The King of Kungfu in school 391-400


Chapter 391

The image of the void moved along with Tang Zhenghao, not knowing where the three of them would be going.

About ten minutes later, the image showed that Tang Zhenghao's three men had indeed arrived at the Martial Academy's Teaching and Martial Department.

The so-called Teaching Martial Department was where the Genius Restaurant and other student dormitories were, the place with the largest number of people in the Martial Academy, and the villa complex where Tang Zhenghao and the others had just come down the mountain, where such a good living environment was, naturally, not something that ordinary students could live in.

Tang Zhenghao flew to the roof of one of the dormitory buildings of the Martial Arts Department.

A bee followed behind them.

Tang Zilan snorted, "Genius Academy's bee special reporters, what a nuisance, but whenever there's a little something going on in the academy, it will be treated as news by them and watched by everyone in the restaurant.I'm afraid that the three of us are being watched by many eyes in that restaurant right now."

Tang Zhenghao said, "Never mind that, where is Tang Zichen's dormitory?"

"In Building One in District 9, I saw the building number just now when Tang Zichen had a conflict with Liu Feng, there's no mistaking it."

"Let's go, let's go find him now."

After saying that, the three of them flew up and headed to Building 1 in District 9.

At the Genius Restaurant, many people were surprised, "The supreme genius Tang Zhenghao has descended, but he is actually looking for Tang Zichen." The first website

"Why would a third year supreme genius want a freshman like Tang Zichen?"

"Haha, it really is big news, this news is very quality."

At Tang Zichen's dormitory, Liu Xiangyun had helped Tang Zichen tidy up, Liu Xiangyun wasn't even this diligent at home, but she was so diligent here.

"Thank you, Madam."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Who is your madam, not shy."Liu Xiangyun said with a blush.The two of them flirted and were seen by Wang Xing outside, Wang Xing grunted and cursed inside, "Showing affection and dying fast, Tang Zichen, I'll see how long you can have such a beautiful girlfriend."

"Tang Zichen, come out."At this moment, on the roof of this dormitory building, a man shouted.

"Tang Zichen, I know you're in this dormitory building, come out."The voice shouted again.

"Zichen, someone is calling you."Liu Xiangyun.

"I heard."Tang Zichen said lazily.

"The voice is coming from the roof."

"Well, let's go up and see who's calling me this time."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun flew out the window in an instant, then flew up to the roof.

The roof was a green slope, covered with glazed tiles, not flat.

Right now, three people were standing on the roof, two of them had a strong Qi on them, and the woman was beautiful.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen did not know her.

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Who are you guys?Why are you looking for Don Zichen?"

At this moment, Tang Zhenghao saw Tang Zichen with his own eyes, an incredible look in his eyes.

Tang Zilan hummed, "You might as well ask Tang Zichen who we are, I don't think he doesn't know who we are."

Xiangyun Liu looked at Tang Zichen and said, "They said you know them."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sorry, I don't know them."

However, the three people on the other side just snorted, thinking that Tang Zichen was just pretending.

Tang Zhenghao said, "Tang Zichen, unexpectedly, really

It's you.Seeing you with my own eyes, it really surprises me, that loser back then has now entered the Martial Academy."

Tang Zichen knew who they were as soon as he heard their tone, they must be children of that original Tang Zichen family, but unfortunately, that was the original Tang Zichen, and the current Tang Zichen had nothing to do with the Tang family.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Before you talk to me, give your big name, I don't talk to nameless people."

That Tang Zilan raged, "Tang Zichen, what are you pretending to be, do you still want to deny that you were once from the Tang family, you are disrespecting the Tang family by pretending that you don't know us."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Trash family, just don't mention it."

"You."Tang Zilan was furious, a former trash, actually scolding the trash family with such disdain.

"You are treacherous, how dare you insult the Tang family."Tang Zilan shouted.

Tang Zichen laughed, "It's a blessing for you that I can insult your trash family, besides, you're the ones who brought this on yourselves, you're just asking for humiliation."

Tang Zilan said to Tang Zhenghao, "Brother, look at this, this bastard, even though he was expelled from the family, his bloodline is still the Tang family after all, he is actually so treacherous as to curse the trash family, say something."

Tang Zhenghao's face didn't show any obvious anger, it was a rather calm person, but he really had the air of a strong man.

Tang Zhenghao said, "Tang Zichen, you insulted the Tang family, it shows that you still have anger in your heart, after all, you are the one who was expelled from the Tang family, now you have nothing to do with our Tang family."

Tang Zichen said, "Since there is nothing to do with it, what have you come to see me for."

"Tang Zichen, the fact that you were once a trash, but now you've managed to grow to this level, surprises me, looking for you is just to verify the authenticity, that's all.Although you seem to be good now, you're still just like that in my eyes, but you've just gone off on some luck."

"Hahaha, then, do you want me to give you a taste of what it means to be just like that?"Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zhenghao didn't have the intention to do anything, just a snort.

That Tang Zilan said, "Brother, sister-in-law, let me drop by to teach this rebellious son who has forgotten who his ancestor is."

Tang Zihao said, "He is no longer a member of the Tang family, teaching him a lesson would not be admitting his origin, there is no need for that."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully to Tang Zilan, "It's not enough for you guys, invite your Tang family's ancestor out."

Tang Zhenghao was unperturbed, and his face hummed with ease, the more he downplayed it, the more it showed that his disdain for Tang Zichen was nothing more than a show of verbal strength.

Murong Guoguo said, "That trash and pervert back then has actually become so arrogant now, what a world."

Tang Zichen looked at Murong Guoguo, Tang Zichen already knew that this woman must be the original Tang Zichen who peeked into the bath.

Tang Zichen laughed, "You know I'm a pervert, it seems you must not have forgotten how I peeked at you back then."

Murong Guoguo snorted, "Tang Zichen, if your mother hadn't fought to the death to protect you back then, I would have killed you, you pervert, have you forgotten how I whipped you up for a day and a night back then?"

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "I'll keep this debt."Although this was something that Tang Zichen didn't even know about, but originally Tang Zichen's hatred, Tang Zichen would definitely avenge it for him, so that he could rest in peace under the nine springs, and it wouldn't be in vain to occupy his body.

However, Tang Zhenghao and his fiancée, who had a very strong Qi, especially Tang Zhenghao, were afraid that they had already reached the Houtian realm.


"Let's go."Tang Zhenghao said.

That Tang Zilan reluctantly said, "Brother, this family abandoned son, are we going to let him be so crazy?"

"He has nothing to do with our Tang family, we and he are just passersby."

"But, he just insulted the Tang family as a trash family, I can't be angry."

Murong Guoguo said, "Zilan, if you can't be angry, then beat him up, you're in the middle of the Inner Sect anyway."

Tang Zilan smiled, "Just what I wanted, brother."

Tang Zhenghao nodded, "Suit yourself, but do you have confidence?After all, if you lose to a family outcast, you'll lose the family's face.If you're not very confident, I wouldn't recommend you to duel with him."

Tang Zilan said with confidence, "Brother, don't worry, I really have absolute confidence.You don't think about it, a family outcast, even if he gets some opportunities, he's still the same loser in his bones, I, Tang Zilan, am one of the family's key cultivators no matter what, if I can't even win against a family outcast, how can I still have the face to be the Tang family's son."

Tang Zilan was eager to try to duel with Tang Zichen, she had been used to seeing trash since she was a child, suddenly seeing this trash with such a crazy tone, she really wanted to go and teach him a lesson, telling him that no matter what opportunities you get, you're still the same trash, you'll never change your trash nature.Especially since this punk had such a beautiful girlfriend, making Tang Zilan want to beat up Tang Zichen even more.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth raised, looking for death, Tang Zichen did not want to say anything, since that Tang Zilan wanted to look for death, might as well fulfill him.

At this moment, at the Genius Restaurant, it was a sensation. Remember the URL

It turned out that Tang Zichen was the outcast son of the Tang family and now, Tang Zilan, the Tang family's key cultivator of children, was going to duel with the outcast son.

