The King of Kungfu in school 441-450


Chapter 441

The man left three words "impossible" and then drifted away.

Wen Qiang stomped her foot. She advised Blue Yang not to go to Tang Zichen because she didn't want Tang Zichen to know about her past.

Tang Zichen returned to the dormitory in a trance, his head full of thoughts of betraying Liu Xiangyun, about what happened with Wen Qiang in the afternoon, it was really cool and made Tang Zichen experience the feeling of a different woman, but Tang Zichen didn't think about it that much.

At this moment, on the outskirts of one of the training grounds in the Sword Law Department, a man looked at a certain woman in the training grounds and said through clenched teeth, "I have given so much emotion for Wen Qiang, I am not willing to be abandoned like this, Tang Zichen, I warned you, think about your own woman before playing with other women.But you, you didn't take it seriously, well, then you can't blame me Lan Yang for being rude."

Liu Xiangyun was practicing her sword in the martial field, and the other students in her class were each practicing their swords on the side, their class was different from the healing class.

At that moment, a girl said, "Xiangyun, someone is looking for you, outside the martial field."

"Oh, okay, thanks."Xiangyun Liu thought it was Tang Zichen.

Liu Xiangyun ran out happily, but she didn't see Tang Zichen.

Just then, a man behind Liu Xiangyun suddenly struck Liu Xiangyun in the back of the head with a palm strike.

Liu Xiangyun didn't have time to react and fell down, after all, her strength was only at the middle stage of the outer gate, while the person who struck her was already at the early stage of the inner gate.

This person who struck Liu Xiangyun was none other than Blue Yang, who had gone berserk, and Tang Zichen was not to blame for not listening to the warning and not thinking before playing with other women. One second to remember to read the book.

It's not easy to be found if you're walking on the ground, but it's easy to be found if you're walking on the ground.

However, Lan Yang didn't think that someone would see it when he was chopping up Liu Xiangyun.

It was Wang Xing.

Wang Xing was also from the Sword Art Department, and he was just walking around the periphery of Liu Xiangyun's class martial field, and he was going to look for Xu Mei Qian, but he just happened to see Blu Yang chopping a person unconscious.

Wang Xing was startled, the one who was knocked unconscious was actually Tang Zichen's girlfriend.

Although Wang Xing doesn't like Tang Zichen, but it's impossible to ignore, besides, Liu Xiangyun is also Xu Mei Qian's friend, Wang Xing huffed: "Robbing a woman in broad daylight, what kind of person is so arrogant."

Wang Xing followed behind, Wang Xing is the middle stage of the inner door, that Blue Yang is naturally not his opponent, Wang Xing did not rush to fight, but wanted to see what this person wanted to do.

Blu Yang came to the nearest dormitory building, casually flew into a dormitory on the third floor, flew in through the window, and threw Liu Xiangyun onto the bed of the dormitory.

Blu Yang gulped down his saliva, and had to admit that Tang Zichen's girlfriend was indeed much more beautiful than Wen Qiang, how to look at her was stunning, and her body was perfect.

"Fuck, open minded, sleep it off."Blu Yang said with his teeth clenched and started to take off his own clothes.

Just at this moment, a cold snort came from outside the window: "Are you worthy?"

"Who."Bluemont snapped back and saw a man outside the window, it was Wang Xing.

"Who are you?I advise you to stay out of my business, one less enemy would be good for you."Lan Yang said.

"I, Wang Xing, am not afraid of a dirty enemy like you, she is Tang Zichen's girlfriend, I advise you to mess with Tang Zichen less, even I am not his opponent, you are no different from ants in front of him."

Lan Yang raged, "Tang Zichen played the

My woman, I'm playing with his woman now, and it's only right."

"Plutonic, you're just looking for death."

"Fuck you."Blue Yang killed towards the King Star, they didn't know each other's realm, they could only sense each other through their qi, but not necessarily sense correctly.

"Meteor Butterfly Sword."Wang Xing picked off Blu mang with one sword and fell to the first floor.

Blue Yang saw that he was no match for others, and must be one level higher than his realm, and immediately ran.

At this time, Liu Xiangyun also woke up.

When Liu Xiangyun saw Blu Yang and Wang Xing who were fighting, and saw herself in the same dormitory room, she understood what happened.

Wang Xing said: "That person wanted to rape you, I just happened to pass by the outside of your class, so I followed all the way, okay, no thanks."

After saying that, Wang Xing flew away.

Liu Xiangyun cried and yelled, "Ahhh, why do I keep almost getting into trouble, if it wasn't for Uranus this time, I, I really don't dare to imagine the consequences."Liu Xiangyun remembered that this was the second time she had run into something like this, the first time before she had even enrolled in school, when she was killing locusts in the novice village, she had been charmed into the valley by a new student of the Lost Soul Department, if Tang Zichen hadn't found her in time, then she would have been finished.This time, it happened again, Liu Xiangyun cried, she really wanted to shave her face, she felt that everything was caused by her face.

Wang Xing didn't look for Xu Mei Qian again and went straight back to the dormitory.

Wang Xing opened the dormitory door and found Tang Zichen inside.

"You didn't go to class?"

"Class ends early,"Tang Zichen said.

Wang Xing snorted, "Tang Zichen, did you play with someone else's woman?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, why would Wang Xing ask that, he had received a threatening letter yesterday, and in it someone had warned him not to play with other people's women.

"Why are you asking that?"

Wang Xing snorted, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you really played with someone else's woman, no wonder someone took revenge on you."

"What do you mean?"

"Just now I was going to look for Xu Mei Qian, and when I passed by the outside of Liu Xiangyun's class, I saw someone knocking out a girl, and the person who was knocked out was Liu Xiangyun, who was being taken to a dormitory."

"What."Tang Zichen got furious.

"Alright, it's fine now, I saved Liu Xiangyun because of her good relationship with Xu Mei Qian, not because of you."Wang Xing said and walked into his room and closed the door.

Tang Zichen said furiously, "Damn, this must have something to do with Wen Qiang."

Tang Zichen first went to find Liu Xiangyun, who had returned to the martial field, but looked depressed and in no mood for sword practice, she didn't know what to say to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen saw that Liu Xiangyun was safe and sound, so he didn't call her out and immediately went to look for Wen Qiang.

Tang Zichen found out about Wen Qiang's dormitory from one of the girls in his class and waited for her to come down at the bottom of the dormitory building.

A few minutes later, Wen Qiang happily ran down.

"Brother Zichen, why are you looking for me."

Tang Zichen hummed, "Wen Qiang, I have something to say to you."

"Go ahead."

"Wen Qiang, yesterday a person wrote me a threatening letter, saying that I play with other people's women, the person who wrote this letter, you know him, right?"Tang Zichen asked menacingly, and Wen Qiang looked a little scared.

"I, I don't know."Wen Qiang didn't admit, she didn't want Tang Zichen to know that she had an ex-boyfriend.


"Wen Qiang, I suggest you better be honest, or you won't even be friends.Do you know that my girlfriend, she just almost had an accident."

"What? You have a girlfriend?"Wen Qiang was stunned, she didn't know that Tang Zichen had a girlfriend, she thought that she only needed to compete with Chang Sunless, but she didn't expect that people had girlfriends.

"My girlfriend, Liu Xiangyun, don't you know?"

"I don't know ah."Wen Qiang's face was white, it wasn't for nothing to let Tang Zichen sleep, Liu Xiangyun she had heard of, just like Changsun Wu Yan, who was rated as a courtyard flower.Wen Qiang was in a complicated mood, she didn't believe that Tang Zichen would abandon his existing girlfriend and choose her, it really was a case of letting Tang Zichen sleep for nothing.In fact, she should have thought of that Blu Yang, but she didn't even make it clear to her.

"Wen Qiang, that person, do you know him?"Tang Zichen asked aloud.

