The King of Kungfu in school 401-420


Chapter 401

Zu Dangzhi's teacher saw Kang Guoming yelling in pain and immediately snorted at him, "Kang Guoming, now you're not the most talented in healing martial arts, the Tang Zichen who just slapped you away, he's a late inner gate freshman, a perverted freshman in the Martial Arts Academy.You early inner door, go entertain yourself while you're at it, I'll see how proud you'll be later."

Kang Guoming's eyes glared at Zu Dangzhi's teacher.

Zu Dangzhi busily said to Tang Zichen, "Fellow student Tang Zichen, if Kang Guoming is going to cause trouble in class again in the future, he will need your help to suppress it ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher Zu, don't worry, with me here, no one will dare to cause trouble in the class."

Tang Zichen turned back to Kang Guoming and waved, "Hey, that Kang Guoming, quickly sit back in your seat."

"Grass you?."Kang Guoming saw that Tang Zichen was immediately telling him what to do, and he was that upset.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed and said, "Kang Guoming, I don't want to say it twice, go back to your seat right now, do you still dare to make a mess?"

"Why should I listen to you."Kang headed out of the classroom, he needed to be quiet, he was really embarrassed today.

"Yoho, still so arrogant."Tang Zichen immediately leapt over to Kang Guoming, Tang Zichen had ruled him into submission in front of the whole class today.

Kang Guoming felt Tang Zichen darting towards him and immediately cut Tang Zichen with a sword.

Tang Zichen made a somersaulting leap and crushed Kang Guoming's sword into pieces with one palm.The higher realm was really powerful, Tang Zichen could pound Kang Guoming to death with a casual punch and a palm, and the higher realm crushed people to death, not to mention two realms. Remember the URL

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched Kang Guoming's abdomen.

Kang Guoming was trembling all over and couldn't even stand.

Tang Zichen grabbed Kang Guoming's ear and pulled him back to his seat, Kang Guoming wanted to run, but after being punched, he didn't even have the strength to stand up.

Tang Zichen smiled at Teacher Zu Dangzhi and said, "Teacher Zu, I've cleaned him up, he'll definitely be good in class every day from now on."

"Thank you, Tang Zichen."

"You're welcome, and I hope that Teacher will take care of me and let me learn more about healing arts."

Zu Dangzhi nodded, "Of course, since you gave up the Sword Art Department which has such a good future and came to our Healing Department, we certainly won't let you down, and I will definitely try my best to teach you.Also, you students will also help you."

Zu Dang Zhi immediately said to Chang Sun Wu Yan, "Chang Sun Wu Yan, our Healing Department has never had such a genius join us, it's hard to have one so talented, we can't let him get away.From now on, you are responsible for helping him learn the healing arts."

"I will."Changsun Wu Yan nodded.

Zu Dangzhi then said to Tang Zichen, "Fellow student Tang Zichen, Changsun Wu Yan's healing arts are very clever and her healing talent is also very strong, so I will arrange for you to sit with her now, and she will guide you on anything you don't understand from now on."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was stunned, and Tang Zichen realized that people seemed to have misunderstood, thinking that he had come here just because he didn't want to waste his time in the sword department, mistakenly thinking that he had no talent for healing and didn't know anything about healing, and was just here to learn a little healing.

Changsun Wu Yan smiled at Tang Zichen and said, "Don't worry, Tang Zichen, you won't come to our department for nothing."

The other students also said ingratiatingly, "Tang Zichen, though

Our talents and medical skills can't compare to Chang Sun's, but we'll help you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled and nodded speechlessly.Because his talent in martial arts overshadowed his light on the other hand.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain.

Zu Dangzhi smiled, "Fellow student Tang Zichen, now please sit next to Chang Sun Wu Yan, you'll be at the same table from now on."

"Oh."Tang Zichen sat next to Changsun Wuhen, who nodded politely to Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen was so perverted in martial arts, naturally, Changsun Wu Yan also wanted to have a good relationship with him, in case Tang Zichen became a top strong man in the future, she would also be considered to know a top strong man, maybe she could even ask for his help when in trouble.

Kang Guoming was lying on the table, not that he wanted to lie down, but he was beaten down by Tang Zichen.Kang Guoming was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood when he saw the whole class pampering and pleasing Tang Zichen so much.

The classroom continued with lessons on the basics of medicine and how to become a healer, you must first become a powerful doctor.

Tang Zichen didn't bring his notebook and came to class empty handed because the knowledge he was teaching was too low level.When Changsun Wu Yan saw Tang Zichen empty-handed and looking like he was listening to a heavenly book, he thought even more that Tang Zichen didn't know anything about healing.As for why he was able to enter the healing department, it was because he was a perverted genius, such a strong genius didn't even need an assessment, and coming in to act as a facade was also very popular with the teachers.

"It's okay if you don't understand, I'll explain it to you after the next class."Chang Sun Wu Yan said to Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled, it wasn't that Tang Zichen couldn't understand it, it was just too simple not to listen, let alone take notes.

"Oh, it's okay, it's also an honor for me to be able to help a perverted genius like you."Changsun smiled, her every gesture filled with the posture of a goddess.

"Thank you."Tang Zichen also smiled slightly, no matter what, people helped him, so let's say thank you first.

"Actually... "Tang Zichen wanted to tell the truth, his medical skills were actually quite good, he wasn't someone who didn't know how to heal.

However, Changsun Wu Yan blushed and politely refused with a smile, "Don't say it."

"You know what I want to say?"Don Zichen asked.

"Guessed it, actually, you're running after me, right?"

"Ah."Tang Zichen was stunned.

"I've been named the hospital flower by some boring people, I already know this.You're a perverted freshman in martial arts, if you really came here to learn healing arts, I'm also a little unconvinced, and you just said 'actually' again, wanting to confess, so I've already figured out that you must be running after me, and you want to chase me too, right?"Changsun Wu Yan smiled slightly, but the tone was a little softer than when he had just spoken to Kang Guoming.

Tang Zichen was speechless, he wanted to say that he actually knew how to heal as well, but he didn't expect it to turn out to be running after her, what a narcissist.

Tang Zichen didn't want to explain anything else, anyway, whether he was good at medicine or not, it had nothing to do with Chang Sun Wu Yan.

Tang Zichen said, "Just now Kang Guoming wanted to chase you, you don't want to fall in love while you're studying at the Martial Arts Academy, I understand all that."

"Thank you for being able to understand me, but don't worry, since you're here, I won't let you come to the Healing Department for nothing, I'll do my best to help you learn the art of healing to the best of my ability.Don't think about the other aspects for now, okay?"

"Good."Tang Zichen simply nodded, regardless of whether she had misunderstood or not.


After class ended at noon.

Changsun Wu Yan took the initiative and said, "Tang Zichen, let's eat together at noon, I'll buy you, go to the department cafeteria."

"Uh, I'm going to eat with my girlfriend at noon, sorry."Tang Zichen refused.

"Ah, you've got a girlfriend."

"Yeah, my girlfriend's name is Liu Xiangyun."

"What, Liu Xiangyun?I've heard her name, and she's also a freshman courtyard flower, no way, you actually have a courtyard flower girlfriend."

Tang Zichen smiled, "We've been together since before we even came to Martial Academy."

"Oh, but if you have a hospital flower girlfriend, then why did you come to the Healing Department and try to do that to me?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Chang Sun Wu Yan, you misunderstood, I came to the Healing Department to learn a little bit of healing, I really didn't come running to you."

"Ah."Changsun Wuhen blushed all over, it turned out that she was narcissistic.

"It's okay, you're also a misunderstanding, well, I'm leaving, my girlfriend is still waiting for me to eat in front of the Genius Restaurant." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen flew up and flamed off to the Genius Restaurant.

Chang Sun Wuyan felt ashamed, and immediately went to the department cafeteria with a classmate.It wasn't that she didn't want to go to the Genius Restaurant, but she didn't have the money, and the faculty cafeteria was cheaper.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen didn't go to the Healing Department, but went to a quiet place by himself to practice his swordsmanship.

Tang Zichen's Dragon Descending Sword Technique was ready to progress another level before the New Student Competition came.

The next day, Tang Zichen continued to go to the Healing Department.

As soon as Tang Zichen walked into the Healing Department classroom, he saw a man say, "Chang Sun Wu Yan, there is no woman I can't have, so you better consider this.Regardless of family background or my personal talent, it's enough to match you, don't force me to get real."

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Sorry, I really don't want to fall in love, please go back."

"You really want to force me?I, Wu Ren, don't like to be too verbose."That man was furious.

Tang Zichen was a bit speechless, every genius in the Martial Academy was very proud and domineering, because in their hometowns and families, they were all proud of the sky, so it caused everyone to be very proud and feel like they were awesome.

Tang Zichen walked over, looked at the man and said, "What for?Are you hitting on the queen of my class?Have you asked me?"

That man stared at Tang Zichen and snorted, "Don't seek your own death."

This one called Wu Ren, late Inner Gate strength, was indeed considered quite talented, one of the perverted freshmen, no wonder he dared to come and force Changsun Wu Yan to be his woman.

"As long as I'm here, no one can touch Chang Sun Wu Yan, she doesn't want to fall in love in the Martial Academy, didn't you hear?"Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said.

"Hahaha, what if I, Wu Ren, have to make her my girlfriend?"

Changsun Wu Yan was busy saying, "Fellow student Wu Ren, you can't force someone like this."

Wu Ren snorted, "I, Wu Ren, am a reasonable person, if it really is someone I am not worthy of, then I will never harass her.However, I, Wu Ren, consider myself worthy enough to be worthy of you, so I must have you because, I am worthy of you, even if I force you, it would not be unethical."

Tang Zichen was very unhappy with Wu Ren's theory, and without saying a word, he kicked up.

"Bang."Wu Ren flew out the window and went out.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What kind of a thing, thinking he has some talent and strength, he forces others, this kind of person is really

You owe a beating."

At this time, a sharpness came from the window, Wu Ren stabbed at Tang Zichen with his sword, his sword skill seemed to be very wonderful, the sharpness locked right into his heart.

Tang Zichen was astonished, "It seems that this Wu Ren, is indeed very powerful, his sword skills are excellent, no wonder he wants the woman he wants to get."

However, Tang Zichen was surprised, but in his hand, he suddenly cut out with a single slash.

"Killing God One Slash."

"Boom."The peerless blade Qi blasted at Wu Ren at once.


"Dang dang dang."

Wu Ren's sword skills were extremely brilliant, and Tang Zichen's God Killing Slash was broken by him one by one.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was shocked that he was able to break his God Killing One Sword Slash, it seemed that Tang Zichen had to come out with a stronger strength.

Tang Zichen rushed up.

"God of Killing One Slash, two slashes in one."Tang Zichen saber swung, he only swung it once, but that was just the surface, in fact he sliced twice in a row, which was equivalent to two in one, in that case, the power of his God Killing One Slash Cut was even stronger.

"Wow."Wu Ren's incomparably subtle sword technique was suddenly broken, or his sword technique couldn't stop Tang Zichen's two slashes in one.

Wu Ren flew a dozen meters away at once, his sword stuck in the ground, paddling and dragging it for several meters before he stabilized his body.

Wu Ren's face was pale as he looked at Tang Zichen.

"How strong, I didn't expect that the Healing Department would have such a strong new student."

Tang Zichen's Killing God's one slash, he cracked it during the first slash, and when the two slashes were combined, Wu Ren couldn't resist.

It would be even less so if the three knives were united, but currently, Tang Zichen couldn't perform the first stance of the Killing God's One Slash.

Wu Ren gritted his teeth and said, "Fine, count you as powerful, I didn't expect that there were such experts in the Healing Department."After saying that, Wu Ren slunk away.



In the classroom corridor, all the students clapped and cheered, while admiring and respecting Tang Zichen very much.

Just now, they all knew that that Wu Ren was a perverted freshman at the late stage of the Inner Gate, and his one bite was enough to match Chang Sun Wu Yan, so Wu Ren was very strong, but they didn't expect that Tang Zichen had actually defeated him.

Changsun Wuhen gratefully said, "Thank you, if it wasn't for you today, I really don't know what to do."

"Don't be polite, it's just that, you're the hospital flower, today there will be someone to chase you, even force you to be his girlfriend, then I'm afraid that there will be even stronger ones in the future, and there may be even stronger ones, even second and third year seniors.What are your plans?"Tang Zichen asked, "It's not good for a woman to be too beautiful.A woman that is too pretty is like any treasure that everyone wants to have.

Chang Sun Wu Yan shook his head and sighed, "I don't know, before I came to Martial Academy, I really didn't expect this."

Changsun Wu Yan looked irritated for a while.

Tang Zichen smiled, "You don't have to worry too much, since you're so fortunate to be in the same class as you, as long as I can get rid of the flies, I'll definitely help you."

"Thank you, Tang Zichen."Changsun Wu Yan said gratefully.

"You're welcome, I consider you a friend."

"Me too, I'm honored to be your friend, don't worry, in the future, I'll do my best to help you in learning healing, in return for helping me get rid of those flies."Chang Sun Wu Yan politely said.


"Oh."Tang Zichen just smiled.

Right now, that Kang Guoming, seeing how grizzled Tang Zichen's strength was, was very jealous.

"Damn, this Tang Zichen is sick, come here to pretend what's the comparison, depend on it.I'm nothing in front of him, this pre-Nei Men, I'm nothing in front of him.Since my superiority in martial arts is gone, I must shine in the healing arts, I want to become the most powerful healer, and then I'll be just as superior to Tang Zichen, plus I'm not weak in martial arts, hmm, Tang Zichen is nothing in front of me."

Just as Kang was fantasizing about how he would be a bull in the future, a student walked in.

"Which one is the class president?"The student who came in asked.

Changsun Wu Yan stood up and said, "I am the class president."

"Yoo-hoo, the first year class president of the Healing Department is the famous hospital flower."

"Who are you?"Nagisa asked.

"I'm the second year class president of the Healing Department."

"Oh, senpai, what brings you to our first year?"Chang Sun Wu Yan asked.

"It's like this, we have a very powerful divine doctor in the second year, before he entered the Martial Arts Academy, his medical skills were famous all over the world.I heard that in your first year freshmen, there is also a disciple of some kind of Ghost Hand Medical Saint who is also very powerful in medical skills, do you dare to pk with our second year?"That senior said. First URL


"In that case, let's pk at noon by the clinic behind the healing department and have your class of oni healing students ready."After saying that, that second year senior walked away.

Chang Sun Wu Yan turned his head and said to Kang Guoming, "Kang Guoming, you heard me, get ready, the second year also has a very powerful healer who wants to pk with you, this not only represents your honor, it's also considered our first year's collective honor."

Kang Guoming said, "Now do you know how to beg me?"

"What do you mean?It's you that people are challenging."

"Alright, I'll let that second year what's-his-name divine doctor know my prowess at noon."Kang Guoming said, while at the same time, Kang Guoming said in his heart, "I've made Tang Zichen famous in martial arts, now it's finally my turn to make a splash in medical arts, I'll definitely abuse that so-called divine doctor in the second year."

At this moment, in the second year, the class president walked up to one of the men and said, "The first year's class president is actually Chang Sun Wu Yan."

"Very well, has that disciple of that so-called Ghost Hand Medical Saint in their class agreed to pk medical skills with me?"

"Promise, Li Bo, when it's time for you to shine, you must leave a good impression on Chang Sun Wu Yan ah, our healing department, never had a beautiful woman, this time, here comes a hospital flower beauty, the opportunity to grasp it well, maybe she is your person.You've reached the level of a second-grade healer, I believe that Chang Sun Wu Yan will be impressed by you when she sees how accomplished you are.You're only in your second year, and you've already reached the level of a second-grade healing master, and many third-year students haven't even become second-grade yet."