Tang Zilan said, "Tang Zichen, draw your sword, I'll use the Tang family's 'Thirty-Two Extremes Shit Sword' against you today, and also let you, the family's outcast son, feel the subtlety of the family's sword techniques."

Tang Zichen disdainfully said, "Thirty-two poles shit sword."

"You."Tang Zilan was furious, and the word shit was spoken.

"Very well, Tang Zichen, it seems that you have truly forgotten your own ancestors, and you can say such words."Tang Zilan said through clenched teeth.

"Rubbish, don't do it yet, what's the long-windedness."

"How dare you call me trash."Tang Zilan was about to explode with anger.

Tang Zichen directly pulled out his sword, Tang Zichen also let him experience the subtlety of the Killing God's Blade Technique, to see if their thirty-two shit swords could withstand his Killing God's Blade Technique or not.

However, Tang Zichen knew in his heart that this Tang Zilan was no match at all, and no one was usually a match for him at the same realm.Even if it was Tang Zhenghao, Tang Zichen had the confidence to fight him, even if he really stepped into the Houtian realm.

Of course, if he fought against Tang Zhenghao, Tang Zichen would probably be very damaged, after all, even if Tang Zichen was a great fighter in his previous life, this life, with such a big difference in realm and a different body, it would be really tough just relying on some experience and top martial arts insights from his previous life.

"Tang Zichen, go to hell."Suddenly, Tang Zilan killed Tang Zichen with a sword.

"The first of the thirty-two extreme swords."Tang Zilan's sword played to the extreme, the thirty-two extremes.In the Tang family, there was not a single person who could truly practice to the thirty-two poles, and the most powerful person in the Tang family had only practiced to twenty-six poles.As for Tang Zilan, he had only practiced to the third pole.Tang Zhenghao, on the other hand, had only practiced to the eighth pole.


nbsp;This Thirty-Two Extremes Sword was also considered a very powerful sword technique.

"Killing God One Slash."Tang Zichen directly slashed at it, and the domineering and intense saber Qi ripped through Tang Zilan's First Pole Sword in no time.

"Swoosh."Tang Zilan was horrified and immediately reacted, displaying the Third Pole Sword of the 32nd Pole Sword.

Tang Zilan retreated as he fought.

Tang Zichen came back with another slash.

"Killing God One Slash."The second slash went up, and Tang Zilan's body flew straight away, unable to block low anymore.

At that moment, Tang Zhenghao went up with an arrow, hugged the flying Tang Zilan, and then stabbed out with a sword, breaking Tang Zichen's God Killing One Slash.

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised when he saw Tang Zhenghao cast the Thirty-Two Extremes Sword and broke his God Killing One Slash, it seemed that their so-called Thirty-Two Extremes Sword was indeed somewhat powerful.

Tang Zhenghao put Tang Zilan down, and suddenly saw that one of Tang Zilan's eyebrows had been shaved off by the strong blade, becoming one eye with no eyebrows.

Tang Zhenghao looked at Tang Zilan in horror, "What kind of saber technique did you perform?"

"Does it have anything to do with you, Tang Zhenghao, if you want to fight me, please be a little faster, I have work to do."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen was ready to fight Tang Zhenghao.

Tang Zhenghao snorted, "You're not worthy yet, I, Tang Zhenghao, don't want to be accused of bullying freshmen.Tang Zichen, we'll see, I'd like to see how far you can go and how capable you are."After saying that, Tang Zhenghao flew away.

Tang Zilan looked at Tang Zichen in exasperation and flew off after him in a very humiliating manner.

Only Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun were left on the roof.

That Tang Zhenghao, throughout the whole time, did not look at Tang Zichen in the same way.

Liu Xiangyun was busy blaming, "What strength is that Tang Zhenghao, he is very strong, why do you dare to provoke him, you don't want to die."

Tang Zichen didn't hurry to answer Liu Xiangyun, he saw a bee floating a meter in front of him.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen didn't know what it was, but his hand sliced the bee in half in one fell swoop.In the virtual screen of the Genius Restaurant, the image suddenly disappeared.

Tang Zichen flew back to the dormitory room, which is why he said to Liu Xiangyun, "This Tang Zhenghao does have some strength."

"What kind of strength does he have?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I think he should have reached the Houtian level, around the early Houtian stage."

"Ah, so strong, then you still dare to provoke him, fortunately he doesn't care about you at all, otherwise you'd be finished, you're only at the middle of the inner gate ah."Liu Xiangyun said angrily.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Although he's Houtian level now, I, Tang Zichen, am not afraid of him, if I really had to fight to the death, he may not be able to get any advantage over me."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun wondered if she had heard him correctly, Tang Zichen actually dared to say that, an inner door, a Houtian, is this a level?

Tang Zichen said, "Don't doubt my words, I dare to say this, so naturally I have my backbone.It's a pity that Tang Zhenghao doesn't dare to fight me, otherwise, I would really want to play with him."

Liu Xiangyun said, "You're incomparably weak in his eyes, and people don't care to be told that they're bullying you.But if you were really able to fight him, I'm afraid the whole school would be stunned, because it's impossible, a realm difference is not even a match, let alone so many differences."


Tang Zichen smiled, "If they come back to trouble me, then don't blame me for being rude, but of course, they are after all at the Houtian level, I'm not sure I can get any advantage, and I'm sure I'll be greatly injured myself.If I can reach Houtian Perfection, or Great Perfection, then Tang Zhenghao I have nothing to fear at all."

In Tang Zhenghao's villa.

"Ahhhh, I'm so angry, why is that waste suddenly so strong."Tang Zilan yelled in anger.

Tang Zhenghao said, "I never thought that this trash would still have the day to turn over a new leaf, only just enrolled in school, but he was able to defeat you.Moreover, our Tang Family's 32 Extremities Sword, you displaying the Third Extremities Sword is completely unable to resist his swordsmanship."

Murong Guoguo said, "Tang Zichen's saber technique, it's very domineering, there's a sense of sharpness that can't be stopped, where on earth did he learn such top-notch martial arts."

Tang Zhenghao said, "That's right, after Zilan was defeated and retreated, I applied the Fifth Ultimate Sword to break his saber technique.He was a new student, whose realm was only at the middle stage of the Inner Gate, and it took me to cast the Fifth Extremity Sword to break it, I really had to be surprised.Even if a genius from the Inner Gate is displaying top martial arts, it's impossible for me to display the Fifth Extremity Sword to break it ah."

Tang Zilan said, "Brother, that Tang Zichen dared to provoke you, why didn't you do anything."

Tang Zhenghao snorted, "Although Tang Zichen is indeed good at two things, he is not even in my eyes.He's only provoking me to give himself some face, he's a new student after all, and you've just lost to him, so it's better to retreat first, so many people are watching the Genius Restaurant, if I really make a move against him, how will my Supreme Genius' face be put aside.At that time, I won't be bullied and weak by public opinion."

"But what if he continues to be arrogant?"

"Regarding Tang Zichen, let's observe for the time being, meanwhile, report this matter to the family first.I'd like to see how many names Tang Zichen can enter in this freshman year.If he can enter the top thirty, then he is indeed terrifying, and I'm afraid that some of the elders of the family will regret expelling him from the family back then."After saying this, Tang Zhenghao looked at his fiancée, Murong Guoguo.Back then, Tang Zichen would be expelled from the family, mainly to give the Murong family an explanation, if Tang Zichen was bullish enough to be able to enter the strength of the top thirty freshmen, the Tang family would definitely have a group of elders who would regret this move back then.

Tang Zilan disdainfully left his mouth: "Brother, don't lift him up, you were so talented back then, the final freshmen competition, only entered the 28th place, Tang Zichen, he entered the top thirty?I yuck." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zhenghao gazed at it and didn't say anything, it was better to observe first and see how far he could go in the New Student Competition.

With that, Tang Zichen settled down at the Martial Academy.

After about two days, almost all the new students had enrolled and registered.

The registration fee was 3,000 Martial Coins, and anyone who was able to open up the Ren and Guardian Vessels could go to the Novice Village to kill locusts and earn Martial Coins to pay tuition.

As for Tang Zichen, having 600,000 deposits was simply big money for an ordinary freshman.

