harassed Wen Qiang in my class, is that right?"

"Damn you, it's none of your business if I harass Wen Qiang."Li Ming flared up.

"Bang."Without saying a word, Tang Zichen punched Li Ming in the face, although this Li Ming was a second year, his strength was only late in the outer gate, where was he a match for Tang Zichen.

"Li Ming, don't harass Wen Qiang anymore, or I'll beat you again."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen felt that he was quite lenient in his control, but let's call it helping others.

The second year Li Bo snorted, "Tang Zichen, don't go too far and bully the seniors."

"Li Bo, don't talk too much, or you'll get beaten up too."This Li Bo, was the same one who pk'd medical arts with Kang Guoming last time, and they all ended up being pk'd by Tang Zichen.

Li Bo huffed in anger, the first year's younger brother was bullying at the door of the second year, but what can you do, people are strong, people who learn healing are hardly strong in martial arts, even the second year is not a match for Tang Zichen.

At this time, the second grade teacher came, that is, Chen Gujin, Changsun Wuhen's fiancé.

"Teacher Chen, someone has come to bully our class."Li Bo was busy.

Chen Gujin saw that it was Tang Zichen, his eyebrows furrowed, of course Chen Gujin knew Tang Zichen, hanging out with his fiancée Chang Sun Wu Yan every day, he already had a stomach full of discomfort, but due to some face, he had been putting up with it.

"Tang Zichen, what are you, a first year student, doing in the second year school building?"Chen Gujin snorted.

Tang Zichen looked at Chen Gujin and smiled, "Which one are you?"

"I'm the second grade teacher, Chen Gujin."

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, Chen Gujin?Isn't he the fiancé of Chang Sun Wu Yan?

Tang Zichen sized up Chen Gujin, looks really didn't look too old, over thirty, with a small stature, about one meter seven, in the eyes of Tang Zichen, a man of 188.As for the words of strength, it was stronger than the first year teacher Zu Dangzhi, reaching the early stage of the Inner Gate.

Tang Zichen was filled with regret in his heart and said, "It's really profligate for Changsun to marry such a person."

Chen Gujin saw that Tang Zichen was only staring at the

He, without speaking, shouted out a reprimand, "Tang Zichen, do you hear me, why did you come to the second grade to bully the seniors?"He already had no good impression of Tang Zichen, so his tone was also much heavier.

"Oh, Teacher Chen, Li Ming from your class, harassed my class, so I came up here to teach Li Ming a lesson, I expect Teacher Chen to be accommodating, I'll leave immediately after the lesson."

Chen Gujin saw how arrogant Tang Zichen was, not putting him in his eyes, he was furious, "Tang Zichen, don't force me."

Tang Zichen trailed off, this Chen Gujin, really took himself seriously.

"Tang Zichen, I'm at least a second grade teacher, what do you mean by such an attitude?"Chen Gujin loudly rebuked.

"Alright, Chen Gujin, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you, I'll say a few more words to Li Ming, I'll leave when I'm done."Tang Zichen walked up to Li Ming and lifted Li Ming up, Tang Zichen said, "Li Ming, remember, don't harass Wen Qiang anymore, do you hear me."

Li Ming said angrily, "What does Wen Qiang have to do with you, you're too lenient."

"There's no need for you to ask what relationship Wen Qiang has with me, you just need to remember my words."

"Teacher Chen, save me."Li Ming shouted to Chen Gujin.

Chen Gujin shouted, "Tang Zichen, get out of here, I'll tell you one last time, get out, don't force me."Chen Gujin had been putting up with this for a long time, before Chang Sun Wu Yan and Tang Zichen got mixed up at every turn.

Tang Zichen was depressed, "Chen Gujin, you're fucking sick."

"Tang Zichen, how dare you insult your teacher."

Tang Zichen huffed, "If you squeal again, I'll slap you over, what a problem, so what if you're a teacher, are you my opponent?So self-conscious, if I beat you up, you're asking for it."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, Tang Zichen didn't really hit Chen Gujin, after all, he was a second grade teacher, giving him face, and also giving Chang Sun Wu Yan face.

However, Chen Gujin was going to be furious.

"You you you."Chen Gujin rushed up towards Tang Zichen, when Li Bo and the others immediately pulled Chen Gujin back.

"Teacher Chen, be impulsive ah, Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are very high ah, it's the late inner door ah, you can't beat him."Li Bo advised.

Chen Gujin gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, wait for me."

Tang Zichen left the second grade teaching building, the first grade and the second grade each had their own teaching building, the teaching building wasn't big either, but it was about a kilometer apart.

Not long after leaving the second grade teaching building, the roadside Wen Qiang suddenly rushed out, patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and smiled, "Brother Zichen, thank you so much."

"You're welcome."

"You beat Li Ming up so much, let's see if he still dares to pick me up in the future."Wen Qiang said.

Tang Zichen said, "Aren't you so pretty just to get men to pick you up, otherwise why are you so pretty."

Wen Qiang pursed her lips in aggravation, "How am I pretty, I wasn't even rated as a courtyard flower by the Genius Restaurant."

"But you're the recognized department flower of the Healing Department, and you're just one step away from the courtyard flower.Alright, I've already helped you with this favor, I don't care if someone wants to pick you up again in the future, since you've come to the Martial Arts Academy, you should be prepared to be picked up."

"But those people who want to pick me up don't feel like it, hehehehe, Brother Zichen, it would be nice if you pick me up."Wen Qiang smiled and blushed, but she was still bold enough to say it in a joking tone, it seemed that Wen Qiang was a more active and outgoing girl.

Tang Zichen said, "I won't pick you up."


Wen Qiang pouted in aggravation, "You're definitely picking up Chang Sun Wu Yan, he's a hospital flower, where is my department flower worthy of you picking up."

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm not flirting with Changsun Wu Yan."

"Come on, you're so close to Changsun Wu Yan, I don't believe you're not trying to pick up her, maybe you came to the Healing Department all to get close to her."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain to her.

"Whatever you think."

Wen Qiang wasn't very tall, about 164, and looked very petite and cute walking in front of Tang Zichen, while Chang Sun Wu Yan was taller, reaching 176, a complete goddess.Liu Xiangyun was also not short, 169, and Xu Mei Qian was about the same.

At this moment, Wen Qiang inwardly thought: "Although I wasn't rated as a hospital flower, but I don't think I'm uglier than Changsun Wu Yan, I was always the school flower in junior high and high school, I'm just a little shorter.Tang Zichen is such an excellent man, I must try to strive for it."Wen Qiang looked at Tang Zichen's upright and majestic body and felt a sudden heartbeat.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen was still practicing martial arts by himself near the first grade school building.

When Wen Qiang found out, she even skipped class to watch Tang Zichen practice martial arts because she wanted to try to fight for herself.

"Wow, that's awesome."Wen Qiang clapped her hands and said.

Changsun Wu Yan also wanted to go to practice martial arts with Tang Zichen so that Tang Zichen could teach her, but when she saw Wen Qiang on the side, Changsun Wu Yan stomped her foot in depression and quietly left, otherwise she would feel embarrassed. Remember the URL

"Wen Qiang, what are you doing here if you're not in class?"Tang Zichen stopped practicing his sword and asked.

"I see you're out and curious to follow, so you're here to practice martial arts."

"Alright, Wen Qiang, you go back to class, you can't compete with me."

"It's okay, if I don't succeed in healing, I'll switch to martial arts, my talent for martial arts is no worse than healing anyway, my family forced me to learn healing because of the lack of healers, otherwise, I might have gone to the Department of Bladework."

"Saber department?You know how to knife?"

"Of course, I've been practicing knife skills since I was a kid."Wen Qiang said.

"Uh, play two knives and see."


Wen Qiang immediately took out her knife and moved her body, spinning in place in a 720-degree turn, the knife energy crisscrossed and covered every dead corner around her.

Tang Zichen said in shock, "Not bad, you still have a bit of blade talent, I didn't see that."

Wen Qiang saw Tang Zichen appreciating her and smiled happily, "Now you see it, this is my family's Hurricane Knife Technique."

"Good, then you practice it together too."