"Hehe."Li Bo laughed, he didn't really want to PK Healing with Kang Guoming, the disciple of the Ghost Hand Healing Saint, this was just a front, his real purpose was to show himself in front of Changsun Wu Yan.The Healing Department had never had such a beautiful female student, and as the most powerful student in the second year, he would definitely want to pick her up.Li Bo was only a second year, but his healing technique, which had reached the second grade, was more powerful than many third year seniors.You know, even the first year teacher, Zu Dang Zhi, was only a fourth grade healer.


, Tang Zichen didn't go to eat with Liu Xiangyun, after all, the distance between everyone's school buildings, running like this every day is also tired.Tang Zichen and Changsun Wu Yan and others went to the dining hall of the Department of Healing to eat together.

After the meal, by the clinic behind the Healing Department, PK kicked off.

Kang Guoming, a first year, and Li Bo, a second year, stood on opposite sides of the room, each with their own class on either side.

"Kang Guoming, go for it."

"Li Bo, come on, fuck the first year."

"What disciple of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, let him taste the power of our divine Doctor Li."

The first year students also shouted, "Kang Guoming, show your master's skills."

Tang Zichen and Changsun Wuhen stood together with smiles on their lips, it felt like two idiots were pk low level medical skills, their aim, both of them were Changsun Wuhen, because Tang Zichen observed that the second year Li Bo was glancing at Changsun Wuhen from time to time, so at a glance, he knew that he wanted to show himself in front of Changsun Wuhen, not to mention Kang Guoming.

"You're the Ghost Hand Medical Saint's disciple, Kang Guoming?"Second year's Li Bo said.

Kang Guoming grunted, "Yes, I am, Senior Li Bo, I heard that you were a world-famous doctor before you entered the Martial Academy, how come I haven't heard of you."

"Kang Guoming, I will let you hear it today."The corners of Li Bo's mouth curved up, and he laughed in his heart: "Silly bastard, you really think I'm interested in PKing medical skills with you, I'm just using you as a stepping stone to show myself in front of Chang Sun Wu Yan."

Kang Guoming asked, "How do you want to pk?"

Li Bo said, "There's a patient over here with a difficult and complicated disease, let's compare and see who has a better treatment method."

Kang Guoming huffed, "No judge, what if you die refusing to admit that your method is worse than mine?"

"Don't worry, there are so many students here, I'm sure they are all somewhat accomplished in medicine, by all means let everyone judge them, and if it doesn't work out, call the department head."

"Okay, come on."

So, they immediately diagnosed that patient and then wrote out a prescription for each other's treatment.

Kang Guoming's treatment plan was to take three days of medicine, plus acupuncture once a day, and a massage technique, which would cure the patient for about a month.

Li Bo's treatment plan was to take just one post of medicine, which would cure him for about ten days.

Kang Guoming snorted, "I don't believe you can do it."

Li Bo showed the treatment plan to Kang Guoming and showed it to everyone.

After reading it, Kang Guoming's face changed.

"Kang Guoming, what else do you have to say?You should know better than anyone that you lost, your medical skills are far below mine, admit defeat."

Kang Guoming didn't say anything, his heart was very unhappy and said, "Li Bo, you're the one who found the patient, you must find a patient you're good at, I'm not convinced."

"If you're not convinced, you can find a patient you're good at and come over."

"Okay, you wait."

It wasn't long before Kang brought in a patient who had a disease that he was good at treating.At the back of the Healing Department, there was a special clinic where there were various patients every day.

As a result, Kang Guoming lost again, and his treatment method, although he was also able to cure it, was far inferior to Li Bo's.


Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Senior Li Bo's medical skills, as expected, are worthy of the name, if I'm not wrong, you must be that young divine doctor, Li Bo who has the title of Sai Hua Tuo."

"Yes, it's exactly me."

"Wow, Senior Li Bo, I didn't expect you to be here at the Martial Arts Academy, I've heard rumors about you since I was a child."Chang Sun Wu Yan said adoringly.

"Haha, you're welcome, Changsun Wuhen, I'm honored that you've heard of me, I've been practicing medicine with my grandfather since I was a child, although I know some superficial medical skills, but I'm not as divine as everyone rumors."Li Bo said modestly.

That Kang Guoming, who was very frustrated at being pked down in his medical skills, however, people were indeed better than him, surpassing him in the field of treating the spleen and kidneys that he specialized in.Kang Guoming had a deep sense of frustration inside, martial talent was not as good as Tang Zichen, and now he was even being pked down by the second year Li Bo in medical arts.

At this moment, Li Bo had already talked to Changsun Wu Yan.

Changsun Wu Yan had heard of Li Bo's reputation before, and everyone was studying medicine, so he was quite worshipful of Li Bo, the divine doctor.

Li Bo's purpose was achieved, and he was very happy to see Chang Sun Wu Yan's worshipful tone towards him.

Changsun Wu Yan asked: "Senior Li Bo, you must have such a high talent for healing, must you have any achievements in healing now?"

"Haha, of course."Li Bo saw that his point of pretending to be a healer had finally arrived, and said unabashedly, "Truth be told, I'm already a second-grade healer now."

"Wow, that's amazing, you're only in the second year, you've reached second grade healer, you're so talented."Changsun Wu Yan was shocked. Remember the URL

"Hehe, so-so."Li Bo smiled hehehe.

Tang Zichen wasn't very happy to see Li Bo's proud appearance, a second year student who was only in the late Outer Gate, what was there to be proud of.

Tang Zichen felt that he had to show himself too, the limelight couldn't let this group of people he thought was average out.

"Wait a minute."Tang Zichen suddenly shouted.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Changsun Wu Yan asked, "Tang Zichen, what are you doing?"

Li Bo looked at Tang Zichen, a little upset, and interrupted his chat with Chang Sun Wu Yan.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Kang Guoming PK Medical lost, this is not only about his honor, but also the honor of the first year.As a first year student, I'm obligated to uphold the honor of my class.Senior Li Bo, come on, come pk medical arts with me too."

"You?What are you?"Li Bo snorted.

"My name is Tang Zichen, I also know a little bit of meager medical skills, and before I entered the Martial Arts Academy, I was somewhat famous for my medical skills within my hometown, a small city."

"A famous one inside the city also has the nerve to pk with me, are you insulting me?"Li Bo was furious.

Changsun Wu Yan was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, you also know how to heal, huh?"

"Sure, slightly."Tang Zichen said modestly.

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Tang Zichen, stop it, Li Bo is very famous, he became famous when I was thirteen."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Li Bo is so famous, then may I ask, cold disease, can he cure it?"

Li Bo snorted, "Cold illness is one of the top ten incurable diseases in the world today, you damn well have the ability to treat me."

"Hahahaha, you can't even cure a cold disease, and you have the nerve to call yourself a divine doctor?"

"Murphy would

?"Li Bo roared in anger.

"Truth be told, I've already cured a cold case, of course, believe it or not that's your business.The two patients that you and Kang Guoming PK just now, my treatment plan now is that I don't have to take medicine or injections, it only takes five minutes to heal."

"I pooh, mouth-breathing."Li Bo gasped.

Tang Zichen immediately had the two patients who had just come up.

"You two, lie on your backs, side by side, and I'll treat one at the same time with my left and right hands."

So, in full view of everyone, Tang Zichen stuck a needle in his left hand and a needle in his right hand, and gave the two people needles at the same time.This required not only super-high technique, but also very strong distraction, brain control of two hands to do different things.

The needle held in the left hand pierced the patient's back, and the needle held in the right hand pierced the patient's lower ribs, all at the same time.

Five minutes later, Tang Zichen pulled out the needle and said, "Alright, all of you have been healed, however, your body is a bit weak, this is normal, go back and have a good night's sleep and you'll be fine."

The two patients thanked each other, one said, "Thank you, classmate, thank you very much indeed."

The other patient said, "Thank you, give me your bank card number, I would like to call 100 million to you as a reward."

"Uh, so rich."

These two patients, who were both rich outside, got seriously ill, so they came to Martial Island to see a doctor, poor people usually couldn't come to Martial Island, they couldn't even afford a plane ticket.

Everyone was dumbfounded, Tang Zichen actually cured two patients with difficult diseases at the same time in five minutes.

"That's impossible, it must be Tor."Li Bo roared.

Tang Zichen snorted, "One of the patients was found by you and the other by Kang Guoming, did you guys hire me two TOs?And just now they were sickly, and now they are healed and alive, and the fact is there for all to see.Li Bo, my medical skills, higher or lower than yours?Speak for yourself."

At that moment, a voice came out, "There's no need to doubt it, his medical skills are inferior even to my own."

Everyone looked towards the place where the voice came from, and it was the department head.

"Ah, Director."

The Department Head came over and said to Tang Zichen, "Your medical skills already wowed me that day when filling out the volunteer assessment, and seeing you perform them again today has made me even more impressed.I'm afraid it's hard to find anyone in today's world who is more skilled than you, at least not among the miracle doctors I know.By the way, you just said that you cured a case of cold illness, is that true?"

When everyone heard the department head say this, they all opened their mouths wide in disbelief.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Director, if you want to learn, I'll teach you ah, cold illness, it's actually quite easy to treat."

At this time, Li Bo was reluctant to say, "Director, are you really not joking?"

The department head turned his head and said to Li Bo, "Li Bo, would I, the head of the department, joke with you?Don't say you, it's not worth mentioning even if you let your grandfather come.Also, that Kang Guoming, don't be unhappy, your master, the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, is famous, but I'm afraid he's not even a fart in front of Tang Zichen."

"What."Kang Guoming's body trembled more than a little, Tang Zichen's medical skills were so powerful?

Chang Sun Wu Yan really didn't know what to say at the moment, it felt like a dream, Tang Zichen's martial arts skills were so high, but even his medical skills were so high that it was unbelievable.Thanks to her before, she even said that she would help him in his medical skills, but as a result, people's medical skills were so high that they were not even a fart of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint.He, he was the true divine doctor ah.


When Zu Dang Zhi heard about Tang Zichen's medical skills, even the head of the department sighed to himself and busily ran up.

"Director, Tang Zichen's medical skills, are they really that great?"Zu Dangzhi asked.

"Zu Dangzhi, although you are a teacher, you are not at all a match for Tang Zichen in terms of medical skills, so you can learn from Tang Zichen in the future if you are fine."

"Oh, good."Zu Dangzhi looked at Tang Zichen.

The head of the department said to all the first and second year onlookers, "Everyone disperse, we still have classes in the afternoon."

Only then did everyone disperse, except, that second year Li Bo looked at Zu Dang Zhi with jealous eyes.

At this time, Changsun Wu Yan walked up to Tang Zichen and invited, "Tang Zichen, let's go to the department cafeteria to eat together, you're not going back to be with your girlfriend again, are you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It doesn't matter, let's go."

Everyone looked enviously at Tang Zichen and Changsun Wuhen walking together, especially Kang Guoming.Kang Guoming said inwardly, "Tang Zichen, so what if you're great at healing, it doesn't mean that your talent in healing is just as great.What's to be proud of, my talent in the healing arts has been tested and reached 8.0, the first in this freshman class."

Changsun Wuhen and Tang Zichen were eating together in the cafeteria.

"Tang Zichen, it's so hard to believe that you're so good at healing."Changsun Wu Yan said as they ate. One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, just so-so."Tang Zichen smiled shallowly.He wasn't pretending to be a match, his medical skills really weren't that great compared to his uncle, his wife, and his little sister.

"Your medical skills are so powerful and your martial arts talent is so high, you're a true double genius.You'll definitely make it to the top 100 in the New Student Competition, I'm really envious."

"Haha, I hope so."Tang Zichen laughed, but that wasn't what he had in mind, Tang Zichen's goal was to be number one, it was just that what hadn't happened yet, Tang Zichen didn't bother to say that much, lest he be said to be bragging about it.

Changsun Wu Yan asked, "By the way, have you gone to test the Healer Talent?"

"Uh, can the Healer Talent be tested as well?"

Changsun Wu Yan said, "Of course you can test ah, before enrollment, every student who comes to the Healing Department has a test, if the value of the test is below 1.0, then the teacher will suggest changing departments."

"Oh, I didn't ah, I didn't know that."Don Zichen said.

"It doesn't matter if you haven't tested it, you're so good at healing anyway, your talent value must not be low."

"Faceless, can you tell me how to test the talent value? what does 1.0 mean?"Tang Zichen asked.

When Chang Sun Wu Yan heard Tang Zichen call her Wu Yan, her heart skipped a beat and she was a bit afraid to look up at Tang Zichen.

Changsun Faceless bowed her head and said, "The talent value is just a reaction data la."

"Oh, how much does the talent value have to reach before it's considered good?"Tang Zichen asked again, bored with dinner anyway, and chatted as he ate.

"Generally speaking, the higher the value of the test, the higher the talent.For example, our teacher Zu Dangzhi, I heard that when he tested before, it was 4.0, and now he's a fourth-grade healer, isn't he."Chang Sun Wu Yan smiled, she hadn't said how many values she had tested, not using her own values as an example, using her teacher's values as an example.

Tang Zichen smiled hehely and said, "Faceless, tell me, what is the value of your talent?"

"Hehe, don't talk about me."Changsun Wu Yan smiled shyly.

"Say, do you have a high talent value?You don't dare?Or is it, very low?"

Only then did Changsun Wu Yan smiled, "Alright, the talent value I tested that day was 7.0," Changsun Wu Yan said, still feeling a pang of excitement inside, a talent value of 7.0, surpassing the 4.0 Zu Dang Zhi teacher, even though it had been several days since this happened, Changsun Wu Yan still felt excited.

"Haha, no wonder you don't dare to say your talent value, it's so awesome, not bad, does this mean that you will become a seventh-grade healer in the future?"Tang Zichen asked.

Changsun Wu Yan smiled apologetically, "It's just a numerical value la, whether it will really reach the seventh grade in the future, who knows."

"I'll know the answer by looking at your smile."

"Hehe."Changsun Wu Yan laughed happily and said, "You'll also go test it some other day, the testing place is in the Martial Academy's Healing Department Research Building.Your healing skills are so high, I'm sure that your talent value is even stronger than mine."

Tang Zichen said, "That's not necessarily true, by the way, are you the one with the highest talent value in the class?"

"That's not true, Kang Guoming's talent value of 8.0 is a bit higher than mine, I'm the second highest talent value in this freshman class."

"Oh, that's impressive too, congratulations, you'll definitely become a seventh-grade healer in the future.Our department head, I heard, is only seventh grade as well, you'll be just as good as the department head in the future."

"Shh, keep your voice down."Changsun Wu Yan blushed, embarrassed, but her smile was distinctly filled with titillation.

In that world of Tang Zichen's, there was no such profession as a healer, otherwise, Tang Zichen would definitely not know anything about healers.

After lunch, Changsun Wu Yan asked, "There are still two hours until the afternoon class, what are you going to do?"

Changsun Wu Yan felt very happy to talk with Tang Zichen, and wanted to continue talking with him, she had never done this to a boy before, maybe she was because she admired Tang Zichen's healing skills.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm too lazy to go back to the dormitory, so let's go practice our swords, we can't forget to practice our swords even if we come to the healing department."

"Then I'll go practice my sword too."


The two of them came to a secluded place and practiced their swords, Tang Zichen practiced his Dragon Descending Sword Technique and Changsun Wu Yan practiced her family heirloom sword technique.

Tang Zichen looked at Changsun Wuyan's sword technique and smiled, "The sword technique is good, but your comprehension is not at all as powerful as it should be."

Chang Sun Wu Yan was ashamed and said, "This sword technique is my family's handed down Sword of Flowing Willow with the Wind, but unfortunately, I'm always unable to practice it with great power."

Tang Zichen said, "Let me teach you."

"Ah."Changsun Wu Yan wondered if he had heard wrong.

"This is my family's sword technique, ah, do you know it too?"Changsun Wu Yan said in surprise.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I can't, but I just saw you practicing it, so I probably know how to do it, and I understand at least eighty percent of it."