Of course, for new students of their inner sect level, almost everyone wasn't badly off, Tang Zichen had 600,000 deposits, and there were many other inner sect level new students as well.For example, Wang Xing, who went to kill locusts every day, also had a deposit of over 400,000, and all the new students of the inner-door level were embarrassed to mention that they didn't have a deposit of over 200,000.

"Attention, all new students, at 2pm, fill in your volunteers."

Just at this moment, a voice rang out in the ears of every new student, neither from the radio, nor over the air, nor from anywhere, always

The revealed the oddity, but no one knew why.

"Volunteer?What to volunteer for?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Su Jinhe said, "Brother Tang, you don't know this, we enter the Martial Arts Academy, there are many departments, if you like swordsmanship, you go to the swordsmanship department, if you're good at using swords, you go to the swordsmanship department.If you're good at using a stick, you go to the Stick Law Department, if you're good at using a gun, you go to the Gun Law Department, if you're good at enchanting, you go to the Enchanting Department."

"Oh, so."Tang Zichen chuckled.

"Brother Tang, you're going to fill that department, huh?"Sukinhe asked.

"I, ah, can do both."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

"Tang, you must have a ah that you're good at, what are you good at?"

"They can all be ah, swords and spears, they're all good at it."Tang Zichen said.

Wang Xing, who was sitting next to him, snorted, "What's the pretend comparison, all good at it, cut."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I'm just telling the truth, how did it turn into a pretend comparison, if you don't believe me, I'll beat you with a sword right now."

"Hmph."Wang Xing wasn't interested in fighting with Tang Zichen, just a snort, in fact, Wang Xing was scrupulous of Tang Zichen inside, he felt fear when he remembered the day he almost beheaded him with his killing sword.

In the afternoon, all the new students came to the Freshmen Volunteer Office.

Tang Zichen was a bit hesitant, not knowing which department to fill in, saber technique or sword technique.Tang Zichen knew the Killing God Saber Technique, and the Sword Technique, Tang Zichen knew the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, which was handed down from Tang Zichen's master in his previous life, Tang Zichen had not yet performed the Descending Dragon Sword Technique in this world, the minimum requirement for the Descending Dragon Sword Technique was the inner door level before he could start practicing, the power would not be weaker than the Killing God Saber Technique.

In terms of lightness, Tang Zichen knew the Ghost Wheel Dueling Lightness Technique, and currently, Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Dueling Lightness Technique had been practiced to the second level.This Ghost Wheel Duel Light Exercise was very powerful, Tang Zichen was so awesome in his previous life, this light exercise was instrumental.

As for the internal heart technique, Tang Zichen majored in two parts, the first, the Undaunted Heart Sutra, and the second, the Great Pan Heart Sutra, of which, the Undaunted Heart Sutra has already been taught to Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er.As for the Great Pan Heart Sutra, it hadn't been taught to them yet, mainly because they had a weak foundation, two such powerful internal skills, they definitely couldn't learn it, instead of disturbing their minds, they might as well specialize in one.

"What kind of department are you filling."Liu Xiangyun urged, usually other new students wouldn't hesitate because they knew exactly what they were best at.

"Xiang'er, what did you fill in?"

"I chose the sword system."Xiang Yun Liu said.

"Alright, then I'll also choose the Sword Technique system."Tang Zichen didn't bother to hesitate, let's just choose the Sword Technique, anyway, Tang Zichen's Dragon Descending Sword Technique was a little harder to practice than the God Killing Saber Technique, and took a little more time.

Both of them chose the Sword Technique Department.

Xu Mei Qian came up.

"Tang Zichen."Xu Mei Qian called out.

"Captain Xu, you've come to volunteer as well."

"Nonsense."Xu Mei Qian glared at Tang Zichen, knowingly asking.

"Tang Zichen, what volunteer did you fill in?"


"Ah, aren't you good with a sword?"Xu Mei Qian was surprised that Tang Zichen's knife skills were powerful, which she had seen with her own eyes, and beat up Wang Xing.


Tang Zichen nodded, "Yeah."

"Then why didn't you pick the Blade Department?"

Tang Zichen said, "My saber technique is powerful, but my sword technique is even stronger, so I'll choose the Sword Technique Department."

"What? Your saber technique is already so strong, and your sword technique is even stronger?"Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Who says I can only be one kind of powerful, I'm good at swords that don't work ah."

"You're a pervert."Xu Mei Qian laughed and scolded, she was really becoming more and more impressed with Tang Zichen, only, when she saw Tang Zichen, she would think of One Defeat Red Dust again, she heard that it was not worse than Tang Zichen, she didn't know when he would show up again, Xu Mei Qian was sinking deeper and deeper.

"Mei Qian, drink water."Wang Xing followed Xu Mei Qian like a follower, busy handing Xu Mei Qian a bottle of water.

"Wang Xing, I already have someone in mind, don't be so nice to me anymore, I can't afford it."Xu Mei Qian Dao.

Wang Xing said, "As long as I don't see the so-called one defeat red dust for one day, I won't give up for one day."

Xu Mei Qian was helpless.

Just then, Tang Zichen saw a familiar face. The first website

"Hey, it's her."Tang Zichen was surprised, not expecting to see her here at Martial Arts Academy as well, she was filling out a volunteer form not far away.

"Who is it?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

"Oh, it's also a person I met in Linjiang City, so since you saw it, go up and say hello."Tang Zichen walked up.

"Hey, Qi Xueyun."Tang Zichen called out.

Qi Xueyun turned back and looked at Tang Zichen, her eyes colorless, as if she wasn't an acquaintance with Tang Zichen, not to mention the surprised expression on her face.

"Qi Xueyun, at any rate, we're acquaintances, we can't even say hello."Tang Zichen said.

Qi Xueyun said, "I've already seen you."

"What? You saw me first, but you didn't even say hello to me, you woman, you're too impersonal."

"You've already seen me, it's nothing, I'll leave first."Qi Xueyun nodded silently to Tang Zichen, then left by herself, she was still alone and lonely.

Liu Xiangyun immediately filled with jealousy asked, "Who is she, why is she so beautiful, when did you meet such a beautiful woman, I never even knew, you're hiding something so deep from me."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I don't have any friendship with her, don't think too much about it, her name is Qi Xue Yun, she used to be a killer, remember that time I almost got my head blown off, she was the one who did it.But in the end, I spared her, alright, forget about this person, boring, I was thinking of saying hello to an acquaintance, but she ignored me."

Tang Zichen looked at the volunteer form Qi Xueyun had filled out to see the department she had chosen.

At this look, Tang Zichen was taken aback.

"She actually chose the Department of Poison Arts."

"What? The Poison Arts Department."Liu Xiangyun was also a bit incredulous that such a beautiful woman had chosen this department.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Although very few people choose the Poison Arts Department, it's very promising.In today's world, no matter which major power, there is a shortage of poison using experts, very much in demand.Moreover, a true expert in using poison, it's unknown how the opponent dies.Unfortunately, I'm on this side.

Face doesn't have the talent, otherwise, I would also choose the Poison Arts Department."

Liu Xiangyun was scared and said, "If you choose the Poison Arts Department, wouldn't you have to deal with those poisonous snakes and insects and rats and ants every day, it's so scary, it scares me so much that I don't dare to sleep at night."

"Oh, not only that, sometimes I have to test all kinds of poisons myself, don't you know that the teaching buildings of the Poison Arts Department are in the back of the mountain, away from here, just so that other students won't get hurt by mistake."Xu Mei Qian said.

Liu Xiangyun felt fear attached to Tang Zichen, normal girls are afraid of these things, but that Qi Xueyun, actually chose this department, weird people always do weird things.

Tang Zichen was very agreeable to Xu Mei Qian's words, in Tang Zichen's world, there were many experts who used poison, and the really powerful experts who used poison were simply too unorthodox, making the opponents unable to defend themselves, and they really didn't even know how to die.

Tang Zichen took a glance at all the volunteer lists, and was surprised to find that there was actually a Healing Department.

"Healing Department, what the hell is this?"Tang Zichen frowned.

A healing teacher on the scene laughed, "This student, please don't show ignorance, okay?You don't even know about our Healing Department, why are you still practicing martial arts."