Wen Qiang accompanied Tang Zichen to practice the blade technique all afternoon, depressing Chang Sun Wuyan to death, Chang Sun Wuyan said inwardly, "Wen Qiang is really a little vixen, what a depressing girl."

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun went to the Genius Restaurant for dinner together.

"Xiang'er, how did you learn today?"

"It's still the same, been playing class qualifying, I'm in 7th place in class qualifying now."

"Wow, not bad."

"Hehe, it's mainly because of the awesome sword and internal skills you taught me."Liu Xiangyun smiled modestly.

At this time, the Genius Restaurant was broadcasting news in the void.

"...So, will One Defeat Red Dust really go to Lan Qinglin tomorrow before 12 noon?Or is it simply a fabrication by Xu Qian?Let's wait and see, and lock in Genius Restaurant Special Security News to keep up with what's going on at Martial Arts Academy."


Tang Zichen was startled when he heard the Special News mention One Defeat Red Dust.

This was Tang Zichen's other identity ah, why did he come to the Martial Arts Academy?Is someone impersonating him?

In her heart, Liu Xiangyun said, "Oh no, it seems like Zichen knows."

Tang Zichen asked, "Xiang'er, is there something you're hiding from me?"

"Well, actually, it's like this, Xu Mei Qian was threatened by a perverted freshman in our Sword Law Department to be her gun girl, and Xu Mei Qian said that she had someone she liked, so she said One Defeat Red Dust.That Lan Qinglin just said that if One Defeat Red Dust doesn't take the initiative to find him by tomorrow at 12 noon, then Xu Mei Qian will be his gun girl."Liu Xiangyun said truthfully.

"Gun Girl?"Tang Zichen didn't respond for a moment.

Liu Xiangyun blushed and said, "That's the thing."

Tang Zichen understood and said angrily, "Who is this Lan Qinglin?He didn't want to hang around, so why didn't he tell me about what happened?"

Liu Xiangyun was busy saying, "Sister Mei Qian said that she was afraid of hurting you because that Lan Qinglin is very powerful, and he also has an accompanying book boy, and that accompanying book boy of his is just as perverted in talent and strength as he is.If you were told, and you went to him, it would be like you having to deal with both of them by yourself, both of them being perverted, for fear that you would get hurt.Wang Xing was already swollen before, and Sister Mei Qian wanted to go to her teacher for help first."

"What about now?What does the teacher say?"

Liu Xiangyun sighed, "Teacher said he couldn't do anything about it, and no one can control anything that is free competition in the Martial Arts Academy.Also, this matter was somehow found out by the Genius Restaurant, and now it's all in the news, I'm sure Sister Mei Qian is very agitated now."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "That Lan Qinglin is really looking for death, if a defeat of red dust really comes, I'll see how he dies."

"What do you mean?Is a defeat really coming?Could it be that One Defeat Red Dust is also on Martial Island?"Liu Xiangyun asked in shock.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, One Defeat Red Dust is also on Martial Island."

"How do you know?"Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Because... because when I was in Linjiang City, I fought with One Defeat Red Dust, and One Defeat Red Dust even asked me to relay some words to Xu Mei Qian.At that time, what One Defeat Red Dust said was that he had been accepted as a disciple by the Island Protection Family, and I never understood what it meant.But now that I think about it, isn't it the same thing that was said about the four major island protection families of Martial Island.That's why I suspect that One Defeat Red Dust is also in Martial Island, only he's not in Martial Academy, he's in the four Island Guardian Families of Martial Island."

"Ah, true or false."

"Of course it is, really."Tang Zichen said with a bit of a guilty conscience.

"Gosh, if Sister Mei Qian knew about this, she would be very happy, let's go, let's go find her and tell her about it."

"Ah, we haven't eaten yet."

"Don't eat."

Liu Xiangyun dragged Tang Zichen away.

Tang Zichen was helpless.

At Xu Mei Qian's dormitory, he found Xu Mei Qian, who was fidgeting.

"Sister Mei Qian."

"Xiang Yun, Tang Zichen, what are you guys doing here."

"Sister Mei Qian, I'll tell you a good thing."

"Forget it, what good thing do I have now.By the way, Tang Zichen, I'm afraid you already know about me."

"Hmm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Liu Xiangyun was busy saying, "Sister Mei Qian, a defeated Red Dust he is also on Martial Island."

"What?"Xu Mei Qian was shocked and trembled.


"How do you know?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

"Tang Zichen said that ah."

"How do you know, Tang Zichen?"

"This, huh, it's like this, One Defeat Red Dust seems to be in Martial Island and he's been accepted as a new disciple by the Four Great Guardian Island Families."

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian cried happily.

Tang Zichen was a bit speechless when he saw Xu Mei Qian's reaction, a fake identity that made her love so deeply, the feelings were getting tangled.

"The Four Great Island Guardian Families?He was actually able to be accepted as a disciple by the Four Great Island Guardian Families."Xu Mei Qian had a very comforting feeling inside, the four major island protector families accepted new disciples, they were obviously more demanding than the Martial Academy, which meant that One Defeat Red Dust's talent was very strong, she really didn't like the wrong person, but he was such an awesome person.

Xu Mei Qian questioned, "Tang Zichen, are you sure you're not lying to me?"

"Why would I lie to you."

"Then why didn't you say so before?"

"Where did I know anything about the Island Guardian Families before, I only recently found out that the Martial Island has four major Island Guardian Families in addition to the Martial Academy, and the four major Island Guardian Families also accept new disciples.That's why I now know that the original Island Guardian Family from One Defeat Red Dust is also in Martial Island ah." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Xu Mei Qian angrily said, "Don't call him a brat."

Tang Zichen laughed hehely, "Captain Xu, the eight words haven't even left off yet, and you're defending that kid."

Xu Mei Qian blushed shyly and said, "It's none of your business."

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun said, "Sister Mei Qian, so envious of you."

"Envy me for what."

"Sister Mei Qian, the Four Great Island Guardian Families are heard to be stronger than the Martial Academy, and the fact that One Defeat Red Dust can be accepted by the Four Great Island Guardian Families means that One Defeat Red Dust is very talented, even more so than Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen can only enter the Martial Academy, you've found someone so powerful, do you want to be envious."

Xu Mei Qian was also extremely happy inside, as if it was glorious, who wouldn't like their man to be powerful.

However, Xu Mei Qian immediately corrected her own thoughts, Tang Zichen said right, a defeat of the red dust and her eight words have not yet left, she is now rejoicing a fart ah, but also their own man, shameless.

Xu Mei Qian huffed: "People may not like me, what is there to envy, since he is also in Martial Island, why not come to me, I'm just wishful thinking.Besides, now Lan Qinglin is bullying me, so what can he do even if he's in Martial Island, he doesn't even know that I'm being bullied."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Xu Mei Qian, that's not necessarily the case, One Defeat Red Dust definitely likes you, but One Defeat Red Dust probably comes from too low of a background, so he's inferior and doesn't feel worthy of you."

"I don't even mind."

"But people with low self-esteem don't think that way, and I'm sure One Defeat Red Dust has been secretly watching you."

Xu Mei Qian's body trembled and said excitedly, "How can you be so sure?"

"Because... from that time when I fought that kid from One Defeat Red Dust, I could sense from his tone of voice that he liked you, so I guessed that that kid would be secretly observing you nine times out of ten.But he's probably too inferior, so he just wants to silently guard you and doesn't want to disturb you."

"What a fool."Xu Mei Qian stomped her foot and pouted coquettishly.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun both felt goosebumps.

Liu Xiangyun teased, "Sister Mei Qian, your expression just now was so fleshy."

"Go."Xu Mei Qian ran into the dormitory with a blushing face.

r /> Tang Zichen also entered Xu Mei Qian's dormitory.

Xu Mei Qian's dormitory was also a triple room.

"Sister Mei Qian, now it depends on whether or not One Defeat Red Dust will appear tomorrow noon, if One Defeat Red Dust does appear tomorrow noon, that means Tang Zichen's guesses are all right, he has been secretly watching you."Liu Xiangyun said.