"Ah, no way."Changsun Wu Yan was taken aback, Tang Zichen's comprehension was too high, seeing her practicing once and actually knowing how to do it, and he even lectured her.

"Don't be nervous, when I say I will, it's only the two stances you just practiced, the rest of your stances, I haven't seen them and naturally don't know."

"Yeah, my family sword style, I've only learned the first two styles now."


"That's right, I've already seen your first two styles, I'll teach you how to practice."

Tang Zichen immediately performed the sword technique, and sure enough, the power that Tang Zichen displayed was literally ten times more powerful than Chang Sun Wu Yan's.

"Wow, no way, is my family's handed down sword technique this powerful?"Chang Sun Wu Yan said incredulously.

"Oh, this sword technique passed down by your family is not bad, just saying that your comprehension is not enough to comprehend the essence of it.Of course, I'm not saying that you have poor comprehension, you're now in the middle of the outer gate, just like my girlfriend.Come, I'll teach you."

"Mmhmm."Changsun Wu Yan was busy nodding her head happily, only, she felt a bit strange inside, a bit unexplainable touch.

Tang Zichen guided Changsun Wu Yan by hand, and indeed, after Tang Zichen's guidance, Changsun Wu Yan's sword skills improved several times.The same sword technique, performed by people with different comprehension and talent, had vastly different results.

"Thank you, Tang Zichen."Changsun Wu Yan said gratefully.

"You're welcome."

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen left after a short lesson, and the teacher didn't stop him, because there was really no need to listen to Tang Zichen's medical skills.

"There's no point in practicing swords all the time, so why don't you go test the numerical value of my talent as a healer.I guess even Kang Guoming has 8.0, so there's no reason for me to go below 8.0."

Thus, Tang Zichen, who was idly bored, went straight to the Healing Department research building. First URL

"What for?"A man in the research building asked.

"Hello, I'd like to test my talent as a healer."

"Didn't you come to test it when you first enrolled?"

"No, I didn't decide to join the healing department until later."

"Follow me in."

Tang Zichen followed that teacher into the basement of the research building.

That teacher said, "This student, what's your name?"

"My name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, before the test, I must make it clear to you that the value of the test can indeed represent your future achievements in healing, but it is not 100% absolute.If the test obtains a high score value, please don't be proud, and don't mock others.If you get a low score, don't be frustrated, and even more so, cheer up.I'm not going to lie to you, a friend of mine, when he tested back then, only had a value of 2.0, but now, he's already an eight-grade healer."


Said the man who had reached the basement.

In the basement, at the very front, there was a chilly stone bed with a withered corpse on it, and beside the corpse were many colorful bottles and jars.

The teacher of the test said: "That's not a dry corpse, it's simply a special item made by a dry corpse, used to test the talent of healing.You go up there, use those colorful bottles and jars, take the liquid you think you need, suck it up with your internal force and inject it into the dry corpse's body.Although a dry corpse is a dry corpse, there are still meridians and various body reactions, the point to which you can restore the dry corpse indicates how high the talent is, and my side will automatically compare the value of your talent."

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen walked up.

Tang Zichen first took the pulse of the dry corpse, there was even a pulse, Tang Zichen was really surprised, but the thought that this was a special item made by a dry corpse, also

It was a relief.Judging from the pulse, the dry corpse was severely injured internally, injuring the counterflow of the meridians, Tang Zichen could have used his medical skills to heal the dry corpse if he wanted to.

Tang Zichen looked at the testing teacher a bit confused, he could just heal the dry corpse, so what should he test him for?

"What's the problem, Don Zichen?"The testing teacher asked.

"Teacher, I don't understand, what is this asking me to do?What's the point of asking me to mess with dry bodies?"

"Oh, don't tell me you don't have any talent at all, Don Zichen?I can't believe I don't know what to do."The testing teacher said with disappointment.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was stunned.

The testing teacher said to Tang Zichen again, "Tang Zichen, medical skills are high, but there are also many people who don't have healer talent, not surprisingly, you should go back, and when you go back, it's recommended to talk to your department head and transfer to another department, you don't have any talent at all."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, that's not the question I wanted to ask you.What I want to ask is, what do you want me to do to a dried corpse?"

"Nonsense, of course you heal the dry corpse, heal it the way you want to, that bottle and jar of liquid is all medicine, how far you can heal it depends on your talent.For example, in your freshman class, a student named Kang Guoming, he cured the dry corpse's skin with a little bit of moisture, so Kang Guoming got a talent value of 8.0, which is the highest talent in your freshman class."

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher, I can just heal this dry corpse, is there a need to go the extra mile and let me try to heal it?There's no need to try ah, I can heal it straight away.Judging from the pulse, the dry corpse was attacked by the blade's Qi, which caused the pulse of the meridians to flow backwards, thus making it unable to perform martial arts, and it died as a result."

The testing teacher trembled all over and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Tang Zichen, you you... how do you know that he was attacked by the blade qi?Causing the pulse to flow backwards?"The testing teacher asked with a shocked face.

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "Didn't you tell me to try healing on the dryad?I didn't have to try, I judged it right away."

"Ah, that's impossible, you haven't even started studying healing yet, how do you know healing?"The test teacher asked in shock, Tang Zichen was able to determine the problem of the dried corpse so accurately, that means Tang Zichen is already a healer ah.

The test teacher's question stunned Tang Zichen, when did Tang Zichen know how to heal?

"What are you talking about, teacher?I don't know how to heal ah, that's why I came to learn healing ah."

The testing teacher shook his head, "Impossible, if you're not a healer, you would never be able to tell what injuries the dry corpse has suffered, but you, you judged it in one go, which means, you're a healer, Tang Zichen, you're even pretending to be a healer.What's the point of testing when you're already a healer."

Tang Zichen touched his head and smiled, "Teacher, I'm really not a healer ah, otherwise I would have come to learn what healing arts.As for your question about why I was able to judge this dry corpse, huh, as a doctor, isn't that a piece of cake?And, I won't lie to you, I can cure this kind of problem in minutes."In Tang Zichen's previous life, the number of strong people who had encountered this kind of problem and treated it was unknown.

"Then you try it."

Tang Zichen didn't talk nonsense and immediately took out a silver needle, pricked the dry corpse, and then used his internal force to channel it, this was a simple enough medical technique.Not long after, the pulse on the dry corpse flowed backwards and was corrected by Tang Zichen.


The testing teacher said incredulously, "Oh my God."

"What's the problem, teacher?"Tang Zichen asked.

The testing teacher said, "Tang Zichen, you don't need to come to the healing department to learn healing anymore, you mother than, you're already so good at healing, you're still here to learn gross."

Tang Zichen wiped his cold sweat and laughed, "Teacher, you're laughing at me, I'm here to test if I have any talent, and you're chasing me away and not letting me learn, alright, tell me, what's my talent value for healing?"

The testing teacher looked at Tang Zichen with a monster-like look and said, "Tang Zichen, what you just performed is a healing technique, and it's an advanced one at that, what talent value do you need when you're already so advanced?The talent value is for those who can't yet."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Are you sure?"

"Crap, you're brilliant at healing,"The testing teacher said.

"Oh shit, your sister."Tang Zichen couldn't help but burst out, engage in high and go, he already knew how to heal.

No wonder Tang Zichen said that in his previous life, there was no such profession as a healer, it was not that there wasn't one, but in his world, the healing arts included the healing arts of this world with the medical arts.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen couldn't help but laugh, it was hilarious, no wonder the people in this world had such low healing skills.

The testing teacher hummed, "Faking the comparison, you healed the dry corpse directly, this is an advanced healing technique.I think you're at least a seventh-grade healer, you're at least a seventh-grade healer." Remember the URL

"What?I'm a Seven Healers?Wouldn't that put me on the same level as the department head?"

"No, I feel like you should be better than the department chair,"The testing teacher said.

Tang Zichen laughed, feeling very speechless, all of a sudden more powerful than the department head.

The testing teacher asked, "Tang Zichen, you really don't even know you're a healer yourself?"

"I really don't understand."

"Well then, let me ask you, do you know anything about the secret cavities of human organs?For example, there are thousands of acupuncture points in the human brain?Also, the human heart has two to three hundred acupuncture points.Do you understand this knowledge?All this knowledge is a compulsory subject for first grade, a very difficult knowledge to master."

Tang Zichen whipped out a cold sweat, he had been learning these since he was a child with his teacher, every secret point of the human body, Tang Zichen already knew them like the back of his hand, he could pierce them correctly with his eyes closed.

"Sensei, those secret acupuncture points you mentioned, I've been learning them since I was a child, it seems that I really am a healer, but I didn't even know it myself, I always thought those of mine were healing arts."

"No, there's a very big difference between healing and healing, healing involves only those hundred or so acupuncture points that float on the surface, while healing, even the acupuncture points of the organs in the body have to be known and applied flexibly."

"Okay, I get it."Tang Zichen sighed and smiled.

The testing teacher said, "Tang Zichen, since your healing technique is so powerful, you should also go and test for a healer status, you should be superior to the head of the department, you should go and test for a healer status, I'm curious as to how many grades of healer you are."

"Where to take the test?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I'll take you to the exam tomorrow, there's a special assessment place at the Martial Arts Academy, and the certificate issued by the Martial Arts Academy is more authoritative."

"Good, then I'll go back first."Tang Zichen headed out.


nbsp; At that moment, the testing teacher shouted to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, remember to come to me tomorrow morning, I'll take you to test for a healer status ah, you're so good, you should test for a healer status."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded again, his heart was somewhat speechless, coming to test his talent, and as a result, it turned out to be an assessment of healing master status, and there was a possibility that he was even more advanced than the department head, Tang Zichen was also drunk when he thought about it.

After school, Tang Zichen came to the front of the Sword Art Department's building, waiting for Liu Xiangyun to be released from school.

"Tzichen."Not long after, Liu Xiangyun came out.

"Xiangyun, why are you only getting out of school now, what do you guys study every day?"Tang Zichen asked curiously.

"Just practicing swordsmanship with each other every day, having class ranking matches, thinking about improving a little bit every day, surpassing the opponents who are chaperoning with each other, that's it, over and over again, the teacher doesn't teach anyone anything because we each have our own swordsmanship."

"Isn't that boring?"

"For the strongest people, it's really boring to have no opponent in the class, for example, in my class, there's a boy named Li Jia Liang, he's the strongest in the class, late inner class, he should be the most boring in the class without an opponent.However, he has a teacher as his sparring partner, and he's also abused by the teacher.What about you guys?What does the healing system look like?I've heard that healing is just like high school, with lots and lots of learning and memorization of many books, yes?"

"Pretty much, in fact, the healing art is one that is more advanced than this world."

Liu Xiangyun instructed, "Then you have to learn it seriously."

Tang Zichen smiled, "No need, I thoroughly understand the so-called healing arts of this world today.It turns out that this world's healing arts + healing arts is my world's healing arts.And I, surprisingly, already know healing arts, and I'm at least a seventh-grade healer."

"Ah, no way, right?"Xiang Yun Liu was taken aback.

"I was also shocked to death when I learned the truth this afternoon, I thought that healing was something very advanced, messing around with it was just a healing technique that I already knew how to do.If my sifu, uncle, little sister and the others came here, then they're all better healers than me."

Liu Xiangyun was also speechless for such a pitiful thing.

Tang Zichen was a bit disappointed inside, he had wanted to learn a knowledge and thought that healing art was some profound skill, but it turned out to be nothing more than a healing art he had already learned.

"So now everyone knows that you actually know healing arts already?" asked Liu Xiangyun.

"Except for that testing teacher, no one should know."

"Then are you going to tell those classmates and teachers of yours?They wouldn't know how shocked they'd be if they knew that you're actually already a powerful healer."

"Oh, we'll talk about this later, I'll go and assess a Healing Master identity to come tomorrow first."

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun went to the Genius Restaurant for dinner together again, and after dinner, they strolled around the paths of the Martial Arts Academy holding hands and enjoying couple's date time.

Not long after walking, they suddenly saw something shaking desperately under a small tree in a class ahead.

"Shh."Tang Zichen covered Liu Xiangyun's mouth and said, "Don't go over there, there's a couple doing that in the bushes."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was stunned.

They walked in the other direction, but, not too far away, they saw another couple banging under a rock.


"Why is the Martial Arts Academy so chaotic."Liu Xiangyun was depressed.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Eating sex, sex too.Everyone is at this age, the Martial Arts Academy has nothing to entertain, the people who practice martial arts are strong and powerful, couples don't play with this."

"Oh."Liu Xiangyun blushed.

Tang Zichen smilingly asked, "Xiangyun, when are we going to do that thing?I, kind of miss it."

"Ah."Xiangyun Liu shivered, unusually nervous.

"It's okay, I'll wait."


"Then what is it?"

Liu Xiangyun lowered her head with a flushed face and said, "I didn't say I didn't want to, anyway, you men decide such things, why do you need to ask me."

"Uh, Xiang'er, what do you mean?My decision?"Don asked excitedly, after all, he was a man too, and occasionally fantasized about it.

"Mm."Liu Xiangyun lowered her head in embarrassment of shame and softly mmmed. One second to remember to read the book

"And what if I decide it's just tonight?"Don Zichen asked.

"Ah, so urgent."

"You said I'll decide for myself."

"That, that...geez, you decide for yourself, don't ask me, I don't know anything."

Tang Zichen picked up Liu Xiangyun by the waist and smiled, "Then it's decided, tonight."

"Mm."Liu Xiangyun hmmed on Tang Zichen's bosom.

"Where to?Your dorm or my dorm?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Don't go to the dorm, it's not good for your roommates to know."

"What are you afraid of, we're all alone in a room."

"That can hear voices too, it's embarrassing."

"Then go to the hotel, there are plenty of hotels in the Martial Arts Academy."


"Yay."Tang Zichen flew up with Liu Xiangyun in his arms and headed to the nearest hotel in the courtyard.

"Hello, I need a room."Tang Zichen said.

"Hello, how much does it cost."

"About how much for a medium sized room?"

"Five hundred martial coins a night."

"Piece of cake."Tang Zichen easily finished paying and took the key up to his room, while Liu Xiangyun kept her head down, as if she was afraid to see anyone.

When she entered the room, Liu Xiangyun said, "I'm going to take a shower first."Liu Xiangyun hurriedly went into the hotel bathroom.

However, Liu Xiangyun didn't come out of the shower for a long time, probably because she was too shy to come out.

"Hurry up, wait until the cauliflower is cold, since you've decided, don't be afraid.I'm inexperienced anyway, so let's just explore together."


It was only a few minutes later that Liu Xiangyun came out in her bathrobe, and Tang Zichen immediately hugged her and headed to the bed.

Tang Zichen slowly peeled off Liu Xiangyun's clothes, Liu Xiangyun's wonderful body was in full view, although Tang Zichen was inexperienced, all by nature.The two of them groped and finally completed a major change in their lives, and the two of them had sex.

About half an hour later, after ending that marvelous event, the two embraced, their skin pressed tightly against each other.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "I have finally, transformed into a man, and you are no longer a young girl."

"I'm completely yours now, don't fail me."Liu Xiangyun said with a pout.

"Of course not, you're my wife now, and we're going to have a bunch of monkeys."<

br />

"Who wants to have a baby with you."Xiangyun Liu said shyly.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen, in his first taste, was in a doubly good mood, and with a flip, he pressed down on Liu Xiangyun again.

It was a night with several storm clouds, and it wasn't even up until the sun came up.

"Will I get pregnant?"Xiangyun Liu asked, so many times yesterday she was worried about getting pregnant, but it wasn't the right time for them and they were still young.

Tang Zichen said, "No it won't, I've already killed that with my internal force, you know, there's no point in getting pregnant now."

"Mmhmm."Liu Xiangyun was relieved, Tang Zichen was a doctor, so there was definitely no need for her to worry.

