The King of Kungfu in school 451-461


Chapter 451

Xu Mei Qian was busy, "Tang Zichen, you'll introduce her some other day, I want to be friends with her."

"Forget it, she doesn't have friends and doesn't need them."

Eight o'clock.

"Please listen to all first year students."A majestic voice was heard, and everyone looked up to see an innate realm powerhouse standing in mid-air, and this majestic voice was from him.Many people had already recognized him, he was one of the vice-presidents of the Martial Arts Academy, and Bo Mingxi was in charge of the entire freshmen competition.

Hearing Bo Mingxi's voice, everyone immediately stopped speaking, and the War God Martial Arena was quiet.

Tang Zichen looked up at Bo Mingxi in the sky, his strength Tang Zichen couldn't see through, with Tang Zichen's current cultivation, he could only distinguish the Houtian realm, the Innate realm was already too far away.

After everyone was quiet, Vice President Bo Mingxi said, "Fellow students, today is the official opening of the New Student Competition.Here, I can tell everyone that the final winner of the first place in this New Student Competition will have the possibility of being accepted as a disciple by Senior Qin Feng of the Four Great Island Protectorate Families, the Qin Gu Family, which is a great chance.Of course, I only said it's possible, I didn't say it's certain, and it's ultimately up to your fate."

"The New Student Competition is open to all new students who have reached the Early Outer Gate or above.This year, our Martial Academy has a total of 8,560 new students, and out of over 8,000 new students, only the top 1,000 will be chosen.Below, our first round will be conducted, the 1000th elimination round.All the new students, relying on their strength, will enter the top 1,000, so please prepare yourselves.In ten minutes, the first round will open."

There was a stir on the scene, without a doubt, it was all an honor to be able to enter the top 1,000, everyone was rubbing their fists and preparing to strut their stuff.

Of course, it was mainly the late-middle outer gate freshmen who were rubbing their hands, the inner gate freshmen, naturally, had no pressure, the battlefield of the inner gate freshmen was almost at the top three hundred, not to mention Tang Zichen's battlefield, which was at the top one hundred.

"Xiang'er, go for it."Tang Zichen said, he hoped that Liu Xiangyun could enter the top 1,000. First URL

Ten minutes later.

The vice-president in the sky shouted, "Fellow students, the New Student Competition, the first thousand elimination rounds, can be opened.Now, let me introduce the elimination system of this competition.Listen up, to get into the top 1,000, immediately rush to the snowy mountain opposite, there are 1,000 flags at the top of the mountain, take down any flag and plant it on the War God's martial field and count it as a success.

Everyone immediately looked across the snowy mountain, which was very high, estimated to be four or five thousand meters in height, and there was still a lot of snow on the top of the mountain.At this moment on the top of the mountain, one could clearly see many flags planted, visually the flags were huge, otherwise one couldn't see them from this far away.

"This round, only the result, not the process, that is, the flag you took down and snatched halfway is also legal, but no one is allowed to help others, otherwise, once discovered, you will be fired immediately.Also, when snatching someone's flag, you are advised to choose the weaker person first, and don't waste too much energy on the first round.I'll count to three and start immediately."

"One, two, three, start."

As soon as Vice President Bo Mingxi's shout finished, everyone immediately flew away, each of them applying their light skills and flying up to the top of the snowy mountain.If the lightness was great, even if they weren't strong enough, they could probably get the flag back, so everyone sprinted as hard as they could.It was a great honor to be in the top 1,000, not only their personal honor, but also the family's honor.

"Go for it."


bsp; "Come on."

The surrounding spectators of the War God Martial Arena shouted.

Tang Zichen didn't move, in fact those new students of the inner sect level, almost all of them didn't move, because they didn't need to rush to the mountain to grab the flag, after they carried the flag down, they would just grab theirs, so that they could save their energy and prepare for the battle later.

Tang Zichen kept his eyes on Liu Xiangyun, who was running towards the top of the snowy mountain using her light power, not fast or slow, there were many people in front of her and more behind her.

Tang Zichen did not expect much from Liu Xiangyun, it would be enough if she could enter the top 1,000, after all, the Martial Arts Academy was full of experts.

About twenty minutes later, finally, the first person had reached the top of the mountain, after all, it was a four or five thousand meters high snow mountain, it was not that easy to get up there.

The first one to fly to the top of the mountain was actually Chu Yiyun.

At this moment, the two elders from the Chu family came and said excitedly, "Yiyun is the first one to go up the mountain and take the first flag."

"Hahaha, worthy of being a member of my Chu family."

Chu Juhua also said with a smile on her face, "Yiyun, good job."

Chu Yiyun carried a large flag on her shoulders and began to fly down the mountain, as long as she planted the flag on the War God Martial Arena, she would be considered in the top thousand, but Chu Yiyun's goal was clearly not the top thousand, her goal was the top five hundred.

When Liu Xiangyun flew halfway up the mountain, she felt her internal energy depleted badly, and with the lack of oxygen on the mountain, her internal energy was clattering away.

Liu Xiangyun clenched her teeth and sprinted upwards.

Behind Liu Xiangyun, there were many others who no longer had the strength to climb.

Those whose strength was at the early, or even middle stage of the outer gate, simply didn't have the energy to go up the mountain, and many had given up.

"Xiang'er, come on."Xu Mei Qian shouted to Liu Xiangyun.

"Mm."The two of them cheered together.

Xu Mei Qian had also broken through to the late Outer Gate, her lightness was not weak in the first place, and it was evident from the lake battle with Tang Zichen in Linjiang City back then.

Finally, both Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian had reached the top of the mountain, and there were less than 300 flags left from the 1000 flags on top of the snowy mountain.

"Quick, it's not like we don't have a chance to get into the top 1,000."Xu Mei Qian excitedly is said, pulling up a flag is ready to go down the mountain, this flag is really big, almost five meters long flagpole.

But Liu Xiangyun stopped her, "Sister Mei Qian, let's not rush down the mountain, we have been so high up to the top of the snowy mountain on the way, our internal energy is very seriously exhausted, we will definitely be intercepted by those strong people waiting at the bottom of the mountain after we go down.So we might as well rest here before we descend, the odds of being robbed of our flags are also higher."

"Makes sense, then let's find a place and have a good rest."

So, both Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian rested in a secluded spot at the top of the mountain, and there was no time limit anyway.

Tang Zichen saw that Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian didn't rush down, hehe laughing, counting them smart, the first to come down, definitely the earliest to be robbed, hundreds of inner class freshmen were already ready to grab the flag at all times.

That Chu Yiyun was the first one to go up the mountain and also the first one to come down, very fierce, and she also did not need to rest at all, she did not go to be afraid of the inner door level experts waiting at the bottom of the mountain at all, as if she was not afraid of a battle with the inner door level freshmen at all.


At the bottom of the mountain, many new students of the inner gate level had already started going to grab the flags carried down by others.

Tang Zichen was no exception, rushing up to an outer door perfection level freshman and saying, "Don't waste my strength, give me the flag and you'll go grab someone else's."

"Fuck, don't look for death."That Outer Door Perfection Level freshman cursed unhappily.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're really looking for a fight?"

"My cousin is a second year, I'd advise you not to mess with me."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped that outer door perfection level and picked up that flag, then flew to the War God Martial Field and planted it there, Tang Zichen managed to enter the top one thousand.

Tang Zichen looked up and saw that Chu Yiyun was fighting with an early stage Inner Gate and didn't seem to be very far behind.

Many people at the scene were shocked to see Chu Yiyun's strength, the Outer Sect was so complete that he hadn't been robbed of his flag by someone from the Early Inner Sect.

That inner door junior freshman who snatched Chu Yiyun's flag was getting more and more depressed, somewhat regretting that he went to snatch Chu Yiyun's flag and didn't get it until now, not only did he lose face, he also spent a lot of energy.In the end, he voluntarily gave up, it wasn't worth wasting so much energy in the first round.

Chu Yiyun successfully planted the flag in the War God Martial Arena, and it was right next to Tang Zichen's flag.

Chu Yiyun turned her head to see Tang Zichen standing next to her, and snorted at Tang Zichen, turning her head away. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "You have good strength."

"It's none of your business, Tang Zichen, one day, I'll surpass you, I'll beat you up."Chu Yiyun said.

"Oh, you can't do it."Tang Zichen left his mouth in disdain.

Chu Yiyun didn't bother to talk nonsense with Tang Zichen anymore, and everyone guarded his flag after planting it, because being pulled out before the first round was over also counted, until the moment the last flag was planted.

Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian rested on the mountain for an hour before setting off down the mountain, and surprisingly found that many people were like them, resting enough before descending the mountain, and it seemed that everyone wasn't stupid.

At the bottom of the mountain, almost all of the new students at the inner gate level had already snatched away the flags of those outer gate completers, as well as the great completers.So, what was waiting for Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian and the others at the bottom of the mountain were those who had their flags snatched away.