"Mm."Xu Mei Qian nodded expectantly, her heart praying, "One Defeat Red Dust, please, you must appear, let me see you, I miss you so much."Xu Mei Qian was filled with tenderness when she thought of One Defeat Red Dust, it seemed that although she was a violent girl, she would become as gentle as a sheep in front of the man she liked.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was lamenting inside, "What a sin, I wouldn't have used One Defeat Red Dust's identity again, so that over time, Xu Mei Qian would definitely forget about One Defeat Red Dust, but I didn't expect that something like this would happen today, is this forcing me to use One Defeat Red Dust's identity again."

Xu Mei Qian asked nervously, "If One Defeat Red Dust really shows up tomorrow at noon, what if it's not a match for Lan Qing Lin and his book boy?Wouldn't it harm him, no, no, it's better not to have him out."

Xu Mei Qian both wanted One Defeat Red Dust to appear and didn't want him to appear.

Tang Zichen said, "Xu Mei Qian, One Defeat Red Dust was able to be accepted as a disciple by the four Island Protecting Families, he must be not bad, you should still worry about whether he will appear or not."

"Let's go, Sister Mei Qian, let's go have dinner together, don't think too much about it yet, if One Defeat Red Dust really doesn't appear tomorrow, then let Tang Zichen help you, even if Tang Zichen can't win, he can at least resist for a while."


After that, Tang Zichen went to dinner with Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, Xu Mei Qian had been in a state of uneasiness, finally there was hope to see One Defeat Red Dust again, her heart was filled with anticipation, but she was afraid that he wouldn't show up.

In the evening, Tang Zichen sent Liu Xiangyun back to her dormitory and then went to get ready.

Because he never thought he would use One Defeat Red Dust's fake identity again, Tang Zichen didn't bring his night clothes and had to search for them again.

Tang Zichen now regretted a bit why he didn't get a human skin mask in the first place, so that he wouldn't need any disguise.

Tang Zichen didn't know where to find the black clothes, so he had to go to Professor Lin Han of the Healing Department for help.

"Lin Han classroom, are you asleep?"

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing here, hurry up, come in."Professor Lin Han greeted warmly.

"Tang Zichen, it's really an honor for you to come to the humble abode, it's just that you didn't get your Tenth Grade Healer Certificate brand done so quickly."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Professor Lin Han, I'm not here to get the certificate, I'm here to ask for your help, you're a professor at the Martial Academy, I think, you should be more capable."

"If there is anything I can do to help you, please say so."

"It's like this, I need a night suit, do you have one?"

"Nightclothes, what are you doing?"

"Don't ask me what I'm going to do, just tell me if you can do me this favor."

"Okay, I have an idea."

With the help of Professor Lin Han, Tang Zichen managed to get a night costume, and everything was waiting for tomorrow at noon.

As he left, Professor Lin Han suddenly asked, "Why don't you just wear a human skin mask?What's the trouble with getting night clothes."

"I'd like to, but where am I going to get it."

"If you hadn't said so, I'd have more here,"Professor Linham said.


"Ah, you have a human skin mask."

"Yes, and I usually like to make some myself."

"You make your own human skin masks?"

"Yes, I can make you one if you need it, but of course, you can have it ready-made, for both men and women."

"Okay, give me one."

Lin Han led Tang Zichen into a room where more than a dozen human skin masks were on display.

Tang Zichen chose one that looked to be around twenty years old and a male with a medium appearance.

"This is the one."

"Take it."

Tang Zichen took the night clothes and the human skin mask, taking both so that there was one more option.

The next day, Tang Zichen didn't go to class at the Healing Department and slept until 10 a.m., always making preparations. First URL

Tang Zichen left the dormitory and went to an empty place, then put on a human skin mask, and suddenly Tang Zichen became a different person, and his appearance became ugly.Of course, Tang Zichen would still be wearing another layer of night clothes by twelve o'clock.

At the Genius Restaurant, many people watched the screen in the void.

News Special: "Fellow students, at this moment, Lan Qinglin and his accompanying study boy, Lin Yan, are sitting on the roof of Dormitory Building No. 3 in District 7, seemingly waiting for someone to arrive."

"Is it true that Xu Mei Qian's man will show up before 12 noon in one defeat?The Genius Restaurant Special Security Officer will continue to report on this matter for everyone."

Under Lan Qinglin's dormitory building, there were many students in groups watching and talking there.

Lin Chaofeng and Bai Yijun were also there.

Others didn't know who One Defeat Red Dust was, but Lin Chaofeng and Bai Yijun from Linjiang City were incredibly clear about it.

"Chaofeng, One Defeat Red Dust wouldn't really appear here, would he?"Bai Yijun questioned.

"I don't understand, I think it's mostly just Xu Mei Qian talking nonsense, casually looking for an excuse to reject Lan Qing Lin, but I didn't think that Lan Qing Lin was so tuggy, since Xu Mei Qian said that she had a man she liked, she let the man she liked come to him personally.That's why we have today's incident."

"I see it too, although One Defeat Red Dust is famous in Linjiang City, here, it's simply unmentionable, how could it be Lan Qinglin's opponent."

Not far away from this dormitory building, Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun were nervously looking at the roof, right now on the roof of the dormitory building, Lan Qinglin was leisurely lying there, not so much waiting for One Defeat Red Dust to appear, it was more like a show.

"Young Master, do you think the One Defeat Red Dust will really appear?"Lan Qinglin's accompanying book boy asked.

"I'll shoot him if he dares to come out, besides, this is definitely something Xu Mei Qian fabricated in order to reject me."

"Then why are you waiting for a void here with such a flourish?"

"I'm doing this on purpose to show Xu Mei Qian, I'll see what reason Xu Mei Qian has to reject me.Lin Yan, you're not just my escorting schoolboy, you're also my friend, and when Xu Mei Qian becomes my gun girl, there's bound to be no less of you."

"Ah, young master, how dare I touch young master's woman."

"Lin Yan, you're my brother, women can naturally share with brothers, besides, I'll only use Xu Mei Qian as a gun girl to solve the need during the Martial Arts Academy, after that we'll have three batches."

"Gulp."Lin Yan gulped down his saliva, three batches.

At this moment, a stir from the crowd below.

"Who's the black-clothed man standing on the far roof?"


"It's not a defeat, is it?"

"Is there really such a thing as a defeated man?Xu Mei Qian's man?"

Lan Qinglin heard a stir downstairs, only then did he see a man standing on the roof of a dormitory in the distance, a man in black.

Lan Qinglin's eyebrows furrowed, he thought that this was Xu Mei Qian's nonsense, no such person existed at all, but he didn't expect it to be Xu Mei Qian's nonsense.

"Young Master, that black-clothed man in the distance can't be the so-called One Defeat Red Dust, right?"

"Damn, there really is such a person, Lin Yan, get ready to blow him up right away."

"Young Master, he's wearing night clothes, he definitely doesn't want people to know his identity, he's a student of this academy in eighty-nine cases."

At this moment, on the roof of a dormitory building in the distance, Tang Zichen was standing there.

Tang Zichen pondered about the martial power to use.

Tang Zichen was going to use the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, because when the Killing God Saber Technique was made, it would be recognized as him in a moment, only the Descending Dragon Sword Technique he hadn't fought with anyone in this world yet.

Tang Zichen jumped on both feet and flew towards Lan Qinglin and his accompanying book boy.

The crowd roared.

"Here it comes, that man in black is flying here."

"Wow, Xu Mei Qian really didn't lie, she really has a man, just why is her man wearing night clothes."

At this point, Liu Xiangyun said excitedly, "Sister Mei Qian, he's really here."

"Mmhmm."Xu Mei Qian cried in excitement, feeling incomparably relieved at the moment she saw the one defeat of red dust.

Liu Xiangyun was also moved and said, "Sister Mei Qian, One Defeat Red Dust really appeared, this means that what Tang Zichen guessed yesterday was right, One Defeat Red Dust really is silently watching over you."

"This fool..." scolded Xu Mei Qian in a gentle and carnivorous tone, hearing goosebumps on Liu Xiangyun's skin and a hehehe smile on her lips.

But in the next moment, Xu Mei Qian was worried.

"What if Red Dust can't beat him?"Xu Mei Qian said nervously.

"I believe he has the strength to defend himself even if he can't fight, don't worry too much.However, you called him Red Dust ah, so intimate, hehehehe."