Wen Qiang smiled bitterly and said, "As it is, I'll say it straight, yes, his name is Lan Yang, he was my boyfriend in high school, and he's from the same place as me.Originally he was also a genius, but, Martial Academy is a place where there are too many geniuses than him, and here, he became ordinary.Your appearance shocked me, I didn't think there were so many men more genius than Blu Yang, I fell in love with you instantly, so I broke up with Blu Yang, but he didn't agree.He also threatened to take revenge on you, but I didn't expect that the revenge he said was to take revenge on your girlfriend, I thought he would find you, he's not your opponent at all, so I didn't inform you before.More importantly, I didn't want you to know that I had a boyfriend before.Now that you have a girlfriend and are rated as a hospital flower, I don't think there's any chance for me or Changsun Wu Yan, it's just a matter of time.What happened this afternoon, just consider it a dream."

Tang Zichen said, "So, it really wasn't your first time."

Wen Qiang laughed bitterly, "You even have a virginity complex, it's true that I'm not, but you're not either, neither is anyone else, you're not at a disadvantage, instead it's me who's at a disadvantage.I took the initiative to kiss you this afternoon, but it was you who took the initiative to have sex, although I also intended to, I originally wanted to get ahead of Chang Sun Wu Yan, but I didn't expect, ridiculous, to let you sleep for nothing."

"Wen Qiang, I didn't feel like I got any advantage, but instead I was made to feel at a disadvantage, causing me to cheat on my girlfriend and betray her, don't make me take advantage of you, I don't care to have that happen with you."

"Alright, is not a man, I a girl are indifferent, you a man to get the advantage but also sell good, make me take advantage of the same, although I am not the first time, but I at least not bad it, you say this, think about the afternoon when you cool, now finished saying such words, let me despise."

"Just forget about it, let's not talk about it, let's just forget about it." First URL

Wen Qiang Dao: "Anyway, I should say sorry to you, I was impulsive, I knew I should have asked you about your background before coming, it was all because I was confused."

"I don't want to talk to you about this, where is that Blu Yang?Where's his dorm?"

Wen Qiang Dao: "Sorry, I didn't think he would do such a thing, his dormitory is in Block 16, Building 3, 307."

Tang Zichen immediately went to look for Lan Yang.

Wen Qiang shouted: "Tang Zichen, are we still friends?If you can't be lovers, can you still be friends?"

Tang Zichen took a deep breath, this happened, and it was too devastating, whether he took advantage of it or not, Wen Qiang did indeed sleep with him, resenting her words, should he or not.

"I don't know, wait until I'm done looking for your ex-boyfriend, if you want to persuade me to do it lightly, it's not necessary, it's not going to happen."

Wen Qiang said, "I warned him, he's the one who still wants to die, I won't sympathize with him.It's just that I already know the answer, so I'm not going to be friends."Wen Qiang turned around and went upstairs, feeling so depressed inside, in the end, sleeping in vain, not to mention, not even to be friends!


Tang Zichen immediately found Lan Yang's dormitory .

Knocking on the door, a boy opened it.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Where's Bluemont?"

The boy who opened the door shouted, "Lan Yang, someone is looking for you."

A boy came out from one of the rooms and his face changed when he saw Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen rushed up and gave him a blast.

Lan Yang, an early stage Inner Gate, didn't have a bit of resistance.

He was beaten by Tang Zichen and his face was swollen and bruised, his leg was broken, his arm was broken and his meridians were also broken.

Lan Yang's two roommates came up and persuaded him for a long time before Tang Zichen let him go.

"Blu Yang, be more careful from now on, otherwise I will kill you even if I break the school rules."

Blue Yang lowered his head and said with his mouth full of blood, "No more."

Tang Zichen saw that it was okay for him to admit his mistake, which was why he left, Tang Zichen wanted to kill him, but in the end, he controlled his anger.

After beating Lan Yang, it was also already evening after school.

Tang Zichen went to pick up Liu Xiangyun from the swordsmanship department.

Liu Xiangyun was dejected and stopped talking.

Tang Zichen said: "I know all about what happened this afternoon."

"What? You know all about it. "

"Uranus told me that the man who dared to assault you has been found and beaten, and I'm afraid he'll be in bed for months."

"I'm sorry that this keeps happening to me and making you worry."

"It's none of your business, what happened today is actually my fault.Xiangyun, I won't hide it from you, the person who assaulted you is taking revenge on me because he thinks I played with his woman."

"Ah."Xiangyun Liu stared at Tang Zichen blankly.

"Of course, that's just what he thought, in fact not at all."Tang Zichen didn't say it in the end, it was better not to add to Liu Xiangyun's problems, if he knew he had sex with another woman in the afternoon, Liu Xiangyun would definitely have a psychological shadow, Tang Zichen himself was a bit shadowed, because Wen Qiang wasn't pure, that's why Tang Zichen didn't feel like taking advantage of Wen Qiang.The so-called white sleep, Tang Zichen does not care at all, of course, cool is cool.

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun ate dinner and took a walk together, then did not return to the dormitory, the two went to stay in a hotel.In the afternoon, Tang Zichen just what, but Tang Zichen feeling, his energy seems to never run out, may be this is again with the room center menstruation is related, if it were any other man, the body would be empty.

The next day, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun each went to their classes.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Healing Department class and met Wen Qiang face to face, however, Wen Qiang didn't greet him anymore and Tang Zichen didn't greet her either, it seemed like everyone's relationship had suddenly changed.

Tang Zichen looked at Wen Qiang and sighed, this is good, save Tang Zichen's responsibility, if it is the first time to give Tang Zichen, then Tang Zichen feels guilty if he is not responsible, but it is good that he does not have to be responsible now.

Walking into the classroom, one glance saw Changsun Wu Yan, today she was dressed beautifully again, a glance looked stunning, while Wen Qiang didn't, that's why she couldn't judge the courtyard flower, I guess.

"Here you are."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded slightly, the smell of Changsun Wuhen's body was full of fragrance, Tang Zichen was sure that Changsun Wuhen was absolutely pure and flawless.


"What happened to you and Wen Qiang?"Changsun asked.

"What's wrong, no."

"It can't be, Wen Qiang used to call you brother Zichen when she met you, you just came in when you passed by, this is by no means normal."Changsun said impudently.

"You're overthinking it."

How could Chang Sun Wuyan think too much, before Chang Sun Wuyan also scolded Wen Qiang for being a fox, every time Tang Zichen practiced martial arts she followed, making it impossible for her to practice martial arts with Tang Zichen even if she wanted to.Today, however, they were so strange.

However, since Tang Zichen didn't say anything, Changsun Wu Yan didn't ask more.

After the first class, Tang Zichen left the classroom again and went to the same place where he practiced martial arts yesterday.

Tang Zichen subconsciously took a glance at the tree where he had that incident with Wen Qiang yesterday.

"Huh."Found a person sitting there under the big tree.

Tang Zichen walked up, and it was Wen Qiang.

Wen Qiang was sitting under the big tree staring, and froze when she saw Tang Zichen. Remember the website

"What are you doing over here?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Nothing."Wen Qiang got up and walked away, the place where she was just sitting was the same place where they did that yesterday.

Tang Zichen saw her lonely expression and shouted, "Hey, are you okay."


Tang Zichen was speechless, "If it's fine what are you doing with a sad expression, do you want me to be responsible for you?If you feel that way, I'm going to have to say something, it's not that I'm scum, but it's really not my turn to be responsible, and it's not my turn to be responsible, it's your ex-boyfriend's turn.If you have a big belly, that's another story."

Wen Qiang turned back, "Tang Zichen, you're thinking too much, it's not his turn to be responsible for my ex-boyfriend either, I have a fiancé, and my first time wasn't for my ex-boyfriend, but my fiancé."

"Fuck."Tang Zichen couldn't help but burst out, so that Blue Yang wasn't her first man.

"If you have a fiancé, why did you fall in love with that Blue Yang bitch in high school?You did right by your fiancé?"

Wen Qiang Dao: "My fiancé was arranged by my family and he got engaged at the age of 15.Although I liked him very much, unfortunately, he didn't treat me as well as I thought he would, and he was smitten by another woman.Then, I only got together with Blu Yang out of revenge."

"And then you slept with Blue Yang again."Tang Zichen said with a bit of contempt.

Wen Qiang snorted, "You're despising me, but unfortunately, it's not what you think it is, nothing happened with Blu Yang."