At this time, Tang Zichen saw Shangguan Rou on the move.

Shangguan Rou flew in front of a certain outer door perfect freshman carrying a flag, and within a second, that perfect freshman, who was suddenly confused by Shangguan Rou, took the initiative to give the flag to Shangguan Rou, and he also helped Shangguan Rou resist other people.

"Damn."Many people cursed when they saw it, not that they were cursing Shangguan Zou, but her charming skills were so awesome.

Shangguan Rou didn't just charm one, she also charmed the three or four Great Perfection level freshmen to protect her, so Shangguan Rou easily planted the flag in the War God Martial Arena.

Those bewitched new students, their families were furious when they saw it at the scene, and Shangguan Rou became a very noticeable figure at the scene.

"Awesome, her charming technique, it really is very powerful, a new student at the Outer Gate Great Perfection level, she can bewitch three or four as her bodyguards in the blink of an eye.

" Tang Zichen said inwardly.

At this time, both Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian were in a predicament, each being chased by a Perfection-level freshman.

"Give me the flag, don't think that just because you're courtyard flowers, I can stop robbing you."

Tang Zichen couldn't help but worry about Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, but they were both pretty good at lightness, so it wasn't that easy to snatch their flags at the moment.

On the other side, another figure that caught everyone's attention appeared, Qi Xueyun of the Poison Art Department.

Seeing that Qi Xue Yun's face was expressionless, she flew directly towards an Outer Gate Great Perfection level freshman, and when she was five meters away from that Great Perfection level freshman, that Great Perfection level freshman turned blue and weak, he was poisoned, and Qi Xue Yun took the flag effortlessly.Halfway there were several others who tried to grab her flag, but they all fell down before they could reach her within five meters of her.She flew all the way to the War God Martial Field, and everyone she encountered who was within 5 meters, whether they snatched the flag with her or not, all fell down, literally like a reaper.

"Wow."This scene shocked the entire arena, no less than Shangguan Rou's shock just now.

"Powerful, worthy of being a five-grade poison master."Tang Zichen exclaimed.

At that moment, a flute sound was heard, and it was so melodious that people were unconsciously fascinated by it.

"It's the Sound Wave Gong."Tang Zichen distinguished the flute as soon as he heard it.

At the foot of the mountain, a man was flying in the air, his appearance was floating, holding a flute in both hands, leisurely blowing, and a few meters beside him, a dozen or so new students of the Outer Gate Great Perfection fell down with their ears covered.

"Wow, it's the strongest freshman in the Sound Law Department, Ling Hongbo, wow, his flute attack is really very powerful."

"Nonsense, before Ling Hongbo even entered the Martial Academy, he had already reached the strength of a Third Grade Sound Mage, now, he's at least at the level of a Fifth Grade Sound Mage, if it wasn't for the gloom and doom, he would have become a disciple of the Four Great Island Guardian Families.Therefore, Ling Hongbo, his goal is to be the champion of the New Student Competition, and with his strength that he almost entered the Island Protectorate Family, getting the champion may not be impossible."

"Wow, a five-grade sound mage, ten meters away, killing people invisibly, if he reaches six and injures people twenty meters away, who's the opponent."

Many people had already recognized the boy who was leisurely playing the flute, he was the strongest freshman in the Sound Method Department this year, he was not only good at sound waves, his martial talent was not low either, he had already reached the inner door level, he was a dual discipline genius, aiming straight for the championship.

Tang Zichen's face was slightly shocked at the moment, Tang Zichen had naturally come into contact with strong people of Sound Wave Gong in her previous life, such as her little sister, who was known as the Qin Immortal, who attacked with sound through the sound of the piano.

"I didn't expect that this world is not without geniuses."Tang Zichen inwardly said, sound wave gong is actually very terrifying because they can attack remotely, I heard that to reach the strongest, thousands of miles away, flute sounding, heads falling.Before Tang Zichen had even come to the Martial Academy, he had told Li Xuan'er to develop in this area, and now, he didn't know how Li Xuan'er was doing.Tang Zichen found that Li Xuan'er still had potential in voice control, but it was a pity that she hadn't come to the Martial Academy to further her studies.

"Hahaha."Just at this moment, a loud laugh came out.

"Swoosh."A rugged-looking man suddenly flew up from a corner with a recurve bow on his back, and he flew in mid-air, taking off the bow on his back at once.


"Swoosh swoosh."In the blink of an eye, the rugged man sent out seven or eight arrows.

"Bang bang."Each arrow hit a new student at the Outer Gate Great Perfection level, but it didn't hit the body, just the clothes and nailed it to the ground.

"The archery department's experts are also starting to fight."

"Eight arrows in a row, tsk tsk, this year's freshmen from all departments are really stronger than one another."

Tang Zichen also shuddered slightly when he saw that strong man with eight arrows in a row, being able to fire eight arrows in a row, this was already considered very strong.

Next, many many strong people appeared, Tang Zichen was also a small eye-opener, he didn't expect that the Martial Arts Academy had so many departments, what sword, sword, club, gun, arrow, fist, whip, axe, rod, dark, hidden, enchanted, poison, sound, healing, and so on.

Each of these departments had top experts in existence, except for the Healing Department which was quite special, the other departments were all actual combat classes.In every previous session, the Healing Department, which was a healing type department, was not very competitive in the Freshmen Competition, but this year it was a Tang Zichen, so this year all the teachers and students of the Healing Department were very much looking forward to Tang Zichen's performance, and it was rare for a Healing Department student to show his face in the Freshmen Competition.

As such, flags were constantly being planted on the War God Martial Field, and those who were able to plant flags were definitely not weaklings.

After three hours of fierce struggle, finally, the last flag was planted on the War God Martial Field.

Fortunately, both Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian succeeded.After Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian came down from the mountain, they were both snatched away by someone else.

Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian are both going to be exhausted, no longer able to carry out the next round, in fact their strength, to be able to enter the top 1,000, is already very rare, because there are still a lot of outer door late freshmen, pressure did not snatch the flag. One second to remember to read the book

It was almost noon.

Vice President Bo Mingsi, who was presiding over the freshman competition, shouted, "Dear students, in the first round, the top 1,000 have been born, congratulations to all the students who entered the top 1,000.Now everyone go take a break, at 2pm, get ready to start the second round, the Top 500 Scramble."

Everyone dismissed and left.

Tang Zichen came to Liu Xiangyun's side, Liu Xiangyun was dripping with sweat, there was a feeling of emptiness, Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen, without saying a word first into Tang Zichen's arms, so tired.

"Oh, Xiangyun, congratulations, you entered the top 1,000 of the Martial Arts Academy Freshman Competition."

"Don't say it, I'm exhausted, ever since I came down at the top of the mountain, I've been fighting for two hours without stopping.It's not like you guys who are so powerful that you snatched away what we worked so hard to snatch away in one go."

"Come on, let's go back and shower, then go eat, you still have to participate in the first five hundred battles this afternoon."

"Don't even think about the top five hundred."

"Then you have to participate too, whether you can or not is one thing, it's a matter of attitude, just think of it as an exercise."


Tang Zichen accompanied Liu Xiangyun back to the dormitory and showered before going to the Genius Restaurant for dinner together.

The Genius Restaurant's special news was broadcasting hot news about the freshman competition that opened in the morning, especially the few strongest representatives of each department.

Among them, the Sword Art Department, was featured in the Special

The report had the five strongest experts, which did not include Lan Qinglin who had been defeated by a single defeat of Red Dust last time.

Liu Xiangyun was also from the Sword Law Department, and when she saw the news, she said, "See, the five that were just specially reported are the five strongest in our Sword Law Department.Especially the number one expert in the Sword Art Department, Yang Yijian, he is the strongest expert in our Sword Art Department, there's no longer any debate about it."

Tang Zichen asked, "Yang Yijian, is he really strong?"

"Yes, our Sword Art Department has over a dozen classes and is recognized as the strongest in our department, he is expected by our department head with high hopes."

"What high hopes?"

"Nonsense, of course the winner of the Freshman Competition has high hopes, and our department head has also provided special training for the five of them.Our department head said that in this year's Freshmen Competition, at least three of the top ten places must be occupied by our Sword Law Department."

"Ohhh, your department head is very ambitious, the entire Martial Arts Academy, so many departments, and the top ten still want to occupy three spots, huh?"

"Hehe, our Sword Law Department is very strong, especially that Yang Yijian, I heard that when he dueled with some of the other strongest people, he only needed one sword."

"Wow, that strong."


Tang Zichen snorted, "Looks like you admire him a lot."

"The strongest person in the entire Sword Art Department ah, all of us in the entire Sword Art Department worship him ah, and sister Mei Qian also worships him a lot."

"What about you?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Me?I'm just praising him for being awesome, I just worship you, you're my husband, you're the best in my heart, no matter what place you get in the freshman competition, even if you don't make the top 100, you're my idol."