"Nasty, you're still making fun of me."Xu Mei Qian blushed and stared at Liu Xiangyun.

At this time, Tang Zichen had already flown over and was standing on the roof of Lan Qinglin's dormitory, opposing Lan Qinglin's master and servant, while the onlookers downstairs were all excitedly watching, no one spoke out loud.Similarly, at the Genius Restaurant, the virtual screen was naturally the same, with several special report bees on the scene, broadcasting 360 degrees without a dead angle.

Tang Zichen looked at the two people across the room and let out an indifferent roar, "Which is just Lan Qinglin?"

The crowd downstairs, hearing the indifferent roar of One Defeated Red Dust, exclaimed, "How imposing."The language Tang Zichen was using now wasn't his usual one, but the same cold voice that One Defeat Red Dust used to have, so it sounded very imposing.

Lan Qinglin saw One Defeat Red Dust call him a dog in his first sentence and said with a sudden fire, "I'm your grandfather Lan Qinglin, you're the so-called One Defeat Red Dust?"

Tang Zichen said, "Lan Qinglin, you have no eye for discipline, leaning on the strong and bullying the weak, today I will defeat the red dust and act on behalf of the heavens, I will put you, the little peasant, to justice."

"Hahaha, hahaha, go to your mother than, and act on behalf of heaven, I'll let you eat your own shit do you want."Lan Qinglin raged.

Xu Mei Qian said excitedly, "It's really him, it's really him, oooooh."


"Mmhmm."Liu Xiangyun also nodded excitedly, from Tang Zichen's tone, he knew that this man was a total failure.

Lan Qinglin's accompanying scholar boy said, "Young Master, let your subordinate teach him a lesson first."

After saying that, Lin Yan's entire body was like a cold arrow killing Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen felt an icy coldness, it seemed that Lan Qinglin, the book boy, was very strong and talented.

The sword in Tang Zichen's hand instantly stroked, and a perfect arc tore the air apart.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen blinked out a dozen swords in a row.

Lin Yan's sword was instantly suppressed by Tang Zichen with no ability to rebound.


"Dang."Tang Zichen stabbed Lin Yan's sword, Lin Yan's sword trembled intensely, and Lin Yan's profound sword skill was broken by Tang Zichen at once.

At this moment, Lin Yan's face was pale and he was horrified inside, "How could he be so strong, judging from the momentum on his body, he's at most a late stage of the Inner Gate, he's so profound."

Lan Qinglin also saw the feeling that his book boy was no match at all. Remember the URL

Downstairs, the crowd shouted, "One Defeat Red Dust is so powerful, what kind of sword technique he has, it's just perfect."

"Dog slave."Tang Zichen suddenly stabbed at Lin Yan's arm with a sword behind his back.

"Ah."Lin Yan's arm was stabbed and at the same time, slapped loudly on the face.

"I'll do it."At that moment, Lan Qinglin joined the fight, and Lan Qinglin would be a bit stronger than Lin Yan.

"Forgotten Form Sword Technique."Lan Qinglin suddenly displayed his strongest sword technique, the Forgotten Form Sword Technique.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen's body was filled with dense sword shadows, although the Forgotten Shape Sword Technique was oblivious, when practiced to a high depth, it was everywhere, seemingly without a flaw.

Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan's master and servant immediately joined forces to attack Tang Zichen.

Everyone held their breath as the three battled furiously on the roof.

"Can a single defeat of red dust withstand the combined efforts of their two perverted new books?"There was a question mark in everyone's heart.

Tang Zichen's Descending Dragon Sword Technique was even more not weak, the sword danced into the wind, each sword used brought up a murderous and cold wind.

"The first style of the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, Flying Dragon in the Sky."

Tang Zichen was now starting to use out the real Descending Dragon Sword Technique, it was just a sword that was warming up.

"Ow."Suddenly, owl, as Tang Zichen's first stance was issued, his sword Qi turned into a dragon roar, as if a giant dragon was born, and the intense killing aura went straight to Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan.The crowd watching from downstairs seemed to see the tip of the sword that Tang Zichen was wielding, and an invisible dragon leaped out vaguely.

Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan's faces changed, and the very fierce Qi came, unstoppable.



Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan both felt a powerful force hit them at the same time, their bodies flew backwards involuntarily, then the swords in their hands were also torn apart by the killing Qi that was so strong that they couldn't resist, and they broke with a click.

"Flying dragon in the sky two swords in one."Tang Zichen once again used the first style of the Dragon Descending Sword Technique two swords in one.

This sword made, the power was far more powerful than that sword just now by two square times, two swords in one, it was one sword squared times ah, if it was three swords in one, it would be three times squared times.



There were two dragon roars at the same time, which indicated that Tang Zichen had successfully cast two swords in one.

"Wow."Two swords in one killed Lan Qing.

Lin and Lin Yan, their clothes suddenly turned into cloth and pieces, their bodies were bloodstained, the main thing was not external injuries, but internal injuries, at the moment they had suffered serious internal injuries, if they didn't have a powerful healer to heal them, they might not be able to participate in the New Life Competition.

Tang Zichen saw that he had cleaned them up with his two swords in one, which was why he put away his sword.

Tang Zichen snorted inwardly with disdain, "What genius, two people together, and still can't lowly stop my Descending Dragon Sword Technique two swords in one."

And Tang Zichen's Dragon Descending Sword Technique was still able to perform another three swords in one, three swords in one, that's the true power, but unfortunately, there was no chance to make it today.

This Dragon Descending Sword Technique was handed down by his master.However, after Tang Zichen practiced the Killing God Saber Technique, he improved it based on the Killing God Saber Technique's two swords in one technique, so Tang Zichen's Descending Dragon Sword Technique was also able to perform two swords in one, the improvement was inspired by the Killing God Saber Technique.The Descending Dragon Sword Technique handed down by his master did not have two swords in one.

Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan flew down to the ground from the roof.

And right now on the ground, as well as in the Genius Restaurant, everyone was looking at the One Defeat Red Dust in amazement.They all said in secret, "Who the hell is this person?The same late Inner Gate defeated Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan so easily."

Tang Zichen also flew down from the rooftop and stood in front of Lan Qinglin and Lin Yan, who were already severely injured internally and had no fighting power whatsoever.

Tang Zichen pointed his sword at Lan Qinglin's neck and said, "Lan Qinglin, you touched the wrong woman, I'm now giving you a reason to convince me not to kill you."

Lan Qinglin's body trembled, and his heart felt choked at the thought of the inscrutable strength of the one defeated Red Dust just now.

"I was wrong."Lan Qinglin said with trepidation.

"One sentence of being wrong and you want me to spare you?"

"So what do you want?"Lan Qinglin asked fearfully.

Tang Zichen said, "Shout three times, Xu Mei Qian, I was wrong, I'm just a dog."

"Don't you go too far."Lan Qinglin was furious.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Lan Qinglin away, and Lan Qinglin's bookworm, Lin Yanton, rushed up with all his might.

"Ka-ching."Tang Zichen stepped on the dog slave Lin Yan and broke his ribs, shrieking in pain.

Tang Zichen sword pointed at Lan Qinglin and said coldly, "Now I change my mind, shouting 10 sentences, you are wrong, you are a mangy dog, don't be common with you, I am giving you this last chance."

"One defeat of red dust, you have the guts to reveal your true face."Lan Qinglin roared.

"Bang."Tang Zichen catapulted his foot, and all of Lan Qinglin's teeth flew out.

"Ah."Lan Qinglin's mouth was full of blood and he no longer had a single tooth.

"Don't challenge my patience, I'll count to three, after three I'll remove one of your arms, one, two, three."

"Pfft."Tang Zichen's hand rose and his sword fell, one of Lan Qinglin's arms flew up into the air and fell off in the distance while Lan Qinglin shrieked.

Everyone was stunned, a defeated red dust actually dared to do it.

Tang Zichen once again said indifferently, "Lan Qinglin, I will count three more times, after three your head will fall off, don't doubt my courage, I come from the four major island protecting families, and the Martial Academy doesn't dare to do anything to me."

At this moment, Lan Qinglin's body trembled, but he was from the Four Great Island Guardian Families.

The onlookers were also shocked, no wonder the strength was so perverted, he was a disciple recruited by the Four Great Island Guardian Families.