"This teacher, I really don't know, why don't you explain what the healing system is, you won't be confusing people."

That teacher snorted, "Then I'll tell you, the so-called healing system is to heal the injured, everyone who has a battle is inevitably injured, some suffer from internal injuries, some suffer from external injuries, all kinds of injuries.At this point, if you have a healer by your side, then you've earned it.Healers specialize in treating these injuries, and the most powerful healers can make you recover within a few breaths even if you can't afford to be seriously injured."

Tang Zichen understood, only, Tang Zichen smiled and said, "I don't think anyone would choose to be a healer.What good is it for you to be a healer, it's entirely for others, what kind of fool would choose a profession that only treats other people's injuries?"

That Healing Department teacher snorted, "Classmate, you actually look down on our Healing Department."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking down on your healing department, on the contrary, I think that you healing department, being able to heal others so quickly, is very impressive.I just don't understand who would give up their martial arts training to learn how to heal others, and in the end, heal them while they are weak and dead."

That teacher snorted, "Don't post comments if you don't understand, do you think everyone can enter our healing department?"

"No way, there's a threshold for a profession that was never chosen in the first place."

That teacher said, "The Healing Department has very high requirements for students, do you think ordinary freshmen can get in?First of all, he must be very well versed in the structure of the human body and very knowledgeable about human acupuncture points.Secondly, he must be very accomplished in medicine, or at least he must be a great doctor.Do you think anyone can choose the healing department?And do you have any idea how honored healers are in the world today?It was a talent that every major power was eager to have.Also, how many powerful people wanted to learn the healing arts?Too bad you can't learn because you don't have the talent?"


"Boy, did you know that a healer who has reached the top of his game, who is almost equal to immortality, who heals himself before he dies from whatever injury he has sustained, who can kill him?And it can heal others, how important is that to a superpower?Two super-powered men of equal strength duel, and one of them carries a healer, then the other will surely die."


Tang Zichen was stunned there when he heard the words of the Healing Department teacher.

It seemed that Tang Zichen indeed had many misconceptions about the Healing System, thinking that the Healing System could only heal others, but he didn't expect that the Healing System could also heal himself.Of course, the premise was that the person studying the Healing Department had martial arts skills himself, but usually, people in the Healing Department had poor martial arts skills and were mostly serving as an aid to the strong.

"The Martial Academy, what a place to train talents."Tang Zichen exclaimed.

The teacher of the Healing Department waved his hand, "Nothing is in the way, go away."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've decided, I'm going to choose again, I'm going to be a healing teacher."

Tang Zichen made his decision on the spot, he wanted to change his department, going to the Sword Technique Department wouldn't be enough for Tang Zichen to learn anything, he already knew the Sword Technique, so why not enter the Healing Department and learn some healing techniques, then he would be able to heal others as well as himself again, then he would be even stronger.

That healing teacher didn't seem to have a good feeling towards Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen had just dared to look down on the healing department.

"Go away go away, don't get in the way."The Healing Department teacher waved his hand.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Teacher, I want to enter the Healing Department, really, I'm not joking."

"Hmph, didn't you look down on the Department of Healing, you can enter if you want, do you have the talent?Those who don't have the talent get the hell out of here."

Don asked, "What does it take to be gifted?" Remember the URL

"First of all, you must have a very good understanding of human structure, and human acupoints and all that; secondly, you must be at least a medical student, and a somewhat accomplished one at that.These two points alone are not something that an ordinary person can achieve, and you think you can just come here if you want to?If everyone could learn to heal, we'd already have an unknown number of people in the healing department.Let's go, don't waste my time."

Tang Zichen hehely smiled, "Teacher, to tell the truth, the talent you mentioned, I happen to meet it."


"Don't cut it, if you don't believe me, assess me according to the normal procedure, if I don't pass your condition assessment, then I'll be good and go to the Sword Law Department."

"Okay, there's a patient over there, come over here and diagnose what kind of disease he has, then write a prescription, if it's right, it means you do have talent in this area, and you pass the basic assessment to enter the Healing Department."

"Okay Le."Tang Zichen nodded, it was too trivial for him, Tang Zichen's healing skills were at least the best in this world.

Liu Xiangyun and the others were busy running up.

"What are you doing?"

"Xiangyun, I'm sorry, but I want to move to another department now, I don't want to go to the Sword Art Department."

"Why?Aren't you good with a sword?"

"Yeah, I'm already good at swordsmanship, so why would I waste my time going to the sword department.So, I want to go to the healing department and become a healer."

Xu Mei Qian frowned and said, "But, not everyone has the talent to be a healer, healers are a scarce talent all over the world, and the requirements for talent are very strict."Xu Mei Qian seemed to know a bit about healing, at least unlike Tang Zichen, who had never even heard of it before.

"Hahaha, it's a piece of cake, I'm just ready to assess it now,"Tang Zichen chuckled.

That Healing Department teacher grunted, "Hey, you

Do you want the assessment or not, and if you don't, just go away and don't affect the other students who want to enter the Healing Department."

"Of course you do."

Tang Zichen walked to the back, where there were already dozens of patients waiting.

The teacher of the Healing Department asked a random patient to stand up.

"Kid, just diagnose this patient, I'll give you three minutes to tell me what disease he has, what ailments he has, how he should be treated, and write a prescription out.Then I'll be able to determine if you have the talent to enter our healing department."


Tang Zichen walked up to that patient, took his pulse, and then said, "Alright, I've finished diagnosing him."

"Kid, you're here to mess up on purpose, you're not even ten seconds old, and you're just saying that you've finished diagnosing, but three minutes is not enough time for anyone else, so don't blame me for messing up on purpose."That teacher from the Department of Healing was furious.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Teacher, it takes three minutes for someone else to see a patient.If you also want me to take three minutes, then find me a difficult disease, you find a consumption patient, are you insulting my medical skills?"

"Uh, you even know he's a consumption patient."

"Isn't that nonsense, I wouldn't need a diagnosis if I wasn't treated grandly, just in case, I'm pretty much certain with a quick glance of my eyes."

"Kid, don't be so arrogant in your tone, making it sound like you're really a miracle doctor, truth be told, I have four generations of ancestors who studied medicine, so don't pretend to compare in front of me, or I'll make you ashamed of yourself.Alright, since you have diagnosed his illness, please prescribe a prescription, after I have seen it, if it is indeed effective, then it counts as you passing the examination of the Healing Department."

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher, it's just consumption, why is it so complicated, there's no need to take medicine, I'll give him a few injections and he'll be cured."

"Not here to break the scene, are you trying to help him with internal force, I'm telling you, this won't pass the test, I need someone who understands mundane medical techniques, not someone who can use internal force."

Tang Zichen snorted, "A frog in a well."

"What, are you calling me a frog in a well?"The teacher of the healing department roared.

"Yes, you're a frog in a well, otherwise why would you say such a level-less thing, learn it, teacher, you're better than me at healing, but in terms of healing ordinary people's diseases, I'm better at it than you."

"Fine, then I'll see how powerful you are."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk to that teacher, taking out a silver needle and then sticking it in from the patient's lung, about a minute later, Tang Zichen pulled out the silver needle.A stream of blood with white pus spurted out, and after that, another stream of somewhat black blood spurted out.In the end, the blood slowly turned a normal color.

Tang Zichen immediately stopped the bleeding.

"Alright, it's healed."Tang Zichen wiped his hands and said.

"You're cured like this?It hasn't even been three minutes before or after, and it would have been impossible for anyone else to have just diagnosed something."The healing teacher shook her head and said.

"Frog at the bottom of the well, if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself."

The Healing Department teacher immediately took the patient's pulse and found that it was indeed stable, but he was not convinced that Tang Zichen had done something to cover up his patient's illness.So, that teacher immediately probed again internally, and after a few minutes, he had to admit that he was really cured.


"Boy, your medical skills are really that good, how did you just do that?Do you happen to be biased?Tell you what, I'll call out another patient at random, and if you can still pass the test, then I'll believe it."

"Suit yourself."