"That's more like it."Tang Zichen said, just now Tang Zichen was a little jealous, Liu Xiangyun said what Yang Yijian said so powerfully, making a little worship, Tang Zichen didn't like his woman worshiping other men.But Liu Xiangyun fortunately didn't say worship.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun threw out her tongue and said wordlessly, "I knew you'd be jealous, but you're actually a little happy to eat my jealousy for the first time, hahaha."Liu Xiangyun covered her mouth and snickered.

"Che, I'm a grown man, what am I jealous of."

"Come on, it's normal to be jealous, what man wants to see his girlfriend worship someone else, I won't worship him, although that Yang Yijian is really great and is almost the dream lover of all the girls in the department, but not me and Sister Mei Qian.Sister Mei Qian's dream lover is a defeated red dust, while I already have you."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "The number one expert in the Sword Art Department, Yang Yi Jian, I would like to see if your sword is powerful or my sword is powerful."

In fact there were many experts, the Department of Sword Law had five strongest experts, the department head personally special training in order to compete for the top ten, other departments were naturally the same, such as the Department of Saber Law, the department head of the Saber Law Department also just as personally trained the three strongest experts of their Saber Law Department.For example, the head of the Blade-Method Department also personally trained the three strongest masters of the Blade-Method Department. There were also the heads of the Baton-Method Department, Gun-Method Department, and Archery Department, each of which had special training for the strongest geniuses of their departments.

The only exception was the Healing Department, the Healing Department's Tang Zichen wasn't specially trained by the Department Head himself, and even if he were to be specially trained, he would still be specially trained in Healing.

The strongest person in each department was the idol of everyone in their department, the dream lover of the girls, just like the Sword Art Department, Yang Yi Jian was the dream lover of all the girls in the department, except for Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian.


At exactly two o'clock in the afternoon, everyone was already at the War God Martial Field.

Vice President Bo Mingxi shouted, "All students idea, the Freshman 500 Competition is about to open, all idle people, retreat outside of the War God Martial Field."

When everyone was ready, only then did Bo Mingxi say, "Students who entered the 1000 in the morning, please pay attention, in the center of the War God Martial Field, there are 500 stone pier stools, as long as you sit on any one of them, it means that you will enter the top 500, time, three hours.I will count to three, and it will open immediately after three."

"One, two, three, top 500, open."

All of a sudden, 1,000 people rushed towards the 500 stone stump stools prepared on the War God Martial Arena.

Tang Zichen flew up and sat directly on one of the stone stools in the corner, each with a distance of five meters between them, enough for anyone who came up to fight for the stools.

"Out of the way."At that moment, a man flew in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen wondered if he had heard correctly, a mongrel actually said to him to get out of the way, this was the top 500 ah, only the second round to start a war with him, the late inner door?

"Say that again?"

"Get out of the way."

Tang Zichen looked at the man in front of him with a sneer, not knowing which department he was from, his martial arts realm was the early stage of the Inner Gate. The first website

"Didn't you hear?Get out of the way?"

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "Just let your horse over here if you have any skills, a little early Inner Gate dares to bark at me."

"Hmph, you, a middle stage Inner Gate, are trash in my eyes."The other party said.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, a person who couldn't even tell Tang Zichen's true realm apart dared to be arrogant with him.

Tang Zichen stabbed up with his sword at once.

But at that moment, Tang Zichen noticed a black line on his wrist.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, he had been poisoned, this mongrel turned out to be from the Poison Art Department, quietly making Tang Zichen poisoned.

This disturbance, the stone mound that Tang Zichen was just sitting on had been snatched away by him.

That mongrel hair coldly snorted, "Kid, if you know what's good for you, get out of the way and go grab it from the weak, otherwise I'll make you collapse on the ground and not be able to get up, look at your wrist, you've been poisoned, are you feeling weak?"

Tang Zichen scornfully said, "Let me be poisoned?Miscellany, do you know what department I'm in?"

That mongrel sneered, "No matter which department you are, you don't have the skill to resist my poison art, unless you are of the healing department, but unfortunately, the healing department doesn't even enter the thousand."

"Hahaha, you're right, your grandfather I am of the healing department."Saying that, Tang Zichen took out a silver needle and stuck it in the heart socket, and suddenly, the black line on his wrist disappeared.

"This kind of trash poison technique, even dare to sell it in front of me, get out."

"Bang."Tang Zichen struck hard with his palm.

"Ah."That mongrel hair from the Poison Art Department flew away, presumably a dual discipline genius who was a fourth-grade Poison Art Master and had reached the early stage of the Inner Gate in terms of martial arts, so he was a bit confident and proud, unbeknownst to him, he met Tang Zichen who had reached the Metamorphosis level in martial arts and tenth-grade in healing.

That mongrel was injured by a slap from Tang Zichen and couldn't get up.

At that moment, a few healers immediately came up to save him, and after about twenty minutes, the healers

To that mongrel, he said, "You're healed, remember, you just messed with our new student from the Healing Department, Tang Zichen, next time grow some eyes, or be injured by Tang Zichen again, we won't heal you, making you unable to participate in the tournament later."

That mongrel face was complicated, didn't the Healing Department say that there were no talented people in martial arts?He would be wounded in the early stages of the Inner Gate, so the other party would be at least in the middle stages of the Inner Gate, by the way.

Those healers just now were all teachers and seniors from the healing department, they were in charge of healing on the spot.Otherwise, there would be no fairness, for example, if Tang Zichen hit an early Inner Gate seriously injured, then he would have no fighting power, but he could clearly be in the top 500.So, no matter who was injured, a healer would be the first to come up and treat him so that he could continue to participate.

"Hey, mongrel, come here, keep coming to rob me."Tang Zichen provocatively shouted to that Poison Art Department's mongrel hair just now.

However, that Poison Art Department mongrel hair didn't dare to mess with Tang Zichen anymore.

A teacher from the Healing Department came up and asked, "Fellow Tang Zichen, you were just poisoned, do you want treatment?In case someone comes to rob you later and you're defeated due to poisoning, you won't even be able to keep the top 500."

Tang Zichen looked at this teacher and smiled, "Thank you, no need, I'll heal myself."

"Ah, that student from the Poison Art Department just now is a fourth-grade poisoner, you must be at least a third-grade healer to heal the poison he gave you."That teacher was surprised.

"Haha, I'm fine anyway."

"Tang Zichen, it seems that your true healing technique has already reached a third-grade healing master, awesome."

"Alright teacher, you go heal the other students."

"Okay, fellow student Tang Zichen, you have to work hard oh, our healing department can't easily have a new student show up at the competition, our whole department is silently watching you, go for it."

"Don't worry, I won't disappoint all the teachers and students of the Healing Department."

That healer immediately went to heal the other injured students.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, they had already left the War God Martial Field, they tried to spar for twenty minutes, but unfortunately, they were beaten with a series of internal injuries, the top 500 is not their level to be able to compete, the top 1000 in the morning can still rely on some advantages of light power, but the afternoon's bench grabbing is a solid solution by force.

As such, three hours passed quickly, with students constantly being injured, then being healed, and then continuing to fight and get injured again, three more or less, but definitely ensuring fairness.

At exactly 5:00 pm, Vice Dean Pominci shouted, "Students, the second round of the Top 500 is over, those of you who haven't grabbed a stool yet, please retire immediately, you have lost your chance to enter the Top 500.

"Alas."Those who did not enter the top 500 all left the War God Martial Arena with an alas sigh.

Tang Zichen observed that Chu Yiyun had even entered the top 500 without any pressure, but with her Outer Gate Great Perfection, entering the top 500 was normal.

In fact, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that Shangguan and Qi Xueyun were both the strongest freshmen in their respective departments, Shangguan and Qi Xueyun had already been specially trained by the head of the Vertigo Department, and Qi Xueyun was the same, the strongest freshman personally trained by the head of their Toxic Arts Department.Although their martial arts realm was not high, they were originally not relying on their martial arts skills, but rather their strength in mesmerism and poison arts, and with their strength in mesmerism and poison arts, they were perfectly capable of fighting against the late Outer Gate's strongest.


"Alright, everyone dismissed, tomorrow morning, please come on time for the Top 300 and Top 100 competitions."In the sky, Booming West shouted, and then the crowd dispersed.

Tang Zichen walked out of the War God Martial Arena, and Liu Xiangyun immediately pounced on him.

Xu Mei Qian was also with Liu Xiangyun.

Xu Mei Qian excitedly said, "The battle of the top 100 will start tomorrow, I'm so excited, this is the most exciting start of the New Student Competition."

Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Aren't you nervous?"

"Why are you nervous?"

"After the top 300 tomorrow, it's the top 100 competition ah, there are more than 130 metamorphic freshmen who reached the late inner gate this term, which means there are more than 30 late inner gate experts who won't make it into the top 100, Tang Zichen, you're also late inner gate, why aren't you nervous at all."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's the others who should be nervous, not me."