Lan Qinglin now had no more strength left and shouted, "Xu Mei Qian, I was wrong, I'm just a mangy dog; Xu Mei Qian, I was wrong, I'm just a mangy dog..."


Just like that, Lan Qinglin shouted 10 sentences in public.

The entire audience was silent, such an awesome Lan Qinglin had been forced to this point.

Tang Zichen grunted and turned around to fly away.

At that moment, Xu Mei Qian shouted to catch up, "Red Dust, you stop."

Tang Zichen felt goosebumps, Red Dust had shouted out, Tang Zichen had no choice but to stop on the roof.

Xu Mei Qian flew onto the roof, and below Liu Xiangyun shouted, "Sister Mei Qian, come on."

Tang Zichen heard Liu Xiangyun's shout, his heart was speechless, silly woman, you even shouted someone else to cheer to soak your man.

"A defeat of red dust."Xu Mei Qian grudgingly looked at Tang Zichen, her eyes shining with tears, so pitiful.

A few bees surrounded Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian, Tang Zichen knew that these bees were the special reporters of the Genius Restaurant, Tang Zichen toned down those bees in the blink of an eye with a pick of his sword.

The owner of the Genius Restaurant cried out in grief, "Oh my Special Reporter, I've lost several more."

"Captain Xu, do you have anything else?"Tang Zichen asked coldly, maintaining One Defeat Red Dust's usual style, which was worlds apart from Tang Zichen, which was why no one associated One Defeat Red Dust with Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

Xu Mei Qian tearfully questioned, "One Defeat Red Dust, you're even on Martial Island, so why didn't you come looking for me."

"Captain Xu, why did I come looking for you."

"One Defeat Red Dust, don't pretend, Tang Zichen told me everything."

"That's wine talk, sorry."One Defeat Red Dust said.

"One Defeat Red Dust, you're cowardly, you're not a man."

"Captain Xu, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

"Don't go."

"Captain Xu, if you have anything else to say, just say it quickly, I'm still in a hurry to pick up girls."

Xu Mei Qian puffed out a laugh, "Don't lie to me, you're not in a hurry to pick up girls."

"If Captain Xu is fine, I'm leaving."

"Wait, a defeat of red dust, it's hard to see one another, can't you talk to me more?"

"Captain Xu, One Defeat Red Dust doesn't deserve you, forget about this person in the future."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen used to advise her to forget when she was in Linjiang City, at that time Xu Mei Qian said that when she left Linjiang City, she would naturally forget, never thought that she would fall deeper and deeper.

"I don't."Xu Mei Qian said in a petulant tone.

"Captain Xu, I'm sorry, I'm leaving first."

"Don't go, a defeat of red dust, I love you."Xu Mei Qian bravely confessed.

Tang Zichen's heart trembled, his heart was incomparably torn ah, facing such a passionate confession from Xu Mei Qian, he was also a man ah, what to do ah what to do.Now that he already had two girlfriends, Tang Zichen couldn't convince himself to have another ah.

"Captain Xu, I'm not good enough for you, you're a lady from a big family, I'm a loser, just a criminal, why should I fly to the flame."

"I don't, I don't, I want you."Xu Mei Qian said in a delicate voice, and Tang Zichen got goosebumps.

"And why do you need to, we're just just floundering, and besides, I don't love you."Tang Zichen said, attempting to use the reason that he didn't love her to reject her completely.

However, Xu Mei Qian huffed, "A defeat of red dust, you are not a man, you lie, you have me in your heart."

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"That's what I said to Don Tzu-Chen about the wine."

"I don't believe it, if you don't like me, why would you know I was being bullied and why would you come to my rescue in time, so Tang Zichen's guess is right, you must be secretly watching out for me, if you don't like me, why would you secretly watch out for me,"Xu Mei Qian said.

Tang Zichen said, "That little bastard Tang Zichen, I'll have to take care of him some other day."

At that moment, a woman's voice came out, "You dare."

Tang Zichen didn't have to look back to know that it was Liu Xiangyun, and Liu Xiangyun also flew up to the roof and shouted You Dare when she heard a defeated red dust saying that she was going to clean up her man.

Tang Zichen was speechless and could only pretend that he didn't know her, looked at Liu Xiangyun and said, "You're that Tang Zichen kid's girlfriend, Liu Xiangyun, you sure look like a flower, no wonder that kid loves you so much."

Liu Xiangyun was incomparably happy when she heard from One Defeat Red Dust that Tang Zichen loved her so deeply.

"One Defeat Red Dust, Tang Zichen told you about me?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"He said that you're his favorite."

"Hehe."Liu Xiangyun smiled excitedly and said in her heart, "This little villain, he usually doesn't say a single word that I love you, but he didn't expect to have such deep feelings for me, in that case, I'll promise him to do that humiliating pose tonight."

At this time, One Defeat Red Dust said again, ""

When Liu Xiangyun heard that it was one of Tang Zichen's favorites, she hummed in her heart, "That humiliating pose at night is gone."

Although Liu Xiangyun had accepted sharing a man with Li Xuan'er, everyone wanted Tang Zichen to love her a little more.

Xu Mei Qian made eyes at Liu Xiangyun, as if she wanted Liu Xiangyun to help her persuade a defeat of red dust.

Liu Xiangyun understood and was busy saying, "One Defeat Red Dust, you obviously like this Mei Qian sister, why don't you accept her?"

"I'm not good enough for her, okay, I should go."

"No leaving."Xu Mei Qian stopped Tang Zichen in front of her.

Liu Xiangyun continued, "One Defeat Red Dust, don't hide it, Tang Zichen has already guessed your thoughts, if you like someone, just be bold and be with them, I really don't understand you.I don't understand you. She has already confessed her feelings, so why don't you hurry up and be with Mei Qian?In the future, you and Sister Mei Qian, I and Tang Zichen, the four of us will go together to have fun and go out in pairs, how wonderful."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Xiang'er, if you knew that the one defeated red dust standing in front of you at this moment is your man, you wouldn't have said that."

Tang Zichen was so helpless, he really wanted to rip off his night clothes and mask, but Tang Zichen controlled himself.If he tore it off, it would be awkward, Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun were on good terms, so he didn't know if he would tear it up for a man.Of course, Tang Zichen didn't have a reason to convince himself to add an extra girlfriend.

This matter could only be delayed further to see if Xu Mei Qian would forget about the one defeat, if she did, then all would be happy, if she couldn't forget, then she would have to think of another way.

Xu Mei Qian pleaded, "Red Dust, I like you, let me love you for the rest of my life, okay."

"Captain Xu, I'm ugly, and you're my goddess, I really don't deserve you, you'll have a better man, I'm leaving first."Tang Zichen leapt and flew off into the distance, a few bees came stalking behind him, Tang Zichen a few silver needles flew up and killed the bees.

Xu Mei Qian cried and sat on the roof, Tang Zichen looked back, his heart was very confused, what should we do now, the more we play, the bigger it gets.


Tang Zichen left in flames, and only after making sure no one was following him and that there was no one around did Tang Zichen remove his disguise.

After removing his disguise, Tang Zichen sat on the ground and sighed deeply.

It would be a lie to say that he was not tempted by Xu Mei Qian, Xu Mei Qian was incredibly beautiful and had a hot body, no man would be able to resist her temptation.

However, there was still a trace of the most basic emotional morality within Tang Zichen's heart.

"We can only take one step at a time."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Tang Zichen sneaked to the Healing Department and pretended to practice martial arts in the back of the Healing Department, then returned to the classroom.The classroom had ended, and Changsun was sitting alone in the classroom reading a book.

"Tang Zichen, why have you suddenly come."Changsun Wuhen was surprised to see Tang Zichen.

"I just practiced martial arts and forgot the time, I didn't expect it to be noon when class ended, hehe, why are you still here."

"I'm reading the knowledge points that my teacher taught this morning."

"Haha, you're so diligent, if you keep this up, I'm going to be overtaken by you."

Emotions of a million smiles, "You're so good, I'm definitely going to try to catch up with you." First URL

The first time I was in the room was when I was in the room with my wife, I was in the room with my daughter.

Tang Zichen shook his head and hurried out of the classroom, staying less with these wonderful beauties like Chang Sun Wu Yan in the future.