After that, Tang Zichen spent a few minutes curing another patient with a stomach ulcer.Tang Zichen felt that for him to cure such a small chicken-headed disease was really degrading his former teacher's name ah.

The teacher of the Healing Department exclaimed, "You're really a divine doctor, well, I'm convinced, boy, your medical skills, far surpass me, in the future, you'll be one of our students in the Healing Department."

"No need to compliment me, then, in the future, in terms of healing, I hope that the teacher will take care of you."

That teacher said happily, "Don't worry, our healing faculty will do their best to teach you, but healing is just a basic assessment, the level of healing doesn't mean that learning healing will be successful, you shouldn't be proud of it either."

"Good Le."

"Then, I'll make sure you're in the Healing Department, please report to the Healing Department Teaching Department tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., and then classes will begin."


Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, the talent requirement was so high for the Healing Department, Tang Zichen actually went in.

"Tang Zichen, you're also too awesome."Xu Mei Qian said in adoration. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Tang Zichen laughed, "Captain Xu, don't worship me too much, in case you fall in love with me, that's the end, I don't want to be a rival to that pervert One Defeat Red Dust."

"Screw you, I won't like you, I won't like anyone but One Defeat Red Dust."Xu Mei Qian glared at Tang Zichen.

Wang Xing snorted very unhappily.

That night, Tang Zichen invited the guests to dinner at the Genius Restaurant, and the people invited to dinner were Tang Zichen, Wang Xing, Su Jinhe, Liu Xiangyun's roommate Gao Yun, Bai Ling'er, and then Xu Mei Qian and one of her roommates, Liu Zishan.Originally, Wang Xing didn't go, but because Xu Mei Qian went, he secretly followed behind.

When he arrived at the Genius Restaurant and saw the news appearing in the void, Tang Zichen realized that the bee he killed that day was actually a special reporter for the Genius Restaurant.In the entire Martial Academy, there were an unknown number of these special reporters, so anyone who wanted to know the news of the Martial Academy liked to go to the Genius Restaurant.The Genius Restaurant was also the place that usually gathered the most people.

While Tang Zichen and the others were eating, the screen in the restaurant's void was playing some messy news again.

"Fellow students, the new class of students at Martial Arts Academy have all registered for school and filled out their volunteers.Let's focus on a few of the new students who have been named Academy Flowers in this new year."

Su Jinhe was busy shouting, "Zichen, look, reporting on the hospital flower, maybe your girlfriend is also on the list oh."

"Boring."Although Tang Zichen said that, he still had his eyes on the virtual screen.

Of course, the entire people in the restaurant were staring at the void screen and enjoying themselves at the same time, although ninety-nine point nine percent of the people couldn't get a courtyard flower girlfriend, but it was fine to look at the imagination.

"The first one, Qi Xue Yun.This girl has just entered the school this year, and when she entered the school, she hadn't entered the

Entering the Novice Village, she has already opened the Ren and the Vessel, and, this woman has an amazing talent in poisoning.Currently, no boyfriend."

"The second one, Xu Mei Qian.This girl is incredibly talented, has a very great comprehension in sword arts, has a hot body, and is a must-have fantasy beauty for jerkers.Currently, no boyfriend."

At the dinner table, Xu Mei Qian was very upset, this genius restaurant was also too amoral, and said that she was the essential fantasy beauty for jerking friends.On this point, Tang Zichen was very much in agreement, Xu Mei Qian indeed has a hot body, often a glance at her breasts will make people spray nose blood, even Tang Zichen at first almost lost control, precisely a defeat of red dust.

"The third one, Liu Xiangyun.There is no way to know about this girl's talent, but her face is exquisite, her body is well-proportioned, she has breasts and a waist, her personality is gentle and her manners are proper, making her the best choice for a girlfriend.Unfortunately, this woman currently has a boyfriend, whose name is Tang Zichen, and the people of the Genius Building believe that he can enter the top 100 of the freshmen list.Therefore, students who are not as strong as they should be should think about their own abilities if they want to pick up this girl."

Liu Xiangyun snorted, "Genius Building, it's really dirty."

"The fourth one, Chang Sun Wu Yan.This girl is as beautiful as a celestial, in her hometown, she is rated as the number one beauty of the century, golden body proportions, angelic face, and a temperament like dust, moreover, this girl has an amazing talent in healing, she started practicing medicine at the age of eight, in her hometown, she has the title of the number one beautiful divine doctor.This woman is really the perfect candidate for a goddess in the hearts of jerkers.Currently, no boyfriend."

"The fifth one, Shangguan Rou.This girl, when a demon descends from the earth, she is endlessly charming and beautiful, emitting a blood-boiling charm all over her body.According to rumors, this woman has an incredible talent in the art of charming the soul, and countless men will be bewitched by her as soon as they meet her.Currently, no boyfriend, but I've heard that there is a very powerful intended recipient."

Tang Zichen realized that he actually knew four of the above five courtyard flowers, and two of them were sitting next to him at the moment eating together, and Tang Zichen was drunk.

"Alright, the above five are the five courtyard flower beauties that have been discovered so far in this freshman year.This year's new students have more beauty of the courtyard flower than any previous year, and in the past several years, there wasn't a single courtyard flower, but this year, there are only five.In the past, there was not a single flower in several years, but this year, there were five.Today's courtyard flower special report information is finished."

The crowd at the restaurant continued to eat, drink and enjoy themselves, and talked loudly about the five courtyard flower beauties that had just been broadcast, four of which didn't even have boyfriends yet, discussing who was able to get the four courtyard flowers that didn't have boyfriends.

After dinner, everyone left the Genius Restaurant together and returned to their respective dorms.

Tang Zichen's dormitory was a bit far from Liu Xiangyun's, because the boys' dormitory and the girls' dormitory were in two different directions.

The next day, Tang Zichen reported to the Healing Department early in the morning, and the students from every department of the Wulin Academy began to go into teaching mode.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Healing Department, the number of students in the Healing Department was small, there were only a total of over a hundred first year students in one class.Most of the other departments, however, had thousands of people, divided into dozens of classes.

A middle-aged teacher stood in the Healing Department's classroom, looked at over a hundred students, and then said, "Below, I'll take a roll call, and shout to those who have arrived."

"Song Yang."



"Zhuo Jinhua."


"Liu Xuan."


"Chang Sun Wu Yan."

"Arrived."A soft-voiced female voice responded, and everyone suddenly looked towards that girl and immediately looked at her with a look of wonder.

Tang Zichen also looked towards that Chang Sun Wu Yan, yesterday at the restaurant, he heard the special news about her courtyard flower, and today when he looked at the real person, she was truly beautiful.It looked like a particularly refined and cultivated woman with a light and easy posture, a special goddess.

"It really is worthy of being one of the courtyard flowers."Tang Zichen internally praised, however, Tang Zichen didn't look much, unlike the other boys, who wowed and looked non-stop.Tang Zichen's girlfriend Liu Xiangyun, but in terms of beauty is not worse than her, but we just have different temperaments.

"Tang Zichen."

"Here."Tang Zichen shouted.

Roll call was quickly completed, and the teacher said, "Fellow students, I'm your first year healing teacher, my name is Zu Dangzhi.Here, class officially begins, on the first day of class, I will first explain to you all about the healing teacher." First URL

"I'm sure those from big families, or students from big powers, know about healers.Those from small places, however, probably still don't understand that a healer is a profession that specializes in treating internal injuries, external injuries, vitality injuries, and all sorts of wounds left behind after battles.I'm sure that those who would choose the profession of Healer, his martial arts talent is not high, because those with high martial arts talent usually go to practice martial arts in other departments."The teacher on the podium said.

Tang Zichen scoffed at this, and Tang Zichen was an exception.

"Healers, depending on their strength, are divided into several ranks, from low to high: first-grade healers, second-grade healers, third-grade healers, fourth-grade healers, fifth-grade healers, all the way up to eighteenth-grade healers."

"However, eighteenth-grade healers, that's a legend, because those who can reach eighteenth-grade healers, that have already reached the realm of immortality, this kind of healers, only exist in legends.Currently, the most powerful healer in our Martial Academy's Healing Department is only 7-grade, and it is the head of our Healing Department."