"Uh, you've been talking to your ex for two years and nothing has happened?"Tang Zichen said in a bit of disbelief.

"Do you know why Blue Yang is so angry to get back at you?It's because he gave too much for me, but he felt unhappy that he was dumped by me without even getting my body once."

"Lan Yang is at least at the early stage of the Inner Sect, he would be so honest?After two years, I didn't touch you?Ghosts believe."Tang Zichen trailed off.

"Oh, you know my fiancé, what strength does he have?He's at least a late stage Inner Gate now, and even a complete Inner Gate.My fiancé, Lan Yang, also knows him, and since my fiancé has gone after another woman, I've gotten mad

I will find a more talented one.At that time, there were two people chasing me in my high school, one Qi Xuan and one Lan Yang, and I chose the one with more potential, Lan Yang.I told him that if he really loves me, he should surpass my fiancé, and he has been working very hard to surpass my fiancé, beat him, and then be with me.However, I can't let go of my fiancé in my heart, I want him to change his mind back, so I never did that kind of thing with Blu Yang, Blu Yang he's not honest, he really loves me."

Tang Zichen wiped a cold sweat, feeling a little bit of an eggache in his free time, other people's feelings, it's none of his business.

Tang Zichen said: "Wen Qiang, in this way, you are indeed a bit too much, Lan Yang is trying to surpass your fiancé for you, and hasn't touched you yet, and you, who just came to the Martial Arts Academy, played him because of me, if it was me, I would also be angry."

Wen Qiang gave a sneer: "Tang Zichen, I actually want to chase you, and I don't really like you."

"What."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

"In high school, I agreed to be Blu Yang's girlfriend, but I just wanted Blu Yang to defeat my fiancé and get him back.Although Blu Yang worked hard, he still couldn't resist the difference in talent, and in these two years, although Blu Yang improved quickly, my fiancé improved even faster.Even without you appearing, I would have broken up with Blu Yang.It just so happened that you appeared, your talent is very strong and it gave me hope.I fantasize that I'll bring my boyfriend, like you, to appear in front of my fiancé and beat him up so hard that he'll understand that betraying me will only get me a better man than him."

Tang Zichen laughed, "So, you are just another Blue Yang to me, the ultimate goal is to get back at your fiancé, you never liked me at all, let alone Blue Yang.You would think of getting back at your fiancé, I'm afraid that in your heart, you still love him, or else you would have forgotten about him long ago."

"Right."Wen Qiang nodded her head without hesitation.

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed and thought that Wen Qiang really liked him.

Tang Zichen asked, "That fiancé of yours, is he really that good?"

Wen Qiang said, "If he wasn't that good, how could he be accepted as a disciple of the Island Protector Family, I hate him, but I love him again."

"If you still love him again, then why did you still have sex with me yesterday?You haven't even had sex with Blue Yang for two years, so why did it happen so easily with me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Because, I found out that you might really be able to help me get back at him, you're highly talented in martial arts, and most importantly, you're so talented in healing, and yesterday I found out that you're so close with Professor Lin Han, the Ninth Grade Healer, so I suddenly got impulsive.I thought that if you were my boyfriend, I could get back at him for bringing you to him, and got lost in a moment and had sex with you in a muddled way.The funny thing is, you even have a girlfriend, I let you sleep for nothing, and even friends can not do.I am very conflicted now, I want to be alone, Lan Yang has been with me for two years without having sex with him, if this is known to my fiancé, I am afraid there will be no turning back, no possibility of returning to my heart, so what is the meaning of my revenge, I am so messed up, please don't bother me."Wen Qiang said.

Tang Zichen scratched his head, what's this with, a mess.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why did your fiancé betray you?What's the reason for betraying you, now that you're together and you're so pretty?"

At that moment, Wen Qiang had a hint of hatred in her eyes.


After a long while, Wen Qiang said, "Because, there was a woman who was more beautiful and outstanding than me, her talent was as good as my fiancé and her beauty was better than mine.So, my fiancé left me and went after her, but unfortunately, he hasn't caught up with her until now, and he deserves it.Tang Zichen, all I want is to find a genius to defeat my fiancé, get back at him, and then let him know that I will find a better one without him, hoping that he will come back to his senses after he realizes the reality, do you understand now?The only thing I regret about you, right now, is that friends aren't even made, and nothing else, because I didn't really like you in the first place.Leave me alone."After saying that, Wen Qiang walked away.

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly.

At this moment, not far away, a pair of eyes were watching.

Tang Zichen had already spotted her.

"Come out."

Changsun Wu Yan came out from the bushes.

Changsun Wu Yan already knew what had happened between Tang Zichen and Wen Qiang, she really didn't expect that they had already had a relationship, and there was a deep sense of loss inside Changsun Wu Yan when she learned of this.

"You heard all of my conversation with her, right."

"Mm."Chang Sunless nodded.

"Then, you know the answer to the question you asked me this morning about why it was weird with Wen Qiang, now you also know the answer."

"Hmm." One second to remember to read the book

"Don't you have anything you want to say?"

"No."Changsun Wu Yan looked lost.

Tang Zichen looked at Chang Sun Wu Yan and said, "Wen Qiang hid it very deeply, I thought she really liked me enough to have sex with me regardless, but I didn't think she just wanted to use me to get back at her fiancé.So, Faceless, you also confessed to me before, are you like that too, not really liking me, do you also have some kind of purpose behind it?"

Changsun Wuhen was busy looking at Tang Zichen and shook his head, "I'm not."

"So, you truly like me."

"Yes, I truly like you, but I won't have any relationship with you, I have a fiancé after all, I won't wrong him until I dissolve my marriage with him, this is my most basic morality."Chang Sun Wu Yan said firmly.

"Oh, to be honest, I rather feel that I appreciate you for having such the most basic morals."

"Alright, I'm going back first."Changsun Wuhen didn't seem to want to say too much to Tang Zichen, and her heart was always a bit lumpy when she learned that Tang Zichen and Wen Qiang had a relationship.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and watched Changsun Wuhen walk away.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen practiced his sword for a while longer, feeling so lame that he simply didn't bother practicing.

Tang Zichen, who flew up in mid-air, saw Wen Qiang sitting alone by a nearby lake.

Tang Zichen hesitated, flew up again, landed on the lake, drew his sword and said, "Don't think about it, come and fight, maybe you'll feel better."

Tang Zichen himself didn't know why he went to comfort her, Wen Qiang didn't really like Tang Zichen, and by all rights should hate her.

"You don't hate me?I cheated you and tried to use you."

Tang Zichen: "I never liked you at all, so it doesn't count as cheating my feelings, only Lan Yang, I'm afraid he will hate you, he is the one who really likes you and has done so much for you.And compared to him, I also slept with you, what do I hate you for."

Wen Qiang leapt and flew into the lake as well.


Are we, like, still friends?"

"If you don't mind, of course."

"But I caused you to betray your girlfriend."

"It was only a physical betrayal, my spirit didn't betray me."

"Thanks, and I feel a lot better for still being friends with you."

"Why go grieving for someone who dumped you, forget about your fiancé."

"He's really good, I can't forget, I still want him to come back to me.Even if he doesn't come around, he and I are destined to get married in the future, after all, we may not be able to resist the family's marriage."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Excellent not necessarily."

"He's become a disciple of the Guardian Island Family, isn't he excellent enough?"

"Cut."Tang Zichen trailed off.

Wen Qiang said, "If you compare your two identities together with him, you're no worse than him."

"Two identities combined?Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't bother to say anything, he just hummed disdainfully in his heart, if he had the chance some other day, he would like to see if that fiancé of hers, is really that awesome.

"Alright, you're really good, but unfortunately, I don't have that life anymore, I'm not a virgin, even if I really like you, I'm not worthy of you anymore, and I'm satisfied to still be friends with you."

"When did you do that with him?"

"Freshman year of high school."

"So young."

"Will it be young in high school, it was sixteen then, girls aren't young at sixteen."

"Were you guys originally close?"

"We were engaged at fifteen and had a good relationship with each other's families, but unfortunately, he met a woman who was more beautiful and talented than me and immediately betrayed me and ran off to chase her."