"Tang Zichen, where are you going, have you eaten lunch yet?"Changsun Wuhen asked.

"Not yet, I'm leaving first."Tang Zichen hurried away.

"Wait for me, I'll go to dinner with you."Changsun Wu Yan caught up.

Tang Zichen helplessly said, "I want to go to dinner alone, bye."

Tang Zichen flew away, after flying a few dozen meters, he looked back at Chang Sun Wu Yan, she was lost and stood there unmoving.

Tang Zichen saw Chang Sun Wu Yan's lost eyes, his mind suddenly flashed through the faces of many women in his previous life, this kind of disappointment Tang Zichen had seen too much in his previous life.

Tang Zichen stopped and fell back.

Changsun Wu Yan saw Tang Zichen fall back to find her, a moment of happiness.

"Ugh, let's go, let's go eat together."Tang Zichen said.

"Mm."Changsun Wuhen walked up to Tang Zichen, who was 176 in height and looked like a good match for Tang Zichen, who was 188, just 12 apart, the most standard height difference between men and women.

"Why did you suddenly fall back again?"Chang Sunless asked.

"Because of your disappointed eyes, it reminded me of the many people I've wronged, so I'm soft."

"Ah, what do you mean?"

"I won't lie to you, I have failed many, many women, every single one of them are excellent and outstanding, and that look you just gave me is the same as they once were, alas."

Chang Sun Wu Yan blushed and lowered her head, "So many women like you."

"Oh, those are all in the past, there shouldn't be many women like me now."


Tang Zichen asked directly, "Faceless, are you in love with me?"

"Ah."Changsun was in a panic, her heartbeat was racing, and she was at a loss as to what she was supposed to answer.

"Oh, no need to be so nervous, I actually already know the answer, otherwise I wouldn't have reverted back."

Changsun Wuhen bit her lip, lowered her head without saying a word, and followed Tang Zichen's side, walking towards the Healing Department cafeteria.

"Faceless, end it before it's completely in, you already have a fiancé, I don't want to carry any more love debts, let's be good friends."Tang Zichen said, Xu Mei Qian hasn't even gotten it done yet, and here comes Chang Sun Faceless, what a dog, if this continues, what will the bachelors who can't find their girlfriends in the Martial Arts Academy do.Tang Zichen knew that many, many guys in the Martial Arts Academy couldn't find girlfriends, otherwise, the place called 'Yik Hong Yuan' in the Martial Arts Academy wouldn't be so hot in business.

Changsun Wu Yan plucked up courage, looked at Tang Zichen and said, "But if I tell you that it's already too late, what will you do?"

"What's late?"

"You told me to end it, before I fell into it, but it's too late, I feel like I'm already in it."

"Stuck in what?"

"I think about you every night I can't sleep, I think about class, I think about getting out of class, I think about eating, I think about sleeping, I think about whatever it is I'm doing.I think it's too late, I'm already in."Changsun Wuhen said softly.

Tang Zichen's heart skipped a beat in the face of such a fiery confession from Chang Sun Wu Yan.

"Faceless, am I really that good?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen felt that he was just a hanger-on.

Chang Sunless pursed her lips, "You're fine no matter what."

"You should know that I have a girlfriend, why would I like someone who has a girlfriend, you should know that it's wrong and it's not going to work out, besides, you have a fiancé yourself, it's not sensible."

"I don't know, there's no way to rationalize feelings, I also told myself not to think about you, but I just couldn't do it, you never came to class this morning, I didn't see you all day, I felt so miserable, and I didn't feel energetic in class, so I stayed after school at noon to put together the knowledge I didn't pay attention to this morning."

Tang Zichen shook his head speechlessly, was he that good.

"Don Zichen, don't worry, I can't control my feelings, but I can control my actions.Will you hug me now?Just once, and never ask for it again, just once."Changsun Wu Yan raised her head, her eyes actually shining with a hint of tears.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, you can hug it."

Changsun Wuhen slowly leaned into Tang Zichen's embrace, and after sighing, Tang Zichen clasped his hands around Changsun Wuhen's waist.

At this moment, not far away, a pair of eyes were watching, eyes that seemed to be spewing fire, it was the second grade teacher Chen Gujin, Chang Sun Wu Yan's fiancé.

Tang Zichen clasped Chang Sun Wu Yan's waist, her waist was thin, and one could feel that she had a very slim curve.

The seductive body fragrance of Chang Sun Wu Yan's body constantly drifted into Tang Zichen's nose, Tang Zichen controlled himself not to smell it, but it still kept drifting in.In all fairness, Chang Sun Wu Yan is really very attractive, face value exploded, Tang Zichen hugged her at the moment, it felt as if a part of his body was on the verge of stirring.

At this moment, a roar came out, "What are you guys doing."

Chang Sun Wu Yan was shocked, panicked and separated from Tang Zichen, his eyes took a look, it was Chen Gu Jin, Chang Sun Wu Yan's body couldn't help but tremble.How could it be such a coincidence that her fiancé saw her and Tang Zichen embracing.

Chen Gujin felt as bad as being cuckolded by Tang Zichen, and at this point was already furious, without saying a word, rushed up and wanted to hit Tang Zichen.


Unfortunately, he was no match for Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen shot him flying with a kick, and Chen Gujin fell, Chen Gujin was so furious inside, his fiancée was hugged, and he was beaten.

"I'll kill you."Chen Gujin rushed up again.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Chen Gujin, don't make your own death ah, I just that kick is already merciful."

Changsun Wu Yan was busy putting to pull Chen Gu Jin, but where could he pull.

"Bang."Tang Zichen struck Chen Gujin's chest with another palm strike, and suddenly, Chen Gujin fell to the ground.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to finish with him and said to Changsun Wu Yan, "I'm leaving first, I won't go to dinner with you today."

Changsun Wu Yan nodded and Tang Zichen quickly flew away.To Chen Gujin, Tang Zichen didn't consider him an opponent at all, so naturally, he didn't take it to heart.

Chen Gujin cried out in grief and looked at Changsun Wu Yan, "You actually did such a thing."

Changsun Wu Yan cunningly said, "I didn't do anything with him."

"You just hugged each other, and you haven't done anything?" Remember the URL

"I, we were just hugging."

"You're my fiancée, why are you hugging with someone else, I wanted to hug you and you never let me, not even me, what makes him."Chen Gujin yelled, the emotions he had suppressed for so long finally exploded.

Changsun Wu Yan bit her teeth and said, "Uncle Chen, I won't hide anything from you, I like him."

"You're my fiancée, and you like him."

"I can't control my feelings, but I can control my actions, I'm innocent with him, but my heart can't help but like him."

"Don't ever hang out with him again."

"I can't do it, I can't go a day without seeing him."

"You."Chen Gujin wanted to hit Changsun Wuhen, and Changsun Wuhen snorted, "If you dare to hit down, our marriage will be over."

In the end, Chen Gu Jin didn't dare to fight it down, he was too afraid that it would really be over because Chang Sun Wu Yan was too beautiful to lose.

Chen Gujin had to compromise and said, "Okay, then you have to promise that you'll never overdo it with him."

"I'm not that kind of woman."

Chen Gujin relaxed a little inside when he heard Chang Sun's assurance, things could only go so far now.

Tang Zichen flew towards the dormitory and suddenly came across five people, three men and two women.

One of them was a woman, Tang Zichen knew her.

"It's you."

"It's you."

Tang Zichen and the woman were surprised at the same time.

The woman showed an angry look towards Tang Zichen.

She, was none other than Liu Xiangyun's twin sister, Chu Yiyun.

"Hahaha, Chu Yiyun, actually running into you here."Tang Zichen laughed loudly, Tang Zichen did not regard Chu Yiyun as an enemy, but Chu Yiyun regarded him as an enemy.Once in Linjiang City, Tang Zichen had asked her to the mountain and shattered her clothes, her whole body was seen by Tang Zichen, Chu Yiyun would never forget this.

Chu Yiyun now saw Tang Zichen, her body trembled and her teeth clenched, she also never expected to see Tang Zichen at the Martial Arts Academy.