After checking out of the room, Liu Xiangyun said, "I'm not going to the sword department today, I'm going back to the dormitory."


When Liu Xiangyun stared at her, she didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen understood when he saw the strange way Liu Xiangyun was walking.

"I'll send you back, then I'll go to the Healing Department."


After sending Liu Xiangyun back to the dormitory, Tang Zichen remembered that he had an appointment today to assess his status as a Healing Master, so Tang Zichen rushed to the Healing Department research building.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally come, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Teacher, why have you been waiting for me."

"Tang Zichen, there's no need to be so polite to me, in fact, just call me Zhu Han, your healing technique is so powerful, your status should be equal to mine."

"Ah, Teacher Zhu Han, are you also a healer."

"Nonsense, I won't lie, I'm a 9th grade healing master, a professor in the healing department of the Martial Academy."

"Wow, you're amazing, Professor Zhu Han."

Zhu Han smiled, "No, you're not bad either, go go go go, hurry up and test, I couldn't wait to find out your level early in the morning.But who knows, you're so late."

"Hehe, sorry, I just remembered this in the morning."Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, it must be because he was having too much fun with Liu Xiangyun last night and forgot all about it.

"I can't hold back anymore, I'm curious to know what level of healing you are, and if you're better than me all."Professor Zhu Han said.

"It doesn't matter."Tang Zichen had no interest in how many grades of healer he was, because no matter how many grades he was, his healing skills couldn't be compared to those of his teacher and uncle.

However, Tang Zichen was still anxiously dragged to the assessment by Professor Zhu Han, and Tang Zichen followed Professor Zhu Han as he flew in a certain direction.

"Over there in front, that's where the healing grade is assessed, Tang Zichen, I feel that your healing technique, at least reached the eighth grade, it's unbelievable, you're such a young person, but your healing technique is so powerful.With your healing arts, you'll be welcome no matter which big family you go to."

"Really, but I prefer to call it a medical technique, not a healing technique."

"That kind of low-grade Chinese and Western medicine is called healing, our kind, called healing, is much more high-grade, why do you like to call it healing."Professor Zhu Han looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

Tang Zichen just laughed, in his world, where is there any distinction between medical and healing arts, both called medical arts.

"Professor Zhu Han, what is your business here today?Could it be that your healing technique has broken through to 10 items?"A strong man asked, this strong man's strength had reached the Houtian realm.

"Defeated Heaven, how could I have broken through to 10 Pieces so easily, I came here today to bring this student to assess the status of a Healing Master."

"Yo, coming to assess the healer status at such a young age, boy, very promising, you actually let Professor Zhu Han bring you to assess, go in."That Houtian strong man thought that Tang Zichen was here to assess the First Grade Healing Master status, so he only appreciated it slightly and didn't say anything more.


Walking into the assessment room, there were rows of dry bodies on display, from left to right, ah dry body number one, number two, number three, number four, and all the way up to number 15.

In total, there were 15 dry bodies.

Professor Lin Han said, "Tang Zichen, this number to number fifteen dry corpses are all props used for assessment.If you can heal number one, then it's a first-grade healer, and so on, and if you can heal several numbers, it's a few healers.You can see for yourself how many numbers you can heal, and you can try them one by one."

Tang Zichen asked, "Didn't you say that there are a total of 18 pins of healers?How come there's only 15 dry bodies?"

Professor Lin Han laughed, "Tang Zichen, whether the healer has 18 items or not, this is not something that anyone is sure of, it's just that currently, in this world, the person who once reached the highest item is only 18 items, that's why now in the healer industry, the highest item is 18 items in common parlance.As for why there were only 15 dried corpses here, it was because it was really hard to find a dried corpse item that was above 15 pins.Currently in Martial Island, the highest grade can only be assessed up to 15, but of course, almost no one assesses 15 grades.It's like measuring height, the longest ruler is 3 meters, but, it's enough because very, very few people are taller than 3 meters.That's the idea."

"I see, then I'll see how many sizes I can heal."

Tang Zichen started looking at number 8.

Tang Zichen took the pulse of the dry corpse of number 8, and after a few seconds, Tang Zichen said, "This is simple."

Professor Lin Han was shocked, "So, you're over 8 pins."

Tang Zichen went back to the #9 dry corpse.

Dryad #9 became complicated, and Tang Zichen had to take it seriously. First URL

Professor Lin Han was a bit nervous, if Tang Zichen could even heal Dryad #9, then his healer grade would be on par with him, too scary for such a young man.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen said, "It's not difficult to heal Dryad #9, but obviously, it's much harder than #8.However, I still decided to challenge Dryad No. 10."

Professor Lin Han's body trembled, Tang Zichen was actually going to challenge Dryad #10, oh my god, if Tang Zichen succeeded in his challenge, then Tang Zichen would become one of the most powerful healers in the Martial Forest Academy's Healing Department, one of the most powerful healers.It was because the best healer in the Martial Arts Academy was currently only 10, and it was many years ago.

Tang Zichen walked up to Dryad No. 10, and immediately, Tang Zichen sensed that Dryad No. 10's injuries were far too much more serious than No. 9's, and I'm afraid it was hundreds of times more serious than Dryad No. 9's.This jump between one pint and one pint was also too big.

If treating a cold disease and using it to judge the grade, it would be around grade 9, but this No. 10 was hundreds of times more difficult than treating a cold disease.

Tang Zichen felt that the medical knowledge he had learned was a bit insufficient.

Professor Lin Han smiled, "Tang Zichen, if you think it's too difficult, just treat the Dryad No. 9, it's already very remarkable that you can treat No. 9.Truth be told, in the entire Martial Academy's Healing Department, out of the 12 professors, only three are ninth-grade, and there are nine more, all of them are eighth-grade.You'd already be remarkable if you became a ninth-grade healer, and there are nine other professors who aren't even as good as you."

Tang Zichen was shocked, of the 12 professors at Martial Academy, only three had reached the ninth grade.If Tang Zichen became a ninth-grade healer, wouldn't he be more powerful than most of the professors.

However, Tang Zichen didn't want to challenge the ninth grade, but the tenth grade.


nbsp; You really want to challenge Dryad X?"Lin Han said very skeptically.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I'm going to challenge the Tenth Dryad, I'm going to become a Tenth Grade Healer, even if it takes a day."

"Oh, you're so courageous."Professor Lin Han smiled, but he had no faith at all, Tang Zichen was too young to succeed, being able to become a ninth-grade wasn't even a certainty.

However, Tang Zichen didn't have a single glimpse of the condition of Dryad No. 10.Dryad number ten was a hundred times more difficult to treat than the cold disease ah, Tang Zichen had spent brain power treating the cold disease in the first place, not to mention a hundred times more than Dryad number ten.

Tang Zichen asked, "Professor Lin Han, is there a time limit?"

Professor Lin Han shook his head, "There's no time limit, when I first assessed the nine healers, I spent two days and one night healing."

"Ah, so long."Tang Zichen was shocked and said in his heart, "Ninth Dryad, if I challenge it, it should take less than three hours.It seems that I'm above Professor Lin Han, so I'll have to challenge Dryad number ten even more."

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "If I had seriously studied medical arts from Shishu and Uncle back then, then I would be more than that now.If Little Sister were here, with her medical skills, I'm afraid that this number 10 dry corpse would not be a matter at all, and number 11 would be a possible challenge.If Shishu was here, I'm afraid that the 15th Dryad wouldn't even be enough to challenge him.I only hate that I didn't study seriously in the first place."

Professor Lin Han said, "Tang Zichen, since you've decided to challenge number 10, I wish you success, there's no time limit, so don't feel pressured.I won't bother you anymore, you can study well by yourself, almost no one usually comes here, I'll watch out for you outside."

"Thank you Professor Lin Han."

After Lin Han walked out, only Tang Zichen was left alone, Tang Zichen tried to think and diagnose the condition of the 10th dry corpse, it was really hard.A hundred times harder than a cold disease ah, no clue at all.

"Is it true that my level is only at 9?"

"No, I'm not willing, I was a disciple of a divine physician in my previous life, how can I be on the same level as Professor Lin Han and these people, I have to be at least ten, otherwise I'm too unworthy of the status of a disciple of a divine physician."Tang Zichen said inwardly.It seemed that it was vanity, the entire Martial Academy only had three professors who had reached the ninth grade, Tang Zichen was already incomparably awesome even with his ninth grade healer status, but for the sake of vanity, he still wanted something more advanced.

At this moment, outside, Professor Lin Han exclaimed in his heart, "This Tang Zichen, is he really this powerful, or is he just pretending, it would be too unorthodox if he could become a 10-grade Healing Master, he's only how old he is.In the entire Martial Academy Healing Department, there's only one tenth-grade healer, and none of our twelve professors are able to challenge tenth-grade."

At around four o'clock in the evening, after a day of Tang Zichen's tireless efforts, he had finally, researched how to heal the tenth-grade dry corpse.

"Yay, the emperor is not disappointed, I finally know how to cure Dryad No. 10."Tang Zichen's heart was happy, he would soon become a tenth-grade healer.

Tang Zichen immediately began to heal, using the technique of acupuncture, along with some medicinal liquids, which were delivered into the dry corpse's body with internal force.

About half an hour later, the tenth dry corpse suddenly sat up.

Professor Lin Han seemed to know something and rushed in from outside, seeing the dry corpse sitting up, Professor Lin Han said incredulously, "You actually cured Dry Corpse No. 10, oh my god."


That's right, the dry corpse sat up, indicating a successful cure.

After about a minute, the dry corpse returned to its original state that hadn't been healed yet.

"Tang Zichen, congratulations, you're a tenth grade healer."Professor Lin Han said excitedly.

"Uh, Professor Lin Han, is it you who is in charge of the assessment?"

"Yes, any professor from the Martial Arts Academy can serve as an assessment teacher."

"Oh, so now that I've succeeded, is there any certificate for me?"

"Your healer's certificate, I'll give it to you when I'm done making it."

"Fine, it doesn't matter anyway, all that matters is that I succeeded."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen didn't try Dryad No. 11 again, because Tang Zichen knew that with his current healing skills, he definitely couldn't cure No. 11, unless his sister came.

Dryad number eleven was another hundred times harder than number ten.

"Alright, Professor Lin Han, I'm leaving."Tang Zichen said in a beautiful mood. Remember the URL

Professor Lin Han asked, "Tang Zichen, should I report this to the department head?"

Don asked, "What's the benefit of reporting it to the department head?"

"I think you should be hired to stay on as a professor."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "It's not necessary for now, don't forget, I'm still a freshman.Let's keep it quiet for now, let's talk about it after I participate in the freshman competition, the freshman competition, I take it very seriously."

"Also, you're still a new student, and becoming a Tenth Grade Healer as a newborn will definitely be sensational, and will definitely affect your participation in the Newborn Competition.Then, I understand, I'll keep it a secret for you for the time being."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen walked outside, Professor Lin Han shouted, "Tang Zichen, can I be your friend?"

"Uh, be my friend?You're a professor ah, I'm just a student, how can I be a friend."

"Tang Zichen, be a friend, you're a student, but your healing technique is much more powerful than mine."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Okay, let's be friends then."

"Thank you, I'm honored to have you as a friend, if there's anything I don't understand in the future, can I come and consult you?"Lin Han smiled and asked.

"Of course you can, friend."

Tang Zucchen left, returning to his first year classroom in the Healing Department.

Teacher Zu Dangzhi was still in class, Tang Zichen hadn't been all day, and only came in the evening when school was about to end, but Zu Dangzhi didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen saw the class and sighed.Zu Dangzhi was only a four-grade healer, while Tang Zichen was already ten-grade, Tang Zichen didn't even know if he would have to appear in this classroom in the future, it felt like there was no point in appearing in this classroom anymore.

At that moment, Changsun Wuhen waved to Tang Zichen, "Come over and sit down."

Tang Zichen sat down beside Chang Sun Wu Yan, Chang Sun Wu Yan seemed to have deliberately dressed up today, looking high-end and beautiful and charming.I don't know who she was dressing up for, but Tang Zichen hadn't been here all day anyway.

In his mind, Tang Zichen suddenly wondered what it was like to do it with Changsun Wuhen.In the past, Tang Zichen was still a virgin, so he wouldn't fantasize when he saw a beautiful woman, but now, he was no longer, and it still happened last night, so when he saw Chang Sun Wu Yan Tang Zichen couldn't help but fantasize the object as Chang Sun Wu Yan.

Tang Zichen patted himself on the head.

"What's wrong with you?"Changsun Wuhen asked.


; "Nothing."

"You're late today."

"Oh."Tang Zichen scanned Changsun's ample breasts and couldn't help but think of his hand holding Liu Xiangyun's last night.

"No way, why am I like this."Tang Zichen shook his head again continuously, feeling that the hidden lecherous wolf gene in his body had struck again.This lecherous gene, of course, was the one that originally came with Tang Zichen's body.

When Changsun Wu Yan saw Tang Zichen looking at her breasts, she blushed, one hand was busy pulling at her collar, very embarrassed, but Changsun Wu Yan didn't know why, it didn't seem to resist much, except for shyness, there was no feeling of anger.

"The teacher is in class, don't look around."Changsun Wu Yan.

"Sorry, I, huh."Turning his head away, Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Why do I feel like my resistance to beautiful women has instantly dropped?Is it because I'm no longer a virgin?"Tang Zichen also knew that if a certain person liked to drink, he had never drunk alcohol before, but once he had drunk alcohol, he would become an alcoholic.A person who liked to eat, once he had eaten a certain delicacy, he would want to eat it every day in the future.Similarly, this body of Tang Zichen, who was originally a lecher, now finally knew the taste of women, so his body was no longer as controllable as before, and his resistance to women had decreased, especially beautiful women.

"What a tragedy, I have to control myself, I've already wronged my senior sister, how can I wrong Xiangyun and Xuan'er again, I must be loyal to them."Tang Zichen said with an inner vow.

Tang Zichen said, "From now on, I might..."

"Maybe what?"

Tang Zichen originally wanted to say that from now on, he might not appear in the Healing Department anymore, as he was already a Tenth Grade Healer.However, Tang Zichen couldn't say it anymore when he saw Changsun Wu Yan's stunningly beautiful face, to be precise, he couldn't leave this seat in his heart, and still wanted to see and sit with Changsun Wu Yan every day.

It is true that the resistance to women has dropped so much that they have been ruthless enough to leave.

"It's just that."Tang Zichen sighed deeply.

"Tang Zichen, you're so strange today."Changsun said.

"Oh, yeah."Tang Zichen smiled slightly and involuntarily scanned Changsun Wuhen's beautiful legs again, thinking inwardly uncontrollably, "I wonder if Changsun Wuhen's legs are as tender and smooth as Xiang'er's."

"Bah, bah, why am I thinking so wildly, I need to control myself ah."Tang Zichen ran out of the classroom and slapped himself twice, Tang Zichen couldn't accept that he had turned into a pervert who had little resistance to women, this was completely different from his previous life's wind and light clouds.But with the pervert gene in his body, there would always be reactions that shouldn't be there, and once it struck, he would want it when he saw a beautiful woman.

"What a pervert, the former Tang Zichen, why is he so perverted, no wonder he was expelled from the family."Tang Zichen cursed fiercely inside.

Tang Zichen calmed down a bit outside before returning to the classroom again, and soon school would be over in the evening.

"Let's take a walk together."Changsun said.


The two of them walked together.

"What's wrong with you?"Changsun asked.

"No."Tang Zichen smiled, now that he had regained his composure and had the lust gene under control, he no longer thought about it.

"Actually, I have a fiancé."Changsun said facelessly.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned.

Changsun Wuhen himself didn't know why he was telling Tang Zichen this.


"You come from a big family, it's normal for you to have a fiancé, but why are you telling me this."Tang Zichen.