"So crazy."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to bullshit with Xu Mei Qian, Tang Zichen's goal was to be the champion, and a hundred strong was too much to ask.However, it wasn't Xu Mei Qian's fault, after all, Xu Mei Qian didn't know Tang Zichen's true strength, Tang Zichen's true strength, to be honest, even he himself was afraid.

In today's New Student Competition, although Tang Zichen saw many genius experts, such as what archery department and sound method, but Tang Zichen did not put it in his heart.Although Tang Zichen was indeed slightly surprised when he saw those experts, but Tang Zichen's surprise was not fear, much less fear, but Tang Zichen saw with his own eyes that there were also good geniuses in this world, Tang Zichen originally thought that the people in this world were weak, and saw that there were also geniuses, so he was just slightly surprised. Remember the URL

Unfortunately, these quite good geniuses couldn't make Tang Zichen feel afraid, but instead made Tang Zichen more confident about winning the title, after all, his real strength was even he was afraid of himself.

After Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun took a shower, they went to the Genius Restaurant together, the Genius Restaurant was many, many people these days, and at this time the Genius Restaurant was constantly broadcasting about the experts of each department.

For example, the bearded one of the archery department, eight arrows in a row, fifty meters without fail, and fifty meters, a lot of melee experts fell down before they even got close.

There's also the Department of Rod Law, the strongest expert should be natural, a pair of wolf's teeth rod method to beat the entire Rod Law freshmen unopposed.

There was also the genius concealer of the Hidden Arts Department, Gai didn't (mo), once he performed his concealment, no one would be able to detect him at all, it was said that he had reached the level of a six-grade concealer, if the rumors were true, then he was really too terrifying.The so-called Stealth Art was short for Stealth Art, and on the battlefield, a strong person who could perform Stealth Art would be so terrifying.

Liu Xiangyun saw the special report from the Genius Restaurant and exclaimed, "Tsk tsk, there really are so many strong people, a Sixth Grade Stealth, I heard it's super powerful, I don't even know who can be a match for a Stealth of this level."

Tang Zichen trailed off and snorted, "What's stealth, I know it too."

"Ah, you know it too?"Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Hidden arts aren't anything profound, I've known it for a long time.One of my light arts is called the Ghost Wheel Duel, it's a type of hidden art, I performed it once in Linjiang City, but my own realm was weak at the time, so I was sloppy."

"Ghost Wheel Duel?Isn't that your lightness of touch?"

"Yes, I'm the one who combined the hidden arts with light arts, and I usually use them as light arts.Have you seen me perform the Ghost Wheel Duel?flicker

Disappearing, showing up a few meters away the next moment, and then flickering, disappearing again, and showing up a few meters away again, that's how I combined the hidden arts with lightness.Now that my realm has improved, I can already perform a true Ghost Wheel Duel, I'd like to see how powerful that concealment department's What Guy didn't, how powerful his concealment technique is."Tang Zichen said lightly.

"No way, how come you know everything."Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

"Oh, don't forget, I'm the number one youngest in the world in my world, my continent, the strongest young genius, my name as the number one youngest in the world isn't something to brag about, just you geniuses from this Martial Academy, really don't compare it to my number one youngest in the world okay, it will make me feel like my status is lowered."Tang Zichen said.

"Wow, are you lying or not."

"Haha, my brother has reached the realm where he doesn't care about lying, and what about the archery, heck, in that world of mine, nine out of ten martial arts practitioners know how to do it, why?Because archery is one of the most basic skills ah, even the soldiers who fight in wars have to practice archery every day, how can people in the martial arts world not be able to, it's just that we all have different levels."

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Then what do you think, that bearded genius in the archery department, how is his archery skill?He can shoot eight arrows in a row."

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "I'm a little embarrassed to talk about this, but once I went camping with my senior sister, and I shot eighteen pheasants in fifteen arrows in a row for dinner."

"Ah, fifteen arrows in a row?How did that shoot eighteen pheasants?"

"Because a couple of arrows skewered two of them."

"Eighteen pheasants did you eat?"

"I couldn't eat it, so Sister said I was wasteful and punished me for eating all eighteen pheasants, but in the end I couldn't finish them, so the next day Sister gave them to the nearby villagers."

"Hmph."Liu Xiangyun felt a little jealous at the thought of Tang Zichen once camping with his senior sister and looking so sweet.

"What's wrong."

"I'm jealous."

"Nerves, the me from my previous life, even my body is different from now."

"Honestly, did you ever have sex with your senior sister?"

"Of course not, now that I think about it, I was really stupid, my sis was hinting at me everywhere and I didn't get it."

"Of course you did, it's obvious what it means that people are willing to go camping with you."

"Oh, but I understand now.Mostly because we grew up together, so we can't tell what's love and what's sibling rivalry."

"Well, don't go reminiscing about the past."

"Yeah."Tang Zichen nodded frankly, Tang Zichen had already adapted to the world, besides, he also had a girlfriend, so let the past be the past.

In the evening, Tang Zichen brought Liu Xiangyun back to his dormitory, and was going to let Liu Xiangyun sleep in his room tonight, Liu Xiangyun was originally very shy, but couldn't withstand Tang Zichen's pull, so he followed Tang Zichen to his dormitory.

Two roommates, Wang Xing and Su Jinhe, were also in the dormitory.

"Big brother Zichen, you're back, hey, sister-in-law Xiangyun, you're here too, have a seat."Su Jinhe said politely.

"Alright, Su Jinhe, no need to be so polite, Xiangyun will also be sleeping in the dorm tonight, so you guys be careful not to come out in your underwear and walk around."


"Hehe, I understand, I promise I'll create the best environment for you."Su Jinhe said with ambiguous eyes, and at the same time envied having a girlfriend, and also a hospital flower.

Liu Xiangyun blushed and quickly entered Tang Zichen's room to go.

Wang Xing did not speak.

The next morning, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun, along with Wang Xing and Su Jinhe, went to the War God Martial Field.

Today was the second day of the Freshman Competition, the items that would be held today were the Top 300 elimination and Top 100 competition, to be able to enter the Freshman Top 100 was a very glorious event for the children of any family, it was something that could glorify their ancestors.

"Fellow students."

"The Top 300 Competition is about to open, are you ready?"

"The top 300 contest is simple, still taking place in the War God Martial Arena, in the same manner as the top 500 contest, whoever has a stone stump bench within three hours will enter the top 300.Let's start immediately after I count to three."

"One, two, three, start."

Just like yesterday's Top 500, everyone rushed towards the 300 stone stump stools.

Tang Zichen walked up without panic, and by the time Tang Zichen walked up, every single bench was already occupied or up for grabs. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen directly focused his attention on an early Outer Gate.

Of course Tang Zichen chose the weak one to strike, there was no need to waste energy fighting with a late stage Inner Gate.

"Get out of the way."Tang Zichen said to that early Outer Gate freshman.

"Paralysis."That early Outer Gate freshman cursed and walked away, knowing that he couldn't be an opponent, counting him as sensible.

Tang Zichen sat down on that stone pier.

Five hundred people were fighting for 300 stools, among them, there were more than 130 perverted freshmen who had reached the late stage of the Inner Gate, and no one dared to fight for these 130 seats, so the remaining 160 stone mounds were already fighting for blood.

Tang Zichen saw that that Chu Yiyun, who had been severely injured, was already hard to enter the top five hundred for an outer door, and it would be a bit difficult for her to enter the top three hundred again.

"Pfft."Chu Yiyun fell down heavily and was hit very hard.

Immediately a healer came up to heal her, and within fifteen minutes, Chu Yiyun was healed, and Chu Yiyun continued to grab again, completely unafraid of death.A few minutes later, she was badly beaten again.

In the distance, Chu Yiyun's mother, Chu Juhua, shouted, "Yiyun, give up, it's simply not something you can compete against, don't hurt yourself anymore."

Chu Yiyun was seriously injured and then healed, after healing, she then proceeded to rob, and within five minutes she was seriously injured again, the person who had beaten her was impatient, and roared, "Don't hurt yourself anymore, it's a competition, so I haven't been cruel, if you hurt yourself again, don't blame me for being rude."

"Hmph, how impolite?"Chu Yiyun rushed up again.

Tang Zichen was quite impressed with Chu Yiyun's spirit, although he didn't like this kind of person, but she did fight hard in her pursuit of martial arts.

Since no one came up to steal from Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen just sat there and watched the others fight and fight.

"Tang Zichen."At that moment, a feminine voice came from a stone stool behind Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen turned his head and saw that it was Shangguan Rou.


nbsp; "Shangguan Zou."

"Tang Zichen, I hope you won't disappoint me, go to the end and fight me."

"Shangguan Zou, think about when you were in high school, you were as weak as a worm in front of me, I really don't know where you got the strength to pick a fight with me, to be honest, you are still the same weak girl in high school in my eyes."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, do you think I'm competing with you in martial arts?Yes, it's true that my martial arts are no good, but my ability is mesmerism, and even you can't resist my mesmerism, so what use do you think your strongest martial arts are in front of me.A true expert doesn't need to do it himself."