Although Tang Zichen had been specially reported at the Genius Restaurant before, but Martial Academy was so big, less than one percent of the students had seen Tang Zichen's special report, and Chu Yiyun had never seen it at all, and she had never been to the Genius Restaurant either!


At this time, a woman beside Chu Yiyun asked, "Yiyun, who is this person?You know him?"

A boy also asked, "Yiyun, you don't even say hello when you run into someone you know."

Chu Yiyun was accompanied by three men and two women, one of the men, her fiancé, Wang Peng, was a third year senior, with very awesome strength.There was also a male, her cousin, Chu Wantian, who belonged to the perverted class of freshmen, late stage strength of the inner gate, confidently trying to win the top ten of the freshmen competition.

When Chu Yiyun's fiancé Wang Peng saw Chu Yiyun's face, he felt something was wrong, as if he wasn't seeing a familiar friend, but more like an enemy.

Wang Peng asked, "Yiyun, what's going on."

"Yeah, Yiyun, you look a bit ugly."Chu Yiyun's cousin Chu Wantian was also busy saying.

Chu Yiyun looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to be here."

"Joke, you're here, why can't I be here."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen had no grudge against Chu Yiyun, after all, she was also the daughter of Liu Chenming.

"Tang Zichen, you wait."

"Chu Yiyun, if you have anything, just let your horse come over, I'm waiting at all times.By the way, your sister, Liu Xiangyun, is also here."

"No way, she's just a piece of trash, how could she come to the Martial Arts Academy."Chu Yiyun said.

"Hahaha, what a trash, worthy of being a sarcastic sister, talking about your own sister like that.I won't lie to you, your sister's cold disease has been cured by me, she can also practice martial arts, and her talent isn't weak, although it's a little worse than yours now, it will surpass yours sooner or later, hahaha."

"Impossible."Chu Yiyun clenched his teeth.

"Hmph, I'm not going to waste my breath with you."Tang Zichen was about to fly away when Chu Yiyun's cousin, Chu Wantian, shouted, "Classmate, please treat Yiyun with respect."

Tang Zichen scanned the boy, who was also late of the Inner Gate, and hummed, "Could it be that you are her fiancé, I heard that Chu Yiyun has a fiancé who is very awesome, but that's all."

Chu Wantian coldly snorted, "I am Chu Yiyun's cousin, Chu Wantian, who is also a new student this year.He, it's Yiyun's fiancé Wang Peng, whether Yiyun's fiancé is strong or weak, you can see for yourself."Chu Wantian pointed at that man called Wang Peng.

Tang Zichen looked towards that Wang Peng, his aura was indeed strong, probably a bit stronger than that Tang Zhenghao of the Tang family, he must have reached the Houtian realm.

However, Tang Zichen trailed off, "It's nothing more than that."

Chu Wantian raged, "Arrogant."

The other man was busy saying, "Senior Wang Peng, this new freshman is saying that you are nothing more than this, how gripping."

Wang Peng left his mouth: "A frog at the bottom of a well, just showing off his tongue."

Wang Peng turned to Chu Yiyun and asked, "Yiyun, tell me honestly, what grudge do you have against him?Tell it today."

Of course Chu Yiyun didn't dare to say it, she was seen all over by Tang Zichen and spanked, she wouldn't tell anyone about this, let alone her fiancé, she was afraid that her fiancé would find out and dislike her or something, because her fiancé was genius and she was afraid of losing.Chu Yiyun can only beat down her front teeth to swallow into her mouth, depressed.

"It's nothing, he's one of my waste sister's personal bodyguards, I went there once last year and just happened to know him."Chu Yiyun said.

"Oh, so he's your waste sister's bodyguard, that's just someone from a small place."Chu Wantian scoffed.

Wang Peng said, "Let's go."

The five of them didn't look at Tang Zichen again and flew away in the blink of an eye.


After flying away, Chu Yiyun still looked uncomfortable, her body, which hadn't even been seen by her fiancé yet, was being looked at by a hangdog like Tang Zichen.

"Yiyun, why do you still look bad?"Chu Wantian asked.

"Since it's just an insignificant little person, why put it in your eyes."The other man said.

Chu Yiyun said, "However, I see that Tang Zichen as very unpleasant, I just hate this person anyway."

Wang Peng said, "Yiyun, this Tang Zichen, he looks quite strong, he's only a newborn and has reached the late Inner Gate, is he really that waste sister's bodyguard of yours?Usually unlikely."

"Yes, and as to why, I don't know.I'm wishing right now that I could teach him a hard lesson, I see that he's very unhappy."

Chu Wantian said, "Yiyun, since you see him as very unpleasant, then brother will teach him a lesson for you, and since he is also a perverted freshman, I think I might meet up with him in the Freshman Competition, and I will definitely beat him up for you in front of everyone."

"Well, thank you, Brother Wanden."

Another boy said, "Brother Wan Tian's strength is unquestionable, he's the strongest one of our Chu Family, the strongest one of our sons that we focused on cultivating this term, aiming straight for the top ten of the New Student Competition.That Tang Zichen, from a small place, is not much stronger."

Chu Yiyun smiled and nodded, but she immediately remembered Liu Xiangyun, somewhat unable to believe that the waste sister was also in the Martial Arts Academy.It seemed that there was a need to meet Liu Xiangyun to see if this waste sister had really changed.

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun, as well as Xu Mei Qian, Wang Xing, and the four of them dined together at the Genius Restaurant. One second to remember to read the book

There were many restaurants in the Martial Arts Academy. The Genius Restaurant was only the largest, but the food wasn't the most delicious.After all, the Martial Academy had no network, no phone, no information.

"Today a defeat of Red Dust defeated Lan Qinglin and his book boy, did you see it or not ah?"Liu Xiangyun asks Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen kind of couldn't explain why he wasn't there.

Tang Zichen said, "I forgot, I went to class, I should have known that I couldn't miss such a wonderful event."

"You, even if it's about Xu Mei Qian, you can forget about it."Liu Xiangyun was furious, but didn't talk much about the topic.

Tang Zichen saw Xu Mei Qian's listless look and asked with a smile, "Xu Mei Qian, how is it, why aren't you happy to see a defeat of red dust today?"

Xu Mei Qian said spiritlessly, "He, rejected me, there's really no need for him to be so inferior, even though I come from a big family, I'm not high and mighty, besides, he's so talented, even if he goes to my house to propose marriage, he may not be unsuccessful."

Tang Zichen smiled, "A defeated red dust family is only one aspect of a low family, the other aspect is that he feels ugly and unworthy of such a beautiful woman as you, and is afraid that he will defile such a beautiful woman."

"I don't even mind, what does he have to mind, in short, I love him to death, I believe that he will accept me sooner or later."Xu Mei Qian said firmly.

Tang Zichen was speechless inside, was this for him to hear?

Wang Xing, who was sitting next to him, also had a moment of grief, and he wouldn't say anything now because he had seen the strength of One Defeat Red Dust, and he naturally wasn't a match for One Defeat Red Dust, let alone going to be his rival.Therefore, Wang Xing thought inwardly, "It seems that I can only change my goal and go after Xu Mei Qian's cousin Xu Yan.Unfortunately, Xu Yan is Tang Zichen's ex-girlfriend, a stain that really makes me cringe.

I don't know if Tang Zichen has ever done that with Xu Yan, I'll have to ask Tang Zichen about that, hopefully they've only talked about it and haven't done anything."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Sister Mei Qian, don't think about it so much for now, it's yours, sooner or later, it's not yours, it's useless to think about it.I believe that One Defeat Red Dust will one day become your boyfriend, or even husband."

"Mm."Xu Mei Qian nodded happily, while being a bit shy at the same time.

After the meal, everyone flew out of the Genius Restaurant.

Liu Xiangyun suggested, "Let's all take a walk with Sister Mei Qian, it's fine to go back to the dormitory at night anyway."

"Good."As soon as Wang Xing nodded, Tang Zichen was fine with it.

Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian walked arm in arm on a quiet road, running into a couple from time to time.The Martial Arts Academy didn't have much entertainment, not even telephones, let alone computer TVs, which forced the students here to spend all their time on martial arts training.It was just more boring when they were free, so falling in love after martial arts practice was the biggest fun for the students of Martial Arts Academy, so at night, the roads of Martial Arts Academy were full of couples and the bushes were often seen shaking.