Tang Zichen asked curiously, "How long have you been screwed by him?"

Wen Qiang stared at Tang Zichen and blushed, "Would you believe me if I said, just once?"

"Don't believe it, every woman is like this, ask her how many times she has been, they all say one, and only a few times, but the fact is, huh?"

"You don't even believe what people say, so why ask, for you men with virginity complexes, you better be good enough to block out this information yourself, don't ask women about this, or it's you who are depressed.Besides, modern society, you know."

Tang Zichen let out a sigh, in Tang Zichen's previous life, where would be so open, before getting married, not many women would not be pure, look at now, the complete opposite, not many are pure.

Wen Qiang hummed, "Tang Zichen, I advise you to get a few more pure women while you're still young, it'll be gone when you're older, there are girls turning into women every moment, you have this complex, so why don't you take advantage of the girls you know around you now, they're still young, and hurry out."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't talk nonsense, I don't have that complex, as long as we truly love each other, it's enough, what do you care about that."

Wen Qiang blinked and asked, "So, I still have a chance too, haha."

Tang Zichen said, "If I really like you, it's not impossible, I don't care about that."

"Che, it's a lie right off the bat, just kidding with you, we don't have a chance, my fiancé and I are a family marriage, whether he betrays me or not, or whether I love him or not, a family marriage, sooner or later, we'll get married."


"Alright, no more nonsense, look at the sword."


Tang Zichen and Wen Qiang fought for hundreds of rounds on the lake, but of course, Tang Zichen was letting her go.Tang Zichen was so quick that he pulled her hand, held her waist, and flew to the shore after stepping on the surface of the lake.

Once on the shore, Wen Qiang broke free of Ximen Yu's hand.

"Yoho, now that you've suddenly become so serious, you won't even let me touch you."Tang Zichen laughed.

"It's better if we don't get so close now, there was a reason before, but now that reason doesn't exist anymore."

"But we, we were that yesterday, but today we're not allowed to touch."

"Can we forget about this."Wen Qiang blushed and said, but her own recollection of yesterday's events did seem like a dream.

Tang Zichen asked, "You really didn't lie to me just now?"


"Your freshman year of high school, really with your fiancé, just once?"Tang Zichen found himself a bit bitchy, Nima, it's none of his business, if Liu Xiangyun knew, there's no telling what domestic violence would happen.

"You don't believe and still ask, is it interesting."

"But, it's hard to believe ah." First URL

"Don't say that, I'm too stupid to make there's no going back now."

"Oh shit, you can't be serious, no kidding me?"Tang Zichen looked as if Wen Qiang was not joking.

"I'm going back first, bye."Wen Qiang obviously didn't want to talk about this with Tang Zichen anymore, because she already regretted that year, so talking about it was equal to a sad thing for her.

Tang Zichen sighed, he also wanted to talk about that aspect of the topic with Wen Qiang again, it felt exciting to talk about it, but I didn't think she didn't want to talk about it.

Tang Zichen didn't go back to the classroom either, and practiced his swordsmanship again at the same place he had just been.After practicing for an hour, Tang Zichen stopped to take a break and sat under the tree where he and Wen Qiang had done that yesterday.

Tang Zichen's mind was still quite reminiscent of what happened yesterday under this big tree, just then, Tang Zichen's gaze looked to the ground and saw a few leaves on the ground, and there were blood stains on the leaves.

"Eh?There's blood on the leaf, it's dried up."Tang Zichen picked it up and sniffed it, scraping his nails, it should be from yesterday that flowed on this leaf.

Tang Zichen seemed to have thought of something, this place wouldn't normally be visited by anyone, let alone dripping blood, so it was, yesterday when he and Wen Qiang did that, Wen Qiang shed it.

"So, Wen Qiang didn't lie, when she was a freshman in high school, she really only had one time with her fiancé.Yesterday, she should have been the second time, so after two years, the what healed again, or, she didn't break at all in her first year of high school, so it was only the second time yesterday that she completely broke and bled."Tang Zichen secretly speculated inside.Tang Zichen couldn't help but laugh bitterly, so to speak, even if Wen Qiang wasn't a virgin, then she was at least half a virgin.

However, it had nothing to do with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen just smiled bitterly, whether it was considered half or not, people would have to marry their fiancé sooner or later.

Tang Zichen returned to the Healing Department class when the class was about to end at noon.

Not long after returning to the Healing Department class, a student walked into the class.

"Tang Zichen, come out for a moment, someone is looking for you."

"Who's looking for me?"Don Zichen asked.

"A student from the Department of Ecstasy came to see you."

"Department of Ecstasy, who, what do they want with me


"I don't know."

Tang Zichen came to the side of the first grade school building and indeed saw a woman, the woman's back was now facing Tang Zichen, however, Tang Zichen felt that her back was somewhat familiar.

"Who's looking for me?"Don Zichen stepped forward and said.

The woman turned around.

Tang Zichen was startled.

"It's you, Shangguan Zou."

"Tang Zichen, long time no see."Shangguan Rou threw a charmed look at Tang Zichen, she was still as flirtatious and seductive as she had been in high school, her charm was something Tang Zichen had already learned, and now, her charm was much, much stronger than in high school.

Tang Zichen felt dazzled for a moment.

"Oh my god, Shangguan Rou's charming technique has improved so much."Tang Zichen immediately calmed his mind, in high school, Shangguan Rou's charm was unable to deal with Tang Zichen at all, but today, when they met for the first time at the Martial Arts Academy, Tang Zichen was instantly at a disadvantage.

"Pat."Tang Zichen immediately slapped the acupuncture points on his body, but it was ineffective.

But at that moment, Shangguan Rou lifted her charm on Tang Zichen.

Shangguan Rou said, "Tang Zichen, this time, you've learned my charming technique."

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Zou, what do you mean."

"Tang Zichen, don't come here today specifically to find you, just to see if you're really that powerful, it seems that I overestimated you, you were obviously confused by my charming technique just now, and I, didn't give it my full strength."Shangguan Rou said.

Tang Zichen had to admit that he had indeed been bewitched by her just now, and didn't expect her charming technique to have improved so much.

"Hahaha."Shangguan Rou was very excited, she had suffered so many times at the hands of Tang Zichen in high school, her goal was to succeed once against Tang Zichen, today, she finally succeeded once and bewitched Tang Zichen, so she was very excited, even more excited than the charming art grade had improved by one level.

Tang Zichen hummed, "Shangguan Rou, you're looking for me today just to test me, right?"

"Yeah, who let you make me suffer so many times in high school."Shangguan Rou snorted, she had just reached the Five Possessed Spirit Master today, she couldn't wait to come and test it out on Tang Zichen, and sure enough.

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Rou, you have been against me, it seems your skin is itching again, did you forget about the time in Linjiang City when your full body clothes were shattered by me."

How could Shangguan Rou forget, that incident was her shame, her pure and noble body was seen by Tang Zichen.

"Such a despicable thing, you still have the nerve to say it, Tang Zichen, the main purpose of me coming here today is to get you ready for the New Life Competition, we'll see, I hope you can go to the end and PK with me head on, don't let me down.See you later."After saying that, Shangguan Rou walked away excitedly.

"Yay, Tang Zichen, who used to be so awesome, was actually bewitched by me, it seems I've really improved a lot, I'm worthy of being a five-grade mesmerizer now, together with my charming technique, Tang Zichen, New Student Competition, I'll wait for you, I want to defeat you completely."

Tang Zichen looked at Shangguan Rou's departing back, it was obvious that she was very excited at the moment, having suffered so many losses, she finally won Tang Zichen for once.

Tang Zichen muttered to himself, "It seems that the central menstruation of the room has greatly reduced my resistance to women before I was confused by her.However, Shangguan Rou is really gifted, her charming skills are really very strong to the point, it seems that I have to strengthen my mental and spiritual training."


For the next week, Tang Zichen spent his time studying the Room Center Sutra, once again making corrections, something that had its pros and cons.

After a week of improvement, finally, the Room Center Sutra was much more perfected, and Tang Zichen's level of mind had basically returned to its previous state.

And in the Martial Academy, the date of the New Student Competition had also arrived, it was the day after tomorrow.