Tang Zichen asked, "Teacher Ancestor, what level of healing master are you then?"

Zu Dang Zhi smiled, "I'm not hiding anything from you guys, I'm currently a 4th grade healer.Even though I'm only a 4 grade healer, some of you may not be able to reach 4 grade in your lifetime, or even 1 grade in your lifetime."

"Oh."Everyone oh'd.

"Healers aren't that easy to train, it's something that takes your whole lives to study.Alright, before I can teach you guys the healing arts, I must first teach you the healing arts, because the healing arts are the foundation.Every healer, he is a divine healer, but not every divine healer can become a healer."

Next, Zu Dangzhi's teacher began to teach everyone the art of healing.

Unfortunately, in Zu Dang Zhi's opinion, the knowledge of healing he taught was too ordinary.

Just then, a boy stood up and stretched his back, his eyes aimed at Chang Sun Wu Yan, and he looked like he was pretending.

"Hey, that student, why are you standing up?"The teacher on the podium shouted.

That male student said, "Teacher, I think your healing level is a bit low."

"Insolent, I'm at least a 4th grade Healing Master, and you're saying that my healing level is low."

"I'm sorry, teacher, although you're a 4th grade healer, and in the eyes of other students, your healing skills are high, but in my eyes, really

A little low."

"What's your name, this student?"

"Back to teacher, my name is Kang Guoming."

"Kang Guoming, what do you want?Could it be that you want to disrupt class?"

"Don't get me wrong, Sensei, I just don't want to hear such low-level medical knowledge.I might as well take this time to go outside and practice my sword, and I'll start class whenever you start teaching us healing arts."After saying that, the boy named Kang Guoming headed for the classroom door.

The teacher on the podium felt like dying of anger.

"Kang Guoming, you stop right there."

Kang Guoming turned back and smiled, "Teacher Zu, what do you want?Don't blame me for not reminding you oh, although you are a 4th grade healer, but your martial arts realm, only the outer door grand completion oh.I, on the other hand, am more talented in martial arts than in healing, so I might as well tell you that I'm already at the inner door level.Don't ask me why I don't choose to practice martial arts, I won't answer such an idiotic question, hehehehe."Kang Guoming smiled a smile full of pretend.


"Kang Guoming is even a new student at the Inner Gate level."

"Oh my god, aren't all the freshmen who choose to heal don't have the talent to practice martial arts?"

"Kang Guoming, he's actually a double genius in martial arts and healing arts, tsk tsk."

In between, the entire classroom of students were talking, worshipping Kang Guoming to the ground.

Tang Zichen's brows were furrowed at the moment.

Although Tang Zichen also thought that the medical knowledge explained by this Zu Dangzhi teacher was indeed rather ordinary.However, Tang Zichen, a person who considered himself more awesome in medical arts, listened honestly to the lecture, while this Kang Guoming was actually considered too inferior.

Zu Dangzhi's teacher was a bit angry, but he didn't even give him any face as a teacher.

Just then, Chang Sun Wu Yan stood up and said, "Kang Guoming, you stop."

Kang Guoming turned back and smiled, "Our Healing Department's number one beauty, Chang Sun Wu Yan, what can I do for you?"

Changsun Wu Yan hummed, "Kang Guoming, the teacher is in class, would you please sit back in your seat?"

"Chang Sunless, if you are begging me to sit back in my seat, then I will give you that face.If you're asking me to listen to such a lowly medical technique, then I'm sorry."Kang Guoming.

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "Kang Guo Ming, don't disrespect your teacher like this just because you also have a strong talent in martial arts, I, Chang Sun Wu Yan, am the first to dislike you.Kang Guoming, do you dare to spar with me."

"Hahaha, Chang Sun Wu Yan, I didn't expect that you, the hospital flower, would have a sense of justice.Fine, what do you want to compete with me?If we compare martial arts, I don't think it's necessary, although you have talent in martial arts, you're only in the middle stage of the outer gate, you're weak compared to me."

Changsun Wu Yan snorted, "Who said I want to compare martial arts with you, since you said that the medical techniques explained by Teacher Ancestor are low grade, then I will compare medical techniques with you.If my medical skills surpass yours, then please sit down in class honestly from now on, because I, who's better than you, am listening carefully, not to mention you."

Kang Guoming hehely laughed, "Chang Sun Wu Yan, it's a bit funny that you dare to compare medical skills with me."

"I was born in a medical family and have been practicing medicine since I was a child, why wouldn't I dare, I won't lie, in my hometown, I am already a well known female divine doctor.Today, I, Chang Sun Wu Yan, would like to have a match with you, you discarded your teacher's explanations as low grade, I would like to see how powerful your medical skills are, how dare you disregard your teacher so much."Chang Sun Wuyan's voice was full of justice and said.


The other students, including Tang Zichen, were also looking at the two of them in silence, and that Zu Dang Zhi teacher was very grateful to look at Chang Sun Wu Yan.

Kang Guoming smiled, "Changsun Wuhen, you are a female divine doctor, but actually, I have one thing that I don't know if I should say, because I'm afraid that after I say it, people will say that I'm pretending."

"But there's no harm in saying it."

"Good, then don't blame me for saying it and pretending to be a comparison, 'Ghost Hand Doctor' I don't know how many of you, here, have heard of this title."

Chang Sun Wu Yan's body trembled and said in shock, "Who are you from the Ghost Hand Medical Saint?"

"Hahaha, truth be told, the Ghost Hand Medical Saint is my master, and I, Kang Guoming, have profoundly acquired my master's true teachings.So, Chang Sun Wu Yan, do you think that there's still a need for me to sit here and listen to these low-level medical techniques?"Kang Guoming said with a pretentious face.

Chang Sun Wu Yan was momentarily speechless, the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, this was a resounding person, even Chang Sun Wu Yan's grandfather had once received the guidance of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, and then, his medical skills advanced by leaps and bounds.This matter, how could Chang Sun Wu Yan not know, that's why Chang Sun Wu Yan was trembling with fear, he was actually a disciple of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, no wonder he dared to speak so disdainfully of low-level medical skills.

Kang Guoming smiled at Chang Sun Wu Yan: "Chang Sun Wu Yan, if I'm not wrong, my master, who once instructed your grandfather in the art of medicine oh, your grandfather, is also barely my master's unmarked disciple.By that inference, you all have to call me Grandpa Shifu, hahaha."

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "If you really are a disciple of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, then forget it and I apologize to you.What if you are lying?What evidence do you have to prove it."

Kang Guoming waved his hand and said, "In that case, let's have a match, but if you lose, how about you treat me to dinner for three days?"

Changsun Wu Yan nodded and said, "Okay, let's compare, I don't believe that you are really a disciple of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint." Remember the website


So, Changsun Wu Yan began to compete with Kang Guoming in a medical match, and the class was all excitedly watching.

As for Tang Zichen, he silently watched Kang Guoming pretend to compare.

Tang Zichen asked a classmate beside him, "Is the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, very famous?"

"Of course ah, very famous, if Kang Guoming is really a disciple of the Ghost Hand Healing Saint, then Kang Guoming's Healing Master talent is really indescribable.Alas, I'm so envious of Kang Guoming, the healer talent is so strong, and also the martial arts talent is also so strong that he reached the inner gate level before he even entered the school.Tsk, if I were Chang Sun Wu Yan, I would definitely fall in love with Kang Guoming, this person has an unlimited future."

Tang Zichen was speechless as he looked at this enchanted-looking classmate.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Although Kang Guoming is a new student of the Inner Gate class, he's only in the early Inner Gate ah, which is not as powerful as you say."

That classmate trailed off, "You're just a frog in a well, you've reached the inner gate level before you even entered school, that's already a supernatural talent.Don't forget that we are healers, and the vast majority of us healers are not very good at martial arts.Can't you see that our teacher, Zu Dangzhi, he's a 4th grade healer, and he's only at the Outer Gate Grand Perfection level?And Kang Guoming, he's an Inner Gate right now, tsk, I can't even describe this talent with words.Of course, if you compare him to those perverted freshmen in the mid to late inner class, he is indeed somewhat inferior, but those perverted freshmen in the mid to late inner class, they don't have healers at all!

of talent, and Kang Guoming is a double genius.Those guys can't even be compared, and I have a feeling that Chang Sun Wu Yan will become Kang Guoming's girlfriend."