"You seem to have something to say to me."Tang Zichen said to Wang Xing.

"Yes, Tang Zichen, I do have something I want to tell you, but I want to wait until we get back to the dormitory."

"It's okay, say it now, they're walking ahead and won't hear you."

Wang Xing bit his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, I want to ask you something."

"They're all roommates, go ahead and ask."

"Don't get so close to me, I still don't have a crush on you, even though you're roommates."

"It doesn't matter, what do you want to ask me."

"That, what's going on with you and Xu Yan?"Wang Xing asked in a low voice.

"Xu Yan?What does she have to do with you?"

"Xu Yan and I are also from the fact that you used to be Xu Yan's boyfriend."

"Yeah, you know that too ah, Xu Mei Qian told you that right."

Wang Xing was depressed and cursed Nima under his breath.

"Tang Zichen, you and Xu Yan, to what extent have you developed?"Wang Xing asked.

"You're asking too much, Xu Yan is not who you are, why should I tell you about her personal matters."

"I grew up with her since we were kids, what's wrong with me caring about it, if you don't want to talk about it, forget it, forget I asked."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Since you're so curious, I'll tell you, Xu Yan and I..."

When Tang Zichen saw that Wang Xing seemed a bit nervous, Tang Zichen had already guessed within himself that Wang Xing must have switched his target to Xu Yan because Xu Mei Qian couldn't catch up with him.

"Say it."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Xu Yan and I, it happened."

"Happened to what?"Wang Xing asked nervously.

Tang Zichen gave him a blank look and said, "Nonsense, of course it's a relationship."

"Ah."Wang Xing's body went limp and felt like collapsing.

Tang Zichen also sighed and said, "Now that I think about it, I really miss the feeling of that time in high school, when I missed class with her to go to a room, ugh."

Wang Xing was about to cry and turned around.


Tang Zichen looked at Wang Xing's departing back and said in his heart, "Competition can't beat a defeat of red dust, so he wants to change his target to soak up Xu Yan, how speechless.I don't know if Xu Yan will really be soaked away by him, Xu Yan looks so beautiful, why do I feel a bit of a pity if she is soaked away by him."

Tang Zichen smashed his head, how could such a thought arise, if this goes on, there are so many beautiful women in the whole world, wouldn't it be a pity for every beautiful woman to marry someone else, this thought should not be allowed.

"Where's Wang Xing?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"Oh, he went back first."

Xu Mei Qian also ignored Wang Xing, continuing to walk arm in arm with Liu Xiangyun, Tang Zichen followed them, looking at the backs of the two women, both of them had perfect proportions, Liu Xiangyun would be a little thinner, while Xu Mei Qian was slightly more plump, her hips were round and curvy, looking at Tang Zichen's heart and mind, almost about to have some physical reaction.

"Alas, my senses have changed after practicing the Room Center Meridian, in the past, I wouldn't think so much even if a beautiful woman passed by me, but now it's good to see a beautiful woman and I'll think randomly.Even when I saw Chu Yiyun at noon, I actually fantasized in my head, mama, I'm so speechless to myself."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

"Tang Zichen, hurry up, why are you walking so slowly by yourself."

"Oh."Tang Zichen chased after her and walked beside Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiang'er, I ran into your sister, Chu Yiyun, at noon."


"I also saw her fiancé, Wang Peng, I heard that he's very strong and is already a third year student, at least at the Houtian level."Tang Zichen said. First URL

Xu Mei Qian said, "Xiangyun, there's really a big difference between your fate and your sister's, she's the proud daughter of the family and has such a wonderful fiancé; you and your father, on the other hand, live in a small city.However, fortunately, Tang Zichen had to deal with your cold illness, so now you don't have to envy her."

Liu Xiangyun hmmmed, not going to envy Chu Yiyun for having such a great fiancé, Liu Xiangyun proudly said, "I have Tang Zichen, I'm already satisfied."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Right, there's another one called Chu Wantantian."

"Ah, Chu Wantian, is he here too?"Liu Xiangyun was shocked.

"Yes, the ones who came with your sister Chu Yiyun are all freshmen, this Chu Wanten, I heard that he's very strong, aiming straight for the top ten of the Freshman Competition, and his realm is now the same as mine."

"Oh, I didn't expect that he's also this talented.I also knew him when I was little, my cold illness hadn't hit me yet at that time, so kids play okay."

"Chu Wantian looks very proud."

Liu Xiangyun asked, "What realm is she in now, Chu Yiyun?"

"The outer door is complete,"Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, that's a lot better than me."Liu Xiangyun said, and inwardly, Liu Xiangyun wanted to surpass Chu Yiyun, so let's see if she still dared to call her trash.(Outer realm: early, middle, late, complete, great perfection.And so on.)

"Don't worry, you'll catch up with her, besides, you've gone from a person who doesn't know how to do martial arts to the middle stage of the Outer Gate, you're already awesome."

"Mm."Liu Xiangyun nodded firmly, she wanted to fight for her father, to show the Chu family how powerful the person who drove her away back then would be in the future.

Xu Mei Qian suddenly felt like she was a bit like a light bulb, so she said, "Alright, I'm going back to the dormitory, you two talk."

"Ah, sister Mei Qian, no more walking?"

"I don't want to be your light bulb, you guys can romance yourselves."


Xiangyun blushes and smiles, and doesn't stop Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian flew away, leaving Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen, who walked hand in hand in love.

A hundred meters ahead in a small bush, shaking and shaking.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun both saw it.

Liu Xiangyun was depressed: "What a mess, let's go for a walk somewhere else."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There might be other places too, Xiang'er, why don't we try it once."

"Ah, what do you mean?"

Tang Zichen pointed at the shaky front: "That one."

Liu Xiangyun blushed furiously and said, "Shame on you."

"It's okay, try it out."Tang Zichen did not have to say, the Liu Xiangyun a hug, to the side of a bush to jump into, although Liu Xiangyun is struggling, but the mouth can not shout, very helplessly by Tang Zichen to carry to the bush.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you've been wearing for a while.This is the end of the content of the children's game.

Half an hour later, Liu Xiangyun, through the moonlight, helplessly angered Tang Zichen with a glance and said, "Now you're satisfied, really."

"Hehe, it feels more exciting than in the dormitory."

"Not next time."Xiang Yun Liu said.

"Well, the situation."

"Alright, hurry up and go."

A few minutes later, they got out and quickly flew away so as not to be seen, but this kind of thing was commonplace in the Martial Arts Academy.

After leaving, Tang Zichen sent Liu Xiangyun back to her dorm before Tang Zichen returned to his own dorm.

While returning to his own dormitory, Tang Zichen saw an acquaintance near Liu Xiangyun's dormitory building, it was Chu Yiyun.

Chu Yiyun asked around and found the dormitory building where Liu Xiangyun was staying, because Chu Yiyun wanted to see with his own eyes if that trash sister was really not what she used to be.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen just happened to see her.

"Chu Yiyun."Tang Zichen called out.

"Tang Zichen."Chu Yiyun saw Tang Zichen with a mouthful of hatred and gnashing of teeth.

Tang Zichen chuckled, "What, you're the only one, where's your very good fiancé, and your proud cousin?Didn't come with you."

"None of your business."Chu Yiyun said coldly.

"Chu Yiyun, you're here to see my girlfriend, Liu Xiangyun, aren't you."

"Your girlfriend?Aren't you her bodyguard?"

"It's my girlfriend now,"Don Zichen said.

"Shameless."Chu Yiyun snorted.

"What are you looking for my wife for?"Don Zimmer asked.

"What does it have to do with you, get out of the way."Chu Yiyun shouted.

"Haha, Liu Xiangyun is my wife, of course it has something to do with me, given the way you treated my wife in the past, so I doubt you'll hurt her, so I won't let you see her, so just leave.My wife has said that she has nothing to do with your Chu family today."

"Tang Zichen, don't force me, I've been putting up with you for a long time."

"Putting up with me, haha, it seems you still remember that night in Linjiang City, on the hill behind Liu Chenming's villa, I shattered your clothes and saw your whole body ah."Tang Zichen deliberately said loudly.


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