Tang Zichen trailed off and grunted in his heart, ignorant.With that little bit of mesmerism she had, she still vainly thought of bewitching Tang Zichen, her little bit of mesmerism was nowhere near the same as that Demonic Princess from her previous life.Of course, the Demonic Princess from his previous life was the only person Tang Zichen felt fearful of, her mesmerizing technique was the only thing that was really powerful, even the world's number one youngest, Wind Lightning, lost to her several times, now thinking about it, Tang Zichen was a bit creeped out.So, right now, seeing Shangguan Rou using her charming technique to provoke Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen just looked disdainful.As for being bewitched by her last time, it was because the influence of the central meridian of the house had caused him to lose his resistance to women, after all, Shangguan Rou was a stunning beauty, and the greatest weakness of the central meridian of the house was women, especially beautiful women.

But now after improvement, it had restored Tang Zichen's original resistance, except that the Room Center Meridian no longer had the function of producing internal power besides enhancing his sexual ability.

Tang Zichen took a look, and that Poison Arts Qi Xue Yun, had also sat down on a stone pier, and seemed to be relaxed and stress-free.This Qi Xueyun, who did possess a high talent in Poison Arts, was not talented enough in Martial Arts and was only at the middle stage of the Outer Gate.

Shangguan Rou was also, only at the middle stage of the outer gate, but it couldn't be said that they were weak, because they were all perverted freshmen in the field they were good at.

It was almost eleven o'clock without noticing, and the intense competition was still going on.

That Chu Yiyun, she was actually still snatching, over and over again, repeatedly, she had been seriously injured more than ten times.

A miracle finally appeared.

"Ah."Chu Yiyun gritted her teeth and yelled, in this instant, her martial arts realm broke through to the early stage of the inner gate, from the outer gate to the outer gate.

"Wow."Some people shouted wow when they found out, no wonder Chu Yiyun never gave up, she originally had the possibility of breaking through, so using this opportunity, finally, after seriously injuring herself more than a dozen times, she really had an epiphany and broke through to the early stage of the inner gate.

Chu Yiyun began to explode, reaching the early stage of the Inner Gate, she completely had the power to fight.

At the moment eleven o'clock came, Chu Yiyun grabbed a spot and entered the top 300.

"Pah-pah."Many spectators couldn't help but cheer for her as they saw such a beautiful woman, so fierce.

A few people from the Chu family even cried with excitement, originally thinking that Chu Yiyun entering the top 500 would be the end of it, but they didn't expect that she would still be able to enter the top 300.

At a place on the stone stump bench of the War God Martial Arena, Chu Yiyun's cousin Chu Wantian shouted, "Yiyun, good job."

Chu Yiyun exhaled a deep breath and nodded to Chu Wentian.

In the crowd of spectators, two boys were gawking at Chu Yiyun, it was Chu Yiyun's fiancé Wang Peng, a powerful senior in the third year.A boy standing next to Wang Peng smiled, "Wang Peng, your fiancé isn't bad, not only did he break through to the early stage of the Inner Gate, he also entered the top 300."


Wang Peng didn't nod his head very excitedly, his face was calm.

The boy beside Wang Peng laughed again, "Wang Peng, such a beautiful fiancé, you still don't plan to sleep with her ah, can't you really plan to wait for the wedding night ah, instead of me, hehe, you know, can it be that she doesn't want to?"

Wang Peng sighed, "She's willing, it's me who has a bit of a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"Alright, don't ask so many questions."Wang Peng didn't seem to want to say anything about the problem.

However, the friend beside him seemed to have guessed somewhat.

Wang Peng looked at the War God Martial Arena, the valiant Chu Yiyun, his fists clenched very tightly, every time Wang Peng saw Chu Yiyun, there was a 'hatred of heaven and injustice' erupting inside, so in order to hide it, he was apparently noble and cold, treating Chu Yiyun with all sorts of dislike.This was what led to Chu Yiyun not daring to tell the truth about her being seen naked all over by Tang Zichen for fear that her fiancé would dislike her even more.

"Alright, classmates, congratulations on entering the top 300, at 2pm, please come on time to participate in the top 100 competition, the top 100 competition in the afternoon is very important and will have a very important impact on the later rankings as well as the order of appearance."

Everyone dispersed, only one item could be conducted every half day, the total estimation of the freshmen competition would take three days, today was the second day, the most white-hot decisive stage of the freshmen competition would come, and the battle of the top 100 in the afternoon was just the beginning.

After lunch in the afternoon, Tang Zichen and the others came to the War God Martial Field at the first opportunity, everyone was the same, and many of them even didn't go to eat at all.

At two o'clock sharp, Vice President Bo Mingxi appeared in the sky above the War God Martial Field. The first website

"Fellow students, the most intense stage of this year's Freshman Competition has officially opened, this afternoon's will be the Top 100 Pre-ranking Tournament."

"The so-called Top 100 Pre-ranking Tournament is the expected ranking, which will determine the strength of the opponents you will encounter later in the PK, 100 Pre-ranking, the lower the ranking, the stronger the opponents you will encounter after that, please take it seriously, of course, if you think you are strong, then feel free to do so."

"Next, I'll announce the rules for the top 100 ranking, every top 300 freshmen, from here, go to the New Life Village, find the village chief, enter the Thousand Feet Demon Cave, cut back the head of the most powerful demon snake you think you can kill, and pre-rank according to the strength of the demon snake, if the strength of the demon snake is the same, rank according to the time you come back in order.At this point, I have to remind you that at this level, there will be death, no more healers to heal you, and you may also be killed by the Devil Snake, so please do what you can.Those of you who have not reached the middle stage of the Inner Gate or above, I strongly suggest giving up, once death occurs, this academy will not be responsible for it."

There was a stir on the scene, but there would be a death.

"Alright, after I count to three, it will open immediately."

"One, two, three, turn it on."

After Pominci shouted, those metamorphosis-level freshmen immediately left for the novice village.

But those inner mid-level ones were hesitating, no one dared to take their own lives, and even if they managed to kill the Devil Snake's snake head back, they were probably already after 100 and still wouldn't be able to enter the top 100.

In the end, it turned out that many, many people gave up, and only a few dozen of the mid-tier inner sects bit the bullet and tried, and these few mid-tier inner sects dared to go right too!

Confidence in his own strength.

Tang Zichen certainly flew away without a doubt.

About one hundred and ninety people, stepping on the tips of the trees, flew at the front of the group, and the person flying at the front was Yang Yijian, the number one expert of the Sword Art System.

Soon everyone left the War God Martial Arena, and those spectators were waiting for everyone to return.

Tang Zichen didn't go for speed and kept it at a moderate speed.

About forty minutes later, everyone arrived at the Novice Village one after another, everyone was no stranger to the Novice Village.

The village chief of the Novice Village was already waiting at the entrance of the village, and when he saw everyone coming, he smiled and said, "Fellow students, the Thousand-Foot Demon Cave is next to the big acacia tree in the village, there is a pit thousands of feet deep, and the deeper that pit goes down, the bigger it gets, and about a thousand feet down in the pit, there are many, many demonic snakes surviving.The more powerful the Devil Snake was, the longer the horns on its head, and the further down it went, the more powerful the Devil Snake's would be.In the deepest places, the Devil Snake is so powerful that even your Dean is no match for it.The Devil Snake doesn't like light, it prefers darkness, all of you entering the Thousand-Foot Magic Cave, you must do your best and do as much as you can.The Thousand-Foot Magic Cave is no joke. If you are lucky enough to kill a Devil Snake, but you are exhausted, then the Thousand-Foot Magic Cave is so deep, you won't be able to fly up.Village Chief I have been here for many years, every year new students enter the Thousand Feet Magic Grotto, but every year there are deaths, and this year is no exception, any of you could die there, so live within your means."

The village chief kindly advised everyone, as if it was terrifying.

Those new students of the inner class certainly entered the village without hesitation, while those who felt weaker lingered and hesitated at the entrance of the village, in fact, they felt that regardless of whether they entered the top 100 or not, but being able to carry a Demonic Snake Head back was an honor and a loss of face.

Tang Zichen entered the village without much thought.

Tang Zichen soon found the location of the village's Thousand-Foot Demon Grotto, the entrance to the Thousand-Foot Demon Grotto, like a well, looked inconspicuous, but only after jumping down would they find that the deeper they went down, the bigger it got, like a trapezoid, the deepest part was simply too big to imagine, all of them wondered how such a Thousand-Foot Demon Grotto could exist on an island like Wulin Island.But no one thought about its existence, no matter what it was, existence was reasonable.

"Go down."Yang Yijian of the Sword Art Department was the first to jump down.

Then, those experts from various departments all jumped down without hesitation, and in one fell swoop, they had already jumped over sixty people.

Tang Zichen was ready to jump down as well when he discovered that Chu Yiyun had come too.