Changsun smiled facelessly, "The way you just looked at me, I feel a bit strange."

"What do you mean?"

"You're looking at me with a possessive look in your eyes."Changsun Wu Yan.

Tang Zichen was startled, not expecting a woman's senses to be so sensitive, Tang Zichen had just been influenced by the lecherous gene in his body and had indeed shown evil desire for Changsun Wuhen.

"That's right."Tang Zichen simply nodded his head, a decent man should not lie.

"Why?You wouldn't have even looked at me like that before."

"Oh, if I tell you that this is not my intention, do you believe it, my heart, I don't want to show any evil thoughts towards you, it's just, I don't know how to say it" Tang Zichen couldn't explain, last night he had just become a man, today it was inevitable for him to be affected by the pervert gene.In the past, when he was in Linjiang City, he was affected once when he saw Xu Mei Qian naked because Xu Mei Qian's body was too beautiful and stimulated too much.

Changsun Wu Yan asked in a low voice, "You, are you a bit fond of me?"

"Ah, what makes you ask that."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Otherwise, why did you just look at me with a possessive look in your eyes, I've seen this kind of look too many times, those who like me, like Kang Guoming, Li Bo, etc., are the same, that's why my senses are so sensitive.I believe that every woman whose senses are sensitive as long as she is liked more." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sorry, I already have a girlfriend."

Changsun Wu Yan was suddenly a bit lost inside, the fact that she would take the initiative to talk to Tang Zichen about this matter showed that her feelings towards Tang Zichen were completely different from those towards Kang Guoming and Li Bo.

"Since you already have a girlfriend, how can you give it back to me."Changsun Wu Yan looked a bit grumpy.

"Oh, well, I'm not hiding anything, last night I just did that with my girlfriend, for the first time, so you know, today's mentality is just a little different, seeing you, a sudden flutter of imagination."

"So that's how it is."Changsun Faceless smiled slightly.

"Faceless, you just said, you have a fiancé, why are you telling me this?"Don Zimmer asked.

"I thought that you liked me, so, I told you.I didn't expect that it wasn't, but I made up my own mind."Changsun was impudent.

"Why did you think I had to tell me this because I liked you?"

"I have to confess."

"Kang likes you too, have you confessed to him as well?"

"How could I, I don't like him why should I confess to him, ah!"After saying that, Changsun Wu Yan covered her mouth and realized that she seemed to have missed something.

Tang Zichen smiled, "So, you're confessing to me because you like me too?"

"I, I didn't say that."Changsun lowered his head.

"But your words have expressed that meaning.Changsun Wuhen, you don't really like me."

"Who likes you."Chang Sun Wu Yan snorted, petite and cute, Tang Zichen had already expressed that he didn't like her, so Chang Sun Wu Yan wouldn't admit that she had some feelings for Tang Zichen.

"You really don't like me?"

"Don't like it, don't think about it, didn't you just say that you have a girlfriend and you only like your girlfriend.If that's the case, why are you asking me this, are you going to split with Liu Xiangyun if I say I like her?"

Don chuckled, "If, indeed, I would do this


"Ah."Changsun Wuhen's body trembled and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, if Tang Zichen would really break up with Liu Xiangyun because of her, then what should she do.

"Alright, just kidding with you."Tang Zichen smiled.

"This joke isn't funny at all, boring."Changsun snorted, causing her to steal a little bit of joy.

"You said you have a fiancé, what does your fiancé do?"

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "To tell the truth, my fiancé is twenty years older than me, and he's also in the Martial Arts Academy, and he's also in the Healing Department."

"Ah?Twenty years older than you and also in the Healing Department, that's definitely not a student anymore, at least he's a teacher."

Changsun Wu Yan nodded, "Yes, he was a second year teacher, when he was young, he was my grandfather's disciple, then he went to the Martial Academy and slowly became a teacher in the Healing Department of the Martial Academy."

"No way, a member of your family, pledged you to someone twenty years older than you, and a disciple of your grandfather, is there any mistake."Tang Zichen said.

"Because the family needs it, I can't help it, I guess I've struggled with healing all my life anyway, so it's only natural to marry a healer."Changsun said.

"And do you love him?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't think so love, I saw him when he was a child when he was studying healing with my grandfather, I haven't seen him since then, I didn't see him until I came to the Martial Arts Academy, he's still the same as when he was young, he hasn't aged much, he's a healer, he knows how to take care of himself, so he doesn't look old on the outside either.In fact, I've been staying at his place since I arrived at the Martial Academy... "Changsun Wu Yan lowered her head.

Tang Zichen's heart trembled, and for some reason, the thought of Changsun Wuhen being underneath another man didn't make him feel good, Tang Zichen knew that the lecherous gene in his body was acting recklessly again.

"You, are you staying at his place these days?"

"Right."Changsun confessed directly.

"Oh, that's fine."

"I'm helpless too, okay, let's split up here, I'm going this way."

"I'm going this way."

The two of them went in their different directions.

After walking a few steps, Tang Zichen suddenly asked, "By the way, that fiancé of yours, what level of healer is he?"

"Five pints."

"Oh, all right."Tang Zichen flew away.

Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen's figure for a while.

Changsun Wu Yan returned to a villa that belonged to her fiancé, the second year teacher of the Healing Department, Chen Gu Jin.

No one knew about the fact that Chang Sun Wu Yan was the second year teacher's fiancée, because Chang Sun Wu Yan didn't want her classmates to know that the second year teacher was her fiancé.

"Come back."A man asked, he was Chen Gujin.

"Mm."Changsun Wu Yan nodded.

"That Tang Zichen, he seems to know you very well."Teacher Chen Gujin suddenly said.

"Uncle Chen, what do you mean, I have a few close classmates, it's normal right."

"Call me by my first name, after all, your family has already pledged you to me, don't call me Uncle Chen like you did when you were little.I don't mean anything by it, don't get me wrong, I am your fiancé after all, although outsiders don't know, but seeing a male classmate, who is also at your table, eating with you, and practicing sword with you, is somewhat uncomfortable.Alright, let's eat, I've prepared your favorite food."


Tang Zichen returns to his dormitory, where Liu Xiangyun is waiting for him.

Liu Xiangyun hadn't been to class all day, for reasons you understand.

"Xiang'er, are you better?"

Liu Xiangyun glared, "Keep your voice down, shame on you."Xiangyun Liu said with a blush on her face.

"Hehehe, are you still coming tonight then?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Ah."Xiangyun Liu ah'd loudly.

"What's wrong?"

"You still want to come tonight, huh?"Xiangyun Liu said stupidly.

"What's the problem?"

Liu Xiangyun was speechless, "You're too strong, aren't you tired at all?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, why do you feel tired." First URL

Xiangyun Liu was speechless, "The expert said that twice a week is the best time."

"No way, which expert said that, call him out, I promise I won't use a brick to kill him.I thought that every day will be fine from now on."

Xiangyun Liu pressed, "Honestly, have you practiced the Room Center Sutra?"

"No."Don Zimmer shook his head.

"And no, normal men can't be this strong.By the way, you're a soul crosser, why do you remember the Room Center Sutra?"

"Oh, when I got the Room Center Sutra in my previous life, I read it once and then naturally remembered it, when out of curiosity I practiced the beginning, after that, I quickly stopped and burned that Room Center Sutra as well."

"Are you sure you've only read it and never practiced it?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

"Of course, Zichen I'm a member of the righteous school, how could I practice that crooked thing, trying the beginning was just out of curiosity, I burned it immediately after that.However, regarding the secret book, I have a high level of comprehension and remembered it after reading it once, so I still remember that content, but never practiced it."

"Really?"Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen half-heartedly, the reason why Liu Xiangyun was half-hearted was because Tang Zichen was so fierce last night, otherwise how come she wouldn't be able to walk today.

"Xiangyun, you have to believe me, I really haven't practiced."

Xiangyun Liu blushed, "Then why are you so strong."

"I, I don't know ah, maybe I was born with it, or maybe, this body has the pervert gene."

"What pervert gene."

"The old Don was a pervert, he was lustful in his genes, even though it's me now, the body hasn't changed ah."

"Alright, alright, let's stop talking about this, shame on you, let's go eat."


Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun arrived at the Genius Restaurant, they booked a private room, after what happened last night, they both felt even closer and hated to be stuck together all the time.

In the void of the Genius Restaurant, the messy news was playing again.

"In half a month, the New Student Competition will be officially launched, and right now, the first year students are all training intensely, especially those of the inner class, each of them striving to take a good ranking.There will be more strong people in this freshmen than in any previous edition, this is because, according to the insider information, the winner of this freshmen will be accepted as a disciple by one of the strongest members of the Qin Gu Family, one of the four major island protector families of Martial Island, and can even join the four major island protector families as a result.Therefore, many

The geniuses who didn't care to come to the Martial Academy had come as a result.According to the latest statistics, there were more than 120 perverted geniuses who had reached the late Inner Gate in this new year, and there was no doubt that those who could enter the top 100 of the freshmen competition would be very powerful geniuses.So, in such a perverted new student, who would be able to enter the top ten and who would be the number one?A newborn who can rise among so many perverted geniuses, he, must be very extraordinary, let's wait and see."

Liu Xiangyun exclaimed, "There really are so many geniuses, Zichen, you're also late in the Inner Gate, you're also a perverted genius in everyone's eyes, I'm really so happy to have such a perverted man."

Tang Zichen angrily said, "Are you scolding me or praising me ah, such a perverted man also said that."

"Hehe, I'm talking about talent so perverted well, really, just love to think.I don't know if you can make it into the top 100."

"Xiang'er, do I not even make it into the top 100 in your eyes."Tang Zichen stared.

"No, didn't you see, the Special News said that there are 120 of the late Inner Gate."

"Alright, what hasn't happened yet, let's cut the crap and eat quickly."

"By the way, didn't you say you were going to assess your healer status today?How's the result."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "I've passed the assessment and become a Tenth Grade Healing Master."

"Ah, no way, I've heard that tenth-grade healers are very powerful."

"I am, but I don't feel like I'm very good, which only means that the people here are too bad, hahaha."

"So now everyone knows you're a tenth-grade healer?Why isn't there any movement ah, this should be big news ah, the restaurant didn't even special report about it, isn't it looking down on you ah."Liu Xiangyun said unconvinced.

Tang Zichen smiled, "The certificate isn't down yet, I've heard that it's a bit complicated to make, it's not that quick, and I want to wait until the freshman competition is over before deciding whether or not to announce it.I'm still a freshman, don't be so sensational yet, the freshman competition is interesting, I want to participate in it properly."

"Mmhmm, you're amazing, I'm your little fan."

Tang Zichen was happy to see his woman worshipping him so much.

After dinner, Liu Xiangyun went back to her dormitory to rest, Tang Zichen also went back to his own dormitory, the two roommates, Wang Xing and Su Jinhe were not there, it turned out that they both went to practice martial arts to prepare for the freshman competition.

With everyone working so hard, Tang Zichen also had to work hard on his martial arts to make it to the Freshman Competition.

The next day, Tang Zichen still went to the Healing Department, even though Tang Zichen's Healing Technique had reached Ten Pin, Tang Zichen's heart still wanted to go to that classroom, and still wanted to see Changsun every day.This was not Tang Zichen's original intention, but he could never resist it.

Today, when he came to the first year classroom of the Healing Department, he found that Changsun Wuhen had deliberately dressed up again today, looking pure and beautiful, and the goddess was even stronger.

"Coming, morning."Changsun Wuhen smiled slightly at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen nodded his head and sighed.

"Why are you sighing for no reason."

Tang Zichen said, "Because you're beautiful."

Changsun Wu Yan blushed and snorted softly, "Then why are you sighing."

"It's because you're so beautiful that I sigh, it's a pity that an old cow eats young grass."

Changsun Wu Yan laughed, "You're still thinking about it, huh, I've figured it out and resigned myself to my fate."


"I'm going to sword practice."Tang Zichen stood up, he had only come to report to the classroom to take a quick look at Chang Sun Wu Yan, only, Chang Sun Wu Yan had already been dominated by an old man, and he was tired of looking at it.Tang Zichen's inner side is not the original heart, on the other hand, there is an irresistible instinct, the original heart and instinct are fighting against each other.His instinct is the wind and light clouds, while his instinct is the original Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen is going to practice martial arts to prepare for the New Student Competition, and no matter how beautiful Changsun Wu Yan is, it has nothing to do with his instincts, but instincts want to possess her.

Chang Sun Wuyan said, "Today we will start to learn healing, no longer explain some low-level medical techniques, you still do not quickly sit down and listen to the lesson."

Inside Changsun Wuhen didn't want Tang Zichen to leave her seat, she wanted Tang Zichen to sit next to her all the time so that her inner peace was also peaceful.

Inside Changsun Wu Yan, it seemed that she was also resisting, one was fate and the other was within.In fate, she was the fiancée of a second grade teacher, while in her heart, she had feelings for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't want to hear it."Tang Zichen was already a tenth grade healer, so why listen to it.

"But in three days, there will be the first healing touch test."

"I'm going to practice martial arts now to prepare for the New Student Competition, I'll study on my own at night, I'm leaving."Tang Zichen left the classroom.

Changsun Wu Yan bit her lip, looking a little lost.

At that moment, Kang Guoming ran over and said, "Has Tang Zichen left?Faceless, how about if I sit in the seat of Tang Zichen, I'm nearsighted and I can see better here."

"Roll." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen went to a secluded mountain by himself and began practicing the Descending Dragon Sword Technique.

"Swoosh swoosh."

The mountain resounded with the sound of sword whistles, Tang Zichen's first level of the Descending Dragon Sword Technique was practiced like fire.

"Descending Dragon Sword Technique, Flying Dragon in the sky."



A tree snapped in response to the fall of the sword.

"The second level of the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, I'm never able to practice it, but it's normal, after all, I'm only at the late stage of the Inner Gate, and in my previous life, I reached the Pre-Celestial stage, and I only got to the fourth level."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

After practicing the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, Tang Zichen practiced the Killing God Saber Technique.

"The first style of the Killing God Saber Technique, beheading."


"The first style of the God Killing Blade Technique, two swords in one, beheading."

"Bang."A large rock was blown through by the blade Qi, and it was twenty meters away from Tang Zichen.

"Unfortunately, I still can't practice the second style of the Killing God's Blade Technique, Break, I still can't practice it, in that case, I'll practice horizontally and see if I can practice three knives in one."



Tang Zichen kept wielding the knife, one knife down, but in reality, he had already cut two knives in a row, two knives in one.

However, it was difficult to practice three knives in one, and it was probably no easier than performing the second type of 'break'.

Before you knew it, it was already noon.

"Tang Zichen."At that moment, a woman's call came, Tang Zichen looked and saw that it was Changsun Wu Yan.

"Uh, what are you doing over here."Tang Zichen asked.

"It's noon, and you're still practicing."

"Noon? Oh, the time has passed so quickly."Don Zichen laughed, really unaware of it.

"How did you know I was at


"It's not far from the Healing Department, I saw you coming in this direction, you haven't eaten yet."

"Not yet."

Changsun Wu Yan smiled, "Then you haven't eaten yet."

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if a martial arts practitioner doesn't eat for a few meals, what do you want from me?"

Changsun Wu Yan was stunned, she didn't know why she had come to see Tang Zichen.

"I'm just taking a casual walk."

Tang Zichen said, "That's a good time to come, let's practice swords together."

"Fine, you continue to instruct me in swordplay."


At this moment, on a rooftop in the distance, a man was holding binoculars and looking across the mountain, Tang Zichen and Changsun Wu Yan started practicing their swords again.

The man was a little annoyed, he was the second grade teacher, Chen Gujin.