"Che."Tang Zichen didn't even want to waste his breath with this frog in the well, Tang Zichen didn't even want to tell him that brother I am the middle of the inner class, and I'm afraid that I'm even stronger than those so-called perverted freshmen of the late middle of the inner class.Because Tang Zichen even dared to fight with Tang Zhenghao, the supreme genius student of the third year, those so-called perverted freshmen, Tang Zichen didn't take much notice of them at all.As for medical skills, Tang Zichen was too embarrassed to say it, his uncle in his previous life was the number one divine doctor in the Jianghu.With the level of medical skills in this world, that so-called Ghost Hand Medical Saint, no matter what, can't compare to his uncle's fingers, right?

At this time, the medical match between Changsun Wuhen and Kang Guoming had begun.

Zu Dangzhi was the judge.

Zu Dangzhi said, "This is a patient, now no one knows what disease he has, now the two of you, you will each be given five minutes to diagnose him and then write a prescription."

Kang said, "Changsun Wu Yan, you can start first."

Changsun Wu Yan didn't say anything and began to take the pulse of that patient.

After three minutes, Changsun Wu Yan had almost determined what disease this patient had, then, she began to write the prescription.

Then, it was Kang Guoming's turn, and Kang Guoming took only a minute to diagnose what disease it was, casually wrote a prescription, then threw it away and said, "Just take three posters to cure the disease, it's too childish, not challenging at all, boring."A very pretentious look.

"Pfft."Some students couldn't help but applaud when they saw Kang Guoming's handsome posture and confident look.

Zu Dangzhi's teacher immediately compared the prescriptions of Changsun Wuhen and Kang Guoming.

Zu Dangzhi looked at it for five minutes because he really didn't want Kang Guoming to win, so he wanted to find a flaw, but he couldn't find a flaw in Kang Guoming's prescription, which was just too perfect.

In the end, Zu Dangzhi had to admit, "Kang Guoming's prescription is much better than Chang Sun Wu Yan, who lost."



Changsun Wu Yan looked at Kang Guoming's prescription, then nodded and said, "I don't disagree, Kang Guoming's medical skills are indeed not something I can compare to.Alright, I apologize, Kang Guoming, I'm sorry that you took me as saying nothing just now, with your medical skills, you indeed could have avoided sitting here for such a low-level lesson."

That Zu Dang Zhi teacher also said, "Kang Guoming, since you do have some skills, then do whatever you want, I have nothing to say."

"Hahaha."Kang Guoming laughed and said to Changsun Wu Yan, "Remember, you still owe me three days' worth of rice."

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "I don't have that many Martial Coins right now, but after I earn enough Martial Coins, I will definitely keep my promise and treat you to three days' worth of rice."

Kang Guoming looked at Changsun Wu Yan's goddess-like beauty and said in his heart, "Changsun Wu Yan, I will definitely make you fall in love with me of your own accord.I, Kang Guoming, have a martial arts training talent that is bullish, and medical arts that are also bullish, in the entire healing department, no one is more bullish than me, even if you look at the entire Martial Arts Academy, I'm afraid I'm the only one who can double as a genius, so I'll definitely make you fall in love with me, hahaha."


After Kang Guoming left, the teacher began to continue with the lesson, explaining all about the medical arts, not every student was that great in the medical arts.

When Tang Zichen saw Kang Guoming's pretentious appearance, the corners of his mouth lifted and he hummed slightly.

Ordinarily, Tang Zichen should have immediately slapped the table and expressed his displeasure with Kang Guoming.

However, for some reason, Tang Zichen couldn't bring up interest today.

It might have something to do with Tang Zichen's realm, because, Tang Zichen felt that his realm was a bit loose, a bit like he was about to break through to the late Inner Gate.

Compared to breaking through the realm, pounding on the table to show displeasure at Kang Guoming would have no importance.

Tang Zichen was immediately in the classroom practicing his internal strength and preparing to break through to the late Inner Gate.

If Tang Zichen broke through to the late Inner Gate, then his strength would be greatly enhanced and he would have more confidence in the New Student Competition.Although Tang Zichen was already confident now, but after all, this was the Martial Arts Academy, where there were many geniuses, what if there were just a few like him who were very awesome among so many new students?So to be able to break through before the New Student Competition came, try to break through as much as possible.By then, Tang Zichen, a late stage Inner Gate Healing student, was even stronger, directly two realms stronger than that pretender Kang Guoming, and at that time, I'm afraid Kang Guoming himself wouldn't dare to call himself a martial arts genius.

All morning, Tang Zichen had been cultivating the martial arts realm.

Success wasn't that easy, however, but Tang Zichen was already very close to the late Inner Gate.

At the end of the class, Teacher Zu Dangzhi said, "I announce one thing, from now on, Chang Sun Wu Yan will be the leader of our first year class of the Healing Department, everyone will look for her to handle any matter, and report back to me if she can't handle it." One second to remember to read the book


"Alright, morning class is over, class starts at three in the afternoon, come early."

Zu Tangzhi left, and the class left the classroom to go eat, although it was very different from high school, it was somewhat the same.

Tang Zichen wanted to focus on cultivating the martial arts realm this afternoon, so he wanted to take the afternoon off.

Tang Zichen walked up to Changsun Wu Yan and said, "Class President, I want to take the afternoon off."

"Why do you want to take a leave?It's the first day of class. Can't you be more serious?If you're here because you can't understand the knowledge the teacher is talking about, you can come and ask me.Since I've become the class leader, I will naturally help every student in the class."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Joke, I can't understand such a low level of medical knowledge?"

However, Tang Zichen didn't really go for a joke, just said, "I have some personal business this afternoon, I'll take the afternoon off, all right."

Tang Zichen turned around and left.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen was alone in his dormitory, quietly cultivating.

After practicing all afternoon, Tang Zichen succeeded.

"Yay, I've broken through to the late Inner Gate."Tang Zichen was delighted, ever since he had struck the middle stage of the Inner Gate when he opened the Ren and Zhu veins a year ago, Tang Zichen hadn't broken through to the late stage until now.

The realm had increased by one level, Tang Zichen really felt that his power was much stronger, and now that he was also performing the Killing God Saber Technique, his power must have risen much higher.

That night, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun agreed to go to dinner together, after eating the two of them casually strolled around the Martial Arts Academy, occasionally no one's place, cuddle a little, feeling unusually stimulating, and then when it was about time to go back to their own accommodation!


The next day, Tang Zu Dang Zhi still went to class in the Healing Department, yesterday the realm broke through one level, and Tang Zu Dang Zhi was in a better mood today than yesterday.

During class, Zu Dangzhi's teacher was boasting on the podium, when Kang said, "Teacher, this healing method you're talking about, it sucks."

Zu Dangzhi was upset and said, "Kang Guoming, I know you're a better healer than me, and none of these students are better than you, but if you don't listen, get out and don't disturb my class, okay?"

Kang Guoming smiled, "Teacher Zu, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to interrupt your class, I just can't stand to see you just teaching everyone such an old-fashioned method of healing."

"Yeah?Then don't you have something more clever?"

"Of course, my master is a ghost hand healer, Teacher Zu, let me guide you on that treatment plan you just told me about, wouldn't it be better to change it to a jellyfish and seahorse brew?"

Zu Dangzhi's heart thudded, and inwardly, he couldn't help but say, "This Kang Guoming, although arrogant, is indeed very good at medicine, as expected, what he said was much better than what I taught you all."

Zu Dangzhi had to say, "Classmates, what Kang Guoming said is indeed better than what I taught you all, let's correct it."

The class chattered, full of admiration for Kang Guoming.

"Hahaha."Kang Guoming heard the class praise him with a quick laugh.Kang Guoming aimed at Changsun Wu Yan and saw that Changsun Wu Yan was also recording what he had just said and became even more complacent.

Ignoring the class, Kang Guoming walked to the seat next to Changsun Wuhen and smiled, "Changsun Wuhen, don't forget that you still owe me three days' worth of food."