"All first year students, the New Student Competition officially begins the day after tomorrow, please all new students, go to the Martial Arts Academy's War God Martial Field at eight o'clock in the morning the day after tomorrow to participate in the New Student Competition."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was sitting in his class, and that announcement was just made by class teacher Zu Dangzhi.

"Did everyone hear it?The day after tomorrow, not only us in the Healing Department, but all the first year students will be going to the Battlefield."Teacher Zu Dangzhi said.

"Teacher Zu Dang Zhi, where is the War God Martial Field?"Chang Sun Wu Yan asked.

"The War God Martial Arena is to the west of the Martial Academy, and every year, the Martial Academy's Freshman Competition as well as various tournaments are held at the War God Martial Arena."

"We students from the Healing Department can't even compete with other departments in terms of martial arts, so why should we participate."A student asked.

"All new students have to participate."Teacher Zu Dang Zhi said.

"Oh." Remember the URL

"Alright, let's leave it at that for now, today, we will be holding a competition for new students in the Healing Department, and we only have one class, so it can also be called a class competition."

Everyone was speechless.

Teacher Zu Dangzhi said, "Everyone cheer up, compare theory in the morning and practice in the afternoon, sit down, I'm going to hand out the papers."

Zu Dangzhi handed out the papers and everyone immediately started doing the questions.

Teacher Zu Dangzhi said, "I hope you all take it seriously, this Healing Freshman Competition is to report the results to the hospital."

Tang Zichen looked at the test paper, it was incomparably simple, Tang Zichen spent half an hour and answered it in its entirety.

Tang Zichen handed over the test paper.

"Teacher Zu, I'm done with the theory competition."

"Well, then you can leave first, remember to come early this afternoon for the practice competition."


ZuDangZhen left the classroom and practiced martial arts at the same place he used to be, the day after tomorrow was the whole school's freshman competition, today was just a competition within the department, comparing healing arts.

Zu Dangzhi spent half an hour grading Tang Zichen's test papers.

"Tang Zichen, full marks again."ZuDangZhi said.

"Wow."The students who were taking the test exclaimed, they were frazzled and didn't know how to answer the questions, while Tang Zichen had scored a perfect score.

In the afternoon, Tantzichen came on time for the practice competition.

The whole class went together to one of the study rooms.

Teacher Zu Dangzhi said, "Students, in this research room, there are hundreds of dry corpse props, and each dry corpse props represents a level of injury, from level one to level 120.Among them, level 10 represents the level of a first-grade healer, level 20 is the level of a second-grade healer, level 30 is the level of a third-grade healer, and level 120 is the level of a twelve-grade healer.You guys try it yourselves now, and how many levels you can heal will indicate how many grades you have.One by one, start from this side."

Next, one by one, they went up for assessment.

The first ten students couldn't even heal at level one.

At this point, Kang went up.

Five minutes later, Kang Guoming came down.

Zu Dangzhi said, "Kang Guomin'

The dried corpse that successfully healed level 3 wounds is the most powerful one yet."

An hour later, it was Chang Sun Wu Yan's turn, and Chang Sun Wu Yan's next was Zu Dang Zhi.

After Changsun was finished, Zu Dang said, "Changsun Wuhen, successfully healing a dry corpse with level 6 wounds, currently breaking Kang Guoming's record."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded and looked at Chang Sun Wu Yan with envy, when many people couldn't even heal level 1, she was already able to heal level 6, as long as she reached level 10, it was the strength of a first grade healer, the difference ah.

Zu Dangzhi said with anticipation, "Next is Tang Zichen."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen expectantly, Tang Zichen didn't know if he would break Changsun Wu Yan's level 6 record.

Tang Zichen walked up, at the moment Tang Zichen was in a bit of a dilemma, he was hesitating, how many levels to take out?

Tang Zichen randomly chose a level 10 dry corpse.

A minute later, the level 10 dry corpse sat up.

Zu Dangzhi said in surprise, "Tang Zichen, successfully healing a level 10 dry corpse, Tang Zichen has reached the level of a first grade healer, breaking Chang Sun's record.Gosh, it's only the Newborn Competition, and he's reached the level of a first-grade healer, that's really too strong."


"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded incredulously and at the same time, they were filled with adoration for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen chuckled and walked off.

By evening, all the students had finished their assessments.

Zu Dangzhi said, "Fellow students, this year's edition of our Healing Department Freshman Competition has concluded successfully.The one who won first place in the Healing Department Freshmen Competition is Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen has a perfect score in theory and a grade 10 in practical assessment."


"The one who won the second place in the Healing Freshmen Competition is, Chang Sun Wu Yan.Changsun Wuhen scored 78 points on the theory exam and 6 levels on the practical assessment, becoming the second place."

"The one who won the third place is, Kang Guoming, with 75 points on the theory exam and level 3 on the practical assessment."

"The one who won the fourth place is, Wen Qiang, with 66 points in the theory exam, and level 3 in the practical assessment."


Just like that, the Healing Freshman Competition was finished in a nutshell.

Tang Zichen looked at Wen Qiang, he didn't expect her to win the fourth place, she was quite talented in the healing arts.

"Everyone, let's get out of school, the day after tomorrow at eight in the morning, please go to the War God Martial Field on time, our Healing Department's Tang Zichen, he will be the one who has the hope to enter the top 100, everyone go cheer him on."


Everyone's eyes looked at Tang Zichen, unable not to worship, just won the first place in the Healing Department Freshman Competition, and the day after tomorrow will also participate in the tournament, really worthy of a double subject genius, just don't know if Tang Zichen is really able to enter the top 100, otherwise that would be a real bull's-eye.

As everyone walked out of the research room, Changsun Wu Yan said to Tang Zichen, "You've actually reached the level of a First Grade Healer, it seems that I really can't catch up with you no matter how hard I try."

"Oh, why do you want to compare with me."

"I'm going to compare with you."Changsun Wu Yan angered Tang Zichen with a glance, today, seeing Tang Zichen healing so powerful, Changsun Wu Yan was even more impressed, so she washed away all the things that Tang Zichen and Wen Qiang had sex a week ago, originally Changsun Wu Yan had goose bumps inside about Tang Zichen and Wen Qiang having sex, but today, instead of that, she was even more impressed, at the moment, she could not wait to hug Tang Zichen again.

However, Changsun Wu Yan still controlled it.

Tang Zichen saw the love in Changsun Wuhen's eyes and sighed slightly.


Don asked, "What's happening in the evening?Why don't I take a walk with you tonight."

Chang Sun Wu Yan blushed, "Take a walk with me, will you hug me again."

"Hehe, of course I will, I see your eyes at the moment like they're going to eat me, so I'll give you some comfort and have a date with you tonight."Tang Zichen said half-jokingly.

But Changsun Wu Yan shook his head, "Not tonight, my family's coming."

"Eh?What is your family doing here?"

"The day after tomorrow is the New Student Competition ah, my family besides me, there are two other people who also entered the Martial Arts Academy to participate in the New Student Competition, of course people from my family came to watch them participate in the New Student Competition."

"Oh, a freshman competition, and there are people from my family coming ah."

"Definitely, there are definitely people from ordinary families who come to the Martial Arts Academy to watch, hoping that their own family's children can show their brilliance in the Newborn Competition."


"What about you, did anyone from your family come to watch you compete in the Newborn Competition?You're so strong, you must have come at the level of elders."Eternal Sunless said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I don't have a family." One second to remember to read the book

"Ah, you're so good, you're not from a big family, huh?"

"No, who says that powerful has to come from a big family."

"Alright, I'm not going to tell you, the people from my family are waiting for me at Chen Gujin's house."


After taking a few steps, Changsun Wuhen stopped and turned back blushing and asked, "You really weren't joking with me just now?"


"Go on a date night with me."

"Haha, just kidding."

Changsun Wu Yan a angry, "It's really meaningless, bullying my feelings."

Changsun Wu Yan turned away, Tang Zichen looked at her back, feeling that the longer the time, the longer the contact, the more feelings will arise, really helpless, just said evening date, in fact, Tang Zichen himself does not know if it is a joke.