"This Tang Zichen, should I go warn him?Tell him to stay away from my fiancée.However, if I go to warn him, wouldn't it be that my relationship with Changsun Wuhen is also known to him, Wuhen doesn't like to be told about this, if it gets out, will she make a scene.It's just a matter of time, let's hold off for now, I think that Faceless should know the score and won't do anything out of the ordinary with Tang Zichen."Chen Gu Jin sighed, he had started to become a troublemaker since he had this fiancée, who was really very beautiful, enough to make a man mess up his mind.However, there was one thing that he never knew, why did the Changsun Family take the initiative to marry Faceless to him?Is it because, as a disciple of Chang Sun Wu, his fat water doesn't flow to others?

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen was also happy to guide Changsun Wuhen to practice his sword together.Tang Zichen had a desire within him to smell the fragrance of Changsun Wuhen's body up close and also woo her.

At this moment, Tang Zichen took the opportunity to use the opportunity of instructing the sword technique to touch a hand on Changsun Wuhen's buttocks.

"What are you doing."Changsun Wu Yan blushed, she had felt one of Tang Zichen's hands on her buttocks.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled.

Tang Zichen didn't even seem to know what he was doing himself.

If it wasn't for Changsun Wu Yan's reminder, he wouldn't even know that he was touching Changsun Wu Yan's ass with one hand.

"What's wrong with you?It's okay, you instructed me in sword training, some physical contact is inevitable, no need to feel guilty."Changsun Wu Yan consoled, thinking that Tang Zichen was feeling guilty because he accidentally touched her buttocks.

Tang Zichen was inwardly shocked, "What was I just doing?How could I have subconsciously touched Changsun Wuhen's buttocks, God, how could I, Wind Lightning, do such a shameless thing."

"Faceless, according to what I just said, you practice by yourself first, I'll take a break."


Tang Zichen lay down a short distance away, internally reflecting on himself.

"Originally, Tang Zichen's pervert gene has been affecting me more and more, I don't want to become that person, my mind can control itself, but my body can't help but do something unpleasant."

"Ahhh, why are you torturing me like this."Tang Zichen cried out in his heart, if Tang Zichen was such a person, then he wouldn't have only loved his senior sister in his previous life, and he didn't have any feelings for so many beautiful women in his previous life.And now, he actually did so many things that were not his character.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen felt a warm current pass through his abdomen.

"Hey, why is there a warm current?I've only practiced two internal techniques, the Unbridled Heart Sutra and the Great Pan Heart Sutra, so why is there suddenly an extra warmth?"Tang Zichen was taken aback, this meant that there were three strands of internal energy in Tang Zichen's body, Tang Zichen had obviously only practiced two types, but right now, out of nowhere, there was an additional one.


Tang Zichen didn't want so much and immediately entered a state of meditation and cultivation.

Thoughts were placed in his dantian, and in his dantian, there were three internal warm currents at the moment, the one on the left was generated by the No Delusion Heart Sutra, and the one on the right was generated by the Great Disk Heart Sutra.The middle one, however, was an inexplicably extra one.

"What's going on, I'm not even practicing, where's the extra stream of internal energy."

Just as Tang Zichen was puzzled, the warm current of that extra internal energy flowed through Tang Zichen's entire body's meridians, Tang Zichen felt a sense of relief, at the same time, Tang Zichen's body immediately had a strong physiological reaction, as if it desperately needed it, Tang Zichen's willpower was a bit out of control.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing?"At this moment, Chang Sun Wu Yan came up.

Tang Zichen gazed towards Changsun Wu Yan, feeling that Changsun Wu Yan was magically attracted to him.

"Ah."When Chang Sun Wu Yan walked up to Tang Zichen, she suddenly saw the reaction on Tang Zichen's body and turned around with a red face.

Tang Zichen said with difficulty, "What are you doing over here."

"Tang Zichen, what is it you're doing, it's broad daylight, so speechless."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Sorry, it's not my intention, that's it for today, I'll leave first."After saying that, Tang Zichen leaped and flew up, disappearing into the distance.

Tang Zichen took out three silver needles and inserted them into one of his secret acupuncture points, before his body's intense desire came under control. One second to remember to read the book

"Fuck, I told you why my resistance to women suddenly dropped, why I suddenly feel like I'm changing color, it turns out that it's the influence of this unknown internal warmth.How the hell did this internal power come out, I've never practiced this kind of internal power at all, I thought that it was the influence of the original Tang Zichen's pervert gene, but surprisingly not."

Tang Zichen had found out the true cause of his body's changes, it was caused by the sudden extra internal energy in his body.

"What is this sudden extra internal power?How could it be so evil?"

Thinking of the word evil, Tang Zichen suddenly remembered something, the Room Center Sutra, this Room Center Sutra is an evil internal power, it was left behind by a legendary, incomparably powerful flower picker, that flower picker was very powerful, Tang Zichen once saw the introduction in his legacy, almost a kind of invincible.

Tang Zichen's face turned pale and trembled, "Don't tell me that my inexplicably extra third internal power is the Room Center Sutra?I'll go. I didn't even go to practice, okay?Do you want to be so evil?"

Although it was indeed evil, but it was within reason, it was originally left behind by an evil daoist, it would be strange if it wasn't evil.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but recall the process by which he obtained the central sutra of the house. He saw a white bone in a dark cave at the bottom of a cliff, and next to the bone was a stone tablet that read: "My name is Fang DaoHuang, I was originally a monk, then I tried the taste of a woman by chance, and I became uncontrollable.However, my body is the foundation of all things and could not support my desires, so by chance, I combined an ancient sutra and created a brand new internal heart sutra, which I called the "Fan-Centered Sutra".But who would have thought that the power of the sutra would be so great that I would never be able to control my desires.However, the central sutra has also made me a master of the world.

I have met an enemy.Until a few days ago, I was trapped by someone else's trick, so my gong power was forced to run out and I had to die.However, I haven't found a successor yet, I don't want my amazing creation to become extinct, so I left the House Center Sutra here, hoping that those who are fortunate enough to be able to learn it, it, really is a very good Heart Sutra, although, there are some drawbacks."

At that time, Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, what kind of heart sutra could a flower picker create.However, out of curiosity, Tang Zichen took a look at it, because the flower picker said that his martial arts skills were strong because of that House Center Sutra, otherwise Tang Zichen didn't care to look at it at all.

Tang Zichen couldn't forget it after seeing it, but Tang Zichen felt that the Room Center Sutra did have something to offer, so he tried to practice the beginning.But Tang Zichen closed in time to destroy the central scripture of the house, Tang Zichen just burned the central scripture of the house, the flower picker's bones clattered and scattered everywhere, when Tang Zichen was shocked, thought he burned someone's lifelong creation, to be a ghost is also unwilling.But then it was left alone and the matter was forgotten.

But I didn't expect that this problem was left for this lifetime.

"Gosh, so that means that my inexplicably extra internal power is the Room Center Sutra.It doesn't need to be practiced at all, it just needs to be touched by a woman, and then it automatically arises.I told you, why did I change after having sex with Xiangyun, it's all because of this flower picker's Heart Meridian."

Tang Zichen took out the silver needle in anger, Tang Zichen was going to dissipate this power.

But at that moment, Tang Zichen suddenly realized that the inner power of the House Center Sutra had broken down into two parts and integrated into the other two inner powers, the Unbridled Heart Sutra and the Great Pan Heart Sutra.

"Ah, how did this happen?Different internal powers can't be fused with each other at all, so why can the internal powers of the Room Center Sutra be fused with other internal powers?"

Tang Zichen sank his qi back into his dantian and discovered that his Unbridled Heart Sutra and Great Pan Heart Sutra, both internal powers, had increased greatly.

"No way, my Unbridled Heart Sutra was only at the second weight before, but now it's already at the third weight.Also, the Great Disk Heart Sutra has gone from the first weight to the second weight.Whether it's the Great Disk Heart Sutra or the Undeserved Heart Sutra, both of them are very difficult to practice, I only reached the fifth weight in my previous life at the innate realm, but now, I'm only at the late inner gate, and I'm practicing the second and third weight.Is it because, the central sutra of the house is fused to the Great Pan Heart Sutra and the No Delusion Heart Sutra?"

Tang Zichen's body trembled, unable to speak for a long time.

He finally knew why that monk, had turned into an invincible expert in the world, because he had unintentionally created such a heart technique.It was extremely difficult for others to practice their internal skills, but he, as if he was hanging on by a thread, clamored up through a woman, and thus, he became a flower picker and, at the same time, an expert.

In Tang Zichen's previous life, although he had reached the innate realm, but in his world, he was not considered a strong man, because after the innate realm, there was also the celestial realm, etc. etc. etc., when he reached the strongest, breaking the void.

And the Innate Realm was just the starting stage towards becoming a truly strong person.

"Phew!"Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

"Even so, I don't want to enhance my power through this evil internal power, I want to disperse it."Saying that, Tang Zichen inserted his silver needle into his dantian and scattered that evil inner heart.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen scattered it.


Tang Zichen scattered the power of the central sutra of the house and immediately checked the No Delusion Heart Sutra and the Great Pan Heart Sutra and found that they had not weakened.

Tang Zichen wondered if they were really scattered.

That night, Tang Zichen told Liu Xiangyun about what had happened today, ignoring of course the sword practice with Chang Sun Wu Yan on the mountain for fear of Liu Xiangyun getting jealous or something.

When Liu Xiangyun learned the truth, she snorted, "And you said you didn't practice, no wonder you were so powerful the night before last."

"I really didn't mean to, and I've already dispersed the power of the Room Center Sutra."

"That Room Center Sutra is so evil, is it really that easy to dissipate?"

"It should disperse, but if you really can't, just verify it."

"How do you verify it?"Xiang Yun Liu was puzzled.

"Hehehe, you said it."

"Don't laugh so bitchily, say it."

"So stupid, of course it's a verification that requires your cooperation." First URL

Liu Xiangyun suddenly understood, blushing and angry at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen stopped Liu Xiangyun at the waist and went to the bed.

"This is my dormitory, don't, Bai Ling'er and Gao Yun are still outside."

"Whatever they are."

Ten minutes later, Gao Yun, who was chatting and snacking outside in the living room, suddenly said, "Hey, what happened to Xiangyun's room?Squeaky, are there rats?"

That white spirit looked at Gao Yun with idiotic eyes and said, "I didn't even know that, thanks to you being a woman."

"I really don't know."Gao Yun had never been in a relationship and it wasn't surprising that she didn't know, unlike that Bai Ling'er.

"Xiangyun is doing something with his boyfriend."Bai Ling'er said speechlessly.

"Doing what?"

Bai Ling'er glared, "What's the matter with you, you're pretending you, you still don't know after making it so clear, of course you're doing childbirth related matters."

"Ah."Gao Yunton covered her mouth, incredulous, "They're even here."

"What's so strange about it, only you, who've never been in a relationship, find it strange."

Fifteen minutes later, Gao Yun whispered, "Why isn't it over yet."

Bai Ling'er was also a bit surprised, "I didn't think that this boyfriend of Liu Xiangyun's was quite powerful."

Another fifteen minutes later, Bai Ling'er said, "Liu Xiangyun is really happy, finding a boyfriend who is so good in every aspect."

Gao Yun was already blushing.

It took another fifteen minutes before the movement stopped.

Tang Zichen sighed sadly, "What the hell, the power of the central meridian of the house can't dissipate at all, I thought it had, but I didn't expect it to dissipate at all."

"What then?"Liu Xiangyun said weakly all over, Liu Xiangyun seemed to want Tang Zichen to disperse inside, otherwise she felt like she would be tossed to death by Tang Zichen, now she didn't even know if the two roommates outside had heard anything, we were all martial arts practitioners, I'm afraid it would be hard not to hear.

"You want me to disperse?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Crap, if you don't disperse, I really can't take it anymore."Liu Xiangyun blushed and said, engaging Tang Zichen this is a disease, have to treat like.

Tang Zichen sank into his dantian and felt it, and there were three more strands of internal energy, but the room center meridian seemed to be much weaker, it seemed that Tang Zichen would automatically practice some room as soon as he had sex with a woman once

The inner workings of the heart meridian.The fact that the night before last produced the strongest power of the Room Center Meridian shows that if it is the first time for a woman, it will produce very powerful power.No wonder practicing the Room Center Meridian would turn you into a flower picker.

"If it doesn't dissipate, will you turn into a flower picker?"Liu Xiangyun worriedly asked.

"Don't worry, the Room Center Sutra doesn't affect my mind, the reason why a practicing person becomes a flower picker is because that person is not greedy enough and wants to quickly cultivate their power, so they desperately pick flowers.I, Tang Zichen, on the other hand, don't care to use it in this way, so it doesn't affect me much, except for one thing, that what ability will become stronger, but I can control myself.Since I can't dissipate it anymore, I'll have to accept it, and maybe, it's not a bad thing, but every time I do that with you, it will create some internal power, and over time, my internal training will be somewhat beneficial."

"Alright, as long as you don't turn into a flower picker, the rest is up to you."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun walked out of the room, Liu Xiangyun didn't dare to look into the eyes of his two roommates, Tang Zichen then left Liu Xiangyun's dormitory and went back to his own dormitory.

Since there was no way to dissipate the Room Center Sutra, Tang Zichen tried to improve it.

Tang Zichen mimeographed the Room Center Sutra, and resigned himself to taking the initiative to practice and change the bad side of it.

It took one night, but Tang Zichen finally improved many of them.The first improvement was that the duration of that aspect of his ability could be freely controlled, unlike before when it took at least forty to fifty minutes to finish, now he could finish as long as he wanted.Secondly, Tang Zichen wouldn't have strong desires when he had a seizure like he did before.

The rest didn't change much, still able to generate power and fuse it to other internal powers.

Tang Zichen couldn't be a flower thief just to increase his power, he was relying on himself.

On the third day, Tang Zichen came to the Healing Department.

After reporting to the classroom, Tang Zichen was ready to go to practice martial arts again.

Changsun Wu Yan was busy saying, "There's an exam today."

"What exam?"

"Didn't I tell you a few days ago that I've officially started studying healing and that the mock exam is three days from today?"

Tang Zichen didn't want to take the exam, but Tang Zichen decided to stay and take the exam anyway.

Because, in high school, Tang Zichen was a scum who failed every exam, but now, he wanted to try what it was like to be a bully.

"Fine, then I won't go to martial arts practice and stay for the exam."Tang Zichen smiled.

Chang Sun Wu Yan asked, "These three days the teacher has been teaching healing arts, you didn't even come, you said you studied on your own at night, have you studied on your own or not?Are you sure you'll take the test?"

Tang Zu Dangzhi smiled, "Of course I studied on my own, I'm confident in myself."

Not long after, Zu Dangzhi walked into the classroom, a stack of exam papers in his hand.

"Fellow students, you've been studying medical arts for a week as well as healing arts for three days, this morning, we'll have a mock exam.Out of 100 points, let's see how many of you pass, and if you can pass the test, it means that your talent is higher."

A student asked, "Teacher Zu, is it hard?Harder than the entrance exam?"

"Fellow students, healers are not that easy to be, every future exam in the healing department will be a thousand times harder than the so-called entrance exam.In today's mock exam, in last year's second year, only eight of you passed, and the highest score, Li Bo, was only sixty-eight.I hope, you guys will do better in this session than the last one."

"Wow, it's so hard."


The test papers were handed out.

Hearing that it was so difficult, Tang Zichen also came to be interested.

Tang Zichen took a look at the test paper, and wanted to curse out, who said it was hard, come forward, I promise not to kill him.

Tang Zichen thought it was so simple, all the questions were basic.

And right now, all the students in the class were looking at the questions and frowning straight.

In less than half an hour, Tang Zichen had finished all of them.

"Teacher, I finished the exam."Tang Zichen handed over the exam paper, and then, Tang Zichen went to practice martial arts.

A day passed in the blink of an eye, and Tang Zichen practiced his swordsmanship for another day.

The next morning, before class, everyone was discussing yesterday's test papers.