"You?"Tang Zichen looked at Chu Yiyun suspiciously, was this person really that afraid of death?How many of the middle Inner Gate had given up, and she, an early Inner Gate, had come, and had only broken through to the early Inner Gate in the morning-.

"Hmph."Chu Yiyun snorted in disgust at Tang Zichen and jumped into the Thousand Feet Demon Grotto without hesitation.

Tang Zichen followed suit and jumped into the Thousand Feet Demon Grotto, saying in his heart, "I really don't know if I'm not afraid of death, or if I don't have the strength to do so."But it had to be said that Chu Yiyun's courage surprised Tang Zichen, in this case, she was more courageous than those who gave up, this was a place where she would get killed.

Upon jumping into the Thousand-Foot Demon Cave, it felt like jumping into a dry well, then the more space the dry well got down, the more the light became weaker and weaker.


A good while later, when the Don looked up, the well went like a full moon at the very top of the very top.Ximen Yu knew that they had gone at least a few hundred feet deep into the Devil's Cave.But it was far from enough, the weakest of the demonic snakes survived at around a thousand feet, and it had to go on.

At this point, the cave was already very dark, as if it was night, if not for their stronger eyesight, they might not be able to see anything.

Fortunately, after continuing to descend for about three hundred feet, many firefly-like insects appeared on the stone walls on both sides of the Devil's Cave, emitting a dark red light, and only then was the Devil's Cave brighter, of course, only brighter.

Not long further down, Tang Zichen heard a roaring sound rise, the roaring sound was creepy to listen to, a few people who had already descended here seemed to be backing off a bit, Chu Yiyun who was a few dozen feet above Tang Zichen was also feeling numb at the moment and was backing off.However, Chu Yiyun still clenched her teeth and continued on, she didn't know that this wrong decision of hers would eventually get her killed here.

Tang Zichen soon reached about a thousand feet away, and had seen many demonic snakes lying on the stone walls on both sides, their eyes shooting red light, their mouths full of teeth, staring like a wild dog at the humans that came down to harass them.The longer the horns were, the stronger the Devil Snake was.

Tang Zichen saw that many of the people who had come down before him had already started to slay the demonic snakes in the not too deep place below, as if tumbling down, rumbling like thunder, the smallest demonic snake was thicker than a barrel.

Tang Zichen visualized that even the strongest freshmen didn't go much deeper, and the horns of the demonic snakes they had cut down were about five centimeters long, perhaps, five centimeters long was just enough for them to fight.

The weaker ones, on the other hand, zapped the demonic snakes at about a thousand feet, where the demonic snake horns were about one centimeter to two centimeters long.

Tang Zichen thought about it, he also went a little deeper, he should at least maintain a moderate level, it was a pre-ranking anyway, Tang Zichen considered himself strong enough, anyway, as long as he could get into the top 100, he would be qualified to proceed to the next round, not minding that he had to be ranked first.However, Vice President Bo Mingxi was right, the higher the pre-ranking, the weaker the opponent will be, and the lower the ranking, the stronger the opponent will be.

Tang Zichen also stopped going deeper, seeing a magic snake with horns that reached four centimeters, and killed that snake with a single slash.

"Swoosh."That devil snake opened its mouth and spat out its tongue, from its mouth a black, chain-like tongue spewed out, that tongue and it was also very flexible. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen's figure flickered and disappeared in place, appearing in front of the demonic snake the next moment, Tang Zichen was now performing the Ghost Wheel Determination.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen slashed at the head of that devil snake.



Broken, yes, Tang Zichen's blade broke into two pieces.The head of that demonic snake was like it was made of steel, its scales all over its body were so hard that a normal knife couldn't cut it.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was speechless, there was only one hilt left in his hand, and Tang Zichen only had a sword with him, not a sword.

Tang Zichen's knife, which he picked up at the entrance of the novice village when he was killing locusts before he even enrolled in school, would be

Throwing it away, naturally, is not a good thing.

"I'll go."The demonic snake's body flipped, and its tail swept over at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen smashed the hilt of his knife in frustration, and a ghost wheel dodged away, the demonic snake's furious counterattack failed.With the strength of the Devil Snake, it couldn't kill Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen had no knife, and his empty hands couldn't cut off the Devil Snake's head.

Time passed, more than a dozen very powerful new students had already cut off their heads and flew upwards, ready to bring the head of the Devil Snake back to the Martial Arts Academy's War God Martial Arts Arena, waiting for them will be the endless cheers of the War God Martial Arts Arena.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was very depressed because he didn't have a knife, although Tang Zichen didn't care how much he was pre-ranked, but if this continued, unable to bring back the head of the Devil Snake, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to enter the hundredth place.

"Hey, classmate, let me borrow the knife."Tang Zichen shouted to a boy who was about to go back.

Unfortunately, that boy trailed off, "One less person, one less competition, go to hell lend it to you."

No one lent Don Zixon the knife.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen was on fire.

Since he didn't have a knife, he would be open to bickering, and he would have to bicker the head of the Devil Snake.

If everyone knew what Tang Zichen was thinking, I'm afraid they would be scared to death, and the strength needed to do even an empty-handed brawl on a devil snake was by no means a star.

"Drink."Tang Zichen rushed up and held the neck of the demonic snake in a flash, this demonic snake's neck was as thick as a sewer manhole cover ah.

"Break it for me."Tang Zichen clasped the snake's neck with both hands and battled hard, the demonic snake rolled over the entire stone wall, the scene was very alarming.Everyone else was attacking with their weapons, constantly circling the devil snake and finally slowly killing it, but Tang Zichen went straight up to bend the snake's head.

"Yah yah."Tang Zichen hugged the Devil Snake's huge neck, both hands desperately breaking in both directions, but also to prevent the Devil Snake's counterattack, the real close battle.

"Whoa shit, who's that?"

"Mom, don't scare me."

"Fighting a magic snake with your bare hands?"

"He's not going to rip off the head of the Demonic Serpent with just his hands, is he?"

The scene where Tang Zichen fought with the Devil Snake empty-handed had finally caused a stir on the scene.

At this moment, about a thousand feet deep, Chu Yiyun was carefully fighting with the weakest Devil Snake, all she wanted was just to kill a Devil Snake to go back, she didn't want to enter the top 100, with her strength to be able to kill a Devil Snake to go back was already amazing enough, but she didn't expect the Devil Snake to be so strong, she was now completely at a disadvantage.

At this moment, Chu Yiyun heard deafening tremors coming from deeper below, the stone walls on both sides were shaking, and immediately looked down.Chu Yiyun was shocked to see Tang Zichen's empty hand holding the neck of a serpent as big as a manhole cover, allowing the serpent to struggle, but it was unable to get rid of Tang Zichen's hand.The snake seemed to be in great pain and kept banging its body against the stone wall, trying to kill Tang Zichen, its huge body also rolled over the stone wall, the entire stone wall of the cave was trembling, but it could not get rid of Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen grimaced and exerted all his strength to bend it, but the body of the Devil Snake, thicker than a manhole cover, could not be held by one hand, and it was a fantasy to break it alive.However, Tang Zichen was doing it.


When Chu Yiyun saw this scene, her body trembled as well, unable to not feel shocked.

However, she couldn't watch more because her own little life was at stake.

Tang Zichen's hands were already sore, and he still couldn't break it.

"Roar."The demonic snake's neck was strangled by Tang Zichen to make a sad sound.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "I must strangle it first, then bend it."

"Yah yah."Tang Zichen's internal power circulated and the power in his hands reached the extreme, constantly strangling the demonic snake.

"Roar, roar."The devil snake made a dying struggle, hitting the stone wall even more fiercely, many rocks rumbling down, feeling the thousand-foot magic cave shaking.

"Ah."Tang Zichen yelled, the Devil Snake was already a bit dying, Tang Zichen held the Devil Snake at the neck with both hands and yelled, breaking it hard to the sides and then to the knees.

"Ka-ching."Inside the Devil Snake's neck, a clicking sound was heard, and the Devil Snake's cervical vertebrae seemed to have been broken by Tang Zichen, while the Devil Snake's head hung down, dead.

The devil snake's neck vertebrae broke easily, Tang Zichen tore a little harder, and the devil snake's head was ripped off hard by Tang Zichen, and the blood spewed out by the devil snake also cheapened Tang Zichen, but this was normal, because everyone who cut off the snake's head would be sprayed with blood.

Tang Zichen put the huge snake head on his shoulder and leapt upwards.The cost of Tang Zichen killing a 4cm horned magic snake with his bare hands was far more difficult than those who used weapons to kill a 5cm horned person. One second to remember to read the book

As Tang Zichen flew upwards, he saw that Chu Yiyun was fighting with a demonic snake, and that Chu Yiyun no longer had any chance of winning at all.

"Puff."At that moment, the Devil Snake's chain-like tongue pierced through Chu Yiyun's chest, and Chu Yiyun's eyes were darkening, revealing the look of despair before he died.

Tang Zichen sighed, just, after all, she is Liu Chenming's daughter, save her once.