Tang Zichen immediately went to look for Liu Xiangyun.

On the way to find Liu Xiangyun, Tang Zichen saw many outsiders, it seems that the New Student Competition has arrived, and many families have people coming.

"Tang Zichen."Arriving at the Department of Swordplay, she just happened to run into Xu Mei Qian, who shouted to Tang Zichen.

There were two men standing beside Xu Mei Qian, about thirty years old.

"Uh, Xu Mei Qian."

"Tang Zichen, here to pick up your girlfriend again."

"Oh, yeah."

Xu Mei Qian introduced, "These are my family's two cousins."

"Oh, coming to see you in the freshman competition?"

"Yes, but I'm just an outer gate stage, how can I be as awesome as you, an inner gate stage freshman."


"Tang Zichen, do you want to have dinner together tonight."

"No, you can eat with your cousins."

"That's fine."Xu Mei Qian was just being polite.

Tang Zichen continued to look for Liu Xiangyun.

Xu Mei Qian's two cousins asked, "Which family did that person just now come from?An inner class freshman, ah, genius."

"His name is Tang Zichen, he's an outcast son of the Tang family."


p; "No way, even such a great talent abandoned his son, is the Tang family stupid."

"Yeah, it's really no good, let's just take him into the family, Mei Qian, aren't you still unmarried, it's just right ah, marry him."One of the cousins said jokingly.

Xu Mei Qian stared, "Don't talk nonsense, I'm friends with him."Xu Mei Qian doesn't like this joke, she likes someone who is a total loser, besides, Tang Zichen's girlfriend is Liu Xiangyun, the joke isn't funny at all.

Tang Zichen came to Liu Xiangyun's class, and Liu Xiangyun also happened to be out of school.

"Zichen."Liu Xiangyun ran out and hugged Tang Zichen's arms.

"Let's go, what do you want to eat tonight, the day after tomorrow is the freshman competition, have a good relaxation tonight."After saying that, Tang Zichen aimed at Liu Xiangyun's chest, Liu Xiangyun seemed to understand what Tang Zichen wanted to do in the evening, pinched Tang Zichen, softly hummed a bad guy, did not object, defaulted to a happy evening.

When I arrived at the Genius Restaurant, I found many outsiders eating, it seems that the Newborn Competition really is a competition where many families or powers will come to see if their family's children can win glory for their families.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen was like Liu Xiangyun, they both had no family and no one came to see them.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun flew up to the eighth floor of the Genius Restaurant, and all of a sudden, Tang Zichen saw a few familiar faces by the west window of the eighth floor.It was Tang Zhenghao, Tang Zilan, and a few unfamiliar faces.Those unfamiliar faces were the elders from the Tang family who had come to watch Tang Zilan participate in the Freshman Competition.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Let's go to another floor."

"No need."Tang Zichen directly sat down at a table, the Tang family was over there, it was none of his business.

On the other side, an elder of the Tang family said, "Zilan, we came all the way to Martial Island on purpose, you should fight for your family, New Student Competition, take the top two hundred back.It would be even better if you can take a top thirty like Zhenghao did in the beginning."

Tang Zilan said, "Seventh Uncle, Nineteenth Uncle, how can I compare to Zhenghao, Zhenghao entered the Martial Arts Academy back then, but he was a late stage Inner Gate strength, my ultimate goal is to get the top two hundred in the New Student Competition."

"Two hundred isn't bad, and it's not something ordinary people can get.By the way, when we came here, the family just received a letter from you, in which you said that you found our Tang family's waste Tang Zichen from a few years ago, is this true?We came to Martial Island to watch Zi Lan's freshman competition and to verify the authenticity of this matter."One of the Tang family elders said.

At that moment, Tang Zhenghao turned his head and saw Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun sitting down to eat in another corner of the restaurant.

"Hm?"Tang Zhenghao's eyebrows furrowed as he just said Tang Zichen, and then he saw him.

Tang Zilan, however, hadn't seen him yet and said to the family coming to the two elders, "That Tang Zichen, who really forgot his ancestors, actually called the Tang family a trash family."

"What."The two elders of the Tang family came to the two elders were shocked, scolding the Tang family trash family such words also scolded.

"After dinner, take us to meet him, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I don't even believe it a bit."

At this time, Tang Zhenghao said, "Seventh Uncle, Nineteenth Uncle, no need to finish eating, you can see him now, he's eating over there."

When a few people turned around, they really saw Tang Zichen and a beautiful woman eating and chatting as if nothing had happened.

"Oh shit, it's really him."Tang Zilan huffed, seeing Tang Zichen eating with a pretty girl from the courtyard flower, he was jealous, why didn't he have such a pretty girlfriend.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun both ate, completely ignoring those Tang family members, anyway, in Tang Zichen's heart, there was not the slightest relationship with the Tang family, in fact his soul did not have the slightest relationship.

At that moment, the two elders of the Tang Family came over.


"Don Zichen, is that really you?"The two Tang family elders were a bit incredulous.

Tang Zichen looked up at the two Tang family elders, both of whom were at the Houtian realm, around the late Houtian period.Tang Zhenghao and Tang Zilan also came together and stood beside the two Tang family elders.

Seeing that Tang Zichen was not paying attention, Tang Zilan roared, "Tang Zichen, you're a piece of trash, you haven't even paid your respects when you see the family elders."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Who are you, where are the family elders, why didn't I see them, Xiang'er, did you see them?"

Liu Xiangyun shook her head and said, "No."

When Tang Zhenghao saw that Tang Zichen was actually so disrespectful even to the Tang patriarch, he got angry and said, "Tang Zichen, don't be too arrogant, or I'll really be rude."

Tang Zichen sneered, "How impolite?You want to hit me?Come on, I'm afraid of you."


At this time, an elder of the Tang family laughed, "Zhenghao, Zilan, there is no need to get angry, it is normal for Tang Zichen not to recognize us, after all, our Tang family did expel him from the family, he does not need to pay us a visit."

The other elder said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, do you still recognize me?"

"I don't know."Tang Zichen said without even looking at it. First URL

"Oh, I'm Tang Jinbao, the nineteenth elder of the Tang family.Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to surprise us so much, from a trash without any talent for martial arts training, you have become a new student of the inner class today, I'm afraid your strength is no less than Tang Zilan's."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Can you not tell jokes, it's no less than Tang Zilan?Didn't this Tenzilan idiot tell you that I'd already beaten him to death over it?"

Tang Zilan shouted in anger, "Tang Zichen, who are you calling a dog."

"Knowingly."Tang Zichen trailed off and took a sip of his soup, acting like he was very defiant, making Tang Zilan angry, but he really couldn't beat Tang Zichen.

One of the Tang family elders was busy looking at Tang Zhenghao and asked, "Is Zilan really no match?"

Tang Zhenghao nodded, "When we found Tang Zichen before, Zilan did indeed fight him."

"Ah."The two Tang family elders were shocked, they didn't expect that once that trash was so strong, in fact, they didn't even realize that Tang Zichen was in the late inner realm, Tang Zichen hid some momentum in order to test the strength of the two Tang family elders, unfortunately, they, being in the Houtian realm, couldn't even sense Tang Zichen's hidden momentum, which meant that these two Tang family elders' talent wasn't the strongest kind, but looking at themWith an age of forty or fifty and only at the Houtian realm, it was clear that it was a bit difficult for them to make it to the Innate realm.

Tang Zichen said, "Please don't interrupt my meal, okay?"

The nineteen elders of the Tang Family smiled, "Good, but Tang Zichen, you've really changed, I'd like to see how far you can go in this New Student Competition."

After saying that, the Tang family's few people walked away.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun quickly flew away after their meal.

"Where are we going tonight?The hotel, or your dorm, or my dorm?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Xiangyun blushed, "You're not shy ah, you're saying such things so loudly."

"Hahaha, what's the point, then go to your dorm, I'll sleep in your dorm at night, anyway, I already did that once last time, and your two roommates have heard your screams."

"Fuck you."With a glare, Liu Xiangyun whacked Tang Zichen, and the two of them playfully walked towards Liu Xiangyun's dormitory.