Changsun Wu Yan said to Tang Zichen, "You only took the test yesterday for half an hour and handed in the paper, we all spent the whole morning and there are still so many questions we didn't do, we don't know how many marks we can get, alas."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't pretend, I can tell as soon as I look at your face, you say you don't know how many points you'll score, but you're actually very confident in your heart about this exam." remember the website

Changsun Wu Yan blushed for a moment, "You're so annoying, well, I think I did well on the test."

"Oh, Chen Gujin is pretty good to you, he must have taught you about healing every night."

Changsun Wu Yan nodded, "Right."

"After teaching you, how did you repay him."Tang Zichen asked.

"What do you mean?You think I'm sleeping with him?You're overthinking it, I'm not, and I'm not allowed to, and he wouldn't dare do anything about it."

At that moment, Mr. Zu Dongshi came in with a stack of corrected papers in his hand.

"Let's hand out the test papers."

"Sensei, how did everyone do on the test?"

"Not bad, eleven passes."

"What was the highest score?"

Zutangzhi-sensei said, "The highest score is 78."

"Wow, who's that good."

Inside Zutangzhi said, "No way, I only scored 78?"

"Kang Guo Ming, 66 points."

"Cai Jun cards, 21 points."

"Chang Sun Wu Yan, 78 points."

"Wow, so the highest score is Chang Sun Wu Yan."

The test papers were finished, there was no test paper from Tang Zichen.

"Why isn't there a test paper for me?"Don Zu Dangzhi stood up and asked.

Zu Dang Zhi asked, "Tang Zichen, there's something wrong with your test paper."

"What do you mean?"

"Tang Zichen, you didn't even come to learn the healing arts, so your test paper is treated as cheating."


"Yeah, because you got a 100, and honestly, if you weren't cheating, no one would have believed you could get a 100,"Zutangzhi said.

"Haha, there's more of that."Tang Zuchen snorted, but it was normal to be skeptical.

Zu Dangzhi said, "Tang Zichen, in order to verify whether you are cheating or not, so I have another test paper here, if you dare to take the test again in public and still score high, then it means that you didn't cheat in yesterday's test."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Bring it, take the test."

"No, you sit on the podium and take the test, with the whole class supervising you."

"Doesn't matter."

Tang Zichen sat on the podium table and picked up his pen to retake the test.

This time, Tang Zichen answered the questions even faster.

In less than twenty minutes, Tang Zichen finished the exam.


"The test is finished."

Zu Dangzhi immediately corrected the test paper for Tang Zichen, and twenty minutes later, Zu Dangzhi's teacher finished the correction, which he took seriously.

Zu Dangzhi looked at the test paper dazed.

The class was anxious, "Teacher Zu, how is it."

"Teacher Zu, speak up, how much did Tang Zichen score?"

"Mr. Zu, is it a zero?"Kang Guoming gloated at the question.

For a long time, Zu Dangzhi raised his head, looked at the class and said, "This re-take, Tang Zichen scored 100 points again, one question correct, and, his answer to the question, was perfect.I announce that Tang Zichen didn't cheat in yesterday's exam, and he scored 100 points, making him the highest score in the class for this mock exam.Changsun Wu Yan came second with 78 points, and Kang Guoming came third with 66 points."


The students in the class yelled incredulously.

Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen dazed and said in his heart, "Is Tang Zichen really a genius?Self-study's still getting full marks, he's too talented in terms of being a healer."

Just as everyone was talking in shock, the department head walked in.

"Zu Dangzhi, in yesterday's exam, Tang Zichen scored a hundred percent?"The department head asked.


"I heard that you suspected him of cheating and cancelled his marks?"The department head asked again.

"Yes, but..."

The department head interrupted and said, "ZuDangZhi, I'm here to testify that Tang Zichen didn't cheat yesterday."

"Uh, Department Head, how can you be so sure?"ZuDangZhi asked why the Department Head was so sure, even though ZuDangZhi was now sure that Tang Zichen wasn't cheating.

The Department Head said, "Fellow students, do you know how many points Tang Zichen measured on the Healer Talent Test?"

"How many points?"Everyone was busy asking.

Tang Zichen's heart was stunned, he had directly become a tenth grade healer, where did he get the talent score?Did his identity as a Tenth Grade Healer leak out?

The head of the department said, "Yesterday, Tang Zichen scored a perfect score, at first I also suspected him of cheating, but then, I heard that Tang Zichen didn't test the talent value, so I asked Professor Zhu Han, Professor Zhu Han you freshmen probably don't know yet."

Zu Dangzhi said, "Let me introduce you to Professor Zhu Han, Professor Zhu Han, is one of our Healing Department, one of the twelve professors, and among the twelve professors, three of them have reached the Nine Healers.And then moreover, he is the youngest of the three professors who have reached the nine healers, and at the same time, I won't lie to you all, Professor Zhu Han is my idol, hehehehe."Zu Dang Yi said with an adoring face.

The department head said, "Professor Zhu Han said that the value of Zu Dang's talent has reached a terrifying 13.0."

"What, 13.0?"


Everyone was taken aback.

Tang Zichen himself was also shocked, this Professor Zhu Han, what a liar, Tang Zichen was already directly a tenth-grade healer, however, Professor Zhu Han would lie to the head of the department, it must be because of the temporary secrecy for Tang Zichen, so he said that Tang Zichen's talent value was 13.0.

Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen with fear, full of shock, she was only 7.0 and Kang Guoming 8.0, but she didn't expect that Tang Zichen's talent reached 13.0.

"So, I testify for Tang Zichen, he definitely didn't cheat in yesterday's exam.Zu Dangzhi, put the scores down for Tang Zichen."

Zu Dangzhi smiled, "Director, actually, you don't need to testify, I just had Tang Zichen sit on the podium and retake a copy of the exam, the papers have just been corrected, and Tang Zichen got another one hundred percent, so, huh?"

"What."The head of the department was startled, it seemed that he had come specifically to testify that it was redundant, Tang Zichen re-taking the test once and getting a perfect score was even more convincing than him testifying.


"Tang Zichen, why are you so good that you were able to get a perfect score?"

"Because so, it doesn't make sense."

"How did you feel when you did the papers?"

"It feels simple."

"You're not even in the classroom learning healing these days, where did you learn it?"

"Self-taught, I'm preparing for the freshman tournament, as you know, my best aspect is martial arts, and healing is just a casual affair."

"Can you pass on your experience with self-study, Don Zichen?How did you learn to do that on your own?"

"In the face of that question, I can't answer, I can only say five words because it's too simple."

"Alright, you sit down."

Tang Zichen sat down, the whole class looked at Tang Zichen adoringly, especially Chang Sun Wu Yan, Tang Zichen's healing talent was so strong now, it was beyond the reach of other students, but for Tang Zichen, it wasn't the best, martial arts was, it was really to make the other students jealous to death.

The head of the department said, "Dear students, in half a month, the New Student Competition will be held, although our Healing Department will not participate in the tournament, but we have a mission, our Healing Department will be responsible for treating students injured in the New Student Competition, at the same time, our Healing Department will also hold the Healing Department's New Student Healing Competition, so study well." One second to remember to read the book

The head of the department left, the class returned to calm, and Zu Tangzhi's teacher continued her lessons.

As for Tang Zichen, he left the classroom early and went to the back of the mountain to practice martial arts.

At ten o'clock in the morning, Changsun Wuhen rushed to find Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, it's bad, something has happened to the class."Changsun Wu Yan said.

"Uh, what's happened?"Tang Zichen looked at Changsun somehow, seeing her running and panting, her chest rising and falling up and down in waves, and unconsciously gulped down saliva, but none of these reactions were his true intention, and he was perfectly able to control his actions further.

"Someone's coming to the Healing Department to cause trouble."

"Oh, could it be that someone is after you again?You came in a hurry to ask me to help you chase away the flies."

Changsun Wu Yan shook his head, "No, not a student of our Martial Academy, but a disciple of one of the four protector families of Martial Island."

"What do you mean?The Four Island Guardian Families?It seems like I've heard this from the news of the Genius Restaurant, the first place winner of our freshman competition will be accepted as a disciple by some Qin Gu family whoever of the four major island protector families."

"Oh my, stop nagging, go back to the Healing Department and take a look."

"Alright."Tang Zichen put away his sword, then picked up Changsun Wu Yan and leapt to fly to the Healing Department.

Changsun Wu Yan's body trembled, she didn't expect Tang Zichen to carry her in flight, Changsun Wu Yan felt her face flush, being held by Tang Zichen with one arm around her waist, she felt numb and her body was different.

Tang Zichen himself didn't expect that he would suddenly hug Changsun Wu Yan, but he did, so he had no choice but to continue.

Tang Zichen's feet were on the top of the tree, flying like the wind, and although he hadn't reached the point of soaring in the sky, he was flying quite fast.

"Your waist is so thin, you're in such good shape."Tang Zichen suddenly said.

"Nonsense, which one has a good figure as your girlfriend."Chang Sun Wu Yan whispered.

"It's just a pity that it's cheap for that Chen Gujin."

"Can we not mention him."


p; Tang Zichen hugged Changsun Wu Yan, smelling her alluring body fragrance, feeling relaxed, practicing the central meridian of the room, unconsciously put more senses on this aspect of women, Tang Zichen was also helpless, before he would not even think about this aspect of things.

"Who did you just say was the person who came to the Healing Department to mess with us?"

"The four protector island families of Martial Island."

"Do you know anything about the four major island protector families?"

"Don't know much about it, and I only heard from Chen Gujin that the four major island protection families are the Qin Gu Family, the Huang Gu Family, the Song Gu Family, and the Wei Gu Family."Changsun Wu Yan said.

"What ancient ah ancient."

"That's just expressing that they're very ancient, but it's actually the Qin, Huang, Song, and Wei, the four surname families."

"Are these four Island Protectorate families awesome?"

"I heard Chen Gujin say that the strength of the Four Great Island Guardian Families is above the Martial Academy.The Four Island Guardian Families have also recruited many disciples, all sorts of geniuses, and among them, naturally, there are also disciples of healing masters.The person who just came to our Healing Department to mess with us is the disciple of the four Island Guardian Families, the Huang Family who studied healing."


Saying that, having arrived at the Healing Department, before entering the first year classroom of the Healing Department, Tang Zichen heard a mocking voice, "You trash are only worthy of studying Healing at the Martial Arts Academy."

That Kang Guoming snorted, "Be careful what you say, where are we trash, I'm not afraid to tell you that my master is the Ghost Hand Healing Saint, and my Healing talent value has reached a terrifying 8.0."

"Hahaha, did you guys hear that, this idiot said that his talent value reached a terrifying 8.0, it's really terrifying."

"Hahahaha, it really is so terrifying, no wonder he can only learn healing arts in the Martial Academy, what a frog in a well.Kid, do you know that we are the disciples of the four major island protecting families?The students of the Martial Forest Academy are scum in front of the disciples of our four major island protecting families."

"Ignorance is scary, I'm sure they still think that in Martial Forest Island, Martial Forest Academy is the most powerful.Kid, let me tell you a little bit about science, we were accepted by the Huanggu Family as disciples to learn healing arts, and the least talented among us are all above 10.0.You, a talent value of 8.0, are actually calling yourself horrible, what a laugh."

At this time, a student said, "What are you guys so proud of, our Martial Academy Healing Department, there are also powerful ones, I'm not afraid to tell you that the most powerful new students in our Healing Department have talent values up to 13.0."

"Really?If he was really that talented, he would have already been accepted as a disciple by our four Island Guardian Families, so why would he enter the Martial Academy, a chaotic place to learn healing arts.The healing arts that our Island Protectorate Family disciples learn are simply not something that can be taught at the Martial Academy.The healing arts masters of our Island Protector Family are all over eight grades, you guys, you're too much of a vegetable, hahaha."

At this moment, Tang Zichen walked into the class.

"Where are the four dogs barking."

When everyone saw Tang Zichen return, they all perked up and shouted, "Tang Zichen, someone is coming to our class to be arrogant."

"And it's pretentious."

"Tang Zichen, quickly give them some color ah, let them still dare to underestimate our Healing Department."

Tang Zichen calmed the class down.

Tang Zichen took a look at the three people making trouble, these three people, their ages were estimated to be about the same as everyone else, they were all around twenty.Two of them looked superior, as if they looked down on the students of the Martial Arts Academy, while the other one, looked very calculating.


"Who are you calling a dog?"One of them raged.

"Oh, so you guys aren't dogs, I was just outside, I heard some dogs barking and barking, I thought there were some dogs in the class."

"Hey, keep your voice down, we're disciples of the Huanggu family."The man who looked like he had a lot of heart said.

"The Huanggu Family, never heard of it."Tang Zichen trailed off.

"One of the four major Martial Island Protectorate families has never even heard of it, what a frog in a well."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I don't care what kind of dog protector family you are from, this is the Martial Forest Academy's Healing Department, please get out of here right now."

"So what if it's the Martial Forest Academy, the strength of the Martial Forest Academy is far beneath our Four Great Island Protector Families.We came here today to show our superiority, how drop."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Show of superiority?I'd like to see what self-importance you guys have to feel superior."

"Also all of you just arrived at Martial Island this year, and we are the new disciples recruited by the four major island guardian families, but you, you are the new students at Martial Academy, isn't that a sense of superiority?"

"So, the disciples recruited by the Guardian Island Family are far more powerful than the new students accepted by our Martial Forest Academy."

"Isn't it true, if you were great, you would have become disciples of the Guardian Island Family long ago, and only the worse ones, the ones that the Guardian Island Family feels are not qualified enough, would be accepted by the Martial Academy." First URL

Tang Zichen chuckled, it seemed that the four major protector families of Martial Forest Island would also send people out every year to look for disciples, and if they felt that they were powerful, they would accept them as disciples.And all the students in the Martial Academy were probably the ones that people didn't feel qualified enough to accept before they were accepted by the Martial Academy.

"You're very talented, I dare you to pk with us."One of the men said, issuing a provocation to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Fine, I also want to see how bullish the disciples who were accepted by the so-called Island Protector Family are, daring to come to our Martial Academy to show their superiority.What do you want to pk with me."

"Nonsense, of course it's pk healing, you are new students and we are also new disciples, we are not bullying you."


"Then let's compare, where is the research lab?"

At that moment, the department head arrived.

"What's going on?"The department head asked.

A student said, "Department Head, these three men said that they are from the four Island Guardian families, showing off in our class and saying that we are bad, Tang Zichen is not convinced and wants to compete with them."

The department head looked at the three men and smiled, "Three, may I ask which Island Protector family you are from?"

"The Huanggu family, you're the department head."


"I dare you to let the new students of your department, pk with the three of us so that you can open your eyes."

The department head said, "Could it be that the three of you are also the new disciples of the Huanggu Family this year, if not, it would be obvious bullying."

"Of course you are, don't be so nonsensical, send out three new students to compare."

The department head said, "Tang Zichen, Kang Guoming, Changsun Wu Yan, you three go and compete with them."


Everyone immediately went to the Healing Department's research room.

Tang Zichen asked, "How do we compare?"

A disciple on the other side said, "How about finding a random dryad prop and we'll compare healing times, as for how difficult a dryad prop is, let your department head choose for himself."



nbsp;The head of the department selected a dry corpse in the research lab, and the injuries that this dry corpse had sustained were about a grade 3.In other words, it hadn't reached the first-grade level.A First Grade Healer could roughly heal a wound that was above grade 10; a Second Grade Healer could roughly heal a wound that was above grade 20, and so on.Tang Zichen had previously assessed the status of a tenth-grade healer, so Tang Zichen could roughly heal wounds above level 100 and below level 110.

"What do you guys think about this Level 3 dry corpse?"The department head held out the dryad and asked.

"Level 3, I'm already above this."A disciple from the Yellow Ancient Family said disdainfully.