Tang Zichen rushed up, carrying the snake's head with one hand and grabbing the demonic snake's tongue with one hand, its tongue was as hard as steel.

"Drink."Tang Zichen yanked hard and pulled out the devil snake's tongue, the devil snake yelled in pain and rolled over the stone wall on both sides, the hardness of having its tongue pulled out, even the devil snake would be in pain.

The tongue that penetrated Chu Yiyun's mouth finally let go, Chu Yiyun was no longer able to, and his body clattered downwards.

Tang Zichen threw the head of the snake he was carrying in his hand upwards, then stepped on the stone wall and shot towards Chu Yiyun's falling body, after Chu Yiyun had fallen more than ten feet, Tang Zichen held her in one fell swoop and leapt upwards, when the head of the snake he had just thrown upwards also fell down, Tang Zichen held the head of the snake with his other hand.Tang Zichen held the snake's head in one hand and Chu Yiyun in the other, and leaped towards the entrance of the Thousand-Foot Magic Cave.

Moments later, Tang Zichen leapt out of the entrance of the well and immediately threw the snake's head away to first save Chu Yiyun, who was already on the verge of dying.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen was a healer, and a Tenth Grade Healer, otherwise Chu Yiyun would have only one death today.

Tang Zichen took out the silver needles he had with him, as a doctor, he usually had tools with him, and could save others and himself.

It could also be used as a dark weapon.Tang Zichen's dark weapons were also very powerful, although he wasn't a student of the Dark Law Department who specialized in dark weapons.

Chu Yiyun was already in a fainting state, after Tang Zichen inserted a few needles in her heart, he immediately held her and the snake's head, found a thatched roof, took off Chu Yiyun's blouse, Chu Yiyun's breasts were naturally in full view, but Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to admire them, besides, she was covered in blood, there was nothing to see.

The snake's tongue had pierced right through the middle of her ribs, and there was a hole bleeding at the moment.

Tang Zichen had just helped her stabilize her heart pulse to prevent her from snapping her breath, as well as maintaining her heartbeat with the help of the external force of the silver needles, as a Tenth Grade Healer, Tang Zichen had already been able to do these life-saving things with ease, unperturbed and clear-headed, without the slightest hitch.

It was only after dealing with the most crucial life-saving steps that he began the deep healing process, using his own internal strength and Chu Yiyun's own internal strength to heal her internal and external injuries.Stimulating her growth points and producing large amounts of growth hormones would definitely drain Chu Yiyun's own energy, for example, the internal energy she contained in her dantian would be depleted, so Chu Yiyun would definitely be very, very weak afterwards.

It took about forty minutes for Tang Zichen to make Chu Yiyun's body basically stable, life is unhindered, the next thing she needs to do is to take care of her own recuperation, it is estimated that a week or half a month can be healed.

Chu Yiyun's clothes could no longer be worn, they were all clotted with plasma, Tang Zichen had to take off one of his jackets for her to put on, and then he himself was only wearing a close-fitting shirt, there was no time to linger, immediately carried the huge snake's head, and quickly flew away from the novice village.Tang Zichen was really afraid that once he went back, he wouldn't even be in the top 100, so he applied his light skills to the extreme along the way.

At this moment, in that thatched cottage just now, the village chief walked in, took a look at Chu Yiyun's wound and said in his heart, "A bowl-sized hole in the chest, on the verge of death, such an injury, the entire Martial Arts Academy, I'm afraid that only the only tenth grade healer could save her, but this student just now, he actually did it, he's so young, he even has the strength of a tenth grade healer, tsk!."

Tang Zichen flew all the way and finally made it back to the War God Martial Arena.

At this moment, about sixty people had arrived at the War God Martial Arena, and those sixty people, lined up in a row, each one had a giant Demonic Serpent's head placed under their feet.

Seeing another person flying back, many spectators shouted loudly.

"Bang."Tang Zichen put his snake's head on the ground, and the weight of 700 to 800 pounds blasted the ground with a thud.

"Ohhhhh, so cool."The Healing students on the scene shouted, the Healing Department finally had one person in the top 100.

Vice Dean Bo Mingxi looked at the snake head that Tang Zichen had brought back and said, "You killed a four-grade magic snake, you can rank 52nd."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen carried his snake head and inserted it into the 52nd place, although more than sixty people came back, more than ten of them had killed a three-pick Demonic Snake, so Tang Zichen was ahead of them, although it took Tang Zichen longer.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled, he thought everyone had come back and entered the top 100, but it was quite timely, temporarily becoming 52nd.

In the crowd of spectators.Liu Xiangyun said excitedly, "Tang Zichen is almost certain to be in the top 60, great."


"Well, he's the sixtieth one to come back, followed by another thirty or so, and a hundred places will be filled, and the first hundred will be determined.After that will be the fifty strong battle, then the thirty strong battle.Tang Zichen's pre-ranking should end up being fifty or so, and even though it was only a pre-ranking, it already roughly reflected the true strength.If you're stronger, the faster you go to kill the Devil Snake, the faster you'll naturally come back, and the pre-ranking is directly proportional to your true strength."Xu Mei Qian said.

"Well, I don't know, will he still be able to enter the top fifty."Liu Xiangyun said hopefully.

Xu Mei Qian said, "According to his pre-ranking ranking, out of the hundred strongest, he's right in the middle section, so it's a bit dangerous, but I can't say there's no chance."

"Hmph, the top 100 is already very strong."Liu Xiangyun said with satisfaction.

At that moment, in another part of the crowd of spectators, a few people from the Tang family couldn't stop looking at Tang Zilan, who was covered in blood, on the War God Martial Arena.

Tang Zilan stomped her foot in great frustration, "This loser actually made it into the top 100, isn't he a mid Inner Gate?When did it become the late inner gate, damn it, ahhh."

Tang Zilan didn't know if he was jealous or hated himself for being useless at the moment, he didn't enter the top 100, and he had voluntarily given up to kill the Demonic Snake, Tang Zilan wanted Tang Zichen to be killed by the Demonic Snake, but he didn't expect reality to slap him, Tang Zichen not only didn't die, but also came back with the Demonic Snake, and it was more than fifty, more than fifty was already very glorious.

The Tang family's seventh and nineteenth elders were silent at the moment, looking at Tang Zichen not knowing what to think.

Only after a long time did the seventh elder sighed, "I never thought that the trash that we expelled from the family, he could be so strong, it's basically confirmed that his final ranking is more than fifty, alas."

The nineteenth elder also sighed, "Yeah, even I didn't expect this, he's slapping our Tang family's face, if people knew he was an outcast of our Tang family, I don't know how they would be laughed at, expelling such a promising genius from the family, ridiculous."

"If the news of Tang Zichen entering the fifty-plus ranks were to spread back to the family, so many people in the family wouldn't know how they would feel, at first...just don't say anything." First URL

"If we had known that he could still explode in the future and reach this level, how could the Tang family expel him from the family, alas, it seems that when we return to the family, we need to hold a meeting to discuss what to do, whether or not to take him back to the family."

"Take him back to the family?Oh, I feel my old face blushing when I expelled him from the family, but now that I see he's awesome, I take him back into the family."

"He's in the top fifty or so of the Freshman Competition, is he just going to ignore it?"

"Alas, it's really repentant."

Tang Zhenghao who was standing beside him heard the words of the two family elders, for some reason, he felt uncomfortable inside, and also said that he wanted to take back the family, feeling even more unhappy.

Tang Zhenghao said, "Seventh uncle, nineteenth uncle, there's no need for this, it's just fifty or so.If people know, they will also make fun of our Tang family, a newcomer to the competition more than fifty ranking as a treasure, expelled from the family and still lick his face to find him back.Don't forget, I was twenty-eight in the beginning, no matter the rank or strength surpassed him a lot, a fifty-something, need to lick his face so much."

Tang Zilan was also busy: "That's right, just fifty or so, Zhenghao brother back then top thirty, our Tang family is still short of

Genius? Is it a crime to go find Tang Zichen back."

The seventh elder said, "It's not up to the two of us to decide on this matter, we'll just talk casually, we'll have to go back to the family everyone has a meeting before we make plans."

And so, after waiting for another hour and a half, one hundred people had been gathered, one after another.

Tang Zichen's final ranking was 52.

"Everyone, the Freshman 100 is out, and those who haven't come back later, whether they died or managed to bring back Snake Head, will not be part of the top 100.As a sign of respect for those who haven't returned yet, please everyone, no matter how late it is, wait here for them to return and give them a round of applause when they return."Vice President Pominci shouted, and everyone agreed that they should give applause regardless of whether or not the ones coming back later brought back Snakehead.

In the crowd, Chu Juhua said anxiously, "Why isn't Yiyun back yet, could something have happened to her?This kid, why does he have to be so strong."

"Chu Wantian is also really, he himself was awarded the top ten pre-ranking positions, but he didn't take care of Yiyun."

In the sky, Bo Mingxi announced, "Next, I'll announce the list of those who entered the top one hundred."