As soon as she walked into her dormitory, she saw two people sitting in her dormitory, and when she saw one of them, Liu Xiangyun's body was

Trembling, the whole person was a bit bad, never trembled so strongly.

That's right, the people who were waiting for her to come back in Liu Xiangyun's dormitory were Chu Yiyun and her mom, Chu Yiyun her mom, which was Liu Xiangyun her mom.

When Liu Xiangyun her mom saw that Liu Xiangyun was back, she smiled slightly, "Xiangyun, you're back, mom has been waiting for you for a long time."

Liu Xiangyun looked at the woman in front of her, tears came out, since she left the Chu family at the age of eight, she hadn't seen her since, all these years, Liu Xiangyun missed her so much, but after actually seeing her today, Liu Xiangyun realized that there was more hatred inside her.

Chu Yiyun said meanly, "Chu Xiangyun, still not screaming when you see your mother."

Tang Zichen also recognized the middle-aged woman at a glance, having seen it on the photos in Liu Xiangyun's old room, and taking them out to look at whenever Liu Xiangyun was sad.

Liu Xiangyun looked at her mother and couldn't scream no matter what.

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, Xiang'er doesn't have a mother."

"Insolent."Chu Yiyun shouted at Tang Zichen and said, "How dare you disrespect my mother, my mother is the head of the Chu family, if you disrespect my mother again, don't blame me for being rude."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Chu Yiyun, tell me how you are rude, are you my opponent?"

"You."Chu Yiyun was annoyed.

Liu Xiangyun's mother looked up at Tang Zichen and asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Liu Xiangyun's boyfriend."

"So you're Tang Zichen, the miracle doctor who cured my daughter of her cold illness?"

"Exactly I am, but you said the wrong thing, she is not your daughter."

"Boy, do you know who you're talking to?"

"Know, a so-called elder of the Chu family, Chu Yiyun a so-called her mother, right."

Liu Xiangyun her mother's eyebrows furrowed, but she didn't get angry, she was here to acknowledge her daughter today, and quickly focused her attention on Liu Xiangyun again, looking at her and saying, "Xiang'er, eleven years ago, you've grown up."

Liu Xiangyun was now slowly coming back to her senses.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Excuse me, I'm a bit busy, please go away."

"Xiang'er, I'm your mother."

Liu Xiangyun didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen said, "Can't you understand human language?Do you have to ask people to kick you out?"

Chu Yiyun said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, don't be arrogant, someone will teach you a lesson."

"Are you referring to that idiot fiancé of yours, Wang Peng?"

"Don't you dare insult my fiancé."

"Silly fiancé."

Chu Yiyun was angry, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Liu Xiangyun's mother looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, for the sake of you curing my daughter's cold disease, I won't get along with you, or else your eloquence is something that can easily go wrong."

"Hahaha, get out, if you don't get out, you'll easily get into trouble as well."Tang Zichen said.

"You."Liu Xiangyun's mother's face was furious, no matter how good her patience was when she ran into someone as arrogant as Tang Zichen, she would still get angry.

However, it was also true that Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of Liu Xiangyun's mom because Liu Xiangyun's mom, who was only in the early stages of the Houtian Realm, might not be able to gain any advantage if Tang Zichen really wanted to fight.

"Let's go."Liu Xiangyun's mother and Chu Yiyun left first, recognizing her daughter was something that couldn't be rushed.


Liu Xiangyun was crying on the bed, she was in pain, all these years, never came to visit her, even when she knew she was dying of a cold disease, she didn't come, even Chu Yiyun had come.But now, why did she come to acknowledge her again.

Tang Zichen cradled Liu Xiangyun in his arms and allowed her to vent her tears.

Tang Zichen said, "This kind of person should not be taken care of in the future, she can abandon you, so why do you need to miss that fertility grace.She knew you wouldn't live to be twenty, but did she come to see you once?Alas, the most poisonous woman's heart, it's her I'm talking about."

"But she, after all, is the real mother who gave birth to me."Liu Xiangyun cried.

"Which is so what, she doesn't even consider you as her own daughter, so why should you.Now that I see that you've recovered from your cold illness and can practice martial arts, and you have martial arts talent, I've never seen such a shameless one, so I came to acknowledge you."

"Sooooo."Liu Xiangyun cried very sadly, Tang Zichen kept comforting her, and soon it was midnight.

"Are you still thinking about this?"

"Well, can't sleep."

"Then don't sleep, I don't want to if I exercise."

"Ah."Before Liu Xiangyun could react, Tang Zichen kissed down and pressed Liu Xiangyun underneath him.

At that moment, the central meridian in Tang Zichen's body began to function on its own. Remember the URL

Forty minutes later, it was finished.

Tang Zichen was used to sensing the internal power produced by the central meridian of his room, but Tang Zichen suddenly realized that the central meridian of his room did not produce internal power.

"What's going on?"Don muttered.

"What's wrong?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

"The center of my room is not producing any internal power anymore, strange, it is reasonable to say that every time I do that with you, I will produce some power, although it is very little, it is of no use, but at least there is a little ah, now surprisingly nothing has changed.Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun laughed, "No better, this internal technique is already suitable for flower pickers."

"Oh, well, it's probably been modified several times by myself constantly, and I've changed it so much that no power has been produced."Tang Zichen said, but Tang Zichen didn't feel sorry for him, he didn't go as a flower picking thief, even if he could produce merit, it wasn't much.Only the kind that picked more than a dozen women every day would be able to produce strong merit.

Liu Xiangyun blushed and asked, "But that power of yours doesn't seem to be getting weaker ah."

"Haha, yes, the sexual ability hasn't weakened, the only thing that won't produce power anymore, but it doesn't have any effect on me, no wonder the last time and..."

"And what?"

Tang Zichen promptly shut his mouth, mama, he almost blurted out what happened with Wen Qiang.

"Last time when I did that with you, it didn't produce the Room Center Sutra either, it seems that after I modified the Room Center Sutra the first time, I've destroyed this internal power and nothing has been produced."

"Oh, so you can still modify back to that initial Room Center Sutra then?"

"It could be perverse, but I won't be practicing the initial version, I'm feeling pretty good right now, it allows me to enhance my sexuality without having to worry about becoming a flower picker.As for relying on a woman to produce that power, it's really not much of a bonus, just producing power, not a realm."

"Hmmm, let's go to sleep."

They turned off the lights and went to sleep.

The next day, there was no need for classes, everyone was preparing for the New Student Competition.


; And Liu Xiangyun shook Tang Zichen awake early in the morning.

"Tzu-Chen, I'll tell you a happy event."

"Joyous news?You're pregnant?It's impossible, I've used my inner strength to kill J-chan."

"What's the nonsense, are you so afraid of me getting pregnant that you want to leave some kind of a way out?Hmph."Xiang Yun Liu twisted her body in anger.

"Alright, just kidding, what do I have to leave behind, I've got you for life.Tell me, what's the happy news you want to tell me?"

Liu Xiangyun smiled, "I just woke up and found out that my realm has broken through to the late Outer Gate."

"Ah, no, the New Student Competition is tomorrow, yet you broke through in such a timely manner?"

"Yeah, breaking through in the middle of the night, I don't even know when myself."Liu Xiangyun said happily, she broke through from the mid to late outer gate, then she will be stronger in the new student competition tomorrow.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Do you want to know why you broke through?"


"Firstly, breaking through a realm, firstly, a step up in martial comprehension, secondly, hovering on the edge of life and death for a long time, stimulating your spirit now, reaching enlightenment; thirdly, having had emotions of great sorrow and joy, stimulating your soul, all these aspects are likely to prompt a breakthrough in the realm.You yesterday, saw your mother come to you, you cried for so long, your emotions, great sorrow and great joy, so, may have stimulated your soul, and then breakthrough."


"So, your mother's arrival yesterday is considered to have brought you a meeting gift, hahaha."

Liu Xiangyun said, "In that case, my emotions are greatly sorrowful and happy every day, did I break through quickly?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Great sadness and joy, where are so many such emotions, you saw your mother yesterday, if you see her again today, you won't feel anything, there's no drastic change in your emotions at all.If you are going to have a drastic change in your emotions now, there is one thing you can."