"I won't forget if I say I won't forget, I'll treat you to all of it when I'm rich."

Kang Guoming said, "For the sake of you being so poor, forget it, I'll treat you to three days of rice as if you're treating me, then we'll settle up."Kang Guoming was ready to start pursuing action against Chang Sun Wu Yan, and he felt that it was time to make the first move near the water.Moreover, with his current advantage, it was too easy to pick up Changsun Wu Yan.

"No need."Changsun Wu Yan said.

"What's polite with me, do you know that I have two hundred thousand dollars in savings, eat as you wish."Kang Guo said with obvious flare.

"I said I don't need it, anyway, my bet with you, when I have the money, I will treat you to three days of food."Changsun was dripping.

Kang Guoming was a little upset and said, "Chang Sun Wu Yan, I'm a disciple of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, you're not so disrespectful."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you want, if you want to talk to me, I can only say that I'm sorry, I don't have any thoughts of falling in love while I'm at the Martial Arts Academy, I won't fall in love here, I'm really sorry."Chang Sun Wu Yan sternly refused, Kang Guoming hadn't even said anything about pursuing her yet, she had refused first, which made Kang Guoming very, very upset, he had wanted to take the opportunity to reveal that he liked her, but he hadn't expected that he would refuse first before revealing his meaning.

"Chang Sun Wu Yan, such a good martial arts academy, with couples pairing up, it would be a waste of the martial arts academy's time if you don't fall in love,"Kang Guoming said.

"Sorry, I just came here to study, not to fall in love, I won't fall in love with any boy, no matter who chases me, thanks.Kang Kuo Ming, if you don't mind, I can be good friends with you, but that's all."


Changsun Wu Yan opened the door, leaving no room for error, in fact she did not really want to fall in love during the Martial Arts Academy, and talked about the future when she graduated also definitely broke up, it was a complete waste of time.

Kang Guoming smiled, "Changsun Wuhen, what if, it's someone as good as me who wants to fall in love with you?"

Chang Sun Wu Yan did not hesitate: "Sorry, I won't talk to any good boy, sorry."

Kang Guoming huffed, "Chang Sun Wu Yan, your gaze is too arrogant, I, Kang Guoming, am a disciple of the Ghost Hand Medical Saint, your grandfather has been instructed by my master, and I myself have a high talent for martial arts, you don't hurry up and grab me as a potential, but you still don't want to talk to me."

Changsun Wu Yan smiled, "You misunderstood, I didn't say you weren't excellent, I just personally don't like to fall in love during the academy.I wouldn't even if I were a better boy than you, I hope you understand, if you're willing, we'll be good friends."

At this time, the teacher shouted from the podium, "What are you two whispering about, are you still letting the class go, Chang Sun Wu Yan, you are the class president, take the lead, don't do whispering."

"I'm sorry, Teacher Zu."Changsun Wuyan was busy apologizing.

However, Kang Guoming bellowed, "Go to your class, get out, don't go, what level, and still have the nerve to go to class."Kang Guoming was angry at Changsun Wu Yan's words, so he directly yelled at the teacher.

Zu Dang Yi slapped the table and yelled, "Kang Guoming, although your medical skills are indeed better than mine, you shouldn't go too far."

"So what if I'm over the top, if you have the guts to come over and fight me, are you my opponent?You mother than, an almost forty year old man, only at the outer door level, believe me I'll run you over, fuck."Kang Guoming was on fire.I thought that Changsun Wu Yan had been attracted to his bullby, but I didn't expect that Changsun Wu Yan was not attracted to him at all, so Kang Guoming was very hot.

No one in the class spoke, Kang Guoming was so strong, no one wanted to offend him. First URL

Changsun Wuhen said, "Kang Guoming, aren't you a little over the top."

"So what if I'm excessive, who dares to do anything to me?"

Chang Sun Wu Yan said, "If you keep this up, the teacher will report it to the department head, it won't do you any good."

"Hahaha, threatening me with this, ridiculous, my healing talent is the highest in this freshman class, and the department head will expel me?"

Tang Zichen couldn't look at it, what kind of person was this, Tang Zichen wasn't even proud of him like this, he was actually proud of him like this.

Tang Zichen said, "Hey, that, Kang what Ming's, this is a classroom, if you want to get mad, please go outside."

Kang Guomington shot his gaze at Tang Zichen and roared, "Who are you mama than, do you know who you're talking to?"

Tang Zichen also raged, "I don't say things twice, in fact, I looked at you yesterday, I didn't expect you to be so arrogant today, Zichen I can't stand it."

Kang Guoming slapped the table and bellowed, "Fuck you than, then I'll kill the chicken today as a warning to others."

After saying that, Kang Guoming killed towards Tang Zichen, and the class was in chaos.

Chang Sun shouted, "Kang Guoming, don't hurt the innocent students."

"Fuck the innocent."

Tang Zichen saw Kang Guoming killing, very disdainful snort, a pre-internal sect, he dared to attack a late internal sect, really desperate.

"Pah."Just when everyone didn't react, they only saw a pop, and Kang Guoming flew out the window.

/> "Ah."Everyone in the class was stunned.

And Tang Zichen snorted, "Looking for death."

Changsun Wu Yan looked at Tang Zichen incredulously and said in his heart, "Who the hell is this person, who actually slapped Kang Guoming out of the window, Kang Guoming is a genius student of the inner door level."

As the whole class looked at Tang Zichen, outside the window, Kang Guoming shouted, "I'll kill you."

Kang Guoming was very, very angry, so he immediately took out his sword and went to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't move, and when Kang Guoming killed him with his sword, Tang Zichen lifted his foot.

"Bang."Tang Zichen flew a kick, like a soccer ball, and diagonally kicked Kang Guoming's head.


"Boom."Kang Guoming's head, like a shot, shot at the wall, and the wall collapsed with a bang.

"Wow."The whole class shouted with a wow, this was too strong, Kang Guoming, a freshman of the Inner Gate class, was being kicked like a football by Tang Zichen.

Kang Guoming fell into the rubble and was directly kicked unconscious by Tang Zucchen.

Zu Dangzhi's teacher stammered, "You you you how did you do that?Kang Guoming is an inner-door freshman, who the hell are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher, my name is Tang Zichen, and I'm also a new student in the Healing Department."

"What? You're also a new student in the Healing Department, but how can you be so strong?There's no way the healing department would have such a powerful student, a student that powerful would have already gone to those departments that specialize in martial arts."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I want to learn some skills in the healing arts, can't I."

"Tang Zichen, what kind of strength are you you?"

Tang Zichen didn't hide it anymore and said, "Late Inner Gate."


The whole class was shocked, a late stage inner door expert, gosh, this was already in the category of a perverted freshman.

Chang Sun Wu Yan was also really taken aback when she heard Tang Zichen say that he was late in the Inner Gate, she never expected that there would be a pervert freshman in the class.I'm afraid that the strongest freshman in this class was the late Inner Gate, but of course, there were about a hundred of these late Inner Gate perverted freshmen.

"Wow, strong."Zu Dangzhi's teacher worshipped and said that this kind of perverted genius had an unlimited future.Although healers were noble, no matter how noble they were, they couldn't be compared to the top experts ah.

Tang Zu Dangzhi saw the whole class looking at Tang Zu Dangzhi with monster-like eyes, and laughed wordlessly, "Don't look at me like that, the reason why I'm not going to the Sword Art Department is because I don't need anyone to teach me sword and saber skills anymore, there's no need to waste time, why don't you come here and learn some healing skills."

Zu Dangzhi smiled, "Welcome, fellow students, let's welcome this perverted genius, Tang Zichen, to our Healing Department."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded.

At that moment, Kang Guoming woke up and climbed out of the rubble of the collapsed wall.

Kang Guoming shrieked in pain as he saw himself in such a mess while the class was clapping to welcome Tang Zichen.

"Ahhhh."Kang Guoming thought that he was definitely the strongest freshman in the Healing Department, and everyone admired him to death, but as a result, a stronger and more talented one than him suddenly appeared, and how could he bear the huge difference.


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