"The first place winner of the pre-ranking is Yang Yijian of Sword Law, the second place is Gao Chao of Sound Law, the third place is Gai Wei of Hidden Arts, and the fourth place is Guli of Rod Law..."

The ones whose names were read out, the people from their families felt incredibly proud when they heard it, and the other families cast envious glances.

"The fifty-second place winner is, Healing, Tang Zichen."

"Ohhhhh."Hearing Tang Zichen's name, the entire faculty and students of the Healing Department screamed, so glorious, the first time the Healing Department was so glorious, Tang Zichen had become the hero of the entire department.

At this moment in the crowd, Chang Sun Wu Yan heard Tang Zichen's name, feeling so excited inside, a burst of adoration.The department head cried out, "Tang Zichen, good job."The head of the department was also excited.

Students from other departments beside him snorted, "A mere fifty or so, what's there to be excited about."

"I don't blame people, after all, no one from the Healing Department has ever been able to make it into the top one hundred, so it's understandable that they're excited."

By eight o'clock in the evening, all the students were back, including Chu Yiyun, who was also brought back by a teacher who had gone to look for them.

Vice Dean Bo Mingxi said, "Everyone, unfortunately, there were deaths in this competition for the top 100 new students, two new students from the middle stage of the Inner Gate died in the Thousand Feet Demon Grotto, they were Song Yunhong from the Gun Law Department and Liu Wang Ying from the Dark Law Department.Our teacher has already found their bodies and brought them back, and asked these two students' families to come out and claim them."

A cry came from the two families who flew out and took away the bodies of the two fallen classmates, and everyone mourned silently.

At this moment, in the crowd, Chu Yiyun's lips were white and her body was trembling, her entire body standing there weakly.Her eyes were looking at Tang Zichen on the War God Martial Field, her expression filled with complexity.

Although she was unconscious in the back, she clearly saw that it was Tang Zichen who had saved her when she was pierced through the chest by the Demonic Snake, and if Tang Zichen hadn't saved her today, then the death list that the Vice President had just read would have added a her, Chu Yiyun, to it.

Chu Yiyun originally hated Tang Zichen extremely, but at this moment, she didn't know what to feel inside.


"Today's tournament is over, let's dismiss, tomorrow is the last day of the New Student Competition, please come on time to participate in the 50 strong battle, 30 strong battle, 20 strong battle, 10 overall battle, 5 strong overall battle, 3 strong overall battle, and the battle of champions."

Everyone heard so many total battles, and felt a hot blood boiling in their bodies, tomorrow was the most exciting day of the Freshman Competition, tomorrow would be the birth of the top 10, the top 5, and the overall champion, these dazzling rankings, in the end, who was going to spend it, no one knew at the moment.But what was certain was that it was definitely one of the top ten pre-ranked people.Because the higher the pre-ranking was, the stronger it must also be, and based on past experience, the final ranking wasn't much different from the pre-ranking.

It was just a pity that Tang Zichen spent too much time bending the snake's head with his bare hands because he didn't have a knife, and then he spent almost an hour rescuing Chu Yiyun, thus causing Tang Zichen to not come back in time, otherwise he would have been able to rank within the top twenty of the pre-ranking anyway.

But it didn't matter, although the pre-ranking reflected the strength situation, as long as one was truly strong, they could still kill into the top ten or even more.

After the dissolution, it was already eight or nine o'clock at night, Tang Zichen first went back to his dormitory to wash himself, his whole body was covered in blood.

Out of the shower, Liu Xiangyun is waiting for him in his room, Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen naked out of the bathroom, blushing a angry: "And not wear a shirt, not harmful dry."

"This is our own room, what clothes to wear, you forget, in Linjiang City, you are in your own room, every time you take a bath you are naked in the room, and then into the bathroom, after the bath is also naked out, in the room to wear clothes."

"Ohhhhh, you really are."Xiang Yun Liu blushed.

Tang Zichen nakedly walked to Liu Xiangyun, held Liu Xiangyun up, Liu Xiangyun body is a little hot, busy: "You quickly put on the clothes ah, not yet eat it, here is not home, there are roommates outside."

Putting on the clothes, Tang Zichen walked out of the dormitory, and Wang Xing also finished his bath.

The way Wang Xing looked at Tang Zichen's eyes seemed to be a little different from before. Remember the website

"Congratulations, Tang Zichen, when did you break through to the late Inner Gate?Why I don't even know."Uranus said.

"Haha, the fact that you don't know means that your skills still need to be improved."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Yes, you are indeed stronger than me, I also went to the Thousand-Foot Demon Cave, I didn't intend to enter the Top One Hundred, I just wanted to slay a demonic snake and come back, and as a result, I didn't succeed, I came back empty-handed.You, on the other hand, entered the top one hundred, and I saw the scene where you fought the Devil Snake empty-handed, Tang Zichen, I wasn't very happy with you in the past, but now, I've changed my impression of you, I hope you don't mind my past displeasure with you."

Tang Zichen patted Wang Xing's shoulder and smiled, "I've always thought of you as a friend, let's go, let's eat, I'll treat you tonight."

"Thanks."Wang Xing said gratefully.

On the way to the restaurant, Liu Xiangyun called Xu Mei Qian up as well.

There were no words for the night.

The next day, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the War God Martial Arena early.

"Fellow students, the next one that will be going on right away is the 50 strong battle."In the sky, Vice President Bo Mingxi shouted.

All the spectators were tense.

"As I already said earlier, the top 100 rankings will determine the strength of the opponents behind you all.The rules used for the Top 50 Competition is that the first ranked one, and the one hundredth ranked one, will have a two-way duel.The second one will face off with the first one.

The ninety-ninth, the third and the ninety-eighth, and so on.Please line up in a row, one to one hundred, and whoever's turn it is will automatically come out.To save time, five groups per session."

"Next, please ask the five groups from the first match to come out."

War God Martial Field, Yang Yijian, who was ranked first in yesterday's pre-ranking, Gao Chao of the second Sound Art Department, Gai Mian of the third Hidden Art Department, Guli of the fourth Rod Art Department, and Peng Hu of the fifth Archery Department.The five of them each walked out and stood in the center of the War God Martial Arena.

Then, the hundredth, the ninety-ninth, the ninety-eighth, the ninety-seventh, and the ninety-sixth, these five people also walked out respectively.

The first place Yang Yijian looked at the woman he was fighting against, the corners of his mouth raised, appearing very disdainful, without a doubt, the one hundredth place had no chance of winning.

Just like that, five groups of five groups, and soon it was Tang Zichen's group, which was the fifth match.

The one who fought against Tang Zichen was an expert from the Boxing Method Department, he had obtained 49th place in the pre-ranking yesterday, while Tang Zichen was 52nd, so Tang Zichen happened to fight against him, and whoever won would enter the top 50.

Tang Zichen gave a hand to that man from the Boxing Department, "Healing Department, Tang Zichen, please teach me."

"Hmph."The boy from the Boxing Method Department snorted, he was two meters tall, his whole body was covered in muscles, the students from the Boxing Method Department were almost all tall, muscles swollen and looked very intimidating.

"Boxing Department, Su Jian, Tang Zichen, I swear, I'll beat you up."

Tang Zichen smiled, "So confident?"

"The one I killed yesterday was a five-grade devil snake, while the one you killed was a four-grade devil snake, and you came back later than me, do you think you're my opponent?"Su Jian snorted.

"Haha, it sure doesn't look like it."Tang Zichen said.

"Cut the crap, you're a healer, are you trying to compete with me in healing?"

Tang Zichen said, "I use knives."

"What about your knives?Don't take it out yet, I'm going to start, don't blame me for starting a fight without waiting for you to get ready, saying that I'm bullying you and winning."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Truth be told, my knife broke yesterday when I killed the Devil Snake, so I'm unarmed now."

"Damn you, how can you fight without a weapon?Do you still want to fight, don't waste my time if you don't want to fight."Su Jian cursed loudly.

At that moment, the vice president flew over and asked, "What's going on?Still not starting?"

Su Jian said, "He said he didn't have time to prepare his weapon."

The Vice President frowned and said to Tang Zichen, "What's your name?What's wrong with you?You didn't even prepare your weapons in advance, knowing that you'd have to fight fifty battles today?"

"I'm sorry, Vice President, my knife broke yesterday killing the Devil Snake, and it's too late today, so I didn't find a new one to replace it."

"What a fucker, how can you duel without a weapon?Just admit defeat straight away."

Tang Zichen said, "Vice President, it's not that serious, since the other party is from the Fist Method, he doesn't have a weapon anyway."

Su Jian burst out laughing, "Idiot, I specialize in boxing, my fist is my weapon, and you actually said that I didn't use a weapon either."

The vice president heard Tang Zichen's words, and also felt that Tang Zichen was so low, a fist is a weapon, but he actually said that he didn't have a weapon either, too low, how did someone so low kill the Devil Snake yesterday?I''


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