"What is it?"

"That's right, you'd be sad if I died."

"Pooh pooh, I don't want that, I'd rather I die."

Tang Zichen hugged Liu Xiangyun and laughed hehehe, "Just kidding, don't get so excited."

"Don't make such jokes in the future, I don't like to hear it, I'm scared, I'm counting on you now, I can't get through my future without you."Xiangyun Liu said angrily.

"Alright, get up, eat, you just broke through to the late Outer Gate today, let's practice our swords together today for tomorrow's New Student Competition."


After breakfast, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun both practiced martial arts in a secluded and uninhabited place, it had been a while since they practiced with Liu Xiangyun, her swordsmanship had changed a lot, improved a lot to be precise.Although her swordsmanship was taught by Tang Zichen, she already had her own comprehension, and with her own comprehension, she was able to be stronger, and the sword had spirit in her hands.

In the blink of an eye, the day passed.

The next day, the Newborn Competition arrived.

"Ow, ow."The War God Martial Arena resounded with the sound of war drums and golden chimes, appearing unusually grand throughout the War God Martial Arena.

Early in the morning, many people had already appeared at the War God Martial Arena waiting.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun had also arrived at the War God Martial Arena early in the morning, and many, many people in the War God Martial Arena, besides the new first year students, there were also older students, and many more people from the new families.


Every newborn family came with the hope that their family's children would be able to show off their prowess in the newborn competition.


Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun were chatting and talking outside the Battle God Martial Arena when a few people came over, it was Liu Xiangyun's mother, her mother's name was Chu Chrysanthemum.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Chu Juhua, it was just as Tang Zichen said, seeing her again today, she didn't feel anything.She used to miss her mom a lot, but now that she saw her, but that's all, she didn't feel as deeply as she thought she would.

"Something wrong?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

Chu Ju Hua smiled, "Xiang'er, you broke through to the late Outer Gate la, good talent, I didn't expect you to be able to break through to the late Outer Gate so quickly at this time when you started cultivating.Your sister Yiyun, who has been cultivating since she was a child, has only now reached the Outer Gate Great Perfection."

Tang Zichen looked towards Chu Yiyun, and sure enough, Chu Yiyun had reached Outer Gate Great Perfection, Tang Zichen had only reached Outer Gate Perfection when he first bumped into her at the Martial Academy.(Early, middle, late, complete, great perfection... and so on)

"Xiang'er, go home, you're a member of the Chu family."Chu Juhua said to Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but sneer, "Now that you see someone can practice, yet you tell her to go home, when she used to get cold sickness, why didn't you tell her that she was a member of the Chu family?"

Chu Juhua looked at Tang Zichen, her face unhappy, "Tang Zichen, there is nothing for you to do, moreover, I want you to leave my daughter, there is no way my Chu family will agree to you and Xiang'er getting together.My Chu family, naturally, will arrange a better marriage for her."

Liu Xiangyun didn't want to get angry, but now she couldn't hold back and roared, "Alright, I'm not a member of the Chu family, my surname is Liu, my name is Liu Xiangyun, and I have nothing to do with the Chu family." One second to remember to read the book

Chu Juhua looked at Liu Xiangyun and said, "Xiang'er, don't be childish, you're on the path of cultivation now too, a cultivator can't go very far without the family's support and reliance, so go home."

"No need."Liu Xiangyun said.

Chu Yiyun said, "Mom, forget it, my sister is still angry right now, let's talk about this slowly, when she needs the family's help, she will naturally come back."

"Good, Xiang'er, then you work hard first, you can come to mom if you need anything."

"I pooh."Tang Zichen couldn't help but spit, it was so disgusting to hear.

Chu Juhua looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, don't provoke my anger one after another."

"You too, if you come back to disgust my wife, don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen said.

Chu Juhua sneered, "Your wife?When did my Chu family agree to marry Xiang'er to you?Not self-important."

After saying that, Chu Juhua didn't bother to fight with Tang Zichen, and Chu Yiyun turned around and walked away, Tang Zichen was so damn depressed, he had abandoned people before, but now he was indiscriminately in charge of Liu Xiangyun's marriage.

"Tang Zichen, Xiangyun."

Xu Mei Qian and her family's two cousins also came, and were busy greeting after seeing Tang Zichen.

"Sister Mei Qian."

"You two are so early."

"Yeah, you're so early too, everyone's so early, what time do you want to start?"

Tang Zichen said, "I heard it's eight o'clock, but there's still more than half an hour left."

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw a woman dressed in white walking by not far away.

"Qi Xue Yun?"

Tang Zichen hadn't seen Qi Xueyun since the new students were filling out their volunteers.

"I'm going over to say hello."Tang Zichen walked towards Qi Xueyun.

"Hey, Qi Xueyun.

."When Tang Zichen shouted, Qi Xueyun turned her head to look at Tang Zichen and asked indifferently, "Something wrong?"

"Damn, it's been so long since I've seen you, and you have such a calm tone ah, Qi Xue Yun, how have you been?"

"Very well."Qi Xue Yun said two words.

"How are you doing in the Poison Arts Department?Is the Toxicology Department going to participate in the Freshman Competition as well?"Don asked, a little curious about her toxicology department.

"Need."After saying that, Qi Xue Yun turned around and walked away, no longer paying attention to Tang Zichen.

"Damn, every time I hot-faced your ass."Tang Zichen said depressingly.

At this time, a student who passed by said, "This student, you still think she's cold to you ah, it's already good enough for her to say a few words to you."

"Who are you?"Tang Zichen turned his head to look at the boy in front of him.

"I'm also from the Poison Art Department, and Qi Xue Yun and I are in the same class."


"Classmate, are you a friend of hers?Why is she talking to you?Qi Xue Yun is a super cold beauty in our Poison Arts Department, and she doesn't even pay much attention when teachers talk to her, but you, a member of another department, she actually said two words to you."

"Is it that exaggerated?"

"Nonsense, and by the way classmate, if you want to pick her up, I think you're better off without it."


"Only those who don't want to die would approach her, Qi Xueyun is now a Fifth Grade Poisoner, do you know how powerful a Fifth Grade Poisoner is?"

"How great?"

"Not to mention anything else, is it enough for her to poison you quietly within five meters of her?"

"Ah, you can poison in a five meter radius?"

"Yes, a five-grade poison master, the most basic ability is that you can cast poison in a five-meter radius."

Tang Zichen laughed, "How strange, first time I've heard of it, what if it's a six-grade poison master?Is it a six-meter radius to poison?"

"Wrong, a six-grade Poison Art Master, a ten-meter range can successfully poison; a seven-grade Poison Art Master, a thirty-meter range can poison the enemy; an eight-grade Poison Art Master, a hundred-meter range can poison the enemy.Qi Xueyun is the most talented Poison Master in our Poison Arts Department, ever, and it's only the Freshman Competition, and her level of Poison Arts can be compared to a third year senior.Tsk, to be honest, I used to have a crush on her, but now I feel that I can't afford to have a crush on her, classmate, if you want to pick up her, then be prepared to be poisoned to death."

"There I go, such a bull."

"Alright, no more bullshit with you."Saying that, the boy walked away.

Tang Zichen had a slight understanding of the Poison Department after what he said.

I don't know how Tang Zichen's healing arts, and Poison Arts PK, but it was obvious that no matter how powerful healing arts were, they still needed time to heal.Healing Art and Poison Art, one was a life-preserving skill and the other was an attacking skill.

Tang Zichen walked back to Liu Xiangyun, who turned her head angrily.

"What's wrong again?"

"Why did you just go and say hello to her, did you like her?"Liu Xiangyun was jealous of the question.

"Just running into an acquaintance to say hello ah, people are a five-grade poison art master, I want to die ah, go like her, will even know how to die."

Xu Mei Qian who was standing next to her was shocked, "Wow, a five-grade poison artist ah, she's only a newborn yeah."

"Well, a newborn reaching the level of a five-grade Toxic Arts Master, it looks awesome, it should be similar to our Healing Department, where a newborn reaches the level of a five-grade Healing Master.Hehe."Tang Zichen laughed.


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