Another disciple from the Yellow Ancient Family also snorted, "Level 3 injuries, my healing speed is already below the record of three minutes."

When the department head heard them say that, he said in his heart, "Worthy of being a disciple of the Four Great Island Guardian Families, the new students of healing accepted by Martial Forest Academy really can't be compared to the new disciples of the Four Great Island Guardian Families.Also having only just arrived on Martial Island this year, they're already able to heal level 3 wounded dried corpses.I'm afraid, those new students in the healing department may not even be able to heal a level 1, alas."

"Then let's start the competition, one of you out, one of us out, whoever you are first."

A disciple on the other side said, "I, Gubo, will be the first one out."

After saying that, Gu Bo walked up to the dry corpse with level 3 injuries and started to cast a healing spell, while the department head timed it.

About three minutes later, that dry corpse suddenly sat up, which indicated that he had healed successfully.


"Pah."The other two disciples on the other side were busy clapping.

"Department Head, what's the time for the first person on our side to appear?"A disciple on the other side asked.

The head of the department said helplessly, "Three minutes and nine seconds."

"Now it's your turn to send out the first one."

The department head looked at Tang Zichen, Chang Sun Wu Yan, and Kang Guoming, and finally, decided that Tang Zichen would be the finale, so he said to Kang Guoming, "Kang Guoming, you're the first one to go out."

"But."Kang Guoming was nervous, because Kang Guoming didn't even have confidence ah, he wasn't sure he could cure successfully, let alone time.

"It's okay, try boldly, the disciples of their four major island protector families are inherently better, and the teachers who teach them are far better than yours, so there's no shame in losing."The department head consoled.

Only then did Kang Guoming boldly go up and begin to study the dried corpse, and then perform the healing technique.

Unfortunately, Kang spent five minutes just diagnosing the injury, and then another five minutes after that, but unfortunately, it didn't heal.

"Hahahaha, that's so bad, you couldn't even heal it."The other three laughed loudly.

Kang Guoming came down with a shameless face, Kang Guoming's level at the moment, I'm afraid he could only heal a level 1 injury.

The department head was indifferent: "The second one, hurry."

The second person on the other side immediately walked out and began to heal.

A few minutes later.


"Department Head, how much time, you can report it yourself."

"Two minutes and fifty-eight seconds."The Department Head said.

"Yay."The other three shouted loudly.

The Department Head said to Chang Sun Wu Yan, "Wu Yan, you're on, it's okay, don't stress."

Changsun Wuhen nodded and walked up.

The other three whispered to each other, "Surely it can't even be cured as well."

As a result, a few minutes later the dry corpse suddenly sat up.


"Over."Changsun said.

"Ah."The other three were shocked, even the department head was taken aback.

The department head smiled, "Faceless, good, four minutes and fifty-six seconds."

Although Chang Sun Wu Yan's time was far behind the first two people on the other side, Chang Sun Wu Yan was unexpectedly healed, so all the students on this side of the Martial Arts Academy cheered.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "This Changsun Wu Yan, I didn't expect a bit of skill, but he was able to heal a dry corpse with level 3 injuries, Kang Guoming couldn't even."

The third disciple on the other side snorted, "My turn."

Saying that, the third disciple on the other side walked up, while at this moment, Tang Zichen quietly flicked his finger, and a tiny silver needle was inserted into a hidden acupuncture point of that dry corpse.

Tang Zichen was going to make it impossible for him to heal.

Sure enough, that third disciple's brow furrowed.

"What's going on?"

"Gosh, a minute has gone by and I still haven't diagnosed anything." Remember the URL

The other two on the other side were also in a hurry, urging, "What's going on, hurry up, three minutes is almost up."

As a result, ten minutes passed.

"Ahhhh."The one yelled, saying to the department head, "This dry corpse prop must be broken, otherwise it wouldn't be possible."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're not capable of it yourself, yet you say that someone else's prop is broken, thanks to you being a disciple of the Huanggu Family, tsk tsk."

The department head said, "Tang Zichen, it's your turn to be last."

"Good."Tang Zichen walked up and quietly removed the silver needle he had just used, then, about five seconds later, the dryad sat up.

"Over."Tang Zichen clapped his hands and said.

"Ah, so fast."

"How is that possible."

The head of the department was also shocked, so he was busy looking at the time and said, "Less than ten seconds."


The students on the Martial Arts Academy side cheered and jumped for joy.

Tang Zichen snorted at the three Huanggu Family disciples, "You guys still aren't getting out, do you still want to humiliate yourselves?Today, you guys lost the contest against us."

The head of the department also said, "Three, please go back, both sides also had two successful healings and one failed, but on our side, one of them healed successfully in less than ten seconds, so, you lost.Don't bother them at our Martial Academy Healing Department in the future."

The three of them grunted and left ashen, but they just didn't understand why the Martial Academy Healing Department, why was it so powerful, weren't all the students accepted by the Martial Academy inferior to the disciples accepted by the four major island protecting families?

The head of the department smiled at Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you really are a genius, those three self-righteous Huanggu Family disciples today, they wanted to show their superiority, but ended up sweeping them back, and that's mainly because of your strength."

"Alright, Director."Tang Zichen smiled indifferently.

Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen, who actually healed a level 3 wounded dried corpse in less than ten seconds, while it took her nearly five minutes, a difference that Changsun Wu Yan could not resist.Originally, Changsun Wu Yan thought that her actual level of healing should be higher than Tang Zichen's, as she was guided by Chen Gu Jin every day.Unexpectedly, not at all a match for Tang Zichen, not a match for the exam, not even a match for practice.


Everyone go back to class, although the disciples of the Yellow Ancient Family have just left in shame, I have to admit that they are indeed more powerful than you.These three, who would just come here to show off, must be the lesser disciples in the Huangu Family, so they're here to find a sense of superiority.The worst of the disciples from the other four Island Guardian Families are so powerful, how about you guys, you shouldn't hurry back to study."

Everyone went back to the classroom.

Tang Zichen asked, "Director, the disciples recruited by the Four Great Island Guardian Families are really this powerful."

"The Four Great Island Guardian Families also recruit new disciples every year, but not as many as our Martial Academy, but the new disciples they recruit are all incredibly talented and intelligent.If a certain student receives admission notices from both the Four Island Guardian Families and the Martial Arts Academy, he will definitely choose the Four Island Guardian Families.Tang Zichen, perhaps before you enrolled in school, there were also strong people from the Four Great Island Guardian Families who noticed you, but the fact that they didn't send you a notice means that you haven't met the requirements in their eyes, right?Otherwise, you might also be a disciple of the Four Great Island Guardian Families and wouldn't have come to the Martial Academy."

"Uh, yeah, huh, that's why they have eyes but no pearls."Tang Zichen smiled unnecessarily.

The department head said happily, "Tang Zichen, our Healing Department, we are honored to have such a great student like you, keep up the good work.There will definitely be a joint competition with the disciples of the four major island protection families in the future."

"A joint competition?"

"Yes, the Qin, Huang, Song, and Wei of Martialwood Island, the four major island guardian families, our Martialwood Academy, and the other non-family, non-academy freebooters of Martialwood Island can all participate.This is the Martial Island Joint Competition, and the competitiveness is far more intense and cruel than the competition within the Martial Academy's school.Only, it didn't come so soon, now you should concentrate on preparing for the Martial Forest Academy New Student Competition and try to shine for our Healing Department, which has never had a student as strong as you, a double genius in martial and healing arts.This session, you must win glory for the Healing Department, my goal for you is to enter the top one hundred of the Freshman Competition."

Tang Zichen said with a roll of his eyes, "Alright, I'm going back to the classroom first."

When Tang Zichen returned to the classroom, everyone looked at Tang Zichen adoringly, wanting to invite Tang Zichen to dinner and trying to get on good terms with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I need several hundred martial coins for a meal, are you guys sure you can afford it?"

Suddenly, everyone lowered their heads and their treats were only clear soup noodles, fried noodles, white rice porridge and the like.Because none of them were strong in martial arts, they couldn't earn too many martial coins.Unlike Tang Zichen, who made a wild profit of 300,000 in one day in the Novice Village.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Fellow students, I appreciate your kindness, today at noon, I'll treat you all to lunch, go, go to the canteen, don't you all usually eat quite lightly, today I'll let you improve your food for once."

"Yay, thank you Tang."Everyone said.

A girl walked up to Tang Zichen and said, "Brother Zichen, thank you, I can finally have a good meal, I eat white rice porridge every day, I'm about to vomit."

Everyone was happy, it had been a really hard time coming to Martial Academy.

"You're welcome, go ahead."Tang Zichen patted the girl, the girl said excitedly, "Brother Zichen, my name is Wen Qiang oh."

"Good, I know you."Tang Zichen smiled, this Wen Qiang was quite cute, her eyes were big and pretty, although it couldn't be compared to these courtyard flowers like Changsun Wu Yan, but it wasn't an ordinary model or stewardess that could be compared.

When Changsun Wu Yan saw Wen Qiang take the initiative to report her name, she actually felt a little jealous.

Tang Zichen said to Changsun Wu Yan, "Let's go, let's go to the cafeteria to eat together, I'm inviting everyone, won't you come along?"


Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Tang Zichen, that Wen Qiang just now, is a departmental flower of the healing department, she took the initiative to give her name, so why don't you invite her alone."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I told you it's pretty, so it's a department flower, but what does a department flower have to do with me, let's go."

Changsun Wu Yan followed along and went to the cafeteria.

Today at lunch, Tang Zichen spent thirty thousand Wulin coins on this meal.

Having spent so much money, the other students were shocked and distressed that it was so much money.But to Tang Zichen, it was worthless, his hundreds of thousands of deposits were not bragging, he was a local hero in front of the average student.

At this moment, in the Sword Law Department of Martial Arts Academy.

A boy said to Xu Mei Qian, "Xu Mei Qian, my name is Lan Qing Lin, I want you to be my woman."

"Sorry, I already have someone I like."Xu Mei Qian refused without hesitation.

"Are you referring to him?"Afterwards, a boy was pulled out not far away, and it was Wang Xing, who had been beaten and bruised.

Xu Mei Qian was shocked, Wang Xing had been beaten.

"Is it the one who beat up Wang Xing?"Xu Mei Qian asked. One second to remember to read the book.

"Yeah, the guy you like is Uranus, right, so I beat him up first, and now, I want you to be my girl, do you think we can sit down and talk about this?"Lan Qinglin said, looking like he couldn't be denied.

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "I've already told you that I have someone I like."

"Looks like you still haven't seriously considered my words."After saying that, Lan Qinglin ordered the man who pulled Wang Xing out, "Fight, continue to fight until Xu Mei Qian's heart softens."


"Bang bang."Then, Wang Xing was beaten furiously again, Wang Xing was no match at all, otherwise he wouldn't have been beaten like this.

Xu Mei Qian roared, "Stop fighting."

Lan Qinglin said, "You're seriously considering it, aren't you?"

Xu Mei Qian said angrily, "Wang Xing is not someone I like."

"You want to use this trick to get me to release Wang Xing?Don't be so ridiculous."Lan Qinglin snorted.

"Wang Xing really isn't someone I like."Xu Mei Qian assured.

Wang Xing didn't even pit a word when he was beaten, and now that he saw Xu Mei Qian denying that he wasn't the one she liked, Wang Xing was busy saying, "No, I'm the one she likes."

Xu Mei Qian was angry at Wang Xing, "You are sick, you are so badly beaten."

Wang Xing said, "It doesn't matter, as long as you know my heart, I'm willing to take any beating for you."

Xu Mei Qian didn't bother with Wang Xing and said to Lan Qinglin, "I told you, Wang Xing isn't the person I like, if you still want a beating, then go ahead."

Lan Qinglin waved his hand and had Wang Xing released and said, "Xu Mei Qian, I believe your words, Wang Xing is not the person you like, so who is the person you like?I'll definitely drag him in front of you and beat him up furiously, tell me who you like."

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "Why should I tell you."

"If you don't tell me, that means you don't have someone you like, then I'll have to be your man.I urge you to tell me, although I'll drag him to you for a wild beating, but you'll at least have a reason to reject me."

"You may not be a match for him."

"Hahaha, ridiculous, you're a student of Sword Law, you don't know who I, Lan Qinglin, am I?Say it."

Xu Mei Qian clenched her teeth and said, "The man I like, his name is One Defeat Red Dust, if you really have the guts to

, just drag him in front of me."

"Okay, one defeat, right, I remember, what department is he in?"Lan Qinglin asked.

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "He's not in Wulin Island."

Lan Qinglin raged, "You tricked me."

"Believe it or not, I only like him as a man anyway, I won't accept anyone else."

Lan Qinglin laughed, "Xu Mei Qian, there is a limit to my patience, since you said that the person you like is some kind of trash One Defeat Red Dust, then if that so-called One Defeat Red Dust of yours doesn't come to me on his own accord by tomorrow noon at twelve o'clock, then I'll consider it as you playing me, then you are my woman, no, Gun Girl, you know what gun means, hahaha."

Lan Qinglin walked away with a big laugh.

Xu Mei Qian was furiously pale.

Wang Xing said, "Mei Qian, don't worry, I'll go and find the teacher, the teacher will definitely do justice for us."

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "Looking for the teacher, ridiculous, the teacher will care about you so much, you think it's an ordinary high school university."

At this time, Liu Xiangyun came running in a panic from afar.

Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun were both in the Sword Art Department, but they weren't in the same class.

"Sister Mei Qian, I heard that something happened to you, what happened?"Liu Xiangyun was busy asking, and the relationship with Xu Mei Qian is no longer that of a policeman and a thousand girls, they have become friends with each other.

Xu Mei Qian irritated, "That son of a bitch Lan Qinglin, leaning on the strong and the weak, wants me to be his woman, no, a gun girl."

"What do you mean, gun girl?"Liu Xiangyun didn't seem to understand, Xu Mei Qian said speechlessly, "It's just a woman for his bed fun, not even a girlfriend."

"He's too much, how can he bully people like this."

Xu Mei Qian said, "He forced me to tell him who I like, so he said that if the one defeat I like doesn't take the initiative to go to him by 12 noon tomorrow, then I'll be his gun girl, now I'm so annoyed."

Liu Xiangyun was busy, "Sister Mei Qian, I'm going to the Healing Department to look for Tang Zichen right now."

Xu Mei Qian stopped her, "Don't."


"You don't know who Lan Qinglin is, you don't know, he's a perverted freshman, late stage inner gate strength, and he's also got a chaperone with him, and that chaperone of his is also a late stage inner gate genius, so that's like him being two people.The reason why he dared to be so crazy wasn't because once he did it, two people against one.Tang Zichen is only at the late stage of the Inner Gate, everyone's talent is so high, Tang Zichen can't be one against two, so don't get Tang Zichen beaten up."

"Ah, what then?Now we only have Tang Zichen to help ah."

"But I don't want your boyfriend to get beaten up, the odds aren't good, I'd better think of something myself first, just now Uranus said to get help from a teacher, so let's go get help from a teacher first, if there's really nothing we can do, then we'll go get help from Tang Zichen."

"Alright."Liu Xiangyun nodded, Liu Xiangyun also didn't want Tang Zichen to be bullied, if he couldn't beat Lan Qinglin and his chaperone, wouldn't they beat him, Liu Xiangyun couldn't imagine that image, seeing her man being beaten up would break her heart.

Ryu Xiangyun immediately accompanied Xu Mei Qian to seek help from their teacher, who was naturally very strong.This was unlike the Healing Department, whose teachers were very bad at martial arts, but their teachers were all very good at martial arts.

Wang Xing also went along at the hip, Wang Xing felt guilty for not being able to protect Xu Mei Qian, hating that he wasn't strong enough to be beaten by Lan Qing Lin's accompanying schoolboy.Wang Xing was only in the middle of the Inner Gate realm, it was normal that he couldn't beat Lan Qinglin's escort book boy.


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